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Thursday, May 18, 2023
Facebook Live Video from 2023/05/18 - Mental Health Review Show

Facebook Live Video from 2023/05/18 - Mental Health Review Show


2023/05/18 - Mental Health Review Show

[NEW EPISODE] Mental Health Review Show

Thursdays 5:00pm - 6:00pm (EDT)


This will be a review for the audience of the mental health issues that have been prevalently discussed on Frank About Health.  This includes: Epilepsy, Autism, PTSD, Depression, Identity, Stress and Anxiety and Cognitive Programming.  Snippets from previous shows will be used.


In honor of Mental Health Awareness I will do a solo/retrospective show to highlight the most memorable lessons discussed on mental health oriented shows featuring the most recent show allowing listeners to learn how to get samples of the sound files engineered by last week's guest Morry Zelcovich.

Tune in for this healthy conversation at

Show Notes

Segment 1

Frank Harrison is hosting a review program as part of Mental Health Awareness Month. Even though he is alone, he is joined by former guests. The discussion covers various topics from his podcast, and an excerpt from the episode "Narcissism and Its Impact on People With Epilepsy" is shown. Frank and his guests, Danielle Swanson and Jeffrey Demitrack, discuss the connection between epilepsy and narcissism. It is crucial to note that many people with epilepsy may not recognize the subtle cues from narcissists that can trigger their erratic behavior and lead to a seizure disorder. Dealing with narcissists and gaslighters can affect anyone's mental health, not just those with epilepsy. Frank advises focusing on the unique qualities of individuals, especially their communication style, and being mindful of any subtle signs of manipulation.

Segment 2

Frank shows another clip of Suzanna Price from the episode, “Neurodiversity.” He speaks about how epilepsy can have a very dark stigma that has affected many individuals for thousands of years. When it comes to the stigma of any neurological condition that can cause seizures, is to believe the basis of the seizure activity. Whether or not someone did something physically to rattle their brain, seizure waves can still have an impact on our brains and that is how we can end up with depression or anxiety. Once it is recognized that the stigma is not the root of the issue of any neurological condition, you are able to control it, gain knowledge, seek advocacy, and have some control over your life, instead of blaming yourself.

Segment 3

The next clip on the review show is from"Following Up with The Replacement Child Forum to Discuss Forgiveness,” with guests including Judy Mandel, Sarah Vollman, Rita Battat, and Dr. Jennifer Griggs, exploring the significance of forgiveness in treating mental illness. They suggest that some cases of mental disease may require physical or spiritual treatment. The episode also raises the idea that mental health could be a social construct, rather than something innate or accidental. The Forum for Replacement Children is one example of this concept. Children who were born or adopted as a replacement for a lost child may struggle to understand why they're treated differently, which can impact their mental and physical health. Forgiveness is a key element in healing and moving forward, and it starts with forgiving oneself.

Segment 4

To conclude the review show, the final clip Frank shows is from last week’s episode, “The Morry Method,” with guest Morry Zelcovitch. Both Morry and Frank said that it is important to use our brains because it helps us to find spirituality, spot gas lighters, and the other lessons that have been taught in Frank About Health, thus far. Frank explains that Morry was very depressed and almost ended it all. However, Morry decided one day that instead of eliminating the problem, he should try to solve it. Morry invented The Morry Method™ (TMM), which is a website with sound files to help with different neurological and mental health problems, such as depression, dementia, and sleeping problems. Frank shows the website to viewers and the different products available, as requested by Morry after last week’s episode.


00:00:44.300 --> 00:00:52.710 Frank R. Harrison: hey, everybody, and welcome to new episode of Frank about health. Here we are, continuing in the tradition of mental health awareness month. This is actually a review show

00:00:52.730 --> 00:01:02.440 Frank R. Harrison: of mental health topics that I've already spent the last couple weeks talking about, and what I will be also discussing about to follow up with last week's episode on the Moory method.

00:01:02.470 --> 00:01:03.570 Frank R. Harrison: In addition

00:01:03.920 --> 00:01:19.040 Frank R. Harrison: to really show a comparison between neurological illness, like autism and epilepsy and mental health, illness, such as depression, anxiety, stress, and other things that we have talked about on the show really over the last 2 years. But, more importantly over the last few weeks.

00:01:19.200 --> 00:01:30.920 Frank R. Harrison: I'm over here again at and Nyu Langgo and Health. This is their current issue. Why, we're number one in brain surgery. I remember I had mentioned that last week. I thought it was a statewide issue, but it's actually national.

00:01:31.090 --> 00:01:37.300 Frank R. Harrison: I'm not saying that mental health requires surgery. I'm just saying it's one of the solutions in extreme cases.

00:01:37.420 --> 00:01:44.970 Frank R. Harrison: Now, if you recall by watching Frank about health over the last several weeks I've been encompassing epilepsy into the conversation.

00:01:44.980 --> 00:01:53.070 Frank R. Harrison: But I've also been focusing on depression, stress, anxiety, and identity. The reason why is because.

00:01:53.080 --> 00:02:01.140 Frank R. Harrison: as people are learning more about the phenomenon of epilepsy, especially after we've just went through the last couple of years with dealing in Covid.

00:02:01.210 --> 00:02:04.610 Frank R. Harrison: We're understanding that there are much more influences at

00:02:04.650 --> 00:02:09.250 Frank R. Harrison: at stake when dealing with epilepsy, such as if it's a post-traumatic result.

00:02:09.410 --> 00:02:17.650 Frank R. Harrison: meaning seizures after a car accident or seizures after a fall or a concussion or a coma or even after having brain surgery

00:02:17.890 --> 00:02:26.460 Frank R. Harrison: simultaneously. If you're also dealing with clinical depression, because your brain chemistry has been wired that way through genetic causes

00:02:26.590 --> 00:02:31.750 Frank R. Harrison: or within families within experiences like Ptsd related experiences.

00:02:31.880 --> 00:02:35.710 Frank R. Harrison: About a year and a half ago I had Solange Pillasoda

00:02:35.740 --> 00:02:44.120 Frank R. Harrison: appear on this show, discussing about her about with Ptsd. It has been her governing principle throughout her life that's how she lives today

00:02:44.250 --> 00:02:46.050 Frank R. Harrison: a very well-coped

00:02:46.080 --> 00:02:52.110 Frank R. Harrison: life, having had a son who also was born with Asperger syndrome, which is on the autism spectrum.

00:02:52.120 --> 00:02:59.310 Frank R. Harrison: But simultaneously with her discipline and her training, she's been able to help him live a very high qualified life.

00:02:59.400 --> 00:03:12.320 Frank R. Harrison: In fact, this is the end. Today, this week actually is the end of his first year of college in Phoenix, Arizona, and he's already spending the summer there training other people how to be in sports, teams, and music, teams and other kinds of things.

00:03:12.780 --> 00:03:20.080 Frank R. Harrison: We can all choose to live with our disability, either as a victim or as an advocate. And I have always tried

00:03:20.240 --> 00:03:26.140 Frank R. Harrison: throughout this episode, I mean throughout all my episodes of Frank about health. to advocate

00:03:26.290 --> 00:03:31.590 Frank R. Harrison: for epileptic patients autistic patients, people that have been suffering from depression.

00:03:31.640 --> 00:03:35.390 Frank R. Harrison: from stress, from anxiety, from

00:03:35.610 --> 00:03:43.400 Frank R. Harrison: perception of one's self's identity, or maybe the stigmas that have been attached based on what doctors have diagnosed their illness to be.

00:03:43.490 --> 00:03:54.010 Frank R. Harrison: whether it's a misdiagnosis or an accurate one. And simultaneously I've also been try to be frank about all these issues, so that people can learn to take ownership

00:03:54.220 --> 00:04:05.260 Frank R. Harrison: over the mental health issue that they are living with or dealing with or struggling with. Before I go forward, I should issue my disclaimer just to make sure I am doing my due diligence.

00:04:05.800 --> 00:04:12.150 Frank R. Harrison: Just everyone out there listening and watching this show today. Please know that the information that I am providing

00:04:12.250 --> 00:04:17.839 Frank R. Harrison: is the result of many hours of conversation with my many guests that have been on Frank about health.

00:04:17.959 --> 00:04:25.020 Frank R. Harrison: They are the result of my own research that I've conducted, especially in the areas of neuropsychology as well as epilepsy

00:04:25.120 --> 00:04:33.880 Frank R. Harrison: I picked and Nyu Langone as my backdrop, because this is where I've done a lot of my master's research. When I was obtaining my master's degree

00:04:33.990 --> 00:04:38.130 Frank R. Harrison: at and Nyu's graduate School of Arts and Science in neuro psychology.

00:04:38.160 --> 00:04:45.780 Frank R. Harrison: and simultaneously I have now, over the last almost 2 years. been working with talk radio done Nyc.

00:04:45.860 --> 00:04:50.320 Frank R. Harrison: To be able to use it as a platform to provide transparency.

00:04:50.370 --> 00:05:10.110 Frank R. Harrison: resources, choices, options, and just general information that you have freedom of choice to accept or reject. Therefore no, by no means is any of the information that I share with you on today's show to be taken as a means of stopping your current regime of treatment with your primary care physician

00:05:10.110 --> 00:05:15.430 Frank R. Harrison: for your neurologist or your psychiatrist, or whatever other mental health professional you are dealing with.

00:05:15.610 --> 00:05:18.640 Frank R. Harrison: You are also not to stop your medications

00:05:18.680 --> 00:05:26.960 Frank R. Harrison: or other kinds of issues without the consultation of your primary care physician, and feel free to use the information on this show

00:05:26.970 --> 00:05:30.550 Frank R. Harrison: as research or as information. To consider.

00:05:30.650 --> 00:05:36.530 Frank R. Harrison: Therefore all the information i'm going to review today is food for thought highlights of what we've already shown.

00:05:36.610 --> 00:05:44.960 Frank R. Harrison: as well as options that we can all consider going forward. Okay, that all being said. welcome to this episode of Frank about health.

00:05:45.070 --> 00:05:48.880 Frank R. Harrison: I am by myself today, but with the guests of the past.

00:05:48.900 --> 00:05:53.560 Frank R. Harrison: as exemplified by my first example, and we talked about

00:05:53.630 --> 00:05:55.540 Frank R. Harrison: epilepsy and narcissism.

00:05:55.820 --> 00:05:58.100 Frank R. Harrison: and let me right now go to that

00:05:58.460 --> 00:06:04.230 Frank R. Harrison: that screen so you can hear the the big thing that was shared

00:06:04.620 --> 00:06:06.050 Frank R. Harrison: during that episode

00:06:09.110 --> 00:06:11.610 Frank R. Harrison: me to be more aware of

00:06:12.710 --> 00:06:25.290 Frank R. Harrison: different behaviors, and and really like standing up for yourself more, and to know yourself enough if you're someone who does have epilepsy. And even if you don't know yourself well enough to know what the truth is, and not be swept away by

00:06:25.530 --> 00:06:29.770 Frank R. Harrison: people who are trying to make it look like you're crazy here that you don't know what you're talking about.

00:06:29.870 --> 00:06:31.520 Frank R. Harrison: because I think that's one of the main

00:06:31.790 --> 00:06:49.050 Frank R. Harrison: signals, and you guys jump into if you feel like it. Well, that that's a a gas lighting term, too. You you're acting crazy right right, and that's my family member who was in actually a very bad narcissistic, romantic relationship with a narcissist.

00:06:49.110 --> 00:06:58.430 Frank R. Harrison: Yeah, he kept this person kept telling her she was crazy, and he had had like 2, at least one wife and 2 or 3 girlfriends also.

00:06:58.490 --> 00:07:01.190 Frank R. Harrison: and he kept saying that, and we were crazy.

00:07:01.370 --> 00:07:08.520 Frank R. Harrison: and I don't know why I didn't pick up on that at the time and try to like Warn my mom, I don't, or my yeah.

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00:09:53.030 --> 00:09:54.140 the

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00:10:00.970 --> 00:10:02.160 The

00:10:29.140 --> 00:10:36.350 Frank R. Harrison: hey? Everybody. I guess I was so excited after I showed that first narcissism, clip, and epilepsy that I logged myself up.

00:10:36.580 --> 00:10:40.090 Frank R. Harrison: But I can see with the professionalism of Dylan by the scenes

00:10:40.130 --> 00:10:44.340 Frank R. Harrison: you went straight to break, and here I am, back to finish what we were talking about.

00:10:44.570 --> 00:10:55.720 Frank R. Harrison: I presume I have about 20 min now to continue the show. I'm not looking at this technical technical difficulty is anything but a lesson learned because I knew how to bounce back from it without panicking.

00:10:55.750 --> 00:10:56.760 Frank R. Harrison: However.

00:10:56.820 --> 00:11:15.920 Frank R. Harrison: it does get disconcerting when i'm trying to now issue a point of what you just heard from Danielle Swanson when she talked about how a lot of people when they are faced with narcissism, especially epileptic patients, they really don't see the subtle cues from a narcissist as to what's triggering their erratic behavior, and which could also trick your seizure disorder.

00:11:15.960 --> 00:11:21.350 Frank R. Harrison: Now, in this case the erratic behavior is that of a gas lighter, or that

00:11:21.610 --> 00:11:31.830 Frank R. Harrison: which looks at the epileptic, that of a person who looks at the epileptic patient as a perfect target or a victim that they can use and manipulate in order to achieve their end goal.

00:11:31.880 --> 00:11:39.540 Frank R. Harrison: Now, of course, there are those like myself. I'd like to say that have been able to spot gas lighters. Now, as a result.

00:11:39.690 --> 00:11:47.340 Frank R. Harrison: What really happens to me is, I do prevent seizure activity, and I also prevent any engagement with those individuals as best as possible.

00:11:47.470 --> 00:11:48.080 Frank R. Harrison: But

00:11:48.110 --> 00:11:55.440 Frank R. Harrison: nothing's perfect, and I do find myself sometimes involved with individuals, especially sometimes within family, which is a little disheartening

00:11:55.490 --> 00:11:56.180 Frank R. Harrison: that

00:11:56.210 --> 00:11:59.710 Frank R. Harrison: can really succeed at manipulating and gas lighting. Now

00:11:59.780 --> 00:12:06.830 Frank R. Harrison: how I know that I am dealing with that is, through my feelings of stress, anxiety, and depression.

00:12:06.860 --> 00:12:20.630 Frank R. Harrison: depression being the key thing. When I find myself very stagnated or fatigued. or I send this feeling of shutting down. That's probably because I'm dealing with an individual who is monopolizing my time

00:12:20.700 --> 00:12:23.410 Frank R. Harrison: and my energy in order to achieve their objectives.

00:12:23.760 --> 00:12:36.420 Frank R. Harrison: Now the reason why I'm, pointing this issue out is because it is showing how narcissism can help inflict mental health symptoms on everyday individuals

00:12:36.630 --> 00:12:39.970 Frank R. Harrison: typically epileptic patients are more vulnerable to them.

00:12:39.980 --> 00:12:44.160 Frank R. Harrison: But even if you're not an epileptic patient, or you just are.

00:12:44.410 --> 00:12:50.920 Frank R. Harrison: you know, predisposed too easily being depressed or anxious or stressed out, based on the individual. You're dealing with

00:12:51.090 --> 00:12:59.280 Frank R. Harrison: one lesson that I think that Danielle was trying to point out in the case of the relationship that her mother had with the narcissist

00:12:59.490 --> 00:13:00.390 Frank R. Harrison: was.

00:13:00.450 --> 00:13:06.250 Frank R. Harrison: Be mindful of the subtle cues of anyone out there who's trying to manipulate you.

00:13:06.500 --> 00:13:11.510 Frank R. Harrison: Gas lighting is hard to detect. Hence the term gaslight. It happens when you're blindsided.

00:13:11.650 --> 00:13:29.300 Frank R. Harrison: but you can see the individual characteristics of the person, probably through triggered memories of others that have done the same behavior to you. Or maybe there's inconsistencies in their communication to you about their objectives, or about their plans, or about

00:13:29.910 --> 00:13:34.440 Frank R. Harrison: trying to do what they can to have a mutual respect with each other.

00:13:34.470 --> 00:13:41.800 Frank R. Harrison: You know you have to always when it's when dealing with mental health issues, and people who also have mental health problems.

00:13:41.920 --> 00:13:53.820 Frank R. Harrison: You have to be mindful, and you have to stand for yourself in order for you to successfully combat whatever triggers can happen in those circumstances, and no one is immune

00:13:54.210 --> 00:14:13.190 Frank R. Harrison: that we will always be faced with that. We are all faced with that in the media we get a lot of packaged information depending on what channel you watch. We don't know what's true. We don't know what is it? But you have to use your own reasoning and your own rationality, in order to stay steadfast, and what you know about yourself and what you also know.

00:14:13.250 --> 00:14:17.400 Frank R. Harrison: Oh, in the information you are receiving, and in the other person who is giving that information.

00:14:17.610 --> 00:14:30.620 Frank R. Harrison: So I thought that that would be the lesson learned with that episode on mental health, I mean. Again, it was a neurological illness of epilepsy or a neurological condition. but it was an issue where

00:14:30.690 --> 00:14:31.960 Frank R. Harrison: narcissism

00:14:32.010 --> 00:14:37.010 Frank R. Harrison: and not only trigger seizures, but they can help trigger depression and anxiety.

00:14:37.120 --> 00:14:40.420 Frank R. Harrison: and they should be learned as as

00:14:41.670 --> 00:14:44.060 Frank R. Harrison: measuring sticks. If you're feeling

00:14:44.140 --> 00:14:45.410 Frank R. Harrison: those symptoms.

00:14:45.480 --> 00:14:55.530 Frank R. Harrison: don't think you're just depressed. Think you're being warned from within, that with the situation, or the person that you are dealing with is not good for you, and try to do what you can to move forward

00:14:56.760 --> 00:14:58.290 Frank R. Harrison: all right.

00:14:58.490 --> 00:15:13.410 Frank R. Harrison: Now. We're already on second section 2 of the show. So i'm going to show the next clip of the another show that we did with Susannah Price, who was on 2 weeks to go, and what she had shared was about her car accident

00:15:13.450 --> 00:15:19.310 Frank R. Harrison: that led her to have seizure activity. And this is when she received the diagnosis of epilepsy.

00:15:19.620 --> 00:15:21.560 Frank R. Harrison: This was her response.

00:16:01.100 --> 00:16:12.890 Frank R. Harrison: For me. It was a slow churning of some counseling and some good mentor relationships as well as

00:16:14.110 --> 00:16:24.360 Frank R. Harrison: just leaning hard on the safe people in my life. and little by little talking about it more and more. And then I realized

00:16:26.400 --> 00:16:27.600 Frank R. Harrison: it wasn't

00:16:27.920 --> 00:16:31.010 so bad, after all to say

00:16:31.260 --> 00:16:33.920 Frank R. Harrison: i'm living with this chronic condition. But

00:16:34.560 --> 00:16:37.540 Frank R. Harrison: that's what i'm it's like that.

00:16:38.400 --> 00:16:40.910 Frank R. Harrison: I I love this song.

00:16:41.710 --> 00:16:47.970 Frank R. Harrison: I'm still standing Elton John. possibly my favorite classic.

00:16:48.170 --> 00:16:53.540 Frank R. Harrison: a rock artist. But that is true. I mean, we have to

00:16:55.130 --> 00:17:02.790 Frank R. Harrison: say that okay today was not so good. But I get a new opportunity in the morning, God willing. And

00:17:03.200 --> 00:17:06.670 Frank R. Harrison: so what can I do next? To make this

00:17:07.550 --> 00:17:10.920 Frank R. Harrison: better for myself? Exactly.

00:17:17.650 --> 00:17:24.040 Frank R. Harrison: Okay. I succeeded in ending that segment and not logging myself off all right, that all being said

00:17:24.950 --> 00:17:36.600 Frank R. Harrison: here is a case of an individual. The show is about neurodiversity. neurodiversity. Different people's responses with their own brain. In this case she was in a car accident.

00:17:36.690 --> 00:17:38.960 Frank R. Harrison: She had only one seizure.

00:17:39.340 --> 00:17:44.560 Frank R. Harrison: and she was put in a medically induced coma in order to be treated for the accident.

00:17:45.090 --> 00:17:50.230 Frank R. Harrison: Since then. even though she didn't have a seizure since the initial accident.

00:17:50.510 --> 00:17:56.380 Frank R. Harrison: she was diagnosed by her surgeon or doctor. I'm sorry I don't think she had surgery

00:17:56.450 --> 00:17:59.390 Frank R. Harrison: in that instance, but she was diagnosed

00:17:59.590 --> 00:18:04.890 Frank R. Harrison: as being an epileptic. No. she was considered.

00:18:04.930 --> 00:18:08.280 Frank R. Harrison: If you wanted to put the word epileptic in her diagnosis

00:18:08.330 --> 00:18:11.960 Frank R. Harrison: as an individual with post-traumatic epilepsy

00:18:12.370 --> 00:18:25.090 Frank R. Harrison: But even though she was taking medication to prevent seizures. she only had one seizure so she's no longer on that medication. But she had also discovered that with her fugue states

00:18:25.240 --> 00:18:26.520 Frank R. Harrison: for Auras.

00:18:26.660 --> 00:18:32.560 Frank R. Harrison: her lack of bladder control and other kinds of symptoms that are reflective of those

00:18:32.810 --> 00:18:33.460 Frank R. Harrison: that

00:18:33.610 --> 00:18:37.290 Frank R. Harrison: are having a seizure. She was having them while awake.

00:18:37.550 --> 00:18:49.270 Frank R. Harrison: all right, so that means that a lot of it was based on the stigma she felt within herself when she was given the diagnosis. It's been known that the disorder of epilepsy

00:18:49.520 --> 00:18:59.090 Frank R. Harrison: has a very dark stigma by thousands of years. even though they were famous people that had it. they were either burned at the stake. Hence Joan of Arc.

00:18:59.290 --> 00:19:02.940 Frank R. Harrison: They cut off their ear, and hence Vincent Van Gogh.

00:19:03.060 --> 00:19:13.290 Frank R. Harrison: or they were just considered crazy, or or possessed by witches or drug addicts, or whatever other social alienation that would be attributed.

00:19:13.540 --> 00:19:20.790 Frank R. Harrison: But there has been significant research, especially here at and Nyu Langone for about the last 30, 35 years.

00:19:21.080 --> 00:19:26.260 Frank R. Harrison: that there is a genetic basis for epilepsy, and in the case of seizure activity.

00:19:26.960 --> 00:19:35.600 Frank R. Harrison: you know, if you are in a car accident or require a major surgery because of that accident. If you were also recalled to then another show where

00:19:35.610 --> 00:19:37.830 Frank R. Harrison: a very good friend of mine, Jose Dennis.

00:19:37.880 --> 00:19:45.500 Frank R. Harrison: actually hit his head on the railing of an overhead overhead subway in the Bronx, and was in a coma for 9 days, and to this day

00:19:45.560 --> 00:19:50.010 Frank R. Harrison: takes Kepra, one of the seizure control medications to prevent

00:19:50.270 --> 00:19:55.430 Frank R. Harrison: post-traumatic seizure disorder. But he technically is not an epileptic.

00:19:55.880 --> 00:20:02.600 Frank R. Harrison: It's just an understanding that the brain is the CPU of the of of us. It is our computer.

00:20:02.860 --> 00:20:03.480 Frank R. Harrison: It

00:20:03.590 --> 00:20:07.630 Frank R. Harrison: It has its mistakes and its flaws, and if you succumb to an accident.

00:20:07.830 --> 00:20:12.310 Frank R. Harrison: it's going to be injured and traumatized, and as such seizure activity

00:20:12.360 --> 00:20:13.580 Frank R. Harrison: would occur.

00:20:13.930 --> 00:20:17.300 Frank R. Harrison: the stigma is not what should be believed in.

00:20:17.380 --> 00:20:28.680 Frank R. Harrison: What should be believed in is the basis of the seizure activity, the understanding that if you are depressed, it's probably because the brain has been shaken around through seizure activity.

00:20:28.780 --> 00:20:33.620 Frank R. Harrison: Probably it's the medication itself that's creating the stress or anxiety levels.

00:20:33.750 --> 00:20:39.760 Frank R. Harrison: Sometimes one can consider that that neurological and mental health are correlated.

00:20:39.780 --> 00:20:50.390 Frank R. Harrison: especially if the symptomology of to question and anxiety are based on neurological illness. Once it's understood that way and not based on the stigma.

00:20:50.430 --> 00:20:53.880 Frank R. Harrison: You get the knowledge of how you can control your condition.

00:20:54.290 --> 00:20:59.650 Frank R. Harrison: manage it effectively. gain advocacy and agency over your own life.

00:20:59.800 --> 00:21:05.830 Frank R. Harrison: and not look at yourself as someone who was less than as the result of having suffered the injury.

00:21:06.830 --> 00:21:13.090 Frank R. Harrison: I got a question from some of your listeners out there. Thanks for paying attention. Why do you think

00:21:14.160 --> 00:21:15.750 Frank R. Harrison: those with epilepsy

00:21:16.390 --> 00:21:17.580 have been?

00:21:18.830 --> 00:21:19.390 Frank R. Harrison: Oh.

00:21:19.740 --> 00:21:20.880 wait 1 s.

00:21:24.800 --> 00:21:34.190 Frank R. Harrison: Why, why do you think those with epilepsy have been written off throughout history as you described. Is it society's way of saying Not my problem, or is it just

00:21:34.240 --> 00:21:41.280 Frank R. Harrison: a fear of the unknown? Very good question I've been saying on Frank about health for the last 2 years

00:21:41.350 --> 00:21:47.850 Frank R. Harrison: that predominantly. It's a fear of the unknown. We do live in a world with misinformation.

00:21:47.860 --> 00:21:51.110 Frank R. Harrison: We do live in a world with limited information.

00:21:51.140 --> 00:21:54.200 Frank R. Harrison: and if you're not an individual that suffers from seizures.

00:21:54.400 --> 00:22:05.220 Frank R. Harrison: you don't go looking for reasons why people have it, unless maybe you're in the medical profession I know. Here at Nyu Langone everybody researches epilepsy as part of their core curriculum.

00:22:05.270 --> 00:22:09.640 Frank R. Harrison: but they also researched the genetic solutions for it.

00:22:09.820 --> 00:22:21.920 Frank R. Harrison: They also research the correlations between other brain pathologies like autism and tumors and other kinds of circumstances.

00:22:21.960 --> 00:22:36.020 Frank R. Harrison: because they're getting all the information that they need to treat it for what it is, and that would imply that the only reason why that you would know what epilepsy is is if you have a personal or professional interest in it.

00:22:36.140 --> 00:22:40.460 Frank R. Harrison: and therefore it's fear of the unknown and unwillingness

00:22:40.510 --> 00:22:48.520 Frank R. Harrison: to explore why, unless it happens within your own personal. a lifestyle, or within friends or family members of yours.

00:22:49.050 --> 00:22:58.950 Frank R. Harrison: I would say that there are people who say it's not my problem, but a lot of people who say that about anything like if someone is, is suffering from cancer.

00:22:59.230 --> 00:23:05.810 Frank R. Harrison: is they just don't have empathy. And I, I would say that that could be a basis for why

00:23:05.890 --> 00:23:09.010 Frank R. Harrison: people throughout history

00:23:10.300 --> 00:23:21.030 Frank R. Harrison: would write off those with epilepsy, but not a majority of the time. I think it's fear of the unknown. The whole thing with Joan of Arc is, They thought she was possessed by witches when she was able to predict things

00:23:21.220 --> 00:23:27.130 Frank R. Harrison: that were going on, and they burned her at the stake for being whatever they were

00:23:27.650 --> 00:23:36.460 Frank R. Harrison: projecting on to her for being a witch for being possessed for being Satan. Whatever the descriptives that were provided to her

00:23:36.740 --> 00:23:41.420 Frank R. Harrison: the reason why I also pointed out in that episode with Susannah Price.

00:23:41.560 --> 00:23:45.580 Frank R. Harrison: She was able to overcome the stigmas and overcome

00:23:45.700 --> 00:23:55.050 Frank R. Harrison: the idea of being an epileptic, and remove herself from the medication when she found a sense of spirituality which she wrote about in her book.

00:23:55.360 --> 00:23:59.440 Frank R. Harrison: And so that's a basis for a lot of individuals to recover

00:23:59.490 --> 00:24:07.850 Frank R. Harrison: from depression or living with social stigma. When you find God, when you find a way of being able to

00:24:07.860 --> 00:24:09.340 Frank R. Harrison: believe in

00:24:09.890 --> 00:24:13.930 Frank R. Harrison: the the one above you that guides you, that inspires you.

00:24:13.950 --> 00:24:18.340 Frank R. Harrison: so that when you can look at it you create a road to acceptance.

00:24:18.470 --> 00:24:23.440 Frank R. Harrison: So in the first example. I talk about narcissism.

00:24:23.450 --> 00:24:32.000 Frank R. Harrison: targeting epileptic patients or targeting anybody and making them feel depressed. In the second example, I talk about someone having a seizure

00:24:32.030 --> 00:24:36.880 Frank R. Harrison: that becomes depressed because of the diagnosis, and yet it's only based on the fear

00:24:36.890 --> 00:24:42.640 Frank R. Harrison: of the stigma controlling her life and making her feel crippled that she can never live her dreams.

00:24:42.810 --> 00:24:57.000 Frank R. Harrison: She found religion, and she also well, spirituality, and she also found a basis of reality from the right doctors to be able to know that she was not an epileptic, and that she was able to be more of an advocate for people. In her case

00:24:57.110 --> 00:25:05.820 Frank R. Harrison: her source of advocacy was spirituality. You know everyone has their own basis of it. And and and again, in answer to your question.

00:25:05.840 --> 00:25:12.380 Frank R. Harrison: once you find the basis of why you're living with epilepsy, or why someone that you're dealing with has it?

00:25:13.020 --> 00:25:15.330 Frank R. Harrison: You can be able to be constructive

00:25:16.010 --> 00:25:20.470 Frank R. Harrison: and help the person as well as help yourself. and that removes the fear

00:25:20.580 --> 00:25:22.320 Frank R. Harrison: and the knowledge you gain

00:25:22.550 --> 00:25:33.970 Frank R. Harrison: makes it more normalized and makes it more accepting. you know, at the at the end of the day, and even post covid epilepsy is no longer really as stigmatized as it used to be.

00:25:34.180 --> 00:25:40.370 Frank R. Harrison: I mean, if you all recall the last couple of years we were all dealing with the myth of whether the Covid vaccine was even real or not.

00:25:40.470 --> 00:25:46.170 Frank R. Harrison: So I think today, whatever stigmas are associated to mental and neurological health

00:25:46.340 --> 00:25:48.090 Frank R. Harrison: are more towards

00:25:48.150 --> 00:25:55.280 Frank R. Harrison: whatever is going on in today's society, especially with diseases and epidemics like the way Covid was.

00:25:57.770 --> 00:25:59.210 What else can I tell you?

00:25:59.230 --> 00:26:00.010 Frank R. Harrison: I think

00:26:00.110 --> 00:26:04.820 Frank R. Harrison: it's just an understanding that when we look at the mental health

00:26:04.910 --> 00:26:05.870 Frank R. Harrison: spectrum

00:26:06.230 --> 00:26:09.570 Frank R. Harrison: from Ptsd autism, epilepsy.

00:26:11.080 --> 00:26:14.730 Frank R. Harrison: stress, chronic fatigue, syndrome, asperger's syndrome

00:26:15.960 --> 00:26:24.740 Frank R. Harrison: even in you know brain, malfunction or cognitive reprogramming due to injury or or or tumor or surgery.

00:26:25.270 --> 00:26:28.200 Frank R. Harrison: Mental health is something that we are not

00:26:28.580 --> 00:26:33.520 Frank R. Harrison: dependent on. It is something we can manage and advocate.

00:26:33.600 --> 00:26:36.870 Frank R. Harrison: And I'm. Hoping that all the listeners and viewers that have watched

00:26:36.980 --> 00:26:43.030 Frank R. Harrison: all the episodes on mental health that we have done over the over the last couple of years, or in especially couple weeks.

00:26:43.350 --> 00:26:48.680 Frank R. Harrison: have taught you something about how you can take control and ownership over your condition.

00:26:49.000 --> 00:26:58.680 Frank R. Harrison: because. being an epileptic pretty much For the last 40 years of my life I have been able to control it by developing this platform.

00:26:58.790 --> 00:27:03.460 Frank R. Harrison: which I understand has definitely provided a lot of resources for people.

00:27:03.690 --> 00:27:06.290 Frank R. Harrison: especially here at Nyu Langgo. So

00:27:06.600 --> 00:27:16.900 Frank R. Harrison: I think, in general, what i'm looking forward to is the next year of Frank about health when we use it more as a way of reconnecting.

00:27:17.090 --> 00:27:19.560 Frank R. Harrison: and we

00:27:19.590 --> 00:27:21.950 Frank R. Harrison: redeveloping relationships with each other.

00:27:22.040 --> 00:27:25.170 Frank R. Harrison: Whatever our conditions are, mental, health, physical health.

00:27:25.580 --> 00:27:29.410 Frank R. Harrison: or just playing, just doing what we can to be connected again.

00:27:29.510 --> 00:27:35.200 Frank R. Harrison: I think the Covid pandemic did a lot to all of us, no matter what your condition is.

00:27:35.240 --> 00:27:36.670 Frank R. Harrison: and that in itself

00:27:36.760 --> 00:27:44.510 Frank R. Harrison: has become a mental health problem that we, as a society, are learning to cope with. Okay, we are 2 min to our second break.

00:27:44.720 --> 00:27:46.760 Frank R. Harrison: At least this one is on schedule.

00:27:46.870 --> 00:27:58.650 Frank R. Harrison: So when we return, I'm. Going to return with the next video on what we should all do with each other and with our loved ones in dealing with mental health issues. So please stay tuned

00:27:58.750 --> 00:28:01.220 Frank R. Harrison: as this mental health review

00:28:01.370 --> 00:28:06.560 Frank R. Harrison: is ongoing right here on talk radio and Nyc. And all of our social media.

00:28:06.790 --> 00:28:07.970 Frank R. Harrison: We'll be back in a few.

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00:29:48.230 --> 00:29:49.200 The

00:31:58.270 --> 00:32:03.600 Frank R. Harrison: okay, it appears that I just showed something where I was muted. So i'm going to show it again.

