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Friday, January 13, 2023
Facebook Live Video from 2023/01/13 - How to find a way to make a difference in your community?

Facebook Live Video from 2023/01/13 - How to find a way to make a difference in your community?


2023/01/13 - How to find a way to make a difference in your community?

[NEW EPISODE] How to find a way to make a difference in your community?

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We have big challenges to tackle in our community. We know volunteering and civic engagement are good for individuals and the community. These challenges have been around for a long time and can feel overwhelming and hard to address and we know they are not being solved with money alone. Challenges like this require meaningful engagement from across the community if things are going to change in a sustained way. “Civic engagement confers a sense of empowerment, agency, and efficacy in oneself, others, and institutions. Taken together, this adds up to greater hope, health, and well-being” in a community. 


About Volunteer New York!: is THE central place for volunteering in Westchester, Rockland, and PutnamCounties. We are a one-stop resource devoted to increasing volunteerism and delivering impact in these communities. 

About Jeanette: Jeanette joined Volunteer New York! in 2010 and became Executive Director in July 2020 after serving as an Executive Fellow for Capacity Building and Networks with Points of Light. In her previous role as Deputy Executive Director, Jeanette focused on mission delivery, overseeing programmatic strategy and cohesion and supporting revenue generating specifically related to corporate outreach.





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00:00:24.330 --> 00:00:28.359 Tommy D: It's your boy, the non-profit sector connector coming at you

00:00:28.420 --> 00:00:38.990 Tommy D: 2 flights up from the kitchen up in my attic man. Where else would I be? Episode? 101 of a thing that was just an idea in a man's head sitting in his attic.

00:00:39.500 --> 00:00:54.319 Tommy D: The attic of the attic, i'd say, is where the idea came from, so check it out. Look what a week it's been being the nonprofit sector connector. I gotta say a little of my guess before we even get into my rant and raving. Jeanette is Burke Volunteer, New York Executive Director. What's going on. Good morning. How are you?

00:00:54.330 --> 00:01:24.319 Tommy D: awesome, Tommy. Thank you so much for having me this party. I'm happy to be 101. That's a great you. You are 101, and on a plan of 2,500, you know. I'm a sales guy, so we always talk about quotas and things like that. We talk a bit about quarters and things in the nonprofit space, too. Right? Revenue goals impact impact right right right right in in sales. Guy words we call it number. Get the number, get the quote. So I think this. I said this in a meeting last night. I think I got 50 years to go on this planet, and I do 50 episodes a week. So that's 2,500 episodes of Flan.

00:01:24.330 --> 00:01:28.540 Tommy D: So what do. I say, we're just getting

00:01:28.550 --> 00:01:57.050 Tommy D: warmth up, baby. We're just getting warmed up, so welcome to the show. Welcome for being here. I'm excited. I got a bunch of words I want to say, even before we get into the conversation about you and your special organization, the words I want to say, what is it like to be the nonprofit sector connector. Well, i'll tell you this gang this week has been really fun. I got to interview in person the leadership team from the united way of Long Island, for they they were one of the semifinalists in the Long Island. Imaging awards. I got to interview my friends at book fairies out here on Long Island.

00:01:57.060 --> 00:02:10.520 Tommy D: They've given away like 2 million books. Again, an idea in my friend Amy's as Lansky's mind that she created in the world, everything, wherever you are sitting right now, wherever you're listening to me, watching me, whatever you're doing, look around the room.

00:02:10.590 --> 00:02:13.020 Tommy D: look around that room. Everything in that room

00:02:13.110 --> 00:02:31.740 Tommy D: came out of the figment of someone's imagination. So don't think you can't do it just freaking. Do the thing, Try it out, do the thing, and guess what if it ain't good, then fix it and do it again. That's what i'm talking about, because you know what you just got to take chances. So back to the situation I talked to United Way. What a special organization book fares Monday.

00:02:31.750 --> 00:02:37.550 Tommy D: which is a holiday which we'll get into. But I do have one interview on Monday to meet with the folks that

00:02:37.840 --> 00:02:57.360 Tommy D: run the NASA County Museum of art right here on Long Island again. Another semi-finalist need long, I would imagine awards. You've heard me talk about the Long Island Imagine awards here on the show. The event is in April, but I want you also know. I think it's next week. The seventeenth, I believe, is when the New York City imagine awards applications go live. I'll get you that information for social media. But nyc imagine awards

00:02:57.480 --> 00:02:59.100 Tommy D: dot com look

00:02:59.140 --> 00:03:12.250 Tommy D: volunteer. I looked it up before a person who freely offers to take part in an enterprise or undertake a task it also. So when you volunteer something freely, offer to do something. So look.

00:03:12.680 --> 00:03:13.810 Tommy D: i'll say this.

00:03:14.150 --> 00:03:29.560 Tommy D: I've been on this mission. I say this mission for 60 days of service, which I to say something's on hi this isn't a real thing in my mind. It's just i'm doing so many other projects that sometimes I don't get to go out and do a specific day of service and hold up a sign and say, hey, look at me. I'm doing today's service.

00:03:29.660 --> 00:03:36.449 Tommy D: So 60 days of service is not on hold. It's just i'm doing it a lot. So this morning I saw something on Instagram

00:03:37.270 --> 00:03:39.920 Tommy D: from an organization called Long Island.

00:03:39.980 --> 00:03:47.229 Tommy D: a Coalition for Homelessness, or against homelessness. I'll probably book for the name Gretta Gordon. I'm sorry I just talked to this morning. I'll get the name right.

00:03:47.240 --> 00:04:13.930 Tommy D: but they're not for home with this gang. We're against homelessness. It's the coalition to get rid of homelessness to address this situation, and they have a volunteer event on on January the 20 fifth. So I was like I called the office. I was like, Excuse me, put me in coach. I want to volunteer. I want to do that event. The point of the matter is this gang the funny thing about volunteering and the funny thing, even if you think about being a connector in networking or business, or being. I don't know the nonprofit sector, one that connector guy. But the thing about it is

00:04:14.160 --> 00:04:19.249 Tommy D: as selfless as it is. I'm going to give you a little wink and a nod and a hint on something.

00:04:19.260 --> 00:04:35.269 Tommy D: It's kind of selfish because it makes you feel really freaking good. So what's better than that by giving back by impacting the community, you end up feeling good. So I was thinking about this I went to an event. It was a panel discussion. 3 leaders of nonprofits were on this panel, and the discussion was around mental health.

00:04:36.280 --> 00:04:39.390 Tommy D: and it was kind of a look I I am.

00:04:39.760 --> 00:04:44.840 Tommy D: I reflect on what's happened in the last couple of years. with regards to the

00:04:44.940 --> 00:04:55.190 Tommy D: Covid pandemic shut downs, lockdowns the whole thing, and we've all obviously the the mental health conversation has risen to the surface in a lot of ways. and I think that is one of the

00:04:55.240 --> 00:05:03.879 Tommy D: I don't know silver linings, but what the pandemic has brought out, but i'm in this meeting, and i'm watching. I'm. In the back of the room and the panel discussions going on. They're talking about mental health.

00:05:05.050 --> 00:05:07.090 Tommy D: Janet. Listen to this. They said that

00:05:07.610 --> 00:05:10.860 Tommy D: 6 out of 10 young people

00:05:10.880 --> 00:05:15.599 Tommy D: who are surveyed young people between the ages of 6 and 12 or 6 and 15,

00:05:16.090 --> 00:05:17.429 Tommy D: 6 out of 10

00:05:17.880 --> 00:05:20.349 Tommy D: are hopeless about their life

00:05:20.370 --> 00:05:34.029 Tommy D: 6 out of 10 not said, not depressed, but hopeless. And I think that's first of all. That's a tragic situation, being the father of 4 of my own children. That is scary as hell, and it's something we need to talk about, which is one of the things

00:05:34.040 --> 00:05:49.540 Tommy D: you know. One of the soap boxes that I keep up here in the attic that I step up on. It's just kind of go this way. We handle a mental health conversation. It needs to be fixed. It needs to be addressed. I get up here and stay up my feet. Sometimes people downstairs and other parts of the house are going because you stop stamping your feet. We keep hearing you.

