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Friday, February 17, 2023
Facebook Live Video from 2023/02/17 - Access to healthcare regardless of your ability to pay

Facebook Live Video from 2023/02/17 - Access to healthcare regardless of your ability to pay


2023/02/17 - Access to healthcare regardless of your ability to pay

[NEW EPISODE] Access to healthcare regardless of your ability to pay

Fridays 10:00am - 11:00am (EDT)


No one should go without healthcare regardless of their ability to pay.  They will see how HarmonyHealthcare Long Island provides for the communities we serve beyond healthcare and how we help with all social determinants of health.


About David: David Nemiroff has been the President and CEO Director of Harmony Healthcare Long Island since April 2014. Harmony Healthcare Long Island currently provides over 150,000 medical and support visits to more than 40,000 patients per year in multiple sites across Nassau County.

About org: To provide access to equitable, optimal healthcare by improving the overall wellness of all individuals in our communities and delivering high-quality comprehensive patient-centered care.

Name of your organization: Harmony Healthcare Long Island 





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00:00:27.610 --> 00:00:43.190 Tommy DiMisa: connector i'm coming to you from the top of my house. 2 flights up from where I get my coffee. That's right. The kitchen i'm in the attic. I mean the added philanthropy and focus. That is the name of the program, Tommy D. That is the name of me. I'm Tommy D. And I love

00:00:43.500 --> 00:01:02.470 Tommy DiMisa: and support, and have an incredible passion for the work done by the nonprofit sector, and I gotta be honest. You know, these home games are even more fun, and I don't mean the fact that i'm in the top of my house just below the roof. That sort of home game. But I mean when i'm talking Long Island, strong, Strong Island, even if I will, if you'll, if you'll allow me a little strong island activity.

00:01:02.580 --> 00:01:04.890 Tommy DiMisa: You know the big thing for me is.

00:01:05.050 --> 00:01:20.250 Tommy DiMisa: I have great friends. I have great connections in the nonprofit sector, and i'm just looking to be a servant leader to these organizations, and that's really what this program is for me, both here on Long Island, and certainly I've had folks from around the country come on the show. I think I've actually had

00:01:20.310 --> 00:01:37.080 Tommy DiMisa: some folks from an international perspective. At 1 point we'll get into that. I'll go back to my memory banks, but today it's sort of a home game, and I look at my guest here from Harmony Healthcare, Long Island, David never off, and I look behind him, and he's got an islanders jersey up on the wall, you know. So shout out to the aisles, I mean, you know.

00:01:37.080 --> 00:01:43.850 Look, I grew up in era, David. Good morning. I'm gonna get off track while i'm doing an introduction. Let me say good morning. And how are you, sir?

00:01:43.910 --> 00:01:50.300 David Nemiroff, Harmony Healthcare Long Island: Good morning, Tommy thanks for having me. I'm glad to have you. I remember being like so. I was born in 78, so I remember like

00:01:50.300 --> 00:02:11.630 Tommy DiMisa: watching my dad and my grandfather with Mike Bossy and stuff like that, you know, back in the heyday of the aisles, I mean back then, if I remember anymore, like face masks on the helmets like the you know. Somebody's got like real men, you know, on on the ice, not to say the guys on the ice are real tough guys right now, but just everything's involved. I even remember on it on a tangent because we'll go there a lot today.

00:02:11.630 --> 00:02:18.710 Tommy DiMisa: But my grandfather, my mom's father, who used to watch the hockey games with my dad played semi-pro football

00:02:18.730 --> 00:02:30.230 Tommy DiMisa: and these these guys like had like a leather hat on like that, was it like? Whereas we watch? You know what goes on in football these days, and you know, and these guys still get hurt. It's it's it's a tough game I can't imagine.

00:02:30.230 --> 00:02:47.490 David Nemiroff, Harmony Healthcare Long Island: but things evolve, and I guess safety evolves and and but I I know we talked a little bit about the aisle of day I don't. Do. We talk about baseball? I see the orange and blue of the islanders, are you? Where Where do you go? There? I'm also. I'm a Yankee man. You are a Yankee fan. I islanders Yankees. You don't see that necessarily all the time. That's it. That's

00:02:47.490 --> 00:03:11.340 Tommy DiMisa: that's a different one. So alright.

00:03:11.340 --> 00:03:18.410 Tommy DiMisa: and it wasn't for my friend Amy Fleischer, always looking out for me. Who is the Director of development here at Harmony Health care.

00:03:18.440 --> 00:03:23.520 Tommy DiMisa: I don't meet David. and then who knows what happens? You know it's all about the people we know

00:03:23.930 --> 00:03:38.750 Tommy DiMisa: which leads me t0 0ne other thing I want to shout out, If you are in New York or near Long Island on the third, a couple of weeks from today, on a Friday morning i'm going to be doing a panel discussion out of miscari with 5 leaders of nonprofit organizations.

00:03:38.750 --> 00:03:52.610 Tommy DiMisa: Tommy D. Dot, Nyc. On the Instagram and Tommy Dia Philanthropy and on email if you want to just get with me and learn more about that. I don't want to talk too much about it now, because we got a lot to get into today. We do a couple of things on this program each week

00:03:53.270 --> 00:04:09.240 Tommy DiMisa: we help these nonprofit leaders tell their story, and, as I like to say, amplify their message. You guys don't know, but I always wanted to be game show host. So i'm on my way there. I actually have a couple of ideas for a game show, but we'll we'll come back to that maybe second quarter.

00:04:09.240 --> 00:04:15.850 Tommy DiMisa: so not quarter of the day, but I mean quarter of the year gang. We'll come back to that. So, David, look! I am just

00:04:15.960 --> 00:04:17.560 Tommy DiMisa: really happy that

00:04:17.589 --> 00:04:28.360 Tommy DiMisa: there are organizations specifically, or who's organizations like yours. Harmony health care formally correct me from our Long Island, F. Q. Hc. Federally qualified Health Center.

00:04:28.500 --> 00:04:46.570 Tommy DiMisa: that that there are organizations that are serving those in most needs. Specifically, when we talk about health care, I mean I i'm in the employee benefits business, that is to say, my partners and I own a firm Vand guard benefits. We're having conversations about health care. The the rates of health insurance. Just continue to go up.

00:04:46.570 --> 00:05:02.890 Tommy DiMisa: That's another conversation for another day. But really it's organizations like yours that are serving those in most need. And that's really what I want to get into today. But even before we do that, i'm going to read a little bit about your background, and then I really want you to tell me your story.

00:05:02.890 --> 00:05:20.860 Tommy DiMisa: But you started out as we were talking earlier in my virtual Green room here in the attic, with United Cerebral Palsy Association of of Suffolk County as a staff psychotherapist, also certified Field instructor for both social work and mental health counselor, students, free

00:05:20.880 --> 00:05:37.530 Tommy DiMisa: family residents, and central enterprises. I know Robert Bud. He's been on the show. He's a friend, Robert. If you're listening, hey? What's up, man? You know NASA or Queens performing provider system, working with 8,000 providers to transform health care of almost half a 1 million Long Islanders.

00:05:37.530 --> 00:05:43.290 Tommy DiMisa: and as well as the Mental Health Association of NASA County as the LED, the executive director there

00:05:43.300 --> 00:05:48.160 Tommy DiMisa: I don't know if it's ironic, or if it's just the universe. But we just secured Jeff Mcqueen.

