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Thursday, April 14, 2022
Facebook Live Video from 2022/04/14 - Resilience and Transformational Coaching

Facebook Live Video from 2022/04/14 - Resilience and Transformational Coaching


2022/04/14 - Resilience and Transformational Coaching

[NEW EPISODE] Resilience and Transformational Coaching

The Audience will learn new communication techniques and understand that starting from mindfulness one can create new neural pathways that also transform others around you. 

In a world where we are all transforming a new way of living, new techniques including Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Resiliency Training, and Managing Perceptual Constancy are valuable. Alison Petty is a coach who has spent 24 years wheelchair-bound and through NLP was able to transform her Fibromyalgia condition and restricted lifestyle dramatically.

Today Alison engages in strenuous physical and social activities including rock climbing and now lives a completely transformed existence while continuing her treatments.

Tune in for this healthy conversation at or watch the Facebook Livestream by Clicking Here.

Show Notes

Segment 1

Frank introduces today’s topics for this evening. He welcomes his co-host Phyllis and special guest Alison Petty. He informs his listeners of previous topics that were covered on Frank About Health and how he encourages his listeners to continue to be advocates for themselves. This episode should help listeners use the resources they have along with their own strength and fight through their illness or obstacles they are facing. Alison tells the audience about her illness,Chronic fatigue syndrome, and how it’s affected her life throughout the years. Before the break, Alison shares her breakthrough and how she managed to explore the world from a different perspective.

Segment 2

Frank, Phyllis, and Alison begin to discuss nero linguistic programing (NLP) and it’s effectiveness in mindful coaching. Phyllis and Alison talk about the power of language and how it can control how we perceive a situation. For example, when someone says they are anxious, Phyllis corrects them and says “no, you’re feeling anxious”. Which helps the client understand they are not defined by their feelings just simply experiencing them. Phyllis shares how inspiring Alison’s story was on a personal level and how her story affected Phyllis. Alison also talks about her struggle with fibromyalgia. Franks asks if it’s considered a psychological disease or a neurological disease with psychological symptoms. Before the break, Phyllis explains briefly the condition and how it can affect the body. 

Segment 3

Coming back from the break, Frank and Phyllis continue to discuss resilience and transformational coaching with Alison. Alison talks about her experience with coaching and what the future holds for her certification. She talks about finding her purpose within the 24 years of dealing with her illness and how she is capable of helping others in similar situations now. Alison shares how she is able to use NLP to transform an individuals and push them to be more effective in their daily life. She continues to talk about the “structure of experience” and how it can make an everyday situation and turn it into a complete nightmare. Before the break, Alison talks about some of her clients and how she helped them over come their challenges.

Segment 4

In the last segment, Frank gives a quick recap of today’s episode. He asks about Alison’s techniques as a coach and how she maintains her clients independent thinking skills while guiding them on a different path of thinking. Phyllis discuss her experience with self aware clients and their lack of self managing skills that leads them back to their negative habitual behavior. If you have any comments for Frank or Phyllis leave an email at If you get a chance to watch the show live on Facebook, feel free to leave a comment for Frank and Phyllis to answer. You can find more about Alison Petty at her website


00:00:40.650 --> 00:00:48.360 Frank R. Harrison: hey there and welcome to a new episode of frank about health if you are in London, it is now 9pm know 10pm.

00:00:48.780 --> 00:01:01.260 Frank R. Harrison: While it is here in New York City 5pm the reason why I brought the time difference is because, today our guest is from Wales and actually is here through our conscious consultant Sam leibowitz who.

00:01:01.770 --> 00:01:15.000 Frank R. Harrison: gave me an interesting introduction about my special guest today allison petty who is going to talk a berry about a unique illness and how she was able to use her experience to actually.

00:01:15.480 --> 00:01:21.570 Frank R. Harrison: Not only treated but transform her life into a much better perspective than she could have ever imagined.

00:01:22.170 --> 00:01:27.840 Frank R. Harrison: that's why this particular episode has been subtitled resilience and transformational coaching.

00:01:28.290 --> 00:01:39.750 Frank R. Harrison: But what we're not talking about just resilience from trauma we're talking about taking a life experience that's been riddled with illness and pathology and being able to turn it into.

00:01:40.080 --> 00:01:47.310 Frank R. Harrison: A life filled with purpose and a life that with with the new direction can also help others suffering from the same built.

00:01:47.910 --> 00:01:55.080 Frank R. Harrison: The illness in this particular case is fibromyalgia and, in some cases it's, also known as chronic fatigue syndrome.

00:01:55.440 --> 00:02:04.020 Frank R. Harrison: But before we go into further discussion about the way that our guest today has been able to use the illness to transform her healing.

00:02:04.380 --> 00:02:13.470 Frank R. Harrison: I just want to give a little bit of background in terms of why this guest is important, as anyone who's been watching frank about health over the last year.

00:02:13.950 --> 00:02:16.650 Frank R. Harrison: You have seen myself and my co host phyllis Quinlan.

00:02:17.040 --> 00:02:27.300 Frank R. Harrison: Talk about a lot of issues related to various medical issues that we've all gone through covert 19 diabetes, cancer, everyone knows that I was talking about epilepsy when I started the show.

00:02:27.630 --> 00:02:37.830 Frank R. Harrison: The point is, is even though we all have our providers and our medicines and our treatment plans, we also have to remember that we have ourselves.

00:02:38.190 --> 00:02:48.630 Frank R. Harrison: And we have to continue to advocate for ourselves to live the best quality of life possible so i'm hoping that this particular episode is going to give you a template or framework.

00:02:48.960 --> 00:03:03.480 Frank R. Harrison: That regardless of what condition, you are suffering from you will be able to take the bull by the horns and collaborate with all the necessary support systems, you have to continue to live the best life that you can so on that note allison welcome to frank about health.

00:03:04.740 --> 00:03:10.110 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: hey Thank you frank so much affiliates i'm so excited to be here and chatting with us tonight, thank you.

00:03:13.680 --> 00:03:22.230 Frank R. Harrison: Exactly we we had a show with with a doctor from Switzerland about three months ago, so I think it was later than where you are now, but still.

00:03:22.290 --> 00:03:24.540 Frank R. Harrison: It was it was worth it, the whole experience.

00:03:24.810 --> 00:03:27.150 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: yeah very excited to be here, thank you.

00:03:27.510 --> 00:03:37.890 Frank R. Harrison: you're so welcome I i'd like you to start by telling the listeners and viewers exactly what your condition is or was or how you're living with it and pretty much sharing your story.

00:03:38.580 --> 00:03:57.390 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: Okay, so well, it was, and so I love saying that word it was something called well and do things so any in the UK it's more known as me and in the States and Australia and other places more known as CFS so any strokes, the best but also fibromyalgia so two different things.

00:03:58.800 --> 00:04:09.360 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: And I when I was 17 years old, I became ill i've had a flu virus which was pretty significant and then after that i'd had a very bad reaction to.

00:04:10.410 --> 00:04:20.790 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: Smokers and cannabis, for the first time, which I just tried it once and I was incredibly ill and I believe now that my body just shut down from that it was obviously laced with something in a very unfortunate experience, so we say.

00:04:21.420 --> 00:04:26.250 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: and very long story short, and as you guys, you know, this is a much.

00:04:27.480 --> 00:04:30.660 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: Longer version of our website if people do want to find out more about this, but.

00:04:32.160 --> 00:04:42.570 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: yeah my body just went into a massive shutdown and literally overnight in my in February, my 17th year I was pulled up school was just unbelievably well we didn't know what was wrong with me.

00:04:43.080 --> 00:04:52.440 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: And my darling mother and father would sit with me in the doctor surgery saying this girl is not depressed she is this is what this is, this is what this is about.

