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Friday, May 19, 2023
Facebook Live Video from 2023/05/19 -  "Revitalizing Education: POM's Farm and Staff Lead the Way in Re-engaging Teens and Overcoming COVID-19 Challenges"

Facebook Live Video from 2023/05/19 -  "Revitalizing Education: POM's Farm and Staff Lead the Way in Re-engaging Teens and Overcoming COVID-19 Challenges"


2023/05/19 - "Revitalizing Education: POM's Farm and Staff Lead the Way in Re-engaging Teens and Overcoming COVID-19 Challenges"

[NEW EPISODE]  "Revitalizing Education: POM's Farm and Staff Lead the Way in Re-engaging Teens and Overcoming COVID-19 Challenges"

Fridays 10:00am - 11:00am (EDT)


The audience will be able to understand the wide scope of services we offer at POM and the lives that we are transforming and have been for 28 years. I think any feel good story right now in our world is worth listening to!


About Lisa: Lisa Gatti has had a lifelong love affair with horses. As Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Pal-O-Mine, she has the opportunity to share that love with others in her community while running a business that inspires, educates and empowers others. Lisa’s passion for horses and teaching began at a very young age. After graduating college with a dual degree in elementary and special education, she lent her skills as a special education teacher in an alternative high school setting, working for Nassau Boces and Brentwood Residential Center. She started Pal-O-Mine in 1995.

About Organization: Pal-O-Mine Equestrian began in 1995 as a therapeutic horseback riding program for individuals with disabilities and other vulnerable populations. Our mission has been, and continues to be, to provide a comprehensive therapeutic equine program using horses to facilitate growth, learning and healing. Our populations include children and adults with disabilities, those who have been abused or neglected, the military and the impoverished.

Name of your organization: Pal-O-Mine Equestrian





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Show Notes

Segment 1

Tommy D discusses equine therapy with Lisa Gatti and her organization Pal-O-Mine Equestrian. Lisa has always had a love for horses and teaching since she was a child. This led her to becoming a chief executive officer of Pal-O-Mine Equestrian. She discusses how she became a teacher and how she developed her love for horses. Daniel Steele was a very influential force in her life and was the first donor for Pal-O-Mine Equestrian.

Segment 2

Lisa discusses how and why she wanted to become a teacher. She was able to teach academically challenged teenagers real life skills in an outside of the box method of teaching. She used her love for horses to achieve this. It is very important to give children the support they need to succeed. Tommy D discusses how it is not fair how society may write off academically challenged youth when they are not getting the support they need. He shouts out Avenues For Justice. Kids should not be written off. Lisa’s organization helps children thrive by building character skills. Lisa and Tommy D give the website and places to contact the organization to get more information. Tommy D and Lisa discuss how everyone learns differently.

Segment 3

Tommy D and Lisa discuss school and different modes of learning. Her organization can help children learn and get excited about learning. COVID has affected children and adults in learning and the workplace. Pal-O-Mine is an alternative place to learn. Lisa discusses a day in the life at Pal-O-Mine. It is different for every child depending on what program they are in. Some children transition from learning at Pal-O-Mine to working there as adults. Both discuss the fulfillment that comes with helping others.

Segment 4

Lisa discusses the future of the organization and upcoming events. The two discuss how listeners can help and get involved in the organization.


00:00:37.320 --> 00:00:46.320 Tommy DiMisa: what up world. what up world, what a world it's! Your boy! The nonprofit sector connector coming out you from the top of my house.

00:00:47.200 --> 00:00:54.070 Tommy DiMisa: Take a breath. 2 flights up from the kitchen, where I get my coffee and my Mason J. Of water. I make the track

00:00:54.360 --> 00:00:57.690 Tommy DiMisa: every Friday morning all the way up the stairs.

00:00:57.710 --> 00:01:07.130 Tommy DiMisa: just below the roof in my attic top of the house. That's right, kid. Top of the house top of the he. If your boy, the nonprofit sector connected to the show is called

00:01:07.500 --> 00:01:13.640 Tommy DiMisa: philanthropy in focus and focus is spelled.

00:01:13.780 --> 00:01:33.240 Tommy DiMisa: Ph. Oc. Us. I mean, I know it's not in the real world, but in my attic. That's how we spell it. Why? Because I love alliteration. I grew up in a era where we used to say word fat, and we used to put a ph in front of it y'all that's fat kid that's we. We didn't mean that kid was fat that isn't what we met we were saying. Hey, Bro. That is a cool thing, a cool situation.

00:01:33.240 --> 00:01:47.300 Tommy DiMisa: I don't know where i'm going with this part of the conversation. But every week on this show I do a couple of things. I meet a friend. We talk about the organization, but then the 2 things that I like to underscore are: I help the leader of a nonprofit organization, tell their story

00:01:47.570 --> 00:02:01.580 Tommy DiMisa: and amplify their message, and that's what it's about. It's about amplification. It's about getting loud. It's about telling stories. I'm extra fired up today. Not sure what it is. A lot of caffeine running through my body could be. That could be that we're talking about one of my favorite topics

00:02:01.580 --> 00:02:08.139 Tommy DiMisa: forces, and not just how horses are a great sentient being, or how a horse is a great sentient being.

00:02:09.470 --> 00:02:25.240 Tommy DiMisa: but the collaboration. When we bring nonprofit organizations who are involved in at coin therapy, hippo, therapy therapeutic coursemanship when we bring this story about how young people benefit. I will tell you this. I shared that

00:02:25.250 --> 00:02:39.250 Tommy DiMisa: that leads to gallery was coming on the program today from Palmine, and my aunt sent me a a like a I didn't even know like how to get a message on Instagram. I do love Instagram, Tommy, d dot. Nyc. If you curious if you want to see my new dog Cheeto.

00:02:39.250 --> 00:02:48.500 Tommy DiMisa: his Instagram is my guy Cheeto, just like it sounds. That is spelled correctly. My guy Cheeto, check him out on Instagram. But my Aunt

00:02:48.500 --> 00:03:06.760 Tommy DiMisa: Jeb sent me a note on on that, and I I like I realize I sort of pop up. My phone is like a notification, and then I didn't know where it went, and I finally found it in the Instagram. But my cousin Tyrann, actually rode years ago out of power, mine, and I did not know that. So just so funny! How worlds collide! I love my cousin tire, and she's

00:03:06.760 --> 00:03:09.280 Tommy DiMisa: Terren. She's got a spine of Bifida.

00:03:09.280 --> 00:03:34.380 Tommy DiMisa: and you know I I don't know lisa's nodding. I don't know if you remember tying over the do you no kidding. Oh, my God, how funny I do! Only because that's my daughter's name. Unusual name there! Who knew who worlds collide, or or I Don't Collide sounds rough and mean. How about waves come to coming together in collaboration and the ripples? I'm all about the ripple effect. Love it so.

00:03:34.380 --> 00:03:44.740 Tommy DiMisa: Lisa Gaddy is my guess you heard her just coming in. Let me say hello before I just keep ranting. Hello, Lisa! What's going on? How are you? Hi, Tommy? I'm great! I'm excited about today, and I am, too.

00:03:45.460 --> 00:03:54.150 Tommy DiMisa: I I want to hear it. It's all about stories for me. I'm a i'm a storyteller, and especially a story, Listener and I, as I was thinking.

00:03:54.610 --> 00:03:59.590 Tommy DiMisa: as we were starting, and they were starting. It says, we are live streaming, and we're recording.

00:03:59.680 --> 00:04:01.000 Tommy DiMisa: I did like a.

