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Tuesday, February 27, 2024
Facebook Live Video from 2024/02/27-How Leaders Add Strategic Value

Facebook Live Video from 2024/02/27-How Leaders Add Strategic Value


2024/02/27-How Leaders Add Strategic Value

[NEW EPISODE] How Leaders Add Strategic Value

Tuesdays: 5:00pm - 6:00pm (EST)                              


Listeners will gain insight into a practical, easy to digest framework for understanding and celebrating your unique personality strengths and applying them to add strategic value to people and organizations. 

In this episode we talk about how to leverage your unique personality, accurately gauge your own strengths and weaknesses, increase your self-knowledge, and learn to identify and address the ‘shadow” side of your personality traits. We’ll offer a way to analyze your own personal leadership style and utilize your personality to its greatest advantage. Don’t change, grow! Become more of who you are when you’re at your best!

Dr. George Watts and Laurie Blazek are the principals of TLT Coaching, a leadership training and development firm based in Chicago. Their clients are global professional service firms. They coach at the C-suite and executive level. George was CEO of a publicly traded company, holds a Doctoral Degree in Counseling Psychology. Laurie was a Managing Director in several global banking roles as well as earning in MBA in Finance. Their book, “Becoming a Strategic Leader: Capitalize on the Power of Your Personality” offers practical guidance on how to use your strengths to add strategic value. 

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Show Notes

Segment  1

The initial part of the segment primarily delved into the backgrounds of the guests and their career. Dr. Watts illustrated with an example how he excels in generating solutions but relies on a team to implement them effectively. He emphasized his strategy of leveraging strengths he lacked to achieve his goals. Laurie shared her experience of finding herself in roles without fully understanding why, expressing gratitude for being surrounded by intellectually superior individuals and mentors who helped her recognize her own potential. The discussion on strengths versus skills was another area of focus. Watts distinguished between the two, highlighting that strengths are inherent qualities of one's being, representing their highest self, while skills are acquired through learning. He illustrated this distinction with a real-life example of a client who effectively utilized a blend of skills and strengths, enhancing not only their performance in their job but also contributing to the overall diversity and excellence of their company or field.

Segment 2

Laurie emphasized that your absolute essence and the strategic value you bring serve as anchors for others. By combining your branding statement with your role, you can gauge the extent to which you're leveraging your personal brand throughout the day. Once you've completed a process of self-discovery and gained clarity on what your success platform entails, there's no turning back. Watts emphasized the importance of coaching and personal growth, highlighting that it doesn't necessarily require years to make progress. Instead, a powerful message and an effective coach can swiftly identify and offer advice that profoundly resonates with an individual.

Segment 3

This segment delved into real-world anecdotes from clients, illustrating how strategic coaching either led to significant transformations or failed to impact the client, influencing their strategic value. Watts suggested that "every strength has a shadow," citing examples such as the extrovert who dominates conversations or the open-minded individual who struggles to take action. According to Watts, effective leadership entails confronting and working through these shadows. Essentially, it involves acknowledging your "shadow," then surrounding yourself with an environment and support system that helps mitigate its negative effects, allowing the business to thrive. This aligns closely with overcoming fear, embracing authenticity, and fostering personal growth to achieve emotional maturity and engage in meaningful conversations. People naturally gravitate towards individuals who exhibit these traits. Additionally, it's important to discover the environment that suits you best. It's perfectly fine to recognize when something doesn't resonate with you and decide you no longer want it.     

Segment 4

The last segment went over a recap of the show and its highlights and important moments. Laurie briefly discussed their book, highlighting its accessibility and broad applicability across various situations. She emphasized the importance of guided introspection and recognizing one's "shadows," stressing that it's never too late to begin this process. The insights gained from such introspection can positively impact various aspects of life. “Manifest your full potential in life. Don’t allow fear to subtract what you could become.” 


00:00:51.760 --> 00:01:07.100 Mira Brancu: Welcome to the hard skills show with me, Doctor Mira Broncu. Today we have 2 guests with us, Doctor George Watts and Lori Blasi, and we will be talking about how to identify and capitalize under strength.

00:01:07.140 --> 00:01:09.820 Mira Brancu: to become a strategic leader.

00:01:09.950 --> 00:01:12.370 Mira Brancu: Great to have you on the show, George and Laurie.

00:01:13.390 --> 00:01:31.939 Mira Brancu: Thank you so much. We do appreciate being here. We really do thanks for having us absolutely. And Lori, I just wanna make sure. Did I get your last name right? Is it? Blaze it? Awesome. Awesome. Okay. So as a reminder on the show. We discuss how to develop the nuanced hard skills

00:01:32.340 --> 00:01:38.820 Mira Brancu: needed to drive significant systemic change, to make a real impact through your leadership. Be ready.

00:01:38.870 --> 00:01:43.170 Mira Brancu: Take notes. I always do reflect deeply.

00:01:43.760 --> 00:01:51.820 Mira Brancu: And I did identify at least one small step to further develop your hard skills muscle from our talk today. Now a little bit about our guest today.

00:01:52.030 --> 00:02:02.099 Mira Brancu: Doctor George Watts, along with Lori Blazett, are the principals of TLT. Coaching, a leadership training and development firm, based in Chicago.

00:02:02.250 --> 00:02:08.100 Mira Brancu: Their clients are global professional service firms, and they coach at the C suite and executive level.

00:02:08.229 --> 00:02:25.089 Mira Brancu: George was a CEO of a publicly traded company. Before that, and he holds a doctoral degree in counseling psychology. And Lori was a managing director in several globing global banking roles and holds an Mba in finance, and they have a book out

00:02:25.250 --> 00:02:48.169 Mira Brancu: becoming a strategic leader. Capitalize on the power of your personality, and it offers practical guidance on how to use your strengths to add strategic value. So this is gonna be really interesting and very perfect for our season. Right now that we're focusing on cause we're focusing on leading with strategy. Right? Having a strategic plan.

00:02:48.390 --> 00:02:58.090 Mira Brancu: We're gonna start with a fun random question for you, too. What was your first job or set of jobs. If you remember.

00:02:59.430 --> 00:03:01.080 laurieblazek: George, you want to go first.

00:03:01.190 --> 00:03:09.080 laurieblazek: Why don't you go first? Your CEO? I was a shampoo girl.

00:03:09.340 --> 00:03:35.070 laurieblazek: Oh, beauty shop! And what I learned from that job was how to expertly parallel park, because it was on a very busy street. And now I can. I can pull into a parking space in in about 5 s flat, so beautiful, and I learned how to count quarters cause that those were my tips. So the beginning of my banking career. Awesome, awesome. How about you, George?

00:03:35.670 --> 00:03:41.490 George Watts: I started out at a park service. I cut lawns and chop trees down, and I

00:03:41.630 --> 00:03:51.730 George Watts: then I began to formulate my plan to go to college, I said, You know this is this is probably not a good way to spend the rest of my life. But it was a good job, and it got me in shape to play sports. So

00:03:51.770 --> 00:04:00.680 Mira Brancu: yeah, it it was fun in its own way. Nice that sounds pretty fun. I I'm trying to remember my first

00:04:00.980 --> 00:04:03.350 Mira Brancu: job. It was

00:04:03.560 --> 00:04:07.620 Mira Brancu: either at the children's place, a children's clothing store.

