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Tuesday, March 8, 2022
Facebook Live Video from 2022/03/08 - Hiring Trends Post-Covid  – A Recruiter’s Perspective

Facebook Live Video from 2022/03/08 - Hiring Trends Post-Covid  – A Recruiter’s Perspective


2022/03/08 - Hiring Trends Post-Covid  – A Recruiter’s Perspective

[NEW EPISODE] Hiring Trends Post-Covid  – A Recruiter’s Perspective

Our audience will learn how to identify new trends in hiring, how to adjust the screening process / interview process to meet the modern workforce, and how to understand and respond to the Covid-19 pandemic's impact on recruitment. 

What are some recent trends in hiring and recruiting in light of the changing landscape of a post-Covid workplace? 

Hiring the right job candidate is a challenging task for any employer.  The decision of which person will fill a position, if done too hastily or without proper vetting, can lead to many headaches, including time spent in training, then firing, and searching for / training a new candidate.  It is no surprise that many companies hire recruiters who have their finger on the pulse of the latest hiring trends and employer/employee dynamics.

How has the pandemic, and the subsequent work-from-home movement and laws surrounding the workplace, changed the employer / employee relationship? How does that impact the way in which employers need to hire in a 2022 world of mass resignations and reassessments of what work means to employees?

Tune in this evening, when my guest, the very talented / experienced recruiter, Lynn Hazan, and I discuss these issues, along with tips for companies in hiring new employees.

Tune in for this informative conversation at or watch the Facebook Livestream by clicking here.

Show Notes

Segment 1

Tonight, Eric speaks with his guest, recruiter and president of Lynn Hazan & Associates, Inc, Lynn Hazan. The topic for this episode revolves around the hiring trends post covid from a recruiter’s perspective as well as tips for companies hiring new employees. Lynn speaks about being a recruiter. She says that she did not know this would be her career as she began her career working in non-profit organizations. She even worked at the Goodman Theater in Chicago selling tickets and was able to meet someone who had a firm in the recruiting industry. She tells us her journey to creating her own recruiting firm and forming relationships with clients and candidates where they keep in touch on their paths to their careers. She also talks with Eric about the change in recruiting in 2022 and with covid. Lynn talks about the ability to adapt and be flexible with the ever changing ways such as now using zoom for interviews and landing the right job or candidate.

Segment 2

Lynn talks with Eric about preparing candidates for interviewing via zoom. She says that the level of professionalism is coming back except with the change of video calls. Lynn says that now we’ve had two years to practice on what works when interviewing on zoom such as your environment and more. She also talks about understanding the work culture of a company to make sure that she is speaking with the right candidate. Her conversations with her clients deal with work and life balance and what really motivates them as well as what they are looking for such as salary and more. Lynn and her clients work on looking at whether their skills and aspirations align with a job opening. She also makes a point of whether companies should be very narrow on the years of experience a candidate must have. Lynn and Eric speak about the fine details as well from job seekers that may harm them in their process such as moving through many different jobs or how they present themselves on social media and more.

Segment 3

Coming back from the break, Eric mentions Lynn’s last name and how it can be pronounced in different ways. Lynn says that she is from a Syrian and Egyptian background, but she grew up in Montreal, Canada. They switch gears where Lynn talks about a success story of one of her candidates. She says that she likes to get to know her candidates over time and watch them grow. This gives her a chance to recruit them much better and know their needs and what they are better matched for. But of course, she also holds the candidates responsible for being informed on what clients or companies are looking for and more. She also talks about certain trends in the last couple of years such as having technical skills and being tech savvy as this is what a lot of companies look for the most as well. When looking for writers for example, she says that clients also look for visual communication skills; being creative on Canva is one example. Lynn also mentions how she helps her own interns in these aspects so that they have more skills in their “toolbox”.

Segment 4

Eric asks Lynn about the changes in laws and how it affects the recruiting process for businesses. When talking about a law that deals with transparency in job postings, Lynn brings up a point of whether there would be applicants if salaries were to always be public. Things such as reevaluating everyone else's salaries in a business or whether a candidate is applying somewhere for a certain reason are some things to think of. She says that the deal with this topic has to do with negotiations and learning to advocate on your own behalf. In general when talking about being a good fit for a business or company, she mentions knowing your audience, knowing the value you bring to a job, and understanding where your salary goals fit in such as your work-life balance and much more. To get in touch with Lynn Hazan, you can contact her at and also visit Before closing the show, Eric thanks Lynn Hazan for joining him tonight and compliments her great amount of passion and enthusiasm she brought to the conversation! Lynn Hazan also leaves us with some final words of advice and encouragement.


00:00:33.540 --> 00:00:45.900 Eric Sarver, Esq.: Good evening, welcome to employment law today i'm your host erick solver i'm in employment law and business law attorney and I host us live weekly talk radio show in this weekly live video broadcast.

00:00:46.290 --> 00:00:53.820 Eric Sarver, Esq.: Every Tuesday night from 5pm to 6pm Eastern standard time where I have guests who discussed some of the most interesting and engaging.

00:00:54.150 --> 00:01:03.480 Eric Sarver, Esq.: hot topics and issues that business owners and employers face during these trying times and in that spirit, I would love to welcome tonight, our guest.

00:01:04.230 --> 00:01:14.880 Eric Sarver, Esq.: Miss Lin Hasan and recruiter extraordinaire and founder and President of Lynn Hasan and associates incorporated Lynn welcome to the show.

00:01:15.390 --> 00:01:17.100 Lynn Hazan: Thank you so much i'm thrilled to be with you.

00:01:17.850 --> 00:01:20.310 Eric Sarver, Esq.: i'm thrilled to have you on the show tonight we're really.

00:01:20.910 --> 00:01:27.540 Eric Sarver, Esq.: Looking forward to your our conversation, and I want to tell our audience a little bit about our topic tonight what we're going to discuss.

00:01:27.870 --> 00:01:37.380 Eric Sarver, Esq.: And what they can get from the show and then i'll give you, of course, have proper introductions our our viewers can really know get to know you a little bit more If that sounds good to you.

00:01:37.860 --> 00:01:38.400 Lynn Hazan: I mean.

00:01:38.970 --> 00:01:46.920 Eric Sarver, Esq.: All right, great let's do it, so our topic tonight, everyone is hiring trends post covert a recruiters perspective.

00:01:47.640 --> 00:01:56.610 Eric Sarver, Esq.: And you know Ben and I were speaking about this, to the point where you know hiring the right job candidate is a really a challenging task for any employer.

00:01:57.030 --> 00:02:02.640 Eric Sarver, Esq.: The decision of which person will fill a position if it's done too hastily or without proper vetting.

00:02:03.000 --> 00:02:10.230 Eric Sarver, Esq.: can lead to many headaches, including time spent and training and then firing and then searching for and retraining, a new candidate.

00:02:10.800 --> 00:02:19.380 Eric Sarver, Esq.: So it's no surprise that many companies hire recruiters who have their finger on the pulse of the latest hiring trends and understand employer employee dynamics.

00:02:20.010 --> 00:02:26.400 Eric Sarver, Esq.: And the question comes up and many of you may be listening tonight wondering about this, what is a recent trends and hiring and recruiting.

00:02:26.910 --> 00:02:34.830 Eric Sarver, Esq.: In light of the changing landscape, to work from home environment, how is the pandemic and essentially your laws around in the workplace.

00:02:35.700 --> 00:02:43.320 Eric Sarver, Esq.: Healthy change the employer employee relationship, you know how does that impact the way in which employers need to hire in a.

00:02:44.160 --> 00:02:56.250 Eric Sarver, Esq.: world of mass resignations and reassessments but what word means to employees, so if you're tuning this evening and join me and join my guest again the very talented experienced recruiter Lynn.

