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Friday, September 16, 2022
Facebook Live Video from 2022/09/16 - Compassion+Dedication+Respect+Integrity=IMPACT!

Facebook Live Video from 2022/09/16 - Compassion+Dedication+Respect+Integrity=IMPACT!


2022/09/16 - Compassion+Dedication+Respect+Integrity=IMPACT!

[NEW EPISODE] Compassion+Dedication+Respect+Integrity=IMPACT!


The audience will learn about the plight of families caring for critically ill children; the resources available at no cost through Friends of Karen; and the many opportunities that are available for getting involved and making a difference to help children and families experiencing an unimaginably difficult time.


About Judith Factor: 

Judy received a Master of Fine Arts degree from Columbia University and a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Boston University. In addition, she earned a certificate from Columbia University Business School’s Institute for Not-for-Profit Management. Her many years of experience in the non-profit sector include National Director of Development for Women’s American ORT in New York; Director of Development and Administration for The Synergos Institute; Director of Development and Public Relations for the International Peace Academy; and Executive Director of Metro International (now known as One to World). About 

About Leslie Bellissimo: 

She is the Regional Director for Friends of Karen since March 2021 overseeing the LI & NYC Metro markets. The primary role is to identify, cultivate, solicit, and steward a portfolio of current and prospective individual and corporate donors and special event sponsors. Leslie has a Bachelor of Science, Business Marketing degree from the New York Institute of Technology in Old Westbury, NY. 

About 'Friends of Karen'

The core belief is that no family should have to face their child’s illness alone. They are proud of our more than four decades of experience guiding families from all walks of life and all cultural backgrounds. Friends of Karen serves families with a child (newborn through age 21) who has been diagnosed with and is actively in treatment for cancer or another life-threatening illness. These services are provided at no cost to families.

'Friends of Karen' Information:


Facebook: @friendsofkaren

Instagram: @friendsofkaren


Tune in for this sensible conversation at or watch the Facebook Livestream by Clicking Here.

Show Notes

Segment 1

Today, guests Judith Factor and Leslie Bellissimo join Tommy to talk about their non-profit organization. Tommy first talks about how he met the two. He then introduces them. Friends of Karen was started in 1968, with one ill child, sixteen year old Karen McGuinness, and the visionary founder of the organization. Sheila's goal was to help families of children with life threatening illness with the vital emotional and financial support that they needed to emerge from the health crisis, stable and all look nothing more. Judy then starts with the background of this organization. She explains how Karen was terminally ill. Karen wanted to come home from the hospital. She had been there for a year. She had a genetic disorder that left her needing twenty four-hour care. There was nothing more that could be done. So, Sheila Peterson, reached out to the community by newspaper and got people to contribute $38,000. Sadly, Karen passed away eleven months later, but with Sheila’s help, the parents had more time to love. This led to almost 40 years later helping over 17,000 children. They look at the impact of the illness on families. 

Segment 2

Judith explains how Friends of Karen has a professional staff of social workers, child life specialists and therapists. She says how families are referred by all the hospitals, then matched with a social worker that becomes their person. They do an assessment on each patient. Friends of Karen provides financial support, emotional support, etc, at no cost. They support about 600 families per year. Judith then explains how to get engaged in the organization. She then talks about how the organization needs gift cards, and how they have a special fund.

Segment 3

Tommy tells a story from a couple months ago at a gala. Leslie then talks about where their offices are located, and what workers they have in the Long Island area that help them advance their mission, and how they are always looking for new members. Tommy then talks about the Little Saint Nick Foundation. They then talk about Community Service programs in schools. Leslie then talks about the Foundation’s Junior Advisory Board. It consists of high school and college undergrads. They started out with basically children of our adult board, and it grew from there. They meet monthly once a month via zoom, and have opened it up to their entire service area and beyond. The Board does a great job at spreading awareness, as well as running lots of community events. They then talk about some of the main organizations events.

Segment 4

Leslie again talks about some of the events the organization runs, how we can help, and what the organization needs. She then talks about how the Foundation also has corporate challenges with groups of employees. Judith then talks about how they just finished their back to school program, where they provided backpacks and new school supplies for this year. They sent it to about 750 children, but they have a holiday adopted family program, which is a very popular way to get involved to give back during the holidays. Judith then shared some of the Foundation’s upcoming events before the episode ends.


00:00:16.680 --> 00:00:21.139 You know what that sound means. It's your boy, the nonprofit

00:00:21.150 --> 00:00:22.389 Tommy D: sector

00:00:22.400 --> 00:00:38.000 Tommy D: connector, coming at you from the top of my house, two flights up from the kitchen, where I have breakfast and where I sometimes have lunch. I gotta go all the way up to the top of the house of the attic. It's your boy, Tommy D. The show is called philanthropy and focus. The mission

00:00:38.010 --> 00:00:55.019 Tommy D: is to help nonprofits tell their story and amplify their message. I've been doing this. This, I believe, is the eighty sixth episode on a Friday morning. That means that's eighty six, probably. I think it might have one or two shows we had a second nonprofit. So it's eighty, six, eighty, seven

00:00:55.030 --> 00:00:57.590 Tommy D: stories that have been amplified

00:00:57.600 --> 00:01:05.529 Tommy D: in the attic, and that's what it's all about. Look, i'm passionate like you wouldn't believe about this sector. I'm passionate about what nonprofit does.

00:01:05.910 --> 00:01:22.289 Tommy D: I believe wholeheartedly that if it wasn't for the nonprofit sector much of this work does not get done, The social services work, the the the food pantry, the work like organizations like friends of Karen, who are going to talk to you the leaders of the organization today. It just doesn't happen.

00:01:22.300 --> 00:01:49.419 Tommy D: Okay, there's no one out there to do this work. If it's not for the nonprofits, and there's thousands of nonprofits doing incredible work. And I know when I talk to nonprofit leaders. They say, look time. It's not about us. It's about our volunteers. It's about our staff. It's about our board members. Of course it is, but I can't fit them all in the attic, so I have to limit how many people we bring to the It is a virtual attic. I gotta say, just look I, you know, if you're only listening, then you didn't know

00:01:49.430 --> 00:02:07.569 Tommy D: the folks that come on my show are not actually in my attic, anyway. Let's just leave that on the side i'm in the I I've been doing this show for a while. It was. It was in my mind way before it actually became a physical reality. And I think, like um, like most things in life, and I can say in this last couple of weeks, as I look around the act, or you look around the room you're in.

00:02:07.610 --> 00:02:28.270 Tommy D: Everything there started out as a figment of somebody's imagination. Just an idea. So for two years before the show started, I walk around talking about philanthropy and focus as a thing that had not yet existed. So I challenge you, If you want to start a business A. If you have an idea for a piece of technology. If you want to make an impact. If you just want to go out

00:02:28.280 --> 00:02:46.130 Tommy D: and do some volunteer work, create that, go, do it, make it happen, don't wait. I think I got fifty years left on this planet, but I don't know, so i'm not holding out. I'm just getting it done every single day, and I encourage you to do the same. It's not about me. It's about what we can do together as a community. So,

00:02:46.140 --> 00:02:57.329 Tommy D: without further ado I will get into introducing first of all, before we give it duty. Introduction. Judy Leslie. Good morning. How are you? Welcome to my show? Welcome to my attic what's going on?

00:02:57.340 --> 00:03:11.590 Judith Factor: Good morning! But such a beautiful day! We're so excited to be here to be part of this, and thank you, Tony, for recognizing friends of Karen. Leslie. Thank you, Judy Leslie. Good morning. How are you?

00:03:11.600 --> 00:03:21.190 Leslie Bellissimo: Good morning. This is Leslie and I'm drilled to be here. I have the pleasure of meeting you a few weeks back, and it was a great day, so i'm looking forward to being in your office.

00:03:21.200 --> 00:03:22.490 Tommy D: Bye.

00:03:22.500 --> 00:03:50.259 Tommy D: Thank you, and I will tell you. We're talking. I talk a lot about shout-outs. I talk a lot about being the non-profit sector connector. And look! I was at an event shut up to my friends Mike, and off Rio Mini, Papa Lardo Premier payroll services. They do an event each year, and ah! To golf out, and we play at the rock, the links in Rock and central Rhode Island. It's nine holes which it for for those coffers out there. That's like for me. That's the perfect number of pulse, because I don't need to play eighteen. That's a whole long stretch for you. Play nine.

00:03:50.270 --> 00:03:56.889 Tommy D: Then we go back to the clubhouse when we have, you know, some lunch. Excuse me some dinner, and we network, and we meet people We

00:03:56.900 --> 00:04:11.390 Tommy D: and I had the opportunity, as Lesley says, I walk back in, and i'm you know i'm a little extra people might say i'm a little extra, so I come in and it's the Tommy D show, and whatever and I go. I I, Leslie, I met you and one of your colleagues right. What was her name?

00:04:11.400 --> 00:04:14.690 Leslie Bellissimo: Lexi Latino. So you manager Here

00:04:14.700 --> 00:04:30.280 Tommy D: i'm at, and I were shining up, chatting it off, and I was buying the tickets to raffle tickets. I I want something. I always win something very good at that that raffle game. I'll tell you. I don't know if it's because I buy a whole bunch of tickets. I think it's probably part of it, but I like to think it's like I have this deal with the universe, and I just blame stuff because I like,

00:04:30.290 --> 00:04:46.240 Tommy D: put it out there. It could be both. But I definitely buy a lot of tickets, so I will say that was a great opportunity, and I was like you should come on the show, and we should talk about friends of Kennedy, because I knew somebody in the past who used to work with your organization for a number of years. Wait before I had a show,

00:04:46.520 --> 00:05:13.879 Tommy D: and when I saw you that day, so let's make it happen, and that's what brings us here. So I want to read a little background. This is a um. It's sometimes it's a different dynamic when there's three of us in the conversation, so i'll sort of. I want to just freestyle together, and and you both can work in tandem and figure out who's more set to answer certain questions as we go through this. But as we talked about leading up to it, and my friends and people pay attention to this program. No, it's It's about the leaders.

00:05:13.890 --> 00:05:34.790 Tommy D: It's about the organization You get into programs. Who you're helping. How are you helping? And then ultimately, how can we help you back? It's pretty basic stuff. Um. So Leslie Buddy Seymour is a New York Metro regional director, and I have to do that with my hands when I say a name like release, you know, because it's just. I don't. I don't even try. My fingers. Just get up like that, and they do that.