00:32:07.390 --> 00:32:09.160 Frank R. Harrison: That is just probably

00:32:10.380 --> 00:32:11.260 the

00:32:13.960 --> 00:32:17.420 Frank R. Harrison: and about 3 years ago she layered on.

00:32:18.350 --> 00:32:22.640 Frank R. Harrison: How would it apply to this special situation discussing tonight.

00:32:23.560 --> 00:32:29.810 Frank R. Harrison: Well, thank you so much for having me in this wonderful group of people. It underscores how important community is.

00:32:30.410 --> 00:32:33.230 Frank R. Harrison: So i'm really honored to be here Sometimes it's

00:32:33.990 --> 00:32:42.290 Frank R. Harrison: easiest to describe forgiveness by what forgiveness is not, and I find in my work that people really misunderstand what forgiveness is.

00:32:42.290 --> 00:32:57.110 Frank R. Harrison: I think it means. If you forgive, you, forget what happened. And actually you don't want to forget it's who what happened made you who you are. And also that's how we keep from ending up in the same situations or replicating the harm that was done to us. 101

00:32:57.840 --> 00:33:03.900 Frank R. Harrison: people also think that forgiveness means what we're saying is that what somebody did is okay.

00:33:03.970 --> 00:33:08.230 Frank R. Harrison: and that's not the case. The the harm happened. It was wrong.

00:33:08.260 --> 00:33:18.290 Frank R. Harrison: It might be continuing harm. It is wrong. So we don't mean that it's okay. What we mean is that we're giving up all hope of a better past

00:33:19.590 --> 00:33:23.860 Frank R. Harrison: for giving control hope of a better.

00:33:24.850 --> 00:33:28.160 Frank R. Harrison: So it really is letting putting down everything and

00:33:29.420 --> 00:33:30.860 positive way. Is that what i'm?

00:33:31.650 --> 00:33:50.810 Frank R. Harrison: Yes, it's. It's a form of radical acceptance, and it's really an emotional shift that happens. So unforgiveness is an emotion that happens because there's a a harm or perceived harm. Right? We don't have to actually have been harmed if if something was perceived.

00:33:50.880 --> 00:34:05.360 Frank R. Harrison: If we didn't understand what happened, there's also that's the event a harm, or perceived harm, and then a whole host of emotions are are set up. I call these hot emotions like anger and shame.

00:34:05.680 --> 00:34:23.600 Frank R. Harrison: Although grief is a very important part of a grievance. The the words are related. Some people view grief as a cooler emotion, but basically we have an emotional response to what happened. And then unforgiveness happens when we ruminate, when we relive, when we have

00:34:23.600 --> 00:34:32.929 Frank R. Harrison: intrusive, re-experiencing. and then it sets up in our body as an emotion we feel on forgiveness in our bodies.

00:34:32.960 --> 00:34:35.949 Frank R. Harrison: Forgiveness is an emotional shift

00:34:35.960 --> 00:34:43.530 Frank R. Harrison: where we no longer replay these intrusive things, whether it's something we did or something that was done to us.

00:34:43.540 --> 00:34:50.389 Frank R. Harrison: and it's not meant to be glib, but giving up all hope of a better past allows us to have hope

00:34:50.440 --> 00:34:53.969 Frank R. Harrison: for a better future. That is just

00:34:56.810 --> 00:34:57.860 Frank R. Harrison: okay.

00:35:00.070 --> 00:35:08.740 Frank R. Harrison: I basically gave you all more than you originally were supposed to here. So again. with every technical difficulty comes an opportunity

00:35:08.940 --> 00:35:21.000 Frank R. Harrison: that all being said, what I was pointing out in that particular video is that when we are all dealing with mental illness, whether it's due to neurological causes, accidental causes

00:35:21.040 --> 00:35:25.540 Frank R. Harrison: or just it's clinical. It's part of our genetics as part of our DNA.

00:35:25.890 --> 00:35:27.150 Frank R. Harrison: A lot of it

00:35:27.440 --> 00:35:33.440 Frank R. Harrison: has to be coped with medically in the case of Susannah spiritually.

00:35:33.620 --> 00:35:36.120 Frank R. Harrison: and in the case of Dr. Jennifer Griggs.

00:35:36.130 --> 00:35:40.990 Frank R. Harrison: she teaches us and the people the members of the replacement child forum

00:35:41.170 --> 00:35:43.450 Frank R. Harrison: that were at that particular episode.

00:35:43.580 --> 00:35:47.660 Frank R. Harrison: that it's all about forgiveness, and she describes what forgiveness

00:35:47.810 --> 00:35:55.340 Frank R. Harrison: really is, and not what most people think it is when you say, Forgive yourself, or when you say, forgive that person.

00:35:55.740 --> 00:35:58.290 Frank R. Harrison: What you have to do is not forget.

00:35:58.500 --> 00:36:05.560 Frank R. Harrison: but you have to be able to give the benefit of the doubt, and not hold the grudge so that you can move forward with your life.

00:36:05.740 --> 00:36:18.290 Frank R. Harrison: because in the case of the replacement child syndrome, or the replacement child Forum. the individuals that are members of that forum are all replacement children based on being born as a result

00:36:18.320 --> 00:36:23.290 Frank R. Harrison: of the loss of another sibling even before they were born, or maybe even

00:36:23.360 --> 00:36:35.950 Frank R. Harrison: the way they're treated by their parents, knowing that they were adopted, or that they are different because they did come as planned, but also with a way of replacing what they've lost.

00:36:36.120 --> 00:36:41.050 Frank R. Harrison: That does it? That does a number on your mental health, because you don't know who you are. Fully

00:36:41.200 --> 00:36:46.290 Frank R. Harrison: you don't make the right decisions effectively without facing some traumas. In the meantime.

00:36:46.370 --> 00:36:49.860 Frank R. Harrison: you don't know how to be as resilient as you'd like to be.

00:36:49.970 --> 00:36:59.080 Frank R. Harrison: and so it is interesting how mental health is not just something that we are either born with, or that we create either for or against ourselves.

00:36:59.370 --> 00:37:06.580 Frank R. Harrison: But we live in a social construct, whether it's within your own family, the workplace, or even other social situations

00:37:06.660 --> 00:37:08.410 Frank R. Harrison: that can actually inflict

00:37:08.420 --> 00:37:15.980 Frank R. Harrison: mental health issues based on the way that you're treated based on the way that you don't understand

00:37:16.000 --> 00:37:19.560 Frank R. Harrison: why you're being treated the way you are, and then the constant rumination

00:37:20.350 --> 00:37:23.690 Frank R. Harrison: makes you think conclusions which may or may not be true.

00:37:23.890 --> 00:37:28.210 Frank R. Harrison: Like what was said by Dr. Jennifer Griggs. When you are doing ruminating.

00:37:28.460 --> 00:37:29.850 Frank R. Harrison: it affects your body.

00:37:29.980 --> 00:37:33.870 Frank R. Harrison: It affects also your mind because you're also not forgiving.

00:37:34.380 --> 00:37:38.370 Frank R. Harrison: All right. So the root solution in that video

00:37:38.950 --> 00:37:40.650 Frank R. Harrison: is we need to learn

00:37:40.670 --> 00:37:50.640 Frank R. Harrison: other than finding the right clinical solutions and spiritual solutions. We learn need to learn the art of forgiveness, and it all begins with yourself.

00:37:50.690 --> 00:37:55.410 Frank R. Harrison: Once you forgive yourself. then you can forgive others that have done you wrong.

00:37:55.800 --> 00:37:59.480 Frank R. Harrison: but never forget so that you can use what you've learned

00:37:59.840 --> 00:38:06.740 Frank R. Harrison: in preventing another individual or situation from re-stigmatizing you or re-traumatizing. You

00:38:07.290 --> 00:38:08.950 Frank R. Harrison: mental health, awareness.

00:38:09.140 --> 00:38:17.120 Frank R. Harrison: is a lifestyle choice. You're not just aware of it because you've been diagnosed. You're not just aware of it, because you need to remember to take your medication.

00:38:17.310 --> 00:38:20.890 Frank R. Harrison: You're aware of it, because you need to know how to master

00:38:21.100 --> 00:38:34.740 Frank R. Harrison: your quality of life while you're moving throughout it. You want to still live your dreams, live your objectives relate with your family and friends, and loved ones. You want to bounce back even after you've been abused by individuals or situations.

00:38:35.360 --> 00:38:39.880 Frank R. Harrison: I know I've learned to to bounce back from living my life with epilepsy.

00:38:40.030 --> 00:38:42.770 But then, in the in the most recent 8 weeks

00:38:42.900 --> 00:38:47.230 Frank R. Harrison: for those of you who know me. I've had to deal with my father's cancer.

00:38:47.300 --> 00:38:50.500 Frank R. Harrison: my my mother's potential

00:38:50.540 --> 00:38:52.070 Frank R. Harrison: leg injury.

