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Friday, January 6, 2023
Facebook Live Video from 2023/01/06 - Allied Foundation Diaper Bank & Allied Foundation Period Project

Facebook Live Video from 2023/01/06 - Allied Foundation Diaper Bank & Allied Foundation Period Project


2023/01/06 - Allied Foundation Diaper Bank & Allied Foundation Period Project

[NEW EPISODE] Allied Foundation Diaper Bank & Allied Foundation Period Project

Fridays 10:00am - 11:00am (EDT)


We aim to inspire others with our efforts to make a difference and bring hope and compassion to those in need.


Heather is a mission driven development professional who is passionate about generating philanthropic support to advance the mission of the organization that she serves. She is the Executive Director for Allied Foundation, a for-impact, 501C3 organization committed to improve the health and well-being of people in the community. Her career in development spans 20 years and she has held leadership positions in healthcare, higher education and social service agencies. Heather also spent 7 years building brands for national products including Post Kids cereals, Avon, US West and Tri-State Cadillac. She is happily married to Kevin and mom to Jack, Katie and Linda.






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00:00:22.770 --> 00:00:24.280 Tommy D: what i'm world!

00:00:24.800 --> 00:00:32.590 Tommy D: It's your boy, Tommy. D it's your boy, the non-profit sector connector. The show is philanthropy, and focus.

00:00:32.810 --> 00:00:49.289 Tommy D: I'm extra fired up, man. I'm always fired up. I'm extra fired up like if i'm usually at a 10 of on the fired up scale. I'm at like I don't know at least at 40 or 50, or maybe a 45. Yo you know what 2 big things today to celebrate. I

00:00:49.300 --> 00:01:04.760 Tommy D: have just completed my forty-fifth revolution around the sun. Happy birthday to me. Happy birthday to me it's your boy tommy D. All that runs, and today also represents the one hundredth episode of something that was an idea.

00:01:04.980 --> 00:01:20.369 Tommy D: It was an idea that I went around talking about telling people I was going to do, I said, look I this idea for the show. It's called philanthropy and focus. I'm going to bring on leaders and nonprofits. I'm going to interview them and help them tell their story and amplify their message, and I went around telling people that for 2 years and didn't do anything

00:01:20.380 --> 00:01:25.620 Tommy D: I just told people about it. And now, having completed 2 years, the show started January the eighth.

00:01:25.680 --> 00:01:36.800 Tommy D: of 2,021, and now we are on our one hundredth episode. My point is not to just brag or celebrate on me. My point is this: If you have an idea to do the thing, just go, do the thing.

00:01:36.980 --> 00:01:47.359 Tommy D: and if it's broken, and you did it the wrong way. Well, now, you figured out one way not to do the thing. What's the thing I don't know. Is it a podcast? This is a new business, is it the book you're going to write? Is it the blog you want to do?

00:01:47.550 --> 00:01:54.120 Tommy D: Is it that new hairstyle. You want to try out freaking. Try it out, man. The one good thing specifically about hair, and I know about this a little bit is

00:01:54.310 --> 00:02:01.570 Tommy D: grows back. So if you want to cut it short, cut it short. You want to grow it long. Roll. Well, my point of this is yes, I'm being silly. But my point of all this is

00:02:02.130 --> 00:02:11.099 Tommy D: life is short. Man, take your shots, do something fun, do something that scares the hell out of you. And Also, I always tell you this life begins

00:02:11.190 --> 00:02:15.529 Tommy D: outside of your conference, so get freaking, uncomfortable man. Just do it all right every day.

00:02:15.640 --> 00:02:22.299 Tommy D: I'm hanging with nonprofits. Shout out to what I did yesterday. I was on Staten Island, and I say on Staten Island. It's funny, because

00:02:22.410 --> 00:02:30.909 Tommy D: sometimes, when we're here on Long Island, and sometimes that's pronounced. Well, the way we pronounce it is Long Island, but it's actually Long

00:02:31.100 --> 00:02:39.330 Tommy D: Island is actually, if you, for those of you who might be listening, you know, outside of NASA or Suffolk or Queens, you might not really know. That's how we talk here.

00:02:39.680 --> 00:02:51.040 Tommy D: My point is, I was on Staten Island, and I usually say that's why it's about to say heather, I say, sometimes Heather Edwards is here from the Ally Foundation. We'll get you into this. Hello, Heather, I want to ask you, you know, like do you ever say

00:02:51.530 --> 00:03:06.480 Tommy D: i'm in Long Island or I live in Long Island? But I live on Long Island, because it's an island right so. But I I live, you know, like I live in a town, but I live on an island right so. Anyway, I was like I was on a phone call yesterday while I was on Staten Island.

00:03:06.490 --> 00:03:25.980 Tommy D: and I said, yeah, i'm in Staten Island today, and one of my friends who I was visiting. This was some time. You're actually on Staten Island, anyway. I'm spinning in circles. The point of this matter is this I was visiting with a special organization, a nonprofit, a client of ours vanguard benefits our our insurance agency Venture House, which is a clubhouse setting for people with

00:03:26.450 --> 00:03:40.559 Tommy D: mid range to severe mental health issues, and I happen to be visiting with my friends out there yesterday, and was just really excited to be there to see what goes on every day, and the one special thing, one that's special, but many things there. But one thing that stood out for me is.

00:03:41.490 --> 00:03:52.820 Tommy D: we all need support at different times in our lives. I say that on the show Dr. Larry Grubler told me that on second episode of philanthropy and focus couple of years back from Tsi. And why? But I always say we all need support at different times.

00:03:53.140 --> 00:03:56.500 Tommy D: and the thing that gets me when i'm at a place like Venture House is

00:03:57.020 --> 00:04:13.219 Tommy D: you don't know who works at Venture House, who's a member of the club who, because everybody is working together and collaboratively, which didn't plan to say all that. But here's the thing that's what nonprofit is. We're all working together. We're all correct collaborating and heather, which you know.

00:04:13.230 --> 00:04:37.610 Tommy D: my friend Amy Fleischer had reached out to me, and I got to say this: You know she wants to connect with you. Her organization has been receiving donations from your organization, so you 2 might not know each other directly, but you will. But again, this is a phone call that I had yesterday talking about collaboration, talking about bringing us all together. All right. Well, Timidy, Why, don't you bring it all together? Why, don't you start to show. Okay, Tommy D. If you insist last piece, i'll say, is when I left Staten Island.

00:04:37.620 --> 00:04:51.489 Tommy D: I went on to Manhattan Island for a gallery opening for the spirit of Huntington Art Center, which I am a board member there spread to Huntington has art ability which is a special needs, Arts fair, and the words of Michael Katakis.

00:04:52.120 --> 00:04:54.380 Tommy D: These artworks are not

00:04:54.390 --> 00:05:12.720 Tommy D: put up because these people have different abilities. They are great artworks. It just so happens that the artist does have different different abilities, and is neuro-diverse, so great art at the Igora Gallery in Manhattan that was yesterday long day. I'm tired just telling you guys about it.

00:05:12.970 --> 00:05:29.899 Tommy D: heather. Welcome to the show. Welcome to the added again. Gang! She's not really in the attic. We're on. Zoom. But what's going on? How are you, kiddo? What's the deal? Hi, All this? Well, thank you so much. Happy New Year! Happy Birthday, One hundredth episode. You've been dizzy.

00:05:29.910 --> 00:05:34.429 Tommy D: It's a pretty big day for me, man. I'm a big Tommy D. Fan today. I'm celebrating me. That's it.

00:05:34.440 --> 00:06:00.170 Tommy D: and I love the orange embrace! Shout out allied Orange. I mean, I was realizing like I have allied Physicians group orange t-shirt, which I will tell you last week when I shot the Video: it was a little wrinkly. So this morning I was like I was ironing the shirt because I were to shoot a video. So I ironed my t-shirt. Not a regular occurrence in the Tommy d world, but we did it today. I am in by T-shirt shout out to those who are laughing at me right now. I've never hired a T-shirt in my life. But

00:06:00.180 --> 00:06:01.420 Tommy D: I want to.

00:06:01.610 --> 00:06:15.620 Tommy D: I want to really get into the the the topic at hand here. What your organization has done, Heather and I'm going to read some back story on this. Oh, what I was about to save the t-shirt, though is I realized I don't have any Allied foundation swag

00:06:15.630 --> 00:06:31.999 Tommy D: which we need to talk about. Is there is there a warehouse filled with hoodies? I know there's a warehouse filled with diapers, a warehouse filled with with period products. If there's not a warehouse full of hoodies, we ought to talk about something. Maybe my buddy, Fred Taffer can tighten us up and work it out shot for to have a tombo visual promotions. All right.

00:06:32.010 --> 00:06:41.880 Tommy D: I love the orange. Red is really my favorite color, but i'm getting to like orange, especially when you put out there on Linkedin. How great it looked on me when I was when I did it last week on the video

00:06:41.890 --> 00:06:53.729 Tommy D: I want to read something real quick, and then I want you to just take us through this story. We do something on the show. We talk about the leader of the organization. We talk about the organization. We talk about the impact that the organization's making. Then we talk about where we're going.

00:06:53.740 --> 00:07:10.079 Tommy D: What do we need. What do we want to connect with? What's the big picture? And then ultimately, in that last piece is, how can we help? Because I was explaining this yesterday. My whole thing is, hey, Heather, how can I help? I want to help you. How do we help? But if people don't know, i'm like a like excitable little boy, Warren's Yvonne, but like, how do I help?

00:07:10.090 --> 00:07:28.410 Tommy D: If I don't know what this story is? So that's why we tell this story throughout the show. So Ally Foundation is a for impact designated 501, C. 3 organization was founded in 2,015 by a group of concerned pediatric physicians from allied physicians group who resolved to make a difference in the greater community

00:07:28.460 --> 00:07:43.820 Tommy D: by increasing access to essential resources which, in the patient populate in their patient populations. Their efforts are focused on their 4 pillars of purpose which include newborn support, newborn support, community service, community education, and early

00:07:43.830 --> 00:08:03.150 Tommy D: childhood literacy shout out to our friends of the book fairies, because i'm sure that literacy piece. I know if i'm not mistaken, that the pediatric practices collect books that end up in the book. Fairies. That's the nonprofit stuff gang. That's what it is. I'm fired up. I got chills because these are my people connecting and working together and collaborating heather's background.

00:08:03.600 --> 00:08:15.219 Tommy D: She's been the executive director since 2,019. Her career spends 20 years in leadership that she's had in in the development space, in nonprofit, higher education, social service agencies, and also

00:08:15.230 --> 00:08:26.940 Tommy D: spent some time in the corporate world. 7 years building brands, marketing with with post cereal brands Avon, us West, and tri-state Cadillac. That to me, says she knows how to tell a story

00:08:26.950 --> 00:08:41.120 Tommy D: she knows how to, which is good, because i'm going to shut up for the next 50 min, and she's going to tell the story. So Heather Edwards, executive director, and my friend, leader or excellence. What is up. Tell me about this story. How did you even find out about this organization?

00:08:41.870 --> 00:08:52.330 Heather Edwards: Wow! So spent a lot of time working in nonprofits. Spent a lot of time working and marketing really felt like my heart is really in trying to make a difference.

00:08:52.450 --> 00:08:58.730 Heather Edwards: helping people and being, you know, a voice and an option when little exists.

00:08:58.780 --> 00:09:09.600 Heather Edwards: I found to allied, and I think you know it is the best fit for me because I am a mom. I have 3 children granted their teenagers now, but

00:09:09.630 --> 00:09:20.100 Heather Edwards: learning about the organization and what they were doing, really hit home for me personally where it's just shocking me. Even think that there are people

00:09:20.110 --> 00:09:38.930 Tommy D: who cannot afford enough diapers to keep their baby clean dry and healthy, and that really resonated with me personally.

00:09:39.010 --> 00:09:58.980 Heather Edwards: So for those who don't know Allied foundation was formed by the Pediatricians of Allied Physicians group. We have 36 practices across Long Island into the boroughs we're even in on Staten Island we're up in. We did not know that, and apparently I was on Staten Island as well yesterday.

00:09:58.990 --> 00:10:17.489 Heather Edwards: So within our patient populations, our physicians we're seeing families who had babies who had severe diaper. Rash come to find out. You know they just had very limited resources, and we're not able to access enough divers to keep their babies healthy. And

00:10:17.690 --> 00:10:25.010 Heather Edwards: really is pediatricians. They take care of the child, and they really take care of the whole family, so it was important to

00:10:25.050 --> 00:10:31.690 Heather Edwards: for them to try and do something to combat this issue. so

00:10:31.990 --> 00:10:37.659 Heather Edwards: they formed a foundation, and what started out as a small organization is kind of

00:10:37.680 --> 00:10:46.100 Heather Edwards: literally grown very rapidly, and I think it's a combination of things that sort of made it happen?

00:10:46.480 --> 00:11:05.499 Heather Edwards: The Diaper Bank officially became a member of a national organization called the National Diaper Bank Network in 2,017. When I came on board took a look at everything and said, how can we make a bigger impact? right before Covid happened? we saw, you know.

00:11:05.510 --> 00:11:08.129 Heather Edwards: a steady need growing.

00:11:08.170 --> 00:11:26.890 Heather Edwards: and then once 2020 hit literally. You know it got busy and crazy to a level that I don't think anybody could have imagined families who are desperate for diapers. They were suddenly unemployed, had no income. Had one baby, maybe 2 babies.

00:11:27.100 --> 00:11:33.060 Heather Edwards: and they were kind of in a panic. diaper need actually is a national health

00:11:33.080 --> 00:11:34.680 Heather Edwards: crisis.

00:11:34.750 --> 00:11:40.539 Heather Edwards: There are people all over the nation that struggle to afford enough diapers.

00:11:41.260 --> 00:11:46.079 Heather Edwards: There are currently 18 diaper banks in New York State.

00:11:46.270 --> 00:11:53.149 Heather Edwards: and we all share a common goal to ensure. Diapers are distributed free of charge to those in need.

00:11:53.850 --> 00:11:57.700 Heather Edwards: Here on Long Island there was no official diaper bank until

00:11:57.760 --> 00:12:11.900 Heather Edwards: Allied started it in 2,017. We are currently the only official diaper bank for Long Island. We serve pretty much as far east as Montalk all the way into some of the boroughs. We did a little bit of work during the beginning of the pandemic.

00:12:13.130 --> 00:12:15.380 Heather Edwards: But You know

00:12:15.390 --> 00:12:45.120 Tommy D: we we have not seen a decrease in need. We distributed our 2 millionth diaper this past December. We have another show. I do another show of my my partner in that particular project, Valerie Hephon. She's got palm pumps when we and anytime somebody does something really cool. She brings out the pomp. I do not have palm pumps, so i'll just wave my hands, but I I mean it's 2 million diapers on a thing that just was an idea again. Go back to the what I said in the beginning of the show, everybody. It was an idea it was, the doctor said. We need to

00:12:45.130 --> 00:13:14.399 Tommy D: dive in and fix this issue. It's an underlying issue right in certain specific communities. Look, i'm going to. I might get beat up for some of the stuff that's coming out of my mouth next. But here's the deal we we're supposed to be helping each other out all right. I don't want to hear about Socialism or any nonsense like that, and whatever and how the point is when we see a need, we're supposed to be part of the solution we're supposed to be fixing things that other people need. I don't know why I'm bringing to my mind right now the movie a few good men. But at the end, you know.

00:13:14.880 --> 00:13:20.129 Tommy D: at the end of a few good men, you know, I think, that the the young men who are on trial they they're not

00:13:20.280 --> 00:13:25.830 Tommy D: They're not guilty, but they end up getting kicked out of the marines, and

00:13:26.400 --> 00:13:47.579 Tommy D: the one guy says to the other guy he goes. But, he said, we, you know we didn't do it. It wasn't a cold red. We shouldn't have been in trouble. He goes, but we were supposed to protect Willie, and I don't know why that's coming to me right now, but that's a poignant moment in that movie we're supposed to protect each other. That's what we're supposed to protect. I'm going to leave this out there. Heather doesn't have to answer it. We're going to go to break in a second. But here's the thing: social determinants of health.

00:13:47.590 --> 00:13:52.559 Tommy D: certain communities who are in need, who are not getting the resources they have.

00:13:52.650 --> 00:14:03.050 Tommy D: they have a worse outcome in in many, many, many situations. I talked about the book fairies. We could talk about literacy in another day, or lack of literacy. Illiteracy,

00:14:03.270 --> 00:14:18.049 Tommy D: And what that does to somebody in their family and generations. But we're talking about health here, and how this can impact somebody so obviously I'm. Pissed off for greatness. I can hear it in my own voice today. I'm like, what do because you know what it is? Heather like? This stuff is like to me. It's like

00:14:18.100 --> 00:14:38.020 Tommy D: we need to help you obviously need to get involved something. What is the impact? What is the ripple effect of You've given away? You've put in the hands 2 over 2 million now, I guess, for 2 million diapers not to shine a light on me. But one day I came out there and I got a you hauled man and I got a bunch of diapers and whites, and we drove them out to the hamptics. Yes.

00:14:38.030 --> 00:14:56.440 Tommy D: even the Hamptons on Long Island. It's not just Puffy's white party. Everybody. It's not just Diddy's party out there. There are people on Long Island who are in need, and we need to be a part of the solution. We need to be part of help. We need to make an impact right heather, I mean. I'm just ranting. But what what do you have on that before we go to a quick break. You know babies are so vulnerable.

00:14:56.450 --> 00:15:04.509 Heather Edwards: and and we need to protect them and to give them what they need to be healthy and thrive in life, and it starts when they're young.

00:15:04.900 --> 00:15:13.079 Tommy D: 100, I mean that's look, that's it. And then what it I i'm big on the ripple effect. And I say, like, think in terms of a big old pond.

00:15:13.140 --> 00:15:29.499 Tommy D: and you just throw in these pebbles in the ponds, and I believe that those ripples go out forever. And what is the impact of an organization like this helping and not like, let me just tell you. Yeah, in case we didn't really address this part. So let me shout it out. Everyone who works for the Allied Foundation

00:15:29.510 --> 00:15:46.549 Tommy D: is on this meeting right now. There's 2 of us on this meeting, and I don't work for the foundation. Okay, that's what you need to understand. This woman is an incredible leader. She's making an incredible impact. I know she's not a team behind her. I know she's got a board. She got doctors, and she got great supporters, but i'm not going to let that go on

00:15:46.560 --> 00:16:01.589 Tommy D: unspoken, and now she has to be embarrassed while we go to break. You're an incredible person. You make an incredible impact. Know that. Know you're a special leader. I love you for what you're doing, and I love your organization. We will go to a break. Tommy D. Philanthropy and heather. Edwards ally foundation. Be right back.

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00:17:52.650 --> 00:17:53.900 you

00:17:54.380 --> 00:17:54.940 you

00:17:56.180 --> 00:17:57.020 you

00:17:59.220 --> 00:17:59.980 okay

00:18:00.030 --> 00:18:03.150 non-profit

00:18:03.210 --> 00:18:05.300 this Good.

00:18:05.820 --> 00:18:08.150 It's a

00:18:08.310 --> 00:18:10.829 Tommy in his.

00:18:11.690 --> 00:18:14.329 Tommy D: The only song in the history of

00:18:14.470 --> 00:18:15.560 Tommy D: songs

00:18:16.340 --> 00:18:33.909 Tommy D: for a guy with a radio show about nonprofits that mentions the word attic. I'm trying to make it as specific as possible. So I know i'm exactly right that that's the only song heather in the history of songs. Shout out to Uncle Brend, and leave you at the Queen's Chamber of Commerce, who wrote that song with me, Mccarton and Lenny on the who, letting him a Courtney kind of deal. Right?

00:18:34.170 --> 00:18:37.140 Tommy D: So we wrote this on together. He's the singer, but

00:18:37.150 --> 00:18:57.380 Tommy D: you and Brendan have connected because you have sent you started to say it early. You sent some diapers out to queens and and stuff like that in the past. Right? There's one organization specifically. I don't know if you're able to shout people out, but it's it. A bunch of nights of Columbus that come out and pick up diapers. Can Can we talk about that real quick? And then I know we have a lot to get into sure. really quick. we work with pro 60

00:18:57.390 --> 00:19:04.300 Heather Edwards: plus non-profit and community based partners across Long Island and into the boroughs and

00:19:04.780 --> 00:19:15.209 Heather Edwards: There's a special pantry that happens every month, called March Marguerite's pantry and it's held in East Elm Elmhurst Queens and

00:19:15.220 --> 00:19:31.609 Heather Edwards: they run their pantry on a Saturday and the week before the nights of Columbus volunteer to drive all the way from Queens. They meet us in hop hog at flexible systems, where we have our warehouse, and for months over the last 2 years

00:19:31.660 --> 00:19:51.230 Tommy D: Frank and his team have been coming out to get all the necessary needs they need for the pantry on Saturday.

