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Friday, January 27, 2023
Facebook Live Video from 2023/01/27 - Club houses as a solution to mental health crisis

Facebook Live Video from 2023/01/27 - Club houses as a solution to mental health crisis


2023/01/27 - Club houses as a solution to mental health crisis

[NEW EPISODE] Club houses as a solution to mental health crisis

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To learn about a (still unknown) free and lifelong service for people living with mental illness. The clubhouse model is essentially recovery through work and meaningful relationships. To understand why and how to access this resource. What is Venture House?


About Venture House: Venture House is a community based non-profit mental health agency that provides free and life long services to individuals living in NYC with serious mental illness. Venture House utilizes an internationally recognized approach to psychosocial rehabilitation, known as the Clubhouse Model, which originated in NYC and has since been replicated in 33 countries around the world.

About Juliet Douglas: Experienced CEO providing over 20 years of clinical and administrative oversight in the field of mental health. Business development and grant-writing expertise. Knowledgeable in evidence based practices, supporting the use of data to drive strategy and promoting strength based, person centered approaches to psychosocial rehabilitation. Proven track record of expanding funding resources, facilitating partnerships and affiliations among various entities: service providers, business leaders, elected officials, and other community stakeholders. Instrumental in supporting the goals of Medicaid Redesign, including HCBS service delivery.

Name of organization: Venture House





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00:00:22.910 --> 00:00:38.210 Tommy DiMisa: gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages. It's your boy, the nonprofit sector connector, coming at you from the top of my house, 2 flights up from the kitchen, where I get my coffee sometimes. Other times, you know, I get it at Duncan. Tommy D runs on Duncan. This is philanthropy in

00:00:38.430 --> 00:01:00.069 Tommy DiMisa: focus. And what do I focus on this show? I focus on bringing you all nonprofit leaders and their organizations nonprofits, as I tell you, every week, change our world, make incredible impacts and serve those who need services. If it wasn't for the nonprofits. The leaders in their teams that I specialize in hanging out with. I specialize it hanging out with people. I like that, Tommy. D

00:01:00.080 --> 00:01:22.130 Tommy DiMisa: if it wasn't for these leaders, I mean, I was on a phone call with a a gentleman who runs development for an organization out here in Long Island Just earlier this morning I had a round table with my friend Lauren Marzo over at the Discardi Center Yesterday we had about 25 other nonprofit folks on that call learning from Lauren I'm all about this sector. So what do I specialize in? I do 2 things on this show.

00:01:22.140 --> 00:01:40.909 Tommy DiMisa: I help the leaders who come on my show, tell their story, and then I help them amplify their message. I sound like that guy, you know. they used to sell the electronics crazy, Eddie, and say, my prices are used to say, here's the story: what we're going to talk about. I want you to understand that

00:01:41.290 --> 00:02:00.909 Tommy DiMisa: there are organizations, as I say, that change our world, that make incredible impact. And every time I have a leader on this show I know that they're going to say, hey, it's not about me. It's about my team, and that's exactly right. But it takes a strong leader at the beginning of the or at the top of the organization to really set that North Star.

00:02:00.920 --> 00:02:14.090 Tommy DiMisa: and then work towards those goals together as a unit. Juliet Douglas, my friend, over a venture how she is the CEO chief executive of Officer Venture house. I will tell everybody how we met, and the whole thing. But good morning! How are you? What's going on?

00:02:14.480 --> 00:02:18.580 Juliet Douglas Venture House: Good morning, i'm. Well, i'm happy to be here.

00:02:18.880 --> 00:02:28.440 Tommy DiMisa: We're gonna have fun, I promise we're gonna have a good time. I'm gonna I shall do my best. I've done this 102 times so far. So I think i'm gonna. I think I figured out some stuff. So

00:02:29.000 --> 00:02:37.070 Tommy DiMisa: I really I You know, before we get started, there's something I want to read, and just to kind of set the stage a little bit. you know I I do.

00:02:37.720 --> 00:02:51.899 Tommy DiMisa: I take very seriously the conversation around mental health, and I I know you know every pretty much it comes up in every conversation i'm having with nonprofits these days, because it is it is certainly so important. I believe that.

00:02:52.030 --> 00:03:06.420 Tommy DiMisa: unfortunately, the way we treated this mental health conversation wrapping so much stigma into the conversation is not appropriate, and we need to continue to break down those boundaries. Second, ever episode. You might not know this, Julia, but the second ever sort of plan through P. And focus.

00:03:06.530 --> 00:03:20.269 Tommy DiMisa: Dr. Larry Grubler came on the show from transitional services for New York, Tsi, and why they sort of serve 4,000 individuals with different mental health issues in the city of New York, and each year. And you know, Larry said, You know, Tommy.

00:03:20.340 --> 00:03:24.470 Tommy DiMisa: at different times, we all need support, and I think that's the compassion

00:03:24.480 --> 00:03:46.449 Tommy DiMisa: the conversation we need to have is we all need support at different times. You know. I go through this in my own family unit about different challenges people are going through but there's a spectrum of different needs for people for sure, and we need to open up this conversation. We need to have this dialogue more often. So what we're going to talk about so Venture House is a clubhouse setting, and they're more than

00:03:46.460 --> 00:04:00.690 Tommy DiMisa: There are over 320 local club houses internationally, and and this way this model offers friendship, employment, housing at times education, access to medical and psychiatric services in in an environment of

00:04:00.770 --> 00:04:19.919 Tommy DiMisa: what I would consider community and collaboration having been both now certainly on the campus of or the clubhouse in Queens, New York, but also in the last couple of weeks. I I've made it out to Staten Island a couple of weeks back, and I met with Juliet and Liz and for Kenny and some of the folks over there, and I I

00:04:19.950 --> 00:04:39.910 Tommy DiMisa: I just wanted to kind of set the stage, and then I really want to get into Juliet. You your background, the organization as we talk about in the impact, always on the show, we draw things to. How can we connect? And how can we bring resources to the organization? But it's important that we set that stage in doing so upfront. So one last thing I want to say, and then we get into this

00:04:41.200 --> 00:05:00.200 Tommy DiMisa: my Buddy Brendan, levy over the Queen's Chamber of Commerce, who runs business development was originally the conduit, the liaison, the connector, if you will. Yes, I will, Tommy. Okay, good Tommy, if you will, Brendan, and leave you. My Uncle Brendan over the Chamber, made this connection years ago to Juliet and her team adventure House, and

00:05:00.210 --> 00:05:06.129 Tommy DiMisa: we know each other also, because through that relationship from Brendan Venture House became a client of our firm

00:05:06.160 --> 00:05:20.120 Tommy DiMisa: vanguard benefits, probably about 5 or 6 years ago. Now, so that's we'll leave that on the side. But that is what I do. Professionally. We only benefits agency focused on serving businesses and specifically the nonprofit sector. Okay, commercial, gone. Let's do it, Juliet.

00:05:20.340 --> 00:05:29.330 Tommy DiMisa: and welcome to the show welcome to my virtual attic. You're not in the attic. You're in your office. I'm in my attic Some people who might only be listening. Don't, realize that we're not in the same place 150,

00:05:29.380 --> 00:05:31.319 Tommy DiMisa: but I just want to get the

00:05:31.350 --> 00:05:41.679 Tommy DiMisa: kind of get this story. I know you. You got your Msw. Your masters in social work, for from Columbia University we were just talking a little bit before in the virtual green room about

00:05:41.790 --> 00:05:53.889 Tommy DiMisa: the kind of the arc a little bit about what drew you? Not, maybe necessarily to to the mental health, space or or nonprofit. But just to just this this social work aspect. Tell me a little bit about that. What was interesting for you there.

00:05:55.440 --> 00:06:06.950 Juliet Douglas Venture House: so thank you for for introducing me and it's great to be here when Well, when I think back on, why did I choose social work or this profession?

00:06:07.260 --> 00:06:10.650 Juliet Douglas Venture House: It really just boils down to my thinking that.

00:06:10.750 --> 00:06:13.620 Juliet Douglas Venture House: people are the most interesting

00:06:14.690 --> 00:06:15.870 Juliet Douglas Venture House: thing in the world.

00:06:16.240 --> 00:06:32.289 Juliet Douglas Venture House: you know, I I think that when I come to the end of my life, and I and ask myself what really mattered. It's I don't think I'm going to be thinking about that. You know very comfortable couch I bought, or that you know, treasured piece of jewelry i'm going to be thinking about.

00:06:32.300 --> 00:06:36.380 Juliet Douglas Venture House: You know the meaningful relationships that I had in my life.

00:06:36.580 --> 00:06:37.730 Juliet Douglas Venture House: And so

00:06:37.780 --> 00:06:45.819 Juliet Douglas Venture House: it's really about relationships, people matter. And you know that's what j me to the field to to begin with.

00:06:46.790 --> 00:06:56.789 Tommy DiMisa: Yeah, I I certainly in my experience, the most fascinating species I've ever encountered is our species, you know. I mean, we are. We are an interesting lot.

00:06:59.620 --> 00:07:02.550 Tommy DiMisa: Yeah, yeah, I hear that.

00:07:02.760 --> 00:07:04.980 Tommy DiMisa: Well, what do you mean by that

00:07:05.150 --> 00:07:23.910 Tommy DiMisa: we're we're at war. We've been killing each other. Yeah, yeah, I have a lot of feelings on that whole thing. But that's a we we'll fill 3 h of the show with that that whole concept about how things are set at odds, you know. I think there's almost by designed by some folks getting kind of needed that way.

00:07:23.920 --> 00:07:28.170 Tommy DiMisa: but that's all another story. So I I want to understand.

00:07:29.240 --> 00:07:30.630 Tommy DiMisa: you know, having been

00:07:31.060 --> 00:07:45.050 Tommy DiMisa: in Queens or at the Queen's location, which I tell you truth, we were talking about this few weeks, so I haven't been out to the Queen's location, as they say. Pre Covid we used to come out each year, you know, during open Roman time on the benefit side of things, but it's been some years

00:07:45.060 --> 00:08:05.749 Tommy DiMisa: you've done some renovations out of the building, but it's Tell me about that space. I mean it's a really cool building. It's like a landmark building. I want to talk to you about the art we're going to get into that, because that's going to lead into all another conversation which I know we have to talk about if you're not watching. If you're only listening right now. Julia has some incredible artwork on the walls behind her. But I let's tell me we'll get into that in a second. Tell me about

00:08:05.760 --> 00:08:15.789 Tommy DiMisa: the building and some of the the amenities, and and really the facilities and resources and things like that that members get the experience when they come to at your house.

00:08:17.240 --> 00:08:18.789 Juliet Douglas Venture House: So it

00:08:18.890 --> 00:08:31.430 Juliet Douglas Venture House: venture houses a clubhouse which is a particular model, and, as you pointed out, there are over 300 around the world. There are over 200 in the United States, and the model did begin in New York City.

00:08:32.409 --> 00:08:45.409 Juliet Douglas Venture House: The clubhouse is a it's a facility where people work together side by side to run day to day operations. So in order to become a member of the club.

00:08:45.470 --> 00:08:47.770 Juliet Douglas Venture House: A person has to be

00:08:47.980 --> 00:08:51.659 Juliet Douglas Venture House: 18 years or older and have a diagnosis

00:08:51.700 --> 00:08:53.730 Juliet Douglas Venture House: a serious mental health condition.

00:08:53.890 --> 00:09:00.420 Juliet Douglas Venture House: So schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, major depression, and when a person becomes a member

00:09:00.690 --> 00:09:01.839 Juliet Douglas Venture House: they do

00:09:01.970 --> 00:09:04.090 Juliet Douglas Venture House: work side by side with staff

00:09:04.190 --> 00:09:14.020 Juliet Douglas Venture House: to manage the facility to engage in program, planning and development. to participate in

00:09:14.330 --> 00:09:16.870 Juliet Douglas Venture House: designing our social programming and

00:09:17.020 --> 00:09:20.760 Juliet Douglas Venture House: conducting various events and advocacy.

00:09:20.800 --> 00:09:24.999 Juliet Douglas Venture House: so we so the the clubhouse is structured into work units.

00:09:25.080 --> 00:09:33.690 Juliet Douglas Venture House: There's units devoted to education and employment. So when people are interested in pursuing

00:09:33.830 --> 00:09:37.810 Juliet Douglas Venture House: further education or finding a job.

00:09:37.850 --> 00:09:43.900 Juliet Douglas Venture House: or we turn into school, maybe it, after having dropped out at 1 point. Do do mental health challenges?

00:09:44.120 --> 00:09:48.879 Juliet Douglas Venture House: there are people who are trying to get a Ged or apply to college.

00:09:49.990 --> 00:10:04.070 Juliet Douglas Venture House: And so they go into that unit. And again it's staff and members working side by side to run those state of the operations. So we have numbers who may have a Ph. D. And they are tutoring other members who are working on their Ged

00:10:04.090 --> 00:10:08.879 Juliet Douglas Venture House: so and then there's a unit devoted to kitchen dining room

00:10:08.930 --> 00:10:18.090 Juliet Douglas Venture House: where we operate sort of like a restaurant plan. The menu we're cooking side by side. People are learning how to. You know

00:10:18.120 --> 00:10:20.380 Juliet Douglas Venture House: that maintain inventory.

00:10:20.400 --> 00:10:28.190 Juliet Douglas Venture House: do the cooking, serving the busing tables, cleaning up. And so there's a lot of work associated with that unit.

00:10:28.350 --> 00:10:33.510 Juliet Douglas Venture House: and we have that is involved with the clerical aspect of

00:10:33.550 --> 00:10:38.910 Juliet Douglas Venture House: the operation, which is, you know, logging in the attendance tracking data.

00:10:38.980 --> 00:10:46.780 Juliet Douglas Venture House: scheduling tours, doing the admissions process for incoming members that you may publish as a newsletter.

00:10:47.880 --> 00:10:51.449 Juliet Douglas Venture House: we're going to be, you know, working on other

00:10:51.510 --> 00:10:52.170 yeah

00:10:52.570 --> 00:10:55.479 Tommy DiMisa: in our future. But you can talk more about later.

00:10:55.510 --> 00:10:56.070 Right?

00:10:56.190 --> 00:10:59.839 Juliet Douglas Venture House: So so with the and then we had a whole social program.

00:11:00.060 --> 00:11:06.420 Juliet Douglas Venture House: So the clubhouses, the the model and structured around what we call the work Order day

00:11:06.550 --> 00:11:08.250 Tommy DiMisa: work, order day.

00:11:08.920 --> 00:11:13.439 Juliet Douglas Venture House: We're running a business here. We're coming together, and we're focused on work.

00:11:13.580 --> 00:11:15.080 Juliet Douglas Venture House: and it's really

00:11:15.570 --> 00:11:16.210 okay.

00:11:16.370 --> 00:11:19.690 Juliet Douglas Venture House: because you know, the the principle is that

00:11:19.800 --> 00:11:25.819 Juliet Douglas Venture House: you know the concept is rooted in this notion that work is restored, and when people are engaged in

00:11:25.960 --> 00:11:28.369 Juliet Douglas Venture House: purposeful activity,

00:11:28.480 --> 00:11:31.230 Juliet Douglas Venture House: that that is a meaningful experience.

00:11:31.430 --> 00:11:37.679 Juliet Douglas Venture House: and there and people are we. We communicate to our membership that they are needed, wanted, and expected.

00:11:37.990 --> 00:11:41.089 Tommy DiMisa: So let me stop you for a second, because we had, you know.

00:11:41.280 --> 00:11:43.950 Tommy DiMisa: when we when I was in Staten Island.

00:11:45.180 --> 00:11:50.179 Tommy DiMisa: with you and Liz, we sat, and, you know, had some coffee and stuff like that, and

00:11:50.780 --> 00:11:52.380 Tommy DiMisa: you just said needed

00:11:53.500 --> 00:11:55.500 Tommy DiMisa: and expected. And what was the last one

00:11:55.710 --> 00:12:05.169 Tommy DiMisa: wanted, so needed, expected and wanted, and whether somebody has a serious mental health challenge, issue or not.

