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Thursday, January 5, 2023
Facebook Live Video from 2023/01/05 - The Future Is Healthy In 2023!!!

Facebook Live Video from 2023/01/05 - The Future Is Healthy In 2023!!!


2023/01/05 - The Future Is Healthy In 2023!!!

[NEW EPISODE] The Future Is Healthy In 2023!!!

Thursdays 5:00pm - 6:00pm (EDT)

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Show Notes

Segment 1

Frank welcomes his guest, Jeffrey Demitrack. Jeffrey was on Frank’s last episode on epilepsy. Frank also announces his disclaimer before continuing the show as anything he discusses on the show shouldnt be misinterpreted as information that should lead people to change their health circumstances such as medications, diagnosis, etc. anything spoken about is food for thought to have an engaging conversation. You should consult your physician or primary care physician for personal questions, concerns, etc. Frank mentions Sam Liebowitz’ comment on his episode this week of The Conscious Consultant Hour, where he spoke about living in authenticity and in the present moment, trying to do what we can to be ourselves with whatever limitations that still exist. Frank mentions one limitation being covid, though it's not controlling us as it was at first. But we have to be aware that it’s still around. It's your choice to take the actions to live a healthy life as much as you can. Frank takes this time to reflect on the past year of 2022 and some of the things he spoke about with co-host, Phyllis Quinlan, such as the omicron variant, cancer, diabetes, and uncovering alternative treatments like energy healing, and shows related to the Replacement Child Forum.

Segment 2

Frank shows us on the Youtube livestream of Betty White and Reatha Grey. He recalls last year's episode of Frank About Health where he paid tribute to Betty White. He plans on doing another tribute episode soon to also commemorate those we lost in the last year such as Barbara Walters. He brings up the fact that we lost many people in a volume of numbers within the same weeks. He questions whether it is a basis of Covid being a life changer and how people may be dying a bit younger, or is it on the basis of not being mindful of our national needs and needs of needing to live a higher quality of life. Frank plans on creating episodes this year that will ot only pay tribute to these people but to also pay tribute to the guests who will help instruct us to help us live a better quality of life. One upcoming guest is a nurse who will speak about palliative care and cancer care. He also mentions the possibility of having live events in person to interact more and engage about these topics. Frank and Jeffrey also discuss most rampant mental health issues post covid. They mention the behavior changes as well such as not knowing how to engage with each other due to possible fear. They also mention people being more comfortable being at home and how this affects anxiety and depression with heavy use of social media. Frank goes back to Sam’s episode this week about being present and topics like striking the balance with using social media in order to make it our ally or in limited fashion.

Segment 3

In this segment, Frank reminisces about one of his episodes from a couple of weeks back about forgiveness and the replacement child syndrome with Judy Mandel. On the 19th this month, Phyllis will be back with a forgiveness coach as a guest as well as three members of the replacement child forum. Jeffrey talks about doing an episode soon with Frank about narcissism and how it relates to forgiveness. Narcissism is broad such as abuse, absence of validation, empathy, etc. Frank hopes to have this show done live in person at a venue. They discuss the different kinds of narcissism and what goes beyond it, how it affects development, identity, and the challenge of forgiveness.

Segment 4

Frank says that one cornerstone of this episode has been Sam Liebowitz, referring to his episode this week that he relates to on his show like living more in the present, authenticity, coping with trauma and fear. He summarizes his conversation today; when relating Sam's topic to issues of mental health, Jeff spoke about how technology has played a part in it. Frank spoke about how he saw an outgrowth of it through covid in areas of narcissism. He also mentions some unfortunate data like an uptick in suicide. If you need any kind of emotional support, help is available; you can speak to a suicide and crisis lifeline by calling 988. Frank talks about wanting to be mental health advocates and engaging with the hospitality industry to create and support a healthier quality of living. He mentions continuing to bring awareness and advocacy while also continuing to work with his partners, co host, and TalkRadioNYC while also hoping to engage more in person with viewers and those who are or want to be a part of these changes. Frank again praises Sam for his topic which is very important during these times and how it resonates with all of us and Frank About Health. You can search for Talking Alternative broadcasting on Facebook and Youtube to catch previous episodes as well as You can also visit where you can find an archive of his shows.


00:00:41.000 --> 00:00:53.000 Happy New Year, and welcome to 2,023, and welcome back to Frank about health after the last 2 weeks sure, you've been celebrating with your family friends and loved ones.

00:00:53.000 --> 00:01:00.000 Currently I was about to have a new show to talk about.

00:01:00.000 --> 00:01:15.000 The future is healthy in 2023, and that is still the plan for today, however, due to a last-minute scheduling conflict, my co-host Phyllis Quinlan, could not be here with us, nor could my guests do to a family emergency and as

00:01:15.000 --> 00:01:30.000 such. I've decided to talk a little bit about the past here at Frank, about health as well as the future, upcoming shows that we're going to be doing, and I've brought back with me to have a full discussion Jeffrey Demetrik, if you'd seen the last show that

00:01:30.000 --> 00:01:36.000 we did together on epilepsy and and also relationship difficulties.

00:01:36.000 --> 00:01:41.000 It proved to be a very successful show on our Youtube channel, because over 50 viewers had seen it, and it was even promoted.

00:01:41.000 --> 00:02:04.000 So that's a good thing. But right now, I'm also wanting to issue my disclaimer, because anything that I discuss on the show I don't want it to be misconstrued, as the information that is leading people to change their mode of treatment or medicational regime or other kinds of

00:02:04.000 --> 00:02:08.000 circumstances, that we are not here to advise you to do.

00:02:08.000 --> 00:02:15.000 In other words, the information shared on tonight's show is not the opinions of talk radio Nyc.

00:02:15.000 --> 00:02:20.000 Or frank about health, but rather food for thought for us to have an engaging conversation.

00:02:20.000 --> 00:02:37.000 At the same time, I just wanted to say that if you do decide that, based on any information you hear on the show, that if you feel the need to make changes, please consult with your physician, or primary care physician or Pcp if you feel that that need because at least you're doing it.

00:02:37.000 --> 00:02:46.000 under advisement, and not just through what you hear on the show, I just want to point out some things.

00:02:46.000 --> 00:02:52.000 Last year, literally when it was Thursday, January the sixth, 22.

00:02:52.000 --> 00:02:55.000 I was here with my dear friend Ritha Gray, and together we discussed about Omicron.

00:02:55.000 --> 00:03:06.000 Now omacron, that was like the only topic to talk about during the holiday season.

00:03:06.000 --> 00:03:22.000 Everybody was still living in their bubble, that they had learned to live in since of Covid came upon our shores in 2,020, and everybody was still learning about what it was like to live a life restricted, not being able to leave the home without your mask on still learning when they

00:03:22.000 --> 00:03:26.000 Were, gonna get ready for their vaccine, and they were just, you know, trying to deal with the issue of resilience.

00:03:26.000 --> 00:03:33.000 I think I even said in that show that welcome to 2022.

