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Thursday, November 3, 2022
Facebook Live Video from 2022/11/03 - Harnessing the Power of our Language

Facebook Live Video from 2022/11/03 - Harnessing the Power of our Language


2022/11/03 - Harnessing the Power of our Language

[NEW EPISODE] Harnessing the Power of our Language


The audience should listen in so that they learn from Alison the techniques that could benefit a positive experience in the workplace, in social situations and when developing a roadmap towards a higher quality of mental health and wellness.


In this episode of Frank About Health, Alison Petty returns to explain how the inner dialogue we have with ourselves can be incredibly impactful, therefore we discuss how it is important that we learn how to observe our inner narrative so that we can ensure we are using positive language instead of negative. 

This gives our brain a healthy structure of thinking so that we can move forward throughout our life with positivity, passion and purpose. We will also be talking about how using active language also enables us to communicate more effectively with others. This inevitably will also lead to the creation of healthy relationships and clear boundaries with those around us. 

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00:00:34.380 --> 00:01:03.540 Frank R. Harrison: hey, everybody, and welcome to a new episode of Frank about health, and I announced the return of Alison Petty, who has come back to this show. After speaking with us, me and Phyllis at the time about the power of Nlp. Neuro-linguistic programming. That was a very successful show, and as I mentioned on one of my recap shows, I knew that Allison Petty was going to return, because a lot of progress has occurred with her work that she does in London as well as what she's been doing on her own social media

00:01:03.550 --> 00:01:29.510 Frank R. Harrison: in the whole aspect of helping everyone obtain better quality of life. And you know, when when dealing with mental health challenges, and if you recall, we had an encore presentation of that show a few weeks ago where she was discussing how, after dealing with crippling fibromyalgia, she was able, through rock climbing and through other challenges, and through the ability to use her understanding of Nlp. To come onto a better quality of life.

00:01:29.520 --> 00:01:37.019 Frank R. Harrison: But now we want to go and dig deeper into the harnessing. The power of our language, which is a little bit more in depth,

00:01:37.030 --> 00:02:02.140 Frank R. Harrison: not just using Nlp techniques, but also giving through personal experience, and also through a discussion that we're going to have in the next hour, how all of us can use the power of our language for the better, whether it's professionally, personally, socially, and especially medically; so that, all being said before, I officially reintroduce Allison into the show. I have to issue my disclaimer, so bear with me as I pull it up

00:02:02.150 --> 00:02:06.080 Frank R. Harrison: and read it in as much detail as possible.

00:02:07.070 --> 00:02:26.300 Frank R. Harrison: Okay, this show is, for information purposes, to foster an open conversation of experiences and insights regarding your health. The content does not represent the views of talk, Radio and Nyc. Or of Frank about health, and we are presenting insights for your consideration.

00:02:26.310 --> 00:02:46.289 Frank R. Harrison: The views expressed are purely those of myself and my guest today, Alice and Petty, and we are not meaning to provide you the information as medical advice. Please remember that you should always consult a medical professional before making any changes to your medical care. Therefore, while being frank about health,

00:02:46.300 --> 00:02:55.420 Frank R. Harrison: we want you to maintain whatever treatments and quality of life management programs that are working for you. We hope to add value during the next hour

00:02:55.580 --> 00:03:00.890 Frank R. Harrison: that all being, said, Alice, and thank you for coming back to Frank about health.

00:03:02.950 --> 00:03:15.459 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: Thank you. Sorry I was just. I was keeping myself on me. Just so. I have not been to cough. But hi, yeah, I got a little husky voice in my but thank you. It's really good to be back with you.

00:03:15.620 --> 00:03:32.759 Frank R. Harrison: Oh, is that same here? And considering you are four hours ahead of me. Now it's about eight, eight, thirty-five or no, actually I'm. Pm: right

00:03:33.080 --> 00:03:40.109 Frank R. Harrison: so welcome back! And tell us what has life been like for you since you were on the show originally beckon, I think. Was it April,

00:03:40.120 --> 00:03:58.889 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: I think. Yeah. The first everything was in April. Um. It's been great. I've I had a kind of a year of um, so i'm based in North Wales. Um, So for um i'm from Sussex, originally down South Coast of England. But i'm based in North Wales. So we have lots of mountains, lots of rock climbing here, so I've had a brilliant summer of

00:03:58.900 --> 00:04:28.889 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: a lot of rock climbing, which is great, because, as you know, um, and as anyone that knows my story, I had twenty-four years of being predominantly badbound wheelchair, due to five miles or an Emmy um. But when I was seventeen I want to be rock climbing instructor before I got ill, so i'm very much making up lost time. I don't want to be an instructor now. I just want to climb, so I've spent this year um coaching my clients, so i'm i'm a is at Co. That's my profession. But that's also purpose for me. Um. And uh, yeah, So it's been a really good

00:04:28.900 --> 00:04:36.420 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: work like balance. I'm very pleased to say, but a lot of sunshine lot of I mean a lot of coaching. And uh, yeah, very good.

00:04:36.640 --> 00:05:06.580 Frank R. Harrison: When we first met, Were you just starting your practice, or were you already working um with a steady clientele of of people that were also rock climbing with you? Were they sports minded, or was it a combination of various people with different circumstances. Oh, so when we first met. No, it my business was fully up and running by that point. Um, and I mean I I I don't coach climbing like, as you know, a coach as mindset, so it could be somebody who is a climate who's got a fear of falling,

00:05:06.590 --> 00:05:33.960 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: or something, you know, like falling off the rock, you know, and not as in like falling boarding, but just like falling on the rope. Um, or but you know I've worked with people from all walks of life, so I have. Um. I've been working this whole summer also a year with the principal of a a six for Multi Academy Trust College over here in Greenwich, and his life is in a very good place, but it's about helping him to excel even better in his role because of that triple down effect is really important for him, because, as the head of the college,

00:05:33.970 --> 00:05:42.579 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: he can really impact. Um, you know his teachers, his pupils, even the families of the pupils. So we've been working together this year to help him one hundred and fifty

00:05:42.850 --> 00:06:12.830 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: uh with his mindset and his communication his language, which obviously we're talking about today. But there is a twelve year old boy who came to me through his family. Obviously, Um, who couldn't get in school because his anxiety was so severe because of something that happened. And we have one session together, and i'm happy to say he was able to get back to school with a big smile on his face. So like, Yeah, for me, it's not about the identity that the person presenting with, or their job or their their background. It's about whatever's holding them back, whatever stopping them. And it could be a folk,

00:06:12.840 --> 00:06:31.909 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: it could be um some, you know. Say something's happened, and that's just completely changed your perception of the world, you know, being held back from doing things, or it could be something like a sport where you've got some kind of like glitch about something, you know.

00:06:32.490 --> 00:06:51.240 Frank R. Harrison: Wow, now, but correct me if i'm wrong. But did Phyllis and you, and discuss about some upcoming certification that you were going after? Or was it something you would have completed? No, that was something I was working through at that time. So you can. You'd get all different paths of the patients. This was a really important one for me, because this was um,

00:06:51.250 --> 00:07:17.069 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: And actually the next three days I am back on the same course. But as a mentor um. So last winter I was doing It's a clinical of an advanced clinical diploma in Nlp. Coaching therapy uh. So it's all completed, I will, being long ticked off now and then certified with that um and now i'm helping out in the course with the new cohort. But what's most of the the thing that's um really special about it for me? Is that the um

00:07:17.210 --> 00:07:44.929 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: it's a guy called Dr. Phil Parker, and he's the man who designed the Nlp technique that originally I did in two thousand and sixteen. That was the thing that got me out of the wheelchair and gave me my life back. Um! So years later I've now gone through the studying on his uh diplomas and clinical player. And um just spent a year being trained by him. So that's yeah, and he's one of the top nlp practitioners in the world. So it's been a really really awesome journey.

00:07:45.410 --> 00:08:14.069 Frank R. Harrison: Wow! No, I'm happy for you. I guess the one thing that I know when we spoke about doing this show, which was like a follow up is that you and I were coming up with the title together, harnessing the power of our language, and it. It had both a very insightful meaning to me. I was going through a lot of personal challenges that I realized in in using some of the skills that you and I spoke of, I was able to overcome those challenges. I saw it as either as an expansion of L and and Lp.

00:08:14.080 --> 00:08:33.869 Frank R. Harrison: Or a realization that you developed in your own practice from using an Nlp. What would you say is, what brings you here today? You want to talk about what you realized from Nlp. Or how everyone who's listening and and watching this episode can use it to get to the realization.

00:08:33.880 --> 00:08:49.500 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: Yeah, I think I mean when we we talked about what we were talking about on the show, I think one of the first things I said was, You know one of the things i'm most passionate about is the power of language. And talking about that with my clients, or anyone you know who wants to talk about it. So for me. You know it's so. It's a really big subject,

00:08:49.570 --> 00:09:10.760 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: but it really comes down to you know It's what I think should be taught in schools, and it it's so shocking to me these days. Maybe some schools do talk, you know, teach this kind of stuff, but um, it's so simple, and we're not brought up to to understand how impacting our language can be. So we know that when we speak to other people and they speak to us, you know if we're not speaking

00:09:10.770 --> 00:09:21.520 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: erez agmoni from a kind place, or we're speaking from a kind place how impacting that can be both negatively, positively. You know, if we tell someone we we love them, or you know we say something horrible. You know that impact one hundred and fifty.

00:09:21.530 --> 00:09:33.159 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: Um. So we we understand that we know what it's like to have that done to us, and speak that to other people. We've all been there and done it. I'm sure um, but it's but for me that you know the most important.

00:09:33.600 --> 00:09:52.890 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: So that is, uh, so The The most impacting part of that is, then the language the of our own duration, of how we're talking to ourselves, that language, that dialogue that's going around around our head, sometimes on like a runaway train, and sometimes when we are consciously thinking something through um, or deliberately thinking something through, so that that for me is

00:09:53.260 --> 00:10:02.420 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: Nlp is all wrapped up in that you know so much about Nlp. Is language. It's like a huge like cornerstone of an Lp. Um.

00:10:02.860 --> 00:10:04.370 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: Just

00:10:04.380 --> 00:10:28.870 Frank R. Harrison: so you find that language is not just using words, and Probably techniques like and Nlp. Can help create the proper structure, and I think you call it roadmap for people to use them effectively. But there's also the inner dialogue that harnesses hopefully your empathy, that you would be able to understand how the listener might feel when you present those words in whatever construct or intention you have.

00:10:28.880 --> 00:10:36.720 Frank R. Harrison: And then there's the other aspect that if you are dealing with an individual who may have mental health problems, sometimes you could have

00:10:36.910 --> 00:10:47.200 Frank R. Harrison: communicated to them the best intended comments or statements or questions, and they'll still confuse them and take them as insults or or

00:10:47.360 --> 00:11:05.089 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: yeah. So that is the perceptual aspect of it as well correct. Yeah. And we don't know how what we say is going to land with somebody. You know we can do our very best to say things in a very constructive or positive or healthy way. But you know we don't know what the other person is going through. Or um

00:11:05.100 --> 00:11:24.160 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: Yeah, people have all kinds of things going on with them that make make it very difficult for them to receive things in a certain way. Um. But Yeah, there was a roadmap, You know that that is very much. That's a key word for me. So creating that roadmap for the brain. You and I talked about that in our private conversations. Um, but language really does.

00:11:24.320 --> 00:11:36.089 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: It's a huge huge part to me of what makes that roadmap um either a healthy one or a a positive one or a negative one. So when I talk about roadmap, excuse me, I mean

00:11:36.290 --> 00:11:56.289 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: literally a roadmap. So you're giving your brain a map of which direction it's going to go in, because if you don't it's kind of like, you know, you get on a horse and you let it go its own way, you know. You let the rains go. You sat on the horse. The was just gonna go wherever it wants to go. You want to go up around like some field, some up into a forest, and the horses off over here somewhere.

00:11:56.300 --> 00:12:05.319 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: You take those rains. Yeah, you do your thing I mean, I don't. I don't horse right, but whatever that thing is to like it was, go the right direction with those rains. Um,

00:12:05.330 --> 00:12:29.669 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: and you can harness it essentially, and and send it off in the right direction, and very much with your brain. Your brain doesn't know, to come back and go. You sure you want to think that I? Are you sure you want to feel like that? Because you know what you're saying right now is going to Have you feel like this? Because I'm going to release that chemicals because you're talking in a certain way. It's going to really bring you down. It's just going to. It's just going to response to whatever you're thinking.

