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Thursday, December 15, 2022
Facebook Live Video from 2022/12/15 - Epilepsy and Mental Health with Jeff Demitrak

Facebook Live Video from 2022/12/15 - Epilepsy and Mental Health with Jeff Demitrak


2022/12/15 - Epilepsy and Mental Health with Jeff Demitrak

[NEW EPISODE] Epilepsy and Mental Health with Jeff Demitrak

Thursdays 5:00pm - 6:00pm (EDT)


There are several reasons to listen to this episode:

1) It is the way that Frank About Health began as a show to eliminate the stigmas of Epilepsy and those that live with it.

2) To learn more about Jeff's Book entitled: Dating in the Dark: A Memoir about Dating Disasters with Epilepsy, Anxiety, and Psychotic Breaks.

3) Jeff's experiences with Epilepsy have made him become a mental health advocate so we will explore some of those issues and discuss how his appearance on Frank About Health will be the precursor to some new contributions to Frank About Health in 2023.


For many years, Jeffrey Demitrack searched for a meaningful and fulfilling relationship and, most of all, hoped that one day he would find a significant other who understood and unconditionally accepted his struggles with epilepsy. People have their insecurities, and relationships already are hard without throwing seizures into the mix, so his search has been a challenging one. 

When first diagnosed with epilepsy at ten years old, he knew that society believed many negative stigmas about the terrible illness. This would surely be an obstacle when communicating about epilepsy to dates and potential partners. The stress of relationships, the anxiety of illness, and the impact of seizures on mood and behavior all played a part in making his interactions tough and, many times, traumatic.

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00:00:41.770 --> 00:00:46.780 Frank R. Harrison: hey, everybody, and welcome to a new episode of Frank about health. Actually.

00:00:46.860 --> 00:00:52.949 it was unexpected that I would be doing this episode prior to the New Year, because I had said on my last episode

00:00:53.100 --> 00:00:58.859 Frank R. Harrison: approximately a month ago, that I would see you all in the New Year, but this show could not have

00:01:00.340 --> 00:01:03.659 Frank R. Harrison: it. It had to happen before the New Year, and

00:01:03.840 --> 00:01:08.089 there are several reasons why, first of all, by today's guest, Jeffrey Demetrek.

00:01:08.360 --> 00:01:12.720 Frank R. Harrison: kind of a relative to talk radio that Nyc: let me explain how

00:01:12.970 --> 00:01:17.530 Frank R. Harrison: those of you who have been watching the show for the past year have seen me interview Sally calculation

00:01:17.730 --> 00:01:21.709 as she has gone through her life explaining how to champion it through cancer.

00:01:21.860 --> 00:01:24.949 Frank R. Harrison: also talk about mindfulness and positive thinking.

00:01:24.990 --> 00:01:36.279 Frank R. Harrison: and then we had a two-hour show with Phyllis, as well as 2 other friends of hers where we talked about their books, and how they've been able to move mind over matter, and think positively given their life circumstances.

00:01:36.670 --> 00:01:41.359 Frank R. Harrison: There have been other kinds of shows, but Sally Couch might have the speech after me Trek's cousin.

00:01:42.360 --> 00:01:45.480 Frank R. Harrison: So that is one reason why I had to have him on the show

00:01:45.700 --> 00:01:47.209 reason number 2.

00:01:47.380 --> 00:01:50.519 Anybody who's been watching Frank about health since the beginning

00:01:50.610 --> 00:01:55.789 Frank R. Harrison: has known that I started the show with Sam Leibowitz over. Talk Radio Nyc

00:01:55.900 --> 00:01:58.009 to be an advocate for epilepsy.

00:01:58.760 --> 00:01:59.679 Frank R. Harrison: I,

00:01:59.890 --> 00:02:01.399 Frank R. Harrison: Danielle Swanson

00:02:01.540 --> 00:02:05.220 Frank R. Harrison: started both the 2,016 edition of Frank about health.

00:02:05.400 --> 00:02:07.399 Frank R. Harrison: and the 2,021 addition

00:02:08.479 --> 00:02:09.909 Frank R. Harrison: talking about epilepsy.

00:02:10.020 --> 00:02:14.420 And right before the end of the year we're going to talk about epilepsy again.

00:02:15.320 --> 00:02:18.379 Jeff to Meetrek, who also suffers from epilepsy.

00:02:18.650 --> 00:02:21.530 But there is a difference in this particular context.

00:02:22.000 --> 00:02:24.879 Frank R. Harrison: I've been advocating for mental health. For the last several months

00:02:24.900 --> 00:02:29.909 we've been talking about Cancer and Covid, and Diabetes, and other mental health issues.

00:02:29.990 --> 00:02:32.610 Frank R. Harrison: and Jeff has a book called dating in the dark

00:02:32.810 --> 00:02:35.420 Frank R. Harrison: that talks about the complications

00:02:35.720 --> 00:02:37.540 Frank R. Harrison: that an epileptic patient

00:02:37.660 --> 00:02:41.859 has to endure when trying to have close intimate personal relationships.

00:02:42.060 --> 00:02:44.109 It can be relationships on any level

00:02:44.370 --> 00:02:49.860 friends, family co-workers, but especially those that we all see intimate partners.

00:02:49.980 --> 00:02:52.250 Frank R. Harrison: When you are an epileptic patient you

00:02:52.640 --> 00:02:54.669 Frank R. Harrison: it becomes almost like

00:02:54.760 --> 00:02:55.880 the secret

00:02:56.120 --> 00:03:01.519 Frank R. Harrison: that keeps on giving, depending on how you present the message either to your significant other.

00:03:01.570 --> 00:03:03.790 Frank R. Harrison: or if they witness you having a seizure.

00:03:04.020 --> 00:03:06.660 Frank R. Harrison: and we also want to clear the stigma

00:03:06.880 --> 00:03:09.880 Frank R. Harrison: on epileptic epileptics are people, too.

00:03:09.990 --> 00:03:13.049 and they are entitled to loving and intimate relations

00:03:13.220 --> 00:03:14.520 Frank R. Harrison: simultaneously.

00:03:14.540 --> 00:03:17.229 Frank R. Harrison: The individuals have to be educated.

00:03:17.320 --> 00:03:22.900 Frank R. Harrison: What is going on with the mind of an epileptic patient, so that they don't have to feel frightened.

00:03:22.950 --> 00:03:25.579 Frank R. Harrison: And look at who they have in their life

00:03:25.810 --> 00:03:28.030 Frank R. Harrison: is actually

00:03:28.410 --> 00:03:32.309 Frank R. Harrison: someone that you want to keep at arm's length when it doesn't do anyone any good

00:03:32.430 --> 00:03:38.570 Frank R. Harrison: other than continue to reinforce the stigma that epilepsy has had for so many hundreds of years

00:03:38.770 --> 00:03:40.559 Frank R. Harrison: now I have been advocating

00:03:40.620 --> 00:03:44.600 Frank R. Harrison: that, regardless of whatever anybody's differences are neurologically

00:03:44.730 --> 00:03:46.110 mental. Health-wise.

00:03:46.220 --> 00:03:48.659 Frank R. Harrison: Or even if you're carrying any disorder.

00:03:48.740 --> 00:03:51.419 Frank R. Harrison: all it takes is active communication.

00:03:51.920 --> 00:03:55.770 Frank R. Harrison: and that's what Jeff is going to spend the next hour with us, doing.

00:03:55.950 --> 00:03:57.329 Frank R. Harrison: talking about his book.

00:03:57.530 --> 00:03:59.690 Frank R. Harrison: talking about how important it is

00:03:59.920 --> 00:04:05.259 Frank R. Harrison: that we go ahead and just and discuss all openly about what it's like living with epilepsy.

