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Friday, November 4, 2022
Facebook Live Video from 2022/11/04 - The very first NRH Half Day Board Development Conference

Facebook Live Video from 2022/11/04 - The very first NRH Half Day Board Development Conference


2022/11/04 - The very first NRH Half Day Board Development Conference

[NEW EPISODE] The very first NRH Half Day Board Development Conference


They will learn more about the Nonprofit Resource Hub, how the association provides education, resources, support and services to nonprofit organizations. The audience will also learn about the Hub's first half day professional board development conference taking place on November 15th in NYC.


Alison La Ferlita serves as the Executive Director for the Nonprofit Resource Hub. She is widely recognized as a strong and committed advocate of business and community development. She is the CEO of Plum+ Copper, LLC, an executive management consulting firm supporting nonprofit organizations and trade associations and an active community volunteer, having served on the boards of the Long Beach Chamber of Commerce, the Association for Professional Fundraisers, Long Island (AFPLI), and participates in the Long Beach Community Collaborative(LBCC). 

In addition, she serves as a Parent Advocate for parents of children with special needs and has served as a foster mom to rescue dogs. In 2021, Alison was recognized for her work and honored with a Women of Distinction Award, presented by Assemblywoman, Melissa Miller. She and her husband of 19 years reside in Long Beach and is the proud mom to two great boys, Shane and Reilly and dog mom to Bear and Maisy.

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00:00:22.260 --> 00:00:28.110 Tommy DiMisa: You know what i'm world. Why not worldwide up, or like your boy, the nonprofit sector

00:00:28.320 --> 00:00:41.650 Tommy DiMisa: connector. Calm down, kid, coming at you from the top of my house, just below the roof, where else two flights up from the kitchen. Just in case you get lost i'm in the attic. It's your boy to me default after feeding focus

00:00:41.790 --> 00:00:54.869 Tommy DiMisa: we're at like, I think we're in the high eighties or uh or low nineties as far as episodes of the program here. I think we'll top out the year here at two thousand and twenty-two at episode number ninety-nine of philanthropy. And focus

00:00:55.270 --> 00:00:58.459 Tommy DiMisa: what do we focus on here on philanthropy and focus? Well,

00:00:58.590 --> 00:01:16.449 Tommy DiMisa: if you know me, and you know i'm the nonprofit sector connector, or if you don't know me, let me introduce you how you doing? I'm Tommy D, the nonprofit sector connector. And what do we focus on? We focus on telling stories with nonprofits. We focus on bringing opportunities to share

00:01:16.460 --> 00:01:20.099 Tommy DiMisa: what nonprofits are doing, and two things, as I always say,

00:01:20.370 --> 00:01:21.729 Tommy DiMisa: how their story

00:01:22.120 --> 00:01:39.340 Tommy DiMisa: and amplify their message. And that's become my mission. It's become incredibly important to me to bring on a nonprofit leader each and every Friday morning to have a conversation about the impact that the organization is making, have a conversation about who they serve, how they serve, what they need

00:01:39.560 --> 00:01:48.629 Tommy DiMisa: in this. The next two weeks, the today and next Friday are are really special in the calendar of philanthropy and focus because

00:01:49.010 --> 00:01:54.610 Tommy DiMisa: the two organizations that we're recognizing and speaking with organizations that I am

00:01:55.010 --> 00:02:04.279 Tommy DiMisa: rather well connected to today, my friend Allison Lot, for lead is here from the nonprofit resource Hub. I was part of the founding team, and then part of the group that really uh

00:02:04.290 --> 00:02:21.799 Tommy DiMisa: keeps this organization going, and I'm. Involved with a lot of conversations about the growth of the organization, and next week Allison and my friend Ken Srini will be here from the New York City. Imagine awards and originally the Long Island. Imagine awards which is itself a non-profit organization. I serve on both of those committees. So

00:02:21.810 --> 00:02:34.920 Tommy DiMisa: it's kind of a home game next couple of weeks where we're home. We're we're off the road, you know, like in the Nfl. Football or baseball. I travel around. It's going to be real Long Island focused New York City focus. So really,

00:02:35.540 --> 00:02:43.300 Tommy DiMisa: Allison. First of all, I have so many things I can read about you. Um, I will read some things, but I always like to start this way.

00:02:43.600 --> 00:02:45.330 Tommy DiMisa: Welcome to the show,

00:02:45.450 --> 00:02:47.640 Tommy DiMisa: and I You're not really in the attic,

00:02:47.650 --> 00:03:16.919 Tommy DiMisa: but welcome virtually to my attic what is going on? Good morning. Thank you so much, Tommy, for having me on today. I really appreciate it. Not only are you a dear friend and a colleague, but now you're hosting so thank you on It's fun. I welcome you to the show. Welcome! I think that's um. I think it's from Shrek. Welcome to our world. Welcome to our well. It's not very impromptu. Do I sing here on the show? It's not planned. It just sort of happens that I start singing so

00:03:16.930 --> 00:03:23.219 Tommy DiMisa: uh today. Apparently it's one of those days where I might sing throughout, so we'll see how it is I may have shared with you, Allison.

00:03:23.440 --> 00:03:45.539 Tommy DiMisa: By the way, I I do appreciate your friendship and work we do together for sure. Um, you know I may have shared with you. I certainly think of shared with people who have listened to the show. I think I am about to take singing lessons, because I always wanted to be a crooner, and I think it's about time in my life for me to do that. So who knows? There might be a whole show about me learning how to sing, you know singing.

00:03:45.740 --> 00:04:07.529 Tommy DiMisa: Maybe that's the name of the album.

00:04:07.540 --> 00:04:24.560 Tommy DiMisa: Um, Jeff Bezos Company, Amazon. You may have heard of it. Everybody sells Tuxedoes, and you could pick up a Tuxedo for a lot. You could pay off like half the price of what it cost to rent the Tuxedo, but we didn't come here to talk about taxes, but I met a man a couple of weeks ago when uh

00:04:24.570 --> 00:04:31.979 Tommy DiMisa: uh post-war processing as a nonprofit friend of ours uh Robin Kennedy outdo, and she had given me an award one night,

00:04:32.390 --> 00:04:35.589 Tommy DiMisa: and there was a man there who goes up and down the east coast,

00:04:35.680 --> 00:04:50.690 Tommy DiMisa: doing like acting as Frank sinatra, singing the whole thing. He's like the the Frank sinatra now. And I said to him, Hey, man I always wanted to sing, and he goes. Look, I I didn't start doing this till I was like thirty-six or something so i'm! A little later than that, but

00:04:50.700 --> 00:05:06.909 Tommy DiMisa: not by much. You're right. You know what you didn't say it, but fine! I'll go to Amazon. I'll buy a Tuxedo. We'll get some singing lessons, and you know that the it'll be singing in the attic is better than singing in the shower. All right, let's do it, Allison.