00:19:51.470 --> 00:20:19.479 Tommy D: you know, but doing 60 days of service now for a while, but it's been kind of I don't see it on hold, but I've been super busy on things, so I haven't been out there doing a lot of service work at least not that i'm giving myself credit for with the whole like social media thing. But I would say this gang is so many opportunities to serve there, so many. I just get involved in the community make an impact, make the world a better place, You know. I say this no big deal. Just change in the world. You, everyone listening to this I don't care if you're 93 or 3, and I don't know how many 3 year olds Listen to this program.

00:20:19.490 --> 00:20:34.520 Tommy D: But no matter how old you are. You can make an impact, you know. I I think of these organizations that are founded by young people making, you know, nonprofits founded by 10 year old kids 8 year old kids, 12 year old kids. They can impact do something all right. There's a lot to talk about. I want. What I want to ask you is.

00:20:34.910 --> 00:20:36.190 Tommy D: I know the answer.

00:20:36.850 --> 00:20:39.050 Tommy D: But can you talk about?

00:20:39.970 --> 00:20:43.729 Tommy D: You know people get people who are below the poverty line?

00:20:44.130 --> 00:20:46.739 Tommy D: Our receive

00:20:46.860 --> 00:20:54.059 Tommy D: dollars from wic women's, infants, and children. They receive support from snap support, nutrition program.

00:20:54.080 --> 00:20:56.489 Tommy D: Federal dollars, however.

00:20:56.720 --> 00:21:10.390 Tommy D: diapers and wipes, and also what we're going to go on to in our next part of the conversation. these products are not included. Can you speak a little bit about that? That? You don't have the money, and then the support doesn't covered it's like a a donor hold like it's a gap

00:21:10.430 --> 00:21:29.540 Heather Edwards: that's right. It's called the Diaper Gap. there is when you're on snap or end with. Generally they come together. Those are nutrition based programs from the Federal Government to provide food. which is necessary for life.

00:21:29.910 --> 00:21:41.469 Heather Edwards: diapers are not covered. There actually is no safety net on a Federal or State level for diapers. however, diapers really are, a health need

00:21:41.490 --> 00:21:45.530 Heather Edwards: babies need diapers. there really is no other

00:21:46.040 --> 00:22:02.640 Heather Edwards: reasonable option for you. Can't. You? Can't really put an infant on a toilet. There's there's a a they would fall off, I think, like, if it's an infinite would pro, or you know what I mean. It's just not a good move. It'll put an infinite. I'm trying to be cute and funny on a serious topic, you know.

00:22:02.650 --> 00:22:13.670 Tommy D: But the listen don't put an infant on a toilet Public service announcement gang. There it is! There it is out there. I had no idea I was going to do a psi. Obviously you can't put an infant on toilet. So what it.

00:22:13.800 --> 00:22:43.769 Tommy D: What is the option, then? If there is no option, I don't have the dollars. I don't have the support from fed. What do we do? Hyper point. Right, so so be well. Initially. Families will reuse diapers. They will keep them on for 24 h or longer, and what happens? The child gets rash infection, and you know, in some severe cases hospitalization. So there's the catalyst, though. Right heather. There's how your doctors found out, because you know they're seeing the results of that, and they go. What is going on here? What are you doing? And it goes, Doc. I just

00:22:43.780 --> 00:23:02.019 Heather Edwards: you can't afford diaper, so I believe in the child in the soil Diaper. That's no good. So so diaper banks really exist to cover that type of gap, that period of time when families literally run out of their last diaper, and they don't know what they're going to do. Dipole banks are there to provide that need.

00:23:02.040 --> 00:23:02.700 Yeah.

00:23:03.260 --> 00:23:19.089 Tommy D: So thank you again for all you do. I want to go into the next part of the conversation, which is sort of how we promote it today show, and certainly, which is a topic that is, is paramount of importance from an education perspective, and also from a needs, perspective, and bringing things to people who need them. So

00:23:19.100 --> 00:23:38.810 Tommy D: talk to me, and we talked about it really right before the show. I was asking you what was the catalyst, so what i'm talking about is a topic called Period Poverty, which is a international global issue that I had actually heard about. Probably about 6 or 7 years ago. I was in a nonprofit convention sort of, and this woman from another part of the world.

00:23:38.820 --> 00:23:40.799 Tommy D: I came up and talked about it, and

00:23:40.880 --> 00:23:41.559 Tommy D: you know

00:23:41.590 --> 00:23:42.480 I think

00:23:42.560 --> 00:23:56.200 Tommy D: I wasn't. I was unaware of this as as an issue. I think many people are unaware of it, and I think we need to start with education, and then certainly start with making the right connections. So how did this even start as something that became came on your radar heather?

00:23:56.920 --> 00:24:07.550 Heather Edwards: So during the pandemic we realized and saw that, you know schools were closed for a period of time, and here in New York State

00:24:07.650 --> 00:24:18.500 Heather Edwards: period, products are a are mandated to be available in schools. However, here in New York there's no funding attached to that, so the schools are pretty much

00:24:18.640 --> 00:24:27.549 Heather Edwards: you know, share that they need to provide these products and schools. But if there's no funding attached to it, how does that sort of happen?

00:24:27.710 --> 00:24:44.050 Heather Edwards: and you know, we do realize that, you know, when school was out of session, families were still able to go get meals to pick up lunches for their breakfast and lunch for their child. However, there really was no provision for period supplies. Now, if I am a

00:24:44.060 --> 00:24:52.500 Heather Edwards: a young person, you know, anywhere between the grades, 6 through 12, and I go to school, and I rely on the school to help me.

00:24:52.670 --> 00:25:12.349 Heather Edwards: But still my need to get period supplies to manage my menstrual help when schools were closed. There was really no provision for that, and we started to to think. You know, this is another, you know area where we can step in as a health care organization to say, this is a medical, necessary

00:25:12.360 --> 00:25:25.510 Heather Edwards: product. it is a normal biological function. It's a change of the body. Half the population men straits, yet one in 4 people across the Us.

00:25:25.540 --> 00:25:43.219 Tommy D: Struggled to purchase period products in the past year due to lack of income.

00:25:43.230 --> 00:26:07.450 Heather Edwards: The Allied Foundation Period Project is a member of a national organization called the Alliance for Period supplies. They're founding sponsors, you by Kotex. So if somebody were to live anywhere within the New York area, and they were to go the go and and pretty much Google the free period products. They would find the alliance, and then they would find us here on Long Island as their resource.