00:02:56.880 --> 00:03:10.230 Eric Sarver, Esq.: Is on we will discuss these issues, along with tips for companies and hiring new employees and now with that backdrop, I want to introduce Lynn more formally or once again Lynn.

00:03:11.370 --> 00:03:19.710 Eric Sarver, Esq.: Is in is the President of Lynn hazing and associates incorporated Lynn has worked as an award winning executive recruiter for 37 years.

00:03:20.280 --> 00:03:31.380 Eric Sarver, Esq.: And 2022 marks lynn's 22nd anniversary anniversary, excuse me, as President of lead Hasan and associates, congratulations on that land that's quite an accomplishment.

00:03:32.850 --> 00:03:42.900 Eric Sarver, Esq.: And then also specializes in communications marketing and consulting services for clients throughout the US with a special emphasis on the Chicago area and the Midwest.

00:03:44.070 --> 00:03:52.560 Eric Sarver, Esq.: Her clients are fortunate 500 and entrepreneurial companies, as well as PR and advertising agencies, trade associations and nonprofits.

00:03:53.130 --> 00:04:02.370 Eric Sarver, Esq.: candidates are placing consumer business to business and nonprofit sectors linds philosophy as a recruiter represents what she calls relationship marketing.

00:04:02.850 --> 00:04:08.610 Eric Sarver, Esq.: She maintains long term relationships with both clients and candidates to ensure successful placements.

00:04:09.150 --> 00:04:16.890 Eric Sarver, Esq.: Now Lynn is definitely a known and acknowledging her field, she was cited in the Chicago tribune article standing out in a crisis economy.

00:04:17.430 --> 00:04:24.270 Eric Sarver, Esq.: Lynn is heavily involved in a professional community as well, she serves on the depaul university's marketing advisory council.

00:04:24.690 --> 00:04:32.970 Eric Sarver, Esq.: And was awarded the lifetime achievement award a dream has college of business marketing Advisory Council in June 2018.

00:04:33.660 --> 00:04:50.970 Eric Sarver, Esq.: she's also an active member of Chicago women and bio and and a B2B formally bma Chicago and a member of the year for 2011 2012 and new member of the year for 2003 to 2004 little also volunteered for Chicago innovation and in June 2003.

00:04:52.200 --> 00:05:08.550 Eric Sarver, Esq.: Lynn hazen was recognized, I was just coughlin of the year by the Chicago Jewish news in recognition of our immune attack humanitarian relief work, I mean Ethiopian jury professional storyteller when is also a published writer and a native of Montreal Canada.

00:05:09.570 --> 00:05:18.390 Eric Sarver, Esq.: Link graduated with a BA from the University of Montreal in Canada and then an ma from Brandeis University in waltham Massachusetts so.

00:05:18.960 --> 00:05:29.940 Eric Sarver, Esq.: That is, I think, in quite the background and no doubt we're in for a treat tonight or listeners to really get some great information so again really glad you're here with us tonight.

00:05:30.660 --> 00:05:35.070 Lynn Hazan: Thank you and i'm happy to contribute a little bit of what i've learned over the years.

00:05:35.940 --> 00:05:44.760 Eric Sarver, Esq.: Sure yep absolutely the years they do go quick that five when I tell people i've been practicing law for 23 years at the top, as I would say is that is that right, if my math right.

00:05:45.900 --> 00:06:02.880 Eric Sarver, Esq.: But, but just going, you know, to the first question so i've given our listeners a little bit more a little bit about you, but, as you can tell us, maybe more about yourself as a personal anecdotes or even what drew you to the world of recruiting and why did you form lit his and associates.

00:06:03.600 --> 00:06:13.890 Lynn Hazan: it's a great question because recruiting to me is almost like second nature it's part of my DNA and little did I realize that it would be my calling early in life.

00:06:14.100 --> 00:06:14.760 Lynn Hazan: So honey.

00:06:14.970 --> 00:06:21.930 Lynn Hazan: If you this is a background, because when candidates change careers, sometimes they don't know what they're going to land up doing.

00:06:22.200 --> 00:06:28.290 Lynn Hazan: I working in the not for profit, I got my master's from Brandeis I moved to the Chicago area.

00:06:28.590 --> 00:06:33.900 Lynn Hazan: I wouldn't quite a few years with a lot of students and running student internship programs as well.

00:06:34.920 --> 00:06:45.270 Lynn Hazan: it's time to move on, and when I moved on you're not going to believe this, but I work part time at the Goodman theatre selling subscription tickets on the phone and.

00:06:45.930 --> 00:07:01.620 Lynn Hazan: Both landed up meeting a woman who had an executive recruiting firm and I transitioned into the world of recruiting and there was 37 years ago that's literally how I started, I was so green a green pepper couldn't be greener than that.

00:07:02.790 --> 00:07:10.560 Lynn Hazan: Close I was eager and wanted to learn i'm a lifelong learner and very committed to the process I learned very quickly.

00:07:11.190 --> 00:07:21.930 Lynn Hazan: it's amazing what survival skills will do for you to get you on board and I got myself very involved with professional associations being involved with groups and organizations.

00:07:22.200 --> 00:07:32.730 Lynn Hazan: And starting to build my relationships with both clients and candidates, then over time I moved to another firm and then something started to happen.

00:07:34.050 --> 00:07:45.150 Lynn Hazan: years, as I was recruiting clients came up to me candidates came up to me and said listen why don't you have your own firm i'll give you my business.

00:07:46.590 --> 00:07:53.400 Lynn Hazan: about that, and I said, you know what I have a vision of what I can do with Lynn Hayes and associate.

00:07:54.840 --> 00:08:00.600 Lynn Hazan: As soon as I started my business in 2000 my clients came with me and it was really a.

00:08:00.600 --> 00:08:07.680 Lynn Hazan: joy to continue recruiting relationship on their behalf but know that I had their trust.

00:08:07.980 --> 00:08:08.340 Eric Sarver, Esq.: And then.

00:08:08.790 --> 00:08:13.350 Lynn Hazan: do a great job on their behalf, because they already knew what I could do for them.

00:08:13.680 --> 00:08:14.670 Eric Sarver, Esq.: And since then i've.

00:08:15.270 --> 00:08:18.690 Lynn Hazan: to grow, many of my candidates have become clients.

00:08:18.930 --> 00:08:26.880 Lynn Hazan: My bond from one company to the next to the next, and they keep calling me each time they move and said I need your help, I need your help.

00:08:27.120 --> 00:08:43.170 Lynn Hazan: So this is really what epitomizes my commitment to relationship recruiting because I form those lifelong relationships with my clients and with my candidates and i've been doing a lot of workshops recently with Marcus Buckingham.

00:08:43.380 --> 00:08:43.920 Lynn Hazan: And he taught.

00:08:44.400 --> 00:08:47.490 Lynn Hazan: Your passions in your life and what your strengths are.

00:08:47.850 --> 00:08:57.930 Lynn Hazan: and loving those relationships understanding what the client needs are understanding what it is to have a trusted relationship makes a.

00:08:58.620 --> 00:09:13.800 Lynn Hazan: difference because when I work with my candidates it's very important that I know who they are, what those are and what you're going to bring to a potential candidate client rather and often the candidates are too close to their own backgrounds.

00:09:14.040 --> 00:09:14.340 Lynn Hazan: You need.

00:09:14.730 --> 00:09:20.040 Lynn Hazan: someone like myself to say Oh, I like that new background tell me a little bit more.

00:09:21.390 --> 00:09:27.030 Lynn Hazan: bullet and then what happens is it's like that magic sauce that's the perfect fit for the client.

00:09:27.780 --> 00:09:32.430 Lynn Hazan: And candidates are often too close to their own accomplishments.