00:03:33.000 --> 00:03:53.000 This is the year of resilience. Well, this is 2023, and I want to take a direct quote from our executive producer, Sam Leibowitz, today on his show, the conscious consultant he talked about it was living in authenticity living in the present living in the moment trying to

00:03:53.000 --> 00:04:14.000 Unwind all your traumas from the past, so that you could be able to feel more alive and feel more authentic, especially as we have been more and more leaving the home and going back to work and going back to school and doing what we can to be ourselves, with what whatever limitations still exist now one

00:04:14.000 --> 00:04:18.000 Such limitation is that Covid still exists. However, we are now living with Covid.

00:04:18.000 --> 00:04:25.000 It is now, and, as I said on my last show, it is not controlling us.

00:04:25.000 --> 00:04:39.000 You know, as it was you know, it's just a matter of being mindful that it's still there, and doing all the necessary precautions for yourself and and your family and other loved ones friends, colleagues so forth, and so on, that you would be able to live as much of a

00:04:39.000 --> 00:04:45.000 Healthy life in 2023. So that's how I'm leading the show off.

00:04:45.000 --> 00:04:59.000 We're gonna take some reflections of what it was like a year ago, and at the same time talk about the now, and what it is that we can do for now in terms of whatever your illness is, cancer diabetes Covid.

00:04:59.000 --> 00:05:21.000 Mental health issues, epilepsy, so forth and so on, want to be able to have a discussion over the second, through fourth segments of this show, to figure out how we can take the lessons learned from last year, and also go into well how you know how we can remise or provide advice in how you can

00:05:21.000 --> 00:05:30.000 Revise your way of living life in the New Year, because, just like the title of this episode, the future is healthy in 2,023.

00:05:30.000 --> 00:05:35.000 But it is up to you, and as Sam said on the show, it is your choice to make sure it's a healthy life.

00:05:35.000 --> 00:05:42.000 You gotta take the actions that you know are best for you to live as much of an authentic life as you can.

00:05:42.000 --> 00:05:48.000 So on that note, Sam. Thank you again for that inspiring message for your first show of the year.

00:05:48.000 --> 00:06:06.000 It's definitely become the basis of the show that I am creating this evening from my listeners and viewers I think that I'm just gonna also do what I can to take you guys back on a little bit of memory lane on certain guests and episodes that we've had throughout the throughout 2,000 and

00:06:06.000 --> 00:06:16.000 22, and the lessons learned, especially when it comes to how we're going to produce new episodes of Frank about health in 2023.

00:06:16.000 --> 00:06:22.000 Now as those of you who might be aware we were going to talk about the hospitality industry.

00:06:22.000 --> 00:06:30.000 I will make mention of that in the last segment of the show, because I do want to still deliver on the kind of message I wanted to present this evening.

00:06:30.000 --> 00:06:38.000 But otherwise it's this is gonna be a friendly conversation and a look back to show how the future is healthy.

00:06:38.000 --> 00:06:46.000 In 2,023. Well, let me ask you, Jeff, are you there?

00:06:46.000 --> 00:06:50.000 I I don't see or or hear you. I don't even see.

00:06:50.000 --> 00:06:56.000 I see that you're on mute. So I I don't know what to say about that.

00:06:56.000 --> 00:07:08.000 Use, the technical difficulty there. But what I am gonna do just basically say is that throughout the next 45 min I will talk about the hospitality industry.

00:07:08.000 --> 00:07:14.000 I will talk about palliative and cancer care.

00:07:14.000 --> 00:07:30.000 I will talk about those that have left us in 2,022, and those that are still with us in spirit, and also when I finally get full access to Jeff, we're going to talk about an upcoming show that we're going to produce together in the coming weeks and just in general do

00:07:30.000 --> 00:07:40.000 What we can to provide you with the understanding that 2012 will be a healthy year for all of us.

00:07:40.000 --> 00:07:45.000 I think

00:07:45.000 --> 00:07:51.000 I I'm I'm you gotta excuse me for technical difficulties.

00:07:51.000 --> 00:08:06.000 Just wanna be able to make sure that I say everything in the first segment overall 2022 was a year where we experienced first it began with omacron, and then, if you'll remember, I did shows on cancer.

00:08:06.000 --> 00:08:11.000 And I did shows on diabetes and Phyllis, as my co-host helped us uncover a lot of different alternative treatments like Raiki, healing, energy, healing.

00:08:11.000 --> 00:08:21.000 We did the sunshine quotient. Sam was on the show.

00:08:21.000 --> 00:08:41.000 We talked about health and wellness. And then, just recently, we had other shows related with Alice and Petty, and related with the the the replacement child Forum, which we are going to welcome them back in a couple weeks, where we're gonna follow up with Phyllis on a show on

00:08:41.000 --> 00:08:45.000 forgiveness. And we just want to uncover that.

00:08:45.000 --> 00:08:47.000 It has been a challenging 3 years with Covid and Frank about health, came back on talk radio.

00:08:47.000 --> 00:09:00.000 Nyc. At the time when when we were still going through Covid and coming out of the different variants and things like that.

00:09:00.000 --> 00:09:02.000 But let last year was a very good transition year, I think, midway through a lot of restrictions were lifted and new veins were issued.

00:09:02.000 --> 00:09:30.000 But what we were stuck with is was the not knowing about how the rest of the year was going to be, especially, you know, as we were watching the midterm elections as we were watching all in the other crises around the world, and I just got the feeling that you know, with the way things are right now, we're

00:09:30.000 --> 00:09:34.000 just going to move forward in a more optimistic and we positive perspective.

00:09:34.000 --> 00:09:47.000 And it's just up to all of you out there to just take the various episodes that we do as information and as a resource that we can help in a sustain with whatever your questions may be.

00:09:47.000 --> 00:09:53.000 Now also mentioned on today's show with with Sam was that we are now on Youtube, and we have over a 115 followers.

00:09:53.000 --> 00:10:18.000 I think, he said. Now he wants to boost that up, and I certainly welcome the same, because I know that you're Youtube also has our our playlist. Of all the episodes that we've done per show.

00:10:18.000 --> 00:10:19.000 Okay.

00:10:19.000 --> 00:10:24.000 So you can binge watch Frank about health or the conscious consultant, or always Friday, or the edge of every day, or any of the other programs we have on the network much more so than we were able to on Facebook.

00:10:24.000 --> 00:10:25.000 So I think that's a positive. It's a positive move that we had to make.

00:10:25.000 --> 00:10:37.000 But I think at the end of the day these are shows that you can share with your family and friends, and as such really do what we can to educate and empower you, which is what we say during our commercial messages Jeff you're still having technical difficulties.

00:10:37.000 --> 00:10:46.000 I gather

00:10:46.000 --> 00:10:50.000 Oh, hold! Can you hear me now?

00:10:50.000 --> 00:10:53.000 Yeah, now I can. Is it your Wi-fi

00:10:53.000 --> 00:10:54.000 Yeah, yeah, I I certainly. Available. Now, can you?

00:10:54.000 --> 00:11:00.000 You can hear me now, I guess.

00:11:00.000 --> 00:11:03.000 Yes. Are you on the phone, or are you still on

00:11:03.000 --> 00:11:06.000 No, no, I'm not on the phone. I just yeah.

