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Friday, March 10, 2023
Facebook Live Video from 2023/03/10 - Baby Essentials of Long Island

Facebook Live Video from 2023/03/10 - Baby Essentials of Long Island


2023/03/10 - Baby Essentials of Long Island

[NEW EPISODE] Baby Essentials of Long Island

Fridays 10:00am - 11:00am (EDT)


I hope all who listen will feel empathetic towards babies in need and realize that if all of us do a small good deed (or mitzvah) daily it gets amplified.


Born out of necessity at the start of the covid-19 pandemic, Gillick-Goldberg realized families who relied on cash incomes were no longer welcome in their employer’s homes out of fear, leaving them without funds for even the most basic essentials. Through her connection with Help Me Grow and diligent contact tracers, as well as generous community donors, volunteers, and former kgg client the Allied Foundation, she was able to provide door-to-door deliveries of diapers, wipes, and formula to those desperately in need or suffering with covid.




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00:00:38.360 --> 00:00:46.300 Tommy DiMisa: I know that song. It's your boy, Tommy D the on profit sector connect. Coming out, you

00:00:46.490 --> 00:01:05.570 Tommy DiMisa: 2 flights up from the kitchen just below the roof in my attic every single Friday morning I bring to you philanthropy in focus. I bring to you leaders and nonprofit organizations I bring to you change makers people. We're making the world a better place. People who realize that there's a need.

00:01:05.700 --> 00:01:10.760 Tommy DiMisa: and they get out in front of it, and they do the research, and they bring the resources

00:01:11.000 --> 00:01:14.600 Tommy DiMisa: and they make the change. And they make the impact.

00:01:14.740 --> 00:01:31.950 Tommy DiMisa: People from all different walks of life get opportunities in front of them, and they say you know what there's an opportunity here to create a solution, and i'd encourage you look this thing here, philanthropy and focus the the radio show podcast. It was an idea I had.

00:01:31.950 --> 00:01:35.130 Tommy DiMisa: It was an idea that I walked around and told people about for a while.

00:01:35.220 --> 00:01:45.400 Tommy DiMisa: and finally, in January, 2,021, it began. And now I think i'm a right around 110 episodes, or at least that what it is it was like one away 109110, i'm not sure.

00:01:45.400 --> 00:01:58.270 Tommy DiMisa: But I was telling people last night it was in 1 10, because it's a round number. When I was out last night, shout out to the folks, friends of Karen. It was the Emerald city. We were in the Emerald City. Now. I don't know if you know this everybody. But in the sixth grade.

00:01:58.360 --> 00:02:02.340 Tommy DiMisa: in the Disability awareness play at the Washington Street School.

00:02:02.460 --> 00:02:13.150 Tommy DiMisa: I was the Tin man. and it was my first and only theater opportunity, which is kind of silly. When when I sort of look back, I mean, I probably should have done a lot more stuff

00:02:13.460 --> 00:02:33.120 Tommy DiMisa: because I am a bit of a performer. Hello, Kerry! Good morning! How are you? Goldberg is here. She's going to be. She is with me will be together for the next hour. I wanted to just bring her in, because I saw her getting a little amused by the story I was telling. Sixth grade play. I had no idea I look back, and and I i'm very involved

00:02:33.240 --> 00:02:47.160 Tommy DiMisa: in in nonprofits that are related to and serve individuals and participants with intellectual developmental disabilities. My cousin Linda has special needs, and and Linda passed and shout out to the Lindy Lou Foundation

00:02:47.160 --> 00:03:03.340 Tommy DiMisa: March 20 sixth, as I asset lanes out here in Long Island, you know, is the big Lindy Loo classical. That money gets raised goes to nonprofits that are serving the Id d space the Id community. So it's funny when I try to track things back. I didn't realize what I was thinking about this last night

00:03:03.500 --> 00:03:06.870 Tommy DiMisa: back being in the in the Emerald City last night. It had a green

00:03:06.880 --> 00:03:16.850 Tommy DiMisa: suit, probably can only wear it next Friday, and then it has to go back in the back in the closet until you know the next Friday, being, you know, the feast of St. Patrick for those of you who might not be aware.

00:03:16.850 --> 00:03:31.440 Tommy DiMisa: But my friend Yolanda Romano, gross from options for community living, was was my friend, my buddy, my date to the event, and I met with all his other nonprofit folks in the room last night really special, and it's just so funny, you know. We go to these events, and

00:03:31.440 --> 00:03:39.130 Tommy DiMisa: and i'm sure wherever you're listening to this podcast, you might go to nonprofit events, and maybe you're often in the same rooms, the same catering facility.

00:03:39.720 --> 00:03:45.820 Tommy DiMisa: But it was great last night, because it was green lights everywhere, and they made the room look like a completely different room, and I've been in that room

00:03:46.440 --> 00:03:48.680 Tommy DiMisa: a 100 times.

00:03:48.870 --> 00:04:04.000 Tommy DiMisa: you know, at the the heritage out on at Beth Page, out here in Long Island, and it it just looked different, and it was very special. Friends of Karen shout out to friends of Karen again. They've been on the show. Leslie and Judy have come on the program, and

00:04:04.020 --> 00:04:06.000 Tommy DiMisa: the funny thing to Kerry. I'll tell you this.

00:04:06.420 --> 00:04:08.580 Tommy DiMisa: and everyone else listening is

00:04:08.930 --> 00:04:24.810 Tommy DiMisa: Yolanda was watching philanthropy and focus while I was interviewing the folks from friends of Karen, and they mentioned this Emerald City thing, and she's on Facebook, checking in with me while we're doing the show. And I was like you want to go with me like live, and she's like yes, and then we didn't remember until about

00:04:24.810 --> 00:04:30.340 Tommy DiMisa: you know a month and a half 2 months ago, what we were going to. We knew we had a date on the ninth of March. We didn't just

00:04:30.350 --> 00:04:45.540 Tommy DiMisa: couldn't figure it out, but Lesley shout out to Leslie for sending me the invitation to the mail, and reminding me I had to wear green, so we'll leave that there. But I just if you don't know me by now, you know. Let me tell you it nonprofits. They change our world, and i'm on a mission to just consistently

00:04:45.540 --> 00:05:01.540 Tommy DiMisa: have conversations and bring awareness to the work that nonprofits their leaders, their boards, their supporters, and their and and equally as important their staff and their associates that do the work are doing, and that's my job. That's what the nonprofit sector connected does.

00:05:01.540 --> 00:05:13.430 Tommy DiMisa: So if you Google not, what does a nonprofit sector connector, do you're probably not going to find anything, so hit me up on Instagram to me. D out in Yc. And i'll tell you but that just one last thing before we get into today's conversation.

00:05:13.950 --> 00:05:17.220 Tommy DiMisa: This is just one anecdotal story that happened earlier this week.

00:05:17.540 --> 00:05:31.470 Tommy DiMisa: I was on location with Long Island, Alzheimer's and dementia, and we had a meeting I brought in my friends, Katie Mcgowan and Kerry, from over at Portability, and we were just having a strategy meeting, and that's what a connector does, and that's what i'm all about is.

00:05:31.470 --> 00:05:55.290 Tommy DiMisa: how does 2 plus 2 equals some number infinite, some number that is not 4, but it's much larger than 4. That's the mission i'm on Kerry Gill. It, Goldberg, You're on a heck of a mission when it comes to nonprofits. What a good Segue Tommy did Yes, it was a good one. You're on a mission. I've been told that, you know you do a lot of the same things that I do constantly connecting, finding solutions, making your way for nonprofits with nonprofits.