00:09:32.640 --> 00:09:33.210 Lynn Hazan: I help.

00:09:33.600 --> 00:09:38.640 Lynn Hazan: Bring that out in them, so the eighth better I call this.

00:09:38.790 --> 00:09:43.050 Lynn Hazan: Actually, this is applicable for many things in life is to really.

00:09:44.250 --> 00:09:47.430 Lynn Hazan: 80% prep 20% execution.

00:09:47.550 --> 00:09:54.510 Eric Sarver, Esq.: Sure, and that was this gentleman really from that what i'm hearing is a few great things like one thing, how the seed.

00:09:54.960 --> 00:10:00.510 Eric Sarver, Esq.: for recruiting with plans and you many years ago and that chance, perhaps interaction those phone calls while you're working.

00:10:00.810 --> 00:10:12.120 Eric Sarver, Esq.: At this particular group in theater and then the cow the seed was sort of replanted later on to form your own company, you talked about having the perseverance and persistence, being a good listener, the learner.

00:10:12.810 --> 00:10:16.680 Eric Sarver, Esq.: And then from there you talking about relationship building right and how your.

00:10:17.100 --> 00:10:24.660 Eric Sarver, Esq.: You know your candidates become sort of repeat clients up customers if you will think I think that's very important for our audience tonight to realize that.

00:10:25.080 --> 00:10:32.220 Eric Sarver, Esq.: You know, in the hiring process even engaging employees there's a relationship and component to it it's not just that they're cogs in the wheel.

00:10:33.150 --> 00:10:38.520 Eric Sarver, Esq.: Which kind of raises an interesting question if you were just to check some a year okay we're doing well with time.

00:10:38.910 --> 00:10:55.350 Eric Sarver, Esq.: I wanted to ask you like in what ways you've been doing this for a long time you've been recruiting for, as you mentioned 37 years in what ways has a coven 19 pandemics, change the world roll the recruiting like, for example, how the chain in terms of how you evaluate and and find candidates.

00:10:57.000 --> 00:10:59.670 Lynn Hazan: In in many ways it's the same.

00:10:59.910 --> 00:11:15.750 Lynn Hazan: Because is to find best in class talent and i'm very committed to quote best in class so whether I meet the candidate on a zoom call at an industry event at a conference when i'm speaking it really doesn't matter in that regard.

00:11:16.140 --> 00:11:26.700 Lynn Hazan: In aspects, yes, it is a little different now because over the last two years, I haven't been to industry events I haven't spoken at conferences, although i've done.

00:11:27.300 --> 00:11:36.060 Lynn Hazan: seminars and i've initiated a whole group of new kinds of educational programs to reach out to potential candidates i'll give you an example.

00:11:37.290 --> 00:11:46.320 Lynn Hazan: When I work with PhDs and postdocs and MDS many of these kinds of candidates are working or still in academia.

00:11:46.590 --> 00:11:47.370 Eric Sarver, Esq.: And they want.

00:11:47.880 --> 00:11:51.870 Lynn Hazan: In into the world of business and they don't know the business world.

00:11:52.110 --> 00:11:52.470 Lynn Hazan: So if.

00:11:52.860 --> 00:11:56.940 Lynn Hazan: There is workshops to help these PhDs and postdocs.

00:11:57.180 --> 00:12:07.230 Lynn Hazan: Trans bacteria into industry as they like to call it, and the World Health Care recruiting is so dynamic, there are so many needs.

00:12:07.380 --> 00:12:07.950 Lynn Hazan: And so many.

00:12:08.490 --> 00:12:16.290 Lynn Hazan: You have to move fast, to be able to find the talent, because they are recruiting and placing these candidates as fast as you can get them.

00:12:16.710 --> 00:12:26.250 Lynn Hazan: So it doesn't matter if I haven't met them in person, as long as I can really get to know them I did interview process very seriously.

00:12:26.460 --> 00:12:40.290 Lynn Hazan: And i'm very intuitive because I can gauge very quickly if a candidate is going to be a potential fit for a client or you know let's keep in touch I might have the perfect job for you in two years.

00:12:40.620 --> 00:12:58.290 Lynn Hazan: When I might have a freelance gig actually we just placed a candidate doing freelance medical writing for a MED calm agency and they only PhD so part of this whole thing in the age of covert in depth is we always need to reinvent ourselves.

00:12:58.500 --> 00:12:58.980 Eric Sarver, Esq.: To keep up.

00:12:59.550 --> 00:13:01.950 Lynn Hazan: With the changing tools and technologies.

00:13:02.220 --> 00:13:10.740 Lynn Hazan: To commitment to excellence to finding the right candidate and some ways it's easier in some ways it's harder.

00:13:11.490 --> 00:13:11.550 To.

00:13:12.690 --> 00:13:13.560 Lynn Hazan: find a candidate.

00:13:17.880 --> 00:13:27.090 Eric Sarver, Esq.: Man yeah I mean, I think that you mentioned that in some ways, dependent make hands are shaking hands recruiting in some ways it's not and I want to be a little more into that with your.

00:13:27.630 --> 00:13:35.130 Eric Sarver, Esq.: question I think some great stuff we can talk about how you know employers navigate those choppy waters of like vaccine mandates, I can certainly.

00:13:35.460 --> 00:13:44.760 Eric Sarver, Esq.: Speak to that even the whole dream as a nation worker awakening but before we get to that we need to take our first commercial break so i'll just tell our audience tonight that.

00:13:45.420 --> 00:14:02.460 Eric Sarver, Esq.: folks you're listening to or watching or maybe both employment law today here on talk radio nyc stay tuned for more with Len a that will be talking all about recruiting and impact of coven on the recruiting process so stick around we'll be right back.

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00:16:16.470 --> 00:16:23.520 Eric Sarver, Esq.: Welcome back to the formula today I am your host erick soccer my guest tonight miss Lin hazed enough but he's an associates.

00:16:23.880 --> 00:16:31.170 Eric Sarver, Esq.: And we're talking about recruiting trends and recruiting feature and the time a coven in this in these tricky challenging times.

00:16:31.800 --> 00:16:37.110 Eric Sarver, Esq.: interesting to hear live in that question about how dependent may have changed or impacted recruiting.

00:16:37.830 --> 00:16:45.540 Eric Sarver, Esq.: I heard you talk about it, some maybe some sort of Constance if i'm correct, a man stay the same, in terms of you know, finding the right people or.

00:16:45.840 --> 00:16:52.680 Eric Sarver, Esq.: Maybe you I think you mentioned, people are conditioning more for perhaps academia and into other fields and i'm not sure if maybe that's.

00:16:53.490 --> 00:17:08.820 Eric Sarver, Esq.: A function that turn dynamics or or not, but but i'm kind of curious to like when you were, how does it benefit change or impacted and say, for example, how you prep a candidate for like zoom interview compared to an in person face to face or something like that.

00:17:09.990 --> 00:17:28.110 Lynn Hazan: I want to respond in two ways number one is the talent pipeline because there's so many positions that either were eliminated when companies weren't hiring now massive need, for example, I have lots of PR agency job openings.

00:17:29.520 --> 00:17:36.360 Lynn Hazan: what's different now is that the candidates can work virtually they can office, maybe one or two days a week.

00:17:36.630 --> 00:17:46.560 Lynn Hazan: One actually she moved her office downtown so be more accessible to town, so that they won't have to commute so there.

00:17:47.190 --> 00:17:58.560 Lynn Hazan: Is that we have seen very significant impacts in terms of hiring one other agency wants their people in the office downtown because we work together as a team.

00:17:59.070 --> 00:18:06.810 Lynn Hazan: So, in terms of prepping candidates for interviewing by now, a lot of the candidates have made the transition to knowing how to interview.

