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Thursday, February 2, 2023
Facebook Live Video from 2023/02/02 - Cardiac Health Awareness

Facebook Live Video from 2023/02/02 - Cardiac Health Awareness


2023/02/02 - Cardiac Health Awareness

[NEW EPISODE] Cardiac Health Awareness

Thursdays 5:00pm - 6:00pm (EDT)


In honor of Cardiac Health Awareness Month, I will dedicate this episode to a discussion on Cardiac Care and the steps to keep as healthy as possible in the long run. The audience will see either a live appearance or segments from the Cardiac Care episode that Reatha Grey provided last year.


In honor of Cardiac Health Awareness Month, I will dedicate this episode to a discussion on Cardiac Care and the steps to keep as healthy as possible in the long run. This will include a discussion of cardiac care, resources to turn to as well as some examples.

Tune in for this healthy conversation at

Show Notes

Segment 1

In honor of Cardiac Health Awareness Month, Frank dedicates this episode to a discussion on cardiac care. He welcomes his special guest, Peter Wainberg. Peter is an author, speaker, educator and life transformation coach. He is also the creator and owner of Freedomland, an education company that bridges the education gap between graduation and adulthood specializing in life's journey to freedom, happiness, and greatness. Peter tells some of his story starting from 2014. He was unaware of having symptoms of heart disease and ignored the symptoms. Walking up the hill going to his physician to have other kinds of tests, he noticed that once reaching his destination, he would have one hand on the rail and another on his chest. It wasn't until 2 or 3 years later when he addressed it to his doctor. He found out that he had a heart murmur. This was the beginning of his journey to discover that he was born with heart disease. He also found that he was at the highest risk of having a heart attack and needed emergent major valve surgery. Being shocked, Peter said that he first thought of death but told Frank that as he thought of this, he also wasn't ready to die. He was inspired to write a book of life, liberty, happiness. His passion since then being on this journey has been to teach people about the great secrets and wisdom of life. Peter also discusses being diagnosed with severe aortic valve stenosis.

Segment 2

Peter continues his discussion about discerning his journey, passion, and wanting to help others learn about maintaining their heart health and awareness of it. He talks about needing to fix his cholesterol as well to take care of his heart. Throughout 2 years after his surgery, he couldn't find the right person to help him do this. He then discovered a plant based diet. Peter did a 14 day challenge. He calls this a miracle that he was able to actually take control of his life and lower his cholesterol. This was something he says that he couldn't do with medication. He talks about his inspiration to share his wisdom and knowledge to help others with prevention of these situations as well as from confusion to clarity especially in people’s life journey. He also talks about life in general and how confusing it can be and how it was for him. Reading, learning and not being afraid of your heart, he says, is important. What you should be afraid of is not doing anything and not learning. He also talks about wealth freedom and health freedom. Peter shares that learning how your mind, body and heart function is not part of the education system. His book (not released yet) called Start Living Your Life, shares his knowledge that he passes on about starting your journey to your heart health and greater life. He also shares that there are other important benefits of taking care of your heart like weight loss and preventing chronic illnesses.

Segment 3

Peter talks with Frank about Reatha Grey who unfortunately couldn't make it to this episode after suffering a heart attack. Though she is doing well as of this moment and also tuned into the show. He mentions how she has had a lot of stents. He says that a stent is a metal rod that is placed inside your artery to open up the artery to allow blood to pass because there is too much plaque. Each stent only spans a quarter of an inch. Forty percent of stents don't even work. Peter says that they can even cause more damage in certain cases. Peter also discusses muscle atrophy and whether someone should be eating more acidic foods or alkaline foods depending on what's going on. He also talks deeper about plaque prevention. On the livestream, he shares his website,, where you can learn more important information; “Let’s beat heart disease.”

Segment 4

Peter shows a video on the introduction of what goes on in your arteries and with plaque buildup. He video mentions coronary artery disease and how unknown it can be to someone for a long time before something bad can occur. The person in the video also describes what happens then when there is unstable plaque. On Peter's website, you can also get his book and learn more about this and how things like diet and lifestyle affect your health. 90 percent of heart disease, Peter says, can actually be preventable. These changes are not easy to go through, but Peter can help with this through guided steps. He reminds us that life's highest and most important goal is our health and wealth freedom; but most important is health freedom. Peter Wainberg will join us on Frank About Health for a couple of more episodes to have important conversations about awareness and learning about heart health and overall wellness. To get in touch and learn more from Peter, you can contact him at


00:00:36.340 --> 00:00:52.730 Frank R Harrison: hey, everybody, and welcome to a new episode of Frank about health in honor of cardiac awareness. Month, which this is February, the first Thursday in February. I have originally planned to bring back my favorite one of my favorite guests, Aretha Gray.

00:00:52.740 --> 00:01:06.859 Frank R Harrison: But if you recall a year ago she had done a show on a cardiac incident that she had at that time, and the irony or talk about the Karma, if you will. She is currently in the hospital, undergoing tests

00:01:06.870 --> 00:01:23.930 Frank R Harrison: for an up, you know, a further understanding of a recent heart attack she just had this week. So it is unfortunate, but yet timely, and, thanks to Sam, I want to give him thanks for introducing me to to my guest, who's here to stand in for Aretha? But in addition

00:01:23.940 --> 00:01:32.090 Frank R Harrison: to give some announcements to all the listeners and viewers out there about what his appearance on this show and during the next 2 weeks

00:01:32.170 --> 00:01:37.019 Frank R Harrison: his Follow-up Appearances are going to be because he is going to help us steer

00:01:37.080 --> 00:01:43.469 Frank R Harrison: cardiac health awareness month, right here on talk radio and Nyc right here on frank about health.

00:01:43.540 --> 00:01:56.999 Frank R Harrison: so that, all being said, I want to first issue my disclaimer, which is, keep in mind that neither myself or Peter are medical professionals, but yet due to our own individual circumstances.

00:01:57.290 --> 00:02:00.589 Frank R Harrison: You'll hear his story about a cardiac event in his life.

00:02:00.600 --> 00:02:19.749 Frank R Harrison: and you've already heard my story over the past year on epilepsy, but we have become advocates of sorts in trying to provide. You know those of you listening to the show, understanding and awareness and insight into what it is you can do to live your best life, and to also manage your health, care to live it to its utmost quality.

00:02:19.760 --> 00:02:36.849 Frank R Harrison: And that's one thing that when you hear Peter talk during the next hour, you're going to learn that this is the go-to guy in terms of his specialties, which number. One is cardiac care, and you'll also learn about some of the other things that he's involved in researching. And we're writing about in the coming weeks and months.

00:02:38.450 --> 00:02:43.060 Frank R Harrison: My disclaimer is, is that all of this information is not to be led.

00:02:43.070 --> 00:03:00.680 Frank R Harrison: or to be misunderstood as a means to transfer or alter your ongoing treatment with your cardiologist, your neurologist, your primary care physician, or to make any changes to your ongoing medications, or whatever other issues you are doing to maintain your health care.

00:03:00.690 --> 00:03:18.830 Frank R Harrison: If you do find that some of the information that is provided to you this evening does provoke you to have discussions about making changes. By all means consult your physician, and work according to whatever expectations or treatment plan is in place for you

00:03:18.840 --> 00:03:33.639 Frank R Harrison: and your physician to make those changes. But therefore the conversation that Peter and I will engage in tonight are not the views of talk Radio, Nyc or Frank about health, or, as you will learn they are not the views of Freedom land either.

00:03:33.750 --> 00:03:37.740 Frank R Harrison: That is the company that Peter represents. All right. So

00:03:37.840 --> 00:03:50.579 Frank R Harrison: few things that I wanted to also say, I know Aretha is listening to the show right now from her hospital bit. We are wishing her a speedy recovery, she. I spoke to her earlier this afternoon. She is in good health.

00:03:50.590 --> 00:04:00.090 Frank R Harrison: if you remember, from the previous show that she had done a year ago, she was mindful of the symptoms that led her to actually check herself into the hospital.

00:04:00.420 --> 00:04:14.680 Frank R Harrison: Unfortunately, that was not the case this time, but because she has a support system of family and friends, she was able to be taken to the hospital in time to get whatever treatment and testing is now ongoing, and she is in good health, and hopefully

00:04:14.690 --> 00:04:29.399 Frank R Harrison: she will be able to be here on the show in a couple of weeks, and have a chance to talk further with Peter, because there are things that i'm sure that she will learn tonight as well as when she recovers as to how to prevent another hospital stay from coming again in the future.