00:38:52.210 --> 00:38:55.100 Frank R. Harrison: Yesterday, actually Tuesday.

00:38:55.190 --> 00:39:00.650 Frank R. Harrison: we lost a family member. Her heart stopped, and we actually believed

00:39:02.450 --> 00:39:08.460 Frank R. Harrison: it Well, she she was already ill. To begin with, we believe that there is a relief in her passing on.

00:39:08.470 --> 00:39:14.030 Frank R. Harrison: but we also believed it was controlled. and that would be another show. But

00:39:14.310 --> 00:39:18.650 Frank R. Harrison: constant changes in people's health. Even my 2 week hiatus that I took

00:39:18.850 --> 00:39:27.020 Frank R. Harrison: to help advocate for a friend of mine on the West Coast who had major surgery on a broken leg. You know she didn't have any family members

00:39:27.200 --> 00:39:29.720 Frank R. Harrison: to to take care of her. So she

00:39:29.740 --> 00:39:32.540 Frank R. Harrison: contacted me, and I did what I could.

00:39:32.560 --> 00:39:45.850 Frank R. Harrison: That is an example of forgiveness. because once I've forgiven myself for my weaknesses and my neurological or mental health issues. i'm able to deal with others in helping them, and assist them along, and bring to awareness

00:39:45.910 --> 00:39:54.250 Frank R. Harrison: what they are not aware of, which is affecting their confidence. their depression, their anxiety, and of course, their physical health issues which are triggering.

00:39:54.320 --> 00:39:55.980 Frank R. Harrison: or which are contributing to it

00:39:57.120 --> 00:40:03.460 Frank R. Harrison: all right. Are there any other questions about the video that I just played from anyone out there.

00:40:03.520 --> 00:40:07.960 Frank R. Harrison: because already, in the first 3 segments, what I've shown is

00:40:07.990 --> 00:40:14.830 Frank R. Harrison: the impact on narcissism. the spirituality growth that Susanna has had in coping with her

00:40:14.930 --> 00:40:22.220 Frank R. Harrison: sense of self-deprecation and depression and and sense of life being over when she was given a diagnosis.

00:40:22.440 --> 00:40:25.080 Frank R. Harrison: and at the same time, while also

00:40:25.400 --> 00:40:30.940 Frank R. Harrison: describing how Ptsd and neurological dysfunction like autism.

00:40:31.060 --> 00:40:33.350 Frank R. Harrison: can trigger emotional issues.

00:40:33.410 --> 00:40:39.490 Frank R. Harrison: The fact is, the common thread with those episodes. In addition to what I just showed on forgiveness

00:40:39.520 --> 00:40:44.080 Frank R. Harrison: is that it is self-advocacy that can allow you to be resilient

00:40:44.520 --> 00:40:48.970 Frank R. Harrison: in mental health situations. All right.

00:40:48.990 --> 00:40:57.950 Frank R. Harrison: Well, I think we're a little early before we go on to a break. But I know that I have some information to share with all of you

00:40:57.970 --> 00:41:04.890 Frank R. Harrison: in the final segment of the show, and I may need time in showing you those sound files of the Maury method

00:41:05.020 --> 00:41:12.650 Frank R. Harrison: which was discussed at length by last Week's guest. Maurice Alkovich and I want to be able to also promote

00:41:12.710 --> 00:41:16.490 Frank R. Harrison: other things that are going to be happening in the next week.

00:41:16.640 --> 00:41:20.170 Frank R. Harrison: especially because, while this is mental health awareness month.

00:41:20.290 --> 00:41:24.990 Frank R. Harrison: This is also nurse appreciation. Week and a year ago Phyllis and I

00:41:25.110 --> 00:41:32.480 Frank R. Harrison: actually did a show with Katherine Chadwick. who taught us about the sunshine quotient. where, during stress levels.

00:41:32.570 --> 00:41:42.440 Frank R. Harrison: she was indicating to breathe in the sunlight, she called it the sunshine quotient. It affected the vagus nerve, and if you have this illusion while your eyes are closed.

00:41:42.470 --> 00:41:46.620 Frank R. Harrison: that you're breathing in the sunlight, the warmness of the energy

00:41:46.740 --> 00:41:52.580 Frank R. Harrison: goes to the vagus nerve and brings out positive energy and results. You can have more calm.

00:41:52.610 --> 00:41:56.690 Frank R. Harrison: Reduce your stress and whatever, so that that's an example

00:41:56.750 --> 00:42:04.320 Frank R. Harrison: of stress reduction techniques that we could all use while we are also practicing the art of forgiveness.

00:42:04.710 --> 00:42:06.540 Frank R. Harrison: So that all being said.

00:42:06.570 --> 00:42:13.700 Frank R. Harrison: i'm going to take an early break this time, this time it's my choice. And when we return we're going to talk more about the memory method.

00:42:13.810 --> 00:42:16.630 Frank R. Harrison: We're going to celebrate the nurses.

00:42:16.770 --> 00:42:22.500 Frank R. Harrison: and we're also going to show another excerpt

00:42:22.660 --> 00:42:28.750 Frank R. Harrison: from Maurice Alkovic from last week's show. Because what I want all of you to take away from this show

00:42:29.060 --> 00:42:33.500 Frank R. Harrison: is a Your mental health is in your control.

00:42:34.010 --> 00:42:41.770 Frank R. Harrison: and even if sometimes it is due to things beyond your control. you can still manage it somehow. Oh.

00:42:42.270 --> 00:42:43.190 Frank R. Harrison: a question

00:42:44.190 --> 00:42:49.290 Frank R. Harrison: What are some ways you would recommend adapting your life around an epilepsy diagnosis

00:42:49.370 --> 00:42:52.250 Frank R. Harrison: to still pursue your dreams and life. Plan.

00:42:53.540 --> 00:43:01.340 Frank R. Harrison: Wow! All you have to do is know who you are. Know what basis of epilepsy you have?

00:43:02.160 --> 00:43:04.950 Frank R. Harrison: Do the research with your doctor or

00:43:05.180 --> 00:43:07.920 Frank R. Harrison: by yourself. Take your medication

00:43:08.330 --> 00:43:17.190 Frank R. Harrison: if you're post-traumatic epilepsy, also see your primary care physician about the other illness or other situation that created the seizure activity.

00:43:17.260 --> 00:43:18.980 Frank R. Harrison: But if you're genetically based.

00:43:19.110 --> 00:43:23.620 Frank R. Harrison: know that there is research out there, there's an upcoming conference in Boston.

00:43:23.890 --> 00:43:29.760 Frank R. Harrison: where they're showing the proof that Mrna Vaccines might actually stop seizures in the long run.

00:43:29.980 --> 00:43:32.190 Frank R. Harrison: There's tests and trials going on.

00:43:33.410 --> 00:43:36.130 Frank R. Harrison: So you have to adapt it as a lifestyle.

00:43:36.580 --> 00:43:42.360 Frank R. Harrison: or into your lifestyle, so that you could forgive yourself, accept it.

00:43:42.420 --> 00:43:55.620 Frank R. Harrison: advocate for others. and still pursue your dreams. Simultaneously I launched this show, Frank, about health actually 7 years ago. right here on talk radio and Nyc.

00:43:55.800 --> 00:44:00.890 Frank R. Harrison: And it was originally going to be called Frank about epilepsy. So one way that I've learned

00:44:01.080 --> 00:44:04.080 Frank R. Harrison: to take my diagnosis.

00:44:04.150 --> 00:44:06.680 Frank R. Harrison: which I was already living with since I was a teenager

00:44:06.960 --> 00:44:13.870 Frank R. Harrison: is, I created a show to help advocate for epilepsy and other illnesses. So that's what I

00:44:13.990 --> 00:44:16.570 Frank R. Harrison: would recommend. All right, thanks for your question.

00:44:16.630 --> 00:44:25.590 Frank R. Harrison: And when we return we'll go right back into the Maury method. So please stay tuned right here as I go through this mental health review on talk, radio and Nyc.

00:44:25.600 --> 00:44:28.740 Frank R. Harrison: And on our Facebook, Youtube Linkedin and Twitter channels

00:44:29.080 --> 00:44:30.360 be back in a few.

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00:44:57.210 --> 00:45:25.020 in a post- movement world. You may have many unanswered questions regarding your health. Are you looking to live a healthier lifestyle? Do you have a desire to learn more about mental health, and enhance your quality of life, or do you just want to participate in self-understanding and awareness? I'm. Frank R. Harrison, host of Frank about health, and each Thursday I will tackle these questions and work to enlighten you. Tune in every 3 at 5 P. M. On talk, radio and Nyc and I will be frank about help to advocate for all of us.