00:05:07.480 --> 00:05:16.390 Tommy DiMisa: You have a special background in nonprofit. I try to do this on each program. Really get into the groove with the leader,

00:05:16.400 --> 00:05:36.480 Tommy DiMisa: their background, the work they've done, what they've been involved with. And then ultimately we get to talk about. The organization today is, is, as I say, very special, because we have such a great relationship, and certainly this to lead into the conversation. I'm having with Ken. Next, we can want Kenserini, Australian associates, also one of the founding team of the nonprofit resource of

00:05:36.590 --> 00:05:55.639 Tommy DiMisa: Allison. I want to learn about what you drew you. What kind of what were there certain parts of your life that drew you to the nonprofit sector, and I I know you know what i'll read is before we do that. Obviously, i'm mentioning Alison as the executive director of the nonprofit resource hub, but she's also

00:05:55.650 --> 00:06:09.790 Tommy DiMisa: widely recognized for her work in the nonprofit sector, as well as working with associations. Her company is plumbing copper llc which is an executive management, consulting firm focused on nonprofits and trade organizations.

00:06:09.800 --> 00:06:15.799 Tommy DiMisa: She, uh has been an active community volunteer, very involvement community in Long Beach, Long Beach, Chamber of Commerce

00:06:15.860 --> 00:06:21.970 Tommy DiMisa: afp li the Association for Fundraising Professionals for Long Island here. So, Allison,

00:06:22.190 --> 00:06:31.319 Tommy DiMisa: what drew you to this work initially? Was there some catalyst and experience in your life that you said. You know what I really like this nonprofit work. I want to be a part of it.

00:06:31.550 --> 00:06:44.399 Alison La Ferlita NRH, ED: Uh, actually, nothing really happened per se. I think that uh, sometimes you're pushed in the direction you're supposed to be in without even realizing it. Uh initially, I was going into Tv production,

00:06:44.440 --> 00:07:00.289 Alison La Ferlita NRH, ED: and uh, a friend of mine upon a graduating college set to me. Well, why don't you go to this uh association and see if they're looking for a pa, and I went in to the office just on the fly and in the nineties. You could do that. You could just walk into somebody's office,

00:07:00.300 --> 00:07:19.980 Alison La Ferlita NRH, ED: and I was a very enthusiastic young graduate, and I showed them my vhs real, and was so excited, and they said, Well, you know we're looking for somebody to manage our East Coast chapter. We're a national organization. Do you think you'd want to do that? And I said, Sure, and I just kind of fell into being an executive director right at a school.

00:07:19.990 --> 00:07:33.440 Alison La Ferlita NRH, ED: Uh, and it was really interesting, and I loved it. Um, I don't think I realized what a great, an amazing gift it was at the time. Uh, because I still had my dreams of being in Tv, and I kind of went through that. But I always wound up

00:07:33.450 --> 00:07:51.570 Alison La Ferlita NRH, ED: doing fundraisers and events, and I always wound up working with nonprofit organizations. And as you grow mature, you realize how important it is to make a positive contribution to the world. And for me this was a really great way to be able to do. It was, is to work with nonprofit organizations to help them

00:07:51.580 --> 00:08:08.709 Alison La Ferlita NRH, ED: manage their businesses. Uh, very often and most often nonprofits are created as a goodness of somebody's heart. Uh, but not everybody realizes it is a real business, and needs to be run as such. So, you know, did something happen in particular? No; but

00:08:08.720 --> 00:08:27.939 Alison La Ferlita NRH, ED: you know, as I said. Sometimes you are guided to where you need to be, and I believe that's what happened. And you know I've been doing this now for twenty five years I've worked with a number of nonprofit organizations. I have met some of the most interesting people through my work I have had some of the coolest experiences through my work,

00:08:27.950 --> 00:08:32.720 Alison La Ferlita NRH, ED: and I feel like It's really important, especially in today's world, where it seems like

00:08:32.870 --> 00:08:45.100 Alison La Ferlita NRH, ED: greed lying and bullying is the only way to say on top that i'm a role model to my children that that's not the only way to be, and you can be successful by doing good work.

00:08:45.110 --> 00:09:06.179 Tommy DiMisa: Uh, I thought it was a great show, everybody, because that's all that we need to really say this and everybody have I? Just you got back fifty minutes. I'm kidding. I'm kidding. Okay. But the point What? What really is striking me and what you're saying there is that that's what this is about. That's why I leave this show with you today. I shoot a quick video for next week's show, and I head out to a out east on Long Island to meet with

00:09:06.190 --> 00:09:14.359 Tommy DiMisa: K. Nine companions. They're having a graduation for the dogs today that are companion for people. And uh, you know,

00:09:14.370 --> 00:09:43.460 Tommy DiMisa: this is funny when I say it, but it's pretty fun being Tommy Day, because you get invited to really cool stuff that other people don't even know about. So ken our companions have to be coming on the professionals and animal ever show on Monday uh next week, and they asked me if i'd come out to graduation, so i'm going to go see the dogs graduate, and then they'll be given to their new friend. It's the person that they're going to be supporting, So it's going to be super special. I'll tell you, don't worry gang. I'll take pictures and video and the whole thing. But I I say that because you know, Allison,

00:09:43.900 --> 00:09:46.019 Tommy DiMisa: you talk about being a role model,

00:09:46.250 --> 00:09:47.900 Tommy DiMisa: you know, in a time

00:09:48.040 --> 00:09:49.740 Tommy DiMisa: in history when

00:09:50.940 --> 00:09:55.270 Tommy DiMisa: countries divided, the plan is divided in a lot of ways, and

00:09:55.660 --> 00:10:14.860 Tommy DiMisa: you know when I have my own children's say to me, Hey, when are we going to go do a day service with a nonprofit? I kind of juggle because, like that's an idea that I came up with probably just sitting on the couch when there was like I should go do some days of service. And now that's like a thing to the point where i'm sure it's checking in I Haven't checked Facebook yet. But my Buddy Mick Collins,

00:10:14.870 --> 00:10:18.460 Tommy DiMisa: you know he told me. You know, Tommy D. I did a day of service

00:10:18.470 --> 00:10:37.430 Tommy DiMisa: outside Gersburg, Maryland, because you're out there doing this stuff, and that's it, man. It's a ripple effect. It's, you know I and I know i'm always very careful, because I I feel like it sounds like a bit egotistical or self-serving. But I don't. I'm only saying this stuff because I think it inspires other people to to do cool stuff. So I always have this weird

00:10:37.960 --> 00:10:48.359 Tommy DiMisa: problem in my own head like I might say, Look at me! I'm doing all this service. I'm doing it because I want people to go no shit. Excuse me, but I can go out and do surf. It's I cursed on the other show this week, too. I feel a very

00:10:48.370 --> 00:10:58.520 Tommy DiMisa: I feel very naughty this week, apparently, but like no kidding. I can go out, and I can just make an impact and do something. And, Mick, I love your brother. I'll see you next next month later this month when I come down to Dc.

00:10:58.530 --> 00:11:14.759 Tommy DiMisa: But the idea is, if you can do that, you can get out, and if there's something in your community gang I mean Allison, you know. I don't know if we need to talk about today. But even just you talk to me about some, a a gentleman you met in your community recently, and you know It's It's kind of like, you know. You told me on the side. But um!

00:11:15.190 --> 00:11:25.979 Tommy DiMisa: There are people getting out there each and every day making an impact in our communities who would love for you to show up and bring your talent. You know treasure is great, you know. We know that time certainly important.

00:11:25.990 --> 00:11:43.239 Tommy DiMisa: But um, maybe you got talent, maybe know how to hammer a nail, and somebody else doesn't show up, help out, you know. And you know, Tommy, the thing, too, is, if if I may. I think what's really important to share with people is, you know a lot of people will say to me that are not entrenched in this world like we are,

00:11:43.310 --> 00:11:58.309 Alison La Ferlita NRH, ED: you know. I wish I could give back. I don't want to just write a check, you know. I want to find something to do, and I always say there's so many opportunities for you to do things. I, of course, listen. Everybody needs the financial support. There's no two ways about it.

