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Thursday, August 31, 2023
Facebook Live Video from 2023/08/31 - Lessons Learned and Where We Are Headed!

Facebook Live Video from 2023/08/31 - Lessons Learned and Where We Are Headed!


2023/08/31 - Lessons Learned and Where We Are Headed!

[NEW EPISODE] Lessons Learned and Where We Are Headed!

Thursdays 5:00pm - 6:00pm (EDT) 


This is an episode that will summarize some of the key healthcare issues we have been focused on since the year began and some of the upcoming issues that we need to look into as Summer 2023 ends in a few weeks.  (Clips from old episodes will be shown and the episode will wrap up with a few announcements)

This live episode will be done by yours truly and unlike a Lessons Learned show this will be a recap of where we have been and what hot topics to focus on during Fall 2023, into the new year.  Think of this episode as a news broadcast on the healthcare issues to watch out for and upcoming guests that will appear on Frank About Health.


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Show Notes

Segment 1

Frank Harrison is back for a brand-new season of Frank About Health! To start the new season, Frank is joined by Jose Dennis, and they will be discussing their time over the summer, their thoughts on big events that occurred, and a recap of previous discussions. First, they discuss the climate issues that occurred over the summer including the Maui fires, the hurricanes in California and Florida, and the forest fires in Canada. One of the reasons why Frank took a hiatus was because he had severely felt the side effects from the smoke and haze that was caused by the Canadian fires. We are living in an ever-changing world and since post-Covid, different issues have acclimated as well as arose since the pandemic and we now have the tools in order to move on or to help solve an issue. Moving on, Frank shows a clip from last week’s episode with Josie Martinez and Jeffert Demitrack. In that clip was Josie showing off one of her books and the overall message on how having an EEG, which means Electroencephalography, a special test to detect abnormalities in the brain waves, isn’t as scary as it may seem.

Segment 2

After the first break, Frank returns to explain why he showed that clip in the first place. “It was a lesson learned in terms of what it means to be a person with epilepsy that suffers from those auras,” says Frank. For those who may have epilepsy, having an aura is a sign that an epileptic is about to have a seizure. The point of the book that was shown in last week’s episode was designed for children to learn about epilepsy and have kids who are epileptic not be afraid of getting an EEG. Frank shows another clip from a previous episode with Dr. Mira Brancu, from The Hard Skills. In that clip, Dr. Brancu is explaining how workers with disabilities need to feel comfortable in the workplace. Specifically, women with disabilities may suffer from some sort of discrimination in one or multiple ways. The main lesson that was taught in that episode and what Dr. Brancu practices daily is using diversity as an asset. The next clip Frank shows is from an episode with Morry Zelcovitch. Morry is a sound engineer and Frank shows the audience one of his inventions which are bone condition headphones that send vibrations into your head, which are designed to help with most neurological conditions.

Segment 3

Further into the discussion, Jose gives his thoughts and opinions on the clips that have been shown and other previous episodes of Frank About Health. The episode that Jose seemed really interested in was the interview with Morry and the bone condition headphones with the unique ability to send vibrations to the eardrum. They later move to discuss a mutual friend of theirs, Rita Gray, who also has been a guest on Frank About Health, and how she is using her growing platform to share her message and story with her audience. Rita’s story is about heart health and awareness and in the coming weeks, Rita will be returning as a guest to give more on her story and an update on what she has been doing since she was on the show last. Frank also shares Danielle Swanson, a friend and previous guest on the show, a new podcast show called Comfortable Change. Frank was a guest on her show and discussed what they talked about when he was visiting Danielle’s show.

Segment 4

As we bring the episode to a close, Frank talks about the many friends and colleagues he has met and the amazing platforms they are creating. Frank himself is very proud of the platform he has created and is excited about the future of the show and what messages he can help share. Back in 2013, Frank went to Hawaii with his family, and with the recent news of the fires in Maui, he wanted to share some of the souvenirs he got in Hawaii and how these souvenirs have helped him try to display the messages he wants to bring on his podcast. The souvenirs are little flags with the words’ happiness, tranquility, harmony, and love. He has been inspired by these to create good change in the coming future.


00:00:51.000 --> 00:01:09.509 Frank R. Harrison: hey, everybody. I am back from my hiatus. I think on one of my shows. I said it was only gonna be a 2 week or 3 week hiatus. It ended up being about a month long, and it was necessary. All of us have been through a lot of changes this past year, whether it has to do with our own overall health

00:01:09.530 --> 00:01:24.550 Frank R. Harrison: recovery from the COVID-19. Pandemic dealing with issues in in the area of mental health. We have climate change issues going on. Those of you in California just experienced your first, ever hurricane in 48 years.

00:01:24.550 --> 00:01:47.429 Frank R. Harrison: At the same time the people of Maui. They experienced the devastating wildfire. I'm wearing that shirt in tribute to them. Unfortunately, I lost one person that I knew there about 10 years ago, when I went to visit Lahina, and that in itself had so many visceral memories for me that I'm not mourning. I mean, I'm celebrating the history of Hawaii, and of course the relevance of that town.

00:01:47.440 --> 00:02:04.600 Frank R. Harrison: But at the same time it's a reflection of climate change and unexpected changes that are happening in the environment. Here in New York we experienced the smoke from the Canadian forest fires that turned our entire city into look like a resemblance of the planet Mars.

00:02:04.600 --> 00:02:20.490 Frank R. Harrison: And then, right now we're just recovering from another hurricane in Florida, and there's just a lot of other uncertainties going on, at least throughout the rest of 2023 into 2024. So I thought I would come back from the hiatus and spend the hour with

00:02:20.490 --> 00:02:45.330 Frank R. Harrison: my special guest, Jose Dennis, who's been on Frank about health. We did an episode on post traumatic epilepsy, where he talked about his experience with it. We also had him meet with my co-host, Phyllis Quinlan, to discuss about how medications are more affordable outside of this country, and so I thought, being that he is a very also important person with helping me do with his show.

00:02:45.540 --> 00:02:49.009 Frank R. Harrison: He's kind of a background producer, and has been over the last 2 years.

00:02:49.090 --> 00:03:00.199 Frank R. Harrison: I wanted to just have a discussion with him about what we had experiences past summer as well as see what his own thoughts are about the future, and during the hour. We'll also reclip

00:03:00.570 --> 00:03:02.530 Frank R. Harrison: or recap some clips

00:03:02.570 --> 00:03:17.919 Frank R. Harrison: of episodes that were done over the last 3 months. That were lessons learned, and could be the secrets to unlock the questions that we all have about the future, and how to manage our quality of life, our mental health, among other things.

