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Friday, May 5, 2023
Facebook Live Video from 2023/05/05 -  Journey of Joy

Facebook Live Video from 2023/05/05 -  Journey of Joy


2023/05/05 - Journey of Joy

[NEW EPISODE] Journey of Joy

Fridays 10:00am - 11:00am (EDT)


They will know more about our endeavors


Venture Foundation is a not-for-profit corporation whose primary purpose is to solicit and disburse funds to support individuals with developmental disabilities and own property for those purposes.

Founded in 1983, we are dedicated to supplementing the human services Venture Together, Inc. (FKA Camp Venture) delivers to adults and adolescents with developmental disabilities in the Rockland County Community.

We solicit funds from private citizens, charitable trusts, corporate or private foundations, and fundraising events and programs. Funds are managed to directly benefit adults and adolescents with developmental disabilities, including providing resources for enhanced or unfunded programs and developing new facilities. We rely on community-minded supporters’ generosity to help plug those shortfalls; our donors are the silver lining in any cloud for our most special population.





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00:00:36.040 --> 00:00:56.390 Tommy DiMisa: oh, my goodness! Oh, my goodness! Oh, my goodness! I sound like little off! And Annie in that movie! Oh, My goodness, i'm like I just made a trip to flights up from the kitchen how to get some coffee bunch of water and make my way up to my attic just below the roof. You know that's where I hang out here in the attic. I've been hanging out here for 3 years. Yes, they let me out for coffee

00:00:56.390 --> 00:01:26.360 Tommy DiMisa: and to grab a sandwich or 2 once in a while, but for the most part i'm stowed away up in the attic, just kidding everybody. But listen. This is where we do the show. I was talking with my wife just the other day, and I said, You know I really want to trick out the act. I really want to turn it into a high quality studio, so it could be philanthropy and focused productions from the top of my house just below the roof, just really making it a big deal so, and then maybe, when I always say, hey, come, join me on the show. You can actually join me in the attic one day. Maybe I will have

00:01:26.360 --> 00:01:38.630 Tommy DiMisa: folks come to the attic and you can to show live in the attic, anyway. Look, let's talk about focus to shows philanthropy in focus, and every single week I bring another lead of a nonprofit on the program to help them tell their story

00:01:38.880 --> 00:01:45.850 Tommy DiMisa: and amplify their message. And that's what happens when you're a nonprofit sector connector or the nonprofit sector connect because I don't think there are multiple.

00:01:45.850 --> 00:01:58.910 Tommy DiMisa: I said, a nonprofit sector connector. I don't know if there's other ones. I think I am the one I made up the name so it's funny, my Buddy Scott! Horowitz shout out to Scott, a Td. Bank. We did a day of service with Long Island coalition for the homeless last a couple of weeks back.

00:01:59.000 --> 00:02:00.190 Tommy DiMisa: and

00:02:00.270 --> 00:02:15.400 Tommy DiMisa: and Scott made an email introduction for me and the email. The the subject line was nonprofit sectoring, connecting, or it's something that out effect. And I said, I guess this is really a brand. I want to talk about focus for a second. I Google something right quick before we got started.

00:02:15.400 --> 00:02:30.530 Tommy DiMisa: because I think it's going to be a nice way to start my conversation with Bill Shul today. Who's here from Venture Foundation, and I? What you focus on grows what you focus on grows. And I wonder if we, as a society, could

00:02:30.650 --> 00:02:33.760 Tommy DiMisa: focus on our abilities.

00:02:33.960 --> 00:02:53.930 Tommy DiMisa: accentuate what we're good at, accentuate the positive. It was an old song, accentuate the positive something like that. Right? Pop! Pop up. But like, think about that. If we could get our focus off of where our shortcomings are our disabilities. Things we're not good at, because I tell you here sort of tongue in cheeks sort of self-deprecating, but there's a lot of things i'm not good at.

00:02:54.030 --> 00:03:12.000 Tommy DiMisa: But there's a handful of things like 4 that i'm like, really freaking good at, and I just want to do those as much as I can, and the things that i'm not good at. I'll try to get better if I choose to, but if not, i'm just going to have people around me that are really good in that, and that's their flow, State, and that's their zone of genius. Let them do that, for instance.

00:03:12.000 --> 00:03:33.490 Tommy DiMisa: i'm not doing the production work. Dylan Nelson is doing the production work here on the show, because that's what dylan's. It's like his zone of genius is talking to people asking inquisitive questions, and acting a little bit like a clown sometimes. So whoo-hoo here he is? Here comes the clown. But look, it's all about. I'd say that because I want to set the stage. When we think of people, as we say, with intellectual

00:03:33.490 --> 00:03:42.430 Tommy DiMisa: and developmental disabilities, I think of horse ability. Okay, I think of the spirit of Huntington Arts Center, both of those organizations where i'm a board of directors. Member.

00:03:42.890 --> 00:04:02.840 Tommy DiMisa: I think of what we're doing is trying to not trying to, but giving folks an opportunity to find out what they're really good at, whether they're not good at other things, or they they don't have abilities in other areas. We must all focus on that, because I bet if you you schooled a bunch of folks who are quote unquote, neurotypical, and you try to see things

00:04:02.840 --> 00:04:06.260 Tommy DiMisa: that they are not good at. And if we talked about all those things

00:04:06.260 --> 00:04:36.060 Tommy DiMisa: they wouldn't be successful if we focus there. So focus on what you're good at, and that's where I want to kind of start this conversation. Because I something we said in our little virtual green room. Bill was what made me start to think about that and think about the the focus on abilities versus the focus on inability or disability. So Bill Shul is here. Chief executive officer, executive director of Venture Foundation, got to make one shout out even before Bill Dumps, in the conversation with me if it wasn't for my relationships. If it wasn't for Mike Stagger at stake a lot

00:04:36.060 --> 00:05:00.870 Tommy DiMisa: firm. Mike does patent law and trade market. He's a trademark attorney. He does patent work. You ever need somebody reach out to the Mike Stagger law offices and Mike Stagger, and if you can't find them, reach out to me, Tommy D that Nyc. On the Instagram and all over the place, and then always email to me Poc. Us, Bill Shool. I'm glad them have met you. You got a big smile. I'm gonna have a bigger smile. I'm feeling your energy, my brother. How are you this morning.

00:05:00.870 --> 00:05:30.350 Bill Schule: I'm. Really good. It's so great to hear someone with such passion for an industry that I think really needs it and and puts the focus. No, no, no! Unintended where it really belongs. And and and we call ourselves a a foundation that's on a journey of joy, because that's what we want to help them do is reach that that pinnacle where they are living and having a great good life as anyone else does. Everybody deserves it right. Everybody deserves. It's one of the things that I sort of get up on my sole box a little bit of pissed off for greatness, as I say sometimes

00:05:30.350 --> 00:05:47.360 Tommy DiMisa: because there is, there's so much opportunity for people. What the challenge, I think, in a lot of ways is accessibility, and it's making things accessible for people who may not have access to to an opportunity so like I always do on the show Bill. You and I just talked about it before we got started. It's going to be about. Who is Bill?

00:05:47.360 --> 00:06:04.830 Tommy DiMisa: Who is Venture Foundation? How did you get connected to this work? The programs, the work you've done? The organization's been around over 40 years. So that's a special situation. So I mean even our industry. If you, if I could say our being part of it nonprofit, but specifically serving the population we're going to talk about today. That's evolved.