00:04:29.600 --> 00:04:30.870 Frank R Harrison: So

00:04:31.110 --> 00:04:46.869 Frank R Harrison: I gave all my introductions, Peter, and now I'm letting you have the floor, because I know we have a lot to talk about. You've already sent me loads of information, and you know it's not enough for one show. But i'm glad you're also here to help me

00:04:46.920 --> 00:05:00.430 Frank R Harrison: do what I can to support. Aretha in her recovery, and also to clarify some of the things that she did on the previous show. And then we want to go forward into your story and everything else that you want to offer on today's episode. So welcome.

00:05:00.850 --> 00:05:05.669 Peter Wainberg: Thank you. Honored to be here. Did you want to touch on my bio first before we get started.

00:05:06.170 --> 00:05:12.800 Frank R Harrison: It's funny, is i'm i'm multitasking. So i'm remembering everything we're helping.

00:05:12.840 --> 00:05:15.969 Frank R Harrison: I appreciate that. Really I do.

00:05:16.060 --> 00:05:26.530 Frank R Harrison: I'm. I'm going to go ahead and and share the screen because you have a long bio. But I'm going to pick the highlights and let everyone read along with both of us. So let me do that right now

00:05:28.190 --> 00:05:30.260 Frank R Harrison: and get to your bio.

00:05:32.530 --> 00:05:34.400 Frank R Harrison: Okay, there he is.

00:05:34.740 --> 00:05:52.719 Frank R Harrison: Peter Weinberg is an author, speaker, educator, and Life Transformation coach. He is also known as Peter the Great, helping people to transform their lives from mediocrity to greatness. Mr. Weinberg is also the creator and owner of Freedom Land, an Education Company, bridging the education gap

00:05:52.730 --> 00:06:06.170 Frank R Harrison: between graduation and adulthood, specializing in the great wisdom about life and Life's journey to freedom, greatness, and happiness. Now I will stop there only because your story is part of the bio.

00:06:06.670 --> 00:06:11.089 Frank R Harrison: But I like you to tell everyone about your story.

00:06:11.410 --> 00:06:16.289 Peter Wainberg: Well, we're gonna start talking about the heart story, so

00:06:16.780 --> 00:06:19.119 Peter Wainberg: I I guess it started

00:06:20.310 --> 00:06:27.930 Peter Wainberg: 2,014. I was completely unaware that I was having symptoms of heart disease.

00:06:28.000 --> 00:06:29.020 Peter Wainberg: and

00:06:29.300 --> 00:06:47.609 Peter Wainberg: I was completely ignorant to it. I was actually walking uphill, going for a blood test for my in large prostate, and every 3 months that I was walking up the hill. I I got up to the top of the hill, and I had my left hand on the parking bar and my right hand on the chest, and I said, You know what is that?

00:06:47.740 --> 00:06:53.150 Peter Wainberg: Is it sloughing it off, of course. Is it acid reflux, indigestion, or fatigue?

00:06:53.400 --> 00:06:58.150 Peter Wainberg: And of course, when I walk back down the hill. The the symptoms went away.

00:06:58.320 --> 00:07:01.169 Peter Wainberg: and I completely slept it off.

00:07:01.300 --> 00:07:13.650 Peter Wainberg: and it was 2 or 3 years later i'm in my my GPS office getting a checkup, and I'm i'm leaving the room, and i'm opening the door. Kind of reminded me of my head being on the gate, I said, oh, yeah, there's one more thing I said. You know

00:07:13.800 --> 00:07:18.890 Peter Wainberg: I got this like pressure on my chest. It's probably nothing when i'm walking up this hill.

00:07:18.920 --> 00:07:24.790 Peter Wainberg: and she checked me out. She she found out that I had a heart murmur, and that was the beginning of my journey

00:07:25.190 --> 00:07:27.600 Peter Wainberg: to discovering

00:07:27.860 --> 00:07:30.819 Peter Wainberg: that I was born with heart disease. So

00:07:31.290 --> 00:07:39.360 Peter Wainberg: this pressure had continued. I actually had a stress test done, and I miserably fail. The stress test and the

00:07:39.510 --> 00:07:47.760 Peter Wainberg: the doctors told me, stop everything you're doing. There's a 95% chance of blockage. We're going to call you within 2 weeks. Well, within 3 weeks

00:07:48.080 --> 00:07:50.230 Peter Wainberg: I was really stressed. My father

00:07:50.760 --> 00:07:59.390 Peter Wainberg: told me. Let's go to the emergency of Montreal Heart Institute, and so doctors did all these tests, and they told me

00:08:00.310 --> 00:08:07.069 Peter Wainberg: we have good news and bad news for you. The good news is, you're not going to have a heart attack anytime soon, but the bad news is, you have

00:08:07.270 --> 00:08:09.720 Peter Wainberg: severe aortic valve, stenosis.

00:08:09.900 --> 00:08:17.390 Peter Wainberg: and in large the order You need urgent major surgery, and you have. You are at the highest risk of having a heart attack.

00:08:17.590 --> 00:08:20.530 Peter Wainberg: and I had absolutely no idea, and the first word I saw

00:08:21.040 --> 00:08:22.090 Peter Wainberg: was death.

00:08:23.030 --> 00:08:25.449 Peter Wainberg: And as I back on my life

00:08:25.620 --> 00:08:26.590 Peter Wainberg: I said.

00:08:26.980 --> 00:08:36.470 Peter Wainberg: Holy Cow, I said, i'm gonna die, I said, but i'm not ready to die because I hadn't even lived my life yet. In fact, I didn't even understand what life was.

00:08:36.490 --> 00:08:39.469 Peter Wainberg: Unfortunately, I had started to write a book on

00:08:39.500 --> 00:08:43.600 Peter Wainberg: life, liberty, and happiness, and my mind went right to fulfillment.

00:08:43.620 --> 00:08:50.550 Peter Wainberg: and then brought me into this this incredible state of of of some kind of relief and happiness. Because.

00:08:50.570 --> 00:08:58.310 Peter Wainberg: I said to myself at that moment, I said, I want to go on this extraordinary journey. I don't want to die. I want to learn all the secrets of life.

00:08:58.390 --> 00:09:00.450 Peter Wainberg: and I said it on a journey

00:09:01.780 --> 00:09:13.200 Peter Wainberg: but 6 and a half years ago to learn the secrets of life. And so I've transformed myself from industry now into an author, speaker, and educator, and my passion is really to teach people

00:09:13.210 --> 00:09:27.589 Peter Wainberg: about the great secrets and the great wisdom of life. And so I spent most of my young adulthood into my middle adulthood, confused about literally everything about life, health, wealth, relationships, communication goal setting.

00:09:27.720 --> 00:09:34.519 Peter Wainberg: And my story continues: Really, with 3 months after surgery. This is so. I had valve surgery.

00:09:35.150 --> 00:09:46.230 Peter Wainberg: And just to explain to you a little bit about valves. Okay. So we have actually 4 valves. The the most important one is the aortic valve. Every time your heart pumps blood.

00:09:46.270 --> 00:09:50.950 Peter Wainberg: your aortic valve just opens with the force of blood, and it closes.

00:09:50.990 --> 00:09:55.480 Peter Wainberg: And so this severe aortic valve stenosis is calcium

00:09:55.560 --> 00:09:59.860 Peter Wainberg: that formed on my on my my valve.

00:10:00.000 --> 00:10:10.530 Peter Wainberg: and my valve was not opening, so actually doctors told me I was born with heart disease, so I had what's called a by cuspid aortic valve. So my erdic valve. I only had 2 doors that open

00:10:10.570 --> 00:10:12.920 Peter Wainberg: versus 3 that most people have.

00:10:12.950 --> 00:10:13.790 Peter Wainberg: This

00:10:14.190 --> 00:10:20.290 Peter Wainberg: congenital heart disease only affects between one and 2% of the population, so

00:10:20.330 --> 00:10:30.299 Peter Wainberg: I and I had absolutely no idea about any of this. So so this blood was not flowing throughout my body, and every time I was walking up the hill.

00:10:30.480 --> 00:10:37.629 Peter Wainberg: My heart was working harder to pump blood, and was putting pressure on my valve, so I didn't understand any of this, and

00:10:37.770 --> 00:10:43.249 Peter Wainberg: I didn't even have any knowledge about hearts, and neither did anybody I know. And so

00:10:43.430 --> 00:10:44.799 Peter Wainberg: I found that to be

00:10:45.700 --> 00:10:56.239 Peter Wainberg: really sad that we live our life. I'm. In my I was 57 at the time, and so how could we live our life being completely ignorant to the most important part

00:10:56.490 --> 00:11:01.230 Peter Wainberg: of our physical body? It's our heart. And so I I on a journey to

00:11:01.480 --> 00:11:15.819 Peter Wainberg: find a book that I could share with people, and you know, sadly, I couldn't really find a book that was to my liking that I really wanted to share with people. There are some incredible websites, the American, the Canadian Heart Associations. There's a little bit of content.