00:04:05.320 --> 00:04:07.290 Frank R. Harrison: We're going to hear some of his stories

00:04:07.340 --> 00:04:10.510 of what it was like when he was first discovering.

00:04:10.640 --> 00:04:14.060 Frank R. Harrison: You know, that he was having seizures in front of his

00:04:14.240 --> 00:04:15.010 Frank R. Harrison: dates.

00:04:15.110 --> 00:04:25.950 Frank R. Harrison: He's going to tell us about the book. I mean. This is kind of awkward for me to talk about, because I want to yet explore the book with him during the show. But i'm also trying to pay tribute

00:04:26.250 --> 00:04:28.530 Frank R. Harrison: to talk radio, Nyc.

00:04:28.550 --> 00:04:30.020 Frank R. Harrison: And Frank about health

00:04:30.210 --> 00:04:35.180 Frank R. Harrison: before the holiday season, because all of us are going to be with family and friends over the next 2 weeks.

00:04:36.650 --> 00:04:39.129 Frank R. Harrison: and we want to be able to celebrate

00:04:39.300 --> 00:04:44.500 Frank R. Harrison: or pre- celebrate the holiday season by wrapping up this year's episodes of Frank about health

00:04:44.590 --> 00:04:47.739 Frank R. Harrison: where it all began, which was with epilepsy.

00:04:47.900 --> 00:05:07.550 Jeffrey Demitrack: And I wanna thank you, Frank, for this platform to talk about epilepsy. I want to thank Sally for the introduction. She she introduced us, and I wanted thank you, you know. talk radio, dot Nyc for the for the platform as well so.

00:05:07.560 --> 00:05:19.899 Jeffrey Demitrack: And when it comes to stigma there stigma and epilepsy have been connected for way too long. So we have to rid epilepsy of the stigma and

00:05:19.930 --> 00:05:32.100 Jeffrey Demitrack: you know, when they I was talking to you about this a while back. And when it comes to epilepsy and stigma and epilepsy and invisible illnesses. You know they

00:05:32.120 --> 00:05:37.490 Jeffrey Demitrack: these these things are are not just the

00:05:37.550 --> 00:05:55.179 Jeffrey Demitrack: We we want to spread awareness, but we want to get rid of it by educating everyone. You know. We don't want to alienate anyone, because really epilepsy can strike anyone at any time. It's it's so important for the public to realize that.

00:05:55.550 --> 00:06:01.080 Frank R. Harrison: and but before before we go into further discussion, I want to issue my disclaimer to everyone

00:06:01.150 --> 00:06:05.030 Frank R. Harrison: that if you are an epileptic, patient or patient on any

00:06:05.170 --> 00:06:08.230 Frank R. Harrison: kind of treatment plan whatever. Your illness is.

00:06:08.270 --> 00:06:27.360 Frank R. Harrison: be mindful that this episode is to provide, and, like provide insight and enlightening discussion into the topic at hand, and not to dissuade you from your existing provider or your existing medicinal treatment, whatever that may be. Remember to always consult a doctor or your primary care Physician. If what we discussed tonight

00:06:27.370 --> 00:06:30.169 Frank R. Harrison: provokes questions and reconsiderations.

00:06:30.190 --> 00:06:35.379 you must talk to your doctor to make those those those decisions and choices.

00:06:35.450 --> 00:06:41.659 Frank R. Harrison: We also want to say they are not the opinions of Frank about health or talk radio, Nyc. But, Jeff.

00:06:41.680 --> 00:06:46.570 Frank R. Harrison: We'll be able to talk about his book this afternoon, dating in the dark.

00:06:46.640 --> 00:06:52.229 Frank R. Harrison: be able to give some insight, especially for those epileptics that might be watching

00:06:52.250 --> 00:07:09.569 Jeffrey Demitrack: that can identify with it. I know that some of what he's already discussed I can. Well, you know I I have a an Instagram page, and I give my opinion on a whole range of subjects. And really the disclaimer is so important. I mean, you should always consult 150

00:07:09.580 --> 00:07:30.030 Jeffrey Demitrack: with your doctor, your neurologist, your epileptologist and the people that you know you always consult with about your epilepsy before you make any decisions. You know I like to give my opinion about the subjects and my advice. But really what? When it comes down to epilepsy, it's a case by case

00:07:30.040 --> 00:07:55.939 Jeffrey Demitrack: matter, and really it not like one medication might be great for someone, but a a bad reaction for another person. So it is so important to have that disclaimer. And I, you know when it comes to my stages of epilepsy. Instagram Page. You know I I want the dis that disclaimer right on my page as well. So

00:07:56.500 --> 00:08:10.059 Frank R. Harrison: So that's another reason why I had to have him on my wrap-up show. Because I think we're we're brothers in disguise. So i'm just glad Thank you Jeff for coming on today's show, and I know that I can probably give you the longest introduction in history. But

00:08:10.070 --> 00:08:27.379 Frank R. Harrison: the point is is that your appearance today is so relevant, especially because, as we go through the hour and talk about your book, we're also going to talk about the future of the show, and of how we will be collaborating together, including with Danielle Swanson, who's been on the show with me before, including Sally as well. And

00:08:27.420 --> 00:08:35.729 Frank R. Harrison: so you'll have a chance to meet Phyllis Quinlan, my normal co-host, and we'll have a chance to really work well together in 2,023.

00:08:35.799 --> 00:08:37.630 Frank R. Harrison: All right. So

00:08:37.760 --> 00:08:38.470 Jeff

00:08:38.760 --> 00:08:40.899 Frank R. Harrison: tell us about dating in the dark.

00:08:41.130 --> 00:08:43.700 Frank R. Harrison: If you were to give a one or 2 line summary

00:08:43.740 --> 00:08:44.669 Frank R. Harrison: about the book

00:08:45.050 --> 00:09:14.619 Jeffrey Demitrack: well dating in the dark is an interesting book. I I talk about my dating disasters with epilepsy, and really, you know, experiences with epilepsy. There are a lot of disasters, you know, and really it's not just about with epilepsy. It's about with anxiety and psychotic breaks to which I've I've experienced many of those too, and and that's a result of head traumas

00:09:14.630 --> 00:09:28.680 Jeffrey Demitrack: from having seizures. It's a result of a bad reactions to medications. It's a result of seizures one, right after the other with it, which is called the status epilepticus.

00:09:28.690 --> 00:09:44.130 Jeffrey Demitrack: So but, some of these seizures were not necessarily grand Malls, where that weren't able to stop. They were complex partials right after each other, you know. So

00:09:44.140 --> 00:10:12.670 Jeffrey Demitrack: you know, I would go into my postsecond, so i'd be coming out of it. But then I would go into another seizure. And so, you know I never! My My brain never had a chance to put itself back together again, because you know, that's how I like to say what what's happening in the post seizure state that you? Why, a person is confused, and they are wandering off They they might

00:10:12.720 --> 00:10:26.939 Jeffrey Demitrack: be aggressive. They might be infantile, you know you. You really don't know how a person's gonna act during their post dictal stage, because you know, the the seizure

00:10:26.950 --> 00:10:32.730 Jeffrey Demitrack: shook everything up in there, and and the brain's trying to put itself back together again.

00:10:32.880 --> 00:10:34.510 Jeffrey Demitrack: Right? Right?

00:10:34.680 --> 00:10:39.099 Frank R. Harrison: Yeah. You probably saw that we're about to take a break. But I want to review, for everybody

00:10:39.190 --> 00:10:42.060 Frank R. Harrison: dating in the dark is a book about his life

00:10:42.160 --> 00:10:46.019 Frank R. Harrison: in living with epilepsy, while he's engaging in relationship

00:10:46.170 --> 00:10:58.449 Frank R. Harrison: both opportunities and disasters. However, for those that want to have epilepsy 101. There is post-traumatic epilepsy. In his case it appears as though he developed seizure. Disorder.