00:11:06.000 --> 00:11:10.000 Like you should be able to hear me, I would think

00:11:10.000 --> 00:11:16.000 Yes, yes, but your photo is still frozen, so I gather, as long as we hear you.

00:11:16.000 --> 00:11:17.000 I mean, I'm glad you were able to join us tonight.

00:11:17.000 --> 00:11:26.000 Okay, I I'm sorry it took so long. I actually, it was because of your Youtube

00:11:26.000 --> 00:11:35.000 Oh, I I understand! I understand. It is in this ironic, ladies and gentlemen, his cousin, Sally Kalxma, has been on the show throughout last year.

00:11:35.000 --> 00:11:48.000 There was an episode we did together where I think for about 10 or 10 min she was completely unmute, and she had to disable, and then we reconnected, and we learned that technical difficulties help us make the show into an improvisation.

00:11:48.000 --> 00:11:49.000 Yeah.

00:11:49.000 --> 00:11:55.000 So I gather that's a new way to start the show, improvising every thought that comes to mind, but I guess that's the beauty of coming back after a holiday and just starting the show with a new perspective on where things are going to go forward.

00:11:55.000 --> 00:12:06.000 It allows us to make all of our our errors, our technical difficulties and challenges, and just fly with them and see where that takes us.

00:12:06.000 --> 00:12:09.000 You know.

00:12:09.000 --> 00:12:22.000 Yeah, well, I want to wish everybody a Happy New Year, I guess it's time for everybody to get a a new gym membership, and start a new diet cut down on their caffeine alcohol.

00:12:22.000 --> 00:12:25.000 All that nice kind of stuff

00:12:25.000 --> 00:12:26.000 Exactly, yeah. It's funny. There was a show that I had done.

00:12:26.000 --> 00:12:54.000 Christmas time, 2,021. It was about knowing your inflammation type, and I think we were talking about how you use nutrition to be able to metabolize whatever you take into your system and still keep that that slim figure or that that thin waistline or whatever wow i'm

00:12:54.000 --> 00:13:00.000 not remembering her name right now, but it basically was a way to end 2021.

00:13:00.000 --> 00:13:05.000 And then in 2022, we were dealing with omicron. I see that we're 1 min to break.

00:13:05.000 --> 00:13:06.000 I think we're gonna take it now. So, ladies and gentlemen.

00:13:06.000 --> 00:13:12.000 Okay? And will my picture free up, I guess, after the breaker

00:13:12.000 --> 00:13:17.000 I am not sure, but I think, having your audio is gonna be fine enough.

00:13:17.000 --> 00:13:25.000 That that's okay. I mean, I know this was the last minute a appearance that I'm grateful to you for willing to come on at the last minute.

00:13:25.000 --> 00:13:36.000 But as long as we have our conversation, even if you're a still photo, that's fine people, remember, when you were on the show last week or before the holidays, and there was definitely a lot of information there so ladies and gentlemen stay tuned.

00:13:36.000 --> 00:13:40.000 We'll be back to talk about how the future will be healthy in 2,023 right here on talk radio.

00:13:40.000 --> 00:13:51.000 Nyc. And on our face on our Youtube channel, stay tuned

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00:16:40.000 --> 00:16:58.000 Who remember that scene we had done that last year when we paid tribute to Betty White upon her passing on New Year's Eve, 2,021, the person with Betty was is Rtha Gray read the Gray also, as you recall started last Year's episode of Fret.

00:16:58.000 --> 00:17:03.000 Last year's New Year's episode of Frank about health where we spoke about oh, Mccran!

00:17:03.000 --> 00:17:08.000 And then we came back a week later with a tribute to Betty White along with Phyllis.

00:17:08.000 --> 00:17:12.000 Now the reason why I showed that is what is 2 reasons.

00:17:12.000 --> 00:17:19.000 Actually, one is, I'm working on having a tribute show for Betty White in the coming weeks.

00:17:19.000 --> 00:17:25.000 But more importantly, because we're also commemorating those we lost last year, especially recently, Barbara Walters.

00:17:25.000 --> 00:17:28.000 We also lost payload. We lost Pope Benedict.

00:17:28.000 --> 00:17:29.000 We lost Anita Pointer, and we lost so many other people so well, it wasn't that they were.

00:17:29.000 --> 00:17:44.000 They were in their young period or prime, you know we lost them in a volume of numbers like, I think, 4 deaths within the same Christmas week.

00:17:44.000 --> 00:17:49.000 Now it makes us all question, What is that a basis of?

00:17:49.000 --> 00:17:56.000 Is it a basis of? You know? Was Covid so much of a life, a game changer for all of us that we now die a little bit.

00:17:56.000 --> 00:18:17.000 Younger than we need to? Or is it a basis of not being mindful of our nutritional needs or of our needs in terms of being able to live a high quality of life either way, regardless of the questions you may ask yourself when someone famous dies or someone well respected like Barbara, Walters.

00:18:17.000 --> 00:18:31.000 Or even someone legendary like Betty White. It's just a question of how you can do your best to live your best quality of life, and what I'm here to tell you is that in 2,023 we're going to come up with various episodes to pay tribute to

00:18:31.000 --> 00:18:40.000 these people, as well as to pay tribute to the guess that we have on the show that will help instruct all of you live a better quality of life.

00:18:40.000 --> 00:18:48.000 One particular guest that I'm thinking about bringing on is a family member who is a nurse is to talk about palliative care and cancer care.

00:18:48.000 --> 00:18:49.000 Now that hasn't been yet confirmed, so I don't want to give out any details.

00:18:49.000 --> 00:18:59.000 But the focus that I want to take in 2,023 with Frank about health is doing what we can to make the show.

00:18:59.000 --> 00:19:06.000 So interactive that it makes the audience participate, not just on social media, commenting on our Youtube box and stuff like that.

00:19:06.000 --> 00:19:12.000 But we actually want to do live events now has Jeff and I mentioned on our previous show.

00:19:12.000 --> 00:19:16.000 We're going to be doing an epilepsy conference sometime in the next couple months.

00:19:16.000 --> 00:19:26.000 But we're probably going to work with the hospitality industry in order to create the venue for you guys to attend as well as for it to be shown on talk.

00:19:26.000 --> 00:19:34.000 Radio. Nyc, we want. We want to come back into the world of engagement, into the world, of communicating with each other face to face.

00:19:34.000 --> 00:19:51.000 Not just on zoom, not just on telephone, not just on social media we want to be able to bring back the perception of what it's like to be in the same space with each other, because part of a part of my conclusion is about how life has changed due to covid for example, is

00:19:51.000 --> 00:20:06.000 That we all learned how to live in silos, whether it's psychologically or even in real time, and that may have been good to protect us from something like Covid but I don't think it was good for most of us, especially if you're predisposed to mental health issues, or if

00:20:06.000 --> 00:20:10.000 You have neurological issues like both Jeff and I do with epilepsy.

00:20:10.000 --> 00:20:22.000 So I'm gonna try to do to make sure that 2,023 is a healthy year for all of us by making sure our shows and our guests and our co-hosts, and everyone that's involved is Interneting with each other.

00:20:22.000 --> 00:20:27.000 I'm not not our guests, our our audience members, our viewers like you.

00:20:27.000 --> 00:20:29.000 So. Can you hear me, Frank?

00:20:29.000 --> 00:20:33.000 Yes, I can. I was wondering if you were gonna ask a question based on everything I just said

00:20:33.000 --> 00:20:41.000 Oh, okay, so well, you you mentioned brain inflammation before, and there are many illnesses that are on the rise and people don't always look to their dctors for answers.

00:20:41.000 --> 00:21:04.000 You know now that you know, since Covid, they've been mental illness and diagnosis and neological disorders. And I and really just staying in our homes, you know, and it it wasn't good for mental illness and everybody can agree on that hmm

00:21:04.000 --> 00:21:21.000 Right. I mean, I I would say, like I know you and I have had conversations on on the high influx of narcissism that has existed within our society and within families in fact, I think the word of the year for 2,022 was gas lighting I think it was put as the most used word.

00:21:21.000 --> 00:21:26.000 In the Encyclopedia and Wikipedia, or something like that.

00:21:26.000 --> 00:21:29.000 But my question to you would be, from what you've observed.

00:21:29.000 --> 00:21:30.000 What would you say? Was the most rampant mental health issue that you noticed?

00:21:30.000 --> 00:21:35.000 Post Covid.

00:21:35.000 --> 00:21:40.000 I think that now it's probably fear of going outside.

00:21:40.000 --> 00:21:47.000 You know fear of going into public. You know people, you know.

00:21:47.000 --> 00:22:04.000 They feel more comfortable in their homes, and then but then, once you know, you are depressed and are anxious in your home, then you there is. That's the reason why there's more suicides

00:22:04.000 --> 00:22:05.000 Yeah.

00:22:05.000 --> 00:22:09.000 No, I I I agree, I mean, fear, is definitely a product a predominance.

00:22:09.000 --> 00:22:10.000 I think it's the main trigger. In fact. Again.

00:22:10.000 --> 00:22:34.000 Thanks, Sam, for your show today, because what you said on the show is that most people who become detached or don't live in the moment are easily distracted because they are living with fear fear is what allows people to focus on just the past and the future but no focus on the moment and therefore not live in the moment

00:22:34.000 --> 00:22:41.000 stress free. And so I guess that's probably that hyper vigilance that most people adopted at Post Covid.

00:22:41.000 --> 00:22:57.000 From what you just said, Jeff, that I guess when you're constantly in silos, as I mentioned earlier, you're always living within your own boundaries that if even someone comes close to you and you're not used to it it kind of puts you at some kind of frayed reaction wouldn't you say

00:22:57.000 --> 00:23:07.000 Well, our our whole society is on edge. You go to the movie theater, and somebody just clears their throat and they're looking at you like, do you have Covid

00:23:07.000 --> 00:23:13.000 Exactly, exactly, or or or even like, when when they when they reduce the mass.

00:23:13.000 --> 00:23:20.000 Mandates, and someone is the only person in the room wearing a mask it's like a different reaction.

00:23:20.000 --> 00:23:24.000 It's not. Oh, you're wearing the mass. That means you didn't get your vaccine, or I shouldn't come near you. Anyway.

00:23:24.000 --> 00:23:27.000 You know.

00:23:27.000 --> 00:23:33.000 Yeah, I know. I mean, it's a it. There's different reactions that people have.

00:23:33.000 --> 00:23:38.000 And the it's a obviously all out of fear. And you know it's a and the whole whole society is on edge.

00:23:38.000 --> 00:23:41.000 And and you know, I think people aren't even looking to their doctors anymore.

00:23:41.000 --> 00:24:07.000 They're looking for people who have coped with illness before, and really that illness could be people like us like who have lived with epilepsy all their lives, or or who have lived within an invisible illness all their life, and they want to know what it's like

00:24:07.000 --> 00:24:14.000 to to live with an illness, because so many illnesses are popping up now

00:24:14.000 --> 00:24:15.000 Yeah.

00:24:15.000 --> 00:24:23.000 Exactly, and I, I would have to say that even though you know a lot of people suffer from comorbidities, you know, especially if you're taking medication.

00:24:23.000 --> 00:24:24.000 For one thing, sometimes it could be a trigger. For another thing, whether it's cancer diabetes or something like that.

00:24:24.000 --> 00:24:37.000 However, the preponderance of illnesses that I have seen and I wonder if you agree with me on this, especially last year.

00:24:37.000 --> 00:24:40.000 Is predominantly meant of the mental health, variety.

00:24:40.000 --> 00:24:41.000 I mean, we all have had to undergo treatments from various physical ailments and things like that.

00:24:41.000 --> 00:24:55.000 But in terms of the most calls for help with doctors or or or advocates, or or or real friends to talk to.

00:24:55.000 --> 00:25:12.000 It's been about a big dramatic change towards depression, a lot of anxiety, as I mentioned earlier, hyper vigilance, and I think that fundamentally it's part of a bigger cluster where everybody is just not knowing how to reinforce with each other because it's been so

00:25:12.000 --> 00:25:18.000 long since there was healthy interaction. There were people knew how to be able to hang around each other for a longer period of time than the 6 foot apart approach that we were.

00:25:18.000 --> 00:25:26.000 Yeah, 6 foot distance that we were all told to be

00:25:26.000 --> 00:25:31.000 Yeah, and I mean people that are older, are they? They might still interact and have a a night with their friends.

00:25:31.000 --> 00:25:32.000 But you know, I'm worried about the younger population.

00:25:32.000 --> 00:25:41.000 You know, all they do are are stay on their ipad all day

00:25:41.000 --> 00:25:42.000 Yeah, it's funny you said that this morning on Good morning.

00:25:42.000 --> 00:25:50.000 America. They were saying that Instagram users are now well.

00:25:50.000 --> 00:26:12.000 Parents of Instagram users are now being given privileges to put a timer on the app, to restrict them to only 5 min a day, because heavy use of Instagram was founded in a recent research study to actually alter brain development in kids younger than 10 I believe or maybe it was 8

00:26:12.000 --> 00:26:13.000 Oh!

00:26:13.000 --> 00:26:14.000 You know I have to. I have to look back at that episode, but

00:26:14.000 --> 00:26:22.000 Well, I don't know if it's Instagram, but I I remember there was a study about Tiktok of how addictive it was

00:26:22.000 --> 00:26:26.000 Yes, you know they they were equating Tiktok to becoming either a morphine addict or not morphine.

00:26:26.000 --> 00:26:40.000 I think it was also like some like oxycodone, or something really like a narcotic.

00:26:40.000 --> 00:26:44.000 It created that addictive reaction, the way that those particular drugs do

00:26:44.000 --> 00:26:45.000 Well, I I guess, like the dances and stuff that they were doing.

00:26:45.000 --> 00:27:02.000 You know they they it was changing their brain chemistry or something you know, that they would be concentrating on like, you know, dots or something that would do a certain pattern with the dance or something.

00:27:02.000 --> 00:27:03.000 Wow! Well.

00:27:03.000 --> 00:27:06.000 Yeah, yeah, I I I don't know if it's true.

00:27:06.000 --> 00:27:13.000 But you know it's a I I I wouldn't put anything past the you know some an app like that, you know.

00:27:13.000 --> 00:27:21.000 Well, there is one thing that's also said to be true with that in the Covid, 2 or 3 year blockage that we had, everybody had migrated to technology, especially zoom technology in order to relate.

00:27:21.000 --> 00:27:30.000 And everything became like an invisible shield between each other.

00:27:30.000 --> 00:27:36.000 So I think it does play on the mind in various ways, depending on the type of technology you're using.

00:27:36.000 --> 00:27:48.000 In fact, again, on Sam's show today he was talking about how the influx of technology has made a lot of people more of service to technology rather than using it as the tool that it was meant for.

00:27:48.000 --> 00:27:49.000 Yeah.

00:27:49.000 --> 00:28:02.000 It's like we will I'm kind of subservient, and I think that was a different word to use but pretty much the idea was is that we had to learn to strike the balance in order to make technology either like our ally or use.

00:28:02.000 --> 00:28:21.000 It in a limited fashion to get the job done, and then have a certain amount of time to involved in social engagement and sharing photos and images and dances, and whatever else but there has to be a new balance, and I think hopefully, in 2,023 we will do shows on frank about health that will

00:28:21.000 --> 00:28:26.000 Provide a healthier balance for people. All right. I see we're headed for our second break.

00:28:26.000 --> 00:28:41.000 So please stay tuned as we're talking about the future being healthy in 2023 right here on Frank, about health, both on talk, radio, Nyc and on our Youtube channel.

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00:30:39.000 --> 00:30:44.000 Welcome back now, as you heard, Jeff and I speak about mental health in the last Segment.

00:30:44.000 --> 00:30:54.000 One of the things that came to mind is that we were actually doing a show prior to the Thanksgiving holiday on the topic of forgiveness.

00:30:54.000 --> 00:31:06.000 Now, if you remember, it was myself with Judy Mandel, who had been on the show with talking about addiction with her book, white Flag, and then talking about replacement.

00:31:06.000 --> 00:31:13.000 Child, syndrome, based on her first book Replacement child, and then she introduced me to 2 members of her Forum, and the person that was missing.

00:31:13.000 --> 00:31:14.000 Unfortunately was Phyllis, who was there to talk about forgiveness?

00:31:14.000 --> 00:31:37.000 Well, I have great news for everybody. We are having that show on the nineteenth, where Phyllis will be back with a forgiveness coach that she introduced me to yesterday, and that we will also have a meeting with those 3 members of the replacement child forum and it should be a

00:31:37.000 --> 00:31:45.000 Good show to really nestle down. Just the focus of forgiveness for those suffering from replacement.

00:31:45.000 --> 00:32:01.000 Child syndrome, but with the fact that there have been so many mental health issues, all of us have faced this past year, and even the year prior, when Covid first started out, you know, outbreaking in the United States, I think forgiveness goes across the spectrum

00:32:01.000 --> 00:32:21.000 Forgiveness from your abusers, forgiveness from those that are narcissistic in nature, and our gas lighting you forgiveness to your for any of the guest sliding you do to yourself or forgiveness for having constant shifts in planning due to circumstances beyond

00:32:21.000 --> 00:32:26.000 Your control and trying to do what you can to keep balanced.

00:32:26.000 --> 00:32:30.000 But, as Sam said, living in the presence does help with that.

00:32:30.000 --> 00:32:35.000 It's just a question of being able to implement forgiveness.

00:32:35.000 --> 00:32:47.000 So that should be a very promising show, and then, after that show ended, I had the chance to meet with Jeff, and we did that last-minute show on epilepsy and relationships prior to the Christmas and New Year's Week.

00:32:47.000 --> 00:32:53.000 So I thought that would be a good segue to talk about what we plan on doing in the next few months.

00:32:53.000 --> 00:32:57.000 But I thought Jeff I'll just start by asking you after we did that show.

00:32:57.000 --> 00:33:05.000 What takeaways did you get in terms of what 2023 may look like, especially for those living with epilepsy

00:33:05.000 --> 00:33:24.000 Well, you know, we plan to do a show on narcissism and epilepsy and I think that you know it's ironic that the forgiveness show is right before that show, because you know, I think that you know the forgiveness is so closely related to Northernism and

00:33:24.000 --> 00:33:28.000 when people do selfish things, it's a sometimes it's hard to forgive them.

00:33:28.000 --> 00:33:32.000 And they like you said, it's a hard to forget yourself sometimes.

00:33:32.000 --> 00:33:33.000 Exactly, and the whole narcissistic paradigm is in itself. I've done episodes.

00:33:33.000 --> 00:33:52.000 On Narcissism and we've had a survivor here as well talk about it, but it's very interesting when you're dealing with various types of narcissism from the covert narcissist who you would never even say that they're not narcissistic.

00:33:52.000 --> 00:33:59.000 In nature, or probably the triangulation that occurred from those trying to enable others from getting their needs met, because it's all about absence of validation, absence of empathy.

00:33:59.000 --> 00:34:14.000 Absence of even whatever trauma they face, that they were never able to cope with you know, so that breathes narcissism.

00:34:14.000 --> 00:34:17.000 And I would then mentor to say that forgiveness is key and it is.

00:34:17.000 --> 00:34:33.000 It's kind of timely that we're going to be doing this back to back nineteenth and 20 seventh, because we're helping to set up a platform or a message to really serve as a roadmap for a healthier future in 2,000, and 23 but what I find to be the

00:34:33.000 --> 00:34:43.000 Challenge and I think it's because of that that situation with social media is, you can only gain so much attention with social media where people can truly learn from it.

00:34:43.000 --> 00:34:51.000 So I think it's going to be very critical to see how we can put together that show in a much more engaging, interactive way.

00:34:51.000 --> 00:35:00.000 And I guess I'm hoping that by the 20 seventh I'll have a venue for us to have it actually have that show done, and it'll be a matter of weeks of planning.

00:35:00.000 --> 00:35:09.000 But I'm sure that I'll be able to get it organized if it's done right, you know, and Phyllis has just been an excellent co-host on this show this past year.

00:35:09.000 --> 00:35:16.000 She's helped me create the whole vision of what it is we can do not just to help advocate for those living with health care problems, and of course, writing about them or podcasting about them.

00:35:16.000 --> 00:35:40.000 But also what we can do to educate the professionals out there that are caregiving for them as well as the individuals themselves, that have a better way, a better toolkit to be able to get a grasp on how to maintain a decent quality, of light given whatever their mental health issue, is but

00:35:40.000 --> 00:35:47.000 it may seem like, as you said earlier. Funny that it's back to back, but believe it or not, I didn't plan it back to back.

00:35:47.000 --> 00:35:50.000 It just happens to be in sequence, due to the nature of the booking.

00:35:50.000 --> 00:35:59.000 But maybe it was destiny that put it in that path like I never expected to meet you literally after I had done what I thought was my last show prior to the New Year, and there we were.