00:04:01.190 --> 00:04:17.959 Tommy DiMisa: I took a breath, and I looked at you when I watched you do like a take a breath thing, and we didn't discuss that. It wasn't a plan, man, but we I saw us both sort of like Namaste, you know, like let's get together with chill out. This let's arrive at the space we're at is every Friday morning

00:04:17.959 --> 00:04:22.060 Tommy DiMisa: at 10 am. Eastern time. I do the show philanthropy and focus. That's where we are.

00:04:22.089 --> 00:04:39.580 Tommy DiMisa: I'm appreciative of the work you do. I want to hear the story, as we always do on the show, and I prepped you coming up to the show. We do a couple of things. We we're gonna talk about you, your background, your connection, your love of of the the horses, the animals, and how that evolved into what is now Palmine equestrian. And then

00:04:39.750 --> 00:04:58.380 Tommy DiMisa: what? What is the organization do I mean? I mentioned I teased the little. You know, I said, equine therapy right? I said. Therapeutic course. What does that mean? Right? So who are you? Who's your organization? What do we do? And then where can we potentially help? What's up coming? What events. Do you have shut out? I know you're going to be at Belmont.

00:04:58.380 --> 00:05:05.690 Tommy DiMisa: We'll talk about that. I expect to be there. I've been in a bunch of last bunch of years. You weren't there last year, because I think your daughter was graduating, or something right.

00:05:05.730 --> 00:05:19.270 Tommy DiMisa: but like funny story. So we own you. You've met my partner at over the years, but we have another part of Vinnie. and you may not have met Vinnie, and this will go right in line with the story at your event. Last year

00:05:19.330 --> 00:05:36.430 Tommy DiMisa: there was a a flat Lisa Gaddy, a cardboard cut out leads to Gaddy, and we've been joking a little bit when our marketing team shout out to the spirit of Huntington, who does a lot of our marketing work, and I still on the board there, bring it back to me. D. But I I was joking with them, and and Vinnie our partner. Now we're going to make a flat, Vinnie.

00:05:36.430 --> 00:06:06.430 Tommy DiMisa: we're going to take Vinnie out, because LED and I are always out. You see us everybody who sees us head probes, and to me d out there doing the networking, running around doing things. But Vinnie is always back of the house, taking care of things, running operations of vanguard benefits. So we don't get him out that much, and it was like it's like in that. It's like that movie, a few good men you want me on that wall. You need me on that. Wall, yeah, we need Vinnie in that office. We want him in that office because that's really he. He runs what and allows LED and I to go out and do business development and do sales

00:06:06.430 --> 00:06:17.600 Tommy DiMisa: taking care of our clients. So I need to get a flat, Vinnie and take Vinnie around. But last year at your event in Belmont, I think there was like a recording of you speaking from the flat. Lisa Gaddy. Right? Is that right?

00:06:17.630 --> 00:06:35.820 Pal-O-Mine Equestrian: You know Anyone who has kids, Tommy. They they all know about Flat Stanley, because it's the kids that have to do that in third grade, and and I just I couldn't believe that I was missing my own events, you know, just so depressing to me. But at the same time, you know you have a child. So

00:06:35.820 --> 00:07:00.880 Pal-O-Mine Equestrian: What we decided to do was exactly what you just described. It was flat. Lisa. I love it, and i'm telling you i'm sure if I go through my phone and my Google drive Google Photos whatever. There's a picture of me with my arm around Flat Lisa, because I know if it was happening right now that's what i'd be doing, taking that pictures. So I don't tell me d a year ago. I I know him forever, so I would have known that that's probably what I did last year, so I have to go back and find that picture. But

00:07:00.890 --> 00:07:18.220 Tommy DiMisa: let's leave flat Lisa on the side for now, and let's talk to regularly. So tell me, let's just set it from the beginning, I mean, I know if I look at my notes, you you've had this love for horses, your whole life. You're the founder and chief executive officer of this organization, but I want to look at the notes here

00:07:18.220 --> 00:07:35.260 Tommy DiMisa: involved with NASA bosis involved with the school districts, even when we talked about, You know we sort of prep. And what could we talk about today? And and the topic you said is how our education system is starting to think outside the box and use power minds, form and staff to re engage children and teams in the education system. So

00:07:35.260 --> 00:07:42.260 Tommy DiMisa: yes, horses. But you've obviously always had this love of education and and working with children, I guess so. Tell us about that.

00:07:42.830 --> 00:07:43.420 Okay.

00:07:43.860 --> 00:07:54.440 Pal-O-Mine Equestrian: you know, I I say it did start when I was a a little girl I always rode. I started writing when I was 8, and I was competitive, Valerie. So. But really

00:07:54.490 --> 00:08:00.580 Pal-O-Mine Equestrian: my love for teaching came from my mom because she was a special LED teacher in the Half Hour Hills school district.

00:08:00.720 --> 00:08:10.430 Pal-O-Mine Equestrian: and it started, you know, when she used to bring me into my client into a classroom when they could bring their kids, you know, in to see what their parents do, and

00:08:10.970 --> 00:08:11.950 Pal-O-Mine Equestrian: and

00:08:12.250 --> 00:08:26.210 Pal-O-Mine Equestrian: I guess it. It was always something that I felt like I knew I was gonna do. I wanted to teach from a very, very early on, and I i'm sure my mom's love of teaching instilled in me that same

00:08:26.350 --> 00:08:39.190 Pal-O-Mine Equestrian: career path, and I just was. If my dad was in book publishing because he what was the Vp. For? What? What used to be double day? Who own the Max, you know, way back when and

00:08:39.200 --> 00:08:45.820 Pal-O-Mine Equestrian: and I just never thought of combining the 2 until I was a freshman in college, and

00:08:46.030 --> 00:09:07.610 Pal-O-Mine Equestrian: I I got into college, and I had 2 goals that I was really passionate about. I wanted to continue to compete on the equestrian team, and I wanted to become a teacher. I just never ever thought of combining the 2 until I received a care package from my dad, and he was super super strict.

00:09:07.610 --> 00:09:15.140 Pal-O-Mine Equestrian: and I went to a school at Mary Washington, which was a all girls school back in Virginia way back when.

00:09:15.150 --> 00:09:35.100 Pal-O-Mine Equestrian: and he would use to send me these care packages every week, so as my girlfriends that I was living with all received like candy and really cool. Cool things would be getting books on philosophy and all sorts of things, and I would be so embarrassed. I I couldn't believe that my dad was sending me these things, and of course

00:09:35.100 --> 00:09:49.520 Pal-O-Mine Equestrian: it was his goal that I wouldn't go out, and I would read the books right. That's probably what happened right? You'll probably want every weekend that was it. That was it. So, Of course the books went under the but until

00:09:49.520 --> 00:09:56.430 Pal-O-Mine Equestrian: this one Friday I received a care package, and it was the Daniel Steele novel, Palomino.

00:09:56.430 --> 00:10:24.500 Pal-O-Mine Equestrian: and of course, because I was a divorce fanatic, I saw the cover of the novel, and i'm thinking first of all, my parents were super strict, so my first thought was Danielle Steele. You know she's like a real cash. Not a romance. Is that like that's like like I again. I I. As soon as you said the name of the book I I got the connection to the organization. But I said, Danielle Steele, she's like oh, those are like Again Haven't listened. Gang

00:10:24.500 --> 00:10:39.210 Tommy DiMisa: don't judge your boy. I haven't read these books, but I do have awareness of things in the world, you know. I'm sort of like modern day Renaissance guy right now. Renaissance man red sounds, Guy, but like like those are those sort of novels, right? This one included or no.