00:06:04.840 --> 00:06:21.480 Tommy DiMisa: You know the the the vernacular. Certainly. I'm glad we got rid of a lot of the words we used to use to to discuss our population. Because I'll I'll be straight with you, man. We're all we're all just human beings trying to be on this journey of joy is not what it is. I was blessed

00:06:21.480 --> 00:06:31.070 Tommy DiMisa: or 31 years to have my cousin Linda Cunningham in our life, and I always Linda had at the time special needs. We we refer to it, but.

00:06:31.590 --> 00:06:51.530 Tommy DiMisa: Linda, I always used to say Linda just missed it. She just missed it because she was. She worked a couple. She worked at a stop and shop. She worked at Cbs. She was bowling 2 or 3 nights a week, and I I just. We were blessed to have Linda in the lives, and I think it made us more sensitive, more concerned to have these types of conversations over my whole lifetime.

00:06:52.290 --> 00:07:05.170 Tommy DiMisa: I we didn't necessarily look at Linda as being all that different. To be honest with you, as as we were growing up, and i'll tell you My aunt and uncle held her the same level of accountability as as their 3 other children. So so that's that's so now that went down.

00:07:05.170 --> 00:07:14.390 let's talk about that. Let's talk about how you got connected to this work in this 40 year journey we were. You involved with your organization from inception. Let's let's tell me about that. So

00:07:14.770 --> 00:07:29.830 Bill Schule: sure how it really starts for for me is Camp Venture Venture was a an idea of parents a mother mother bears, I call them. Others call them that as well. Not with my kids. You don't

00:07:29.830 --> 00:07:49.200 Bill Schule: that kind of a thing, and the lot. It's in the seventies, and they were. This is around the country. I think New York was a bit of a leader in that, and i'm i'm in rock, and I lived on Long Island for a long time. I was a limbic. I grew up in queens. I grew up in the square, so I know Lindbrook very, very well, and there you go. There you go, my brother still does that so? So?

00:07:49.200 --> 00:08:18.580 Bill Schule: Venture was a camp because that they didn't have anything to do with in the in the summer that evolved into, and they got the land because the State gave them the the loan them this, and they used the public, you know, parks and things like that. And as slowly they got gifts of houses and stuff, and in 1,972 or 3, if you remember, in the concert by Johnnyo, who John Lennon and Yoko Ono was right on the heels of the expose that was done by Geraldo Rivera in Will of Brook and Staten Island.

00:08:18.580 --> 00:08:48.450 Tommy DiMisa: So about 2 weeks ago, Bill, I had my Billy of from Life's work on my show. You know, Vicki Schneider's found her life's work very good friends, and Geraldo in fact, you know we're. I'm building a very strong relationship with Life's work so very familiar with willow broken the whole thing. It's already cut you off, but like it's the whole. The whole flow of this goes, but no one cared no one knew, and the mothers and the fathers and their friends were helping to make lives for these people that we're sitting in the corner of some

00:08:48.450 --> 00:08:55.400 Tommy DiMisa: institution curled up in a ball. It's way. Too many pictures on this stuff. Yes, Geraldo exposed when he did that.

00:08:55.490 --> 00:09:15.320 Bill Schule: so the the John Lennon reached out and said, Can we help somehow? So John Lennon and Yoko put on the concert, which was going to be? They thought they get, you know, 10,000 people to go into mad, square guard, or or somewhere. They ended up doing like 3 or 4 shows, lots of money, lots of attention, and some of that money got given to some of the local

00:09:15.320 --> 00:09:24.770 Tommy DiMisa: what we'll call agencies. I never did that. I never knew John, and you'll go through something like that i'm a huge beetle fan, huge John Fan, and and did not know that story.

00:09:24.850 --> 00:09:36.330 Bill Schule: The a a young fellow who became the senior Vice President of news for for for ABC. Was started on the the nonprofit that was there to fund the funnel. The money

00:09:36.510 --> 00:09:49.650 Tommy DiMisa: that Guy is still around still a friends of venture. It's just it's just that kind of a environment where we help us. Just have to go. Help somebody like yourself like my, you know exactly. We don't have a choice. We don't have a choice man.

00:09:49.650 --> 00:10:17.680 Bill Schule: You can't turn it off right. So so so, anyway, that that money that gave venture the ability to start, and and by by first home back home is now become 25 homes over 50 years. The group homes some are one or 2 people. The biggest one is 24, or the highest level of people that venture services. So they have those the same, the stop and shop jobs. They haven't. Lots of them have jobs, I think, in golf courses, and so on and so forth.

00:10:17.680 --> 00:10:28.790 Bill Schule: That's where Venture foundation comes in, because along the way, about 10 years in. They were concerned that the Federal Government was starting to fund this with Medicaid

00:10:28.790 --> 00:10:37.770 Bill Schule: problem Number 1 2 3, and 4, obviously because Medicaid is the one that is most abused today, and it's the one they're looking to cut literally in Congress this week.

00:10:37.800 --> 00:10:40.640 Bill Schule: so is that is, that evolved

00:10:40.700 --> 00:10:46.770 Bill Schule: the parents kept. They was so thankful they kept their interest financially and and and workwise.

00:10:46.770 --> 00:11:08.240 Bill Schule: and the foundations took over to start to raise funds. We have raised a lot of money over the years. We are here to do 3 things in in essence or bylaws want to fund unfunded programs. What would be an unfunded program at equestrian center. We we we give a half a 1 million dollars to help build an equestrian center up in Stony Point, in in Rockland, and and because

00:11:08.610 --> 00:11:23.910 Bill Schule: venture camp. Financial venture together has no ability to raise money. They they're entirely funded by State and Federal so that they can't do those things. There' be no horseback riding. We've rebuilt pools. We've we've done so many different things that are unfunded

00:11:23.910 --> 00:11:35.970 Bill Schule: concepts. So that that's the number one number 2. We're here to publicize the good works adventure. So thank you for having to on the show today. It's one of our responsibilities is to do that, and 3 is to actually own real estate.

00:11:36.110 --> 00:11:54.570 Bill Schule: because they thought that the Government would then take houses that would donate it by, you know, testimony, will, or or or or something, that the the Government would say, No, no, no! You own that house. We're going to reduce the money we give you, and that's the battle ever more with the Government funding or subsidies, that if if I were to.

00:11:54.570 --> 00:12:06.010 Bill Schule: we have people who passed away, and they they want the the staff to be given, raises or not my step, but venture together, staff, but given big raises and big, you know money subsidy

00:12:06.320 --> 00:12:09.540 Bill Schule: the conceptually. If you, if they were to do that

00:12:10.340 --> 00:12:11.560 Bill Schule: legally

00:12:11.990 --> 00:12:19.940 Bill Schule: Medicaid or the the Government has the responsibility to reduce the amount of stipend that they give for those very people, so it balances out

00:12:20.270 --> 00:12:23.730 Bill Schule: it's it's it's like saying, $15 an hour

00:12:23.760 --> 00:12:37.130 Bill Schule: ends up, being more than therefore you have to reduce it because you're getting money from an alternate source. So it it's it's so sad it's so sad. So you know it's funny, though it's it's not funny like the laugh app but to me like like

00:12:37.170 --> 00:13:00.290 Tommy DiMisa: we should be paying these direct care workers. You know much more than the 15 I we don't have the time to go into what we you and I today. But just the fact that I mean we will go into some of it. It it blows my mind, and you know we own an employee benefits agency vanguard benefits. So we're in these conversations with nonprofit leaders on a consistent basis, and, as you probably know, nonprofit organizations and many of our listeners know, hey

00:13:00.410 --> 00:13:20.090 Tommy DiMisa: a higher rate towards employees benefits, because they're paying these people at such a low rate. And that's based on what comes back from that from the Government, and what funding sources, and all that. But I know organizations would rather pay these people much more, much higher rates of pay, you know. Yes, benefits are important, and I know it, because that's my business to talk about a little time.