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00:45:34.980 --> 00:45:58.820 I'm. Sam Leibowitz, your conscious consultant, and on my show the conscious consultant hour awakening humanity, we will touch upon all these topics and more. Listen, live at our new time on Thursdays at 12 noon Eastern time. That's the conscious consultant hour awakening humanity. Thursday's 12 noon on talk radio and nyc

00:46:03.200 --> 00:46:13.150 You're listening to talk radio, Nyc: at Ww. Talk, radio and Yc: now broadcasting 24 h a day.

00:46:34.670 --> 00:46:45.040 Frank R. Harrison: I encourage people to remember one thing. If you get nothing else from this chat. Remember one thing. you have a brain you have in mind.

00:46:45.240 --> 00:46:50.130 Frank R. Harrison: You were given that by nature, by God, whatever you want to believe by aliens.

00:46:50.410 --> 00:46:52.820 Frank R. Harrison: You were given that to use it.

00:46:53.330 --> 00:46:55.440 Frank R. Harrison: If yes, if you can walk

00:46:55.720 --> 00:46:56.620 Frank R. Harrison: okay.

00:46:56.700 --> 00:47:01.200 Frank R. Harrison: and you sit still with 3 days, get up and try to walk.

00:47:01.470 --> 00:47:06.930 Frank R. Harrison: See what happens. Your muscle to your people deteriorates so quickly.

00:47:07.370 --> 00:47:11.510 Frank R. Harrison: 3 days is all it takes, and you won't. Be able to stand up on your own

00:47:12.450 --> 00:47:16.460 Frank R. Harrison: incredible use your brain. your brain is a muscle.

00:47:16.790 --> 00:47:22.440 Frank R. Harrison: If you don't use it, it will turn to mush just like any other muscle you don't use turns to mush.

00:47:22.580 --> 00:47:35.140 Frank R. Harrison: You have an opinion. Listen to what other people say. Sure, if you're inspired by what i'm saying, by what Frank says, by what you know, a president says what a religious leader says fantastic.

00:47:35.600 --> 00:47:38.920 Frank R. Harrison: but don't act on it like it's a blueprint for your life.

00:47:39.000 --> 00:47:48.140 Frank R. Harrison: Reimagine, reinterpret it, translate it into your own frame of experience. And then, if you're still inspired, take the action.

00:47:48.360 --> 00:47:53.120 Frank R. Harrison: That's why a lot of self-help I believe, doesn't work because their people Aren't told.

00:47:53.360 --> 00:47:58.860 Frank R. Harrison: You know. How can anyone the big names in the industry? How can anyone know what's right for you?

00:47:58.910 --> 00:48:04.360 Frank R. Harrison: You know what's right for you? I can really be an expert in my own life, not in anybody else's life.

00:48:04.980 --> 00:48:08.830 Frank R. Harrison: So if I say something, it's only going to be good for me.

00:48:08.940 --> 00:48:18.850 Frank R. Harrison: You need to reinterpret it to make it good for you. You have a brain. Please use it, please, even if you disagree with me. That's beautiful. You're using your brain good for you.

00:48:23.850 --> 00:48:24.940 Frank R. Harrison: Welcome back.

00:48:25.030 --> 00:48:29.740 Frank R. Harrison: That is exactly what I want, all of you to do. Use your brain

00:48:30.020 --> 00:48:32.970 Frank R. Harrison: like I pointed out in the first 3 segments of the show.

00:48:33.670 --> 00:48:39.180 Frank R. Harrison: Danielle, Susanna, and the replacement child Forum, along with Dr. Jennifer Griggs.

00:48:39.200 --> 00:48:49.290 Frank R. Harrison: We're saying the way you use your brain is You find spirituality. You make sure you are aware of what a gas lighter is, and how they could try to manipulate you.

00:48:49.540 --> 00:48:52.240 Frank R. Harrison: We have institutions that try to gaslight us.

00:48:52.300 --> 00:48:56.370 Frank R. Harrison: The point is is when you're aware of the symptoms of gas lighting.

00:48:56.860 --> 00:49:07.090 Frank R. Harrison: you just protect yourself, and you use your own agency and advocacy to determine what's good for you, and what's not good for you, and what's not good for you is what you move away from.

00:49:07.200 --> 00:49:09.940 Frank R. Harrison: what's good for you are the things that make you happy

00:49:09.970 --> 00:49:26.830 Frank R. Harrison: that make you focused, that make you want to engage with others that create empathy. Who knows? Maybe there are those of you out there that want to become doctors yourselves, and actually do it for a living, or you can have a podcast right here on talk radio and Nyc. And advocate

00:49:27.000 --> 00:49:37.130 Frank R. Harrison: for whatever it is that you truly have a passion for using. Your brain is the key that most of us are told not to listen to. We're told that by society, the school system.

00:49:37.180 --> 00:49:43.270 Frank R. Harrison: our our city officials, our State officials, our Federal officials. We're told that sometimes by our families and friends.

00:49:43.340 --> 00:49:45.520 Frank R. Harrison: because a lot of the times when we are.

00:49:45.560 --> 00:49:57.070 Frank R. Harrison: it's because they're not using their own brain as well. It mimics generation over generation. all right. The thing that I wanted to give kudos to Maurice Elkovich over

00:49:57.190 --> 00:50:02.490 Frank R. Harrison: is the invention he created when he was suffering for 40 years with lifelong depression.

00:50:02.540 --> 00:50:06.670 Frank R. Harrison: where he actually tried to take away his life 6 times, and yet failed.

00:50:06.720 --> 00:50:10.310 Frank R. Harrison: and he mentions on last week's show when he was here. that

00:50:10.320 --> 00:50:16.980 Frank R. Harrison: it must have been because he was here to solve the problem rather than eliminate it by eliminating himself.

00:50:17.430 --> 00:50:18.530 Frank R. Harrison: And he did.

00:50:18.980 --> 00:50:30.680 Frank R. Harrison: and he did it through what he calls the Maury method. Now he didn't want to show his website. Last week he has sent me a bunch of links that indicate the sound files that he is programmed.

00:50:30.820 --> 00:50:36.910 Frank R. Harrison: He already mentioned that he programmed one on depression which has changed his life. He's more resilient than ever.

00:50:37.030 --> 00:50:41.310 Frank R. Harrison: and as well as he feels younger than he did when he was depressed all the time.

00:50:41.840 --> 00:50:47.990 Frank R. Harrison: But he's also created similar sound files for other mental health and neurological health problems.

00:50:48.990 --> 00:50:51.600 Frank R. Harrison: He sent me some files on sleep

00:50:51.960 --> 00:50:58.950 Frank R. Harrison: for people with sleep disorders for people with Alzheimer's disease or dementia. people who lack confidence.

00:50:59.010 --> 00:51:09.380 Frank R. Harrison: people who are dealing with health problems like cancer, diabetes or any other things, and they have the symptoms that are sometimes generated by the body as a result of the medication.

00:51:09.400 --> 00:51:12.800 Frank R. Harrison: or whatever the illness is doing to the pancreas, or the liver.

00:51:12.840 --> 00:51:15.710 Frank R. Harrison: or whatever other circumstances may be going on.

00:51:15.760 --> 00:51:22.920 Frank R. Harrison: and the sound files help reprogram the brain in terms of how to deal with the pain, mechanisms, and other kinds of things.

00:51:23.080 --> 00:51:23.810 Frank R. Harrison: Now

00:51:23.850 --> 00:51:36.540 Frank R. Harrison: I wouldn't do him any service by just talking about it, so i'm going to do what he had requested me to do on his behalf, and that is, show his website where you can download free

00:51:36.810 --> 00:51:42.740 Frank R. Harrison: sound bytes or sound files to help with whatever your mental or neurological health condition is

00:51:42.910 --> 00:51:45.780 Frank R. Harrison: so bear with me as I go right to the site.

00:51:45.960 --> 00:51:48.890 Frank R. Harrison: and if you have any questions in the meantime feel free to

00:51:49.070 --> 00:51:55.040 Frank R. Harrison: to go on to the Youtube Channel and enter them, and I will answer them in real time.

00:52:02.140 --> 00:52:07.830 Frank R. Harrison: So here is his website, the Mori method. the moory slash products.

00:52:07.980 --> 00:52:13.650 Frank R. Harrison: You go into the Products section and you see here samples. Now.

00:52:13.950 --> 00:52:16.420 Frank R. Harrison: this digital coffee sample sample

00:52:16.640 --> 00:52:22.900 Frank R. Harrison: is ramping up your brain power to boost your creativity, reduce stress, anxiety, and tension and worry

00:52:23.100 --> 00:52:25.970 Frank R. Harrison: revite a mind which he spoke more about last week.

00:52:26.400 --> 00:52:45.270 Frank R. Harrison: basically and the ultra product, which actually is a pretty penny. So I would recommend before you invest in that. If you are to invest in it first, download the sample file, try it, and see if it gives you the value that the file is meant to do, which is to enhance cognitive functioning and feel rejuvenated every day.