00:05:55.360 --> 00:06:16.300 Tommy DiMisa: Alice, in law for Lita, our friend in common, made this suggestion that we needed to connect, and that you're on the show. There is a I want to learn about your background. I want folks to understand your connection, your your career, your connection to the nonprofit, and then we're going to be talking about baby essentials of Long Island, and that's where I started to show up at the front just saying

00:06:16.300 --> 00:06:35.520 Tommy DiMisa: things happen. Challenges are out there, and it takes somebody who's got resources and and just the the expertise to make it happen and to create a solution. And you've done that certainly with this organization and other organizations in the past fast. So first i'd like to say a couple of things that is a long introduction. Let me just say this: Welcome to the show.

00:06:35.560 --> 00:06:39.170 Tommy DiMisa: Welcome to philanthropy and focus. Good morning. How are you?

00:06:39.400 --> 00:06:53.170 kerrygoldberg: Very, Very good. Today was the breakfast for the Girl Scouts of Suffolk County. So my morning started very early. We have our friends, you know, my friend Irikia and Eurekia White.

00:06:53.170 --> 00:07:05.920 Tommy DiMisa: our friend Tammy so Reno leads that organization. Tam has been on the program, so couldn't be there and in the attic at the same point personally. But i'm glad you were able to find a way to make it happen so. So how was the event?

00:07:06.140 --> 00:07:15.760 Oh, so far the parts that I was there for is fabulous, and you know you walk in, and you start getting hugs from everybody because they are excited to see you, you know, after such a

00:07:15.960 --> 00:07:26.860 kerrygoldberg: you know a long time. So it really was beautiful not to mention. Somebody should have said that the swag that comes from the box of both companies, and I would have gone every year

00:07:26.860 --> 00:07:56.380 Tommy DiMisa: I would have made if I knew it was a box of cookies in the mix. Anybody who doesn't know me. I'm kind of a cookie monster, and if I knew it was cookies in the mix I might have made the trip out there this morning. But you know what I got. I got I, One of my daughter sells the cookie, so i'm i'm good, and I got a I got a problem with cookies. That's another thing. I'll have to talk to my nutritionist about that issue that I have. Leave it on the side, for. Now let's not talk to cookies. Well, what you got you got 10 min i'm right back to the

00:07:56.380 --> 00:07:57.440 to the

00:07:57.600 --> 00:08:00.000 Tommy DiMisa: It's funny it. When when

00:08:00.230 --> 00:08:24.920 Tommy DiMisa: when Tammy came on the show it was all about more than just cookies like that was like our theme, like Girl Scouts stuff accounting more than just cookies, you know. So so let's let's go back, though. I want to understand, Kerry. Why are you at Girl Scouts this morning? Why are you involved in the nonprofit sector? What what is your background? What drew you to this work, so kind of take us from from as far back as you want to go.

00:08:25.870 --> 00:08:31.370 kerrygoldberg: Well, the Girl Scout Situation let's be honest. That's how I became.

00:08:31.450 --> 00:08:43.169 kerrygoldberg: I mean, I can sell ice to an estimate, and it's all because of my it could be sales background. So we have. We have Girl scouts to thank for that. But

00:08:43.370 --> 00:08:45.790 kerrygoldberg: you know. when I

00:08:45.910 --> 00:09:05.620 kerrygoldberg: I went to college to become an English teacher and a theater teacher, so I loved your story because, of course, one of my degrees is in theater. And so you know, I love that. And I ended up teaching in Hollis in Hollis Queens

00:09:05.620 --> 00:09:20.790 kerrygoldberg: ll cool. J. Is from Hollis Queens Run, Dmc. My uncles and answer Hollis and Queens village people. I did not know that we have a Hollis connection. Look at that. See? And a Dmc. I'm. We're actually in chats with them to do

00:09:20.810 --> 00:09:32.740 Tommy DiMisa: an event out here all the so i'll keep my fingers crossed. Now i'll invite you when the deal is done. I I would be happy to be there, and, in fact, different. But

00:09:34.280 --> 00:09:35.920 Tommy DiMisa: the other

00:09:36.010 --> 00:09:51.200 Tommy DiMisa: LED lover and Dr. Dre, not the West Coast October, but there's another the Doctor Drake he used to be on yo mtv wraps. Mick Collins, if you listen, I'm sure now you're very engaged in this conversation. My Buddy Mick Collins is a big big hip hop guy, especially Eminem.

00:09:51.250 --> 00:09:52.410 Tommy DiMisa: But

00:09:52.620 --> 00:09:58.470 Tommy DiMisa: Dr. Dre has lost his vision. He lost his site, and he found it. Yeah.

00:09:58.530 --> 00:10:09.430 Tommy DiMisa: Kelly and Sarini had told me about this that he he lost his site, and he found that a nonprofit organization. So you know there's like this whole connection here. Maybe we got to reach out to Dr. Dre and

00:10:09.450 --> 00:10:23.440 kerrygoldberg: and see what we can do that. But tell me so, Hollis. So you're teaching theatre and English and house. Well, I was teaching English in actually in middle school there, back then, was a long time ago back then, though

00:10:23.450 --> 00:10:29.310 kerrygoldberg: sixth grade was in the Middle Schools, so I taught English, and

00:10:29.690 --> 00:10:39.030 kerrygoldberg: it was such a learning experience. I'm originally from Merrick, and then I student taught in Jericho. So then, going out to Hollis was

00:10:39.270 --> 00:10:40.770 kerrygoldberg: definitely different.

00:10:40.830 --> 00:10:41.800 and

00:10:41.830 --> 00:10:44.830 kerrygoldberg: it really set the groundwork.

00:10:45.240 --> 00:10:47.400 I believe, for what I do now

00:10:47.420 --> 00:11:03.800 Tommy DiMisa: set the groundwork for what you do now. So there's there's there's something there we got it. We got to kind of expose. There it's set the ground work. What was it that that you became aware of that? You were exposed to that sort of opened your eyes a bit to to what you're doing now?

00:11:04.320 --> 00:11:07.360 kerrygoldberg: I think it really had to do with need.

00:11:07.410 --> 00:11:08.100 Tommy DiMisa: Hmm.

00:11:08.160 --> 00:11:17.000 kerrygoldberg: And learning how to communicate both with students and with their parents. and

00:11:17.840 --> 00:11:22.360 kerrygoldberg: and I really got so much out of it. I really did

00:11:23.330 --> 00:11:41.700 kerrygoldberg: I? I did it for a short amount of time. I kind of this is going to sound bad, but I kind of got myself in a bit of a bind with the Union, because I'm very much the type of person that if you need extra help, if you need extra time.

00:11:41.790 --> 00:11:56.710 kerrygoldberg: Of course I'm going to get it to you, you know. So you know you've got some reality, kids, some not rowdy kids, you know. You pull out the ones that really need that extra help, because you know that they could do do so much more.

00:11:57.060 --> 00:12:07.350 kerrygoldberg: And then you find out that You're not allowed to be teaching on your lunch, break, and things like that, and the school didn't have didn't allow for after hours.

00:12:07.740 --> 00:12:21.110 kerrygoldberg: so it really would kill me that the kids in Merrick and the kids in Jericho would be showered with opportunity. And yet the kids in Hollis for it.

00:12:21.690 --> 00:12:40.320 Tommy DiMisa: So yeah, just let me interrupt 1 s. So, ladies and gentlemen, listen to what my friend is sharing with us right there. This is reality. The I would think the distance from Merrick, Nassau County to Hollis Queens is probably 10 or 11 miles, and i'm not looking at a map, but I don't even think it's that much.