00:05:48.260 --> 00:05:54.870 Tommy DiMisa: current Executive Director of Mental Health Association of NASA County for next Friday. So it's just

00:05:54.870 --> 00:06:08.330 Tommy DiMisa: It's just how it works as again through a connection from my friend Mj. But don't if it wasn't for me and Mj. Knowing each other through another organization in New York City that doesn't. I don't get to Jeff, and it's kind of one of these funny things, because I don't know, Jeff. We've never met yet.

00:06:08.720 --> 00:06:27.620 Tommy DiMisa: Just some emails at this point, and the interesting thing to me is he's on the island. I'm on the island. I'm all but you and I never met. So again it goes to all this stuff it's about relationships and connecting without any further me just ranting about the importance of connecting, because getting that's what I d0 0n the nonprofit sector connect without any more of that. For now, at least in this segment.

00:06:27.620 --> 00:06:40.460 Tommy DiMisa: let's get into the program. David, as the leader of this organization. I want to know from you. Certainly we're gonna talk about programs and impact what the organization does, and ultimately like, I always say, how can we help through connections or otherwise.

00:06:40.650 --> 00:06:53.760 Tommy DiMisa: I want to know what drew you to this work. Not necessarily nonprofit work, but service work, you know, as a as a psychotherapist as somebody as a license. Clinical, social worker. Talk to me about all of that like.

00:06:54.060 --> 00:07:14.180 David Nemiroff, Harmony Healthcare Long Island: And you kind of said, Did you tell me you were born into this work. I I was born into this work, so both my parents when I was born, but living upstate New York, and they were house parents for 14 mentally ill girls in in a group home.

00:07:14.180 --> 00:07:41.340 David Nemiroff, Harmony Healthcare Long Island: and I was born into that facility as a a child, and had 14 methylene sisters.

00:07:41.340 --> 00:07:57.300 David Nemiroff, Harmony Healthcare Long Island: My entire life, and my folks are both a psychoanalyst their their therapist. They didn't work in the nonprofit sector.

00:07:57.400 --> 00:08:14.540 Tommy DiMisa: Wow! That's awesome. That that is so cool. So was it this sort of thing where that experience, you know, just to kind of on a similar, although certainly very different. I I feel like we've evolved as a society, both in our conversation, at least in the last handful of years around mental health specifically.

00:08:14.540 --> 00:08:31.850 Tommy DiMisa: But if I go back, you know we have a family sheep foundation, and memory of my in memory of my cousin Linda called the Lindy Loo Foundation, and Linda passed away. Linda had what we used to call special needs and other words before that, but intellectual developmental disabilities. And you know, when we

00:08:32.570 --> 00:08:41.200 Tommy DiMisa: I I realized that having Linda in my life, and as my cousin, and almost like you know, we were very close, our families

00:08:41.700 --> 00:08:49.230 Tommy DiMisa: having Linda. We we operated differently as my brother and sister and I did, and all my cousins. We just. you know

00:08:49.470 --> 00:08:57.240 Tommy DiMisa: it. It was, you know. Linda would have been 40, my same age as my brother. 41 42 right passed about 10 years ago, and

00:08:57.970 --> 00:08:59.710 Tommy DiMisa: having Linda with us.

00:08:59.710 --> 00:09:25.100 Tommy DiMisa: always made us mindful of how other people were. We needed to be thoughtful about the way we loved and cared, and we're compassionate for people, and I feel like as a society. I sit in the State Board for best buddies. I'm. Involved with spirit of Huntington Arts center on a Long Island Horse ability number of organizations that are involved in serving in individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, As you may know Idd, but I always like to spell the activities. Everybody.

00:09:26.850 --> 00:09:32.650 Tommy DiMisa: I think, as a society we're becoming more aware, and the I guess the word is.

00:09:32.780 --> 00:09:38.180 Tommy DiMisa: I guess it's accepting, although it's, I think it should be like a baseline. Of course we accept.

00:09:38.240 --> 00:09:52.000 Tommy DiMisa: but I feel like in the mental health space it's even it's equally as important to have these conversations. You grew up in that environment with 14 sisters with, as you say, with different mental health issues. Right

00:09:52.050 --> 00:09:57.920 Tommy DiMisa: that how to be a heck of a ride, just to just to to be in that in that paradigm? Right?

00:09:58.600 --> 00:10:14.720 David Nemiroff, Harmony Healthcare Long Island: Yeah. I mean I that I was very young. When it was. It occurred before my folks, you know, moved back here, you know, still in the single digits. We moved back to Long Island and North America. But yeah, I mean my whole career has been around mental health helping nonprofits. When I was at the Health Association really advocating for people with mental illness, because

00:10:14.720 --> 00:10:26.240 David Nemiroff, Harmony Healthcare Long Island: typically in today's day and age, and it was probably worth with Covid. Folks from mental illness, died 25 years earlier than the general population 25 years, and typically because their mental health issues, you know, kind of

00:10:26.490 --> 00:10:50.650 David Nemiroff, Harmony Healthcare Long Island: overshadow their medical issue. So folks always, you know Papu, it to mental health issues and don't.

00:10:50.650 --> 00:10:57.540 David Nemiroff, Harmony Healthcare Long Island: and it allows us to have a greater impact for folks. So not only mental health, but but physical health, and those on this under insured and uninsured?

00:10:57.600 --> 00:11:05.720 Tommy DiMisa: Did you always think that you would sort of elevate through the ranks to to the sea level of an organization? I mean, because again, when you do that

00:11:05.770 --> 00:11:15.040 Tommy DiMisa: again pros and cons everything, every choice we make what it what you know. I remember the Ben Franklin close like as an old sales guy like what's it on the left side the right side like?

00:11:16.680 --> 00:11:18.960 Tommy DiMisa: I guess it's obvious that you get less

00:11:19.220 --> 00:11:30.060 Tommy DiMisa: clinical type interaction with with people you serve when you're doing other things. You have different responsibilities. So did you always see yourself like, you know, at the at the top of the food chain, as they say

00:11:46.680 --> 00:11:58.820 David Nemiroff, Harmony Healthcare Long Island: that administration had, because where you're doing either group or individual therapy is one on one or a few. But then you can make a larger impact with what you're dealing with administrative roles. And so I kind of grew into that

00:11:58.820 --> 00:12:21.600 David Nemiroff, Harmony Healthcare Long Island: and and enjoyed that, and that, you know, when it was a free, huge amount of training. I joke with Robert that you probably had more training at Harvard Business School with that organization

00:12:21.600 --> 00:12:26.340 David Nemiroff, Harmony Healthcare Long Island: and privilege to do. And then, when the opportunity came up here.

00:12:26.340 --> 00:12:43.780 David Nemiroff, Harmony Healthcare Long Island: You know, I thought this organization was like the coolest thing in the world, and I just like we really could take care of people regardless if they have insurance, it doesn't really matter. And so I my path. Here was. I was originally on the board, and then left the Mental Health Association to kind of work on behavioral health here.