00:04:52.650 --> 00:05:02.070 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: So i'd wanted to be a rock climbing instructor and you know when I was 16 That was my goal, I was going to move to Canada be rock climbing structure live in the mountains clicking and doing all those things and suddenly I was.

00:05:02.730 --> 00:05:12.420 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: I was out of school in my 11th year and and I didn't go back and for nine months, but over the course that years incredibly also chronic pain throughout my body.

00:05:12.720 --> 00:05:17.310 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: I became agoraphobic at that time as well, which I think was just kind of a knock on effect with the shock of it all.

00:05:17.730 --> 00:05:27.210 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: And we just didn't know what was robbing me it was literally overnight and I can't it sounds very dramatic, but it was one minute, I was very healthy happy teenager the next minute I was completely.

00:05:27.810 --> 00:05:34.290 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: That whole different girl, and it was two years later I got the diagnosis and with things like me CFS fibromyalgia.

00:05:34.860 --> 00:05:48.510 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: Especially at that time there was no test that showed anything in the blood, so you would just get tested everything and if all those results came back positive which they would do for me, but you had all these different symptoms, so the chronic bone joint.

00:05:50.160 --> 00:05:58.770 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: muscular pain, the cognitive struggles, the extreme fatigue when I say extreme I mean like you make a cup of tea and you feel like you climbed a mountain and I now know what it's.

00:05:58.770 --> 00:06:11.700 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: Like dancing but you know extreme fatigue, you would then get this diagnosis of that so that gave me it was kind of a relief to have some sort of diagnosis, but I think, from what I know now as well, it wasn't a very strong label.

00:06:12.240 --> 00:06:20.100 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: And, and then yet for the fit for the next 24 years I had periods of time, where it was well not to do certain things, but I was always.

00:06:20.670 --> 00:06:33.300 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: And I mean always in chronic pain of some kind to some level and and but I had periods of time, so I had an eight year relapse in my late 20s early 30s where I was bed bound pretty much for that whole period.

00:06:33.870 --> 00:06:45.540 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: And or in a wheelchair if I was to go anywhere, and then the other major relapse was in 2012, which was a four year relapse where I was pretty much again bed bounds, I was living in my own place by that point.

00:06:47.160 --> 00:06:58.800 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: And in a dark room I had friends family coming bringing food you'd have to just put it by my bed, I can remember very well you know my mom sitting by my bed talking very quietly and then having to leave that wash up and go.

00:06:59.490 --> 00:07:12.270 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: Just to get me through that time so that was kind of again in a nutshell, the years of illness So while I did do things at times I can never sustain it i'd always relax, and again I mean.

00:07:13.080 --> 00:07:21.300 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: It was there was no two ways around it so yeah that was that was the years of the owners, that my transformational journey, so I got frank, what are you going to say.

00:07:21.600 --> 00:07:27.330 Frank R. Harrison: No, no, I was gonna say you obviously we're going to the doctor and taking a whole Regiment i've I guess medications and other kinds of.

00:07:27.330 --> 00:07:31.170 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: Things yeah absolutely so many different medications over the years.

00:07:31.920 --> 00:07:42.060 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: and obviously painkillers I mean there was times when I was a morphine I can remember that very clearly and and volume, at times, because you know the pain was so extreme so you know you.

00:07:42.300 --> 00:07:50.940 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: You guys know what it's like to have flu and you get that very painful skin where your skin, I mean I remember not being able to brush my hair or touch my hair so painful.

00:07:51.420 --> 00:08:03.480 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: And I can remember a period of time in that eight Year relapse where I was literally difficult ice cubes because the nerve endings inside my mouth was so broad that eating food was you know the ice cream.

00:08:04.860 --> 00:08:08.910 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: I would have to eat food, but it was incredibly painful and so that was everywhere.

00:08:09.450 --> 00:08:17.970 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: And I can remember, even when the times when I could function and do something i've ever been at walking one day, and when I say walking I mean.

00:08:18.300 --> 00:08:27.600 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: Just to walk you know, like little walk but the breeze on the skin on my skin still burns hacking be like oh my God i'd like i've actually able to do this, but i've still got that.

00:08:28.170 --> 00:08:39.300 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: So lots of medications over the years, many of them just you know really made me feel worse because the side effects and you get that build up medication and your system so that toxicity as well, which added to the.

00:08:39.750 --> 00:08:47.640 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: Toxic feeling that I was already living with alternative therapies, I mean this is my experience and, obviously, there are a lot of people out there with similar.

00:08:49.140 --> 00:09:02.100 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: chronic health struggles, where those therapies will have helped, but my experience was nothing touched it and I I have reiki reflexology American native American sorry American native Indian healing.

00:09:03.150 --> 00:09:04.320 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: Official you know.

00:09:05.520 --> 00:09:10.230 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: medical doctor on Harley street you know everything that I could add access at that time.

00:09:11.310 --> 00:09:13.200 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: And I don't remember one thing, even.

00:09:14.670 --> 00:09:19.380 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: Making any difference to to the journey so yeah.

00:09:19.950 --> 00:09:22.410 Frank R. Harrison: You did say, though, that there wasn't breakthrough at some point.

00:09:22.560 --> 00:09:31.920 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: Well, that was until I discovered nlp neuro neuro linguistic programming so that was at a point in 2016.

00:09:32.340 --> 00:09:44.340 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: And, as I was telling you guys recently I I just very clearly remember a particular day where, in my brain I heard myself say i'm done I can't do this anymore, I am kind of not like I can't i'm not going to live my life anymore, but.

00:09:45.300 --> 00:09:51.150 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: You know I don't even know what that was, but it was like I am done and I remember a friend.

00:09:51.780 --> 00:10:05.640 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: Putting his recovery with the similar owners down the same sort of same elements down to reflexology so I called him immediately and he said yeah but they've moved away now, and I remember my heart sinking thinking so close, it is a bit it wasn't just that it was this.

00:10:06.960 --> 00:10:19.470 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: An LP process course that he'd gone on, and I was like that's the thing which i've heard about over the years, but just never done it, for whatever reason, obviously I wish now, but you can't you know it was what it was.

00:10:20.760 --> 00:10:34.410 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: I ran a practitioner immediately literally literally and I discovered over the course of that year, when your plasticity men by developing mindfulness practice over that year, where because i've been in bed pretty much in the dark, mostly for four years.

00:10:35.790 --> 00:10:46.770 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: Because I can tolerate light and my mind had gone out of control, because you couldn't just go for a run and sort of sweat off the little things in life, they became demons and monsters in my mind.

00:10:47.970 --> 00:10:51.810 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: My mom at night crying over things that now wouldn't even factor in my mind, you know.

00:10:52.530 --> 00:10:54.330 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: So over a course of a year of.

00:10:55.350 --> 00:11:00.660 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: With audio books, so that caught toll and tick not Han practicing their sort of ways of.

00:11:01.800 --> 00:11:08.640 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: approaching mindfulness and developing my own practice I all that crazy had quietened down to nothing.

00:11:09.270 --> 00:11:22.470 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: And I discovered through YouTube the word your plasticity was like oh that's this that's what i've done and I when I spoke to the practitioner, she said, do not your plasticity is, and I said i'm in i'm there I don't I don't need to know anything else i'm on that course.

00:11:23.070 --> 00:11:26.280 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: And I went on that course and I got goosebumps just even say it.

00:11:27.870 --> 00:11:34.320 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: I remember it so clearly being embarrassed to say I mean when she left so yeah went on the course was taken in.

00:11:34.740 --> 00:11:38.940 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: The wheelchair, but from the first day of being in that course I was never in a wheelchair again.

00:11:39.420 --> 00:11:48.030 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: I had sunglasses on I was under the blanket and I was sat sat on the SOFA and just did what I was told with this particular nlp technique yeah.

00:11:48.570 --> 00:11:59.820 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: From the fat, yes, that first day that was it and over the course of the year ish of diligently rewiring the structure of my brain and I know we'll talk a bit more about this, but um.