00:12:40.320 --> 00:12:52.710 Tommy DiMisa: I grew up right on the border of Queens and NASA County, in a town called Franklin Square. So a a as a as they say, a stone's throw from Queens and in the city of New York.

00:12:52.870 --> 00:13:05.590 Tommy DiMisa: So i'm just gonna leave that out there, and I want everybody to consider that, and remember that things are not always equal. They're not equitable, and we need a lot. We still must do a lot of work, because your Zip code

00:13:05.600 --> 00:13:33.500 Tommy DiMisa: and often cases determines a lot of what the trajectory of your life is going to be, and i'm not talking about. You know i'm talking about literally miles away, you know, if you're living now, so county versus queens, and this is not I'm not knocking the whole, You know city of New York or the Board of education. But there's just we got work to do. Gang. We got work to do out here at Long Island, too, so let's not. Let's not make it that Long Islands got things figured out right. Kerry. I'm put. This is all me my voice, not Carrie's voice, everybody. So

00:13:33.720 --> 00:13:41.490 Tommy DiMisa: I I I just say what I think a lot of times, you know, Kerry. So one last point before we go to a break. What else did you just want to share about that.

00:13:42.840 --> 00:13:46.540 kerrygoldberg: Just that. I really feel that

00:13:46.930 --> 00:13:54.310 kerrygoldberg: what I did when I first got out of college really did set me up for this moment in time.

00:13:54.860 --> 00:13:55.520 Tommy DiMisa: Wow!

00:13:56.010 --> 00:14:06.420 Tommy DiMisa: What a great cliffhanger! We will be right back. This is philanthropy and focus Carrie Gillig Goldberg is here. The name of the organization is Belly, which is such a cute name

00:14:06.420 --> 00:14:19.080 Tommy DiMisa: baby essentials of Long Island. But there's there's much more story than it's simply this organization, although it is making an incredible impact. There's more story to you what you do. We're going to find out when come back, philanthropy and focus right back.

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00:15:54.830 --> 00:15:55.800 Mission.

00:15:56.340 --> 00:15:57.470 And

00:15:57.640 --> 00:16:05.570 you're listening to talk radio. Nyc: uplift educate in power the

00:16:13.780 --> 00:16:14.710 the

00:16:17.440 --> 00:16:22.770 nonprofits

00:16:23.220 --> 00:16:28.280 to do. Tommy get inside.

00:16:29.200 --> 00:16:31.930 I don't know it. It's just the fact that

00:16:32.200 --> 00:16:44.260 Tommy DiMisa: I had a really cool evening last night going to that event. I don't know it's just the fact that Kerry is here on the show with me today, or I don't know if it's just the fact that i'm timing deep. But i'm extra fired up today

00:16:44.300 --> 00:17:00.340 Tommy DiMisa: in focus is the name of the show in focus. Focus. Baby it all right. So I the name of the organization's Baby Central along on Kerry. Please take us back to your story to continue, because I know this all draws to the the experience, and then the eventual

00:17:00.340 --> 00:17:08.130 Tommy DiMisa: creation of this particular organization, and so please take it away. I will do my best. I'm going on this and only mode. I will tell you this. Now listen. Only mode.

00:17:08.260 --> 00:17:11.839 kerrygoldberg: Well, he's a bit of a winding road, so just forgive me with that.

00:17:12.280 --> 00:17:13.550 But

00:17:14.390 --> 00:17:15.480 kerrygoldberg: after

00:17:15.500 --> 00:17:23.550 kerrygoldberg: I was done teaching, I opted to utilize my theater degree, and I went into the garment center. I was in the garment center.

00:17:23.609 --> 00:17:36.730 kerrygoldberg: owned a company with my sister for years, and then honestly didn't love the commute. After we bought our house, so that the main line sometimes is a real problem. So

00:17:37.280 --> 00:17:48.730 kerrygoldberg: back then, it was challenging. So after owning my business for over 10 years. I you know my sister and I parted ways that I gave her my half of the business. but I had this idea

00:17:49.480 --> 00:17:50.360 kerrygoldberg: that

00:17:50.840 --> 00:18:02.070 kerrygoldberg: I could take what I loved most about working in the garment center, which was working with the magazines, working with different media outlets and focused on public relations.

00:18:02.380 --> 00:18:03.560 kerrygoldberg: and

00:18:04.530 --> 00:18:12.420 kerrygoldberg: my husband was like. Well, you don't have any girlfriends who work outside of the home on Long Island. How are you going to

00:18:12.630 --> 00:18:16.440 kerrygoldberg: do this? So Lucy Rosen

00:18:16.830 --> 00:18:27.510 kerrygoldberg: had a group called Women on the Fast Track. She advertised it in News Day, and it was for women who were in business on Long Island, and

00:18:27.620 --> 00:18:28.630 kerrygoldberg: I was like, all right.

00:18:28.860 --> 00:18:40.960 kerrygoldberg: You know my husband's like you. You gotta do this. Here's this thing. I was like it's 50'clock in the afternoon, but it's like half a work day. How am I going to get out at 5? I I was like all right, all right. I'll try this networking thing.

00:18:41.190 --> 00:18:52.280 kerrygoldberg: So I went. I met Lucy and I met Karen Delago and Karen de Lago happens to be a very well known restaurant designer here on Long island.

00:18:52.590 --> 00:19:00.200 kerrygoldberg: But what's important about her is that she's the mom of Kayla Barnovsky, Kayla, and her girlfriends

00:19:00.380 --> 00:19:06.440 kerrygoldberg: watched an episode of Oprah. and they saw children who were enslaved in Ghana, Africa.

00:19:07.170 --> 00:19:10.200 and they realized that they could rescue

00:19:10.260 --> 00:19:12.860 kerrygoldberg: a child for $4,800.

00:19:12.900 --> 00:19:23.880 Tommy DiMisa: So they made. You know those little camp bracelets, the loving ones. Yeah, with the like the strings you put this. Yeah. So they decided to do that and stick a little, beat on it and sell them

00:19:24.010 --> 00:19:25.140 kerrygoldberg: to raise money.

00:19:25.240 --> 00:19:38.770 kerrygoldberg: so the mom was like, hey, can you make T-shirts for me? This to that? I was sure. We went out to lunch, and she showed me this logo. That was a mathematical equation, for the one is greater than none.

00:19:39.290 --> 00:19:48.360 kerrygoldberg: and I looked at that, and I was like, you know what it would look fabulous, not closed, it really would. And so I

00:19:48.600 --> 00:20:03.120 kerrygoldberg: This is to sound a little Corey, but I put it out to the universe, and if somebody wanted me to take over their East Coast sales of their Government company, I would do it as long as the girls got a licensing deal

00:20:04.090 --> 00:20:06.620 kerrygoldberg: no joke. 3 days later

00:20:06.970 --> 00:20:12.000 kerrygoldberg: the phone, the phone rings. It's a gentleman calling from Toronto.

00:20:12.430 --> 00:20:13.710 and he said.

00:20:13.820 --> 00:20:20.110 kerrygoldberg: I've been asking everybody at school who I should hire in New York, and

00:20:20.270 --> 00:20:24.480 kerrygoldberg: you know, and i'm thinking it's awfully funny. This Irish Catholic, you know.

