Thought for the Day

Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Our Life Is A Reflection Of Our Choices & Actions Not Just Our Thoughts

There is a common notion many of us have. That our thinking alone creates our world. Yet there seems to be more to it than that. It takes more than just thought to impact our life. It takes something more concrete. Something more tangible. And that is the decisions and actions we take. Yes, it is helpful to change our thinking. And our thinking does affect our actions. Yet it is only when our thoughts are turned into action that something actually happens. Our decisions affect everything. Our decisions drive our thoughts and our actions. It starts as an internal state change. And then becomes something more. It turns into external action. And the external actions can affect the internal state. When we do not feel so good we can change that feeling through movement. How do we feel when we are dancing, or running, or exercising? Does it change how we feel? When we make the choice to do something different we feel differently. When we change our habits and our patterns our brain changes too. The internal not only affects the external. The external also affects the internal. Our lives are created not only by the thoughts we think. Our lives are created by the millions of choices we make throughout our lives. What we do creates our reality. Who we are is determined by our choices. Does our focus and perspective affect our choices? Yes. And what our focus and perspective are choices. The thoughts we think are choices. In fact, what we think and what we do seem to be much more inter-related than we ever imagined. Yet our lives are ultimately created by our actions. Do we exercise or not? Do we speak lovingly to the people who mean the most to us ot not? Do we eat healthy or not? Do we speak up for ourselves or not? Do we practice self-care or not? Do we turn right or turn left? Each of these kinds of decisions, no matter how small, all create our lives. Not just what we think about doing. It is what we actually do that make the difference. So what thoughts can you turn into action to change your life?

~ Sam Liebowitz, The Conscious Consultant