00:04:07.990 --> 00:04:09.250 Mira Brancu: or

00:04:09.290 --> 00:04:20.229 Mira Brancu: Walmart or taco bell. All of them happened around the same time. I can't remember, but it was one of those service industries, you know.

00:04:20.360 --> 00:04:41.900 Mira Brancu: Pretty good idea what humanity I learned a lot about customer service. Yes, alright. Well, George, you started out as a counseling psychologist, and you were also CEO of a publicly traded Company and, Laurie, you were managing director and several global banking roles.

00:04:41.970 --> 00:04:46.629 Mira Brancu: Did any of those professional roles and experiences

00:04:48.190 --> 00:04:58.880 Mira Brancu: Causing you to already think, even at that time about your strengths as a leader, and how to sort of capitalize on that, and how to think about those things.

00:04:59.890 --> 00:05:15.250 laurieblazek: Well, I can. I could start out and and say that I think the journey that I'm on now was a direct result of having so little guidance about my banking career and

00:05:15.360 --> 00:05:44.769 laurieblazek: reaching a level where I was just, you know, responsible for figuring out on my it out on my own. I never really had access to world class leadership, development. And so I was fortunate enough to, you know, work my way into a position now in hindsight was really perfect for my strengths. But I you know II never had the mentorship or the guidance. So the real deep understanding of my specific strengths that we help

00:05:44.770 --> 00:05:57.989 laurieblazek: people gain with our program. And you know, looking back on that, I mean that that is, in fact, the reason that I'm so passionate about what we're doing now, because we're really helping people collapse time.

00:05:58.000 --> 00:06:24.209 laurieblazek: We're helping them grow as much in 4 to 5 months as they would in 10 years. And and that's really part of the mission of our our company out of curiosity that you learned at partnering with clients

00:06:24.210 --> 00:06:35.130 laurieblazek: strong listening skills. So being able to extract information from clients that others perhaps could not to help help them grow their businesses.

00:06:35.130 --> 00:06:41.779 laurieblazek: I and I was also pretty socially bold, so I was good in a business development role.

00:06:42.150 --> 00:06:45.109 laurieblazek: but I never really acknowledged my strengths.

00:06:45.180 --> 00:07:00.500 laurieblazek: and I never really thought that they were anything special. I just figured everyone could do that. And that's and another thing that I think is so critical. And what we do is help people understand, just because it comes easy and naturally to you doesn't mean that it's not valuable

00:07:00.720 --> 00:07:02.839 Mira Brancu: definitely. How about you, George?

00:07:04.370 --> 00:07:10.599 George Watts: Well, I started out in counselling psychology, but I never was a counselling psychologist, not really a

00:07:10.620 --> 00:07:13.839 George Watts: when I was finishing my doctoral internship

00:07:14.090 --> 00:07:24.269 George Watts: I/O psychology. This is in the kind of the late age was really beginning to come into its own. and I was sitting at lunch, and another psychologist said, You know, George.

00:07:24.350 --> 00:07:29.969 George Watts: you know where the big money is. The money that we can only dream about is in I/O psychology. And I,

00:07:30.240 --> 00:07:38.030 George Watts: I said, Yeah, and and then we talked about executive assessment. And so I had a very deep training in assessment work.

00:07:38.080 --> 00:07:51.699 George Watts: And so I took that assessment skill, and instead of applying it from A B to C perspective, I went into A B to B perspective, which is, I still maintain, was the single great decision of my life from a career perspective.

00:07:51.730 --> 00:07:53.720 George Watts: So I took skills

00:07:53.770 --> 00:08:00.420 George Watts: into the setting and and and found a new ecosystem for those skills in terms of my strengths.

00:08:01.210 --> 00:08:06.219 George Watts: I didn't really understand string psychology back then. I don't think people really did.

00:08:06.230 --> 00:08:17.359 George Watts: And so if we look at string psychology. It's it. It's found its way into the literature. And it's progressed and transformed into positive psychology and those kinds of things.

00:08:17.370 --> 00:08:23.130 George Watts: But what we try to do is. how do your how does your strengths add strategic value?

00:08:23.570 --> 00:08:35.140 George Watts: And when I finally figured this out is when my career really kind of took off, so to speak, but I really applied my strength in a direct way. That would have a lot of a lot of positive things happen.

00:08:35.400 --> 00:08:36.960 George Watts: I'm open-minded.

00:08:37.070 --> 00:08:47.999 George Watts: And so I understood creative business models. and I have enough extra version to be effective in sales. I don't have the extra version that that Lori does.

00:08:48.080 --> 00:08:54.969 George Watts: But for behavioral scientists I'm quite expert. So it it depends on who you wanna so the the fusion

00:08:55.060 --> 00:09:01.139 George Watts: of those those qualities of extraversion and an open mindedness makes me a good business strategist.

00:09:01.880 --> 00:09:08.770 George Watts: but I'm very poor to execution. So so I have to have people around me that actually know how to get something done.

00:09:08.940 --> 00:09:23.330 George Watts: So. But I but once you understand your strength and realize how you can apply it. That's when when the real differentiation and the uniqueness of what you bring to the table. That's when it really manifests. Yeah, absolutely. There's a couple of

00:09:23.330 --> 00:09:46.609 Mira Brancu: points that you to me that I resonated with Number One. George, when you were saying I was never really a counseling psychologist. I feel like I was never a clinical psychologist. I was, you know, II say to people I was a clinical psychologist for 5 s before leadership and and it was probably because of those strengths that I didn't know I had. And Laurie, it was related to that

00:09:46.880 --> 00:10:15.200 Mira Brancu: issue that II found myself in roles without really understanding why, and I just happened to have you know. Fortunate and enough to have a mentor who saw things in me. I did not see in myself who helped accelerate that process. But very few people have those kind of mentors in their lives that could identify very specifically how you meet a very strategic purpose for the organization and how it matches. And so

00:10:15.240 --> 00:10:34.520 Mira Brancu: the work that you're doing, I think, is really important, because it does accelerate your ability to understand how to sort of match your abilities and then also complement them in ideal ways. Right? So I do have a follow up question, though. George, I think it's very interesting, and I'm not sure a lot of people can tease this apart.

00:10:34.550 --> 00:10:39.959 Mira Brancu: How do you see the difference between strengths and skills? You made a distinction between them.

00:10:41.290 --> 00:10:45.579 George Watts: Strengths are an innate part of your being.

00:10:46.350 --> 00:10:50.269 George Watts: Genetically they are they. They are an innate part

00:10:50.550 --> 00:10:52.089 George Watts: of your highest self

00:10:52.880 --> 00:10:55.850 George Watts: skills. I can learn skills.

00:10:56.060 --> 00:10:56.850 George Watts: Now.

00:10:57.010 --> 00:11:03.590 George Watts: if you have an innate strength underneath the skill. For example, if you have a highly conscientious personality structure.

