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Thursday, September 1, 2022
Facebook Live Video from 2022/09/01 - Tales From The Left Coast

Facebook Live Video from 2022/09/01 - Tales From The Left Coast


2022/09/01 - Tales From The Left Coast

[NEW EPISODE] Tales From The Left Coast

Join us as we explore a fresh perspective on being a digital nomad!

This week, on The Conscious Consultant Hour, it’s just you and Sam as he shares with you his summertime travels and what he has learned along the way. 

Doing something we have never done before is a great way to expand our awareness and our understanding of ourselves. We often don’t like to put ourselves in unknown situations, yet when we do, they can be so rewarding. 

On this week’s show, Sam will share with you what he has learned and experienced from temporarily living and working in three areas of the west coast. From San Diego to San Francisco to Vancouver, all three places have been magical, beautiful, and full of surprises. 

Tune in and share your own experiences of traveling, moving, or doing something brand new and the opportunities that came with those experiences, as he shares his insights and challenges. 

Tune in for this transformational discussion at or watch the Livestream by clicking here.

Show Notes

Segment  1

Sam reads a section from his book Everyday Awakening entitled To Be Kind To Others Is To Give Ourselves A Great Gift. Sam says how we show up in the world is more personal than we would think. He adds that It is best to come from a place of love and peace rather than a place of blaming and victimization because it makes us and the people around us feel better. Sam shares his inspiration for the piece and the reasons why he decided to write it. He says coming from a place of anger only affects the person who is in distress. Anger is not healthy for our bodies and can lead to disease. When we focus on bringing ourselves to a better place, it helps not only ourselves but the people in our life.

Segment 2

Sam shares some personal events that happened over the summer while he was away on the west coast. He talks about the shift to working remotely and why he decided to end his lease for his office. Sam recounts his time in California in the past and how he's missed the location. Sam found a service where you could watch someone's pet and, in return, stay in their home. He decides to take up the offer and begin his nomadic experience on the west coast.

Segment 3

Sam traveled to San Diego for five weeks and then left for Berkeley. He talks about his experience and how he got another offer to dog sit for a month. Sam went on to discuss his time in Berkeley and the different opportunities that presented themselves. He planned this summer trip with his wife for a different experience to change up his NY routine. Sam continues to discuss his three-month trip and how he needed a change of pace. He was able to experience places outside of NY and learned new things about himself through the experience.

Segment 4

During his stay, Sam spent three months on the west coast and ended his trip in Vancouver, taking notice of the homeless and drug problem. He talks about meeting up with friends and spending time at social gatherings. While traveling by ferry, Sam and his wife were able to enjoy the scenic view. It really made Sam appreciate nature. As Sam's trip comes to an end, he prepares for his flight back home. Sam says he's really learned a lot about himself in these three months. He adds that when you open yourself up to new experiences, you discover new things about yourself. Sam finds the silver lining in the past two years stating he was able to experience the west coast and see old friends.


00:03:24.240 --> 00:03:34.220 good afternoon, My conscious co-creators. Welcome to another edition of the conscious consultant hour, a weakening humanity

00:03:34.610 --> 00:03:39.330 very very pleased that you are all here with me today.

00:03:39.340 --> 00:04:04.990 Sam Liebowitz: We've got another wonderful show for you and for those of you uh listening or watching the recording. You know that we we're not streaming on Facebook. I'm so so sorry. I know a bunch of my audience is is uh looking for me, and unfortunately my Facebook accounts disabled at the moment. We're hoping to get it back soon, so we're streaming out.

00:04:05.500 --> 00:04:06.540 Sam Liebowitz: Um

00:04:06.610 --> 00:04:36.259 Sam Liebowitz: Also i'm engineering my own show today. Unfortunately, my engineer, Dylan, he ought to take care of something personal. So i'm doing this myself, So things might not sound quite as good as they normally do when I have My! But I will do my best to keep things moving along, and to make sure to ah continue a show, as as I always do no guest today. This is one of these the only shows, and it'll be hard to interact unless you're commenting on the Facebook.

00:04:36.270 --> 00:04:46.489 Sam Liebowitz: But I hope you're seeing it out there. I would love it if one of you, if someone is watching it, you could post it to your Facebook feed for other people.

00:04:46.500 --> 00:04:57.889 Sam Liebowitz: All right, let's get started. So today shows entitled Tales from the Left Coast, and i'll get into what I call it that. But first, of course, we still have our little section from my book,

00:04:58.660 --> 00:05:04.910 Sam Liebowitz: Everyday Awakening, and this section is entitled

00:05:05.800 --> 00:05:09.480 Sam Liebowitz: to be kind to others

00:05:10.380 --> 00:05:13.889 Sam Liebowitz: to give ourselves a great gift to.

00:05:15.980 --> 00:05:18.720 Sam Liebowitz: There are many ways to show up.

00:05:18.910 --> 00:05:23.679 Sam Liebowitz: We can show up with kindness. We can show up with coldness

00:05:24.060 --> 00:05:29.440 Sam Liebowitz: how we show up is more about us than the situation.

00:05:30.250 --> 00:05:33.580 Sam Liebowitz: The circumstances may be difficult to deal with.

00:05:33.910 --> 00:05:37.290 Sam Liebowitz: They may not be what we want them to be.

00:05:37.730 --> 00:05:45.709 Sam Liebowitz: So We should remember that if we come from a place of blaming or victimization, we

00:05:46.110 --> 00:05:48.020 Sam Liebowitz: we feel worse;

00:05:48.070 --> 00:05:52.850 Sam Liebowitz: whereas if we come from a place of love and peace,

00:05:52.950 --> 00:05:58.059 Sam Liebowitz: we not only feel better, but people around us do, too.

00:05:58.670 --> 00:06:05.489 Sam Liebowitz: We often get triggered. When people are not kind or gentle with us, we take it personally,

00:06:05.500 --> 00:06:07.500 Sam Liebowitz: we feel betrayed,

00:06:07.740 --> 00:06:12.920 Sam Liebowitz: and that makes it hard to come from a gentle and loving place.

00:06:13.310 --> 00:06:20.749 Sam Liebowitz: The reason to show up in a different way is not only about the other person or the situation,

00:06:20.820 --> 00:06:24.170 Sam Liebowitz: it is about what it does to us

00:06:24.210 --> 00:06:35.099 Sam Liebowitz: is about the difference we make to ourselves. It is about being kind and gentle with ourselves.

00:06:36.360 --> 00:06:37.919 Sam Liebowitz: Being angry, he

00:06:38.150 --> 00:06:44.240 Sam Liebowitz: and vengeful may make us feel more powerful in the moment,

00:06:44.560 --> 00:06:54.719 Sam Liebowitz: however, when things settle down, when we have some perspective, when we take some time to feel into

00:06:55.180 --> 00:06:58.599 Sam Liebowitz: what is really going on inside of us,

00:06:59.060 --> 00:07:02.850 Sam Liebowitz: we discovered, is not who we are

00:07:03.250 --> 00:07:11.719 Sam Liebowitz: showing up angry is not how our soul and our heart truly wants to express itself.

