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Monday, June 6, 2022
Facebook Live Video from 2022/06/06 - The Edges of Mighty Women with Lesley Michaels

Facebook Live Video from 2022/06/06 - The Edges of Mighty Women with Lesley Michaels


2022/06/06 - The Edges of Mighty Women with Lesley Michaels

[NEW EPISODE] The Edges of Mighty Women with Lesley Michaels

Lesley was one of the first women to break through the glass ceiling in the “old boy” industry of oil and gas. How did she do this and what did she learn as a result. What is feminism in today's world? How are women lifting each other? How is the structure of patriarchy slowly being dismantled?

Lesley Michaels was born to feminism. Lesley’s body of unique life experiences has provided her with a first-hand understanding of the daily struggles faced by women of every race, culture, and sexual orientation. Her recent book, On the Shoulders of Mighty Women, is a tribute to the power and grace of those who came before and the ones who will follow, the warriors and the fallen. This book is one more way Lesley chooses to amplify the voice, energy, experience-based understandings, and compassion of women fighting for equality, diversity, equity, and inclusion. 

Lesley facilitates virtual programs on topics ranging from Build a Success - Mindset with Unwavering Clarity, and Building Strategic Alliances of Women. Lesley also hosts the weekly podcast; Women We Should Know, and she will be delivering her TED talk in 2022, Lift One With You, As You Rise. 

Tune in for this edgy conversation at or watch the Facebook Livestream by Clicking Here.

Show Notes

Segment 1

Sandra starts by explaining the purpose of The Edge of Everyday, which is to explore our rough edges. She then introduces her guest, Lesley Michaels, who is a speaker, author, mentor, equity warrior, and strategic alliance expert. She was born into feminism and it has shaped the course of her life. After working in the oil and gas industry, she became an entrepreneur and a leader in the coaching industry. She also authored the book On the Shoulders of Mighty Women and hosts a podcast called Women We Should Know. Sandra and Lesley met through a mutual friend in 2005. Lesley talks about growing up surrounded by audacious women who were doing things that were typically reserved for men at the time. She then talks specifically about her mother’s childhood, who was raised by her traditionally British grandmother. The conversation then shifts to Lesley’s story of hitchhiking to New York without telling anyone she was leaving. She started building community in New York by going to men’s gay bars which led her to meeting many types of women that she was able to surround herself with and learn from.

Segment 2

Lesley talks about her shift to the corporate world which was largely motivated by the desire to build a career and a life. This led to her working at a small oil company in middle America and eventually to being mentored by a man named Bob Phillips and rising in the industry. She talks about being treated badly by the women she worked around and left to start building small businesses. She also mentions the 5 women that taught her life while she was on her journey. Lesley decided to write her book during the pandemic when she realized that she needed to do something with her time. She knew it was the next thing she wanted to do. She defines feminism as a commitment to the understanding that all people deserve equitable treatment along with the action and the movement toward that. She debunks the myth that feminism is about man-hating or forcing women to act like men.

Segment 3

Lesley talks about inviting other women to share their perspectives in her book. Her intuition along with her understanding of what makes sense led her to choose the women that she chose. Sandra talks about her own chapter in Lesley’s book which is about being a reluctant leader. Lesley talks about the difference between anger and warriorship. Sandra adds that anger demands change. Lesley talks about always having been in touch with her anger but taking a while to realize that it was eating away at her rather than protecting her. Lesley then talks about her mentors starting with Sarah who helped her leave corporate oil. Another one of her mentors taught her a lot about the history of lesbian feminists. She also had a mentor who taught her a lot about politics. She then talks about one of her mentors, Fanny, that taught her more about her personal life rather than her professional life and helped some of her anger to fade.

Segment 4

Lesley talks about the importance of taking our focus off of the patriarchy because by focusing on it we are feeding it. It is important to work together and be kind to each other rather than fight with each other. Lesley talks about the current shift in feminism, part of which is women deciding to build their own businesses. She helps young women be more proactively engaged in social justice and equity work and teaches them about the history of the movement. Lesley says that her next big thing that keeps getting pushed back is reclaiming her city, public, and world traveler life in a more passionate way. Lesley can be found at Lesley ends the episode by telling listeners to not be nice and not be perfect.


00:00:09.900 --> 00:00:17.220 Welcome everyone i'm Sandra bars Min a few years ago I wrote and performed a solo show called the edge of every day.

00:00:17.760 --> 00:00:23.310 which was an exploration of the rough edges and contradictions, we all face and grapple with.

00:00:24.210 --> 00:00:44.970 The show hit a nerve and the relevance of the topic would only grow over time, more than I could have seen So here we are real talk with real people sharing stories and perspectives that spark pocket of invitations to leap out of what thing on the edge of everything thanks for listening.

00:00:48.480 --> 00:01:01.050 Sandra Bargman: Hello everyone, we are live in the hi, thank you for joining me on this, the 30th episode of the edge of every day here on talk radio dot nyc.

00:01:01.860 --> 00:01:21.540 Sandra Bargman: For those of you who are tuning in for the first time and for those of you who don't know me yet I encourage you to check out my bio on talk radio dot nyc or you can visit my website Sandra parchment calm and please tune in to any of my previous episodes with my inspiring guests.

00:01:22.590 --> 00:01:30.450 Sandra Bargman: In a nutshell, this show is about celebrating triumphs pushing boundaries and exploring rough edges.

00:01:30.990 --> 00:01:38.940 Sandra Bargman: Through conversations and shared stories with friends and colleagues it's my hope that we can begin to understand our edges.

00:01:39.540 --> 00:01:44.640 Sandra Bargman: And what I mean by edges is those places where we are fearful.

00:01:45.240 --> 00:02:02.340 Sandra Bargman: those places where we are resistant to change those places where paradoxes and contradictions live in our beliefs in our understandings both about ourselves, and about the world around us those places where we don't want to look.

00:02:03.750 --> 00:02:10.590 Sandra Bargman: We live in turbulent times and we are coming to understand that life simply isn't black or white.

00:02:11.250 --> 00:02:27.780 Sandra Bargman: It must be an embrace of both, and the more we recognize our own edges and get real about them, the more we can help others to do the same, and that I fully believe can help to change the world so thanks again for tuning in.

00:02:29.310 --> 00:02:34.350 Sandra Bargman: And without further ado it's time to introduce our guest this evening.

00:02:35.520 --> 00:02:46.080 Sandra Bargman: Leslie michaels speaker author mentor equity warrior and strategic alliance expert was born to feminism.

00:02:47.100 --> 00:02:56.370 Sandra Bargman: Her foundational ethos was shaped by her audacious paternal grandmother, who was a first wave feminist and savvy businesswoman.

00:02:57.150 --> 00:03:04.620 Sandra Bargman: Leslie came of age justice second wave feminism was becoming a significant American social movement.

00:03:05.250 --> 00:03:18.810 Sandra Bargman: At age 16 she struck out on her own for New York City and the heart of the culture, cultural transformation that was the Zeitgeist of the late 1960s and early 1970s.