00:11:03.770 --> 00:11:10.610 George Watts: you're going to be better at process and organizational dynamics. Now I can learn those.

00:11:11.000 --> 00:11:15.290 George Watts: but I'll never be as good as you. In other words, I can learn a skill.

00:11:15.300 --> 00:11:25.480 George Watts: but when magic happens. It's when the strength and the skill are combined that the strength lease, and when that happens you instantly become what we call world class.

00:11:25.760 --> 00:11:29.859 George Watts: And if you can understand who you are when you're at your best.

00:11:29.940 --> 00:11:32.730 George Watts: and understand the strength that drives that

00:11:32.800 --> 00:11:37.829 George Watts: and find the right ecosystem. That's when the magic happens and people make.

00:11:37.840 --> 00:11:39.340 George Watts: they transcend

00:11:39.580 --> 00:11:45.679 George Watts: in their career, and they are at a much higher level than they ever dream possible. And that's what we try and do.

00:11:46.240 --> 00:11:51.890 Mira Brancu: Hmm, hmm. yeah, that's really interesting. Yeah, I mean, I think,

00:11:53.890 --> 00:12:03.060 Mira Brancu: yeah, that's that's true. When when you're honing your strengths and developing them as high level skills.

00:12:03.140 --> 00:12:13.999 Mira Brancu: It is a powerful combination. I'm wondering if you have any examples of like clients that you recall who sort of.

00:12:14.600 --> 00:12:20.510 Mira Brancu: So you know, you were able to see how they extracted this combination of strengths and skills

00:12:20.800 --> 00:12:22.779 Mira Brancu: to kind of

00:12:23.020 --> 00:12:25.880 Mira Brancu: create this powerful world class impact

00:12:26.290 --> 00:12:36.760 George Watts: I'll give you. I'll give you one example, and you want it. Yeah, no, go ahead, and I'll piggyback off here. Here's how I began the whole conceptual understanding of adding strategic value.

00:12:37.010 --> 00:12:47.629 George Watts: I was in a global law firm. and I sat down with the chairman of the firm. and I asked him, I said, How come those lawyers down the hall

00:12:47.780 --> 00:12:57.469 George Watts: are making a million dollars a year, and you're making 6 million a year. They all went to top universities. They all had 1520 years of experience, I said. What's the difference?

00:12:58.030 --> 00:13:02.280 George Watts: He said. Those lawyers are outstanding lawyers.

00:13:02.650 --> 00:13:05.000 George Watts: but I know how to add strategic value.

00:13:06.470 --> 00:13:07.699 George Watts: And then it hit me

00:13:08.080 --> 00:13:18.940 George Watts: that people can have the same education and perform the same job function. But what is the magic you bring to that job? In other words, I used to assess

00:13:19.080 --> 00:13:22.559 George Watts: CEO candidates and and senior executives.

00:13:22.670 --> 00:13:30.249 George Watts: I'd get an assignment. There'd be 3 people. I'm gonna interview for a chief financial officer role for a global 1,000 company.

00:13:30.650 --> 00:13:34.080 George Watts: a fortune 1,000 company. all 3 of them.

00:13:34.380 --> 00:13:38.929 George Watts: We're outstanding. They they all could do the job extremely well.

00:13:39.420 --> 00:13:41.090 George Watts: The question was.

00:13:41.340 --> 00:13:53.860 George Watts: what strategic value could they add to the role beyond just competent skill level. And that gets into strengths. And that gets into manifesting those strengths. And that's how you become individualized and unique

00:13:54.340 --> 00:13:55.500 George Watts: in your career.

00:13:55.820 --> 00:14:06.050 Mira Brancu: Great! Great! Let's come back after the ad break to keep focusing on this. And Laurie, you had another sort of additional

00:14:06.400 --> 00:14:18.559 Mira Brancu:  story about combining innate strengths and skills. And I'm curious how that leads to strategic value. So we are reaching an add rig.

00:14:18.560 --> 00:14:41.270 Mira Brancu: You're listening to the hard skills with me. Dr. Maya Branku and our guests, Dr. George Watts and Lori Blazick. We air on Tuesdays at 5 Pm, Eastern, if you'd like to join our online audience and ask questions right now that we can answer in real time, you are welcome to we can. You can find us on Linkedin or, and we'll be right back with our guests in just a moment.

00:16:50.550 --> 00:16:52.139 It's bad fabric.

00:16:53.460 --> 00:17:08.290 Mira Brancu: Welcome back to the hard skills with me. Dr. Mirabanku and our guests, Dr. George Watts and Laurie Blaze. So we were starting to get into this sort of interesting intersection of innate strengths

00:17:08.400 --> 00:17:13.099 Mira Brancu: and the skills that we learn and how that

00:17:13.130 --> 00:17:16.480 Mira Brancu: sort of develops into strategic value.

00:17:16.579 --> 00:17:21.719 Mira Brancu: Laurie, you were gonna start to share a little about your own story behind that

00:17:23.329 --> 00:17:49.239 laurieblazek: I don't have a specific individual I'm thinking about when I tell the story. But II wanted to talk a little bit about our process, and we help people understand their strengths and and get very granular and accurate, and think accurately about who they are when they're at their best, and we go through a fairly lengthy process of helping people.

00:17:49.400 --> 00:18:18.339 laurieblazek: really understand? What are what are you doing when you're in a zone state. You know what we're a asking questions like, what were you? Were you naturally good at as a child? You know how what are you doing in your role that you do for free, because it just feels so so natural and so so organic to you. And what we do. I work with our clients to develop a personal branding statement

00:18:18.520 --> 00:18:42.329 laurieblazek: which we always target to try to be 7 words or less. But I sometimes you know the it drifts a little bit from our our goal. But the most important part of that personal branding statement is that it is the absolute essence of who you are and how you add strategic value and what it does is it provides an anchor for people, you know. You can look at your branding statement.

00:18:42.330 --> 00:18:49.900 laurieblazek: You can look at your role, and you know, calculate, how much of my day

00:18:49.900 --> 00:19:00.659 laurieblazek: am I using my brand? You know. Ho! How can I delegate so that I can do more of what I do best? So it's that combination of the strengths and the platform.

00:19:01.030 --> 00:19:22.680 laurieblazek: you know. How do. I put myself in the optimal position to be successful, and you ha! You do have to go through a process of you know, most of the people that we work with are very high functioning. They're they're very strong individuals. And they can do a lot of things well. But that's not the point. The point is, you know, where are you world class?

00:19:22.680 --> 00:19:43.479 laurieblazek: And so through this branding process, we really do help people get accurate and granular about. You know how they're unique, how they uniquely add strategic value. And it does get bring, you know, confidence to the table to help them begin to take action to move their career forward. If that makes sense. Yeah, it does. I mean, as you're talking. I'm thinking about this

00:19:43.680 --> 00:19:54.640 Mira Brancu:  person that is in my leadership Academy. And you know she she astutely said. She looks back at her sort of like

00:19:54.700 --> 00:20:05.750 Mira Brancu: early high school aptitude test where they ask like, what do you wanna be when you grow up? And she said it was a very strange combination of things. She said something like

00:20:05.920 --> 00:20:15.530 Mira Brancu: a chef, a social worker and a firefighter, or some some strange combination, right? And she's like. But looking back. and I've somehow pulled out

00:20:15.770 --> 00:20:22.830 Mira Brancu: a lot of those interests, and it's come full circle. And it's kind of strange. Now, most people

00:20:22.850 --> 00:20:33.580 Mira Brancu: don't realize that until like 2030 years into their career, and it's like, you know, 2020 hindsight, and what I'm hearing you say is, if you could pull this out.