00:11:17.170 --> 00:11:27.010 Peter Wainberg: And there's a lot of emotional stories where they want you to, of course, rightfully donate, because the medical community worked so hard to take care of us. But I wanted that that deep, rich

00:11:27.370 --> 00:11:31.569 Peter Wainberg: content that I could share with people. So I ended up writing my own book.

00:11:31.880 --> 00:11:41.349 Peter Wainberg: and I ended up saying, I need to do this because my passion is education, since i'm a a teenager. My passion is really teaching tennis.

00:11:41.440 --> 00:11:52.810 Peter Wainberg: as in my you know my younger days and my older days. Now it's really about teaching about life. And so I really wanted to make an impact on this world by sharing

00:11:52.950 --> 00:12:04.200 Peter Wainberg: this book, which has some great wisdom and an introduction to heart disease, awareness, and prevention. And I just really wanted the listeners to know one thing just starting to learn

00:12:04.290 --> 00:12:18.810 Peter Wainberg: about heart disease and heart health. You will improve your heart health, and reduce your risk of heart disease. So I wanted to share that with you, and in our next segment, because we're about to take our first break. But

00:12:19.000 --> 00:12:31.390 Frank R Harrison: what our next segment is about, as we already pred discussed, is about life, and then I I know our third segment is going to be about heart health, awareness. So I love the way that we've already pre-coordinated it. I mean it's in the

00:12:31.490 --> 00:12:46.369 Frank R Harrison: it's in the log line of your whole story that you've been discussing. So i'm going to be eager to learn about how you've designed your course and design freedom land, and how you're going to really help educate a lot of the listeners and viewers on Frank about health over the coming weeks.

00:12:46.380 --> 00:13:04.489 Frank R Harrison: so that people can really become aware of their hard health, because it is the beginning, and in sometimes the end of the circle of life as you later on have share, or you have already shared is spirit, mind, heart, and body, so that, all being said, please stay tuned on the special episode of

00:13:04.500 --> 00:13:13.639 Frank R Harrison: Frank about health as we are all about cardiac awareness month, right here on talk, radio and Nyc and on our Youtube Channel talking alternative. Stay tuned.

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00:14:50.970 --> 00:14:52.020 and

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00:14:58.860 --> 00:15:00.090 the

00:15:09.690 --> 00:15:11.090 you

00:15:26.570 --> 00:15:34.230 Frank R Harrison: welcome back. And so, as you were saying, Peter, basically, as you discovered your journey, and you're also exploring

00:15:34.350 --> 00:15:43.400 Frank R Harrison: the value in your life that you wanted to continue while being faced with mortality, especially in the area of this valve issue. That was that was being blocked.

00:15:43.550 --> 00:15:55.549 Frank R Harrison: You started to proceed to say about how your vision of life, and how one can learn more about, you know, maintaining their heart, health, and get awareness to their life

00:15:55.740 --> 00:15:59.360 Frank R Harrison: was something you wanted to share with everybody. So I wanted you to continue.

00:16:00.620 --> 00:16:04.839 Peter Wainberg: I just wanted to finish the other story really quickly. So at

00:16:04.920 --> 00:16:06.609 Peter Wainberg: you know, the rehab

00:16:06.870 --> 00:16:12.640 Peter Wainberg: started with a blood test, and I got reminded how high my cholesterol was, and I said.

00:16:12.880 --> 00:16:32.290 Peter Wainberg: Wow, I said, I fixed my valve. I said, No, I'm going to go on this journey to fix my cholesterol, and just like, take care of my heart once and for all. And if you could believe I went on a journey for the 2 years following 3 months after my surgery I couldn't find the Doctor dietitian and nutritionist that could help me to lower my cholesterol.

00:16:32.580 --> 00:16:36.289 Peter Wainberg: and I mean really lower it to a compliant level.

00:16:36.420 --> 00:16:43.259 Peter Wainberg: And I was quite sad about that as well. And so I just continued to be so confused about

00:16:43.330 --> 00:16:45.800 Peter Wainberg: my life and my health and my heart health.

00:16:45.890 --> 00:16:50.769 Peter Wainberg: And so I went on a journey, and I discovered the miracle of a plant-based diet.

00:16:50.810 --> 00:16:52.749 Peter Wainberg: and I ended up

00:16:53.150 --> 00:17:10.249 Peter Wainberg: doing a 14 day challenge over 16 days December of 2,019 and that was the miracle of my life. When I was able to actually take control of my life and lower my cholesterol in 16 days. Something I couldn't do with medication for 30 years. So this is the message.

00:17:11.720 --> 00:17:18.649 Peter Wainberg: It's really important to start living your life, to become aware of the importance of when it comes to your heart health.

00:17:18.750 --> 00:17:21.429 Are you born with heart disease.

00:17:21.740 --> 00:17:24.130 Peter Wainberg: All right, and you can do that with a couple of

00:17:24.200 --> 00:17:29.500 Peter Wainberg: the the the, the the simplest and basic test is an echo cardiogram.

00:17:29.680 --> 00:17:33.089 Peter Wainberg: All right. So you're going to. You're going to.

00:17:33.420 --> 00:17:44.440 Peter Wainberg: The procedure is is this: this doctors will take 88 pictures and videos of the 4 entries to your heart, and you're going to know everything that's going on inside your body.

00:17:44.990 --> 00:17:46.270 Peter Wainberg: and

00:17:46.500 --> 00:17:59.600 Peter Wainberg: you know I should also mention. My story is inspired by my father's brother who has had a heart attack 10 years ago. He's in a wheelchair and had a stroke and a heart attack, and I have a first cousin who had an aortic dissection.

00:17:59.610 --> 00:18:16.509 Peter Wainberg: and he's in a wheelchair as well. So I get reminded of this every single day, and so my inspiration is to share my wisdom and my knowledge, and give back to help people to go on a journey of prevention. So from my initial story is, is, i'm born with heart disease

00:18:16.580 --> 00:18:19.320 Peter Wainberg: you just need to know. Are you born with heart disease?

00:18:19.690 --> 00:18:30.270 Peter Wainberg: And then the second thing is, Are you making the best lifestyle choices about heart disease. Now let's just talk about life for a second. So listen. Life is confusing.

00:18:30.420 --> 00:18:40.480 Peter Wainberg: I don't know about you, Frank. I studied accounting. I became an account. I work for 5 years. I didn't like the profession I was lost to confused about life. I didn't understand

00:18:40.630 --> 00:18:42.839 Peter Wainberg: very much about anything, and so

00:18:43.100 --> 00:18:46.859 Peter Wainberg: when you think about life. Life itself is very confusing.

00:18:46.980 --> 00:18:53.540 Peter Wainberg: And so what is it we should focus in on? You know I've worked while waiting for a

00:18:53.740 --> 00:19:01.230 Peter Wainberg: my heart surgery the human mind process is 60,000 thoughts a day. Can you imagine 98% useless?

00:19:01.660 --> 00:19:05.539 Peter Wainberg: 85% negative and 80% repetitive.

00:19:05.560 --> 00:19:13.160 Peter Wainberg: And so a lot of my life's work is what's in that 2% space. In fact, what's at the top of the 2% space, and what's way up there?

00:19:13.600 --> 00:19:21.850 Peter Wainberg: It's all about your health, so I think. And I, You know my mission is to really help people to go from confusion

00:19:22.110 --> 00:19:25.310 Peter Wainberg: to clarity, certainty, and confidence.

00:19:25.390 --> 00:19:31.619 Peter Wainberg: How about yourself and your life's journey, and so let's get some clarity here. Your health is your wealth.

00:19:31.910 --> 00:19:33.959 Peter Wainberg: but if you want greater wealth.

00:19:34.470 --> 00:19:43.740 Peter Wainberg: you've got to make the investment into your heart health. So, as I said earlier, just thinking and reading and learning about hard health, and not being afraid

00:19:43.770 --> 00:19:44.960 Peter Wainberg: of your heart.

00:19:45.100 --> 00:19:50.219 Peter Wainberg: i'm going to tell you this. This is the magic of my story, because I've been

00:19:50.350 --> 00:19:51.390 Peter Wainberg: inside

00:19:51.410 --> 00:19:56.919 Peter Wainberg: the operating room. Open heart surgery all right. Don't be afraid of the test procedures.