00:05:49.630 --> 00:05:59.189 Tommy D: I joke. But the point of the matter is, we need to have this conversation around mental health. And I say this, they say, Look, you know, if you go out sometimes not Not that this is going to solve all problems, but exercising

00:05:59.200 --> 00:06:16.269 Tommy D: may help, you know, go for a walk. These types of things. It isn't going to help the major problems, but it's nice. Here's the thing. What I find. Sometimes it is it going to lead right into didn't plan it this way? This is going to lead right into our discussion today, you know. It makes me feel good. Sometimes. I'm feeling kind of low and feeling kind of crappy.

00:06:16.280 --> 00:06:36.020 Tommy D: I go to a local food pantry in my neighborhood, and I help because I feel, and that is being a bit selfish, because makes me feel good. But others benefit from that. So I think that's a way to kind of stage what we're going to talk about in a lot of ways today. I'm going to just read this really quick volunteer in New York is the central place for volunteering in Westchester.

00:06:36.560 --> 00:06:51.599 Tommy D: Rockland, and Putnam Counties. These are counties for for those of you who might be on Long Island or in New York city. This is just north of the Bronx. It's not all Canada up there. There is more New York State up there

00:06:51.770 --> 00:07:21.759 Tommy D: as a conversation for a whole other conversation. I know it. No, I'm, you know I kid, because I love. But you know what's down here Downs even further down state, like Long Island. I know I, because you know what it's funny. I get silly about it. But I was go. Oh, you know everything north of the Bronx is pretty much Canada, but but our State I joke, but it's a beautiful state, and there's so much more to see other than just the 5 borrows in these 2 counties out here on Long Island. Right? Absolutely. Absolutely. Yeah. So so. But your specific organization

00:07:21.770 --> 00:07:33.810 Tommy D: so that we can serve some of these counties a little further north, and where I, even for the North in the attic. So they're the one-stop resource devoted to increasing volunteers and delivering impact in the communities that they serve 250.

00:07:33.820 --> 00:07:52.249 Tommy D: Their staff and volunteers work together every day to encourage adults, to serve youth, to build character, families to bond young professionals, to lead the mature adults to share their wisdom and businesses to get involved. You know what that sounds like. As I was saying it and reading it, and i'm making a circle with my hands for those of you who are just listening.

00:07:52.310 --> 00:08:06.069 Tommy D: It's a circle. It's a community. You're kind of wrapping these people all together. We didn't talk about it that way, but that's what that's what's coming up for me right now, what do you have to say about that? And tell me about the organization. Please

00:08:06.080 --> 00:08:15.940 Jeanette Gisbert-Volunteer New York!: putting a PIN in that community comment. So at volunteer New York we have 2 values, and we have 3 beliefs and 2 of our that our 2 values are community and volunteerism.

00:08:15.950 --> 00:08:45.690 Jeanette Gisbert-Volunteer New York!: and so for us, volunteerism and service is really a strategy for how it is that you build these vibrant, resilient, equitable places where everybody has the opportunity to reach their full potential. and you know, Tommy, i'm not. I'm not Polly Anna. Right? I'm not. I'm not saying that volunteerism and service is the only strategy for how it is that we build to the kinds of communities that are going to be places that we can be really proud of to to to live in and do business in, just like.

00:08:45.870 --> 00:08:55.989 Jeanette Gisbert-Volunteer New York!: you know, going to the gym isn't going to be the only solution to our our nation's mental health crisis. but I feel really strongly, especially in this post pandemic world

00:08:56.000 --> 00:09:07.479 Jeanette Gisbert-Volunteer New York!: that service Volunteerism and engaging in your community specifically our strategies for how it is that we're going to recover as individuals and as communities.

00:09:07.490 --> 00:09:37.469 Jeanette Gisbert-Volunteer New York!: so yeah. So you know, Volunteer New York, we're You know, we have this vision of of of communities that are vibrant, resilient, and equitable. we believe that our mission of mobilizing our community to address its greatest challenges is is one way that we can impact that vision. and you know, at the end of the day. We believe that by harnessing people power in support of our challenges. that we can make a difference. And you know we're very

00:09:37.480 --> 00:10:03.660 Jeanette Gisbert-Volunteer New York!: we, we very much focus on community. What is, what are our community needs, and how can people power address them? Throughout the pandemic we talked a lot at Volunteer New York about what does our community need? Volunteer New York to be today? You know a lot of folks were like. Oh, you guys must have been really you know. it must have been really slow at volunteer New York during the pandemic, because who was volunteering.

00:10:03.670 --> 00:10:33.660 Jeanette Gisbert-Volunteer New York!: and I was like, Well, let me tell you, actually, you know, we saw 100% increase in people coming to our website during the pandemic during those kind of first 6 months looking for ways to help, because that's human nature we got, you know we received many calls from our nonprofit partners, asking how they could pivot and reimagine their volunteer programs in a way that would be still be meaningful but safe. we looked at our own programs at volunteer New York and thought to our.

00:10:33.670 --> 00:10:39.120 Jeanette Gisbert-Volunteer New York!: You know, what could we continue to offer virtually so that we're

00:10:39.130 --> 00:10:57.980 Jeanette Gisbert-Volunteer New York!: continuing to tap into that spirit? So, you know, at the end of the day, Tommy, there's there's some research out there that talks about 44 of individuals say they don't volunteer because they don't know where to get started, and they don't know how their volunteerism will feed into a larger

00:10:58.210 --> 00:11:15.720 Jeanette Gisbert-Volunteer New York!: issue or change, and at Volunteer New York. You know our mission is, we're in the business of asking, and we're in the business of showing people. what the community needs are, and how easy it is to to connect to those.

00:11:16.150 --> 00:11:24.660 Tommy D: Yeah. So thank you for all that. There's so much there. I have like 15 more questions. As a result of what you just said, we'll get into as many as we can

00:11:24.830 --> 00:11:31.349 Tommy D: to me. It I want to just start with what you just said there about people don't know where to go, and

00:11:31.670 --> 00:11:32.800 Tommy D: they don't know.

00:11:33.150 --> 00:11:41.760 Tommy D: or maybe they can't gauge the impact. But before I even ask you the question about that to sort of spend more time on it. I will tell you this, and this is going to sound like a I.

00:11:41.900 --> 00:11:46.879 Tommy D: Oh, maybe it sounds silly, but the point of the matter is this: I started this thing going around doing days of service

00:11:48.020 --> 00:11:49.199 Tommy D: before the pandemic

00:11:49.250 --> 00:11:50.510 Tommy D: and

00:11:51.560 --> 00:12:01.830 Tommy D: I started getting my kids involved in doing it. So they're 1311, 10, and 7 years old right now. My 7 year old says to me, so one day we went over here

00:12:01.930 --> 00:12:04.780 Tommy D: on Long Island to a spot up in Oyster Bay.

00:12:04.830 --> 00:12:15.400 Tommy D: and they needed friends of ours at the waterfront center. My friend Jeme said, hey, Tommy, do you want to come through. we need to paint the basement of the building where we're in, where they have like

00:12:15.690 --> 00:12:29.729 Tommy D: They have fish tanks in there, and they really cool stuff, like little like things they got out of the bay and like they what they do educational classes. Yeah, yeah, really, really cool, right. So we go there and we're painting, and actually that my 2 sons are me that day, and we have a great old time.

00:12:29.740 --> 00:12:38.990 Tommy D: and i'm i'm feeling. I'm feeling like getting emotional ready, because when my 7 year old comes to me like he does like once a week, once a month and goes, hey? When are we going to do another day at service?

00:12:39.020 --> 00:12:41.340 Jeanette Gisbert-Volunteer New York!: I'm like what we like

00:12:41.350 --> 00:12:59.690 Tommy D: that to me. I plan on being here for 50 years, but if i'm not. I think I made a pretty big impact with that just changing the trajectory, because what is that young man? And that's not about me. I know it sounds ego, but it's, and maybe I don't know. The point of the matter is this gang. You can do that. Just go do a thing make an impact because that kid now

00:12:59.790 --> 00:13:01.889 Tommy D: for the rest of his life, I imagine

00:13:01.900 --> 00:13:31.890 Tommy D: Well, has he didn't because we had pizza, and we had fun, and there was painting, and it was cool, and he's a kid. And these people are all adults who like hanging with kids. So it's. So they made him and my other son feel like real special. So what did I do like? Not even thinking it through, but like we've linked up those good vibes, those good feelings to an experience of service right? Which is what this to me, what it's about. So let's take that I don't want to. I don't want to like. Just pay you back on that just for a minute, because, you know, we get a lot of calls

00:13:31.900 --> 00:13:35.360 and and requests in our community from families

00:13:35.370 --> 00:14:01.000 Jeanette Gisbert-Volunteer New York!: who want to engage their young people in service. And there's data that talks about. You know people who start serving and are exposed to this concept of volunteerism and community early become lifelong volunteers. in the future. And and sometimes we get this like well, we need to. We need something that they can do every week, and they need something that we we need to do every month and every. It's very kind of structured and and feel sometimes a little intense. and the fact of the matter is that

00:14:01.010 --> 00:14:10.599 Jeanette Gisbert-Volunteer New York!: you know, finding opportunities that are youth and family friendly can sometimes be a little hard like those painting projects, Aren't always available. and and I think we what you've just done is

00:14:10.730 --> 00:14:26.919 Jeanette Gisbert-Volunteer New York!: is create an opportunity. You you've proven something that we say, at Volunteer New York, which is, it's not necessarily the quantity of of of of of opportunities it's it's. The experience is knowing that you know they made a difference

00:14:26.930 --> 00:14:56.450 Jeanette Gisbert-Volunteer New York!: and understanding. Why, right so understanding that you know why? Why do they have to pay that well? Because every nonprofit has to raise its budget every year. and if they didn't have to spend $5,000 to have somebody come and paint that, then those are monies that could go to the educational programs. and that's the space, you know, in their community or near their community that you know. Maybe they take advantage of, but others do as well. and that's really meaningful. You're so right on. And obviously this is your work. This is your space. Of course

00:14:56.460 --> 00:15:24.319 Tommy D: you're going to be right on with this. But not but i'll say, and the thing about it tomorrow is, I got a friend of mine, Lonnie Sherman, who runs an organization fully volunteer organization called general needs, he used to call himself. This is not me, being derogatory to call himself the on theware man, because he would for veterans. He has collected over the last 15 years, 12 or 15 years collected socks, underwear, boots, gloves, all new stuff, all new gear. They have this spot. I'm not going to say where it is to, you know, divulge secrecy and privacy, but there is a

00:15:24.600 --> 00:15:26.540 Tommy D: they are in a

00:15:26.800 --> 00:15:36.849 Tommy D: He's probably said it when he's been on the show. Long story short, it's in a storage facility. And in this storage facility, Janet, they have like 4 different storage units. There. Okay, big like

00:15:37.010 --> 00:15:40.839 Tommy D: like like one of them is like, you know, it's like working into

00:15:40.970 --> 00:15:59.929 Tommy D: a a a retail store right yeah in there. They got these tubs. They're like black tubs with the yellow covers, like, you know. You buy right exact underwear socks, you know, hygiene products, etc., etc., right so tomorrow my plan is to take a couple of my crew and go out there in the morning, because Lonnie and I were talking in the night

00:16:00.040 --> 00:16:01.560 Tommy D: shout out because

00:16:01.980 --> 00:16:09.600 Tommy D: I had great year. They they this project 1,342 for the 61 days in November and December they were given away.

00:16:09.680 --> 00:16:17.199 Tommy D: 22 pairs of boots, 22 representing that tragic number of of veterans who take their own lives each day

00:16:17.800 --> 00:16:35.730 Tommy D: so that they took they took that number, and they gave out the number of boots. The goal was 1,342, we hit like 1,400 pairs of boots, or whatever chat out to Lonnie and the team. Bob Keslowski, and everybody that doesn't work out there. All the volunteers who I don't know your names. Thank you for what you do. I've spoken to Lonnie the other night. Tomorrow they're just taking inventory.

00:16:35.740 --> 00:16:59.219 Tommy D: I say just taking inventory, because that is a skill that I don't care If you're 7 or 77 you can figure out how to count how many pairs of socks are going in that top. That's what i'm trying to say. I that said, Yes. Do we need skilled labor? Do you need an accountant on your board? Do you need an attorney on your board? Yes, yes, and all those things right or or do you need those people if they're not on your board as one

00:16:59.250 --> 00:17:15.819 Tommy D: as your trusted advisors, of course, but from a volunteer perspective. Look, i'm on the board of horse ability out here on Long Island. You know what. Sometimes you just gotta go help them clean out. You know where the where the horses were like. That's volunteering, and let me tell you something about horse ability which

00:17:16.170 --> 00:17:32.370 Tommy D: love you. Katie Mcgowan, founder of horse ability, First, ever episode of philanthropy and focus right here on the show. And that's 2 horses by the way showed up on on the show. So that was aided and pearl home. Other things, you know. We'll talk about that in all time to check out that episode. You will love it. It's hysterical. We don't it's my first episode. So

00:17:32.380 --> 00:17:40.830 Tommy D: see I I barely know what i'm doing now on 101, so you can imagine 100 episodes. And I was like, I don't know i'm scared, i'm nervous, I mean the like. So the whole thing was

00:17:40.980 --> 00:17:41.750 Tommy D: I.

00:17:42.590 --> 00:18:01.710 Tommy D: They have like 400 volunteers a week coming through that form. The point of the matter is, some people have different abilities. There's former trainers, horse trainers from the track that train these forces and work with these sources. And then there's people who just want to make an impact who will just do whatever answer the phones do the thing, anyway.

00:18:01.720 --> 00:18:04.860 Tommy D: I'm way over on the break. We were supposed to take a break 5 min ago.

00:18:04.940 --> 00:18:17.009 Tommy D: We will take one right now. I'm fired up. I know we talked right in the little virtual green room that we were going to kick it up a notch. I hope we're bringing the energy that we needed. Jeanette. What do you think?

00:18:17.280 --> 00:18:20.740 Tommy D: All right? Break time. We'll be back in 90 s. Thank you.

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00:20:17.550 --> 00:20:18.320 okay

00:20:26.690 --> 00:20:29.220 to me it is a

00:20:29.800 --> 00:20:35.990 every single Friday morning for the rest of my life. As long as I'm. On this planet I will be doing this show called philanthropy and focus.

00:20:36.050 --> 00:20:57.530 Tommy D: As soon as I don't have to work for a living. I'll be doing this show more often because I could probably do 10,000 episodes of this show. I think that's what i'm thinking. I just got to find more days to do the show, and I will tell you this. Listen: If you sit on the board of a nonprofit organization, if you lead a nonprofit organization, if you just found in a nonprofit organization, and you need 2 things. You need somebody to help. Tell your story and amplify your message.