00:20:24.490 --> 00:20:28.550 kerrygoldberg: Girl's name comes up all these times in shoel. So

00:20:29.160 --> 00:20:35.050 kerrygoldberg: they decided to fly down to New York to meet me, and the girls in the end got

00:20:35.590 --> 00:20:38.200 kerrygoldberg: an arrangement that you would never be able to get now.

00:20:38.510 --> 00:20:55.550 kerrygoldberg: I'm never. It was 20. They're teenagers, or they're younger than that. Are they? Like what tween like 13 year old. Yeah, tweens are really hungry for nonprofit work and feeling, figuring out how they

00:20:55.610 --> 00:21:15.150 kerrygoldberg: how their life works in the universe. So I love trades. It's such a great story. I didn't know anything about this story. This is a great I I love the girls, and obviously now they're older. They They graduated college. They did whatever. But back to the story. What I did was

00:21:15.330 --> 00:21:26.880 kerrygoldberg: mit ctl, and we got this 20% deal. 20% of the wholesale price which you have to realize. If you were ever involved in the garment center. Everything's based on profit and profit can be manipulated 250,

00:21:26.930 --> 00:21:33.720 kerrygoldberg: so I never wanted to do a deal based on you know, on the

00:21:34.090 --> 00:21:38.900 kerrygoldberg: whatever the profit was, I get it on the net. So

00:21:39.370 --> 00:21:45.850 kerrygoldberg: they literally every time I sold a t-shirt for $10, you know, $2 would go into the pot

00:21:46.000 --> 00:21:49.470 kerrygoldberg: for the girls. In the end we rescued

00:21:49.630 --> 00:21:55.010 48 children. The line hung next to juicy

00:21:55.600 --> 00:22:08.480 kerrygoldberg: in every blooming deals in the United States tons of boutiques, everything else it. The girls are literally taught about it. There are lesson plans, and they're taught about

00:22:08.640 --> 00:22:10.740 kerrygoldberg: in South Korea

00:22:11.230 --> 00:22:21.820 kerrygoldberg: and the girls won. They were like named for the most philanthropic teams in the United States. You know X number of years ago.

00:22:21.980 --> 00:22:29.020 Tommy DiMisa: This is a story. So let me just understand if I heard you correctly. First of all, thank you. First of all, i'm grateful for these young women wherever you are. I mean

00:22:29.450 --> 00:22:39.100 Tommy DiMisa: no big deal just changing the whole freaking world. I mean, are you saying that there's like case? Study that there, that's what they teach you? What you mentioned, Korea

00:22:39.100 --> 00:22:55.110 kerrygoldberg: like this. What what these young ladies accomplished is now like, taught, as you know, so that other teams can follow in their footsteps. And this was about 10 years ago. If not, you know, 10 or 11 years ago, one of the girls, Angelica.

00:22:55.710 --> 00:23:04.900 kerrygoldberg: she which her name is so appropriate. She is actually down on the border work as an attorney working with immigration.

00:23:04.920 --> 00:23:07.050 Tommy DiMisa: Of course she is right. I mean

00:23:07.340 --> 00:23:13.400 kerrygoldberg: every girl. Every girl has their own special

00:23:14.400 --> 00:23:18.340 kerrygoldberg: niche, and honestly, I felt so blessed

00:23:18.410 --> 00:23:21.630 kerrygoldberg: to have met the mother, to have met

00:23:21.740 --> 00:23:33.450 kerrygoldberg: the daughters and the girls. Actually, there's highlights of them that were in team vogue they were on, you know ABC. They were on

00:23:34.330 --> 00:23:46.200 kerrygoldberg: the today. Show Oprah know about them if they actually the only reason why they weren't on with Oprah was because at least selling Sister got taken by North Korea the day that the girls were supposed to be on.

00:23:48.210 --> 00:24:05.260 Tommy DiMisa: So anyway, that's how I got started in the nonprofit, but you are not even necessarily looking for it. The opportunity gets brought to you, and you, based on your connections and relationships are able to say, hey, here's how I can add value, and then, you know, being exposed to it, you go.

00:24:05.280 --> 00:24:07.250 Tommy DiMisa: Oh, wow! There's this whole.

00:24:07.440 --> 00:24:24.890 kerrygoldberg: It's beautiful. It's beautiful, and we're actually friendly. There's a gentleman named Eric Pazar who works with United Nations, and he lives over and on to Africa, and he's the one who actually rescued all the children, he would physically go in and rescue the children.

00:24:24.890 --> 00:24:27.590 We're friends with him. We actually

00:24:28.880 --> 00:24:36.730 kerrygoldberg: my whole life is very incestuous a little bit, but we actually had the Amistad the boat

00:24:36.930 --> 00:24:49.370 kerrygoldberg: at the Oyster festival a few years ago, maybe 5 years ago, and I brought in Eric Paza to actually talk to people were that were at the event about slavery

00:24:49.630 --> 00:24:57.820 kerrygoldberg: back then and current day slavery. Now, so that people can see the connection, because most people are unaware.

00:24:58.130 --> 00:24:59.080 but that

00:24:59.200 --> 00:25:10.270 kerrygoldberg: I need to say that those teenagers are the ones who opened my eyes and gave me the opportunities that I have in the nonprofit world.

00:25:10.660 --> 00:25:13.440 Tommy DiMisa: So listen, folks. I don't care if you're

00:25:13.510 --> 00:25:14.950 Tommy DiMisa: 93

00:25:15.120 --> 00:25:29.030 Tommy DiMisa: 43 or 13, or, for that matter, I mean, you know I think a Raymond or a little Saint Nick out here in Long Island. You know he's a kid who, 7 or 8 years old when he said he wanted to start his foundation to help children.

00:25:29.160 --> 00:25:48.520 Tommy DiMisa: I don't care how young you are, or how old you are, if you have an idea, and you want to make a change. You want to make an impact. Just do it, Just lean in and do it and make something happen to make the world a better place, man. We're only here for a short time, you know. I say, that all the time I got 50 years left, but I don't know how many you all have left. So we're only here for a short time. It's a blink of an eye.

00:25:48.670 --> 00:26:03.480 Tommy DiMisa: What legacy you're going to leave? How are you going to make the world a better place. Kari. You're making the world a better place, and I appreciate that, and I appreciate that that these young ladies exposed you to this. So where where do we go next? What happens? So what do you start to do in nonprofit at that point?

00:26:03.560 --> 00:26:11.820 kerrygoldberg: Well, after you know X number of years after we had saved 48 kids. The other parents really wanted the

00:26:11.980 --> 00:26:27.770 kerrygoldberg: their daughters to be focused on going to college and all sorts of different things, so they decided to close down once greater than none. But it had opened my eyes to all these possibilities, and by then I was already

00:26:27.770 --> 00:26:33.980 kerrygoldberg: on Long Island. I was already meeting lots of other people in the nonprofit sector.

00:26:34.180 --> 00:26:35.660 and

00:26:35.880 --> 00:26:40.810 kerrygoldberg: and I still knew that my favorite thing to do was public relations.

00:26:40.880 --> 00:26:55.250 kerrygoldberg: So technically, you know, people are always like, Well, what do you actually do for a living? So I actually own a Pr. Firm. Yeah. And thank goodness for that, because that is what Helps

00:26:55.740 --> 00:26:58.450 kerrygoldberg: may be able to be philanthropic.

00:26:58.630 --> 00:27:00.020 So

00:27:00.890 --> 00:27:05.580 kerrygoldberg: I want to say, oh, 9 10 years ago.