00:20:33.970 --> 00:20:58.230 Mira Brancu: you know, in a much more proactive, thoughtful way, you could start being a lot more intentional and thoughtful about where you put your time and your energy. And there's a there's something that you mentioned around also optimizing your time and your focus when you're able to do that right? Yeah, that's exactly what we do. And and

00:20:58.320 --> 00:20:59.979 having that focus

00:21:00.170 --> 00:21:18.710 laurieblazek: it, it, it just it. It's an Aha moment for people it it completely change it, you know, George always says, and you can jump in, George, you know, once you once you know this, you can't unknow it. Okay, once you've done gone through this process and really deeply understood yourself.

00:21:18.950 --> 00:21:27.560 laurieblazek: and and how how? What your success platform should look like you can't go back. So

00:21:27.900 --> 00:21:50.279 laurieblazek: part of that that you know. The the last part of that process is then taking what you've learned about yourself and making sure that you do something about it. You know that you that you do have a plan. You do, even if it's small steps like, as you said earlier, you know. Take notes, take a small step you know. How do you move yourself closer to the optimal position so that you're showcasing your strengths.

00:21:50.630 --> 00:21:55.929 George Watts: And I'll just simply add the person in your leadership Academy, that you know the chef, the social work, the firefighter.

00:21:55.990 --> 00:22:00.910 George Watts: What she's essentially saying is, I like to be in the moment serving humanity.

00:22:01.620 --> 00:22:09.090 George Watts: So she she is very good, being totally in the present. and she loves to serve humanity, so the fusion

00:22:09.200 --> 00:22:14.279 George Watts: of one of her values to serving humanity and her ability to be perfectly in the moment

00:22:14.430 --> 00:22:15.490 George Watts: with clients.

00:22:15.530 --> 00:22:21.279 George Watts: and, as you know, that promotes authenticity, it promotes honesty, and it promotes trust.

00:22:21.620 --> 00:22:23.420 George Watts: So her skills

00:22:23.430 --> 00:22:27.850 George Watts: it. It first blush, anyway, is being perfectly in the moment

00:22:27.870 --> 00:22:30.460 George Watts: wanting to serve humanity.

00:22:30.740 --> 00:22:37.120 George Watts: Okay? And that can be very, very useful in certain dynamics. Where being in the moment.

00:22:37.740 --> 00:22:40.799 George Watts: is it very important to to hold deep conversations?

00:22:40.940 --> 00:22:46.180 Mira Brancu: Yeah, absolutely. I bet it's very powerful when

00:22:46.260 --> 00:22:55.230 Mira Brancu: people share these kind of stories or experiences what they enjoy. And then you sort of re, you know, reflect back to them

00:22:55.370 --> 00:22:57.220 Mira Brancu: with with such a sort of

00:22:57.690 --> 00:23:12.820 Mira Brancu: clear, concise way of thinking. I mean personal brand, you know, messaging because you can take that away, and then you can sort of keep it as a mantra, as you're walking around and making decisions right?

00:23:13.440 --> 00:23:32.959 laurieblazek: Right? Right? And and you know one of the things that I'm sure anyone who's worked in the corporate world is, you know, you get a performance review, and they list 9 things you do well, and the one thing you. You don't do well, and and then you dwell on that, and it lives in your head, you know, for the next year. And

00:23:32.960 --> 00:23:57.939 laurieblazek: I think you know, because I never had anyone go through that process with me and say, Alright, here are the 3 things that you are great at Lori, and we are gonna help you find that perfect platform to manifest those strengths. Okay? So you, you have to do this on your own. You've got, you know, the yeah, you can have mentors, and there will be some people around you that will that will guide you.

00:23:57.940 --> 00:24:00.489 But it's really up to you to.

00:24:00.620 --> 00:24:06.769 laurieblazek: you know. Go through this process yourself in and take control of of your own future.

00:24:07.130 --> 00:24:15.590 George Watts: I'll just simply add. Lori said. At first, one of the things that coaching does is collapse time. So we want people to mature

00:24:15.970 --> 00:24:19.549 George Watts: in 4 months as they would have in 10 years, and that and that's

00:24:19.570 --> 00:24:21.949 George Watts: through accurate self-knowledge.

00:24:22.390 --> 00:24:33.970 George Watts: and if you give people an accurate feedback, if you hear them, and then distill it and give it back in a very accurate way. That's very conceptually at high level, but it resonates beautifully with them

00:24:34.040 --> 00:24:38.030 George Watts: in that in that moment, in that instant that's where that growth occurs.

00:24:38.430 --> 00:24:45.980 George Watts: and the minute or the the second, that the person hears that higher order thought process. They reflect on it.

00:24:46.110 --> 00:24:51.609 George Watts: And that's when growth happens in a second. So we don't think growth takes years and years.

00:24:51.940 --> 00:24:58.330 George Watts: it really does. What it does take is high level truth when the person is ready to accept it.

00:24:58.610 --> 00:25:02.320 George Watts: And when that happens, that's when real professional growth occurs.

00:25:02.400 --> 00:25:07.049 Mira Brancu: Yeah. And I do think, though also it takes

00:25:07.100 --> 00:25:17.900 Mira Brancu: a very astute coach to be able to pull that out and and perceive it. And you know, I've had those experiences as well. And it

00:25:18.170 --> 00:25:29.370 Mira Brancu: it is. It can be really remarkable, I mean, I think. imagine how it feels to be somebody who is finally seen

00:25:29.600 --> 00:25:32.140 Mira Brancu: for their full

00:25:32.380 --> 00:25:36.000 Mira Brancu: strengthen who they are. And it's being reflected by somebody

00:25:36.210 --> 00:25:54.639 George Watts: outside of themselves who sees that I mean that that is that could be transformative, right? And we we see the client holistically more than they see themselves. We see the client where they could go and where they could take their strengths. So in essence, we see the client

00:25:55.120 --> 00:26:02.070 George Watts: in a pure, more evolved form than they can see themselves, but once they see that vision that we already have with them.

00:26:02.640 --> 00:26:09.839 George Watts: and our job as coaches is to show them the vision that's already there. We don't really do anything. We just show them

00:26:09.890 --> 00:26:16.640 George Watts: who they already are when they're at their best. And then that's the transformative state. And that's why people move so quickly

00:26:16.720 --> 00:26:23.350 George Watts: and mature so quickly in the program, and all we do is hold the mirror out and show them who they are.

00:26:23.760 --> 00:26:29.860 George Watts: and so we do see them differently than they. They see themselves. Eventually they see themselves as we see them.