00:20:57.540 --> 00:21:13.700 Tommy D: Call your boy your guy, your buddy, your PAL, Tommy D. If you can't find me. I'm probably in the attic. But if you want to find me, go on the Instagram man. I dig the Instagram right now, Tommy d dot nyc also on tik tok. Not sure why i'm there, but i'm there, Tommy dwy on there and then

00:21:14.190 --> 00:21:30.169 Tommy D: check out philanthropy in Ph. Oc. Us. Ph. Oc. Us. Because I grew up in an era when we used to say Fat ph at, and my favorite grammatical tool in the history of grammatical tools is alliteration. I like it.

00:21:30.180 --> 00:21:34.639 Tommy D: And so philanthropy in focus. Look, this is a mission for me.

00:21:34.840 --> 00:21:43.750 Tommy D: I didn't know what it was going to be when it started. And now it's just kind of getting bigger and bigger. And this is my job. This is my responsibility. I must say a couple of things.

00:21:45.300 --> 00:21:57.689 Tommy D: Mike Stager. I don't know if you're listening to my brother, but I appreciate you without the power of my network, without the power of people around me, saying, hey, you need to talk to my boy Tommy d the non-profit sector connector because this is what he does, and blah blah blah

00:21:57.700 --> 00:22:16.309 Tommy D: that wouldn't have happened. So Mike knows Jeanette, and knows a great work that her organization, her volunteers, are doing a volunteer in New York upstate New York. Just kidding that, thanks to Mike, he's awesome. How how is he? Let's talk about him for a sec. How involved is he in the organization? You know each other through networking. Talk to me about that.

00:22:16.320 --> 00:22:39.819 Jeanette Gisbert-Volunteer New York!: Yeah, I mean, we we know each other through networking, and it's actually a really phenomenal, networking group that allows kind of one nonprofit representative to sit at their table. and kind of bring that voice in that lens. They are community minded kind of as a group. And so just yeah, really, you know, welcome and and grateful for the opportunity to be among such smart

00:22:39.830 --> 00:22:54.019 Jeanette Gisbert-Volunteer New York!: folks. I always learn something from them. And and they they are just really, I mean, I think, kind of like, and like no other networking group I've ever experienced are always thinking about kind of how to make that connection. So.

00:22:54.030 --> 00:23:22.569 Tommy D: so yeah, he's off that's awesome. Shout out Mike St. I'm. Putting if you're on Facebook, the Facebook is. I like to refer to it, and I will tell you. Mark Zuckerberg called it the Facebook in the movie. So I feel like i'm in good company when I say that right so now it's I know, but I don't I i'm old school. I'm old school man. I'm still talking about fat from 1,991. What are we talking about here? I Mike stagger law offices and Mike's there. I just put in it on the Facebook, but it's stagger. St. E. G. Er Dash law.

00:23:22.580 --> 00:23:38.440 Tommy D: So that's like copyrights patents trademarks, I mean with Mike every Friday. After this show we shoot videos on a group called Video socials. And that's where a lot of my video content comes from. We do videos. We meet together as a group from 11

00:23:38.450 --> 00:23:48.679 Tommy D: to like noon, and we shoot our videos and we help each other. We critique, we give feedback, so it's really special, you know. Maybe you should come check it out one time. It's a good way to build community, and and that's how Mike and I know each other, and actually

00:23:48.890 --> 00:24:07.900 Tommy D: we met through that group. But then we met one time in New York City, and then he's like a buddy of mine. But I only see him on the screen, you know, like that's which is like, you know, which is Ha! That is just so. 22, right. It is very funny, you know it's so 2,020 man, these be screen friends. I got to read some more from my notes.

00:24:08.360 --> 00:24:23.870 Tommy D: Jen. I volunteered to volunteer in New York, and it's like volunteer in New York. It has an exclamation point like, in the name right? How is that? I want to? I think I love that you pick up on that. I just because i'm reading my notes. I'm going like

00:24:23.930 --> 00:24:43.850 Tommy D: I should, you know, make college, my Buddy Mc. Collins, who's listening in paid forward processes. I see on Facebook, Kid Mick. I think I should have some sort of exclamation point or some kind of punctuation in my name. Maybe it's a question mark I don't know, but volunteer. So it's not like hey, man. Jeanette would volunteer in New York. No, she's with Volunteer New York

00:24:43.860 --> 00:25:13.850 Jeanette Gisbert-Volunteer New York!: like that? Right? That's right. That's it is. Yeah. And the whole idea is we're trying to inspire action. I mean, that's what we're in the business of doing right, really trying to to to bring the energy to bring the optimism to bring, as I said, that call to action. so that's in our name. And and if you see also, in our logo, there's like these dots that kind of go underneath, and then all they kind of land in the exclamation point. And this whole idea is that it's the the

00:25:13.860 --> 00:25:41.439 Tommy D: to kind of reflect these connections that we're making. We're connecting all of these dots, and then, resulting in action at the end. I want to share the screen. I know I know a bit about connecting connections for sure. So so this is actually Can you see my screen? Yeah, Absolutely. Yeah. So those who check it in on Facebook you could see the screen. But you'll see, it's like dot dot dot dot dot dot. And then the big old exclamation point with the person inside connect.

00:25:41.450 --> 00:25:54.120 Tommy D: serve and grow. We got on this thing about the explanation point in while I was mid sentence on your background, which was like 3 min ago. So let me go back to that. But anything you want to point out, while i'm on the website that you want people to go to when they're here.

00:25:54.130 --> 00:26:04.599 Jeanette Gisbert-Volunteer New York!: I mean the the main thing is, I want everyone to know that the website is where you find the volunteer opportunities that I keep talking about. So you know, when you click on volunteers.

00:26:04.610 --> 00:26:17.499 Jeanette Gisbert-Volunteer New York!: there should be a a pull down that says, Find an opportunity, and then that brings up a database of hundreds of local volunteer opportunities, right? And so you can search by issue area

00:26:17.510 --> 00:26:47.500 Jeanette Gisbert-Volunteer New York!: your zip code. You know your availability. all the things. And then you create an account with us like pretty simple, and then all you have to do is hit a button. It says it's it's called express interest. And what happens then, Tommy, is that the organization that's listed the need. They get an email, they say, hey, let me be express an interest in your volunteer opportunity. Please follow up with them. and here doesn't hear back, you know, you know sometimes you know we're all a little overwhelmed. New York is having

00:26:47.510 --> 00:27:05.160 Jeanette Gisbert-Volunteer New York!: to kind of be a liaison and help facilitate that. but you know we we do work with hundreds of nonprofit organizations. Our Our team is out in the community all the time talking to nonprofits about how people power can help them accomplish their mission, and every nonprofit

00:27:05.240 --> 00:27:20.660 Jeanette Gisbert-Volunteer New York!: these volunteers, whether it's, as you said, at their at the board level or on the front line level. and so yeah, so I would think that would kind of the most important thing for people to know is that this is where you come to find those volunteer opportunities. that I keep talking about.

00:27:20.700 --> 00:27:50.669 Tommy D: I don't usually sing on the show, but often I will jump in once in a while and thing, and I feel like singing this right now. Matchmaker, matchmaker, make me a match. I don't even know what that's from. I just remember hearing it like as a kid it might be from like a TV show or something. Don't have any clue, but it was in my head, and sometimes the idea is somebody somebody knows in Facebook like that. That's my colleague's got an advocate out. He's kind of figure out where that came from, and i'm sure to be on Facebook any moment enough.

