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Thursday, October 26, 2023
Facebook Live Video from 2023/10/26 - Proattitudes with Evan Mestman

Facebook Live Video from 2023/10/26 - Proattitudes with Evan Mestman


2023/10/26 - Proattitudes with Evan Mestman

[NEW EPISODE] Proattitudes with Evan Mestman

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The audience will learn from this episode the value in using healthy thinking when Eating! Nutrition is behavioral based on your mindset. Diet plans are not enough. You need to learn to use your mind to adjust your eating habits to live a healthy life while preventing diabetes and obesity. This episode will show the value that mental health plays in your nutrition.

To close Mental Health awareness month, Frank About Health will feature Evan Mestman who has an interesting history in how he developed his nutrition practice and through challenges beyond his control he was able to develop Proattitudes and is now an evolving YouTube platform to help with guided meditation, nutrition information and discussions on transforming your neural pathways will help with your nutrition and food intake without sacrificing your mental health.



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Show Notes

Segment 1

In this episode of Frank About Health, Frank is joined by Evan Mestman, a registered dietitian,  as they will be discussing healthy ways to think when you are eating. Also, they will also be talking about the value mental health plays in nutrition. To start the conversation, Evan shares his backstory as to how he got into nutrition and developed his company, Proattitudes. He shares stories as to how he first started his private practice and how he was also helping patients with diabetes, heart disease, critical care, and other conditions he is trained to help in. This eventually led to him creating his own program called Intentional Health and growing his mission as he continues to learn, improve his skills, and continue to help others with their nutrition.

Segment 2

After the first break, we returned to Frank and Evan to discuss more about the company Proattitudes and how it came to be. The start of the company was not easy, but Evan shares that because of the difficult path, Evan developed a liking for leadership roles and helping people find the “why” behind their actions. It was a long journey that consisted of multiple transformations, learning opportunities, and mistakes in order to have Proattitude be the company that is today. Evan also shares how he utilizes his social media platforms for his company and how he got more into it during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Segment 3

Moving along, Frank shows the viewers Evan’s website for Proattitudes and how the viewers can receive the best experience when going to the site. Evan also shares how he starts the process for new patients and what his goals are for patients. Another fact that Frank points out is that Evan has written a book called The Habits of Healthy Eating. So Evan goes into detail about when he first wrote the book 25 years ago. At the time, the book was mostly based on different theories, but he later re-wrote it, and all of the theories and ideas had been solidified and made the book more about concepts and ideas in our society today. Evan then gives different examples of his clients who have shown positive progress with his program without the use of surgery or dieting to ultimately meet the client’s goal.

Segment 4

As the episode comes to a close, Evan shares that he does have some future projects in the works, but is unable to provide any information about the projects at this time. Frank shares his takeaways from the episode which include how Evan was able to take his personal history and bring everything into focus and develop a truly healthy mindset with his company. Overall, primarily what Evan teaches any of his clients to receive the best experience possible is teach them to have a relationship with themselves, have a relationship with others (family, friends, kids, etc.), and have a relationship with the inner self-critic.


00:00:46.510 --> 00:00:56.119 hey, everybody. And welcome to a new episode of Frank about health. Today is October 2620, 23. We are live on Facebook.

00:00:56.490 --> 00:01:07.410 Frank R. Harrison: Linkedin Twitch and on Youtube right now. And we are also live on talk radio. Nyc, now, we're here today to close out

00:01:07.470 --> 00:01:11.389 Frank R. Harrison: mental health awareness month by talking about nutrition.

00:01:11.450 --> 00:01:23.840 Frank R. Harrison: Now, how does nutrition have to do with mental health? Well, that is why we have our special guest, Evan, messman on on this show because he's going to talk about his company pro attitudes that uses

00:01:24.770 --> 00:01:44.819 Frank R. Harrison: brain technology. And of course you'll elaborate more on what I'm referring to Evan. But brain technology to determine how to change your neural pathways and transform your eating habits. So you're using your mind to lose weight rather than constantly going on yo-yo diets, or any other kind of nutrition programs that you're probably been used to.

00:01:45.010 --> 00:02:08.560 Frank R. Harrison: So it is a mental health show, but we can also lose some weight during this show. So I'm interested to learn all about pro attitudes, about his experience as a registered dietician, and not to mention, of course, all about pro attitudes, the company and its social media presence that you yourself can participate in. After this show ends I need to issue my disclaimer

00:02:09.360 --> 00:02:19.339 Frank R. Harrison: what you are about to hear tonight is food for thought, literally food for thought. It is not meant to be taken as a way to dissuade you from your ongoing

00:02:19.340 --> 00:02:48.500 Frank R. Harrison: treatment protocol, that you might be undertaking with a professional nutritionist or your primary care. Physician, we are not telling you not to take any vitamin supplements or medications that you may be on. We are just looking to give you an alternative to think about, and if you think it's useful, you can either modify your existing protocol or change it all together, but that would be up to you and your doctor, so that all being said, what you're going to hear is a nice friendly conversation, and not the views of talk radio, Ny.

00:02:48.500 --> 00:02:50.369 Frank R. Harrison: see, or frank about health.

00:02:50.590 --> 00:03:13.519 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: So after you unmute, I'd like you to introduce yourself, Evan, because I've got your whole bio here. But I like the way you talk. So thank you. Listen. I'm grateful for you, having me on this. Podcast. It's it's great to be here. Yeah, I'm I tell everybody, I'm the chief gratitude officer of pro attitudes. It's a health wellness and mindset coaching business, and

00:03:13.600 --> 00:03:18.879 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: I work with business owners and leaders to optimize their health

00:03:19.040 --> 00:03:23.330 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: as they're climbing the ladder to success because they usually want to leave it behind.

00:03:23.940 --> 00:03:32.790 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: and I do, by teaching them really how to live their life, and, like you said, lose weight with their minds, not their mouths.

00:03:32.830 --> 00:03:34.860 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: by being intentional with their health.

00:03:35.010 --> 00:03:37.350 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: and also by quieting

00:03:37.500 --> 00:03:43.359 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: the inner critic, which is that little voice inside our heads. We talk to more than anybody else in the day.

00:03:43.500 --> 00:03:46.850 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: It's your critic, right? Yeah.

00:03:48.350 --> 00:03:56.370 Frank R. Harrison: So so tell tell me exactly in terms of how you got into being a dietician or a nutritionist.

00:03:56.770 --> 00:04:04.529 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: Funny story. Yeah, I was my first client when I was a kid. My nickname was heavy.

00:04:04.590 --> 00:04:08.429 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: Everyone used to bully me being overweight, and

00:04:08.640 --> 00:04:13.369 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: my mom was going on diets every Monday. My father had crazy exercise programs

00:04:13.490 --> 00:04:25.239 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: and took all these crazy supplements. And I'm like. you know what I'm gonna do something different. I it wasn't working for me. and I decided to change habits just ordinary habits.

00:04:25.320 --> 00:04:27.329 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: one at a time, over a summer.

00:04:27.660 --> 00:04:38.269 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: and this simple, ordinary changes led to a transformation. and that I've been reverse engineering ever since, because I wanted to know if I could do it.

00:04:39.220 --> 00:05:09.060 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: How can I help other people to do it? So that's why I went to school. I went and got my masters in clinical nutrition, and I'm a registered dietician. I became a certified diabetes educator as well as certified in nutrition support. I wanted to know at all. I wanted to know what happens in critical care, what happens when somebody's chronically ill, what happens when somebody's really well and thriving. So I also, as a certified personal trainer and working in a health club as a trainer and a a an assistant manager. While I was going to school.

00:05:09.450 --> 00:05:11.620 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: for my master's in clinical nutrition.

00:05:11.760 --> 00:05:24.899 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: That's and then I even after I got out of school, I wanted to learn it learn more. So I became an adjunct professor, teaching nutrition and disease and nutrition and performance at the college level for 10 years.

00:05:24.990 --> 00:05:33.799 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: So all of that, combined with my thirst for trying to reverse engineer like, I'm trying to help figure out. How do you help people?

00:05:34.320 --> 00:05:42.659 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: And that's what I've been doing. I've had a passion ever since, and I've learned that the hardest part of this is not the nutrition side of it.

00:05:43.130 --> 00:05:46.470 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: It's a mindset mindset. Yeah, yeah.

00:05:46.570 --> 00:05:53.289 So would you say? At that time you were mainly focused on diabetic patients? Or was it just anybody who had a weight problem?

00:05:53.680 --> 00:06:00.809 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: Well, in the hospital I was focusing on diabetes and heart disease. I did my masters in my clinical.

00:06:01.020 --> 00:06:05.999 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: My master's thesis is in rehab cardiac rehab, so I wanted to understand how

00:06:06.040 --> 00:06:18.630 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: cardiac disease with a change in diet and exercise. What impact would that have on people's outcomes? So but II mean in the Health Club. What happened is, I had an office

00:06:18.880 --> 00:06:23.749 across the street in a health club, but I got that office because I was working in the hospital.

00:06:23.900 --> 00:06:39.039 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: I had a free membership at it. When you're a manager and health Club, you don't pay for a membership. But when I left I'm like, I don't wanna pay for a membership. So II went across the street. I happened to be the man the manager of the Health Club was giving me the the tour.

00:06:39.070 --> 00:06:43.920 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: and I saw a room in that in the upstairs that had

00:06:44.190 --> 00:07:02.290 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: boxes, and and it was just empty. I said, well, you give me this room. No one's using it. Let's clean it up, and I'll do a free nutrition console for every one of your new members. And that was the first real lead Mac and I ever created, and the best. And it was the beginning of my private.

00:07:03.280 --> 00:07:07.569 Frank R. Harrison: So yeah, I was learning how to help people lose weight.

00:07:08.050 --> 00:07:32.939 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: We. We had a program called the big Fat Loser. Once a year we'd do it zoom program, the the big fat losers. And we gave 10% of the proceeds to a local charity. But everybody joined because they all wanted to lose body fat. But then, across the street, I'm helping with diabetes, heart disease, critical care. I worked in the Icu. I even wanted to learn more. So I was working with the doctors.

00:07:33.260 --> 00:07:47.829 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: Going to eminem so that I could. That's morbidity, mortality meetings that my ma, my my boss, wants support. But I wanted to go and learn. I wanted to work with the doctors, understand what is going on with these patients, how can we help them?

00:07:47.920 --> 00:07:50.539 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: And so I've always had this thirst to know

00:07:50.740 --> 00:07:57.979 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: what doesn't exist like? There's got to be more. And and there is. So I created my own program

00:07:58.150 --> 00:08:09.249 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: as I was learning all this that I call. I call it right now, intentional health. But back then it was the habits of healthy eating. and I went around because of the Health Club I had

00:08:09.540 --> 00:08:10.480 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: that were

00:08:11.160 --> 00:08:17.870 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: people that were there that were great resources for me at different locations, at big corporations like Adp.

00:08:18.050 --> 00:08:29.469 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: Turner, broadcasting System Estee, Lauder, and I would go into these locations and do my program at the time was called New Attitudes, and I would teach them how to live healthier, how to create that new attitude.

00:08:29.590 --> 00:08:37.829 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: and I got ready by a startup that they're they also were wellness program. and they wanted me to work for them.

00:08:37.970 --> 00:08:43.050 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: I said, I can't give up what I'm doing, but I can consult. And that was the beginning of

00:08:43.960 --> 00:08:57.619 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: really seeing the bigger picture that wow! I could take what I'm doing and help a lot more people. They wanted to take the program that I had and take it from analog to digital, which was way ahead of time. Back then.

00:08:57.770 --> 00:09:03.279 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: But that's another story right? That was the story that

00:09:04.040 --> 00:09:25.149 Frank R. Harrison: kinda it was one of the pivots that happened in my life. So, and and knowing that we've already talked about the story. We're saving that for segment, too. But it I can also see, based on what people will listen to in the next segment. Why, you would now more focused on the the correlation between your food intake and your mental health.

00:09:26.260 --> 00:09:32.889 Frank R. Harrison: I get kind of self, learned how to deal with trauma based issues that obviously trigger eating behaviors correct.

00:09:32.980 --> 00:09:36.700 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: I grew up with certain traumas that

00:09:37.000 --> 00:09:39.520 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: happened which were normal for

00:09:39.690 --> 00:09:44.929 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: probably kids growing up my age. Then, you know my father had a very strict hand.

00:09:45.140 --> 00:09:48.960 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: So there were some meetings going on there.

00:09:49.060 --> 00:09:52.889 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: you know. You would say, Okay, that was normal, but that you don't see that today.

00:09:53.040 --> 00:09:58.700 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: plus, there are all the things that having that trauma, a trauma for any

00:09:58.720 --> 00:10:18.200 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: anybody is to them. It could be a micro trauma for one person or not even a trauma, but for another person it could be a major trauma. It's something that transforms the way you think so afterwards you do not have the same mindset. It literally changes your neural pathways and neural pathways, your nerves fire.

00:10:18.410 --> 00:10:20.470 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: and they they fire together.

00:10:20.690 --> 00:10:25.419 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: They wire together, the nerves themselves, either chemical or electrical.

00:10:25.520 --> 00:10:28.840 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: So the the electrical impulses that happen

00:10:29.230 --> 00:10:45.220 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: as we learn something, the brain coordinates those electrical impulses so that the nerves can get more and more efficient. and that becomes a neural pathway. That neural pathway then gets embedded and it starts out. Let's say the first time you do something like, hey?

00:10:45.240 --> 00:10:48.310 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: When you first tried to ride a bike, how easy was it!

00:10:49.220 --> 00:11:08.220 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: I don't know anybody that rode a bike and never fell right, you always had a fall when you're riding bike. Right? So it's that issue of, okay, I'm gonna get up. I'm gonna learn. And I'm gonna coordinate. And you get better and better and better. And in the beginning you're using an awful lot of brain power, and the idea is to get more and more efficient

00:11:08.290 --> 00:11:11.080 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: until it becomes easy to coordinate

00:11:11.450 --> 00:11:15.759 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: until it becomes a habit. Where you get on, you don't even think about it. You just jump on the bike and go

00:11:15.770 --> 00:11:19.129 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: well, what happens if that neural pathways flawed?

00:11:19.620 --> 00:11:23.200 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: What if it's based on a flawed belief system?

00:11:23.830 --> 00:11:28.799 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: That's what I work on. because there are people who are eating

00:11:29.260 --> 00:11:42.490 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: to soothe themselves. There are people that are eating because or maybe not even eating. I mean, there are things that behaviors that they're doing, whether they're not exercising where they don't believe in themselves, based on

00:11:42.700 --> 00:11:53.940 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: the the neural pathways that they've created. And when you look at it, what I've done is, I've created. The idea of an inner critic is these identities you create

00:11:53.990 --> 00:11:58.820 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: based on those, and they're there to protect you and keep you safe.

00:11:58.860 --> 00:12:01.130 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: Because if you really believe that

00:12:01.860 --> 00:12:12.050 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: it was Mom or Dad that was, you know, was bad or was not able to take care of you, you're too young, usually since first 6 years of your life. You're developing these identities.

00:12:12.300 --> 00:12:13.640 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: You would not.

00:12:13.840 --> 00:12:23.679 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: you can't. You can't say, Oh, mom's not a good mom. You pay now, it's usually what you do is you have to say, well. oh, my gosh! There must be something wrong with me. I deserve that.

00:12:24.440 --> 00:12:32.460 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: Well, thinking about what happens when you create that you need to find a way out of that. So you punish yourself, or you soothe yourself with food.

00:12:33.590 --> 00:12:43.130 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: or people will use other ways of doing that like they'll do, whether they use drugs or alcohol, or however, whatever other addictions that they might end up.

00:12:43.790 --> 00:12:46.430 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: the the key is the underlying issue.

00:12:46.750 --> 00:12:48.840 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: They may be.

00:12:49.610 --> 00:13:15.370 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: Oh, no, no, no! Go ahead, and maybe they may be working with therapists on this, but in that is really helpful. I don't take the place of that therapy they're working on. But we need to change those neural pathways and the chronic disease of today diabetes heart disease, obesity. I don't believe they're just illnesses of metabolism. I really believe their diseases of the neural pathways. And if we focus on that, wow, what amazing things we can do

00:13:16.190 --> 00:13:27.430 Frank R. Harrison: exactly. I mean, I was gonna say that based on your training and your eventual traumas that you faced in life and your entrepreneurial skills and abilities, you just naturally

00:13:27.490 --> 00:13:43.599 Frank R. Harrison: gravitated towards what your actual intentions were, whether they were divine intentions or your own, that were driven based on your desire to move past your trauma. So when we get back after the next 2 min, we're gonna talk about how he was able to

00:13:43.820 --> 00:14:06.299 Frank R. Harrison: recover from previous traumas with his education in tow and create pro attitudes, and we'll learn more about the organization and what it could do for you, especially if you want to use your mind to lose your weight. So please stay tuned as we're being frank about health with Evan messmin right here on talk radio, Nyc, and on, Linkedin and Youtube will be back in a few.

00:16:13.600 --> 00:16:42.580 Frank R. Harrison: welcome back. And as you just saw from the website. Pro attitudes is now what we're gonna learn a lot about you already touched upon. Evan already touched upon his history, his his training, his jobs as well as his traumas. That probably was the impetus for the business plan that goes beyond it or behind it. But in all frankness I know there's a 9 11 story here that really triggered pro attitude. So typically at this point in the show, I would have asked you the standard questions.

00:16:42.980 --> 00:16:45.290 Frank R. Harrison: who is pro attitudes coaching for?

00:16:45.600 --> 00:16:59.050 Frank R. Harrison: Why do you do what you do? What kind of results do clients see? What are your biggest challenges? But I have a feeling you're about to answer all of those questions in one shot. So I'm giving you the floor once again.

00:16:59.290 --> 00:17:13.920 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: Well, you you my 9 11 stories, you know, we left it where I was getting recruited by a a startup. That was a Wellness company delivered via the Internet, and it really was a wonderful opportunity to take what I did

00:17:13.940 --> 00:17:16.099 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: and offer it to the masses.

00:17:16.119 --> 00:17:38.010 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: Unfortunately, what ended up happening, even though we worked with. I have 20 consultants that I was working with one of them was Elon Musk's mom. Nay, Musk, really amazing opportunity. We were working with Tony little who was selling billions of dollars on the Internet at the time, in how, in healthcare and in exercise equipment. But we had

00:17:38.490 --> 00:17:40.100 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: this opportunity

00:17:40.280 --> 00:17:46.860 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: that was predicated on having enough money, so we needed to. Actually, we ran out of money and we needed to go public.

00:17:47.010 --> 00:17:52.709 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: We decided the date was 9, 11, 2,001 in Cantor Fitzgerald.

00:17:53.070 --> 00:17:55.080 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: and unfortunately

00:17:55.910 --> 00:18:07.150 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: we weren't there because character Fitzgerald didn't exist at the time that our appointment was, and we went really through tailspin. At that time I had 500,000 founder shares

00:18:07.330 --> 00:18:22.719 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: that was worth 0, and we went bankrupt, and I had to put my tail between my legs and go. What am I going to do? Am I going to go back to what I was doing before private practice, where I couldn't? Really, I don't think I was at the point where I was prepared to do what I'm doing now

00:18:22.930 --> 00:18:36.989 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: to do it myself. So I pivoted into corporate America, and I started because I was a certified diabetes educator. I started selling insulin pumps. and it took me 3 months to go from working in the

00:18:37.040 --> 00:18:40.940 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: Where what I was doing to be able to get into

00:18:41.200 --> 00:18:45.180 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: the to prove as a clinician that I could be a salesman.

00:18:45.570 --> 00:18:51.009 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: And it was an amazing transformation of going now this pivot of going, hey?

00:18:51.340 --> 00:19:00.630 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: You know what? This sales process is very much like the therapeutic process. It's problem solving. I'm really good at that. I've been trained in that I used to train dieticians to do this

00:19:01.340 --> 00:19:09.289 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: right. So it was a really amazing experience of going and and and being successful in that

00:19:09.350 --> 00:19:16.500 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: profession in sales. But I also then got recruited, because, unfortunately, the FDA said, you can't import insulin pumps anymore.

00:19:16.720 --> 00:19:19.570 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: And that was an experience. Another pivot

00:19:19.730 --> 00:19:23.910 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: that I had to now get into another company, which was Kci.

00:19:24.160 --> 00:19:39.369 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: and that's now 3 M. It's own by threem. But it was selling it was also a sales position that then took me to leadership. So I was able to work as a regional district manager, and then I became a corporate accounts manager, and then I

00:19:39.370 --> 00:20:01.589 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: pivoted to another company, recruited me for leadership as a regional manager, and then I helped build their clinical team. I was the national clinical manager. They didn't. They didn't have a clinical team for selling. Selling accelerates to sales process. So they said, Hey, pitch it to us, and they put me in charge, and I built a clinical team. But they went through 5 leadership changes in 4 years.

