Thought for the Day

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

The World Needs To Hear Our Voice Now More Than Ever Before

We all have a voice. Not just our physical one. We have the voice of our words, our thoughts, and our actions.

And now is the time to share our voice.

We do not have to share it through giving speeches. We do not have to share it through making videos. We do not have to share it through writing books or blogs. Yet we can share it any of these ways. We can share it through our singing. We can share it through our dancing. And we can share it through our gentle presence. Our voice is needed now more than ever before. It is needed because others are looking for it. They may not even know they are.

Yet they are.

And when we share our voice they will find it. They will hear our message. Because they are ready to. Because they have worked to prepare themselves. And we have worked to prepare ourselves.

Now more than ever we must learn to step up.

To conquer our fear. To open our hearts. To share our pain and our joy. To be our authentic selves. And that authenticity will draw others to our message. For the essence of the message is simple.

It is for them to be authentic too.

It is for them to step up as well. It is for them to inspire others to do the same. The world needs our voice. The world needs all voices.

For we do not know who is waiting to hear it.

Who is trapped in their own fear and looking for a way out. We do not know who is looking for our light. And more than ever before the world needs light. The light of our truth. The light of our emotions. The light of our presence. So let us step up and be seen. Being gentle with ourselves. Being kind to others. And mostly being ourselves without fear of judgment. For the world needs us now more than ever.

~ Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant