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Thursday, November 2, 2023
Facebook Live Video from 2023/11/02 - The Morry Method - Visualizing Quantum Confidence

Facebook Live Video from 2023/11/02 - The Morry Method - Visualizing Quantum Confidence


2023/11/02 - The Morry Method - Visualizing Quantum Confidence

[NEW EPISODE] The Morry Method - Visualizing Quantum Confidence

Thursdays 5:00pm - 6:00pm (EDT)            


The audience will have the opportunity to learn about ways to retrain your brainwaves. It is known that certain sound waves can affect parts of the brain that regulate mood, thoughts, emotions and other neurological effects. The audience will learn the different types and how to obtain certain programs to help with depression, motivation, focus and others.


In continuing with this month's theme of Mental Health Awareness Month, Frank About Health presents The Morry Method. In this week's episode we learn of a new technology that can help with those who suffer from Depression, Anxiety, Epilepsy and other neurological issues.  This promises to be insightful into ways that you can train your brain to reach the desired Positive Energy and Confidence in your life.

Morry Zelcovitch, creator of The Morry Method™ (TMM), first noticed the effects that sounds and tones had on his own mental state well over 20 years ago. This led to a decades long journey deep into the study of brainwave entrainment.

Morry sought out the world’s foremost brainwave entrainment expert and, after extensive study and training, became one of the few Certified Brainwave Entrainment Engineers in the world. From that impressive starting point, and with ongoing study and research, Morry has developed proprietary technology and techniques which he has named “The Morry Method™“.

Morry tirelessly produces the most leading edge recordings that incorporate The Morry Method™ proprietary techniques. These recordings, including Quantum Mind Power and Quantum Confidence, are acclaimed by his legion of listeners.





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Show Notes

Segment 1

In this episode of Frank About Health, Frank Harrison is joined by returning guest Morry Zelcovitch, the creator of The Morry Method. They will be discussing how to enhance positivity, energy, confidence, and productivity as well as technology to help maximize brain performance while maintaining a healthy mindset. To start the conversation, Morry shares an update about a new project involving visual files, which Morry is calling Visual Image Entrainment (VIE). The last time Morry was on the show, he wasn’t able to share what the project entailed because it was still in development, however, he is able to offer more information now about VIE and the purpose of it. 

Segment 2

After the first break, Frank shares his experience with PTSD and how Morry’s sound files have been able to help him with not only Frank’s epilepsy and PTSD, but also help him sleep better. Frank takes his situation and history with the audio files, he is curious to know how the visual files would help him when he is having a PTSD attack. Morry introduced a meditation technique that utilizes flickering images to release endorphins and enhance mood. He says that the technique could provide instant benefits and is not meant for long-term use. It is specifically designed to give someone a quick pick-me-up. Morry also shares that when he designed the files, it was more to help with his depression, but now that his business has grown, he now takes feedback from his customers so he can also create files for his customer’s needs.

Segment 3

Moving along further into the discussion, Frank and Morry discuss more about the power of the mind, specifically when it deals with negativity. Morry shares that he believes that the concept of negativity doesn’t exist and that when bad stuff, it isn’t as horrible as we perceive it. It is the meaning we choose to give something that makes it matter in a way. He encouraged the audience to look on the bright side of life and see challenges as opportunities for growth. Morry and Frank move forward into the conversation about change, truth, and emotions, with Morry arguing that everything changes and emphasizing the importance of emotions as guides for personal growth. 

Segment 4

To close the episode, Frank reviews the menu items presented to him and expresses his intention to utilize the quantum confidence files to improve his show. They also discuss Morry’s new podcast that he just started called Artificial Conversations with Intelligence, in which he interviews artificial intelligence and makes the topic more interesting. Morry has a demo podcast up on his website and YouTube available to watch anytime. Frank thanked Morry for his recurring appearances on the show and promoted his future episodes, especially his upcoming 100th episode special on November 16th, 2023


00:00:47.240 --> 00:01:11.250 Frank R. Harrison: hey, everybody! It is November second, 2,023, and welcome to a new episode of Frank about health. I am here with returning guests. Mauri Zalkovich, who has had an impact with me on last several episodes, where he appeared to discuss the efficacy of his brain and trainment programs that he has been able to magnificently and authentically create, both for audio files and even now

00:01:11.250 --> 00:01:18.369 Frank R. Harrison: visual files. Which is why I call this episode visualizing quantum confidence. Now, that being said.

00:01:18.370 --> 00:01:38.230 Frank R. Harrison: we've talked about depression. His own story. When he first came on to Frank about health about 5 months ago. We've talked about Alzheimer's disease in relation to my cousin, and that was a couple months ago, and more recently, I think we were talking about sleep disorders and even diabetic reactions and other kinds of things. But today we're gonna talk about

00:01:38.440 --> 00:01:52.280 Frank R. Harrison: well, quantum confidence definitely. But what motivated this particular episode was a Ptsd reaction that I personally had over the last 7 days. And what I can say right now publicly

00:01:52.290 --> 00:02:00.130 Frank R. Harrison: is that his audio files which I have been using through these bone conduction headphones for the last 5 or 6 months

00:02:00.160 --> 00:02:03.849 Frank R. Harrison: have been allowing me to fluctuate

00:02:03.900 --> 00:02:17.890 Frank R. Harrison: between the downward spiral that I previously experienced. And now look at the opportunity and the progress that I can take from the experience. So I had to have him on this show so that we can discuss a little bit about

00:02:17.890 --> 00:02:42.080 Frank R. Harrison: what he's been doing to help in helping people's confidence, whether it is Ptsd. Related, or anxiety related or stress related, but, more importantly, from his own experience and his own engineering background, he might be able to provide all of you out there some insights into things that maybe I'm still learning as I go along, so I'll have to issue my disclaimer.

00:02:42.290 --> 00:02:49.469 Frank R. Harrison: Please be aware that any of the claims and thoughts and ideas that both myself and more we talk about on this show

00:02:49.800 --> 00:02:52.200 Frank R. Harrison: are exactly that food for thought.

00:02:52.260 --> 00:03:21.440 Frank R. Harrison: They are not to be taken as a means to persuade or dissuade you from your ongoing psychiatric or neurological treatments that you might be undergoing with a primary care physician or a specialist in the field simultaneously. They're not meant to be the thoughts or views of Frank about health or talk radio. Nyc. But rather an opportunity for you to learn more about Mori and learn more about how frank about health continues to advocate

00:03:21.440 --> 00:03:24.570 for both neurological and mental health wellness.

00:03:24.570 --> 00:03:37.359 Frank R. Harrison: especially with the use of what we will learn about today. Both the visual and sound files that bring about quantum confidence, so that, all being said, welcome back to Frank about health, Maury.

00:03:37.980 --> 00:03:41.220 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: Thanks for having me, Frank. It's always a pleasure to be here.

00:03:41.900 --> 00:03:42.700 Frank R. Harrison: Yes.

00:03:44.170 --> 00:03:52.139 Frank R. Harrison: so tell me a little bit about your visual files. I know when you were last here you were just telling me you were programming them or about to release them.

00:03:52.610 --> 00:03:59.070 Frank R. Harrison: Yeah, I'll explain that, because I know we can't show them on on air, but wanted more of an insight from you about them.

00:03:59.680 --> 00:04:16.130 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: So I have a couple actually types. I have something called visual image and trainment. That kind of makes the acronym vie as in vying for perfection, vying to be happier, vying, to be healthier, vying, this vying, that.

00:04:16.440 --> 00:04:19.790 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: and the idea is that it.

00:04:19.860 --> 00:04:25.880 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: you know the whole concept behind entrainment is frequency. or, if you will, pulsing

00:04:25.950 --> 00:04:29.999 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: pulse rate. So when we talk about things like

00:04:30.460 --> 00:04:33.679 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: Delta or Alpha, or Theta, or Beta, or Gamma.

00:04:33.770 --> 00:04:54.399 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: all of these things are just words to describe how many times a neuron pulses an electric pulse. So it's not pulsing like a heart. Right? It just pulses an electric pulse, and how many times it pulses that pulse per, I say, pulse a few more times, maybe that would make things easier. I just realized

00:04:54.490 --> 00:04:56.879 Frank R. Harrison: I'm literally pulsing the word pulse.

00:04:57.100 --> 00:05:05.290 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: But basically what it is is it denotes how many times the neuron is pulsing. Again.

00:05:05.360 --> 00:05:06.840 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: that electric

00:05:07.080 --> 00:05:26.520 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: frequency per second. So that's what frequency really means how many times it's happening per second and depending on the region of the brain and the amount of times it does this that dictates the kind of chemistry that's released. And I said before, and I'll say it again. It is the chemistry that is the code to your life, and how you experience it

00:05:26.620 --> 00:05:30.539 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: as an example. People can see my phone. They can see a clock there.

00:05:30.640 --> 00:05:33.990 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: Well, that is an app that shows a clock

00:05:34.010 --> 00:05:43.640 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: on your phone. There's also apps that play music and apps that show you your calendar and apps that let you read your email and hundreds of thousands of other types of apps.

00:05:43.880 --> 00:05:47.679 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: Each of these apps could be equated to your brain creating chemistry.

00:05:48.020 --> 00:05:50.299 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: So when you turn on your phone and you

00:05:50.620 --> 00:05:58.750 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: tap a certain area and an app activates that's giving you an experience. It's showing you imagery. It's giving you auto audio.

00:05:59.360 --> 00:06:02.969 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: It's giving you an experience. It's the same thing with your brain.

00:06:03.430 --> 00:06:16.400 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: So what I've done is I've created a visual way for people to get entrained, in other words, for their brain, their neurons to start acting and reacting the way I'm leading them to react

00:06:16.470 --> 00:06:27.579 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: so that certain chemistry is created to allow a different, a better experience than what we have. Because, again, just like an app on a computer or an app on a phone.

00:06:28.290 --> 00:06:33.610 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: Your mood, your thoughts. They're nothing more than chemistry.

00:06:34.310 --> 00:06:49.929 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: Without the chemistry. You don't know. Something is happening around you. The chemistry translates it into your ability to have an experience. So I had a lot of clients saying, Maury, your work is pretty easy to use, but I don't have half an hour to sit around or to lie around

00:06:50.920 --> 00:06:53.650 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: because let's face it. Most of my recordings are half an hour.

00:06:54.230 --> 00:06:57.609 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: The thing is, they said, can you come up with something that's faster?

00:06:58.700 --> 00:07:06.159 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: And I thought, Well, there's certain rules, if you will, about entrainment, that it takes about 6 min to entrain.

00:07:07.160 --> 00:07:10.360 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: And how am I supposed to make something shorter than that?

00:07:11.010 --> 00:07:28.980 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: If it takes 6 min? Well, it turns out that there is a way to do it. It's first get the brain used to it by getting it to do a 30 min recording on a relatively regular basis. Then after that it can watch something for 3 min, because we're adding the visual aspect. So that makes it a little different

00:07:29.470 --> 00:07:31.290 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: with the visual and the audio

00:07:31.450 --> 00:07:45.549 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: and various other techniques I've incorporated make it more powerful in a shorter period of time, meaning they have to be more engaged right now you can listen, but you close your eyes, you can even fall asleep. It doesn't matter.

00:07:45.580 --> 00:07:47.240 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: but when you watch.

00:07:47.590 --> 00:07:54.869 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: it's engaging your visual cortex, it's engaging various other regions of your brain that are stimulated by light and sound.

00:07:55.460 --> 00:07:59.859 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: and that creates a situation where you have kind of like a muscle memory.

00:08:00.270 --> 00:08:02.409 Frank R. Harrison: So when we climb stairs.

00:08:02.550 --> 00:08:18.980 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: The reason why we don't fall down most of the time or bump into them is because we have a muscle memory. our legs and our feet and our brain know approximately how high up the next stair is and how far ahead it is. So our legs kind of do this, and we don't know we're doing it. We're not really paying attention, but we are.

00:08:19.260 --> 00:08:27.560 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: It's the same thing with your brain. So the idea is, we kind of get you used to be reacting and reacting from the audio frequencies.

00:08:27.580 --> 00:08:31.010 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: and then you supplement it with a 3 min visual

00:08:31.170 --> 00:08:33.510 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: audio visual stimulation pattern.

00:08:34.429 --> 00:08:47.230 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: that is, images that are designed to elicit the response we're looking for, whether that's sleep, whether that's calm or sereness, or whether that's anti-anxiety or anti-stressful reactions.

00:08:47.280 --> 00:08:54.400 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: we have a color gamut over top of it. So first I flatten the image and make the image black and white.

00:08:54.470 --> 00:09:01.610 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: and then we'll really shades of gray. and then I add a color aspect which is a frequency

00:09:01.850 --> 00:09:19.209 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: that I've come up with that allows me to calibrate the color to match the effect I want to achieve. And then the images flash at the same rate. The sounds are going to give you not only a programming through the images and the sound, but a programming by the Flickr rate as well.

00:09:20.140 --> 00:09:26.080 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: and all of these things combined to create a much stronger effect in such a short period of time.

00:09:26.240 --> 00:09:29.039 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: So essentially, I don't believe anything's impossible.

00:09:29.060 --> 00:09:33.949 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: and I don't think you should. I think, if you have an idea, because it's possible.

00:09:34.080 --> 00:09:44.220 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: And I've proven this to myself. Innumerable times. I have 50 things I'm working on right now that all of which I was told were more or less impossible.

00:09:45.080 --> 00:09:54.350 Frank R. Harrison: Hmm! They're not. And of course, that just fueled you into making it done making it get done. And there's always a way. If you have an idea, it's because there's a way.

00:09:54.460 --> 00:10:03.550 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: And if you're thinking, if you're hitting a wall, and it's and you're you think, oh, this is impossible. It's not impossible. It's just you need. Look if this is a wall.

00:10:03.750 --> 00:10:20.260 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: and this is me walking, and I walk into the wall, and I back up, and I walk into the wall, and I back up and I walk into the wall and I back up. Well, yeah, that's pretty debilitating, and it's impossible. But if I walk into the wall and I back up, and I turn a little bit, and I walk in a wall. Oh, no, I'm not walking in the wall.

00:10:21.140 --> 00:10:30.919 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: It's all about changing it, and that's why brainwave and training is so effective. One of the reasons why, because it helps to change the chemistry. It helps to change the path

00:10:31.250 --> 00:10:32.900 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: that your thoughts can take.

00:10:33.720 --> 00:10:40.370 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: And that's really what makes the difference. So even if you feel like you're trapped, if you feel like you have a problem, if you feel stuck.

00:10:40.420 --> 00:10:54.319 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: That's only because you're in that state where you're walking into the wall. You're backing up. You're walking into the wall. You're not changing your direction by a few degrees each time, and eventually you'll miss you'll still and you'll progress.

00:10:55.440 --> 00:11:05.580 Frank R. Harrison: So then, on that note, while you have shown a history with your audio files, your video files, your visuals. That's that's new phase for you at this point, right?

00:11:05.850 --> 00:11:17.579 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: Yeah, it's relatively new. It got introduced originally in a different form with my cortical, which is a visual aspect for my revital mind and revital mind ultra system

00:11:17.590 --> 00:11:33.760 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: which helps to elicit a response like certain gamma frequency response in the brain which has been shown in different research papers that Gamma can help clean out the beta amyloid protein which we talked about the last time which gums up the works in the brain and in the mind.

00:11:34.890 --> 00:11:46.989 Frank R. Harrison: So that being said, I know the revit of mine system definitely was helpful to me, and in helping to process the whole Alzheimer's story behind my cousin. But the videos? Would they be based on

00:11:47.070 --> 00:11:51.200 Frank R. Harrison: actual health issues like Alzheimer's or diabetes? Or

00:11:51.330 --> 00:12:04.439 Frank R. Harrison: are they predominantly about positivity and confidence, and energizing your mind just for a way of looking at life, whether it's a physical ailment or a mental ailment that you have

00:12:04.510 --> 00:12:09.189 Frank R. Harrison: being able to have more control over the circumstance, II guess.

00:12:09.290 --> 00:12:13.499 Frank R. Harrison: are these videos also for health disorders like Alzheimer's?

00:12:13.690 --> 00:12:17.089 Frank R. Harrison: Or is it more mental and and focus?

00:12:17.240 --> 00:12:21.589 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: So basically, the cortical cleaner that I just that I described

00:12:21.740 --> 00:12:34.089 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: in the Gamma range is designed for specifically for Alzheimer's and for cognitive other cognitive impairments. That being said, remember, I'm actually, even though I'm saying that I'm saying it's designed for

00:12:34.110 --> 00:12:35.590 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: based on research.

00:12:36.090 --> 00:12:37.859 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: But I'm not making a claim.

00:12:38.220 --> 00:12:40.800 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: I want to be very clear that I'm not making a claim

00:12:41.190 --> 00:12:49.469 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: that being said, there's no law against me creating systems and recordings based on legitimate scientific research that's out there.

00:12:49.650 --> 00:13:03.029 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: I feel. If it doesn't harm you, why shouldn't it help? You know I had a woman contact me. I have something else called the gamma based tone or cognition based tone. And it's not actually a pulse beat of 40 hertz. It's a tone

00:13:03.180 --> 00:13:07.049 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: specially designed at 40 Hertz, and she was telling me

00:13:07.620 --> 00:13:17.760 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: that when she uses it, because it doesn't have to be on your ears, it can be on your head like you can wear it like this quite literally. Yes, that's not too distracting. Maybe I should take it off.

00:13:17.780 --> 00:13:27.669 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: But what she told me was, every time she does it. She reads easier. It's easier for her to read while she's doing this, but on top of that she wears a fitbit.

00:13:28.200 --> 00:13:34.849 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: and every time she uses the cognition based tone. Her Fitbit tells her she's actually falling asleep.

00:13:35.040 --> 00:13:40.889 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: and she's fully awake and alert. Yeah, it's very cool.

00:13:41.460 --> 00:13:47.780 Frank R. Harrison: Well, we're about to take our first break. But what I wanted to do now is probably, when we return.

00:13:47.830 --> 00:14:06.389 Frank R. Harrison: show a highlight of the quantum confidence files that you use, and also kind of go into a little bit about my Ptsd story without specifics, but at least to empathize with those that also may have gone through various similar issues. And then you could tell me

00:14:06.930 --> 00:14:24.829 Frank R. Harrison: whether or not video, video or audio, or both combined, would be beneficial for someone in my position. So, ladies and gentlemen, when we return right here on Frank, about health, on talk, radio, dot, Nyc and on Facebook, Facebook, Youtube twitch and Linkedin.

00:14:24.930 --> 00:14:29.219 Frank R. Harrison: we will talk more about quantum confidence. So please stay tuned.

00:16:35.610 --> 00:16:59.540 Frank R. Harrison: hey, everybody and welcome back. You just saw the Maury method website which showed you all the available programs that are there. While you're on your own downtime and looking for solutions to whatever is ailing you physically or emotionally, or stress wise, I would say definitely, take a browse and learn more about how to be involved in obtaining some of those sound files, as I've already mentioned on previous shows.

00:16:59.540 --> 00:17:23.940 Frank R. Harrison: I have access, thanks to you, Maury, to pretty much every sound file that you put out there, so that if anyone wants to try it out and learn more about it. Please email me a request, Frank R. Harrison,, and say that you know, mentioned that you saw it on this show. Look, you know, mention if your condition is a Ptsd stress reaction or an Alzheimer's reaction or a sleep

00:17:24.089 --> 00:17:43.609 Frank R. Harrison: disruptive situation, and I will provide the necessary files for you to hopefully find a solution and retrain or end. Train your brain. That all being said? We were just talking now about your video files as well, and I wanted to get into

00:17:43.910 --> 00:17:55.609 Frank R. Harrison: the Ptsd reaction that I had, which I had a chance to share with you earlier. It was really, as they would say, childish or silly, if you really look back on it. But

00:17:55.720 --> 00:18:03.690 Frank R. Harrison: I was looking forward to attending an event, and I received an email disinviting me from that event.

00:18:03.740 --> 00:18:19.970 Frank R. Harrison: And instead of looking at it for what it was, which is okay. You don't want me there. Okay, fine. Goodbye. I got better things to do. I looked at it as rejection. I looked at it as triggering, bringing back to places in my life where I felt like I didn't matter, that my.

00:18:19.980 --> 00:18:24.240 Frank R. Harrison: my, my presence wasn't welcome because of my epilepsy.

00:18:24.280 --> 00:18:40.609 Frank R. Harrison: or because of the fact that a lot of people have spent time when I was in the teenage years, bullying, or or what's the right word? Scapegoating me, for whatever the reason may be, could be a fake reason. It could be a truthful one, but it's all about perception.

00:18:40.890 --> 00:18:52.789 Frank R. Harrison: Their negative perception, which I internalized, and as such felt invalidated, rejected, and triggered by nightmares and dreams and pains and depression, and whatever. Now

00:18:53.330 --> 00:19:00.489 Frank R. Harrison: it's obviously a long time ago, when those original events occurred, so I was happy to see that while this rejection

00:19:00.990 --> 00:19:09.630 Frank R. Harrison: did set me back a little bit. I was already using your files that had allowed me to see that there were opportunities in this.

00:19:09.870 --> 00:19:16.919 Frank R. Harrison: and there were ways to look at it. As to oh, I'm being reminded that I'm not giving back all that I should be giving back

00:19:17.250 --> 00:19:22.099 Frank R. Harrison: to make that interaction more productive in the future. If I'm ever invited again

00:19:22.700 --> 00:19:33.890 Frank R. Harrison: that whole switch it took us. It took a few days to get there, but that whole switch, I would say, was, with the help of your your audio files, and at the same time.

00:19:34.010 --> 00:19:39.310 Frank R. Harrison: having done this show for about 2 years. Now. I have a different way of looking at things

00:19:39.570 --> 00:19:58.010 Frank R. Harrison: out of practice out of the different guests I've had, and I have actually been able to use this platform in a therapeutic way when possible, but also to give back to those similar to my situation that probably don't have the resources that I did to get through that that triggered event.

00:19:58.090 --> 00:20:02.049 Frank R. Harrison: So that being said, where would your visual

00:20:02.210 --> 00:20:09.479 Frank R. Harrison: programs, your vie programs help my situation as compared to if I was talking with you about Alzheimer's. Let's say

00:20:10.700 --> 00:20:16.359 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: so. Here's the thing with the visual entrainments, because they're harder hitting.

00:20:16.750 --> 00:20:19.370 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: They're kind of in bite-sized pieces.

00:20:19.590 --> 00:20:29.889 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: They're not really designed to be used when I designed them. They were designed initially to be an instant help period. So what I would have said was, as soon as you got triggered.

00:20:30.120 --> 00:20:31.790 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: Pull out the meditation.

00:20:32.140 --> 00:20:35.190 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: pull out the ha! I have one called Happy.

00:20:36.520 --> 00:20:42.459 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: and it's just a bunch of people smiling it. It flickers at a specific rate that releases endorphins. And

00:20:42.540 --> 00:20:49.889 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: you know, and it's just a bunch of people smiling. I have yet to show it to anyone where, after a minute of them watching it. They're not already smiling

00:20:50.050 --> 00:20:53.360 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: like totally reflexively. It's like they're.

00:20:57.010 --> 00:21:05.489 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: you know. You can literally see the smile growing on their face. And it was designed that way. It turned out, though, after it had been out a little while.

00:21:06.460 --> 00:21:15.260 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: that if people watch them up to 5 times, or at least 5 times a day, and it doesn't have to be the same one. For instance, in my quantum mind methods

00:21:15.460 --> 00:21:18.519 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: buys. That's where I introduced the technology.

00:21:18.920 --> 00:21:23.779 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: So if you watch, at least 5 of them didn't even matter which ones really.

00:21:24.060 --> 00:21:29.529 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: Then over time, people started getting positive benefits automatically.

00:21:30.090 --> 00:21:34.149 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: You know, for instance, when I talk about brain entrment. My fingers are tingling.

00:21:35.610 --> 00:21:42.389 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: That's not because I have bad blood circulation. It's because when I meditate I tingle

00:21:43.530 --> 00:21:54.209 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: now for those of you out there. I didn't say tinkle. I said, tingle, okay, now I'm sitting in a wetspot. Now hold on a sec. Gotta adjust myself.

00:21:54.290 --> 00:21:56.689 Frank R. Harrison: II single.

00:21:57.000 --> 00:21:59.500 Frank R. Harrison: I couldn't resist. I'm sorry.

00:21:59.510 --> 00:22:02.740 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: but I'm actually not sorry, fully on purpose.

00:22:02.960 --> 00:22:11.009 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: So I just talking about it. It's muscle memory. I tingle. I start feeling like I exist in a perpetual state of meditation.

00:22:11.640 --> 00:22:15.629 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: I was at a doctor's appointment just for a checkup.

00:22:15.780 --> 00:22:23.070 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: and my heart rate was like 53, 54, and they said, Are you dizzy said, No.

00:22:23.440 --> 00:22:25.509 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: are you weak? No.

00:22:25.600 --> 00:22:30.369 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: Do you exercise a lot? Well, I try to walk every day, but not really.

00:22:31.900 --> 00:22:39.780 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: Well, you know normally, someone, especially your age, who has a heart rate. That low is either an athlete.

00:22:39.850 --> 00:22:46.229 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: or you know there's there's a problem. But you're not experiencing any of the problematic things. So

00:22:46.380 --> 00:22:53.529 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: and you're not really an athlete, I mean, you walk every day. But walking is an athletics, really. And then I said, Well.

00:22:53.740 --> 00:23:04.069 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: the fact that I meditate every day does that. Could that possibly have something to do with it? And he said, as a matter of fact. Yeah. So I exist in a perpetual state of meditation.

00:23:05.460 --> 00:23:14.319 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: literally because these recordings, that's what meditation does. It guides? But with meditation. There's judgment often for people who aren't professionals at it.

00:23:14.430 --> 00:23:22.540 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: and all these other things. So I designed the vise to give people an instant boost like. Let's say you had an important meeting

00:23:22.570 --> 00:23:39.940 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: that you had to get to, and you were sitting in the waiting room, and you know how they are. They make you wait, cause they love making people wait, cause it gives them a sense of power. At least that's how my brain works right. They could just be busy. But that's not what I'm thinking, I'm thinking. Oh, they're making me wait on purpose, those bad people.

00:23:40.030 --> 00:23:42.540 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: So I could literally pull out my phone

00:23:43.080 --> 00:23:55.309 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: and throw up the smile, throw out the meditation, throw up the prosperity, throw up the sleep whatever I wanted to experience, and just stare at my phone. Listen to the bubble blah blah blah! While the flickering images are going by

00:23:55.320 --> 00:24:12.250 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: and get an instant pick me up. So now I go into that meeting I'm ready to rock. I'm not nervous. I'm not stressed. I'm not anxious. Everything is like in it where it should be. That's what it was designed for that instant. Pick me up. It wasn't designed for long term results.

00:24:12.260 --> 00:24:16.330 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: but it turns out like anything else. You know you do one push-up.

00:24:17.220 --> 00:24:28.589 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: and I'm not suggesting anyone do a push up. but you know, if you do one push up, it's not really going to do much for you. But if you do, you know a bunch of push-ups a few times a day

00:24:28.950 --> 00:24:32.509 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: over a number of days, you will get benefits from that.

00:24:33.450 --> 00:24:38.289 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: It's the same thing. It turns out with your brain. So even something that was designed to just

00:24:38.460 --> 00:24:46.130 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: change your view right away. If you do it regularly, it shows that it can actually help change your view in the long term.

00:24:46.170 --> 00:24:50.229 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: Interesting thing is that when you are literally.

00:24:51.100 --> 00:24:54.029 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: you know, like depressive episodes.

00:24:54.240 --> 00:25:04.269 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: anyone who's had depressive episodes. I can only speak for myself, but I'm assuming, which is a negative I shouldn't be assuming. Let's just talk about myself. When I had a depressive episode in the past.

00:25:04.580 --> 00:25:07.260 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: It would last for minimum weeks.

00:25:08.950 --> 00:25:10.330 Frank R. Harrison: minimum weeks.

00:25:10.670 --> 00:25:17.790 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: often months. One depressive episode. If I had had a Vy recording handy

00:25:18.980 --> 00:25:22.669 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: I might have been able to stop it dead in its tracks.

00:25:23.110 --> 00:25:37.599 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: because now, when I get that feeling cause, hey, I'm not superman. And even if I was superman, there's still kryptonite, right? So when I start getting a feeling like I might be falling back or slipping back into the old. Me.

00:25:38.570 --> 00:25:40.190 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: I pull out a vibe.

00:25:41.080 --> 00:25:49.489 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: and in 3 min it's changed the energy flow, because, even though something feels like for me at least. And again, I can only speak for myself.

00:25:49.790 --> 00:25:52.699 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: even though it felt like it happened like that.

00:25:53.690 --> 00:25:58.679 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: I've learned that there were a lot of things that happened in the form of a precursor

00:25:58.700 --> 00:26:12.929 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: that led up to that sudden flip of the switch. Just flip a switch. You still have to go up to the switch and you still have to flick it right? So there's a bunch of things that happened in advance of that I learned to recognize what happened before

00:26:13.220 --> 00:26:14.560 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: the signs

00:26:14.580 --> 00:26:24.200 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: of me going into a depressive episode, and that allowed me to act on those signs before it became a full-blown, depressive episode.