00:19:57.520 --> 00:19:59.490 Peter Wainberg: They're mostly painless.

00:19:59.720 --> 00:20:10.819 Peter Wainberg: They're mostly simple. They the technology is improving immensely, and what you really have to be afraid of is not doing anything, not taking action, not reading and not learning. So

00:20:11.870 --> 00:20:15.890 Peter Wainberg: changing a little bit of your lifestyle, it shouldn't really

00:20:15.910 --> 00:20:19.889 Peter Wainberg: make a big impact on your life, and changing

00:20:20.070 --> 00:20:21.600 Peter Wainberg: and going for some tests

00:20:21.810 --> 00:20:29.100 Peter Wainberg: and even doing some test procedures are not really significant. But the impact of having disease, disability, and death

00:20:29.320 --> 00:20:31.539 Peter Wainberg: could completely uproot your life

00:20:31.930 --> 00:20:36.699 Peter Wainberg: and your family. And this is what's happening. So you know, 60

00:20:36.760 --> 00:20:39.839 Peter Wainberg: a 50% of men, 64% of women.

00:20:40.170 --> 00:20:43.569 Peter Wainberg: There's no warning signs for death, and that's the whole thing.

00:20:43.620 --> 00:20:49.179 Peter Wainberg: There are no warning signs and heart attack. We're going to show you a video in the next segment

00:20:49.250 --> 00:20:51.179 Peter Wainberg: just can happen like this.

00:20:51.360 --> 00:20:55.589 Peter Wainberg: And so the power of your life is in your hands. So when it comes to your life.

00:20:56.070 --> 00:21:06.210 Peter Wainberg: think about this. Life is confusing. Where should I go first? It's all about your health, and when it comes to your health, the most important part of your entire physical body

00:21:06.370 --> 00:21:18.280 Peter Wainberg: is your heart health, because your heart is the center of everything you do. You can live without, you know a tooth. You can live without an eye. You can live without a limb. You can't live without your heart. And so

00:21:18.960 --> 00:21:20.910 crazy statistic

00:21:21.070 --> 00:21:37.919 Peter Wainberg: between your arteries, vans, and capillaries, your entire blood spans your system, spans over a 100,000 miles, which is 2 X. The circumference of planet Earth, and every 60 s every drop of blood travels through your whole body.

00:21:37.990 --> 00:21:43.210 Peter Wainberg: Now, how cool is that. And if there's any blockage anywhere, this could lead to

00:21:44.290 --> 00:21:45.910 Peter Wainberg: not only heart disease.

00:21:46.050 --> 00:21:50.220 Peter Wainberg: but chronic illness. And so this is. The message is is.

00:21:50.280 --> 00:21:57.510 Peter Wainberg: Let this be up at the highest priority of life. In fact, what I teach is what is

00:21:58.040 --> 00:22:04.119 Peter Wainberg: Life's highest and most important goals? Let's think about this. It's your health and your wealth, freedom.

00:22:04.200 --> 00:22:08.430 Peter Wainberg: Now we can laugh about this when you're born. You don't have your wealth, freedom.

00:22:08.940 --> 00:22:10.570 Peter Wainberg: but you have your health, freedom.

00:22:11.580 --> 00:22:20.880 Peter Wainberg: So we are, we are. We are part of the education system. We graduate, and we go right for our well freedom, and we take our health for granted.

00:22:21.490 --> 00:22:22.840 Peter Wainberg: But we know

00:22:23.630 --> 00:22:27.069 Peter Wainberg: that we can't take our health for granted, because you can't just

00:22:27.520 --> 00:22:43.060 Peter Wainberg: do whatever you want. In fact, as you get older, you can't just say whatever you want, and you can. You have to be part of a system, and you have to understand, how does your mind function? How does your body function. How does your heart function? And so this is not part of the

00:22:44.150 --> 00:22:55.820 Peter Wainberg: basic education system. And this is really sad. And so there's some basic things that we need to know. And so one of the books that I've written not out yet, called Start living your life sadly.

00:22:57.130 --> 00:23:02.399 Peter Wainberg: If you knew who you were, and you know what life is. You see you could start living your life, but

00:23:02.480 --> 00:23:12.200 Peter Wainberg: I didn't know the answers to these questions until I actually sat down and wrote this book, and it was inspired by that moment that I was at the emergency. And I said, Gee.

00:23:12.340 --> 00:23:15.390 Peter Wainberg: i'm going to die. I'm born with this heart disease.

00:23:15.690 --> 00:23:22.929 Peter Wainberg: I don't want to die. I want to start living my life, but I didn't even understand what life was. So the start button

00:23:23.540 --> 00:23:31.539 Peter Wainberg: is really about starting your journey to your heart health. But listen you. I got to share this with the listeners because you need to know this stuff. You

00:23:31.720 --> 00:23:33.469 Peter Wainberg: are a soul.

00:23:33.500 --> 00:23:45.919 Peter Wainberg: and you're living your life as a human being, as a whole person, body, heart, mind, and spirit. So the acronym i'm. Using in my book is Bahamas body and heart and mind and spirit. So your

00:23:45.980 --> 00:23:48.449 Peter Wainberg: think about this. You have to take

00:23:48.810 --> 00:23:53.610 Peter Wainberg: your Bahamas on a journey, and so look in life. Life is a journey.

00:23:54.220 --> 00:23:59.790 Frank R Harrison: If you're not going somewhere, you're going nowhere. Where are you going? You've got to be going somewhere. You've got to be going

00:23:59.830 --> 00:24:04.210 Peter Wainberg: to your freedom. This is life's highest and most important. Well, it's your health and your wealth, freedom.

00:24:04.260 --> 00:24:11.470 Peter Wainberg: And so when you come to freedom, land, i'm going to tell you exactly what your goal was. Why? Because I got stuck, for probably

00:24:11.700 --> 00:24:15.719 Peter Wainberg: i'm going to say years and maybe decades on goals. I was terrible with goals.

00:24:15.750 --> 00:24:27.129 Peter Wainberg: I would buy books on goals with a long line. What are your goals? I could never fill in the blank. So in freedom line. I'm just going to tell you what your goals when it comes to your health. Freedom. I'm going to tell you

00:24:27.990 --> 00:24:43.800 Peter Wainberg: you've got to get your ldl down below 80 milligrams per desolator. We're going to work on getting your Bmi, your body mass index your weight down at 2224. These are the things you can do to actually heart, attack, proof yourself, imagine. And so.

00:24:44.060 --> 00:24:48.290 Peter Wainberg: if you really want to start living your life, you have to start this journey

00:24:48.470 --> 00:24:49.870 Peter Wainberg: to your heart, health.

00:24:50.210 --> 00:24:52.469 Peter Wainberg: your freedom, and your happiness. This is.

00:24:52.590 --> 00:24:53.770 Peter Wainberg: Listen, wife's

00:24:54.050 --> 00:25:01.090 Peter Wainberg: greatest journey, Longest greatest journey it's from the hit to the heart. It's all about your heart. It's all about loving yourself.

00:25:01.160 --> 00:25:14.669 Peter Wainberg: Okay, it's about loving others. But where life begins, it's really loving yourself. And if you really want to love yourself, you gotta get up in the morning every day, and you have to say I have knocked it out of the park when it comes to my hard health, and i'm going to say this.

00:25:14.680 --> 00:25:21.549 Peter Wainberg: A lot of people, including me, thought I'm going to go to the gym, and i'm going to lose a few pounds, and that'll take care of my health. Well.

00:25:22.140 --> 00:25:25.339 Peter Wainberg: you know, losing weight doesn't lead to hard health. But

00:25:25.920 --> 00:25:29.819 Peter Wainberg: if you go on a journey of heart health, you're absolutely guaranteed to lose weight.

00:25:30.130 --> 00:25:38.199 Peter Wainberg: and so your heart health will lead to your total health, because if you go on this journey of heart health, you also prevent chronic illness.

00:25:38.260 --> 00:25:41.819 Peter Wainberg: And so you could. Literally, I feel, and I completely

00:25:41.920 --> 00:25:43.099 Peter Wainberg: come from

00:25:43.340 --> 00:25:44.430 Peter Wainberg: literally.

00:25:44.600 --> 00:25:45.370 Peter Wainberg: Yes.

00:25:45.850 --> 00:25:48.259 Peter Wainberg: and now all I see is life and health.

00:25:48.340 --> 00:26:01.440 Peter Wainberg: and I see the opportunity to to to really understand how the our system works, what are the different parts of humanity, and how I can work on that on my whole self

00:26:01.500 --> 00:26:10.110 Peter Wainberg: pretty much all the the body, the heart, the mind, and the spirit. So i'm busy taking my Baham on on a journey i'm calling it discovery, adventure, and growth.