00:11:58.320 --> 00:12:08.489 Alison La Ferlita NRH, ED: But when you're actually there doing the work with the people shoulder to shoulder, Meeting the recipients of the mission. Of whichever organization it is,

00:12:08.530 --> 00:12:22.210 Alison La Ferlita NRH, ED: it touches you in a very different way than it does just to write a check. Um, you know you spoke about the Imagine awards earlier being in a room filled with people who is May, who have made it their life's purpose

00:12:22.220 --> 00:12:32.699 Alison La Ferlita NRH, ED: to help this world, and they they come from so many different uh various backgrounds in the nonprofit world. You would never feel better, I mean, I I can't imagine

00:12:32.770 --> 00:12:46.559 Alison La Ferlita NRH, ED: even leaving the Oscars makes you feel as good as you do, leaving the Imagine awards, because people are there to do the work to improve this world

00:12:46.710 --> 00:13:15.429 Alison La Ferlita NRH, ED: that eating me the same thing. Well, you know it feels good to go the Oscars. I wouldn't lie about that I've been. I've never been. I don't know. Maybe I I don't know if i'd fit in even with my Amazon Tuxedo i'm i'm sure something tells me you would be just fine. Hey, Tommy D. Who are you wearing Amazon? That would be very cool and very unique, You know. I think, that people find that um, you know, donating their time is,

00:13:15.440 --> 00:13:44.900 Alison La Ferlita NRH, ED: if they're required to do so much of it, you can donate as much or as little time as you can. Anything that you do is going to be of a benefit to that organization. Uh, you know, you could be oftentimes in a big struggle for our nonprofit organizations is to find board members. Uh, you know, board members have a very different definition today than they did twenty-five years ago. When I started this you know back. Then It seems like board members. More wanted to be

00:13:44.910 --> 00:14:13.970 Alison La Ferlita NRH, ED: the name on the letterhead, and they were people of influence. Boards have changed their working boards now, and that doesn't mean that you have to put in your blood sweat, and tears, but identify what your talents are, and how you can contribute those talents to being on a board, you know whether you, If you're an accountant, they always need a treasurer, you know. If you are in public relations they always need. I mean marketing is huge for a nonprofit. If you have a Pr. Person that's on your board, or if you are a Pr. Person that could just donate some of that time.

00:14:13.980 --> 00:14:21.070 Alison La Ferlita NRH, ED: That is tremendous. And even if you're not in those types of careers, think about what it is that you could do

00:14:21.160 --> 00:14:33.140 Alison La Ferlita NRH, ED: that you could provide support and assistance with. We uh we happen to have it. The nonprofit resource have, I mean, we have almost two hundred and fifty amazing nonprofits in our roster.

00:14:33.150 --> 00:14:42.120 Alison La Ferlita NRH, ED: I will tell you that there is one in particular here on Long Island that's always looking for non uh for volunteers. They're called camp. Good morning.

00:14:42.130 --> 00:15:00.289 Alison La Ferlita NRH, ED: Um. All of our organizations are amazing and deserved volunteers. Yeah. And camp Good morning. Happens to resonate with me because I lost a parent at an early age, and I think, gosh! That would be such. That would have been so amazing to have that service at that age. They're always looking for people to just come out for a weekend

00:15:00.300 --> 00:15:16.800 Alison La Ferlita NRH, ED: to hang out with the kids and be a sounding board for them. You do get a certain level of training, of course. Uh, but you know there's always something that you can do. So if you're thinking about it. You also need to think about what resonates with you, because if there is something a mission that resonates with you, you're really gonna

00:15:16.860 --> 00:15:34.919 Tommy DiMisa: it's. You're going to feel good about the work that you're doing, and then you're going to feel connected to what you're doing.

00:15:34.930 --> 00:15:40.220 Tommy DiMisa: Uh, it's. Oh, I think it was Vicki Schnap's agency uh Vicki snapchat's um

00:15:40.300 --> 00:15:54.710 Tommy DiMisa: that's media that can this award i'm trying to look at. I'll. I'll have it back. But the one last point I want to make real quick about that. Oscars versus the Imagine Awards man. Again, I joke about due respect to the Oscars. But look, these. Imagine awards.

00:15:55.220 --> 00:15:56.700 Tommy DiMisa: Applicants,

00:15:56.870 --> 00:16:04.200 Tommy DiMisa: semifinalists, finalists, and winners are changing. The freakin world are changing the world.

00:16:05.070 --> 00:16:09.750 Tommy DiMisa: I don't know how much the people out in Hollywood are really changing the world. Now

00:16:09.970 --> 00:16:25.160 Tommy DiMisa: i'm not here to beat them up. It's not my job. My job is to shine a light on the non-profit sector So with it it's tensor in his brainchild to have founded those Imagine awards where just such a special event. So, being in that room to your point, I was just in the one New York City

00:16:25.170 --> 00:16:55.110 Tommy DiMisa: people are crying because the world has changed because of the work these people are doing so. Um, you! That's really next week's show we're going to talk about the Imagine awards. Oh, look at Kelly! Srini must be paying attention. The a-list award. Thanks, Kelly, for the text. Kelly answer he need from serene and associate that's how the show works. I just put out my vibes to the universe, and people send me the information. Also. People pay attention and listening, and maybe it's just that, too. Alright, I want to talk about that difference in boards that you talked about when we come back out, and I really want to dive into the piece also about managing business,

00:16:55.120 --> 00:17:04.499 Tommy DiMisa: which is, these are businesses. You and I know that these are not hat-in-hand charities. Hey, help us! Out. It's really a conversation of we are a business

00:17:04.510 --> 00:17:16.179 Tommy DiMisa: five hundred and one, c. Three is a tax filing status, right? That's there. These are, you know I have payroll. I have employees. I have benefits I have to pay. I have all these things. I have Hr. Finance.

00:17:16.210 --> 00:17:33.290 Tommy DiMisa: I'm a business as a nonprofit, so we'll talk about that. We'll talk about really how the resource Hub, as it is called, the nonprofit resource hub, provides that sort of information and webinars and training we're way over on break, so we'll take a quick one, Dill, and take us to break Allison and to me. D for it to be a focus right back.

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00:19:21.590 --> 00:19:22.540 you,

00:19:23.950 --> 00:19:25.230 you

00:19:25.580 --> 00:19:26.440 you

00:19:26.630 --> 00:19:27.530 you

00:19:43.330 --> 00:19:49.279 Tommy DiMisa: That is a request made it just culture, the static Germany in the Now I got to say something because I realized,

00:19:49.290 --> 00:20:09.959 Tommy DiMisa: after all these episodes I keep inviting people to my attic. It's really only virtual like, Please Don't, throw up at the house, Please don't knock on the door like please. It's really just for mediatic. But you're welcome to show up virtually and and paid attention to the show. I just didn't know if people actually understood that Allison, like I was worried, especially with these tricky treaters this week everywhere. Who knew who was going to end up in the

00:20:11.270 --> 00:20:39.569 Tommy DiMisa: I was gonna show up with coffee this morning while listen, you show up. That's a different thing. You show up with coffee. Yeah, I know that's the ticket in. You could probably work your way into the attic. It's like, Will you want? Is, you know, golden ticket. I get a golden chance. I warned you, Alice and i'm feeling very singy today, and my, it might happen all right. You shared something to chat. I'll share it on Facebook. It is for our upcoming event. But let me get back. Let's get back on track in two thousand and twenty-one. Alison was recognized for her work and honored

00:20:39.580 --> 00:20:46.349 Tommy DiMisa: as a woman of distinction by stem assembly woman, Melissa Miller. She's been married nineteen years,

00:20:46.360 --> 00:21:00.300 Tommy DiMisa: has two great boys, and is a dog mom to bear, and Maisie, and also you fostered dogs over the years as well, which you know very close to some other project working again. I'm going to have to kind of companions I told you about um

00:21:00.530 --> 00:21:02.780 Tommy DiMisa: really again

00:21:03.010 --> 00:21:30.130 Tommy DiMisa: give back involved in the community. These are our people right? These are the people we like to hang around with right? So before you even respond all the jibba Java! I'm saying right now shout out to Miss A. T on the jibi driver. But before I even talk to you about the next piece. Paul Reuben, you mentioned Kim. Good morning. Paul is watching on Facebook right now, so shout out of you, Love the organization polls so special is so special that

00:21:30.510 --> 00:21:32.000 Tommy DiMisa: a friend of mine

00:21:32.260 --> 00:21:46.960 Tommy DiMisa: uh lost her husband last year, and her boys went out to to camp. Good morning, um, and my dad and I thanks dad. My dad and I always bring Italian ices out to camp. Good morning out of Camp aquatic from Ralph's out in Huntington, my dad's shop,

00:21:46.970 --> 00:22:02.560 Tommy DiMisa: and you know Paul loves it. He's so appreciative, And I love you, Paul Paul, our friend uh son, was doing um bar mitzvah, and he was raising money for an organization called Project Purple, which is a friend of ours, Dean O'brelli's organization over in Connecticut,

00:22:03.110 --> 00:22:08.399 Tommy DiMisa: and he got eliminates there. My wife helped his mom and and this young man Andrew dug the lemonade stand the whole thing,

00:22:08.870 --> 00:22:11.469 Tommy DiMisa: and Paul made a point to get out here,

00:22:11.610 --> 00:22:26.309 Tommy DiMisa: you know, to see Andrew during this day where the money was being raised, and and I I was like I almost got to, probably try now, but I was very emotional, and Paul, Was this one of my guys? Of course i'm here, Tommy d he wasn't there for Tommy Day. I'm not saying that he was there for Andrew, and

00:22:26.370 --> 00:22:43.279 Alison La Ferlita NRH, ED: these are the people we hang out with. I'm going to probably get motion and cry. So, Allison, I think you make a really good point, though also is uh It's really important to expose your kids to community service. Uh, you know It's never too early.

00:22:43.290 --> 00:23:02.539 Alison La Ferlita NRH, ED: It's they could do something as simple as a lemonade stand. I think everybody has seen that on social media that some kids star lemonade stand in the next. You know the raising thousands of dollars for an organization uh it doesn't have to be thousands of dollars. What you're doing is you're exposing children. It doesn't matter if they're your own children, nieces or nephews. Whatever the case may be,

00:23:02.550 --> 00:23:26.390 Alison La Ferlita NRH, ED: you're exposing them to the fact that they are part of the community, and what they put into it is what they get out of it. If you do this at a young age, it just becomes part of the fabric of their lifestyle. It's just who they become. Um. We're very lucky in my particular school district here in Long Beach, where our Middle School eighth graders start to do a community project throughout their eighth grade,

00:23:26.400 --> 00:23:37.920 Alison La Ferlita NRH, ED: uh course of time where they start to talk about how they're gonna contribute towards a community project. Uh, Lucky for my own kids, I've been doing it with them for a long time. They know what it's like

00:23:38.000 --> 00:23:49.029 Alison La Ferlita NRH, ED: to want to support. Uh for them. Oftentimes it's for other kids. Uh. So it really depends. And then again, you're also allowing this case to identify what's important to them,

00:23:49.040 --> 00:24:16.499 Tommy DiMisa: and then giving them the opportunity to raise money for them or raise awareness. And then, really, the cherry on the top of the Sunday is getting to meet those people that they've helped to benefits. Oh, yeah, yeah, it's a shout out to a little flower, and I'm really shouting out a lot of people today. But you know, my friend E. Riccia White, who was with Little flower is. I know it from girls in of Long Island, and now she's with Girl Scouts of Sucker County, Hey, Tammy and everybody out there. Girl Scouts,

00:24:16.510 --> 00:24:18.350 Tommy DiMisa: you know, and call me up

00:24:18.390 --> 00:24:22.710 Tommy DiMisa: last summer. Not this past summer, the summer before, which is, I guess, he

00:24:22.720 --> 00:24:46.749 Tommy DiMisa: you spending time with this organization, the Allied foundation Heather Edwards. Um, I think some of the folks in our community could benefit from the diaper program that they have. Could you make the connection long short, I make the connection. I end up really digging what little Flower was doing. So I did a couple of days of service out there and then. This is going back to that thing about talent, not to say that i'm so talented because that's not what I mean. But whatever it is, you might be good at.

00:24:47.050 --> 00:24:55.479 Tommy DiMisa: They asked me to be their Mc. At their event, which I was a virtual, and I I uh met Dr. Sandra Lindsay, who is uh

00:24:55.490 --> 00:25:20.480 Tommy DiMisa: a director of nursing at Uh in the Northwell system, but she's also the first person to get the Covid vaccine, so she'd become a bit of a celebrity uh, at least in this country. And now in the White House a lot of times, and I actually was asked to play golf with Dr. Angel Lindsay, and it was uh so. It was two people who'd never played golf, and two people who could barely play golf, and that was my Buddy Brendan Levy, and I. Good thing he's a good singer. He did the song for the show that that you heard a couple of minutes ago,

00:25:20.490 --> 00:25:28.390 Tommy DiMisa: but it is about the relationships, about the connections and other friendships that we can develop through these opportunities. And

00:25:28.810 --> 00:25:41.399 Tommy DiMisa: much of that, Allison, I think you degree is about choice. Where do we want to go? Who do we want to spend our time? You know I mean my partners and I at the Vanguard? I was going to say Vanguard Insurance Agency, but we just rebranded vanguard benefits,

00:25:41.550 --> 00:25:49.450 Tommy DiMisa: and we made a decision. A bunch of years ago, about seven years ago that we wanted to really work with nonprofit organizations. We could have said hedge funds

00:25:49.780 --> 00:26:02.229 Tommy DiMisa: could have said private equity. You know we could have said anything, but we decided it was nonprofit. And the reason we said that is because of everything we're talking about. And you said something earlier about those of us who are in this work all the time.

00:26:02.470 --> 00:26:04.250 Tommy DiMisa: I don't work for a nonprofit.

00:26:04.630 --> 00:26:16.359 Tommy DiMisa: Sit on a handful of boards, sit on some committees pretty involved. Um, but I really consider this our sector and Ken tells us all the time. You know the sector, the sector, the nonprofit sector. Um,

00:26:16.690 --> 00:26:20.380 Tommy DiMisa: I want to talk about the outreach, and

00:26:20.620 --> 00:26:26.220 Tommy DiMisa: from a resource perspective, what we're providing as an organization. You talk about what we're.