00:52:45.600 --> 00:52:47.270 Frank R. Harrison: The quantum mine method

00:52:47.300 --> 00:52:58.990 Frank R. Harrison: is a series of recordings that have been patiently sculpted in such a way that when you listen to a proper format, it allows your brain, your mind, your consciousness and your subconsciousness to work in unison.

00:52:59.450 --> 00:53:06.640 Frank R. Harrison: Very nice quantum confidence. That is a sound file that uses cutting age, cutting edge technology

00:53:06.680 --> 00:53:10.070 Frank R. Harrison: to remove the root cause of your life's problems.

00:53:10.100 --> 00:53:16.030 Frank R. Harrison: I really don't know much about that file. So please, if anybody out there has a chance to download it.

00:53:16.040 --> 00:53:20.920 Frank R. Harrison: Please write to And let me know more.

00:53:21.400 --> 00:53:25.720 Frank R. Harrison: This works about prosperity and effortlessness. This works about health care.

00:53:26.050 --> 00:53:27.990 Frank R. Harrison: This works with relationships.

00:53:28.330 --> 00:53:38.430 Frank R. Harrison: triminals. They also help with people who are suffering from sleep, loss, and other kinds of symptomatic situations that you can control.

00:53:39.670 --> 00:53:46.940 Frank R. Harrison: And there are other things that please look at his website for more details. Now.

00:53:48.190 --> 00:53:49.880 Frank R. Harrison: The one thing i'd like to say

00:53:51.820 --> 00:53:53.920 Frank R. Harrison: it is

00:53:54.110 --> 00:54:04.740 Frank R. Harrison: that I've had the chance to listen to the sleep once because I was dealing with a lot of sleep problems the last few weeks with the traveling I've been doing the recent loss in the family.

00:54:04.880 --> 00:54:08.320 Frank R. Harrison: not to mention my own health issues I've been going through, and my father's

00:54:08.650 --> 00:54:14.030 Frank R. Harrison: recurring prostate cancer, which is now in an upward trajectory. His medication is working.

00:54:14.060 --> 00:54:26.700 Frank R. Harrison: So I've had my ups and my downs, and you probably have seen that reflected through my technical difficulties on the network. But at least, I've been able to put together a good package right here here at Nyu Langgo

00:54:26.810 --> 00:54:43.540 Frank R. Harrison: I see a question. Do these serve as a type of meditation? Yes, they do, and I see that we're almost 3 min to end. I would say, please go to the more we download the file. It is free. Look at what your situation is.

00:54:43.540 --> 00:54:53.240 Frank R. Harrison: Try it out. Give me feedback, and then, if you want any further files that I have a library of thanks to Maury, I can send them to you as well if you're interested

00:54:53.490 --> 00:54:54.580 Frank R. Harrison: overall

00:54:54.910 --> 00:55:04.970 Frank R. Harrison: The last month here at Frank about health has been about reflection on many levels. I've been dealing with a lot of advocacy. I call them my 5 patients.

00:55:05.060 --> 00:55:11.650 Frank R. Harrison: my cousin, my father, my mother, myself, and my friend on the West coast. And now, with a

00:55:12.000 --> 00:55:16.290 Frank R. Harrison: a funeral awake that I attended yesterday, and

00:55:16.300 --> 00:55:18.270 Frank R. Harrison: a funeral that I have this weekend.

00:55:18.430 --> 00:55:21.780 Frank R. Harrison: I have been using these sound files to help me cope.

00:55:21.910 --> 00:55:32.510 Frank R. Harrison: I I noticed the efficacy already, and how I responded to the technical difficulties that happened on the show in the past. I would have freaked out me. I just bounced back.

00:55:32.650 --> 00:55:39.010 Frank R. Harrison: and Dylan, if it wasn't for you. I do not know how I would have been able to do this show on my own.

00:55:39.060 --> 00:55:40.500 Frank R. Harrison: So thank you for that.

00:55:40.630 --> 00:55:46.550 Frank R. Harrison: Next week is my second anniversary of Frank about health, and Phyllis Quinlan will be joining me again

00:55:46.600 --> 00:55:47.960 Frank R. Harrison: to commemorate

00:55:48.020 --> 00:55:52.170 Frank R. Harrison: the shows that we've done together. Mental health obviously has been a big picture.

00:55:52.340 --> 00:56:06.480 Frank R. Harrison: but we've also talked about caregiving. We also talked about a lot of other things, of raiki and energy healing and coaching. We did our Betty White tribute she is. She has been missed. I know she's been working on her book.

00:56:06.560 --> 00:56:15.550 Frank R. Harrison: but she is going to be coming in with some new information about not just her book, but about what she and I will be doing together right here on talk radio and Nyc.

00:56:16.230 --> 00:56:17.900 Frank R. Harrison: And

00:56:18.340 --> 00:56:20.800 Frank R. Harrison: I just want to say that tomorrow's slate of shows

00:56:20.890 --> 00:56:26.550 Frank R. Harrison: is going to be in the morning first with Tommy D. And philanthropy in focus

00:56:27.330 --> 00:56:35.660 Frank R. Harrison: always Friday with Steve Fry closing with intangify with Matthew as well. and then I will be back here next week.

00:56:36.350 --> 00:56:39.070 Excuse me on the second anniversary show.

00:56:39.900 --> 00:56:42.590 Frank R. Harrison: I think, on last week's show. I said it was going to be at Hilton.

00:56:42.700 --> 00:56:48.250 Frank R. Harrison: It will not. It will probably be at a remote location because of logistics and other things that have been going on.

00:56:48.300 --> 00:56:51.630 Frank R. Harrison: I have to manage every every iron in the fire.

00:56:51.680 --> 00:56:59.350 Frank R. Harrison: but I want to close in honor of Nurse Appreciation Week with the following video that we had on our show one year ago

00:56:59.790 --> 00:57:06.660 Frank R. Harrison: today. All right. So after the file ends. I'm signing off. and i'll see you next week.

00:57:06.840 --> 00:57:07.500 Okay.

00:57:12.970 --> 00:57:13.540 really.

00:57:18.320 --> 00:57:23.180 Frank R. Harrison: she can kill with a smile. She can heal with her hands.

00:57:23.490 --> 00:57:27.710 Frank R. Harrison: She can ruin your high with point to of.

00:57:28.920 --> 00:57:39.670 Frank R. Harrison: and she only a sip snapple where Jaco can't see. She's wise like a duck, but she's always a nurse to me.

00:57:41.400 --> 00:57:46.210 Frank R. Harrison: She can lead you to facts. She can come you and teach you.

00:57:46.870 --> 00:57:51.200 She can ask for your medallist, but she'll never believe you

00:57:52.000 --> 00:58:02.850 Frank R. Harrison: and she's got a side hustle known, interesting, free! Ste your pen like a thief, but she's always a nurse to me.

00:58:06.080 --> 00:58:11.700 Oh. all she can

00:58:13.120 --> 00:58:21.180 on the step it for months she's again all the time I,

00:58:25.190 --> 00:58:27.900 when she never takes.

00:58:29.050 --> 00:58:33.660 and she never appears once.

00:58:33.730 --> 00:58:37.390 Frank R. Harrison: She just changes bad night

00:58:38.420 --> 00:58:48.280 Frank R. Harrison: and his patience one more than the God of. and they still call him duck when he said he's Nurse Stephen.

00:58:48.980 --> 00:58:53.580 Still, he brings out the best a caregiver can be

00:58:54.200 --> 00:59:00.310 Frank R. Harrison: it on yourself. A nurse ain't always a woman, you see.

00:59:01.530 --> 00:59:03.380 Frank R. Harrison: Hmm. Hmm.

00:59:03.850 --> 00:59:04.750 He

00:59:07.980 --> 00:59:08.770 me.

00:59:09.850 --> 00:59:12.790 he now

00:59:15.580 --> 00:59:16.340 Frank R. Harrison: a

00:59:16.570 --> 00:59:26.080 They take care of you now. despite one nurse tonight and

00:59:26.570 --> 00:59:29.110 Frank R. Harrison: the lessons on the

00:59:29.250 --> 00:59:30.750 I

00:59:35.040 --> 00:59:38.630 she never this.

00:59:39.430 --> 00:59:43.290 Frank R. Harrison: and he never calls it.

00:59:43.370 --> 00:59:46.270 They just called it.

00:59:47.800 --> 00:59:49.400 She is caring

00:59:49.460 --> 00:59:51.720 Frank R. Harrison: when you Suddenly

00:59:53.230 --> 00:59:55.800 Frank R. Harrison: he can smile and stay calm while you

00:59:55.940 --> 01:00:02.760 like a 2, and not like that

01:00:03.600 --> 01:00:11.460 Frank R. Harrison: that you love what you do, Although praises of you, yet you're always a hero to me.

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