00:10:39.210 --> 00:10:44.630 Tommy DiMisa: Oh, yes, so that's why my first again was my dad's lost his mind

00:10:44.680 --> 00:10:57.730 Tommy DiMisa: he would be sending a novel like that. You know what it is. I think I know what it is. He had realized that he was sending you all these books on philosophy and different things, and you weren't reading them so maybe he figured if he sent that book you would read it.

00:10:58.370 --> 00:11:15.210 Pal-O-Mine Equestrian: So the secret was. That's what I thought that his secretary was a little bit more influential, and she said, Listen, there's no way that Lisa is reading those i'm going to send her a book that she'll actually read, plus. There was a

00:11:15.410 --> 00:11:33.970 Pal-O-Mine Equestrian: so right from there, and of course I I had no idea where that book was going to lead me in my own life. But it turned out that in the story there was a main character who loved riding, and she took a really tragic fall from her horse, leaving her paraplegic

00:11:34.040 --> 00:11:37.480 and didn't want to give up her love for riding, so she wound up

00:11:37.530 --> 00:11:48.030 Pal-O-Mine Equestrian: at, you know, opening this ranch in Wyoming, the story continues, and it was about kids with disabilities, and at risk you and it was 20'clock in the morning

00:11:48.260 --> 00:12:07.360 Pal-O-Mine Equestrian: I called my father, I said, I need to transfer. I know what it is for the rest of my life. What i'm gonna do. Of course his question is, Have you been drinking? And I said, No, I haven't been drinking. I read the book I I can't wait to transfer. I know what it is that i'm going to do. And you know, like

00:12:07.360 --> 00:12:21.730 Tommy DiMisa: parents today, my father said, Absolutely not. Go back to sleep and call me when you wake up. What were you studying already down there? I don't know if you said it. We studying education.

00:12:21.760 --> 00:12:41.720 Pal-O-Mine Equestrian: So I waited. I you know I was a pretty obedient daughter. So I waited that whole year that he said, Wait, and you could come back and ask me after your you know. Step forward about it a year, and if you still have this drive which I I did so. It was the end of my sophomore year, and I called them again.

00:12:41.720 --> 00:12:49.620 Pal-O-Mine Equestrian: and he said, Listen. So I don't know who's gonna support this. So you know, do you know what this is gonna take on Long Island? And

00:12:49.620 --> 00:13:10.170 Pal-O-Mine Equestrian: I was, you know, just kidding. And I just said, Listen, dad. I'll. I'll be fine. I'm good, and we're gonna get it done. So he we transferred. I transferred up to Saint Joseph right here in Patch on. They had a phenomenal program. That was, you could get dual certified in special LED and Elementary LED,

00:13:10.730 --> 00:13:21.590 Pal-O-Mine Equestrian: and they had an equestrian team. So it was everything I needed, and then from there I got my degree and went right to work, and then

00:13:21.690 --> 00:13:42.490 Tommy DiMisa: the rest is history. But the vision gave me the opportunity to Great create Palmine story, and Danielle Steele was actually one of our first donors. Get out of here. Oh, my God! All right. So we we gotta take a quick break. I gotta ask you one quick question. Even before we go to break. I'll break my own rules, even though they kind of meant to be bent and not broken, I think here's the thing.

00:13:42.490 --> 00:13:45.950 Tommy DiMisa: What do you remember your dad's secretary's name

00:13:46.590 --> 00:13:52.090 Tommy DiMisa: Joanne, is she? Do we still know Joanne? She's been out to the farm.

00:13:52.200 --> 00:14:05.120 Tommy DiMisa: She's been out to the phone. I love it, Joanne. You're changing the freaking world so cool. All right. And you, Lisa. Gad! You change the world, and all your volunteers and supporters and board of directors, and all those people which we'll get into today. We will be right back.

00:14:05.120 --> 00:14:17.200 Tommy DiMisa: This is my mission. This is my journey. It's called philanthropy, and focus. I do it every Friday morning until I do it more than just Friday mornings wink. Wink? No, not here. It comes time to do the show all the time. But listen

00:14:17.260 --> 00:14:24.780 Tommy DiMisa: Today it's just Friday mornings. We will be right back leasing Gaddy and Tommy Day in the attic on the show? By.

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00:16:02.060 --> 00:16:03.190 the

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00:16:10.000 --> 00:16:11.310 the

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00:16:28.990 --> 00:16:34.030 to the to make me an inside.

00:16:34.780 --> 00:16:47.500 Tommy DiMisa: and we are back. I'm very singy today. Gonna sing some songs, maybe. All right. Check this out, everybody. We're back plans being focused. Lisa Gadd is here. So I was thinking as we went to break, what

00:16:47.570 --> 00:16:50.500 Tommy DiMisa: happen there? What if

00:16:50.860 --> 00:16:57.440 Tommy DiMisa: your dad didn't send you books, but instead sent you candy, or some some other knick knacks. What if

00:16:57.500 --> 00:16:58.720 Tommy DiMisa: Joanne

00:16:58.800 --> 00:17:08.500 Tommy DiMisa: didn't have the insight to say? Let's get this book in her hands? She will read this right. So I googled while we were at break, because I knew there's this quote Robert Kennedy.

00:17:08.589 --> 00:17:14.650 Tommy DiMisa: Some men see things as they are, and say why I dream of things that never were.

00:17:14.920 --> 00:17:29.670 Tommy DiMisa: And say, why not? That's a challenge for everybody. Right? Think about it, man. I've said it before on the show. I said a couple of weeks ago I was down in Walt Disney world. My sister had just been born, so I will just tell you. That was

00:17:29.840 --> 00:17:38.040 Tommy DiMisa: 1985. So we were in Disney World, and there was a thing going on figment, and it was this new character, and it was a figment of your imagination.

00:17:38.080 --> 00:17:49.800 Tommy DiMisa: We all have these little candles burning, these little figments of our imagination. Philanthropy and focus was just that I guarantee that Palamine was just a figment, an idea. Right it was. And you.

00:17:49.830 --> 00:17:51.500 Tommy DiMisa: the Palomino. The book

00:17:51.560 --> 00:18:08.730 Tommy DiMisa: turns into this vision for you. So I dream of things that never were, and say, why not? Well, why not, Robert Kennedy? Because no one's done them yet. So gang do the thing. Lisa. Let's get right back into it. You get the book you get inspired, you come back to Long Island. You go to St. Joseph's.

00:18:08.900 --> 00:18:14.250 Tommy DiMisa: That's where you left us all sort of like. We're writing our own book right. Now, what is the next chapter? What happens next?

00:18:15.130 --> 00:18:35.870 Pal-O-Mine Equestrian: So I knew I needed to go to the classroom and start to teach to figure out. You know how this whole thing was going to work. and I also wanted to take education pretty seriously, to make sure that I had experience with all different populations because those of the you know that was my mission was to be able to serve

00:18:35.870 --> 00:18:53.550 Pal-O-Mine Equestrian: all different special needs populations here on Long Island. So I got a few jobs. I guess you know t as teachers, and you're not supposed to have your favorite population, but I also I really was just drawn to the high risk, youth and the at risk you that I always felt like.

00:18:54.070 --> 00:19:04.880 Pal-O-Mine Equestrian: Maybe they fell through the cracks because of some of their behaviors in the classroom, but those who are in school suspension a lot, or in and out of the criminal justice system. So

00:19:04.910 --> 00:19:24.960 Pal-O-Mine Equestrian: I was. I worked at Madonna Heights, which is in Dix Hills. It's an all girls facility as a teacher, and then went from there and went to Nassau. Both these and it was boys and Girls High School again, you know, dabbling in the law, and just really in and out of that system.