00:10:58.500 --> 00:11:07.859 Frank R. Harrison: I think you said at the age of 10, but it was after having about with Lyme Disease, and after having a fall down a flight of stairs which led to some head trauma

00:11:07.920 --> 00:11:11.580 Frank R. Harrison: simultaneously, there is to the genetic based epilepsy grandmother.

00:11:11.670 --> 00:11:19.080 Frank R. Harrison: seizure type, which I was diagnosed with right here at the Nyu Langone Epilepsy Center, which is where we're broadcasting from tonight

00:11:19.140 --> 00:11:22.400 Frank R. Harrison: but simultaneously the thing is is that

00:11:22.500 --> 00:11:33.499 Frank R. Harrison: it is still how the brain has more control over the human body than we give it credit for, and I think that's one of the secrets that patients suffering from epilepsy can actually use as both

00:11:33.540 --> 00:11:50.109 Frank R. Harrison: something that generates stigma, but to our advantage, if it's used, focused and appropriately, All right, we will. When we return. We're going to delve into some of those quote unquote dating disasters and learn from Jeff what he's learned from and to help educate each of us.

00:11:50.210 --> 00:11:52.250 Frank R. Harrison: All right. So when we return

00:11:52.270 --> 00:12:01.399 Frank R. Harrison: with Jeff right here on talk radio and Nyc. And on our Youtube Channel, we will be more frank about epilepsy and its mental health consequences.

00:12:01.740 --> 00:12:02.929 Jeffrey Demitrack: So I got it.

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00:13:55.980 --> 00:13:56.570 you

00:13:56.980 --> 00:13:57.640 you

00:14:00.900 --> 00:14:01.600 okay.

00:14:02.990 --> 00:14:05.610 you

00:14:10.550 --> 00:14:12.220 you

00:14:16.650 --> 00:14:25.620 Frank R. Harrison: hey? And welcome back, Jeff. So you were saying, dating in the dark was an experience that I gather you really reflected from in order to write the book.

00:14:25.770 --> 00:14:27.839 Frank R. Harrison: So why the title dating in the dark.

00:14:28.600 --> 00:14:57.740 Jeffrey Demitrack: Well, a lot of times I would find myself, you know, going to a date, possibly, and then I would have a seizure, and then I would find myself in an alleyway, and I would be in the dark, you know, hallucinating and and and speaking to my hallucinations. And you know, there's a character that is is based on a a painting that was in my room, and

00:14:57.750 --> 00:15:27.639 Jeffrey Demitrack: it was a painting of a one-eyed Jack. So I I called the hallucination Jack, because you know it was a I I started seeing a visual hallucination. And so I start talking back and forth to Jack and about what's going on, and though what a what should I do next about my dates and stuff because it's it was a you know. I would have auditory and visual hallucinations which psychic ors are

00:15:27.650 --> 00:15:34.740 Jeffrey Demitrack: it's a rare thing, but it does happen. And when people have seizures, yeah.

00:15:35.190 --> 00:15:53.230 Jeffrey Demitrack: you call them a psychic auras. You mean psychic, as in predicting or psychic, or as a means that they you they're just a I it's a it's a warning. And you're having hallucination. So instead of just a

00:15:53.240 --> 00:16:09.490 Jeffrey Demitrack: maybe you having deja vu, or you, you're having some tingling in your arms or something you're having hallucination, so they call them psychic, or is because it, it's a little bit you know.

00:16:09.500 --> 00:16:26.959 Jeffrey Demitrack: I guess psychic. You know it's it's in that area of the brain in in the temporal lobe where you know the I guess psychic people would. you know Well, the temporal over the brain registers feelings, emotions, memory, sometimes even speech patterns.

00:16:27.000 --> 00:16:33.559 Frank R. Harrison: Things like that, I gather My question for you is that when you would go through the seizures is this

00:16:33.860 --> 00:16:37.719 Frank R. Harrison: prior to a date during a date or afterwards

00:16:38.150 --> 00:16:44.660 Jeffrey Demitrack: it it would. It was a bunch of different times. You know that. That's why you know I

00:16:44.670 --> 00:17:08.350 Jeffrey Demitrack: you know Jack could show up whenever in many different experiences. You know it. It could show up in the Aura a lot of times. It showed up in the post dictal, because, you know I had been having so many seizures, and I I was confused. I didn't know exactly what I was experiencing, so I I started having hallucination, so I used to call them.

00:17:08.359 --> 00:17:21.310 Jeffrey Demitrack: with there is a actually a technical term called Twilight States where you're having a you, you! You're having psychosis because of a, you know

00:17:21.329 --> 00:17:28.860 Jeffrey Demitrack: anxiety, and and so many different mental

00:17:28.980 --> 00:17:34.950 Jeffrey Demitrack: maybe maybe because of your epileptic episodes and stuff so.

00:17:35.320 --> 00:17:38.860 Frank R. Harrison: and this would be why you're conscious, or during its actual seizure.

00:17:39.560 --> 00:17:43.140 Jeffrey Demitrack: well, yes, I the

00:17:43.220 --> 00:17:52.619 Jeffrey Demitrack: I yeah, say you, you could be unconscious, and it's like a You're in flux between consciousness and unconsciousness.

00:17:53.340 --> 00:17:54.310 Incredible.

00:17:54.550 --> 00:17:55.690 Frank R. Harrison: So

00:17:56.140 --> 00:17:58.870 Frank R. Harrison: When would you say would be the

00:17:59.350 --> 00:18:04.640 Frank R. Harrison: the maximum amount of times that you would have a seizure in your in your teens, in your twentys.

00:18:04.710 --> 00:18:07.619 Frank R. Harrison: or was it since you had onset at age 10?

00:18:08.720 --> 00:18:11.870 Jeffrey Demitrack: You, you mean, when did I have the most seizures.

00:18:12.060 --> 00:18:18.579 Frank R. Harrison: Well, yeah, the reason why I I I said, let me let me be more direct with you. My type of epilepsy is

00:18:18.830 --> 00:18:21.809 Frank R. Harrison: genetic-based Grandma Epilepsy.

00:18:21.870 --> 00:18:23.559 Frank R. Harrison: Now, as a result

00:18:23.590 --> 00:18:24.600 Frank R. Harrison: it developed

00:18:25.090 --> 00:18:26.569 during puberty, they said.

00:18:26.690 --> 00:18:27.700 Frank R. Harrison: for me

00:18:27.740 --> 00:18:31.400 Frank R. Harrison: I was about 14 or 15 when it happened, but when it first started.

00:18:31.430 --> 00:18:37.410 Frank R. Harrison: and the thing is is, they say that during puberty, and when the hormones are raging and stuff like that, it actually

00:18:37.490 --> 00:18:41.460 Frank R. Harrison: can be a trigger for those that are genetically predisposed to having epilepsy.

00:18:42.020 --> 00:18:56.320 Frank R. Harrison: So, as a result, I don't know if there was an association between my frequency of seizures and my actual libido, let's say, or if it was something that due to the high levels of stress I had in my life in high school at the time.

00:18:56.640 --> 00:19:06.860 Frank R. Harrison: I may have had some play like having sleepless nights, and a lot of the stress for exams, or whatever, and triggering those as well. But in your case, if you start at age 10,

00:19:07.000 --> 00:19:14.680 Frank R. Harrison: I would imagine that the frequency of those sheet, those seizures may have been different, or less than what they would have been in your teens and twenties.

00:19:14.980 --> 00:19:24.930 Jeffrey Demitrack: No, not not necessarily. When I was a first diagnosed, my seizures were very severe, and, the doctor, you know, said

00:19:24.940 --> 00:19:38.760 Jeffrey Demitrack: to my parents that when seizures are this difficult to get under control, You know he he's probably never going to be controlled, you know, at 1 point a doctor said that to my parents.