00:03:18.860 --> 00:03:24.839 Frank R. Harrison: I think, Joey, you're still muted, but I want you to unmute. So that way you can just

00:03:25.090 --> 00:03:49.950 Frank R. Harrison: tell your background and introduce yourself to everybody. And and, by the way, Logan behind the scenes. Thank you so much for helping put this informal discussion together. And I know you're monitoring out there on social media linkedin Youtube and twitch. If anybody has questions throughout the hour about any of the events or any of the shows, please monitor them, send them along, and I'll be an able to answer them. Live

00:03:50.010 --> 00:03:54.770 Frank R. Harrison: so, Joey, welcome back, I should say, to Frank about health.

00:03:55.690 --> 00:03:57.060 JOEY: Thank you for having me.

00:03:57.280 --> 00:04:00.710 JOEY: My name is Jose Dennis.

00:04:01.370 --> 00:04:05.640 JOEY: I am an employee of the Department of Education. I'm a family worker.

00:04:05.750 --> 00:04:10.700 JOEY: I've been working with middle school students for the past 26 years.

00:04:10.780 --> 00:04:13.470 JOEY: and prior to that I used to do summer programs

00:04:14.030 --> 00:04:18.519 JOEY:  with the children. And and so so you know.

00:04:18.760 --> 00:04:20.170 JOEY: I'm pretty well

00:04:20.640 --> 00:04:23.330 JOEY: experience and dealing and handling children

00:04:25.870 --> 00:04:50.599 Frank R. Harrison: exactly. But during this past summer you had to deal with a lot more than just students. You had to deal with family members all needing healthcare support and advocacy. You've also dealt with your community and a lot of different people, especially in watching me go through issues surrounding the ongoing issues of the health issues of my cousin, which we'll probably touch a little bit about during the show and

00:04:50.820 --> 00:05:09.669 Frank R. Harrison: For that reason I'll know. Oh, enough. II knew that having this show with you today as just a discussion, you know, where we're not gonna be talking about something new, those for the next 10 episodes after this week, but wanted to recap everything that's going on. I think the episode is called where we've been and where we're going, and

00:05:10.240 --> 00:05:21.499 Frank R. Harrison: it only makes sense to do kind of a recap show. And in this formatted discussion, before I come back, full force after Labor Day with 10

00:05:21.640 --> 00:05:49.379 Frank R. Harrison: robust episodes that are gonna be pivotal in terms of what we here at talk Nyc. With Frank about health and other shows on the network can do to help foster the change that is necessary. Right here, everybody, we are broadcasting or podcasting from the Nyu Langone medical School. Actually, it's called the Grossman School of medicine under Nyu Langone health. And we are also going to

00:05:49.380 --> 00:06:05.619 Frank R. Harrison: just have a very informal discussion, so there will not be a need for disclaimer, however, just to be formal and just, to be considerate. If you find any of the information that you hear today to be a feeling of bias or feeling of discomfort. By all means.

00:06:05.980 --> 00:06:11.899 Frank R. Harrison: Just don't listen to what we have to say. We're not trying to do it. infiltrate or influence

00:06:11.960 --> 00:06:22.940 Frank R. Harrison: your decision making over the way you have your health care treated who you use for your health care where you get your medications, or whatever we're just here to give you information, food for thought.

00:06:22.960 --> 00:06:33.710 Frank R. Harrison: and to use it in your decision making going forward. So where have we been over the last 3 months? In particular. as we, as I said earlier.

00:06:33.730 --> 00:06:46.859 Frank R. Harrison: we have seen fires in Maui, hurricanes in California and Florida, as well as New York City, become Mars for a day. Now that all looks like to me. Climate change because those patterns are unheard of.

00:06:47.140 --> 00:06:50.270 Frank R. Harrison: The issue with Maui is kind of

00:06:50.340 --> 00:06:57.819 Frank R. Harrison: dual focus. You've got windstorms that were coming from a hurricane further south from Hawaii, but

00:06:57.880 --> 00:07:01.930 Frank R. Harrison: for some reason. from what the news Media has been reporting.

00:07:02.030 --> 00:07:06.340 Frank R. Harrison: the citizens of of Maui right there on Mahina

00:07:07.030 --> 00:07:22.360 Frank R. Harrison: did not know what to do, because they were not informed. They were not given warnings. Even the the sound systems or warning signals were not activated. They kept the electric grids on when they may have been the cause of the initial fires that led to the spread.

00:07:23.450 --> 00:07:32.529 Frank R. Harrison: I don't know. It sounds like to me, either, just out of practice for never having to be in that kind of dangerous situation. But also

00:07:32.620 --> 00:07:45.749 Frank R. Harrison: we're out of practice because our ecosystem has changed dramatically over the past several years. II have the viewpoint. It could have been based on things like whether it's not not just climate change. But

00:07:46.060 --> 00:08:07.460 Frank R. Harrison: you know unexpected issues, that no one would think that a place that used to be the imperial home of King Kameh would all of a sudden be completely destroyed, you know. It's ironic is, you know, Joey, we've been involved with Hilton for the past couple of years, and and we both know that Hilton resorts out there in Maui

00:08:07.470 --> 00:08:09.190 have not been touched.

00:08:09.310 --> 00:08:11.350 Frank R. Harrison: but that's a that could be a both of us.

00:08:12.020 --> 00:08:27.450 Frank R. Harrison: which which is good, both a blessing and at the same time questionable. Although I do see the activities that Hilton is doing in Hawaii right now to really get a lot of financial support as well as help in the rehabilitation around

00:08:27.510 --> 00:08:40.229 Frank R. Harrison: that historical town, not to mention, I think, Walia Beach, which was where Paris. Hilton was spending her her time during the fires, and that in itself is another issue. But I will leave that for everyone else's interpretation.

00:08:40.350 --> 00:08:55.910 Frank R. Harrison: The other things that really were concerning me overall is for those of you who had to suffer the smoke inhalation of the Canadian forest fires. We're talking about affecting your allergies. If you have any affecting your

00:08:56.150 --> 00:09:04.220 Frank R. Harrison: your migraines affecting, even if you have other kinds of stress disorders that are in your heart area. Whatever.

00:09:04.630 --> 00:09:28.490 Frank R. Harrison: I found myself feeling like that I was eating or tasting metal on occasion. So the thing is is that it will also make me feel sluggish and no energy, and not and not wanting to continue doing my needed work such as this show one reason why I took my hiatus, I would. I can honestly say to the audience out there that one reason for the hiatus is that I felt the side effects

00:09:28.490 --> 00:09:39.030 Frank R. Harrison: of our environment during the summer, and hopefully, now that I've had some time to rehabilitate, I'll be able to give back to all of you out there by also reflecting

00:09:39.710 --> 00:09:49.910 Frank R. Harrison: on what not just what I learned, but what I also tried to continue to broadcast during that time and reflect on what major talking points and learning points have been.

00:09:50.190 --> 00:09:52.780 Frank R. Harrison:  I guess, overall.