00:03:19.710 --> 00:03:27.480 Sandra Bargman: She was later, one of the first women to break through the glass ceiling in the old boy industry of oil and gas.

00:03:28.140 --> 00:03:46.140 Sandra Bargman: Shortly after leaving the corporate world she was infected by a latent entrepreneurial spirit over the following years Leslie developed and sold several small businesses in each case or staff was a multicultural representation of women.

00:03:47.160 --> 00:04:00.780 Sandra Bargman: During the same period, she became a leader in the coaching industry Leslie has mentored fortune 500 C suite executives individuals within the financially privileged sector and celebrities.

00:04:01.710 --> 00:04:15.210 Sandra Bargman: leslie's body of unique life experiences have provided her with a first hand understanding of the daily struggles faced by women of every race culture and sexual orientation.

00:04:16.110 --> 00:04:24.870 Sandra Bargman: on the shoulders of mighty women is a tribute to the power and grace of those who came before and the ones who will follow.

00:04:25.470 --> 00:04:44.460 Sandra Bargman: The warriors and the fallen this book is one more way Leslie chooses to amplify the voice energy experience based understandings and compassion of women fighting for equality diversity equity and inclusion.

00:04:45.480 --> 00:04:57.360 Sandra Bargman: Leslie facilitates virtual programs on topics, ranging from build a success mindset with unwavering clarity and building strategic alliances of women.

00:04:58.050 --> 00:05:15.930 Sandra Bargman: Leslie also hosts the weekly podcast women, we should know and she will soon be delivering her Ted talk in 2022 lift one with you as you rise hello, and welcome Leslie michaels.

00:05:16.110 --> 00:05:18.420 Lesley Michaels: How, a lot of Sandra how are you.

00:05:19.380 --> 00:05:28.170 Sandra Bargman: i'm fantastic on this glorious summer night I get to see Leslie michaels on my podcast and it fills me with great joy.

00:05:29.040 --> 00:05:33.540 Lesley Michaels: Oh Thank you so much it's it was fun having you on mine.

00:05:34.710 --> 00:05:46.470 Sandra Bargman: Yes indeed, and it was fun being on yours, I like to share with my audience how we know each other and I, I met you in 2005.

00:05:47.220 --> 00:06:05.910 Sandra Bargman: Can you believe it's been that long wow when my first year of seminary a mutual friend of ours gave me your contact information and I reached out and became a part of a group that you facilitate and mentor and through time just became great friends great allies great.

00:06:07.380 --> 00:06:19.170 Sandra Bargman: Great connections, and so it is again a thrill to have you on the show and to celebrate you and the incredible work that you're doing, and with this new book.

00:06:20.400 --> 00:06:25.950 Lesley Michaels: Thank you, this new book that I might add, you had a little piece in writing.

00:06:26.310 --> 00:06:26.640 Sandra Bargman: I.

00:06:27.090 --> 00:06:28.980 Lesley Michaels: I passed that let's go ahead.

00:06:28.980 --> 00:06:31.350 Lesley Michaels: and speak it out play down the table.

00:06:31.620 --> 00:06:40.170 Sandra Bargman: Absolutely absolutely where to get into that in a little bit I am thrilled that you invited me in but before we do that.

00:06:40.710 --> 00:06:52.920 Sandra Bargman: i'd like to get into I love lift one up as you rise I love that how did you how did you come to learn that and what was your earliest strategic alliance.

00:06:55.140 --> 00:06:59.490 Lesley Michaels: and learn that, through honestly my paternal grandmother and her best friend.

00:07:03.420 --> 00:07:04.110 Lesley Michaels: It was.

00:07:05.130 --> 00:07:06.480 Lesley Michaels: The late 1930s.

00:07:07.710 --> 00:07:18.030 Lesley Michaels: And my grandmother decided she didn't want to be a farm wife so putting her brilliant capacity for strategy to work.

00:07:18.930 --> 00:07:29.520 Lesley Michaels: She convinced the young man who had been courting to elope to another steak well over time her, she made this woman she this woman became best friends.

00:07:30.120 --> 00:07:44.190 Lesley Michaels: This woman happened to be the bank owner's daughter Now this is way back when banks were owned by human beings, I know it's a bizarre concept to them some of the younger people but banks were at one time owned by human beings and so.

00:07:44.460 --> 00:07:45.180 Lesley Michaels: Of course, today.

00:07:46.500 --> 00:07:49.950 Lesley Michaels: yeah make owner's daughter became my grandmother's champion.

00:07:50.400 --> 00:07:51.870 Lesley Michaels: In the 1940s in.

00:07:51.870 --> 00:08:08.670 Lesley Michaels: spite of laws forbidding female ownership of physical assets in every state in this nation, she owned her own business her own home in her own name and it would not have been possible if her friend hadn't been there, lifting her up and then.

00:08:09.750 --> 00:08:12.360 Lesley Michaels: there's another story about how she returned the favor.

00:08:13.350 --> 00:08:14.820 Sandra Bargman: will tell that tell that.

00:08:17.820 --> 00:08:32.850 Lesley Michaels: She decided, she was decided, she was going to buy that business for my career pod keep him busy keeping my foot well she went to her friend who was part of the same synagogue and.

00:08:34.350 --> 00:08:39.000 Lesley Michaels: They got to putting their heads together they ended up buying a different building.

00:08:40.290 --> 00:08:52.380 Lesley Michaels: One half belonged to Mr Perry, he had the old fashioned butcher counter little tiny bit of groceries the other side was my grandpa's it was the farm and garden store.

00:08:52.980 --> 00:09:01.350 Lesley Michaels: And then another woman from the synagogue wanted to know what my grandma and Miss Perry were doing right.

00:09:01.740 --> 00:09:14.430 Lesley Michaels: She ended up buying a building next door and that became morrison's drugstore with the old fashioned soda can sound fountain so that's how I grew up I grew up in this body of audacious women.

00:09:14.430 --> 00:09:23.670 Lesley Michaels: Women doing crazy things that women didn't do they were building businesses sending the boys off to go to work they always call them the boys, you know.

00:09:26.220 --> 00:09:27.990 Sandra Bargman: I love love love this.

00:09:27.990 --> 00:09:29.400 Lesley Michaels: Strangely yeah.

00:09:29.460 --> 00:09:43.830 Sandra Bargman: Well yeah and your your mom was a pip to and just to briefly tell us a little bit about her I love how she just made some choices and was not going to was going to move, where she needed to move.

00:09:45.510 --> 00:09:53.130 Lesley Michaels: My mother was raised in World War Two bomb shelters and during that time she lost both of her parents unbelievable.

00:09:53.550 --> 00:10:03.450 Lesley Michaels: She was raised by an ever so proper British grandmother now this little tiny story that gives you a sense of who that woman was.

00:10:04.050 --> 00:10:12.360 Lesley Michaels: At 106 she decided to sleep in one morning forever and the standing family joke, is that the staff had a party.

00:10:12.870 --> 00:10:26.760 Lesley Michaels: Before they called anyone to let them know and the everyone in the family congratulated the part the staff are having themselves a party they had it coming to them that's how traditionally British this woman was and rigid.