00:26:26.260 --> 00:26:28.759 Tommy DiMisa: They are managing businesses, these leaders.

00:26:28.910 --> 00:26:44.510 Tommy DiMisa: I want to talk about that. What does that look like from a perspective Of what have you found that I know one of the things we have. The program. There is is group therapy for the executive directors. Is there a certain thing again without revealing anybody's confidence?

00:26:44.590 --> 00:27:01.239 Tommy DiMisa: Are there certain topics that stand out for leaders that are pretty consistent that they need, and from a business management perspective talk a bit about what we can do with the Nh: So the nonprofit resource hub, which I always appreciate. If you're mentioning us on your podcast, Thank you.

00:27:01.250 --> 00:27:22.679 Alison La Ferlita NRH, ED: Uh, we are an association that bridges the for-profit community to help support the nonprofit community We provide a ton of resources, a ton of education and services to the nonprofit uh sector. Whether you be here in New York or out in California. Uh: we are concentrated most here in New York,

00:27:22.690 --> 00:27:42.200 Alison La Ferlita NRH, ED: but the people we have. Um, we're kind of split in terms of membership. We have our associate members. Those are the people that provide services and goods to the nonprofit community. And then we have our nonprofit partners. Those are obviously our nonprofit organizations uh the way that this was set up when you first started. It

00:27:42.210 --> 00:27:50.959 Alison La Ferlita NRH, ED: was to really be considerate of those that wanted to join be part of it. And how could we create this resource center

00:27:50.970 --> 00:28:08.959 Alison La Ferlita NRH, ED: to be trusted, well respected, to support the nonprofit organizations and the best possible way that we can and um over the course of what really is a short period of time, and if you remember, two years of it was Covid. Uh, we have built something that is growing

00:28:08.970 --> 00:28:23.009 Alison La Ferlita NRH, ED: organically and more importantly, authentically, uh. So we, What we do is we have those uh associate members. Does that provide goods and services to the nonprofit community. We are incredibly particular about who

00:28:23.020 --> 00:28:33.300 Alison La Ferlita NRH, ED: is permitted in to be that representing member, and we are so particular because we want to make sure if we were to ever recommend somebody to a nonprofit.

00:28:33.470 --> 00:29:03.450 Alison La Ferlita NRH, ED: They know that they're going to somebody who's trusted. I've been an executive director for many different nonprofit organizations, and oftentimes you have an extremely limited budget, and if you hire somebody on that limited budget, you're really, and then you don't know who they are. You're crossing your fingers, hoping that they are going to deliver. Uh, we know that the people who are associate members with the nonprofit resource Hub are going to deliver and support, and we more than likely go above and beyond. I know how we know, because I'm involved in those conversations. But

00:29:03.460 --> 00:29:28.879 Alison La Ferlita NRH, ED: how do we know? Talk to me about that? That they go through. Our Our applicants go through a tremendous vetting service, you know, for they they fill out a very like the application. And then there are several interviews. Then it goes up to our board of directors. Our board of directors reviews the application. Sometimes we go back more often than not. We do go back to the applicant with questions, and then the Board eventually votes on. You know whether or not this person is approved.

00:29:28.890 --> 00:29:42.669 Alison La Ferlita NRH, ED: Uh, for the nonprofit organizations. It was very important when this organization was formed that we are sensitive to all those budgets. Any nonprofit can join the nonprofit resource hub free of charge.

00:29:42.860 --> 00:29:59.960 Alison La Ferlita NRH, ED: I would say ninety-nine of what we offer in terms of Education, Webinars. Anything to that effect is free to our nonprofit organizations, with the exception of this particular conference that we're doing in the city next. Uh, in the next two weeks which we'll talk about uh momentarily.

00:30:00.160 --> 00:30:01.400 Alison La Ferlita NRH, ED: Our

00:30:01.520 --> 00:30:28.120 Alison La Ferlita NRH, ED: associate members are expected to provide their own level of community service to our nonprofits, whether it be through educating through a webinar, whether it be through sitting on um and ask the expert where our nonprofits have a day, a couple of an hour, really to call in one day a week and talk to the experts about whatever questions it is, they may have pertaining to that topic. So we've really tried to

00:30:28.130 --> 00:30:40.490 Alison La Ferlita NRH, ED: listen to our nonprofit member uh partners. Ask them about what it is that they need. And when you ask me about our executive director, and I use the term very loosely because it is not a

00:30:40.500 --> 00:30:49.770 Alison La Ferlita NRH, ED: typical group therapy session uh, it's a facilitated discussion with executive directors, and a safe space that they can talk about their challenges

00:30:49.780 --> 00:31:10.419 Alison La Ferlita NRH, ED: every single time we do one it's different, which is great because we get to learn more about what the nonprofit sectors needs are. They get to really exchange resources which is really helpful for them? And they also know that they're not isolated. Being an executive director can be an incredibly isolating experience. You are often doing

00:31:10.430 --> 00:31:24.899 Alison La Ferlita NRH, ED: the job of many, I used to say, is a an Ed as a secretary to the Ceo. And so you kind of feel siloed, and you, Don't, have that opportunity always to connect with other executive directors. Perhaps if you go to a conference, you get to sit with somebody,

00:31:24.910 --> 00:31:39.459 Alison La Ferlita NRH, ED: but to have a dedicated hour hour and a half to speak with other people who are in the same boat. Your colleagues, to exchange those resources, ideas, support. It has been hugely beneficial. What we have found from it, I would say, if you're talking about um

00:31:39.820 --> 00:31:56.710 Alison La Ferlita NRH, ED: trends that have kind of floated up, you know. Every nonprofit always focuses on fundraising, and we always know that is a challenge. But aside from that, I would say, our nonprofits really want to understand board development. They want to understand

00:31:56.730 --> 00:32:09.080 Alison La Ferlita NRH, ED: how it is that their boards are working. Now We talked about how boards have changed over the past twenty-five years. Very important to them. How do they help on board their board members properly? So the Board member

00:32:09.090 --> 00:32:16.990 Alison La Ferlita NRH, ED: is really educated and aware of what it is that that's expected of them. So you know, there are a couple of different, I would say, uh

00:32:17.080 --> 00:32:33.450 Alison La Ferlita NRH, ED: topics that do slowed up every once in a while, and it really depends on the group that's there. We don't always have the same people on the sessions.

00:32:33.460 --> 00:32:41.660 Tommy DiMisa: If you're watching us on Facebook, you'll get to see this uh mentions the uh the agenda for the day on um

00:32:41.870 --> 00:32:43.019 Tommy DiMisa: the fifteenth.

00:32:43.030 --> 00:33:11.140 Tommy DiMisa: Correct. I'm. Right. Yes, November fifteenth, and we have an amazing line up of speakers. I really encourage everybody to take a look. We'll show you that I share it on Facebook i'll share when we go to break when we come back. Let's dive in a little bit more around. First of all, you know, mastermind that term it's got thrown around so many, so much over the years, and it's become I don't know It's a cliche out of the complaint out, I guess, for from my vernacular what I would say um and I but I still believe in the concept. So um, so i'll say

00:33:11.150 --> 00:33:40.470 Tommy DiMisa: there must be some sort of mastermind ask appeal to that. Those group therapy Sessions right? It's a thing where they can really look towards each other, and i'm sure there's a meeting after the meeting. They make friends. They make relationships easy, and then they move on, and they probably go elsewhere together and have these conversations more in depth, because that's what we did. We're human beings, and it's about developing a relationship. So um all right, Let's take a quick break. I'll share like I said, when we come back, maybe we go a little bit more into board development, certainly, as it relates to

00:33:40.480 --> 00:33:46.619 Tommy DiMisa: the conference, and what some of those topics might be. How's that sound?