00:19:24.960 --> 00:19:38.250 Pal-O-Mine Equestrian: And that's where I stayed. And I had a phenomenal phenomenal principle who thought outside the box and I and that's why, when you said in the beginning, the school districts are finally to to be able to bring this

00:19:38.250 --> 00:19:55.400 Pal-O-Mine Equestrian: program, this type outside of the box alternative program into a school system. It started, you know, almost 30 years ago. Now, where it was that principle that said, how are you gonna teach Edgar Allan Poe to 15 to 21 year olds, who.

00:19:55.400 --> 00:20:24.960 Pal-O-Mine Equestrian: you know, really have very limited academic skills. And I said, i'm not going to teacher. Teach Allan Po to them. They need real life skills. And if you would allow me to put some of these kids into my car during the day and take them to my horse. I can teach those skills through horses. I know I can do it, and again shout out to my principal and my assistant principal, because it it really started there, and those some of those young boys were my very first volunteers to Palmine.

00:20:25.010 --> 00:20:28.440 Tommy DiMisa: So so let me go back for a second. First of all, you know.

00:20:28.670 --> 00:20:55.260 Tommy DiMisa: Listen. I I like reading Edgar on Poll. I I I didn't read most of the books I was supposed to read, but I did particularly like that stuff to tell Tale heart, you know, and then the one the the pit and the pendulum, and then the one where we get that guy, Fortunato. We get some drunk because he owes the money, and he puts him in the wall and bricks him into the wall.

00:20:55.260 --> 00:21:17.790 Tommy DiMisa: Quote the Raven never more then. So I, just I I I hear you so loud and clear, because the system, the way it's set up, you know it is so much I want to say we gotta talk about accessibility right? I think I see you know I i'm raising 4 children right now, and sometimes i'll get feedback. You know that such and such is a bad influence in neighborhood, and it and I go

00:21:17.870 --> 00:21:20.740 Tommy DiMisa: much, and such as a 13 year old. Little boy.

00:21:20.820 --> 00:21:38.100 Tommy DiMisa: What are we talking about here? Such and such needs some help? You need some support, you know he and and here's this trajectory of life once sometimes, this young boy, this young girl may not have the right influences. Doesn't have the right. Got guide post doesn't have the both parents in place, whatever right

00:21:38.100 --> 00:21:52.660 Tommy DiMisa: I what you're talking about like we don't we as a society, we're gonna write off a 13 and 14 or 16, or 20 or 40 year old. What like? No, let's give people the support they need, and to your point, I think

00:21:52.870 --> 00:22:06.240 Tommy DiMisa: reading Paul or Keats or James Joy. Any of these is not maybe, what people need we? I need real life skills. Take me out there, show me you care, Teach me something right like

00:22:06.610 --> 00:22:18.940 Tommy DiMisa: I I was able to quote some, Paul. That's great. What is it? That's not really advancing my life, although maybe it was entertaining for people who are listening to this show right now. But you know, like from a vocation perspective from a

00:22:18.950 --> 00:22:32.750 Tommy DiMisa: Oh, my gosh! People care about me. Perspective, right? Like I have an organization. They've been on this program before it's called Avenues for Justice. They're in the lower East Side of New York City so alternative to incarceration organization.

00:22:33.180 --> 00:22:40.950 Tommy DiMisa: Angel Rodriguez founded the organization in the lower East side of New York City in the seventys, which he tells me at that time it was like hell down there right

00:22:41.260 --> 00:22:49.020 Tommy DiMisa: Certain communities who don't have people to look up to end up in this system. In this, you know, in the criminal justice system.

00:22:49.020 --> 00:23:07.980 Tommy DiMisa: sometimes just because of lack of education, lack of accessibility, different thing, whatever the case may be, we need my tell me. Put the soap box away, please. But we need to do these things to support each other, Lisa, and that's what i'm here, and you say is you had people on your team, the principal and the assistant principal.

00:23:07.980 --> 00:23:19.130 Tommy DiMisa: That would, if I may give you the latitude to do something different and and explore right, because it's out what you were doing and are doing at the time when you started this

00:23:19.290 --> 00:23:24.980 Tommy DiMisa: it was not the norm, obviously right. So you got to give some. Yeah, I have to have some people who are going to give you a little bit of a.

00:23:25.020 --> 00:23:40.820 Pal-O-Mine Equestrian: you know. So, as I say, latitude to take some chances.

00:23:40.820 --> 00:23:45.440 Pal-O-Mine Equestrian: As you said before. You know, when we're talking about

00:23:45.440 --> 00:24:09.160 Pal-O-Mine Equestrian: focus with the Ph right you you need to. You need to understand some of our different populations, and if you're not able to put yourself in their shoes, and I don't mean not hold people accountable. I don't mean, you know, not to have some natural consequences. I mean, you need to show up. You need to show up every day. You need to be committed, and you need to be genuine and honest

00:24:09.160 --> 00:24:36.630 Pal-O-Mine Equestrian: in your feelings. So, and then you know again it. It works out, and you can't save them all, and not here about saving them all, but just like that 13 Who you? The 13 year old you mentioned to us. They're kids. So, baby boy, who's just trying to get some stuff going on. He's trying to figure it out right like, you know, when I and I again cause any neighborhood you can hear the names. This one's a trouble this one, really

00:24:36.840 --> 00:24:51.270 Tommy DiMisa: I I I have a 13 year old and a 12 year old, you know, to to to to hear somebody else in my community. Write my kids off, or something like that. That sucks man. That's i'm upset about it because that that means somebody needs a a leg up. Somebody needs to

00:24:51.550 --> 00:25:05.650 Tommy DiMisa: kid, is. He's just trying to figure out the he he's doing, you know. I'm not making this isn't even one kid. I'm just making a you know this is, an it's an archetype. It's a profile. The point is, I want to hear about some of those early days when you did that out

00:25:05.650 --> 00:25:13.690 Tommy DiMisa: outreach, and you got connected to these young people, and you got them into a program which is what is most of us need is some kind of program to get us on a different path.

00:25:14.370 --> 00:25:19.540 Pal-O-Mine Equestrian: Yeah, and you know, and it goes goes back to those horses because because the

00:25:19.540 --> 00:25:48.620 Pal-O-Mine Equestrian: principal allowed me to do this. I could already start doing characters, character skills, building. So it's functionality. How important is punctuality, how important is teamwork! How important is responsibility and empathy and compassion, and you know, because the forces are non judgmental, and we go back to you know all of the groups that are doing adaptive riding and hippo therapy. You'll hear us all say that same thing. The bottom line forces are

00:25:48.620 --> 00:26:18.620 Pal-O-Mine Equestrian: not only a sentient being but it's their non-judgmental attitude that allows our kids to thrive because they live in the moment. So we walk in to their environment and their paddock or their space. And right away they read us, read us because their prey animals, their job at all times is to keep themselves safe. But we can use that to build all these character skills, because forces aren't going to go near us

00:26:18.620 --> 00:26:39.740 Pal-O-Mine Equestrian: if we are aggressive, or we're anxious, for we come at them with real income. Ruin sees where maybe our verbals don't match our nonverbals because their job again is to keep themselves safe. So there's no way they're going to come near us. If they are sensing that we're not really real or okay.

00:26:39.740 --> 00:26:58.140 Pal-O-Mine Equestrian: because of that, our kids can shift their behaviors because it's in the moment, and they see the horses like. Hey? You know what's wrong with the source. They're not coming near us now instead of me saying, Well, something's wrong with you, right? And so well, let's talk about that we can do something different

00:26:58.140 --> 00:27:01.770 Pal-O-Mine Equestrian: to allow the horse to feel more comfortable to come near us.