00:35:59.000 --> 00:36:12.000 I said. I even remember I said right there at Nyu. We had to have this show before the New Year, because it was going to be pretty much setting the precedent for how the future will be healthy. In 2023

00:36:12.000 --> 00:36:16.000 And there, there's so many types of abuse out there.

00:36:16.000 --> 00:36:24.000 And really, when you ask someone to forgive them for the abuses of this, they've gone through it.

00:36:24.000 --> 00:36:28.000 It's not an easy process. Let's put it that way.

00:36:28.000 --> 00:36:29.000 Yeah.

00:36:29.000 --> 00:36:31.000 No. Now it's not easy, but it's also not easy.

00:36:31.000 --> 00:36:50.000 I find, and I don't know if you find the same thing, Jeff, but it's it's really incredible that when a person who is narcissistic in nature is doing their methodologies of what we said gas lighting triangulations so forth, and so on they're not aware of it

00:36:50.000 --> 00:36:51.000 They're not. They don't even. They're doing it

00:36:51.000 --> 00:36:56.000 Yeah, no. And and and like, I said it, it could be a a whole number of things.

00:36:56.000 --> 00:36:58.000 It could be passive, aggressive. It could be, you know, a covert to, you know, ways of doing it, you know.

00:36:58.000 --> 00:37:09.000 There are, and it could be, physical abuse could be outright. Verbal abuse

00:37:09.000 --> 00:37:14.000 Exactly it. It depends upon. I mean again, that's like another show onto itself.

00:37:14.000 --> 00:37:19.000 But I think there are 4 subtypes covert, being one of them.

00:37:19.000 --> 00:37:25.000 Dominant, or or called malignant, being a second one, without mentioning his name.

00:37:25.000 --> 00:37:42.000 We had a President who was at, and at the same time there were 2 other types that kind of fit within the spectrum, but I think the core issue that creates such a personality disorder is the issue of identity and abandonment, and if the abandonment or the trauma that

00:37:42.000 --> 00:37:43.000 Was triggered by the abandonment, is not coped with or dealt with. It.

00:37:43.000 --> 00:38:02.000 Stunts, the development of the individual most likely the trauma happened in childhood, or maybe in the in the teen years, or whenever it was, they were young enough to never really deal with it, and then, therefore submers a repress it in some submers it, into their personality, and then live the rest of

00:38:02.000 --> 00:38:04.000 Their life, using the technique

00:38:04.000 --> 00:38:08.000 And and social media has given us this avenue to, you know.

00:38:08.000 --> 00:38:14.000 Seek attention, but really it has caused more problems with self esteem.

00:38:14.000 --> 00:38:23.000 So you know, people want to look better physically than the next person, and they want more likes.

00:38:23.000 --> 00:38:28.000 They want more comments, and really sort of it's almost like a popularity contest.

00:38:28.000 --> 00:38:37.000 Yes, yes, exactly. And I think if anything, it'll be interesting for us to see how we can regulate that.

00:38:37.000 --> 00:38:54.000 I just think through social interaction, more healthy interaction with people to communicate the message, and hopefully get it communicated effectively and just constant research and constant understanding that when you're given the truth of a mental health diagnosis, it doesn't mean it's a death sentence.

00:38:54.000 --> 00:39:05.000 It just means, if you want to solve the problem and narcissism is kind of hard to solve, especially after a certain age.

00:39:05.000 --> 00:39:14.000 But the thing is, if you want to try to solve the problem, embrace it as information that you could try to use and learn from.

00:39:14.000 --> 00:39:27.000 However, it's kind of interesting. I know friends of mine that have joined survivors, groups, including the ones that were on on Frank about health last year, and you usually the narcissistic.

00:39:27.000 --> 00:39:33.000 And then not narcissistic people, but they are. They've been the scapegoats of narcissistic people.

00:39:33.000 --> 00:39:34.000 They're the only ones that are finding out this information and advocating for it and trying to create change.

00:39:34.000 --> 00:39:42.000 The survivors because they're more aware of it, especially when the abuse becomes intolerable.

00:39:42.000 --> 00:39:47.000 Whether it is physical or violent, even, you know. But I think someone like myself.

00:39:47.000 --> 00:40:07.000 I, I, I don't come from a Scott free, clean bill of health, I mean, if I did, I don't think I would have had this show, as you know, I started the show based on epilepsy, but if anything whatever narcissistic abuse I've gone through I've tried to

00:40:07.000 --> 00:40:26.000 Make, present in discussing the issues. I see we're headed for our final break, and that, all being said when we return we will talk about Frank about health's role, that it will have with various industries in the New Year to try to do what we can to help advocate for everyone here on on talk

00:40:26.000 --> 00:40:42.000 Radio Nyc and on our Youtube channel. So please stay tuned

00:40:42.000 --> 00:40:43.000 Oh, okay. I thought we were having a break, but I was wrong.

00:40:43.000 --> 00:40:56.000 Apparently this is just one of those days where we start a show and everything technically that can go wrong goes wrong.

00:40:56.000 --> 00:41:05.000 So, that being said I, I was looking at messages that said, 1 min till break, but they were actually towards our second break.

00:41:05.000 --> 00:41:06.000 So that was my bad this time. I actually put us on a break when there was none.

00:41:06.000 --> 00:41:10.000 We don't have a break as of yet

00:41:10.000 --> 00:41:14.000 Okay. So you you hear me, Frank?

00:41:14.000 --> 00:41:27.000 I hear you perfectly, and I think this is one of those shows that is gonna be showing not only a healthier 2,023, but this will be one of those for America's funniest videos.

00:41:27.000 --> 00:41:28.000 I'm just

00:41:28.000 --> 00:41:29.000 Well, yeah, I mean, I I don't know why the video didn't go through.

00:41:29.000 --> 00:41:40.000 I I just it's unfortunate. But can you see my face is, or anything

00:41:40.000 --> 00:41:43.000 Oh, no! You're perfect, I mean, I was just saying that literally.

00:41:43.000 --> 00:41:49.000 I just issued a break, and we still have about 2 min left.

00:41:49.000 --> 00:41:50.000 Oh, okay.

00:41:50.000 --> 00:41:57.000 Hi! I just made the the flub so, ladies and gentlemen, this is how we're gonna have a healthy 2023.

00:41:57.000 --> 00:42:05.000 We're gonna take each technical difficulty and every flub and laugh along with it, just like his cousin's.

00:42:05.000 --> 00:42:13.000 Sally said a year ago, whenever we have any technical difficulties in the middle of a podcast we go with it, and we have fun with it.

00:42:13.000 --> 00:42:14.000 And if any of you have any comments on it, please go into our Youtube channel and shoot them away.

00:42:14.000 --> 00:42:20.000 And I'm interested to know your feedback. But then

00:42:20.000 --> 00:42:24.000 Well, I I said to you, Frank, that I'm getting a new computer.

00:42:24.000 --> 00:42:27.000 So I'm hoping that that will fix everything

00:42:27.000 --> 00:42:43.000 Well when and like, I said when we, when we finally do our our show together, and now I got the 2 min break alert, but I could still talk for at least one more minute when we finally do our show together in the coming weeks, and if I managed to get the live venue support and the

00:42:43.000 --> 00:42:50.000 interruptive audience, and things like that. Then we'll have all the clarity in the world to joke and laugh and make fluffs.