00:26:07.700 --> 00:26:11.110 Heather Edwards: We make it a point to distribute

00:26:11.140 --> 00:26:24.390 Heather Edwards: period supplies to many of our community partners whether that be food pantries, community based organizations. We're even going to be working with more schools in the coming year. to really

00:26:24.400 --> 00:26:36.320 Heather Edwards: make sure that that what is mandated and what is needed in the schools is actually there in a perfect world. What is what is it look like? Well, it looks like in schools

00:26:37.230 --> 00:26:40.849 Heather Edwards: to have period products available in the restroom

00:26:40.860 --> 00:27:00.610 Heather Edwards: right next to the toilet paper. It has to be readily accessible, because for a young person and and I know, and and we've heard that a lot of you know schools keep the period supplies in the nurses office. But when you're a young person, and you may not have the confidence. It's a tough subject, somebody for help.

00:27:00.620 --> 00:27:29.710 Tommy D: Well, and again, I I've never experienced this, but I can imagine. Maybe there's just some uncomfortable shame, I think, is the wrong word, but maybe just not feeling confident enough to go to the nurse and saying I need this thing, you know, if I if you could just have access to it, you know, without having to talk to anybody, probably better. I I want to read some of these statistics because I read it when we did a video early the week. You said some of this, but one in 4 women have struggled to purchase period products in the in the last year. So if you're in a an office right now, and there's 40 of you, and and let's say, for

00:27:29.720 --> 00:27:31.109 Tommy D: for 40 or women

00:27:31.310 --> 00:27:53.599 Tommy D: 10 of those people 25 out of that group have that have struggled. Okay. Only 4% are aware that there of of women are aware that there is a local resource which shout out to local resource again, Just and people are finding this. How do they? If they just go to Allied foundation. Org, you go to programs, and this is what I just did. And you'll just there's a program. The bottom program says Period Project.

00:27:53.610 --> 00:28:02.669 Heather Edwards: But what you just said, what do they? Google? Just kind of free. You go free. Period supplies and they they will. They will find us.

00:28:02.680 --> 00:28:22.719 Heather Edwards: and then we will refer them, you know, ideally for us. It makes sense to refer them to our local resources in their community. We then work with that community resource to make sure they have what they need to serve the population.

00:28:22.730 --> 00:28:23.590 Tommy D: So what about you?

00:28:23.750 --> 00:28:39.929 Heather Edwards: It? It's a good thing for nobody to know. You know who we are, just to know that when they go to their local food pantry or their local community resource that they trust there's going to be items there that they need for their health and well being

00:28:39.940 --> 00:29:07.039 Heather Edwards: and that's really our main goal is to really get it down to a community level, and that's why we have so many partners. Because the island is is very large. and sometimes it is hard to keep up with it all. but our end goal is to support. You know the community organizations with the basic needs. These are basic needs. Necessity is required to manage health of your baby and of yourself.

00:29:07.080 --> 00:29:09.280 Heather Edwards: If you are an administrator.

00:29:09.370 --> 00:29:19.240 Tommy D: a 100%. And thank you for doing this, we're going to go to a quick break. But before we go to break I'll say this. The other thing is we could talk. I'd like to talk about this when we come back, if you know, maybe some anecdotal storage, because

00:29:21.140 --> 00:29:31.619 Tommy D: people miss work. People missed school, you know people you know who, because they don't have access to these products. I mean, maybe we could just talk about some of the stories and stuff we come back. I want to talk about the future of the organization, the impact

00:29:31.630 --> 00:29:42.739 Tommy D: that our help meaning the people. I know the people who are checking in on Facebook, Amy Fleischer, who I've mentioned, my buddy. She's checking out on Facebook. Thank you for the birthday wishes everybody. It is my birthday, all right. We'll be right back.

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00:31:34.130 --> 00:31:36.420 to you.

00:31:36.580 --> 00:31:39.089 Tommy, in his.

00:31:39.840 --> 00:31:43.490 So check out Allied foundation org

00:31:43.510 --> 00:31:50.479 Tommy D: Either Edwards, do me a favor! Shout out to social media stuff if you could for Allied, so we could follow. What's working? What you guys doing

00:31:51.680 --> 00:31:56.580 Tommy D: is there like a Facebook, or like a linkedin? It's just shut out those like handles.

00:31:56.640 --> 00:32:01.210 Heather Edwards: Yeah, it's the Allied foundation on Facebook

00:32:01.220 --> 00:32:17.599 Tommy D: Allied foundation on Instagram and Linkedin. I believe it's the Allied foundation. Yeah, i'll look it up to it because I was tagging this morning. All right, so let's let me go off the screen share I was just sharing for those you only listening. I was sharing the website during the break showing some of the things

00:32:17.610 --> 00:32:31.930 Tommy D: what I want to ask is about, you know, if you can go into just You know it doesn't have to be about specific people. Just the anecdotes that you found through this process about people missing school missing work, you know. Just and then I have another question to follow up with that. Can you just set it up a little bit for us.

00:32:32.000 --> 00:32:37.869 Heather Edwards: you know. I think, as when you're talking about period. Poverty it's it's sort of a very

00:32:37.910 --> 00:32:41.669 Heather Edwards: little talked about issue.

00:32:41.690 --> 00:32:51.299 Heather Edwards: you know. There's there's a sense of you know. You know it doesn't impact me. I don't think about it but literally half the population menstrates.

00:32:51.420 --> 00:33:05.930 Heather Edwards: And to think that there are people that really struggle to even get basic needs required to manage their menstrual health is just unheard of. here on Long Island. and it's it's a reality.

00:33:05.940 --> 00:33:30.269 Heather Edwards: all the diaper banks and and the diaper partners that we have, They rarely ask for period items, but when we share with them that we have them, and that they can distribute those to those who come to them for a diapers. They immediately say, Yes, we need these. We could definitely use these. It makes an impact to somebody. It's such a basic need that people are are.

00:33:30.320 --> 00:33:34.349 Heather Edwards: I don't want to say embarrassed, but they're a little, you know.

00:33:34.430 --> 00:33:40.609 Heather Edwards: not as confident, asking for help for something that they need to really you know.

00:33:40.900 --> 00:33:42.500 Heather Edwards: deal with a

00:33:42.940 --> 00:33:58.759 Heather Edwards: natural biological function, and to not have it is is kind of a you know. You feel really bad when you don't have it. And how do you then get it? How do you ask for that help? That's a hard that's a hard thing to do.

00:33:58.870 --> 00:34:10.949 Tommy D: Yeah, I I mean, look, I i'm not going to get to into. You know the conversation about the psychology behind a lot of this. But I just find it's it's interesting that this is a natural part of life. And then there's

00:34:11.659 --> 00:34:23.070 Tommy D: I don't know uncomfortability, or it's just not spoken about is taboo around these this type of topic, which is kind of a silly situation, and and I know it, as you know, as a man in my own life experience that

00:34:23.139 --> 00:34:24.449 Tommy D: you know.

00:34:24.760 --> 00:34:42.120 Tommy D: you know this is not a topic that comes up in conversation all the time, but it's a natural, as you say biological situation that happens that half of the population experiences, and we need to address that, and that's that it. I mean it should just be that matter of fact, that this is real stuff that goes on in people's lives, and we need to deal with it.

00:34:42.260 --> 00:34:45.989 Tommy D: I want to ask you something that I saw on the website, too, and it said.