00:12:43.780 --> 00:12:57.920 David Nemiroff, Harmony Healthcare Long Island: and I wasn't planning to be the executive director, and it just worked out happen, Stance. About 6 months later I was asked to to take on that leadership role here, and then they have them back, and then we've been doing a great, amazing amount of work, since

00:12:57.920 --> 00:13:04.080 Tommy DiMisa: I love it all right, so I want to talk about. We're going to take a quick break. But I want to talk about when we come back. What you just said there, because

00:13:04.080 --> 00:13:17.990 Tommy DiMisa: I I I get like cranky sometimes believe it or not, you know, like I get a little cranky, and one of the things that makes me cranky is the fact that people don't have access, and and in this country I look. I think the whole planet. We need a lot of work. We got a lot of stuff to do.

00:13:17.990 --> 00:13:30.880 Tommy DiMisa: But I what drives me bananas even. Let's just say about this Long Island thing like you and I talked about this right before we started the show. You know the the diversity of resources on Long Island and the and the

00:13:30.950 --> 00:13:45.060 Tommy DiMisa: I guess, the density of the population, and how close we are to the halves and the have Not so for those of you all who are listening on some other part of the world, and not this Long Island. I will tell you this. You can walk in from a neighborhood that has

00:13:45.570 --> 00:13:59.040 Tommy DiMisa: plenty of resources and big big homes, and you take 4 steps into a neighborhood that is in in very challenging Des t0 2 times, and that is that, like, you know, there's many pockets of Long Island that are like that. And

00:13:59.700 --> 00:14:05.560 Tommy DiMisa: when we think about the socioeconomic situation here and and here it everywhere. Really

00:14:05.840 --> 00:14:14.350 Tommy DiMisa: it i'm gonna say it. I don't usually curse on the show, but it starts to really piss me off about how we handle these things. So the fact that you just said, Wait a minute. You mean these people need treatment.

00:14:14.410 --> 00:14:27.420 Tommy DiMisa: and I can bring them treatment irrelevant. If they have a a card with a co-pay on it that we're giving people sort. I mean that to me. Look, yes, I understand the capital of society to some extent that we live in right the system. I understand it.

00:14:27.440 --> 00:14:28.980 Tommy DiMisa: But what I don't understand is.

00:14:29.200 --> 00:14:46.970 Tommy DiMisa: why is that the way we do it? Because that doesn't make sense. I understand that the mechanism we're in for the point of the matter is, people need help. People need services. I don't really. You know somebody comes and ask for something. You help them out. That's what we do. So, anyway. I can't solve business problems. This is not the Harvard Business School either.

00:14:46.980 --> 00:14:58.680 Tommy DiMisa: But I I want to hear more about that, because that is helping people on the front lines and helping them with the services they need. But I think, and i'm, I'm venturing a guess. We'll talk about this when we come back, but

00:14:59.630 --> 00:15:06.400 Tommy DiMisa: it's Really, you take a holistic view of what the person needs back to your point about, You know, 25 year

00:15:07.560 --> 00:15:12.470 Tommy DiMisa: shorter lifespan for people with mental health issues or mental illness, and

00:15:12.750 --> 00:15:25.110 Tommy DiMisa: because they're not underlying, though or they're not addressing those underlying needs. So when we come back into that we got a lot to cover today, I want to go programs. I mean, there's 10 locations around the island. 3 school base centers. You're serving

00:15:25.110 --> 00:15:37.290 Tommy DiMisa: 44,000 individuals just here in NASA county alone each year. I mean, it's an incredible impact. And you know it's always funny to me when people go, especially my nonprofit friends. They go here. We like the best kept secret. But we don't want to be.

00:15:37.290 --> 00:15:51.430 Tommy DiMisa: You know it's one of these stories. So that's kind of what the show is about. So I figure this. If I do the show once a week, David. I got 50 years left this 2,500 episodes. I think I got to do it more than once a week. We won't be right back. This is fully at the Pre. And focus David. Never off in time.

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00:17:29.240 --> 00:17:30.350 the

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00:17:50.350 --> 00:17:55.670 nonprofits

00:17:56.180 --> 00:18:01.180 to Tommy in his.

00:18:01.410 --> 00:18:07.340 That is a request that is a call to action. Join me virtually in my

00:18:07.730 --> 00:18:27.260 Tommy DiMisa: addict every single Friday morning at 10 am. Eastern time, so we can get with another leader of a special nonprofit. You know what I say again. No big deal just change in the world, and I say that tongue and she cause it is a big freaking deal what these organizations do, and I had my Buddy Kennedy on a little show we call the in focused nonprofit show last week.

00:18:27.360 --> 00:18:28.250 Tommy DiMisa: and

00:18:28.250 --> 00:18:58.250 Tommy DiMisa: you know I get more and more bold as the days go by. And I remember doing this show early days of doing this show. And I would be like, yeah. Well, you know, if it wasn't for the nonprofit sector, you know, and I wouldn't call out the government. But you know what I am going to call it out, because you know what if it, the nonprofit sector is the is the place where things get solved. It's on the front lines in Main Street. Bring medical care, bringing mental health services, bringing food to those who have food, insecurity on the front lines, making the change.

00:18:58.250 --> 00:19:06.080 Tommy DiMisa: and Ken and I were kind of talking about last week. And, in fact, David, if i'm not mistaken, you plugged into that show. And just to say, what am I in for?

00:19:06.080 --> 00:19:20.240 Tommy DiMisa: I gotta g0 0n the show, Tommy D. Next week. What is that going to be about? So you heard a like like? The first 9 min was us chatting about music on that show, you know, Ken and I. So that stuff to me. I want to just call out a couple of things about the organization we provide, care.

00:19:20.240 --> 00:19:38.980 Tommy DiMisa: regardless of the ability to pay and offers sliding fees scale for over 27% of patients who are uninsured and in need of health care. We operate a woman infant and children's supplemental nutrition program, the acting there being Wic and a home health care management for chronically.

00:19:38.980 --> 00:19:51.230 Tommy DiMisa: you know, adults and children. I'm not going to ask you to get up on my soapbox. There's not a lot of room on it. But i'm not going to ask you to get up here and just complain, like I do about the way things are. What I really want is more. Say is

00:19:51.390 --> 00:20:06.160 Tommy DiMisa: how an organization like yours addresses these needs. So let's go there. Let's talk about the scope of this organization, these 10 locations, and then 3 school, based, etc., etc., like, what is all that look like? So we understand.

00:20:06.320 --> 00:20:24.150 David Nemiroff, Harmony Healthcare Long Island: Well, thank you again. Thank you for the opportunity to even have the conversation to get the word out. We don't want to be the best get kept secret out there. But unfortunately, here we live in NASA County, very wealthy county in New York, and we have a chunk of folks. 65% of our patients live below the Federal poverty level.

00:20:24.150 --> 00:20:26.990 as you said, a good chunk of folks live

00:20:27.000 --> 00:20:39.740 David Nemiroff, Harmony Healthcare Long Island: or have, or uninsured, but about 50% of our folks have medicaid and say another, 12 0r 13% are insured by medicare. So About 85% of our patients have some kind of you. The uninsured of government, assistance, health insurance.