00:20:01.770 --> 00:20:09.040 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: And wonderful thing happened. That's 20 years of my life right there. But it was a wonderful experience of being on

00:20:09.410 --> 00:20:31.559 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: global teams for go to market strategy, being able to travel to places like England and and launch a brand new medical device that I was part of developing. And even though there's a long story there, but the the thing about it is working with marketing, working with sales and leadership, working with training, working with Hr. I learned

00:20:32.120 --> 00:20:39.759 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: what it, what it takes to be a leader. I really excelled. I really loved a concept of leadership

00:20:39.780 --> 00:20:44.999 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: that it's not being in charge. It's taking charge of the people that are in your charge.

00:20:45.060 --> 00:20:52.930 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: and I love Simon sinek was one of my mentors. I just loved what he was standing for. But I wrote

00:20:54.120 --> 00:20:58.550 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: finding your why in one of my marketing pieces

00:20:59.010 --> 00:21:14.169 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: 20 some years ago for this Wellness Company I that was what II thrived on helping people find their wives. So I was saying, I'm at the Simon sinek of nutrition cause. It was sitting up in the attic for 20 years, but after Covid.

00:21:14.550 --> 00:21:19.670 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: you know, collateral damage. And also there were leadership changes. So

00:21:19.760 --> 00:21:23.910 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: part of it is that I came back to doing what I love to do, which is

00:21:24.690 --> 00:21:38.969 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: really helping people find their why, when it comes to their thinking, they're eating and their living. How can they live the life they've always dreamed of and get out of their own way, then pro attitudes. Really, that was how pro attitudes was

00:21:39.050 --> 00:21:49.829 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: came to fruition. I had to go through another transformation again, and this is probably my seventh pivot when Covid hit, and I was sitting going. You know what

00:21:49.950 --> 00:22:03.749 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: no one's going to be hiring for a while. What am I going to do? And that's when I found everything I worked on in the attic. and I I had forgotten how incredible this work was when I looked at it. I said.

00:22:04.080 --> 00:22:07.110 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: This is this should not be sitting up in the attic anymore.

00:22:07.360 --> 00:22:15.749 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: You know I love corporations. I love working with corporations, but they tend to suck the joy out of almost everything you do sometimes not intentionally.

00:22:15.780 --> 00:22:17.879 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: It just happens to be that

00:22:18.490 --> 00:22:27.229 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: fear is a major motivator in in, in, in the, in the corporate world, because you're always trying to excel.

00:22:27.240 --> 00:22:32.349 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: and mistakes are and frowned upon. But everybody makes mistakes. You can't

00:22:32.510 --> 00:22:42.130 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: right. It's not a mistake. It's a learning opportunity, and it depends on the leadership you have. So when I realize that now I'm working building this business.

00:22:42.160 --> 00:22:45.539 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: I want to serve those leaders, not just

00:22:45.850 --> 00:22:56.789 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: for the from a leadership perspective. But I want them to have the private victories taking better care of their health themselves, so that they help their companies have public victories.

00:22:56.900 --> 00:22:59.539 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: and that is really how proaditters was found.

00:23:00.480 --> 00:23:23.889 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: So was it found as a media platform to help with nutrition and mental health, relatedness, with food intake and all the things that we've been talking about, or was it an actual medical equipment type of? No, no, II pivoted out of medical crisis altogether. So it was a health wellness and mindset coaching business

00:23:23.920 --> 00:23:29.260 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: which I then started to create channels. Because when you come II never did.

00:23:29.370 --> 00:23:57.240 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: Videos or I might. I wrote a newsletter. But the Newsletter was done on Microsoft publisher, and you know I would print it, and it would be a paper copy back then. Right? We. I used to information to all of my prospects. Right? It was very different than what it is now used to, you know. Get ads in the penny saver. The local penny saver in the news in the Newsletter for the gym that I was in. I was in a couple of different gyms and in doctor's offices. So

00:23:57.320 --> 00:24:02.709 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: it's a very different world. 20 years later. It's like, Okay, networking the Internet

00:24:02.750 --> 00:24:06.139 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: all these social media channels. So I learned

00:24:06.910 --> 00:24:10.890 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: by making a lot of mistakes. And it's been a lot of fun.

00:24:11.000 --> 00:24:18.159 Frank R. Harrison: Yeah, Covid was truly catalyst for a lot of pivots. And I mean, our world is completely technological. At this point, I mean.

00:24:18.230 --> 00:24:39.019 Frank R. Harrison: who's heard of a customer service representative when you can answer an email or send an email and have them hopefully chat with you through AI or some other means, you know. Not to mention, of course, Zoom, what we're doing right now is on Zoom, and simultaneously I presume that you were recording a lot of things on Zoom and then uploading them to Youtube. Correct cause. I know you have a Youtube channel.

00:24:39.020 --> 00:24:51.370 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: Well, II actually the lot of the works that I that I'll do. I'll do a Facebook like in a Linkedin live every Wednesday at 11 am. And then I repurpose that. Put it on

00:24:51.390 --> 00:25:00.070 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: Youtube, my Youtube channel. I don't really use a Youtube channel to promote it. But it's a great place for people to go and see the work that I've already done. But I'm on Linkedin

00:25:00.120 --> 00:25:05.019 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: and I post in Linkedin and Facebook and Tiktok almost every day.

00:25:05.280 --> 00:25:27.530 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: Maybe not as much. But I'm working on it. Tick, tock is another animal, right? And and so I think that those channels are really important. And then I have a Facebook group where I have. It's called optimized health for leaders. And I think it's really important to have that for for people so that I can nurture them in that. And that was another

00:25:27.610 --> 00:25:32.229 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: whole understanding like, how do you do this? How to learn how to do it? The hardware

00:25:33.130 --> 00:25:34.870 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: trying. So then

00:25:35.100 --> 00:25:45.779 Frank R. Harrison: oh, no, through through your social channels that you have, what percentage of your of your audience is coming? From which channel I guess predominantly. A lot from Youtube, right?

00:25:46.280 --> 00:26:10.479 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: I'd say them a lot of the business it. I don't really have an understanding of what channels are producing the business, because most of my businesses to networking. I like to. I'm old school. I like to be in, for, even though it's virtual. I like to be in front of people, and it's through word of mouth. And it's also when I do my corporate work, it's because of the relationships I built. For instance, 3 MI did a presentation for them

00:26:10.760 --> 00:26:12.140 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: couple of years ago

00:26:12.270 --> 00:26:37.980 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: on cultivating optimism. But then, a year later, they brought me in for a global training. It was a global global leadership team that flew in. It was a live training on taking charge of change. So change doesn't take charge of you. And that was really them. Self care leads to better leadership, really, in a nutshell. That's really what it was. And that's what I do. I help people weight loss is a big part of it cool.

00:26:38.020 --> 00:26:46.180 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: A lot of people don't have weight to lose. But what if you have diabetes? What if you have heart heart disease? What do you have? Hypertension. What if you're just stressed?

00:26:46.410 --> 00:26:50.010 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: What if you have issues with depression

00:26:50.030 --> 00:26:53.429 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: where you don't know how to quiet

00:26:53.570 --> 00:26:57.720 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: the thoughts that are in your head? You know you are not your thoughts and your feelings.

00:26:57.810 --> 00:27:02.369 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: You're the witness to your thoughts and feelings, and when you can separate those

00:27:02.920 --> 00:27:18.119 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: amazing things start to happen, you start to develop your attitude muscle. And that's part of my program. What I do is to develop that attitude muscle so that you can get stronger. So your commitments can become greater than your compulsions.

00:27:19.420 --> 00:27:42.240 Frank R. Harrison: Okay, so great. So you've been able to convert a percentage of your audience into actual clients that you work with, especially on their weight and diabetic issues. If they have any cardiac issues that they have any. But a majority of your audience sees you, whether you're speaking live, or whether you're on a podcast or whether you're generating your own media channel. So you're keeping yourself visible.

00:27:42.280 --> 00:28:00.380 Frank R. Harrison: minimizing your pivots. But using the gift that Covid provided, which was a technological world, that we're all living life through these days, and at the same time being at your home office, or wherever you are right now, and being able to really provide the best training and coaching

00:28:00.410 --> 00:28:07.549 Frank R. Harrison: to those leaders that you're working with, I guess that's a predominant audience. You have leadership, or do you also have regular patients?

00:28:07.640 --> 00:28:13.959 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: I regular clients that will come to me. But most of my clients I focus on my my

00:28:14.140 --> 00:28:33.029 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: target is leaders and business owners. But and specifically, I like to work with pre-diabetes and diabetes because 51% of the Americans right now have either diabetes or prediabetes, and half of the people who have diabetes don't even know it. And over 70% of Americans are either obese

00:28:33.230 --> 00:28:45.239 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: or overweight. And when you think about. Would you want to spend the last 10 years of your life managing a chronic illness? Or would you rather be enjoying spending the time with your grandkids traveling.

00:28:45.280 --> 00:28:50.179 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: having the freedom to do what you want to do, and that's what I help people do is love the life they've always dreamed of

00:28:51.100 --> 00:28:59.509 Frank R. Harrison: correct. So listen, everybody. After the show is over, I would highly suggest that you click on to both his website

00:28:59.520 --> 00:29:18.729 Frank R. Harrison: pro as well as his Youtube channel. When we go into the next break I will show the Youtube channel. I will even stream up and down, and you can see the nature of what is there for any of you out there to check out and see if maybe pro attitudes is a place for you to go ahead and use your mind

00:29:18.830 --> 00:29:39.350 Frank R. Harrison: to save your life if you have cardiac issues, but more importantly, lose weight and have the energy like what your video said that the energy you had 20 years earlier. I know I'm working hard to get there again myself, but I did point out we're headed for another break. So that being said, Please stay tuned. As we're now gonna talk more about

00:29:39.420 --> 00:29:51.879 Frank R. Harrison: the in-depth nature of pro attitudes as well as some other interesting information. When we return right here on talk radio, Nyc, as well as twitch Youtube and Linkedin, we'll be back in a few.

00:31:53.230 --> 00:32:03.619 Frank R. Harrison: hey, everybody. So you saw right there in the Youtube Channel. But tell the audience exactly where they need to search. I know they have to subscribe to the Channel, but I think it is a

00:32:03.900 --> 00:32:16.759 Frank R. Harrison: at pro attitudes and a number. Actually, I don't think I could show it. I don't really use my Youtube channel, so I don't know the number. But I it's there as a depository, and people have it through pro attitudes.

00:32:16.800 --> 00:32:26.069 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: Uhcom. Forward, slash! Follow is the best way. Everything that I have, and that way they can see all the channels, and I'm on.

00:32:26.070 --> 00:32:47.380 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: Look at my latest post. I'm most active on Linkedin. Linkedin is really where I'm most comfortable, and that's where the business leaders are, anyway. But Youtube is the suppository, for it's a possibility. The Dubos of that was a 40 in slip depository, right? For all the I've been doing but

00:32:47.580 --> 00:32:53.370 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: on that follow they can take my lifestyle challenge quiz, which is something that I use as a tool

00:32:53.500 --> 00:32:55.899 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: it looks at

00:32:56.210 --> 00:32:59.860 Frank R. Harrison: and let me switch the screen and show it to everybody, and you could just

00:32:59.900 --> 00:33:02.190 Frank R. Harrison: talk me through it or talk everyone through it.

00:33:02.650 --> 00:33:07.230 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: There are, you know, 7 key areas that I work on to help people

00:33:07.840 --> 00:33:19.860 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: focus on. I focus on those areas in that lifestyle challenge quiz. All they have to do is take the lifestyle quiz. That will make a difference for them if they want to get started. What I call a

00:33:20.020 --> 00:33:21.940 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: a jump start program.

00:33:22.040 --> 00:33:27.360 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: They're getting your personal first step. Most people get stuck

00:33:27.400 --> 00:33:29.510 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: because they don't know what the first step is.

00:33:29.860 --> 00:33:47.440 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: That's a real. And this is what I provide is value to people. There's no charge to any of these things, and then they can jump on a call with me again. No charge just to review it, because I wanna help as many people I can. And then the next one is joining my Facebook group that I mentioned. It's optimized health

00:33:47.620 --> 00:34:00.450 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: for this for leaders. And it uses the way that's my method. Become, be strong, be grateful. I created that because I think that it's about the transformation. How do you

00:34:00.550 --> 00:34:05.030 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: go from being a caterpillar to a butterfly? Well.

00:34:05.130 --> 00:34:12.430 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: the Butterfly told the caterpillar you got to want to fly so badly you're willing to give up being a caterpillar? Well, that's the become component.

00:34:12.449 --> 00:34:21.590 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: What's your why, how do you connect to that? What's the intention? So we develop that after we do the lifestyle challenge quiz that create a personalized account for you.

00:34:21.780 --> 00:34:36.479 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: And it's not a diet. That's where losing weight without diets is important for people to understand. Diets are transactional. I want you to have a relationship with yourself that that doesn't allow you to go on and off.

00:34:36.489 --> 00:34:50.389 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: feel good and bad, and constantly beat yourself up in shame and blame with every diet that you go on, and also being fearful of what might be coming, because you're not taking care of yourself. So that's how

00:34:50.659 --> 00:35:01.350 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: that that will take you down. My my training on how to lose weight without dialing. And then you can email me, or is it video? Right? It's a video. Yup.

00:35:02.060 --> 00:35:03.050 Frank R. Harrison: okay?

00:35:03.350 --> 00:35:10.749 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: And then there's some taking the time to meet with me if they want to schedule an appointment just to talk with me again. No charge

00:35:11.540 --> 00:35:20.750 Frank R. Harrison: right? Right? And they can also email you, and they can pick a time with either during the video or even right here on this page after they've done the quiz.

00:35:21.180 --> 00:35:25.929 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: And any of those will give them that option. So that they can schedule time with me.

00:35:27.800 --> 00:35:28.820 Frank R. Harrison: Awesome.

00:35:28.850 --> 00:35:42.280 Frank R. Harrison: awesome. Well, don't be surprised if you see my name in the next few weeks. I mean ironically, III think I'm one of those people that you know you mentioned earlier that you had a name Heavy Evi, is that it?