00:27:01.770 --> 00:27:26.800 Pal-O-Mine Equestrian: And it's, you know, with especially with these populations. It's never about right or wrong, absolutely, never about right or wrong. And our criminal justice system and our educational system is all punitive. It's always punitive right. And again, i'm not knocking the teachers. The teachers are doing a great job or probation officers or everybody out there, but the system is designed to be punitive.

00:27:26.800 --> 00:27:30.270 Pal-O-Mine Equestrian: and because of that, when you walk into this environment

00:27:30.430 --> 00:27:37.880 Pal-O-Mine Equestrian: I don't really care what the kid did. I'm not going to ask for a history. None of us are going to say. Well, what you do to get here? It's all about.

00:27:38.150 --> 00:27:48.220 Tommy DiMisa: What animal do you want to meet?

00:27:48.220 --> 00:28:06.780 Tommy DiMisa: You know a. At a challenging point in their in their history, right? And they've been in in, you know, in through the and again, i'm not making a you know, a blanket statement that I I want you to talk about the population in a second, so we can frame it a little better for folks, but they're coming, and they're used to everything, being punitive and everything being they're talked down to right and every there

00:28:06.780 --> 00:28:10.960 Tommy DiMisa: they're you know everything they do is wrong, and and you know, and so talk to me

00:28:11.110 --> 00:28:21.820 Tommy DiMisa: because it is. Is it an alternative to our incarceration? Is it restorative? What are we talking about when the programs specifically it's. It's so interesting because

00:28:21.820 --> 00:28:35.420 Tommy DiMisa: some organizations who do the same work that does similar work that you do are really focused on the Id population. You know your and I, and I know you serve that population. We mentioned my cousin Tarin at the front of the show, but it's also.

00:28:35.650 --> 00:28:41.830 Tommy DiMisa: This is great, because we're in a totally different set up here for me it's totally different space.

00:28:41.920 --> 00:28:58.830 Tommy DiMisa: So how did that programming start? W. What age groups, and and how these young people get to the farm. How do they get to your programs? Talk about that? Because, you know, somebody listening may have a young person in their life. That's up against this. And why all means? Let's pause.

00:28:58.830 --> 00:29:18.360 Tommy DiMisa: Let's say this: how do they get to PAL of mine? How do they contact PAL of mine before you tell me what I'm what I just asked you. Just you want to share some of the I I I actually looked it up myself on Facebook. It's Palo mine equestrian on Instagram. It's how all mine underscore equestrian, and on Linkedin it's PAL

00:29:18.380 --> 00:29:28.930 Tommy DiMisa: mine dash equestrian, or you could always send Tommy D. A and i'll get you hooked up. But what's the website, too.

00:29:28.950 --> 00:29:41.100 Tommy DiMisa: Www dot hallow mine with the hypothesis. P. A. L. all right, and then, if they want to call the office and and get some information.

00:29:41.100 --> 00:29:57.360 Tommy DiMisa: The phone number (631) 348-1389 perfect. All right. So we're we're going to break it about 2 min. So we're going to set up a. You know a conversation that we're going to come back to. But where where are these young people? How do they get access to them?

00:29:57.900 --> 00:30:27.020 Pal-O-Mine Equestrian: So some of our partnerships are through the criminal justice system and the family court right here in Suffolk County there are judges who are using this placement to place these kids. And the goal of the program, of course, is to really have the individuals social and emotional needs met, so that they can be successful with age, appropriate academics, and maybe to re-engage them into the traditional school. System. So the first way is that so? A court, a judge will

00:30:27.020 --> 00:30:47.750 Pal-O-Mine Equestrian: to a mandate, to a school district to say you haven't. You know this kid, this young man or woman is not being educated, and let's get him to Palomine, or it could be through Eastern Suffolk. Both these, which again is a placement and Eastern Suffolk both. This is housed here at Palmine. That's a 16 to 21 year old program.

00:30:47.750 --> 00:30:57.350 Pal-O-Mine Equestrian: and they're getting all of their age appropriate academics, and then they're pulled out onto the farm 5 days a week for a vocationally driven program as well.

00:30:57.350 --> 00:31:18.100 Pal-O-Mine Equestrian: And and then, of course, there's private referrals to, You know, a lot of our kids, and I I hate talking about Covid, but you know, Post Covid. A lot of our children are not going to school social anxiety, all sorts of reasons that prevent them, and they haven't been into a school.

00:31:18.100 --> 00:31:29.080 Tommy DiMisa: I read that in what you gave us this kind of talking points to get into today, and I I got to tell you just I I gotta tell you I didn't even realize that that's the thing. So I want to talk about that when we get back. But I I just want to.

00:31:29.080 --> 00:31:55.590 Tommy DiMisa: Oh, my God, you have the courts and the judges. See that these people, these young people, need additional support around social and emotional, so they can potentially go back to school if that is their path. If not, there's a vocational opportunity. Eastern Suffolk, both, as you say is on your at the Forum, so they can get education. I I mean it has been years since I've come out for a tour. We must fix that because I love it. We did that event way back when we talk about the other day.

00:31:55.590 --> 00:31:57.390 Tommy DiMisa: so look.

00:31:57.390 --> 00:32:21.220 Tommy DiMisa: I never try to make anything on this show about me. I mean, the show is called philanthropy and focus with Tommy D. How much more can it be but that the thing about it is I recently, and I share this openly, because I think it's important. I recently have been diagnosed with the last year or so with Adhd, which I did not know I had. Haha! Everybody else seemed to know. But to joke about it is, I was the last guy to find out why I say, that is, I. You know what I went through school.

00:32:21.220 --> 00:32:34.450 Tommy DiMisa: I graduated from Shaman High School here on Long Island. I was a decent student, right did, but you know. Didn't always focus was a cramer the night before the big exam. That sort of stuff didn't have a good trajectory of like planning things out.

00:32:34.710 --> 00:32:50.830 Tommy DiMisa: But I say this because I find, and maybe it's because of the people I hang out with. But more and more i'm finding adults who get recently got this diagnosis as a result of a child getting the diagnosis, and I bring it up because

00:32:51.140 --> 00:32:59.250 Tommy DiMisa: we all learn differently. I had a version of this that I was able to keep my head right, do the thing college years later on challenging for me more.

00:32:59.350 --> 00:33:01.700 Tommy DiMisa: But when you're talking about

00:33:02.060 --> 00:33:22.000 Tommy DiMisa: i'm standing as we have this conversation. I have a standing desk. I move around constantly if i'm in a meeting, and like as an older gentleman, not when I was a kid, and I was in somebody else's meeting. But if i'm in a board meeting, and it's going for longer than an hour, I get up, and I walk around, and i'm, that's what you have. I have to do that that's that helps me a young person.

00:33:22.000 --> 00:33:39.920 Tommy DiMisa: They are there. It was used to be pretty restrictive in class. You weren't going to get up and and, like you know, take the last 15 min of the class from the back of the room now, but I think we're more open to that. We need to understand Lisa right that people learn differently. Young people and old people learn differently, and we need to support that

00:33:39.920 --> 00:33:46.490 Tommy DiMisa: whatever means necessary right, like the Iep, the individual education plan, all these types of things

00:33:46.660 --> 00:34:04.100 Tommy DiMisa: empower the family and that young person to get what they need. Not this Cookie Cutter version of how we teach people. But this way of this individualized situation do you have any quick comment before we go to break on that. Because I just think it's so important that we we once we have these

00:34:04.130 --> 00:34:08.790 Tommy DiMisa: diagnostic understandings of people. It's we support what that person needs.