00:20:39.740 --> 00:21:01.200 David Nemiroff, Harmony Healthcare Long Island: And what I love about the organization is that, as you said, we we help, regardless of the ability to base. So if you come to some of our locations, it's a regular doctor's office, so you'll see if you need a pediatrician, we have pediatrists. If you need a. G. By n, we have G lines or or obes, we dentists on site. We have psychiatry, we have social workers. We have internal medicine dogs for for adult medicine.

00:21:01.320 --> 00:21:14.070 David Nemiroff, Harmony Healthcare Long Island: nutritionist here per dietary. So we have a lot of. We kind of wrap services around an individual to help them with their primary care needs. It's kind of what a federally qualified health Center was designed to be

00:21:14.070 --> 00:21:33.400 David Nemiroff, Harmony Healthcare Long Island: in New York almost 2.3 million people are served in organizations like us, and around the country about 30 million Americans are served in federally qualified health centers. 30 million Americans are served by a federally public health centers throughout this country. And so we are the backbone of safety net for health care

00:21:33.400 --> 00:21:48.180 David Nemiroff, Harmony Healthcare Long Island: when it comes to serving some of the most underserved folks here. We actually serve a much, much higher percentage of unsure patients. And we're in New York State, maybe is in the you know, 5 t0 8% range. We're, you know, as you said, 25 t0 27% of our past on the short

00:21:48.180 --> 00:21:59.640 David Nemiroff, Harmony Healthcare Long Island: and we don't ask about documentation that this is a possibility that some folks are undocumented in that we skew younger t0 0rganizationally. We, you know, have folks who are I think 65% women.

00:21:59.640 --> 00:22:12.210 David Nemiroff, Harmony Healthcare Long Island: But we're mostly, you know, in that i'd say 25 t0 55 age. Range is a majority of the people that we serve, and we're about prevention and and health outcomes, and I joke with others that I put our health

00:22:12.310 --> 00:22:31.220 David Nemiroff, Harmony Healthcare Long Island: outcomes up against larger health care systems here on Long Island I think we do an amazing job we're patient-centered medical home certifying. That's a special certification given for the national center of quality assurance.

00:22:31.270 --> 00:22:49.790 David Nemiroff, Harmony Healthcare Long Island: So that means we're that medical home for you and the way in which we interact with you. There's an an organization that national center for quality assurance that puts out National Sanders on top of you, and you have to comply, and it used to be every 3 years now. It's every year to meet standards of care, and how you care for a population

00:22:49.790 --> 00:22:52.380 David Nemiroff, Harmony Healthcare Long Island: with team base cap, making sure that

00:22:52.380 --> 00:23:20.400 David Nemiroff, Harmony Healthcare Long Island: not only when the patient calls at our frontes or call Center, but the medical assistant is working. The nurse, the doctor that care management wrapping around services to an individual and really working with them. We have a full electronic medical record that's a electronic portal. So If you need to text your doctor, you can, and we roll out new technology every day to help connect with our patients. We' to remove those options. We went from 0. Tell us to about 35000 40000mental health visits pretty much overnight

00:23:20.510 --> 00:23:34.410 David Nemiroff, Harmony Healthcare Long Island: we advocated for people to get Covid tests, because in the beginning, when Covid broke out. Not a lot of our folks were able to drive to Jones Beach or or other mass testing facilities. So we worked with the county to put up tents right outside the health centers.

00:23:34.410 --> 00:23:52.020 David Nemiroff, Harmony Healthcare Long Island: You could just walk in. And so folks who don't have access to to transportation or public translation to have just come to us, and we did that actually with island harvest. When we give out food. We tested you.

00:23:52.020 --> 00:24:06.840 Tommy DiMisa: I I get on my high horse, and I say that the Government can't do these things. I say the deal of it is we need that partnership, though. Right. We need the the front lines, the ones who do the work are our nonprofits. Listen. If you live anywhere on Long Island, you live near the railroad, so you're probably hearing the railroad

00:24:06.840 --> 00:24:19.350 Tommy DiMisa: There it is. That's the train coming right by, you know. I feel like Johnny Cash. I hear the trader come in. It's roll. I'm sorry, David, I tried not to sing today. It's rolling around the bend. All right. So

00:24:19.440 --> 00:24:38.930 Tommy DiMisa: NASA County. We appreciate the support we need those those partnerships. I don't want to beat up on everybody, but I think the the part I always get to is it's the implementation, and it's those organizations like yours that are doing the implementation that are that approving this stuff and that are interacting with the public right? So

00:24:40.120 --> 00:24:43.940 the other thing I want to bring up is what you said about island harvest, so

00:24:44.630 --> 00:24:53.320 Tommy DiMisa: nothing. It cites me around nonprofit more than I want to hear the the collaboration of the sector. You know the collaboration of hey, look!

00:24:53.320 --> 00:25:07.820 Tommy DiMisa: We know the population we're serving. These people don't have transportation or access to to get to Joan Beach as your example. So they're going to come from one of our centers. Well, let's have a bag of food. Let's have some produce. Let's have some healthy food goes again in my mind to

00:25:08.110 --> 00:25:15.710 Tommy DiMisa: serving the whole person right? Not just this transactional nature of pop by. Get your Covid test, and and you know.

00:25:15.770 --> 00:25:32.800 Tommy DiMisa: get get on the the train or the boss, and go back where to your home. But let's what do you need? How can we take? We take care of everybody. So we we look at each screen. Everybody will fully call social determinants of health.

00:25:32.800 --> 00:25:50.550 David Nemiroff, Harmony Healthcare Long Island: Maybe we're we're as primary care, 11% of that cost but social care where you live, how you you know the job of what you eat. That's like 50%, almost of the cost of care. Because if you're homeless, who really cares about your hemoglobin a one, C or your blood pressure right? You just want a roof over your head and some food.

00:25:50.550 --> 00:25:59.390 David Nemiroff, Harmony Healthcare Long Island: and so we know we. It takes a village that's my latest name.

00:25:59.390 --> 00:26:12.120 David Nemiroff, Harmony Healthcare Long Island: We venture out more with new programs to try to remove those offs. We were fortunate enough to get a 40 foot R. V. Awarded to us from New York State last year, and so that Rb. Is now got 2 medical Z, and it goes out.

00:26:28.200 --> 00:26:29.820 Tommy DiMisa: I want to figure out like.

00:26:29.900 --> 00:26:31.030 So you know who

00:26:31.320 --> 00:26:43.920 Tommy DiMisa: I get too many ideas in my head. You'll allow the Rabbano gross if you're listening. I love you. So here Youolanda runs options for Quebec community living. She's one of my friends who's going to be on the panel discussion of his car deleted in you know, on on March third.

00:26:43.920 --> 00:27:03.840 Tommy DiMisa: she had talked about having an Rv. Type thing to deliver services, and they have a location over in Hempstead. So maybe there's if you're not if you don't know your land already. But I think you probably do. But there's this cool collaboration, the fact that you're able to take care to the people, talk about social determinants to help you in.

00:27:03.870 --> 00:27:07.500 Tommy DiMisa: Look, you know, especially folks who again.

00:27:07.740 --> 00:27:20.270 Tommy DiMisa: I don't understand this to be honest with you that folks live on the street. I don't I don't I I I I mean I understand what's ha what it is, but I don't understand how that is a thing on this planet that that's okay, that we're allowing that. So

00:27:20.350 --> 00:27:34.110 Tommy DiMisa: I I I try to digress and pull back and be, you know, leave my opinion somewhere else. But but this is my shell, so I guess they come with it. So so the thing about it, David, is, you're in the community. Tell me about that like the Rv. What is that?