00:35:42.600 --> 00:35:53.859 Frank R. Harrison: Mine was when I when I was a teenager, even younger than that. I was fat, Frank, you know. So the thing is is that for me it was weight. Watchers say it again, kids can be so cruel.

00:35:54.170 --> 00:36:22.140 Frank R. Harrison: Yeah, people can be. And then, of course, a as a lot of my listeners know. I've been living my life since I was 16 with epilepsy. So they if they weren't picking on my weight, they were picking on that. You know that I was out of my mind, but you know enough with the stigmas. I think I've been able to somehow successfully remove them. I make jokes out of them at this point, or try to create them into on enterprising ideas like Frank about health was originally gonna be called frank about epilepsy. So here we are now talking about

00:36:22.140 --> 00:36:33.480 Frank R. Harrison: nutrition. But again, it's using whatever you've been through to be able to give back to others in in a much magnanimous way than you would have under normal circumstances. Absolutely looks like you've done.

00:36:33.540 --> 00:36:34.870 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: Yeah.

00:36:35.410 --> 00:36:40.060 So tell me about your book. I know you have a book that's on sale on

00:36:40.370 --> 00:36:46.589 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: So here's my book. Part of this was a labor of love that I wanted

00:36:46.760 --> 00:36:52.520 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: to be able to share what I did rather, you know, because the website didn't go. The the

00:36:52.630 --> 00:37:01.120 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: the Wellness company did not go. So I said, Well, what am I gonna do? But I spent 20 years in corporate America. I never really I did write a book back

00:37:01.810 --> 00:37:06.739 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: 25 years ago, and it was for Oxford health plan.

00:37:06.840 --> 00:37:09.729 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: and I said, Well, I could take this book.

00:37:09.940 --> 00:37:32.789 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: I could just repurpose it, and I said, No, I wanna rewrite it. So I sat down and I rewrote it to make it more about what's going on today. What's great about it is that the basic principles that I had that were theory back then, are now all solidified with a lot of re research, solid research like neuroplasticity, the whole concept of that we can actually learn and change.

00:37:33.040 --> 00:37:43.529 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: I mean, it's rock, solid science right now, habits that habits are so much more important. I put habits first. You have habits here, then, after habits, then it's nutrition.

00:37:43.580 --> 00:37:58.009 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: then supplementations, and only if absolutely necessary. Then you consider referring to a doctor for medication. Most patients will come to me. Clients will come to me saying, oh, doctor wants to go. Wants me to go on medication.

00:37:58.440 --> 00:38:13.029 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: And I'm like, Okay, well, what else have you done? Well, nothing really right. So why go on medication. Yes, medication serve. It serves a purpose. You need to have certain medications. But what if you could manage this disease.

00:38:13.220 --> 00:38:24.160 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: which really isn't a disease? What is it? It's a matter of those neural pathways being diseased for so long that you've allowed yourself to feed yourself so much

00:38:24.450 --> 00:38:28.970 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: that your insulin resistance is high, so high that your blood sugars are elevated.

00:38:29.010 --> 00:38:35.540 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: What if we change those habits? We do it soon enough. We either reduce the amount of medication or we eliminate it.

00:38:36.060 --> 00:38:39.710 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: It's pretty amazing what you can do. I mean, it's not something that

00:38:39.920 --> 00:38:46.030 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: you. It's anybody. It's possible for anybody. And I had one client that came to me.

00:38:46.180 --> 00:38:52.190 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: He was going to go for gastric bypass surgery on Monday. He called me on Thursday.

00:38:52.850 --> 00:39:00.289 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: because in this past week not this week he would. This this happened in actually happening beginning of the year

00:39:00.390 --> 00:39:16.999 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: around in January he he called me. and instead of going to gastric surgery, he was gonna do the gastric surgery on Monday. I just I didn't convince him. I just listened. He was not convinced he had done the research and found that

00:39:17.590 --> 00:39:28.670 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: 30 to 40% of people gain the weight back after 3 years. and you know, 85% of them gain the way back after 5 years, he says, why would I want to do that? And I said.

00:39:28.680 --> 00:39:41.770 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: It's worth trying. I said I helped people. I've had people come to me that are so heavy they can't be measured over 500 pounds. and got them down below 300 without diets, without gastric surgery.

00:39:41.810 --> 00:39:49.630 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: And so I've done that in the past. So we he's now down he! I met him. We we work weekly.

00:39:49.830 --> 00:39:52.439 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: and he was down 80

00:39:52.470 --> 00:39:59.320 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: 2 pounds the last time we talked. He has 20 more pounds to go. and it's without the surgery and no diets.

00:40:00.310 --> 00:40:08.790 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: So he's gonna be in. The his weight is gonna be in the in the hundreds or early 200. He's gonna be down below 200.

00:40:09.960 --> 00:40:23.330 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: Zoom, yep, and then he's going to. He's almost there. He's made. He's lost over 80 pounds. So it's amazing, right? It's not about the diet, it's about the mindset. It's it's about

00:40:23.400 --> 00:40:35.519 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: changing the reframe in your mind, saying, Well. just this once. I won't versus justice once I will. Willpower is something that's just.

00:40:35.780 --> 00:40:38.599 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: It's fleeting. It's not always available.

00:40:38.760 --> 00:40:44.729 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: You know. There are some people have really great willpower, and others that don't. Well, I work

00:40:44.890 --> 00:40:59.570 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: by making it so easy. That willpower isn't even an option. It's not. It's not a problem. You start that way, you create momentum, and that's what's going to build your capacity. You go from having the courage to make the commitment.

00:40:59.620 --> 00:41:01.189 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: It makes you feel

00:41:01.760 --> 00:41:09.089 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: courageous, and then you feel capable. Once you have that capacity. Now you feel confident.

00:41:09.210 --> 00:41:18.740 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: and that gives you the confidence to make more commitments. You use the courage to make more commitments, you feel more capable, and that leads to competency.

00:41:19.140 --> 00:41:25.279 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: And once you have that competency, you get the skill, and then we work on mastery. It's not a really.

00:41:25.420 --> 00:41:43.250 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: it's something we do in business, too, you know, business coaching that in business coaching. And but I said, This is something I do with my clients. So it's really amazing. It's not as it's not rocket science, but it really makes a difference when you listen to understanding what triggers people

00:41:43.290 --> 00:41:50.500 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: and understand that it's thoughts and the feelings that are getting in the way that are being fed from the inner critics

00:41:50.700 --> 00:42:00.009 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: and the inner critics are the judge that's in your head that says you're not good enough. You're not smart enough. You're not fast enough, you're not enough.

00:42:00.210 --> 00:42:09.369 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: and if you don't listen to me. You're not gonna be successful to all the negative thoughts and feelings, and some people think that it's necessary to listen to that

00:42:09.430 --> 00:42:13.270 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: in order to be successful, and I'm gonna tell you

00:42:14.150 --> 00:42:16.749 those are lies being whispered in your ear.

00:42:16.910 --> 00:42:25.650 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: and what I do is to help expose that inner critic, so that you can quiet that inner critic and start listening to your inner coach.

00:42:26.820 --> 00:42:30.110 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: Let's start listening to the Yoda instead of

00:42:30.780 --> 00:42:37.059 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: Darth vader mine is. He used to be 6 feet tall. He's this is my inner critic. He's only 6 inches now.