00:09:53.510 --> 00:10:01.189 Frank R. Harrison: We're looking at a changed world. I don't know if it's due to post Covid. or it could be just because everyone is still

00:10:01.230 --> 00:10:18.630 Frank R. Harrison: being acclimated to reconnecting. Now the irony is, is I for those of you out there listening to the news media. They're talking about how the rate of COVID-19 infections is going up in hospitals. Their Cdc is talking about issuing new vaccines for new variants that have been

00:10:18.640 --> 00:10:37.850 Frank R. Harrison: I guess. Coming post omacron they are saying that that you know we've all been hearing about the bivalent booster which was introduced last year. They're now in about 3 weeks time mid September, gonna be introducing a totally new booster from Pfizer, Moderna, and Novavax.

00:10:38.170 --> 00:10:52.609 Frank R. Harrison: which is an interesting change. There's no Johnson and Johnson listed in there. I don't see Astrazeneca listed in there, so MRNA. Has proven to be the model that has worked, keeping our immunity, and of course both you and I have been.

00:10:52.620 --> 00:10:59.899 Frank R. Harrison: you know, infected with Covid in the past, so I guess we have our immunity from those initial infections, but I think each of us have also been

00:10:59.990 --> 00:11:24.470 Frank R. Harrison: boosted 4 additional times from our 2 initial shots because of our exposure to children like at your workplace, or my exposure to my father, who's recovering a cancer patient, not to mention anyone who's elder or autoimmune compromise and stuff like that. So that being said for those of you who believe in the vaccine, I highly recommend that when it is released. In a few weeks

00:11:24.480 --> 00:11:42.810 Frank R. Harrison: you go to your nearest drugstore, where it'll be available, or you get a prescription and go to well, II do mine here at Nyu Langone. Once I get the invite I'll be making the appointment, and I'll get my new shot definitely. Do not want to experience Covid again. I learned a lot from it, and it had its value. But it's not something I'm gonna

00:11:42.930 --> 00:11:48.100 Frank R. Harrison: let it just distract me from. And I'm just advocating the same for all of you out there

00:11:49.170 --> 00:11:55.070 Frank R. Harrison: overall in the last few weeks. you know, I've had a chance last week, in fact.

00:11:55.110 --> 00:12:21.650 Frank R. Harrison: to have an epilepsy show before I took the hiatus. Actually, it was recorded before I took the hiatus, and it aired last week. I guess it's a preview of my return. I think, for the purposes of those who may or may not have seen it. There was a quote that I wanted to show the audience out there. I'm gonna do that right now and then. Tell you the reason behind why I chose the title for that episode that I did so bear with me a second.

00:13:50.320 --> 00:14:05.909 Frank R. Harrison: Okay? Well, basically, this is just to inform all of you out there who, especially children, which is what that focus of the episode was that having an Aeg is not a scary event, it is keeping track of the nature of epilepsy that you have

00:14:06.120 --> 00:14:09.059 Frank R. Harrison: it also, as you could see by the book cover.

00:14:09.150 --> 00:14:26.690 Frank R. Harrison: Lucky was the name of a cat that was written by Josiani. I think that was her name, and it's it just grabbed me from the moment I saw the book, and I called the episode when Fuzzy feels lucky, was sweat a switch on the name of her book.

00:14:26.890 --> 00:14:44.049 Frank R. Harrison: Now the thing is is that I wanna be able to make sure. You guys know that there's a reason for that. But we have to take our first break, and when we return I will explain that reason. So please stay tuned right here on talk radio, dot Nyc and all of our social media. We'll be back in a few.

00:14:58.510 --> 00:15:00.899 Frank R. Harrison: You couldn't hear that clip at all.

00:15:03.130 --> 00:15:05.750 Frank R. Harrison: So you need to, he said that the voice was down.

00:17:43.760 --> 00:18:08.030 Frank R. Harrison: hey, everybody technical difficulties. Once again, apparently the video that I just aired nobody could hear at all. Now I did notice the volume was a little low. I don't know if that's the reason for it, or maybe something in the way that I swapped the screen. What I was talking about prior to to the break that we just took is I was showing the copy of the book. Lucky takes his first Eeg.

00:18:08.370 --> 00:18:26.360 Frank R. Harrison: written by Josie, who was was the guest on that last week's show, and I was saying that the reason why I chose for that episode, when Lucky feels Fuzzy was really a lesson learned in terms of what it means to be a person with epilepsy that suffers from those auras. Now.

00:18:26.630 --> 00:18:54.629 Frank R. Harrison: if you didn't hear what was said, I apologize for that again. That's technical difficulties. But she was basically promoting the book and explaining that Eegs are not scary. And then, especially when your audiences, children who are reading those books, they look forward to having their Eeg. At least they're maintaining their their quality of life and not being concerned that being labeled or diagnosed in epileptic is a stigma that they can learn to live with rather than dread.

00:18:54.730 --> 00:19:02.589 Frank R. Harrison: Now. Again, the character in that book was a cat named Lucky, and most furry cats feel fuzzy.

00:19:02.630 --> 00:19:12.199 Frank R. Harrison: but the fuzzy analogy was that of auras, feelings of sensations in your cheeks, or even in your arms. Whenever you're about to go into a seizure.

00:19:12.650 --> 00:19:17.749 Frank R. Harrison: I decided to call that episode when lucky, when Fuzzy feels lucky.

00:19:18.090 --> 00:19:32.589 Frank R. Harrison: addressing the individual epileptic patient out there so that they can see a show that shows how the epilepsy stigma can be erased by looking at your auras as a sense that you are a lucky person.

00:19:32.680 --> 00:19:45.429 Frank R. Harrison: that you can take care of the insight that you're about to have a seizure and prepare to prevent any kind of Comorbid damage like falling or cracking your skull, or God forbid anything worse.

00:19:45.560 --> 00:19:50.570 Frank R. Harrison: So, having an aura is is something to feel lucky about.

00:19:50.880 --> 00:19:52.409 Frank R. Harrison: Alright. So

00:19:52.590 --> 00:20:14.529 Frank R. Harrison: when you're feeling fuzzy, you're feeling lucky now, was the lesson learned that I took from that show, although the show was intended to also show that individuals under the age of 16 who get diagnosed with epilepsy, it can be very traumatic, especially during the teen years. And so those books were written to help encourage those patients, those young patients.

00:20:14.540 --> 00:20:18.059 Frank R. Harrison: to learn to live with their epilepsy more optimistically.

00:20:18.680 --> 00:20:42.590 Frank R. Harrison: Well, I've explained what that scene was about. I just hope that any of the other scenes that I'm about to show also get heard, because I know they're louder in volume. If, however, and I'm gonna take Dr. Miro Brandu's advice from her show, and I hope you've been watching the hard skills right here on talk radio dot Nyc. Thursdays at one pm. Because

00:20:42.590 --> 00:21:07.469 Frank R. Harrison: it's very inspirational for those people under stress trying to do a show or trying to do their job and limited by, you know, a live show. She. I think she's done a few flubs on her shows, and she's embraced them, and so I'm embracing it. Accordingly I learned a lot from watching that show, and I hope you do, too. That being said, I'm about to show a clip from when she appeared on Frank about health about a month ago, when we were about

00:21:07.470 --> 00:21:23.240 Frank R. Harrison: to launch her show, and she makes a comment that I think I just wanna repeat for everyone out there, and if by any chance you guys can't hear it, especially you, Joey, since you're observing, just take your hand up or something, and I'll go right back and explain it, just like I did the previous one.