00:34:46.020 --> 00:34:53.040 Tommy D: and it was a video on there hosting a period product drive or something like that talking to me about that.

00:34:53.330 --> 00:35:03.410 Heather Edwards: so ways that people can get involved and help is by hosting a period supply drive, and essentially that is collecting period products.

00:35:03.420 --> 00:35:13.490 Heather Edwards: No particular brand is needed, and assortment what whatever you can collect, and then it gets donated, and then we distribute it back into communities of need.

00:35:13.500 --> 00:35:26.450 Heather Edwards: that's one way to get involved. we have so many donors that support our efforts. Philanthropically. It's literally how we've been able to do everything we've been able to do. 97%

00:35:26.460 --> 00:35:34.820 Heather Edwards: of our revenue goes back into these programs. really focused on the need to making an impact.

00:35:36.410 --> 00:35:38.350 Heather Edwards: and and you know

00:35:38.490 --> 00:35:42.530 Heather Edwards: a big part of it is bringing awareness to the issue. So

00:35:42.540 --> 00:36:01.959 Heather Edwards: period poverty, awareness week this year is May 20 s to May. 20 Eighth. we are going to be doing initiatives across Long Island to really raise awareness around this issue, not just raise awareness, but advocate for it on a national level, so that we can bring real change. And actually.

00:36:01.970 --> 00:36:06.699 Heather Edwards: you know, make make. Our ultimate goal is to really have

00:36:07.080 --> 00:36:25.730 Heather Edwards: period products accessible in bathrooms at just like toilet paper in public and public restrooms. Yes, so that becomes. But that becomes a game changing situation for individuals that have the need, so that that's what a great, so I a lot of questions about that first of all.

00:36:25.770 --> 00:36:27.989 Tommy D: Oh, my God! Some too many questions.

00:36:28.630 --> 00:36:31.500 Tommy D: When you talk about like doing one of these drives.

00:36:31.930 --> 00:36:47.230 Tommy D: I gotta write down my other notes. How do you? What what sort of education can be involved there as well, because I think it's a it's a great opportunity, I mean, I see. What if it's the Girl Scouts, or I saw on your website? Our friend, my dear, dear friend, Renee Daniel Flagler.

00:36:47.640 --> 00:36:49.660 Tommy D: world, famous author, and

00:36:49.740 --> 00:37:00.990 Tommy D: executive director of Girls in of Long Island. I still heard one of the photos. It must have been either. Either it was a they were receiving supplies from from Allied, or something like that. But i'm just wondering.

00:37:01.730 --> 00:37:07.760 Tommy D: It seems like a great opportunity for the Girl Scouts or some other group to get these donations together. So

00:37:08.250 --> 00:37:11.729 Tommy D: are you already, or how can you maybe

00:37:11.820 --> 00:37:15.390 Tommy D: put in an education component to that for these young people.

00:37:15.850 --> 00:37:26.559 Heather Edwards: No, a great question. And one of the things that we're going to be incorporating this year is we are partnering with a nonprofit called the Period Education Project.

00:37:26.570 --> 00:37:44.119 Heather Edwards: They are physician, led, and essentially they are. They do programs both in person and virtually, which really teach young people about how to navigate their first period, what it all means, what's happening to their body, and they do it in a way

00:37:44.130 --> 00:37:56.489 Heather Edwards: where it can relate to them on their level. And actually, who's teaching these classes will actually medical students. you know, physicians and training connect with students and share.

00:37:57.170 --> 00:38:25.989 Heather Edwards: You know the basics on what they're going to be navigating over the course of their their life. And when you're a young person, and I think that's why it was so important when we launched our effort we worked with girls in. We work with the Butterfly Effect Project was important to work with the youth, because navigating your first period is very challenging. And so we wanted to take away 1 one barrier to that challenge, and to really try and try and help in that area, and I think

00:38:26.140 --> 00:38:40.410 Heather Edwards: moving forward. You know, education is a focus of ours. So we want to incorporate education for young people about periods. Also supply them with actual products. They can make an impact on their life, especially when they can't afford them.

00:38:40.790 --> 00:38:55.869 Heather Edwards: And you know the third thing, and this is sort of a big wish list for for us is, and I think this could be a big game changer, especially for young people. And then, you know we can talk about how that impacts the rest of the rest of the population. But

00:38:56.010 --> 00:39:04.900 Heather Edwards: there are so many new products on the market today. They now they have several brands of period underwear, which is

00:39:05.570 --> 00:39:10.479 Heather Edwards: washable. It's reusable, and it really can be that

00:39:10.700 --> 00:39:11.990 Heather Edwards: option

00:39:12.000 --> 00:39:37.329 Heather Edwards: where, if you your period shows up out of nowhere, and you don't have supplies accessible in your household that you at least have something to get you sort of through a period of time until you can get the products you need for your menstrual health. It's better for the environment, and and it's, and it's an option. And I think long term. I think that could be a game changer for young people.

00:39:37.340 --> 00:39:57.239 Heather Edwards: and I think for the remainder of the population as well. It's just it's just an environmentally conscious option, but not saying that we're going to walk away from all the other things. But it's just another. It's an option.

00:39:57.250 --> 00:40:05.120 Tommy D: you know, a natural biological experience that's only gone on forever, right since we've been on this since we've been a a species right?

00:40:05.130 --> 00:40:18.399 Tommy D: so things evolve, and other opportunities and options come into the market, and that's that's a great thing to be aware. But how do you find out? Well, you get educated, and I just want to make sure. I just just shared this on our because we're streaming live on Facebook. The

00:40:18.520 --> 00:40:31.379 Tommy D: Period Education, is it? That's the organization you're talking about. Right? Yeah. Good. So I shared that. So that's great. Again. Wow! What was that? Is that collaboration amongst nonprofit organizations?

00:40:31.430 --> 00:40:46.830 Tommy D: I like a lot of things, but I like that a lot more than most things that's in that is special, and I love to see, like I, said Renee, love to see our friends on these on, on on the website. I want to ask about 3 points I had, which we'll get into real quick. First of all, first one is I'm just gonna say it.

00:40:47.020 --> 00:40:51.039 Tommy D: It's one word. It's important here on Long Island north. Well.

00:40:51.250 --> 00:41:02.829 Tommy D: okay, you and I know what that means, and I want to know. Are we working with North? Well, are we? I have an orange shirt on from Allied, so I guess i'm. Apparently i'm part of the team. Are we? Are you connecting with North? Well.

00:41:02.910 --> 00:41:18.960 Heather Edwards: and or can we work on something there?

00:41:19.180 --> 00:41:31.189 Heather Edwards: They collected over 12,000 divers. It's awesome. And and and they're really their motivation was, You know they work in health care. They know

00:41:31.200 --> 00:41:49.350 Heather Edwards: labor and delivery moms having babies. They know that diaper need is a serious issue within their community, and they wanted to do something proactively to make a difference. So they collected diapers, and we are actually distributing those back into the community surrounding the hospital in the Bay Shore area, Brentwood area.