00:12:30.130 --> 00:12:31.580 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: So that's

00:12:31.670 --> 00:12:47.459 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: yeah, it is It's kind of like you have to like half the time We we, you know I we're mostly unconsciously thinking, and our brain, you know we're running around shopping. We're doing a thing. We're in the car, and our bridge is sh taken away when we are able to catch it,

00:12:47.470 --> 00:12:54.330 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: and you know it does take work. It takes practice. It takes out the like of awareness to like, really like

00:12:54.350 --> 00:13:00.200 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: uh connect to those moments. It's like, whoa hang on That's not helpful, whatever that is,

00:13:00.240 --> 00:13:06.319 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: and then changing that. And then we we could talk a bit more about that, perhaps in the next segment. But

00:13:06.700 --> 00:13:22.900 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: yeah, that is what gives us a structure so that we can move through our life. Um heading in a direction that's gonna serve as well rather than down that slippery slope to the unhappy places which you know we we we we've all been there.

00:13:23.230 --> 00:13:30.689 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: But it's, you know we do have choice. We do have a choice to change that language, and that will change that.

00:13:31.090 --> 00:13:48.039 Frank R. Harrison: And as you are are already being made aware we're a minutes to break. But the when we come back we're going to actually spend the next half hour in segments two and three, actually working with ourselves together in conversation as well as the listeners and viewers, to understand ways to

00:13:48.050 --> 00:14:04.380 Frank R. Harrison: change that pattern of communication, if it's currently not working, and also you can give personal examples that you may have found that you could help and provide more insight to me as well as to the other people listening in. So, ladies and gentlemen, please stay tuned, as we learn on this episode of Frank about health,

00:14:04.390 --> 00:14:12.550 Frank R. Harrison: how to harness the power of our language right here, both on talk radio and Yc. And on our Facebook Channel. So please stay tuned.

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00:16:25.520 --> 00:16:39.650 Frank R. Harrison: welcome back. And we were just talking with Allison about how a lot of our inner dialogue can determine how we communicate with our language to ourselves, to other people, to our colleagues, friends, family, so forth, and so on.

00:16:39.660 --> 00:16:51.810 Frank R. Harrison: But that all being said, Alice, and I mean one thing that I've always heard growing up is think, before you speak or think before you act. But in this particular case, since language

00:16:51.820 --> 00:17:10.270 Frank R. Harrison: is in itself very volatile in today's society, as you probably have seen in the media in politics and relationships, and in the workplace, so forth and so on. I think everyone now has to be more mindful about practically every word, every nuance, every intonation in their voice;

00:17:10.280 --> 00:17:25.280 Frank R. Harrison: and as they communicate information, ideas, wishes, fears, whatever it is, can you be more elaborative on that? As to where it has more emphasis, whether it's both in mental health

00:17:25.290 --> 00:17:45.219 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: or or in the professional life, or an Integration of both. What What would you classify, i'd say, in any any communication with anybody, I think. Um, it's really interesting, you know, like I think um language is so throw away now, I mean, you know It's just people say, I think, for this uh speak, for I think, and

00:17:45.230 --> 00:17:52.240 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: um often cause harm. But you know often unintentionally, um or

00:17:52.330 --> 00:17:55.049 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: and as she was saying that I was just thinking,

00:17:55.460 --> 00:18:13.489 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: you know, even for ourselves. So we can harm other people by saying things without thinking about it. You know it just just stuff just comes out of our mouth sometimes, and when we're running around doing our busy lives and and chat, chatter and we save things. And then, you know, we might not realize at the time. Maybe we realize it later. Maybe we can apologize.

00:18:13.500 --> 00:18:28.459 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: Maybe it's too late. Um. But also for ourselves again, You know, I think about as you saying that something for me tomorrow of um. I'm going to be seeing an old friend and it, and there's something I really want to go to say. But actually, if I communicate that it's it's not a horrible thing like that.

00:18:28.470 --> 00:18:47.419 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: But what, what? What's that gonna do. How is that gonna help me? So you know, in that in that instance I have time to think about it. Sometimes we don't, you know we get caught up. God for somebody in front of us. Suddenly, you know, with the same things that we're talking and that conversation is flowing. We don't really have that time to think about it, and that's where, hopefully

00:18:47.430 --> 00:18:49.909 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: some sort of mindfulness can come into it

00:18:50.030 --> 00:19:04.230 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: when we have time ahead. So actually we think about when we speak things to somebody. What? What we're gonna say, the impact that might have What's it going to get us? You know um What is saying that. And one of the things we say in an up here is

00:19:04.240 --> 00:19:14.070 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: what we're having, that whatever that thing is, give me, What will that be for me so it could be. You know what was saying, that sentence, or that thing that I want to convey.

00:19:14.260 --> 00:19:26.799 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: If I say that, what what will that do for me? What will that give me? How will that impact the other person? So it's kind of like almost like going to, You know we can say the words we have that conversation. It's almost like a two d thing.

00:19:26.860 --> 00:19:37.710 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: We We ask that question, and I think you know, as i'm saying it now. It's like, you know, having a like. Yeah, it would be like a. It takes it to that. A deeper level and another level of

00:19:38.170 --> 00:19:47.069 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: of impact again, you know, and not necessarily talking on some huge scale. But just um what we're having that give me will it serve me

00:19:47.080 --> 00:19:59.970 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: if I say that to that person, because I really want to communicate. Well, that's serve me a way when I walk away, just regressing it. Or now feeling uncomfortable. And Is there another way? I can walk away from that feeling strong and just like you know. I've held this and

00:20:00.570 --> 00:20:10.229 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: haven't needed to, you know. Try and get something from somebody. So there's there's so many levels, but I think that can go really deep.

00:20:10.770 --> 00:20:23.159 Frank R. Harrison: So what has motivated you most of all to really focus on the power of language more than the average person. I mean, I know it's part of your practice. So there's one aspect to it.

00:20:23.170 --> 00:20:41.300 Frank R. Harrison: But what made you really focus on it. I mean, I know you were very a firm believer in Nlp, especially when you were going through your previous circumstances, that obviously it enabled you to rise above from. But when you were realizing that there is such power, when words

00:20:41.310 --> 00:20:53.030 Frank R. Harrison: and in how people use language, I I got inspired because we've all seen with the pandemic how everyone had been put on. Zoom. We were not in the same room anymore.

00:20:53.050 --> 00:21:05.190 Frank R. Harrison: There's something cut off. And so I realize that a lot of how we interact virtually language takes priority. And then, of course, we see in the media

00:21:05.310 --> 00:21:15.449 Frank R. Harrison: and social media how language almost gets cut short, or or or objectified, or a lot of symbolism rather than

00:21:15.460 --> 00:21:27.370 Frank R. Harrison: actual complete thought to me, made me look at language, and how powerful it is for establishing a decent quality of mental health. But what for you

00:21:27.380 --> 00:21:41.689 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: was Why, you really wanted people to learn how to harness the power of their language. Sorry I haven't thought about that for what? Actually true, because i'm really passionate about that. It's one of the things I will. I had a cool first client before the show tonight, and one hundred and fifty.