00:21:23.240 --> 00:21:25.730 Frank R. Harrison: So everybody just stay tuned.

00:21:45.450 --> 00:21:48.320 JOEY: Morning. I have to go to restaurants.

00:21:59.230 --> 00:22:09.859 Frank R. Harrison: okay? Unable to hear these shows what Dr. Mirabranku was saying in that particular scene is that workers

00:22:09.880 --> 00:22:34.870 Frank R. Harrison: need to feel comfortable in their work environment, especially if they are dealing with disabilities in particular, based on the show. It was about a lot of women in the workplace who may suffer from things like epilepsy, or may suffer from autism, or may suffer from discrimination or trauma, or some other individual circumstances that really fits that

00:22:34.870 --> 00:22:58.549 Frank R. Harrison: that person, and what she does with her practice as well as what she teaches on the hard skills is how you can use your diversity as an asset. And basically what she was saying in that sound bite which I guess a lot of you did not hear is that there are organizations today that have the research to prove that they need to shift their cultures to enable these individuals with their

00:22:58.770 --> 00:23:18.920 Frank R. Harrison: disabilities to use them as a strength, as a superpower. At the same time a lot of people are trying to walk away from organizations and be on their own, be in the hybrid mode, be more entrepreneurial, so that they can contribute to the organization in their best way, and there are organizations creating their work culture to accommodate that.

00:23:18.930 --> 00:23:46.499 Frank R. Harrison: So it's a paradigm shift that I think, began with COVID-19, but has now become part of the new normal, especially in the workplace. So I think not only was that episode a lesson learned, but it was also promo. So please continue watching the hard skills. I think it's already had 4 episodes, and literally, I take notes as she advises her listeners to do, and she also has a heavy base on Linkedin, where she communicates with her fans as well as her guests.

00:23:46.500 --> 00:23:58.769 Frank R. Harrison: and not to mention, I think she's actually going to be creating a webinar series out of it in the long run. But in order to get on that train to incorporate and learn how to use your hard skills.

00:23:59.140 --> 00:24:12.499 Frank R. Harrison: You know, you can watch the old episodes on Youtube, or you can continue to watch every Thursday one pm, right here on talk radio dot, Nyc, and of course, our Youtube Linkedin and Facebook channels.

00:24:13.160 --> 00:24:30.640 Frank R. Harrison: Now, I think what I will do instead of worrying about the sound bite is, I will show the video, and I will narrate behind what's being said. So you'll hear me discussing the lesson learned during those episodes of Frank about health that aired before the hiatus.

00:24:30.820 --> 00:24:38.029 Frank R. Harrison: The next show that I got is from Mauri Zalkovich and the Mori method. Now let me first share the screen.

00:24:40.010 --> 00:24:49.169 Frank R. Harrison: and, as I said. If you can't hear it I will be talking over it, anyway. so we can figure out what is being said, because it's important.

00:25:04.380 --> 00:25:25.379 Frank R. Harrison: Right there. Maurie is talking about his work, that he has, that he has created as an engineer, a sound engineer in brain and trainment. Now, at the time when I aired this episode energizing your mind, will energize your life. We were discussing about Alzheimer's disease as such as in the case of my cousin, who has been recently diagnosed with it.

00:25:25.620 --> 00:25:53.599 Frank R. Harrison: I am right now wearing the bone conduction headphones that he was promoting on that show. I was about to show the discussion where he's promoting its value, and how you can use the vibrating sounds to help with cleaning the memory cells in your brain that help to reinforce the proteins, the amyloid proteins that are in the brain during your sleep cycles so that it can help to minimize the effects of Alzheimer's disease and dementia.

00:25:53.600 --> 00:26:09.679 Frank R. Harrison: His sound files come in other categories as well. Currently, my mother is using it to help with sleep deprivation, or I think they call that insomnia. I myself am using them as I do this show, because I notice the vibrating sound goes right through

00:26:09.680 --> 00:26:19.479 Frank R. Harrison: the middle ear into the the not the eardrum, but it actually sounds louder than the earbuds that I have been listening to

00:26:19.620 --> 00:26:25.710 Frank R. Harrison: for a long time, which, as you can see, I no longer use. But the point of the matter is is that I'm highly recommending.

00:26:25.830 --> 00:26:41.480 Frank R. Harrison: and I got these on Amazon. Alright. I am highly recommending that you use this to help with focus, to help with energy, to help with calm, to help with happiness. And basically for those people suffering from Alzheimer's and dementia.

00:26:41.660 --> 00:26:44.260 Frank R. Harrison: Yeah, and sleep deprivation.

00:26:45.090 --> 00:27:13.780 Frank R. Harrison: That's another reason why to get those bone conduction headphones. The point about Mauri Zalkovich is that he has become a role model for me and my family, especially in dealing with a lot of recent issues. He will also be a guest on this show during the next 10 weeks. I've already scheduled him for some time in September, and we're going to talk about some other programs that he's currently creating overall. He is not a licensed medical professional. He's not a neurologist.

00:27:13.840 --> 00:27:18.720 Frank R. Harrison: but he's a sound engineer that stopped himself from committing suicide.

00:27:18.870 --> 00:27:42.090 Frank R. Harrison: albeit with multiple attempts already committed, and using those sound files to change how his brain responds to the voices in his head, and also has responded to people with other kinds of symptoms like Ptsd. As well as in that case, which is why that episode was so pivotal. Alzheimer's disease. I see we're about to take our next break.

00:27:42.130 --> 00:27:49.460 Frank R. Harrison: So that being said, Please stay tuned right here on talk, radio, Dot, Nyc. And in the next section

00:27:49.490 --> 00:27:52.070 I'm gonna talk about where we are going.

00:27:52.170 --> 00:27:58.149 Frank R. Harrison: and hopefully the sound files I play there. You'll be able to hear. Alright. We'll be back in a few.

00:29:59.850 --> 00:30:01.690 Frank R. Harrison: everybody and welcome back

00:30:01.770 --> 00:30:11.239 Frank R. Harrison: overall before I took the hiatus. As I've already shown you, I had an opportunity to help Dr. Mira Branku, watch, her launch, her Podcast

00:30:11.570 --> 00:30:12.260 Frank R. Harrison: that's right.