00:13:20.090 --> 00:13:39.560 Bill Schule: But to pay somebody who are on the front lines taking care of somebody's family member such a low wage. It doesn't make sense, Bill. Right? I tell me about we. Well, well, real simply again, this is not my employees. These are the pull. These are the dsps. They call them direct service professionals for for for camp Venture together, for example, but they don't get 15 bucks an hour.

00:13:39.630 --> 00:13:51.410 Bill Schule: Most of them are below that. Okay, there is no rule that applies to them in particular. What exactly what you're saying. There is no rule that says you have to meet that minimum wage. They're excluded from the $15 minimum.

00:13:51.770 --> 00:14:00.870 Bill Schule: And yes, there's been. Yes, there's been politicians and marches, and a lot of Hoover over the last 4 or 5 years, and they still do it.

00:14:00.870 --> 00:14:16.670 Bill Schule: and the bigger agencies, like a Rc. And or Barker as well now. But Juanio in Rockland. Anyway, they they. They spend a lot of time in Washington in the Albany trying to make something happen, so no they don't get paid, but even minimum, what we call minimum. And even if you did

00:14:16.740 --> 00:14:20.340 Bill Schule: to be able to do that kind of work and do it for

00:14:20.490 --> 00:14:31.490 Tommy DiMisa: really so, not even substance money. It's it's it's crazy. No, it it is crazy. And we're gonna go to break in a minute or 2 here. But the thing about it. Is it's crazy, because what you

00:14:32.590 --> 00:14:39.550 Tommy DiMisa: these are people who are on the front lines that are that are that are I. I'll give you a quick example, we have a client.

00:14:39.760 --> 00:14:51.350 Tommy DiMisa: We were way together at a fundraising event, and one of the employees mentioned that she was physically injured at the group home. Let's just say it was on a Tuesday, because I've been telling the story that way that it was on the Tuesday.

00:14:51.430 --> 00:15:05.740 Tommy DiMisa: So I was. That's what I remember it happened on Tuesday. It works, but she came back to work on Wednesday and went back to work and back to supporting the the participants, the the consumers, the people who are living in the home a. A. And that's that.

00:15:06.100 --> 00:15:28.570 Tommy DiMisa: I i'm not saying that you know. What what am I saying? If this is not the way we should be treating folks, you know they should be paid a a good living wage because they're doing very important special work. Anyway, I could get up on my soapbox, which I do a tend to do 3 or 4 times a show, so we'll probably see it back again. But for now we're going to put it aside, because there's a lot to cover. So really it's 3 pieces. It's the funded programs.

00:15:28.570 --> 00:15:44.220 Tommy DiMisa: it's publicizing, and then it's owning real estate. So I when you talk that way, and we're gonna go to break in a second when you say that owning real estate you're actually talking because i'm hearing Venture Camp I'm: hearing the Venture Foundation where you lead the Venture Foundation. That's your organization. Correct?

00:15:44.280 --> 00:16:07.460 Bill Schule: Correct? Okay. Good. Alright, so can we support that? Ventured veter. They they they they are unfunded programs, is what we support. Got it all right. We're going to get deeper into understanding the mechanics of all that when we come back Bill Shul is here. The organization's Venture Foundation again. Shout out to Mike Staker for making this connection. If it wasn't for my network. I don't have anything. I just made that song up. We'll be right back, philanthropy and focus.

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00:17:44.630 --> 00:17:45.750 the

00:17:45.930 --> 00:17:53.990 you're listening to talk radio, Nyc: uplift, educate and power. Okay.

00:18:05.740 --> 00:18:11.060 nonprofits

00:18:11.560 --> 00:18:16.620 to Tommy in.

00:18:17.990 --> 00:18:25.710 So that's what your job is. Your job is to come through the static. My job is to try to entertain you. Educate you, and I got a huge

00:18:25.830 --> 00:18:38.890 Tommy DiMisa: mug of coffee. It's the Mental Health Association in NASA County shout out to Jeff Mcqueen I got a t-shirt, and I got this big old monk which is going to be an ice cream log eventually, but right now today it's a coffee mug.

00:18:38.890 --> 00:18:52.640 Tommy DiMisa: But I had lunch with Jeff Mcqueen and my friend Yolanda Ravanaugh Gross a couple of weeks ago. I will tell you this man. We were at the Capital Grill, a place here on Long Island, and I think they have more than one capital grill, but the one I was I was on the now, and and

00:18:53.370 --> 00:19:17.230 Tommy DiMisa: the you know I don't know what we were going to order. But the wait just told us that that they have the best burger on Long Island, and then that was like that. Was it? So we we all had the burger, and I will tell you there was nothing left on my plate. It was a phenomenal burger. I do. I do. Another show called the Professionals and Animal Lovers Show. So I we talk a lot about vegetarianism and veganism and thing. I was not one that day.

00:19:17.230 --> 00:19:29.550 Tommy DiMisa: although you know I am going to attempt to do some of that to be better for the animals, anyway. That's this mug came from there. You guys know mental health. The conversation is critically important to me. It it it is like

00:19:29.550 --> 00:19:45.970 Tommy DiMisa: neck and neck. How do we serve our individuals with Id? And how do we address the mental health conversation. Sometimes these conversations, you know they they cross together, and they're involved together. But you've heard me say it. I I can't believe it, I said. I put the soap box away, but here it comes. I. We must

00:19:45.970 --> 00:19:57.280 Tommy DiMisa: improve the way we have this conversation around mental health in this country on this planet, we must. It is critically important if the last 3 years I was saying this recently just last night.

00:19:57.370 --> 00:20:16.250 Tommy DiMisa: if the last 3 years has taught us anything. I believe that everyone has it, you know, experiences different levels of mental health challenges. And I, you call them challenges because we all have challenges in life, and we need support at different times, and we must have that compassionate conversation, Anyway, that's what happens with a coffee mug. But coffee mug makes me tell an entire story about mental health.

00:20:16.500 --> 00:20:27.210 Tommy DiMisa: Jeff Mcqueen. I'm glad you gave me the muck. See what happens? All right, Bill. Sure. Let's get back to this particular story, Tommy. They try to focus Phos on what we're doing right now.

00:20:27.210 --> 00:20:41.560 Tommy DiMisa: Bill, i'm just like this is Sounds like this is very intricate relationship going on between the organizations and your specific organization has these multi-pronged responsibilities and priorities. So i'd love to see if you could

00:20:41.560 --> 00:20:51.260 Tommy DiMisa: first of all actually before we do that I don't understand. I don't even think we hit upon this. How did you? What? What was your exposure? Point and your background that got you to this level of the organization, if you could.

00:20:51.360 --> 00:21:00.990 Bill Schule: I? Yeah, As as as that whole thing evolved into what has become, venture together, or an agency in lots of them.

00:21:01.030 --> 00:21:04.000 Bill Schule: I coast a lot of sports. I coached

00:21:04.300 --> 00:21:05.690 Bill Schule: 30 teams and

00:21:05.750 --> 00:21:25.390 Bill Schule: 20 years on 5 different sports on the island, and up in and and and along the way came across a young girl and my daughter played a high, level softball. The girl was on the right correct team, and she was. She was oddly e uncoordinated. It it just in Congress, it seems. She seemed just strangely uncoordinated. I asked the mother

00:21:25.390 --> 00:21:42.840 Bill Schule: what was the story, and she pointed to her 2 other children who was sitting in the stands, and that became my my road into autism, and the and what what it meant to be a parent. Well, not personally, but I was running a soft, huge soccer organization. We had some extra money, and I said.