00:18:07.290 --> 00:18:14.100 Lynn Hazan: The the zoom and what to put what not to put you notice my door is closed, so my cat won't come and sit on my desk.

00:18:15.090 --> 00:18:19.710 Lynn Hazan: like that, and the level of professionalism is definitely.

00:18:20.430 --> 00:18:30.960 Lynn Hazan: Coming back in if candidates are serious about interviewing for a job you're going to make further properly a tired, they have also had a chance to practice.

00:18:31.200 --> 00:18:36.600 Lynn Hazan: Over the last couple of years, so this is not a new topic about how to interview on zoom.

00:18:36.930 --> 00:18:51.420 Lynn Hazan: And when I coach my candidates, I spent a lot of time, helping them to understand what the client is the culture, the need the ideal candidate and how they fit because here's the difference in working with the recruiter.

00:18:51.900 --> 00:18:58.380 Lynn Hazan: When it applies for a job by himself or herself they don't know the inside of the company.

00:18:58.830 --> 00:19:09.720 Lynn Hazan: And it's not that i'm hiding anything is not confidential information, however, I have insights and knowledge and experience, having had multiple hires for the same company.

00:19:10.200 --> 00:19:21.990 Lynn Hazan: Also, what I do when I recruited me after clients I dig deep I really get to know much more about the company, the Culture who's going to be a good fit who's not going to be a fit.

00:19:23.100 --> 00:19:35.850 Lynn Hazan: What they want in a candidate that they haven't seen in other candidates, so when I recruit I fine tune the search to make sure that the candidate is a proper fit for what they're looking for.

00:19:36.330 --> 00:19:44.400 Lynn Hazan: And also, we have to look at years of experience, so I might counsel them well at this price point you can get this kind of a talent.

00:19:44.670 --> 00:19:45.180 Lynn Hazan: and live.

00:19:45.690 --> 00:19:57.720 Lynn Hazan: Point you can get this kind of talent and what we've also seen as the salaries have gone up and so every company has its own set of criteria for candidates so.

00:19:58.050 --> 00:20:08.730 Lynn Hazan: Is it a for profit, is it or not, for profit is that a trade association is it a fortune 500 company and all of these different companies have different salaries.

00:20:09.000 --> 00:20:24.540 Lynn Hazan: BONUS programs vacation programs, so I make it my business to understand the total aspect of the company, so that we can talk about work life balance, we can talk about what gets a candidate excited to get out of bed in the morning.

00:20:25.500 --> 00:20:38.670 Lynn Hazan: Friends, on behalf of their clients and organizations, because be able to tap into that energy, I want to make sure this is the perfect candidate, and let me tell you why, and then the candidate interesting better.

00:20:41.010 --> 00:20:54.060 Eric Sarver, Esq.: that's great man, I mean, first of all I love your energy and your passionately I really appreciate it sure that as well in my professional life is that what I do and i'm a lot of companies, but really great i'm loving that and also.

00:20:55.080 --> 00:21:03.060 Eric Sarver, Esq.: i'm hearing some things that were interesting that whole talent gap that you brought up you know that's happening now, you know and companies are trying, perhaps to.

00:21:03.540 --> 00:21:12.930 Eric Sarver, Esq.: let's say to accommodate maybe employee candidates, I know that what i've been reading and seeing too is that with a lot of remote positions and work from home.

00:21:13.320 --> 00:21:23.310 Eric Sarver, Esq.: Type scenarios, a lot of candidates, it might be looking for a company that will provide them with hybrid or remote situation, so I can see how there's.

00:21:23.820 --> 00:21:30.420 Eric Sarver, Esq.: sort of a it's there's something that on both sides, where there's some changes in the environment so good to hear that you work with.

00:21:31.080 --> 00:21:43.620 Eric Sarver, Esq.: candidates and I know you work with companies to right because they're not an opposite each other for the same side, the goal is to get a good fit for a candidate to the company and has to be mutual a good fit that the company likes the candidate.

00:21:44.070 --> 00:21:50.970 Lynn Hazan: Is a writer give you an example, I just got a new job for a freelancer to do web design work candidate has.

00:21:51.240 --> 00:22:04.410 Lynn Hazan: A very strong technical skills and seo abilities, the candidate can work anywhere they don't care and it's an ongoing freelance gig so we want that perfect candidate who looks forward to having an ongoing relationship.

00:22:04.740 --> 00:22:18.510 Lynn Hazan: doing work and being able to say you know what my own business, I am I go and I can dedicate X number of hours a week, and this might be a great way for me to get a really good ongoing assignment.

00:22:18.960 --> 00:22:33.450 Lynn Hazan: Like what we feel these full time jobs and because the counseling aspect is so important, I help to give not only feedback but manage expectations so, for example.

00:22:34.110 --> 00:22:40.320 Lynn Hazan: So many clients are looking for the same profile and candidates I want five to seven years of experience, so I said.

00:22:40.710 --> 00:22:47.100 Lynn Hazan: Why don't we look at maybe four to six years, so we can draw on a bigger pool of potential candidates.

00:22:47.400 --> 00:22:58.050 Lynn Hazan: Who are perhaps a little bit younger in their careers, so we have more to pull from and so having that trusted relationship with the client with the candidate and then they say yeah Okay, we could do that.

00:22:58.230 --> 00:22:58.710 Lynn Hazan: It gets.

00:22:58.950 --> 00:23:07.260 Lynn Hazan: More options, and not only that, but when candidates apply, I have to tell you that candidates go click click click.

00:23:07.740 --> 00:23:17.220 Lynn Hazan: It could spend more time, reading the specs to save themselves time, then they won't be as efficient with their time.

00:23:18.330 --> 00:23:19.950 Lynn Hazan: Especially in working with the recruiter.

00:23:20.970 --> 00:23:31.770 Eric Sarver, Esq.: yeah yeah I think you know all really good points are like that, as we navigate you know the the world of recruiting I can see definitely how there are some.

00:23:32.370 --> 00:23:40.410 Eric Sarver, Esq.: kind of constants in terms of you know, making sure that the candidate is right person for the position and just kind of and I like that thing about.

00:23:40.890 --> 00:23:52.620 Eric Sarver, Esq.: sort of going past the the narrow boxes right like that, because I know that i've had clients companies who are hiring and I may proofread their third job post or ads make sure that it doesn't.

00:23:53.340 --> 00:24:02.370 Eric Sarver, Esq.: violate any violates any employment Labor laws, but often those same looking for in five seven years experience with three to five five to 10 and.

00:24:02.790 --> 00:24:13.170 Eric Sarver, Esq.: I guess when I hear you saying when it's sort of Do we really need to be constricted and constrain right to such a sort of a narrow boxes wait, what about people that might be a little more.

00:24:13.530 --> 00:24:21.690 Eric Sarver, Esq.: On in the years a little last but maybe they're fast learners if there are four years out maybe if there are nine years in business, but they think you're going to start from a lower position.

00:24:22.080 --> 00:24:29.100 Eric Sarver, Esq.: I think there's a lot of room maybe for companies, these days to kind of rethink some of those narrow approaches to hiring is that when you think.

00:24:29.610 --> 00:24:39.450 Lynn Hazan: I agree it is the clients are are tight respects with number of years of experience, because they correspond with salary bands and other instances the.

00:24:39.450 --> 00:24:46.710 Lynn Hazan: More possible like for this freelance web designer they don't care how many years of experience they have, can you do the job.

00:24:47.040 --> 00:25:04.170 Lynn Hazan: Are you up to date with the technology can you be efficient in your time so then do the work you're not learning on the customers dime you can already go to work immediately and get the job done in the number of hours that you quote to do the gig.

00:25:04.590 --> 00:25:05.100 Eric Sarver, Esq.: hmm.