00:26:24.240 --> 00:26:32.540 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: because in my case, when it was a depressive episode, I was screwed. I was gone for 3, 4 weeks, 5 weeks, 6 weeks, 8 weeks, however long I was gone for.

00:26:33.080 --> 00:26:38.170 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: but I learned medical, and if I attacked it before it got to that stage

00:26:39.500 --> 00:26:42.639 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: I was able to defeat it rather easily and rather quickly.

00:26:43.810 --> 00:26:56.449 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: but I had to. I be able to identify those. Unfortunately, the only way for me to identify it was to go through my depressions. but instead, to immediately upon experiencing that flip switch.

00:26:56.530 --> 00:27:01.149 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: thinking to myself. what did I feel before? What was I thinking before.

00:27:01.620 --> 00:27:07.910 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: like right away, I would do that, and, interestingly enough, just doing that sometimes stop the depression.

00:27:08.690 --> 00:27:19.140 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: because, rather than it running away with me, it's like, as soon as I got that negative feeling, I use that as a signal to think about what made me. What was I doing?

00:27:19.210 --> 00:27:32.480 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: Was I eating something? Was I drinking something? Was I running? Was I walking? Was I sitting? Was I watching television? Was I? You know? What was I thinking at that moment all these little things I was able to identify as precursors to being depressed.

00:27:33.780 --> 00:27:37.639 Frank R. Harrison: and those I was able to do something about. And that was the beauty.

00:27:37.920 --> 00:27:50.859 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: the beautiful experience. And that's why I designed on top of consumer requests. Because that's what I do. You know, II know what helped me, and my initial products were designed to help me. They weren't designed to help anyone else.

00:27:50.910 --> 00:27:56.180 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: But now I listen to my customers, and they tell me what they need, and then I create that

00:27:58.180 --> 00:28:21.499 Frank R. Harrison: all of everything that you've just said is just proving to me again the theory that I've had all my life that not only do people rely on their perceptions, which in most cases are distorted or filtered by biases, whether it's other people said something, or whether they themselves just are predisposed to thinking negatively, no matter what the circumstances. It's like, people are not owning their own brain.

00:28:21.780 --> 00:28:38.769 Frank R. Harrison: So this entrainment technology that you've come up with both audio and visual is getting people on board to say. use what God gave you stuff depending on whatever triggers or traumas, or even great opportunities to determine your mood.

00:28:38.830 --> 00:28:46.200 Frank R. Harrison: I don't know. Maybe we were all raised, whether it has to do with our society or culture. Whatever the circumstances may be.

00:28:46.310 --> 00:28:59.180 Frank R. Harrison: we all are more reactive than proactive. And I and I guess if anything, I'm hoping that not only do people participate in in your files and programs, but also just take ownership

00:28:59.320 --> 00:29:00.809 Frank R. Harrison: over their own mind.

00:29:00.870 --> 00:29:10.560 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: You know I couldn't agree with you more, and in my view, and this is only my opinion. So people should take it for what it's worth, if it's worth anything at all. But in my humble opinion

00:29:11.340 --> 00:29:14.469 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: people have been taught a lot of things that just aren't true.

00:29:14.580 --> 00:29:36.810 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: And one of those things I'd like to bring up is we're taught that people can take our power from us, or worse. We give them our power. That's such a phrase. Everybody says it. Oh, I'm giving them my power. Blah! Blah! Blah! You know what you cannot give anyone your power, and II don't like saying you or we, but I'm gonna say it now.

00:29:36.840 --> 00:29:41.160 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: You cannot give anyone your power, and nobody can take your power from you.

00:29:41.260 --> 00:29:44.640 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: However, you can choose not to use your power.

00:29:45.580 --> 00:29:52.789 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: but because of that, hopefully, people wrap their heads around that, realize it. And now understand that you can also choose to use your power.

00:29:54.300 --> 00:30:12.930 Frank R. Harrison: Now we have to take our second break, and then we wanna emphasize more of your power when we return, so that, all being, said, everybody, please return. As we're here with Mauri Zelkovich talking about quantum confidence, visualizing quantum confidence and trying to use your brain alright. We'll be back in a few. Stay tuned.

00:32:12.960 --> 00:32:19.960 Frank R. Harrison: everybody, and welcome back you said words that I even said to myself during this past week.

00:32:20.000 --> 00:32:26.459 Frank R. Harrison: I said I gave my power away. so I wanted you to continue on that because

00:32:26.520 --> 00:32:35.020 Frank R. Harrison: I didn't do it intentionally. I did it out of habit. and I know that what your files can do, audio or visual.

00:32:35.180 --> 00:32:48.179 Frank R. Harrison: is make you retain your power, or at least trigger the recall in your own mind when you're having a good day, let's say, and all of a sudden you get sideswiped by a negative influence. You just say, Nope, not gonna react to that.

00:32:48.240 --> 00:32:52.689 Frank R. Harrison: What would you say is the best way to reinforce

00:32:53.010 --> 00:32:57.980 Frank R. Harrison: you're up your power and make sure that you don't go into the habitual negative spin

00:32:58.130 --> 00:33:02.580 Frank R. Harrison: that events like that, or triggers like that could bring about.

00:33:03.300 --> 00:33:08.080 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: I would say simply that negativity doesn't exist. There is nothing that's bad

00:33:08.560 --> 00:33:16.229 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: even believe it or not, disease or death. None of it is bad. It's the meaning we choose to give something

00:33:17.070 --> 00:33:20.520 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: that matters and understand that.

00:33:21.010 --> 00:33:29.049 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: you know, in the grand scheme of things humans like us don't. I don't believe we truly understand the meaning of life.

00:33:29.250 --> 00:33:35.440 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: or why we're here. Or if here is even even that meaningful.

00:33:35.790 --> 00:33:40.559 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: really, you know, it's entirely possible that our lives

00:33:41.110 --> 00:33:53.110 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: are here in this realm, in this world for our 100 years or so that we're going to be here. It's possible that that's nothing more than a stub toe in our overall existence.

00:33:53.620 --> 00:33:59.060 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: You know we have a stub toe. It feels like it hurts like crazy for a couple of seconds, and then it's gone.

00:33:59.240 --> 00:34:00.060 Frank R. Harrison: Hold on.

00:34:00.500 --> 00:34:05.360 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: you know, Einstein said, that energy cannot be destroyed, it can only be changed.

00:34:05.470 --> 00:34:06.540 Frank R. Harrison: So

00:34:07.020 --> 00:34:14.909 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: what really makes you you isn't the robotic body that's made out of sinew and flesh and veins instead of metal and wires and oil.

00:34:15.300 --> 00:34:26.249 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: It's your brain, it's your. It's the electricity that courses through your your cells and your brain. And that's who you are your energy.

00:34:26.360 --> 00:34:30.999 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: So I encourage everyone to, you know.

00:34:31.270 --> 00:34:41.419 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: Kind of like that Monty Python song. Always look on the bright side of life, you know. Really there

00:34:41.480 --> 00:34:43.709 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: it's all how we choose to look at something.

00:34:44.120 --> 00:34:52.280 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: It's a mistake if we choose not to learn from it. That's the mistake. There's never a mistake. There's never a failure.

00:34:52.489 --> 00:34:54.899 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: There's never anything bad that happens.

00:34:54.909 --> 00:35:01.609 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: My life is beautiful right now. Is it perfect? Yes, it is perfect.