00:10:28.710 --> 00:10:35.700 Lesley Michaels: So, like many, not just because of her but, like many of the young women of that age.

00:10:37.260 --> 00:10:42.810 Lesley Michaels: My mother latched on to the bank she was going to marry herself a yank she was going to chase that American dream.

00:10:44.010 --> 00:10:51.120 Lesley Michaels: These were women who have grown up with bombs going off around them people in this country can't even conceive of what's this like.

00:10:52.020 --> 00:10:54.810 Lesley Michaels: And so, she latched on to the shank and.

00:10:54.810 --> 00:10:56.760 Lesley Michaels: She chased the American dream well.

00:10:57.990 --> 00:11:02.370 Lesley Michaels: We all know what dreams of idyllic happy endings lead to.

00:11:06.150 --> 00:11:07.980 Lesley Michaels: Need I say more on that front.

00:11:10.560 --> 00:11:23.700 Sandra Bargman: Oh, my well speaking of dreams of idyllic endings you got it in you that you wanted to go to New York City Oh, I did so let's let's shift gears to that story.

00:11:27.450 --> 00:11:28.050 Lesley Michaels: I was.

00:11:29.520 --> 00:11:36.930 Lesley Michaels: Young I was, and I was at the younger age of the Boomer generation yes and.

00:11:38.100 --> 00:11:41.160 Lesley Michaels: I had just gotten permission.

00:11:42.240 --> 00:11:50.490 Lesley Michaels: To leave school wow because I was failing due to the fact that, as the school.

00:11:51.510 --> 00:11:54.060 Lesley Michaels: lily the heads of the school explained to my parents.

00:11:55.080 --> 00:11:57.390 Lesley Michaels: We don't have anything to interests are.

00:12:00.180 --> 00:12:00.480 Lesley Michaels: And I.

00:12:01.050 --> 00:12:01.920 Sandra Bargman: couldn't thrilled.

00:12:01.980 --> 00:12:21.810 Lesley Michaels: Private school, so they said best thing for her is just to take a couple years off take her ged when they're her class graduates said, and then go to college from there, my parents said okay we're not going to torture can't we can't make her sit in classes, where she already is.

00:12:22.320 --> 00:12:27.600 Sandra Bargman: Oh, my God, can you imagine somebody having that faith in their child in today's school school school.

00:12:27.720 --> 00:12:30.270 Lesley Michaels: Mental I don't know if it was faith or surrender but.

00:12:30.270 --> 00:12:30.810 anyway.

00:12:32.100 --> 00:12:32.730 Sandra Bargman: Good answer.

00:12:34.380 --> 00:12:35.820 Lesley Michaels: I had a strong will.

00:12:36.540 --> 00:12:37.800 Lesley Michaels: Anyway, um.

00:12:37.860 --> 00:12:43.740 Lesley Michaels: Yes, the what we call the women's liberation movement back in those days.

00:12:43.800 --> 00:12:51.510 Lesley Michaels: yeah was really getting traction what was truly in the news was this fight for the equal rights amendment.

00:12:51.510 --> 00:12:57.600 Lesley Michaels: And my grandmother, having come from that era kept that story alive and.

00:12:58.890 --> 00:13:01.320 Lesley Michaels: One day, without notice to a single soul.

00:13:03.300 --> 00:13:03.990 Lesley Michaels: I took off.

00:13:07.110 --> 00:13:07.650 Sandra Bargman: Really.

00:13:08.070 --> 00:13:09.450 Lesley Michaels: yeah you didn't.

00:13:09.600 --> 00:13:13.440 Sandra Bargman: You didn't let them know that's part of the story i've never heard wow.

00:13:14.070 --> 00:13:18.090 Lesley Michaels: I wanted to get out of town, if I told them I might have been in a straitjacket.

00:13:20.280 --> 00:13:20.760 Sandra Bargman: So.

00:13:21.300 --> 00:13:22.410 Lesley Michaels: I just took off.

00:13:22.680 --> 00:13:24.690 Sandra Bargman: I tend not how did you take off what did you.

00:13:24.690 --> 00:13:25.050 Do.

00:13:26.100 --> 00:13:30.480 Lesley Michaels: I went off to the main roads, because that's how old hippie kids time.

00:13:30.480 --> 00:13:35.160 Lesley Michaels: yeah baby that's hold hippie kids travel and I was.

00:13:37.710 --> 00:13:47.250 Lesley Michaels: The blessing, and the curse I don't know what it was probably a little of each I always looked younger than my age, I always look incredibly innocent, in spite of my.

00:13:48.060 --> 00:13:55.110 Lesley Michaels: Lack of business rebel and so everyone that would pick me all these men were picking me up.

00:13:55.560 --> 00:14:07.710 Lesley Michaels: older men, and they would go sometimes 50 miles out of their way to they've been to the next step to take me to the next step, they were they were going to conspiracy to get me there, safe and in one piece.

00:14:08.040 --> 00:14:09.780 Lesley Michaels: Oh, my I know.

00:14:10.620 --> 00:14:32.850 Sandra Bargman: I love that so you arrive in New York City, and you have all of us audacious lineage in you and and you begin to to get into communities and circles of women and and what did that look like, how did you begin to to create your tendrils into New York City.

00:14:35.760 --> 00:14:40.020 Lesley Michaels: I had an understanding that there was a powerful gay community in New York City.

00:14:41.850 --> 00:14:50.940 Lesley Michaels: Since I was a lesbian and known this since I was 13 I thought the best place to start was probably the men's gay bars.

00:14:52.710 --> 00:15:02.040 Lesley Michaels: And I along the way, and figured out where they were i'd asked people i'd have to sit and talk story with people, so I started out in the men's gay bars.

00:15:03.270 --> 00:15:04.050 Lesley Michaels: and

00:15:05.490 --> 00:15:15.990 Lesley Michaels: asked me what I was doing there is, they were helping me sneak in because I shouldn't be there, they were teaching me how to put makeup on so I look older how.

00:15:16.050 --> 00:15:16.650 To do my hair.

00:15:19.020 --> 00:15:24.030 Lesley Michaels: I love perfection live by gay men love my Queens and.

00:15:25.890 --> 00:15:36.900 Lesley Michaels: And they introduced me to a few women who introduced me to a few women human to took me to a consciousness raising circle, who took me to a.

00:15:38.760 --> 00:15:39.300 Lesley Michaels: Party.

00:15:40.710 --> 00:15:54.570 Lesley Michaels: And so it went on and on and on and on, it just became a flow of weaving in and out of all these different types of women everything from the.

00:15:56.910 --> 00:16:01.980 Lesley Michaels: sternly academic and thirdly.

00:16:03.660 --> 00:16:07.860 Lesley Michaels: What would I say anti male to the.

00:16:08.970 --> 00:16:10.110 Lesley Michaels: hippie kids.

00:16:12.030 --> 00:16:28.770 Lesley Michaels: To the spiritual Community women, and it was the broadest spectrum of women i've ever seen in my life I kind of felt like if I stayed in New York, the rest of my life I would get to meet every kind of woman, there was.