00:26:10.350 --> 00:26:18.600 Peter Wainberg: The acronym is dagging. I'm. I'm. Taking my Bahamas and i'm dagging it on a journey to my heart. Health. And this is the focus of my life

00:26:18.870 --> 00:26:32.799 Peter Wainberg: all day long, and my journey to my my physical health. My you know it. It's. It's not just about losing weight. It's also about achieving my my financial freedom. So but I know that if I have my health.

00:26:33.270 --> 00:26:39.609 Peter Wainberg: I am positioned myself to earn more money. So listen. You could always earn more money.

00:26:40.290 --> 00:26:42.860 Peter Wainberg: but you can always get your health back. And so.

00:26:42.940 --> 00:26:47.410 Peter Wainberg: my my! My mission here is to really help people

00:26:47.590 --> 00:26:55.340 Peter Wainberg: to start living your life. It's really get that laser focus. You know the most successful people in the world are not focused. They're laser focused

00:26:55.360 --> 00:26:57.169 Peter Wainberg: on what's most important.

00:26:57.440 --> 00:27:00.230 Frank R Harrison: I can share this with you. Also, You know.

00:27:00.320 --> 00:27:12.339 Peter Wainberg: we have at 2 world wars. 10% of the population are thinking about a suicide, 20% mental illness. 50% of us have disease. 80% of us are at risk.

00:27:12.470 --> 00:27:15.620 Peter Wainberg: 97% of us don't set goals.

00:27:15.760 --> 00:27:21.389 Peter Wainberg: And 99% of us don't even know what we want in our life the most. Now I'm sharing with you what I've learned

00:27:21.710 --> 00:27:24.729 Peter Wainberg: one in our life the most is our freedom.

00:27:24.890 --> 00:27:27.370 Peter Wainberg: and it all begins with your health, freedom.

00:27:27.380 --> 00:27:55.080 Frank R Harrison: and if you want to get your health, freedom, it begins with a journey of heart health. That's really my case. Message is exactly what we're going to do in the next segment. We've we? Well, we're about to take our next break, but just to wrap up, I mean. I I gave you the whole floor for that segment because I wanted you to really share your whole big picture, because I know for me it's always been about the brain due to me being an epileptic, and for you, as you have experienced it's been about your heart. Every one of us

00:27:55.090 --> 00:28:07.570 Frank R Harrison: comes to the point of reflection that we are within a society and within a system, you being in Canada and me being in the United States, those systems do vary in interpretation based on who our leadership is at that point.

00:28:07.580 --> 00:28:18.959 Frank R Harrison: But at the end of the day, no matter what country or no matter what territory you're on. Everything begins with you. So that's how you were able to explore by writing your story down into a book

00:28:19.040 --> 00:28:31.839 Frank R Harrison: that we also want to discuss your your Heart Handbook, which is what gonna be is benefit all of our listeners and viewers out there. So, ladies and gentlemen, please stay tuned as we're talking about in our next segment

00:28:31.880 --> 00:28:44.780 Frank R Harrison: about heart health, awareness, and we're going to let Peter give us a taste of what his his book and his course offers right here on talk radio and Nyc and on our Youtube Channel. Stay tuned.

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00:30:13.910 --> 00:30:22.000 You're listening to talk radio and Yc. At Ww: talk, radio and live scene now broadcasting 24

00:30:22.060 --> 00:30:24.290 hours a day.

00:30:24.880 --> 00:30:25.830 the

00:30:44.930 --> 00:30:51.729 Frank R Harrison: welcome back, and, Peter, as you were describing the the details of the awareness that a lot of us Don't, have.

00:30:51.900 --> 00:31:03.010 Frank R Harrison: especially until we reach a point where we are reminded of our own mortality, and have to come face to face with choices and trying to do what we can to reverse our conditions.

00:31:03.100 --> 00:31:09.479 Frank R Harrison: You did here in the beginning of the show my my story with Aretha in the and the episode she had done a year ago.

00:31:09.500 --> 00:31:25.620 Frank R Harrison: I think you had some comments on some information she had shared that you wanted to also add to, especially when it came down to the symptoms of women in terms of being able to understand if they're having a heart attack or not. I mean it's so. I know the statistics are greater in women that

00:31:25.630 --> 00:31:32.010 Frank R Harrison: the symptoms are different, or they vary in areas of the body, and in some cases they don't even know they're going through a heart attack. Correct

00:31:34.980 --> 00:31:44.749 Peter Wainberg: It's all about awareness right? It's a you know. Sam and I will talk about awakening, and so what should we be awakened to? It's it's we should be awakened to ourself

00:31:44.930 --> 00:31:58.860 Peter Wainberg: that we are really a soul, and that we really have this thing called life, and we have to start our journey to this thing called life, and it's all about our journey to it begins with that that that health and so look.

00:31:59.460 --> 00:32:06.750 Peter Wainberg: Everybody listening should not feel bad about any of the stuff we're talking about, because they just don't teach this in school. And so we just.

00:32:07.050 --> 00:32:16.909 Peter Wainberg: We are the next generation that we just want to make a difference in this world and share our life stories and our experiences to help the next generation.

00:32:16.950 --> 00:32:18.440 Peter Wainberg: If

00:32:18.930 --> 00:32:31.130 Peter Wainberg: If Rita had previously had chest pain since, you know, I think she had some inclination and watching the last video, but I think she made a decision to go and then shoot her commercial

00:32:31.200 --> 00:32:35.060 Peter Wainberg: instead of going to the hospital. And I kind of felt sad about that.

00:32:35.180 --> 00:32:37.810 you know. If I was next to I would have said.

00:32:37.980 --> 00:32:44.289 Peter Wainberg: I think you should go to the hospital right away. But you know a couple of things that she talked about, You know she had.

00:32:44.610 --> 00:32:48.690 Peter Wainberg: which really struck me. She has has had 6 stents

00:32:49.220 --> 00:32:55.399 Peter Wainberg: Now, that's a lot of stents, and so here's a crazy statistic that we should all know. And I mentioned that

00:32:55.590 --> 00:32:57.339 Peter Wainberg: previous segment that

00:32:57.920 --> 00:33:02.779 Peter Wainberg: our veins, arteries, capillary, spent a 100,000 miles now, each stent

00:33:03.000 --> 00:33:04.849 Peter Wainberg: a stent is basically

00:33:04.930 --> 00:33:13.290 Peter Wainberg: It's like a it's. It's a metal rod that's that's just placed inside your artery to open up

00:33:13.550 --> 00:33:18.960 Peter Wainberg: the artery to allow blood to pass, because there's too much plaque that's stuck in there, and so

00:33:22.010 --> 00:33:22.820 Peter Wainberg: each

00:33:25.490 --> 00:33:28.940 Peter Wainberg: each step only spans a quarter of an inch.

00:33:29.240 --> 00:33:30.590 Peter Wainberg: so she's had

00:33:30.910 --> 00:33:34.399 Peter Wainberg: 6 tents. She's had an inch and a and a half

00:33:34.810 --> 00:33:36.650 Peter Wainberg: of unblock

00:33:37.080 --> 00:33:39.199 Peter Wainberg: over a 100,000 miles.

00:33:40.500 --> 00:33:41.950 Peter Wainberg: Now

00:33:42.440 --> 00:33:44.770 Peter Wainberg: this is all about. We're going to talk

00:33:44.940 --> 00:33:52.290 Peter Wainberg: over the next couple of weeks about the root cause of all of this stuff, and you know, how could we go on a on a journey to

00:33:52.900 --> 00:34:11.179 Peter Wainberg: heart, attack, proof ourself and and and the big part of the story is to reduce the plaque in the arteries. So you don't have to worry about this stuff. In fact, 20 to 40% of stance don't even work, and they even cause more damage. They could cause more damage in certain cases than to the benefit.

00:34:11.230 --> 00:34:12.389 Peter Wainberg: So

00:34:13.389 --> 00:34:19.020 Peter Wainberg: you know she talked about muscle at atrophy, and you know your muscles become weak.

00:34:19.150 --> 00:34:23.129 Peter Wainberg: and I said, Well, if she knew the secret, why does that happen?

00:34:23.159 --> 00:34:24.549 Peter Wainberg: And so, you know

00:34:24.570 --> 00:34:37.760 Peter Wainberg: our blood is. Is, is it's level of acidity and alkalinity? It's 7, point, 3, 6, and so it's very important that we maintain our level of

00:34:37.770 --> 00:34:47.850 Peter Wainberg: of Ph. To keep our blood clean and flowing, and and eliminate toxins, antioxidants, and a lot of foods that we eat are acidic

00:34:48.050 --> 00:34:51.929 Peter Wainberg: and so muscle atrophy is really just.