00:07:11.850 --> 00:07:14.390 Sam Liebowitz: It only hurts us,

00:07:14.890 --> 00:07:16.769 Sam Liebowitz: on the other hand,

00:07:16.990 --> 00:07:24.789 Sam Liebowitz: to come from a place of peace and joy is not only for the benefit of others,

00:07:25.660 --> 00:07:30.299 Sam Liebowitz: it is first and foremost for our own benefit,

00:07:31.150 --> 00:07:34.800 Sam Liebowitz: for how it makes us feel

00:07:35.740 --> 00:07:38.399 for what it does to our bodies,

00:07:38.570 --> 00:07:43.989 Sam Liebowitz: for the effect it has on our own chemistry and nervous system,

00:07:44.870 --> 00:07:53.970 Sam Liebowitz: to be free from the anxiety that we feel when we get triggered by others. We can come from a higher place

00:07:54.050 --> 00:08:00.660 Sam Liebowitz: from a different perspective from a broader view of the situation.

00:08:01.590 --> 00:08:08.220 Sam Liebowitz: We can rise above the immediate, and see things from an elevated view.

00:08:08.540 --> 00:08:11.619 Sam Liebowitz: It looks much different from up there.

00:08:12.170 --> 00:08:18.579 Sam Liebowitz: This difference can make our lives beautiful and change the world.

00:08:19.840 --> 00:08:24.659 Sam Liebowitz: How can you change your world with kindness?

00:08:27.500 --> 00:08:34.140 Sam Liebowitz: So this this piece that I wrote in the book I wrote a while ago,

00:08:34.710 --> 00:08:36.270 Sam Liebowitz: and I remember

00:08:36.590 --> 00:08:45.020 Sam Liebowitz: why I wrote it. It was after um taking a healing course, you know, taking some healing modality or something,

00:08:47.040 --> 00:08:51.509 Sam Liebowitz: and I was learning about how anger affects the body,

00:08:52.520 --> 00:09:00.859 Sam Liebowitz: how it releases cortisol, how it tenses up the nervous system, and how ultimately

00:09:02.550 --> 00:09:06.920 Sam Liebowitz: anger really causes the body to eat itself up,

00:09:07.670 --> 00:09:08.880 Sam Liebowitz: squared

00:09:09.810 --> 00:09:12.959 Sam Liebowitz: everybody but many people

00:09:14.120 --> 00:09:16.970 Sam Liebowitz: who their base of motion is anger

00:09:17.100 --> 00:09:20.360 Sam Liebowitz: usually end up with some form of cancer.

00:09:22.630 --> 00:09:28.779 Sam Liebowitz: And then I realized, because my loyal listeners you all know I

00:09:28.940 --> 00:09:37.090 Sam Liebowitz: I am always and and first and foremost, a believer in coming from a place of peace and love and joy

00:09:39.140 --> 00:09:40.470 Sam Liebowitz: that

00:09:43.830 --> 00:09:47.269 Sam Liebowitz: when we come from a place of anger

00:09:48.430 --> 00:09:59.820 Sam Liebowitz: Yes, it makes us feel more powerful in a moment we're more enraged. We have more more energy behind our words and our actions,

00:10:00.860 --> 00:10:04.440 Sam Liebowitz: but ultimately it's hurting us, not the other person.

00:10:05.280 --> 00:10:16.009 Sam Liebowitz: And we come from anger because we feel an injustice, because we feel we've been wrong, because we've been hurt because we've been traumatized.

00:10:17.120 --> 00:10:23.169 Sam Liebowitz: And yes, it's sometimes anger the appropriate response. Sometimes

00:10:23.960 --> 00:10:25.580 if it helps us

00:10:26.010 --> 00:10:32.479 Sam Liebowitz: to have the power to change ourselves and help us to have the power to change a situation. But ultimately,

00:10:33.830 --> 00:10:37.130 Sam Liebowitz: coming from anger, doesn't really serve us,

00:10:40.400 --> 00:10:42.939 Sam Liebowitz: and that coming from kindness

00:10:43.880 --> 00:10:45.560 Sam Liebowitz: now we that

00:10:45.920 --> 00:10:49.509 Sam Liebowitz: that is a very powerful place to come from,

00:10:50.570 --> 00:11:01.290 Sam Liebowitz: because when we come from kindness we are saying to ourselves into the world. I care too much about myself

00:11:02.330 --> 00:11:07.959 Sam Liebowitz: to allow another person, or a situation, or an organization

00:11:08.680 --> 00:11:11.799 Sam Liebowitz: to take my piece away.

00:11:14.960 --> 00:11:16.969 Sam Liebowitz: But my peace

00:11:17.400 --> 00:11:21.040 Sam Liebowitz: and my heart is more important,

00:11:21.330 --> 00:11:24.170 Sam Liebowitz: and anything that you can do.

00:11:26.290 --> 00:11:34.839 Sam Liebowitz: We've had many historical figures to show that to be the case, Gandhi, Nelson, Mandela,

00:11:34.980 --> 00:11:36.750 Sam Liebowitz: Mother Theresa,

00:11:41.260 --> 00:11:45.090 Sam Liebowitz: and I guess, for me it was a huge revelation

00:11:48.650 --> 00:11:50.850 Sam Liebowitz: coming from kindness.

00:11:51.930 --> 00:11:54.309 Sam Liebowitz: It wasn't for the other person.

00:11:56.960 --> 00:12:01.369 Sam Liebowitz: It it wasn't in order not to harm the other person.

00:12:02.100 --> 00:12:06.340 Sam Liebowitz: Ultimately it was really about not harming myself

00:12:09.480 --> 00:12:14.089 Sam Liebowitz: in that. When we care about ourselves

00:12:14.300 --> 00:12:16.159 Sam Liebowitz: so much,

00:12:21.530 --> 00:12:23.460 Sam Liebowitz: we're unwilling

00:12:23.910 --> 00:12:26.800 Sam Liebowitz: to allow another person

00:12:27.160 --> 00:12:30.080 Sam Liebowitz: a situation, an organization,

00:12:30.620 --> 00:12:32.720 Sam Liebowitz: whatever it is

00:12:32.980 --> 00:12:36.230 Sam Liebowitz: that we care so much about ourselves

00:12:36.540 --> 00:12:43.749 Sam Liebowitz: that we will not allow anything else to cause us to cause harm to ourselves.

00:12:44.150 --> 00:12:47.570 Sam Liebowitz: And ultimately that is what happens

00:12:49.740 --> 00:12:52.390 Sam Liebowitz: when we are feeling anger

00:12:52.790 --> 00:12:55.429 Sam Liebowitz: when we are feeling rage

00:12:58.170 --> 00:13:03.630 Sam Liebowitz: when we are feeling like we want to just kill somebody.

00:13:04.830 --> 00:13:08.180 Sam Liebowitz: What we're really doing is killing ourselves.

00:13:08.710 --> 00:13:12.239 Sam Liebowitz: What we're really doing is harming ourselves,

00:13:13.130 --> 00:13:14.420 Sam Liebowitz: because

00:13:15.210 --> 00:13:19.709 Sam Liebowitz: first and foremost, we're disconnecting ourselves from our heart,

00:13:20.180 --> 00:13:29.030 Sam Liebowitz: we're disconnecting ourselves from our spirit. We're we're flooding our bodies with chemicals

00:13:29.400 --> 00:13:38.499 Sam Liebowitz: that ultimately are not going to serve us, are going to cause us some kind of challenge or issue or problem

00:13:42.720 --> 00:13:49.850 Sam Liebowitz: many times it's taking us out of presence. Sometimes it makes us more present, but many times can take us out of presence,

00:13:52.620 --> 00:14:02.500 Sam Liebowitz: and it's causing us to disconnect to our minds to not be able to think logically, to not be able to shift our perspective.