00:30:12.440 --> 00:30:40.469 Frank R. Harrison: And it was very motivating and inspirational that I believe it's a very top-notch show, and I highly recommend it. I had a chance over the last half hour to also show you sound bites from Maury about the Maury method, and how he will be coming back on the show, and at the same time I also showed you a scene from last week's episode about removing the stigma with epilepsy, especially in children using a character named Lucky, who feels Fuzzy

00:30:40.810 --> 00:30:42.299 Frank R. Harrison: now,

00:30:42.480 --> 00:30:55.519 Frank R. Harrison: Joey, being that you have been watching that, and you have been very instrumental in letting me know what you can and cannot hear. My question is overall. What has been your takeaway when you have seen those shows. Do you have any thoughts and opinions?

00:30:57.020 --> 00:31:05.559 JOEY:  Well, when you interview Murray, Marie, I think that's the thing.

00:31:05.690 --> 00:31:13.029 JOEY: I found his show. It's a very interesting, very enlightening. that I also cobble myself

00:31:13.280 --> 00:31:16.919 JOEY: a pair of bone conductor headphones

00:31:17.000 --> 00:31:21.190 JOEY: which are really good because I hated putting things inside my ear.

00:31:21.300 --> 00:31:29.979 JOEY:  so it makes it easier and more pleasant to listen to

00:31:33.010 --> 00:31:36.899 JOEY: And or whatever other device that you have.

00:31:37.030 --> 00:31:40.679 JOEY:  it makes it more pleasant to listen to.

00:31:40.860 --> 00:31:53.249 JOEY: instead of constantly raising or lowering, and the volume and stuff, and I heard some of his sound bites. which are very relaxing

00:31:53.300 --> 00:31:55.019 JOEY: when you're trying to go to sleep.

00:31:55.270 --> 00:31:57.089 Frank R. Harrison: And so so I

00:31:57.410 --> 00:32:11.500 JOEY: I gather it's it's it's very helpful for a person when they're trying to relax and can't. Once they put the conductor headphones on and start listening to the sound bytes

00:32:11.600 --> 00:32:12.970 JOEY: that he provides

00:32:13.080 --> 00:32:20.220 JOEY: and stuff. It causes your body a total relaxation. and your mind to just relax

00:32:20.300 --> 00:32:21.910 JOEY: and just forget about everything

00:32:22.490 --> 00:32:24.110 JOEY: and just have a phone.

00:32:25.670 --> 00:32:48.010 Frank R. Harrison: Yes, no, I mean I. As you notice, you can also have phone calls on it. You could also do zoom conferences on it. And you again you you can hear your your music on spotify, or wherever it is. The the thing is is that I think, even in the way when you hear music much different and more like 3 60

00:32:48.100 --> 00:32:49.900 Frank R. Harrison: versus with the buds.

00:32:50.010 --> 00:32:58.490 Frank R. Harrison: I could see, like what he says on what he has said on the 2 shows. He appeared on that sound are just vibrations, and it's up to the brain

00:32:58.520 --> 00:33:26.479 Frank R. Harrison: to go ahead and interpret those vow vibrations and create the words and the music and all of the other things that we're all used to hearing. I just have a feeling that the way historically, people would always be wearing speakers, or they would have buds, wireless or otherwise. They're actually embedding the wax into the ear and making almost forcing the vibration into the eardrum, which may explain why there's been a decline in hearing.

00:33:26.480 --> 00:33:48.219 Frank R. Harrison: especially over the last couple years. I don't know. During the pandemic we were always on zoom, and we were always listening to get a, you know, binge watching television while we had nothing else to do while we were quarantined or on lockdown. I have a feeling that it just became a secondary consequence of constantly having earbuds in your ears. A lot of people's rate of hearing

00:33:48.220 --> 00:34:03.519 Frank R. Harrison: has has declined, and as such you now see that they're offering new hearing aids with Bluetooth. So you can have your phone calls on them and stuff. It's it's as almost as if a byproduct of the COVID-19 pandemic

00:34:03.920 --> 00:34:07.480 Frank R. Harrison: was creating a new population of people with hearing problems.

00:34:07.820 --> 00:34:36.070 Frank R. Harrison: you know, in your 50 s. And 60 s. Rather than typical average 80 S. And above, you know. Now, I don't know. I mean, that was obviously done without any understanding. But that's what I like about Maury. He is very definitely innovative and insightful. Of course they do say that whenever you are dealing with your own ailment, and there's no other solution you can come up with. Sometimes you just got invented yourself, and that's what he definitely has done. And I'm letting all the listeners out there

00:34:36.199 --> 00:34:58.739 Frank R. Harrison: know that if you want access to those various sound files. I am the point person, because I have access to the trials, and if you like them, you can actually purchase the programs, especially if you're in a serious need of rehabilitating your mental or neurological health, or just trying to improve your mood and other kinds of quality of life issues, I could say.

00:34:59.060 --> 00:35:06.580 Frank R. Harrison: you know to you, Joey, that even just hearing the music. you know that in itself has made me feel more relaxed.

00:35:06.680 --> 00:35:16.420 Frank R. Harrison: maybe because the way projects the vibration into into that area, because, you know, they're they're not on. They're not in the ear. They're on the area here

00:35:16.550 --> 00:35:25.109 Frank R. Harrison: that goes right to the eardrum, I guess you know. Yeah. Another mutual friend of ours, Rita Gray.

00:35:25.280 --> 00:35:44.930 Frank R. Harrison: We were talking about her recent success on Retirement House. The reason why I bring that up is because you and I had a chance to go see the Barbie movie. Now, I think Number 18 movie in the country to be the highest grossing film, 1.3 4 5 billion dollars, or whatever it is.

00:35:45.030 --> 00:35:49.329 Frank R. Harrison: But she did a sketch on Retirement House

00:35:49.430 --> 00:35:55.649 Frank R. Harrison: where she was talking about. I need to look like Barbie. I wish I had that for viewers, but

00:35:55.870 --> 00:36:09.160 Frank R. Harrison: I don't wanna risk the sound issues. I just figured I wanted to take on what she has been doing on healthcare overall, and how she's trying to use her platform to create the buzz on social media.

00:36:10.750 --> 00:36:17.330 JOEY: Well, one of the issues that she went through was her heart condition. And I remember her

00:36:17.400 --> 00:36:23.149 JOEY: Coming onto your show to speak about that which is very enlightening.

00:36:23.610 --> 00:36:26.509 JOEY: You know. Her experience

00:36:26.820 --> 00:36:32.750 JOEY: what she experience, how the doctors helped her and stuff, and she had a lot to say about that which was

00:36:32.990 --> 00:36:43.680 JOEY: very, very interesting, and I had the pleasure of meeting her this past year. In la! I met her before when she came to visit

00:36:43.790 --> 00:36:48.760 JOEY: in New York, but it was the first time I went to ever went to La

00:36:49.110 --> 00:36:59.770 JOEY: and she surprised me by driving me around and take me to different places and stuff like that. So it's it's she's such a sweetheart. I love her.

00:36:59.860 --> 00:37:01.530 Frank R. Harrison: and yes.