00:25:05.400 --> 00:25:20.370 Lynn Hazan: So that's really important, and also because, when I dig deep into a candidate's background I see things about themselves that often they don't know about and I say let's bring that up more to the surface, so that you can talk about that.

00:25:20.730 --> 00:25:27.030 Lynn Hazan: And I have to tell you one of the things that i'm a real particular person about his writing abilities.

00:25:27.360 --> 00:25:45.930 Lynn Hazan: i'm sad tell you that the writing skills of a lot of candidates have gone down now it's because of the casual nature of communications and using cell phones and a lot of typos and in a field where I professionally recruit for communicators we can't have typos.

00:25:47.760 --> 00:25:59.010 Lynn Hazan: So it's a standard that the candidates have to measure up to because, again we want best in class and we want to know that when I present a candidate I vetted the candidate already.

00:25:59.460 --> 00:26:07.410 Eric Sarver, Esq.: um so you work with the companies and the candidates right you do work represent both sides sort of in the recruiting world.

00:26:08.370 --> 00:26:15.600 Eric Sarver, Esq.: which I guess it might give you a good insight into what each side is looking for and the other and what's missing or what they might be.

00:26:16.290 --> 00:26:25.230 Eric Sarver, Esq.: trying to find a candidate and the whole vetting process like you know you mentioned the importance of people being careful and having typos and areas.

00:26:25.590 --> 00:26:33.630 Eric Sarver, Esq.: I think that's such a good point because i've seen and again my work with companies is different, but I represent them and employment matters, but often.

00:26:33.990 --> 00:26:43.980 Eric Sarver, Esq.: They have questions around hiring and it might show me what they're doing in terms of a job post or a candidate say resume and and i've also known people are colleagues who apply for jobs.

00:26:44.400 --> 00:26:50.160 Eric Sarver, Esq.: And sometimes people just have a little things such as it may be unprofessional looking email address right that could.

00:26:50.520 --> 00:26:59.190 Eric Sarver, Esq.: sort of be a big negative when it almost in that way, a lot of positives that may have been there have you found that to be the case that you have to.

00:26:59.550 --> 00:27:08.910 Eric Sarver, Esq.: sort of remind candidates mining companies look for the little fine details like that the email address or using or the again the typos is a good example.

00:27:09.630 --> 00:27:17.520 Lynn Hazan: Well, certainly if a candidate in every picture that they have on Facebook they're holding a can of beer that's going to raise some issues.

00:27:17.760 --> 00:27:18.060 Lynn Hazan: For.

00:27:18.330 --> 00:27:20.220 Lynn Hazan: Some candidates have had.

00:27:21.360 --> 00:27:27.390 Lynn Hazan: Multiple jobs now, this is a big issue with a lot of candidates and clients like why you hop hop.

00:27:27.480 --> 00:27:43.710 Lynn Hazan: happening all the time, what are you staying at a job, less than a year, what is it about you, because the learning curve and the adjustment period to you get in and make active contributions, sometimes can take a few months, so why are you running away or.

00:27:43.890 --> 00:27:44.460 Lynn Hazan: To the company.

00:27:44.700 --> 00:28:00.270 Lynn Hazan: Wrong hire and then the candidate was asked to leave so that's why we have to really dig deep when we interview the candidates, why did you leave each job and tell me be honest, because sometimes it's the wrong fit sometimes.

00:28:01.200 --> 00:28:14.850 Lynn Hazan: The company, for whatever reason, closed doors closed the door, there was a layoff and the more I know why the candidate left, then I can position the candidate in a thoughtful and professional way.

00:28:15.570 --> 00:28:19.470 Eric Sarver, Esq.: right that transparency sounds so crucial in this process.

00:28:19.770 --> 00:28:22.440 Eric Sarver, Esq.: And I want to hear more about the process with you and talk about it with you.

00:28:22.710 --> 00:28:24.180 Eric Sarver, Esq.: We have our next commercial break.

00:28:25.080 --> 00:28:34.980 Eric Sarver, Esq.: If you can leave at the halfway point, but this is really good stuff we're talking about here, and I want people to stay tuned because I think when we come back let's talk more about some of the ways that she helped people to.

00:28:35.520 --> 00:28:47.670 Eric Sarver, Esq.: To companies to better than candidates and we'll talk more about ways that candidates can present themselves so stick around to employment law today here in nyc and we'll be right back.

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00:30:52.710 --> 00:31:04.830 Eric Sarver, Esq.: Welcome back to today because there and every Tuesday at 5pm on talk radio, I see our guest tonight on the show legend he's in from the hazing associates.

00:31:05.130 --> 00:31:23.250 Eric Sarver, Esq.: venture to meet if you put their name pronounced in various ways there's let his innocence on that has not taken so your pardon me a couple of times they've made blended some of those pronunciations but it's great to have you on the show really great to have your insights and expertise.

00:31:23.940 --> 00:31:38.880 Lynn Hazan: One of the things that's fun about having a name that can be pronounced in three different languages, really attest to my background because i'm a child of immigrants, my parents were born in Egypt and Syria, they tried to come into the United States, but they didn't let them in.

00:31:39.060 --> 00:31:39.750 Lynn Hazan: So they went to.

00:31:39.840 --> 00:31:53.280 Lynn Hazan: Canada, and I was born in Montreal, so I grew up speaking, French and so, if you speak French you say Amazon, if you speak Hebrew it's has done, and if you speak English is hazel and I respond to all of them.

00:31:55.050 --> 00:32:04.140 Eric Sarver, Esq.: With the name does that you know I have maybe less interesting background I was born raised in New York City or in Milan your state so um but.

00:32:04.860 --> 00:32:20.910 Eric Sarver, Esq.: But I noticed that people miss name all the time that was either saver or Sudbury or it start here and people have been said so far, but I was stretching, so in that sense, I have any mispronunciation but, but then we're the only one was crafted so which is on.

00:32:21.240 --> 00:32:29.580 Eric Sarver, Esq.: But but getting back to what we're talking about you know tonight I was wondering if you might think perhaps share with our audience, maybe some.

00:32:30.000 --> 00:32:44.730 Eric Sarver, Esq.: I guess you could say case studies or anecdotal examples of, say, the way that you're helping companies now or maybe certain patterns are seeing and and things you're helping them to correct like what's a good success story, you can share with our audience.

00:32:45.300 --> 00:33:01.680 Lynn Hazan: Actually, I had a recent example of a place for the third time now never pulled him out of his previous jobs, he had successful tenure at all those jobs and a client is a high end furniture showroom and they were looking for a.

00:33:02.310 --> 00:33:10.500 Lynn Hazan: head of marketing I knew immediately who the right candidate was going to be and I presented him actually this reflects what I call the rule of three.

00:33:10.890 --> 00:33:20.010 Lynn Hazan: Because when I present talent to clients I don't want to just throw stuff against the wall to see if it sticks that wouldn't be the best use of my expertise.

00:33:20.340 --> 00:33:25.770 Lynn Hazan: Instead, my goal is hopefully within the first three and hopefully the first can be will be the.

00:33:26.460 --> 00:33:37.170 Lynn Hazan: choice because I want the client to feel reassured that I have their best interests at heart, and I want to make sure that the right candidate is going to be the one that will set the standard of excellence.

00:33:37.530 --> 00:33:48.090 Lynn Hazan: And I knew what they were looking for a new this candidate was going to be the perfect fit and he is blossoming in his new job and he had a track record I knew him I placed him.

00:33:49.500 --> 00:33:58.800 Lynn Hazan: something to be said about having that track record of success so when I talk about having relationships with my candidates and I literally track them over time.

00:33:59.100 --> 00:34:02.580 Lynn Hazan: My business it's not a transaction until we close the deal.