00:12:00.630 --> 00:12:13.050 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: yeah it was, from the very first day there was shifts and you know, when I look back there were small shifts but at that time they were monumental shift they were things I was like this never happened, you know this isn't how this isn't.

00:12:14.490 --> 00:12:22.740 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: This isn't in line with my story of chronic health flight, this is what i've experienced with 24 years, and you know that very well when it's that kind of illness for that long.

00:12:23.400 --> 00:12:38.580 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: yeah and just every day those shifts got bigger and bigger and bigger and I over the course that year I was doing things I never dreamed of, but it was it was about 910 months a year before I felt ready to fly the nest and go up live my life.

00:12:39.600 --> 00:12:43.140 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: And I was 41 years old, at the time, and I was ready to go off and.

00:12:43.470 --> 00:12:54.240 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: figure out, who I was as a human and explore the world and coaching was really just waiting for me to go off and do that, until this last year, where it's like right come on now it's time for you to coach and start.

00:12:55.380 --> 00:13:02.730 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: Sharing that story, and you know, putting it out there and helping other people figure out, as I say, what better version is that will check right.

00:13:03.570 --> 00:13:05.790 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: It doesn't have to be a chronic health condition, it could be.

00:13:06.060 --> 00:13:14.010 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: Their life's great but there's something that's blocking their life from moving forward in some way I work with people with them like this in a really good place but they just want to take it level.

00:13:14.340 --> 00:13:19.950 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: But then it's also obviously people are chronic health conditions and it's just the stuff that's blocking them living.

00:13:20.490 --> 00:13:21.300 Which well.

00:13:23.070 --> 00:13:28.560 Frank R. Harrison: we're about to have our first break, but you pretty much wrapped up your entire evolution, I guess, from.

00:13:28.590 --> 00:13:31.350 Frank R. Harrison: illness diagnosis, to break through.

00:13:31.560 --> 00:13:35.250 Frank R. Harrison: So it leaves room for us when we return from our break to really.

00:13:35.460 --> 00:13:38.970 Frank R. Harrison: Talk about what seems to have been your personal.

00:13:39.660 --> 00:13:49.320 Frank R. Harrison: journey or remedy towards your new journey which is nlp neuro linguistic programming and so when we return right here on this episode of frank about health.

00:13:49.560 --> 00:14:02.430 Frank R. Harrison: We will pick up where we left off by really featuring of the next section about nlp how it works what What helps our anchors the other gets dulles's view on it, especially from the medical perspective and.

00:14:03.120 --> 00:14:08.790 Frank R. Harrison: Everyone who has any questions about it during the hour, by all means, please write to frank about health.

00:14:09.420 --> 00:14:23.010 Frank R. Harrison: At gmail COM, or if you're watching live on Facebook add something in the comments section, and we can get back to you either during or after the show right here on talk radio dot nyc and Facebook live so stay tuned we'll be back.

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00:16:34.200 --> 00:16:51.330 Frank R. Harrison: Everybody and welcome back as we're talking here with allison petty and phyllis Quinlan about neuro linguistic programming now i'd like to see both years and phyllis his perspective on nlp, especially when you look at the conditions of fibromyalgia.

00:16:52.470 --> 00:17:05.400 Frank R. Harrison: chronic fatigue syndrome me, as they call it in the UK, or even how you were able to use it as a remedy of sorts or as a way of being able to have more mindfulness over your treatment.

00:17:06.090 --> 00:17:17.460 Frank R. Harrison: I would start by a question which is is nlp the issue of language itself, or is it the issue of changing your pathways or does the language change them for you.

00:17:20.370 --> 00:17:21.780 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: So it's not.

00:17:25.200 --> 00:17:30.240 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: So well and very briefly nlp was created in the 70s by.

00:17:30.900 --> 00:17:35.520 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: john grinder which a band law, and I was thinking that it's very much known in the business world.

00:17:35.730 --> 00:17:43.200 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: And up you know when I when I network people like oh my God, I know about this for business, but I have no idea, it could have this effect on chronic health or mental health conditions.

00:17:43.620 --> 00:17:49.410 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: So it's very much about the structure of our experience that's kind of what they talk about how we have these structures of our life experiences.

00:17:49.740 --> 00:17:56.790 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: So something will happen, maybe it's a really great experience my life, but it could be a traumatic experience, like, for me it was you know very traumatic.

00:17:58.110 --> 00:18:02.940 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: reaction to the cannabis and I was also had a virus, at a time, so my immune system was already compromised.

00:18:03.480 --> 00:18:09.390 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: But it created this structure, when I look back now everything i've learned in the last five years, and for my studying and my.

00:18:10.200 --> 00:18:21.840 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: relentless love of everything to do with your fastest in the brain isn't my brain that structure that was a very healthy 16 year old that wants to be a rock climber, and fused into a mess of.

00:18:22.620 --> 00:18:32.400 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: You know ilk chronic chronic chronic illness and then it stayed like that, and then I carried on living I often liken it to like scaffolding.

00:18:33.360 --> 00:18:46.830 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: So, like you know, having this sort of scaffolding that was built around me and I just carried on living my house was built with the scaffolding around it for 24 years until I went on this course, and was enabled by this particular process which is nlp based and.

00:18:47.880 --> 00:18:58.440 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: it's got you know, like self coaching and hypnotherapy involved as well and visualization very much about harnessing all of those things, but to create this new scaffolding this new structure that was.

00:18:59.910 --> 00:19:05.280 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: You know languages it's one of my favorite things to talk about you know frank you and i've talked about language already.

00:19:05.580 --> 00:19:12.360 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: In our discussions and very much about creating a new dialogue, a new story, and I can remember when I went on this course.

00:19:13.260 --> 00:19:23.910 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: I mean I I don't think I told you, is frank, but in 2000 I started a website for for me from from bed, I was in a relapse so I was in a relapse from 2000 to 2008.

00:19:24.360 --> 00:19:31.380 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: And in that time in 2000 and started a website before Facebook that those chat room and a forum and it became an international organization.

00:19:31.470 --> 00:19:48.060 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: So I was advocating on its for many years, but even that compounded my own story my own narrative of I have me I have fibromyalgia I am chronically ill, I am blah blah blah so yeah very much the power of that language.

00:19:50.160 --> 00:19:58.590 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: yeah that was that was my you know that was absolutely life changing for me when I learned, we went on the course we said hi i'm allison i'm here because.

00:19:59.040 --> 00:20:06.570 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: i've had me for 24 years we have what you know, whatever that was, I said that was the last time I talked about it, because everything from that point on, and.

00:20:06.990 --> 00:20:16.470 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: Finish you'll notice some coaching as well you know you talk to the client about what's going on with them, but you don't want to stay in that space it's like Okay, I have enough information now to know.

00:20:17.040 --> 00:20:21.360 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: What we're going to start working with, and we might get back into your past at some points, but now it's about.

00:20:21.870 --> 00:20:30.030 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: Turning in a different direction and starting to create what I call it from a second roadmap for your brain and that roadmap is a very.

00:20:30.540 --> 00:20:34.980 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: Different structure and it's built on the language is built in the body language is what's.

00:20:35.490 --> 00:20:41.370 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: The visualizations you know what we're holding in our mind it's all those things that create that map that our brain can they go right.

00:20:41.880 --> 00:20:54.870 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: we're now going in this direction yeah and that's where the programming comes in, from an LP so you've got your which is your neurons to billions of neurons linguistic is language programming is if rewiring.

00:20:55.890 --> 00:20:56.130 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: That.

00:20:58.230 --> 00:20:59.220 Phyllis Quinlan: wiring yes.

00:20:59.250 --> 00:20:59.700 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: yeah.

00:21:00.000 --> 00:21:09.810 Phyllis Quinlan: You know I agree with you allison the power of language we're just really starting to understand the power around that and it is something we do focus on in coaching.