00:35:01.680 --> 00:35:11.479 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: but it's perfect in its imperfections. It's perfect in the fact that there's still challenges. there's still issues. There's things to work through. There's things that inspire growth.

00:35:12.140 --> 00:35:17.790 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: Imagine having a life where you literally had a silver spoon up here, you nowhere, and it felt good.

00:35:17.960 --> 00:35:32.169 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: Okay, you know, when you're sitting on it, it felt good. So just imagine how boring life would be if you had no challenge. If you had nothing to stimulate you in in a good way and another any other way

00:35:32.480 --> 00:35:42.720 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: we, as humans require. And again, I don't like using you, and I don't like using we. But again, I will say that my current understanding says that we, as human beings, require

00:35:43.200 --> 00:35:45.880 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: this striving, we require

00:35:46.020 --> 00:35:48.689 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: the act of vying to be better.

00:35:48.810 --> 00:35:51.999 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: Vying to understand more

00:35:52.200 --> 00:35:53.420 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: a vying

00:35:53.540 --> 00:35:55.250 figure out why?

00:35:56.130 --> 00:36:06.020 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: To answer that question, why? Why are we here? Not even as a race? But why are we here as individuals? There's a reason.

00:36:06.620 --> 00:36:07.689 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: What is it?

00:36:07.770 --> 00:36:18.010 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: Will we ever figure it out? If I live to be a million years old, will I figure it out unlikely because nature is all about change and growth and and

00:36:18.020 --> 00:36:19.270 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: alteration.

00:36:19.340 --> 00:36:35.409 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: Mountains may look the same, but they're different. You go there. The rocks have eroded a little bit, the trees have grown in a different shape, more leaves, more branches. Some have burned down, everything changes, it's natural to change, and if nature is all about change

00:36:35.960 --> 00:36:39.080 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: and we change, I mean, I used to have a full head of hair

00:36:39.650 --> 00:36:51.030 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: as an example, right? And if change is natural and I was to accept the change is natural, then that would mean that there's no such thing as truth.

00:36:51.300 --> 00:36:57.870 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: and there is no such thing as fact. because how can anything be a truth or a fact if it changes.

00:36:59.580 --> 00:37:08.320 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: That's what makes me live. That's what makes me love life so much that I don't know what's coming. I have no idea what's coming around the corner.

00:37:08.650 --> 00:37:14.020 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: and instead of being afraid of it, I choose to be excited by the possibilities.

00:37:14.240 --> 00:37:26.769 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: A child walks into a room and goes. What's this? What's this? What's this? An adult goes? Don't touch that. Don't touch that. Don't touch that. I think I believe my current understanding says time for us to be kids.

00:37:27.080 --> 00:37:32.540 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: the last person who asked me the dumbest question in the world. And yes, there is a dumb question.

00:37:32.750 --> 00:37:34.889 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: Okay, only one. I view.

00:37:34.940 --> 00:37:39.929 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: When are you going to grow up? That in my mind is the dumbest question in the world.

00:37:39.940 --> 00:37:44.930 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: because you know what joy and happiness feels. Good. Right?

00:37:45.870 --> 00:37:47.170 Frank R. Harrison: Yeah, sadness

00:37:47.440 --> 00:37:57.079 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: and anger doesn't feel good, right. and fear doesn't feel good. Do you think that there's a reason why or do you think that's just random?

00:37:57.500 --> 00:38:13.240 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: I believe there's a reason for it. I believe the reason why good feels good and bad feels bad is because we're supposed to strive. We're supposed to vie to be these things. That's why it feels good. It's telling us it's like a sensor array saying, Hey, you're on the right track. You feel good. Keep it up.

00:38:13.680 --> 00:38:24.139 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: and when you feel bad, say, Hey, you're doing something or thinking something that's wrong. and I'm telling you that by making you feel uncomfortable by making you feel bad by making you feel angry.

00:38:24.180 --> 00:38:26.409 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: These are not things to be sad about.

00:38:26.460 --> 00:38:38.990 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: These are things to be grateful for. Even feeling crappy is something to feel grateful for again. Even if it's a lifetime of feeling crappy, it might only be sorry I'm left. I've left thumbed.

00:38:40.130 --> 00:38:47.640 Frank R. Harrison: Okay, okay? So it might be that we experience these things because we need to learn something.

00:38:47.790 --> 00:38:51.349 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: and maybe we're not learning. And maybe that's why things get worse.

00:38:51.690 --> 00:39:11.729 Frank R. Harrison: Maybe I don't know. And it also sounds like no, but it also sounds like for anyone to ask you that dumb question, when are you gonna grow up, or people always vying for some. I don't know if it's a position of power or position where everybody else is looking at them. Talk about giving your power away. You're really saying to other people.

00:39:11.870 --> 00:39:18.460 Frank R. Harrison: have the power vested in me when we are the ones vesting our own power. If we're using our brain correctly.

00:39:18.760 --> 00:39:19.850 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: however.

00:39:21.020 --> 00:39:23.939 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: I am very cautious not to make judgments.

00:39:24.240 --> 00:39:27.030 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: So someone whose desire

00:39:27.090 --> 00:39:34.809 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: is to be powerful. economically or politically, or whatever. If that truly makes them happy.

00:39:36.630 --> 00:39:38.180 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: then I'm all for it.

00:39:39.850 --> 00:39:47.630 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: because what makes you happy isn't necessarily what's going to make me happy? You might like chocolate ice cream. I might like strawberry ice cream.

00:39:48.800 --> 00:39:52.449 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: That doesn't make you wrong because you don't like the ice cream I like

00:39:52.570 --> 00:39:56.809 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: doesn't make me wrong, because I like a different ice cream. It just makes us different.

00:39:56.930 --> 00:40:04.249 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: We're all like different cells in the same body. Right? Some of us are the cells in a heart, in a lung and a pancreas and a fingernail.

00:40:04.450 --> 00:40:10.740 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: you know, is one cell more important than another. I don't think so, so I try not to judge.

00:40:11.140 --> 00:40:15.350 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: because I don't know the other person. I can only be an expert in my own life.

00:40:15.370 --> 00:40:27.649 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: so I can. That's why I keep saying I don't like saying I, and I don't like saying we? Because that's me, my view on someone else, right or on you. And that's not fair for me to do that, because I don't know you the way. I know me.

00:40:28.300 --> 00:40:35.170 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: and I've made enough bad decisions about my own life that I supposedly know everything about.

00:40:35.520 --> 00:40:42.799 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: I am in no position to comment on your life. So my view is, be happy, whatever that is for you.

00:40:43.050 --> 00:40:52.579 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: Don't worry about. It's not what society wants. It's not, you know, like, because maybe you like working at. You know, a department store as a greeter.

00:40:52.690 --> 00:40:59.650 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: Maybe you like working in a car wash. Maybe you like being a brain surgeon. Maybe you like being a politician, whatever it is that

00:41:00.020 --> 00:41:07.440 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: fulfills you is what you're supposed to do. That's why it fulfills. You. Don't worry about what society thinks about it.

00:41:07.830 --> 00:41:17.909 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: Don't worry because some people like think about it. Farmers, right? Who is thought of in society as as a more important person, a farmer or a neurosurgeon

00:41:18.100 --> 00:41:21.970 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: or a heart specialist. Right? But think about something.

00:41:22.060 --> 00:41:30.859 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: If I was an alien race I am in an alien race, just me and I come to Earth. And I kidnap every single cardiologist

00:41:31.450 --> 00:41:35.050 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: and every single neuros neural surgeon. Right?