00:27:34.170 --> 00:27:53.020 David Nemiroff, Harmony Healthcare Long Island: What's the looking to feel like? What's the impact like? How does that tell me about that so? The Rv. Is a a 40 foot for Rv. That's got a a a medical assistant driver and a nurse practitioner on the on the bus is andy have accessible. So it's got to actually a wheelchair lift and somebody's in a wheelchair provides preventive care. We right now co-locate with

00:27:53.020 --> 00:28:21.540 David Nemiroff, Harmony Healthcare Long Island: central NASA guidance and mental health organization, where we bring primary care to them, literally parking in their parking lot. We're working on partnerships with, As I said, the end we'll launch shortly. We'll bring it to events to do vaccine drives. We're gonna have one on march first the i'm on high school, and we'll bring it there to work, and that's actually conjunction with the Federal Government and the the town at Hempstead so that'll be a great event where 336 30 will be back to any people with Covid. Boosters having a health care.

00:28:21.540 --> 00:28:23.670 David Nemiroff, Harmony Healthcare Long Island: The Rv. Will be there.

00:28:23.670 --> 00:28:44.850 David Nemiroff, Harmony Healthcare Long Island: This is this is the one we were talking about. You me and Amy the other day? Right? Yes, yes.

00:28:44.850 --> 00:28:59.710 David Nemiroff, Harmony Healthcare Long Island: but the Rv. Will be, you know, out there to help us do some of those just vaccine boosters that people are interested.

00:28:59.710 --> 00:29:18.190 David Nemiroff, Harmony Healthcare Long Island: Our reason maybe we'll co-locate and work with them. It's able to it and do the mental health and primary care. So the goal is really about access, and how we improve access and remove barriers. And that was just one tool fortunate to get a grant, because again, half our funding comes from grants. So we

00:29:18.190 --> 00:29:22.130 Tommy DiMisa: Yeah, I I don't know. I mean, do you? Do you see the

00:29:23.340 --> 00:29:30.750 Tommy DiMisa: the demand for an additional Rv. Like? Is that it like, could you? You know, once this is a it's a new program with the Rv.

00:29:30.890 --> 00:29:44.150 David Nemiroff, Harmony Healthcare Long Island: Yeah. Yeah. The Rv. Just launched, you know, last summer. It is a very expensive program to run so, and it's it's a it's great to to break down barriers right now. We have more than enough need in our health center. So the Rb. Kinda

00:29:44.150 --> 00:30:03.780 David Nemiroff, Harmony Healthcare Long Island: help.

00:30:03.780 --> 00:30:18.480 Tommy DiMisa: I'm trying to show you that nonprofits are on the front lines changing the freakin world like that's it like that's what this is about, and as it as a shout out to to just talk about shining a spotlight, we're going to go to break in a second, but I have up on one of my monitors

00:30:18.480 --> 00:30:38.120 Tommy DiMisa: I have the website called Imagine Awards Lycom. You all might have heard me talk about the Long island. Imagine awards in the New York City. Imagine awards, by the way New York City. Imagine Awards applications are out right now. I'm in the committee for both Li Long Island and New York City. But as I look at this, Mr. Number off as I, as I look over here.

00:30:38.120 --> 00:31:02.630 Tommy DiMisa: it's the Beth Page Federal Credit Union, diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility award, and I see one harmony, health care. Long Island is a final.

00:31:02.630 --> 00:31:12.900 Tommy DiMisa: because he's a little taller than me. Kenserini, but I also look up to him because he's my friend and he's changing the world. We're gonna take a break, and then we'll come back and change the world to me the philanthropy and focus. Right.

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00:32:51.980 --> 00:32:53.420 You

00:32:57.970 --> 00:33:03.290 non-profit

00:33:03.790 --> 00:33:08.820 to all the static tommy in

00:33:09.020 --> 00:33:12.780 alright, we're back. We're back, you know.

00:33:13.180 --> 00:33:32.580 Tommy DiMisa: right before the break I mentioned the Long Island. Imagine awards, and I don't know how many years I've been involved with you. Imagine awards. Our firm vanguard benefits has been a platinum sponsored the imagine once the last number of years, and you know, certainly ingrained in in the DNA of what I do is is shining a light on on the sector, as we call it. Thus: Sector, you know

00:33:32.670 --> 00:33:38.440 Tommy DiMisa: I want to talk a little bit if you could, David, about just that award that you know talk about.

00:33:38.540 --> 00:33:40.720 Tommy DiMisa: So last year

00:33:41.300 --> 00:33:54.670 Tommy DiMisa: I took some course work with the Institute for nonprofit practice, and one of the major reasons I had done. That was some of the much of the conversation. Rather was around diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging. And

00:33:55.190 --> 00:33:57.920 Tommy DiMisa: you know diversity comes in so many ways.

00:33:58.140 --> 00:33:59.000 Tommy DiMisa: you know.

00:34:00.080 --> 00:34:01.860 Tommy DiMisa: not just racial.

00:34:01.940 --> 00:34:21.110 Tommy DiMisa: but ability, you know, different mental health issues, right that we, you know a a lot of what I talk about in my other nonprofit work is around vocational work. And I say, you know, like when when individuals with intellectual developmental disabilities, best buddies, best buddies, jobs, program spirit on things and artworks things like that.

00:34:21.110 --> 00:34:22.500 Tommy DiMisa: and

00:34:22.580 --> 00:34:39.840 Tommy DiMisa: and I that's in on the vocational side. But it's much more than that. The the equity, the inclusion, the accessibility. So can you talk a little bit? I 2 things I want to talk to you about that angle with with inside your organization, both internally and and then also, like externally.

00:34:39.840 --> 00:34:58.020 David Nemiroff, Harmony Healthcare Long Island: as far as diversity, equity goes.

00:34:58.020 --> 00:35:13.860 David Nemiroff, Harmony Healthcare Long Island: So I I think you know I told you we're. We're probably 65% women we serve. We're about 85%. We're going to more employed. A lot of our employees come from the communities. We serve. I think 63% of our patients would be preferred to be spoken to in a language other than English.

00:35:13.960 --> 00:35:16.290 David Nemiroff, Harmony Healthcare Long Island: Most of the people we hire now are bilingual.

00:35:16.300 --> 00:35:24.410 David Nemiroff, Harmony Healthcare Long Island: My entire executive team is all women for diversified communities. Most of our employees are minorities.