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00:35:43.870 --> 00:35:49.420 Tommy DiMisa: Well into the future.

00:35:49.480 --> 00:36:04.619 Tommy DiMisa: Uh listen, Alison i'm sharing while we're on Facebook. I'm. Sharing just continuing dragging down the page so everybody could see that the event is being held at their relay. Graduate School of Education on November fifteenth, as a half day Board Training

00:36:04.630 --> 00:36:22.420 Tommy DiMisa: Conference on number of different topics. I also want to lead at the Executive director of the nonprofit resource. Hub is here with me, so i'll in. Let's uh let's dive into kind of board. Needs the difference. Why, we we set up the stage a little bit about what we just talked about. You know, in the first segment there our

00:36:23.570 --> 00:36:30.009 Tommy DiMisa: the evolution of Board members, and and the expectation of from board members, you know not just

00:36:30.570 --> 00:36:47.899 Tommy DiMisa: well that person is wealthy. Let's stick them on the board so they can give us a big check. Right? That's maybe that's the way things were. And maybe that is the way things are in certain segments, but many organizations, especially the ones I sit on the board they they go. This is a working board. So you know this is a working board. What does that even mean?

00:36:48.070 --> 00:37:00.889 Alison La Ferlita NRH, ED: So I think the Miss. The big misconception is, you know, every board is consistently the same across across the board, which is not true. Every board is unique to the organization it serves, however,

00:37:00.900 --> 00:37:11.919 Alison La Ferlita NRH, ED: there are certain things that have changed in terms of expectations from our boards in the non profit sector. Uh, you know again, these are businesses that are being run,

00:37:11.930 --> 00:37:41.479 Alison La Ferlita NRH, ED: and you need to have, you know, if you had a board of directors for a for profit organization, there would be a very specific list of expectations. It should be the same for a nonprofit organization. It wouldn't be fair, in my opinion, to bring somebody onto your board of directors and not let them know what's expected of them People uh you know Oftentimes somebody joins the board because they already have a friend or a colleague on the board that says, Hey, we need somebody. Can you come in? And they kind of go in not knowing what's expected, and then never works for anybody

00:37:41.490 --> 00:38:00.930 Tommy DiMisa: that happens, though I mean I I I've certainly experienced it over the last five or six years like hey? You like us. We like you Once you join the board, and you know somebody might not be thinking I i'll remember a board I was inviting on, and I one of our friends um David Goldstein.

00:38:00.940 --> 00:38:07.909 Tommy DiMisa: Well, Richard Tillman Balin, one of the uh him, and it firm, one of the original founders with us, or with our team at Vanguard. Uh um!

00:38:07.970 --> 00:38:10.869 Tommy DiMisa: Founding the nonprofit resource of

00:38:11.450 --> 00:38:26.920 Tommy DiMisa: David had mentioned to me many many years ago, when he says it often that you know board members have liability and risk and and things like that, and you know, having learned this stuff over the years, and he's the attorney. I'm not. But having learned this up uh

00:38:27.170 --> 00:38:34.869 Tommy DiMisa: I remember being invited to join a board of a small organization, i'm still a member of this organization, and

00:38:35.010 --> 00:38:37.879 Tommy DiMisa: I said I had reached out to the treasure, and I said,

00:38:38.070 --> 00:38:50.310 Tommy DiMisa: I know this is a small organization, but like, can I see the financials like? I want to understand what this is about. You're asking me to join this board. I have risk and liability. I need to know. I need to understand, and I mean that's a

00:38:50.320 --> 00:39:09.870 Tommy DiMisa: that's certainly a question you should be asking. Um. But there's a lot of questions you need to ask as a potential board member, and it's not just. Hey, What's the give? Get? You know. How much do I have to, you know, Donate, or find. Uh, but really, what do you want? What do you expect? And are we even aligned

00:39:10.110 --> 00:39:11.089 Tommy DiMisa: like

00:39:11.520 --> 00:39:29.079 Tommy DiMisa: some people come to me and say, Oh, we'd love to have you on our board. I go. Well, let's let's flirt a little bit like this. Yeah, And I and I think that's a really important point that you bring up right, because if the it it's not if it doesn't resonate with your heart,

00:39:29.200 --> 00:39:58.020 Alison La Ferlita NRH, ED: it's really hard to put the work into it, and it's not for everybody like you don't date everybody, you know you date, whoever it is that you connect with it's the same thing when you join a board. But I always say, you know it is up to those that are already in existence, whether it be a board member, the executive director, whoever it is that's approaching somebody that you're very clear on what your messaging is when you're inviting somebody to join, that they understand what the mission is that it means something to them

00:39:58.030 --> 00:40:28.020 Alison La Ferlita NRH, ED: that you're asking them. You know this is your skill set. We would we really need somebody with your skill set to serve. This is. This is kind of what we're expecting from you. A lot of people will say to me off the bat, how many hours are expected, and it runs the gamut depending on what the board is that i'm working with sometimes maybe three hours a month, sometimes it's thirty-five hours a week. It really depends. You gotta know, going in like any other relations, as far as communication goes, and i'm not going to say like I am aces when it comes to communication. But I just

00:40:28.030 --> 00:40:37.670 Tommy DiMisa: that we need to hold on. What do you expect from me? Can I do that? What do I expect from you? You know there's some boards where um

00:40:37.760 --> 00:40:53.020 Tommy DiMisa: I think people join towards. I I remember. So I just recently Actually, it's June that I finished my work with the Institute for nonprofit practice and certificate program, and I made some great friends, some of those I've introduced to you else and and um, you know, I just sort of

00:40:53.400 --> 00:41:03.219 Tommy DiMisa: learned about the different things that go on within the boards, and and really the different relationships. And and I think it's critical to

00:41:03.360 --> 00:41:21.689 Alison La Ferlita NRH, ED: have that dialogue upfront is where I'm going with this. And and Tommy also made me think to that in that dialogue, or even in identifying potential Board members, one one uh actual topic that does kind of keep coming to the surface with our executive director meetings

00:41:21.700 --> 00:41:41.890 Alison La Ferlita NRH, ED: is our Our executive directors are desperate, and really want to diversify their boards. They want to do it in an authentic way. They want to do it in a in a way in which they're engaging people from all different walks of life. Listen. It's not an easy formula, right? Because now you're looking for

00:41:41.900 --> 00:42:08.589 Alison La Ferlita NRH, ED: people from various backgrounds with various skills, different walks of life. You know it's. It's a tall order to fill, and I would never say that that's something easy to do there. But we're working through formulas, and this is something that we're going to talk about at the conference on the fifteenth. That is one of our breakout uh panels is talking about diversifying your boards, and how important it is. It seems like this is um! This is now become

00:42:08.600 --> 00:42:16.480 Alison La Ferlita NRH, ED: top of the list priority in terms of board development. It would be crazy for anybody to not want to have

00:42:16.490 --> 00:42:46.410 Alison La Ferlita NRH, ED: different walks of life. Different people with different experiences, different organizations to be representing their board. It does nothing but encourage thought conversation. You're getting the best from everybody that they're really great at. If you set up your expectations appropriately, does it always work? No, I mean, you know. That's why I come in a lot of times is to help an organization get through those processes. Help them through that, um, you know. But again. This is something that's going to be addressed at the Cost

00:42:46.420 --> 00:42:48.110 Conference on the fifteenth.