00:26:30.430 --> 00:26:45.179 laurieblazek: And then that's when they graduate, they go on and do bigger and better things. Yeah, that reminds that we we wrote some time ago on Linkedin. We had seen some Michelangelo sculptures that were half finished.

00:26:45.350 --> 00:26:51.900 laurieblazek: and you know. He always talked about knowing what was embedded in in the marble

00:26:52.410 --> 00:27:10.219 laurieblazek: before he even started, and it was his job just to chip away at it until it became full form, and that is in essence what we do. We help, you see what you should have see could have seen all along that was always there, just hadn't been revealed to you.

00:27:10.330 --> 00:27:32.889 Mira Brancu: Absolutely. We do have a Facebook comment by Romina Katoon he is is enjoying it, she said. Nice. She's enjoying the conversation. So, Hi, Romina, thank you for being with us. Let's just sort of like tease apart, even more strategic value this this we've been using that term. A little bit, and my understanding the way that you're describing it

00:27:33.130 --> 00:27:34.270 Mira Brancu: is that

00:27:34.660 --> 00:27:38.179 Mira Brancu: if you could really understand deeply

00:27:38.600 --> 00:27:46.329 Mira Brancu: what you're bringing to the table right? Fully, and your sort of best self.

00:27:47.220 --> 00:27:48.270 Mira Brancu: Then.

00:27:48.450 --> 00:27:52.559 Mira Brancu: That helps you start making some decisions about what to delegate

00:27:52.610 --> 00:28:02.559 Mira Brancu: how to spend your time, how to make informed decisions, where to not spend your time, where to let other people spend their time and

00:28:02.800 --> 00:28:28.539 Mira Brancu: to me it's almost like, you know. You're paying closer attention to where your feet are going, and you're walking in the same direction. You're going in the same direction as where your feet are going. Instead of walking in circles constantly all over the place, touching this, touching, this touching this which is like a lot of cognitive overload. Is that what you mean by adding strategic value? Or is there more to it that I'm not thinking about?

00:28:29.260 --> 00:28:36.010 George Watts: We look at it in terms of outcomes. How is the outcome unique and different? Because you're in the room?

00:28:36.740 --> 00:28:40.099 George Watts: How is the outcome expanded, grown?

00:28:40.610 --> 00:28:44.279 George Watts: How is the outcome more visionary? How is the outcome? Different

00:28:44.980 --> 00:28:52.800 George Watts: cause? Like, I said earlier, you can have people with the same skill set, and they'll they'll arrive at basically the same answer in in in a certain sense.

00:28:53.080 --> 00:29:15.990 George Watts: But the question is, how do you change the outcome because of adding your special magic? And that's where you become world class. There's where you greatly accelerate your career and pull away from the pack, so to speak, because when you truly know how to add strategic value, the outcome is literally changed because you're in the room. You do that a few times. People are gonna want you at the table.

00:29:16.600 --> 00:29:25.649 George Watts: people going to demand you're at the table. People will pay top dollar to get you at the table, because they know the outcome is going to be a lot better or different or unique, because you're there.

00:29:25.820 --> 00:29:36.239 George Watts: That's when you know you have a lot of stickiness with clients that's when you become partners with clients. And that's when they're willing to pay top dollar because they realize that you can bring a unique answer.

00:29:36.850 --> 00:29:39.579 George Watts: And that's what we mean by adding strategic value

00:29:39.830 --> 00:29:52.769 George Watts: world class overcoming your weaknesses. You'll only be world class by accelerating, deepening, and augmenting your strengths.

00:29:53.000 --> 00:30:04.239 Mira Brancu: So when we come back from the Add break. I really wanna hear a little bit more about this, because it sounds like it's not just an efficiency of resources.

00:30:04.330 --> 00:30:18.470 Mira Brancu: There's an outcome, there's a results. There's an amplification of what could be, and I'd love to hear some stories of leaders. Who maybe we're not able to do this? Who.

00:30:18.470 --> 00:30:39.420 Mira Brancu: you know? Didn't do this well, and what were the outcomes and and contrasting it with stories? Who? Leaders who were able to hone this? What? What the difference is, what it made? So just a reminder. You're listening to the hard skills with me, Dr. Mirabu and our guests, Laurie Blaze and George Watson will be right back after these messages.

00:32:40.450 --> 00:33:07.190 Mira Brancu: welcome back to the hard skills with me, Dr. Miranku and our guest today, George Watts and Lori Blasi. By the way, if you're watching this live or you're if you're gonna watch this as a recording on video, you'll probably see some weird shadows here. That's because I'm in a hotel room today, and the lighting is all weird and stuff. So that's why. Okay.

00:33:07.270 --> 00:33:14.490 Mira Brancu: So coming back to kind of where we left off? Trying to understand

00:33:14.520 --> 00:33:21.469 Mira Brancu: the potential here, the strategic value is the potential increased

00:33:21.470 --> 00:33:51.290 Mira Brancu: results outcomes that could happen as a result of really understanding and leaning into fully into your greatest strengths. And I'd love to hear some stories about leaders who may not have done this well and kind of what that leads to. In terms of their strategic value or not. Not so much. You know. Those outcomes versus leaders who can do this really? Well, what do you see as a differences? What do you. What have you noticed?

00:33:54.010 --> 00:34:01.680 George Watts: It's important to understand? And this is where we differentiate ourselves somewhat, Vera. Every strength has a shadow.

00:34:02.880 --> 00:34:06.939 George Watts: and the shadow is the immature, unconscious projection.

00:34:07.430 --> 00:34:10.359 George Watts: And, for example, it's the extrovert

00:34:10.770 --> 00:34:20.350 George Watts: who can't shut up. It's the open minded. You can't ever get anything done, cause it's the it's the conscientious and so

00:34:20.530 --> 00:34:23.739 George Watts: rigid that they become difficult.

00:34:23.760 --> 00:34:27.910 George Watts: And so one of the things you have to do to be

00:34:28.300 --> 00:34:31.019 George Watts: an effective leader is to work through your shadow.

00:34:31.330 --> 00:34:39.220 George Watts: and leaders fail because of 2 reasons. Number one. Their shadow is too strong for the ecosystem, and it derails them.

00:34:39.400 --> 00:34:44.469 George Watts: The second is, they rely too much on their strength, and they don't, and they hire in their own image.

00:34:44.730 --> 00:34:58.939 George Watts: And we cover this very effectively. I think, in becoming a strategic leader, we have a model that shows how each personality type add strategic value. So you, you have to look at business, and that's our frame of reference is business.

00:34:59.040 --> 00:35:05.270 George Watts:  as a transaction. You have to innovate, sell.

00:35:05.390 --> 00:35:09.329 George Watts: partner, deliver, and assess. And so you have to do all of those.

00:35:09.640 --> 00:35:13.150 George Watts: and if they all don't get done that business will fail at some point.

00:35:13.510 --> 00:35:17.710 George Watts: Now you can be a leader. Let's say you can be evp of sales

00:35:17.920 --> 00:35:22.300 George Watts: and be a strong extrovert, and just come at it from that perspective.