00:27:05.760 --> 00:27:10.100 kerrygoldberg: Ernie Kennedy. Oh, who owns the Eg. Group. He's

00:27:10.160 --> 00:27:15.260 kerrygoldberg: an amazing man. I met him through the oyster festival

00:27:15.840 --> 00:27:17.950 ended up introducing me

00:27:18.770 --> 00:27:26.880 kerrygoldberg: to the Albany's organization. Who is the master developer of what I get. and why do you try it?

00:27:27.040 --> 00:27:36.660 kerrygoldberg: So if you, Haven't had an opportunity to drive along straight past and see the amazing transformation that's been happening within that community.

00:27:36.720 --> 00:27:50.460 kerrygoldberg: That's my I am the Director of Communications and programming for the one Dance Plaza Association. But there again, I feel like all my work in Hollis

00:27:50.530 --> 00:28:01.170 kerrygoldberg: made it where somebody that I had a background where I could do good in one dash.

00:28:01.190 --> 00:28:15.920 Tommy DiMisa: even though i'm from Eric. Let's just get people wind down for a second, because you know, those folks who might not understand the geography wind in to lower income lower socioeconomic community traditionally here in Long Island? Right? I mean. Can Can you define it better than that?

00:28:15.970 --> 00:28:19.920 kerrygoldberg: No, no! And but with a

00:28:21.780 --> 00:28:25.570 kerrygoldberg: There are so many residents in

00:28:25.720 --> 00:28:28.160 kerrygoldberg: my catch who

00:28:28.870 --> 00:28:30.290 kerrygoldberg: are so good.

00:28:30.440 --> 00:28:47.740 kerrygoldberg: They just needed. They needed better places to live. They needed an investment in their community. They needed an investment in their you know the train line. so i'll be honest with you. I love, I mean I can't say enough about the work

00:28:48.010 --> 00:28:51.540 kerrygoldberg: I've been exposed to, and been able to assist with

00:28:51.540 --> 00:29:10.920 kerrygoldberg: in in wind in, so I consider myself like just a vessel. Tell me what you need. Let me see if I can, if if I don't know how to do it. I'll get someone who knows how to do it, you know. So again it takes that. See, this is the thing, and I I heard my own words while I was saying that, and I felt like it almost sounded judgmental.

00:29:10.920 --> 00:29:21.850 Tommy DiMisa: What I was saying about these communities. But it's not that I think these communities are underserved. I think this is really what it what the when I say that these communities might be lower income, or it it's a result of

00:29:21.870 --> 00:29:37.580 Tommy DiMisa: the in investment not being done in certain parts of our island. It's the it's certainly in in parts of our country, you know I I mean I I made the call before about, you know Hollis and the City versus Long Island, but there are plenty of schools, you know on Long Island

00:29:37.580 --> 00:29:52.020 Tommy DiMisa: that don't have a library and shout out to the book, Fairies, my friend, we work with him in my of course. Right? It makes sense, you know. So Amy's as landscape and her vision, and certainly under the leadership of of Eileen Minogue, who here on Long Island is

00:29:52.400 --> 00:30:02.310 Tommy DiMisa: what do you say, just an ultimate leader in the nonprofit sector, and you know it takes that investment in community, you know. So.

00:30:02.860 --> 00:30:06.690 Tommy DiMisa: from a judgment perspective, I think it's just about. you know.

00:30:06.850 --> 00:30:16.380 Tommy DiMisa: when we see something of see something that we can make an impact and improve. Let's do that, and that's what I think is going on in wind. Answer. If they leave

00:30:16.610 --> 00:30:27.960 kerrygoldberg: is patch out similar. I think Patch already is a it's a couple of years ahead of the curve when it comes to my age they were the perfect example, the

00:30:29.310 --> 00:30:30.580 kerrygoldberg: Yeah.

00:30:30.800 --> 00:30:33.900 kerrygoldberg: beautiful. And we're and we're like

00:30:34.920 --> 00:30:52.880 kerrygoldberg: 4 years behind or 5 years behind that. That's a great program that that's been set out as well right a roadmap from Patch. Our. Oh, my goodness, yes! And then, of course, with the investment that they've done it with one day tricing. I mean the planning. What made makes mine dance unique

00:30:53.270 --> 00:30:59.660 kerrygoldberg: is that it was something that was done by the community. There was community buy in

00:31:01.320 --> 00:31:04.800 kerrygoldberg: Steve Bloom actually was the

00:31:04.850 --> 00:31:07.920 kerrygoldberg: the person who really helps you at it.

00:31:08.220 --> 00:31:13.210 kerrygoldberg: and everybody else has kind of followed suit, and

00:31:13.390 --> 00:31:17.530 kerrygoldberg: the the work that's gone into the community is just gorgeous.

00:31:17.980 --> 00:31:37.460 Tommy DiMisa: I I so couple of things I want to ask you, and we got do have to go to break in a sec. But when we come back I i'd love to go on a tour with you and see the community maybe do some video and stuff like that, because I think it helps. If you're up for it. You talk people. I love it. You're more than welcome, Love it, because that would be cool for me, and and I think it'd be cool to tell stories.

00:31:37.460 --> 00:31:50.220 Tommy DiMisa: I think, isn't that what Pr. Is, anyway? Storytelling, you know. That's my friend Mj. Don't want me like last week she was like, you know. Tommy d it's i'm a storyteller, and I i'm I guess i'm in pr then Kerry, cause i'm a story

00:31:50.420 --> 00:31:57.650 Tommy DiMisa: I I didn't realize. So all right. So when we come back you we're at the point Where? Why, in the wine inch director communications we're talking about.

00:31:57.820 --> 00:32:17.820 Tommy DiMisa: We it's called Wind in. It's rising right. I'm getting right into rising, and and we're going to get this to to come to the we're going to talk about baby essentials of Long Island, and the impact that you're making there, too. So it comes full circle. It's come in full circle. We'll be right back. Philanthropy and focus Kerry and Tommy in the attic.

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00:33:58.240 --> 00:33:59.220 the

00:34:03.760 --> 00:34:09.100 nonprofits

00:34:09.540 --> 00:34:14.670 to do Tommy in his.

00:34:15.730 --> 00:34:20.949 the long and winding road

00:34:21.190 --> 00:34:39.080 Tommy DiMisa: of Carrie's story I told you 23 was the year that your boy was going to become a crooner everybody. So if you're not digging it. Change the channel. What could I tell you? I'm gonna sing for you? All right! Shout out to Amy flights. You shout up to make college checking in on Facebook. Amy says Amy says

00:34:39.080 --> 00:34:52.280 Tommy DiMisa: it says Tommy, would love an introduction for our newborn welcome fund baby boxes that Amy Fly shirt. Kerry, my friend who is the Development Officer over at Harmony health care. Formerly

00:34:52.320 --> 00:35:06.930 kerrygoldberg: Heather and I were just speaking about her to be connected. Of course you were so because heather and you are connected, and we'll get into that story if we don't run out of show before we get there. But but that's that makes sense. So Heather

00:35:06.930 --> 00:35:22.650 Tommy DiMisa: was on the show a bunch of months ago, and Amy was watching on Facebook, and he was like, I need to meet Heather, so I was like cool. So we met, and that's how that happened. And she hooked them up with diapers for a recent event at the Elmont Elmont Memorial high School, my old district where I grew up.

00:35:22.650 --> 00:35:35.330 Tommy DiMisa: Yeah, and it was just really great health fair. Anyway. Let's get back to the story because we are gonna run out of time before we know it. So get me back in the long and winding road. Let's take it. So so where were we? We're in wind inch we're in mind in, so i'm learning

00:35:35.890 --> 00:35:36.980 kerrygoldberg: you know

00:35:37.320 --> 00:35:39.120 kerrygoldberg: about need again.