00:05:35.400 --> 00:05:42.949 Leslie Bellissimo: I mean it belongs it so. Well, I thank you. I practice and and Judy Factor is the executive director of the organization has been for

00:05:42.960 --> 00:06:11.039 Tommy D: fifteen years. You were telling me earlier this morning, so so all the answers are here in the virtual room in the attic all the answers a year that we're going to get through today. So I just want to read something real quick, and then we'll get into this. So friends of Karen was started in one thousand nine hundred and seventy eight, with one ill child sixteen year old Karen Mcguinness and the visionary founder of the organization. Sheila's goal was to help families of children with life, threatening illness with the vital emotional and financial support that they needed

00:06:11.050 --> 00:06:32.329 Tommy D: to emerge from the health crisis, stable and all look nothing more. Well, I shouldn't say nothing, but it's certainly super challenging. When a child becomes sick. And we, you know, for those of us who have either experienced it in our families personally, or our extended families, or just a friend, that ours that that we know who's gone through, that your world. Your life gets thrown into a world

00:06:32.710 --> 00:06:50.590 Tommy D: right, and it's like It's let's just assume in a perfect scenario. There's two parents, and maybe one of the parents has to now take on this role of caregiver right? But now that maybe that income is gone. So there's all these different ancillary challenges that occur when a child gets sick, because somebody is now bringing

00:06:50.600 --> 00:06:55.359 Tommy D: of services and doctors and specialists, and all this type of stuff. So

00:06:55.500 --> 00:07:01.639 Tommy D: i'm aware of organizations that do the type of work. You you all do. I'm incredibly

00:07:02.300 --> 00:07:17.269 Tommy D: grateful and compassionate for what you all are doing so. I'd like to start off with. Really, Judy, if you can start the background of this organization, let's really understand where it all came from, and if you can like, let's weave in a little bit about your background, too.

00:07:17.280 --> 00:07:46.430 Judith Factor: Okay? Well, I am very proud to be part of friends of Karen for the last fifteen years, and the organization, as you mentioned to me, was started by Sheila Peterson. She really was not starting an organization. I think she was really helping her neighbors that had a child. Ah! Karen, who was terminally ill. Karen wanted to come home from

00:07:46.440 --> 00:07:56.310 Judith Factor: the hospital. She had been there for a year. She had a a genetic disorder that left her Unable needed twenty four-hour care.

00:07:56.320 --> 00:08:25.290 Judith Factor: There was nothing more that could be done. The doctors wanted Karen to go to a rehab. It was nothing available for a teenage where all the parents wanted her to come home, but they had experimental with their resources. So Sheila Peterson, a visionary woman, reached out to the community no social media in those days in one thousand nine hundred and seventy-eight. So she did it the old fashioned way she spoke to people. She got articles right in the newspaper

00:08:25.300 --> 00:08:44.719 Judith Factor: and kind people, just as we reach out today. Kind people contributed thirty, eight thousand dollars. That was in one thousand nine hundred and seventy eight, so you could imagine what that was. It paid for twenty four hour care for Karen for the eleven months that she was alive

00:08:44.730 --> 00:09:10.490 Judith Factor: and unfortunately well, she was terminally ill. She passed away eleven months later. The doctors hadn't even given her that much time. But Sheila said this was her rationale. When you provide emotional and financial support for parents of a child who is catastrophically or terminally ill. The parents then, have more time to love.

00:09:10.500 --> 00:09:32.160 Judith Factor: So I mean just basic um human compassion and the kindness of people in the community sustained Karen and her family for those days he gave them, even under those circumstances of good quality of life. So when Karen passed away, people

00:09:32.170 --> 00:09:54.589 Judith Factor: reached out to Sheil, and They gave it memorial contributions, but they reached out to Sheila, and they said, here's another child who could use her help. So what started with one compassionate kind neighbor has led to friends of caring almost forty four years later, and helping seventeen thousand children. So one thousand children,

00:09:54.600 --> 00:10:01.459 Judith Factor: and that's you know that's the ill child and the siblings, because one of the things that we say is that

00:10:01.470 --> 00:10:20.609 Judith Factor: it's every member of the family is affected When you have an ill child. So friends of Karen takes a holistic approach, and we help families right? We look at the impact of the illness on families. What's changed is, of course,

00:10:20.620 --> 00:10:25.990 Judith Factor: that now, through medical science

00:10:26.000 --> 00:10:54.990 Judith Factor: so many more children are surviving. So when she listen more time to love, yes, more time to look. But the trajectory, so many more of our children survive in those days any child with a cancer, diagnosis or other. There was no hope. But now, you know, life is different. So we've adapted our services, you know, with the same fundamental to help families thrive to embrace the whole family. But

00:10:55.200 --> 00:10:56.789 Judith Factor: you know we have different,

00:10:56.800 --> 00:11:08.359 Judith Factor: you know different concerns. It's friends of Karen, obviously in this time period has morphed into quite a different organization. I think anything. Look, I know one other institution that happened, or you found that in one thousand nine hundred and seventy eight.

00:11:08.370 --> 00:11:38.119 Judith Factor: So I know things about over a forty, four year period. I know things, do you? But i'm about to be involved in the last forty four hours. But I think we all are continuously changing and evolving. And as they say this big word we're using in the Covid era pivot right? We all pivot to now serve what's needed either in our businesses in the marketplace or in certainly in philanthropy, where we're serving those who as organizations we serve, we are going to go to a break in a second. But before we do that, we want to say this,

00:11:38.130 --> 00:11:39.710 Tommy D: you you talk about

00:11:39.720 --> 00:12:02.669 Judith Factor: Sheila Petersen and her as a visionary leader who saw an opportunity and reached out to her community and did this what I call grassroots, what we call so fundraising community stuff, right? I have a friend of mine, Mahen Khalim, who works with an organization called grant makers for girls of color, and we talk a lot about bringing philanthropy back to its roots. Not that philanthropy is just

00:12:02.680 --> 00:12:31.209 Tommy D: maybe writing checks philanthropy starts in communities, communities who know what they need, who know how to support each other, and can do the things and do the work. I want to read something. This is something that I I think about a lot, and it's something that you just said Judy. To maybe think of it, Margaret. Me never underestimate the power of a small group of committed people to change the world, in fact, is the only thing that ever has. It is the only thing that ever has, and that gives me chills right now, because that's the deal. It's

00:12:31.220 --> 00:12:42.999 Tommy D: not to say like What I do is is great or whatever. But I want to give a platform to organizations like yours, because I feel that's my mission, and that's what i'm supposed to be doing so.