00:42:48.120 --> 00:43:09.790 Tommy DiMisa: Um. And I would say, if that's something that's really important to you. It does not matter if you are a nonprofit executive, or if you're a board member, you should really be thinking about this right, and often it falls on on the board chair, you know, to to strengthen their board right to bring on

00:43:09.830 --> 00:43:24.850 Tommy DiMisa: the quote Unquote Right, people, right. You know that that fill the need that the Board specifically has but to your point earlier. You know it's. It's also about bringing people to the board with the verse backgrounds, but also

00:43:24.950 --> 00:43:33.210 Tommy DiMisa: just diverse thoughts, you know, like just because all that is like all that lived experience, you know, and

00:43:34.730 --> 00:43:41.689 Tommy DiMisa: it it creates conversation that doesn't happen, and it, you know. If everybody comes from a similar background,

00:43:41.910 --> 00:43:43.749 Tommy DiMisa: the ideas might be pretty.

00:43:44.080 --> 00:44:04.470 Tommy DiMisa: They become stagnant. Yeah, they become a little stagnant. How does your organization grow without kind of that shot in the arm from somebody coming from a different direction. So some of the the topics. So there's two different tracks. Um! We have let me just kind of read you a little bit before. I can't believe we go to breaks more than we do show sometimes on this program. It drives me Bananas

00:44:04.480 --> 00:44:25.129 Tommy DiMisa: Avra Rice President and Ceo of New York. Urban League will be our keynote speaker that morning. The event goes from nine. Am. We start with Continental breakfast and some networking, and goes through two o'clock. The first panel is, uh why you are not securing your donor dollars. So we have um,

00:44:25.140 --> 00:44:26.529 Tommy DiMisa: Matt Thompson?

00:44:26.540 --> 00:44:56.499 Tommy DiMisa: Um who will be the moderator on that group? Should we go through each one like this? What do you think? Well, I think if you're going to break, you may not have time. No, I know, so i'll do it really fast. So Mary Barnby from the American Red Cross Darren port from power by professionals, and Rio Wong will be on that panel. My business partner at Pros, from being hard benefits with David Goldstein, Outreas Simonette, chairman of the Board South Bronx Community Charter High School, and Kenserini will be doing a topic of strengthening and protecting your board. You still think you're going into Tv. I like this: You you like telling me, Tommy, You got to go to break.

00:44:56.510 --> 00:45:26.300 Tommy DiMisa: I I just I just I listen. I need all the help I can get uh pandemic impact real estate Hr: financing for established organizations nonprofits that Steven Powers from open impact real estate on that commit on that uh panel will be Jim Cromwell's, of Real Hr. Solutions, and another friend of ours, Andrea Cantor from uh who's managing director over at Webster Bank, Webster Bank, making a big commitment to the New York City. Imagine Awards Webster, We love you. We

00:45:26.310 --> 00:45:34.679 Tommy DiMisa: I appreciate you, uh, And then the panel on strategic planning and Board development will be Michael Fletcher from Sterling risk. My Buddy, my Pal

00:45:34.830 --> 00:45:36.410 Tommy DiMisa: Christine Daska

00:45:36.420 --> 00:46:04.110 Tommy DiMisa: Co. Uh co-founder and president of a non-profit sector strategy machine I run the roundtables together. Uh Emma Carrot, Carrie Yawson from Mill Sales. My sales organization talking about diversity that's really going to be a big topic as we talked about, and Ellie, Reader from Youth, Inc. And then the final panel. We'll talk about that. You're moderating. We will take a break producer, and we will come back and talk about your panel.

00:46:04.120 --> 00:46:09.850 Tommy DiMisa: We'll be right back, Tommy D. Philanthropy and focus Allison nonprofit resource Hub. We'll go to break

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00:48:09.490 --> 00:48:15.959 Tommy DiMisa: I we're back, and and, as I said, upfronts a special day, because Alice and Laverne and my buddy and friend

00:48:15.990 --> 00:48:29.570 Tommy DiMisa: the executive director on the nonprofit resource hub, or, as we say, and our H. Is here. I'm sharing on Facebook just the final uh pieces of that event right to check out. But you can also go to nonprofit resource, Hub,

00:48:29.630 --> 00:48:56.659 Tommy DiMisa: or to find out more about the organization. Or if you are a nonprofit leader and you want to become part of this organization, and you want to connect with Alison. How do they do that, Allison? Is there an email address? Maybe I would say, if you do go to nonprofit resource. Hub Org, You are always welcome to email info at nonprofit resource. Hub Org. The application for a nonprofit is very simple, very quick.

00:48:56.670 --> 00:49:24.949 Alison La Ferlita NRH, ED: And if you become a member, you do get a member rate on tickets to the conference on the fifteenth, so it's free to be a member of the organization. Yes, I do. By becoming a member. I get a discount on the actual tickets. Yes, i'm just so, you know. Also, Tommy, we were really cognizant about uh trying to include as many nonprofits in our conference. So we kept the ticket price very low uh it's super competitive compared to some of the other nonprofit conferences going on in the city.

00:49:24.960 --> 00:49:39.710 Tommy DiMisa: All right. So again, you know. Listen, folks, it's all about getting better. It's about sharpening this all about getting better. It's about sharpening this all. It's about learning your trade. It's about connecting with people around you who have

00:49:39.720 --> 00:49:56.429 Tommy DiMisa: walked in your shoes, who have done some of the work you're doing, and then it's about collaborating. I like that word, mastermind. You know the Tommy d from two segments ago, said It's an old school where, but I like that word. It's really about mastermind. It's about bringing people together and learning from each other, and and supporting each other. Because

00:49:56.560 --> 00:50:18.309 Tommy DiMisa: what are we doing here? We're creating community. We're a bunch of people. We're we're a race of people and that we should be supporting each other, and until the world has no ills and no needs. There will be a nonprofit sector and a my friend Kenser, and he says, Can you imagine a world without nonprofits? Well, we'd have to have a lot of problems, because that's what sector does solve problems and and creates the uh

00:50:18.320 --> 00:50:32.510 Tommy DiMisa: uh, the opportunities to fix the things that are broken and serve those who need to be served. So, Allison, What else can can folks find out about Nr: And what else do you want to share as an executive director of this organization and your experience. Uh in others.