00:14:05.940 --> 00:14:11.990 Sam Liebowitz: So look am I saying like I never get angry. Of course not sure. I get angry;

00:14:16.460 --> 00:14:21.069 Sam Liebowitz: and at the same time, when I remind myself of this,

00:14:21.120 --> 00:14:25.309 Sam Liebowitz: that I am too important to allow someone else to

00:14:26.570 --> 00:14:28.499 Sam Liebowitz: to affect me in a way

00:14:29.340 --> 00:14:31.680 Sam Liebowitz: it takes me out of my heart;

00:14:33.210 --> 00:14:35.349 Sam Liebowitz: but when I remember that

00:14:36.720 --> 00:14:42.450 Sam Liebowitz: it helps me to calm down, it helps me to be more still,

00:14:42.560 --> 00:14:45.160 Sam Liebowitz: it helps remind me

00:14:46.540 --> 00:14:49.769 Sam Liebowitz: that anger is not what I want to spread in the world;

00:14:49.820 --> 00:14:52.999 Sam Liebowitz: that hatred is not what I want to

00:14:53.070 --> 00:14:54.180 Sam Liebowitz: out,

00:14:56.940 --> 00:15:05.599 Sam Liebowitz: that I want a kinder, more gentle, more loving world, because that's the kind of world I want to live in

00:15:09.680 --> 00:15:11.420 Sam Liebowitz: so ultimately

00:15:13.600 --> 00:15:16.889 Sam Liebowitz: how I respond to somebody

00:15:17.460 --> 00:15:19.390 Sam Liebowitz: how I react

00:15:20.640 --> 00:15:22.899 Sam Liebowitz: as much as I can.

00:15:23.290 --> 00:15:27.160 Sam Liebowitz: I want to react from a place of kindness

00:15:29.630 --> 00:15:36.939 Sam Liebowitz: now, being grateful and having appreciations considered like the highest vibration.

00:15:37.640 --> 00:15:39.450 Sam Liebowitz: Maybe i'm not there.

00:15:40.230 --> 00:15:43.020 Sam Liebowitz: But if I can at least be gentle,

00:15:44.170 --> 00:15:45.830 Sam Liebowitz: Did I know that

00:15:46.000 --> 00:15:47.919 Sam Liebowitz: i'm benefiting

00:15:48.040 --> 00:15:51.279 Sam Liebowitz: from coming from that position?

00:15:51.780 --> 00:16:01.529 Sam Liebowitz: I don't care ultimately. I mean I do but I mean it's really not as important that the other person might be benefiting or not benefiting from it.

00:16:10.900 --> 00:16:14.450 Sam Liebowitz: This is what they call enlightened self-interest,

00:16:17.010 --> 00:16:19.300 Sam Liebowitz: because alternately,

00:16:21.470 --> 00:16:23.830 Sam Liebowitz: when we do the things,

00:16:24.610 --> 00:16:30.219 Sam Liebowitz: bring ourselves to a better place, it helps everybody.

00:16:34.220 --> 00:16:36.030 Sam Liebowitz: So next time

00:16:36.260 --> 00:16:38.329 Sam Liebowitz: you're in the situation,

00:16:38.370 --> 00:16:41.049 Sam Liebowitz: and you just feel like punching a wall.

00:16:41.090 --> 00:16:48.370 Sam Liebowitz: You just get so angry because of what someone said to you, what someone did. Maybe they cut you off in traffic. You

00:16:51.220 --> 00:16:58.259 Sam Liebowitz: when you feel that rage start to come when you feel those chemicals start up your blood, start to boil.

00:16:58.550 --> 00:17:00.190 Sam Liebowitz: Ask yourself,

00:17:01.740 --> 00:17:05.490 Sam Liebowitz: Is this worth me harming myself?

00:17:06.319 --> 00:17:08.629 Sam Liebowitz: Is this worth

00:17:09.680 --> 00:17:12.209 Sam Liebowitz: me, allowing myself

00:17:12.650 --> 00:17:21.939 Sam Liebowitz: to get angry and harming my own body? Is this worth me disconnecting from my own heart?

00:17:23.760 --> 00:17:29.990 Sam Liebowitz: Am I going to allow this other person, these people, this situation, this organization,

00:17:35.620 --> 00:17:38.110 Sam Liebowitz: that I disconnect my soul,

00:17:40.700 --> 00:17:44.040 Sam Liebowitz: and maybe just maybe

00:17:45.660 --> 00:17:47.629 Sam Liebowitz: the answer will be, Now

00:17:47.730 --> 00:17:49.579 Sam Liebowitz: it's not worth it.

00:17:49.880 --> 00:17:51.570 Sam Liebowitz: My peace.

00:17:52.700 --> 00:17:56.630 Sam Liebowitz: My well-being is more important

00:17:57.350 --> 00:18:01.139 Sam Liebowitz: than this situation, and ultimately

00:18:06.990 --> 00:18:13.580 Sam Liebowitz: now, look, do I get this perfect all the time? Absolutely not This is a never-ending practice.

00:18:14.510 --> 00:18:17.219 Sam Liebowitz: But I just share this with you

00:18:18.770 --> 00:18:22.620 Sam Liebowitz: to remind myself to remind all of us.

00:18:24.650 --> 00:18:27.499 Sam Liebowitz: We're pointing at somebody else.

00:18:28.620 --> 00:18:31.189 Sam Liebowitz: Three fingers are pointing back at us,

00:18:33.780 --> 00:18:40.399 Sam Liebowitz: and we are too important to allow somebody else to knock us off center.

00:18:43.000 --> 00:18:48.830 Sam Liebowitz: So I I hope this resonates with you in some small way,

00:18:50.890 --> 00:18:59.449 Sam Liebowitz: you know my stance always is. Look, don't believe a word I say. Try it out for yourself, and see if it works for you.

00:19:01.300 --> 00:19:14.830 Sam Liebowitz: And this is not about getting what we want. This is not about manipulating a situation for a benefit. This is just about us showing up in a way that's better for us.

00:19:16.000 --> 00:19:20.880 Sam Liebowitz: So this is my gift, my present for you this week.

00:19:21.770 --> 00:19:24.309 Sam Liebowitz: But the next time you feel that,

00:19:25.530 --> 00:19:32.199 Sam Liebowitz: ask yourself, is it really worth it? Is it worth harming myself to get upset at this situation.

00:19:33.100 --> 00:19:41.160 Sam Liebowitz: So that's the section from my book again. It's called To be kind to others is to give ourselves a great gift. We?

00:19:41.360 --> 00:19:55.039 Sam Liebowitz: I hope that makes sense now, and that's from my book, Everyday Awakening, which of course, you can find that Www. Dot Everyday Awakening Book Com. And if you've already gotten a copy for yourself, Good job,

00:19:55.310 --> 00:19:56.790 Sam Liebowitz: get a present for somebody else,

00:19:56.800 --> 00:20:02.299 Sam Liebowitz: or share it with somebody else, and say, Hey, take a look. This book. I think you might like it.

00:20:02.430 --> 00:20:05.489 Sam Liebowitz: I'd really appreciate it. Thank you so much.

00:20:05.500 --> 00:20:20.489 Sam Liebowitz: All right. Time for us to take a little commercial break, and when we come back. I'm going to start telling you why. I decided to talk about tales from the left coast, and we'll get into that in the rest of our show today.

00:20:20.500 --> 00:20:36.299 Sam Liebowitz: Thank you for tuning in. You're listening to the conscious consultant hour awakening humanity. We do this every Thursday, twelve noon to would be on Eastern time. That's nine A. M. To ten A. M. Pacific time, right here on top radio and Nyc. And we will be right back

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00:22:25.240 --> 00:22:28.550 You

00:22:28.670 --> 00:22:31.530 you

00:22:55.970 --> 00:23:01.340 welcome back to the conscious consult, now awakening humanity.