00:19:38.770 --> 00:19:54.690 Jeffrey Demitrack: and so and my seizures have changed over time, because I've I've tried so many different therapies, you know I what I mentioned to you that I tried neural feedback sessions, and I did a lot of neural feedback over time.

00:19:54.700 --> 00:20:24.409 Jeffrey Demitrack: and really I I used to only have a grand mall seizures, and and I I didn't have an aura when I was younger. And now I have complex partial seizures. I have. I still have grandma's, but I don't have them as often you know I have. I have auras now, you know. So in my my seizures have dramatically changed in in the last 30 years. And really so neural feedback did

00:20:24.420 --> 00:20:30.349 Jeffrey Demitrack: wonders for for me in how severe they my seizures, were

00:20:30.660 --> 00:20:34.850 Frank R. Harrison: you? You had you were able to use neural feedback to claim ownership

00:20:34.960 --> 00:20:39.850 Frank R. Harrison: your epilepsy, and have some some say over how you were going to have your seizure.

00:20:40.020 --> 00:20:49.879 Frank R. Harrison: whether it was in, you know, in a social situation, or or even in private, and and having the aura, I mean, that's your gift. That's your message. That's your instinct saying up

00:20:50.000 --> 00:20:51.900 Frank R. Harrison: something's happening. Let me prepare you.

00:20:51.970 --> 00:21:10.600 Jeffrey Demitrack: although sometimes, when you know when I had an or you know, I would. you know, do things that weren't necessarily good for good for me like say, I was was working out on an elliptical, and I

00:21:10.610 --> 00:21:23.689 Jeffrey Demitrack: I instead of getting off the elliptical and and laying down on the floor of a gym or something like that, I would try to run out of the gym because I didn't. You know I was. I was panicking

00:21:23.700 --> 00:21:35.069 Jeffrey Demitrack: during my a lot of times. I would panic during my or or I wouldn't tell a loved one. I wouldn't tell my parents I was having a seizure, because really I I just did I my first

00:21:35.080 --> 00:22:05.070 Jeffrey Demitrack: yeah, my my first instinct was to to get out of the situation, get away from people, but but really because so many times people get made mistakes while I was having my seizure, and and a lot of times I didn't tell my dates. You know that I You know there was one time I didn't disclose my epilepsy. I was in a crowded restaurant, and you know she she didn't know I have epilepsy, I I I I I wake up on banging on the table.

00:22:05.080 --> 00:22:27.040 Jeffrey Demitrack: and people are looking around and stuff, and she she's horrified, you know. And so this is all in my book, and you know. So you, Of course she's not gonna want to go out with me again. Now this is, and she's trying to get it out of the restaurant. But the bill needs to be paid, you know, with the they They're asking her. What

00:22:27.050 --> 00:22:37.870 Jeffrey Demitrack: What should we do? What what's going on with him? Is he is he gonna be okay? And so like, and she has no idea what exactly is happening so

00:22:38.740 --> 00:22:51.079 Frank R. Harrison: incredible. Well, I mean, aside from that, Was there one particular date or experience you had, that you probably write in your book that indicate how you were able to hang on to

00:22:51.210 --> 00:22:57.910 Frank R. Harrison: to her, even after going through seizures, or even after having a discussion about your seizure history.

00:22:58.460 --> 00:23:13.379 Jeffrey Demitrack: Well, you mean that one girl you're talking about, or well you, you. You explained an example of one particular girl that was obviously shocked in that situation. Well, there were other dates that actually were more successful than that.

00:23:13.460 --> 00:23:30.640 Jeffrey Demitrack: Oh, oh, Yes, definitely. But you know what? Oh, just about disclosing your my epilepsy on dates, you know. I think, that the people have asked me about that. And you know, I I disclose when I feel comfortable

00:23:30.650 --> 00:23:36.250 Jeffrey Demitrack: to disclose, and I think that it that should go for everybody that has epilepsy.

00:23:36.260 --> 00:24:05.440 Jeffrey Demitrack: because you know they I it's a question to them. I don't. I don't think it's a you know it's a matter of feeling a shame that they are not, disclosing it. Oh, i'm ashamed. I have epilepsy or something. You know what they don't want to scare people away. I mean it the first that when they hear the word epilepsy, they they're like, what what is this? What is this? I I I don't know why I and they'll run away. But if if you are are.

00:24:05.450 --> 00:24:26.539 Jeffrey Demitrack: have a spark with someone, you have chemistry with someone. You You start to get a vibe with them, and then they they They're more understanding about your a a chronic illness, and they they're more understanding about you when you say, yeah, Well, I have to live with this. I have epilepsy, and I need to live with this.

00:24:26.550 --> 00:24:30.760 Jeffrey Demitrack: you know, and so I i'm hoping that you can. You can live with this, too.

00:24:31.540 --> 00:24:39.639 Frank R. Harrison: I mean. And and I gather now that you've been doing neuro feedback. You've probably been going on dates that are relatively more successful than they had been in the past.

00:24:39.700 --> 00:25:05.210 Jeffrey Demitrack: I'm hoping Yes, yes, and and my re relationships. I also have improved over time. I have a girlfriend now, and she's very understanding. She has been very helpful to me, and you know these. This all comes with maturity, too, you know. When I was younger I I would take chances. I would drink.

00:25:05.220 --> 00:25:23.309 Jeffrey Demitrack: you know I would. I would stay up late nights, you know I would do things that people with epilepsy shouldn't be doing on medication, you know I might. I would take a lot of risks. You know that they you know I that you shouldn't take when you have epilepsy. So I mean

00:25:23.320 --> 00:25:42.269 Jeffrey Demitrack: I I I I can think of a an instance right now that you know of. You know I was out with a girlfriend, and we were drinking into the late night and doing things that people do when they're in when they're not getting any sleep, and

00:25:42.470 --> 00:25:47.909 Frank R. Harrison: you know, hold that because we're gonna have to take another break. But the thing is is that I want to. I want to kind of wrap up.

00:25:47.940 --> 00:25:53.139 Frank R. Harrison: That dating in the dark is both a preview of what went on, and a preview of what you have learned

00:25:53.300 --> 00:26:08.659 Jeffrey Demitrack: pretty much right? Yes, it it is. Yeah. You can see the timeline. As you know, i'm mature a little bit, and you know it's just you. I'm not fully mature, I mean I I I still have my immature moments as as does everyone.

00:26:08.770 --> 00:26:18.490 Frank R. Harrison: Yes, but we'll talk more about that right here on talk radio and Nyc. Both on our Youtube Channel, and of course, on the network. So stay tuned.

00:26:19.320 --> 00:26:20.010 Okay.

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00:28:12.430 --> 00:28:14.030 You

00:28:17.950 --> 00:28:27.019 Frank R. Harrison: welcome back. Now, Jeff, you are about to tell me a whole story of an instance where you and this other girl that you were dating were really going wild and doing the things

00:28:27.100 --> 00:28:36.729 Frank R. Harrison: that you weren't supposed to be doing, especially under treatment. I gather that's covered in your book. But my question is, would that have been the point at which you knew

00:28:36.750 --> 00:28:40.170 Frank R. Harrison: you had to not only reflect on what's been going on while

00:28:40.260 --> 00:28:47.600 Frank R. Harrison: going on dates while suffering with epilepsy. And what you needed to be more mindful of going forward was that the pivot point for you?

00:28:47.760 --> 00:28:51.989 Jeffrey Demitrack: Well, actually I I was going to say that, you know I

00:28:52.250 --> 00:29:05.700 Jeffrey Demitrack: this girl. You know it. She wasn't looking out for my best interests, too, you know, and and really I was sleep deprived. She had better things to do. She needed to do things.