00:35:40.100 --> 00:35:44.900 kerrygoldberg: and how I can help. So my whole thing is. Yes, I can. You know

00:35:44.910 --> 00:35:52.220 kerrygoldberg: I have. I can work in the community. I can put together arts and cultural events. That's what I do. It's great.

00:35:52.570 --> 00:35:53.290 kerrygoldberg: but

00:35:53.980 --> 00:36:00.370 kerrygoldberg: my heart is saying that there are some families with abject need. So

00:36:01.060 --> 00:36:07.080 kerrygoldberg: obviously we work with the resource center in Wind Inch and a couple of, and

00:36:07.750 --> 00:36:13.120 kerrygoldberg: the general drawing outreach center and a bunch of other organizations to help

00:36:13.260 --> 00:36:14.290 kerrygoldberg: families.

00:36:14.380 --> 00:36:15.590 And

00:36:15.740 --> 00:36:22.440 kerrygoldberg: one of the other things that happens is along this time I had the Allied.

00:36:22.750 --> 00:36:25.510 kerrygoldberg: I, like physicians group became a client.

00:36:25.610 --> 00:36:35.790 kerrygoldberg: Just interrupt meaning. You are doing Pr. For them right? I was doing Pr. For the physicians group, which is.

00:36:35.800 --> 00:36:39.870 kerrygoldberg: and they decided. Yes, to start a foundation. Okay.

00:36:40.200 --> 00:36:49.770 kerrygoldberg: So I was there at the founding of the foundation, and since then obviously, Heather has done a spectacular job on everything.

00:36:49.780 --> 00:37:03.980 Tommy DiMisa: Just for some context, let me give you for for those of you who may not be a fan of philanthropy and focus. And I just don't understand that. But let's just say you didn't know you didn't know Tommy D Heather. Edwards is a friend of our. She was on a panel discussion I did on Friday at the Discovery School, got him such a name. Driver

00:37:03.980 --> 00:37:15.040 Tommy DiMisa: over at Viscardi, at the Viscardi Center, and Heather is the executive director of the ally foundation. Millions of diapers have gone into the hands of families in need

00:37:15.040 --> 00:37:29.120 Tommy DiMisa: as well as period supplies, because you may not know, but that is actually a major need for women and young girls that just don't have access to resources. So that's a whole nother thing. So allied for Allied

00:37:29.120 --> 00:37:42.710 Tommy DiMisa: physicians group realizes why these babies coming in with rashes and and okay, uti's. And they're asking what? What's going on, what you know. What are you doing?

00:37:42.710 --> 00:37:57.820 Tommy DiMisa: And the parents say, Well, often I have to leave the child in the same diaper a soil diaper, because I don't have money to buy another diaper right, Kerry. So that was the the catalyst that form that organization that is.

00:37:57.950 --> 00:38:11.720 kerrygoldberg: fix whatever problems they could fix. And that's how they started the Allied foundation. So let's take it the next couple of years Covid hits i'm on

00:38:12.290 --> 00:38:17.240 kerrygoldberg: plain to you Mom's Facebook Page and a couple of the other mom's, Facebook pages.

00:38:17.320 --> 00:38:19.800 kerrygoldberg: and their husbands

00:38:20.030 --> 00:38:24.270 kerrygoldberg: all keep their job. My husband kept his job. I kept my job.

00:38:24.280 --> 00:38:40.980 kerrygoldberg: but everybody starts firing their housekeepers, their child care, providers. They're firing anybody that they you know that they're too afraid to have in the home. But what that does is that you take that segment of the population who

00:38:41.690 --> 00:38:49.350 kerrygoldberg: has a cash income. and you've taken away anything that they had for their family. Hmm.

00:38:49.400 --> 00:38:59.310 kerrygoldberg: So they can't go and get money, you know, unemployment from the government and things like that. They all of a sudden have nothing. So here I am.

00:38:59.340 --> 00:39:19.200 kerrygoldberg: I'm like, oh, my God! They don't they don't have diapers. They don't have white. They don't have formula, you know. I don't want, you know baby starving because their parent doesn't have enough money. So that's why. And then also because they don't have money. Most of the truly truly

00:39:19.200 --> 00:39:22.040 kerrygoldberg: in need. Don't have cars.

00:39:22.380 --> 00:39:38.590 Tommy DiMisa: so there's no way to avail yourself of other services. So hold on, let's just I gotta pose you. Let's say, let's set this up first of all freaking Covid. I mean God, I I talk about the ripple effect in such a positive way. But when you think of what? That?

00:39:38.690 --> 00:39:39.370 Tommy DiMisa: That

00:39:39.530 --> 00:39:59.410 Tommy DiMisa: it certainly the initial, you know, the early 2,020 right where we were all scared and hunkered down for those of us who could be hunkered down, you know. Again the Central workers shout out: I was talking to a woman just this week who runs a nonprofit organization around equal pay and support for home health care workers, you know.

00:39:59.410 --> 00:40:12.380 Tommy DiMisa: right home health care workers were central workers, nurses and doctors, police, firemen. Obviously we appreciate all the work everybody did specifically the nurses. I just, you know. I mean it. Remember everybody outside like banging pans at 70'clock.

00:40:12.640 --> 00:40:27.400 Tommy DiMisa: and stuff like that with the nurses, you know. But to to just think of how far the ripples went, and and the things that people witnessed like you saw this, You? Oh, my God! There's a whole community of people now that are not getting what they need. And now hold on!

00:40:27.490 --> 00:40:41.690 Tommy DiMisa: They can't drive somewhere to pick things up is, I think, where you were going. So okay cool. All right, I get it. I can get the diapers. I can get wives. I got them here. But now what happens, people?

00:40:42.610 --> 00:40:46.970 So I started hiring people to make deliveries

00:40:47.040 --> 00:40:59.190 kerrygoldberg: literally. You know, kids that were coming home from college this not a people, kids that needed community service hours. Their parents would drive. They would drop them off, and this went on for

00:40:59.700 --> 00:41:05.710 kerrygoldberg: about 2 years, and then thank the Lord. I met Adam Haber.

00:41:05.920 --> 00:41:16.740 kerrygoldberg: who has a company called trellis. and he does short term like short-distance deliveries. So every week

00:41:16.860 --> 00:41:24.950 kerrygoldberg: we set up our little system, and every week his people go out and make deliveries for us. So we

00:41:25.070 --> 00:41:37.810 kerrygoldberg: deliver anywhere. Well, probably about 50 families a week still like at now, or in the beginning of when you were doing that.

00:41:38.670 --> 00:41:39.370 Yeah.

00:41:39.580 --> 00:41:50.550 kerrygoldberg: it's scary. It's 50, 60, 70 families a week.

00:41:50.620 --> 00:41:57.860 Tommy DiMisa: I I met him at the Queen's Chamber of Commerce at a holiday event where I was wearing a red velvet jacket, because

00:41:58.160 --> 00:42:03.870 Tommy DiMisa: I do, but I I and I never knew him before, and we just kind of it, was it? You know. It's almost like.

00:42:03.990 --> 00:42:18.150 Tommy DiMisa: you know we're standing talking business card, but by his mind he's yours by that sort of thing, and then, you know, never really had a chance to connect with him again until I heard you tell me about him at the Long Island Children's Museum. Maybe a month ago.