00:23:01.350 --> 00:23:21.749 Sam Liebowitz: Thank you for joining me today. I know we're not streaming in our usual places where we're kind of changing things up.

00:23:22.440 --> 00:23:38.600 Sam Liebowitz: So today I wanted to share with you kind of the story of my summer, because it's It's coming to the close, and it's really been a fascinating journey, and I felt that I might be able to share something

00:23:38.870 --> 00:23:45.719 Sam Liebowitz: that would inspire you, or or give you a lesson that maybe something you can take from this.

00:23:47.220 --> 00:23:48.420 Sam Liebowitz: So

00:23:48.470 --> 00:23:50.420 Sam Liebowitz: like many of you.

00:23:57.260 --> 00:24:10.399 Sam Liebowitz: And so as my wife, we've been working out of our apartment in Manhattan We haven't been travelling, I mean, last summer I did go down to Asheville a couple of times. Um, but that really haven't been traveling at all,

00:24:11.340 --> 00:24:20.579 Sam Liebowitz: and after two years of carrying our office, we we have our studio in an office space, and in midtown, and how we used to

00:24:20.730 --> 00:24:34.069 Sam Liebowitz: we're like we're paying this a monthly rent every single month. What are we doing, we? This is an expense we don't need. We're working virtually doesn't. Look like we're going to go back to working in person for a while.

00:24:34.810 --> 00:24:42.560 Sam Liebowitz: So in February of this year, two thousand and twenty two, we we approached our landlord and said, Hey, look! Can we get out of our lease?

00:24:42.790 --> 00:24:53.969 Sam Liebowitz: And I talked to his lawyer, and the lawyer said, Okay, if I have you, at least I have this much left. You got. Pay us six months rents. Give up your security deposit for my chat, please,

00:24:54.150 --> 00:25:09.970 Sam Liebowitz: and I thought she that's a lot of money tried to get him to come down. Nope wouldn't change his mind wouldn't come down, so we did it, because you know, it added up to like nine months of rent. But nine months of rent was a lot less than two and a half years. We had less left on our lease,

00:25:10.320 --> 00:25:12.420 Sam Liebowitz: so February twenty, eight

00:25:12.590 --> 00:25:15.500 Sam Liebowitz: emptied it out, closed our office.

00:25:15.760 --> 00:25:16.960 Sam Liebowitz: We're done,

00:25:20.970 --> 00:25:41.179 Sam Liebowitz: you know. We started thinking, and and and you know as much as book. Me and my wife love New York City, and and we live right next to Central Park, and we spent a lot of time, um, you know, walking in Central Park, especially at night after dinner. That was really our our mainstay kind of kept the same.

00:25:45.350 --> 00:25:50.599 Sam Liebowitz: We were looking at the summertime, and my wife has this friend, a good friend of hers.

00:25:50.900 --> 00:26:00.490 Sam Liebowitz: It's so funny She loves animals, she loves dogs, but she doesn't have a dog of her own, and she found this website where you can apply to me,

00:26:00.500 --> 00:26:05.800 Sam Liebowitz: pet sitter, and you would be able to stay in someone's house in exchange for taking care of their pets. You!

00:26:05.880 --> 00:26:10.770 Sam Liebowitz: It's a wonderful idea that became super popular during the pandemic,

00:26:11.510 --> 00:26:27.099 Sam Liebowitz: and so we were watching her. She she, like left New York City in January, February some time, and she was going from place to place to place the place now. Her work. She she has a few meetings here and there. She has financed. She's completely virtual. She doesn't need to be anywhere.

00:26:27.660 --> 00:26:29.529 Sam Liebowitz: She could do her work anywhere,

00:26:30.960 --> 00:26:35.670 Sam Liebowitz: so we thought, Oh, that's kind of cool, and then we start thinking about our summer,

00:26:37.250 --> 00:26:44.899 Sam Liebowitz: and we thought about Oh, maybe we should try this, and my wife started asking me, where would you like to go?

00:26:45.020 --> 00:26:46.500 Sam Liebowitz: And i'm like, you know

00:26:46.580 --> 00:27:01.670 Sam Liebowitz: I know so many people in California. It's It's really a beautiful state. My wife doesn't really know it. It's been years, and and I realized this Just this morning I had a dream, and reminded me of my own business. When I used to

00:27:01.680 --> 00:27:10.720 Sam Liebowitz: published Japanese animation. I used to come to California every single summer for like four years, maybe five, and and

00:27:10.730 --> 00:27:26.310 Sam Liebowitz: I would come here like not, you know, just for a day or two. But i'd come here for a weekend, and then i'd be back a a month later, and sometimes i'd stay the week in between, and and I really liked it out in California, and I was like, I know so many people out there,

00:27:27.150 --> 00:27:32.410 Sam Liebowitz: you know. Why don't we go there and then this way? We'll get to actually stay.

00:27:33.840 --> 00:27:42.949 Sam Liebowitz: And so we started looking around for a situation, but like not for like a weekend or a week like you know, longer term. And what we decided to do is

00:27:43.380 --> 00:27:47.089 Sam Liebowitz: that we would spend the summer out. Here we find different situations,

00:27:47.100 --> 00:27:48.600 Sam Liebowitz: and the the whole

00:27:48.620 --> 00:27:54.630 Sam Liebowitz: actually our first sitting. A couple approached us

00:27:54.870 --> 00:28:06.439 Sam Liebowitz: and said, Hey, we need to go away for a month. We're down in enzymes, which is just outside of San Diego. Would you be willing to come and sit our two dogs,

00:28:07.050 --> 00:28:16.799 Sam Liebowitz: and it's unusual with people reach out to you. Usually they post a sitting, and then you apply for it and they pick someone. I guess they just didn't want to go through all that.

00:28:17.200 --> 00:28:25.819 Sam Liebowitz: And so we said it's neat. So I was like, Yeah, I have a good friend who lives there. It's wonderful. Yeah, let's do it, and it's a good way to start off the trip,

00:28:27.190 --> 00:28:41.289 Sam Liebowitz: and when we we got out here and and and you know We got out, and to to Tanzania, to San Diego, and, you know, drove up, met them. We had dinner together, and they left the next morning, and we asked them like,

00:28:41.300 --> 00:28:43.120 Sam Liebowitz: Why did you pick us?

00:28:43.130 --> 00:28:56.159 Sam Liebowitz: And they said, Well, when we looked at at your profile, my wife said at the profile, so it's under her name. Um! We saw the picture, the two of you holding the Koala, and we're from Australia. We thought these are perfect people for us.

00:28:57.200 --> 00:29:01.449 Sam Liebowitz: And so you know, it really kind of struck the

00:29:01.780 --> 00:29:07.809 Sam Liebowitz: the notion of me of like. How random that is, and how perfect it is!

00:29:08.760 --> 00:29:22.720 Sam Liebowitz: Because my wife weren't you setting up her profile on this like we don't have pets. We don't have dogs or cats, so we don't really have a lot of pictures and on the profile, you know you put some pictures. You want something that people to see like ha like we love animals.