00:34:08.889 --> 00:34:38.889 Tommy DiMisa: and that's what a farm can do. A farm environment with animals. So we can do visual learners, auditory learners, tactile learners, kinesthetic learners, and and that's exactly what you just said. Not everybody is in this little box. No, I think it's funny. I think the people we're going to go to break it a second. Dylan. Hold your horses. Ha, ha! Wait, quick! We're going to break in a second. But look the I. My argument is that very few people actually fit in the little box, and everybody is outside of the box. But we're treating everybody as a

00:34:38.889 --> 00:34:45.750 Tommy DiMisa: Everybody fits inside the box, but there is no box. This is for him to be in focus. We'll be right back. I'll go look for the box. We'll be back.

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00:36:25.620 --> 00:36:26.950 You

00:36:31.480 --> 00:36:36.810 non-profits

00:36:37.290 --> 00:36:42.350 to Tommy in his.

00:36:43.060 --> 00:36:54.520 Tommy DiMisa: That's right. That's my uncle Brendan. I will Brandon Levy. I really my uncle, but I always said I love him like family, but he doesn't look nothing like me. So I call him an uncle because your uncles don't have to look like you. So he is

00:36:54.520 --> 00:37:05.630 Tommy DiMisa: business development. Basically the Ambassador for the Queen's Chamber, Commerce and the lead singer of damaged goods which used to be called the Goods Lisa. Back in the day when they were younger men. Now they call themselves damaged goods.

00:37:05.630 --> 00:37:25.030 Tommy DiMisa: So a couple of weeks ago they played a Bourbon street over in bayside queens, up on the rooftop and raised a couple of bucks for transitional services for New York. Tsi. And why, in fact, Tsi and Y had been out to PAL of mine years ago, when we came out there. Right, my friend Abbey Mcracken, Dr. Larry Kubler, all that stuff I want to go back into. Really.

00:37:25.030 --> 00:37:34.400 Tommy DiMisa: you know it's kind of where we left off on the last piece around education. And just tell me about this. I I got to be honest. Maybe i'm not even we're just not aware that

00:37:34.410 --> 00:37:42.380 Tommy DiMisa: some young people have not gone back to school yet. I don't even like. Does that mean? Are they doing virtual school. Are they just off the grid? What what do you mean?

00:37:42.700 --> 00:38:08.040 Pal-O-Mine Equestrian: A little bit of both? And some kids can't even do virtual school, so their phobi is so high, or they have been off the grid for so long that they're nervous to even leave their house, and their anxiety has gotten to such an extent that it prevents them to be a functioning member of, you know, of society. Basically but we're talking, you know, 11 to 15 year olds.

00:38:08.040 --> 00:38:15.300 Pal-O-Mine Equestrian: Which is, it's so detrimental, and then the longer they stay out, of course the worse it gets for them

00:38:15.300 --> 00:38:45.130 Pal-O-Mine Equestrian: so to get them to the farm. That's our main program right now, where we're really pushing that 1112 to 15 year olds where we develop this program to say, okay, because you know, that's basically educational neglect, and you don't want to start to charge parents for their children, not going to school, which you know as when you start to see the ripple effect. Then who gets involved that Cts gets involved so you can lose your children, and and they can be taken out of the home.

00:38:45.130 --> 00:38:56.980 Tommy DiMisa: you know, not to make a joke about this, but sometimes I can't get children out of bed in the morning to go to school, and I I tell them that. Well, who do I tell them this coming? We used to say this. I just said it the other day

00:38:57.200 --> 00:39:15.470 Tommy DiMisa: the truant officer. I don't even know I I i'm assuming there is a true an officer. I I've been. I remember people used to tell me that when I was a kid, but I I don't think it happens like by 8 30. If you haven't been in school when you're supposed to be at a 50, although I have been known to say Exactly. That's when they show up. They're gonna be here

00:39:15.470 --> 00:39:31.630 Tommy DiMisa: going to be here in about 5 min. But in in all seriousness, though it it we have responsibility to make sure our children get to school, and and but not but and there is a challenge with this, because we we all I I will tell you, Lisa, I experienced.

00:39:31.630 --> 00:39:50.040 Tommy DiMisa: I went through a quote unquote morning period, through Covid of my old life. My old life was not being in the attic. My whole life was always getting that dopamine that my beautiful brain wanted through all these new relationships. And these relationships did not mean staring at a monitor and a little camera on the top of the Monitor. So I think we all.

00:39:50.040 --> 00:39:56.800 Tommy DiMisa: whatever our old life was, that is not what it is it any more. It's involved. But some of these young people are truly truly affected by it.

00:39:57.420 --> 00:40:27.420 Pal-O-Mine Equestrian: and and just as important as you know the children, there needs to be lots of parent training through all this. You know no one. There's no there's already no P. Parental Handbook right when you become a oh, i'm in it, I know, and everybody's in it for the first time, and we do the best we can. But now you up the ante a little bit, and you have some challenging children for whatever reason, and and there has to be some parent training. So the districts, the school district

00:40:27.420 --> 00:40:57.420 Pal-O-Mine Equestrian: are actually paying for parent training to be here as well, which is wonderful. You mentioned the iep earlier. So any you know, child's go through 21 that's diagnosed with something as an IP, an individual education plan, and there are all sorts of things written into there, and it could be parent training or it could be speech. You know, Pt. Ot. Speech, therapy, or individual counseling, not to mention there's so many other things.

00:40:57.420 --> 00:41:16.530 Pal-O-Mine Equestrian: Districts are really starting to recognize that, and saying what can power might provide our use. You know it's already a very an alternative placement, as they can, you know, as they call it. And I don't really like the word alternative, because I feel like it gives our insurance companies an excuse to not cover things.

00:41:16.530 --> 00:41:35.570 Pal-O-Mine Equestrian: So I just like, you know it's a different placement. That's all. It's just a different placement, and once they get here, then they're able to get all of their services met, and it's almost. We we joke around here. We call it like the All a cart menu. So whatever the children need, whatever that child needs, they can get right here on the phone.

00:41:35.570 --> 00:41:57.710 Tommy DiMisa: Yeah, like I say, excuse me, it's the find a little differently from other other farms that offer similar type services. You know, this is really an eye opening conversation for me, and i'm sure many others who are are listening and plugging in. So what what is the day in the life? Sort of look like I mean it's like you say you have an all a cart menu. It's like a cafeteria. You have all these options and choices.

00:41:57.710 --> 00:42:09.200 Tommy DiMisa: But can you tell me like programmatically what it looks like. I've been there. It's been a number of years with the Covid. It could been 12 years. It feels like with Covid. But it's been 5 years, I'd say, since I came out for a visit.

00:42:09.210 --> 00:42:23.490 Tommy DiMisa: Tell me, give us a a walk down and we're gonna do a video. I'm gonna come out, and I want to do like a live like tour. We'll do that next. But tell me about it. So pretend like we're there, let's say, let's be i'm a visual person. So let's let's take us down the the visuals.

00:42:24.100 --> 00:42:29.990 Pal-O-Mine Equestrian: I think you know when you drive when whoever's driving down the driveway. They'll drive down the driveway, and

00:42:30.000 --> 00:42:38.840 Pal-O-Mine Equestrian: they either get out of the car or a stat bus. You know a. A. A sub accounting authority, transportation Bus or I

00:42:38.840 --> 00:43:08.840 Pal-O-Mine Equestrian: school bus, and it really depends on what program they are here for. So 7 30 in the morning school buses start to come, and that would be our Eastern Suffolk. Both these program they go into their classroom, which is separate right on the farm, but a separate classroom, and it's. That's the 16 to 21 year old program operating 7, 30 to 20'clock every day. Monday to Friday. Then let's say a child, or you youth or adult may get out of their parents

00:43:08.840 --> 00:43:09.750 far.