00:35:24.410 --> 00:35:48.580 David Nemiroff, Harmony Healthcare Long Island: and there, you know, they take care of the people that will click them and feel like them. And it's really a lot easier for some folks to come in. Actually, we did the demographic line up and I think we're like get on with African-american employees to patients in terms of Democrats to almost dead on for people that's added background to employees, you know, on with white both. So we try to match up as best we can

00:35:48.580 --> 00:36:08.100 David Nemiroff, Harmony Healthcare Long Island: folks from the community for the community. If you speak English, Spanish, and I take Asian Creole they'll cover 98 0f the patients we work with and to based on Health Center. We try to hire for folks that that's a predominant community, you know, has maybe somebody more Hispanic in that community or African American. This community try to, you know, match up as best we can

00:36:08.100 --> 00:36:21.070 David Nemiroff, Harmony Healthcare Long Island: employees to the community to serve. But we're open for anybody we're not going to limit because of race, gender or any identity until we serve everybody on, and they they serve a whole bunch of veterans as well. But

00:36:21.300 --> 00:36:36.520 David Nemiroff, Harmony Healthcare Long Island: the goal for us is to be open and accessible, and for people to feel comfortable. So a lot of training goes into emotional intelligence for our employees. We really had it to cope with some challenges, a lot of folks, and you mentioned before, you know, just about the dynamics of Long island, where you can walk down the block

00:36:36.520 --> 00:36:53.360 David Nemiroff, Harmony Healthcare Long Island: from a garden to the Hempstead and over the train tracks to have very, very different living experiences. So if you want to add into the mental health, so that a lot of our folks have not only seriously in persistent as well as that you'll talk to Jeff about, but they have, you know, socioeconomic trauma.

00:36:53.390 --> 00:37:05.060 David Nemiroff, Harmony Healthcare Long Island: So a lot of trauma issues with our folks in the schools. We're finding a lot of kids. Then we anywhere from vaping to to new substances you've heard about. We know about the explosion of substance of use

00:37:05.060 --> 00:37:23.670 David Nemiroff, Harmony Healthcare Long Island: here in Long Island. I'm. Challenged by the the legalization of marijuana, because just gives our kids and and and folks another opportunity to self medicate.

00:37:23.670 --> 00:37:31.220 David Nemiroff, Harmony Healthcare Long Island: Again, I don't want people dying. They don't have to. We want to get them the resources where they can, and and the the pandemic opened up telehealth for us, which was great.

00:37:31.220 --> 00:37:44.880 David Nemiroff, Harmony Healthcare Long Island: So it's another way to connect, but and we were also able to bring on some new prescribers to to help as well. But it's a long road. Unfortunately, we have seen the spike and opioid Use not as much in some of our communities as in others.

00:37:44.880 --> 00:38:00.180 David Nemiroff, Harmony Healthcare Long Island: Surprisingly. But I will tell you the substances of marijuana alcohol with there before they're there today. They're not changing too much, and that's the stuff that we we focus on more because that's more of what our patients are seeing. We definitely a screen for substance, abuse, and mental health issues.

00:38:00.370 --> 00:38:10.210 David Nemiroff, Harmony Healthcare Long Island: But if we can wrap around our services, and if we don't have it a partner, that's how we've done good work, and that's how we really supported our mission and the vision of the Board and and the organization.

00:38:10.660 --> 00:38:20.740 Tommy DiMisa: Thank you for all that. And look, you know, we are in crisis from from the drug challenges in this country I mean having i'm i'm raising 4 children.

00:38:20.810 --> 00:38:25.960 Tommy DiMisa: and it's a scary time, and it really is. And

00:38:26.070 --> 00:38:29.690 Tommy DiMisa: you, you, you you! We must have these conversations.

00:38:30.650 --> 00:38:40.950 Tommy DiMisa: and i'm appreciative that it's on the forefront. And again. people are in pain that's, you know, not to not to

00:38:42.070 --> 00:38:58.080 Tommy DiMisa: diminish mental health, illness, mental health issues, and mental illness. But people are in pain because of the way the world is right now, and and you know I I haven't so I share on the show. So most people who are listening. No, I I quit drinking about 12 years ago, and

00:38:58.080 --> 00:39:05.730 Tommy DiMisa: that was an important thing. Excuse me, it's important step in my life, and and certainly change the trajectory of a lot of things I had going on. and

00:39:05.970 --> 00:39:17.180 Tommy DiMisa: but I think in terms of when we're in pain, and we're hurting, we look for to to be out of pain, you know. And if you talk about the mental health issues and you talk about challenges.

00:39:17.210 --> 00:39:21.640 socioeconomic challenges, for sure, you know, then

00:39:21.890 --> 00:39:38.400 Tommy DiMisa: people are looking for an outlet. So we need to support these people in different ways. And the second ever episode of this program was my friend, Dr. Larry Grubler. I'm. If it seems like, little by little i'm gonna call out everybody on next week next month. Panel discussion, Dr. Larry Gruber, from transitional services for New York, serving 4,000 individuals

00:39:38.510 --> 00:39:44.340 Tommy DiMisa: with mental illness in New York City each year. And he said, You know, Tommy.

00:39:44.720 --> 00:40:04.000 Tommy DiMisa: we we all need support at different times, and I think that's what we need to remember is the compassion and the empathy, and the support and love for each other is what we do is what we need to do so to the to this this word that scares the hell out of me this fentanyl. I don't even understand what it's all about it. It's scary as hell.

00:40:04.940 --> 00:40:15.690 Tommy DiMisa: These are. This is real lifestyle, David. You're on the front lines dealing with real people who have real issues and real challenges. And and you know I I'll just kind of leave it there for, because

00:40:16.080 --> 00:40:32.730 Tommy DiMisa: these are important dialogues that we need to continue having. A couple of months ago the HIV had an event here in Long Island, where they had for executive leaders from nonprofits, and they were talking about the mental health issues and the the fact that you know I I don't know if the right word is silver lining, but certainly

00:40:33.580 --> 00:40:50.520 Tommy DiMisa: Covid and a lot of things in in the world right now have shined the light on this thing, this stigma. There's been this stigma around the mental health conversation forever right? Why.

00:40:51.490 --> 00:40:53.020 Tommy DiMisa: I believe that

00:40:53.430 --> 00:41:06.620 Tommy DiMisa: we're we're opening this conversation. Man, we're having the dialogue, and you know it. You know it's still in it's still covered up in a lot of ways. But we're having this dialogue, I mean, would you agree? And and as an employer this is where I'm. Going to bring in. Now, as an employer.

00:41:07.390 --> 00:41:11.130 Tommy DiMisa: you know, being that we were in benefits. We're always talking about

00:41:11.210 --> 00:41:24.850 Tommy DiMisa: eap plans and employee assistant plans, and we're talking about what type of mental health services is the questions we get from employees. And

00:41:25.030 --> 00:41:30.680 Tommy DiMisa: what is that? Those conversations internally for your own staff, for your own people checking in and whatnot

00:41:30.820 --> 00:41:33.230 David Nemiroff, Harmony Healthcare Long Island: we have them all time. So it's so. First and foremost.

00:41:33.420 --> 00:41:46.660 David Nemiroff, Harmony Healthcare Long Island: our folks were traumatized by Co. With like you or anybody else, was as a doctor as a nurse, as a clerk, medical assistant. We couldn't work remotely. People came in. We couldn't, you know. Get on a zoom, sit in our pajamas and and do work.

00:41:46.660 --> 00:41:55.280 David Nemiroff, Harmony Healthcare Long Island: I came in and worked, I think you know, 3 0r 4 months straight every day of the weekend. We're not a 7 day a week shop.

00:41:55.470 --> 00:42:11.400 David Nemiroff, Harmony Healthcare Long Island: you know. They couldn't leave to go home and leave it at work, because Covid was everywhere, so that definitely heightened people's challenges and we went through lots of challenges we had started with. I think we had Bi weekly zoom town halls just to fill people in. How are they doing?