00:42:50.000 --> 00:42:55.000 We would still share engaging information, especially since we're going to be doing a hot topic of epilepsy and narcissism.

00:42:55.000 --> 00:43:10.000 So ladies and gentlemen, before we go to our final break, and finally our final break, I just wanted to say that so far you've gotten a preview that 3 of our episodes coming are going to be a forgiveness.

00:43:10.000 --> 00:43:24.000 Show, bringing back the replacement Forum with Phyllis and a Dr. Jennifer Griggs as well as we're going to have an epilepsy and narcissism show with Jeff and possibly Danielle Swanson and maybe some other people.

00:43:24.000 --> 00:43:34.000 We have yet to figure that out, and as I also said, I might have a family member of mine who's a nurse, discussed palliative care, especially when living with cancer.

00:43:34.000 --> 00:43:37.000 So there are plenty of shows in the pipeline.

00:43:37.000 --> 00:43:43.000 They're just being finalized and firmmed up, and we will get into them throughout the remainder of 2,023.

00:43:43.000 --> 00:43:49.000 But now stay tuned for our commercial break, and when we return we will close up shop for the evening.

00:43:49.000 --> 00:43:53.000 Stay tuned.

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00:45:53.000 --> 00:46:14.000 Welcome. Back. Okay, so ladies and gentlemen, for the last 45 min we've tried to reflect on 2,022 in the finest of ways, and in the strangest of waste but one thing that I can say is again one cornerstone, of this has been San Leibowitz

00:46:14.000 --> 00:46:33.000 especially as I have quoted excerpts from his show this afternoon on living a new Year with authenticity, and living with presence, living in the present, coping with traumas, unfurling through them, trying to live life without fear or trying to cope with the fear that you have and

00:46:33.000 --> 00:46:39.000 I, ironically, when we were bringing up the episodes of the the issues of mental health.

00:46:39.000 --> 00:46:44.000 Jeff had talked about how technology has played a part in it.

00:46:44.000 --> 00:46:50.000 I talked about how I saw an outgrowth of it through Covid in the areas of narcissism.

00:46:50.000 --> 00:46:55.000 There is a lot of information out there showing how suicide rates have climbed.

00:46:55.000 --> 00:47:10.000 By the way, there is an emergency number 9 8 8, which I think Phyllis had issued last summer, when it was official in July of 2022 but I've seen it all over the place, especially the last few months, as we lost A.

00:47:10.000 --> 00:47:12.000 Dj. Recently, who was on the Ellen show, and who was known throughout the ABC.

00:47:12.000 --> 00:47:24.000 Network, who died of suicide, someone who you never thought would actually commit suicide because he seemed very happy and things like that.

00:47:24.000 --> 00:47:29.000 But the issue is is that we've lost a lot of people this past year.

00:47:29.000 --> 00:47:47.000 Out of natural causes for some, and some may have been Covid related, and at the same time, as I mentioned earlier, some by suicide, there has definitely been an outgrowth of mental health issues over the physical health, ailments that I had been mainly covering throughout 2022 I showed

00:47:47.000 --> 00:47:54.000 You excerpts of, and I talked about excerpts, of what it is that we're going to be doing in 2,023.

00:47:54.000 --> 00:47:58.000 We're going to become more mental health advocates going forward.

00:47:58.000 --> 00:48:13.000 And, as I said, we're going to work with the hospitality industry to make sure that since they are very instrumental in their own company's vision and mission to create a healthier New Year for 2023, we're gonna we're gonna collaborate in one such way, is that

00:48:13.000 --> 00:48:26.000 I'm gonna start broadcasting from various Hilton hotels throughout the city, and in some cases throughout the country, and I probably will start doing that around February or it'll be based on the topic that we're discussing.

00:48:26.000 --> 00:48:34.000 But but for the last 17 months, I think, since May 2021, I have been broadcasting from.

00:48:34.000 --> 00:48:49.000 We work headquarters at the Brooklyn Navy Yard, and in some cases from offices in New York, especially if the show was pre-recorded, and we work has been a great family for me, but it is not necessarily the type of place that inspires health and wellness.

00:48:49.000 --> 00:48:56.000 It inspires free thinking and free movement of work and entrepreneurialism and creativity and social networking.

00:48:56.000 --> 00:49:02.000 And that's all wonderful. And we definitely want to continue our relationship as we are doing today.

00:49:02.000 --> 00:49:13.000 For example, but, more importantly, when it comes down to working with a partner that is vested in the interest of its travelers, it's managing its teams.

00:49:13.000 --> 00:49:18.000 It's essential workers, especially some of the brands here in in the New York, area.

00:49:18.000 --> 00:49:26.000 That housed nurses during the Covid vaccine distribution, or during the time of the is the essential workers really taking flight.

00:49:26.000 --> 00:49:29.000 When New York was in shutdown back in 2021 they th.

00:49:29.000 --> 00:49:37.000 The thing is is that we want to be able to align with the right people the right guests, the right partners, the right?

00:49:37.000 --> 00:49:50.000 Network which we have done here at talk radio. Nyc, that is forward thinking that is always trying to bring awareness and advocacy and provide additional education as well and like, I said in my disclaimer, we are not at all advising you to stop any treatments.

00:49:50.000 --> 00:49:56.000 You are engaged in currently what your ailments are.

00:49:56.000 --> 00:50:15.000 We're just here to provide additional food for thought and I'm just here to be your advocate at being a suffer of epilepsy, as Jeff is being someone who has been targeted by narcissistic individuals in society in the workplace probably even within my own family and

00:50:15.000 --> 00:50:20.000 Being a person that is highly educated in the fields of neuro psychology and social media.

00:50:20.000 --> 00:50:25.000 I'm doing my best to serve you guys and the community at large.

00:50:25.000 --> 00:50:32.000 That has been good to me. This past year and a half, and I'm promising to the listeners and viewers out there.

00:50:32.000 --> 00:50:37.000 Aside from the little dance that Jeff and I did tonight with technical difficulties that we're definitely gonna

00:50:37.000 --> 00:50:41.000 Yeah, but it, it looks like my video is working now. So

00:50:41.000 --> 00:50:50.000 Oh, no, no! I was including also when I gave an early break, when there was no break, that that's very ironic, considering there was a time when I was talking, and I did not activate the pause button.

00:50:50.000 --> 00:51:01.000 And they had to deactivate me just to bring me back online.

00:51:01.000 --> 00:51:02.000 Yeah.

00:51:02.000 --> 00:51:10.000 But that was a bit. About a year ago. The but trust me, when we do shows in the future, and when they become live yet recorded, and they become more in the social style that I'm used to and that we're all used to it'll be a hybrid model let's just say that for lack of a better

00:51:10.000 --> 00:51:13.000 Word it'll be part of the norm versus the little routine that we did today.

00:51:13.000 --> 00:51:20.000 But we're just trying to make this a light-hearted conversation being that it is the start of a New year.

00:51:20.000 --> 00:51:24.000 And this is a year filled with a lot of promise and a lot of hope.