00:35:22.310 --> 00:35:24.040 George Watts: Now, you're not a CEO,

00:35:24.370 --> 00:35:30.899 George Watts: you're a leader, but and you can rely on on on that extra version. But oftentimes

00:35:31.740 --> 00:35:39.389 George Watts: leaders who rely so much on their extraversion fail because a lot of being evp of sales is not selling, but it's in coaching.

00:35:39.950 --> 00:35:44.730 George Watts: and they're use. And they're a, and so you've got to look at the shadow to the strength.

00:35:44.980 --> 00:35:56.810 George Watts: and you also have to look at overcoming your number 4 and 5 traits, your shadows and your weaker areas and hire the right people around you. If you don't hire the right people around you, CEO, you're gonna fail.

00:35:57.010 --> 00:36:00.729 George Watts: If you don't control your shadows to your strength. You're gonna fail.

00:36:01.200 --> 00:36:03.499 George Watts: Laurie. Any other thoughts?

00:36:03.600 --> 00:36:16.289 laurieblazek: Well, I'll just give you another example of that. We work with a lot of people who are highly highly conscientious, you know. They can be paralyzed because they have the shadow of perfectionism

00:36:16.880 --> 00:36:32.139 laurieblazek: or rigidity, rigidity of their thinking and you know, people intuitively know this about themselves. But we we go through this process of having them identify what their shadows are.

00:36:32.170 --> 00:36:55.520 laurieblazek: and we? We diffuse that defensiveness that people have about their shadows cause we all have them, you know, even the agreeable personality type. Like me, I'm agree. I'm Mike. Dominant trade is agreeable, you know. We can't say no. You know we we always subordinate our own interest for the interest of everyone else, because we want everyone to like us. Okay, well.

00:36:55.850 --> 00:37:04.409 laurieblazek: that's that's a, you know, wonderful attribute to have. But it doesn't always serve you well in business. And so you know, we, we

00:37:05.070 --> 00:37:24.049 laurieblazek: create this safe space for people to, you know, really look objectively at themselves and their own shadows and and work toward lightning them. You know, we we don't ask people to change. It's this is this program that we that we, you know

00:37:24.080 --> 00:37:36.309 laurieblazek: roll out to to executives. This is not about changing who you are. This is about growing and maturing and lightening the shadow and focusing on the strength. So

00:37:36.510 --> 00:37:55.499 Mira Brancu: I don't know if that's specific enough to answer the question. But we we see we we work with shadow behavior a lot. Yeah. What about leaders who come to you over concerned with their shadow side. In fact, it's sort of getting in their way. They're so worried about

00:37:55.550 --> 00:38:01.219 Mira Brancu: not being good at this and not being good at that, and and finding themselves

00:38:01.700 --> 00:38:15.360 Mira Brancu: you know. Sub. Sometimes we call that imposter syndrome, sometimes. You know, it's it's more about stress and anxiety. Getting in the way of being able to lean into your best self and things like that. What do you do in those kind of cases

00:38:18.750 --> 00:38:20.579 George Watts: find out where the guilt is

00:38:21.080 --> 00:38:24.000 laurieblazek: guilt.

00:38:24.230 --> 00:38:32.009 George Watts: There's there's there's. And and again there's some. There's some guilt driving that fear. What are you afraid of?

00:38:32.320 --> 00:38:46.639 George Watts: And and once once you've overcome fear. life becomes fairly easy, and once you overcome fear, you're able to speak more authentically. So a lot of a lot of our work. I think it's some level

00:38:46.750 --> 00:38:50.460 George Watts: helps. People understand that they don't have to be afraid

00:38:50.670 --> 00:38:56.610 George Watts: that they're in our coaching dynamic. They they get pretty quickly. There's no judgment.

00:38:56.840 --> 00:39:01.110 George Watts: and once there's no judgment. and people are not afraid of being judged.

00:39:01.410 --> 00:39:10.830 George Watts: then they become more open, and once that that authentic dialogue happens, as you know, in counseling the one thing that I remember about counseling.

00:39:11.050 --> 00:39:18.569 George Watts: I don't remember much, but one thing I do remember, that if you hold deep, authentic, real conversations.

00:39:19.080 --> 00:39:20.529 George Watts: you become more mentally healthy.

00:39:21.410 --> 00:39:29.709 George Watts: So that's part of what we do is allow the person to hold those deep conversations, and a lot of coaching is holding deep conversations.

00:39:29.810 --> 00:39:39.960 George Watts: but if they can learn to hold deep conversations with us without fear, then they can learn to hold it with their subordinates learn to hold it with their team members. and that's where they begin to

00:39:40.070 --> 00:39:56.530 George Watts: really become a leader because people want them in the room because of their emotional maturity. And people are attracted psychodynamically to tourity. And it's the ability to listen. It's the ability to not judge. And it's the ability to hold deep conversations.

00:39:58.640 --> 00:40:19.349 laurieblazek: Yeah. And I'll just add that you know we we really do help people think accurately. So, for example, the imposter syndrome. You know your your thinking that you're not worthy or not good enough, you know, could be rooted in in something in your past that is completely inconsequential to who you are. You know the here and now

00:40:19.700 --> 00:40:49.629 laurieblazek: what your future looks like? And you know we we help people dissect some of those things that are holding them back in again a non judgmental way, because you know, the the past is really an illusion. It's only the story you tell yourself. So you know, if if you're you're, you know, dwelling on something that happened 10 years ago that really doesn't have any relevance to who you are and what you're doing today. You know, we help to shine you to shine a light on it

00:40:49.630 --> 00:41:03.030 laurieblazek: and and try to move past those things. That's part of that psychological maturity that George was talking about. So that makes sense. Yeah. And you know, so now I'm wondering, are there times when

00:41:03.150 --> 00:41:05.630 Mira Brancu:  it.

00:41:06.170 --> 00:41:09.319 Mira Brancu: you realize that it's really the environment

00:41:09.390 --> 00:41:26.600 Mira Brancu: that is creating that experience. And I'll give you an example, you know, because I work with a lot of women and a lot of especially women who have additional marginalized identities and have been minoritized. And so a lot of their experiences.

00:41:26.900 --> 00:41:30.860 Mira Brancu: or accurately portraying a sort of

00:41:30.920 --> 00:41:41.960 Mira Brancu: understandable protectiveness against the environment that has made them feel so invalidated for their strengths or their not being seen fully for their strengths.

00:41:42.000 --> 00:41:53.309 Mira Brancu: And you know a lot of questions for me. Come up with around. Is this the right environment or are there other, you know, opportunities to try something different

00:41:53.400 --> 00:42:08.920 Mira Brancu: different role. You know. Are there things we haven't tried yet in this environment that could if with some adjustment, really lead to some amazing outcomes. And so there's a lot of sort of questioning around

00:42:08.960 --> 00:42:10.890 Mira Brancu: person environment fit

00:42:10.910 --> 00:42:28.659 Mira Brancu: and what's causing what? And I'm wondering, are there times when you're thinking, this person has incredible strengths that are not being seen in this environment. And you know, in this case we need to be thinking about a different strategy for them to

00:42:28.840 --> 00:42:30.459 Mira Brancu: show the greatest ranks.