00:34:52.090 --> 00:34:58.189 Peter Wainberg: our blood being low in Ph and our body's natural system to take

00:34:58.520 --> 00:35:01.839 Peter Wainberg: magnesium from the muscles and calcium from the bones

00:35:02.100 --> 00:35:07.039 Peter Wainberg: to boost our Ph. And so, just knowing this, we could ask yourself, hey.

00:35:07.200 --> 00:35:18.289 Peter Wainberg: am I eating more acidic foods, or should I be eating more alkaline foods? Is part of your regular diet. Now, this is something that most people really don't understand.

00:35:18.300 --> 00:35:33.930 Peter Wainberg: But if you have this condition, muscle atrophy, and it could really incapacitate you right? So you really have to have this awareness. What are the warning signs? What are the symptoms? And so what could be the cause? And so my mission here is education.

00:35:34.240 --> 00:35:43.010 Peter Wainberg: and if I can help you to educate you and get you on a journey of not only preventing heart disease, but One of the greatest secrets of our generation is.

00:35:43.150 --> 00:35:46.609 Peter Wainberg: Scientists have discovered. It's completely reversible. But

00:35:47.010 --> 00:35:50.440 Peter Wainberg: you've got to start on your journey now, because if you wait.

00:35:51.090 --> 00:35:52.739 Peter Wainberg: it could be too late.

00:35:52.960 --> 00:35:57.789 Peter Wainberg: So, as I previously mentioned, 50% of men, 64% of women

00:35:58.240 --> 00:35:59.240 Peter Wainberg: just have.

00:35:59.300 --> 00:36:11.080 Peter Wainberg: you know they die without any morning signs, and so she also mentioned cholesterol was hereditary, and so I found that to be interesting, and of course, I didn't know any different until

00:36:11.870 --> 00:36:21.450 Peter Wainberg: I actually went on a plant-based diet 3 years ago to lower my cholesterol, and I had the same profile as my father, brother. And uncle and I broke

00:36:21.870 --> 00:36:31.840 Peter Wainberg: the family trend by going on the first one on a plant-based diet, and my Ldl. Literally went from 120 to 40 in 16 days.

00:36:32.010 --> 00:36:42.020 Peter Wainberg: Wow! And that's all posted up on my website. By the way, there there was some kinetic Canadian, you know, metric system, and so

00:36:42.800 --> 00:36:46.550 Peter Wainberg: you know she also talked about. My heart is healthy.

00:36:46.880 --> 00:36:52.410 Peter Wainberg: So so people have to understand is it's? The problem is not necessarily your heart.

00:36:52.550 --> 00:36:58.169 Peter Wainberg: It's the root to your heart. So it's the arteries leading to your heart that attract

00:36:58.260 --> 00:36:59.089 Peter Wainberg: plaque.

00:37:00.000 --> 00:37:09.289 Peter Wainberg: And so, yeah, so your heart can remain healthy as long as the pipes are clean and clear. But when the pipes are starting to get damaged.

00:37:09.470 --> 00:37:11.700 Peter Wainberg: and they're starting to get inflamed

00:37:11.840 --> 00:37:20.639 Peter Wainberg: that could impact your heart so it's not necessarily about your heart health. Of course your heart health could be important. It's really all about the

00:37:20.660 --> 00:37:26.070 Peter Wainberg: the preface to the heart. It's the parameters around the heart that are really causing the hard to stress.

00:37:26.140 --> 00:37:43.379 Peter Wainberg: So we want to take care of the whole system. We want to have this, you know, this holistic approach, and she also talked about nitroglycerin pills. And so I found that to be interesting, so nitroglycerin actually offers some immediate relief, and it it really opens up the arteries. It dilates the arteries

00:37:43.750 --> 00:37:46.549 Peter Wainberg: right? And

00:37:46.630 --> 00:37:58.739 Peter Wainberg: And, by the way, when nitroglycerin was discovered, you know, Viagra eventually followed, because it was actually a son or a daughter, probably a son of nitroglycerin, but

00:37:58.790 --> 00:38:03.859 Peter Wainberg: the whole thing about nitroglycerin. It's a packed solution, and so i'm all about

00:38:04.150 --> 00:38:22.220 Peter Wainberg: root, cause what's the root? Cause? And so it seemed to me that she had some awareness about some of the things she didn't understand, and I really wanted to to share. You know what I've worked with her and and make sure she understood why things were happening. And

00:38:22.230 --> 00:38:29.300 Peter Wainberg: yeah, and and there's really no need for nitroglycerin if you get to the root cause, and it's really all about plaque prevention.

00:38:29.440 --> 00:38:45.159 Peter Wainberg: So did we the video of the website. We can do that. We both have access to your website. Do you want to do that. Or do you want me to do that? Oh, okay, I'll I'll I'll take it from here. So this is oh, wait! I'm gonna do the screen share, I think

00:38:45.250 --> 00:38:49.160 Peter Wainberg: screen share. Yeah, yeah, let me do the screen share. Can you see that?

00:38:49.740 --> 00:38:50.439 Frank R Harrison: Yeah.

00:38:50.920 --> 00:38:52.070 Peter Wainberg: So this is

00:38:52.450 --> 00:39:03.099 Peter Wainberg: this is my website that I put together, following the creation of my book, so you can go on to my website, my heart, or also let's beat heart disease.

00:39:03.320 --> 00:39:06.930 Peter Wainberg: and it's cool. How I got that name, because we have a heartbeat.

00:39:06.950 --> 00:39:23.240 Peter Wainberg: and I put the beat on the other side of the heart, and I came up with this name. Look, let's be heart disease. If you wanted to have some words, you know, you know, moving inside your your mind and to inspire you it's. Let's be heart disease, because, look it is.

00:39:23.450 --> 00:39:27.100 Peter Wainberg: you can see here the greatest secret of our generation is

00:39:27.140 --> 00:39:30.959 Peter Wainberg: heart. Disease is reversible. So it doesn't really matter what you ate

00:39:31.180 --> 00:39:33.390 Peter Wainberg: up until right now

00:39:33.470 --> 00:39:45.530 Peter Wainberg: your whole life, it doesn't matter what you ate in the last 10 years or 40 years, or the last 6 months. It doesn't even matter how much you weigh. It just matters that you start on your journey, because if you start now

00:39:45.890 --> 00:39:48.480 Peter Wainberg: we can completely reverse heart disease.

00:39:48.820 --> 00:39:51.210 So look, this website

00:39:51.370 --> 00:39:55.429 Peter Wainberg: was built based on Youtube videos

00:39:55.660 --> 00:40:00.900 Peter Wainberg: of the world's greatest minds. Again, this is all about education, because I not only couldn't find a book.

00:40:01.330 --> 00:40:14.489 Peter Wainberg: but I could find a website that brought the world together, and some of the greatest minds together to help us on our journey of heart disease, awareness, and prevention. So this website is all about.

00:40:14.620 --> 00:40:18.659 Peter Wainberg: It's about articles. It's it's about

00:40:18.830 --> 00:40:20.470 Peter Wainberg: it's about research.

00:40:20.660 --> 00:40:29.039 Peter Wainberg: and it's about a lot of videos people like to watch videos. So this video is really captivating, and and I just like to say that.

00:40:29.410 --> 00:40:30.319 Peter Wainberg: you know

00:40:31.390 --> 00:40:38.430 Peter Wainberg: I got to pass this for a second, you know. When my my cousin told me he called me 2 weeks before my surgery, he said, You know, Peter.

00:40:38.830 --> 00:40:41.910 Peter Wainberg: I really wanted to share this with you, he says.

00:40:41.990 --> 00:40:46.889 Peter Wainberg: I believe that if I would have known what's going on inside of my body

00:40:47.100 --> 00:40:48.709 Peter Wainberg: I could have saved my life.

00:40:48.730 --> 00:41:03.510 Peter Wainberg: Okay, and so I just wanted to share this with you. I want you to see what's going on inside of your body. And so, when you're eating all this food, I want you to understand what the body needs and wants, and what's going on in the body. And this this is something that is really critical.

00:41:03.920 --> 00:41:09.390 Frank R Harrison: But before you share it. We're about to take our final break. Let's go into that. And then, as soon as we return

00:41:09.400 --> 00:41:31.609 Frank R Harrison: press play and let's watch this plaque buildup Video: I think you've shown it to me earlier, and I know it is very instrumental to exactly what we're going to talk about in the final segment, which is all about your course, and all of the information that this video that we will all see later generates in terms of insight and direction towards the new journey that all being said, everybody just stay tuned. We'll be back right here on Frank about health.