00:37:01.610 --> 00:37:11.130 JOEY: but when it comes to health care and and senior help and all that stuff. She is on top of her name when it comes to knowing.

00:37:11.240 --> 00:37:16.660 JOEY: We start this to see which

00:37:17.470 --> 00:37:20.519 JOEY: places she needs to go

00:37:20.870 --> 00:37:23.349 JOEY: and how

00:37:23.790 --> 00:37:26.010 JOEY: to look after herself

00:37:26.710 --> 00:37:29.189 JOEY: at her stage.

00:37:30.340 --> 00:37:35.550 JOEY: She also helps a mutual friend of ours

00:37:35.880 --> 00:37:45.310 JOEY: who had gotten injured on her ankle. Oh, with her situation. and finding therapy and all that stuff, so

00:37:45.430 --> 00:37:48.380 JOEY: and she's doing a lot better now. So

00:37:48.450 --> 00:37:51.179 JOEY: which is good. But she has.

00:37:51.220 --> 00:37:57.230 JOEY: Oh, our mutual friend, Latice, with her

00:37:57.350 --> 00:37:58.930 JOEY: situation, and

00:37:59.620 --> 00:38:05.290 JOEY: you know she, as I said, she's very enlightening when it comes to healthy.

00:38:05.800 --> 00:38:31.910 Frank R. Harrison: Now for those of you who've watched Frank about health for the last 2 years. I think Rita has been on about 7 or 8 shows we obviously, as as Joey mentioned, she was. She was on a 3 episode series that I had back in February during heart health awareness month, the irony I was gonna have her appear in week one, but she was rushed to the hospital with a perceived heart attack, which turned out to be an attack of sepsis.

00:38:31.950 --> 00:38:48.129 Frank R. Harrison: and luckily enough, she had all the resources to get the right treatment to remove the sepsis, and also make sure that her stents that were put in place were in place, and if she needed any other kind of solutions for what was going on, she would learn them and put them to work.

00:38:48.180 --> 00:39:06.719 Frank R. Harrison: I think we had also learned about from our guest at that time, who was monitoring the Bahamas model, as well as other aspects of heart health about how to remove plaque that that does work, but not in all cases, I think what's more concerned is to be advocating for your heart health

00:39:06.720 --> 00:39:24.070 Frank R. Harrison: at a younger age, when you can, either through the right nutrients that you take in, or the right drinks that you take in. Takeo stay away from sugars and and fatty fatty acids and other kinds of things like that. But more important is just being able to be aware that

00:39:24.100 --> 00:39:43.729 Frank R. Harrison: with the climate change that's going on, that could be an impact on your heart health. I know we have seen in the media recently for those people who are diabetic or possibly have weight problem. They are been told that they can take something called bovi, which are daily injections to help in losing weight. And they now recently had found

00:39:43.730 --> 00:39:59.139 Frank R. Harrison: in studies or focus groups or test groups that it helps with people who have failing hearts. Now that's great for some people. But we never wanna have something as a foolproof solution for everyone, because there's no such thing.

00:39:59.330 --> 00:40:09.749 Frank R. Harrison: Everything is a case-by-case basis. And what I love about Rita is that she looks at everyone's case by case situation, which is why she's used her platform not only on Tiktok.

00:40:09.760 --> 00:40:34.820 Frank R. Harrison: but at the same time, when she worked with Betty White on off their rockers over 10 years ago. She uses it to keep herself available for people who are looking for caregiving support, who are looking for guidance on how to monitor your cardiac care, and for that reason alone, everybody. She will be also on Frank about health in the coming weeks. It might be a recorded show because of her schedule with Tiktok.

00:40:34.820 --> 00:40:48.329 Frank R. Harrison: but at least when she comes on I can't wait to hear the latest stuff she's been doing, cause. Obviously I reached out to her when the situation occurred in Maui, and we're kind of engaged in something right now which I'll let all of you know when everything ripens

00:40:48.550 --> 00:40:57.990 Frank R. Harrison: that, all being said II just am grateful that you know it's in the people that you work with as well as that. I've been here on Frank about health

00:40:58.780 --> 00:41:13.460 Frank R. Harrison: that have learned to define my role in trying to start out with living with epilepsy. And now, being an advocate for everyone's improvement and quality of life, and I think, showing the previews of the past episodes that I did

00:41:13.570 --> 00:41:42.320 Frank R. Harrison: is leading us to also show how all of us, as a community is definitely gonna move forward in helping this platform right here on talk radio, dot Nyc helping the viewers that have been continuing to watch since I aired 2 years ago, as well as watching them in their platforms that drive traffic back to us. And we can further develop that community because it's in times like this, especially with climate change. The community has to work together in order to create change

00:41:43.350 --> 00:41:44.670 Frank R. Harrison: overall.

00:41:44.760 --> 00:41:54.880 Frank R. Harrison: I would like to say that. I am thinking in terms of my dear friend Danielle Swanson, another individual that has discussed

00:41:55.290 --> 00:42:20.590 Frank R. Harrison: about creating change. If you recall, we did an episode with her about her Podcast which has been airing on spotify apple stitcher and some other ones. I'm going to now. Show the screen of it. Not gonna play any sound bites to this should be no problem there, but she is having 2 new episodes next week, and I want to explain the value.

00:42:20.760 --> 00:42:25.680 Frank R. Harrison: And her most recent guest. Let me do that here.

00:42:29.100 --> 00:42:38.039 Frank R. Harrison: Comfortable change. As we were talking on on Frank about health. we all have to make change, especially in this post. Covid environment

00:42:38.390 --> 00:42:42.010 Frank R. Harrison: change in general makes everyone uncomfortable.

00:42:42.040 --> 00:43:09.500 Frank R. Harrison: But she's talking also an epilepsy patient. She's talking about how making change in a comfortable way helps give you the sense of power and strength and courage that we all need. Sometimes it's slow, but also the more you do it, and the more you practice as well as the more you use the mori method. You're able to go ahead and make change much quicker. And I think that when you see episodes, not episodes, rather

00:43:09.880 --> 00:43:22.799 Frank R. Harrison: situations like the fires in Maui, and strange hurricanes and and forest fires. We all have to be ready to make change constantly. That's the constant August third. I was a guest on the show.

00:43:22.810 --> 00:43:38.739 Frank R. Harrison: and it was a wonderful time being on the show to not necessarily talk about healthcare, but to talk about how we met back in 2,009 and just based on our relationship. We together have been able to do things in terms of

00:43:38.930 --> 00:43:52.220 Frank R. Harrison: help, each other on each other's podcasts. She was helping me with Jeff to me track as we had our stages of epilepsy series, mushrooms since last January and overall. I just find it interesting how

00:43:52.230 --> 00:43:59.360 Frank R. Harrison: people who have been exposed on Frank about health have been able to expand their platform. and as such

00:43:59.550 --> 00:44:08.059 Frank R. Harrison: make comfortable change for those of you who already subscribe to spotify. Just search comfortable change. You will find the alert.