00:42:18.150 --> 00:42:33.570 Tommy DiMisa: when we were there with the nonprofit resource hub. If you don't know a nonprofit resource, i'll go to nonprofit resource,, or you know, send me a message, Tommy po focus Phos and i'll get you sorted out because we are really connected in the sector.

00:42:33.570 --> 00:42:40.960 Tommy DiMisa: So I I had met Adam and I, and I didn't don't really know him, but to know now that he's done this work with you.

00:42:40.960 --> 00:42:57.330 Tommy DiMisa: He tells me I need to know this man because he's obviously he's a businessman, but he's giving back, and he's involved. I know you said you pay him, but I'm assuming just his. He does very right by us. I would say enough good things about him and about his team, love it, shout at the name his company and trellis

00:42:57.380 --> 00:43:01.300 kerrygoldberg: trellis

00:43:01.520 --> 00:43:04.800 Tommy DiMisa: at all. Local delivery. Love it all right. So so

00:43:04.840 --> 00:43:17.780 Tommy DiMisa: now we actually go. We have to go to one quick break, and then we're back, and we're gonna finish the show when we come back. I want you to tell us more about the stories what the delivery is like each week, what folks are getting, how it all works logistically.

00:43:17.800 --> 00:43:23.430 Tommy DiMisa: And then I want you to share with me. And, by the way, I shared this stuff on Facebook, everybody. But if you're finding this somewhere else.

00:43:23.510 --> 00:43:41.300 Tommy DiMisa: the website is baby essentials of Li Dot or baby essentials of, and they have a very big presence on Facebook on Facebook baby Essentials Li. I shared this stuff on Facebook, but if You're not listening on Facebook. That's where you'll find Kerry and the organization. We're gonna go to a quick break, Keri, when we come back.

00:43:41.300 --> 00:43:47.950 Tommy DiMisa: Just like, let's bring it back, and let's talk about what like I say, the logistics what it look to look and feel, and ultimately.

00:43:48.060 --> 00:43:49.540 Tommy DiMisa: who do you need to meet?

00:43:49.620 --> 00:43:59.090 Tommy DiMisa: How can we help? And I know we need checks. But other than checks. What else that we need for this organization sounds good.

00:44:02.260 --> 00:44:26.360 Hey, Everybody it's Tommy d the non-profit sector connector coming at you from my attic each week here on talk radio and nyc I hosted program for Lambda can focus non-profits in cocktails each and every day, and it's my focus to help them amplify their message and tell their story. Listen: each week at 10 a. M. Eastern standard time until 11. A. M. Is from standing time right here on talk radio and Myc.

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00:45:48.300 --> 00:45:53.610 non-profit

00:45:54.090 --> 00:45:59.140 to Tommy in his.

00:46:00.250 --> 00:46:05.420 Tommy DiMisa: and this part about being tommy is sometimes ideas, come into your head, and you just say them.

00:46:05.420 --> 00:46:23.260 Tommy DiMisa: So. Here's one for you. I'm standing here, and i'm going. I was remember talking to my friend, you a lot of roboto gross last night, who was very involved in theatre. We ran into these people, who are Maris Grads, and she's a man of grass. They started talking about theatre up in Maris, and I was telling you all that I was in the sixth grade play. I was a tin man or real turn.

00:46:23.320 --> 00:46:28.350 Tommy DiMisa: That was how I tried out. That was my audition, and I got the rule.

00:46:28.390 --> 00:46:33.990 Tommy DiMisa: I think we should do a play. That's what I was gonna tell you, Kerry. I think we should do it by.

00:46:33.990 --> 00:46:53.060 Tommy DiMisa: I vaguely should do a play. I don't know how i'm sure. There's plenty of theatre groups. I could probably just go do that. But what if we just did a play anyway? I will just leave that out there for you all You you tell me if we should do a play. I don't know what it's about. It could be the long and winding road of of Kerry Gilbert. I don't know it could just be.

00:46:53.110 --> 00:46:54.560 Tommy DiMisa: It could be the

00:46:54.720 --> 00:47:14.090 Tommy DiMisa: the the it could be the Wizard of OS, I don't know. Let's try something. We'll be back on that. Maybe we' some money for some organization doing it. I think it would be fun. It's I am a performer, Kerry. That's just what it is. We've actually yes, that's what it is. So we'll, we'll see how that goes. All right. I want to know about what happens each day.

00:47:14.090 --> 00:47:27.400 kerrygoldberg: and how and how you know who you're going to be serving and what it looks like. What is the organization? Actually, we are fortunate that we work with an organization called Help me grow.

00:47:28.220 --> 00:47:31.170 Now help me grow. Is

00:47:32.240 --> 00:47:45.510 kerrygoldberg: I I don't want to use the word partner, but we we partner with them on diaper delivery. So what happens is they are part. I don't know if you're familiar with the United ways. 2, 1, one

00:47:45.670 --> 00:47:46.610 kerrygoldberg: number.

00:47:46.800 --> 00:48:01.610 kerrygoldberg: If you don't know about it, you should. No, I was thinking about the one I was out with the United way, interviewing them, for the Long Island imagined awards, and they were talking. I was thinking more about their warmth number. There's like a phone number like

00:48:01.900 --> 00:48:02.720 kerrygoldberg: That's

00:48:02.730 --> 00:48:10.470 kerrygoldberg: 2. 1, one. It's like a non emergency emergency number, and if you have a child under 5

00:48:10.990 --> 00:48:19.130 kerrygoldberg: you want to be connected with help me grow, and they happen to be option. 7 on this 2, 1, one call number.

00:48:19.190 --> 00:48:30.090 kerrygoldberg: And what happens is there's actually a real person that calls you back, and they become your case manager. As long as you have a child 5 and under.

00:48:30.360 --> 00:48:41.750 kerrygoldberg: and they'll help you get if you have issues with the electric gas you name it. But if you have a need, if you need clothing for the baby, if you need.

00:48:42.000 --> 00:48:50.890 kerrygoldberg: you know a best net, you need diapers, primarily. Diapers wipes. You need formula. You tell them what you need.

00:48:51.050 --> 00:48:58.700 kerrygoldberg: and they are in charge of my delivery. Next.

00:48:59.040 --> 00:49:00.790 that might be the Major, the

00:49:01.370 --> 00:49:13.230 kerrygoldberg: the main one for the country. But there is a help. Me grow Long Island cool and you access it on the phone all the United way. So call United way

00:49:13.230 --> 00:49:32.260 Tommy DiMisa: just literally on my phone. I pick up my dial 2 1, one that's gonna take me to United Way and then I choose option 7, you know, and then I I explain that I have certain needs, and there, then they'll help me get what I they'll connect you with whoever you need connecting

00:49:32.260 --> 00:49:43.400 kerrygoldberg: as long as your child is 5 and under, and i'm the one that they connect with for diaper delivery.

00:49:44.290 --> 00:49:49.190 kerrygoldberg: You know, Google File that has all the deliveries. And then

00:49:49.380 --> 00:49:57.280 kerrygoldberg: so what happens is every day new deliveries come in, but people also send me messages through Facebook.

00:49:57.430 --> 00:50:02.950 kerrygoldberg: and some people, once they get my phone number, they end up texting me their needs as well.

00:50:03.140 --> 00:50:10.470 kerrygoldberg: I send all that information to Carmen, who is, who works about 15 h a week for belly.

00:50:10.820 --> 00:50:14.560 She takes that information. She bundles everything up.