00:21:41.700 --> 00:21:57.929 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: It's like straight with the language, and he was very much into that. Uh, but It's just thinking about what was the first time, and I can remember, uh, when I did this, the original it's called the lightning Process, that this Bill Dr. Parker created that got me out of the wheelchair. Essentially this Um,

00:21:57.940 --> 00:22:11.750 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: it's a three day course. It's quite intensive, and you have to work very hard at changing basically it switches off the final flight response that your body can be under when you undergo huge stresses. Or you know, life challenges. And one,

00:22:11.760 --> 00:22:21.569 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: I was very, very i'm seventeen, and then um essentially over those years I was in final flight, and when I did this course, and I use this particular Nlp technique

00:22:21.580 --> 00:22:38.969 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: over a period of a few months. It's switched off that vital flight, and my body was able to heal because all those chemicals stop being loaded into my system. It's very long story short, it's more information on my website. Anyone's interested about that um part of that was. I remember we on that course we talked about changing words.

00:22:38.980 --> 00:22:52.240 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: Um! Was it very significant? And a word that was very significant or huge to me? It was pain Um, because I've had twenty-four years of extreme chronic pain. I used to be on morphine at times, and you know down with it all that kind of stuff, one hundred and fifty

00:22:52.270 --> 00:23:02.069 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: back from the course one day, and I've still very, quite a time. But um from being on the course, I was never in a wheelchair again, but I was still,

00:23:02.080 --> 00:23:16.929 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: and I remember standing in the lounge where I was doing this technique on my you know, practicing this thing that I've been sent home to go off and do which would uh be Why, the structure of my when you're a little structure. Um,

00:23:17.070 --> 00:23:38.330 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: I remember thinking I was saying the word pain. I was like. I don't want to say it word anymore, because every time I say that word it's literally like a skyscraper above me. So I changed the word stuff, and I just said, whenever there was something that I need to say or speak in this technique about, I want um, You know the this pain to stop, or whatever it would be, something like that. It will be stuff.

00:23:38.510 --> 00:23:48.089 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: And and I would say that we're stuff, and I would feel nothing. There'd be no no response, because that that won't make nothing to me. I just

00:23:48.860 --> 00:23:54.359 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: it was so. It's really hard to describe, but it was like my body didn't respond to it. But when I was, say pain,

00:23:54.410 --> 00:24:04.069 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: I do that. Why, the thousands of times over the years, not rightly or wrongly, just because that's what we do to communicate my mom to my dad, my brother, i'm in pain

00:24:04.080 --> 00:24:23.819 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: so very quickly realize the significance of this told of my friends and family that i'm gonna not use this work anymore. There was a few others as well that cut out the very, very um strong words, Adam, and instead of going to use the word stuff. So if you hear me saying, stuff's not very good today, you'll know what you need to know, because I might need to communicate it.

00:24:23.830 --> 00:24:40.360 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: So that that was one of the first times and then over the years. Um, I mean, I can say that we're paying now it. It does nothing to me because i'm a billion percent healthy. And it happens five years, you know three of it so I can. I can embrace that word now, and it's fine. But I think for me.

00:24:40.700 --> 00:24:45.000 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: Yeah, it was. It was then. It was just that. That's how powerful

00:24:45.190 --> 00:24:48.789 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: that would be. We talk about how you know.

00:24:49.290 --> 00:25:01.709 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: Ah, well, on the course I've just been doing. Dr. Co. Parker talks about, You know, when you have a pain of some kind, and you have to go to the hospital. I'm not sure it's the same in the States, but you'll get a letter, and it'll be from the pain clinic,

00:25:01.720 --> 00:25:17.530 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: and then you'll you your point in your calendar for the pain clinic, and then you'll you know you'll go to that point when you walk through doors, and that'd be these words all over the place. But just keep like, you know, um really compounding this this this? Um,

00:25:18.690 --> 00:25:29.189 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: it's very, very intense uh reaction to pain and and your body that yes, pain pain. We are in pain. Um. So yeah, that for me was when that started.

00:25:29.570 --> 00:25:44.659 Frank R. Harrison: It's almost like words actually become trigger points, or I mean that just generated from the brain. So you can use your vocal cords and communicate the words, but they actually have a chemical reaction depending on how you use it, and what

00:25:44.670 --> 00:26:04.540 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: and what tone you use it. I mean a lot of people are just unaware of that. I mean even I'm just being made aware of it. Now, as we're speaking,

00:26:04.550 --> 00:26:16.709 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: two of the most powerful ones are changing the words um control. So often we say, you know we feel out of control, or I have no control over this, or I wish I had more control over this.

00:26:16.780 --> 00:26:31.179 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: It's quite a strong word when you think about it. Obviously control is controlling You're holding on to something you're trying to manage it so said in in um, you know we use the word choice instead. So you're saying the same thing, but that I have choice,

00:26:31.190 --> 00:26:50.999 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: so it's just flipping it from one to the other. And what when I say choice, it's almost like I can feel it down here. It just feels like a lovely thing it's like. I have all these choices. I have options. I have, you know I have um agency of my life to make all these decisions, and then, if that one doesn't work out, I can make another decision. But I have choices.

00:26:51.010 --> 00:27:04.499 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: Um, and the other one that is really really powerful is um when we say something's hard or difficult. Challenging is changing. That's the word. It's unfamiliar. As soon as you start to say, this is unfamiliar,

00:27:04.510 --> 00:27:13.119 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: you know this is really hard. It's like this is unfamiliar. Your brain just hears a whole different thing. It hears something that it can become familiar with.

00:27:13.520 --> 00:27:26.669 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: I want to use it by rock climbing. Sometimes the roots that i'm on It's like this feels impossible like i'm literally like I have zero idea. I'm going to get up this bit of rock because it is really hard,

00:27:26.680 --> 00:27:39.100 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: and I hear myself saying that, and i'm like I know that I will, because it always happens, and I will. I'll work here. I get through. It's like this is unfamiliar. I just don't. I just don't know this territory yet, but I will know this territory, and it will become familiar.