00:21:10.380 --> 00:21:19.890 Phyllis Quinlan: You know a lot of times I will work with people and they'll say to me i'm anxious and I will say you're feeling anxious know really anxious.

00:21:21.000 --> 00:21:31.260 Phyllis Quinlan: I understand that, but you're feeling anxious, in other words you're not the feeling, you know and and and and the power of having somebody you know.

00:21:31.650 --> 00:21:37.350 Phyllis Quinlan: Have insight into they are not their feelings they're experiencing their feelings.

00:21:37.830 --> 00:21:53.220 Phyllis Quinlan: and be able to step back from that so that you can look at the feeling in a very in a much more empowering way that you're not at the mercy of now that's just really to talk about the power of language that's not neuropathy you know neuroplasticity or new Euro linguistics but.

00:21:54.540 --> 00:21:55.980 Phyllis Quinlan: i'm really.

00:21:57.060 --> 00:22:06.450 Phyllis Quinlan: Well, the first thing I want to say is just how your story has affected me I just I i'm an Oregon wonder, I truly am.

00:22:06.780 --> 00:22:11.580 Phyllis Quinlan: I can't imagine being bed bound for the length of time that you were with the setbacks that you had.

00:22:12.000 --> 00:22:23.700 Phyllis Quinlan: And you know now coming out and literally teaching rock climbing you know, and I I look at your linkedin page and I encourage all our listeners to connect with allison on linkedin and, of course, her website.

00:22:24.150 --> 00:22:36.330 Phyllis Quinlan: But you know it there when we I think it's been a Brown, who talks about true healing or true resolution of bereavement where you know we know the five steps, Dr Cooper Ross gave us.

00:22:37.020 --> 00:22:43.530 Phyllis Quinlan: But really when you're able to take your life experience and see it as wisdom and then help teach others.

00:22:43.920 --> 00:23:03.480 Phyllis Quinlan: and share that wisdom and insight with others for the idea of hopefully influencing their life for the positive as well that's true resolution you know you've now taken something from denial or anger, you know all the way through to being shared and empowerment and.

00:23:04.560 --> 00:23:14.250 Phyllis Quinlan: The strength of your character, you know the courage that you have you you've shared you know, during all of this it's incredible I I can't imagine persisting.

00:23:14.760 --> 00:23:26.760 Phyllis Quinlan: And living with a sense of there's got to be an answer, somewhere, for all of these years, especially when you were so young, and obviously so vital and having your life taken away from you so suddenly.

00:23:27.930 --> 00:23:35.640 Phyllis Quinlan: You know it's really a real test of it, so I you know, I just want to say to who's ever listening who's suffering from fibromyalgia.

00:23:36.000 --> 00:23:41.760 Phyllis Quinlan: Clearly there is hope, clearly there are options out there that perhaps Western medicine.

00:23:42.090 --> 00:23:53.400 Phyllis Quinlan: Has not necessarily done enough studying about or is only starting to scratch the surface of that clearly we need to start being far more curious about in order to be able to.

00:23:53.820 --> 00:24:01.920 Phyllis Quinlan: Do the exploration necessary to serve patients who are underserved in this way, simply because we don't truly understand it.

00:24:03.330 --> 00:24:11.700 Frank R. Harrison: I guess on that note is fibromyalgia considered a a physiological disease or a neurological disease with physiological symptoms.

00:24:13.200 --> 00:24:18.090 Frank R. Harrison: Because I I don't know how to classify fibromyalgia versus epileptic revamped.

00:24:18.600 --> 00:24:24.840 Phyllis Quinlan: Well, so my understanding is that there is a triggering event and Alison has shared that you know it.

00:24:24.840 --> 00:24:26.370 Phyllis Quinlan: might have been might have been.

00:24:27.060 --> 00:24:37.680 Phyllis Quinlan: A bad experience with some cannabis or more than likely, I think it was more the virus, because I hear an awful lot of fibroid my algebra secondary to some sort of viral infection.

00:24:38.730 --> 00:24:49.830 Phyllis Quinlan: And what what i'm way i'm understanding it is that this triggering event creates a hyper signaling between the spinal cord, and the brain.

00:24:50.190 --> 00:24:58.530 Phyllis Quinlan: So that the so that there is a hyper active activity to pain receptors and or sensations so.

00:24:58.860 --> 00:25:09.450 Phyllis Quinlan: That your hypersensitive to wearing to touch maybe you can't wear clothes, or maybe you could only wear certain kinds of clothing is a hypersensitivity to light there's a hypersensitivity of course pain.

00:25:09.780 --> 00:25:17.940 Phyllis Quinlan: numbness restless leg things of that nature and we're not quite sure what causes this hypersensitivity.

00:25:19.020 --> 00:25:39.240 Phyllis Quinlan: that's my understanding of the fibromyalgia all right, and my understanding is more Western than anything else, what I love is the ability to create different neuro pathways to either go around this short circuiting or this hypersensitivity and to create a different experience for yourself.

00:25:39.780 --> 00:25:40.110 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: Right.

00:25:40.800 --> 00:25:44.610 Frank R. Harrison: So I guess yeah allison were you about to talk about the neural pathways.

00:25:44.970 --> 00:25:52.290 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: Well, I was just going to add on to that, from what i've learned since, so the process that I did that got me out of the wheelchair was created by or.

00:25:52.290 --> 00:25:52.980 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: designed by.

00:25:53.370 --> 00:26:01.290 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: phil Parker about 20 years ago I think now, and he designed it, he was a chiropractor the time starting to work as a coach and in nlp.

00:26:01.680 --> 00:26:10.050 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: And he started to hit on things that worked with people with me and started to you know have really positive effect and then he created this process, which is what I did is called the lightning process.

00:26:10.590 --> 00:26:19.320 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: And i'm now studying with him i'm doing qualifications, through his institute i'm actually being taught by the guy who created the wheelchairs i'm always saying thank you.

00:26:21.000 --> 00:26:33.720 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: Is that a lot from people around the world that but my understanding, now is what I did with that particular course was switch off the fight or flight response that i've been in 24 years, so we know that in our in the history of serving our.

00:26:34.230 --> 00:26:39.510 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: With our prehistoric ancestors, you know the fight or flight was very important to save us from getting eaten by the bear.

00:26:39.780 --> 00:26:45.870 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: But then that fight or flight was switch off, you know that that release of adrenaline hormones that gets us like ready to either run or fight.

00:26:46.620 --> 00:27:03.330 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: But in modern society, we know that most of us are in some kind of constant state of fight or flight to different degrees and again looking back now i'm like Okay, so when I I just had the virus and then the cannabis and I think my body went into this, you know.

00:27:04.650 --> 00:27:06.630 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: I can't even describe the biggest.

00:27:07.860 --> 00:27:14.160 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: One could have yeah but then I was in this state of fight or flight for years and years and years, and that that constant release of those.

00:27:15.000 --> 00:27:22.830 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: Those hormones causes something that's called the anesthetic load, which again is more about this on my website and expanding it more detail.

00:27:23.340 --> 00:27:27.450 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: And that's what causes the chronic health conditions so when I did this course.

00:27:28.020 --> 00:27:40.440 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: it's very much designed to switch off the fight or flight and also create this new structure of a new experience that you design using your language and your you know your positive intention of what you want to have in your life, instead of what you've currently got.

00:27:41.460 --> 00:27:48.510 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: But when you switch that off my now, when I look back at that year from when I did it where it's just went like this over the course of a year.

00:27:48.900 --> 00:28:05.190 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: My body was able to heal because that Allah static load was reduced and my body was able to heal underneath it and that physiology of me found his feet again, you know, a 16 year old self again and and that's yeah that's just to add on to what we're saying there as well.