00:34:03.000 --> 00:34:12.210 Lynn Hazan: So, by getting to know my clients over time and and what their needs are and watching them grow then i'm in a better position to be able to recruit on their behalf.

00:34:12.600 --> 00:34:22.560 Lynn Hazan: And one of the aspects that I talk a lot about with my candidates is tell me your case story, so that they can talk about accomplishments and.

00:34:22.860 --> 00:34:31.650 Lynn Hazan: When they revise their resumes the case stories pop on the resumes and the candidate interview better.

00:34:32.100 --> 00:34:40.620 Lynn Hazan: And when they have a resume that looks like a mirror image of what the client is looking to hire so we can go check check check check check.

00:34:40.920 --> 00:34:53.520 Lynn Hazan: And this candidate is a really good fit so we earned the trust of the client i've earned the trust of the candidate i've coached the candidate for success now, when the candidate is interviewing the candidate i'm not in the room.

00:34:54.750 --> 00:35:05.460 Lynn Hazan: has to do it on his own or her own and be totally assured and confident that that person is going to be the perfect candidate of choice for the firm and.

00:35:06.330 --> 00:35:18.210 Lynn Hazan: This is what I love doing is making those matches and knowing i've prepared my candidates, the best possible way now what also candidates need to do is take responsibility for their own prep.

00:35:18.990 --> 00:35:38.250 Lynn Hazan: check the website check the competition latest news about the firm products or services, the positive, is it negative what's the chit chat going on on social media about the because then you never know when a client is going to ask that question the candidate has to be prepared, yes.

00:35:38.400 --> 00:35:45.030 Lynn Hazan: I saw that story in the tribune yesterday about that shopping Center So yes, we just bought them isn't.

00:35:45.630 --> 00:35:58.110 Lynn Hazan: So, the more we know who our clients are what their needs are what our candidates are looking for and making sure it's a good match on both sides will guarantee that kind of success so it's.

00:35:58.560 --> 00:36:17.280 Lynn Hazan: Active ongoing basis, and I really value your city, if my candidates are curious that means looking at the world as a totality do they listen to the news do they follow what's going on and you'd be surprised how many people don't follow the news it's.

00:36:17.280 --> 00:36:18.570 Lynn Hazan: really tragic.

00:36:19.980 --> 00:36:26.250 Lynn Hazan: Constantly training my interns actually i've trained my intern so well that I placed them in jobs.

00:36:27.300 --> 00:36:43.620 Lynn Hazan: So that's my commitment to the next generation of talent, I want them to feel confident, to have the skills to have the talent and the expertise, so they can go to a new employer and say yep I can help you because I have all these technical skills.

00:36:43.860 --> 00:36:44.970 Eric Sarver, Esq.: that's the other difference.

00:36:45.240 --> 00:36:47.550 Lynn Hazan: like to highlight about hiring right now.

00:36:47.970 --> 00:36:52.740 Lynn Hazan: Right is that the clients will go I need this this this this business.

00:36:53.070 --> 00:37:12.300 Lynn Hazan: And they're not the technical skills that the candidate has to have in walking in the ball, so no flies front end web developer data scientists online learning that we've had these jobs to fill within the last year, because the needs have pivoted.

00:37:12.570 --> 00:37:24.450 Lynn Hazan: into more skill sets the candidates need to have in addition to be doing great communicators and great marketers so it's critical for candidates to keep learning.

00:37:24.750 --> 00:37:25.080 Eric Sarver, Esq.: Take.

00:37:25.110 --> 00:37:36.870 Lynn Hazan: A class there's so many that are available online show your commitment to continuous learning, because you will do that and be the value added candidate of choice when you join the firm.

00:37:37.560 --> 00:37:47.700 Eric Sarver, Esq.: see that those are some good points here that, just like some of the words that popped out at me talking about you know, commitment and curiosity and be well informed and preparation being prepared to.

00:37:48.120 --> 00:37:57.990 Eric Sarver, Esq.: which I think is crucial for any person in any endeavor whether you're looking for a job with your higher candidate, the company should really I think prepare for.

00:37:58.380 --> 00:38:06.570 Eric Sarver, Esq.: A what type of person that wants to fill the position and then, of course, be prepared into into that person in a very I guess.

00:38:07.680 --> 00:38:17.370 Eric Sarver, Esq.: Mindful focus way so it's interesting to hear that those are your traits that you try to emphasize or bring home to your candidates and companies as well.

00:38:17.790 --> 00:38:23.730 Eric Sarver, Esq.: and definitely that trend you mentioned just now about the technical skills and being so important, and I think that's probably.

00:38:24.390 --> 00:38:36.270 Eric Sarver, Esq.: Something that's been happening for many years, as you said, and I could see it in the last couple years, particularly you know with the pandemic and so many people needing to be more tech savvy like working remotely.

00:38:36.510 --> 00:38:37.950 Eric Sarver, Esq.: You know, using different platforms.

00:38:38.340 --> 00:38:42.180 Eric Sarver, Esq.: i'm wondering if that's even something you're seeing more over the last say.

00:38:43.410 --> 00:38:47.490 Eric Sarver, Esq.: you're after two years, compared to the change from 2013 2015.

00:38:48.570 --> 00:38:58.260 Lynn Hazan: Its accelerated because the candidates have to be tech savvy, not only in getting on zoom and having the conversations and knowing when to come in and out.

00:38:58.620 --> 00:39:15.090 Lynn Hazan: And also being able to use more of the technical skills, because of all the tools that are now available, frankly, the technology has really evolved to such a point that there's so many more choices available to candidates give you an example.

00:39:16.200 --> 00:39:21.420 Lynn Hazan: When i'm looking for writers, they need to have very strong design skills now.

00:39:21.570 --> 00:39:31.650 Lynn Hazan: and adult illustrator and know how to use canvas because it's not just enough these days to have text text text, words, words, words on a page.

00:39:31.860 --> 00:39:48.990 Lynn Hazan: it's somebody's attention span, so if a candidate can visualize content and have visual communication skills to supplement the written word that's a winning formula and even here's an interesting story.

00:39:49.410 --> 00:39:49.830 Lynn Hazan: What am I.

00:39:50.400 --> 00:40:02.640 Lynn Hazan: looking for a candidate who knew how to use PowerPoint skills and the younger generation of talent only knew how to do PowerPoint when it came to fashion or food or restaurant.

00:40:02.700 --> 00:40:03.510 Lynn Hazan: And we needed.

00:40:04.080 --> 00:40:06.450 Lynn Hazan: To do PowerPoint for business to business.

00:40:06.810 --> 00:40:07.110 So.

00:40:08.850 --> 00:40:24.840 Lynn Hazan: The younger talent do PowerPoint decks do presentation my interns decks with me all the time, so that not only do they learn how to create these decks whether it's in canvas or PowerPoint they then co present with me.

00:40:25.260 --> 00:40:26.070 Eric Sarver, Esq.: When I do present.

00:40:26.550 --> 00:40:44.940 Lynn Hazan: or they work with me to put the deck together, and then I present if they're not able to co present with me so then as a result of this, the candidates get many more skills in their toolbox that they can to a client and we've seen an accelerated force for that even.

00:40:44.970 --> 00:40:45.660 Lynn Hazan: Like oh given.

00:40:46.080 --> 00:40:47.580 Lynn Hazan: With these medical writers.

00:40:48.600 --> 00:40:56.940 Lynn Hazan: candidates have to be able to create the content for journals as well as for presentations and have the visuals go with it.

00:40:57.750 --> 00:41:03.300 Eric Sarver, Esq.: right here man interesting to SAVE I just i've been for a second is that the the way we're just society.

00:41:03.750 --> 00:41:17.490 Eric Sarver, Esq.: changes and the way in which we communicate changes over time and how that impacts, but say a candidate who may let's say be in business or in their field for 2030 years the way that they would write professionally in.