00:42:32.620 --> 00:42:44.649 George Watts: This week I was talking to a high Level women executive from professional Services company, and and she's managing one large account couple of 100 million dollar account.

00:42:45.190 --> 00:42:49.439 George Watts: And I'm gonna be perfectly blunt. It's a good old boy account. Okay?

00:42:50.220 --> 00:42:51.260 George Watts: And

00:42:52.140 --> 00:42:56.040 George Watts: she's frustrated because she's marginalized

00:42:56.200 --> 00:42:57.400 George Watts: in a sense.

00:42:58.500 --> 00:42:59.410 George Watts: And

00:42:59.700 --> 00:43:02.129 II asked her. I said, you know sometimes

00:43:02.660 --> 00:43:08.149 George Watts: sometimes your ecosystem just doesn't recognize how much, how valuable you really are.

00:43:08.780 --> 00:43:13.540 George Watts: And and at the end of the day, sometimes it's just easier to just change your ecosystem

00:43:13.710 --> 00:43:15.320 George Watts: and just say, you know something.

00:43:16.640 --> 00:43:17.820 George Watts: This isn't worth it.

00:43:18.070 --> 00:43:24.800 George Watts: you know it's it's not a good fit in the sense. Now. We we could certainly coach her

00:43:25.300 --> 00:43:29.570 George Watts: to be more mature. We could certainly coach her to not personalize

00:43:29.770 --> 00:43:32.659 George Watts: people's reaction. We could coach her

00:43:32.730 --> 00:43:41.259 George Watts: to to alter her behavior, maybe a little bit. But why? This woman is extremely valuable.

00:43:41.300 --> 00:43:52.700 George Watts: Okay? And she would be. She needs to be on another couple of $100 1 million dollars. Yeah, that that really, that really understand how much she brings to the table. So sometimes we can get frustrated

00:43:53.120 --> 00:43:56.290 George Watts: with where we're at and who we report to.

00:43:56.420 --> 00:44:03.499 George Watts: and the dynamics that we have to contend with every day. Now that's there's a certain kind of stress level that happens in every role

00:44:03.580 --> 00:44:10.169 George Watts: that you're not going to be a hundred percent. But at some point in time, it's okay to say, you know something.

00:44:10.290 --> 00:44:15.710 George Watts: This isn't working for me. And it ain't me. Okay. And it's okay.

00:44:16.510 --> 00:44:30.460 George Watts: It's okay. Know your strengths know the value you bring find the right ecosystem. that's all. So it's not. It's not like hugely complicated like us. Darn, this is so complicated nobody can understand it. No, it's actually quite simple.

00:44:31.310 --> 00:44:34.820 George Watts: What is your strength? What's the right ecosystem?

00:44:35.460 --> 00:44:47.040 George Watts: And and and and how do you apply your strength to change outcomes? If you really understand that and use that to guide your career. You're gonna come out way ahead in life. I know I am

00:44:47.270 --> 00:44:48.060 George Watts: from

00:44:48.220 --> 00:45:00.770 George Watts: starting as a counseling psychologist. I can honestly say I've enjoyed my career quite a bit more, and I would add, and I really wasn't that good at it. I don't have the agreeableness. I don't have the the sensitive. Some people do.

00:45:00.850 --> 00:45:05.710 George Watts: But in business I found that that my personality works fairly well.

00:45:06.170 --> 00:45:07.490 George Watts: Laurie. Any other.

00:45:08.530 --> 00:45:09.660 George Watts: any thoughts.

00:45:09.760 --> 00:45:19.580 Mira Brancu: II love everything that you just said that was that was great. I mean, I think it it really does come down to

00:45:19.880 --> 00:45:24.270 Mira Brancu: You know how how powerful the decisions

00:45:24.380 --> 00:45:26.310 Mira Brancu: you can make

00:45:26.400 --> 00:45:28.519 Mira Brancu: when you really understand

00:45:28.900 --> 00:45:47.000 Mira Brancu: fully what you bring to the table, your full strengths and how that can impact an organization, or how you can take it away from an organization that isn't valuing it right. It it changes the power dynamic. Yes, when you have confidence in who you are when you're at your best, right?

00:45:47.290 --> 00:45:54.750 laurieblazek: And and you can look as passionately at your role and say, I'm in a role that's using my strengths. 20% of the time.

00:45:55.320 --> 00:46:00.310 laurieblazek: And and I'm I'm not in a position to be able to change that.

00:46:00.510 --> 00:46:04.090 laurieblazek: You know. I you know. Ca, can you

00:46:04.460 --> 00:46:22.169 laurieblazek: increase that number to 40 or 60. The higher up you are in the food chain, the more you know. Probability you have of tailoring your job to manage your strengths, but especially especially lower level positions. It's very difficult to do that. But

00:46:22.460 --> 00:46:46.680 laurieblazek: yet you need to go through that process. And if you're if you're feeling under stress. And you're you're tired and you're exhausted. And you're not enjoying your work. You're probably using your bottom rank traits and or not tapping into your strengths as much as you should. That's a really good point. We're gonna come back after the add break to

00:46:46.920 --> 00:46:51.169 Mira Brancu: Put another little fine line on that one and

00:46:51.240 --> 00:46:56.380 Mira Brancu: when we come back from the outbreak we're also going to pull together.

00:46:56.450 --> 00:47:05.259 Mira Brancu: What is what is our bottom line? Take away message here for folks. So we'll be right back after these messages with our guests.

00:47:05.450 --> 00:47:08.310 Mira Brancu: Laurie Blazer and George Watts.

00:49:12.510 --> 00:49:23.449 Mira Brancu: Welcome back to the hard skills with me, Dr. Mirabaku and our guests, Lori Blazak and Dr. George Watts. So to pull it all together.

00:49:23.900 --> 00:49:46.229 Mira Brancu: and also highlight kind of knowing that when we are not our best selves, it's under stress. It's under, you know, kind of high degree of stress, and we don't necessarily realize that you're not. We can't bring our, you know best sells to it. What are the things that you want people to know

00:49:46.590 --> 00:49:48.330 Mira Brancu: to take away from today?

00:49:48.350 --> 00:49:52.029 Mira Brancu: As like the first steps that they can take

00:49:52.230 --> 00:49:54.050 Mira Brancu: to engage in this kind of work.

00:49:57.750 --> 00:50:06.989 laurieblazek: George, you want to start. I mean, I I'm just gonna start with guided introspection, you know, and and we are big believers in that.

00:50:07.370 --> 00:50:10.140 laurieblazek: And you know our book

00:50:10.300 --> 00:50:11.689 laurieblazek: takes you through that

00:50:11.700 --> 00:50:15.949 laurieblazek: journey is one of the big reasons that we wrote it

00:50:16.010 --> 00:50:18.590 laurieblazek: because we wanted on

00:50:18.880 --> 00:50:26.649 laurieblazek: this material to be accessible to everyone. It's written in in a way that's easy to digest

00:50:26.960 --> 00:50:36.629 laurieblazek: and put into practice. So you know, II think that guided introspection. It it's never too late for that.