00:27:50.680 --> 00:28:16.190 Tommy D: But I don't know where it's from, Mick. Where is that from? All right? So look. So let me go back to what happened 9 min ago, which was when I started to read a sentence and totally got distracted about the exclamation point you join this organization in 2,010. You became the LED, as we say in the busy executive director in in July of 2,020. What a great time to become anything. Yeah, I I I like to say people, you know, in the last year people keep asking me how i'm doing. I'm like, you know.

00:28:16.200 --> 00:28:29.449 Jeanette Gisbert-Volunteer New York!: I always wanted to be a new executive director at the start of a global pandemic. No one has ever said that

00:28:29.460 --> 00:28:39.969 Tommy D: started jobs like February or March of 2,020, like a lot like it stands out like Wow! Just what a what a trip! So you oversee all the things programs.

00:28:39.980 --> 00:29:03.759 Tommy D: programs. That's any word programs strategy. It it says Here the cohesion is supporting the revenue, generating specifically related to corporate outreach. I want to dive into when we come back, because, believe it or not, i'm having a good time you could. I think everybody believes that. But believe it or not, we're running to up against another break. So when we make sense fiddler on the fiddler, that's what is that from Fiddler?

00:29:03.770 --> 00:29:17.330 Tommy D: I've never seen it, but I believe it. Oh, my God, I've never seen it either. Nick, I love you. Thank you, brother. match. Make your match main here. I don't even know if the the harmonies right. When we come back I want to dive into this.

00:29:17.760 --> 00:29:34.799 Tommy D: What the look and feel of it is. What is your role your team who goes out into? You know. I I i'm sure as an LED you're out involved, and you've been in the organization. So you've seen it on your way up through the ranks. I want to know what the look and feel of the organization is. I want to know what the programs are, and then it's ultimately going to bring us to

00:29:35.200 --> 00:29:47.039 Tommy D: a place where I can say, Well, how do we help? What do you need? Who are the connections? Who are the relationships? That sort of stuff? Because, as I've said to you before, when we've spoken, and I say to everybody. This show is all about the connection.

00:29:47.160 --> 00:30:05.910 Tommy D: but it's how do we establish the story before we get to the connection? And that's what all we we've done so far, and we'll continue to do, and I want to do this. I want to leave it on the field, as they say. I want to get it all out there. So if there's needs, there's goals there wants there's the future. We got to talk about it all. But right now we're overdue on our second break. So, Tommy, be quiet. We'll go. We'll be right back.

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00:31:44.330 --> 00:31:44.950 Thank you

00:31:56.860 --> 00:31:59.179 to come to

00:31:59.340 --> 00:32:01.849 Tommy. It is

00:32:02.050 --> 00:32:11.019 Tommy D: that is a command it's not a question. Join me in the attic, but not literally don't show up, but, like Join me virtually in the out of everybody every single Friday morning forever.

00:32:11.070 --> 00:32:35.270 Tommy D: All right. A couple of things I got to shout out before we get right back into this conversation name of the organization that I totally screwed up before is go to the website, address the homeless Org. It's Long Island coalition for the homeless. Not that we're supporting homelessness, but we're supporting those who are homeless. And this is I. I don't even want to go into this, because this is absolutely ridiculous, that this is a situation that we have

00:32:35.290 --> 00:32:36.060 Tommy D: forget

00:32:36.110 --> 00:32:41.710 Tommy D: on Long Island that we have on this planet. I. You don't want to go me down that rabbit hole right now, because it's

00:32:42.030 --> 00:32:46.409 Tommy D: there's no excuses for the the the level of poverty and the fact that people are.

00:32:46.420 --> 00:33:02.880 Tommy D: You know where you can be in Manhattan and and somebody's eating out you know, at a fancy restaurant, and you know, 10 yards away somebody's eating out of a trash. Can I have? No, I can't handle this Will I have to table this because, Janet, we are on a mission to tell your story today, but that's the stuff I don't curs on the show, but this is the stuff that pisses me off. We'll deal with that.

00:33:02.890 --> 00:33:11.789 Tommy D: But Jen Greta Gordon, you're just gonna have to come on the show. We'll talk about the homelessness situation. So the other thing I wanted to mention is 2 things that you pointed out.

00:33:12.860 --> 00:33:16.920 Tommy D: You said your nonprofit partners, and you you also use the word Jeanette

00:33:17.140 --> 00:33:18.170 equitable.

00:33:18.450 --> 00:33:21.619 Tommy D: And I want to talk about those 2 things.

00:33:21.710 --> 00:33:39.649 Tommy D: I I want to just understand. You pick could be like a game show welcome to the show. It could be like a game show like pick from company or column. B. What would you like? Would you want to talk about. You want to tell me to start about what nonprofit partners means, and how you engage with those or that again, we have. We are

00:33:39.740 --> 00:33:49.560 Tommy D: right on the precipice of Dr. Martin Luther King Day, Monday, which is a big volunteer day. I started on your website. So wherever you want to go, you want to go. Equity, you want to go?

00:33:49.570 --> 00:34:07.970 Jeanette Gisbert-Volunteer New York!: Yeah, let's start with equity. I mean, ilk is around the corner. Absolutely. Yeah, we I so I I I do. We do use that word. I I I did use that word when we think about the kind of community that we're trying to support and bills as as vibrant, resilient, and equitable. and you know, I think, that

00:34:08.060 --> 00:34:38.049 Jeanette Gisbert-Volunteer New York!: every every organization, every individual's, journey around understanding, equity, diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging is different. and I think that it's. I believe it's okay to kind of just name where it is that you're starting. And then kind of go from there. And so, you know, Volunteer New York has looked, you know, has been looking at volunteerism through a diversity, equity, inclusion, belonging lens for a long time. Always kind of thinking about

00:34:38.340 --> 00:34:40.020 Jeanette Gisbert-Volunteer New York!: You know

00:34:40.230 --> 00:35:08.130 Jeanette Gisbert-Volunteer New York!: who's volunteering? Is it representative of our community, you know. Who are we? We have a this amazing inspirational breakfast, very similar to your awards here, in which this are called the voluntary spirit awards, where we recognize 6 amazing local volunteers. you know, always thinking about like are are the are the winners representative of our community. And how will individuals look at them and say, Wow, yeah, I can see myself in that, and i'm prepared to serve and in our last strategic plan

00:35:08.140 --> 00:35:17.169 Jeanette Gisbert-Volunteer New York!: we I mentioned our beliefs before our values that we value community, and we value volunteerism, and we also have brainstormed and developed 3 beliefs.

00:35:17.240 --> 00:35:29.099 Jeanette Gisbert-Volunteer New York!: And our 3 beliefs are really volunteering is transformational relationships matter, and everyone can serve. And so it's this: Really, everyone can serve kind of lens.

00:35:29.110 --> 00:35:42.249 Jeanette Gisbert-Volunteer New York!: that we're gonna be kind of digging into more in the next you know, in the foreseeable future, because we do want service to be as available and accessible to

00:35:42.280 --> 00:35:49.470 Jeanette Gisbert-Volunteer New York!: to as many as possible. You know many people as possible. And and honestly, Tommy, you know there's a lot of conversation in the volunteer

00:35:49.600 --> 00:36:00.250 Jeanette Gisbert-Volunteer New York!: sector kind of space about like, what does volunteers. A me like is to even be using the word volunteer who who is able to volunteer? And

00:36:00.300 --> 00:36:15.719 Jeanette Gisbert-Volunteer New York!: And while i'm in the business of you know I I I an organization that you know, promotes what I call kind of these more formalized volunteer opportunities in this database.