00:41:31.620 --> 00:41:37.759 Frank R Harrison: both on talk, radio, Nyc. And on our Youtube Channel, and we'll be ready for Freedom land when we return.

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00:43:41.290 --> 00:43:46.100 Frank R Harrison: Welcome back. So, Peter, when you unmute. We're ready to see what you're going to show us right now.

00:43:46.950 --> 00:43:49.129 Peter Wainberg: Okay, let's

00:43:49.840 --> 00:43:53.490 Peter Wainberg: let's roll a video. So this is this is the video

00:43:53.600 --> 00:43:57.579 Peter Wainberg: that will open up your eyes and give you some perspective

00:43:57.820 --> 00:44:03.889 Peter Wainberg: and an introduction to what's going on inside your arteries, and this is life changing?

00:44:04.930 --> 00:44:05.790 Frank R Harrison: I'm. Ready

00:44:07.150 --> 00:44:11.600 Peter Wainberg: in healthy coronary arteries. The blood flows without obstruction

00:44:17.370 --> 00:44:19.609 Peter Wainberg: in diseased coronary arteries.

00:44:19.850 --> 00:44:23.680 Peter Wainberg: A fatty substance called plaque forms in the artery walls.

00:44:23.740 --> 00:44:29.710 Peter Wainberg: and as the disease advances can bulge out into the path of the on, rushing blood.

00:44:30.030 --> 00:44:33.899 Peter Wainberg: blocking the oxygen and nutrients the heart desperately needs.

00:44:34.290 --> 00:44:40.429 Peter Wainberg: and from time to time causing symptoms like chest pains and shortness and breath.

00:44:41.400 --> 00:44:46.909 Peter Wainberg: But heart attacks result more often from plaque than does not protrude into the artery itself.

00:44:47.140 --> 00:44:49.570 Peter Wainberg: but remains hidden in the artery wall.

00:44:50.590 --> 00:44:57.269 Peter Wainberg: One of the scariest things about coronary art and disease is that it can remain silent for so long.

00:44:57.510 --> 00:45:05.089 Peter Wainberg: You can have plaque build up in the coronary that isn't causing any problem it doesn't cause you any symptoms doesn't even cause a positive stress test.

00:45:05.130 --> 00:45:07.330 Peter Wainberg: but suddenly ruptures.

00:45:07.680 --> 00:45:15.140 Peter Wainberg: It, ruptures. It causes a blood clust to form the rest of the coronary artery. The rest of the pipe suddenly gets locked.

00:45:15.260 --> 00:45:23.380 Peter Wainberg: and a heart attack occurs, and that's really the most common positive heart attack. This is what kills people often in the

00:45:24.020 --> 00:45:26.069 Peter Wainberg: all that is dangerous.

00:45:26.140 --> 00:45:28.089 Peter Wainberg: But some flags are unstable

00:45:28.240 --> 00:45:29.889 Peter Wainberg: on the herd of rupture.

00:45:30.690 --> 00:45:36.020 Peter Wainberg: Scientists are today trying to determine how to identify the unstable fact.

00:45:36.480 --> 00:45:40.690 Peter Wainberg: while doctors try and help patients minimize their risks.

00:45:43.770 --> 00:45:45.109 Frank R Harrison: Amazing.

00:45:46.470 --> 00:45:50.779 Frank R Harrison: I mean, that was the second time I saw it today, but I definitely can see the impact

00:45:50.990 --> 00:46:02.210 Frank R Harrison: of how it can really provoke a lot of fear and paddock, especially into people who are only becoming aware of whatever their heart condition is, and if plaque is playing a part in it.

00:46:03.110 --> 00:46:04.279 Frank R Harrison: I gather

00:46:04.670 --> 00:46:10.340 Frank R Harrison: your your website is in the mission of trying to really educate people to take hold of this information

00:46:10.460 --> 00:46:12.380 Frank R Harrison: and do what they can to reverse it.

00:46:12.970 --> 00:46:16.260 Peter Wainberg: Listen. This guy, Peter says this is a war on plaque.

00:46:16.440 --> 00:46:26.179 Peter Wainberg: and Peter says it's all about prevention, and for those of you that go on my website you can download a free copy of my book, and on page

00:46:26.240 --> 00:46:27.379 Peter Wainberg: 12.

00:46:27.690 --> 00:46:46.150 Peter Wainberg: We call this rule Number 12. It's really a picture of a plaque in the arteries, and I blew up this picture so I could literally throw it in your face and say, when you're eating meat, chicken, fish, dairy, and oil, you've got to see some plaque going into your arteries. This is the only way you're going to change your lifestyle. If this is the

00:46:46.160 --> 00:47:01.910 Peter Wainberg: the the most powerful way for you to understand how you can, you can live the life of your dreams and live this life of incredible health is You've got to see the painful side of food. And but, I went on, this plant based diet.

00:47:02.620 --> 00:47:07.729 Peter Wainberg: I literally walked into a grocery store. I said, oh, I can't eat that and that and that. And I like

00:47:07.820 --> 00:47:20.929 Peter Wainberg: 99% of the foods in a grocery store. I literally couldn't eat. Now, don't be worried about that, because you don't actually have to go on a completely plant-based diet to to get rid of your plaque. There are some other solutions, but

00:47:21.190 --> 00:47:27.220 Peter Wainberg: I just wanted to talk about the book itself, so there is a free download. The 3 secrets are the the front.

00:47:27.450 --> 00:47:34.989 Peter Wainberg: the middle, and the back. And so the front page is really all about letting you know that 90% of heart disease is absolutely preventable.

00:47:35.140 --> 00:47:52.270 Peter Wainberg: and so you should not be afraid of it again. I have been through the hospitals, I can tell you. It's most of the treatments and the and the surgeries are painless. Okay. And so, just getting on this journey of starting to read my book and becoming aware of what are the different parts of your heart.

00:47:52.280 --> 00:47:55.399 Peter Wainberg: and going for an echo, cardiogram and a few other tests.

00:47:55.600 --> 00:47:58.129 Peter Wainberg: you can be assured that you know

00:47:58.220 --> 00:48:02.479 Peter Wainberg: you'll discover if you're born with heart disease, and you can fix that.

00:48:02.930 --> 00:48:20.409 Peter Wainberg: And then you can also see the condition of your heart right now, and you can start your journey so it's heart. Disease is preventable on my website. Heart disease is reversible. So this is the cover. The back page is all about the numbers. So one of the great things I learned in CEO school is what gets measured.

00:48:21.140 --> 00:48:22.180 Peter Wainberg: gets done.

00:48:22.580 --> 00:48:31.749 Peter Wainberg: and so, if you could measure that, your glucose is too high, you know that you'll be on your road to diabetes, and if you could measure that, your blood pressure is too high.

00:48:33.610 --> 00:48:37.750 Peter Wainberg: you know you're going to be on the road to high blood pressure. And so

00:48:38.150 --> 00:48:40.140 Peter Wainberg: and so in the middle of the book

00:48:40.250 --> 00:48:46.559 Peter Wainberg: it's really about that picture, and that's Rule Number 12 is, you must see the painful side of food. Now.

00:48:46.640 --> 00:48:50.739 Peter Wainberg: this is not something that that's easy for somebody

00:48:50.830 --> 00:49:05.569 Peter Wainberg: to change on the turn of the you know the the turn of a dime. And so there's an orientation period. And on my website I actually listed a 6 step process of how you can go step by step

00:49:05.710 --> 00:49:06.919 Peter Wainberg: into this

00:49:07.020 --> 00:49:10.430 Peter Wainberg: space and and and and start.

00:49:11.160 --> 00:49:15.870 Peter Wainberg: you know, and you know in each sequence, step by step.

00:49:16.420 --> 00:49:26.300 Peter Wainberg: of how you can get on your journey to your heart, health, your freedom, and your happiness, and and you know a crazy statistic on page 11 here, a third of people that I have heart attacks die.

00:49:27.080 --> 00:49:33.059 Peter Wainberg: and the third of people have a heart. Attacks have permanent damage. So I have. 2. Family members are right in that space.

00:49:33.240 --> 00:49:45.680 Peter Wainberg: and there's hardly a day that goes by, you know. If anybody wants to watch the news, there is one celebrity after another who is dying at a young age, and a lot of these deaths

00:49:46.100 --> 00:49:57.440 Peter Wainberg: are due to heart disease. Okay, so too much smoking could lead to heart disease. Too much alcohol could lead to heart disease, and and this too much eating is going to go into heart disease.