00:29:05.710 --> 00:29:20.189 Jeffrey Demitrack: She needed me out first thing in the morning, and really it would have been I needed to sleep. But really I at at that time I had my license, and so she was like.

00:29:20.200 --> 00:29:38.920 Jeffrey Demitrack: Oh, well, you gotta drive home now, and they obviously, you know I have been doing all these things. I i'm sleep deprived. I have. I have a ride ahead of me, and it was the time I I lost my license, because really I I ended up having a seizure while I was driving.

00:29:38.930 --> 00:29:55.189 Jeffrey Demitrack: you know. So I yeah, and and I crash. So you know I mean it's a I mean, I had a Nora, so I was able to pull over and stuff. But yeah, I I I still total my car, because, you know I I would it. It was

00:29:55.200 --> 00:30:10.049 Jeffrey Demitrack: it. While I was pulling over. I I was going like 5 miles per hour, and I hit like this tree. That was, you know. I I mean. I told the car, and you know that was the end of my license. That was the last time I drove.

00:30:10.980 --> 00:30:15.440 Frank R. Harrison: So you they didn't suspend it. They revoked it so you can't get the license back at all.

00:30:15.770 --> 00:30:26.679 Jeffrey Demitrack: No, I I suspended because of epilepsy because I had a seizure. I would have to be seizure free for a year when it comes to New York. Laws.

00:30:26.800 --> 00:30:29.170 Jeffrey Demitrack: but you know I I

00:30:29.670 --> 00:30:40.820 Jeffrey Demitrack: I don't think that will ever happen, though I mean I since 2,009 I have not been seizure free for over a year.

00:30:41.920 --> 00:30:47.650 Frank R. Harrison: Oh, wow! So I mean, for example, I mean. It's only been 2 weeks since December first began. I got.

00:30:47.740 --> 00:30:50.230 Frank R. Harrison: How many seizures on average have you had since

00:30:50.450 --> 00:30:51.490 Frank R. Harrison: the beginning of the month?

00:30:52.110 --> 00:31:19.360 Jeffrey Demitrack: Oh, I I usually have 10 per month but really I could have a good month, which would be about 6 or something, but I could have a bad month, with which could be about 2025, and and usually they start off like a a grand mall, and then i'll have a smaller ones, like partial seizures, a complex partial. So, and they'll they'll be in clusters.

00:31:20.370 --> 00:31:25.300 Frank R. Harrison: Wow. So what would you say? The majority of them are for you complex partials.

00:31:25.640 --> 00:31:37.700 Jeffrey Demitrack: yeah, mostly complex partials, or, you know, like a a a combination of a a little bit of a shaking and choking noises. I get a lot of that.

00:31:38.450 --> 00:31:39.790 Frank R. Harrison: But you're conscious

00:31:40.380 --> 00:32:09.049 Jeffrey Demitrack: sometimes it's I'm half conscious like I I feel I i'll see what's going on, but I can't move my body. I I feel the pain in my legs, or something, or only one side of my body can move, or something, so i'm on the floor, and you know, like really all 10 stuff and stuff. So a lot of times, you know that when i'm feeling anxiety like,

00:32:09.060 --> 00:32:37.300 Jeffrey Demitrack: say, you, you asked me about anticipatory anxiety and stuff when i'm doing something, is it possible I could have a seizure on a show? It's very possible, I mean, because any type of social activity, you know. That's what kind of causes it for me. I mean that's that's why I've had so many seizures when I was out on dates with women. I've had them at work, you know that that's the I've had them

00:32:37.310 --> 00:32:51.209 Jeffrey Demitrack: I I've had them dealing with family, and when, when usually when I'm. arguing with people, you know they, it's stress is the biggest aspect of epilepsy, and people need to stay away from it.

00:32:51.690 --> 00:33:03.160 Frank R. Harrison: Yes, yes, but we live in a world where stress is part for the course. So I mean, I gather you. You are probably taking your medications religiously, even though you have the average of 6 to 10 a month.

00:33:03.310 --> 00:33:14.759 Frank R. Harrison: The thing is is that you are under control. And, like you, said the neuro feedback, and you have a gauge with your auras. As to when things are happening, so you probably put yourself in a lot of situations that help keep you as safe as possible.

00:33:14.970 --> 00:33:44.950 Jeffrey Demitrack: Correct? Yes, I mean I I live a a very stress, free life, you know. But I you know I don't work the hours that I used to work, you know, and that's it. That gave me the opportunity to write this book, you know, and I hope to write about other topics that that is related to the epilepsy community. You know, I want feedback from the epilepsy community about the things that they want to hear about. And really I have a whole.

00:33:44.960 --> 00:33:58.319 Jeffrey Demitrack: and there's a whole bunch of experiences that I I hope that I can share. But I want people to learn about it, you know I want people to to not make the same mistakes I made, you know. So

00:33:58.940 --> 00:34:01.720 Frank R. Harrison: so what would you say that the book in itself

00:34:01.770 --> 00:34:05.929 Frank R. Harrison: has a lot to offer the reader, especially those that want to purchase it after seeing

00:34:06.030 --> 00:34:10.429 Frank R. Harrison: tonight's show. The reader also being a non epileptic Patient, for example.

00:34:10.639 --> 00:34:11.830 may future

00:34:11.909 --> 00:34:18.400 Frank R. Harrison: future daughters of epileptic patients like, what? What is it offered to them in terms of knowledge?

00:34:18.610 --> 00:34:23.649 Jeffrey Demitrack: Well, I I think that when it comes to intimacy. And

00:34:23.780 --> 00:34:40.689 Jeffrey Demitrack: and detachment, you know that people. there, there's so much of that in relationships today, and and people want to learn more about. You know how I can get close to someone what it and

00:34:40.719 --> 00:35:09.079 Jeffrey Demitrack: and everybody has these expectations of about how I can do better. You know I I in my book, you know a lot of times I was in a relationship, and it was so only a short term relationship. But you know the the person that I was in a relationship with with was looking for something better. I was looking for something better. It wasn't anything that was gonna be long term.

00:35:09.090 --> 00:35:32.960 Jeffrey Demitrack: and really everybody today, it seems like, you know, they they don't want anything that is gonna be long term they they're not ready to make that commitment, and I think it you but once you do make a long term commitment you it's very, very valuable for your life. You you start to, other pieces of your life start to fall into place?

00:35:34.280 --> 00:35:36.040 Frank R. Harrison: Exactly. I totally agree.

00:35:36.080 --> 00:35:38.419 Frank R. Harrison: I guess, if anything, though.

00:35:38.600 --> 00:35:44.979 Frank R. Harrison: what would you say that there are things that after you finished writing the book you left out that you want to write about next.

00:35:45.600 --> 00:35:53.830 Jeffrey Demitrack: yes, I I would love to write about how people with epilepsy, when they lose consciousness.

00:35:53.840 --> 00:36:22.239 Jeffrey Demitrack: you know they they lose control, and they in their life. They there's a loss of independence. They have to depend on their loved ones for this and that, you know, and really they they need to fight back for their independence, and they and they, and depending on other other ones. And for all these things you know it, it it's really something that will cause a mental illness. It will bring them into a depression.

00:36:22.330 --> 00:36:42.180 Jeffrey Demitrack: you know. And really it's very upsetting to a lot of people, and and that is something that I really want to focus on, because really something like that is not just related to dating. It's related to you, Depend on family members. You you depend on you just the your your neighbor. You say you have a

00:36:42.190 --> 00:36:50.829 Jeffrey Demitrack: they. You might only be able to ask your neighbor for something, because a a person with epilepsy they can't drive a a lot of the times, you know.

00:36:51.950 --> 00:36:59.980 Frank R. Harrison: No, I totally understand. I mean, it seems to me that when you were writing, dating in the dark. You were creating your story of your purpose here.