00:41:35.160 --> 00:41:39.989 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: I kidnap all of them, and they're gone. No more neurosurgery on the planet.

00:41:40.080 --> 00:41:46.069 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: No more specialists for the heart on the planet. A lot of people would suffer, and a lot of people would die. Yes.

00:41:47.290 --> 00:41:55.810 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: because these specialties are no longer there to help people. Now let's put them all back, so they're all back now, except now I'm going to take all the farmers away.

00:41:56.200 --> 00:42:02.720 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: More people are a lot more. People are gonna suffer because now there's no food. Don't you agree?

00:42:03.290 --> 00:42:24.890 Frank R. Harrison: Right? Right? Specialists are important when there's a problem, while farmers are always here. Not everybody needs a neurosurgeon. Everybody needs a heart specialist, but everybody needs to eat. So why is it in our society that farmers are looked down upon

00:42:25.940 --> 00:42:33.489 Frank R. Harrison: doesn't make sense. Want people to be happy. That's it. Just happy.

00:42:33.770 --> 00:42:58.269 Frank R. Harrison: But it kinda goes in line with the mantra that I've been saying for over a decade that perception is everything, and I guess if anything you're you're right. Judging is not the way to go, because whatever makes another person happy. At least they're happy. I guess the conflicts always occur when another person's happiest happiness comes at the sacrifice of others that become unhappy.

00:42:58.600 --> 00:43:04.500 Frank R. Harrison: and that always becomes a question. Is it narcissism? Is it political thinking? Is it?

00:43:04.760 --> 00:43:14.449 Frank R. Harrison: They don't know what they want out of life, so they have to muscle on to other people, you know. I mean, it's all relative I get that be another saying. But at the same time.

00:43:14.800 --> 00:43:20.840 Frank R. Harrison: when you even train your own brain, you can learn to either, just deal with it, accept it, look at it differently.

00:43:21.210 --> 00:43:32.309 Frank R. Harrison: and therefore somehow manage the conflict or the toxic behavior from others. Even if you're not happy with it, but at least maintain your happiness by learning to put it in the proper perspective.

00:43:32.430 --> 00:43:46.160 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: Being happy is the goal that's the ultimate goal of everything in my current understanding, and if somebody is doing something that isn't like going against your happiness.

00:43:46.420 --> 00:43:56.009 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: then they're already miserable, so don't wish for them to be miserable because I have yet to come across someone who's happy, who does anything on purpose to try to hurt someone else.

00:43:56.630 --> 00:44:00.809 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: I encourage you. If you come across someone who's like pissing you off.

00:44:00.960 --> 00:44:02.880 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: wish for them to feel good.

00:44:03.410 --> 00:44:13.060 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: don't necessarily tell them that, because then they might get agitated, but in your heart want for them to be happy, and to feel love, and to feel inside

00:44:13.730 --> 00:44:19.379 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: comfortable, because likely they will not. At least my current understanding says, you know what?

00:44:19.980 --> 00:44:23.550 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: I've never met anyone who's happy who's done anything mean to anyone?

00:44:25.040 --> 00:44:29.399 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: Never. And I've met everyone on the planet. So I know.

00:44:29.510 --> 00:44:41.680 Frank R. Harrison: Sorry. No, I was gonna say in my situation where I was disinvited from that party. I should just look well. I feel sorry for her. I'm sorry you don't want my presence to cheer you up.

00:44:42.140 --> 00:44:51.900 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: I wouldn't even go that I wouldn't even do that. I would think to myself she's doing me a favor, because she's keeping me away from something that would have triggered me even worse.

00:44:52.560 --> 00:45:04.169 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: Thank you for not inviting. My dad used to say when someone yeah, when somebody drove by. My friends, you say, Hey, I drove by your place last night. My dad used to say, say Thank you

00:45:05.300 --> 00:45:07.310 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: right, because you didn't stop in.

00:45:08.310 --> 00:45:21.820 Frank R. Harrison: Yes. alright! We have another break, a final break, and then, when we come back, let's talk more about some of the prescription, but not prescriptions, but the menu items that you gave me, and how I can help.

00:45:21.820 --> 00:45:41.359 Frank R. Harrison: Look at future triggering rejections, if you will, as positive opportunities. And just, we'll also show people your sound files, and where people can learn more about obtaining a copy. Alright. So, ladies and gentlemen, please stay tuned right here on this. So to Frank about health on talk, radio, Nyc. And all of our socials will be back in a few.

00:47:49.490 --> 00:48:04.480 Frank R. Harrison: welcome back. I'm sorry I'm noticing a lot of comments coming in. From Logan. Definitely, I will get back to you at the end of the show and answer your questions. But either way, everything that you have been talking about, and I just showed your quantum confidence files.

00:48:04.500 --> 00:48:33.949 Frank R. Harrison:  III see myself being able to really utilize that, to make improvements on Frank, about health, on having you come back and do other types of discussions. Maybe one day we'll feature your video files in a way that doesn't hurt the eyes or distract people. But at the same time we were talking before we did today's show about your plans to potentially do a podcast of your own. You wanna share with the people about that.

00:48:34.720 --> 00:48:40.430 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: Okay. So I actually have the demo podcast done already.

00:48:40.590 --> 00:48:44.859 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: I, it's up on a website. Actually, it's up on Youtube.

00:48:44.980 --> 00:48:51.150 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: So if anyone does want to check it out. It's it's really long, by the way, so you'll have to dedicate at least 8 min of your life.

00:48:51.860 --> 00:48:57.090 Frank R. Harrison: It's the podcast is called artificial conversations with intelligence.

00:48:59.000 --> 00:49:07.490 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: interesting artificial conversation. Yeah. And I think the last time I checked it, it had, I think, 3 views.

00:49:09.160 --> 00:49:11.180 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: and one person even liked it. I think

00:49:11.250 --> 00:49:12.279 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: that's pretty cool.

00:49:12.510 --> 00:49:25.850 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: It's basically I. Ask a series of questions. Usually it's just 3 questions. I've got a I've got my first season all scaled out. It'll be finished probably tomorrow night.

00:49:26.210 --> 00:49:40.159 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: But it's basically I interview artificial intelligence. So if you're an AI, send me your send me a letter in. I'll see if I'll get you on the show. But I interview artificial intelligence, not people.

00:49:42.490 --> 00:49:44.829 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: And how is it possible?

00:49:45.000 --> 00:49:51.609 Frank R. Harrison: Yeah, yeah, you talking to Alexa from Amazon. No, no, Alexa and Google and Bixby. They're all idiots.

00:49:55.230 --> 00:50:00.209 Frank R. Harrison: They're not. They're not. They're not intelligent in any way, shape or form.

00:50:01.020 --> 00:50:16.310 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: No, but this is interesting. So I gather, is this part of the programming that you've been doing. Do you create these AI bots, or whatever I'm training a large language model.

00:50:17.880 --> 00:50:21.169 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: That's what I'm doing. Yeah, artificial and intelligence. I love it.

00:50:21.380 --> 00:50:24.399 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: But yeah, I'm I'm training a large language model

00:50:24.940 --> 00:50:35.050 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: to to kind of say what I wanted to say. Not really. It says what it wants to say. Well, it doesn't want cause. It's not a it's not actually intelligent.

00:50:35.220 --> 00:50:51.740 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: but it's into. It's interesting, it is. It's very interesting. The whole process of creating a podcast around it around an artificial intelligence and getting it to be interesting as opposed to just, you know, shoving information at you is kind of intriguing.