00:50:32.560 --> 00:50:47.989 Alison La Ferlita NRH, ED: I think it's uh, you know. I think it's really important. If you are an organization that provides services and support to a nonprofit, and you offer something really unique to this sector that you look into what we're doing,

00:50:48.000 --> 00:51:07.349 Alison La Ferlita NRH, ED: Uh, you know and consider joining. Yes, and part of the one of the really great aspects of being an an associate member is that you are the only member that represents your category. So uh, you know, this is with the way that we see it is that we are building an external team,

00:51:07.360 --> 00:51:17.899 Alison La Ferlita NRH, ED: so we may not all be under one roof together, but this I and I've run many, many associations for a long time. This is an incredibly supportive

00:51:17.910 --> 00:51:37.640 Alison La Ferlita NRH, ED: uh collaborative group of people. I've I hear it even when we're not on our meetings. How you're working together, and that's really important. Uh, if you're a nonprofit, I would encourage you to take a look and join It's like to me it's a no brainer. You're not paying anything, and you're getting tons of return for your uh for your application,

00:51:37.650 --> 00:51:55.270 Alison La Ferlita NRH, ED: and I also think it's really important as a board member somebody who's serving on a board. This is not your everyday life, and I understand that, and we get that. But there are certain things that you really need to know, because you may be left holding the bag. If anything should ever happen really important for you to know about that.

00:51:55.410 --> 00:52:13.769 Alison La Ferlita NRH, ED: I certainly encourage everybody to try to make it out to our conference. That said Our tickets are very limited, so do not sit on your hands and wait. If you really want to go by your ticket today. Uh! Tommy has shared the event right link. And you know if there's anything

00:52:13.780 --> 00:52:41.859 Alison La Ferlita NRH, ED: that you as a nonprofit, either, you're a professional executive, somebody who's volunteering. If there's something that we're not offering. Let us know, and we will be happy to do it. Our whole conference was born from an idea that a member had to say, you know, wouldn't it be really great if we could just do a conference in half a day? And just that, our speakers, you know It's not that the speaker pays to participate. It's that we select the speakers we talk about

00:52:41.870 --> 00:53:11.139 Alison La Ferlita NRH, ED: where they're coming from their experience. Uh, we really worked very hard to make sure we were offering our audience people with incredibly varied backgrounds, very different skill levels uh just personal experiences, too. So our audiences could learn. They can be inspired. They can grow their own networks while they're in while they're there, because, like you said, it's what we call we call it. An Nrh. Is building our community. Oh, yeah, no doubt about community building. I mean, that's so critical. And

00:53:11.150 --> 00:53:40.360 Tommy DiMisa: and I I will tell you. And I said it on this show before, and It's probably no surprise to people who know me, but the biggest asset I got out of doing the work with the Institute for nonprofit practice was the people I met was the relationships I mean, it was a you know. There was probably four or five people that you and I spoke to personally about. Hey, listen! Here's this event that we have coming up. We really want to be bringing best of free in all aspects, and, you know, shout out to my friends uh Jamila Bergen, the Hein Kleem

00:53:40.380 --> 00:53:44.140 Tommy DiMisa: um Michael partis um

00:53:44.150 --> 00:54:04.350 Tommy DiMisa: who's been on the show? All most of these people have been on this program with me and and their friends, and I know that certainly gang. You can come to me if you need anything. But the fact that I was able to reach out to people who have other communities that you know. It's like those circles. It's the ripple effect, you know. Alice and I talk about a lot. You know I I we say, I feel like I'm walking through life with There's a big pond that i'm just

00:54:04.690 --> 00:54:20.650 Tommy DiMisa: wing in rocks into the pond, and the ripple effect. And how long will those ripples go? My answer is infinite, because one ripple goes into the next ripple goes into an extra point. We just keep moving on out. So lips. I want to hit the last. We're going to close out the event with your panel from thriving.

00:54:20.660 --> 00:54:50.580 Tommy DiMisa: Strike that from site surviving. Come on, Tommy, to thriving the post-pandemic landscape through the eyes of today's nonprofit leaders. That's your panel discussion where you're going to get to speak with three leaders, Alexander Roke, president, executive director of the the Alley, Forney Center, Janice Weinman, executive director of the Education, through music, and Eileen Newman, executive Director of hostess hostels. So talk to me about what that session is going to look like

00:54:50.590 --> 00:55:02.369 Alison La Ferlita NRH, ED: for our audience to hear from their peers and their colleagues. Our three panelists come from uh, really very different organizations. Uh, they also have

00:55:02.400 --> 00:55:18.830 Alison La Ferlita NRH, ED: various uh backgrounds and experience in the nonprofit world before they arrived where they are today, but you know everything has changed, and I think you know we can. We can just talk about the pandemic all day long. But now it's. How did things change for you?

00:55:18.840 --> 00:55:47.270 Alison La Ferlita NRH, ED: How do you? What did you take from it that you think, Hey, This really worked for us, And we're gonna keep doing this. What challenges are you faced with now? And I think one other organization leaders in an audience here from their peers. Oftentimes they are inspired by something they hear about a resource that maybe they never would have heard about, and they get to find out. Oh, you know, we're not the only people going through this. But how do you work together? I will stress before we close

00:55:47.280 --> 00:55:54.890 Alison La Ferlita NRH, ED: collaborate, collaborate, collaborate. Do not worry about anybody tapping into your well of funding

00:55:55.120 --> 00:56:06.519 Alison La Ferlita NRH, ED: funders want to see organizations collaborate. They want to see you working together. It will be to your benefit in the end. If you do, and that's mentioned, you're casting a wider net of the people you're going to help,

00:56:06.530 --> 00:56:17.850 Tommy DiMisa: and we got to stop, in my opinion, fighting over the same dollars or this mind, so that we're fighting over the same dollars. Let's have you know. I think it's Professor Duckworth let's have a growth mindset and not this stale like

00:56:18.160 --> 00:56:19.049 Tommy DiMisa: I

00:56:19.720 --> 00:56:41.079 Tommy DiMisa: let's think in terms of collaborative, collaborative collaborate. Get bigger and have this growth mindset. I want to give a shout out to the team over there at the nonprofit resource. Hub. I'm looking out of your faces on my screen right now, my friend, the executive director, who's here with me, Alison Laf Alita Kelly, answering my buddy, my pile, Kelly, I did work with you, and all the stuff you do from a marketing perspective for Cerini for

00:56:41.170 --> 00:56:57.589 Tommy DiMisa: um. The Imagine what's New York City and Long Island. And then, obviously, what we do together here with a nonprofit resource, Hub, Christina, Leno, Tortoise, and then trish Brett, who takes care of a lot of the bookkeeping through our relationship with the hub. So thank you all for that. Thank you. To the founders of the of the Hub. Um,

00:56:57.600 --> 00:57:16.829 Tommy DiMisa: Thank you, Allison, for being here. Welcome. Thank you, Mick Collins, for checking in Paul Ruben from Kemp. Good morning. Thank you for watching us on the Facebook, and thank you for what you do, making it special for those children who lost the sibling for a parent. And uh, listen! Can you imagine a world

00:57:16.960 --> 00:57:28.470 Tommy DiMisa: without nonprofits. Well, I certainly can't, because I live in this world. So next week on the show, Ken Srini and I will be talking about the imagine awards. Alison. Thanks again.

00:57:28.480 --> 00:57:47.740 Tommy DiMisa: I appreciate you. Everybody check in. Go to nonprofit resource, hub, dot org or um. You can always uh send me an email Tommy D at philanthropy and focus dot com Phos is focus. If you don't know that by now, and i'll answer any questions about the Alison, make it a great day. Everybody make it a great day. Have a great weekend, see you soon, Bye,

00:57:47.750 --> 00:57:49.039 Alison La Ferlita NRH, ED: bye, Thank you.

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