00:50:37.290 --> 00:50:54.590 laurieblazek: And and the insights that you gain through that are valuable, no matter what they are, you know whether it's identifying your shadows and working to lighten them, or just being more conscious of your strengths, or, you know, being more confident in who you are when you're at your best.

00:50:57.280 --> 00:51:11.530 Mira Brancu: and I am going to just share my screen. If you're watching, live, or you're watching the recorded video later. The book that, she referenced. Laurie. Reference is becoming a strategic leader.

00:51:11.660 --> 00:51:25.340 Mira Brancu: Capitalize on the power of your personality, and you could find it at becoming at Amazon at your favorite bookstore and there's more information on that website. If you want to find out a little bit more

00:51:25.560 --> 00:51:30.009 Mira Brancu: George, you're on mute. But is there anything that you'd like to add?

00:51:31.330 --> 00:51:38.930 George Watts: Yeah, just very quickly. And I'm gonna give a shout out to the American Psychological Association. They published our book

00:51:39.770 --> 00:51:50.770 George Watts: and the publishers there are first class, and we I. They just did a magnificent job. So they're a great partner, and I appreciate the Apa publishing our book very much. but I'd like to

00:51:51.010 --> 00:51:54.149 George Watts: leave your listeners just just with a thought.

00:51:54.880 --> 00:51:56.979 George Watts: and that is

00:51:57.060 --> 00:52:05.270 George Watts: manifest your full potential in life. Don't allow fear so to subtract what you could become.

00:52:05.950 --> 00:52:12.960 George Watts: and so often we allow fear to negate our aspirations. Who are you when you're at your best?

00:52:13.990 --> 00:52:17.700 George Watts: Now manifest now what potential dream for a moment

00:52:18.150 --> 00:52:22.460 George Watts: your potential. And don't allow fear to hold you back.

00:52:22.650 --> 00:52:27.889 George Watts: because fear is the illusion of the ego. and don't allow illusion

00:52:28.200 --> 00:52:33.880 George Watts: to hold you back from your potential. Don't allow illusion and fear to hold you back

00:52:34.190 --> 00:52:41.969 George Watts: from earning the kind of money and having the the status and the and the position that you really deserve in life.

00:52:43.030 --> 00:53:04.310 George Watts: Look at your shadows and realize that they're just a natural part of the personality structure and say, you know, I'm gonna lighten those shadows. I'm going to enlighten myself and mature and manifest my potential by leveraging my strengths to add strategic value. It's not that complicated the road? It really is not, and the dividends are enormous.

00:53:04.890 --> 00:53:19.539 Mira Brancu: So that's the core message. Love it, and don't you? I mean, if you're listening right now, don't you wanna just lean in? He's so inspirational he just inspires you to be, be, be your very best thanks

00:53:19.640 --> 00:53:24.340 Mira Brancu: and where can people find you. If they wanna learn more about your work.

00:53:25.290 --> 00:53:38.229 George Watts: I'll let Lori handle that. She's the CEO and our chief salesperson. Now, with our new book. We are completely reworking our website. The new website should be up by the end of the week. But it's Tlt coaching.

00:53:38.280 --> 00:54:04.569 laurieblazek: And and basically it's just a very simple site. Explaining it. Yeah, that's that's our old site. That's our old logo. But it's it's basically you know. Here's who we are. These are the things we believe in, you know, and the the our main messages don't change. Grow okay. Become more of who you are when you're at your best, and we really do not believe in change. We believe in

00:54:04.870 --> 00:54:09.349 laurieblazek: personal and professional growth, through better understanding your strengths

00:54:09.420 --> 00:54:30.820 laurieblazek: and and thinking accurately, you know about who about who you are? So the website is out there. The work that we do is really for for it's it's B twob. So we do a lot of work with them corporations and their executives. But the book is our

00:54:31.000 --> 00:54:41.820 laurieblazek: our message to everyone out there who would like to piggyback on what we're you know what we're selling it at large companies and

00:54:42.020 --> 00:54:57.059 laurieblazek: and and it will give you an experience. That we hope is, you know, at least 80% of what our our individual coaching will will provide. It took us about 10 years to write this book. That's incredible. Who is a perfect person to pick up this book.

00:54:58.630 --> 00:55:02.019 George Watts: I would say. People then aspire.

00:55:02.940 --> 00:55:06.279 George Watts: and they're if you're in business, and you aspire

00:55:06.720 --> 00:55:08.530 George Watts: to be more than you are now.

00:55:08.730 --> 00:55:26.039 George Watts: So so the main, the main criteria is, what do you aspire to if you're if if you're if you want to be inspired, and you want to aspire. I think our book is very appropriate for you. Certainly, if you're a manager and you want to move from a manager mentality to a leadership mentality.

00:55:26.240 --> 00:55:27.410 George Watts: our books for you.

00:55:27.910 --> 00:55:35.119 George Watts: And I also want to say our our program introduces our IP, which we call scalable intimacy.

00:55:35.470 --> 00:55:48.430 George Watts: So we have 20 h of online. That is very, very scalable. And that includes the book, the audio book videos. a fantastic career journal. So we take you through a process, and that's scalable.

00:55:48.740 --> 00:55:55.880 George Watts: But then we have the intimacy of the one-on-one in the assessment and the feedback which really causes the Aha reaction.

00:55:55.930 --> 00:56:06.580 George Watts: So our business model is scalable intimacy. And again, that's how we've manifested our potential. So the first people we applied this to is ourselves.

00:56:06.830 --> 00:56:12.480 George Watts: We wanted to grow. We wanted to become world class. We wanted to individuate ourselves.

00:56:12.490 --> 00:56:22.440 George Watts: So we tested this on ourselves first, and fortunately we have many leaders around the world that that buy into our system and our theory and our models and

00:56:22.450 --> 00:56:48.250 Mira Brancu: and business is quite robust. So we don't do any business to consumer. We we're sorry, but we do. We can't handle that. We only work with big business and perfect. So find If you'd like to explore how Towerscope, me and my company can help you with leadership and team development services, you can also check us

00:56:48.360 --> 00:56:57.539 Mira Brancu: So audience, what did you take away? And more importantly, what is one small change you can implement this week, based on what you learned from George and Laurie

00:56:57.730 --> 00:57:15.730 Mira Brancu: share it with us on Linkedin, at Mirabranku and or Lori Blasi or George Watts share with us on on Linkedin, so we can share you on talk radio. Nyc is also on Facebook, Instagram Twitter Twitch all over the place.

00:57:15.730 --> 00:57:31.019 Mira Brancu: But Linkedin is where we live online. So that's where I'm gonna respond. In addition to being a live show, we're also a podcast on itunes and spotify, please go subscribe to the podcast leave a review, share with others to help increase our visibility, reach and impact.

00:57:31.250 --> 00:57:40.280 Mira Brancu: Thank you to do talk radio dot. Nyc for hosting. I'm Dr. Mirabanku, the host of the Hard Skill show, and thank you for joining us today.

00:57:40.410 --> 00:57:42.840 Mira Brancu: George and Laurie. We had a great

00:57:42.890 --> 00:57:48.700 Mira Brancu: time together, and enjoy the rest of your day, wherever you're tuning in from everybody. Bye, everyone.

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