00:44:08.100 --> 00:44:17.850 Frank R. Harrison: and we're now 1 min to break, so I'm going to return in a couple minutes and wrap up some discussions with Joey

00:44:18.080 --> 00:44:29.500 Frank R. Harrison: about Maui and other plans for the future. Please stay tuned right here on talk radio and Nyc. And on our Linkedin, Facebook, Youtube and twitch channels, we'll be back in a few.

00:46:33.110 --> 00:46:40.790 Frank R. Harrison: hey, everybody, and welcome back after 45 min and reflecting on everything that I've been talking about, even amongst technical difficulties

00:46:40.880 --> 00:46:49.339 Frank R. Harrison: I can see. I've tried to create a sense of where we've been. Now we're gonna spend the remaining segment of the show as to where we are going.

00:46:49.420 --> 00:46:55.740 Frank R. Harrison: Everyone knows that frank about health in its 89 episodes, which is what this one is.

00:46:55.790 --> 00:47:19.699 Frank R. Harrison: has done all that it could to bring in guests that are pivotal in various areas, whether Miss Quinlan, a nurse and also a helping support, the share, the care organization, and also a coach, and also a beloved co-host, who I hope to bring for another episode in the next 10 weeks. She has been instrumental in helping me

00:47:19.700 --> 00:47:44.800 Frank R. Harrison: designed this platform to go above and beyond covid and epilepsy. There's been Jeff Dimitrack, who, I understand, has his own stages of epilepsy platform on Instagram, which I'll show. A scene of so you can all be redirected. I know he's taking the episodes that we've done together here on Frank about health, and dubbing each one as a stage of epilepsy, including the most recent one on auras and feeling fuzzy.

00:47:44.880 --> 00:48:13.310 Frank R. Harrison: But the thing is is that he's got a lot more up his sleeve, which I think, for those of you, especially epilepsy advocates, or those working or living life with epilepsy. Pay attention to a lot of the work that he's gonna be doing in the future. He's gonna be doing a lot of epilepsy walks to raise funds for research because it is a condition that continues while it's evolving in its sense of a stigma, it is still continuing to be something you have to live with, because there is no cure yet.

00:48:13.310 --> 00:48:28.290 Frank R. Harrison: although he's advocating in his own way, and I think what I was pointing out earlier about both Rita with Joey when we were talking about the impact she's had on both of our lives as well as when we were talking about. Danielle Swanson.

00:48:28.700 --> 00:48:29.740 Frank R. Harrison: each of the

00:48:30.290 --> 00:48:45.360 Frank R. Harrison: yeah health were either advocates in their own right, or looking for a way to bridge out and become advocates after appearing with me right here on Frank about health. I'm very proud of what the platform Frank, about health has become.

00:48:45.400 --> 00:48:55.029 Frank R. Harrison: We are going to really do our best, moving forward to make it more pivotal pivotal, especially when it comes to dealing with the people of Maui.

00:48:55.040 --> 00:49:12.740 Frank R. Harrison: That's another hint hint. But either way, I wanna kind of touch upon some things and then show you a final video which is, gonna reflect on what I want most of the listeners from this episode to take moving forward as we go through the next 10 weeks on this current season of frank about health.

00:49:13.290 --> 00:49:18.960 Frank R. Harrison: and that is is that the experience that I had in Maui in 2013

00:49:19.040 --> 00:49:21.130 Frank R. Harrison: was historical

00:49:21.370 --> 00:49:24.150 Frank R. Harrison: as well as inspirational.

00:49:24.360 --> 00:49:36.979 Frank R. Harrison: I was also with my little nephews, who were only about 3 or 4 years old at the time, but it was an opportunity to really explore part of our country in the middle of the South Pacific.

00:49:37.080 --> 00:49:40.830 Frank R. Harrison: and I have some souvenirs that I purchased

00:49:41.150 --> 00:49:47.790 Frank R. Harrison: right there in Lahaina. So I wanted to say that these are the things that we all

00:49:47.800 --> 00:49:56.250 Frank R. Harrison: right here on Talkradio, dot Nyc. And on Frank about health, want to inspire in you the listener and viewer. One is

00:49:58.090 --> 00:49:59.230 Frank R. Harrison: happiness.

00:50:00.350 --> 00:50:03.310 Frank R. Harrison: alright. another

00:50:05.580 --> 00:50:08.020 Frank R. Harrison: is tranquility.

00:50:09.470 --> 00:50:10.850 Frank R. Harrison: a third one

00:50:13.690 --> 00:50:15.050 Frank R. Harrison: is harmony.

00:50:16.920 --> 00:50:18.930 Frank R. Harrison: and of course, ultimately

00:50:20.160 --> 00:50:21.050 Frank R. Harrison: love.

00:50:22.190 --> 00:50:26.270 Frank R. Harrison: I may not be overt about all of that in every episode I've done.

00:50:26.770 --> 00:50:38.079 Frank R. Harrison: but I think I try to project that through the nature of the topics that I've discussed and working with people that have been very supportive of me and Sam Leibowitz, your name is done. List.

00:50:38.260 --> 00:50:43.469 Frank R. Harrison: you know as well as you, Logan, behind the scenes. I am definitely, very much

00:50:44.030 --> 00:50:50.280 Frank R. Harrison: inspired to come back after the hiatus and do the next 10 episodes, because we're going to be building

00:50:50.530 --> 00:50:56.210 Frank R. Harrison: block of episodes that are going to really create change in the New Year. That's the intention.

00:50:56.330 --> 00:51:03.409 Frank R. Harrison: And of course, in order to make that happen. I have a lot of team of people I've been working with and reassembling during the hiatus

00:51:03.450 --> 00:51:19.410 Frank R. Harrison: to make it happen. But the only thing I could do is show you the goods when they come up. But the final thing besides the 4 messages that I've been trying to do is something that was discussed right here on Frank about health actually back in January.

00:51:19.430 --> 00:51:32.599 Frank R. Harrison: Alright, I now know what the secret is for you to hear the sound files. So I'm gonna do that. And I want you to take away while you, Joey, especially when I finish that video, I want you tell me what that fifth element was.

00:51:32.640 --> 00:51:33.700 Frank R. Harrison: Okay.

00:52:43.330 --> 00:52:45.629 Frank R. Harrison: So first of all, Joey, did you hear that?

00:52:46.140 --> 00:52:48.520 JOEY: Yes, I did. That was a replacement.

00:52:48.850 --> 00:52:50.880 JOEY: Oh, am I correct?

00:52:52.770 --> 00:52:56.979 Frank R. Harrison: That's correct. But did you remember what that doctor was indicating?

00:52:57.290 --> 00:53:03.859 Frank R. Harrison: I talked about love, harmony, tranquility, and happiness? What was she saying? Was the fifth element?