00:12:05.180 --> 00:12:22.610 Tommy DiMisa: we all want to be needed. Wanted right? That's what we want. We want connection, you know, when you think in terms of you know I've shared on the show plenty of times. I'll just share it again right now. I gave up drinking alcohol 12 years ago. and I, and not that, you know this was necessarily

00:12:23.430 --> 00:12:31.780 Tommy DiMisa: something that I was aware of at the time. But I learn about the addiction piece in light is, you know, as I see, more and more, and read more and more

00:12:31.830 --> 00:12:51.329 Tommy DiMisa: connection reduces. You know, that need for the the the drug, the substance, and a lot of, I think what you know, at least in my experience with people, is trying to fill that whole of loneliness and lack of connection. you know, from a. From a substance abuse, perspective. And I think when you talk about being wanted

00:12:51.340 --> 00:13:03.350 Tommy DiMisa: and and needed and expected. There comes also, you know, aside from connection, that comes this level of responsibility. I'm part of a team right you had mentioned. There was, you know.

00:13:03.360 --> 00:13:17.910 Tommy DiMisa: I don't need to call out anybody by name or anything. But you mentioned it was a member that you know very specifically he has a routine of how he comes and takes care of the trash, and that's his thing, and that's his routine, and you know it's it. It's it's something that

00:13:17.920 --> 00:13:47.870 Tommy DiMisa: you know he he's committed to it. It's part of what you know. I'm sure. There's plenty of different responsibilities that people have that they go. This is my thing. I'm part of a community here, you know, and I I made kind of a you know, a video leading up to the show, and I was kind of being a little bit silly, because I showed up. I had but come from a different meeting, and I had a shirt and tie, and it, and a suit on, and I stuck out, as they say, like a sore thumb at at at at at Venture House, out in Staten Island, and people go. Who's the guy in the suit? Who's the guy in the suit? I tell that story only to say, i'll never do that

00:13:47.880 --> 00:13:53.820 Tommy DiMisa: again. I'll always have a hoodie and genes on when I come out now. But it's be why I say that because

00:13:53.970 --> 00:13:59.779 Tommy DiMisa: everybody's working in community adventure house every I you know this is something you've shared with me over the years.

00:14:01.100 --> 00:14:15.170 Tommy DiMisa: Somebody who might come in for a visit doesn't know who's staff and doesn't know who's a member, because everybody's just working in tandem to get certain things done and and be responsible. So I know from a vocational perspective, maybe could dive into that, and when we come back from a break, but

00:14:15.420 --> 00:14:16.589 Tommy DiMisa: all of us

00:14:17.140 --> 00:14:18.270 Tommy DiMisa: get a

00:14:19.160 --> 00:14:32.409 Tommy DiMisa: connection a feeling of success when we have a vocation, when we have a professional when we have a job, and you know, because it gives us somewhere to go in something to do. So Can you say anything about that before we go to a quick break.

00:14:33.060 --> 00:14:44.259 Juliet Douglas Venture House: Yes, absolutely a club in order for a clubhouse to be accredited, and we are accredited by Clubhouse international. We have to adhere to 37 standards, and it's our constitution in effect.

00:14:44.530 --> 00:14:49.829 Juliet Douglas Venture House: So one of the standards speaks to makes the point that

00:14:49.980 --> 00:15:07.359 Juliet Douglas Venture House: the clubhouse employees so few staff that we cannot operate without the participation of the membership.

00:15:07.460 --> 00:15:24.290 Juliet Douglas Venture House: Exactly, which means that our members are not only welcome, they're essential, and being essential is part of what drives self-esteem builds competence, and that's where the recovery box

00:15:24.590 --> 00:15:42.309 Tommy DiMisa: I love that I love, that that is so special. I want to come back, and I want to dive in if we could, to each of these different programs. a little bit more in depth from you know, Vocational, the work units. What what a day in the life at at a clubhouse is! and and really

00:15:43.690 --> 00:15:54.859 Tommy DiMisa: how some of some lives have been changed by the relationship with Venture House being being exposed to job training, being exposed to just what you said. You know

00:15:55.250 --> 00:15:56.169 Tommy DiMisa: you know.

00:15:56.290 --> 00:15:57.380 Tommy DiMisa: although

00:15:57.510 --> 00:16:00.090 Tommy DiMisa: in an an individual may have

00:16:00.290 --> 00:16:05.989 Tommy DiMisa: you as you say it. you have to give me the term the way you said again. Serious mental health crisis.

00:16:06.160 --> 00:16:21.130 Juliet Douglas Venture House: So under the Dsm. Which has been diagnostical, statistical, Manual, it's sort of the Encyclopedia of Mental Health conditions. S. M. I. Stands for serious mental illness for basic diagnoses.

00:16:21.350 --> 00:16:50.270 Tommy DiMisa: because everyone has some. We all got something. Look, I wasn't going to say it on the show. I wasn't going to say it today, because I don't want to be, you know, whatever, but like I don't believe the statistics when they say one in 5 people, or one in 4 people, because I usually say that in this home where I am, we're 6 for 6, with some level of mental health challenges, and I don't even. I say that kind of tongue in cheek, but I say it for real cause we're all sort of going through, and I goes to what I started to show. With Larry Grublers. As I said earlier, we all need different support. We need different levels of support.

00:16:50.280 --> 00:17:05.910 Tommy DiMisa: But with those with those serious mental illnesses that you talk about You know that doesn't preclude somebody from being a Phd. As you just said earlier. So it doesn't mean you know it, because you know when I I we gotta go to a break, but the point of the matter is

00:17:06.010 --> 00:17:07.550 Tommy DiMisa: with support.

00:17:08.810 --> 00:17:15.559 Tommy DiMisa: I I guess, with pharmaceutical intervention, as appropriate. Certainly, with psychiatric services and things like that.

00:17:15.720 --> 00:17:19.840 Tommy DiMisa: people can can certainly excel in different ways right with with support.

00:17:20.329 --> 00:17:30.430 Tommy DiMisa: Absolutely. Alright, we're going to take a quick break philanthropy and focus. We got a lot to talk about. Julia Douglas, chief executive officer of venture houses here and your board the nonprofit sector connector right back.

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00:19:34.740 --> 00:19:37.060 to come to

00:19:37.230 --> 00:19:39.769 Tommy in his.

00:19:40.070 --> 00:19:49.989 Tommy DiMisa: That's right. Don't literally show up at my house. Don't join me in the attic like that, but join me in the attic every single Friday morning at 10 am. For the show. Come on to me. You can speak. Say the words, kid.

00:19:50.000 --> 00:20:08.149 Tommy DiMisa: So join me in the attic because I am having important conversations each week with nonprofit executive leaders on my show. Philanthropy and focus today is not any different. So I want to read you something really quick. Venture House is a community based nonprofit mental health agency that provides free

00:20:08.160 --> 00:20:17.029 Tommy DiMisa: and lifelong services to individuals in New York City with serious mental illness, that your house utilizes an internationally recognized approach

00:20:17.050 --> 00:20:28.860 Tommy DiMisa: to psychosocial rehabilitation known as the clubhouse model, which was originated in New York City, and has since been replicated in 33 countries. There you go, New York City, representing

00:20:29.060 --> 00:20:38.569 Tommy DiMisa: all around the world now, and we assist it. We assist people in sustaining recovery through improved access to, as I said earlier in segment, one education, employment, housing.