00:27:39.460 --> 00:27:53.079 Frank R. Harrison: So it's interesting when you use the word impossible. You're setting your mind to think either positively or negatively, and you have to make the choice to choose to think positively. So you regulate the word to keep a positive reaction.

00:27:53.090 --> 00:28:13.020 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: Yeah, it's just, you know, as soon as you you hear the word impossible. Your brain is like done, you know, like It's kind of you gave over, if it's like. I'm familiar with something. Yeah, I could, You know. Okay, we're not denying that this Isn't really hard or whatever that thing is. And i'm not suggesting, You know, this is gonna work for every single circumstance. There are some things out there that are just plain,

00:28:13.030 --> 00:28:28.089 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: horrible, or difficult. Hard bereavement, you know, break ups, you know, divorces, but I think you know quite often in life there are things that we use those really strong words, for It's very dramatic, and it's just just a language. I do all the time. So I got a second.

00:28:28.220 --> 00:28:49.049 Frank R. Harrison: Is there another way? We could say this? This is a bit more appropriate, you know. Well, I want you actually what we're about to take our next break. But when we return I would like to role, play with you. Conversational approaches with given situations. Let's make this a little bit more of an interactive um zoom.

00:28:49.060 --> 00:29:15.379 Frank R. Harrison: I'm very intrigued in all of this, because I catch myself in, you know, in using the wrong words, or the ones that make me feel more crippled rather than feeling the agency like you describe. So when we return, we're going to actually put words into action and show you all out there How frank about health is going to harness your power with language with Alison Betty right here on talk radio and Nyc and on our Youtube Channel. So please stay tuned.

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00:31:14.620 --> 00:31:44.359 Frank R. Harrison: Welcome back! And as before, we cut off to the break Um! I was talking with Allison about. We're going to spend the next segment, putting the power of our language into practice, giving examples of words that we could you learn to change over, to, to have more of a positive mindset. Listen more to our internal dialogue before we make the statements or comments we want to um communicate. But I think Alison be to set the stage here. I guess the one thing that I noticed that

00:31:44.590 --> 00:31:49.780 Frank R. Harrison: the communication styles need to be harnessed are in areas of professional,

00:31:49.820 --> 00:31:51.080 Frank R. Harrison: personal

00:31:51.100 --> 00:32:17.390 Frank R. Harrison: as well as medical. I mean being focused on health care. I'm always concerned like when you receive a diagnosis or a treatment plan how that's communicated to you, and how you, as the patient, interpret it versus the advocate who's able to translate it, because you know, in a patient's circumstance. There's always the embedded fear and discomfort of the possible worst case scenario when that in itself can make a simple sentence sound like a harsh statement

00:32:17.400 --> 00:32:33.049 Frank R. Harrison: mit ctl, and you know you need a middle person to help make it the translation. So that would be one thing that I think i'll say for less. But let's role, play a personal situation and a professional situation, and see how together we can learn how to communicate that situation more effectively. One hundred and fifty.

00:32:34.300 --> 00:32:53.720 Frank R. Harrison: This is almost like improvisation, So everybody out there, if you have any comments. So you're on our Youtube Channel. There's the chat box right there, just go ahead and make them give us some feedback on how we're doing um. But um, Alison, let's say, for example,

00:32:53.730 --> 00:32:54.980 Frank R. Harrison: um.

00:32:55.950 --> 00:32:58.750 Frank R. Harrison: I come home from work after a bad day,

00:32:58.770 --> 00:33:13.289 Frank R. Harrison: and all I say is, I really hate my boss because he um tells me what to do when i'm right out the door and wants me to stay late. And i'm thinking i'm gonna quit.

00:33:13.450 --> 00:33:26.600 Frank R. Harrison: Let's say that's the situation. Of course I end up going home with my head, thinking, Oh, how am I going to quit? I can't afford to pay the bills otherwise, you know, because I've already set that stage. I've already said that,

00:33:26.740 --> 00:33:39.169 Frank R. Harrison: you know, but given the same situation, what would be a better way? I could learn to comment on what frustrates me, but at least have a positive spin on it. Let let's work on that together.

00:33:39.180 --> 00:33:49.650 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: Okay. So first thing I would say as well is that it is okay. And so you notice, right. But it just to say that we're not saying It's not okay to feel a bit sorry for ourselves sometimes, because

00:33:49.660 --> 00:34:08.080 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: you know um. The client I was talking with it was like, yeah it, you know, to have a little bit of a a wall or a so for a few minutes, or however long it's good. It's just not staying in that place, you know. It's about getting out of it. Um! So another one of things i'm really passionate about is the questions that we ask ourselves, and you would just sort of

00:34:08.090 --> 00:34:11.260 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: can't be What the question was that you said when you in your little bit of spiel there.

00:34:11.520 --> 00:34:22.280 Frank R. Harrison: Um, but my boss, because he makes me stay late when i'm ready to walk out the door after a hard day to do his leftover paperwork.

00:34:22.290 --> 00:34:50.299 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: Okay, There was a question in there as well. But I quit like, you know. Yeah, Or you might find yourself, if I can just add to your role, play that you might find yourself. Why, why, why do I have such a rubbish job like what? Why, don't I have a better job like what, what is wrong with me? Why, why am I not worth? You know you might start asking all those kind of questions. If you're in that kind of place. You've been really bad about your your job. You're likely to be going, you know. Um,

00:34:50.679 --> 00:34:57.110 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: Surely there's more to life like uh likely to be something about lack of worth it.

00:34:57.360 --> 00:35:07.179 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: So again, as I was saying earlier, with that roadmap of the brain, your brain is just going to hear these questions. Um, and it's just going to, You know. You think of your brain back in computer.

00:35:07.710 --> 00:35:22.819 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: It's just gonna hear these questions that you're saying um unintentionally. You're not trying to bring yourself down. You're just saying these things. What we do with human for your brain is going to hear the questions, and it's going to go off, and it's going to find the answers to those exact questions again. Your brain is going to come back to you going on a second, Frank,

00:35:22.830 --> 00:35:36.309 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: Are you sure you want to say those things? Because I'm gonna bring you back some really bad feelings? And you might not want to feel like that. But how about if you do this instead of say this? Your brain is going to go. Oh, right well, um, you know. Perhaps um

00:35:36.430 --> 00:35:44.350 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: give you an example of uh, what would it be with your job? It'd be like, you know. Why.