00:21:43.440 --> 00:22:01.920 Bill Schule: what happens to the kids who have Id or an Id population, or whatever a population doesn't matter, just disability in a in any form. What do they do for sports because I ran so many. They we saw none. So I started a thing called Buddy Ball Sports and Buddy. Both sports was a baby little program the first day, rain

00:22:01.920 --> 00:22:09.030 Bill Schule: rainy, cold day in November, I'm wearing still wearing shorts. I cancel soccer because it was such a crappy day.

00:22:09.040 --> 00:22:10.750 Bill Schule: 85 kids showed up

00:22:10.870 --> 00:22:12.530 Tommy DiMisa: really, I said.

00:22:12.610 --> 00:22:27.090 Bill Schule: where the hell? Well, how do I not know this, and what the hell you've been hiding? And and how did they find you? What was I mean how many years of a time we advertise again. I was a very, very large. We had 2540 kids in the soccer program. So while we were a big footprint.

00:22:27.130 --> 00:22:40.760 Bill Schule: and they they showed up, and they said at the end, so we we I did what I do. You give them uniforms. You break them into groups and say pages and sizes and all that stuff, and still didn't know much about the industry that became, what are you gonna do next. Oh, wow.

00:22:40.760 --> 00:22:51.580 Bill Schule: I do see why out so basketball. So we did basketball. Then we did tennis. Then we did. Then we did. Then we did. We just kept getting to the sports programs because and shockingly

00:22:51.580 --> 00:23:08.720 Bill Schule: sometimes their ability to hit a basket from like plus 3 point range was beyond anybody I ever saw. So th the the normalcy, as you've said before, find the what you're good at, and and to this day they they'll run adult games of that, and the some guys will plant themselves

00:23:08.720 --> 00:23:26.250 Bill Schule: 37 feet from the basket waiting for that shot. They just can right from there. Just they just can't. Steph Curry. Yes, sir, exactly exactly so. I will. A local politician. I I was introduced. I wanted to start the program, and he he will happen to be the longest running

00:23:26.250 --> 00:23:42.500 Bill Schule: legislator in New York State history. 45 years, I believe. John Murphy, well known up here, and he was the President of Camp venture. And so he said, You know you, you you should hook up with us. So I got. I joined the Venture Foundation Board.

00:23:42.500 --> 00:24:03.000 Bill Schule: and I mostly doing events in athletic stuff. So that kind of thing. And eventually, after about 12 or 13 years, they came to me and said, we really need you to to replace a gal that it then one of the the original original LED for venture for foundation, and I joined the about almost 9 years ago. So that's that's how I got here.

00:24:03.000 --> 00:24:13.800 Tommy DiMisa: I love that so Look, it gotta give a quick shout out to a friend of my Christine Fitzpatrick. I don't know if you ever run into Christine, she runs the League of Yes down here, which is a baseball softball league. They

00:24:13.800 --> 00:24:27.570 Tommy DiMisa: yeah Eisenhower Park. I know you know why is in how a park I certainly do certainly like She's a. She also has a hook up out on Suffolk, I believe, but we in the Lindy Loo Foundation. I've supported some of the work they've done. You call this Betty Boss up. Excuse me, Betty Bunny

00:24:27.570 --> 00:24:43.570 Tommy DiMisa: Buddy, Buddy both sports and it's funny I i'm involved with best buddies i'm in. I sit on the New York City Advisory Board for best parties in New York. So you know I, you're familiar with best parties. International right, of course, of course, with these these, if I may, these these things.

00:24:43.570 --> 00:24:58.630 Bill Schule: So I don't. I don't do buddy ball anymore. When I got to venture I shifted my my thing, that but it both still runs. It's part of the orange that allm soccer in in, in in a, which I was the president of for for 7 or 8 years all all that complexity ends up with just

00:24:58.680 --> 00:25:08.580 Bill Schule: helping kids. So so. So, in any event when I got with John Murphy, and so we we do this.

00:25:08.640 --> 00:25:27.980 Bill Schule: but it it takes it, I mean. I don't love the the of this, but it does take a village I mean it really does. And unfortunately this is a part of the world that the village wasn't paying any attention to. So the kids they get to play sports, swimming. I don't care what you what you do. You could be, Tilly, which could be, you know. Chess dances, whatever you want.

00:25:28.280 --> 00:25:55.600 Tommy DiMisa: but they should have the same exact opportunities, right accessibility isn't it, Bill. I mean it's what I said upfront, you know I I just think it's accessibility, and and you go back. Your story, you know, which is, Look, it's a tragic story Willow Brook, but it's it's one of the ones we can look back to, as I would say, you know it. It was a transitional situation, right? We had that expose that. You know that you know Vicki snaps in a small team of folks, and and obviously Geraldo

00:25:55.600 --> 00:26:09.830 Tommy DiMisa: had had uncovered. I mean Geraldo was not Geraldo he I mean you still her all the Rivera, but he was like not who we know him to be 50 years ago. Right? I mean that that was that. I'd have to guess that was one of the things that probably put him on the map. But it was that, right

00:26:09.910 --> 00:26:36.940 Bill Schule: Interestingly, the first show that he did was not for 2,020 national it was for 22 in New York only. Oh, is that right? Okay? And then then and then the national picked it? Up. And that's when this the pixie does happen, and it and he still and he's still involved, he was around for our fortieth. He was around for our fiftieth, his good. The guy who started that pro it was called. They want to shout out, Here's one Paul Dawn, who was the senior Vp. Of of news is still involved in that in other parts of of the country.

00:26:36.940 --> 00:27:06.920 Tommy DiMisa: So yeah, and that's but again where I write down you, it was something about how you can't stop people like us from getting involved in helping out, because that's what it is. I mean like sometimes to i'll. I'll say sometimes it's to my own detriment that I'm. Focused more on this work that i'm focused on my business, because but I think it's all the same. Honestly, when i'm out and i'm supporting people. They they understand that, you know. I'm in the business community as well, and it all sort of helps. You know it's not. I don't go out to network, you know, necessarily to grow my business. I go out and do days of service and help out and

00:27:06.920 --> 00:27:11.940 office, and our business continues to grow so must be doing something right. I'm planting the right seeds right

00:27:12.020 --> 00:27:36.920 Bill Schule: Well, if I could, I would just do phrase I was going to use before I was honored early on by venture, and you stand in front of 400 people and everybody's going Yay, that's great, and it's like I'm saying, but you all can do this, too, you know, like I i'm not a magician. Here, go, go, go, go, get involved! And and what I told them in when I spoke that night is that people think that this is a revolutionary topic.

00:27:37.080 --> 00:27:44.520 Bill Schule: This all should have evolved it on its own in its own way, and and and I will tell you that Long Island.

00:27:44.750 --> 00:27:47.330 Bill Schule: Michigan, Indiana, Alaska

00:27:47.360 --> 00:28:02.900 Bill Schule: people are doing the same things. I I know this I I I don't have to wonder about it. I I know that there's good parts around and and and active people. So you know I would just. We happen to be just part of a bigger group. I believe that. Yeah, I I think. And listen. You know what I had a few weeks ago.