00:42:11.400 --> 00:42:26.090 David Nemiroff, Harmony Healthcare Long Island: At 1 point I hosted a few sessions with our eap just for employees to deal with stress and anxiety and coping skills. So we would host free sessions on how to deal with depression and challenges and work

00:42:26.090 --> 00:42:42.100 David Nemiroff, Harmony Healthcare Long Island: so that way people could have access intended, and offered the the eap services. We do that for free, I think, for 4 0r 5 sessions for folks, and that is anonymous. They don't have to, you know. Doesn't come back to us, and it's been a challenge where we once at 1 point, I think in 2021. Is it all right? We're going to chat, but everybody have 2 days off

00:42:42.140 --> 00:42:59.460 David Nemiroff, Harmony Healthcare Long Island: or some we're gonna give you a day off just a mental health day just because people needed it. We weren't gathering traditionally, like we normally did for holiday parties and outies, because people isolated and people get strength from from being with one another, and then we're in a a site. At 1 point we have about 400 people

00:42:59.460 --> 00:43:03.300 throughout the height. The beginning particle. We have 90 folks out with Covid

00:43:03.380 --> 00:43:22.300 David Nemiroff, Harmony Healthcare Long Island: and it was just scary. It's like 25% or 2025%,

00:43:22.390 --> 00:43:41.350 David Nemiroff, Harmony Healthcare Long Island: and the the the trauma that that employees went through. It was, you know, surreal turn on. It was high. Doctors for the first time quit on us who we were closer to times, and i'm done, and we had never had that before. It's scary man, if we remember how scary it was I mean people. You know it. It wasn't like

00:43:41.680 --> 00:43:50.190 Tommy DiMisa: you get Covid. You're gonna walk it off. They we we were scared, man. We didn't know anything, and we would. What happens. You you get Covid. You end up on a ventilator.

00:43:50.310 --> 00:44:07.390 David Nemiroff, Harmony Healthcare Long Island: and you know not not so good from there. Right. That's what we we had lost. Patience! I had lost friends locally around my age really scary stuff. So the trauma that it's still we're still in the recovery mode and we're focusing on on now staff engagement activities, what can we do to make it better

00:44:07.390 --> 00:44:36.160 Tommy DiMisa: for them? And that's an ongoing process. We have a lot of things in the in the pipeline from run the ropes. Course at Jones Beach.

00:44:36.160 --> 00:44:47.920 Tommy DiMisa: Hang out me and Italian Nice works out. We'll work that out if it's appropriate. When we come back we're gonna I won't really want to go into this our last segment together, David, which is unbelievable. I know it goes fast, but when we come back

00:44:48.070 --> 00:45:07.670 Tommy DiMisa: I want to leave it all out on the field, as they say, or I keep looking at that or jersey behind you. I want to leave it all out on the ice. So let's leave it all out there like. What do you need? How can we help? Who are the

00:45:07.670 --> 00:45:09.700 Tommy DiMisa: Is it this month you'll tell me when we come back.

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00:47:08.860 --> 00:47:14.170 Nonprofits

00:47:14.680 --> 00:47:16.990 to all the static.

00:47:17.160 --> 00:47:20.440 Tommy is a

00:47:20.830 --> 00:47:28.360 boy, Tommy, it is. I I am going to be a crooner. I'm determined, thank God.

00:47:28.430 --> 00:47:35.080 Tommy DiMisa: sinatra think, Tony Bennett, they carry kind of Jr. Think, Tommy date. I was actually telling my wife

00:47:35.240 --> 00:47:38.020 Tommy DiMisa: just early this morning, so i'm gonna take some singing lessons.

00:47:38.070 --> 00:48:02.090 Tommy DiMisa: But I don't even know if I need singing lessons, David. Never off, because I have. I sing like a lark, Anyway, there is a big Y. Es on Facebook from my friend Amy Fleischer. I think that's about the Italian Isis AIM. I think that's probably what it is. Yes, they're done. Just let's figure it out. I'll get a little court. I'll drive around. I want to bring out aces for the whole staff. I think that'll.

00:48:02.090 --> 00:48:08.710 Tommy DiMisa: If not, I'll just tell silly jokes and sing, and if they don't like the is, then they'll maybe like me all right. Listen, community Health Fair.

00:48:08.710 --> 00:48:34.650 Tommy DiMisa: Thank you, Amy. Send this over to me again. Harmony, health care in partnership with the town of Hempstead Supervisor Don Cleveland, Councilman Thomas Moscarella with whole patient Haitians, Americans united for Progress, which I know. This organization for many, many years, shout out to Lc. St. Louis over at Hope should get you on the show. Lc. We have to figure that out. Wednesday. March first 2,023

00:48:34.700 --> 00:49:01.720 Tommy DiMisa: from 3 30 Pm. T0 6 30 Pm. At Elmont Memorial High School. I grew up very, very close there in Franklin Square, so I know the neighborhood pretty well. Free vaccines, COVID-19 vaccine boosters, flu tdap pneumonia, shingles, health screening, health education, workshops, community resources, health insurance information. So that's all going on, so that I wanted to point out. But let's get back into what you need to point out. Who can we connect you with?

00:49:01.800 --> 00:49:05.400 Tommy DiMisa: Who can we bring to the organization? What what do you need? Let's talk that

00:49:05.470 --> 00:49:14.300 David Nemiroff, Harmony Healthcare Long Island: so we need a lot of different resources. I know one thing that Amy is working on for us right now is we're on a cool project called from baby boxes. I don't know if people realize this. But here in NASA County.

00:49:14.300 --> 00:49:42.680 David Nemiroff, Harmony Healthcare Long Island: African-american women unfortunately are passing away at 3 times the rate of white women when it comes to childbirth. So we're looking to purchase newborn baby boxes into all of our new moms, so we'll look into to fundraise. I think the goals around $50,000 to support all those new moms out there, and we've got some funding coming in from donors as a week. But simple thing is, we're looking, and Amy is connected us to the other folks who have access to diapers and all kinds of thing. But in Norway they help drive down the maternal mortality.

00:49:42.680 --> 00:49:47.660 David Nemiroff, Harmony Healthcare Long Island: the baby boxes. So it's almost everything you need when you have a newborn, so we're looking at that.

00:49:47.800 --> 00:49:55.850 David Nemiroff, Harmony Healthcare Long Island: I love it. I got to sneak in here because I got to take a little credit. I I take a little credit because

00:49:55.870 --> 00:49:58.440 Tommy DiMisa: because that's what they call me, so tell me. They

00:49:58.440 --> 00:50:19.960 Tommy DiMisa: I need to meet Heather Edwards from the Allied Foundation. So I played a little bit of the old nonprofit sector connector, if you know what i'm saying, sir, but I I tell you that to be a little self serving. But I tell you more to to shout out, Heather Edwards, I radically is one of the 3 0f the 5 folks that's going to be on my panel. Discussion on the third of of March, so Heather Edwards allied foundation.