00:50:51.950 --> 00:50:53.869 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: But yeah, so.

00:50:54.140 --> 00:50:56.239 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: But the first episode is there.

00:50:56.600 --> 00:50:59.099 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: Pretty funny. but it is there.

00:50:59.420 --> 00:51:16.049 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: and I'll be uploading more as soon as I get an opportunity to. Probably tonight I'll do. I think the first season will be 13 episodes, so I have another 12 to do. I should be able. The nice thing about this is pretty much. I don't have to. I don't have to pay anybody because AI doesn't care.

00:51:17.310 --> 00:51:33.159 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: And it's interesting because I get to. II get to do any topic that the audience may want. So I've kind of chosen about 20 different topics currently to get me started. But one of the things I say in the description is, you know, ask me

00:51:33.410 --> 00:51:37.250 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: anything you want, cause. AI can pretty much talk about anything

00:51:37.290 --> 00:51:39.080 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: under the right circumstances.

00:51:39.730 --> 00:51:44.870 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: So yeah, it it should be a lot of fun, especially cause it won't take very long to do the shows.

00:51:45.260 --> 00:51:55.749 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: You know, it's really just the post production is the hard part. I don't have to script anything because the AI says what it wants to say. It's just the prompt I give it into question that matters.

00:51:57.230 --> 00:52:02.999 Frank R. Harrison: That's it. I definitely will check this out. And I and I guess if anything you said. It's on your own Youtube channel.

00:52:03.100 --> 00:52:09.460 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: It's yeah. I don't know if Youtube's picked it up in their algorithm yet. But if you do a search, for.

00:52:09.600 --> 00:52:15.460 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: you know. See, I don't even know the name off by her yet. Right artificial conversations with intelligence.

00:52:15.550 --> 00:52:18.359 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: so I don't know if that actually shows up yet.

00:52:18.860 --> 00:52:25.059 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: But I'm assuming the algorithm will pick it up sooner or later. Maybe it needs more than 3 people that have watched it.

00:52:26.920 --> 00:52:34.990 Frank R. Harrison: you know, before the algorithm picks it up. But I'm not doing anything about marketing it. I mean, you folks are all the first people to even hear about it. Really

00:52:36.680 --> 00:52:46.999 Frank R. Harrison: well, by virtue of the viewers that I have at this point, after 2 years you'll get some significant traction, but it'll it'll

00:52:47.100 --> 00:52:50.699 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: say that one more time if they can find it. That's the trick right?

00:52:51.710 --> 00:52:57.660 Frank R. Harrison: Exactly. Exactly. But overall ladies and gentlemen out there, I think

00:52:57.910 --> 00:53:05.309 Frank R. Harrison: we're almost at the end of the show. So I want to just do some summaries first with you, Maury. You literally have been on

00:53:05.930 --> 00:53:08.769 5 episodes of Frank about health at this point.

00:53:09.150 --> 00:53:27.849 Frank R. Harrison: so that makes you a front-runner for no, no, no! What I mean is is that I'm I'm making an announcement that a project is in development right here on talk radio dot. Nyc, no details yet, but

00:53:27.980 --> 00:53:36.660 Frank R. Harrison: An entire history of the last 100 episodes. My one hundredth episode is coming up on November sixteenth, 2 weeks from today.

00:53:36.670 --> 00:53:44.250 Frank R. Harrison: and thanks to the people, especially Logan, our engineer, here. You have helped to create a narrative

00:53:44.360 --> 00:53:52.109 Frank R. Harrison: for the show itself as when I came back 2 years ago, because I was on the network in 2,016, just talking about epilepsy.

00:53:52.310 --> 00:53:53.460 Frank R. Harrison: And then

00:53:53.760 --> 00:53:56.330 Frank R. Harrison: and I came back when we were dealing with Covid.

00:53:56.450 --> 00:54:08.050 Frank R. Harrison: Alright. So after that I've just Logan. I know you're you're making all the jokes to what I'm saying. But you're absolutely right, you know. But the thing is is that

00:54:08.170 --> 00:54:10.360 Frank R. Harrison: mental health, neurological health

00:54:10.980 --> 00:54:17.000 Frank R. Harrison: also, Alzheimer's type diabetes, cancer dealing with

00:54:17.010 --> 00:54:25.370 Frank R. Harrison: health and social issues. They've all become a whole wide spectrum which has allowed me to define myself as a healthcare advocate.

00:54:25.680 --> 00:54:40.629 Frank R. Harrison: and I want to thank you for not only helping out with personal issues that my mother, my father, and my cousin have been dealing with, but also in helping me deal with the most recent situation that I talked about. That's right. I was going to show

00:54:41.190 --> 00:54:50.829 Frank R. Harrison: the men that what? Not a menu! What's the right word? I was going to show the the action plan that you gave me. I just want to show it with everybody out there.

00:54:51.100 --> 00:54:56.009 Frank R. Harrison:  universal listening protocol.

00:54:58.440 --> 00:54:59.480 Frank R. Harrison: So

00:54:59.910 --> 00:55:03.140 here you have Monday through Sunday

00:55:03.190 --> 00:55:06.169 Frank R. Harrison: 2 different types of files to listen to.

00:55:06.730 --> 00:55:12.589 Frank R. Harrison: and I don't know are any of them video files but

00:55:13.560 --> 00:55:30.450 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: this one, this this protocol, was designed before I introduced the the main system files. So II don't think anything is there, but they're kind of not really part of us. They're more augmentation. They're kind of. They're 3 min each. So

00:55:30.590 --> 00:55:36.200 Morry Zelcovitch BWEE: you fit them in when you have the need to fit them in when you're inspired to fit them in. That's what they're designed for

00:55:38.040 --> 00:55:54.179 Frank R. Harrison: will do, and if it and I figure, if anything, it'll also be a steady diet of it for 21 days, or whatever will become almost innate to cope with life as the opportunities continue to come rather than the threats as they've been, you know. So

00:55:54.340 --> 00:55:57.470 Frank R. Harrison: I think also doing this upcoming production.

00:55:57.550 --> 00:56:01.430 Frank R. Harrison: That will be edited. Finally, Logan.

00:56:01.530 --> 00:56:05.499 Frank R. Harrison: will be something that'll also be a good reflection of

00:56:05.520 --> 00:56:09.509 Frank R. Harrison: what I've been able to accomplish on the network. And the people like

00:56:09.780 --> 00:56:16.829 Frank R. Harrison: yourself. We're about to end the show. So let me just also promote what's on tomorrow's slate, which is

00:56:16.930 --> 00:56:46.199 Frank R. Harrison: starting at 10 A. M. With philanthropy and focus, and Tommy D. 110'clock will be always Friday with Stephen Fry and all of you out there should look at last week's episode that had Sam Leibowitz on it. I haven't yet done it myself, but II am looking forward to see it tonight, and 120'clock. It'll close the week out with Intangi and Matthew Asbell. And now heart skills is available on Tuesdays at 5 PM. With Dr. Mirabanku, and then we'll be back again next week

00:56:46.250 --> 00:57:02.849 Frank R. Harrison: with another episode of frank about health which will focus on stages of epilepsy. And it's my birthday. So it's gonna be a very interesting episode from what I've already been hinted at. Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for being on today's show. And Mauri, thank you for coming back. And

00:57:03.010 --> 00:57:06.850 Frank R. Harrison: basically, we'll see you all next week. Alrighty, take care

00:57:07.430 --> 00:57:13.380 Frank R. Harrison: the.

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