00:42:37.140 --> 00:42:39.130 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: So my thing here is.

00:42:39.810 --> 00:43:05.069 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: you can do that. II love working with people to help them quiet that inner critic. It's one of the one things that I love doing, and we do it through meditation and mindfulness exercises through sensory command exercises. We do it through imagery. We do it through ex certain types of coaching exercises and techniques. And it's a really easy fun way to get people to realize you don't have to be on a diet.

00:43:05.130 --> 00:43:08.560 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: Have you ever seen a bird so fat he can't fly.

00:43:08.850 --> 00:43:13.860 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: Have you ever seen a squirrel so fat he can't put his clothes around a tree trunk? It doesn't happen

00:43:14.140 --> 00:43:20.880 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: they don't go. I can't eat that sunflower sea because it's too high in fat, or that chestnut, because it's too high in carbs. No.

00:43:21.030 --> 00:43:26.620 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: they eat what's out there. But we eat highly processed foods. That's

00:43:26.710 --> 00:43:28.320 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: the thing that's really

00:43:28.550 --> 00:43:43.550 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: the biggest stumbling block. And people don't realize the empty calories and the forgotten calories that they're eating. Still, the law of thermodynamics, and I really make it easy to get people to change these habits instead of going on a diet, and they see the results.

00:43:54.630 --> 00:43:55.750 Frank R. Harrison: That was a

00:43:55.820 --> 00:43:57.880 Frank R. Harrison: forced intermission.

00:43:58.690 --> 00:44:02.909 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: Can you hear me? I hear you. But it it was. Did somebody freeze?

00:44:04.000 --> 00:44:15.350 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: II noticed that you were about to say something, and you froze unless I looked on your end like I was frozen, I gather I don't know. Thank you, Logan. I think you refreshed us.

00:44:15.540 --> 00:44:34.760 Frank R. Harrison: No. Are we on our break. We're we're we're still on. What's probably gonna happen is II know, ladies and gentlemen, you're hearing the technical features of our show. But, hey, I'm being frank about everything, so I can't help it. The audio per the audio version of the show will probably edit it out. That space. That was just

00:44:34.790 --> 00:44:50.910 Frank R. Harrison: no sound. But I guess what will happen on the video portion is we'll probably see a little delay of frozen footage, and then it'll it'll just skip to the next segment, which is about to be another break. But can you at least finish the last line of what you said before we go into the next break.

00:44:51.440 --> 00:44:56.360 Frank R. Harrison: I don't remember. What was what was it that I was saying? That was the inner critic

00:44:56.980 --> 00:44:58.839 Frank R. Harrison: you were saying about the inner critic.

00:44:59.720 --> 00:45:18.499 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: and it again it the inner something about Darth Vader. I love it well, it's quieting that inner critic. If I don't remember exactly what the line was, but the idea is that we all, if we froze when it was Darth Vader. What I'm trying to do is to get people to

00:45:18.810 --> 00:45:48.360 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: quiet that voice that's in their head because they're not the thoughts of their feelings, and when they do that they develop the inner coach. That's part of the attitude muscle that I develop when people, everybody has an attitude muscle, and it's something that it just like going to the gym. If you don't exercise your muscles. You're not gonna build muscles. Well, it's the same thing with your attitude muscle. If you don't build that muscle, you're not gonna be able to make your commitments greater than your compulsions, and that is a process that II create.

00:45:48.380 --> 00:45:49.210 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: that

00:45:49.600 --> 00:46:08.529 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: it's easy. Now it's you know, I to me. I've been doing this for over 30 years with with my clients. But now that I come back to it, I've included even more, after all the research that's out there to support everything that I've done. So it's it's a lot of fun helping these people. But

00:46:08.540 --> 00:46:11.650 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: the inner critic to me is the most important component.

00:46:12.990 --> 00:46:28.899 Frank R. Harrison: And I was gonna ask you some questions about that story of the guy that lost the 80 pounds. But when we return, that's when I will ask. So, ladies and gentlemen, we'll take our legitimate break right now, right here on talk radio, Dot, Nyc. And on twitch Youtube Linkedin. We'll be back in a few

00:48:35.570 --> 00:48:38.290 okay. So now I think it's time.

00:48:38.330 --> 00:48:40.130 Frank R. Harrison: and that I will just recap

00:48:42.760 --> 00:49:06.400 Frank R. Harrison: the last 45 min. We learned just a dietician, the jobs that he carried along the way. His 9 11 story how pro attitudes was born the use of working with a lot of leaders during his private practice. And then, when Covid hit, realizing he had to use all of the innovations that Covid provided, including social media, and then just being able to now make what is probably

00:49:06.610 --> 00:49:12.040 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: thriving company over the last. What is it now 3 years, 5 years now 3 little over 3 years.

00:49:13.070 --> 00:49:23.790 Frank R. Harrison: Awesome. And are there plans to go public on this one yet, or are you still keeping it. I'm working on scaling right now and then. The goal will be to find

00:49:24.260 --> 00:49:26.879 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: to find a pathway towards that. Yes.

00:49:27.930 --> 00:49:53.260 Frank R. Harrison: awesome, awesome definitely. I will be in touch with you as a potential member. But but that's because II I've been. I've been okay with my weight. I was actually pre diabetic. And now I'm no longer pre-diabetic. I'm 5.4 A. One C. And I drink a lot of green tea and a lot of electrolyte water, and I just I eat when I'm hungry, not when I when I'm stressed out. I mean, I've believe me, I've had those moments.

00:49:53.300 --> 00:50:00.929 Frank R. Harrison: but over the last few months, especially when doing my caregiving for my father and my cousin and the viewers know what that's all about.

00:50:00.950 --> 00:50:13.730 Frank R. Harrison: They've been Starbucks moments just to get through it, you know. But either way from that, all being, said, the takeaway that I'm getting is that you have been able to take your own.

00:50:13.840 --> 00:50:28.529 Frank R. Harrison: I guess eating experience, your own traumas, your own entrepreneurial and corporate background, your training as a clinical dietician nutritionist, and be able to just bring everything into focus.

00:50:28.640 --> 00:50:46.079 Frank R. Harrison: That is what I think is truly a healthy mindset. Anyone who is able to take any of their traumas or their illnesses, or whatever other issues that they're going through and turn it into a golden opportunity, not only to manage and live through and recover from.

00:50:46.290 --> 00:51:15.969 Frank R. Harrison: but to give back to those that don't have the resources that you yourself had, you know. So I think you're you're on on the mark with that, especially with your book and your Youtube channel. And I'm interested to learn more about some other group that you mentioned to me about. II think you call them Circle 7 Group. I could h 7. So I'm part of a network. Yes, where I yes, I have something called Health Corner. It's every Monday at noon

00:51:16.240 --> 00:51:22.709 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: it is Eastern time, and what we do is for the same thing that I do with my business.

00:51:22.930 --> 00:51:33.459 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: optimizing your health for leaders. We know that people are are part of networks in, in, in learning how to optimize their business. Well.