00:50:15.210 --> 00:50:26.100 kerrygoldberg: and then she call, or she uploads everything to trellis or to a/C. Ds, which is one of the local nonprofits that has

00:50:27.020 --> 00:50:31.630 kerrygoldberg: young adults with intellectual

00:50:31.780 --> 00:50:39.040 kerrygoldberg: Oh, with downs mainly with downs, and then they will do local deliveries, and they're it's lovely.

00:50:39.050 --> 00:50:42.180 Tommy DiMisa: I know it's great. I

00:50:42.180 --> 00:51:12.130 Tommy DiMisa: This is the whole thing for me, you know. I mean. So you're taking. You have people in need. Your you have a strategic partnership with another nonprofit, right the United way Isn't involved. Then you have a strategic partnership with with Andrew Haber and his business. Okay, a for profit business that's doing, working in tandem with the nonprofit. Then you have another strategic relationship with these young people who probably aged out of the school system. And this is part of their give back and their community service, and gives them value

00:51:12.130 --> 00:51:38.880 Tommy DiMisa: in their day by making an impact not dissimilar from what I, Eileen and the team, and sharing all that at book fairies do where they work with. I don't know. I want to say like 60 different nonprofit. I know they. Eileen was telling me the number was huge. It's crazy and and same serving. I don't want to say same, but similar population of of young adults that are that are picking up books all around New York and bringing books to.

00:51:38.890 --> 00:51:56.620 Tommy DiMisa: I mean, this. Is it man like this is all like? If we could just do this all day like if this kind of you've kind of figured it out. I'm in the process of figuring that out to just spend all my time as much of my time. You know my business time in this world, because this is what's right. This is where we we should be making an impact.

00:51:56.670 --> 00:51:57.630 How

00:51:57.690 --> 00:52:16.420 Tommy DiMisa: can people get more involved? Do you need volunteers? Do you need? I mean, it sounds like delivery is all sorted out. You know the the logistics is sorted out, so how can people get involved and or help, or do you have an event coming up like? Tell us about

00:52:16.520 --> 00:52:17.340 kerrygoldberg: clerk.

00:52:17.990 --> 00:52:24.870 kerrygoldberg: the town clerk. She is collecting items for me. She's collecting diapers, wipes clothing.

00:52:24.900 --> 00:52:39.920 kerrygoldberg: You name it anything for a baby, so those can all be delivered either to town fall with Babylon or assembly woman Kimberly, Jean-pierre's office and they're doing the collection. Now.

00:52:39.920 --> 00:52:54.920 kerrygoldberg: I mean, can we direct anybody there is there like a a flyer or something we can share out like we can share. I'll get the flyer for you on, on, on social media and things, and they can always also Kimberly Jean Peer's office is very, very active with us.

00:52:54.920 --> 00:53:08.260 kerrygoldberg: and she was honestly one of the best people I've ever met, and I met her through my work in one inch

00:53:08.680 --> 00:53:11.990 Tommy DiMisa: slash. Mem. M. E. M. Slash, Kimberly

00:53:12.040 --> 00:53:29.820 Tommy DiMisa: Hash, Jean J. E. A. N. Dash, Pierre. But I will share this on Facebook. So those you are connected to what we're doing on Facebook will see that. Thank you carefully. Your service, Kimberly. Because if you're listening, we appreciate what you're doing, you know. Sometimes Tommy D is a bit cranky, but when I hear how

00:53:29.820 --> 00:53:35.190 Tommy DiMisa: Government is incredibly involved with the work that we're doing is nonprofit makes me less cranky.

00:53:35.330 --> 00:53:40.810 kerrygoldberg: Well, I want you to know that the Assembly was very generous, and they actually gave us.

00:53:40.850 --> 00:53:54.100 kerrygoldberg: So that is the collection that's happening. Now we also do collections. If, say, your child is now 6 years old, your

00:53:54.440 --> 00:53:57.060 kerrygoldberg: houses exploding with.

00:53:58.020 --> 00:54:17.600 kerrygoldberg: you know, almost new, well cared for items. We will actually do a pickup. We will wander everything, and then we distribute it out to the public clothing. Now, right we do clothing. We do. One of the big things is the bassinets, because babies need a safe place to sleep.

00:54:17.620 --> 00:54:18.910 because

00:54:19.010 --> 00:54:33.500 kerrygoldberg: honestly, last year in Central I slip a family. The baby died because the baby was sleeping in a drawer, and the cabinet fellow and the you know the dresser fell over. So we do try if someone

00:54:33.620 --> 00:54:34.850 kerrygoldberg: has a need.

00:54:35.040 --> 00:54:51.400 kerrygoldberg: you know honestly, if someone really has a need, I'm going to buy my baby or target, and i'm buying it. Yeah, I get it. And I know I I I hear you. I feel you and I I I know, and the and honestly, the funds that I earn in line dance. You know

00:54:51.530 --> 00:54:57.570 kerrygoldberg: this is going to sound weird, but you know, my husband and I were like we didn't really want to make money

00:54:57.590 --> 00:55:16.480 kerrygoldberg: on working in. So the money is that I get for working, mind, and we put back in the community and back in the nonprofit and just back in wine in, and it gives me, you know an allotment of funds that I have at my disposal to put back in. You know I I look i'm very blessed.

00:55:16.630 --> 00:55:22.440 kerrygoldberg: The mortgage is paid, you know the husband has a good job, and he doesn't mind.

00:55:24.020 --> 00:55:38.180 Tommy DiMisa: Well, I will shout out to him. I appreciate him because he, he as a partner. It gets you to do this stuff that you know. That's what we need. We need partners. We need teammates to help us get things done. So I appreciate that so

00:55:38.570 --> 00:55:52.780 Tommy DiMisa: the town of Babylon. Really, they can just go to Town Hall and do a drop off right or assembly assembly member Kim Jong-UN, and then they can reach out to us to do a pick up. How do they do that

00:55:53.400 --> 00:56:02.130 kerrygoldberg: on our website? They can. There's a number they can text. There's also an email address, but they can email. So it's info at

00:56:02.210 --> 00:56:06.360 kerrygoldberg: baby essentials of

00:56:06.590 --> 00:56:07.400 Tommy DiMisa: perfect.

00:56:12.150 --> 00:56:15.740 kerrygoldberg: What's the Amazon like? Yeah, yeah, you wanted to tell me about that. Tell us that quick.

00:56:15.770 --> 00:56:25.830 kerrygoldberg: I did send it to you. If we could put that.

00:56:25.990 --> 00:56:33.210 Tommy DiMisa: What does that mean to like? People can buy product, we say thank you, and it gets delivered to

00:56:33.900 --> 00:56:47.250 Tommy DiMisa: I'm putting that in the chat on Facebook. If you're checking out if you're listening and you want to find this. So later on I go to philanthropy and focus on Facebook. You will find all this last thing I got to do, and then we actually got to get out of here. We're over time, but what I want to say is

00:56:47.250 --> 00:57:08.760 Tommy DiMisa: backyard players and friends. I visited with them in Rockville Center just last week, and they, too, they have this place called Love by Nana, or all these individuals with intellectual developmental disabilities will come there, and people will they send their gently use baby clothes, and they have a bunch of washers and dryers. Oh, my God, Kerry, we got to go there together, and friends shout out to Ellen White.

00:57:08.760 --> 00:57:23.520 Tommy DiMisa: you know, shout out to Mike Durney, who who made that connection, and my and Ellen, founder of the Lindy Loo Foundation Volunteers. There. We got to leave it there. It shows philanthropy and focused Kerry. I appreciate your friendship. Steve fries up next. Stay here on top of that Nyc. And always make it a great day. I'll see you later. Bye.

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