00:53:05.210 --> 00:53:05.980 JOEY: Oh.

00:53:07.130 --> 00:53:12.249 Frank R. Harrison: then, then, then, then, then then forgiveness.

00:53:12.550 --> 00:53:18.240 Frank R. Harrison: That's what we all have to do, not only for each other, but for ourselves.

00:53:18.380 --> 00:53:25.569 Frank R. Harrison: because when dealing with mental health issues or even trauma-based issues, neurological health

00:53:25.600 --> 00:53:28.919 Frank R. Harrison: living with things like cancer, cardiac problems

00:53:29.060 --> 00:53:49.339 Frank R. Harrison: making change. I mean everything that we've discussed the last 45 min. A lot of people just don't forgive, they don't forgive the person or persons or situations that have created the trauma bond or the the situation that occurred to them. They also don't forgive themselves, and how they've been

00:53:49.380 --> 00:54:10.059 Frank R. Harrison: responding to it, feeling helpless, feeling like they didn't know what else to do when sometimes the message was within yourself. Frank, about health, as you know, has been trying to advocate for self awareness and self advocacy, to live as much of a better quality of life with your condition, or hopefully recovering from it.

00:54:10.910 --> 00:54:19.609 Frank R. Harrison: but the one missing ingredient, which is why I brought that up now, even though that show was 8 months ago or 7 months ago is because

00:54:19.750 --> 00:54:21.030 Frank R. Harrison: you can have

00:54:21.150 --> 00:54:26.750 Frank R. Harrison: love, harmony, trust, happiness, tranquility, all, everything that I've said here.

00:54:26.950 --> 00:54:36.199 Frank R. Harrison: But you can't do any of it until you have forgiveness first, and as what was indicated by it by that individual doctor, is

00:54:36.510 --> 00:54:41.730 Frank R. Harrison: that forgiveness is not forgiving what was done to you. If.

00:54:41.740 --> 00:54:46.950 Frank R. Harrison: again. letting go of a.

00:54:47.590 --> 00:54:58.990 Frank R. Harrison: of a past, of letting go of a forgotten past. Wow! I unfortunately don't remember the exact line, but the thing is is that letting go of a future that isn't going to happen

00:54:59.290 --> 00:55:02.060 Frank R. Harrison: that a lot of people continue to expect to happen.

00:55:03.030 --> 00:55:10.410 Frank R. Harrison: you know, and when we are letting go of what was done. It's like you're not forgetting what was done.

00:55:10.730 --> 00:55:14.610 Frank R. Harrison: but you don't expect a new result. You just move forward.

00:55:14.720 --> 00:55:22.629 Frank R. Harrison: That is true forgiveness, and as such you feel the calm, you feel, the tranquility, you feel, the freedom to give love again.

00:55:22.660 --> 00:55:24.849 Frank R. Harrison: or give love again to yourself.

00:55:25.040 --> 00:55:27.419 Frank R. Harrison: you know. So that was the

00:55:27.440 --> 00:55:32.719 Frank R. Harrison: fifth element that I just wanted everyone to take away. I think we're almost

00:55:32.820 --> 00:55:35.849 Frank R. Harrison: done for the day, but what I want to do

00:55:35.870 --> 00:55:44.679 Frank R. Harrison: is kind of. Give a few reminders of what's coming up. First of all. in terms of what I've said on the show.

00:55:44.690 --> 00:55:48.720 Frank R. Harrison: Mauri Zalkovich will be back on the show as Will Rita Gray.

00:55:48.880 --> 00:55:57.589 Frank R. Harrison: I know that I'm gonna do another stages of epilepsy podcast with Jeff to me, trek. I've already spoken to some of our co-hosts about collaborating with them.

00:55:57.730 --> 00:56:08.480 Frank R. Harrison: Things haven't been confirmed yet. I've spoken to people at Brooklyn Technical High School, my Alma Mater. That was very instrumental with me last year, when I was helping celebrate the Centennial.

00:56:08.700 --> 00:56:24.049 Frank R. Harrison: one or 2 people that I spoke to, including Tanya Kennedy, might be back, but yet to be confirmed. I also want to point out that I'm coming close to my one hundredth episode, and that promises to be a real

00:56:25.660 --> 00:56:31.730 Frank R. Harrison: bang of a show. I just can't get into it until all the logistics are planned.

00:56:32.080 --> 00:56:58.989 Frank R. Harrison: In the meantime, I want everyone out there to continue to watch, not just frank about health, but the hard skills with Mira Branku, which is part of tomorrow's slate of shows right here on talk radio dot. Nyc, remember? 10 a. M. Starting with philanthropy and focus with Tommy D. At 110'clock. It's Stephen Fry, and always Friday at 120'clock. It's intangify with Matthew Asbell ending at one Pm. With Dr. Mira Branku and the hard skills.

00:56:58.990 --> 00:57:12.959 Frank R. Harrison: and then we begin again next week, which is what always Sam says before he signs off on his show the conscious consultant hour. And, by the way, Sam, I've been watching your most recent shows, and they've been inspiring in case I haven't mentioned it already.

00:57:14.740 --> 00:57:33.010 Frank R. Harrison: remember what I said for those 3 individuals that have been on Frank about health, Rita Gray. She's available on tick, tock at Retirement House. Go look it up. You see a lot of interesting characterizations that she's done. You look on spotify for a comfortable change with Danielle Swanson.

00:57:33.030 --> 00:57:48.859 Frank R. Harrison: and also look on Instagram for Jeff to me, tracks, stages of epilepsy. Now he's using the podcast performances right here on frank about health. But he's also explaining about other things that he's involved in, and he's advocating for epilepsy and all of its research.

00:57:49.100 --> 00:58:02.860 Frank R. Harrison: The other thing is is for those of you who want to see an archive of shows that I've done even as early as to 2021. When I return to the network, there's my own personal website. I'll just show you guys what it looks like

00:58:02.910 --> 00:58:10.869 Frank R. Harrison: so that you could just take a look at what I'm continuing to build over the over the fall. Here it is

00:58:12.030 --> 00:58:25.509 Frank R. Harrison: Frank R. You see, blog frank about health podcasts, videos and a link to our shows on talkradio, Nyc. so I'm doing my part to help bring traffic to all the other shows on the network

00:58:26.340 --> 00:58:52.160 Frank R. Harrison: overall we're about to sign off. I wanna thank everybody for paying attention to this summary of where we've been and where we're going next week I have a surprise guest. I'm not gonna mention it till the week progresses, but I look forward to hearing and see. Well, seeing all of you next week, right here on talk radio, dot Nyc and all of our social media. Thanks again, Logan, for your help. Thanks again, Joey for being here and kinda recapping with me where we've been, and

00:58:52.290 --> 00:59:03.960 Frank R. Harrison: congratulations to a new fall that is, gonna be hopefully very productive. Remember your vaccines coming up in mid September and I'll see you next week signing off. Now see? You take care. Good night.

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