00:12:43.010 --> 00:12:59.430 Tommy D: If you are out there at ladies, gentlemen, boys, girls, children of all ages, If you're out there, and you want to change the world, do me a favorite. Just do it. It's kind of lean in and do the thing you want to do. Don't wait for tomorrow. Don't wait for next week. Just go out and make the change. You want to be the change in the world.

00:12:59.440 --> 00:13:15.859 Tommy D: Go, do it, Leslie. When we come back. I want to get you into this conversation for sure, and really talk about, you know, from a local level some of the things. But we we got forty more minutes together. We're going to get into this, where we get into programs. We're going to get into what we need. So this show is called philanthropy and focus. I'm called Tommy D

00:13:15.870 --> 00:13:25.389 Leslie Bellissimo: Duty Factor is here at Leslie. Believe Simo is here, i'm gonna do it every time. Every time I see you

00:13:25.400 --> 00:13:29.369 right back we're taking a quick break because you don't want to hear me see? We'll be right back.

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00:15:44.500 --> 00:16:06.159 Tommy D: I go back to the in the the show, shout out to make Collins just because of checking in on Facebook Mick, you always got my back. I appreciate it. Big teach my buddy Mac Collins pay forward processing. He puts the the link for the website for friends of car, and he's sharing all this stuff on Facebook for us as we have dial up, because I want to be right here in the zone, and I got people on my team

00:16:06.220 --> 00:16:21.890 Tommy D: to to really make sure that things are happening. So you all should probably know. Mick paid for processing your merchant processing companies. So credit card processing, but they give back the net proceeds to nonprofit organizations. So we're all connected to make the whole thing. So

00:16:21.900 --> 00:16:42.169 Tommy D: let let's talk. I I understand the background of the organization. We talked about the genesis. Um, you know, Judy or Leslie, who wants to come share with me? What does it look like? Day in and day out. I mean, we we talk about providing, you know, financial emotional support, and you know I can guess what that means. But let's not guess. Let's share with me that

00:16:42.440 --> 00:16:44.789 Judith Factor: Leslie, you want me to take that question.

00:16:44.800 --> 00:17:03.289 Judith Factor: So, Um, friends of Karen has a professional staff of social workers child life specialists and our therapists, and every friends of Karen family. That's what we call them the majority of the families who come to us.

00:17:08.020 --> 00:17:20.989 Leslie Bellissimo: We So, Judy, we lost it for a second week. We hope that you'll be back. So we have child life specialist, Leslie. It's you and mate, child life, specialist, family therapist our therapist is talking about.

00:17:21.000 --> 00:17:21.490 Tommy D: Oh,

00:17:21.500 --> 00:17:23.589 Leslie Bellissimo: how Judy, we lost you from

00:17:23.599 --> 00:17:25.089 Tommy D: you. You're back with us.

00:17:25.099 --> 00:17:36.040 Leslie Bellissimo: Oh, good, anyway. Sorry about that, anyway that we have child life. Specialists are there. The social workers and the families are referred to us,

00:17:36.050 --> 00:18:05.510 Judith Factor: the hospitals, all the hospitals in the new York tri-state area that have a pediatric oncology or a transplant unit. So big hospitals in Long Island. Um, the Cone, Alexandra Cohen's Children's Hospital, Stony Brook Sloane kettering you name it They're referred to us. Every family is then matched with a social worker that becomes their person. They get to know them, they get to know what they need.

00:18:05.520 --> 00:18:31.110 Judith Factor: We do a whole assessment, because we don't have a one-size-fits-all approach we really adapt our services to the needs of every family. We don't have any kind of income level to qualify for friends of Karen's support and all of our support. We provide financial support, emotional support, all kinds of things offered at no cost

00:18:31.120 --> 00:19:00.909 Judith Factor: to our families, and we support about five or six hundred families a year, and about at least twenty to twenty. Five percent. Live in Nassau and Suffolk County. So and then about a half of them live in the five boroughs of New York City. So they we provide. They have a person. So we you mentioned earlier, we There's loss of income as a result of a child's illness, so I spend a good deal of my time

00:19:00.920 --> 00:19:29.379 Judith Factor: paying bills for these mortgage food transportation. You name it. We have funded absolutely everything, everything, but mostly we look at the impact of the illness, the support that a family needs the siblings. We have a sibling support program with our therapists. We really embrace the whole family with a blend of financial and emotional support.

00:19:29.390 --> 00:19:43.349 Judith Factor: What you would want a best friend to do if you were had an ill child. I always say friends of Karen is the greatest organization. I hope you never need to know. But

00:19:43.380 --> 00:19:54.120 Judith Factor: you have an ill child. You really need the experience support, guidance of our organization.

00:19:54.130 --> 00:20:22.810 Tommy D: Yeah, thank you for all that. I I mean, I've so many ideas and so many introductions I want to make for you. I'll try to leave that to later on. But I, how does somebody get in touch with the organization if they have a family member, So let's. I understand that the referrals may come from social workers or or nurses in in pediatric oncology, or, you know, or the child life specialists in the hospital systems. But if a family, if I do a family friend here in the neighborhood, How do I engage them with your organization?