00:28:05.370 --> 00:28:20.070 Phyllis Quinlan: yeah I know we're going to go into a break in just a moment, but you know you're absolutely correct, we are neuro biologically wired something stimulates our brainstem it goes through our limbic system, which means we feel it before we actually get to the cognitive Center.

00:28:20.490 --> 00:28:33.270 Phyllis Quinlan: So something to stimulus you feel it and then you think, which is why so many people think keep saying, I have to think before I speak what's actually happening is you're being triggered to speak, by your feelings and then you say something.

00:28:33.780 --> 00:28:44.010 Phyllis Quinlan: Even just growing your own emotional intelligence around self management, you can develop plasticity around inserting a positive thought or a different choice.

00:28:44.490 --> 00:28:52.470 Phyllis Quinlan: Between feeling something and doing something so that you can actually make a difference, or make make a different choice about what you're going to think.

00:28:52.830 --> 00:29:01.350 Phyllis Quinlan: or say or do that would be different if you don't do that you're going to have some kind of regret in the next 15 minutes.

00:29:01.920 --> 00:29:02.850 Phyllis Quinlan: New to that.

00:29:03.330 --> 00:29:11.040 Phyllis Quinlan: Then you are, you are showcasing yourself in a more authentic way that you want to be seen by the world I know we're going to break frank.

00:29:11.460 --> 00:29:24.870 Frank R. Harrison: Well, no, I mean this is perfect segue because now in segment three which will begin after the commercial break, we want to learn more exactly about allison's coaching the techniques, you probably some examples on how anything from.

00:29:25.530 --> 00:29:35.160 Frank R. Harrison: pain chronic pain to bereavement loss of a loved one, maybe even just you know phobias or trying to get over anxiety.

00:29:35.520 --> 00:29:45.360 Frank R. Harrison: Over over circumstances, these are the things that i'm sure all of the listeners and viewers are looking to learn more about, by the way, allison's website is Alison

00:29:45.660 --> 00:29:56.340 Frank R. Harrison: And you'll learn more about her site and her practice and her coaching when we return right here on this episode of frank about health, both on talk radio dot nyc and Facebook live so stay tuned.

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00:31:59.970 --> 00:32:06.030 Frank R. Harrison: hey everybody welcome back to frank about health today we're talking with Alison petty about resilience and transformational coaching.

00:32:06.420 --> 00:32:13.140 Frank R. Harrison: As we just learned about her experience with fibromyalgia as well as experiences with neuro linguistic programming.

00:32:13.500 --> 00:32:24.270 Frank R. Harrison: She has been able to already carve a niche for herself right there in in London in Wales but i'm sure you're going to go global with your website and among other kinds of training you're going through.

00:32:24.600 --> 00:32:36.060 Frank R. Harrison: So I guess i'd like to learn or both phyllis and I would like to learn tell me about your coaching practice and now and are you being certified in the near future, or how what is it you want to do to go further with your practice.

00:32:37.050 --> 00:32:49.710 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: Okay, so yeah well I am I am officially coach already and that's something that i've already been doing i'm very one who said somebody said, the word purpose earlier and I was like yes, that for me, its purpose.

00:32:50.010 --> 00:32:50.160 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: i've.

00:32:50.520 --> 00:32:54.780 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: done is i've know what passions are brought clarity as a passion, but this is purpose of me.

00:32:55.170 --> 00:32:59.610 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: And, and it is that thing abusing that history, again, as you said earlier phyllis that that's.

00:32:59.850 --> 00:33:14.550 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: To me it's like you know, having those 24 years is one thing, and if I just gone on and character rock climbing and having a different life great you know i've moved on, but for me actually now be able to use those 24 years to help other people is really is everything you know.

00:33:14.610 --> 00:33:15.570 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: it's like full circle.

00:33:15.720 --> 00:33:21.210 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: Anything so yeah so I work with clients I don't I don't particularly have.

00:33:22.170 --> 00:33:29.880 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: particular type of person to work with it's mostly people that resonate my story or obviously myself but resonate with the story of transformation in some way so.

00:33:30.270 --> 00:33:36.900 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: Work people all walks of life, and you know I always say is about helping people figure out what their budget is that wheelchair.

00:33:37.320 --> 00:33:47.100 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: And my hope is that it's not a stories that's as dramatic as mine, but I actually had a lady crying on me in a good way, the other day, because I was telling her the story, we were having a networking meeting.

00:33:47.610 --> 00:33:53.910 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: And she was crying because a friend of hers has a very similar story to mine and she says, I have to tell her, I know I did as possible.

00:33:54.330 --> 00:34:03.390 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: And that was really powerful it's like this is why i'm doing this now because you know some if i've heard this you know I like to think I to go and tell me.

00:34:04.380 --> 00:34:14.580 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: You know, talk to me more about this and, but you know, and so, working with people with chronic health conditions, not just fibromyalgia all kinds of different things and sleep issues.

00:34:15.090 --> 00:34:28.320 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: and anxiety depression is always well usually comes down to some sort of confidence issue when it comes to sort of anxiety things like that and that usually is what's underlying it so working the confidence in people and self worth.

00:34:28.740 --> 00:34:32.790 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: It thinking as well and I often with clients i'm listening to them and i'm.

00:34:33.240 --> 00:34:42.840 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: Thinking if you knew your worth if you knew your worth you would not all this stuff and I can set myself as well, many times in my life I knew my work that wouldn't be all this going on.

00:34:43.290 --> 00:34:56.520 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: If I just knew that so but it wasn't that people were life is actually a really good place and they just want to perform even better and that's where nlp be really powerful kind of where it originated from and working with you know.

00:34:57.630 --> 00:35:02.610 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: principle of upset for multi academy trust who you know lives in a very good place but it for him it's about.

00:35:03.510 --> 00:35:16.890 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: Just any sort of limiting beliefs, that are stopping him from performing to that extra extra level so that he can run that college, to the best of visibility and then have that trickle down knock on effect to his teachers and his staff and his board but his pupils.

00:35:17.220 --> 00:35:17.520 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: You know.

00:35:18.000 --> 00:35:31.770 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: And we're going to be working a huge amount with language, through our time working together so that he can you know really set that tone and lead rather than vantage so yeah I mean i'm just very, very passionate about it so.

00:35:33.060 --> 00:35:36.780 Frank R. Harrison: I guess it is interesting that, so you can have someone who probably has.

00:35:38.040 --> 00:35:45.600 Frank R. Harrison: A pretty well adjusted life at the moment, but maybe has a about have confidence, issues that about to make a public presentation let's say.

00:35:45.810 --> 00:35:46.320 Frank R. Harrison: Oh or.

00:35:46.440 --> 00:35:55.110 Frank R. Harrison: Maybe they're afraid of flying especially that we've had with so bit so that person may only need the language component of the coaching that you're doing.

00:35:55.440 --> 00:35:57.210 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: Definitely, I mean I the.

00:35:59.310 --> 00:36:10.650 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: Fear around presentations is quite common one, or some kind of like speaking thing and that's quite regular and I had a client, not so long ago, who.

00:36:11.100 --> 00:36:19.170 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: was really afraid of giving presentations in 27 years old, and it was all because, when he was about 14 he'd made a small mistake, giving a drum rehearsal in a john recital.

00:36:19.410 --> 00:36:25.830 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: And a few people laughed and for the rest of that time in between he'd been afraid of presentations even though every time you've done them.

00:36:26.190 --> 00:36:34.200 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: they'd gone perfectly, but he was coming with the structure of experience of this is going to happen again bracing himself and the nerves.

00:36:34.590 --> 00:36:42.750 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: And we have one session working on that, where I guided him through a particular technique, where we went back and we created a new story and new version of that event.

00:36:43.200 --> 00:36:56.040 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: And the brain was just like now believes this is the brains like Oh, this is the new story right Okay, and his confidence because I always gauge it, you know 10 being the best you could feel about this thing zero being the opposite.