00:43:09.750 --> 00:43:34.530 Pal-O-Mine Equestrian: and they may be here for adapt, dividing or hippo therapy or unmounted program, and then they work one to one with an instructor, and some of those children and adults ride, and they have special needs, or, you know, survivors of trauma or abuse. And then we have our vocational program. So the scat system a lot of they use the sofa county

00:43:34.530 --> 00:44:04.110 Pal-O-Mine Equestrian: system. The buses drop our young adults off, and it's for those who have transitioned out of high school and are looking to dabble into the world of work, and they do an organic farming at our computer corticulture form to table what we call in the special needs Community Atl really focusing on activities of daily living, and we set them up for for a job, and they are vocational interns, and they get paid to stipend.

00:44:04.110 --> 00:44:17.180 Pal-O-Mine Equestrian: And and the common theme is, of course, really when we focus a continuum of care, Our clients. You know we've had the same clients since 1,995. They started when they're 5 years old, and now well.

00:44:17.240 --> 00:44:27.220 Pal-O-Mine Equestrian: so maybe they want to get a job, and maybe they don't want to leave Palamine. Maybe they want horses in their lives for the rest of their lives, but they want to do something different on the phone.

00:44:27.230 --> 00:44:44.090 Tommy DiMisa: have you? So I I have to guess. I mean, I don't want to put you on spot. But i'm assuming some of those 5 year olds are now, maybe employed by, or some other way engaged in connected. Tell us about that you don't have the names, but just the stories

00:44:44.090 --> 00:45:11.980 Pal-O-Mine Equestrian: you really see, and and a lot of people say, No, there it's not a miracle. It's a miracle, I mean. They they drive down the driveway. Someone used to be 5, and now they're working here, and they could be doing anything from mocking the paddock to watering the horses to helping in groups I the the I mean. There's so many amazing stories, the stories that really, really I I touch me only because of the at risk population.

00:45:11.980 --> 00:45:20.460 Pal-O-Mine Equestrian: They are, you know, come in here, and they can't look in the eye, and they can't shake your hand, and you know their languages sometimes

00:45:20.510 --> 00:45:37.050 Pal-O-Mine Equestrian: tropes, but now they're helping someone, maybe on the autism spectrum. And that combination you talk about powerful because it's some something outside their self and the the word worthiness.

00:45:37.050 --> 00:45:45.780 Pal-O-Mine Equestrian: You know a lot of our young youngsters today. They don't feel worthy of anything, you know they just, and their behavior sometimes comes from

00:45:45.780 --> 00:46:11.670 Pal-O-Mine Equestrian: not loving themselves, and then to be able to care for another human being. You and I can do that right and and but then you take our children, who don't feel at all. I mean they feel this small, and then putting them in charge and say, listen! Can you please help someone in a wheelchair? Can you please help someone communicate. Can you please carry the chicken for someone who can't carry a chicken themselves

00:46:11.790 --> 00:46:17.780 Pal-O-Mine Equestrian: and and that that is, that's a miraculous, miraculous

00:46:17.930 --> 00:46:35.200 Tommy DiMisa: thing that happens here almost every yeah. It's been a while since somebody made Tommy d cry in his own show. But you're winning today, Lisa Gaddy, because I I mean it's that emotion that you're changing the trajectory of someone else's life, and these young people who, as you say, feel so sad and small about themselves.

00:46:35.410 --> 00:46:54.280 Tommy DiMisa: I will tell you when i'm feeling down, and I've said it on the show. When i'm feeling down I go try to figure something out where I can help somebody else out, you know, and it's like selfishly selfless, I call it. You know it's like I I want to go help somebody else out, because i'm out of me. I'm out of this this head that never stops thinking. And and I say, sometimes.

00:46:54.280 --> 00:47:00.050 Tommy DiMisa: you know. hey, if you've ever been to Grand Central Station gang in New York City, and the dingle is like

00:47:01.040 --> 00:47:19.540 Tommy DiMisa: as a different train. Times are coming. That's what it's like sometimes being inside of my head, and if I go help somebody else and get totally zoned in on what their needs are. I'm not worried about me. I'm concerned about supporting them, and I think that's what i'm here to say, and that is so super special. I am. So I have to come out for a visit. We gotta make it like happen like in the next 2 weeks.

00:47:19.810 --> 00:47:39.790 Pal-O-Mine Equestrian: It's really it's it's you know, when we talk about that that movie way back when paid forward, right, and that's what it is. It's everyone here is just paying it forward, and our off tiers. We have 85 volunteers a week, and they come in and help. You know the farm and maintenance, and working with the kids and the horses. And

00:47:39.790 --> 00:47:50.880 Pal-O-Mine Equestrian: and when they first do this volunteer orientation, I ask everyone you know. Listen! There's 4,000, not for profits on Long Island, one for the then you know more worthy than the next

00:47:50.880 --> 00:48:05.690 Pal-O-Mine Equestrian: like. What made you. What made you choose Palamine out of all those, not for profits. And they said, Well, you know we love children, or we love forces, or we can't wait to be out in nature. We can't wait to give back, and then I pull those volunteers. They said

00:48:05.690 --> 00:48:18.830 Pal-O-Mine Equestrian: we thought we were doing it for us. We have learned more about ourselves and more about children than anything, and now they get so much more in return than they actually give.

00:48:18.970 --> 00:48:47.520 Tommy DiMisa: You know to live your life like that. Oh, it's great again. It's great like it's great. 7 years ago, you know. I I'll tell the story quickly, and we got to go to break, and then we got to talk about the future of the organization, how we could help. I sound like the guy on the commercials that gives all the laws at the end of the course. But I I just think, like years ago, when I bought into our firm vanguard benefits, we we assessed, who we really like to work with, and we decided we wanted to focus on nonprofits, and that's between that and the Lindy Loo foundation and memory of my cousin Linda, which.

00:48:47.520 --> 00:48:49.080 Tommy DiMisa: although these things were

00:48:49.140 --> 00:49:07.060 Tommy DiMisa: maybe a couple of years apart, I realize, as I look back, hindsight is 2,020. I see the roadmap leading towards where I am today, and the things i'm doing. But it's very easily we could have said at Mcquaids in Valley stream. When Edin, Tommy and Video was sitting down we could say, hey, we really like working with hedge funds.

00:49:07.060 --> 00:49:26.560 Tommy DiMisa: Oh, could you imagine if that's who I hung out with all day. I hang out with people who change the freaking world and make other People's lives better each and every day, and I sort of say it kind of am living the dream a bit. We will be right back we come back. Lisa. Gaddy is going to tell us about what's up coming? It's going to be like the lightning around. I'm going to be quiet, and the lease is going to talk really fast, philanthropy, and focus right back.

00:49:29.660 --> 00:49:53.740 Everybody. It's Tommy Deed a non-profit sector connector coming at you from my attic each week here on talk radio and Nyc, I hosted program for land became focused. Nonprofits impact us each and every day, and it's my focus to help them amplify their message and tell their story. Listen: Each week at 10 a. M. Eastern standard time until 11. A. M. Is from standing time right here on talk radio, Dot Nyc.

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00:51:15.700 --> 00:51:21.010 Nonprofits

00:51:21.560 --> 00:51:26.560 to all this. Tommy in his.