00:28:02.990 --> 00:28:32.970 Tommy DiMisa: I had Steven Chasman, who is the executive Director of Long Island Coalition of of alcoholism and Drug dependency. Because, again, i'm. Ha! There's these things that I'm really pissed off about and that i'm really trying to make an impact. And what is this conversation on mental illness and it and it's other thing to Bill? I don't know if it's not really not exactly relevant to our topic, although with your experience and all hanging out and spending time and educating these young people, it's important to bring up anyways this fentanyl crisis that we're dealing in this country and the scary stuff that that's all about. So like this is one of my

00:28:33.110 --> 00:28:45.460 Tommy DiMisa: you know one of my hills. I've decided to get up on and and start yelling about because we need to have these conversations. But when when Steve Chasman was on the show, he kept saying, I know if he said it twice he said it 3 times he he said, Look

00:28:46.130 --> 00:28:50.150 Tommy DiMisa: you, don't if you if you want to support a nonprofit, it doesn't have to be us.

00:28:50.200 --> 00:29:02.760 Tommy DiMisa: Because if you want to volunteer for a nonprofit, it doesn't have to be us. We'd be great if it is, but it doesn't have to be. His point was, Get out there. My point is, Get out there. Do your day service, Bill shoes. A point standing in front of a room full of 400 people is

00:29:02.760 --> 00:29:16.310 Tommy DiMisa: i'm, no hero, not the you know not that we're not heroes, but you know what I mean, Bill. Most leaders and i'll probably go anything about me, man. It's about the others in the organization, but my volunteers is about my board right? That's what I hear so many times, you know, and

00:29:17.040 --> 00:29:36.400 Tommy DiMisa: it's about a challenge to say, Get out there. You want to do a day service a month. You want to do a day of service a quarter. You just want to get out there whatever I've taken my sons, and this is not to say that we're so great. But I took my sons and we painted the basement at the waterfront center. I was asked the waterfront center up in Oyster Bay, not too far from where I am here, long out, and and my boys love it.

00:29:36.400 --> 00:29:43.400 Tommy DiMisa: My eight-year-old is always like, what are we gonna do another day service. You know what that does to me, Bill. What are we gonna do? Another day of service? I'm like what

00:29:43.400 --> 00:30:00.980 Tommy DiMisa: it's not like? What am I going to see the Mario movie? And they call me if they tell me it's not Mario, it's Mario, but I think it's Mario. But i'm not really sure. I gotta. I gotta get a text, somebody and ask him. How would you say the Super Mario Brothers? I would say, Mario, because that's so, and I and I like lots of Italian friends, and that's nice.

00:30:00.980 --> 00:30:13.340 Tommy DiMisa: Well, I got a bunch of time, you guys the name of it. Then tell me it's Mario and I all right whatever. So, anyway, that real quick, the the the one of my first buddies when I did, Buddy Ball was my 8 year old daughter. And

00:30:13.340 --> 00:30:31.530 Bill Schule: at the table that night my wife said, how was Buddy Bone, my doughnuts? It was great, and i'm like I was there, and it's pretty confidence. It's crazy going around, and I had assigned her to 2 girls, and so you just stay with them a 14 to 15 year old, I said, Well, why was this so great? I I didn't, she said. Well, what you do with those 2? Because well, they rolled me down the hill.

00:30:31.550 --> 00:30:42.740 Bill Schule: I'm like, okay. And then once I went back to the top of them, and then they roll me down the hill again. Okay, and then what you do is Well, then, we did the cloud game, you know it looks like a giraffe. Looks like a.

00:30:42.870 --> 00:30:47.730 Bill Schule: And then I got the goose. Bumps came, and I got it. Where was the value here?

00:30:48.000 --> 00:30:55.360 Bill Schule: The value prop wasn't to the 2 girls that had someone helping them. The value prop was to my daughter as well.

00:30:55.480 --> 00:31:23.210 Tommy DiMisa: I'll tell you, man, I I've said it sometimes. I know I've said it live on the show, and it's it's a little bit the irony. The whole thing for me is, it's a little bit selfish. What I do. It's like all the work I do. I feel good about it, man. I like feeling good versus not feeling good. So I've done like this on Monday or Tuesday. I realize I've I've woken up, and you know I'm a little low on energy and a little low on on positivity, and I go. I go volunteer a little bit for an hour, so I like at a at a at a

00:31:23.210 --> 00:31:40.320 Tommy DiMisa: pantry in my neighborhood. I pop by. I have one day I I wasn't even a volunteer, but I stopped by, and I brought donuts, and like a box of Joe for the for the volunteers, and that made me feel good because I wanted to appreciate them. I couldn't stick her up all day, but I could make that impact. And so so I don't know. Maybe it's

00:31:40.320 --> 00:31:50.400 Tommy DiMisa: selflessly selfish. Maybe that's a topic. Maybe that's maybe I got something there. I'll make one off. I'll sing it. Let's go right to a break. We'll be right back, Bill and Tommy in the adding.

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00:33:30.760 --> 00:33:31.720 The

00:33:36.250 --> 00:33:39.400 nonprofits leaf connections

00:33:39.440 --> 00:33:47.100 good time to Tommy in his

00:33:49.100 --> 00:33:58.300 Tommy DiMisa: never doubt that a small group of committed citizens can change the world. In fact, it's the only thing that ever has right. That's Margaret. Me. I think I got most of the words right.

00:33:58.390 --> 00:34:00.370 Tommy DiMisa: and I think you need to take that the harder

00:34:01.040 --> 00:34:07.740 Tommy DiMisa: you can make an impact you can make change in the world. I say, you know I, this little thing I say, you know

00:34:07.740 --> 00:34:37.739 Tommy DiMisa: on this coffee mug that my friend Dara got me says no big deal, just changing the world right with a little Tommy d figure on the back. But that's what it. I say that tongue in cheek because it is a big deal. Everything you do, any volunteers and you do is a big deal, and you can change the world. And if you have an idea like these moms, these mama bears these mother bears had, I mean, many organizations that serve our population. The Idd population started out as family members who were looking for programming that wasn't there 40 or 50 years ago. Bill. Right like I find a lot of these organizations

00:34:37.739 --> 00:34:56.560 Tommy DiMisa: that now of 2,030 40 group homes, you know, started out as programming because they needed to find some for their children to be involved with those organizations that have. They have programs started out as a small unit of parents that we're looking to make a change. So anyone I put it to you. Now, if you want to do something, do me a favor, get out there and do it.

00:34:56.560 --> 00:35:03.080 Tommy DiMisa: It's not going to go perfect. I promise you that, you know. But get out there. Try something, because once you try, then you find out.

00:35:03.090 --> 00:35:14.930 Tommy DiMisa: What can I do with this? How can I change it, Bill, let's get back into it. Let's talk about programming. Let's talk about, You know pools, and you said you you support the appoint therapy program the the foundation does. Let's go into that, please, and tell me some stories.

00:35:15.080 --> 00:35:19.270 Bill Schule: Sure. What i'll tell you is that the

00:35:19.270 --> 00:35:40.730 Bill Schule: there was no record equ equestrian center we built in a question, etc., then our, I think, 7 horses in there they do riding with, and and it's it's one of those things you when I chatted before about what is good. What is physical activity is is is a positive for people in the Id and world. And let me tell you Jumping Jacks is the one I told you first, but you know horseback riding is another.