00:35:45.260 --> 00:36:05.529 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: Why am I so bad at my job? So maybe, is that? Why am I so bad at my job? Um! Your brain will come back and say, uh, because you're worthless. Because you're not. You haven't got the skills. Um because you you never You You didn't go to college. You didn't study, you know you you to out. You didn't do what you need to do It's just gonna give those exact answers,

00:36:05.540 --> 00:36:20.440 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: whereas instead, if you were to spin that and say, what could I do to maybe find a job that I really excellent? Or what could I do to get better at my job so that I have a happy work, balance, work, life, balance

00:36:20.560 --> 00:36:43.380 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: your brain again is gonna go off and find the that question. It's gonna go. Well, I could go to go back to school. I could learn some new qualifications. I could start looking for a new job. I could write my Cv. Or I rewrite my Cv. I could update my Cv. I could start a linkedin pro for I could start networking, communicating, and it would just come back and be like all these things, because those are the answers to that kind of question.

00:36:43.960 --> 00:37:02.760 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: When you start those questions guarantee you're going back. You're going to start to feel more positive. You're going to start to see light at the end of the tunnel might be a long way off. I'm not suggesting It's like bam that's all your answers, but it's going to set greater direction with that roadmap towards

00:37:02.790 --> 00:37:08.100 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: a much healthier structure, and we talked about how that language becomes that structure.

00:37:08.220 --> 00:37:10.380 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: The our thinking sits upon

00:37:11.210 --> 00:37:41.189 Frank R. Harrison: interesting, so based on what you just said right now, and looking back to the scenario that I created, I created a scenario where I was already going in with a defeated mindset that this is the only job that I can have. So therefore i'm just going to be totally frustrated the way my boss is when, instead of figuring out, there's a better way to communicate to him. Maybe I chose already down the road, not to communicate at all, and just do the job, and then leave as best as I can. So i'm always just complaining to you. Let's

00:37:41.200 --> 00:37:55.740 Frank R. Harrison: in this example, and i'm still taking the active stance of not taking the positive actions which I should initiate, which will then change the dialogue unto itself. In addition to my feeling about the issue.

00:37:55.750 --> 00:38:10.930 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: Yeah, Because I can chain reaction, and things will just start to unfold, you know, just by. I know you and I once talked about how, when we you know, I kind of I kind of the scenario that it was. But um, you know I was talking about how, when we talk to somebody, and we

00:38:10.940 --> 00:38:26.520 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: and this is like opposing forces, and you kind of like. But if you change one, then the other one will naturally change um, and you experience that in your life it's, you know it's kind that it's like you. You change something, something else will change. So you have that like knock on effect. Um.

00:38:26.530 --> 00:38:45.969 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: But if you start out again, you know we all have this, and you come away, and it just it's really hard to like or unfamiliar to pull yourself out of that. But by starting to change those words that we're using, or the way with um formula um form your sentences.

00:38:46.740 --> 00:38:52.100 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: It could be really subtle. But um, I remember um.

00:38:52.130 --> 00:39:05.669 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: I had a client, one to one of the questions I asked at the beginning of a session with a client with someone that's the beginning Um! After finding out what's going on with them, and what they're struggling with is what you want to have instead of what you currently got.

00:39:06.000 --> 00:39:23.789 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: This is where you start to change where they've been to where they want to go. And uh, the really important part this deals that question is that they use active language to respond, so I often have to explain what that is, and help me with that. But this client um really really low confidence,

00:39:23.800 --> 00:39:36.300 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: and I can't remember the the phrase the exact way to use. But it was something on the lines of I don't want to feel like rubbish. Um when I wake up in the morning. I don't wanna um uh,

00:39:36.320 --> 00:39:41.819 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: I don't want to feel anxious. That's right. I don't want to be anxious when i'm in a room full of people. It was things like that.

00:39:42.000 --> 00:39:46.369 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: So she was answering the question. She just didn't want to do those things.

00:39:46.380 --> 00:40:06.769 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: But that's not the answer we need. So I said to, Okay, well, how about you? Say differently? And I explained about active language or positive language, and instead she said exactly the same thing. But it said, she says, I want to feel really good when I wake up in the morning. I want to feel really confident when i'm in a room for the people. So again you're getting the same um. You're coming to the same end result,

00:40:06.780 --> 00:40:20.389 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: but in a completely different way. And then she was saying it. She started to smoke. She was like, Oh, I got a second I'm saying the same thing, but i'm not taking it a whole different way. So again, with your your example of your boss. There,

00:40:20.580 --> 00:40:25.699 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: you know again, It's okay to be there for a moment. But if you stay there

00:40:26.230 --> 00:40:38.309 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: that's never going to change. Your brain is always going to go in that direction. You're always going to hate that job. But when you start to think, okay, well, what can I do to change this? What other options do I have? What choices do I have? Um,

00:40:38.830 --> 00:40:40.750 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: yeah. So sorry.

00:40:40.950 --> 00:40:54.080 Frank R. Harrison: No, no, no. This is amazing, because even in what your way you describe that example. I can see myself. If I take those techniques into account. I could come home again from a frustrating day and say, Alison,

00:40:54.090 --> 00:41:10.819 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: I really don't like my job, but I like the fact that i'm going to spend the weekend doing ten resumes and see how that gets me into a new direction.

00:41:11.000 --> 00:41:24.799 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: That's my mom, because she's like my life. This will help me with this stuff. Wave and part is coming in. I'll P. But he's finally. Gram: Yeah, like something where i'm gonna like all these different options that I have. And um or i'm gonna i'm gonna just yeah, just sit down and think about

00:41:24.810 --> 00:41:44.200 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: actually what direction to all my life to go in, you know, or it could be anything. But you know it's not. It's not the gate in the fact that you're not happy with the position that you're in It's like how don't you want to sit? We We know this, you know quite. We're struggling with something. We go over and over and over and over, and I do it myself. We get it's like we know this is a problem,

00:41:44.630 --> 00:42:03.950 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: and the more we the more we spend time trying to um uh figure out what that problem is, or find some answer, That problem. We just keep compounding the fact that there is a problem like by look at the problem with with creating the problem. And I often think it's safe to

00:42:04.090 --> 00:42:14.960 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: ninety percent of what I think I have as problems are here. They're not actually out there. There are occasionally actual problems, like, you know. Again, a bereavement or something really bad,

00:42:14.970 --> 00:42:43.600 Frank R. Harrison: but ninety percent aren't problems. So by keep looking at these problems, it just makes these problems bigger and bigger and more Consolidated where it's like, Okay, hang on a second. You know the the combination. There's a combination of the passivity, the passive language, the feeling that you're helpless the inability to take initiative at different choices, thinking you're fit in what you have. Yeah, all of which could have been learned in your upbringing or previous circumstances or whatever. So, in order to

00:42:43.610 --> 00:42:55.940 Frank R. Harrison: and change the language, there also has to be a change in mindset, and I guess what your coaching does is find those skills to do that first before you start changing the dialogue more effectively for positive change. Two:

00:42:55.950 --> 00:43:10.070 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: Yeah. And it it does take work. It's it's not. You know It's not something I would expect anyone to, you know. I just get my though people understand it. But you know we've spent a lifetime talking in a certain way. Um! So to to change it and have that awareness

00:43:10.440 --> 00:43:24.000 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: takes effort. And um, you know you have to find yourself. You know all find myself like, Oh, God! This is terrible language. But there's okay, cool, right? It's bad language that's let's change it and let me know what to do It's just uh yeah.