00:29:22.890 --> 00:29:29.760 Sam Liebowitz: So our last trip before the pandemic in December of two thousand and nineteen, the

00:29:29.770 --> 00:29:43.459 Sam Liebowitz: we went to Australia, you know. I've always dreamed of going to Australia, and my wife wanted to go, but she's like, okay. We'll go to Australia, but I have to hold a koala. They're so cute over. And and so we ended up going places where we were able to hold the cooper for a minute,

00:29:46.280 --> 00:29:48.930 Sam Liebowitz: and so um

00:29:50.060 --> 00:30:05.030 Sam Liebowitz: they picked us because of it. And so we use that picture, and then we have some pictures with with other animals. But but the Koala was the main one, and because they were from Australia, you know, just the coincidence was so right and so

00:30:05.180 --> 00:30:08.270 Sam Liebowitz: to me. That was a big lashing in,

00:30:10.720 --> 00:30:12.449 Sam Liebowitz: you know, when

00:30:12.680 --> 00:30:17.100 Sam Liebowitz: when you're in alignment with what life wants for you,

00:30:17.130 --> 00:30:20.430 Sam Liebowitz: that even the littlest thing

00:30:21.090 --> 00:30:32.530 Sam Liebowitz: bring you what you truly desire, I mean I could not have imagined it in a million years. That's how we'd get our first city. It's actually our second,

00:30:33.180 --> 00:30:46.090 Sam Liebowitz: and it was beautiful that it was huge. My bedroom house, and Sonitas. I have a good friend who was literally five minutes away from us. I reconnected with people in San Diego. I have cousins,

00:30:46.200 --> 00:31:06.759 Sam Liebowitz: I mean, cousin's that we used to go to every single year when I was a kid like. During Thanksgiving. We were my mom with Hackney, my brother and sister. I would drive down to Philadelphia and Civil Springs, Maryland, and and they were in Aberdeen, Maryland, and and we used to see them every year, and and these cousins they had um

00:31:06.830 --> 00:31:20.979 Sam Liebowitz: two sons and a daughter, and one son, who was one year older than maybe of a son who was one of your younger than me. I was right in the middle. They were like the only cousins who were my age, and I love going to visit them because it's like Oh, they're not old people. It like my A.

00:31:20.990 --> 00:31:27.819 Sam Liebowitz: And so I got to see two of them and my parent the other one. These I don't know why, so I didn't see him, but

00:31:28.330 --> 00:31:35.800 Sam Liebowitz: I haven't seen these cousins in twenty, maybe thirty years. So it was wonderful to reconnect with family

00:31:37.770 --> 00:31:40.469 Sam Liebowitz: now taking care of these two big dogs.

00:31:40.480 --> 00:31:41.190 It's up

00:31:41.200 --> 00:32:00.080 Sam Liebowitz: for our first sit. That was a little bit of a challenge. Um! And they were barks and times. One of them was in Airedale, which they kind of high strong. But you know what I actually over the month that we stayed with them. I really got to love these dogs they was on. They were playful.

00:32:00.090 --> 00:32:07.630 Sam Liebowitz: I don't know, just walking these two big dogs together. It just made me feel so good.

00:32:09.350 --> 00:32:11.560 Sam Liebowitz: And so that was her first stop

00:32:11.780 --> 00:32:14.480 Sam Liebowitz: in California,

00:32:14.820 --> 00:32:16.440 Sam Liebowitz: and

00:32:16.450 --> 00:32:35.250 Sam Liebowitz: we we also got to see, like the weekends, we would go out, and you know I went back to Oceanside, which I've been to the last time I was in California was an ocean side. Um, and we got to see different areas. We spent a little bit time in San Diego, and and then we went on to our next stop,

00:32:35.850 --> 00:32:38.760 Sam Liebowitz: and i'll tell you all about our next stop

00:32:38.860 --> 00:32:56.379 Sam Liebowitz: when we come back in a moment. Gotta take a quick break again. Just a reminder You are listening to the conscious console an hour, and I do it every week at the same time. Twelve noon to one P. M. Eastern time right here and talk radio at Nyc.

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00:36:08.440 --> 00:36:17.049 Sam Liebowitz: So I was talking about my my travels this summer. So the first month, as I mentioned, actually was a little more than about five weeks, because

00:36:17.060 --> 00:36:40.099 Sam Liebowitz: the other thing is I was going to. I had signed up for this ah program that was going to take place in San Diego a live program, and it was right at the end of our sitting um of these dogs and in enzymes. And so it's going to go to that program. I've got a hotel room that was close by the hotel. We were doing it and everything, and then they cancelled it almost at the last minute.

00:36:40.380 --> 00:36:46.280 Sam Liebowitz: Um! So then we actually spent a little bit extra time uh in San Diego after the sip was over.

00:36:46.290 --> 00:36:49.379 Sam Liebowitz: Then we went from there up to Berkeley.

00:36:49.610 --> 00:36:51.599 Sam Liebowitz: Why did we go up to Berkeley?

00:36:51.630 --> 00:36:59.469 Sam Liebowitz: Well, actually, it's not something We got through this this pet sitting website. But when I was in a meeting with a bunch of friends

00:36:59.950 --> 00:37:04.279 Sam Liebowitz: talking about business and stuff, and I mentioned that what i'm doing this summer,

00:37:04.380 --> 00:37:16.520 Sam Liebowitz: and one of my friends was like, Well, you know I actually have to go to Europe with my husband to visit his family. We haven't seen them in a while. Can you come and watch my dog in Berkeley for a month,

00:37:16.530 --> 00:37:19.090 Sam Liebowitz: Berkeley, for a month after San Diego.

00:37:19.100 --> 00:37:20.799 Sam Liebowitz: Yeah, that sounds good.

00:37:21.300 --> 00:37:25.529 Sam Liebowitz: So then we we stayed at their house. They

00:37:26.070 --> 00:37:41.519 Sam Liebowitz: so so grateful. They let us use their car, put us on their assurance, and then got to hang out in San Francisco and the bay area. So, friends there again. So a guy I used to work with

00:37:41.740 --> 00:37:50.609 Sam Liebowitz: twenty twenty five years ago. I haven't seen them in years since my wedding, and so it was wonderful to reconnect.

00:37:52.200 --> 00:37:54.950 Sam Liebowitz: And you know, the really interesting thing is

00:37:56.190 --> 00:37:59.209 Sam Liebowitz: when you go to a place and you visit it

00:37:59.220 --> 00:38:00.620 Sam Liebowitz: for vacation,

00:38:01.350 --> 00:38:07.040 Sam Liebowitz: you're spending a short amount of time there, and you're running around doing all the touristy stuff.

00:38:14.220 --> 00:38:23.909 Sam Liebowitz: And one of the things I really have come to appreciate is that when you work virtually, and you go to another place and you work there for

00:38:24.540 --> 00:38:27.459 Sam Liebowitz: three four weeks at a time.

00:38:33.670 --> 00:38:39.850 Sam Liebowitz: You get a good feeling for the culture of the neighborhood and what it's like you.

00:38:53.570 --> 00:39:18.989 Sam Liebowitz: Golden Gate Park Beautiful in San Francisco. We went to Chinatown a couple of times, went to the mission district and walked all over the place. Castro, eat Ashbury. Oh, my God! I walked so much in San Francisco, I mean we literally would like we would take the mark of the train system in from Berkeley to San Francisco, and walk around all over the place, and we walk like eighty nine miles

00:39:19.000 --> 00:39:20.760 on a day in the weekend.