00:16:30.150 --> 00:16:34.860 Lesley Michaels: And I was just weaving in and out having fun meeting all of them.

00:16:34.950 --> 00:16:35.670 Sandra Bargman: and learning.

00:16:35.730 --> 00:16:40.170 Sandra Bargman: Learning learning mentored and uplifted and connected.

00:16:40.740 --> 00:16:56.070 Sandra Bargman: Now glorious know if it's gonna it's time for a break, and when we come back I i'm fascinated to to jump forward into how you moved out of New York City into corporate why corporate I mean.

00:16:56.610 --> 00:17:11.310 Sandra Bargman: Why moving in that direction, why business and then we're going to get into your wonderful book on the shoulders of mighty women when we come back with Leslie michaels on the edge of every day stay tuned.

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00:18:54.390 --> 00:18:55.710 educate our.

00:19:23.430 --> 00:19:24.660 Sandra Bargman: On the edge.

00:19:24.840 --> 00:19:29.040 Sandra Bargman: of every day, and we are back with Leslie Michael so.

00:19:30.330 --> 00:19:41.700 Sandra Bargman: So what what was the impulse to then shift gears from New York City and go to leave and go into the world of corporate and business.

00:19:42.360 --> 00:19:46.350 Lesley Michaels: All started with fact that I want to eat, I mean it was really good.

00:19:46.410 --> 00:19:48.720 Lesley Michaels: That was really a motivator yeah.

00:19:49.170 --> 00:19:50.100 Lesley Michaels: right by the writer.

00:19:51.720 --> 00:19:52.260 Lesley Michaels: I.

00:19:53.310 --> 00:20:00.930 Lesley Michaels: felt like I needed to build a career builder life and i'm pure into it into it has led me through my life.

00:20:01.950 --> 00:20:05.910 Lesley Michaels: The times when i've gotten in the worst trouble is when I didn't follow my notes.

00:20:07.980 --> 00:20:10.200 Lesley Michaels: And so I was.

00:20:11.280 --> 00:20:26.970 Lesley Michaels: I had this into it to go back to middle America I didn't know what I was going to do, I did take all you know my tests my a CT and my my SA T and started taking empirical courses and what have you.

00:20:29.160 --> 00:20:31.740 Lesley Michaels: But I didn't know what I wanted to do.

00:20:34.080 --> 00:20:40.350 Lesley Michaels: I took a job as a receptionist at an oil company, a very teeny tiny oil company.

00:20:41.670 --> 00:20:53.970 Lesley Michaels: And one day, a man named Bob dylan's what didn't have a meeting with the owner of this teeny tiny company and the owner wasn't back yet from one so Bob sat there in the reception area and we chatted.

00:20:56.040 --> 00:21:04.110 Lesley Michaels: He came back the following week we chatted again he came back the following week and I said, well, I don't see you on the.

00:21:05.670 --> 00:21:09.810 Lesley Michaels: On the date, where he says no, I don't have an appointment just tell him I only need five minutes.

00:21:11.670 --> 00:21:12.270 Okay.

00:21:13.440 --> 00:21:22.980 Lesley Michaels: So have to wait five minutes to have them walk out and my belief system, and I just needed five minutes to explain it to him that i'm taking his receptionist.

00:21:26.910 --> 00:21:31.710 Lesley Michaels: And then we had a conversation my boss was like.

00:21:34.920 --> 00:21:35.490 Sandra Bargman: You gotta do.

00:21:36.150 --> 00:21:38.820 Lesley Michaels: A conversation about he wanted.

00:21:39.900 --> 00:21:43.260 Lesley Michaels: me to come to work for him and he wanted to mentor me.

00:21:44.910 --> 00:21:47.640 Lesley Michaels: He said because I i'll never forget this, he said.

00:21:49.380 --> 00:21:57.570 Lesley Michaels: I was telling Steve who I later found out was the Vice President of the company was telling Steve the other day, if I had 10 of you have probably run the world.

00:21:59.610 --> 00:22:00.600 Sandra Bargman: I would agree with that.

00:22:01.290 --> 00:22:02.160 Lesley Michaels: And I said well.

00:22:04.080 --> 00:22:04.710 Sandra Bargman: we'll see.

00:22:04.770 --> 00:22:08.940 Lesley Michaels: I was naive, I was young, I said was it pains.

00:22:11.490 --> 00:22:23.970 Sandra Bargman: So you move forward, and you, you you rise and you rise and you rise and as a feminist what are you seeing within this this world this corporate world.

00:22:24.270 --> 00:22:25.380 Lesley Michaels: shock and horror.

00:22:29.700 --> 00:22:31.770 Lesley Michaels: I got kicked her defenses badly.

00:22:32.910 --> 00:22:34.740 Lesley Michaels: mostly by women.

00:22:36.150 --> 00:22:57.360 Lesley Michaels: mostly by women, the men they treated me like a naive child they were dismissive, but they were not hostile, they were not aggressive the women were anyway, after a period of time I realized now, this is not it this this doesn't even work in my brain.

00:22:57.690 --> 00:22:58.230 Lesley Michaels: I had a.

00:22:58.290 --> 00:23:03.180 Lesley Michaels: really hard time understanding it have considering my roots yeah.

00:23:03.480 --> 00:23:03.870 Sandra Bargman: i'm sure.

00:23:04.950 --> 00:23:05.520 Lesley Michaels: I.

00:23:06.840 --> 00:23:09.750 Lesley Michaels: assumed falsely it was anomalous.

00:23:12.060 --> 00:23:12.840 Lesley Michaels: But I left.

00:23:13.950 --> 00:23:14.610 Lesley Michaels: and

00:23:15.900 --> 00:23:25.530 Lesley Michaels: fell into building small businesses which I ultimately either sold or crashed, you know you have to crush few to learn how to build the others.

00:23:27.090 --> 00:23:36.450 Lesley Michaels: And then I became I became a speaker and every single thing I did was following my nose and having it thrown at me yeah.

00:23:37.020 --> 00:23:40.980 Lesley Michaels: Either way, Bob What did it said i'm taking your receptionist.

00:23:42.000 --> 00:23:57.360 Lesley Michaels: And the way my one of my mentors who said, my book threw me up on a stage one day to speak because the person I was replacing and had laryngitis and I had no intention of being a speaker.

00:23:58.830 --> 00:24:07.350 Lesley Michaels: Everything I did was I was it was thrown at me or I was thrown into it and I just kept going.

00:24:08.820 --> 00:24:20.130 Lesley Michaels: For whether I don't know if I was Brian or insane or somewhere in between, but I just kept going I just kept taking every step that was either thrown in my way or forced on me.

00:24:22.440 --> 00:24:32.640 Sandra Bargman: Well, your your strength and resilience shines through from the moment that I met you and to hear that things were thrown at you does not surprise me in the least.

00:24:33.210 --> 00:24:51.300 Sandra Bargman: Actually, and and the powerful learning for someone with a brain like yours and a curiosity about life can grab on to that in a really exciting way and and move through whatever fear and just dive right in.

00:24:51.810 --> 00:24:53.160 Lesley Michaels: Right right.