00:36:56.340 --> 00:37:02.970 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: Beginning of that session his confidence was like a two, three and he said when he was 14 that's kind of work on down to.

00:37:03.600 --> 00:37:12.540 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: The end of the session, it was right up, seven, eight, you know, right up at the top and his body language change in the setup right smiling he got on from this very sort of nervous sort of.

00:37:14.430 --> 00:37:17.790 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: Know yeah but, unless you know what the 12 year old boy at the day, every.

00:37:18.600 --> 00:37:26.010 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: week where his anxiety was so bad that he couldn't get in school and within a couple of sessions, you get back to school, you know with a smile on his face and.

00:37:26.610 --> 00:37:35.280 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: yeah it's just it's just figuring out what that trigger is was, and I mean that's one thing one way, which I work people but that's very common.

00:37:35.730 --> 00:37:43.230 Frank R. Harrison: And then you would probably have a say another type of client that probably suffered from the same condition, you did or maybe someone.

00:37:43.530 --> 00:37:57.240 Frank R. Harrison: With a serious neurological illness, whether it's epilepsy or parkinson's or or maybe they they suffered a brain tumor and had surgery, they have some ptsd you would probably take on clients and do some other techniques within nlp.

00:37:57.720 --> 00:38:02.370 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: yeah I mean there's definitely a variety it's just like and and.

00:38:03.390 --> 00:38:10.050 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: Many different techniques and what I love is that it's not an exact science and it's very much about you know, the first conversation was about.

00:38:10.410 --> 00:38:15.450 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: Establishing that rapport figuring out whether their visualization is something that really works for them.

00:38:15.780 --> 00:38:23.340 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: Or whether they're more conversational and you know phyllis you were talking about earlier with the coaching it's you know it's not about i'm not going to give that person the answers.

00:38:23.760 --> 00:38:30.990 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: it's about asking the question, so that they can find out the answers for themselves and that's so empowering and so many times i've had clients like oh I.

00:38:31.680 --> 00:38:45.390 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: Just didn't realize that until you said that and then that can that can be enough of a shift but, more often than not, it comes down to using the visualization side and then harnessing that language, and I was just thinking of a very if i've got time.

00:38:45.480 --> 00:38:54.420 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: Very good example of that I had a client that wasn't sleeping at all and her language was that she would wake up at one, three and five every night and there was always this.

00:38:55.470 --> 00:39:01.920 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: empty glass of water and an empty biscuit 10 by the side of the bed she had lots of other issues and health struggles as well, going up.

00:39:02.460 --> 00:39:15.540 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: But immediately, as I was, like you're literally telling yourself and i'm sure you had that experience, where you set your alarm clock for maybe eight in the morning and you're setting like right eight o'clock in your wake up at like one minute eight and then the alarm will go off.

00:39:15.900 --> 00:39:17.280 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: I know i've had many times.

00:39:18.780 --> 00:39:21.870 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: Right, the first thing we're going to do is we're going to delete this language of.

00:39:22.140 --> 00:39:35.670 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: one, three and five because it was literally every time and and I did some other work with her as well and I gave her a recording to help her like a like a hypnosis kind of recording to help her sort of drop off.

00:39:36.120 --> 00:39:45.780 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: and the next day, I heard from her, she said I slept through the night I think she'd woken up once but she didn't look at the clock so she didn't know she slept through the night.

00:39:46.080 --> 00:40:01.290 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: And it was great she said, and I woke up and the biscuit TIM was school and so was the glass of water, so you know just again just changing that language of that programming of this is what we're going to do and that's what happens to something completely different so yeah.

00:40:01.800 --> 00:40:08.460 Frank R. Harrison: So what what other techniques, besides language, do you find to be within your practice of treating different clients.

00:40:08.790 --> 00:40:18.420 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: And visualizations huge and I love working with people with them sort of taking them I I love thinking of it like or explain to clients so.

00:40:19.050 --> 00:40:25.530 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: You know we've we've all got those rooms, or the attics and our House where it's a bit cluttered you know, perhaps like there's no energy flowing through.

00:40:26.220 --> 00:40:37.860 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: stagnant, so I I feel like my my job is to guide that person to sort of go to a deeper level, other than their own mind and start to move the furniture around.

00:40:38.370 --> 00:40:51.720 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: And need to clear out some clutter but change things around shift shift that furniture open the windows get that fung Shui going, you know and that's that's my best way of describing it because that's how it feels when I do it, so it might be something where.

00:40:52.800 --> 00:41:02.940 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: You know somebody is very in a nutshell, but someone's confidence levels of very, very low, so it would be asking them to when you close your eyes and you.

00:41:03.990 --> 00:41:13.380 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: sort of connect with that feeling of confidence, do you see anything, what do you feel, is there a sound, you know what does it smell, and it might be that you know.

00:41:13.950 --> 00:41:19.740 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: I had a client once where the word confidence came up, and it was tiny really small and it was a very, very long way away.

00:41:20.340 --> 00:41:28.290 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: And us quite a young guy and I, I think I asked if he was in Star Wars or we're doing this and I said okay right now you're gonna you're going to start to.

00:41:28.620 --> 00:41:36.900 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: use that force, and I want you to use it for us and bring that to you, and as you bring it towards you grow that work, make it really nice and big and.

00:41:37.260 --> 00:41:42.780 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: And we weren't like quite in depth into it and it was really good fun, you know, he was he was just really enjoying it and.

00:41:43.440 --> 00:41:56.100 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: He started to are now it's like this color and how it's really big and again, as I was watching him, you could see him change his his body language change the facial expressions change and the lightness around him.

00:41:56.460 --> 00:42:09.630 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: You know, and I think at one point I remember rightly done the service to people that it was it was him, it was it was wrapped around his head, you know this confidence was just and it started off like you know very long way in the corner very, very small.

00:42:10.140 --> 00:42:12.420 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: But it was just so powerful watching him.

00:42:12.870 --> 00:42:18.840 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: Change in front of my eyes, as well as this was happening so yeah and then you know.

00:42:19.650 --> 00:42:26.790 Phyllis Quinlan: I look at this allison and said, you know you're you're explaining it so clearly because it's not a matter of think happy thoughts and your life is going to.

00:42:26.790 --> 00:42:28.740 Frank R. Harrison: Change right it's it's.

00:42:28.770 --> 00:42:45.930 Phyllis Quinlan: it's it's not that and for anyone who's really done some personal work with the supportive a coach or some other you know professional you know I often equate doing self awareness work with chewing on glass which is not exactly the greatest verse but for the.

00:42:45.930 --> 00:42:46.230 Frank R. Harrison: Work I.

00:42:46.470 --> 00:42:54.150 Phyllis Quinlan: Do with folks you know, yes sign on with me you're going to chew on glass but someone was kind enough today to say to me.

00:42:55.200 --> 00:42:59.220 Phyllis Quinlan: You made me chew on glass and then I realized I had diamonds.

00:43:00.240 --> 00:43:00.600 Phyllis Quinlan: and

00:43:01.440 --> 00:43:13.320 Phyllis Quinlan: took my breath away when this person shared that that perspective, for me, but it really speaks to there is work involved here, this is not magical thinking.

00:43:13.980 --> 00:43:27.120 Phyllis Quinlan: is not happy thoughts, this is not, you know kumbaya it's not any of the things that some people might want to label it in order to undermine it and malign it, this is this is work.

00:43:27.450 --> 00:43:37.920 Phyllis Quinlan: You know, you know you, you do not change the mechanisms of thinking you do not change the pathways of thinking, by doing this and wishing upon a star doesn't happen.

00:43:38.700 --> 00:43:48.900 Phyllis Quinlan: There is a lot of work it's dedicated work it's practice work it's getting it wrong until you get it right, which is why coaching support with coaching is so very, very important.