00:37:00.120 --> 00:37:07.610 Frank R. Harrison: being an epileptic individual, and at the same time trying to get your independence back on many levels. But I gather one of the things

00:37:07.630 --> 00:37:22.690 Frank R. Harrison: like like you've told me is you haven't actually been able to find the one, because so much confusion and chaos seems to be always interfering in it. So you, I guess, are becoming. You're actually sublimating that by becoming a mental health advocate of sorts. Correct?

00:37:23.280 --> 00:37:43.409 Jeffrey Demitrack: Yes, I mean, really. I started my Instagram page stages of epilepsy because I wanted to be an advocate for people with mental illness. I wanted to be an advocate for people with epilepsy. I wanted to help others, you know, achieve their goals, just support them, support the community, do what I can.

00:37:43.420 --> 00:37:59.290 Jeffrey Demitrack: and then just get my my story out there. Encourage people other other people with epilepsy to get their story out there. I want to help. I want to help them, you know. And really, I want you to get your story out there, Frank.

00:37:59.370 --> 00:38:00.499 Frank R. Harrison: The way that you

00:38:00.580 --> 00:38:19.659 Frank R. Harrison: did Your wallpaper is a way of you advocating the story that I've been trying to move forward right here on the network. I mean it's it's interesting. You could tell the intergenerational difference because of how epilepsy was so stigmatized even as early as 25 years ago, you know. And yet, when I did this show in 2,016 initially.

00:38:19.800 --> 00:38:26.099 Frank R. Harrison: I called it Frank about health, because I knew already people were not going to see a show entitled Frank about epilepsy.

00:38:26.570 --> 00:38:45.260 Frank R. Harrison: You know it just has that. Why, you know. But when Covid hit that allowed me to be frank about all health issues, and of course give one or 2 slices of epilepsy on occasion. That's why for you showing, dating in the dark as a reflection of what I've been advocating with mental health

00:38:45.270 --> 00:38:47.860 Frank R. Harrison: neurological health issues this past year.

00:38:48.050 --> 00:38:53.449 Frank R. Harrison: Basically is where I thought, okay, we come together right before the holiday time.

00:38:53.520 --> 00:38:57.310 Frank R. Harrison: So we have a convergence of 2 like-minded individuals

00:38:57.330 --> 00:39:00.690 Frank R. Harrison: who are advocating for the big health care picture.

00:39:00.810 --> 00:39:18.929 Frank R. Harrison: We do come from areas of mental health and epilepsy, but at the same time we want to have integration and awareness that epileptics are people, too, you know, and it's just a question of being able to collaborate together, which is the message that I know that i'm sending out to everyone

00:39:18.940 --> 00:39:22.429 Frank R. Harrison: who's watching and listening. Right now we will be doing that in 2,023.

00:39:22.730 --> 00:39:25.050 Frank R. Harrison: So I just wanted to say that

00:39:25.090 --> 00:39:32.939 Frank R. Harrison: again. Thank you for coming on Tonight's show to talk about your book. Ladies and gentlemen. It is available on Amazon Com.

00:39:33.130 --> 00:39:52.190 Frank R. Harrison: I am guilty for not having read it in detail yet, but it is a must read. I'm going to point and click tonight and get it in time for the holidays. I hope you do the same, and we're about to take our final break. And when we return we're going to talk about the future of Jeffrey, Demetrek and Frank about health.

00:39:52.200 --> 00:39:57.419 Frank R. Harrison: among other things. So please stay tuned right here on talk radio, Nyc

00:39:57.470 --> 00:39:59.219 Frank R. Harrison: and on our Youtube Channel

00:39:59.510 --> 00:40:00.560 we back in a few.

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00:40:27.090 --> 00:40:28.379 Okay.

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00:41:57.550 --> 00:41:59.209 You

00:42:03.300 --> 00:42:05.610 Frank R. Harrison: hey, everybody, and welcome back. Now, Jeff.

00:42:05.850 --> 00:42:09.039 Frank R. Harrison: thanks to you and your preparedness for today's show.

00:42:09.110 --> 00:42:13.529 Frank R. Harrison: I already have the synopsis of everything we've spoken about. So i'm just going to read it through

00:42:13.550 --> 00:42:33.029 Frank R. Harrison: for everyone to get the takeaways after the show ends. It's live recording, and of course, I know people from your various groups, based on your Instagram posting, are watching this as well, so hopefully, if they choose to share it amongst their communities. This could serve as a piece of education for those suffering with epilepsy

00:42:33.040 --> 00:42:35.660 Frank R. Harrison: and the significant others that are dating them.

00:42:35.880 --> 00:42:37.199 Frank R. Harrison: That being said.

00:42:38.260 --> 00:42:46.370 Frank R. Harrison: I know i'm reading. I'm kind of like reading directly from your words. So I just wanted to make sure I got all the precise message across for everybody.

00:42:46.420 --> 00:42:52.910 Frank R. Harrison: Okay, the epilepsy community comes out with mottos like Don't. Be afraid to say you have epilepsy.

00:42:53.030 --> 00:43:00.279 Frank R. Harrison: But when meeting someone for the first time, I believe a person should disclose their epilepsy when they feel comfortable to do it.

00:43:00.510 --> 00:43:07.100 Frank R. Harrison: It's not because the person is ashamed of having epilepsy, but it's very easy to ruin the mood of a great conversation.

00:43:07.280 --> 00:43:17.270 Frank R. Harrison: But that's what happens when coming out and saying, By the way, I have epilepsy. Once a person living with epilepsy and getting to know their date. There is the right time, disclosed

00:43:17.390 --> 00:43:29.400 Frank R. Harrison: I I second that. But I also like to add, Who knows? Maybe when you know that the time is right. That means it is the right person that you want to really go forward with. So maybe that's the hidden secret that you had a chance to explore.

00:43:29.440 --> 00:43:35.670 Frank R. Harrison: Yes, at the same time it is important. And this is for everyone out there

00:43:35.890 --> 00:43:37.009 that sleep

00:43:37.110 --> 00:43:42.039 Frank R. Harrison: and and regulation of your downtime

00:43:42.140 --> 00:43:43.700 Frank R. Harrison: being very mindful

00:43:43.710 --> 00:44:03.440 Jeffrey Demitrack: when dealing with epilepsy, especially well. Also there. I want to add that there might be very severe cases, that it it's a a necessity to share; that you have epilepsy because of of safety reasons. And really, I, that's not my case.

00:44:03.450 --> 00:44:16.659 Jeffrey Demitrack: but it it might be the case for other people. And you. So if if that's the case. And they they say, oh, I need to tell people all the time when i'm going out in public.

00:44:16.670 --> 00:44:25.519 Jeffrey Demitrack: that I that I have seizures because they they could have a seizure any second. You know that that is up to them. They need to make that decision

00:44:25.830 --> 00:44:37.640 Frank R. Harrison: correct, correct. And also, I think we also mentioned that even when you are dating a significant other, if he or she is basically having an illness of their own, not necessarily epilepsy.

00:44:37.820 --> 00:44:48.609 Frank R. Harrison: The epileptic patient should be informed of that, so that they can at least through the experience of taking medications. Having empathy, understanding, protocols or precautions.

00:44:48.640 --> 00:45:02.340 Frank R. Harrison: you'll be able to empathize and understand that individual's needs as well. So I guess that's one aspect that you want listeners and viewers to take away that to not only be mindful of when is the right time to disclose their epilepsy, but also

00:45:02.390 --> 00:45:08.790 Frank R. Harrison: find honest and open communication with your significant other. If they should have, whether it's epilepsy or another disorder.