00:43:24.710 --> 00:43:49.959 Frank R. Harrison: Well, we're about to take our final break, and when we return let's talk about um. The medical diagnosis situation that I was talking about. In addition, let's learn about how people can get a hold of you and talk about more of other aspects in the workplace, and just wrap up for the evening. But thanks again, everybody for listening for the last forty five minutes on the ways that we can harness the power of our language

00:43:49.970 --> 00:43:56.990 Frank R. Harrison: right here on Frank about health, both on talk radio, Nyc and on our Youtube Channel. We will be back in a few,

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00:44:24.570 --> 00:44:25.870 Okay,

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00:46:01.390 --> 00:46:15.230 Frank R. Harrison: Welcome back to the final section of this episode of Frank about health. We already spent the last section talking about a scenario where I'm. Coming home from work frustrated with my boss, and we were having a discussion about how to use

00:46:15.320 --> 00:46:20.199 Frank R. Harrison: active internal listening. Be more assertive with your options going forward,

00:46:20.590 --> 00:46:35.039 Frank R. Harrison: not feel as restrictive as we are, probably learn to be in negative situations. There has to be the reminder. You tell yourself that you have an active choice, no matter what the circumstances you just have to harness it,

00:46:35.050 --> 00:46:45.910 Frank R. Harrison: and then you, of course, change your dialogue to fit the circumstance as well as to create change. I think also one of the things I wanted to focus on Alison was. You and I were speaking

00:46:45.920 --> 00:47:03.840 Frank R. Harrison: pretty much a couple days before I was receiving, possibly either bad news or great news about my father's current health circumstances, and we we were talking a little bit about how to best communicate with a professional in the medical and the medical, you know, a doctor, an oncologist

00:47:03.850 --> 00:47:22.769 Frank R. Harrison: mit Ctl. And you know Ah, and I've done a lot of research in the type of cancer my father's been dealing with, so I've been able to ask the right questions as well as understand the right treatments that can be options or alternatives. Then it allowed me to actually find out that my father's situation was not as bleak as I was emotionally making it two hundred;

00:47:22.780 --> 00:47:42.759 Frank R. Harrison: and even though my father, of course, the patient is already, I mean when you have a disease, no matter if what you're hearing is positive or negative. You're still not going to feel your best, but at least by having a support system which myself, my mother, the doctor, his palliative care doctor, among some other personal friends,

00:47:42.770 --> 00:48:00.440 Frank R. Harrison: it was able to get my father lifted, so I I realized right there and then the power of language, especially when it comes to your mental health and in health care period. So do you have any suggestions. We're not going to role, play anything because we're also going to be, you know, signing off shortly.

00:48:00.450 --> 00:48:13.040 Frank R. Harrison: But do you have any suggestions for anyone with any kind of medical condition like especially the type that you had suffered for such a long time. What is the best way that a patient can learn to communicate to their doctor

00:48:13.130 --> 00:48:27.459 Frank R. Harrison: in a positive way, even when they're going through their fears and their concerns, but to enable a sense of relief rather than feeling of despair. Do you have any ideas or suggestions or or ways that you can recommend.

00:48:27.670 --> 00:48:41.469 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: I think. Um, she reminds me of friends very different. I I did pass away with cancer, and one of the things for her was the the getting results, you know, and being able to communicate to her doctor

00:48:41.480 --> 00:49:03.219 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: uh the way which you want to receive results, and I think it's really difficult, and I think with something like that, because obviously it depends on the other person that you're speaking to, and and often with very complicated um health issues. It won't. Just be one doctor. There'll be lots, specialists and nurses, so you can do a lot of different humans that you might not get what you need from each one, and you might get what you need from others.

00:49:03.230 --> 00:49:14.410 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: Um, but I you know. And as you said, when you're going through something like that. You're not in your best place, so it's It's very difficult to. It can be very difficult to communicate.

00:49:14.420 --> 00:49:24.820 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: Uh, but I think if you are able to say to whoever is the person, you know that's gonna be you. The results? What? What's right for you as to how you want to receive them. Um!

00:49:25.480 --> 00:49:35.450 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: There really is no way of knowing how that's gonna land, you know. Obviously the way we're talking now. But I just think to speaking speaking about what's right for you. It's the most important

00:49:35.490 --> 00:49:37.379 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: um um,

00:49:37.700 --> 00:49:53.399 Frank R. Harrison: and and and also to make sure you're in or dialogue is in check. I mean it's It's more of talking self up to look at the positive and everything, no matter what you hear. Right.

00:49:54.250 --> 00:50:07.229 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: We we do have these very strong words. Um. I had a friend once that she say uh that she was going to take her drugs medication, and I know in in the States that you guys say drugs for medication.

00:50:07.240 --> 00:50:20.790 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: Um! But she would say that here is a very, very strong word, because we would just say medication, and it was just so heavy, and it was so weighted, so again changing this that the way I changed the word pain stuff, you know it wasn't um

00:50:20.890 --> 00:50:38.680 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: it wasn't It's not like i'm denying the thing. It's just like that that word. It's just so powerful, and it has a physiological response in my body like I was still crushed by that word, it was like a skyscraper. So thinking about the words that in your in your world, of

00:50:38.690 --> 00:50:54.229 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: whatever's going on here with any kind of little health or any mental um Mental health struggle. You know. What are the words that really make you kind of something? You know those really powerful words and just change them. Change banana, whatever you know, something that meets nothing to you,

00:50:54.240 --> 00:51:10.030 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: and you're still you're still unable to have that communication. Obviously You've got to tell the people around you, but you know my banana is not feeling too good today. You know my stuff, so they understand They don't think you're going to like. Well, this doesn't crazy. Um,

00:51:10.350 --> 00:51:23.140 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: but it it it takes the power out of it. I think that's what it does for me. It takes the power out of that. Uh that You know that the word that we have a lot of the words have so much power, and it just

00:51:23.340 --> 00:51:42.669 Frank R. Harrison: well, I mean I don't mind sharing the nature of the words that were said because they were non threatening from the perspective of the remedy for what was a concerning problem in my father's case, but it was an add on medication that was not chemotherapy. That was a positive. It was a a hormone blocker,

00:51:42.680 --> 00:52:05.389 Frank R. Harrison: which just means that it supplements what's already going leading to a positive result or a positive outcome. And so what I had to do in my father's case was, instead of say that. Yes, you're about to take something that could have its side effects, I was saying. I'm going to come up with solutions for those side effects. And you're going to see a month from now.