00:24:54.480 --> 00:24:56.040 Lesley Michaels: And along the way.

00:24:57.840 --> 00:24:59.430 Lesley Michaels: I had five women.

00:25:00.270 --> 00:25:01.830 Lesley Michaels: um grabbed me up.

00:25:03.930 --> 00:25:09.060 Lesley Michaels: lift me up on their mighty shoulders and teach me life.

00:25:10.560 --> 00:25:18.570 Lesley Michaels: They taught me life in a way that I believe only a woman can teach life to a woman.

00:25:22.140 --> 00:25:28.200 Lesley Michaels: were probably a seasoned woman sharing life with someone her junior.

00:25:29.700 --> 00:25:34.500 Lesley Michaels: And that is my passion and my purpose at this time.

00:25:36.450 --> 00:25:46.440 Sandra Bargman: that's why I really one of the reasons I love the title of your book is because it's so speaks to the lineage and so speaks to your gratitude.

00:25:47.670 --> 00:25:56.100 Sandra Bargman: To these women and it speaks to your desire to pay it forward it's all embedded in that title, it gives me.

00:25:58.380 --> 00:26:06.150 Sandra Bargman: expands my heart, every time I said so what why why, why did you decide you wanted to write this book what compelled you.

00:26:08.070 --> 00:26:09.480 Lesley Michaels: got thrown into it again.

00:26:12.450 --> 00:26:30.270 Lesley Michaels: This little thing called code came around shut the world down, I called a friend who had an epidemiologist friend and etc long story short, I was told it probably about a two year run.

00:26:31.680 --> 00:26:46.770 Lesley Michaels: So I sat down and had a little come to Leslie meeting to where you got two years you were locked in this little teeny tiny town where if it was not in restriction there's not a lot to do.

00:26:47.940 --> 00:27:03.450 Lesley Michaels: And what you're going to do what's going to do girlfriend and I was in the shower number of days later, I have my intuition has a profound relationship with shower water.

00:27:06.150 --> 00:27:08.340 Sandra Bargman: Anyway, it is a mystical place the show.

00:27:08.340 --> 00:27:17.790 Lesley Michaels: Is I do know that place, yes, anyway, it came to me and I knew I was going to write a book and that it was several things.

00:27:18.240 --> 00:27:25.170 Lesley Michaels: um it was the fulfillment of a dream I had when I was 12 years old, quite literally, when I was 12 years old.

00:27:27.300 --> 00:27:34.050 Lesley Michaels: It was the next that I had spent my life looking for because, while I was.

00:27:34.680 --> 00:27:52.110 Lesley Michaels: Being a speaker and building businesses and traveling around the world, and having a great time there was always this tape in my mind that this is what I was doing until I didn't know what that until meant that I knew it was out there, it became.

00:27:53.190 --> 00:27:56.250 Lesley Michaels: apparent, this was my until and.

00:27:57.480 --> 00:28:01.380 Lesley Michaels: As I started doing what became hundreds of interviews with women.

00:28:02.730 --> 00:28:17.400 Lesley Michaels: With every interview, I was more compelled to do this and to tell my truth to tell their truth and to both uplift them, but also to call them out.

00:28:21.930 --> 00:28:25.290 Lesley Michaels: Enough we're not playing this small stuff anymore.

00:28:25.620 --> 00:28:32.760 Sandra Bargman: Right truly truly well that that's a great segue into So what is feminism and what isn't it.

00:28:35.850 --> 00:28:44.760 Lesley Michaels: feminism is a movement to the understanding the all people deserve equitable treatment.

00:28:45.990 --> 00:28:50.160 Lesley Michaels: And feminism is the action and the movement toward the.

00:28:51.630 --> 00:28:56.670 Lesley Michaels: feminist is often confused with man hating yeah.

00:28:56.760 --> 00:29:06.630 Lesley Michaels: Totally it is confused with forcing women to live a particular type of life.

00:29:08.340 --> 00:29:11.430 Lesley Michaels: It is confused with.

00:29:13.020 --> 00:29:19.050 Lesley Michaels: forcing women to act like men, which is the antithesis of what feminism is.

00:29:20.250 --> 00:29:24.990 Lesley Michaels: And so it's time to call it out talk about what it is.

00:29:26.430 --> 00:29:36.780 Lesley Michaels: Not the desktop i've already got a little dusty between the 70s and now, yes, it has and figure out what it looks like in this new world.

00:29:38.100 --> 00:29:47.760 Sandra Bargman: Indeed, you know it's it's funny when I when I think about the the I came of age, at the end of the second wave and.

00:29:48.930 --> 00:30:10.320 Sandra Bargman: So the angry feminist stereotype was inner force and the irony of combining angry with feminism is just is so patriarchal that that that if a woman speaks up and speaks to this desire for.

00:30:11.340 --> 00:30:27.510 Sandra Bargman: An Equitable Life and quality that and and speaks with any sort of passion that her anger that's anger, of course, and that that somehow inappropriate and it's not inappropriate for men.

00:30:29.040 --> 00:30:31.230 Sandra Bargman: that's the this whole story around.

00:30:31.230 --> 00:30:56.670 Sandra Bargman: anger and women's anger is is is such a juicy rich unpacking and the unraveling but it's time for break so we're going to talk about anger and the reluctant leader and more about leslie's book on the shoulders of mighty women when we come back on the edge of every day stay tuned.

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00:32:58.530 --> 00:33:04.110 Sandra Bargman: on the edge of the every day, and we are back with Leslie michaels.

00:33:04.350 --> 00:33:08.490 Sandra Bargman: So Leslie before we dive into the anger issue I wanted to.

00:33:09.930 --> 00:33:30.150 Sandra Bargman: back up just a bit because i'm so in love with the fact that you have invited all of these women in you are doing with this book exactly what you're saying you are uplifting women by inviting them in to contribute to this book, how did that idea come, how did you choose.

00:33:32.280 --> 00:33:33.780 Sandra Bargman: Tell us a bit of that story.

00:33:36.420 --> 00:33:43.650 Lesley Michaels: In the greater context in terms of inviting all women in any woman who wants to participate.

00:33:44.790 --> 00:33:52.110 Lesley Michaels: That wasn't as much a choice as a natural extension of the only thing that felt right.

00:33:53.820 --> 00:34:08.460 Lesley Michaels: In terms you know, in terms of inviting other women, such as yourself to share their perspectives their understandings within the book that also felt.

00:34:11.400 --> 00:34:12.360 Lesley Michaels: I didn't choose it.

00:34:14.520 --> 00:34:30.450 Lesley Michaels: I just knew that that is how it had to be and in terms of choosing the women, I would invite that was one of those what this just makes sense to have her, and this just makes sense to have.

00:34:30.450 --> 00:34:32.610 Sandra Bargman: An intuition, yes.

00:34:33.870 --> 00:34:48.210 Lesley Michaels: intuition and and sense as well, it just made sense this woman is going to relate to so many women in this area on this topic, this woman's going to speak to so many women on this topic.

00:34:48.780 --> 00:34:59.160 Lesley Michaels: And while they weren't topics on which I could not speak, the way in which each of you spoke differently spoke to an expanded number of women yeah.