00:36:15.730 --> 00:36:28.769 Jeanette Gisbert-Volunteer New York!: Volunteerism is is about community. It's about how people are kind of checking in on one another. And you know I tell the story, you know i'm first generation keep an American. My family came to this country in the mid seventies.

00:36:28.780 --> 00:36:48.119 Jeanette Gisbert-Volunteer New York!: They came here to Westchester to a a town called Terry Town, because there was a community of other Cuban immigrants that had settled here, and they felt like this would be the place that they would be welcome to feel comfortable. and you know I I experience from an early, you know, age

00:36:48.130 --> 00:37:04.249 Jeanette Gisbert-Volunteer New York!: the community that was built in that group, and so individuals checking in on each other individuals, you know. If somebody was sick, somebody would bring them soup. If somebody, you know needed help finding a job, they would help connect somebody that you know so and so

00:37:04.260 --> 00:37:14.770 Jeanette Gisbert-Volunteer New York!: you know that that idea of how a neighbor of helping neighbor is also volunteerism. And so it's not necessarily the the more kind of formalized way which we promote. And I support because

00:37:15.050 --> 00:37:31.309 Jeanette Gisbert-Volunteer New York!: because nonprofits need a system to kind of re a pipeline of getting the people in but I think it's all volunteer them, and I think that we need to be sure that we're looking at all of the pieces of it to really have a a full conversation about

00:37:31.440 --> 00:37:39.479 Tommy D: equity, and what equitable volunteerism looks like. So 2 2 quick questions about that. So a point in a question. So the point is, you know I am

00:37:40.290 --> 00:37:51.230 Tommy D: known, for I see a car broken down on the street. I stop and just check on the person right like, and sometimes one time I remember doing that when my wife and I were kids we were like in our mid-twenties, and these people were like

00:37:51.320 --> 00:38:09.619 Tommy D: it was on a Belt parkway, and we stopped, and they were like hopped up out of their mind like it was dangerous for me. They were on something, so we got back to the calling. Got the hell out of there real fast. but for the most part it's somebody that's in distress, and it's somebody that was like need something. And it just happened to the day that off the

00:38:09.700 --> 00:38:11.109 Tommy D: Long Island expressway.

00:38:11.860 --> 00:38:14.170 Tommy D: and this woman was so. She didn't need anything.

00:38:14.180 --> 00:38:35.649 Tommy D: She needed nothing. She was like. I'm good. But thank you, because I just needed a human being to care like that was like it. She started crying, and I was like. Look, there's a Deli. I'll get your water. I'll get you sandwich. What do you? Nothing. I'm good, and i'm not saying about me. Gang it's about the fact that that's what you're supposed to do. So I always worry that when I say these things like oh, look at him! He's so great. No, the point is.

00:38:35.670 --> 00:38:54.510 Tommy D: take a chance. Help people out. Be part of the solution, you know. So the so my thing about it is like if you see somebody in distress freaking pull over. Yeah, everybody's got a cell phone. So what I know everybody's got a cell phone, but some. Sometimes it's dead, and Sometimes they don't have a charge on some things they might just need your phone, or sometimes they might need another human being who actually cares and they go.

00:38:55.150 --> 00:38:56.950 Tommy D: Thanks. And this woman who was like.

00:38:57.270 --> 00:39:02.640 Tommy D: Thank you, do your thing. Go! I'm cool. Somebody's coming, but I just meant, and that to me was like

00:39:02.730 --> 00:39:12.499 Tommy D: I felt good because she felt better. And that's I think what we're supposed to do is just do that stuff. So that's the piece. I say that at just a took from a community perspective. I want to know

00:39:12.580 --> 00:39:28.830 Tommy D: how informed in these conversations that you're talking about about strategy, about equity and things like that. How informed is your organization by the community like having them that I say them I mean non employees of the organization in the communities.

00:39:28.920 --> 00:39:33.350 Tommy D: in these conversations that you're having. You know I I've had friends on the show. Last year

00:39:33.820 --> 00:39:53.399 Tommy D: I I got a certificate from the Institute for nonprofit practice, and I made incredible relationships with incredible leaders of nonprofits, and sometimes I don't get a lot of inferiority complex. But in this case I was like, Wow, these people are super smart, and they know a lot of things I don't know. I'm super jazz, because now I get to learn from them. But leaders of really important organizations who've been on this show.

00:39:54.890 --> 00:40:05.559 Tommy D: And I learned so much, and you used you, it added, belonging diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging, and that's something I learned at in, and it's, too, for nonprofit practice. I always like to put the acronyms out there and spell them what they are.

00:40:06.310 --> 00:40:09.979 Tommy D: what how and especially like when I think of

00:40:11.860 --> 00:40:17.259 Tommy D: grant makers for girls of color. My name, my friend Maheen Khalim, who is a

00:40:17.700 --> 00:40:20.439 Tommy D: who is a special special person and a great leader there.

00:40:20.610 --> 00:40:21.450 Tommy D: that

00:40:21.470 --> 00:40:38.679 Tommy D: the girls in these organizations, that they that the grant makers for girls of color makes grant to are involved in these advisory committees are involved in these boards. They're informing where the organization should be going. This is a long round about way for me to shout out. My friends tell their stories to. But say to you.

00:40:38.890 --> 00:40:51.870 Tommy D: how is that done in your world? I I imagine it's it's probably done very well, but I know. Here's the thing about the show, too. Nonprofit leaders pay attention to what these are. The leaders are saying. So I want you to inform a little bit about that. I'll stop, and i'll listen for a sec.

00:40:52.180 --> 00:40:54.529 Jeanette Gisbert-Volunteer New York!: Yeah, sure. No such a good question.

00:40:54.650 --> 00:40:59.160 Jeanette Gisbert-Volunteer New York!: You know my response to that is, you know, Volunteer New York

00:40:59.260 --> 00:41:11.730 Jeanette Gisbert-Volunteer New York!: has always, I would say, informally, taken a community-centered approach. Right? So we have always tried to say you know we go out, as I said to our nonprofit partners, and we ask them, You know what

00:41:12.100 --> 00:41:30.429 Jeanette Gisbert-Volunteer New York!: what are your volunteer needs, and how can people power help you? Accomplish your mission? and then we take that information, and we bring it back, and we help amplify the needs so that we are directing that human capital to where it's needed. you know that being, said I. There's more. There's more that we can be doing.

00:41:30.440 --> 00:41:38.069 Jeanette Gisbert-Volunteer New York!: and there's more. There. There's more internal learning to be done frankly. and and there's more

00:41:38.240 --> 00:41:58.990 Jeanette Gisbert-Volunteer New York!: that, I think will help us be even better prepared to have those conversations when we're out in the community. so I think that, like I think we, I think it's been part of our DNA, for you know, for 72 years, probably, which is how long we've been around, and and there is more to be to do. And, in fact, one of the

00:41:59.290 --> 00:42:15.980 Jeanette Gisbert-Volunteer New York!: we're we're about to kind of button up a a strategic plan, and one of the goals is is being very intentional about how we mobilize volunteers for opportunities that center community needs right. So like very kind of being focused. And and again, you know, we're never.

00:42:17.620 --> 00:42:40.840 Jeanette Gisbert-Volunteer New York!: I don't think I I will say the word never, because you never know like I. I don't think we'll ever abandon the you know the animal shelters or the environmental crisis. And this, you know, and you know, are those necessarily the most kind of pressing challenges or needs in our community? I don't know.