00:20:38.580 --> 00:21:03.510 Tommy DiMisa: socialization, and civic engagement. We talk about being that the members of a clubhouse are essential to what goes on in the clubhouse. In fact, by definition, the clubhouse cannot exist and do the work it's doing. If the members aren't part of it. Which what a better model then, forcing the thing to work because it has to work so right, Julia Douglas is here. I want to just shout out a couple of things about the organization. So to

00:21:05.000 --> 00:21:25.119 Tommy DiMisa: 2 psychosocial clubhouses in Queens, one in queens, rather one in Staten Islands at 2 in New York City, as well as 2 scattered site supportive housing programs across New York City. I don't know what that means which is good, that Juliet is here, and she does know what that means. So she could tell me what that means in a second. we'll stop right there. Let's get back into our conversation. The website is

00:21:25.130 --> 00:21:29.440 Tommy DiMisa: venture house org Correct me if i'm wrong. Venture House. Org

00:21:29.980 --> 00:21:34.309 Tommy DiMisa: Yeah. And my Buddy Mick Collins has also shared it out there on

00:21:34.830 --> 00:21:51.979 Tommy DiMisa: on Facebook. So if you are, I see people watching on Facebook. If you're there watching on Facebook, and you have questions for Juliet, or I put it right there in the Facebook chat, and we will answer those questions, for you. Live on the show. so, Juliet. So let's get into what the the settings are, because you have these multiple settings. In fact, when I first

00:21:52.120 --> 00:21:55.660 Tommy DiMisa: met you i'm going to slow down. When I first met you in the organization

00:21:56.080 --> 00:21:57.880 Tommy DiMisa: there was only queens at the time.

00:21:59.090 --> 00:22:00.410 Tommy DiMisa: Right?

00:22:00.510 --> 00:22:11.129 Tommy DiMisa: Yes, that's right. Yeah. So take me through kind of what the the multiple sites. What is a scattered site? Support housing program? What is all that? So talk us about that?

00:22:12.200 --> 00:22:13.880 Juliet Douglas Venture House: Okay. So that is

00:22:14.430 --> 00:22:19.109 Juliet Douglas Venture House: the that is, through a contract with the State Office of Mental Health.

00:22:19.230 --> 00:22:25.539 Juliet Douglas Venture House: scattered site is means that we are housing people across the city in

00:22:25.830 --> 00:22:32.450 Juliet Douglas Venture House: open market apartments that are independent, like like anyone would be looking for.

00:22:32.680 --> 00:22:44.489 Juliet Douglas Venture House: which is, which is distinguished from having congregate settings where you have one building with multiple apartments in it, and we are housing everyone together.

00:22:45.970 --> 00:22:49.489 Juliet Douglas Venture House: so there are different levels of care in a supportive house.

00:22:49.790 --> 00:22:57.160 Juliet Douglas Venture House: but before we get to that, if you don't mind before the break. We were talking about language, Smi and I wanted to make the point that

00:22:57.180 --> 00:23:15.869 Juliet Douglas Venture House: you know, in our you know, raised consciousness. People have, you know, come to understand that language? it can be stigmatizing, and words have power, and we've been reorienting our thinking about mental illness. And so we talk about it

00:23:15.880 --> 00:23:22.399 Juliet Douglas Venture House: in in different ways, such as we talk about mental health conditions, mental health concerns.

00:23:22.440 --> 00:23:24.959 Juliet Douglas Venture House: challenges,

00:23:25.160 --> 00:23:31.780 Juliet Douglas Venture House: you know, and and taking out that stigmatizing concept of illness, because, as you pointed out earlier.

00:23:32.030 --> 00:23:40.549 Juliet Douglas Venture House: you know, we all that something, and that's there is a spectrum of of ways that people can feel and think.

00:23:40.650 --> 00:23:47.599 Juliet Douglas Venture House: And we're all really human. And so at the clubhouse makes a point of that of of, you know.

00:23:47.670 --> 00:23:53.139 Juliet Douglas Venture House: recognizing every individual and every every individual's dignity.

00:23:53.730 --> 00:23:56.629 Juliet Douglas Venture House: but so getting to the housing

00:23:57.020 --> 00:24:16.570 Juliet Douglas Venture House: we, you know the the the club house wants to make sure that people have a holistic approach to every which it has to include housing, employment, health care, all of those areas. So can I stop you 1 s just to go back for a second

00:24:16.760 --> 00:24:20.550 Tommy DiMisa: understanding, a holistic perspective and a holistic view of this.

00:24:21.090 --> 00:24:50.049 Tommy DiMisa: Can you? Can we look at this from a perspective of when someone first a new member, engages, and maybe see the kind of that that life cycle as they get exposed to the different services, like even from the I don't know if this is the right term, but from intake or from first connection or first point of introduction. So because I see things in terms of like. I like to see like a vision of what I ha like, what happens? What's that that experience like? Can we do that? And then look at it from the perspective of that holistic view.

00:24:50.590 --> 00:24:55.879 Tommy DiMisa: and how the person initially interacts with the organization and vice versa.

00:24:56.610 --> 00:25:08.890 Juliet Douglas Venture House: Yeah, yeah, that is, actually, that's a great question, because what you know, I started out in the the treatment side of mental health services, you know. It was

00:25:08.910 --> 00:25:28.419 Juliet Douglas Venture House: hospital based. It was the medical model. Psychiatrists had the final word on things. We we we were teaching you know, social workers, therapist psychologists. We're we're helping people develop coping strategies. And so it was. It was clinically focused.

00:25:28.430 --> 00:25:38.530 Juliet Douglas Venture House: and and it helped people to stabilize, to get, you know, to be able to manage symptoms. It's all good. It's excellent. It's necessary, and so

00:25:38.670 --> 00:25:48.170 Juliet Douglas Venture House: medications can be very effective for those for whom it works for others. It it may not be so good on the medications at both, you know.

00:25:48.390 --> 00:25:53.420 Juliet Douglas Venture House: you know positives and negatives up in order to, you know.

00:25:53.730 --> 00:25:56.819 Juliet Douglas Venture House: to add something on.

00:25:57.350 --> 00:26:14.140 Juliet Douglas Venture House: So. so I was always, you know I was in the treatment side of things, and then people would come in, you know, very unwell, unable to to manage to function, and then, after a certain period of treatment, they feel stable and

00:26:14.170 --> 00:26:17.530 Juliet Douglas Venture House: and more comfortable and grounded.

00:26:17.620 --> 00:26:21.030 Juliet Douglas Venture House: And then the question is, Well, what next?

00:26:21.320 --> 00:26:38.040 Juliet Douglas Venture House: And I think you know the answer to that is is a class. It's a supervised community. It provides fellowship, lasting, meaningful relationships, a place that we it invites you to contribute in meaningful ways, and to have a purpose.

00:26:38.300 --> 00:26:39.140 Juliet Douglas Venture House: And

00:26:39.470 --> 00:26:53.790 Juliet Douglas Venture House: so so when somebody comes in to the club house as a we sometimes have to reorient. They're thinking these are may have been institutionalized for many years. These are people who Nobody asks what you are thinking.

00:26:53.890 --> 00:27:04.540 Juliet Douglas Venture House: You know. They come into the clubhouse, and they're sitting around the table with us, making policy. We make a smoking policy because people are complaining about the smoke at the front door.

00:27:04.590 --> 00:27:16.630 Juliet Douglas Venture House: Okay, let's have a community meeting. And what do you think? And what do you think? And it can be a startling experience for people who have been marginalized

00:27:17.150 --> 00:27:33.549 Tommy DiMisa: in their experience, their their opinion. They've not been invited to have that kind of type of dialogue, so even that is a new orientation or a reorientation, as you might say, to get them back, you know. Get an individual person back to

00:27:33.560 --> 00:27:38.630 Tommy DiMisa: to it some level ground where they understand why you know what this is right.

00:27:38.750 --> 00:27:42.430 Juliet Douglas Venture House: Yes, I mean it's. It's really about your agency

00:27:43.440 --> 00:27:52.099 Juliet Douglas Venture House: agency people who have been in hospitals for years or other institutions or treatment programs are being told

00:27:52.110 --> 00:28:04.479 Juliet Douglas Venture House: what to do when to do it. Now you sleep. Now you eat. I take your medication. I'm. The you know the authority, the the clean up, the practitioner is the authority, and you are the patient, the recipient

00:28:04.650 --> 00:28:06.650 Juliet Douglas Venture House: of how to model what's true

00:28:06.900 --> 00:28:25.910 Juliet Douglas Venture House: reorient thinking around that we, everybody is. There can be their own agent. Everyone can contribute. They certainly can think they have ideas. And we see people coming to the clubhouse, who might not. Might you know when you join a club, any one of us

00:28:25.920 --> 00:28:30.120 Juliet Douglas Venture House: join a central club? I hear this from people who who try to, you know.

00:28:30.370 --> 00:28:42.839 Juliet Douglas Venture House: start out in in some new environment where people are already active already have relationships. It's hard to break into that. So we might have someone join the plug, and they're sitting in the margins for the first

00:28:42.850 --> 00:28:59.989 Juliet Douglas Venture House: while we're asking them to participate. But they're registered, let's say, and and they're they're nervous. They're anxious. They don't want to, you know. Feel like they they like. Ask the stupid question or whatever. So they but then, after a period of time they might bring that share. It's it closer to the table.

00:29:00.060 --> 00:29:09.039 Juliet Douglas Venture House: Some other period of time they may start to contribute to the conversation, and then they start to feel their power

00:29:09.130 --> 00:29:10.280 Juliet Douglas Venture House: there, and

00:29:10.370 --> 00:29:18.339 Juliet Douglas Venture House: and then they start to running things to other people, and, you know, help other people to engage. And so we see this happening

00:29:18.420 --> 00:29:19.590 Juliet Douglas Venture House: incrementally.

00:29:19.750 --> 00:29:28.149 Juliet Douglas Venture House: but it's a very striking experience when you see someone who you ever said a word for 6 months with suddenly, you know

00:29:28.410 --> 00:29:30.439 Juliet Douglas Venture House: bringing up ideas and

00:29:30.870 --> 00:29:37.520 Tommy DiMisa: making, you know, planning with us.

00:29:39.160 --> 00:29:41.089 Tommy DiMisa: what sort of strategies

00:29:41.370 --> 00:29:49.350 Tommy DiMisa: during the initial phases when somebody just joins the club and becomes a member of the clubhouse to understand their personal interests.

00:29:49.360 --> 00:30:03.350 Tommy DiMisa: you know. I mean, I know we're going to talk about something. I'm just going to wink at the whole world. Let's go, Max. We're going to talk about the medicine a little while, but to shout out to my Buddy Mick Collins big big mess fan. Let's go met so you know, I think.

00:30:04.050 --> 00:30:18.760 Tommy DiMisa: I think my question is like, how do we find out that people's interests early on, you know. Is there like, do they have? You know I I don't know the terminology, but a a coordinator or a case manager, somebody that' to tell us about a little bit about that quick if you could.

00:30:18.770 --> 00:30:29.480 Tommy DiMisa: We're gonna break anyway, and come back and keep talking about it, but just like, set the stage a little bit. Let's why don't we tease? Why, we tease a little bit, tell it, start the story, and then i'll say we got to go to break.

00:30:29.740 --> 00:30:35.520 Juliet Douglas Venture House: Well, there is a formal process for that we talk about. We call it a service plan.

00:30:35.610 --> 00:30:50.519 Juliet Douglas Venture House: The the newcomer, in a conversation about what are their goals, what their strengths, what are their areas that they want to grow in? So you know what I want to hear all about that service plan, but we gotta go to a quick break. We'll be right back. This is fully under being focused.

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00:32:30.880 --> 00:32:31.830 you

00:32:37.840 --> 00:32:41.710 your next

00:32:42.160 --> 00:32:44.510 to

00:32:44.660 --> 00:32:47.239 Tommy in his.

00:32:47.850 --> 00:32:53.150 Tommy DiMisa: and we are back. We're back. We're back all right. Listen. We're back.

00:32:53.660 --> 00:33:14.960 Tommy DiMisa: Julia Douglas is here. I gotta say hello to my friend Another friend of mine, Fred Taffer, who's actually going to be on my other show this afternoon and focus on on profits Show Fred checking in on Facebook, too. I was joking with everybody. Mick Collins is a big Yankee fan, but I like to give him the business and say like, let's go, Matt, and the whole thing he's actually named Mickey mantle. That's his name is given name.

00:33:15.020 --> 00:33:28.999 Tommy DiMisa: It is so this is. That's what the guys called so he's a Yankee fan. I know Fred and congrats, Fred. Good luck on the the eagles this weekend, you know. We the giants are no longer playing football right now, but I believe they'll be back playing football

00:33:29.010 --> 00:33:43.519 Tommy DiMisa: next year again. So we're. We're worried about that. But let's. I want to get into that service plan, Juliet, and then I know you have somebody in your office with you that we'd like to maybe introduce and bring into this conversation as well, so we can get to that during this segment.

00:33:43.530 --> 00:34:10.639 Tommy DiMisa: but here let me lay out the rest of the show. So I want you to talk about the service plan. I will introduce your colleague, who's in the office there with you, and then, when we come back from our other break, I want to talk about You know things you have going on, the events that we have coming up, and and things like that that we kind of prepped on. And obviously the pictures behind you would lead into that story. So I just we. This is just totally framing out where we're going. So service Plan I I maybe it's me. I've become a member of the club.

00:34:10.739 --> 00:34:12.510 Tommy DiMisa: And what is that

00:34:12.620 --> 00:34:22.130 Tommy DiMisa: process? Look like? What are the questions you're asking? What are you trying to find out about me? My interest. How? And and is there a situation where you might want to go all based on? You know

00:34:22.300 --> 00:34:37.330 Tommy DiMisa: your interests or your experience? You might want to be friends with connected with right a mentor, if there's such a I don't know if that's the right word, but something like that. Let's talk about that I just want to set it up. But those are my curiosities on this one.

00:34:37.870 --> 00:34:43.889 Juliet Douglas Venture House: Okay, so it this is great area. Oh, we when somebody joins the club.

00:34:43.929 --> 00:34:46.429 Juliet Douglas Venture House: We we let them

00:34:46.770 --> 00:34:56.810 Juliet Douglas Venture House: live for 30 days or so, you know. Experience. All the different work units circulated around the building, make acquaintances with, you know, members and other staff.

00:34:56.989 --> 00:34:59.189 Juliet Douglas Venture House: and then at some point

00:34:59.360 --> 00:35:12.849 Juliet Douglas Venture House: they are invited to choose who they would like to be there. Now this is this: the title of this role has been a subject of discussion in the clubhouse world for a very long time, because

00:35:12.990 --> 00:35:21.149 Juliet Douglas Venture House: to be called a staff generalist. but recently. the the the title has become, You know, this

00:35:21.230 --> 00:35:37.530 Juliet Douglas Venture House: change to so it One of the options is social practitioner which came out of fountain. Now, how to house is the original clubhouse where it all began in the 1940 S. Which is for this story of interest. But so the social practitioner in other settings, you call it.

00:35:37.630 --> 00:35:42.779 Juliet Douglas Venture House: You know the the clinical, you know, Staff.

00:35:42.970 --> 00:35:43.859 Juliet Douglas Venture House: So

00:35:43.880 --> 00:35:51.840 Juliet Douglas Venture House: in other settings a a person is assigned to someone therapist, and here's your doctor, and the person has no choice in that.

00:35:52.140 --> 00:36:00.829 Juliet Douglas Venture House: but in the Call House the the individual makes a choice. I check discovering you know. Who is it that they feel they can connect with?

00:36:00.900 --> 00:36:11.819 Juliet Douglas Venture House: They feel they can, you know, that could make it a good They could relate to. They choose that person, and then that person, the staff, becomes there.

00:36:12.140 --> 00:36:29.090 Tommy DiMisa: What a great, just, just flipping, you know, conventional ways of doing things on the on its ear, as they say. Right. It just makes sense like that wouldn't be better to work your way through the organization to find out who you best, because you're there to to

00:36:29.100 --> 00:36:42.380 Tommy DiMisa: to have a relationship. But I think it's totally on brand, obviously from a perspective of clubhouse slash community setting it just this. Obviously this makes sense, you know, whatever you call that social practitioner Staff Generalist.

00:36:42.390 --> 00:36:49.239 Tommy DiMisa: however you call it. I think the idea is that as a new member gets to navigate their way through and see where they're going to have their best

00:36:49.430 --> 00:36:53.920 Tommy DiMisa: relationship, and then, therefore, their best experience for success right

00:36:54.110 --> 00:37:11.369 Juliet Douglas Venture House: when they choose that person to be their social practitioner. They sit down together, and that's when they explore this person's calls interest, strength, and so forth, and then they decide. What what would you like to accomplish in the next 6 months, or in the next year, you know. And how can we help you do that?

00:37:11.380 --> 00:37:30.159 Juliet Douglas Venture House: If somebody says you know the cornerstone of the of the model, it does center on employment. And we do. You know, we people who want to get a job are invited to look into doing a job search writing a resume, practicing, interviewing skills. and they're

00:37:30.170 --> 00:37:32.710 Juliet Douglas Venture House: practitioner can help them to do that.

00:37:32.800 --> 00:37:36.939 Juliet Douglas Venture House: that being said of the clubhouse, you know we

00:37:37.380 --> 00:37:54.159 Juliet Douglas Venture House: ranges from 18 years old to 118, and so there are people who are no longer want to be in the job market. And that's okay, too, the clubhouse and use it for how, you know, whatever sense for them in their particular. You know life circumstance.

00:37:55.100 --> 00:37:57.849 Tommy DiMisa: Is there a certain amount of

00:37:58.390 --> 00:38:00.719 Tommy DiMisa: I don't know if i'm asking this right away?

00:38:00.790 --> 00:38:02.160 Tommy DiMisa: as a member.

00:38:02.260 --> 00:38:11.250 Tommy DiMisa: you know. Is there a certain number of hours they need to be come through throughout the week, and things like that to continue membership and good standing, or something like that.

00:38:11.780 --> 00:38:28.830 Juliet Douglas Venture House: actually another beautiful aspect of the structure is that membership first of all is for life. Standard number one of the 37 standards makes the point that membership is voluntary and without time limits. So once a person becomes a member of the club.

00:38:28.880 --> 00:38:40.259 Juliet Douglas Venture House: which, by the way, there's no out of profit expense for that I remember for life and you, and like a gym membership, you can come and go as you please. You can come every day, once a week.

00:38:40.390 --> 00:38:50.719 Juliet Douglas Venture House: twice a week, once a month, every you know. Other year you could disappear for 3 years and come back. You're still a member. You don't discharge anybody. There's no reapplication process.

00:38:50.760 --> 00:38:54.109 Juliet Douglas Venture House: so it really provides a support.

00:38:54.220 --> 00:39:01.129 Juliet Douglas Venture House: If people's need for support, will even flow throughout their life. Sometimes they need more or less support.

00:39:01.540 --> 00:39:06.870 Juliet Douglas Venture House: so but that but it's a place where people know is a safe haven.

00:39:06.890 --> 00:39:10.439 Juliet Douglas Venture House: and that they and it's available to them until the day they die.

00:39:10.760 --> 00:39:20.979 Tommy DiMisa: That's incredible. I I just can't imagine. You know the friendships that people make to you know through this I I mean, I can't imagine I shouldn't say I can't I? I I think it's just that such a blessing and a boon to folks

00:39:21.090 --> 00:39:31.859 Tommy DiMisa: what I I know we wanted to share and get somebody who experiences the clubhouse setting into this conversation. I don't know if we're ready to do that, or did you have some additional things. Yes, yeah.

00:39:31.870 --> 00:39:48.599 Tommy DiMisa: yeah, we can do that now. I could go on endlessly. But I me, too. That's why we have to have a start and finish to this show, because it would never end. I would just keep talking and talking and talking. All right, let's go so let's bring Janet. So You're gonna roll your chair away and, Jan, it's gonna roll her chair towards the microphone. Right? Let's do that.

00:39:48.760 --> 00:39:56.780 Tommy DiMisa: Hey, Jada Perisa, we will. We're gonna Wait till Jenn gets in range of the mike. Janet, Can you hear Tommy? D.

00:39:57.010 --> 00:40:17.930 Tommy DiMisa: Yes, how are you, Tommy? I'm doing great good to meet you. So we we saw each other real quick before we got started this morning. But i'm glad you're here, so I think it'd be cool to talk about. You know your own experience as much or as little as you want to, from a perspective of your experiencing when you first connected with Venture House and and the work you've been able to accomplish, and tell us a little bit about the day in the life a year in the life.

00:40:17.940 --> 00:40:19.030 Tommy DiMisa: whatever you want to tell us.

00:40:19.330 --> 00:40:26.529 Juliet Douglas Venture House: Sure. I was first introduced to Venture House. I believe it was 8, maybe going on. 9 years ago.

00:40:27.000 --> 00:40:37.619 Juliet Douglas Venture House: We 2 of the staff had come to a a program I was I was attending. It was a 6 week program. and I was

00:40:37.640 --> 00:40:50.049 Juliet Douglas Venture House: not feeling well engaged in this program, as in several that I've gone through, and before I continue, I just want to express what in the experience of being in the mental health

00:40:50.190 --> 00:40:54.669 Juliet Douglas Venture House: system is like, I liken it to being on a hamster wheel

00:40:54.840 --> 00:41:00.529 Juliet Douglas Venture House: going to an in inpatient program, then a partial program.

00:41:00.680 --> 00:41:09.139 Juliet Douglas Venture House: then an outpatient program. And then once you complete these programs. Where do you go? Where do you go?

00:41:09.190 --> 00:41:18.820 Juliet Douglas Venture House: So it becomes a sickle, you know, throughout the lives of both myself and the people in the mental health community and mental health system.

00:41:19.000 --> 00:41:21.080 Juliet Douglas Venture House: So when

00:41:21.190 --> 00:41:28.740 Juliet Douglas Venture House: one of the staff workers came in to give a presentation, and you know what clubhouse was what Venture House was.

00:41:30.380 --> 00:41:50.530 Juliet Douglas Venture House: I remember running out when she was out the door, going, you know, to her car. I chased her out there. I was like Miss this Can I have your card on? Can you know? Can I cause I felt so desperate? And there's something about it that Sorry interrupted. What! What? What drew you to the model like? What? What was it that you heard that

00:41:50.540 --> 00:41:54.120 Tommy DiMisa: you seem supportive, and would bring you what you were looking for what you needed.

00:41:54.530 --> 00:42:06.240 Juliet Douglas Venture House: Well, number one. What caught me was the work, or she's one of the social practitioners for energy. And I find this with all of the staff here.

00:42:06.340 --> 00:42:24.489 Juliet Douglas Venture House: and just the explaining housing. We help people with employment. But the one thing that Jumi was is choice and Sure House gives us choice, like Juliet was explained. We can come in one day 2 days. We can use the clubhouse as we want.

00:42:24.890 --> 00:42:39.069 Juliet Douglas Venture House: and it's a lifetime membership. A lot of these programs I was explaining. Have you know these like, you know, short lifespan. So it's like, you know, after 6 weeks, 6 months you're on your own. And then where do you go?

00:42:39.360 --> 00:42:55.829 Juliet Douglas Venture House: And clubhouses? One of you know mental health, you know best kept secrets which we're hoping to, you know, and with your help kind of spread the words. So a lot of the people in the mental health system do have a place to go.

00:42:55.880 --> 00:43:12.220 Tommy DiMisa: Well, I I want to. I don't like when things are great secret, because most of the time when they're the best kept secret. They don't want to be a secret right? So like it's it's conversations like this that that hopefully will continue to to show I mean what? What? Something that

00:43:12.270 --> 00:43:21.259 Tommy DiMisa: Juliet had written down, that you know, when we said what is the topic of conversation that people will learn about this show that? And she wrote clubhouses or a solution

00:43:21.370 --> 00:43:34.479 Tommy DiMisa: in the mental health crisis. So you've seen it in your own experience. But obviously, you know, with with relationships over 8 or 9 years you've probably seen some great successes. Do you want to talk to me about some of the success you've had, or some of your colleagues and peers?

00:43:34.740 --> 00:43:36.500 Juliet Douglas Venture House: Yes,

00:43:36.840 --> 00:43:45.380 Juliet Douglas Venture House: clubhouse or venture house. We are more strength space rather than we don't focus on our illness. We're we're more strength space

00:43:45.530 --> 00:43:56.520 Juliet Douglas Venture House: coming into Venture house. I didn't have any friends, any social life which you know People need people. We can't live without each other. We can't even die without each other.

00:43:56.600 --> 00:43:58.009 Juliet Douglas Venture House: We need each other.

00:43:58.220 --> 00:44:03.719 Juliet Douglas Venture House: So my intention was just to get out of the house and make friends.

00:44:03.790 --> 00:44:14.969 Juliet Douglas Venture House: and it didn't take me too long to do that one of the things that drew me up kind of got me into my group was the work order day.

00:44:15.170 --> 00:44:27.889 Juliet Douglas Venture House: So participating in what's going on in the clubhouse. so you know, I I started cleaning the back little things like that a little bit of a computer work.

00:44:28.090 --> 00:44:35.350 Juliet Douglas Venture House: and then, as time went on, I became very active. I was very proactive in the employment and education.

00:44:36.030 --> 00:44:52.930 Juliet Douglas Venture House: and there I began. you know, to help members. I. You know my back. I have a background in writing. I would, you know. I'm assisting with tutor. You know people, you know, members looking forward to going to their Gd.

00:44:52.940 --> 00:45:03.770 Juliet Douglas Venture House: And my only I also you know I I received my Gd. As a you know younger person. I couldn't. You know this socialization. I couldn't do it.

00:45:03.790 --> 00:45:16.190 Juliet Douglas Venture House: so you know a lot of members like oh, and you have a college degree. We're able to do this I was like, yeah, you know. And then that kind of motivates more, Jan. It can do it, you know. Hey? Why not myself?

00:45:16.230 --> 00:45:22.300 Juliet Douglas Venture House: As time went on. I was asked to, because we have a board of directors.

00:45:22.360 --> 00:45:34.690 Juliet Douglas Venture House: and one of the best things that Venture House does is members are allowed to join this board member. It's mandatory. We have members on the board of Directors.

00:45:34.710 --> 00:46:03.950 Tommy DiMisa: so there's an application process, and then I was very excited to learn that I was accepted on the board. Congratulations! What I I mean a game changer for you. I I can't hold you because we're not in the same room. But i'm so fired up for you, and what you're accomplishing, and what a thoughtful way for the organization and the model to say who better than our members to be on the board of directors, you know. I mean that's because again I having learned about this model, certainly in the last month and a half.

00:46:03.960 --> 00:46:09.559 Tommy DiMisa: but knowing of being aware of it for the last few years, I've known it's a different model. But

00:46:09.570 --> 00:46:32.340 Tommy DiMisa: That only makes sense that that you would. You know you and other peers of yours should be involved. You're involved with the decision making it's your clubhouse right? It's not Juliet's Club house. Truly it's part of it right, but it's not the Board of Directors Clubhouse right? It's the membership that's driving so much, and i'm fired up, and and what you know talking about the writing and the tutoring. What I'm hearing you say is

00:46:32.630 --> 00:46:53.829 Tommy DiMisa: your success empowers other success right? And people see what you and you your words like what Janet's accomplished. And now, as a result of that, I can go do this and isn't that all we're supposed to be doing on this planet with other people is helping other people elevate themselves. And then the ripple effect and the ripple effect, and it just keeps going back further and further.

00:46:53.840 --> 00:46:55.979 Tommy DiMisa: so I I can't. I mean.

00:46:55.990 --> 00:47:15.720 Tommy DiMisa: we gotta take a quick break when we come back, if we'll finish, and then I want. I. I want Julia just back to talk about some upcoming events. But I would love to do this again, maybe have just like a Facebook, live where you and maybe some of the other members can come on and just talk to me about your experience from from a membership perspective. I think that'd be fun, and I i'd like to do that if you're into it.

00:47:15.980 --> 00:47:39.430 Juliet Douglas Venture House: Thank you very much, absolutely. I'm sure more members would also be very excited to come on and speak of their own clubhouse experience. Yeah, maybe we even do it at Jamaica. Live I come out. We bring like camera. We just do a live from on on the scene. I think we could work that out. We'll make it happen that Janet. Thank you for being here. Stick around like where you're seated. We come back. We'll. We'll finish with a couple of minutes with you, and then we'll bring Juliet back in. How's that sound?

00:47:39.490 --> 00:47:40.169 That's

00:47:40.260 --> 00:47:43.109 Tommy DiMisa: all right cool. All right. We're right back. Philanthropy and focus

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00:49:32.320 --> 00:49:33.770 non-profit

00:49:33.840 --> 00:49:35.479 you

00:49:35.520 --> 00:49:37.689 to the

00:49:38.100 --> 00:49:40.450 to do

00:49:40.620 --> 00:49:43.170 Tommy in his.

00:49:43.660 --> 00:49:52.479 Tommy DiMisa: and we're back philanthropy and focus. That's the name of the show. My name is Tommy. It isn't, Joe, all right. That's that all right. So

00:49:52.500 --> 00:50:01.709 Tommy DiMisa: got it. I got a I I want one last thing from you, and I'm going to bring Juliet right back in, because I I decided i'm going to come out on site. We're going to do something fun. But

00:50:01.720 --> 00:50:12.610 Tommy DiMisa: What do you want people to know about Venture House Specifically, from your perspective as a member tell. So we have people who it could be donors, people who may need services. What should they know

00:50:13.240 --> 00:50:21.260 Juliet Douglas Venture House: we are, we began in I believe it was the late eighties. I don't have this.

00:50:21.430 --> 00:50:31.860 Juliet Douglas Venture House: and we started out as in a small room at the top of the Y.M.C.A. In Jamaica queens to now having 2 properties.

00:50:31.880 --> 00:50:59.640 Juliet Douglas Venture House: in queens, one in Queens, one in Staten Island, and we are also starting a young adult program in Brooklyn. You know we are not just recognized within the clubhouse community, but also the city is starting to recognize the wonderful work that we're doing. And you know, helping us to grow because they, you know they see the value of Venture House, and what we all do together.

00:50:59.880 --> 00:51:07.719 Juliet Douglas Venture House: also something very interesting that I forgot to mention. you know we have, you know. you know

00:51:08.290 --> 00:51:21.849 Juliet Douglas Venture House: lack of a better term like, you know. There's no hierarchy. Anything is drawn by consensus, so that includes the hiring committee. Members are on the hiring committee, so we also have a say in

00:51:21.860 --> 00:51:28.530 Juliet Douglas Venture House: who we would like to come back for a second interview, who we feel wouldn't be the best fit. So

00:51:28.610 --> 00:51:39.870 Juliet Douglas Venture House: no, and we have several other committees social committees. But one of the things that I you know, when I started it was like, Wow! We also have a saying who gets hired.

00:51:39.940 --> 00:51:44.759 Juliet Douglas Venture House: So it's just like we're treated like part of the one you know, one

00:51:45.080 --> 00:51:46.750 Juliet Douglas Venture House: like we have value.

00:51:47.170 --> 00:51:56.150 Juliet Douglas Venture House: and we're you know we're giving responsibility, and this is what really raises our self esteem. And what says All right.

00:51:56.240 --> 00:52:15.370 Tommy DiMisa: I'm going to move forward. I can do this. Why Why not me? I love it, I mean I I got a 1 million more questions for you, but we're not going to. We're going to run out of time today, so we're not going to do it today, but I appreciate you. I appreciate your vision. I appreciate your leadership in the organization. Obviously, this this organization makes a lot of sense. The model makes a lot of sense.

00:52:15.380 --> 00:52:25.620 Tommy DiMisa: and I want to schedule some time I'll work with Liz and Juliet to schedule some time when I can either come out or we just do some kind of Facebook live with you and some of the other members to help tell stories. If that's good with you.

00:52:25.650 --> 00:52:39.280 Tommy DiMisa: you got it. I appreciate you, Janet. Roll roll that way, and then Julie, roll back in. Let's do it, Janet. That was incredible. Thank you, Julia. Welcome back to the show.

00:52:40.000 --> 00:52:54.180 Tommy DiMisa: Thank you. I love that that was so fun. Oh, my God! Incredible! Incredible! The model works! Obviously this model is working. I love that Janet is on the board of directors. What better way? And the hiring committee the whole thing all right, I can. I'm getting all excited.

00:52:54.190 --> 00:53:05.240 Tommy DiMisa: I'm always excited, but i'm getting excited about all this. But let's just move up. Tell me about the paintings and stuff behind you. Tell me about March 11. Tell me about May 6. We got to get it all in and tell me what else you need.

00:53:05.990 --> 00:53:08.990 Juliet Douglas Venture House: Okay, so you know, we have a whole

00:53:09.210 --> 00:53:16.359 Juliet Douglas Venture House: queens is open 365 days a year, getting close to that. It just not open on Sundays yet.

00:53:16.610 --> 00:53:31.599 Juliet Douglas Venture House: We have a very robust social programming. in addition to the work order day, which is a standard. This week we have we have ours programs. We have a Venture House band, we have we we take trips together, we we

00:53:31.870 --> 00:53:40.789 Juliet Douglas Venture House: to full bowling and billiards and picnics and barbecues and movies, and you know, so we we do a lot of on in games in addition to working.

00:53:40.800 --> 00:53:52.519 Juliet Douglas Venture House: and so we have a lot of extremely talented artists. one of our policies here is that every piece of work in the building is made by our members, and if the staff wants to contribute something that's something to

00:53:52.700 --> 00:54:05.189 Juliet Douglas Venture House: but so now we do have an upcoming events. The Fountain House, which was the first call, and I'm still there as a gallery in our gallery on Ninth Avenue and 48 Street on the floor.

00:54:05.280 --> 00:54:22.370 Juliet Douglas Venture House: and they are lending us their space for a venture house to have an our exhibited 2 week period. So on March the eleventh, we will be having our opening reception. I believe it will be from 4 Pm. To 6. Pm. But I

00:54:22.460 --> 00:54:41.359 Juliet Douglas Venture House: you might have to get back with you on the exact time. we'll have one of our challenging musicians playing during the reception, and then the art will be hanging for a 2 week period, and also these pieces will be for sale. So that's just a sampling. You probably can't see that

00:54:41.370 --> 00:54:46.930 Tommy DiMisa: human figures, and I want to buy that, so we'll have to talk about that. That's for sale, because that is.

00:54:47.340 --> 00:55:07.220 Tommy DiMisa: I love that I love it so i'll be, you know, coordinating with you and your team. I intend on being there for the opening, whatever time of date is on on March 11. and let's put some fanfare behind it. Let's put some I kind of some chatter out there on the social media. other than that, let's talk about the mets real quick.

00:55:07.930 --> 00:55:26.650 Juliet Douglas Venture House: So the minutes we are partnering with the New York met on mental health awareness day, which is May 6. It's a Saturday. yeah. A couple of our members and staff will be on the field for a few minutes. You'll see our logo.

00:55:26.660 --> 00:55:47.259 Juliet Douglas Venture House: it will be our 15 min of thing, and so it is a fundraiser. We call it a fundraiser tickets to that, and we will. You know we can provide more detailed information. So yeah, so we'll get that out. So shout out the social media stuff if you have it off the top of your head, where we can see. I know you certainly on Facebook. I know Instagram

00:55:48.390 --> 00:55:53.049 Tommy DiMisa: his venture house because i'm I was looking at it and then

00:55:53.060 --> 00:56:14.370 Tommy DiMisa: I will make sure to share all this stuff. But venture house v e, n, t, you R. E. H. O. Uses how you're going to find this stuff on social media gang, if if you can find it on social media ping me, Tommy d dot nyc on the Instagram, and i'll sort you out on that piece. what about one last question before we before we finish the show? Here.

00:56:14.380 --> 00:56:15.719 Tommy DiMisa: is there

00:56:17.420 --> 00:56:20.399 Tommy DiMisa: Is there anything specific that you need, Juliet

00:56:21.120 --> 00:56:21.859 Tommy DiMisa: for the work?

00:56:21.890 --> 00:56:35.290 Juliet Douglas Venture House: You know we are? Venture housing is in a growth period. A. It's sort of very rapidly expanding into all of the boroughs. With our housing program. Jen: I mentioned that we are in.

00:56:35.520 --> 00:56:52.940 Juliet Douglas Venture House: and the reason for that is that the city and the State have really recognized and across the country that the the value of the clubhouse program in solving the problems of homelessness. And and you know, property lack of housing. We have you know.

00:56:52.950 --> 00:56:59.279 Juliet Douglas Venture House: People who are living in the shelter system now who come into the clubhouse make policy with us. So

00:56:59.370 --> 00:57:08.029 Juliet Douglas Venture House: our keeping. We are helping to keep people stable and functional, and making real contribution to the environment in which they

00:57:08.240 --> 00:57:15.230 Juliet Douglas Venture House: so, and because of that we are getting additional support as the podcast models.

00:57:15.320 --> 00:57:20.020 Juliet Douglas Venture House: And we. So right now we are trying to purchase property on stack

00:57:20.050 --> 00:57:35.550 Juliet Douglas Venture House: it's, you know, 2 million dollars. We need to get a mortgage. We need to conduct a capital campaign and raise, You know money. We're looking to raise a half a 1 million dollars, so we can, you know, go through with this purchase of the property, which contains

00:57:35.560 --> 00:57:44.539 Juliet Douglas Venture House: a you know, 7,500 square feet of clubhouse space and and parking and and free standing house on it, which is, you know, our housing program.

00:57:44.620 --> 00:57:50.990 Juliet Douglas Venture House: so we ever we that's part of our growth. We also, you know, as a long term.

00:57:51.090 --> 00:58:09.750 Juliet Douglas Venture House: you know, vision is is perhaps, you know, developing additional of house locations. So Here's what I have for you. We got to leave it there because we're out of time. Which just means I promised you 2 things. I said i'd make you laugh today, and we'd run out of time before we ran out of words. So I think I hit on both, so we gotta go in Sec. But what I want to just say to you is this.

00:58:09.780 --> 00:58:25.079 Tommy DiMisa: As you were talking, i'm saying, we need a clubhouse on Long Island. We need a clubhouse on Long Island. So what's going on in my head? So you and I need to talk about that on a meeting right, and figure out how we do that because I got plenty of connections with nonprofits that serve this community. We just need a clubhouse out of here. We're going to say

00:58:25.380 --> 00:58:33.060 Juliet Douglas Venture House: we're looking. We're looking at Hempstead.

00:58:33.130 --> 00:58:35.960 Juliet Douglas Venture House: This has to be accessible to people.

00:58:36.100 --> 00:58:44.589 Tommy DiMisa: Public transportation Got it? We got to use the old bus terminals and stuff over there, too. Yeah, all right, we and you got it. It got the Long Island Railroad all right

00:58:45.020 --> 00:59:03.280 Tommy DiMisa: way. Too much stuff to to to to go through right now you and I have to get back together on this jaded if you could still hear me. I think you're still in the room. I appreciate you. Thanks for coming on the show. I appreciate you. We'll see you. We're going to do a lot of cool stuff. I got an idea i'm going to come on site, we'll have. An while the meeting just you and the members of me none of the Staffers i'm just kidding. look.

00:59:03.290 --> 00:59:17.120 Tommy DiMisa: Okay, Chad it, Juliet. Thank you for being here for Kenny Liz. I appreciate you both for making this happen. Brendan Levy. Thank you for making this introduction originally, and thanks for all my listeners who are always checking in. Let's go met philanthropy and focus. We'll see you later. Bye.

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