00:34:59.280 --> 00:35:11.790 Sandra Bargman: It brought brings in way more people it's fantastic well, and again I was thrilled to be invited in and my chapter, of course, as we mentioned was on anger and being a reluctant leader.

00:35:12.330 --> 00:35:23.700 Sandra Bargman: And by reluctant non stereotypical leader and I have a just a quick little chapter or a quick little paragraph from mine.

00:35:24.540 --> 00:35:38.070 Sandra Bargman: anger is boldness in action if we are willing to look within and to get real about not only its source, but also to trance muting and focusing it.

00:35:38.910 --> 00:35:47.760 Sandra Bargman: Otherwise, the rage fire will burn you and your dreams down owning the fear and anger is the passage out.

00:35:48.210 --> 00:35:57.600 Sandra Bargman: And it is the key to unlocking the door of judgment and and patience and moving into vulnerability and authentic communication.

00:35:58.320 --> 00:36:11.790 Sandra Bargman: I genuinely believe women want greater and deeper connection, which leads to authentic effective communication and the sharing of one's true voice, this is leadership.

00:36:14.220 --> 00:36:14.850 Sandra Bargman: So.

00:36:16.170 --> 00:36:29.970 Sandra Bargman: We were talking before about the combination of anger as fear fear and anger, the linking of that can you speak a bit to that your your feelings on that.

00:36:31.770 --> 00:36:34.080 Lesley Michaels: Anger has a.

00:36:37.980 --> 00:36:40.680 Lesley Michaels: A an energy of.

00:36:42.270 --> 00:36:46.920 Lesley Michaels: projection of itself for self preservation.

00:36:47.070 --> 00:36:47.550 um.

00:36:48.900 --> 00:36:53.850 Lesley Michaels: Whereas warrior ship because I call women to their worship.

00:36:55.560 --> 00:37:09.630 Lesley Michaels: is not moving out of a fear for self preservation, it is moving out of a commitment to knowing that that's a given self preservation is a given, and this is the way.

00:37:10.290 --> 00:37:33.690 Lesley Michaels: This is the end, this is the line in the sand, this is the answer, whatever it is that warrior ship is a way of moving forward past the anger that can limited into the momentum aspect of the same energy every energy has it getting any young.

00:37:34.200 --> 00:37:36.540 Sandra Bargman: Truly, the edge of every day, yes.

00:37:37.440 --> 00:37:48.270 Sandra Bargman: Yes, yeah so right around the time I was writing this I I started reading cilia shamali rage becomes her the power of women's anger.

00:37:48.720 --> 00:37:49.260 Lesley Michaels: mm hmm.

00:37:49.650 --> 00:37:58.470 Sandra Bargman: And, which of course talks, you know you and I have joked about this many times of popping out of the womb, with more than a modicum of anger and that I don't.

00:37:58.470 --> 00:38:07.470 Sandra Bargman: know any female that is not does not have anger and of course that's what her entire book is in it around and the trends muting.

00:38:07.920 --> 00:38:10.320 Sandra Bargman: Of that anger into warrior ship and.

00:38:10.380 --> 00:38:11.580 Sandra Bargman: The understanding.

00:38:11.970 --> 00:38:21.210 Sandra Bargman: That anger is an active emotion, then it is it demands change and and why.

00:38:22.650 --> 00:38:44.820 Sandra Bargman: that's the irony around the men making anger a bad thing and females, but not a bad thing, and men, which of course all the reason, women are angry is because they just want the same changes and the the the push towards equality like anyone else, so of course.

00:38:45.870 --> 00:38:53.130 Sandra Bargman: But it is in that trance muting it is in the use of that emotion for change.

00:38:53.160 --> 00:38:58.470 Sandra Bargman: Yes, it brings you and I, like the word, of course, as an Amazon, I, like the word warrior.

00:39:03.240 --> 00:39:05.010 Lesley Michaels: So, if I may, one thing that's.

00:39:05.010 --> 00:39:16.320 Lesley Michaels: really important to be said there that I don't miss an opportunity to say is that women raise 100% of the kids, and this is one of my call it out moments.

00:39:18.240 --> 00:39:29.160 Lesley Michaels: Women raise 100% of the kids, we have to stop allowing our daughters to have their person has stolen from them from the time they go to school.

00:39:31.020 --> 00:39:31.740 Sandra Bargman: amen.

00:39:32.850 --> 00:39:48.000 Sandra Bargman: amen amen to that so were you speaking of anger were you have you been you know were you in touch with your anger when did you I mean I didn't even realize, I was angry until I was in college when when did you have a sense of this.

00:39:49.320 --> 00:39:52.920 Sandra Bargman: Anger this feminist connection.

00:39:54.240 --> 00:39:55.320 Sandra Bargman: unrest.

00:39:57.270 --> 00:40:08.550 Lesley Michaels: Well that's actually two questions, even though it didn't seem like it ended I get in touch with my anger, I do not remember a time when I wasn't if you look at my.

00:40:09.090 --> 00:40:28.590 Lesley Michaels: passport when i'm still in diapers yeah my mother had to hold me and my hair is just in sticky curls because I was so sweaty from throwing a fit I was mad and the anger is on my face, I honestly believe I was born man yeah.

00:40:28.620 --> 00:40:31.740 Sandra Bargman: Put put part out of I know I said popped out of the womb.

00:40:33.360 --> 00:40:33.930 Sandra Bargman: Totally.

00:40:34.260 --> 00:40:41.190 Lesley Michaels: Yes, because I was carried within the woman's body of a woman who was mad and terrified and.

00:40:41.190 --> 00:40:49.110 Lesley Michaels: Did enter award so I was always angry, I was always aware that I would say agree, where I was.

00:40:51.060 --> 00:40:59.760 Lesley Michaels: not yet cleared was, I had the misconception that my anger was my protector.

00:41:00.330 --> 00:41:01.800 Lesley Michaels: and actually it was.

00:41:01.830 --> 00:41:18.660 Lesley Michaels: Eating at me internally and externally, it was alienating people externally, it was eating at me internally and it wasn't until I had these for these four women that I speak out, plus one more who is not in the book.

00:41:20.010 --> 00:41:28.920 Lesley Michaels: who entered my life, and when I would say something that was angry or out of step with what was going on.

00:41:30.570 --> 00:41:33.750 Lesley Michaels: They did they pretended not to notice, but not in a.

00:41:35.640 --> 00:41:50.370 Lesley Michaels: foolish way just okay we're not going to dignify that let's go back and find that other person that you are kind of way and it gave me an opportunity to suddenly consider that oh.

00:41:52.440 --> 00:42:02.910 Lesley Michaels: Oh, maybe Oh, maybe, maybe I am that other that other person could have to be so that's how that evolution happened.

00:42:06.930 --> 00:42:09.840 Sandra Bargman: Excellent well I I.

00:42:11.460 --> 00:42:17.550 Sandra Bargman: I did not have a good mentor in helping move me through.

00:42:19.980 --> 00:42:28.740 Sandra Bargman: An understanding of anger, in fact I it wasn't until later in my life that I even connected to a mentor period.