00:41:49.360 --> 00:42:15.030 Tommy D: And that's really going to impact a lot of the families that live there, and that one simple act made such a difference, and we'll make such a difference for the coming months ahead again. And I think it's just such a you know. Perfect example of a microcosm that is Long Island. Right you have around South Shore, around, you know, in be sure, around South Side hospital, which you know is a North Wall property North. Well, if you're not listening here on Long Island is the

00:42:15.040 --> 00:42:28.659 Tommy D: health system here on Long Island. I have a lot of family members who work in the health system. I I think they're up to over 70,000 employees, but doing very, very special work. It's something we talk a lot about in my business, because we own

00:42:28.670 --> 00:42:36.610 Tommy D: and employ benefits. Agency Shout out to my team at vanguard benefits. The next thing is I want to talk about. We're going to go to break in a minute, and we'll finish some of this when we come back. But

00:42:37.160 --> 00:42:38.830 Tommy D: you talk about advocacy.

00:42:39.050 --> 00:42:58.199 Tommy D: I wonder what that really You know it it is. Are you in DC. Are you in Albany? Do you have lobbyists like. What? What is that? We could start that a little bit, and then we can go to a break. But start a little bit on that. If we could. What do you mean by advocacy?

00:42:58.210 --> 00:43:01.430 Heather Edwards: Period Supply banks across New York State?

00:43:01.440 --> 00:43:30.520 Heather Edwards: we work with the 18 diaper banks across New York State. We advocate. Together we come together as a coalition and advocacy is really about education. It's sharing the important work that we're doing. Why, it's important the impact it makes, and how together we can bring change, and little by little, and you have to have a lot of patience. Little by little we are seeing small wins. And I know in this coming year i'm hopeful

00:43:30.670 --> 00:43:36.820 Heather Edwards: that eventually this can be less of an issue, and maybe less of a thing that we even need to talk about.

00:43:37.040 --> 00:43:49.409 Tommy D: Yeah, you know, we do this also. I talked about the professionals and animal love and show, and we do some call nights to to call our locals, our local politicians, and things like that. So you know i'd be happy to connect with you on that

00:43:49.420 --> 00:44:00.719 Tommy D: offline, as they say, but on another meeting, where we can just, you know, if I can lend some leverage with my reach, and the people i'm connected to happy, to do so, and happy to have these conversations, and I will say this

00:44:02.210 --> 00:44:20.759 Tommy D: last year. I got the support of the Queen's Chamber of Commerce on something we were working on. That was up in Albany, and they put it on their agenda for Queens Day up in Albany. So I don't know when Queens day is yet. But I want you to remind me later. Let's talk about that. Because

00:44:20.770 --> 00:44:40.299 Tommy D: first of all, maybe you come on the trip up there. I usually I drive myself up. I'm not real good on a bus like with a whole bunch of people, because I can't. I? I think it's the Adhd. I just want to be like in my own car and stuff like that. So I drive myself up to opening that's just the whole tangent i'm telling you about. But anyway, I go to Queens Day every year to special opportunity, and could be just a

00:44:40.380 --> 00:44:45.309 Tommy D: You get to see the politicians on the state level and and tell them the stories. So

00:44:45.320 --> 00:45:15.300 Heather Edwards: okay. So if you're interested, we could talk about that. Do you want to make a quick comment on that I, You look like you had some. Yeah, no, no, really quick Through the National Diaper Bank network and the Alliance for period supplies. We do have an advocacy day every year. it what it has been virtually, and we have participated in it. And I could talk a little bit more about our efforts, because we are, you know, helping to share the educational piece, so that we can ultimately bring real change. I love that. So if we have time we could talk about that when we come back to we're going to take quick break with this.

00:45:15.310 --> 00:45:39.600 Tommy D: The other thing I want to talk about is may twenty-second through May 20, eighth, and what that's going to look like that during that week because I if I ever heard an opportunity for your boy to come out and do a day of service. Sounds like a week of service. But I look I I i'm a father. I have 2 sons. I have 2 daughters. it's about education. It's about letting people know how we can help. So I want to talk about that. All right. We're going to take a break. Let's go to that right now.

00:45:39.610 --> 00:45:42.150 Tommy D: well, Dylan, take us to a break. We'll be right back.

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00:47:37.360 --> 00:47:39.640 to the

00:47:39.780 --> 00:47:42.350 Tommy in his.

00:47:43.110 --> 00:48:03.319 Tommy D: Alright so what is the nonprofit sector connected? Do so? A nonprofit sector connectors kind of takes organizations that are running parallel and makes them cross a to each other so they can collaborate. Sometimes those are 2 nonprofits, sometimes those are businesses that want to collaborate and support nonprofits. So I set that up because I want to just say,

00:48:03.740 --> 00:48:12.989 Tommy D: a lot of what your organization has been able to benefit from is the relationships that you have heather right? So relationships with, you know, on the diver side

00:48:13.000 --> 00:48:42.379 Tommy D: huggies, I believe right. I mean. I remember being out there one time when there was like palettes and pals, and I do know that you have talk about relationships and alliances. Sure, i'm thinking of someone a company specifically, that has really supported your efforts in a lot of ways, really, just as giving you a place to live, not not your home, but giving the organization a place to live. Can you just talk about that, and then talk about some of these major companies, and and how you've become your organization, a distribution center.

00:48:42.500 --> 00:48:52.570 Tommy D: if you will, if that's the right word, correct me if you want something different. But but like for these products is that set up what we wanted to talk about?

00:48:52.650 --> 00:49:06.809 Heather Edwards: The first and foremost from a diaper bank perspective. The founding sponsor of the National Diaper Bank is huggies. Huggies has donated to Allied foundation diaper bank over half a 1 million diapers.

00:49:06.830 --> 00:49:25.280 Heather Edwards: half a 1 million. that is profound. and we wouldn't. We probably wouldn't have hit that 2 million mark without their support, and and that's really Kimberly Clark and Huggies, and and being a supporter and a believer in

00:49:25.320 --> 00:49:37.730 Tommy D: the ending diaper, need across this nation, and it's not just us. They help diaper banks all across the Us. So let me ask you, though I mean prior to that massive donation. Thank you, Huggies. Thank you, Kimberly Clark, 150.

00:49:38.050 --> 00:49:40.240 Tommy D: What was the process? You will

00:49:40.390 --> 00:49:43.960 Tommy D: taking donations incorrectly and then buying diapers? Right?

00:49:43.990 --> 00:50:13.980 Heather Edwards: Correct. So it's 2 fold. We do diaper collections this year we collected over 50,000 diapers, and these are collections from families whose babies have outgrown a specific size. Instead of them throwing them away. They contact us, and and we get them, and we get them from a variety of places. They drop them off at our offices in Melville. we have drop off so pretty much all of our 36 practices to give people a wide range of of options for donation.