00:35:40.810 --> 00:36:10.210 Bill Schule: It's the motion of the animal, and it really actually has a physiological impact, a positive one. Which is, why else would we build an equestrian sector so so that that's one of our ideas, the so our camp. The the ventures camp it's still called, can fetch. It is up in Northern Sony Point. Northern Rockland is the only point, and it's on land that was it's sort of granted to us, get granted to venture together for use only to this, not to make money, not to do any of this stuff is to run this care

00:36:10.280 --> 00:36:26.400 Bill Schule: So up there that we have. They have programs. They've got a select program. It helps. Take care of the horses, for example, and they do a variety of outdoors the kinds of things; and if it's certain of the of the clientele, and it doesn't fit all the others. But next to it is this 4 a/C or 5 acre pool area.

00:36:26.400 --> 00:36:37.210 Bill Schule: There's stuff that was built. There was built in 1,000. 911,910As the land the State gave gave to venture, and the pool walls were

00:36:37.680 --> 00:36:39.100 Bill Schule: almost 3 feet thick.

00:36:39.170 --> 00:36:54.680 Bill Schule: so very, but they hadn't been touched. So we built the second pool, which very much more modern skinny walls next to it, and those things have been sitting like that for 30 years 2530 years, and you know what happens. It just gets completely.

00:36:54.760 --> 00:37:24.730 Bill Schule: was put in by Saturn Car Company, which doesn't exist anymore. It's just how old. Everything is so we we took a bunch of money that we had been saving over the years from generous supporters, and we decided to venture. It gave us the right to me, the right to be the the person in between to go ahead and design, build and implement the brand new pools it. If you saw that you can see it. Actually, it's on. We have a video up on our website, which is Venture foundation org. And if you go there you can actually see the video

00:37:24.730 --> 00:37:38.710 Tommy DiMisa: of the way the camp looks today, and you'd think you were in a island resort. That's how pretty the poll is, it's really gorgeous I got. How long is the trip from Long Island is? Let's assume NASA County, because, you know, NASA County for me to get up this stony point for a visit.

00:37:39.280 --> 00:37:54.590 Bill Schule: Well, again, coming coming from lumber, can still visiting the island regularly. I I I know this trip all too well. I did it for for 3 years before I moved up. Did you really? You would travel? You went from to to to to a chestnut ridge, New Jersey, which is right on the board of Rockland every day.

00:37:54.740 --> 00:38:05.050 Tommy DiMisa: I there's no part of the of any of the roads up here that I don't know, and they they're all terrible, anyway. So if what would it take you? Probably an hour?

00:38:05.050 --> 00:38:21.160 Tommy DiMisa: Oh, yeah, at the right time. So just think of it this way it's it's 25 min or so from the Gw. Or is that all? Yeah, on the tap and Z me it's 25 min in the tap. And see? Got it. Yeah. And again, like you said, which I think it's great. You know. We go to the Poconos a lot. We, my my wife, and the kids, and

00:38:21.260 --> 00:38:32.220 Tommy DiMisa: and now the new dog Cheeto. But we go up to the poker and and like anything else, man leaving this island, is it? It's an it depends on the time of day. I'm like let's get. I would rather

00:38:32.220 --> 00:38:48.640 Tommy DiMisa: leave the house at 5 am. Like, and then we'll figure out the rest of the day. We got the whole day in front of us. Man, you want to crash out and sleep after that that's fine, but to sit on the cross Bronx express way, you know, or or to sit, I mean I. I went up to pokerals last week, and I came back because

00:38:48.640 --> 00:39:00.440 Tommy DiMisa: we brought horses. We brought the Mini horses from Horse ability to Long Island, Alzheimer's and Dementia foundation, and I I can't even tell you. I mean just these mini horses you can imagine right. So I

00:39:00.440 --> 00:39:11.810 Tommy DiMisa: you have them. So I I i'm coming up the stony point. But here's the thing i'm coming back, and this is like it's a 110 miles door to door. Okay, this is the first 70 miles

00:39:11.810 --> 00:39:30.580 Tommy DiMisa: cruising baby coming back from the Poconos right? And as I get closer and closer to this island, forget about it. It was like an hour and a half to get over the bridge, and it was just a nightmare, because I I didn't leave it 5 from Poconos I the 5 45 am so that that window you know windows we know about windows, and when you got to get in and get out.

00:39:30.580 --> 00:39:49.500 Bill Schule: and it was just it was forget about it. But that's my that's my I just just just for commonality, because we have an awful lot of commonality. The first time that my my wife is go camping in the Poconos. We're coming back through, and had the same experience. It was great until, and we got to that. You wet. And I was like, you know. If we lived up here

00:39:49.500 --> 00:40:02.670 Tommy DiMisa: we we'd be home already. It's that's we moved up here. Yeah, but like, I mean when we remember when it was super storm sandy, and like you know what the island got hit, and there was no gas. We couldn't get, you know, fuel, and it was just like

00:40:02.670 --> 00:40:12.580 Tommy DiMisa: like we literally are like if there ever was anything like for real like. We're like stranded out here on this island. Anyway, I've been here my whole life 45 years, and I don't think until my youngest.

00:40:12.580 --> 00:40:40.470 Tommy DiMisa: I I do say this, I say, the year my youngest starts. High school is like that. September is the same day the house goes on the market like I can get the heck of this island. But who knows what'll happen? You know we make plans, and God laughs, they say, right or the universe last. So I want it here. So so that's the equestrian. So if I if I could on the pool just to finish that out, so the pool, and the whole thing we built is for the benefit of the people that attend the summer camp that venture started with, and still maintains.

00:40:40.470 --> 00:41:10.460 Bill Schule: and it's a half N. T. F. I. D population. They tend to be kids between the ages of 5 and fifth and 14 or so 15. It's a very friendly gentle there there, and we do have many horses, and I know, and they're not ponies. They're many horses they've got. They've got goats and all that other stuff. They got little menagerie, so it's a whole bunch that goes on there, and we run events up there so the pool and the whole process. There's a lot of acres, the 7 Pavilions. I have a pavilion that sits 200 people, so we run a. You know

00:41:10.460 --> 00:41:25.140 Bill Schule: the family reunions up there, because it's very contrified. It's actually right near the Stony Point Little league, as a matter of fact, so that's what the pool. How that ends up other things that we do to raise funds, though we do events as well, we we, we, we exist

00:41:25.140 --> 00:41:39.520 Bill Schule: for the generosity of the enormous generosity of some of our our parents, and and and some of them not parents. We've gotten multi multi-th $1,000 gifts i've gotten a couple of gifts that top 100,000, and that's what helps us

00:41:39.520 --> 00:41:46.370 Bill Schule: to be able to even start to afford this. We didn't afford all of what we just spent. So we're on a fundraising mission to sort of

00:41:46.370 --> 00:42:08.210 Bill Schule: feedback into the program so that we can continue to build. I want to build a whiffleball field. I I know there's other things I want to do of an adaptive fitness trail there, there's a list of things, and all this stuff that venture together. It has need for wants wants us to do, or we wouldn't do it because we don't on the land. Right? It it's it's their property, so they agree, and we go ahead, and we fund it.

00:42:08.310 --> 00:42:23.120 Tommy DiMisa: So. So let's just explain that again, because I I don't know if it's it might be confusing to people. So the your the venture foundation exists as a fundraising mechanism. Correct me if i'm wrong in any way, what? I just said, Totally correct. Yeah, so that's it. So so.

00:42:23.250 --> 00:42:40.010 Tommy DiMisa: But the programs are run by. Can't venture. Venture together. That's their thing, right? And you okay. So so in that sense, are there. Have you thought about again. I don't know the geography up there. I don't know what big corpse are up there, and stuff like that, but I have to assume

00:42:40.010 --> 00:42:59.630 Tommy DiMisa: I I take from this conversation You've I've had for the last 40 min that you're a network man. You know how to. You know how to connect with people. You know how to hit the schmooze if you will. That's one of my favorite books, Everybody, if you Haven't read it's called Mr. Schmooze. It's about 80 pages long, and anybody who knows me in the real world would say, well, that Tommy d sort of sounds like they wrote this book about you.