00:51:33.530 --> 00:51:41.390 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: part of that is taking care of your health so that you can be more productive and more engaged, you know, you know, that 30'clock time when everybody's

00:51:41.680 --> 00:51:53.609 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: and they like oh, where's that cup of coffee? Well, you should be like having energy through the Wazoo. Why not have the energy you had 20 years ago? You can. What about having a really great night's sleep?

00:51:53.740 --> 00:51:56.860 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: What about not afraid to go to the doctor

00:51:57.050 --> 00:52:20.569 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: because the report card you're gonna get right. So these are the things that we do in in H. 7 on Health Corner, and I don't have a link there. But if anybody's interested, just email me health corner in the subject and I'll be happy to send you a link to register no charge. You can come for a couple of times before you're interested, so you can try it out. It's a great way to network as well as

00:52:20.610 --> 00:52:24.279 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: Join, join, and learn how to take better care of yourself.

00:52:25.210 --> 00:52:27.829 It's Evan Messmann at Gmail.

00:52:28.330 --> 00:52:34.510 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: No, it's Evan at Proatitudescom, but they click on that. If you're gonna give them everyone's gonna get that.

00:52:34.540 --> 00:52:43.929 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: It's proatatudes. Com forward, slash, follow, and that's going to get them all of the things that they? It's all it's called the Link Trait. Everything will be there.

00:52:44.840 --> 00:52:50.610 Frank R. Harrison: Okay, cool. Now, the question I had for you about that that case that you mentioned in the Last Segment.

00:52:51.050 --> 00:52:59.189 Frank R. Harrison: He was coming at you with 500 pounds. He went all the way down to less than 100. I had had an experience of people

00:52:59.290 --> 00:53:06.580 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: who had were over 500 pounds. I've worked with people who are over 500 pounds. This man came to me

00:53:06.640 --> 00:53:09.619 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: as a business owner. He happened to own a restaurant.

00:53:10.150 --> 00:53:25.589 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: making it more challenging, and he had a hundred pounds that he wanted to lose. They were promising him a year, but without the surgery it's only I mean it. He's 9 months in just 10 months, 10 months in, and he's already down nearly

00:53:25.830 --> 00:53:34.770 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: 90 pounds. so he only has 10 more pounds 1015 more pounds to go till the end of the year, and that's without surgery, and he's not doing it with the diet.

00:53:35.180 --> 00:53:39.569 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: but because he was working with you in a coaching relationship

00:53:39.940 --> 00:53:47.999 Frank R. Harrison: to him, while a diet may make you feel. Oh, my God! I have to be on this diet for one or 2 or 3 years. It may have felt to him that time was flying.

00:53:48.340 --> 00:54:05.649 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: Yeah, he's having a good time. He's loving it. And it's about the relationship he has with himself, the relationship he has with his kids and his family, the relationship he has with this partner and his friends it. That's what needs to be worked on. And that's part of what I just call that the underlying issues.

00:54:05.920 --> 00:54:13.460 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: Food is never the real underlying issue. Food is the symptom deal with the underlying issues which is the inner critic.

00:54:14.940 --> 00:54:44.480 Frank R. Harrison: correct and and historically, or even just the way our obesity rate is in this country. Most people are looking for that quick fix, so they see food. There you go better than the alternative in terms of like you mentioned earlier drugs, or alcohol, or whatever. But the thing is is they're still looking outside of themselves rather than looking inward. And I guess what you train the individual to do is learn who the inner critic is, and teach them how to have a relationship with that inner critic.

00:54:44.630 --> 00:54:59.130 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: Exactly. And the other thing that's really important is that we don't just focus on outcomes. It's not about losing the weight. It's about the system, you know, James Clear said it best. We always aspire to our goals, but we fall to the level of our systems.

00:54:59.160 --> 00:55:14.300 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: And so I create a system or routines that if you know, you say this is a non-negotiable, and I can agree to do this every day. Ordinary things is gonna lead to a transformation just like it did for me. And then what we do is we focus on identity.

00:55:14.720 --> 00:55:30.750 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: That is really where things change. Where a business owner now says, Hey, I'm a healthy business owner. When I hear one of my clients say that I'm like I didn't choose that because I can't relate to that anymore. It's kind of like a smoker saying as somebody who's now a non smoker, and says

00:55:31.490 --> 00:55:47.590 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: they're not that. Oh, I can't! I can't be in a room with somebody smoking. They go into that room as a non-smoker now and go. That really repulses me because their their identity now is as a non-smoker, not as somebody who quit smoking. It's the same thing with eating.

00:55:47.650 --> 00:55:49.789 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: You need to create an identity

00:55:50.450 --> 00:55:55.230 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: around what you truly want, and that's when you change your mindset.

00:55:56.370 --> 00:55:57.730 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: One of the tools.

00:56:03.210 --> 00:56:07.160 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: I see that one of us is frozen, and I think it's you, Frank.

00:56:07.580 --> 00:56:12.170 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: but it if it if it is yes, we lost Frank again.

00:56:12.310 --> 00:56:23.960 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: But for those of you, I'd listen. I really appreciate you taking the time to have me on the show. I know we're in the last few minutes. One of the things that I'd love to do is to

00:56:24.020 --> 00:56:25.600 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: help anybody

00:56:26.330 --> 00:56:31.090 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: that is interested in losing weight or getting a better handle on their health.

00:56:31.200 --> 00:56:32.759 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: If you're looking

00:56:33.110 --> 00:56:45.669 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: to actually you, you can download this book at no charge at my website. It's a gift that I have for you. We are literally about to end this, hearing me and not seeing my face move radio, Nyu.

00:56:47.310 --> 00:56:48.480 Evan Mestman, ProAttitudes: And now

00:56:49.670 --> 00:57:06.450 Frank R. Harrison: we're almost at the end of the show. I'm not sure if this is recording for me, but we lost Frank. Unfortunately, there he is. Okay. So II literally thought we lost you. So I started announcing, tomorrow slate of shows. I gather that wasn't heard at all. Correct. No.

00:57:06.460 --> 00:57:11.150 Frank R. Harrison: but II was while you were gone. Go ahead. It's yours

00:57:11.340 --> 00:57:30.529 Frank R. Harrison: alright. So thank you again, Evan, I was saying, I will call you in about 45 min to tell you what I think about the show sans the technical difficulties, but I thought it was a great show, everybody. Please look at Evan Messman's website, pro attitudes. Com. Look at his Youtube channel, get his book and

00:57:30.620 --> 00:57:38.829 Frank R. Harrison: get a call in with him, because I do believe that you can use your mind to lose your weight. What I talked about was tomorrow's slate of shows is

00:57:39.170 --> 00:57:58.239 Frank R. Harrison: philanthropy and focus always Friday and intangify, and then the hard skills now is on Tuesdays at 5, and I'll be back next week after dismantle racism and Sam's conscious consultant hour with a new episode because it's gonna be November. It's not gonna be about mental health, but it'll be something interesting.

00:57:58.350 --> 00:58:14.469 Frank R. Harrison: Thank you again, Evan, for being here. Thank you again for all of you having the patience listening through the technical difficulties and whatever. But again, use your mind to lose your weight, and I'll see you next week. Take care! Thanks again.

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