00:50:19.960 --> 00:50:39.660 Tommy DiMisa: An incredible woman, an incredible organization, and really making such such. She makes light work of what is not light work at all, I mean, you know, just diapers and and wipes, and she was on the the show couple maybe last month, or whatever it was. And we talked about the

00:50:39.660 --> 00:50:46.280 Tommy DiMisa: They have a period poverty project going on right now tragically. You know, young women and girls

00:50:46.280 --> 00:51:09.310 Tommy DiMisa: don't have access all the time to to the needs that they have when they're experiencing a period. I mean, these are like basic things we're talking about gang. And again, this is Long Island. You know that that that people don't have these things that they need, Anyway, let's put that on the side baby boxes. What else, David? Maybe baby box is is a biggie for us again. That's to help our up. There's a 500 new moms that we have every year.

00:51:09.310 --> 00:51:28.830 David Nemiroff, Harmony Healthcare Long Island: So that's a a huge thing. Donations to help with the underserved. Right now we we do give out free medication to people who are uninsured. There's medications expensive. So there's a program in your State has well, 340. That's us. Save those discounts and give them to units your patients with dollars for for Medicaid. Simple thing is medication.

00:51:28.830 --> 00:51:48.440 David Nemiroff, Harmony Healthcare Long Island: you know. If you can't get a simple antibiotic or or a cholesterol drug. It's really really hard to take care of your health. So we try to provide our patients with a discount drug card, and we'll pay the medication. So you know that's out of our pocket, because we know it's the right thing to do. We even hooked up with the company called, Go to send

00:51:48.440 --> 00:52:04.630 David Nemiroff, Harmony Healthcare Long Island: emt to somebody's home. If they're chronically ill, because we want to check on them more frequently, and they get some a telehealth visit back with their provider, and it keeps them out of the hospital, and it's it's on our time because it's the right thing to do. It saves the system money because they're not frequent a hospital. And actually people get better novel content.

00:52:13.500 --> 00:52:32.650 David Nemiroff, Harmony Healthcare Long Island: Got it? Yeah. So

00:52:32.880 --> 00:52:52.520 David Nemiroff, Harmony Healthcare Long Island: transportation we were forced to get a ride grants from Uber.

00:52:52.520 --> 00:53:06.540 David Nemiroff, Harmony Healthcare Long Island: So it's a simple thing, the hierarchy of of needs, that mass whole thing They we need the simple. We need food, clothing, and shelter and the access to to care. So dollar for us goes to these programs out of our own funds to support those who are most in me.

00:53:06.750 --> 00:53:27.990 Tommy DiMisa: Wow! An incredible stuff, and it it makes me say this, Amy, I know you're listening, watching, so I will be there when you, if it's appropriate to pack those boxes, those baby boxes. I want to be part of it tomorrow. I'm gonna be with my buddy, Lottie Sherman at General needs. We're gonna be packing 200 bags for veterans with all their essentials. General needs a real special volunteer Run organization here in Long Island.

00:53:27.990 --> 00:53:56.780 Tommy DiMisa: Lonnie and Susan Sherman. They and they just the whole volunteer. They, I mean, I've been. I was with them. They have this. They have this storage facility with like 7 different storage units in there, and it's like a it's like a store like, and they do such great work for nonprofits. Excuse me for veterans, and it's run by volunteers. What does that mean? N0 0ne gets paid. There's no payroll. There's no salary. It's just people doing good work. So Amy, if appropriate, I want to be there to help put those boxes together. If we cannot bring it, Crew of people will do that.

00:53:56.870 --> 00:53:59.080 I I what do you want

00:53:59.080 --> 00:54:20.340 David Nemiroff, Harmony Healthcare Long Island: people to remember, David anything else that we should leave with them with? How do they? I don't think we said the name of the website, although my friends, my friend Mick Collins has certainly been sharing the website on Facebook, but the website is harmony, healthcare document. So so yes, if they could go donate their site. You can see more about us. We've got some rebranding from new videos that we put out there

00:54:20.340 --> 00:54:31.810 David Nemiroff, Harmony Healthcare Long Island: to me. We give out over a 1 million dollars worth of vaccines a year. just vaccines. These are these are vaccines that are not covered by the the States program for vaccines for children or for adults.

00:54:31.910 --> 00:54:48.640 David Nemiroff, Harmony Healthcare Long Island: Just you know the normal vaccines to keep people healthy, and that costs us more than we bring in right. So that's because it's the right thing to do, and that's public health. That's what we we're here for. So that's just a a 1 million dollar drop of bucket, which is a lot of money to help our fellow neighbor.

00:54:48.640 --> 00:55:05.940 David Nemiroff, Harmony Healthcare Long Island: You know any support anybody give us. We appreciate even a connection as you as with allies. That that was amazing. So if we get divers not have to buy them. Wonderful if we can get other things for the baby box and not have to buy even better, because we've got these new moms. We've got a a perinatal program goes out and does community help work

00:55:05.940 --> 00:55:23.880 David Nemiroff, Harmony Healthcare Long Island: with those new moms?

00:55:23.880 --> 00:55:39.970 David Nemiroff, Harmony Healthcare Long Island: It's it's not okay. You are correct. The our communities were created structural racism, and in redlining

00:55:39.970 --> 00:55:46.800 David Nemiroff, Harmony Healthcare Long Island: and improve and and help the people up. We even give our telehealth devices. So we'll give you remote blood pressure to some things, and then you can sort of

00:55:46.800 --> 00:56:07.590 David Nemiroff, Harmony Healthcare Long Island: share that with your provider for free, and we'll check on you and see if that helps to to manage your health care whatever we can do to make your life better. We're going to work for it. Why would they do that gang? Because it helps people. That's why they would give out free stuff. You know this is not best buy given out toys. This is their making an impact and saving lives and changing lives. My God! Too much to talk about! I'll make you deal

00:56:07.590 --> 00:56:15.630 Tommy DiMisa: now. I'm coming for a tour you and me

00:56:15.630 --> 00:56:36.910 Tommy DiMisa: our budding friendship, David. We're now whether you like it or not. We're friends. That's how it operates

00:56:36.910 --> 00:56:59.060 Tommy DiMisa: the other 2 folks on my panel since we started playing that game fill in the bikes. Dr. Chris Rosen from discovery. Okay, the Discardi Center and Melinda Marie Nayak, we've been on the program a couple of weeks back. Sudden cardiac arrest is not rare gang. It is not rare. Okay. Melinda lost her son at 17 0n the court at forming Dlc University. Dominic a Murray, and

00:56:59.220 --> 00:57:04.200 Tommy DiMisa: she's out there changing the world. Aeds. Cpr. Training the whole thing

00:57:04.200 --> 00:57:22.210 Tommy DiMisa: starting cardiac arrest is not rare. I'll leave it there. But those are the 5 that sort of rounds out that that group that'll be there with me, David. I hope maybe if you're scheduled for it, you'll show up and visit with us that day, because it'd be good for the connections. I know I i'll Swiss amy's on to get her there as well. But listen, Take it a great day. Everybody. I appreciate you all. Plug it in and do me a favor.

00:57:22.210 --> 00:57:32.750 Tommy DiMisa: Be grateful for everything you have, Wake up your day and live and use a little gratitude, because you know what other people don't have, what you have. Make it a great day. I'm talking to you. I'll see you later. Thanks, David.

00:57:33.060 --> 00:57:34.190 Thank you.

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