00:45:09.100 --> 00:45:38.109 Jeffrey Demitrack: Yes, so what? When a significant other has a chronic illness that they're dealing with, You know a person with epilepsy. They might not be able to drive. They might not be working, but they they know about, you know, dealing with the routine of medication. They know about it empathy like you mentioned. They know. They just know about adversity. They know about a a whole host of issues.

00:45:38.130 --> 00:46:03.310 Jeffrey Demitrack: and they can be supportive in ways that maybe someone that wasn't dealing with an illness or Hasn't dealt with an illness, you know, can't be so, Really, if there is a there's ways that a person with epilepsy can be resourceful that they maybe haven't thought of, and so they they just have to realize what those ways are

00:46:03.450 --> 00:46:04.109 Frank R. Harrison: right

00:46:04.140 --> 00:46:15.469 Frank R. Harrison: exactly, but the bottom line, the common thread in all of this is open and honest communication. After all, if you don't, have open communication, you don't have a good relationship. No relationship can survive without communication.

00:46:15.800 --> 00:46:17.940 Jeffrey Demitrack: It's very true.

00:46:18.590 --> 00:46:27.169 Frank R. Harrison: the other thing is is that just going forward? I know that epilepsy is such an umbrella topic. Aside from mental health.

00:46:27.270 --> 00:46:46.070 Frank R. Harrison: there were the topics of cannabis. There's the topics of special treatments involving surgery. There's the topics of socialization. There's a topics of different organizations to join and become advocates, for. So I know that you and I together were talking about.

00:46:46.080 --> 00:46:50.159 Frank R. Harrison: probably having in a few months from now, a an event

00:46:50.200 --> 00:46:56.689 Frank R. Harrison: to a live event where we would have an audience as well. People who have both been on Frank about health, or

00:46:57.140 --> 00:47:08.220 Frank R. Harrison: probably a a part of your groups that you're part of that you advocate for would be able to gather together and network with each other, and possibly even be able to discuss some more of the

00:47:08.280 --> 00:47:14.669 Frank R. Harrison: whether it is the intimate natures of what's in your book, or even some of the other details that are not appropriate for podcasts.

00:47:14.690 --> 00:47:19.940 Frank R. Harrison: but at least are more engaging in real time with real people in the same room.

00:47:20.000 --> 00:47:25.530 Frank R. Harrison: You know. That is something that I know that you and I and Danielle Swanson have had a chance to talk about planning.

00:47:25.600 --> 00:47:29.430 Frank R. Harrison: and that's a hint for everyone who is a watcher of Frank about health.

00:47:29.540 --> 00:47:33.009 Frank R. Harrison: We will be planning an event in the spring of 2,023,

00:47:33.220 --> 00:47:36.380 Frank R. Harrison: and it will probably be at a Hilton location.

00:47:36.430 --> 00:47:52.229 Frank R. Harrison: But get to be announced. but at the same time, Jeff, you and I will be in discussions, not only with Danielle, but also with Sally and some other people that have been on the show, Phyllis Quinlan as well, and just do what we can to really come up with a collaborative

00:47:52.310 --> 00:47:56.359 Frank R. Harrison: workshop series, if you will, because advocating is not.

00:47:56.460 --> 00:48:00.219 Frank R. Harrison: It's good on a podcast. It definitely sets the stage.

00:48:00.340 --> 00:48:05.159 Frank R. Harrison: but it needs to be constantly reinforced in in a much more live venue.

00:48:05.200 --> 00:48:07.180 Frank R. Harrison: academic and or

00:48:07.210 --> 00:48:09.210 Frank R. Harrison: hospitality area

00:48:09.240 --> 00:48:10.560 Frank R. Harrison: setting, you know.

00:48:10.640 --> 00:48:15.110 Frank R. Harrison: and it could really have value for people on many levels.

00:48:15.250 --> 00:48:20.789 Frank R. Harrison: you know. the other thing is is that I I know that, for here we are headed for

00:48:20.810 --> 00:48:24.840 Frank R. Harrison: a two-week hiatus from broadcasting new episodes.

00:48:24.880 --> 00:48:30.880 Frank R. Harrison: I was already on hiatus, but I knew I had to close the year out with you because of the plans for the future.

00:48:30.930 --> 00:48:37.159 Frank R. Harrison: So is there anything you'd like to let the viewers know about what you're going to be doing the next 2 weeks, especially when it comes

00:48:37.250 --> 00:48:39.979 Frank R. Harrison: to advocating or spending time with family, or

00:48:39.990 --> 00:49:03.789 Jeffrey Demitrack: anything else that you'd like to inform others to be mindful of during the next 2 weeks.

00:49:03.800 --> 00:49:22.489 Jeffrey Demitrack: It's pretty much gonna be family time. It's just so watching movies going to light shows with a lot of Christmas lights and a lot of stuff like that. So ice skating you know different things so

00:49:22.530 --> 00:49:25.890 Jeffrey Demitrack: just having fun with the family pretty much.

00:49:25.900 --> 00:49:44.220 Jeffrey Demitrack: And yeah, I i'm looking forward to it. And but I i'm also looking forward to the New Year, because we I there are some epilepsy walks coming up in the New Year and there we have one coming up in March.

00:49:44.230 --> 00:50:03.500 Jeffrey Demitrack: I believe that one is in Phoenix, and I hope to promote my book there, and it will be the dating in the dark group. You know how you have groups in the in these walks and stuff. So i'm gonna make a t-shirt of dating in the dark. And

00:50:03.510 --> 00:50:19.169 Jeffrey Demitrack: and there's gonna be another one in May which is in DC: so I hope. maybe that I can pick a bookstore nearby. Both these walks and do a book signing there.

00:50:19.180 --> 00:50:31.379 Jeffrey Demitrack: and and hopefully I can start working on the projects that we had in mind. we, we said that we might want to do some writing together so

00:50:31.880 --> 00:50:37.430 Frank R. Harrison: could happen. I mean, I know that, you know, as I've been taking my hiatus. I've been

00:50:37.530 --> 00:50:41.929 Frank R. Harrison: developing my relationship with Hilton to be the shows

00:50:42.030 --> 00:50:50.229 Frank R. Harrison: event sponsor. Among other things, they're still in the works, so can't disclose any more than I can. But I can disclose that

00:50:50.320 --> 00:50:53.279 Frank R. Harrison: things are looking up right now, and it's a question of

00:50:53.310 --> 00:50:57.750 Frank R. Harrison: giving the thanks to the very people who helped me get to that point, and that would include

00:50:57.770 --> 00:51:04.419 Frank R. Harrison: shows a network of producer, Sam Lee Bowitz, his show. The conscious consultant announced

00:51:04.550 --> 00:51:23.789 Frank R. Harrison: in his last episode today about it. Doesn't matter how it just matters what you want to accomplish in 2,023. So let me tell you again, Sam, if you're listening to this episode, I want to thank you for that. Even though you were talking to your wide audience, it was just very meaningful, knowing that I was having this show tonight

00:51:23.800 --> 00:51:27.879 Frank R. Harrison: that that is exactly what Frank about health is going to be thinking in terms of

00:51:27.900 --> 00:51:42.840 Frank R. Harrison: what we envision. 2023 to look like, and it doesn't matter how we just envision it and let the universe take over and guide us all together. But it does work in a collaborative effort. And so, thanks to you for introducing me to Sally.

00:51:42.890 --> 00:51:57.299 Frank R. Harrison: who in turn introduced me to Jeff, and you also introduced me to Phyllis, who is now the co-host, and you've introduced me to so many other people that I will be bringing on the show in the new year. I have to thank you, Sam Leibowitz, again for all the work that you do with talk radio, Nyc.

00:51:57.330 --> 00:52:03.010 Frank R. Harrison: and of course, what we together will be doing in the future, assuming everything as planned

00:52:03.030 --> 00:52:05.189 Frank R. Harrison: happens as we like it to happen.