00:39:23.870 --> 00:39:32.530 Sam Liebowitz: It was really nice, because I realized that over the years, you know, I've visited these areas so much that,

00:39:33.360 --> 00:39:45.830 Sam Liebowitz: but I never really got to know the years. I really never got to have a good feeling for it, at least not for a long time, and many of these places like San Francisco. I hadn't been to and over twenty years, probably,

00:39:46.080 --> 00:39:55.429 Sam Liebowitz: and you know I was just thinking about it, and remembering this morning that back when I had the anime business. I used to come out for the conventions,

00:39:56.400 --> 00:40:13.460 Sam Liebowitz: and again he'd work like mad over the weekend during the Convention, where at the time we had Vhs tapes and just beginning to come out with Dvds, and we'd sell them like crazy, and you know you'd be exhausted by the end of the night. So then I never really got a chance to see what the area was like,

00:40:14.590 --> 00:40:22.990 Sam Liebowitz: and I have to tell you I really enjoyed it. They me and my wife. We even were walking down a street in San Francisco one day, and we saw an open house side. So we thought,

00:40:23.000 --> 00:40:41.170 Sam Liebowitz: Yeah, why not. Let's take a look. And so we walked up. It was on a hill, and, you know, walk up three flights of stairs, and, you know, harming was empty, and we, the broker, was there, and we talked to them and got a feel for like the size, and probably a little bit bigger. But in our apartment and the cost, and it was fairly comparable.

00:40:42.500 --> 00:41:02.789 Sam Liebowitz: Um! Just to get a feel for what it's like. Now again, people have been saying, Oh, you're planning on moving out here. You're moving in California. It's like No, no, no, we're not moving. Um. I didn't tell a broker that we were just pretending we were. Um but my friends and people saying, Oh, you know why you out here! Why, you're spending so hard it's like No, we just want to have a different experience,

00:41:02.800 --> 00:41:12.679 Sam Liebowitz: you know, after being cooped up in our apartment for two and a half years and working from home, It's like just want to experience something different in life,

00:41:14.860 --> 00:41:26.090 Sam Liebowitz: and you know, and and it's not like we're not working. I'm working a lot, i'm actually starting a whole new division of talking alternative. I'm doing these trainings. It's a program of i'm working

00:41:26.100 --> 00:41:33.559 Sam Liebowitz: really hard, I mean, get not. I'm not working as hard as I usually do when i'm home but working a lot.

00:41:34.180 --> 00:41:43.399 Sam Liebowitz: But I am trying to range things so I can take Fridays off so that this way we'd have long weekends, and we go out and explore and really enjoy places.

00:41:47.910 --> 00:41:51.680 Sam Liebowitz: You know it really is such a different feeling,

00:41:52.410 --> 00:41:54.319 Sam Liebowitz: and seeing, like

00:41:54.500 --> 00:42:09.949 Sam Liebowitz: no idea, the the homeless situation in Berkeley that that the last time I was in Berkeley it was such a beautiful place, and and I just remember the fancy houses and everything. And

00:42:09.960 --> 00:42:17.680 Sam Liebowitz: this time, you know, I had a very different experience of it. And then, by walking the little dog and and walking around the neighborhood,

00:42:18.100 --> 00:42:21.779 Sam Liebowitz: looking at the different homes, and and I have to say, like

00:42:21.920 --> 00:42:37.939 Sam Liebowitz: there's some things about Berkeley that I really really liked, and just the architecture the same thing like in San Francisco that architecture is so beautiful, and and every house is a little different in a Berkeley. It's like they're not all the same thing like

00:42:38.440 --> 00:42:45.969 Sam Liebowitz: I'm. Not the kind of person who I enjoy being in the suburbs, where every house looks the same, or almost the same, in a neighborhood.

00:42:46.010 --> 00:43:07.659 Sam Liebowitz: But in Berkeley it was, Every house was a little different, and the flowers my God! There were so many different flowers. I did a whole bunch of pictures of flowers. Um, because there was so all these different beautiful flowers just growing in people's front yards growing in the little patch on the sidewalks, and you know, sometimes things would be over and around. But

00:43:07.940 --> 00:43:15.130 Sam Liebowitz: coming from New York City it was such an experience of sight and smell and sound, and

00:43:16.410 --> 00:43:17.790 Sam Liebowitz: really needed that

00:43:17.800 --> 00:43:19.459 Sam Liebowitz: I didn't know

00:43:19.920 --> 00:43:23.149 Sam Liebowitz: It's so interesting. I didn't know how much

00:43:23.620 --> 00:43:26.850 Sam Liebowitz: I needed that different experience.

00:43:29.620 --> 00:43:31.459 Sam Liebowitz: And you know this is

00:43:31.840 --> 00:43:34.770 Sam Liebowitz: this experience is being away,

00:43:34.870 --> 00:43:48.760 Sam Liebowitz: and it'll be pretty much three months by the time I get home, maybe a little little bit less because we left the middle of June. I think we left June twelfth be getting home on the third,

00:43:50.780 --> 00:43:54.930 Sam Liebowitz: you know. Maybe maybe one week shy of three months.

00:43:55.210 --> 00:43:59.589 Sam Liebowitz: I've never been away from home this long in my life.

00:44:00.330 --> 00:44:08.119 Sam Liebowitz: I mean, even when I was a little kid, and I went to Summer camp That was eight weeks. Never been away for three months from from my own,

00:44:08.460 --> 00:44:12.079 Sam Liebowitz: and I didn't know how i'd feel about it. I didn't know.

00:44:12.570 --> 00:44:17.640 Sam Liebowitz: Would I be anxious to go home? We wouldn't be worried about the apartment

00:44:18.320 --> 00:44:19.980 Sam Liebowitz: Then The truth is,

00:44:20.890 --> 00:44:29.750 Sam Liebowitz: I've just been enjoying having a different experience, because I've always lived in and around New York City.

00:44:29.870 --> 00:44:42.230 Sam Liebowitz: I pretty much lived in New York city. My whole life, except for like six years, where I lived in Jersey City, which is right across the river, and it's just like living in New York City. I was working in New York City. So for me it was

00:44:42.490 --> 00:44:44.970 Sam Liebowitz: lived in New York City my whole life.

00:44:45.600 --> 00:44:49.389 Sam Liebowitz: I had no idea what it's like to live in another place,

00:44:49.400 --> 00:44:57.490 Sam Liebowitz: my wife! She comes from Beijing. So she lived in another country for half her life, and now she's been in New York City.

00:44:57.540 --> 00:45:06.830 Sam Liebowitz: My sister moved to Israel. My brother he's moved to. He lived in San Francisco. Why not? He's been in Virginia Beach for the last, You know a number of years.

00:45:07.580 --> 00:45:10.680 Sam Liebowitz: Everybody I know not everybody. I know

00:45:11.240 --> 00:45:13.490 Sam Liebowitz: everyone close to me.

00:45:13.680 --> 00:45:17.380 Sam Liebowitz: He knows what it's like to live in other places, and I didn't

00:45:17.540 --> 00:45:24.599 Sam Liebowitz: it's, and it's something that I really was curious about. It's something I really wanted to experience it.

00:45:26.120 --> 00:45:34.100 Sam Liebowitz: You know I've lived in New York City so long. I'm I'm sixty years old now. I've lived in New York sixty years, but

00:45:34.400 --> 00:45:47.320 Sam Liebowitz: I've gotten so spoiled by New York, and I don't know that I could. I mean I Now I know I can learn another place, but I didn't know until I had this experience, and that's the thing when we try something new

00:45:48.750 --> 00:45:50.240 Sam Liebowitz: can be scary.

00:45:50.280 --> 00:45:53.139 Sam Liebowitz: It can be unnerving.