00:42:59.630 --> 00:43:19.700 Tommy DiMisa: But but I I wonder about like that yourself. You know. Building community, I guess, is another way to say it, Bill, talk about that. Are there certain people, even if you want to shout out in community up up that way, or there's certain companies on the other side of things that would be great connections for you as you look forward, you know, in as from a relationship perspective.

00:43:19.740 --> 00:43:28.400 Bill Schule: Well, there's certainly, or there's a there's a there's a there's a a community of people who have helped us get this far, and and Mike St. For example, it's more

00:43:28.400 --> 00:43:43.710 Bill Schule: professional agencies like his. There's a bunch of them that we have that that that stand by us all the time. Almost anything we would ask them of. It's a little guy, a little ice company. It's it's it's it's just an ice production company, but he's he's been with us

00:43:43.760 --> 00:44:13.630 Bill Schule: for for all of all, all of our years, and we have people. They have nothing to do with us. They don't everybody in care. It's just that. But boards used to be made up of those kind of people. Now we look for boards that are made up of people who actually have more access to funds that can help us raise money. You have this big corporations up here like there are everywhere, but you know, getting into Verizon, for example, and getting Verizon. They used to be a little bit easier to to work with, to get funding from from for a company like that, and they've been very generous

00:44:13.630 --> 00:44:29.610 Bill Schule: over the years to us TV Bank Key Bank, all all those kinds of things that we, where we, where we have our services or provided is it's a natural symbiotic right relationship. Our insurance services, by the way, which we so, by the way just to

00:44:30.040 --> 00:44:33.010 Bill Schule: real quick venture together.

00:44:33.750 --> 00:44:50.090 Bill Schule: So a lot of the agencies have their fundraising built into the agency itself. Arc is that way, and Giovanni go to the 2 up by me. The or is everywhere. That's how they do it. Venture wasn't built that way, Bench. It was built as 2 separate entities. Right

00:44:50.330 --> 00:44:53.020 Bill Schule: foundation came afterwards, and was

00:44:53.150 --> 00:45:00.640 Bill Schule: connected to, and services, and provides for the the, the, the unfunded programs, and so on.

00:45:00.640 --> 00:45:14.980 Bill Schule: But we have a separate board separate. But again, your mission is these 3 pillars. If I could right funding on the programs of the other organization, publicizing the good work and owning real estate right? Those Exactly.

00:45:15.010 --> 00:45:40.100 Tommy DiMisa: So what we are going to take quick break when we come back. I want to talk about this this one piece that we didn't spend much time on owning of the real estate, so i'd love to understand what that looks like, and if that puts you as an organization, if you don't mind in a position for other acquisitions of real estate. And is that a focus, is it? I know we say, owning real estate. But is it? Is there a goal to get more if you want to talk about that? And then i'd like to talk about sort of upcoming events going into

00:45:40.100 --> 00:45:45.130 going into June and and what's happening, and and how else we can help. How's that sound

00:45:45.220 --> 00:45:48.110 Tommy DiMisa: perfect? I will be right back, philanthropy, and focus

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00:47:40.670 --> 00:47:48.310 good time that you to Tommy in his.

00:47:49.220 --> 00:47:51.150 and we're back.

00:47:51.320 --> 00:47:56.010 Tommy DiMisa: I think, in life we gotta make it better for the next generation, you know. And

00:47:56.080 --> 00:48:03.240 Tommy DiMisa: you know, Bill said earlier in the program here about this should be an evolutionary topic, but for something was hitting me because you and I spoke, Bill right before the show.

00:48:04.590 --> 00:48:13.170 Tommy DiMisa: A. And you mentioned your own children, and I just and and I mentioned you know, my youngest and and certainly it's not lost on my other 3. This this

00:48:14.120 --> 00:48:31.660 Tommy DiMisa: responsibility i'll call it to give service and be involved. You know some people. We talk a lot in our space about time treasure talent, You know. Some people can write those big checks. Some people can write smaller checks. Some people can invest time, so people can be the volunteers, you know whether that be a board member or volunteering in some other capacity.

00:48:31.660 --> 00:48:50.790 Tommy DiMisa: and some people can build a house. Some people got a big old mouth, and they can run a show called philanthropy and focus and interview people on a weekly basis. Some people have that talent. And and is that that sort of stuff. But I wonder, you know, before we even jump into this real estate, if you want to focus on that a little bit, and upcoming events just the impact it's had on your own

00:48:50.800 --> 00:48:55.360 Tommy DiMisa: children right to see you in this work. Can you talk about that for a moment or 2.

00:48:55.700 --> 00:49:00.530 Bill Schule: There's a lot awful lot of good words you just said. and

00:49:01.580 --> 00:49:02.950 Bill Schule: I think there's nothing

00:49:03.200 --> 00:49:05.810 Bill Schule: more fundamental. It's almost like

00:49:06.170 --> 00:49:24.010 Bill Schule: I want to say this in a it's a strange way, but faith, a religion i'll call it that it it's almost like that that what faith in religion gives people, whatever it may be, whatever you follow, it gives you the hope to go on that everything doesn't isn't going to be the terrible and end, and the giving back part.

00:49:24.010 --> 00:49:36.400 Bill Schule: What we do is we help people who can't help themselves. Now, I there's no other way to put that. If you have a baby. If you have someone who who who had an operation, you have somebody who's who's at the end of life, all these things

00:49:36.630 --> 00:49:55.270 Bill Schule: exist for opportunities for us to do something for someone who can't do it. So you can be the one that walks by and doesn't help. You could be the one that the woman trips on the on, on the walk, or or the older guy can't shovel this walk, whatever those 100 examples. But if you don't teach the to kids

00:49:55.410 --> 00:49:57.560 Bill Schule: in their youth, which is what

00:49:57.590 --> 00:50:24.230 Bill Schule: some of the programs that I've run was about, was putting together, Buddy, Well, putting together 2 people and able and a disabled person to say you should help them, and I learned from that how much my kids got from it. Now I don't really know what they think of it for me. Personally, I don't know, and and mine are older than you is now, but I know what it's done for them. Yeah, I see that. And you could see this in your own world. Look at the other people who give up themselves family members

00:50:24.250 --> 00:50:30.660 Bill Schule: to other people. It it. It's you're born your your bread. They know nature nurture. I'm not sure. Yeah. Super important.

00:50:30.660 --> 00:50:44.340 Tommy DiMisa: It's super important. We are. We're we're creating the next generation. Remember that everybody so so do your service. All right. So let's talk about it. This this real estate piece, because i'm more curious about it than anything else, which is pretty much what the shows of all about. You know my curiosity and helping tell stories. So, hey?

00:50:44.660 --> 00:50:46.700 Tommy DiMisa: As an as a

00:50:46.930 --> 00:50:59.560 Bill Schule: holder of the real estate right as a manager of the real estate. Is there growth plans there or not? Really, My, no, it it it it it. It was more fundamentally when we first were found it to say that the that

00:51:00.000 --> 00:51:08.810 Bill Schule: the agency probably couldn't own the land of a house it's called a a Jersey shorehouse. We're a house right in our neighborhood, so what they would do is they would give it to

00:51:08.810 --> 00:51:22.170 Bill Schule: venture foundation, and we would essentially eventually turn that over to venture in a in a different way, because it wasn't something that we we don't have need for this stuff. We don't rent it in the These are group homes for people.