00:20:23.820 --> 00:20:32.359 Judith Factor: I would say. The best way is, Look on our website. There's link right on our website friends at Karen Org.

00:20:32.370 --> 00:21:01.919 Judith Factor: We have some. An intake coordinator, A. Still, There's her phone numbers right there. You could call her telling you her your situation, and we have an application process. We look at the kind of health of family needs they have to A family needs to live in our communities. We work in New York, out to the eastern end of Long Island to Solidar County, the Hudson Valley, and by boroughs in New York,

00:21:01.930 --> 00:21:15.460 Judith Factor: Northern New Jersey, and Southern Connecticut. So if you live in our service area, and you have a child with a life-threatening illness you can call us and we will

00:21:15.470 --> 00:21:43.860 Judith Factor: we're very prompt. We respond quickly. We're the kind of organization that never says No, we never turn a family away, that is Ah meets our qualifications, because if you have an ill child, you cannot be on a waiting list. It's no waiting list with infamous, and it could be at any point when a child is first diagnosed when they're relapsed at any point. Lots of families are reluctant to ask for help,

00:21:43.870 --> 00:21:54.739 Judith Factor: but you really need somebody by your side who can guide you? We're really the bridge from the home to the hospital. So that's what we that's what we do.

00:21:54.750 --> 00:21:58.059 Leslie Bellissimo: Yes, to me to answer your question. Who would you call

00:21:58.070 --> 00:21:59.190 Leslie Bellissimo: you? Could call me.

00:21:59.200 --> 00:22:05.789 Leslie Bellissimo: You have a number. You have my email, and I would certainly get you in touch with or get that phone number to that family.

00:22:05.800 --> 00:22:28.010 Tommy D: I mean you're you're you are the agency. Every everybody who's in your agency is the agency right? I mean, I know I have a friend, and I maybe because I just saw her pop up on Facebook. But i'm thinking of her right now, my friend Jen Capita, for going on against domestic violence, you know, when you work in these organizations, you know, no matter what your role is, you are a resource to the people

00:22:28.020 --> 00:22:44.699 Leslie Bellissimo: who need your services. You know everybody from the front door receptionist and the executive director. And everywhere in between you're a representation of that firm. And if you're a young person and you're listening, think about that. You know you've heard that story about

00:22:44.710 --> 00:23:09.589 Tommy D: that. The gentleman it I I don't know if it's a true story, or it's just kind of a parable. But you know the young man who had the job at Mcdonald's, and took so seriously mopping before keeping the store clean, doing the keeping the place in order, and eventually owned the handful of Mcdonald's, you know not. Those fries are delicious. It ain't healthy food, and just like in news. Flash it's not healthy for it. Those Fries are really good. Frog. The point about it is,

00:23:09.600 --> 00:23:20.589 Leslie Bellissimo: it's about how passionate you are about what you do in the in the work you have in front of you, right, and you know, you know I know plenty of people who are in what are what you would, but

00:23:20.600 --> 00:23:39.259 Tommy D: traditionally might be considered lower ranks in an organization, but they know how important the work is that they do. I think there is another story about a man. This isn't a true one, was mopping the floors at Nasa, and he didn't say I mopped for he didn't say i'm a janitor at nasa, he and Nasa, he said, I'm helping us go to the mood.

00:23:39.270 --> 00:23:45.190 Tommy D: So talk about perspective talk about point of view. You're part of a team, right? So i'll leave that there. But, Lesley, if you have more to add on that

00:23:45.200 --> 00:23:56.889 Leslie Bellissimo: well, you know what I wanted to add. Is everyone listening now should be an ambassador for friends of Karen. So if anyone knows or hears of a family that means or help reach out, they can reach out to you. Who could then reach out to me. So

00:23:56.900 --> 00:24:12.809 Leslie Bellissimo: it's still to me. Me d dot nyc on Instagram, Tommy, deed I did, and nyc on ah on the other one tik Tok: and just ah, just right, you know, for me to take care of the attic Long Island, New York, and it'll something no won't. Get to me. It's not like Santa Claus. But you you guys will know how to find

00:24:12.820 --> 00:24:16.990 Leslie Bellissimo: you know that. But the organization, friends of Karen or guide Judy, what were you going to jump in?

00:24:17.000 --> 00:24:42.810 Judith Factor: I was gonna say to a person you hit the nail on the head. There is not a person who works for friends of Karen, who does not feel the mission passionately. Who is not there because they care about the well-being of the families that we embrace. So you're right. You could go to any one of us. Any person pick up the telephone and call us, and we will get you to the right

00:24:42.820 --> 00:24:56.289 Judith Factor: right person. As I said, no, and we what the other thing we say is that no family should ever face their child's illness alone. They need friends of Karen by your side, and we are there for every family.

00:24:56.300 --> 00:25:07.989 Leslie Bellissimo: Thank you all for what you do. I I mean It's incredibly special. I want to just give Ah, i'm assuming, just because we're a Long Island that you probably know my friend Terry Magroe from the Michael Magroe Foundation, and

00:25:08.000 --> 00:25:08.790 Tommy D: i'm not sorry.

00:25:08.800 --> 00:25:12.460 Tommy D: Terry's been on the show with me. I love Terry. I love what the organization is doing, and it

00:25:12.470 --> 00:25:30.429 Tommy D: and very similar work. So you, said Judy. I pay a lot of mortgage bills. I pay a lot of core notes or whatever I pay a lot of phone cell phone, whatever right, you know, I I know the thing that Terry always talks about. What do we need just to me? No, we need gift cards, any gift. Cards like whatever gift cards, just something right. Is that a similar need for your organization as well?

00:25:30.440 --> 00:25:59.609 Judith Factor: Yes, we we do need gift cards, especially for food. We have a special fund. The Seymour settlement fund that pays for clothing for families. I think one of the things that's characteristic about friends of Karen is that we do have a professional staff that meets with families in their home, or before Covid in the hospital, and really works on it with them, one on one, and we support a family for as long as they need us, so a child may

00:25:59.620 --> 00:26:28.770 Judith Factor: get diagnosed with leukemia. We have many children with leukemia, and that that ah protocol is two or three years for kids. Imagine what that does to your life for that length of time, and then kids relapse. So we stay with the family for as long as they need us, and we provide both those, you know, financial support, which is, of course, essential to keep a families, we say stable functioning and able to go.

00:26:28.900 --> 00:26:40.330 Judith Factor: But we need things. All kinds of you know, all kinds of things that we do that involve, you know, really grassroots support from the community

00:26:45.200 --> 00:27:09.499 Leslie Bellissimo: you really want to say, though also, when you mentioned Jerry Narrow is, Yeah, she does something very similar to us, and the beauty that I love about friends account is that we work very well with the other nonprofits that do that. So I had lunch with Terry two weeks ago. We work very well together, because we're all here to do the same thing. So we we rely on each other. She supports us, we support their organization. She comes arm, and I go to her,

00:27:09.510 --> 00:27:12.730 Leslie Bellissimo: you know, because we are all in this together.

00:27:12.740 --> 00:27:22.189 Leslie Bellissimo: As Judy said, we want to be there for these families. We want to be the resources for these families, so that they can get the help and love that they need

00:27:22.200 --> 00:27:35.389 Tommy D: one hundred. And thank you for saying that because That is what this nonprofit sector is all about, you know, globally, nationally, regionally, and then specifically, locally, you know. Look, this is my world. I somebody asked me. So you from Long Island? Is it?

00:27:35.400 --> 00:27:52.180 Leslie Bellissimo: Yeah, like like your whole life? I don't. I don't think i'd left for more than seven days.

00:27:52.190 --> 00:28:00.500 Tommy D: This island I maybe i'll swim, and i'm not a strong swimmer, but I will tell you It's There is certainly the

00:28:01.060 --> 00:28:04.329 Tommy D: This regional connection did this, but

00:28:06.010 --> 00:28:18.950 Tommy D: when it comes to the non-profit sector, and for some reason it's it's coming to me and shout out to Kenserini and the Long Island. Imagine awards, my Buddy I was texting with him this morning. Ah, Srini and associates, but also found the imaginary.

00:28:19.210 --> 00:28:28.149 Tommy D: There's such community and nonprofit, and not always enough recognition and nonprofit, and I will tell you that's part of where this show idea came from was like.

00:28:28.400 --> 00:28:54.239 Tommy D: I just want to give a platform for nonprofits every single week like, and that's only because I can't do it every single day right now, because or else i'd have the show every day. But it's really to do that, because what you said, Leslie, about the connection that you have with Tariot or organization, I mean, I want to talk about. You know Ray Mailer with the little Saint Nick Foundation, which I think if you don't know them, you should know them. I I was texting right yesterday. We should connect with that, my friend Kylie Mcgrain,

00:28:54.250 --> 00:28:59.690 Tommy D: at a moment of magic. They are very hooked in the Judy. Do you know kindly? Have you ever met Kylie or

00:28:59.700 --> 00:29:01.589 Judith Factor: no I haven't? Unfortunately

00:29:01.600 --> 00:29:22.040 Tommy D: you you well don't worry. We'll set it up at the moment of magic. Um! We're way over on the break, but it's my show. So i'm gonna do whatever I want. So where we'll do, Dylan? We'll do a break in a second. So kylie was a semi-finalist in the New York City Imagine for it's kind of a grain of magic. She was a student of it. Um bouncing Vincent's College up in

00:29:22.050 --> 00:29:23.389 Judith Factor: Riverdale. I guess I could.

00:29:23.400 --> 00:29:25.129 Judith Factor: I think that's where it is

00:29:25.310 --> 00:29:32.249 Tommy D: she was. It's a very service-oriented philanthropic college. I didn't know anything about it. Until Kylie told me you

00:29:32.260 --> 00:29:52.169 Tommy D: she was working in a program a while in school in the Bronx, and that program. It was an after school program. She found out she going to home for the holidays. That that program had closed out. It was closing down. They lost funding, and she was going to figure out what the next move was. When she went back to college late January the fifth, sitting on the couch watching Tv, and the movie frozen comes on,

00:29:52.180 --> 00:30:11.509 Tommy D: and her mother goes. Kylie, Blonde hair, big eyes, big blue eyes. You You look like Elsa. I don't know if she has blue eyes actually. But she you look like Elsa, and that was it. A moment of magic was born, and a moment of magic. These young college folks, both men and women,

00:30:11.520 --> 00:30:32.659 Tommy D: go into the hospitals to see the children dress This princesses dress the superheroes the whole thing. It's an incredibly special. They do like they bring gifts, they ring toys, they ring like crafts. I did a day of service with Kylie we went up to packed a bunch of bags. These they call it bravery bags like a backpack, with some toys and puzzles, and calling books, and really

00:30:32.680 --> 00:30:38.779 Tommy D: special, and get emotional. But we brought that up the St. Mary's Hospital in Bayside Bayside queens, you know the

00:30:38.820 --> 00:30:43.790 Tommy D: so there's I don't know if you've worked. But i'm assuming you have some connection to St. Mary's Hospital. But

00:30:43.800 --> 00:30:44.990 Judith Factor: yes, we do.

00:30:45.000 --> 00:30:59.030 Judith Factor: Yeah. An incredibly special program. And you know that is a place where, unfortunately, these kids are very ill. Very so, and it's a It's a very special place to go so. But these are the kind of connections back to what I was saying, Leslie, it's like

00:30:59.580 --> 00:31:03.350 Tommy D: You need to know these people, because I see that there's a

00:31:03.810 --> 00:31:28.989 Tommy D: obvious opportunity for collaboration, and I believe you know, when we're all together and we're working together, We're better off right. That's that's what community is. So we are all for a break, and we come back. I want to talk about some of the goings on on a local basis like, How do we get him up? How can we help? How can we support What's what that type of stuff is? And I think you know, from a regional perspective on the island that might be somewhere where you want to take us when we come back. Does that sound good?

00:31:29.000 --> 00:31:32.870 Leslie Bellissimo: That's great? I'm perfect. I will take a break. This is for you. I'm focused right back.

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00:33:17.790 --> 00:33:19.040 That's something

00:33:19.710 --> 00:33:21.399 that just

00:33:26.220 --> 00:33:28.640 join Tommy in his

00:33:29.290 --> 00:33:39.089 back in the day when I started this show back in the year two thousand and twenty one. I said that. Well, when we come back from break from now on, i'm going to make my guest, seeing the theme. So we I stop doing these.

00:33:44.200 --> 00:33:45.050 Tommy D: Is it?

00:33:45.060 --> 00:34:09.850 Tommy D: It didn't seem like most people wanted to do it. Now I will say, I love to sing that song, and I I just I think it's a funny song, my youngest. He loves to sing it, and then put him with silly words to replace the words. But he he goes, he just like, say static, and at it can be seven. It's very funny, and I just was out of while we were at break. I got a I got a message on on Facebook, and I thought it a funny thing right, you know. Hold on

00:34:09.860 --> 00:34:13.589 Tommy D: on this, just in this. Just didn't. They only used to do that like on the like on news

00:34:13.600 --> 00:34:19.609 Tommy D: this just in. So this just in, my friend. You'll honor Yolanda Ravano Gross!

00:34:19.620 --> 00:34:41.449 Judith Factor: How she says, Hello, friend, connect me with these ladies in case the kids need some kind of children's care Coordination services. I don't know if you know Yolanda. She's my buddy, she's my pal. Go on. We We take prom pictures together like this. We, when we're out of banks. Yeah, she's the Ceo of options for community living. She is so special. The organization is so special there. I'm gonna

00:34:41.460 --> 00:34:43.069 Tommy D: so much Um!

00:34:43.500 --> 00:34:49.669 Tommy D: She will be an asset to work with, and so will her team. She's got an incredible team. I was out with them on the

00:34:49.699 --> 00:35:06.589 Tommy D: I don't know, maybe a couple of months ago, and at that their gala, and I think it had something to do with red because I was wearing a red velvet jacket, so I know it was. There was a red theme. I don't remember where it was to go on to correct me on Facebook. I don't know what the heck it was, but it was ah! I knew I showed up in in a red velvet jacket. Because why wouldn't I, you know,

00:35:06.600 --> 00:35:11.030 Tommy D: even if it wasn't a red night, I would it warm one, anyway. I mean, look at this shirt so

00:35:11.040 --> 00:35:39.060 Tommy D: like you need to connect with her. We'll make that happen. But this is it. This is like, just like, I say, jokingly disjusting. But this is real stuff. This is how this show. That's why I do this, because that's the mission. Now I I know they run a very special organization around mental health. Ah, individuals with Hiv and Aids people experiencing homelessness. I don't like homeless people people experiencing homelessness because let's make it as a right now situation that we can fix, not

00:35:39.070 --> 00:35:58.259 Tommy D: a definition of a person. And I think I got that right on and build on in a way you think out there at options as well, right? So we're trying to solve problems with. So, Leslie, a lot of networking to do after this show we've got a lot of connections we're going to talk about. But why don't you tell us what is going on like on a regional basis? What's upcoming? How we can get involved.

00:35:58.270 --> 00:36:01.990 Tommy D: Do you need Italian ices? Shout out to my dad, Ralph Stalin is in Huntington.

00:36:02.000 --> 00:36:03.890 Leslie Bellissimo: Do you think you're for something?

00:36:03.900 --> 00:36:11.399 Leslie Bellissimo: We'll figure it out, My old man love him. Thank you, dad, for being the ice man. All right,

00:36:11.580 --> 00:36:25.490 Leslie Bellissimo: you know. Just in listening to this this conversation we've been having this morning. The what I want to start off with is our volunteer opportunities. So I wanted to just let you know that we are on our Long Island offices in Melbourne, right on run all the road between the

00:36:25.500 --> 00:36:34.080 Leslie Bellissimo: Parkway and the expressway, so we're conveniently located. We always need volunteers for our events, and here in the office

00:36:34.090 --> 00:37:03.380 Leslie Bellissimo: one of the things that we have here on Long Island is an advisory board, so of course, friends of Karen has a board of directors, but we also have an advisory board here on Long Island, and they are a group of people that serve really as strategic thought leaders, their collaborators and networks with us, to help establish friends of current identity. You know our recognized presence on Long Island and really help us advance our mission in addition to our program and development.