00:41:19.140 --> 00:41:24.810 Eric Sarver, Esq.: is very different than let's say a catch 22 where you need to have that imagery, as you mentioned in content.

00:41:25.290 --> 00:41:34.470 Eric Sarver, Esq.: It kind of shows and think how writing is changing, I know he's given an attorney that even the way you write for the courts and the judges it was one one type of writing.

00:41:34.860 --> 00:41:45.330 Eric Sarver, Esq.: But if you're writing an essay for your content for your website or an article or blog posts to share you want to keep it much more short and sweet and crystallize something I learned over the last decade or selling when I first.

00:41:46.350 --> 00:41:53.250 Eric Sarver, Esq.: You know kind of went to that aspect of promotion of my firm and used to write in a much more I think luminous.

00:41:54.150 --> 00:42:02.310 Eric Sarver, Esq.: type of materials for a blog, this is a long time ago, of course, then I had a good friend of mine and marketing say you got to make it really short really sweet.

00:42:02.730 --> 00:42:10.950 Eric Sarver, Esq.: And so I think it's like what I hear you saying is that the candidates can need to know their audience and know also the medians for communication.

00:42:11.370 --> 00:42:21.720 Eric Sarver, Esq.: And how they change and, like it goes both ways the old generation of people who've been very seasoned i'll say, and then the younger generation, not to stereotype but one maybe who don't have certain.

00:42:22.740 --> 00:42:27.120 Eric Sarver, Esq.: Skills and maybe need to bone up on the PowerPoint for corporate so.

00:42:27.990 --> 00:42:36.030 Eric Sarver, Esq.: I appreciate those stories in that example you gave that you know placement that work that well, the rule of three, I think, is a great one also and.

00:42:36.630 --> 00:42:51.600 Eric Sarver, Esq.: We actually the majestic check one thing here when I think we're coming up right now on our commercial break, but when we come back and we'll talk about some of the ways in which some of the changes in the laws might impact recruiting right.

00:42:51.630 --> 00:42:52.140 Lynn Hazan: we've got.

00:42:52.590 --> 00:43:02.370 Eric Sarver, Esq.: So many things going on in the employment landscape and 2022 which i'm quite a rest others play with and I know you are as well, so I think our listeners to know about that also so.

00:43:03.120 --> 00:43:12.990 Eric Sarver, Esq.: Stick around to talk radio nyc you're listening to employment law today with your host erick server and the amazing guests Linda hazen stick around we'll be right back.

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00:45:12.300 --> 00:45:13.020 Eric Sarver, Esq.: Welcome back.

00:45:14.820 --> 00:45:16.440 Eric Sarver, Esq.: you're watching tonight.

00:45:18.990 --> 00:45:31.470 Eric Sarver, Esq.: My guest or a topic of course trends in recruiting and hiring process during little bit and just in the modern landscape of employment law in the world in general, and that kind of brings me to a really good question I.

00:45:32.550 --> 00:45:38.820 Eric Sarver, Esq.: think the question in the back, you can shed some light on for our listeners what was out there are very aware of.

00:45:39.210 --> 00:45:47.940 Eric Sarver, Esq.: The different changes and some of the new law has that affected employers and, particularly, you know at my office in New York City and if there's a lot of New York was one law.

00:45:48.450 --> 00:45:58.890 Eric Sarver, Esq.: I can use an example there's new lots of big party employer that to show salary, transparency and jobs and try to say show that minimum maximum and what you're.

00:45:59.940 --> 00:46:05.100 Eric Sarver, Esq.: Offering preposition like New York City has a lot of other cities and other States are doing that as well.

00:46:05.790 --> 00:46:16.260 Eric Sarver, Esq.: And i'm wondering like that law, for example, sorry transparency if you're familiar with it, you think they will let them firstly effect companies, the recruiting process or could it be an asset.

00:46:17.400 --> 00:46:31.080 Lynn Hazan: classes it's a very good question and time will tell really where this goes and how long that law was staying effect or if it changes, so let me give you an example, if you know what the PR I know what the parameters of.

00:46:31.410 --> 00:46:42.240 Lynn Hazan: The salaries are when we recruit on behalf of clients, we know what the High end is what the low end is so if we go public with it, then the question is who's going to apply for those jobs.

00:46:42.450 --> 00:46:53.970 Lynn Hazan: You also have to think is this a fortune 500 company is a an agency an ad Agency a PR agency is it an entrepreneurial company is it a startup.

00:46:54.180 --> 00:47:01.170 Lynn Hazan: Is it a not for profit, because each of those kinds of companies have different kinds of salary bands.

00:47:01.470 --> 00:47:14.490 Lynn Hazan: So, my concern is that if people see all this page 100,000 or this page 150 okay click click click click i'm going to apply for that job, and they have no business applying for the job because their backgrounds don't match okay.

00:47:14.790 --> 00:47:27.990 Lynn Hazan: Secondly, i'm going to be very curious when these candidates come on board if everybody knows what that candidate is earning what's going to happen to the staff who are already on board at the company.

00:47:28.410 --> 00:47:43.260 Lynn Hazan: Or the company's then want to say Oh, we need to do a compensation survey and reevaluation of everybody's salary and or their salaries, then going to be brought up to be competitive, do you know that.

00:47:44.400 --> 00:47:52.740 Eric Sarver, Esq.: that's one of the points that i've been wondering as well, and how might that contribute as an employment lawyer I wonder that saying to couldn't see sort of.

00:47:53.400 --> 00:48:08.340 Eric Sarver, Esq.: The wrestling the milk for employees were there to file termination suit even if there's not a basis to say hey this new job is so much what i'm doing and they're posting for 150 i'm making 120, it must be because i'm fill in the blank because I.

00:48:09.540 --> 00:48:17.700 Eric Sarver, Esq.: Have a certain nationality or race or religion or gender, and it made that might be certainly has been the case in some situations, but.

00:48:18.000 --> 00:48:31.440 Eric Sarver, Esq.: It might not you might have had certain perks that are non salary based that maybe were tailored to you, your job and started a different time frame like you may have different educational components qualification so i'm with you on this one yeah i've had mixed.

00:48:32.490 --> 00:48:40.950 Eric Sarver, Esq.: reactions to this lie, I think it I think everything you pointed out, about the tension with existing staff right and people applying for jobs they might not just be.

00:48:41.280 --> 00:48:49.230 Eric Sarver, Esq.: fit for and also think ruin some of the ability to bargain, a company might not have the best hour with you might have some wonderful.

00:48:49.560 --> 00:48:54.780 Eric Sarver, Esq.: Other perks they want to present and want to present the salary in a context right of an interview.

00:48:55.110 --> 00:49:01.320 Eric Sarver, Esq.: And just seeing on the screen of like is a number there's a number it's like it's hard for people to get the whole content, I think, also.

00:49:01.620 --> 00:49:10.800 Eric Sarver, Esq.: Some folks might be passing up great fifth because they just need a number and they go swipe left or go next when maybe they didn't know that number until the interview, they would have said.

00:49:11.190 --> 00:49:16.890 Eric Sarver, Esq.: Well, I found the number is X, I really liked this part of the job I really felt a good connection.

00:49:17.580 --> 00:49:25.020 Eric Sarver, Esq.: I love their work from home policy love their family leave, so I tend to think it's a challenge to as an employment lawyer many concerns but.

00:49:25.290 --> 00:49:35.790 Eric Sarver, Esq.: I was wondering, you mentioned some cons, there are there are some pros to the savage transparency was the really big talk of the town, these days, for us, people like you and me and i've been really following.

00:49:36.210 --> 00:49:39.720 Lynn Hazan: Well, the pro can be is that the salary is this mystique.