00:50:13.990 --> 00:50:27.789 Heather Edwards: We take open packages of diapers. because there is such a need that we then re-wrap them, put them in reusable toes and get them back out into the community. the need is that great

00:50:28.200 --> 00:50:57.410 Heather Edwards: Through philanthropy we purchased diapers in bulk through a diaper proprietary purchasing program offered to us to the National Diaper Bank so that's how we bring in diapers and bulk. Since 2,021 our warehouse has been All of Our diapers are housed at flexible systems. They are an it company based in Hoppog on Motor Parkway, and they support our efforts to make a difference in the community, and they lend us

00:50:57.440 --> 00:51:17.970 Tommy D: their space and literally we move millions of diapers each year. I've been there. I've been there, You remember I came out early one day we packed a whole bunch of diapers. We were like big old Saran wrap like we put on my palace, because folks were coming out to pick them up, and it was like shout out to flexible systems: You guys don't know me, but I met you when I was out there. Shut out the appreciation it.

00:51:17.980 --> 00:51:45.350 Tommy D: This is what we're supposed to do. This is what business leaders are supposed to do support the efforts of our nonprofits, because maybe they don't have. They can't get out there and hand out diapers, but they can empower your organization to get out there and do that right? I mean that's just that's what this is about. So thank you for shouting those folks out, and you know I I would. The other organization that we've recently formed a partnership with is another national organization called Baby to baby.

00:51:45.500 --> 00:52:15.489 Heather Edwards: and they essentially provide essential needs that all children deserve across the Us. They provide millions and millions of donated items, including diapers, including wipes and including other essentials, baby essentials, clothing, blankets, and this past year we were a recipient of Lego toys from them David a baby is also going to be supporting our period project this year. we are expecting a

00:52:15.500 --> 00:52:21.049 Heather Edwards: from them sometime this month, so we're excited for that.

00:52:21.270 --> 00:52:26.649 Tommy D: That's a nonprofit as well. They are a nonprofit. They are based in California.

00:52:27.470 --> 00:52:42.040 Heather Edwards: They work with a lot of organizations here in our area, while Allied foundation is not a member of their network. They do see the value of the work that we are doing, and they want it to help us make a difference.

00:52:42.050 --> 00:52:55.669 Tommy D: Heather. You know what what else? Without connections, right? What else? Without collaboration, you know, we certainly have a strong Long Island based nonprofit community, right like you know, from

00:52:55.760 --> 00:53:15.899 Tommy D: from our friends at the nonprofit resource hub which my firm and and some others founded. to certainly one of my favorite nonprofit leaders, my buddy, your friend Ken Sarini, our palace, or any associates long, I would imagine, awards. The applications are in. I'm going out next week to do some interviews after we've got into the semi finalist round, and also

00:53:15.910 --> 00:53:31.619 Tommy D: you know the New York City. Imagine what's applications Go live in just a matter of days. I think it's January seventeenth. But stay with Tommy D, Tommy D. Dot nyc on on on Instagram, and and obviously everywhere else you can find me. I'm not hard to find. Just look in the attic so.

00:53:31.630 --> 00:53:48.160 Heather Edwards: and I just want to say, you know, in in conjunction with that none of the work that we do would have happened without philanthropy. We, as an organization, do not get any government funding. We operate from primarily on donations and philanthropy, and that's sort of how we've been able to

00:53:48.170 --> 00:54:08.630 Heather Edwards: move. I'm going to just say, move mountains, and I will say that when we launched our period project in May of 2,021. It's been a slow growing program. it is very challenging to get funding for this initiative. and maybe it's because a lot of people are not comfortable with it. We're trying to

00:54:08.640 --> 00:54:28.260 Heather Edwards: you know, Share that, you know. Talking about periods is completely natural, and and we, wanna you know, raise awareness around this issue, so we can generate additional philanthropy to support our efforts to help more people. So essentially you by Kotex, is actually the founding sponsor of

00:54:28.270 --> 00:54:51.430 Heather Edwards: the Alliance for period supplies of which we are a member, and before year end they made a donation the first time we've ever received a donation from them of about 156,000 period products that we now have for distribution across Long Island. this this donation literally is doubling our impact.

00:54:51.480 --> 00:55:02.539 Heather Edwards: Since existence we've only distributed about 100 period supplies, and we have had, you know, times when they were needed, and we didn't have them. So

00:55:02.550 --> 00:55:13.409 Heather Edwards: you know this donation is going to be significant for us, and and the the goal is, as we year period, poverty, awareness, week. To keep building

00:55:13.700 --> 00:55:25.899 Heather Edwards: awareness around this issue, and ultimately what we would like to do is incorporate reusable period on to where, into our efforts right now we we don't have the funding to do that.

00:55:25.910 --> 00:55:55.689 Tommy D: so we're we're working in that direction, because we know that it's going to be a a game changer in addition to having access to period supplies. Look, you know what corporates I I might beat up on capitalism sometimes, and that's all. Another conversation. But the fact that the corporate social responsibility arm of these companies get so involved in community 156,000 products, and then half a 1 million products from huggies. I mean, what are we talking about? That's it man that strategic alliance is at its best. I don't know how to do what i'm about to say.

00:55:55.700 --> 00:56:00.650 Tommy D: but it is my birthday, and I know on Facebook you could do a thing where, like. If people donate something.

00:56:00.660 --> 00:56:17.460 Tommy D: you know, they can donate to a certain organization, and this is like saying, I have a favorite child, but nobody should get mad at me because heather's the only one that's on my show on my birthday. So I am going to do. I'm going to ask somebody how to do this because I don't know how to do it. it shows I i'm drawing the show to a close. But I need to say that on Facebook.

00:56:17.760 --> 00:56:25.790 Tommy D: We' to raise money for our ally foundation today for Tommy D's birthday. I don't as I get. Don't really know how to do it. But

00:56:25.800 --> 00:56:54.469 Tommy D: part right back at you, but I don't know how to do it, but we'll figure it out today and give some money to this organization, and then I think that'll be fun, because then you and I get to take a picture because I want to come out and argue and take a picture in the whole thing. I love you. I love what you're doing. I love your organization, I love your passion. I'm so psyched that you were here with me today shout out, how do they get in touch with you? If somebody needs to, whether they want to make a big donation, a little donation, or they want to help. How do they get in touch with you? Definitely Check out Allied foundation Org. You can email me

00:56:54.480 --> 00:56:59.879 H. Edwards and Allied I respond to every email that comes in.

00:56:59.890 --> 00:57:29.870 Heather Edwards: it may not be immediate. we do the best that we can. Sometimes when we're busy in the warehouse, actually getting products out. You know it can be a little challenging. But I do get back to everybody Next week we're heading east. We're going out to the Hamptons to bring a period supplies and visit Some of the great organizations doing great work. A lot of people Don't realize East End of Long Island highest level of poverty here on Long Island. And so we are going to be working

00:57:29.880 --> 00:57:36.599 Heather Edwards: a lot this year to really make an impact there and also across Long Island. I mean.

00:57:36.670 --> 00:57:55.190 Tommy D: you know the need is there, and and Allied foundation aims to be a resource when no other exists.

00:57:55.200 --> 00:58:04.240 Tommy D: I heather text me later. Help me do this thing on Facebook. I appreciate you all. Make it a great day. I'll talk to you soon. Thanks, bye.

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