00:51:27.400 --> 00:51:36.610 Tommy DiMisa: This is the lighting round. I just made that up. This is the lightning. Right? Let's get going all right. We got a lot of things we got to cover in a little bit of time to do it. I feel like.

00:51:36.620 --> 00:51:53.210 Tommy DiMisa: you know, like that man Hatter and Mary Poppins. So I he's running around. He's got like he doesn't know what time it is he's got to go with a lot to do. He keeps checking his watch. All right, Tommy, be quiet. Let Lisa talk so. Lisa, what's up coming from through the organization. What events? How can we support you? How can we get involved? I'll see you at

00:51:53.220 --> 00:52:09.430 Pal-O-Mine Equestrian: let's talk about that. Let's go

00:52:09.430 --> 00:52:15.820 Pal-O-Mine Equestrian: anywhere between 3 to 500 people overlooking the track, and it's

00:52:15.890 --> 00:52:35.500 Pal-O-Mine Equestrian: everything's on our website, so that's a great event, especially if you it was started by 2 parents of children who used to come here, and they have kept it going, so the room is usually filled with lots of attorneys and insurance and accountants.

00:52:35.600 --> 00:52:39.910 Pal-O-Mine Equestrian: and it's just a really cool event to be very different, because it's, you know.

00:52:40.260 --> 00:52:43.530 Pal-O-Mine Equestrian: socializing, gambling, drinking.

00:52:43.730 --> 00:52:55.620 Tommy DiMisa: So that is a it's been a nice day like weather wise. Hopefully, it continues. The last few years I've been out there. It's always been nice. That day, too, you know.

00:52:55.620 --> 00:53:19.630 Pal-O-Mine Equestrian: is our big golf outing that we've been doing for 15 years, and that is at Southward Ho! In be sure, the south of the whole Country Club. So come out and join us we have. We actually all of our sponsorships are taken. Yay: yeah, but they'll still take checks for other things. Absolutely. Yeah, giveaway Sponsors are always great and as well as

00:53:19.630 --> 00:53:34.830 Tommy DiMisa: t signs that's great, and then golfers. So if you want to come out and play the foods great course is great. I don't play golf. Is this right on the? It's all on the website. I'm on the website now, yeah, under fun, so can go to PAL Dash.

00:53:34.830 --> 00:53:49.120 Tommy DiMisa: Oh, dash mine. Am I And then there's a tab that says fundraising events that you'll see day at the races are for the horse. Oh, my God do I love word play apart from the horse golf out and get what's next? Lisa?

00:53:49.120 --> 00:54:10.080 Pal-O-Mine Equestrian: Good and September tenth. Actually, I know it's a little far away, but a lot of people like to book their calendars. That is our community. Open house. It's 5,000 person to get in. It's a 4 h day on the farm. It gives you a real inside view of what it is that we do very interactive. All of our programs are showcased.

00:54:10.080 --> 00:54:15.270 Pal-O-Mine Equestrian: It's something that little kids can come to as well as adults, and it really is to

00:54:15.370 --> 00:54:24.140 Tommy DiMisa: allow the community come and come and experience a day on the phone.

00:54:24.160 --> 00:54:34.120 Tommy DiMisa: That sounds awesome. I mean, that's just like what a you know it's like. Wow! Come, check us out and have some fun, you know. See the horses, and

00:54:34.120 --> 00:54:57.320 Tommy DiMisa: I want to be there for that. I, you know a lot of fun. Bring all the kids there's donkey rides. You get to experience an actual a cart ride by, given by a donkey, and you can. It's very, very interactive day that great like commercial for like this great way, I think you you just use the word showcase to showcase all check it out. Come and see what we got. You need like a.

00:54:57.320 --> 00:55:09.630 Tommy DiMisa: you know, like a carnival Barker. Come on, come on like that kind of stuff, if you need. If you need a carnival, Barker, maybe I got a guy in the attic I could lend you, you know. So so what else? How else can we help?

00:55:09.660 --> 00:55:36.660 Pal-O-Mine Equestrian: So, any way out we have one of the populations we didn't speak about was our military and first respond to program, and we are. We actually do something called Fall in Fridays. So anyone who knows veterans who are in need of service. Please send them our way. It's all again. It is a there's never any charge for our military first responders, so that's exciting for for our that population.

00:55:36.660 --> 00:55:47.580 Pal-O-Mine Equestrian: and there are always opportunities for corporate volunteer groups. So we do. We do something called the Equine Assisted Corporate leadership program.

00:55:47.670 --> 00:56:17.650 Pal-O-Mine Equestrian: and and that is where corporations come in and they want to build cohesion. Maybe crisis navigate cultural differences. Even organizations use us to screen new candidates for new hires. And that is a wonderful, wonderful program, but so that is a paid for program. But then, where we can use our corporate people as well is, we do these corporate day volunteer groups, and they come in. A lot of corporate

00:56:17.650 --> 00:56:19.470 Pal-O-Mine Equestrian: want to give back

00:56:19.470 --> 00:56:49.470 Tommy DiMisa: to the non-profit agencies which is a wonderful thing. It's a win-win we get work done on the farm as well as they give back as part of their company, You know, Mission. So I love it like that whole team building nothing better than building a team when you know what you got the CEO with a shovel taking up poop. That's what I tell you. You want to talk about a cohesive team. Get the boss picking up poop. That's what I say. I had No, I had no plan to say that, but maybe it's having a new

00:56:49.470 --> 00:57:03.400 Tommy DiMisa: puppy, and that's always on my mind is now this poop picking up thing but I but in all seriousness it's about that you roll up your sleeves, you get dirty, and then you go. Wow! Now we're working together. It's that the hierarchy shifts when we're on the form. I would think right

00:57:03.400 --> 00:57:14.400 Pal-O-Mine Equestrian: absolutely. And you know what it's remembering. It's so funny that you just mentioned that we did a big national training here a couple of weeks ago, and there was something that I did there.

00:57:14.400 --> 00:57:33.930 Pal-O-Mine Equestrian: There was like a cent in the volunteer lounge, and you know I went to pick up the mop. I started my in the floor, and someone said, Lisa, you're the CEO, you know. But my comment was, You know you'd never ever forget where you came from, I mean, and as a founder you'd better be able to do all of that 100%

00:57:33.930 --> 00:57:54.680 Tommy DiMisa: 100. And I love that about leaders in nonprofit. We do have them in the show in a second here, but I do love that because, of course, we get involved. Of course we roll up. What are you kidding like? That's what we do. We keep the lights on. We're off in the first one in the last one out that whole thing, no matter if it's 30 years or 30 min that you've found in an organization really quick to shout out the website real quick, and then we gotta go

00:57:54.780 --> 00:58:02.500 Pal-O-Mine Equestrian: www dot palomine p a. L heisten o hyphen mine m I. N

00:58:02.500 --> 00:58:18.910 Tommy DiMisa: love it, Lisa Gaddy, your vision, your leadership. It is awesome. I appreciate you. I cannot wait to come out for another visit. It's been way too long. I'd love to volunteer one day, maybe, when you have those young Young people at risk. I'd love to see if there's some ways I can add any value, and the rest of you all

00:58:18.930 --> 00:58:27.150 Tommy DiMisa: do me a favor. Meet me back here next week, Matt Kudish from the National Alliance on Mental Illness. The New York City chapter will be here in honor of

00:58:27.170 --> 00:58:35.040 Tommy DiMisa: you know it Mental health, awareness, month, hashtag, and the stigma hashtag. Your boy, Tommy D. I don't know if that's a hashtag. Make it a great day. I'll see you all later by.

00:58:35.050 --> 00:58:36.280 Pal-O-Mine Equestrian: Thank you.

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