00:42:30.030 --> 00:42:43.260 Sandra Bargman: let alone someone who might be helpful to me in terms of my anger, you know I you know I had a great perception of myself as the good girl, you know and and the whole.

00:42:46.080 --> 00:42:52.650 Sandra Bargman: perfectionist stick and which we could do a whole show on perfectionism and.

00:42:53.040 --> 00:42:56.910 Sandra Bargman: So yeah it's just never ending and and how that.

00:42:58.380 --> 00:43:00.540 Sandra Bargman: plays into this anger perfectionism.

00:43:02.280 --> 00:43:12.780 Sandra Bargman: But yeah so tell us a little bit about if you will just meander a bit into some of the the your mentor ship and your beloved mentors.

00:43:16.800 --> 00:43:18.300 Lesley Michaels: Sarah was first.

00:43:20.310 --> 00:43:30.330 Lesley Michaels: And she came at a time when I knew it was time to leave corporate oil but I wasn't sure where I was going to land, without ever speaking about it directly she gave me permission to jump.

00:43:32.310 --> 00:43:42.150 Lesley Michaels: And she ended up sending me to a think tank in Dallas for feminists and lesbians and I met my next mentor.

00:43:43.440 --> 00:43:50.130 Lesley Michaels: Who was a lesbian feminist and was literally one of the makers.

00:43:51.750 --> 00:43:52.530 She was.

00:43:53.550 --> 00:43:55.020 Lesley Michaels: Quite a few years, my senior.

00:43:56.190 --> 00:44:04.050 Lesley Michaels: few decades, my senior and she was one of the makers of women's history and she.

00:44:05.250 --> 00:44:17.700 Lesley Michaels: schooled me know that work on our history on the truth of our history and set up the illusion and then there was merlin.

00:44:19.830 --> 00:44:33.150 Lesley Michaels: I loved politics, I was born to politics my grandmother used to be her best friend was Speaker of the House and notorious drunk and brilliant man Carl Albert.

00:44:33.600 --> 00:44:42.930 Lesley Michaels: And he was regularly at her dinner parties that were rock so loud and full of debate and brilliant.

00:44:43.530 --> 00:44:54.240 Lesley Michaels: And so, when a friend called and said, my mom's coming to town and trying to figure out things to do with her and I thought, maybe you would hit it off, which you might have a lunch with my mom.

00:44:55.530 --> 00:45:16.350 Lesley Michaels: I go to meet her for lunch she says five foot tall woman who who's big claim to fame is having secure clinton's presidential nomination in the state of California, no one run by both of his presidential run and I was in heaven I had just met my God.

00:45:18.420 --> 00:45:27.420 Lesley Michaels: So we were made for each other, I wanted to learn, I could not ask the questions fast enough, and she kept feeding me everything I wanted to know.

00:45:28.050 --> 00:45:40.440 Lesley Michaels: And so, these women's shape those parts of my life my business life my my activists like my social justice life, my political life and then came, my dear miss fanny.

00:45:41.370 --> 00:45:42.090 Lesley Michaels: taught me.

00:45:43.110 --> 00:45:46.530 Lesley Michaels: How to be humane to myself.

00:45:50.550 --> 00:45:53.670 Lesley Michaels: And that's when the anger started to fade and.

00:45:55.260 --> 00:46:00.660 Lesley Michaels: More than once, I would sit at her table this beautiful woman.

00:46:01.770 --> 00:46:07.830 Lesley Michaels: was born in little rock Arkansas in 1929 and she was a black woman.

00:46:08.910 --> 00:46:12.240 Lesley Michaels: Okay, we don't have to stretch our imaginations very far do we.

00:46:14.490 --> 00:46:15.630 Lesley Michaels: To this day.

00:46:16.740 --> 00:46:34.470 Lesley Michaels: She is the most loving most positive not pollyanna ish just positive heart centered human being i've ever known and I remember sitting at her table one day and i'm just solving and is dressing penny I don't know what's wrong with me.

00:46:35.760 --> 00:46:39.270 Lesley Michaels: you've never talked about what you've been through but i'm not stupid.

00:46:41.010 --> 00:46:46.560 Lesley Michaels: And here I am just whining and blubber and like full and she she.

00:46:48.690 --> 00:46:49.980 Lesley Michaels: She said hey.

00:46:51.570 --> 00:46:52.980 Lesley Michaels: You just didn't have my mom.

00:46:55.050 --> 00:46:56.520 Lesley Michaels: I can mama you.

00:46:59.370 --> 00:47:09.270 Lesley Michaels: And she taught me how to be humane to myself, so this was what molded me through my life my grandmother gave me this legacy of of.

00:47:11.790 --> 00:47:14.370 Lesley Michaels: feminism is it worse, suffer Jeff.

00:47:14.700 --> 00:47:19.680 Lesley Michaels: My mother gave me this legacy of anger and war and.

00:47:21.210 --> 00:47:28.290 Lesley Michaels: All that came with that and then these four women saved me yes.

00:47:28.830 --> 00:47:51.060 Sandra Bargman: Beautiful beautiful it's time for us to take a break, and when we come back, we will hear about leslie's mentoring and creating these strategic alliances and we're going to find out about leslie's leading edge when we come back on the edge of every day stay tuned everyone.

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00:49:36.270 --> 00:49:36.930 chip in.

00:49:38.340 --> 00:49:41.940 My dream leader, the day.

00:49:48.420 --> 00:49:50.880 Sandra Bargman: on the edge of every day.

00:49:51.330 --> 00:49:58.830 Sandra Bargman: And we are back with Leslie michaels so Nina cherry said empowered women empower women.

00:50:01.710 --> 00:50:08.670 Sandra Bargman: How are you mentoring and how do you see women's leadership shifting.

00:50:10.740 --> 00:50:11.730 Sandra Bargman: In today's world.

00:50:15.660 --> 00:50:26.490 Lesley Michaels: I see some of this happening, and I am a big proponent of it, and that is to take our attention off the patriarchy enough enough already.

00:50:27.030 --> 00:50:36.570 Lesley Michaels: We have talked about patriarchy we have complained about the patriarchy we have bitched and whine and moan and groan I don't know if I could say those words on your.

00:50:36.570 --> 00:50:40.410 Sandra Bargman: chest, and anyone, you can you can say anywhere all big people, we can swear.

00:50:40.530 --> 00:50:42.570 Lesley Michaels: Oh good I was trying to be good.

00:50:44.610 --> 00:50:46.740 Lesley Michaels: Not so hard to know that's hard for me.

00:50:47.460 --> 00:50:48.180 anyway.

00:50:49.800 --> 00:50:52.380 Lesley Michaels: It exists it exists.

00:50:52.470 --> 00:50:52.860 yeah.

00:50:54.720 --> 00:51:04.050 Lesley Michaels: But the more energy we focus into it, the more we feed it energy we feed it life force let's take our attention off of that.

00:51:05.130 --> 00:51:06.270 Lesley Michaels: And let's look at each other.

00:51:08.670 --> 00:51:23.220 Lesley Michaels: The men have had the secret handshake and the old boys club forever and it has served them well, we need our equal version of it and we can't do it as long as we're still playing these patriotically taught.

00:51:23.400 --> 00:51:24.180 Sandra Bargman: yeah trying to be.

00:51:24.210 --> 00:51:37.770 Lesley Michaels: Competition games between ourselves, we are taught to catfight we are taught to to believe we have to compete with each other in a vicious way and we need to say you know what.

00:51:39.420 --> 00:51:43.290 Lesley Michaels: I read that book it doesn't end well.

00:51:43.350 --> 00:51:45.840 Lesley Michaels: No i'm taking a different path now.

00:51:47.190 --> 00:51:51.960 Sandra Bargman: Do you see in the world of business adore it in in.

00:51:53.070 --> 00:52:06.210 Sandra Bargman: The world of coaching in entrepreneurship, do you see it shifting you see women shifting, and I mean, where do you feel we are in our wave of feminism.

00:52:07.530 --> 00:52:24.360 Lesley Michaels: I do see it shifting shifting tremendously because more and more women, even in the C suite are deciding okay if there's not enough room for us here i'm going to pick up my toys which happened to be my professional equity.

00:52:25.020 --> 00:52:35.040 Lesley Michaels: Yes, it is significant my professional credibility which is significant i'm leaving i'm going out and i'm building my own business and.

00:52:35.340 --> 00:52:44.880 Lesley Michaels: with every passing quarter more and more women are doing this they're taking their credibility they're building women founded women run businesses and.

00:52:45.270 --> 00:52:59.790 Lesley Michaels: quarter after quarter those businesses are showing consistently 13 to 16% more games than companies run by men, we are winning women and we need to stop giving voice to the idea that we are not.

00:53:00.300 --> 00:53:01.110 Sandra Bargman: A men.

00:53:02.190 --> 00:53:07.380 Sandra Bargman: So how do you help young women with their strategic alliances.

00:53:10.770 --> 00:53:16.410 Lesley Michaels: younger women are more prone to natural strategic alliance.

00:53:17.550 --> 00:53:40.110 Lesley Michaels: The one thing I like to speak with young women, and when I say young women, I mean the lower end of the millennials younger in the millennials and the gen sees the thing I like to speak with them about is being more pro actively engaged in the socio economic, social justice, equity.

00:53:41.370 --> 00:53:43.800 Lesley Michaels: War because.

00:53:45.120 --> 00:53:53.790 Lesley Michaels: They see themselves correctly as the most liberal voting bloc, we have ever had even though some of them cannot vote yet.

00:53:54.570 --> 00:54:05.580 Lesley Michaels: And they see that it just doesn't make sense and i'd like to pull them in and get them engaged and get them voting get them participating and get them engaged in the conversation earlier.

00:54:06.000 --> 00:54:29.220 Lesley Michaels: And i'd also like the younger millennial women to start to understand everything we did do to get to this point, not because they owe a squat nothing they do not owe a squat but to understand that it took this much fight to get this far, it is your turn to take up the torch.

00:54:30.090 --> 00:54:44.370 Lesley Michaels: It is your turn to take up the torch we're right here with you because we're the first first generation to live long enough to take the next step, and what we started all those decades ago pick up the torch women yeah.

00:54:44.490 --> 00:54:47.250 Sandra Bargman: amen and we're still right here.

00:54:47.520 --> 00:54:49.500 Sandra Bargman: This is all of the boomers the.

00:54:50.040 --> 00:54:54.390 Sandra Bargman: End of the boomers end of the Second, the second way we're still here and very engaged.

00:54:54.750 --> 00:54:56.370 Sandra Bargman: Yes, very engaged.

00:54:56.940 --> 00:54:59.700 Sandra Bargman: And, which is a unique.

00:55:01.800 --> 00:55:09.030 Sandra Bargman: Ah, well, that that's very encouraging yeah I, you know that is my sense of things as well.

00:55:10.050 --> 00:55:13.500 Sandra Bargman: So you know when I was on your podcast you asked me a question that I.

00:55:14.910 --> 00:55:18.510 Sandra Bargman: Absolutely love you and i'm going to ask it of you.

00:55:20.010 --> 00:55:29.520 Sandra Bargman: So what is the big brass ring that shiny project that keeps getting pushed back on your timeline.

00:55:30.690 --> 00:55:32.970 Sandra Bargman: And that may be a bit scary.

00:55:40.020 --> 00:55:51.540 Lesley Michaels: What has been what was, let me start with what was what was a bit scary and what was the brass ring that I kept pushing out with this book and Kobe kicked me to the curb and.

00:55:51.750 --> 00:55:52.440 Lesley Michaels: Just do it.

00:55:52.710 --> 00:55:53.940 Sandra Bargman: Just do it excellent.

00:55:54.420 --> 00:55:57.450 Lesley Michaels: yeah so now, the next step is.

00:55:58.470 --> 00:56:03.150 Lesley Michaels: reclaiming that city live reclaiming that public life.

00:56:04.410 --> 00:56:08.640 Lesley Michaels: reclaiming that world traveler life that.

00:56:10.740 --> 00:56:14.700 Lesley Michaels: That I used to eat my lunch, the first time.

00:56:15.060 --> 00:56:22.860 Lesley Michaels: And to reclaim it and this time do it in a way that is more passion filled.

00:56:25.080 --> 00:56:26.790 Lesley Michaels: but also more gentle for me.

00:56:27.360 --> 00:56:28.830 Lesley Michaels: know that my breasts ring.

00:56:29.220 --> 00:56:30.120 Sandra Bargman: I love that.

00:56:31.140 --> 00:56:34.230 Sandra Bargman: Well Leslie michaels my friend.

00:56:34.530 --> 00:56:49.440 Sandra Bargman: i'm I am so thrilled for you, I can't wait for on the shoulders of mighty women to explode onto the scene and your podcast women, we should know everyone, please check it out.

00:56:50.100 --> 00:57:06.300 Sandra Bargman: You can find her podcast you can find information on this book on her other book or her first book, you can find all of that, at Leslie it's all going to be in the show notes so Leslie.

00:57:07.410 --> 00:57:11.370 Sandra Bargman: What words of wisdom, do you have to impart, as we say goodbye.

00:57:14.160 --> 00:57:15.420 Lesley Michaels: don't be nice.

00:57:18.360 --> 00:57:21.210 Lesley Michaels: be nice don't be perfect.

00:57:23.160 --> 00:57:26.070 Lesley Michaels: Right your edges they're actually not fun.

00:57:27.720 --> 00:57:29.130 Sandra Bargman: Absolutely.

00:57:29.340 --> 00:57:37.020 Sandra Bargman: yeah oh Leslie Thank you so much for coming on my show what a great pleasure it has been to spend this hour with you.

00:57:37.410 --> 00:57:39.390 Lesley Michaels: Oh, thank you, my darling friend.

00:57:40.650 --> 00:57:57.000 Sandra Bargman: And to all of you listening thanks for spending this hour with us run don't walk to get that book on the shoulders of mighty women until we speak again remember you are always at the edge of the miraculous till next time.

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