00:52:05.400 --> 00:52:12.879 Frank R. Harrison: Yeah, better numbers than you have been seeing and just putting those words in front of him, which are facts I wasn't making things up

00:52:12.950 --> 00:52:32.700 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: that made him have a positive outcome in in terms of the discussion with the doctor. That's beautiful. I love that. I'm going to find solutions for this, because that's that's so active, you know. I mean, that's as active as it gets and it's not just like we will find solutions for this

00:52:32.710 --> 00:52:53.039 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: when you say that it's like the thing Hasn't happened. We've got to go and find those solutions. They're out there somewhere in the world. We will eventually someday. But instead, you said i'm going to find, or you could even say, you know, with with affirmations. Um! When I do do information work rather than saying, I want to feel

00:52:53.620 --> 00:53:12.290 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: light. So I want to feel um, you know, uh energized something like that to me when I say I want to feel It's like I don't actually feel it, but I want to feel it one day I might feel it. So I say, any affirmation work that wants out the window. It's like I feel, or I am feeling

00:53:12.300 --> 00:53:20.979 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: because it's. It's it's media. It's here already. It's already done. It's in me. I am. I am that i'm healing it, and I love the way. He said, that you know.

00:53:20.990 --> 00:53:50.969 Frank R. Harrison: Yeah. And i'm just very grateful that I've had my whole history and dealing with multiple doctors for many different health reasons, especially epilepsy. And as a result, when I have conversations with my doctors. I'm i'm. Speaking to colleagues. I don't feel like i'm a vulnerable patient, and I think maybe that has been my my my gift given to me through my experience in dealing with illness, that I can therefore transfer the conversation on to family and friends when they need direction; that for human, not humane.

00:53:50.980 --> 00:54:16.359 Frank R. Harrison: What's the right word? That's more on their level rather than Oh, it's so up there in blue sky that I really can't interpret what's going on, you know so, and and even frank about health being being here for over a year now, and talking about the various topics of mental and physical health, running the gamut from Covid all the way down to diabetes and and cancer and stuff like that. I have found myself even in the way I deal with people

00:54:16.370 --> 00:54:19.710 Frank R. Harrison: that I know in personal and other social circles

00:54:19.720 --> 00:54:43.510 Frank R. Harrison: that i'm always talking in a in a constructive way. I think this has been therapy unto itself doing this show. But now probably I've seen we have three minutes until break. So I want to know. I want you to tell how everyone can contact you, how they can reach you, how they can coach with you all the things you want to share, what you do in your practice, especially how you can help people harness the power of their language

00:54:43.520 --> 00:55:00.999 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: that my favorite thing um, And so well, I guess my website is just Alison Petty dot com um, that's Allison with one l petty with two ts um, and everything's on there. So I have a you know, blog on. There links to my social media. Um, and

00:55:01.010 --> 00:55:20.979 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: I always offer a free discovery. Call. So if anyone is interested in having a conversation quite often, people want to have a conversation with me because they've heard about my story of wheelchair to rock climbing to coaching um, and whether whether it's because they've got a similar chronic health struggle to what I had, or something similar. Um!

00:55:20.990 --> 00:55:32.770 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: So I always have a free call. There's no obligation to coaching, because sometimes people just want to have that conversation that can be enough just to give them some inspiration. Um! So you do reach out if you just want to have a chat with me about that because

00:55:32.780 --> 00:55:47.749 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: that in itself can just be enough, Some people um. But also see I coach. So if anybody is, it should have been coached as well, same again. Free the rediscovering calls, and just get in touch. Um! You can do that through my website again as well, or social media

00:55:47.760 --> 00:56:07.699 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: Um, and any new podcasts or or discussions upcoming

00:56:07.710 --> 00:56:23.740 Alison Petty | Mindset Coach: massive bereavement in my life. And around that time I met another coach who'd gone through something similar. So we were having a conversation about grief, and you know how you overcome that kind of thing, and then so let's film this, and so i'm doing things like that as well so. But yes, I do have a Youtube Channel so

00:56:23.750 --> 00:56:45.669 Frank R. Harrison: awesome. Well, i'm sorry Phyllis could be here today. She's actually, you know she's traveling in Canada right now taking care of some business. But the thing is is that I wanted to welcome you back on. I know that you and I had talked about talking about. Ah, the workplace, culture and dynamics. But this topic is much more profound, especially at this time with

00:56:45.680 --> 00:57:15.659 Frank R. Harrison: in the United States. We have our upcoming election on Tuesday. Um November is Thanksgiving month. There's a lot of change happening in twenty Twenty-three um. So I thought it was perfect to start November the correct way by just reminding everybody that it is not only the power of your vote, everybody hand to intent for November eighth, but it is the power of your language, the power of your mind, the power of reflection, the power of your experience, and just the power of connecting with all of us to be

00:57:15.670 --> 00:57:30.750 Frank R. Harrison: here tonight on Frank, about health as well as with each other during holiday season, and of course, Alison, you and I will be in contact, I think, even literally, when the show ends, so that all being said, ladies and gentlemen stay tuned for tomorrow's slate of shows

00:57:30.760 --> 00:57:54.950 Frank R. Harrison: on talk radio, Nyc, which is philanthropy and focus with Tommy D. And then closing with Stephen Fry always. Friday. I'll be back next week with another episode of Frank about health, and then, of course, um! You can look for us on the Youtube Channel as well as on um www dot Frank R. Harrison, dot com, or, as Alison said on her website,

00:57:54.960 --> 00:58:13.640 Frank R. Harrison: www dot Allison, petty dot com and um we're signing off now. So thanks for being here, and we will see you next week. Take care.

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