00:43:49.380 --> 00:43:56.610 Phyllis Quinlan: And you know allison you're changing lives and the therapeutic value of using your own life experience and wisdom.

00:43:56.940 --> 00:43:57.720 Phyllis Quinlan: In order now.

00:43:57.750 --> 00:43:59.790 Phyllis Quinlan: To be a value and.

00:44:00.990 --> 00:44:03.300 Phyllis Quinlan: Support to others it's just incredible.

00:44:03.570 --> 00:44:13.320 Frank R. Harrison: Oh absolutely I totally agree, I mean that's what advocacy is all about, but in this, in this case sort of like when I started this show this was me advocating for epilepsy and removing the stigma.

00:44:13.620 --> 00:44:18.450 Frank R. Harrison: Now that it's mushroomed into something more of the healthcare ecosystem.

00:44:18.870 --> 00:44:30.690 Frank R. Harrison: we're talking with fellow advocates and using their own case study with their own experience to be able to transfer that knowledge to people who just need direction and guidance and that's what coaches do.

00:44:30.960 --> 00:44:39.120 Frank R. Harrison: Ladies and gentlemen, stay tuned as we close our show out in the next segment with how you can get Ahold of allison as well as some other questions that come up with.

00:44:39.390 --> 00:44:46.470 Frank R. Harrison: In terms of the types of coaching she's done and the kinds of build this was also comparing except we're not going to last in the next segment.

00:44:47.790 --> 00:44:59.910 Frank R. Harrison: Good right here as we're talking about resilience and transformational coach coaching which all is in the root of mindfulness right here on frank about health goes on talk radio's at nyc and Facebook lives will be back in a few.

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00:46:58.050 --> 00:47:04.830 Frank R. Harrison: hey everybody and welcome back it's been an exciting 45 minutes learning a lot about allison story and how she is now.

00:47:05.760 --> 00:47:11.100 Frank R. Harrison: Using her experience to really help others that are have a variety of needs to be able to reduce pain to.

00:47:11.580 --> 00:47:20.130 Frank R. Harrison: To reduce anxiety to have more focus and clarity going forward with their lives, now, but I did have one question when you gave the example of how.

00:47:20.550 --> 00:47:30.660 Frank R. Harrison: allison that you were guiding a lot of people through creative visualization I could see that in the way that you were dealing with the client I guess you would call them a client, not a patient.

00:47:31.110 --> 00:47:37.410 Frank R. Harrison: Is you were still leaving that that client to his own devices, his own thinking.

00:47:37.830 --> 00:47:44.160 Frank R. Harrison: His own place so that there will come a time where he won't be working with you directly anymore he'll just be in his own.

00:47:44.430 --> 00:47:59.850 Frank R. Harrison: bedroom or living room or whatever, and just using the techniques that you've trained, so that he can use the visualization and use the proper language to be able to have a different mindset over whatever is creating anxiety or other kinds of issues that he wants to resolve.

00:48:00.270 --> 00:48:03.780 Frank R. Harrison: correctly you're still person independent, even though you're coaching them.

00:48:03.960 --> 00:48:13.350 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: yeah absolutely I mean, I very much know from my own experience of doing these techniques, it is that that's my environment and, as a coach i'm just guiding and i'm hinting and i'm.

00:48:14.190 --> 00:48:21.330 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: going off cues from that person is, you know that Star Wars thing was like I just had that sense that that would that would resonate and it did, and then he could just you know.

00:48:21.750 --> 00:48:30.240 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: just happened to be that really worked and I love that, and you can get really creative and it can be funny you know it's all those wonderful things.

00:48:31.410 --> 00:48:41.010 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: And yes, it very much to allow them to you know when they can take the lead, but to be there to support and guide when they need that support and guidance and then, absolutely the idea is.

00:48:41.460 --> 00:48:53.040 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: That they don't need me, you know I don't want that person with me for the next 10 years needing my coaching because that means i'm not working as a coach i'm not being effective I want them to be like you know as soon as they're able to feel like they've got this.

00:48:53.910 --> 00:48:59.610 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: they're going, you know they can I mean I got very, very creative I went off, I went like totally.

00:49:00.390 --> 00:49:07.320 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: Often just started exploring making up my own techniques that I now use with clients that I know the things that I just discovered randomly that works for me.

00:49:07.800 --> 00:49:15.990 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: And i've got a couple of those that i've some of my go tues for working with clients that um yeah so it's very much about empowering that person.

00:49:16.470 --> 00:49:31.980 Phyllis Quinlan: I have a question i'll send around, how do you how do you work with someone who's in your from your perspective, a little bit stuck, so I do a lot of work as a coach around emotional intelligence, so the first competency is self awareness.

00:49:32.490 --> 00:49:39.600 Phyllis Quinlan: But the second competency is self management, so the self awareness is where you choose the glass, you know you.

00:49:40.560 --> 00:49:48.420 Phyllis Quinlan: start to realize they were blind spots, there are behaviors that are no longer serving you that you're overusing some character strengths.

00:49:48.720 --> 00:50:04.800 Phyllis Quinlan: And you're thinking to yourself at this age and time of my life, how could I be doing this and it's unsettling you know you have to get the person past that that that regret and remorse towards well let's take some positive steps to change that but.

00:50:05.880 --> 00:50:17.070 Phyllis Quinlan: So many times, my my my clients have trouble and they get stuck at the self awareness piece and don't necessarily they know about the self management techniques, the the the the.

00:50:17.430 --> 00:50:26.790 Phyllis Quinlan: The empowerment techniques that you were teaching, but they don't necessarily do it, or they don't necessarily capitalize on an opportunity to do it.

00:50:27.090 --> 00:50:34.920 Phyllis Quinlan: So what I hear sometimes from from clients that are stuck is, I know I know I know I know I keep doing this, I know I know I know I know.

00:50:35.400 --> 00:50:51.090 Phyllis Quinlan: And i'm like well the self awareness is useless if you don't put the self management with it to change that habitual behavior change that mindset change that way of thinking about something, how do you help people get past that point of stuck.

00:50:51.630 --> 00:50:52.560 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: Ah, it was.

00:50:54.240 --> 00:50:54.270 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: A.

00:50:55.050 --> 00:50:56.070 Frank R. Harrison: Good question good question.

00:50:56.610 --> 00:51:02.130 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: very good question it's something you said earlier, and to do the masterminds with Tony robbins that you know.

00:51:03.360 --> 00:51:03.660 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: He.

00:51:04.680 --> 00:51:10.830 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: legends but he talks about you know you've got a garden full of weeds you don't just stand there and go there on a week there on a lease or on a week, so you know it's.

00:51:11.910 --> 00:51:12.810 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: It takes the work.

00:51:13.260 --> 00:51:27.630 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: And I think very much so, when I start working with somebody it's very much about managing that expectation that this isn't just like a thing that they're just going to do it once and then be fixed and, for me it was diligently rewiring over a period of a year and.

00:51:29.310 --> 00:51:37.260 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: It again it comes back to I think about it's not exact science so very much depend on the person as to what I felt they needed and it might be that it's accountability coaching.

00:51:37.530 --> 00:51:45.270 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: That comes into it, you know, I have a client at the moment, who i'm very conscious needs that accountability coaching whereas other people like myself it's like.

00:51:45.570 --> 00:51:52.140 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: I got given the tool as soon as I saw a little chip, I was like i'm good you know i'm I was doing at 2030 times a day.

00:51:52.710 --> 00:52:01.320 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: And without any issues but it's very much about that person again and what they need so that's not a question, I can say it's this you know it's.

00:52:02.040 --> 00:52:12.750 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: black and white say that's what I would do I would gauge that on the person, but I think something like that is probably likely to come down to the meeting some kind of accountability some kind of.

00:52:14.220 --> 00:52:20.940 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: yeah like that again is that is that we don't want somebody to have to keep coming back to you, but there are definite types of people.

00:52:21.900 --> 00:52:33.900 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: who need that motivation, they need that push and perhaps you know that could also come down to that confidence that you know not having that not being connected into that confidence and resilience that's going to give them that.

00:52:34.470 --> 00:52:34.770 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: You know.

00:52:35.280 --> 00:52:36.720 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: yeah i'm going to take longer.

00:52:37.320 --> 00:52:45.420 Phyllis Quinlan: I think you know you pretty much have you know named what I used to set you know now we have to have an accountability contract of some sort.

00:52:45.870 --> 00:52:54.600 Phyllis Quinlan: You know or then you're going to fall into that unfortunate category of not being coachable and we do know that there are folks out there, that are not coachable.

00:52:54.630 --> 00:52:55.620 Phyllis Quinlan: And that.

00:52:55.650 --> 00:53:07.140 Phyllis Quinlan: could be such a sad sad situation because you know you agonize over seeing the potential and for whatever reason, they can't they can't see it with you, you know.

00:53:07.530 --> 00:53:08.880 Phyllis Quinlan: You get there, so.

00:53:09.300 --> 00:53:12.570 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: And it might be that they need a different kind of you know, again, you know it's like.

00:53:12.600 --> 00:53:21.000 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: Okay, if we feel like we can't help that person i've yet to have it where i've thought no this isn't for me, but you know sure one day there's going to be.

00:53:21.450 --> 00:53:29.700 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: And it's it's knowing when to refer somebody for something else that's going to help them because it's not about me getting paid it's about me help that person, you know.

00:53:30.930 --> 00:53:38.280 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: it's about that getting getting that results they don't need me and if that's not with me because it's not coaching they need because that's not going to.

00:53:38.700 --> 00:53:45.960 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: get up because perhaps they just don't you know if somebody's interested in nlp I get a lot of people coming for discovery calls in the.

00:53:47.070 --> 00:53:59.370 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: Because they just want to understand what it is and then it's like yeah I can get down with that yeah let's that's progress let's let's go down that road, or they might need to go away and I go on YouTube learn about it, you know understand it and.

00:53:59.430 --> 00:54:00.120 Phyllis Quinlan: circle back.

00:54:00.450 --> 00:54:03.150 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: yeah if they're not going to the can't.

00:54:04.380 --> 00:54:08.490 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: Even leave it but it's not going to work because they're not going to do it and then it's.

00:54:08.790 --> 00:54:12.480 Phyllis Quinlan: You know you don't I know frank's going to invite you to share with us how.

00:54:12.510 --> 00:54:21.390 Phyllis Quinlan: People can get in touch with you and learn more about what you do and your coaching and and and and so forth, but what what's on the horizon what's next for you.

00:54:22.950 --> 00:54:28.350 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: Well, that will, this is my very first radio live interview, so this is very exciting.

00:54:28.470 --> 00:54:29.340 Frank R. Harrison: Natural as.

00:54:29.370 --> 00:54:30.090 Phyllis Quinlan: Natural as.

00:54:32.310 --> 00:54:39.390 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: Well yeah no absolutely and then yeah no that's very it's very exciting i'm starting to the podcast and give interviews and things like that, but this is.

00:54:39.750 --> 00:54:48.510 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: very, very exciting, for me, I can't even tell you how excited to be here and but yes, I mean for me it's really just expanding my coaching work and.

00:54:50.160 --> 00:54:56.550 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: Again that's just purpose to me so it's just to seeing where that can take me, you know the kind of people I can work with.

00:54:57.600 --> 00:55:05.670 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: And I have a few guys that i've written, you know goal setting guys in that i've got other ideas and the process at the moment which people can find you my website and the mailing list.

00:55:06.060 --> 00:55:15.990 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: You know, all those kinds of things you know so i'm at the moment i'm just very excited to get to tell the story that's the thing that's most important to me, and you know it's my job.

00:55:16.470 --> 00:55:22.350 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: yeah there's no way around that because it was not the job of can't coach so there's that half of it, but the other half, that is, the.

00:55:23.280 --> 00:55:36.300 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: The real drive for me is now sharing the story on platforms like this, which is why i'm so grateful for this God, because, as you said earlier, my linkedin header says using my story to help so.

00:55:36.960 --> 00:55:40.470 Frank R. Harrison: Well, being that we're about at the minute and a half.

00:55:40.470 --> 00:55:45.900 Frank R. Harrison: point, I just wanted to say one big takeaway that i've taken from our earlier conversations in addition to this.

00:55:46.230 --> 00:55:53.280 Frank R. Harrison: past hour we've spent together is that I believe that the type of coaching that you've been able to help yourself with an intern.

00:55:53.580 --> 00:55:58.650 Frank R. Harrison: coach others with is helping people learn to live life in the Gray area.

00:55:59.010 --> 00:56:06.810 Frank R. Harrison: We have a constant way of thinking, especially here in the US, whether it has to do with covert or whether it has to do with other issues is still questionable.

00:56:07.110 --> 00:56:15.690 Frank R. Harrison: But it's black or white all or nothing thinking and I don't know where it comes from, exactly, but I know that in my own personal struggles professional or otherwise.

00:56:15.990 --> 00:56:24.600 Frank R. Harrison: i've done things like this show to try to bring out the Gray area and work with it, and I know from the from the discussions we've had about how you.

00:56:24.930 --> 00:56:36.060 Frank R. Harrison: Do the transforming of the neural passageways through nlp i've noticed that, even in just the last two weeks, when I had normally anxiety provoking circumstances i've just been going with the flow.

00:56:36.120 --> 00:56:37.380 Frank R. Harrison: Because i've been remembering.

00:56:37.380 --> 00:56:47.340 Frank R. Harrison: Some of the techniques that you've told me that I should just put into my mind to get through it and circumstance, because I end up going through the stressful situation with minimal stress.

00:56:47.700 --> 00:56:58.710 Frank R. Harrison: But still, a better outcome, you know, so that all being said, ladies and gentlemen, please go to allison please go to her linkedin page, which I guess is just under your name.

00:56:58.740 --> 00:57:10.590 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: allison petty right yeah it's all about everything about everything from our website and I always offer I just put in a free discovery call so if anybody's interested in just having a conversation with no obligation just want to find out more or talk to me about coaching.

00:57:10.950 --> 00:57:11.130 Frank R. Harrison: yeah.

00:57:11.250 --> 00:57:13.140 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: that's my websites, like the call with me.

00:57:13.470 --> 00:57:18.540 Frank R. Harrison: Yes, I looked on your homepage it says, you can actually add request an invite to set up time just to have a.

00:57:18.870 --> 00:57:28.380 Frank R. Harrison: Open dialogue which by the way, that's exactly how allison and I met so I advise all of you out there to do that and, by the way, yes, you will be able to share this story exponentially.

00:57:28.650 --> 00:57:40.680 Frank R. Harrison: This show is going to be archived immediately on Facebook, as we sign off simultaneously i'm going to be able to see that it will be on Court again next week on this network or at random times throughout the weekend.

00:57:41.550 --> 00:57:44.700 Frank R. Harrison: And then, it says now wrap it up so, ladies and gentlemen.

00:57:45.180 --> 00:58:01.290 Frank R. Harrison: Stay tuned for Friday shows on talk radio dot nyc which are always Friday philanthropy and focus wise content creates well there'll be another episode of frank about health next week and we're signing off right now so stay tuned for whatever's next signing off.

00:58:01.320 --> 00:58:01.800 Thanks thanks.

00:58:02.820 --> 00:58:03.090 Phyllis Quinlan: Thanks.

00:58:04.110 --> 00:58:05.940 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: we'll be in touch okay.

00:58:06.480 --> 00:58:06.930 Frank R. Harrison: bye bye.

00:58:07.410 --> 00:58:07.710 bye.

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