00:49:41.190 --> 00:49:41.850 Lynn Hazan: hidden.

00:49:42.120 --> 00:49:56.010 Lynn Hazan: And how do we find out about the salary and what are they withholding and by the same token, we have to look at the monetary value of benefits because that's the 25 to 35 30% of your salary and people.

00:49:56.400 --> 00:50:04.980 Lynn Hazan: Think about there's value there to medical dental vacation off etc, and you need to look at the totality of the picture.

00:50:05.430 --> 00:50:15.060 Lynn Hazan: The other examples to add to that, for example, I know it's a law in the state of Illinois in quite a few other states is that we cannot ask candidates what they're earning.

00:50:15.540 --> 00:50:25.920 Lynn Hazan: We asked them what would you like to earn and they can give me what their projection is, and then I can say, well, what you want my my client can't pay.

00:50:26.160 --> 00:50:34.440 Lynn Hazan: Or, this is what we're working with so part of this whole deal with salary is the art of negotiation you.

00:50:34.740 --> 00:50:42.630 Lynn Hazan: create what I call win, win, win not just win, win because it has to be good for the candidate has to be good for the client, it has to be good for the recruiter.

00:50:43.020 --> 00:50:55.110 Lynn Hazan: And so, when we create those circumstances that everybody comes out with a smile on their face then it's a really joyous experience and part of that is learning how to advocate on your own behalf.

00:50:55.410 --> 00:51:12.180 Lynn Hazan: To get what you want, and ask Okay, is my generation, the generation that work life balance is important for likewise certain companies it's not a nine to five existence you're on your phone you're on overtime you're talking to the media you're covering a crisis.

00:51:12.270 --> 00:51:21.810 Lynn Hazan: You easier because you're going to be managing the media, so you have to look at the totality of the situation, what the needs are.

00:51:22.470 --> 00:51:32.820 Lynn Hazan: and also what is going to be competitive in your industry if you're living in New York City, the cost of living is higher if you're living in San Francisco it's more expensive than.

00:51:33.150 --> 00:51:39.360 Lynn Hazan: The moines iowa okay so part of it is know who your audiences know the kind of company.

00:51:39.660 --> 00:51:50.430 Lynn Hazan: Their sales if they're private or public so obviously private company won't necessarily have all that information available and in the key thing it's all about the fit.

00:51:50.820 --> 00:52:01.110 Lynn Hazan: Because we can haggle back and forth over $1,000 here or there, or whatever the case is, are you going to be happy, are you going to see yourself, making a contribution.

00:52:01.410 --> 00:52:14.280 Lynn Hazan: And the kind of candidate who will grow within the job and create value when I talk about candidates it's what's the value add you bring to a job.

00:52:14.610 --> 00:52:27.210 Lynn Hazan: Whenever I visitations I have my deck and then, I have a resource kit that's my value add that I give to the people who are participating in the workshop because i'm going to give them more than what they expect.

00:52:27.750 --> 00:52:34.140 Eric Sarver, Esq.: Right, you know I think those are all excellent points and I really do like you've been giving us such an information.

00:52:34.530 --> 00:52:40.890 Eric Sarver, Esq.: Not just about recruiting and the trends and patterns and also some concrete of what how you work with people right you've.

00:52:41.190 --> 00:52:48.150 Eric Sarver, Esq.: I think you shared a lot of your unique philosophy that I think it's really been fantastic having you on tonight and I definitely agree with you that I think you know the.

00:52:48.510 --> 00:52:54.270 Eric Sarver, Esq.: Good fit is important, and the whole picture and it's often hard to see that I think a lot of these laws that are.

00:52:54.690 --> 00:53:03.450 Eric Sarver, Esq.: aimed towards good goals of you know, say pay equity and eliminating pay disparity that can kind of backfired a lot of ways and it's really.

00:53:03.900 --> 00:53:09.720 Eric Sarver, Esq.: I think companies definitely want to work with recruiters such as yourself like because these are very sensitive issues, they have to.

00:53:10.140 --> 00:53:23.010 Eric Sarver, Esq.: have paid transparency, for example in New York City, and yet they might want to wait on that end so speaking of you and your connections, I want to give you some time to talk about how people can contact you the floor is yours.

00:53:23.760 --> 00:53:32.550 Eric Sarver, Esq.: for about two minutes and then i'll take us out but I, how can we get in touch with you, I can share something on the screen as well if you'd like, but how can people find you.

00:53:33.090 --> 00:53:48.570 Lynn Hazan: You can find me very easily my name is Lynn Li and N hasten ha Z like zebra a N, the firm is linear isn't and associates and here's my contact information, so you can.

00:53:48.570 --> 00:53:49.440 Lynn Hazan: see it here.

00:53:49.620 --> 00:53:57.000 Lynn Hazan: If you want to join our newsletter you can take a picture of our qr code and automatically get subscribe to our weekly newsletter.

00:53:57.270 --> 00:54:03.480 Lynn Hazan: we're very committed to keeping in touch with clients and candidates and send out an updated newsletter every week.

00:54:03.720 --> 00:54:19.770 Lynn Hazan: We have job openings we have articles, we have free webinars and workshops, so that we really provide a lot of value to the people who subscribe to us, we also have lots of job openings So you can see those posted and i'd like to leave you with a sense of inspiration.

00:54:19.830 --> 00:54:21.450 Lynn Hazan: If I close my.

00:54:22.140 --> 00:54:28.530 Lynn Hazan: ears for success so it's about recovery it's about renewal.

00:54:29.790 --> 00:54:40.080 Lynn Hazan: ation using resources and getting rewarded so when we follow those ours for success everybody benefits.

00:54:40.410 --> 00:54:56.070 Lynn Hazan: And so we love working with great talent, with great corporations agencies, trade associations nonprofits so that as communications and marketing recruiters we're going to make a difference on your business, and it is really.

00:54:57.000 --> 00:55:08.490 Lynn Hazan: An honor to be able to work with great clients here's The key thing communications it's really, really important that I communicate with clients that can't their clients.

00:55:08.910 --> 00:55:20.370 Lynn Hazan: talk to us so that we have feedback going back and forth, so we can use our time as efficiently and as effectively as possible to let them know what's going on on the street.

00:55:20.850 --> 00:55:35.250 Lynn Hazan: Because the more we can communicate what we see what's missing, what we need more of what we need less of, then we can create much stronger alignment to make that perfect placement and then everybody will be happy so as a relationship.

00:55:35.910 --> 00:55:46.920 Lynn Hazan: i'm very, very thankful and grateful for you for the opportunity to participate in this show and look forward to working with clients and candidates and to going one step further.

00:55:47.580 --> 00:55:52.890 Eric Sarver, Esq.: Wonderful Then again, then he isn't everyone in the haze and associates you Thank you so much for that information.

00:55:53.190 --> 00:56:02.850 Eric Sarver, Esq.: It was great having you on the show tonight I love your passion energy your details and your vision, and I would just say, if you like, what you heard folks tune in Tuesday nights 5pm 6pm.

00:56:03.420 --> 00:56:08.820 Eric Sarver, Esq.: we've got great guests talk about all these helpful issues or business owners for employers and employees a link.

00:56:09.510 --> 00:56:21.990 Eric Sarver, Esq.: right here, I talked really nyc we've got some great shows coming up just afraid that matt Ryan is show coming up in smoke you shortly after this so once again Eric sovereign have a wonderful night and Lynn Thank you so much.

00:56:22.440 --> 00:56:24.870 Lynn Hazan: Thank you, what a joy when so fast.

00:56:26.040 --> 00:56:31.050 Eric Sarver, Esq.: It always does, will be back for sure so have a wonderful night and a great weekend, thank you, thank you once again.

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