Thought for the Day

Tuesday, January 28, 2020

We Are More Than Just Mind We Are Heart Body and Spirit As Well

There is a disease that is rampant in western civilization. It is one that is causing a great deal of imbalance. Yet it appears to be something that is logical and necessary. It is the idolizing of the Mind. Here in the west we have become so completely enthralled with the Mind we have forgotten our other important aspects. We almost act as if our bodies stop at our neck and there is nothing below it. We treat our hearts as if they are somehow faulty. And spirit is considered to be something only for mystics. We are so much more than our minds. There is tremendous information that we can access in our bodies. Dr. Gabor Maté says that our bodies are memory. When we feel into our body, it can help us quite a lot. We get those gut feeling for a reason. When we learn to listen to it we find it serves us quite well. Our hearts can do the same. The realm of the heart may be more feeling and less information. Yet it can guide us more accurately than our minds. We just haven't learn to tune into it and really listen to it. Our hearts let us know what is truly right for us and what is not. Most importantly it reminds us to be kind. First to ourselves, and then to others. It shows us how to live more compassionately. With less judgment of others. For judgment is created by the mind, not the heart. And for true inspiration our spirit guides us. When we are open to it. When we stop and sit to connect with it. Regardless of what anyone calls spirit, we all have it. It is that aspect of imagination, reflection, and inspiration. It also brings us together. And lets us know we are not alone. While there are many other aspects to our beings, these four are essential. We are not just Mind. We are Heart, Body and Spirit as well. It is time to stop putting the Mind on a pedestal. Yes, Mind is useful. Yes, Mind has brought a great many things. Yet Mind without Heart, or without Spirit, or without Body, can break us down. And forget the impact of its activity on our other aspects. Harmony of all four is the ideal. It is what we strive for. And when we learn access all of them equally we are more empowered. We are stronger. We are wiser. We are happier.

~ Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant