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Friday, September 30, 2022
Facebook Live Video from 2022/09/30 - The Holiday Light Show and STEM Center

Facebook Live Video from 2022/09/30 - The Holiday Light Show and STEM Center


2022/09/30 - The Holiday Light Show and STEM Center

[NEW EPISODE] The Holiday Light Show and STEM Center


No girl or volunteer is ever turned away from Girl Scouts. The revenue from this event is essential to delivering vital programs and services, providing financial aid for our families in need, as well as to help us maintain our two camp locations in Bayport and Yaphank, one of which includes our community-accessible Discovery World STEM Center. 

The STEM Center offers girls a first-rate, hands-on approach to exploring a whole new world through experiments and demonstrations, special guest presentations and field trips. A place for girls to feel comfortable and be themselves. We are committed to creating a diverse, inclusive environment for all girls.


Girl Scouts bring their dreams to life and work together to build a better world. 

Through programs from coast to coast, Girl Scouts of all backgrounds and abilities can be unapologetically themselves as they discover their strengths and rise to meet new challenges- whether they want to climb to the top of a tree or the top of their class, lace up their boots for a hike or advocate for climate justice, or make their first best friends.

Girl Scouting builds girls of courage, confidence, and character, who make the world a better place.

Tammy Severino is an experienced leader in the area of Women's Empowerment. President & CEO at Girl Scouts of Suffolk County.  As the Interim President and CEO, responsible for providing leadership, along with strategic and tactical management. Direct day-to-day operations of the Council and carry out the vision of the Council's Board of Directors in order to meet the organization's goals in serving the girl and adult volunteers of Suffolk County. Responsible for stewardship of the Council's human, material and fiscal assets, and advancing the Council's relevance in communities we serve.  Responsible for advancing the Girl Scout brand and image throughout the Country. Ensure sufficient resources for the Council to provide critical programming through effective planning, managing and implementation of the Council's revenue generating and fund development programs and initiatives.


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00:00:25.630 --> 00:00:26.900 Hello, everybody!

00:00:27.230 --> 00:00:30.800 Tommy DiMisa: Your boy, the non-profit sector connector coming out you from?

00:00:30.940 --> 00:00:32.090 Tommy DiMisa: Where else?

00:00:32.100 --> 00:01:00.069 Tommy DiMisa: Two flights up from? Where else? But the kitchen, where I get my coffee from time to time, although I do run on dunkin and talk about that for four or five years I bugged it, but I cheers. I i'm like actually, you know what shot out to Cumberland Forums, Danny. I was this morning uh I was. I had to run to an appointment, and I stopped at Cumberland Farms, and I went to pay for my coffee, and the lady said, it's free, and I said, Well, thank you very much, and she said, Well, by the way, they show philanthropy for everybody. Um! But she's like

00:01:00.170 --> 00:01:16.289 Tommy DiMisa: she uses coffee's free, and I said, I don't stand. I said, Is it always free? She said, always on Fridays. So now I understand why I had a double park in that lot on a Friday morning, and they had like thirty spots. So, anyway. Good morning, Tammy. I'll. I'll tell people about the show. Let me say hello to you. How are you?

00:01:16.300 --> 00:01:17.489 Tammy Severino: Good! How are you

00:01:17.500 --> 00:01:25.890 Tommy DiMisa: doing? Incredible. I'm really excited, for today I have a lot to say. So let me say a bunch of stuff, and then we will get into what we need to talk about today.

00:01:25.900 --> 00:01:39.360 Tommy DiMisa: First of all, the show is philanthropy and focus everybody. Ah, I am the nonprofit sector connector. I just. I I've given myself that title which really was not only given it to myself. I gave myself a a lot of responsibility which

00:01:39.470 --> 00:01:51.959 Tommy DiMisa: maybe we'll talk about some of that I mean just this morning i'm texting with two different friends of mine from nonprofit organizations that there's an opportunity for some collaboration, and we were texting, and I got to make a phone call happen so. And

00:01:51.970 --> 00:02:17.599 Tommy DiMisa: you know Tammy and I had a phone call yesterday with with something that that could be beneficial for Girl Scouts of Suffolk County, which Girl Scouts of Suffolk County is my guest, Tammy said. Reno, is my guest on the program this morning. You guys know this. You know how passionate I am about the nonprofit sector. You know how important it is to me. Nonprofits change our world each and every day, and if it wasn't for the readers and the team to be about proper organizations, many of the services that our communities depend on

00:02:17.610 --> 00:02:31.650 Tommy DiMisa: just don't happen. They don't exist. So that's my deal is two things. Every week is to help These folks tell the story and amplify their message. So for the reach that I have, whatever it is, how big it might be, or how big it's growing into.

00:02:31.740 --> 00:02:44.870 Tommy DiMisa: I want to help people understand about nonprofits. One last you got two, probably two or three more shout-outs. But last yesterday I got to go. I went into New York City, and I went to an Event for the Institute for nonprofit practice, which is, of course, work

00:02:44.880 --> 00:03:00.109 Tommy DiMisa: that I did just last year, finished in June of this year twenty two, and I got to meet with some of my folks from my cohort. I actually got to meet with some of the alumni for the past, that my friend Melissa Mcleod, who we never met in person, but she's the Director of Development with

00:03:00.310 --> 00:03:14.760 Tommy DiMisa: and groan which has farms around New York City and really helping urban farming and really helping the communities, and she she's Actually, her organization is a finalist in the New York City imagin award. So we met through that, and it turns out we,

00:03:14.770 --> 00:03:43.960 Tommy DiMisa: I and P. At several times. I love that event headed uptown to the Museum of the City of New York, which is an incredible place. I I want to go back when it's open, because a lot of the what we could have saw was shut down. But my friend Kylie Mcgrath, from a moment Magic, incredibly special organization. She's been on the program. I love Kylie. I love what the organization does. Ah, and I and I work Tuxedo because it's a black, tight sort of thing. Ah, so I like to wear Tuxedo sometimes. If you want to see the pictures text me. I'd love to show you,

00:03:44.680 --> 00:03:51.440 Tommy DiMisa: and that that organization. They go into the schools like schools. Excuse me, they go into hospitals,

00:03:51.560 --> 00:04:12.590 Tommy DiMisa: I mean, with children who are sick and ill children. And are they? They're um dressed as as princesses and superheroes, and they busy with these children. They play games and such a special organization that Kylie founded as an undergrad in Mount St. Vincent's. Ah, I guess she's twenty seven years old now, or something like that, and you know, did too.

00:04:12.600 --> 00:04:31.990 Tommy DiMisa: I look to Tammy? It's one of these things like we're not a property for you. But I look at the days i'm going to that gala twenty years from now, and you know this woman will be celebrating an organization that she created as a young person. So I mean, this is the stuff we do. This is the the organizations that I hang with all right. Without further ado. This morning I left my house early.

00:04:32.000 --> 00:04:42.820 Tommy DiMisa: You go pick up this t-shirt and everybody. So if you're watching on Facebook. Check it out, My t-shirt says man enough to be a Girl Scout I am a I don't have any of those T-shirts that say, like

00:04:42.830 --> 00:04:57.129 Tommy DiMisa: a girl, Dad? Well, maybe I I because I am a boy, Dad, too. I got both. I got two and two ah, no full house just two pair. I always say, you know a full house full house beats two pair, but we're staying with two pair that that's the end of that,

00:04:57.140 --> 00:05:22.150 Tommy DiMisa: Tammy. You and I know each other for such a long time. There's so many things I could read about Girl Scouts. Um! You've been a Girl Scout forever your whole, almost your whole life, right? So we'll get into that. But I do want to just a couple things I want to say before we even jump in. It's like Here's what I want to say. I look this up. I'm looking it up again. Girl Guides of America was found in March twelfth, one thousand nine hundred and twelve, by Julie at Juliet Daisy, Gordon, Lowe,

00:05:22.160 --> 00:05:32.080 Tommy DiMisa: Savannah, Georgia. Right then, almost simultaneously, the girl guys that there was another organization right that merged with

00:05:32.090 --> 00:05:43.290 Tommy DiMisa: Daisy Gordon Lows organization, and that that became the Girl Scouts of the United States. These two organizations emerged together. But I mean what the history of this. This is a one hundred and ten year old organization.

00:05:43.300 --> 00:05:44.190 Tammy Severino: Yes, it is.

00:05:44.200 --> 00:05:51.029 Tommy DiMisa: Yeah. So I want you to. Once you I want to hear from you today. I want to know your journey. I always ask my friends about the

00:05:51.040 --> 00:06:14.989 Tommy DiMisa: what brought you to non-profit. You and I know each other way before. You know you were the Ceo, and on now the Ceo of a Girl Scouts. So I know you have a lot of experience background in nonprofit, consulting with nonprofits around. Ah, storytelling and Grant writing, and the whole thing. So there's really a a great art that we can go through. But I want. I want to start where you want to start, and it might be a six year old girl

00:06:15.000 --> 00:06:32.850 Tommy DiMisa: joining Girl Scouts, and, you know, really bring becoming part of a life of service, because I will say i'm trying to find the the slogan Here Girl Scouts prepares girls to empower themselves and promote compassion, courage, confidence, character, leadership, entrepreneurship,

00:06:32.860 --> 00:06:41.000 Tommy DiMisa: active citizenship through activities such as camping, community service, learning, first aid and earning badges by acquiring practical skills

00:06:41.020 --> 00:06:42.189 Tommy DiMisa: that's a lot

00:06:42.200 --> 00:06:47.770 Tommy DiMisa: Yeah. Let's start. Start at the beginning for me. Let's start. Let's tell the story. We got time,

00:06:47.780 --> 00:07:08.109 Tammy Severino: sure. Um. Well, I was in first grade in Brooklyn. A new friend who had just moved in in the building next to mine. Her mom became our Girl Scout leader. She and I actually reconnected. We We bumped into each other years ago, and then reconnected just

00:07:08.140 --> 00:07:09.700 Tammy Severino: um,

00:07:09.710 --> 00:07:39.609 Tammy Severino: I guess, in twenty one. Last year we got together for dinner with her husband's, and she shared photos with me that show my mother's name, my maiden name, my phone number and address where I grew up as a girl. It was the roster that her mother filled out of all the girls who were going to be part of our troop, and i'm still friends with most of them. Today we're scattered around the United States, and we're all doing really powerful things to to

00:07:39.620 --> 00:07:54.169 Tammy Severino: to benefit our communities and business, and and really in in a way that I think makes a mark that when you look back, and you can say that my life was fulfilled i'm fulfilling.

00:07:54.180 --> 00:08:21.669 Tammy Severino: We're all in that space, and and I don't think when you're six and you're going to see a historic property in Brooklyn as ah as a field trip, that you realize the bonds that you are creating. Um! That we Girl Scouts provides programs in such an age-appropriate friend, inducing type of space it's a safe space that girls can talk about. Whatever it is they want to talk about, so that those those connections form deep

00:08:21.680 --> 00:08:51.580 Tommy DiMisa: and um, and it's It's really a remarkable way for girls to find themselves in a world-only space where they can test the waters on things that perhaps they would have been too nervous to try elsewhere. Um! But it's it's knowing that everybody in that trip has your back, or if you're an individual, if you're a Juliet, and you are doing your Girl Scout experience as a solo, or if we don't have a volunteer structure in a particular school district,

00:08:51.590 --> 00:09:06.520 Tammy Severino: and we're doing it in the schools or in a community center. The girls who are part of your program, weekend week out, that you are all you're all sharing that opportunity of trying

00:09:06.530 --> 00:09:28.640 Tammy Severino: and and exploring and feeling your way and finding out who you are, and whoever you are is okay. Um. So if you want to go into something that is not traditionally female, have at it. But if you want something that is, that's great, too, so that you can really be the person you are meant to be.

00:09:28.650 --> 00:09:43.790 Tammy Severino: And And so now, when I look back, and I think wow, we did that when I was eight we did that when I was ten in our troop. Um, i'm really so grateful for the girls that I met the women they are today, and the fact that they're still in my life.

00:09:43.800 --> 00:10:03.170 Tammy Severino: Um for my girlfriend's. Mom, who was our troop leader all those years. Um, you know, corrally us, and the letting us make the decisions as we got old enough to do so, and I I was my older daughter's girl Scale theater. For several years Um! I've been the Cookie Mom for my younger one.

00:10:03.180 --> 00:10:20.139 Tammy Severino: Ah, for her troops since kindergarten, and watching her troop leader, guide them, encourage them, and watch as they grew to make their own decisions. Now that they're a little bit older, so it's Really, it's an exciting piece to watch,

00:10:20.240 --> 00:10:30.499 Tammy Severino: so i'm very proud that I went from Girl Scout to Troop Leader to the

00:10:30.510 --> 00:10:59.770 Tommy DiMisa: forged a board member for Girl Scouts. The topic. Then I became a cookie mom. So the title I still there, and then I was asked, and we had a very long term. Ceo, who retired um, and I was asked to step in shortly thereafter. And we're we're really reframing our council to position us to really move forward. Covid shifted so many things

00:10:59.780 --> 00:11:29.600 Tammy Severino: for so many organizations. We're really proud of the fact that we executed hundreds of programs virtually for girls not just from Suffolk. We had girls as far as California logging into our programs, and we offered them at no charge for merely the entirety of the of the pandemic, so that girls could have that connection with other girls. And now we're getting back to having camps. We're about to launch a camping one.

00:11:29.610 --> 00:11:36.289 Tammy Severino: It's again on our properties, and we're just excited for girls to have that robust experience again.

00:11:36.300 --> 00:11:55.090 Tommy DiMisa: I love this, I mean, this is so cool, and and I I made a cute video earlier in the week, and I said, you know um, it's like it was like, Let me just look at my picture. Here it was I found, like ah, like almost like a legend like a map. I was like. Ah, some always thinments tag alongs, you know.

00:11:55.100 --> 00:11:59.990 Tommy DiMisa: I don't get to ask you what your favorite cookie is because I saw the video. So I know

00:12:00.000 --> 00:12:04.190 Tommy DiMisa: Tammy. Those tag alongs are bad. Bad news for me. Forget about.

00:12:04.200 --> 00:12:15.089 Tommy DiMisa: Yes, that's it. That's an open the boxy at all, and you know what i'm sure that i'm sure if I look at the serving size on a box of tag alongs, it is not the entire box. It's two cookies.

00:12:15.100 --> 00:12:15.790 Tommy DiMisa: Okay.

00:12:15.800 --> 00:12:20.860 So I have, like I don't know how many are in there. Maybe there's a couple thousand cookies in there, maybe twenty, so I have ten serving

00:12:20.870 --> 00:12:40.490 Tommy DiMisa: like, because they're so good, and you can scrape the chocolate body whatever you don't think about this commercials. How do you eat a Reese's like I get to. I can school everybody on how to eat a Ted one, all right, but those are a good cookie. I will tell you about this, this mores. Now this was not supposed to be out of cookies, but the smores I like sweet. Those cookies are

00:12:40.500 --> 00:12:50.220 Tommy DiMisa: so wheat they're really really sweet. They're a new cookie, you know, and they sell people because I saw. So I have been. I would not call myself a cookie dad. I'm a dad who

00:12:50.230 --> 00:13:08.199 Tommy DiMisa: cookies. It's like you're a cookie mom, but I've been out in front of the supermarket helping out when I can, and I I love watching it, you know, especially so, My older daughter's not a scout. Um, a girl Scout, my my yard daughter, is she's digging it, And you know this stuff that you said like. I really want to hit on this stuff, because I think this is a long

00:13:08.350 --> 00:13:12.030 Tommy DiMisa: opportunities, lifelong habits that you're creating,

00:13:12.080 --> 00:13:15.229 Tommy DiMisa: trying to do things exploring,

00:13:15.240 --> 00:13:37.190 Tommy DiMisa: finding out who you are. Decision making, you know. That's why I say cutely kind of t in cheek. It's not just about the cookies, but because it is, it's about so much more. It's about empowerment. It's about development. I know we're going to talk about stem. It's about camping. It's about exposing these young ladies to different things that they would not even know exist, you know. And I I I have to guess that

00:13:37.520 --> 00:13:54.760 Tommy DiMisa: you've spoken at our friend um Beth Bach Heister's career day over the years Right? You were. Do some work with Bath right? So I just think like a lot of what bathroom Beth has an organization called Career Day in here on Long Island. Everybody's been on the program, and probably do to come back on the show and

00:13:55.510 --> 00:14:03.000 Tommy DiMisa: love love that career day thing because it's bringing in an opportunity for young people who might not know that

00:14:03.010 --> 00:14:31.560 Tommy DiMisa: a couple of different things you may not see someone that looks like them doing a certain job, so they might not see themselves in that role. Whether you men, women are, you know, personal color. They're just not seeing that. Um. So there's that, certainly that exposure point. And I think that's what i'm feeling from what you're saying as well. Is it's exposing these young people to something that they've never seen before, and they're not aware of. And empowerment is such a great word, and our other common friend Renee Flaggler, the the executive director of Carl's.

00:14:31.570 --> 00:14:43.269 Tommy DiMisa: Um. Same sorts of conversations like exposing these girls, giving them empowerment, you know, and what you said We're supposed to go to break what I'm going to hold off for a second, because something else is about this whole thing where

00:14:43.920 --> 00:14:48.179 Tommy DiMisa: you talk about girls Only, Is there something very

00:14:48.220 --> 00:15:05.209 Tommy DiMisa: empowering, or we're comfortable where they're you know they can just do whatever I went to an old Boys public high school like. Excuse me. I went through an old boys Catholic High School into a public school before that, and I think there was There's a different thing, you know. I'm sure I know, for a fact of certain things we

00:15:05.220 --> 00:15:09.690 Tommy DiMisa: lost out on certain, you know, just connections and whatnot. But there's also different

00:15:09.700 --> 00:15:12.479 Tommy DiMisa: feel to it. So do you feel when the girls are alone?

00:15:12.490 --> 00:15:33.160 Tommy DiMisa: And there's not that. Ah, the boy influenz it. We have research that's been done through a Gs Usa. Um where it is shown that girls who are in a girl-only environment are more willing to take risks and take chances into something They don't have a background with.

00:15:33.170 --> 00:16:00.989 Tommy DiMisa: They are more likely to answer a really hard math problem that they have the answer to. But they will defer in a coenced situation that they will feel that empowerment, so that when they go back into the coed situation they know that they can. We've already level up. They've already gotten that that confidence, right? We are going to take a quick break, but they've gotten to that point where it's a I love that so freaking cool. All right. We'll be right

00:16:01.000 --> 00:16:05.980 Tommy DiMisa: because I see it. I understand conceptually like why that would work. Because

00:16:05.990 --> 00:16:28.490 Tommy DiMisa: all these reasons, historically and gender whatever like you know, people hold themselves back in certain situations to the point of answering the math question. Whatever I mean, isn't there. So much research and history of you know where people will act less intelligent than they are to sort of fit in, because they don't want to stand out. And right there's all this kind of stuff, right? It's difficult. Being a human being. Man, it ain't easy.

00:16:28.500 --> 00:16:29.689 Tammy Severino: It's not complicated.

00:16:29.700 --> 00:16:39.900 Tommy DiMisa: No, it's it's it's it's it's also a lot of fun. This is philanthropy and focus Tammy Severino Ceo, of Girl Scouts in Soviet counties with me? We'll be right back.

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00:18:39.960 --> 00:18:41.660 That's just

00:18:46.520 --> 00:18:47.610 and it's on the

00:18:49.750 --> 00:18:52.999 Tommy DiMisa: That's what i'd like you to do. I like you to come through the static.

00:18:54.960 --> 00:19:00.780 Tommy DiMisa: That white noise that's down to cut through a baby. Join me in the attic every Friday morning, Ten A. M. Four,

00:19:01.110 --> 00:19:12.730 Tommy DiMisa: certainly my favorite hour of the week. Philanthropy in focus. Shout out to Mick Collins and shout out to my Buddy and Erikia White, because you know, if that's how I got this t shirt. Very good.

00:19:12.740 --> 00:19:24.339 Tommy DiMisa: We got together real quick this more. Just a quick t-shirt grab because I had to get the shirt for the show because I wanted it, and she hooked it up so, and it's funny like if it wasn't for um

00:19:24.750 --> 00:19:48.580 Tommy DiMisa: what you know. The work I I met, and I when she was at Brad girls. And you know, when I rick you went over to the little flower. She reached out to me one day it was like three D. I saw you doing something with diapers and heather, Edwards and the Allied Foundation whole thing so like I think there's something there that we can benefit from. From what I tell me you would say, like a strategic alliance, a connection. And and then, as a result of that, I,

00:19:48.590 --> 00:20:04.169 Tommy DiMisa: you know, like it. Nothing happens without the connection. It's kind of been my song that Terry, you know not proper to any connections. Nothing happens without that connection, and by Rick and I had the phone call. I literally remember I was like sitting on my couch downstairs. I left the attic for a bit. I was on the couch, and we chat me up, and

00:20:04.400 --> 00:20:19.709 Tommy DiMisa: then I went out and and met a lot of the team at Little Flower, and done a couple of days of service out there, and they are an incredibly special organization. And then I got a call from Little Flower, and I said, Would you plan or golfing? And could you play with Dr. Sandra Lindsay, who is an incredible

00:20:19.720 --> 00:20:39.399 Tommy DiMisa: a celebrity now? But, um, somebody that I am not a great golfer, but I was able to teach Dr. Sandra Lindsay how to play a video on the golf course at the little flower golf, adding, just last month. So I let's talk about that golf. I there's before we talk about it. I want to. There's a couple of comments I want to make, But Thank you.

00:20:39.690 --> 00:20:40.880 Tommy DiMisa: Um.

00:20:40.890 --> 00:20:59.849 Tommy DiMisa: Hundreds of virtual events. I want to talk about that. You mentioned California. I want to say something. Last night I met a couple of these young ladies who are ah are college? Ah! Are undergrads in college who are working in the program Enrollment magic there? And they said I kept asking them as we were chatting, and I'm networking, because I'm always not working. And they said,

00:20:59.860 --> 00:21:01.830 Tommy DiMisa: you know, are you on Linkedin? Yet?

00:21:01.880 --> 00:21:12.389 Tommy DiMisa: You built out there building a professional network yet. Are you talking about this stuff yet? So I wonder, before we get into that, I want to ask you about golf

00:21:12.560 --> 00:21:19.029 Tommy DiMisa: like you get the girls into golf. I want to talk about them building their networks because I think it's important. But listen to these names.

00:21:19.040 --> 00:21:20.220 Tommy DiMisa: We not t for

00:21:21.880 --> 00:21:24.220 Tommy DiMisa: um Megan Markel

00:21:24.370 --> 00:21:25.860 Tommy DiMisa: What is cultural?

00:21:26.700 --> 00:21:28.170 Tommy DiMisa: Carrie Fisher

00:21:28.620 --> 00:21:30.589 Tommy DiMisa: and her mom, David Reynolds?

00:21:30.600 --> 00:21:31.920 Tommy DiMisa: All right, Carrie,

00:21:32.840 --> 00:21:34.990 Tommy DiMisa: Laura Bush

00:21:35.000 --> 00:21:44.899 Tommy DiMisa: Hillary Clinton, If I didn't say Hillary Clinton yet Dakota Fanning. I don't know who Abigail Breslin is, but Abigail Breslin, Katie Karick, Witherspoon,

00:21:45.200 --> 00:21:47.010 Tommy DiMisa: Kristen Bell,

00:21:47.090 --> 00:21:48.590 Tommy DiMisa: all Girl Scouts

00:21:48.600 --> 00:21:49.790 Tommy DiMisa: all girls cast

00:21:49.800 --> 00:21:53.240 Tommy DiMisa: you know that already. But the people didn't. But all Girl Scouts right.

00:21:53.560 --> 00:21:54.890 Tommy DiMisa: Shall I add a few?

00:21:54.900 --> 00:21:57.389 Tommy DiMisa: Please do? Why? Because I was going to a quick list. Yeah,

00:21:57.400 --> 00:22:18.619 Tammy Severino: sixty percent of the women. Actually, I think it's fifty. Eight percent of the women serving in the Congress in the Us. Congress, whether the Senate or the House, Queen Elizabeth, who just passed episode, memory. She was a Girl guide, which is, we're part of the World Association of Girl Scouts and Girl Guides,

00:22:18.970 --> 00:22:30.230 Tammy Severino: and that is Girl Scouting in all of the other nations outside of of the Us. And so we have a remarkable

00:22:30.490 --> 00:22:40.439 Tammy Severino: of alums, because they go on to do wonderful things. So their names rise

00:22:40.450 --> 00:22:59.560 Tommy DiMisa: um with with the cream, and it's it's a Testament to the leadership. The skills, the confidence, Build that Girl Scouts provides, and the friendship. So you're you're a Girl Scout. You bring your friend along so that she benefits from it as well,

00:22:59.570 --> 00:23:10.479 Tammy Severino: and there's there's a sisterhood about it. So the the highest awards programs that we do. It starts with our bronze

00:23:10.670 --> 00:23:39.789 Tammy Severino: award, which is done as a group, so the troop um often does that as one large project, or sometimes they'll split into two our silver award, which you earn. Ah, you complete that when you're going into high school, so by the end of September of your freshman year, you would have completed your silver, either in a group or as an individual, and then you have the gold award, which is no easy task to complete.

00:23:39.800 --> 00:23:48.989 Tommy DiMisa: It's a remarkable number of hours. The you're solving a root problem in the community.

00:23:49.000 --> 00:24:07.499 Tommy DiMisa: Yeah, give me an example because I can tell that there's no like push over here. This is like somebody has to get either as a group or as an individual has to really do something to make an impact again, not to compare, but just because it's coming to me. I was not a Boy Scout or a cup scout, but I understand. You know Eagle Scout is a big deal, for

00:24:07.510 --> 00:24:10.390 Tommy DiMisa: that is the highest award for a Boy Scout.

00:24:10.400 --> 00:24:15.690 Tommy DiMisa: It's the highest award for Girl Scout. It's an individual award that can not be done as a group.

00:24:15.700 --> 00:24:17.190 Okay,

00:24:17.200 --> 00:24:30.390 Tommy DiMisa: you have to have done something like I go, I hear, like, Oh, you know, Johnny just did his Eagle Scout project by building a barn at this farm on a non-profit or something like that. So Tell me about what that looks like for for this young lady

00:24:30.400 --> 00:24:36.910 Tammy Severino: for a Girl Scout who is going for her gold award. She is going to consider

00:24:36.920 --> 00:24:51.199 Tammy Severino: a root problem in the community that she wants to address. That could be homelessness. It could be the crisis of mental health. It could be related to climate change

00:24:51.340 --> 00:25:16.590 Tommy DiMisa: related to vaccinations. It could be related to any number of you know. So childhood illnesses, any number of problems that are out there. It could be um a social injustice. Um! So it's she's going to pick a problem that speaks to her part to to come up with her plan and the implementation of a plan

00:25:16.600 --> 00:25:20.879 Tammy Severino: she has all through high school. She has to go through a journey

00:25:20.890 --> 00:25:50.319 Tammy Severino: which is an age-appropriate experience that earns patch and that is providing a certain amount of knowledge base. There's a few to choose from, and she'll choose that journey, and she completes that. And then she has to consider which project she would like to do. There's documentation she has to put together as a proposal for that project, and then she would bring that to us.

00:25:50.330 --> 00:26:05.489 Tommy DiMisa: We would tell her where something she might need to shore up or know. This is great Um! And then she's assigned a volunteer mentor from Girl Scouts. Our volunteers are just the most amazing.

00:26:05.500 --> 00:26:10.880 Tommy DiMisa: I want to you about volunteers and mentors, but I want to understand that structurally. So, because I see

00:26:11.010 --> 00:26:26.890 Tommy DiMisa: again not until this conversation with you. I see you know the young girls the cookies, you know they're getting. My My wife will take them. They're going to do a trip. We're going to go to the beach. We're going to be that event right, my wife. I guess it's cold Troop leader with

00:26:26.900 --> 00:26:28.290 Tommy DiMisa: It's a cool leader.

00:26:28.300 --> 00:26:29.909 Tommy DiMisa: Yeah. Well, he's we're. We're

00:26:29.930 --> 00:26:34.009 Tommy DiMisa: with this group of girls. And

00:26:34.450 --> 00:26:37.300 Tommy DiMisa: now you're getting into a different level What? You'

00:26:37.470 --> 00:26:49.689 Tommy DiMisa: right. So now the Council is involved, and tell me structurally the Council what that actually represents, like what it like. Your employees, what they do, what their roles, and how they interact with the girls because it sounds like this is not,

00:26:49.700 --> 00:27:00.290 Tommy DiMisa: you know again, it's age appropriate. So now these girls have elevated so it's not just let's clean up the beach, and I don't mean just clean up the beach, but it's not that anymore. It's a different. We've gone to a different level.

00:27:00.300 --> 00:27:17.179 Tammy Severino: Yeah, this is this is a project that has tremendous forethought planning structure. It's like, I said. It's addressing a root cause, whereas within the silver spectrum we're looking at things that a sustainable project has to live on beyond the young woman.

00:27:17.190 --> 00:27:43.719 Tammy Severino: So here, so let's say, her projects related to literacy, so she has to create projects that is going to address a literacy issue Now that might be within her town or her school. It might be um county countywide, so our footprint is suffocating. We cover everything out to the end of the the forks and up to the Nassau line, and then we hand it off to our sister council in Nassau County.

00:27:43.730 --> 00:27:54.089 Tammy Severino: We are among. We are two of, I believe, three single county councils in the entire country. There are some councils that cover an entire State, or clusters

00:27:54.100 --> 00:28:00.389 Tammy Severino: of different States. There are one hundred and eleven councils in the United States, covering all fifty States,

00:28:00.400 --> 00:28:05.289 Tommy DiMisa: and we have, and Nasa and Sophistic are alone. And then what about the boroughs? How does that shake out?

00:28:05.300 --> 00:28:22.110 Tammy Severino: Ah! The five boroughs are one council. That's Greater New York. Um! They do just remarkable work over there. They're covering a tremendous number of girls. Um, and they're providing amazing programs for the girls in those communities. Um! So we have. We have a

00:28:22.120 --> 00:28:42.309 Tammy Severino: all the Ceos from throughout New York. Um and a few of the surrounding states come together. We meet once monthly, and we talk about different things that are going on hand off ideas to each other and um, and really try and help lift each other. And i'm very grateful as as a very new Ceo. I'm really grateful for that support that I get from them

00:28:42.320 --> 00:29:10.329 Tommy DiMisa: one hundred percent. I mean, listen. You know, we stand on the what I was in Lincoln. We we stand on the shoulders of giants. Right? So I mean It's all that look successfully. It's clues. It's out there right. Let's get together the answers in the room. It just might not outside of your head. It's in in that universal consciousness. So let's get from the others. So I I do want you to talk about the mentoring we do have to take another break, mentoring um, and I will obviously want to. How many girls is. Is your council, sir, on my in? So the county.

00:29:10.340 --> 00:29:24.189 Tommy DiMisa: We're serving right now at twelve thousand, and we are growing this year. We're already about fourteen percent over last year, so that we're going to be in a growth phase, probably for the next three to five years at least.

00:29:24.200 --> 00:29:27.110 Tommy DiMisa: So you happen to know,

00:29:27.170 --> 00:29:37.289 Tommy DiMisa: hate to put you on spot. But do you have any total addressable number of girls that could be impacted by this. I mean, if you

00:29:37.300 --> 00:29:57.070 Tammy Severino: yeah in Suffolk County, there's over one hundred and twenty-five thousand girls. So it's a little over that number. And so we are trying to reach out to more and more of them, of course, looking also at more volunteers, because the more volunteers we have serving in that truth model the more girls in a given school district we can

00:29:57.080 --> 00:30:10.889 Tammy Severino: serve but for those where we Don't have access to the volunteers. We're going into their communities via their schools by their community centers, because we want to make sure that we can reach every girl who wants a Girl scouting experience

00:30:10.900 --> 00:30:17.340 Tommy DiMisa: all right before we go to a break. Let's just say somebody's listening to this program and says,

00:30:17.350 --> 00:30:47.289 Tommy DiMisa: Oh, man, I thought about Girl Scouts. I'd love to get my daughter involved, or i'd like to run a troop and have my daughter involved. How about doing that? They can either call our office at six, three, one, five, four, three, six, six, two, two, and ask for the membership departments, and they will get to speak to one of our specialists who can help them go through that whole process, or they can go to our website. Https Colin X. Flash slash backs, Slash W. W. W.

00:30:47.300 --> 00:31:07.690 Tammy Severino: You know G. Ssc. That's Girl Scout Suffolk County, dot us, and then go into the section for for joining and and and volunteering, and it'll show you exactly what to do, and if you get stuck, just call and we'll help you through that

00:31:07.700 --> 00:31:22.290 Tommy DiMisa: good, so call that number. We'll put it up again, and we'll share it. Mick College already shared it out there, and I think it's on Facebook, too, so So let's just say before we go to break. If we had somebody who said, Hey, I want to write a check to Girl Scouts of Saudi County. Who would they call for that?

00:31:22.300 --> 00:31:40.289 Tommy DiMisa: They would contact. They can call that same number and ask for the Development Department that we'll get in Iraqia, who has just joined us. Now you're Joey, as our Director of Fund Development, and we're so excited to have her on board, or they can. That's a big you know. There's only telling you. I know that's a big win. I didn't

00:31:40.300 --> 00:31:52.189 Tommy DiMisa: i'm. I'm very happy about it. And then the alternative is, they can go right to that same website and click on the Donate button, and there's a form they can fill up, and they can make a contribution right on the spot

00:31:52.200 --> 00:31:55.289 Tommy DiMisa: all right, and it's been shared on Facebook, and if you're not,

00:31:55.300 --> 00:31:59.290 Tommy DiMisa: if you're not seeing it on Facebook, here's what it is. Www. Gs

00:31:59.300 --> 00:32:05.699 Tommy DiMisa: Sc. Dot us right. You have all right. We'll take a break. We'll go. We'll be back ninety seven.

00:32:05.710 --> 00:32:06.590 Tammy Severino: Thank you.

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00:33:56.940 --> 00:33:58.020 it's a

00:33:59.710 --> 00:34:00.950 Tommy.

00:34:03.610 --> 00:34:14.190 Tommy DiMisa: So so, Liz, and you gotta love technology because it's so funny. All right, Tammy. Our friend Iiki wants to take a screenshot, a picture of us smiling, so

00:34:14.239 --> 00:34:17.029 Tommy DiMisa: let's do it now, and I read it.

00:34:19.100 --> 00:34:22.599 Tommy DiMisa: I don't know it. Text messages all right. We got it

00:34:22.670 --> 00:34:45.089 Tommy DiMisa: if you didn't text me again. All right. So look I I I had forgot this. I'm on linkedin checking things out just your background and stuff again, and i'm like I had forgotten that you were involved with best parties international in the past. I sit on the New York City, New York, Long Island, New York City Advisory Board for a best party A lot Best parties our family foundation, Lenny. New Foundation has. That's a cool stuff there

00:34:45.100 --> 00:34:54.460 Tommy DiMisa: up school programs on Long Island. I want to just go before I want to jump into your camps. I want to jump into the stem and programming, but I just want to know, you know.

00:34:54.820 --> 00:34:58.319 Tommy DiMisa: Probably you probably can't separate the fact that

00:34:58.880 --> 00:35:15.060 Tommy DiMisa: you got into some of the service work you've done in nonprofit because of Girl Scouts. It's funny that you end up at Girl Scout right? But like you were, Was it a family thing? Service work? What kind of drew you to our world Nonprofit our sector,

00:35:15.070 --> 00:35:17.959 Tammy Severino: I guess. Um! My

00:35:17.970 --> 00:35:47.249 Tommy DiMisa: My mother was involved with um with some local community programs when I was growing up, and uh one of them in particular. I've always been a bit of a fashion hands, and my mom used to go to the annual fashion show, and if you sold enough tickets. The you got your ticket in at no cost. So if I want to go out some tickets, so I was not going to be kept from a fashion show, so I always sold my share, so that I got to go with her,

00:35:47.260 --> 00:35:54.180 Tammy Severino: and and I got to see women who kept community work

00:35:54.190 --> 00:36:12.640 Tammy Severino: at the heart of their home. So that was something that was that, I think was ingrained in me as a kid. And then, being part of Girl Scouts being part of community service groups in high school and in college. And then, when I

00:36:13.840 --> 00:36:43.349 Tammy Severino: came out of school and wasn't one hundred percent, sure which way I was going to go if I was going to go back and go on for ah law, school or or start working, and I landed in a non-profit organization, and it just sort of held me there because I I had that realization of um certain friends who after work they were tired. They were putting in long hours to, you know, to make their name, and they were trying to do community work because what they were doing during the day wasn't

00:36:43.360 --> 00:36:55.330 Tammy Severino: meeting them in here, and I was getting that I was getting that fill up every single day, knowing that whatever I was doing was benefiting someone

00:36:55.550 --> 00:37:00.700 Tammy Severino: the community, and so that I realized that was my direction. And that's where I belonged.

00:37:01.390 --> 00:37:16.790 Tommy DiMisa: Thank you for that share, because i'm telling you This just happened to me last night I was walking out of this event, and i'm walking down like to to get my car, and i'm like Park Avenue like fifty in the fiftys,

00:37:16.800 --> 00:37:33.450 Tommy DiMisa: if that frame of reference, it's an interesting, wealthy part of the town, everybody, if you don't know that area. So So i'm walking around, and i'm just like looking in the shops and things like There's not a lot of stores there, but you know there's like a gallery. I was looking at the window. It's late night. It's like late ten, thirty last night,

00:37:33.840 --> 00:37:37.369 Tommy DiMisa: and I was just thinking I was like, Yeah, man, a lot of people who live up here, you know they probably were.

00:37:38.120 --> 00:37:50.910 Tommy DiMisa: Maybe they work in finance, and they maybe they they might probably very good living. They're wealthy folks, and then, you know, and then they they maybe they're on a board or something like that of a nonprofit, and I just was just hitting me, and i'm going like

00:37:50.990 --> 00:38:10.539 Tommy DiMisa: I live this stuff all day long, like these folks sometimes like have to like you work all your whole life, and then, when you're later in life you can maybe do the thing the charity thing, right? Like. Okay, in my retirement, i'm going to consult with nonprofits or whatever, and like it's pretty cool that we hang out with these people who are making changes every day and like

00:38:10.550 --> 00:38:16.320 Tommy DiMisa: That's where we want to be like, you know you make a choice. You make a choice of who you want to surround yourself with, and you

00:38:16.370 --> 00:38:31.430 Tommy DiMisa: like. I don't I got to be honest. I don't know that when I said I wanted to spend over time and nonprofit that I really understood like it would be what it is. But like. I I dig this like if that everyone I talk to all day long is making an impact

00:38:31.440 --> 00:38:59.670 Tommy DiMisa: like, Yeah, that that's and that's what I love about what I do, because not only do I have the most remarkable team working across scouts, whether they're working with the troops or they're in our shops, or they're working on product sales, which is our cookie and our nut program, the biggest entrepreneurial program led by young girls in the world. So we have a great team. We have amazing volunteers as well whether they're serving on the board or on a committee, or they're managing a truth,

00:38:59.680 --> 00:39:17.910 Tammy Severino: or they're working at our service unit level, which is like our school district level, that they're giving remarkable amounts of time. And so for me, I get to work with people in the best place in their heart and soul. And so it's. It's just such a rewarding experience for me to do what I do.

00:39:17.920 --> 00:39:24.070 Tommy DiMisa: Hundred percent. And you know I had this kind of I have this battle internally about like

00:39:25.280 --> 00:39:26.419 Tommy DiMisa: how

00:39:27.370 --> 00:39:32.690 Tommy DiMisa: historically, our sector has not been able to do the right thing by employees as much as we want to,

00:39:32.700 --> 00:39:56.860 Tommy DiMisa: you know, and I don't like it. And I'm going to get on my soapbox. But I don't like that. This is a thing that this is okay in other industries. It would not be okay that our people are, you know, are not compensated at a high level. If you go to right so. And again, because i'm because of my business. We're in the complete benefits business. I'm in these conversations, oftentimes with leaders about problems. But it it kind of like. I'm tired of the hat and hand thing. I'm tired

00:39:56.870 --> 00:40:20.479 Tommy DiMisa: the charity angle of of all nonprofits. These are social causes that need to be funded correctly. You know that need to be taken care of, I promise. I'm stopping everybody you know. Want to hear me rent. We'll ran later on. Tax on me. I'll tell you all about how I feel about this, But the bottom line is, I think we mean, I think I know we gonna. I know we need to make improvements in these areas. You know other other industries wouldn't,

00:40:21.050 --> 00:40:50.989 Tommy DiMisa: you know. You wouldn't say, hey? We use such a tiny bit of our budget right, you know, because but there's there's this whole thing with philanthropy and funders and grants, and all this stuff. And so you and I know a lot of this, and I talked to. But there needs to be changes in these. We need to see change in these types of things. I don't want to put you on the spot to make you have to answer it from all the stuff. I just said something. I felt like our people need to be taken care of better in this space. We we try. We're trying to do our very best in that regard. If our if our folks are, you know they've been working on weekends and what not to us,

00:40:51.000 --> 00:41:12.669 Tommy DiMisa: you know. At at ah recruitment events, and ah, girl, council events that are, you know, designed to enrich with programs. Um, I try and give them back a day because they do need to take care of their homes and people have to food shop, and they have to have a chance to catch their breath. And so I I I try to

00:41:12.680 --> 00:41:30.910 Tammy Severino: keep that front of mind through Covid. We were closed work. Everybody was working remotely. And now obviously, we're back in the buildings. But what we've done is we've we've instituted for all the positions that can be hybrid for folks to be hybrid whether they're full time or part time.

00:41:30.920 --> 00:41:43.709 Tammy Severino: Um, so there's only a handful of positions that by the nature of what they are have to be at the property. But for those who who can be hybrid they choose, whether they like to be,

00:41:43.720 --> 00:41:51.889 Tammy Severino: and if it gives them better work-life balance. Then for me, I feel that that's helping to do our part in that regard to

00:41:51.900 --> 00:42:01.690 Tommy DiMisa: yeah I mean benefit doesn't always necessarily have to translate to more money or a higher benefit, or something like that. It can translate to fringe certain things. It can be,

00:42:01.700 --> 00:42:14.300 Tommy DiMisa: Yeah, man, that's what we have to have. We have that quality of life, I I We're going to move on to something different for a second. But I would I could speak to you for hours about the things we were just talking about about camps. I want you to tell me about programs.

00:42:14.310 --> 00:42:43.469 Tammy Severino: Sure. Um. So our camps um camp is one of our our, our most amazing programs. Ah, we serve several hundred girls, and we are looking to expand it out next summer. Um! It'll be a nine week program as well. Our camp is one where you can come all summer long where you can pick and shoes the weeks that best work for for for your girls to go. It is in a all rural camp We serve girls who are elementary school age. So once they've

00:42:43.480 --> 00:43:02.040 Tammy Severino: to kindergarten. Um! They are um enrollable in our camp. We go up, we'll have cits, so those are some of the older girls. We do trips, we have swimming. We are on the San Suu Kyi Lake at our camp, Edie. Property in Bayport. It's beautiful Camp

00:43:02.050 --> 00:43:30.200 Tommy DiMisa: Um, and we have wonderful activities. We incorporated Yoga this summer to try and Ah institute some of that mindfulness. We have trips for the girls. Um! They're in petal boats out on the lake as well as you know, swimming and crafts, and we have theme weeks. So whether you're coming to the Harry Potter Week, or other things like, you know, but other of our really popular our stem-week.

00:43:30.210 --> 00:43:47.020 Tommy DiMisa: Other themes are designed to draw girls with different interests, so that they're they're getting to experience camp in a really meaningful way, and we are a pretty reasonable camp, and we have scholarships for those who need them, so that

00:43:47.030 --> 00:43:56.789 Tammy Severino: again, if you are looking for a camp experience, and the only thing standing in your way is cost. We work with those families with scholarship,

00:43:56.800 --> 00:44:16.069 Tommy DiMisa: right? So no no girl or volunteers ever turn away from Grail scouts. That's what i'm looking at on one of my notes for this October, and I don't know if we can share it on the show. But we're gonna go to break room. Maybe you tell me when we get back if we could share it. But really what it would cost to sponsor a girl for a year. Okay, So we'll talk about that. We come back as you and I talked about it yesterday in the day before.

00:44:16.170 --> 00:44:22.129 Tommy DiMisa: So because to me it's like. Well, if someone should do that,

00:44:22.140 --> 00:44:29.519 Tommy DiMisa: that's it. That's what we'll we'll talk about that we come back. I want to talk about I whatever you can speak to about this

00:44:30.130 --> 00:44:34.289 Tommy DiMisa: major campaign that might be going. Can we talk about that type of stuff?

00:44:34.300 --> 00:44:37.689 Tommy DiMisa: I can't think. Okay, Good. I didn't know. Okay.

00:44:37.700 --> 00:44:42.299 Tommy DiMisa: So I want you to hit on that, because the last part of the show is always. What do you need to meet?

00:44:42.320 --> 00:44:57.630 Tommy DiMisa: Who can we connect you with, what do you need? And what do you have coming up? So if there's events coming up, if there's a gala, if if there's a campaign as we might talk about. And then who can we connect you with this show is called philanthropy and focus? I'm called Tommy D. We'll help you right back.

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00:46:49.770 --> 00:46:50.989 I don't want to.

00:46:53.810 --> 00:46:59.899 Tommy DiMisa: I make the trip up every Friday morning I climb up a couple flights of stairs to my attic to do this show

00:46:59.980 --> 00:47:07.960 Tommy DiMisa: call philanthropy and focus and focus, as you know by now starts with a Ph: That's because that's just what it is, man. I grew up in, like, you know,

00:47:08.050 --> 00:47:27.599 Tommy DiMisa: in these ninety s we got ph A. T. With some way that's fat man that's fat, and I like alliteration. So it's funny. When I was reading the background of this organization it was a lot of C's, you know. It was like character and commitment, and like I was like I meant to say it before. All right. So here's the thing before we jump into

00:47:27.700 --> 00:47:34.469 Tommy DiMisa: what's going on? What's upcoming? What do you need? How can we help two quick questions? Do three quick questions.

00:47:34.480 --> 00:47:37.179 Do you eat Girl scout cookies, Tammy Severino.

00:47:37.820 --> 00:47:43.390 Tommy DiMisa: What if I'm? Not on a diet? Yes, I'll have a cookie.

00:47:43.400 --> 00:47:43.890 Tommy DiMisa: Ah, we

00:47:43.900 --> 00:47:47.990 Tommy DiMisa: What is your if you had to stack around cookies top Three.

00:47:48.000 --> 00:47:52.790 Tammy Severino: Okay. So if I have a cup of hot tea with me, it's a trefoil. Was I dunk

00:47:52.800 --> 00:48:04.590 Tommy DiMisa: because he's done down that truck, or it's just that's sour. It's simple, you know. If you want a cleaning classic, it's the sharp right? Okay? Um, I do love a Samoa. I have a sweet tooth.

00:48:04.600 --> 00:48:07.089 Tommy DiMisa: Yeah, those got me those my teeth,

00:48:07.100 --> 00:48:29.390 Tommy DiMisa: the I a problem because they are very so like chewy and sticky. Yeah, because that's It's got caramel and coconut and chocolate. So that's that's a that's a rock, and cookie to me and um, and then I do like the dosey dose, which are the um it's the other peanut butter, cookie, not the one that you like with the hollow. It's like It's like It's like a

00:48:29.400 --> 00:48:31.489 Tommy DiMisa: yeah. I like to break those apartments. Yeah.

00:48:31.500 --> 00:48:34.189 Tammy Severino: So you get that whole or or break it apart. Effect?

00:48:34.200 --> 00:48:37.010 Tammy Severino: Yeah. So those are my three favorites depending on my mood.

00:48:37.020 --> 00:48:57.260 Tommy DiMisa: It's funny. I was I was talking to some folks the other day actually probably was a gang. I was shooting video with about this show, and I like yo did. Ms: you gotta go to ten minutes like back in the day like I was not a lot of cookies, I I mean. I don't know how you know. Did you sell cookies? Did they sell cookies when you They had them back back? Okay. So whether it's easy on how far back

00:48:57.330 --> 00:48:57.889 Tommy DiMisa: and stuff

00:48:57.900 --> 00:49:01.589 Tommy DiMisa: myself. I knew I was going the wrong direction.

00:49:01.600 --> 00:49:05.400 Tommy DiMisa: Put on the brakes. So you sold cookies. We'll just say, okay,

00:49:06.110 --> 00:49:09.990 Tommy DiMisa: What did? What was the bestseller? Was it thin mins. And is it still thinments? You think

00:49:10.000 --> 00:49:19.890 Tammy Severino: finance is definitely a top seller? I think thinments and Samoas are the two top sellers tag alongs, though people who love tags like you. They're hard for it.

00:49:19.900 --> 00:49:24.619 Tommy DiMisa: Oh, yeah, no, I don't like them seriously. I I mean again,

00:49:24.630 --> 00:49:35.890 Tommy DiMisa: leave him on the front seat of my car and like go to if I was driving out to Komak to visit you. They're empty from from, you know, from ex at thirty nine out to call my boom. God, Cookies disappeared.

00:49:35.900 --> 00:49:53.319 Tommy DiMisa: We have. I mean It's funny when I um i'll see on the the the mom's page for my for my kids people after the sale i'm looking for, and they'll rattle off exactly how many boxes of each one. And you see cookie moms from different troops

00:49:53.510 --> 00:49:58.979 Tammy Severino: tagged in that post. And you know that there's like clandestine cookie

00:49:58.990 --> 00:50:26.590 Tommy DiMisa: swapping going on. Yeah, that's part of the you know. That's part of of how parents are helping, but it's really designed for the girls to sell. When my Irish troop was selling they they got out there in front of the table at their boot sales, and they pitched it out to you. You know whether it was a grandparent or parents, or some, you know, just a parent, a person walking along, telling them what kind of cookies do you like? Well, we have these,

00:50:26.600 --> 00:50:37.689 Tommy DiMisa: hey? Listen, man. No, no better skill set than learning to connect with people and sell right totally. Now, I I want you to answer all the questions so. But I want to do one quick, funny thing,

00:50:37.700 --> 00:50:42.089 Tommy DiMisa: Melissa Mccarthy, in that movie. Do you remember? Did you see that movie where she was selling cookies? Yeah,

00:50:42.100 --> 00:50:48.790 Tommy DiMisa: She was like a ban ash business Lady, I mean, she ends it up. Yeah, Shan's on the Truth theater

00:50:48.800 --> 00:51:00.310 Tommy DiMisa: it wasn't. I don't think they were Girl Scouts. They probably called him something else, but it was the we knew what they were doing. All right. I don't know the name of that movie. I'll find it here before you make college, most of them a car for the cooking movie. Let us know what I did

00:51:00.380 --> 00:51:06.490 Tommy DiMisa: it on Facebook. I know I can count, Mick. All right. So what's up coming? Talk to me about stem.

00:51:06.500 --> 00:51:30.069 Tammy Severino: So at our Yapank Camp, Camp, Tobago we have the Discovery World Stem Center, and through Covid that camp has been closed. We are looking to renovate that the camp property. But we're doing some repairs and things from from just being closed for a little bit, so that the stem center reopens and we are really excited. We just found out this week.

00:51:30.110 --> 00:51:58.980 Tammy Severino: Um! We were looking for roughly two hundred thousand dollars to, and to bring more state of the art equipment back into the building and to expand it out in different ways. New technologies that girls have expressed interest in, or that we know our careers of the future, so giving them the opportunity to um to touch and feel and work with, and we have received fifty percent as a matching

00:51:58.990 --> 00:52:24.700 Tammy Severino: grants. So we are looking for. We have to raise one hundred thousand dollars, and this foundation will match us dollar for dollar to one hundred thousand dollars, and give us the funds that we need not. It's not just the stem center. Our stem center is on one level, but our downstairs. We're going to create an art center, so that girls are learning arts that are that they can learn to connect the dots between that or

00:52:24.710 --> 00:52:37.380 Tommy DiMisa: piece and a career. So graphic design video editing um, sculpting and and pottering and and potting the potter's wheels. So I got a pause right now, because

00:52:37.390 --> 00:52:58.310 Tommy DiMisa: you know where i'm going. I sit on the Board of Spirit of Huntington Arts Center. We need to get you out there, Tammy, so you know, to come for a visit when we, with Michael and Diana and team spirit, I mean, they have an incredible artworks program for uh individuals who are aged out of school with intellectual development and disabilities. I was just telling the story last night, Sarah and she wanted to be used to all an art gallery in New York City,

00:52:58.320 --> 00:53:02.189 Tommy DiMisa: and i'm like man, if we focused on all the things I sucked at.

00:53:02.200 --> 00:53:25.489 Tommy DiMisa: People would say I had different meats right, but because I suck at most things. But there's like three or four things like i'm like a champion at right? So why the hell don't. We just focus more on what people are good at, and stop focusing on what people are are deficient in. So that is my. You need to reach strength finders to point down out of here that that's their whole concept that you give them for five more strengths.

00:53:25.500 --> 00:53:30.389 Tommy DiMisa: Yeah, pour up what you're weak at. Focus on what you're strong at, so you can be excellent at it.

00:53:30.400 --> 00:53:32.190 Tommy DiMisa: And it's so funny so,

00:53:32.200 --> 00:53:43.540 Tommy DiMisa: and it's because, like like I remember growing up working at adp, and they were like you have to work your bag and Channel, your Cpa. Channel, your clients prospecting, and if you were not good at something they said, Focus on the thing. You're not gonna that's dumb.

00:53:43.550 --> 00:54:07.190 Tommy DiMisa: Now that's fifteen, no more than I, probably eighteen years ago now. But that was like a thing that was like a mentality like no Don't Don't actually focus on that goal. You're really good, and you're in the flow. Doing this. Go, do that. My point is, there's a young man for best buddies who now works for the Nfl. He has intellectual developmental disabilities. He's a statistician for the National Football League, and he does incredible work.

00:54:07.200 --> 00:54:17.290 Tommy DiMisa: That is his thing. That's his Mojo, that's where he flows. So you and Erika and I are going to go out the spirit of Huntington, because you got to talk, Aren't, because that leads into the stem that you're talking about.

00:54:17.300 --> 00:54:21.990 Tommy DiMisa: The movie is the boss. I knew I could depend on it. It's the boss,

00:54:22.000 --> 00:54:28.689 Tommy DiMisa: Melissa Mccarthy. I'm gonna watch it this weekend because she we laugh a lot. So all right. So i'll go about events.

00:54:28.700 --> 00:54:31.490 Tommy DiMisa: Okay, so that we have our holiday light. Show

00:54:31.500 --> 00:54:33.489 Tommy DiMisa: the one hundred thousand. How do they get to us with that?

00:54:33.500 --> 00:54:42.579 Tammy Severino: Oh, so for the one hundred the best way is, Give us a call. Ask for Nairkia. Six hundred and thirty. One, five, four, three, six, six, two, two. As for Nairkia White,

00:54:42.590 --> 00:55:11.770 Tommy DiMisa: or ask for me, and i'll get on the phone with you if there's a particular area. Someone wants to underwrite a piece that's in mathematics or or they want to underwrite the computers that the girls will use. They want to underwrite um the a particular piece of technology, or a different space, like the engineering or or the the math piece of it. That's fine. So we want to meet people in a way that their give is going to be most enriching for them, too,

00:55:12.100 --> 00:55:41.869 Tammy Severino: If it's something within the arts, we can talk about that as well. And we're going to craft a real state of the art place that girls can come with their troops. That programs will run council wide um on weekends and in evenings, and that we might even be able to get some schools in, so that we're we're bringing this. We're we're making it accessible to kids who are otherwise in more economically disadvantaged communities. And Don't have that fingertip readiness to this kind of technology, this kind of

00:55:41.880 --> 00:55:50.290 Tommy DiMisa: and that's going to be what brings them to a different place in their adult life is education, and then, being able to get

00:55:50.300 --> 00:55:54.180 Tommy DiMisa: access to all right, give me one minute left. Hit me with the light show

00:55:54.190 --> 00:56:23.920 Tammy Severino: holiday light, show. It's our largest fundraiser of the year. We're at Smith Point Park. We are there from the Saturday following Thanksgiving all the way till the thirtieth of December. It is a one-mile light display and new this year at South Havenport, just a few moments away. We have a walk through enchanted forest. Take pictures with Santa until a holiday, and then we'll have. We'll have someone else there for photos. You can get smores. There's a huge fire pit, life, size games. You can get

00:56:23.930 --> 00:56:36.850 Tommy DiMisa: food and have a picnic there. It's going to be a wonderful lighted experience, really designed for families for friends to come, and it may be cold out, but your heart will be warm from the experience.

00:56:36.900 --> 00:56:41.589 Tommy DiMisa: I I don't like being cold, so i'll be bundle up. But I will, and you can go through the drive

00:56:41.600 --> 00:56:42.600 Tommy DiMisa: that we go to.

00:56:42.780 --> 00:56:48.089 Tommy DiMisa: I like a drive. Give us one more time, the website, and this and the six hundred and one over the

00:56:48.100 --> 00:57:01.489 Tammy Severino: Okay. So it's um. Www: Gssc: dot us is our website, and a six, three, one, five, four, three, six, six, two, two, and thank you so much, Tommy.

00:57:01.500 --> 00:57:14.689 Tommy DiMisa: Thank you so much. I appreciate you. I appreciate your friendship. I am excited to go to the light show. I'm excited to again. It's not just about cookies, but I am like a cookie monster, so i'm excited that cookies will be here soon when the cookie starts it. When we

00:57:14.700 --> 00:57:19.829 Tammy Severino: you start at the top of the year. Right now we just kicked off our full product sales, so we have magazines, we have nuts, and

00:57:19.840 --> 00:57:44.729 Tommy DiMisa: um, I like chocolate as well, so we have to get that all right. We do have to do it there, But I want to say this when Nairobi is telling me we're also planning to welcome specialists that to facilitate programs at the same time. So if you if you can train people come out, Do that. Connect with Girl Scouts. Also Eighteen thousand vehicles came to the Light show last year. Let me know when they're not all going to be there because I would like to.

00:57:44.740 --> 00:57:48.290 Tommy DiMisa: Obviously, weekends are busier. But so come here in the week, if you prefer,

00:57:48.300 --> 00:57:55.469 Tommy DiMisa: Sammy. Thank you everybody. Thank you so much. This is philanthropy, your focus. Can I get a great day? I'll see you guys later on. Thanks, Danny Bye,

00:58:06.690 --> 00:58:07.720 you.

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