00:42:40.960 --> 00:43:09.399 Jeanette Gisbert-Volunteer New York!: You know we got it again. Challenges around education and mental health and mentors and transportation. I mean, transportation is a huge issue for ours Older population here in Westchester, and there's some great programs that me about that. What do you? What do you mean? Because I don't. I don't know the issue. I don't know the problem. Yeah. So you know Once you once you're a little older you're not able to drive yourself to identical appointments. How do you get to medical appointments? If you don't have a family member nearby, you know, are are in

00:43:09.410 --> 00:43:38.480 Jeanette Gisbert-Volunteer New York!: our transportation infrastructure, the busing, the bus system and whatnot is is okay, but not great. And so we have long nonprofits here in Westchester that recruit volunteer drivers, and will take seniors to medical appointments, and we have heard from those partners that they have to turn down seniors who call them, because they don't have enough fibers to take them to their appointments.

00:43:38.490 --> 00:43:53.339 Tommy D: You drive yourself to the store. You can drive people like this is what it is. Maybe you retire, you know whatever. Maybe you're just looking for some way to serve driving people. What, let me tell you. Some First of all here I got Here's another soapbox. Our older folks have so much wisdom.

00:43:53.350 --> 00:44:10.610 Tommy D: and I think many, many societies, and maybe your own heritage. You say Cuban, right. Maybe certain societies, I think, value the older community, and I think certain societies i'll say in this country sometimes the the older people are forgotten about, but I love hanging out with folks that are older, and I I you can

00:44:10.890 --> 00:44:30.710 Tommy D: glean so much knowledge, and and there's such relationships. I've always been not to be silly, but I feel like people said all you like an old soul, and you know people say that whatever I don't dig hanging out with all the people you can learn so much, and maybe this sounds so stupid the way i'm saying it. But the point of the matter is just like engage with more people, make more friends, make more connections. We have to do this we have to

00:44:31.260 --> 00:44:46.270 Tommy D: on this show. What we have to do is we have to change the show. The format now will be 3 h going forward. because I usually take up 2 h, apparently. No, but here's what I want to do today. So call out, that is that the volunteer spirit awards? That's your event.

00:44:46.280 --> 00:45:15.940 Tommy D: That's our event. Yeah. So so when we come back I want you to pitch that to us. Explain it. I want you to tell us who we can help you connect with. And obviously we're going to have to have you back on the show. But since I'm going to do 5, 10,000 episodes of this shows, can I pick a good number? Can I pick up. If we work it out. You could be number 200, which is 99 episodes from today. We can have right back you know whatever. Look, I got a lot of friends that's my kids laugh about. I know it's your friend, Dad. Why, don't you go? Have a cup of coffee with him. I know that's what they say, but we'll be right back.

00:45:15.950 --> 00:45:23.459 Tommy D: We're going to close your show. I hope you're having fun. I'm having fun. Let's see. And the week. Thank you. Got it. We'll be right back.

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00:47:11.430 --> 00:47:14.540 Now this

00:47:14.630 --> 00:47:16.769 this time that you.

00:47:17.410 --> 00:47:19.569 because you.

00:47:19.750 --> 00:47:22.260 Tommy, in his

00:47:23.040 --> 00:47:46.789 Tommy D: my guest today is Janette is word from volunteers. New York, with an exclamation point at the end, and I will tell you this. You love it right so i'll tell you this, check it out. I used to have folks I used to threaten like on the second segment of the show that my friends would have to like. Sing this song. I'm watching you pop your head and dig in the song, and I appreciate that I will not put you on the spot. But maybe when you come back nobody wants to hear that. Well, i'll tell you this.

00:47:46.800 --> 00:48:06.369 Tommy D: You know what you got 99 more episodes of the show. When you come back. You better be ready to sing. That's one thing for your supper. All right. So 2,023 volunteer spirit awards. I'm sharing this if you go to volunteer New, and then you go to events and you'll see a drop down. This is volunteer spirit awards.

00:48:06.380 --> 00:48:18.489 Jeanette Gisbert-Volunteer New York!: So tell me a little bit about. You can buy tickets, you sponsorship. This is already open, right? This is going on right now. Yeah, yeah, we just we actually just opened it. yeah. And so we you know it is the regions

00:48:18.500 --> 00:48:42.070 Jeanette Gisbert-Volunteer New York!: largest volunteer recognition event. and we, you know, Pre Covid, we had 600 people in a room. this year, you know we're slowly getting back to that. So we're hoping to have 500 people in a room. and it's it around here. It is the feel good, inspirational morning breakfast. Everyone kind of starts their day off by coming to the voluntary spirit awards, hearing from 6

00:48:42.090 --> 00:49:12.069 Jeanette Gisbert-Volunteer New York!: amazing local volunteers, who are, you know, making a difference in the Community Volunteer. New York also bestows a special award from our Board of directors to, you know, to someone who's made an impact on our organization. and yeah, I mean, I I I hope that everyone everyone should come. Everyone needs to come at least one. Let me tell you this. So it's funny. I see it's on a Friday morning. It's May fifth on a Friday morning, which actually something else very important happens on Friday morning. It's a little show call plan for being focused.

00:49:12.080 --> 00:49:20.470 Tommy D: But I've decided this year for very special events that I will do different things. Record the show ahead of time. I don't know. I'm feeling like

00:49:20.670 --> 00:49:42.240 Jeanette Gisbert-Volunteer New York!: maybe I should do a live show from volunteer. I don't know a networking event afterwards. I there's a networking event afterwards. Yeah, I've been known to do a bit of networking in my day. So part of what happens is there's so much good energy. So the program is really tight. 8 to 10 we run it like starts at 8 30 really tight chip. We are like

00:49:42.710 --> 00:49:43.519 Jeanette Gisbert-Volunteer New York!: kind of

00:49:43.660 --> 00:50:13.609 Jeanette Gisbert-Volunteer New York!: militant about it. I like that. That's good, because not all. Let's be real. You and I have history in this nonprofit space. And some time today like that. And yeah, they've got to get back to work or back home, or wherever they're going, but happens is after that hour and a half of programming where you hear about all of these stories, there's just this great buzz and this energy, and people wouldn't leave Tommy like people like, and the folks in the hotel were like You've got to go. We've got to set up for the next event.

00:50:13.620 --> 00:50:34.609 Jeanette Gisbert-Volunteer New York!: So what you do? What how did you solve for that problem? So we said, You know what? Well, what if we had like an informal kind of networking event in this little Asian space that you that they have outside of the of the ballroom. and we tried it, and you know I mean the first year we did it. We have like 150 people that just kind of like stuck around and like bold around. And we're like what

00:50:34.620 --> 00:50:37.879 Tommy D: and what? So what did you did? Did you provide like.

00:50:38.000 --> 00:51:03.489 Jeanette Gisbert-Volunteer New York!: you know? Whatever it is, it's the morning. So you're not providing cocktails, but like, for that was there like light fare after that, or it was really just. Here's a coffee pot. We had a we had a photo booth. So people came, and you know and the first year. so there's actually a great organization right here called Shark Radio Andrew Castellano and his organization came, and he he's got a little bit of a podcast. So he was interviewing people about their experiences.

00:51:03.500 --> 00:51:23.019 Tommy D: but it was very. It was just really kind of casual kind of networking. We might have had a candy table, maybe, but this thing I don't know if this is cool in Covid in like after a Covid era. But, like you remember what they were doing like for a little while, what they were adding donuts on like spindles like at weddings and stuff like that. I'm not sure. I even

00:51:23.030 --> 00:51:51.509 Tommy D: before Co. But I was like, and i'm not really like one like, you know. Something drops on the floor. You get it quick enough. You could still eat it. Kind of guy. That's how I am. But that was kind of like. Oh, man, those donors are on those dowels, and like, you know, like how many people sneeze by those donors. Anyway, that's what you made me. That's what I think about. We have a donut. Well don't have a Donut Wall, Apparently I've just ruined that for everyone. So yeah, I think I don't. I don't think people need it. I think people just want to continue to chat. Yeah, so that's that's it. But it's it's an amazing morning.

00:51:51.520 --> 00:52:07.310 Jeanette Gisbert-Volunteer New York!: is it? Again, it's it's it's a programmatic strategy for us. Because it really gives us an opportunity to kind of pause and reflect on the great work that's happening in the community, and it's really inspirational and also, you know, full transparency. It's only our it's our only event

00:52:07.320 --> 00:52:16.279 Jeanette Gisbert-Volunteer New York!: fundraiser. So some some organizations have gala. We have a gala. We have the voluntary spirit awards. Got it so do you expect?

00:52:16.370 --> 00:52:41.689 Jeanette Gisbert-Volunteer New York!: Have you been? Is this the first one back in a couple of years, or what? So? No. So we actually what we actually came back in person last year. Okay, and we met our goal of 350 people in person, which we're really excited about. And we actually did. You know, Volunteer New York is always, you know, I. We really pride ourselves on pushing the envelope, and really kind of being kind of a a a ahead of the pack, and so or the you know, at the front of the pack

00:52:41.700 --> 00:52:43.620 Jeanette Gisbert-Volunteer New York!: and so in

00:52:43.690 --> 00:52:59.300 Jeanette Gisbert-Volunteer New York!: in the spring of 2,020, when we had to pivot to a virtual voluntary spirit awards. We were one of the first organizations in our community to make that pivot, and you always did it in April or May it

00:52:59.310 --> 00:53:12.230 Jeanette Gisbert-Volunteer New York!: so? When did you do that one in 20? Was it like so in a in that year we did it in June, actually because they were kind of scrambling to figure out kind of what to do in that very kind of UN,

00:53:12.240 --> 00:53:22.629 Jeanette Gisbert-Volunteer New York!: that kind of unknown time. and then, you know, I've I've heard from our peers in our community that you know that the 2,020 voluntary spirit awards really became the

00:53:22.640 --> 00:53:36.559 Jeanette Gisbert-Volunteer New York!: the kind of the beacon that everybody else kind of tried to model. So we did virtually 2020 we did a virtual 21, and then we were back in person. 2022, you know, smaller crowd, but still pretty, you know pretty significant

00:53:36.570 --> 00:53:52.690 Jeanette Gisbert-Volunteer New York!: and it was great, and we actually, we did a hybrid last year. We we live, streamed it, and we did in. We got go for you because again mixed reviews on a lot of this hybrid stuff, you know. I mean it's it was. We got really great participation. and

00:53:52.700 --> 00:54:01.050 Jeanette Gisbert-Volunteer New York!: you know, I think we were able to share it with some of our corporate partners, and really kind of, you know. Help spread the word so you know for us it

00:54:01.060 --> 00:54:15.340 Jeanette Gisbert-Volunteer New York!: it worked out just fine I am. I am really happy to be able to say that this year we're just doing it in person. I think we're back. I think I really I've been out a lot, and I really feel like we are back in doing that stuff.

00:54:15.380 --> 00:54:21.320 Tommy D: look, i'll tell you I mean God, I missed it like I was telling my wife yesterday, like I chose.

00:54:21.540 --> 00:54:31.790 Tommy D: You know we own an employee benefits from vanguard benefits, you know I I so I chose my profession not specifically the insurance profession, but sales guy profession to be

00:54:31.920 --> 00:54:48.139 Tommy D: so. I was not in an attic for 12 h a day, and then, and then I ended up in an attic forever. So being out for me and and those of us who are social and really want to be with people and get those vibes like I actually here, as you're explaining what that morning is like.

00:54:48.150 --> 00:55:13.849 Tommy D: I feel it. I understand that room. I know the energy in a room like that. I'm digging it. I have to figure out how we will not book a live show on. May. I think that's right in my wheelhouse, so we'll figure that all out Here's what I need. We got about a minute or 2 left. I want you to just bring it home. What do you need? Who can we connect you with this people that are going to listen to this Live this people are going to listen to this into the future. How do they connect with you and your organization? What they? What can they bring you?

00:55:13.860 --> 00:55:43.260 Jeanette Gisbert-Volunteer New York!: Yeah, absolutely. Thank you for that opportunity. I mean for me. there's a couple of things one I want everyone to know who's listening to this, that if they live in the Westchester, putting them in Rockland areas, and they want to connect to their volunt, to their community through volunteerism, and they don't know where to get started. We're how to get started. Visit us, volunteer New York Org. You can create a profile. Our phone number is on there. You can call us. We can help you find that way to connect and to your point, Tommy. You know the one of the things that the pandemic did was

00:55:43.270 --> 00:55:44.290 Jeanette Gisbert-Volunteer New York!: impact

00:55:44.400 --> 00:56:13.539 Jeanette Gisbert-Volunteer New York!: relationships and connections, and, as I said before, I feel really strongly that volunteerism and being of service, is one strategy for how we can re-establish and reconnect with our community. And so just do it. Just call us and just visit our website so, and help spread the word like you know anybody who you know who's looking to connect to their community if they're if they're a recently retired. If they're a young person. If they're looking to use skills if they wanna if they're looking at, you know they're in between jobs. If.

00:56:13.550 --> 00:56:22.289 Jeanette Gisbert-Volunteer New York!: whatever it is, we can help them find an opportunity. so that's number one, and the numbers and the number 2, and i'm sure every nonprofit person has mentioned this. But, like

00:56:22.300 --> 00:56:37.159 Jeanette Gisbert-Volunteer New York!: every nonprofit, has to raise its budget every year at the start of our fiscal year. The you know, the clock starts ticking, and we've got to be able to raise the dollars, and in support of our mission, especially at volunteer New York. our mission is very people driven. So

00:56:37.400 --> 00:56:56.400 Jeanette Gisbert-Volunteer New York!: you know more than a 1 million of our 1 point. 7 million dollars budget is directed to towards our people. and so I I welcome the opportunity to speak with supporters, individuals, corporations, businesses, foundations, people who understand what happens when you invest

00:56:56.410 --> 00:57:02.139 Jeanette Gisbert-Volunteer New York!: in volunteerism and you invest in community. and

00:57:02.290 --> 00:57:32.269 Tommy D: and and and the impact that that will have on the future love it, I mean, i'm all about that corporate social responsibility. I feel like I sit at the line or the crossroads between nonprofits and the for-profit. I love these 2. My favorite words. Maybe they're cliche, but I love them strategic alliances. Those are partnerships. Gang. It's super important next time on the show, Janet. We're friends now. It's just a way you're in you're in. You're in the right now. I'm thrilled that you're here. I'm thrilled that we we had this connection, Mike.

00:57:32.280 --> 00:58:02.260 Tommy D: if it wasn't for you making this connection, this doesn't, have you, Mike? I want you to meet Janet, my friend, Mick Collins, who I've referred to a couple of times, as companies called pay it forward processing. They do merchant processing with a purpose. They have a give back program to nonprofits. We'll make that happen, I know, makes listening. I listen. This show has been philanthropy and focus it's. It's always going to be philanthropy and focus. And I want to say next week on the show Tory Cohen, the executive director of Long Island, Alzheimer's and Dementia Center will be here on the show topic we need to discuss, and we will be discussing it, because that's where

00:58:02.270 --> 00:58:16.380 Tommy D: I do. I do 2 things. I help nonprofits tell their story and amplify their message. I'm fired up, man. The addicts going to go on fire. I'm out of control. Make it a great day. Stay tuned, Steve. Fry will be here always. Friday. Janet, I appreciate you. Make it a great day.

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