00:49:57.630 --> 00:50:03.109 Peter Wainberg: And so we know Elvis Presley's daughter, recently died, but Elvis Presley

00:50:03.310 --> 00:50:09.050 Peter Wainberg: put on a lot of weight up until he died. Age of 42 of heart disease. And so it's just

00:50:10.850 --> 00:50:14.680 Peter Wainberg: you know. The big picture here in conclusion is really

00:50:15.060 --> 00:50:18.190 Peter Wainberg: let's get on this journey of awareness.

00:50:18.260 --> 00:50:20.660 Peter Wainberg: Let's get on this journey of prevention.

00:50:20.730 --> 00:50:38.290 Peter Wainberg: Let's go to this journey. Of what matters most to us in life. And again, I repeat, life's highest and most important goal. It's our health and wealth, freedom. Okay, and the most important of those 2 is your health freedom? Because right? Mind over body. If your mind is convinced of something.

00:50:38.300 --> 00:50:42.150 Peter Wainberg: your mind is going to take your body on the journey to heart health, and so

00:50:42.270 --> 00:50:45.049 Peter Wainberg: you can have all the money in the world.

00:50:45.230 --> 00:50:46.970 Peter Wainberg: But if you don't have your health.

00:50:47.870 --> 00:50:49.580 Peter Wainberg: you really don't have much.

00:50:49.650 --> 00:50:52.839 Peter Wainberg: You could be limited, incapacitated.

00:50:52.960 --> 00:51:00.509 Peter Wainberg: You could be in a wheelchair, you could have some per minute damage, and so heart, disease and heart attacks could lead to permanent damage.

00:51:00.570 --> 00:51:02.840 Peter Wainberg: And so my biggest message is

00:51:04.830 --> 00:51:07.429 Peter Wainberg: become aware. Listen to this.

00:51:07.660 --> 00:51:22.289 Peter Wainberg: but listen to what we're saying. Here, take your time to read and learn, and just learning and and reading and studying about heart, health and heart disease will reduce your risk of heart disease, and

00:51:22.870 --> 00:51:29.400 Peter Wainberg: and there's nothing that feels better in life, knowing that you have conquered the number one killer of all humans.

00:51:29.560 --> 00:51:33.209 Peter Wainberg: his heart disease. And we're doing without medication.

00:51:33.710 --> 00:51:35.629 Peter Wainberg: We're doing it on surgeries.

00:51:35.990 --> 00:51:37.769 Peter Wainberg: We're getting to the root cause

00:51:37.890 --> 00:51:40.480 Peter Wainberg: we're going to talk about that over the next couple of weeks.

00:51:40.600 --> 00:51:48.550 Peter Wainberg: and we are gonna, you know. My My job here is to share my story, and all of the secrets and wisdom that I've learned to empower you

00:51:48.610 --> 00:51:54.320 Peter Wainberg: on your story, on your you know, with your story on your journey, and what if

00:51:54.960 --> 00:51:59.589 Peter Wainberg: you know you could heart attack proof yourself. Well, how would you feel about yourself?

00:52:00.070 --> 00:52:02.949 Frank R Harrison: Exactly. Exactly. What if you could

00:52:02.980 --> 00:52:06.850 Peter Wainberg: Normally, heart attack proof yourself. But you could also know that

00:52:06.930 --> 00:52:09.810 Peter Wainberg: you're on the road to not getting chronic illnesses like

00:52:10.150 --> 00:52:12.190 Peter Wainberg: cancer is the big one right?

00:52:12.300 --> 00:52:22.200 Peter Wainberg: Right? And so so this this thing called cancer. It likes to grow in an acidic environment with less oxygen, less nutrition.

00:52:22.280 --> 00:52:23.539 Peter Wainberg: and less blood.

00:52:23.760 --> 00:52:28.079 Peter Wainberg: And so listen. If I brought some awareness to you, just

00:52:28.910 --> 00:52:32.319 Peter Wainberg: do some research on some of the foods that you're reading? Am I eating

00:52:32.890 --> 00:52:35.620 Peter Wainberg: too much acidic food? Or should I

00:52:35.780 --> 00:52:52.519 Peter Wainberg: start eating more alkaline food? Go to some more greens? Well, I can tell you. I've got a lot of greens in my diet. I'm all day long, and I just wanted to share that with you and and thank you, and I hope I was able to really make a great contribution and and share some of my

00:52:52.530 --> 00:52:59.539 Peter Wainberg: my story and my great wisdom, and I can make a difference in people's lives, because that's that's the mission that i'm on right now.

00:53:00.020 --> 00:53:12.240 Frank R Harrison: Well, no, I i'm. I'm basically saying that you know you probably saw the warning. We're about to sign off. But the thing is is, you're another one of Sam's referrals. I want to thank you again, Sam, for introducing me to Peter.

00:53:12.290 --> 00:53:16.260 Frank R Harrison: because, just like you introduced me to Phyllis, and she became my co-host.

00:53:16.280 --> 00:53:22.710 Frank R Harrison: Peter is going to do the first ever mini-series right here on frank about health. This is episode one of 3

00:53:22.860 --> 00:53:26.659 Frank R Harrison: next week. We're going to talk about a presentation

00:53:26.730 --> 00:53:34.789 Frank R Harrison: that he has already shown to. I guess people on social media, and even to various professionals, correct

00:53:34.980 --> 00:53:40.999 Peter Wainberg: one to one basis. It's on on the smaller scale. It's not on social media, yet

00:53:41.080 --> 00:53:45.129 Peter Wainberg: it's it's being created, and it's being.

00:53:45.340 --> 00:54:01.219 Peter Wainberg: you know, disseminated to a a limited group. And so I really wanted to get my message out. I feel like I've spent the last 6 or 7 years in the hospital, and I've got to get all of this my story and my wisdom out, and share my secrets as quickly as I can, because

00:54:01.280 --> 00:54:03.879 Peter Wainberg: listen. Your life could end like this.

00:54:04.740 --> 00:54:07.250 Frank R Harrison: and your life can begin like this.

00:54:07.800 --> 00:54:23.089 Frank R Harrison: right? And we'd like to see you be able to help people flip that switch, especially by the time we get to episode 3, which is when we're going to have hopefully a pool of questions and answers, and from from the audience and viewers out there, not to mention, of course.

00:54:23.310 --> 00:54:31.480 Frank R Harrison: and I'm keeping my fingers crossed hopefully. Aretha will be able to join us on that show, and really learn from you a lot of the information that you've shared tonight.

00:54:31.520 --> 00:54:48.729 Frank R Harrison: you know. So, ladies and gentlemen, before we sign off, I want to thank you again, Peter, for not only coming to the rescue at the last minute when I was dealing with this show change that happened last night, but more importantly, bringing value to this show over the next

00:54:48.870 --> 00:55:06.109 Frank R Harrison: 3 weeks total in honor of heart, care, heart, health, awareness, month, and Sam i'm letting you right now. He's got a book in the writing that needs to be on your show so hopefully you'll have a chance after in March or April, to interview Peter on your show at some point.

00:55:06.120 --> 00:55:20.190 Frank R Harrison: and then, ladies and gentlemen, stay tuned for our Friday slate of shows, starting with philanthropy and focus with Tommy D. And ending with Stephen Fry, and always Friday, and then we'll be back next week, Peter and I

00:55:20.210 --> 00:55:24.649 Frank R Harrison: right here on Frank about health. But we'll talk about nutrition and heart health.

00:55:24.690 --> 00:55:43.439 Frank R Harrison: He'll show his presentation that is, gonna educate and make a lot of you aware on how to start your new journey, and possibly reversing your cardi condition if you have one, and at the same time i'm just looking forward to see all of you next week. Thanks for staying tuned.

00:55:43.450 --> 00:56:06.309 Frank R Harrison: Aretha. I hope you're getting better by the minute. And hopefully, you've learned a lot from this show if you're hearing it right now in your hospital room but overall. I just hope that anyone out there who has learned anything tonight and has any questions for Peter and myself. There's my email, Frank R. Harrison,, or Peter. Where can they reach you? If they have any direct questions.

00:56:06.440 --> 00:56:09.129 Peter Wainberg: info at freedom line?

00:56:09.750 --> 00:56:19.319 Frank R Harrison: All right, and then we will learn more about Freedom land next week in the week after, and the various books and publications and other resources that are out there for all of you to learn from

00:56:19.340 --> 00:56:38.249 Frank R Harrison: All right. So signing off right now. Thank you again, Dylan, for producing this show, and we're all just gonna see you all next week. So take care.

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