00:45:54.500 --> 00:45:56.990 Sam Liebowitz: Production also be a beautiful

00:45:57.000 --> 00:45:58.889 Sam Liebowitz: opening experience, like

00:45:58.900 --> 00:46:00.390 Sam Liebowitz: feel like out

00:46:00.690 --> 00:46:04.130 Sam Liebowitz: learned more about myself

00:46:05.090 --> 00:46:07.250 Sam Liebowitz: through this whole experience,

00:46:09.550 --> 00:46:15.070 Sam Liebowitz: and and I really love being in the bay area. And will I come back

00:46:15.860 --> 00:46:17.310 Sam Liebowitz: absolutely

00:46:17.570 --> 00:46:18.990 Sam Liebowitz: absolutely

00:46:19.330 --> 00:46:21.919 Sam Liebowitz: when I don't know mostly.

00:46:22.430 --> 00:46:24.830 Sam Liebowitz: Am I going to move out here.

00:46:24.890 --> 00:46:44.400 Sam Liebowitz: Uh, I don't know if that's in the cards for me or not, I mean yes, I I i'm getting a bit tired at my age of snow and cold winters moving a place. It's a more temporary climate does have an appeal to it, but there's so much of the world I haven't seen. There's so much I have an experience that

00:46:44.410 --> 00:46:49.419 Sam Liebowitz: you know, at least for the foreseeable future. I think I want to try different places. Move around with.

00:46:50.230 --> 00:46:55.339 Sam Liebowitz: Then Maybe i'll settle down in one place, and when I decide to slow down

00:46:55.620 --> 00:47:09.710 Sam Liebowitz: anyway, after so Ah, Berkeley, one more stop, which is kind of where I am right now, I I said to my wife, I want to go up to Vancouver. I know so many people up in Vancouver

00:47:09.720 --> 00:47:39.069 Sam Liebowitz: people that I haven't seen in years. People I've never even met in person, and i'll tell you all about Vancouver right after these messages. So just a little reminder. You are listening to the conscious consultant hour. And I do do this every Thursday noon toward the and District time. I'm so glad that you're all tuning in with me today. Thank you for listening, and um, whether you're listening, live or on the recording, and we will be right back with the last segment of this show

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00:49:37.980 --> 00:49:39.310 you

00:49:43.930 --> 00:49:54.360 Sam Liebowitz: and welcome back to the conscious consult. Now we're awakening humanity. I've been talking all this hour about my summertime trip.

00:49:54.470 --> 00:50:01.130 Sam Liebowitz: Now it's not a vacation, and the police don't get it wrong. As I mentioned before. We have been working throughout this whole summer,

00:50:02.010 --> 00:50:04.149 Sam Liebowitz: but we've been taking it abroad,

00:50:04.220 --> 00:50:16.030 Sam Liebowitz: figured, hey? If i'm working from home, I don't have to work for my home, my court from someone else's home. So I told you about San Diego and and Sonitas, Berkeley and the San Francisco Bay area.

00:50:16.380 --> 00:50:21.889 Sam Liebowitz: And so our last stop before heading back to New York is the Vancouver area

00:50:21.900 --> 00:50:39.139 Sam Liebowitz: now. I had only been to Vancouver once before. It was for a weekend workshop. I flew in, took the workshop, which was actually in Surrey a little bit outside, and flew back, and I never really got a chance to see Vancouver. But I know tons of people here.

00:50:39.150 --> 00:50:54.869 Sam Liebowitz: I I I know people from the Evolutionary Business Council here. A lot of them are here, you know. People from the reset collective here. Um! And and they just so many people, and I felt like I just wanted to see Vancouver. It's such a beautiful city,

00:50:55.980 --> 00:51:25.519 Sam Liebowitz: and it was a little bit challenging getting. So sit here because we couldn't get like in the other two places. It was one long, you know. Four weeks set. We're we're going to get like a three weeks before we said couldn't find any. Got two. One-week sits um, but like a little bit of gap in between. So we first got here. We We got an airbnb right near Chinatown

00:51:25.530 --> 00:51:30.680 Sam Liebowitz: of the gas uh like this lamp. It's my district,

00:51:30.810 --> 00:51:32.000 Sam Liebowitz: and it.

00:51:32.150 --> 00:51:35.690 Sam Liebowitz: We were shocked when we got here that first night,

00:51:36.560 --> 00:51:55.239 Sam Liebowitz: because I had no idea about the homeless situation in Vancouver. Now people have told me. Oh, like Cisco, there's homeless everywhere. It's really bad. Yeah, There was some homeless people around, you know. I mean, they're almost people in New York City, and it wasn't so so bad

00:51:55.760 --> 00:52:03.190 Sam Liebowitz: could not believe. I mean, we just happened to, I guess, to be near the heart of it.

00:52:03.450 --> 00:52:09.919 Sam Liebowitz: People on the streets shooting up doing drugs, tents on the streets all the way

00:52:10.270 --> 00:52:16.120 Sam Liebowitz: for two or three blocks and two or three avenue is over, and I was just in shock,

00:52:17.290 --> 00:52:21.460 Sam Liebowitz: and I asked people. It's like How come There's so many homeless people here,

00:52:21.860 --> 00:52:28.499 Sam Liebowitz: and a few people said different reasons, but apparently I guess the most

00:52:28.640 --> 00:52:55.379 Sam Liebowitz: um the the answer I heard the most was well. Vancouver had in all of Canada, and Vancouver has the mildest winters, because it's surrounded by water. So all the homeless people from the other provinces all come to British Columbia, to Vancouver, and here and in Victoria, which I didn't make it to. They're a ton of homeless people because they can live outside within their tent and and make it through the winter.

00:52:55.970 --> 00:52:57.310 Sam Liebowitz: I was shocked,

00:52:58.090 --> 00:53:07.019 Sam Liebowitz: but the thing that, and then from there we moved out to a sit in Mount Pleasant kind of a little further south

00:53:07.080 --> 00:53:22.699 Sam Liebowitz: a different area of Vancouver, and we've traveled around a bit, and I tell you it's it's once you get out of that that immediate downtown area, it's so beautiful here, I mean it's a city surrounded by mountains and water,

00:53:23.540 --> 00:53:44.909 Sam Liebowitz: and and actually the the first weekend we were here. A friend of mine was was was having her her fifty fifth birthday party, and she said, Hey, why, don't you guys come on literally. The day after we arrived I got to meet a bunch of her friends. Meet her dog in person. She's a beautiful saluty,

00:53:45.840 --> 00:53:54.519 Sam Liebowitz: and you know again, really getting a feel for for being with people and and feeling what it's like to live here.

00:53:55.840 --> 00:54:11.599 Sam Liebowitz: And then we went down to White Rock Crescent Beach, who we were just there for a couple of nights before our current location in Maple Ridge. Every place has been a little bit different, made it up to the Sunshine Coast. A friend of ours again, someone I've met

00:54:11.610 --> 00:54:16.109 Sam Liebowitz: only online. I've known this one for like two, two and a half years,

00:54:17.090 --> 00:54:24.039 Sam Liebowitz: and got a chance to stay at her place, a beautiful house right on the bay,

00:54:24.060 --> 00:54:32.749 Sam Liebowitz: and and even just getting there. But we took the ferry from West Vancouver to to Langdale,

00:54:33.610 --> 00:54:37.699 Sam Liebowitz: and you literally drive It's one of those fares you drive your car into.

00:54:38.080 --> 00:54:41.759 Sam Liebowitz: I've never been on one of these types of ferries before

00:54:42.220 --> 00:54:56.190 Sam Liebowitz: it was humongous. It was like a small cruise ship. I could not believe. I still don't even know I've got to ask someone how many cars that you can fit on this ferry, but it was like you can get fifty cars on. It

00:54:56.200 --> 00:54:57.439 stills up,

00:54:58.400 --> 00:55:16.999 Sam Liebowitz: and it's about a forty minute ride from West Vancouver to laying down till you get to the to the other side of the day, and it was so beautiful it was breathtaking on the water, and seeing that these mountains, covered with trees all the way up to the water,

00:55:17.070 --> 00:55:24.250 Sam Liebowitz: it just just that experience going back and forth itself was worth the trip

00:55:26.740 --> 00:55:27.919 Sam Liebowitz: shit.

00:55:28.460 --> 00:55:32.670 Sam Liebowitz: I've really really come to appreciate

00:55:32.950 --> 00:55:35.519 Sam Liebowitz: being surrounded by nature.

00:55:35.850 --> 00:55:37.869 Sam Liebowitz: We are New York City,

00:55:38.050 --> 00:55:55.510 Sam Liebowitz: i'm. On the upper West Side. I'm. In the thick of it, I mean. Yes, I have Central Park. I love Central Park, but somehow there's a big difference when you're surrounded by tall skyscrapers, big buildings, glass and concrete every day. You have a little bit of nature there

00:55:55.750 --> 00:56:05.379 Sam Liebowitz: compared to when you're surrounded by mountains and water, and it's wide open, and you can see the sky all these stars at night.

00:56:06.680 --> 00:56:16.120 Sam Liebowitz: I'm sure many of my listeners. You you don't live in New York City. You live in other places. You. You get to see that every day, but I don't.

00:56:17.930 --> 00:56:23.980 Sam Liebowitz: I've really come to appreciate it so much,

00:56:26.290 --> 00:56:29.829 Sam Liebowitz: and I've been enjoying this time so much,

00:56:30.310 --> 00:56:48.830 Sam Liebowitz: and I really really have to say Thank you, and express my gratitude for everyone who's shown their hospitality. I've gotten together with friends. I have dinner and and lunch at friends apartments, even one of my business mentors, Amand. Thank you, Uman, for having us to come over

00:56:48.840 --> 00:56:53.540 Sam Liebowitz: on the afternoon, and he cooked for us so delicious,

00:56:55.420 --> 00:57:00.890 Sam Liebowitz: and the food one of the things in this this whole summertime trip being in California

00:57:00.900 --> 00:57:08.019 Sam Liebowitz: through food, the fruit and the vegetables and the supermarkets, it's so fresh it's all thrown here,

00:57:08.620 --> 00:57:27.270 Sam Liebowitz: and and being on the west coast. Now look being on the west coast, and that come without some challenges, because you know, we're still operating as if we're in New York, and there's a three hour time difference, which means mornings are really tough, because you got some early in the morning, and sometimes it's difficult to connect with people.

00:57:30.480 --> 00:57:32.600 Sam Liebowitz: But I tell you an end

00:57:32.730 --> 00:57:47.640 Sam Liebowitz: that this is sort of the last show you may notice, like. Sometimes my lighting is different, and how I am I'm I'm. Finally, coming home this this Friday night we're taking an overnight flight to come back to New York. We'll be back early Saturday mornings

00:57:47.650 --> 00:57:59.480 Sam Liebowitz: last couple of days on the West Coast, and I like to call it the left coast, because I actually, you know, keep going around the globe, or is it West or East One else? But it's the left part of the United States?

00:58:00.970 --> 00:58:06.579 Sam Liebowitz: I've really enjoyed it, and I've learned a lot about myself in the process.

00:58:06.900 --> 00:58:12.230 Sam Liebowitz: This is what I really wanted to share with you this week,

00:58:13.080 --> 00:58:17.340 Sam Liebowitz: like when we open ourselves up to new experiences

00:58:18.910 --> 00:58:25.620 Sam Liebowitz: that not only to we learn and discover new things, but mostly we discover new things about ourselves,

00:58:28.030 --> 00:58:33.190 Sam Liebowitz: and this has been a very, very, very valuable lesson for me,

00:58:34.460 --> 00:58:40.769 Sam Liebowitz: and I don't know what it where it will leave me and what it means for the future.

00:58:41.250 --> 00:58:51.409 Sam Liebowitz: I know that at least when i'm in New York, while the weather is good. I'm. Going to do make more of an effort to go out to Nature to do a little more hiking than I've been doing lately

00:58:51.610 --> 00:58:54.399 Sam Liebowitz: to get out of the city a little bit more

00:58:54.730 --> 00:59:01.179 Sam Liebowitz: to get to the beach. I love Rockaway Beach. Try and get there a little bit more. Take the ferry out there.

00:59:04.390 --> 00:59:08.849 Sam Liebowitz: But I I could not have imagined this before the pandemic,

00:59:09.540 --> 00:59:18.450 Sam Liebowitz: and yes, you know, going virtual and only seeing people on a computer screen. It's not the same as meeting in person and working together in person.

00:59:19.300 --> 00:59:26.580 Sam Liebowitz: But if it had not been for this big shift, and how we work and what we do. I wouldn't have been able to do it this summer,

00:59:29.130 --> 00:59:34.100 Sam Liebowitz: and as my mom, God rest her soul used to say, it's good to go away,

00:59:34.140 --> 00:59:45.100 Sam Liebowitz: and it's good to come home, I think, after three months of being away as much as I've enjoyed it as much as it's been a a marvelous different experience for me,

00:59:45.250 --> 00:59:58.330 Sam Liebowitz: I think i'm finally ready to come home. I'm finally ready to get back to New York City, sleep in my own bed to be back in my own neighborhood. I miss my friends.

00:59:58.380 --> 01:00:01.210 Sam Liebowitz: I miss my neighbourhood.

01:00:02.830 --> 01:00:10.999 Sam Liebowitz: So next week's show. I have a wonderful guest coming on, but it will be live from New York City once again.

01:00:11.610 --> 01:00:26.029 Sam Liebowitz: So I don't know if this episode has bored you, or if it's been interesting, I don't know if you've picked up some little nuggets and little pearls. I hope this has served you in some way. I hope that,

01:00:26.330 --> 01:00:36.699 Sam Liebowitz: illustrating what I've been through over the last three months. It's sparked something, and you, even if it's just some curiosity.

01:00:38.330 --> 01:00:40.559 Sam Liebowitz: So my

01:00:41.620 --> 01:00:45.450 Sam Liebowitz: my message to you this week is to just be open.

01:00:45.950 --> 01:00:54.639 Sam Liebowitz: Be open to new possibilities, be open to new experiences, to say yes. When life put something in your way that

01:00:54.730 --> 01:00:58.969 Sam Liebowitz: maybe you've never tried before. But who knows where it can lead?

01:00:59.510 --> 01:01:02.000 Sam Liebowitz: He might just enjoy it a little bit.

01:01:03.860 --> 01:01:18.770 Sam Liebowitz: Thank you all for tuning in today so appreciated. Um, please, don't forget the other shows. I hope you had a chance to catch Reverend Dr. Carolyn. Avery's show dismantle Racism before Meestra was a wonderful show this week,

01:01:18.960 --> 01:01:25.729 Sam Liebowitz: and coming up later today, of course, five zero, P. M. Frank and his show, Frank about health, and tomorrow,

01:01:25.850 --> 01:01:38.169 Sam Liebowitz: starting at ten, Am. Uh philanthropy and focus. Eleven Am. Always Friday, and then Mondays we start all over again. When's Reverend Sandra Marchman, show the edge of every day, starting Monday nights at

01:01:38.530 --> 01:01:41.290 Sam Liebowitz: all. These times are Eastern guys. He's genuinely.

01:01:41.300 --> 01:01:50.010 Sam Liebowitz: So. Thank you so much for tuning in. I appreciate you. I love you, and we will talk to you next week.

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