00:51:22.170 --> 00:51:34.340 Bill Schule: young men and women who well, men and women not young anymore. They live longer. They live in the houses. So the real estate part was really there for for a protection concept that we we don't. We don't run real estate.

00:51:34.340 --> 00:52:02.540 Tommy DiMisa: got it perfect, all right. Good, all right. So I know, you know. Certainly I was going to share the screen real quick, and the this is always like my favorite time of year. For a lot of reasons. I am not a very good golfer. I love to get out there and hack the ball. I any time when I don't go through a dozen golf balls on a on a, on a golf course that I've left there and donated that's a pretty good day for me, so i'm I have to guess so, sir, Probably as with all the sports and stuff you're involved with it, You're a golfer.

00:52:02.830 --> 00:52:22.740 Bill Schule: I am a golfer, I I've I've done most every kind of golf thing. I owned an indoor golf place I was that really called the World Trade Country Club. It was a next door to the Vancouver, and in downtown man in the world trade right there nestled. So yeah, golf is a is a favorite of mine. And yeah, I played a lot of the courses out by you. So yeah.

00:52:23.210 --> 00:52:52.320 Bill Schule: this this tournament is a memorial tournament that was founded for the original founder, Kathy Lucas and the Lucan family were the ones that really deserve the shout out they did. They did so much work, so much imagination and creativity, but most of all just sticking with something they just, if it's possible not to, to to appreciate just how much they they believe in this. They had a son that needed care, and they help. They fundamentally built all this. So we we just now do a

00:52:52.320 --> 00:53:20.560 Bill Schule: We've lost a lot of our originals, so we make it a fundamental of a found. Assume me. I'm a mortal golf tournament. We do it that this this year it's at the New York Country Club. It's beautiful up there. Gorgeous overlooks the Hudson Valley Fabulous looking place. Our fees are are are much more reasonable than You'd find it's low that I mean gang. Look, it's 275, a golfer, or a $1,000 for some. I gotta be honest if you don't know much about golf outings. You don't find $1,000

00:53:20.560 --> 00:53:33.670 Tommy DiMisa: that certainly not down here on Long Island, I mean we, you know. I sit on the board of the Bay Side Business Association, and we got a pretty low be there, but we play. We play a clear view. We play with a public course in New York City. Course, you know American golf, but

00:53:33.670 --> 00:54:02.400 Bill Schule: you know. But you don't see for the post-market. You You drop it now, and you get 4 guys out to play golf. That's a, and the meal, and the whole thing. So that's a whole month. So I got to figure out how to get up there myself and get in and get involved. We we we still need. We'll certainly let you know about it. The we do other events we're doing, and people we're doing a mystic event, a a a, a, a a, a a well, actually the most one of the most popular mystics that was out there. Lynne been grotten, She She She passed away

00:54:02.400 --> 00:54:15.450 Bill Schule: on the island. She just passed away. She was supposed to do it. We replace it with her partner. So we do things like that that people are interested in things that they you want to go spend money on something. You want to have a be a a bartender challenge we'll run it.

00:54:15.450 --> 00:54:26.760 Bill Schule: and and you can drink your beer, and then we get it. We get our V out of that. So mo mostly we do big events. So we do that we're robin autism Symposium, which is one of the bigger ones we've

00:54:26.780 --> 00:54:56.760 Bill Schule: it's in October we we we bring together some of the of about about a third of the science guys, and a sort of the social people. So what they what we do is we bring in people that are are specific to the science part, the the the autism size foundation is one of our one of our helpers there, and then we bring in stuff about about how you get services. How do you? How do you find things like Buddy Bull? How do you? How do you form a life for your child, your your child's 21? You do you about to enter.

00:54:56.760 --> 00:55:14.820 Bill Schule: and I get out of the school program. And now you're going to have life happen to you. So now what do we do? And the schools. I don't think they do as good of a job, and I don't think the the Government does a much of a job at all, so they need guidance. So this is what what's the symposium? We host as many as 600 people. Is there a website to find out about the symposium.

00:55:14.840 --> 00:55:17.970 Bill Schule: Rothman. What is the symposium dot calm.

00:55:18.850 --> 00:55:47.030 Tommy DiMisa: Alright, so we'll get that out there for everybody rockling. All. Okay, Came comes off as soon as I typed in Rockland autism. Sorry. Got it, Octo: okay. So so let me let me tell one quick story, and then we got a we got a head out, so we talk about the mystics, so I I I mentioned base side queens, and i'll shout out to Bourbon Street, our friends at Bourbon Street, and you know how sometimes it's like a flyer in the men's room about like upcoming events. Right? I did not. This i'm just telling you what I read, because I really would not do this because it was graffiti. But there was a flyer out

00:55:47.030 --> 00:55:57.530 Tommy DiMisa: right, and it was about an upcoming psychic that was going to be there was like psychic and stakes, or whatever I'm making up the name of it right? So the find somebody who add some wit wrote on there. Do you think she knows I won't? Be there.

00:55:57.790 --> 00:56:04.420 Tommy DiMisa: I at the face I got. That's great. I love it. I love that, you know I love anything like that.

00:56:04.520 --> 00:56:20.680 Tommy DiMisa: So, having having lived on Belle Boulevard in a in it's it's right off of you in this round bike, so I I I know Bay side. I am more connected than we probably know a lot of the things more. There's more Polycos High School, all right. Okay. So I I i'm a Shaman guy, my friend

00:56:20.680 --> 00:56:50.610 Tommy DiMisa: Frank Gorzo, graduated Holy Cross in in the sixties, so I think he's certainly would beat you through there, you know, was there for my my my business partner, Red probes in St. Francis, Prep. Guy Edge, the president of the Bay Side Business Association. I've been on board for a bunch of years. Anyway, we got a lot in common. We'll have that on the meeting without anybody listening. It might be might be boring them all right, Bill Shul. Thanks for being here. Shout out the organization, shout out how we can get in touch. Just give me the website and all that stuff real quick, too, not a problem we are located in.

00:56:50.610 --> 00:56:56.960 Bill Schule: Well, we you could find us at the Rob Venture Foundation org where

00:56:57.260 --> 00:56:58.370 Bill Schule: our phones

00:56:58.390 --> 00:57:14.330 Bill Schule: they're on the website. Everything's on the website venture foundation org Everywhere you need to get a hold of us to there all of our events are posted. We we stay pretty common and current with it. We have lots of ways that you can help us. You can donate directly you can donate with with, with with Testaments and trust, and we we have, you know.

00:57:14.330 --> 00:57:22.710 Bill Schule: sharing with your with your with your employer, all those things they all up on the website. It tells a it tells a story of people who care and are trying to help.

00:57:22.730 --> 00:57:50.580 Tommy DiMisa: I love it. I I just. I gotta send out Mike stagger some love and appreciation for making this connection bill. I think we're going to be friends for sure, for, like I mean gosh, we're just getting warmed up getting. Listen. Pay attention to your nonprofits in your community. You don't have to go over the top like a nonprofit sector connector would but just get involved. Make an impact. That's what we hear we're here for a limited amount of time. Be compassionate, make an impact. Make the world a better place. That's what i'm trying to do, Bill. Thank you for being here. Thank you for your friendship.

00:57:50.580 --> 00:57:56.400 Tommy DiMisa: Make it a great day all right to me. I appreciate it. Thanks for the opportunity. Got it. Take care of everybody. We'll see you later. Bye

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