00:51:24.000 --> 00:51:40.000 But we have to remember the hard lessons learned not only from the episodes that I've done with Jeff and with Sally, and with Phyllis and with Sam and with Georgian, and then the list go and Ritha and and Danielle, and and the List goes on but these

00:51:40.000 --> 00:51:58.000 are very impactful people in my life that will be on the show again, and at the same time new guests, with even more to offer, will be on the show, and I'm looking forward to collaborate that with the hospitality industry, because they very much want to engage in that but in the appropriate manner.

00:51:58.000 --> 00:52:03.000 not at the beginning of the year, with no planning, so we everything in due time.

00:52:03.000 --> 00:52:08.000 But when it happens, then I can surely say 3, maybe 6 months from now.

00:52:08.000 --> 00:52:12.000 The future is healthy in 2,023, but I wanted to

00:52:12.000 --> 00:52:13.000 And we want to start off the New Year with a you know, a positive vibe.

00:52:13.000 --> 00:52:28.000 We always make a New Year's resolutions. And, like I said, there earlier on, like we start a new diet or new exercise for keen.

00:52:28.000 --> 00:52:41.000 But we also want to surround ourselves with the people that are going to help us achieve our goals. Because, you know, when we have negative people around us, they they really hinder our achievements

00:52:41.000 --> 00:52:58.000 But yeah, and it's very hard to determine who's negative and who's not accept, based on our own ability to register any of individual that reminds you of a previous trauma that seems to be my litmus test when dealing with new individuals when they become questionable or healthy to

00:52:58.000 --> 00:53:16.000 work with, or to connect with various personal or or professional reasons. It's just that we all have to in order to be mindful of a healthy future for ourselves and for our loved ones, and we have to be mindful of the environments that we are in the people that we are with at the same time are

00:53:16.000 --> 00:53:32.000 we listening to whatever restrictions or regulations are imposed, especially when we were living in a triple demic at some point during the month of December, I hear the numbers are going down now, especially with flu counts, which is great to hear, but the point is is people have to continue to be

00:53:32.000 --> 00:53:40.000 mindful for themselves, and not be dependent on others, or even information that they're getting to lead them to a way that's either faulty or truthful, unless they make their own agency their own choice.

00:53:40.000 --> 00:53:50.000 In, how they want to maintain their quality of life. And that's again the Sam.

00:53:50.000 --> 00:54:05.000 Today's your night. You are getting more feedback based on today's show that you did because I'm actually taking excerpts from your show that you said that I just think is very timely and very pertinent for the listeners of frank about health to take with them. And yes, by his book.

00:54:05.000 --> 00:54:08.000 Everyday awakening. It's available on Amazon.

00:54:08.000 --> 00:54:21.000 And he as you probably know, from watching his show, he always starts the episode with a quote from the book, and that becomes at the end of the show.

00:54:21.000 --> 00:54:26.000 But I certainly appreciated the way that his show was able to resonate for the show that we

00:54:26.000 --> 00:54:29.000 And I appreciate any support for my book, too. Of course.

00:54:29.000 --> 00:54:33.000 Absolutely, absolutely.

00:54:33.000 --> 00:54:34.000 Yes.

00:54:34.000 --> 00:54:52.000 Yeah, dating in the dark. And we're working on my next book about epilepsy, you know, so hopefully that to help people be more independent with their epilepsy

00:54:52.000 --> 00:54:53.000 Yeah, yeah.

00:54:53.000 --> 00:54:58.000 Exactly, and then also Sally Kaufman. The courage to live through difficulties which she had promoted 4 times when she was on the show.

00:54:58.000 --> 00:55:05.000 Yes, life gets in the way. Yes.

00:55:05.000 --> 00:55:06.000 I,

00:55:06.000 --> 00:55:10.000 And oh, life gets in the way that that that is, and it was. There was a subtitle. The Courage To. It's in the way it's encouraged to manage it or to live through it. Work through it.

00:55:10.000 --> 00:55:16.000 Something like that. I? Yeah, I haven't looked at it in a long time. So you're putting me on the spot here

00:55:16.000 --> 00:55:24.000 Ask me what we'll do is an episode on promoting all the books from the various guests that we've had, and we'll have the show.

00:55:24.000 --> 00:55:35.000 But I know that for those of you who want to take a look at the various shows that I did the one I just did with Jeff a few weeks ago, or even the ones I did with Sally.

00:55:35.000 --> 00:55:38.000 They're available on our Facebook channel and on our Youtube channel.

00:55:38.000 --> 00:55:42.000 And by all means, there's also my website, Frank R.

00:55:42.000 --> 00:55:48.000 Harrison Com, where you'll find an archive of shows, including the snippet that I showed you, which was the tribute to Betty White.

00:55:48.000 --> 00:55:58.000 I just have to say to everyone out there. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be an advocate for you in whatever health ailment.

00:55:58.000 --> 00:56:07.000 Then you've been dealing with whether it was epilepsy or covid, or cancer, diabetes, or mental health, or or anything else that we've brought on.

00:56:07.000 --> 00:56:12.000 I'm looking forward to have palliative care next week.

00:56:12.000 --> 00:56:18.000 The week after that, show on forgiveness. The week after that Jeff and I, and hopefully Danielle will join us.

00:56:18.000 --> 00:56:29.000 We'll do a show. Maybe Sally can join us, too, and there's going to be more after that, I promise, and as far as a show on hospitality, that is also in the works.

00:56:29.000 --> 00:56:45.000 But it'll probably be a couple months from now, but we will definitely circle back to things that we may have had to skip on because of the holiday, or because of last minute changes, didn't want to disappoint you by having an encore presentation on my first day back so here we are today and both Jeff

00:56:45.000 --> 00:57:01.000 And I were able to use the past hour to fill in as much information as possible, to just give you the perspective, like the show title, is that the way to live a healthier life in 2,023 is to think healthy.

00:57:01.000 --> 00:57:05.000 Think positive. Cope with your trauma, seek the right information.

00:57:05.000 --> 00:57:18.000 Consult with your doctor. Buying Jeff's book by Sam's book, by everyone else's book Sally's book that we have talked about, and also continue to watch in the coming year.

00:57:18.000 --> 00:57:19.000 Alright. We're about to end with it.

00:57:19.000 --> 00:57:26.000 And I. And I want to thank you, Frank, for this platform, though Frank, about health, you know it's been a great experience for me

00:57:26.000 --> 00:57:28.000 Oh, you're very welcome, and I'm I'm looking forward to work with you on the show again in the future.

00:57:28.000 --> 00:57:39.000 In various ways, going forward, and again thank you again to Sam Levoitz.

00:57:39.000 --> 00:57:42.000 Thank you again to all you listeners and viewers, and we'll be back next week, and tomorrow.

00:57:42.000 --> 00:57:43.000 Stay tuned for always. Friday and philanthropy in focus on talk, radio done in Yc.

00:57:43.000 --> 00:57:53.000 And I'll we'll see you next week already.

00:57:53.000 --> 00:57:54.000 Good night.

00:57:54.000 --> 00:58:11.000 Sign off now, good night, and take care. Don't! Thanks

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