00:52:05.200 --> 00:52:35.180 Jeffrey Demitrack: Yes, as planned, you know it's a you know. That is always the big thing, you know a lot of times in my book. I say, you know things don't always go as planned when it comes to relationships. And and really that is just how it goes with epilepsy to, you know, really really seizures. Take away the experiences in your life, you know you. You might have something planned out that it it looks great on.

00:52:35.190 --> 00:52:49.059 Jeffrey Demitrack: But then you have a

00:52:49.260 --> 00:52:59.220 Frank R. Harrison: everyone with that policy can can relate to. But then they also learn the secret, which is is that they have to be ready for plans. B. C. And D. To come out whenever they come out.

00:52:59.440 --> 00:53:01.419 Frank R. Harrison: you know. Always get ready to pivot.

00:53:01.480 --> 00:53:08.930 Frank R. Harrison: you know, and I can also attest to what John Lennon said, which is life, is what happens while you're making other plans.

00:53:08.990 --> 00:53:22.919 Frank R. Harrison: you know, and and in general, even though I talk about what I plan like. I planned not to return until 2,023, but then you and I had a conversation, and here we are. I I always allow for the unknown to occur.

00:53:23.030 --> 00:53:29.150 Frank R. Harrison: because that is the way life is. You know, whether we like it or not, and I think the biggest

00:53:29.270 --> 00:53:34.469 Frank R. Harrison: light was shown when we all suffered from Kovat 19 over the last couple years.

00:53:34.680 --> 00:53:40.890 Frank R. Harrison: Everybody was put into their own day by day. Experience with no long-term thinking allowed for it.

00:53:41.040 --> 00:53:44.190 Frank R. Harrison: because whatever you would plan would change at a heartbeat's, notice.

00:53:44.440 --> 00:53:45.120 Frank R. Harrison: you know.

00:53:45.260 --> 00:53:48.809 Frank R. Harrison: So, ladies and gentlemen, I just have to say again.

00:53:48.890 --> 00:53:54.700 Frank R. Harrison: I want to thank everyone who has had a role in Frank about health during 2,022,

00:53:54.780 --> 00:53:58.129 Frank R. Harrison: as well as the ending part of 2,021.

00:53:58.180 --> 00:54:01.660 Frank R. Harrison: If you recall, I've had guests like Sally Kaufman

00:54:01.700 --> 00:54:12.119 Frank R. Harrison: and and Danielle Swanson and James Swanson, and I've had a Judy Mandel, and I've had ben myel, and I've I mean

00:54:12.340 --> 00:54:14.109 Frank R. Harrison: I I I've had

00:54:14.280 --> 00:54:19.759 Frank R. Harrison: so many people that are You know I I definitely want to name them all, but we only have a

00:54:19.950 --> 00:54:25.360 Frank R. Harrison: you know, George and Dell, many of the If Sam Libowitz was a guest on the show.

00:54:25.390 --> 00:54:28.049 Frank R. Harrison: You know, we just have to point out that

00:54:28.400 --> 00:54:30.280 Frank R. Harrison: a show like Frank about health

00:54:30.620 --> 00:54:40.239 Frank R. Harrison: cannot occur without a community of people, each advocating for various health issues, whether they are their own, or whether they are the health care issues of others.

00:54:40.310 --> 00:54:44.219 Frank R. Harrison: And that is what i'm. Looking forward in 2023 to do.

00:54:44.440 --> 00:54:50.550 Frank R. Harrison: which is to further advocate health care issues going forward in a much more live venue forum

00:54:50.570 --> 00:54:52.440 Frank R. Harrison: that we've already hinted towards the

00:54:52.540 --> 00:55:02.649 Frank R. Harrison: and we want all of you out there to spend 2020, the last 2 weeks of 2022 commemorating, reflecting, relating with your loved ones about

00:55:03.280 --> 00:55:10.659 Frank R. Harrison: what you want to achieve going forward. Make make is make your dreams happen as you can, and allow for the changes to occur if they need me.

00:55:10.800 --> 00:55:14.620 Frank R. Harrison: Always get vaccinated if you need to. But simultaneously

00:55:14.710 --> 00:55:18.849 Frank R. Harrison: also be mindful that if you need to reach out to me

00:55:18.890 --> 00:55:20.450 Frank R. Harrison: or to Jeff.

00:55:20.630 --> 00:55:27.069 Frank R. Harrison: Jeff has his Instagram page, I have my email, which is Frank R. Harrison, one at Gmail Com.

00:55:27.180 --> 00:55:32.389 Frank R. Harrison: You have the catalog of shows that I have done on Youtube as well as on Facebook live.

00:55:32.490 --> 00:55:38.459 Frank R. Harrison: and as well as on my own personal channel. Www. Dot, Frank R. Harrison, Com.

00:55:38.620 --> 00:55:43.920 Frank R. Harrison: And you will get to see more episodes of Frank about health in 2,023

00:55:44.090 --> 00:55:47.089 Frank R. Harrison: there is going to be the return of Danielle Swanson

00:55:47.110 --> 00:55:50.829 Frank R. Harrison: there is going to be. the return of other shows with Phyllis.

00:55:50.950 --> 00:55:53.370 Frank R. Harrison: We are going to have some new guests

00:55:53.590 --> 00:55:57.129 Frank R. Harrison: that are probably from the Hilton Hospitality group.

00:55:57.340 --> 00:56:03.399 Frank R. Harrison: and we're going to get more involved with Nyu Langone, and that is yet to be unveiled.

00:56:03.480 --> 00:56:09.689 Frank R. Harrison: But a lot more will be headed in 2,023, and I am advocating for future

00:56:09.810 --> 00:56:13.089 Frank R. Harrison: podcast to include live audience participation.

00:56:13.200 --> 00:56:17.199 Frank R. Harrison: So those are some of the insights or my vision for the future.

00:56:17.310 --> 00:56:21.260 Frank R. Harrison: And I just want to wish you all a very wonderful

00:56:21.320 --> 00:56:31.490 Frank R. Harrison: holiday season, whether it's Kwanza Hanukkah, Christmas, and of course, may 2023 be the year for you after the last 3 that have gone by

00:56:31.540 --> 00:56:43.529 Frank R. Harrison: while combating Covid Covid now is working with us. We we're not submissive to them anymore as long as we are using exactly

00:56:43.750 --> 00:56:48.840 Jeffrey Demitrack: and good. And thank you again, Frank, this was great. I had a great time.

00:56:49.110 --> 00:56:53.900 Frank R. Harrison: Yes, and so did I, and we will be in touch. By the way, when we.

00:56:53.970 --> 00:56:58.480 Frank R. Harrison: when we, when this logs off I will call you right away, so we can follow up.

00:56:58.510 --> 00:57:04.169 Frank R. Harrison: But in the meantime, ladies and gentlemen, just stay tuned for tomorrow's block of shows.

00:57:04.240 --> 00:57:13.970 Frank R. Harrison: the last 2 shows of the year on talk, radio and Nyc, which are always Friday with Steve Fry and Philanthropy in focus with Tommy D.

00:57:14.020 --> 00:57:17.990 Frank R. Harrison: And then hopefully, this show will re-air during the holiday season.

00:57:18.100 --> 00:57:24.829 Frank R. Harrison: But I will see you in the New Year with a new and interesting backdrop and a vision for the future

00:57:24.860 --> 00:57:28.280 Frank R. Harrison: that will make a talk radio that Nyc.

00:57:28.410 --> 00:57:39.380 Frank R. Harrison: Look better and brighter than ever before. Okay, those are my wishes and thanks again, Jeffrey, and we will all be back next year. Have a wonderful holiday season. Speak to you soon.

00:57:39.410 --> 00:57:40.879 Jeffrey Demitrack: Happy holidays!

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