00:37:03.700 --> 00:37:16.489 Leslie Bellissimo: Um, we are always looking for new members for that. They really help build what we do here. But the best part about it is from that adult Advisory Board grew a Junior Advisory board.

00:37:16.500 --> 00:37:18.589 Leslie Bellissimo: So I know you. I keep thinking about.

00:37:18.600 --> 00:37:19.529 Oh, yeah,

00:37:19.540 --> 00:37:49.130 Tommy D: I love it. I i'm sorry to cut you off, but like, of course, like that's the point man, you know. You talk about my buddy ready? All right, little Saint Nick Ray got. He had a a sickness in his hips as a child went to the hospital, saw he was like six years old, saw these other children, and he was. He was able to leave the hospital. And there's a longer story that. But the short story is, he said, what is going on here. What about those other children? How come They're still in hospital, and out of that as a six, seven year old Kitty,

00:37:49.140 --> 00:38:15.009 Judith Factor: the little Saint Nick foundation, and now he's like he's a I look at him, and he's a kid. Now he's a baby right to bom an old man, but like I shot right. I love you. But here's a thing like if you don't have to be forty, four, or fifty, four, or sixty, four, or thirty four, if you want to make a change now, and you and again having four children, when my seven year old Leslie says to me, Hey, daddy, when's your next day's service. I want to go with you.

00:38:15.020 --> 00:38:17.420 Tommy D: What are we like changing the world?

00:38:17.540 --> 00:38:27.990 Tommy D: It might sound ego, but it is an ego it's Now I know i'm doing the good thing, because this kid now at seven, is thinking it. My son is thinking in terms of how do I go out and serve? So

00:38:28.000 --> 00:38:35.640 Leslie Bellissimo: when he did for high school, he's going to join our advisory board. Well, I will tell you the funny story, my oldest.

00:38:35.650 --> 00:38:52.030 Tommy D: I didn't even know there was a Community Service Club at the Elementary school. She's now in the Middle school, but one day she comes home and she goes, you know. I'm. In the Community Service Club. I don't even know there was one, and I like to think that's because I've exposed them to this part of the world, and they see things. My other son, he's in school. He

00:38:52.330 --> 00:38:56.949 Tommy D: he held out, you know, another student, and we got a call from the teacher. He

00:38:57.030 --> 00:39:19.269 Tommy D: and I asked them, for you know, I said that was incredible. Thank you. Why are we what what happened? Tell me the story. He goes well. I watch this stuff you do. And I thought that's what we're supposed to do is help out other people. But i'm all Now i'm mushy. I'm emotional with that like That's it like That's so Talking me I'll stop. Tell me about the Junior Advisory Board. What are the opportunities? And how can those don't give me

00:39:19.280 --> 00:39:47.420 Leslie Bellissimo: it's. It really is a wonderful board. It is our Junior Advisory Board right now. It consists of high school and college undergrads, so it's freshman in high school a senior in college. Um, They started out with basically children of our adult board, and they it has just more. We um meet monthly once a month via zoom, and we've opened it up to not only we opened it up to our entire service area and beyond, because so many of our kids,

00:39:47.430 --> 00:40:07.090 Leslie Bellissimo: we're in the Junior Advisory Board as High School students moved on to college, went away to college. Some are in Ohio and Delaware, Austin and New Jersey, and they've brought it to their schools through their sororities and their fraternities, and they do fundraisers for us. So what this group of of kids do is they young adults. I should.

00:40:07.100 --> 00:40:17.989 Leslie Bellissimo: Yes, we They come together. They're the future of philanthropy. They're the ones that are gonna be. They're the future of philanthropy. They're doing it. They're getting involved. That's so special. Yeah.

00:40:18.000 --> 00:40:26.820 Leslie Bellissimo: So they really a lot of what they do is spread awareness and volunteer right? So a lot of them can't necessarily

00:40:26.830 --> 00:40:56.300 Leslie Bellissimo: give the money themselves, but they can figure out a way to spread awareness about who we are and what we do, and then also do what little they can to create fundraising opportunities. They just did an amazing um video for us. A group of them got together and did a video for us all around childhood cancer, awareness month. And it's just a such a special video when you watch it, because it's it's these young adults speaking about their commitment to an organization

00:40:56.310 --> 00:40:58.490 Leslie Bellissimo: what they are doing and why they are doing it.

00:40:58.500 --> 00:41:01.489 Tommy D: I would see that is there. Is it on your Youtube page is all we

00:41:01.500 --> 00:41:15.559 Leslie Bellissimo: so you get get Ah, get that information. Yes, it's actually on all of friends of Karen's social media accounts. So if you just look us up anywhere. Instagram. Ah, Facebook linkedin any of them. If you look up, friends of Karen, I think that it should be on tik Tok.

00:41:15.570 --> 00:41:29.830 Leslie Bellissimo: If it's not always on Tiktok. It is on Tiktok, and it will be on Youtube. So yes, it is an amazing um video, and especially because it was done by the kids themselves, and it's a really wonderful um a wonderful way for them to get the word out.

00:41:29.840 --> 00:41:59.830 Leslie Bellissimo: Um! But in addition to that, all of those people, all in our advisory boards help us in so many ways, because what they do is they help us do a lot of community events, Community events that they run in the in the area. So you mentioned Vinica Bolardo at Ah Premier payroll. He is a member of our advisory board, and so he does that that on his own his group put together that event where proceeds or the proceeds comes back to friends of Karen, and that's why we were there that night to support him in his effort

00:41:59.840 --> 00:42:08.990 Leslie Bellissimo: because he was doing it on our behalf. There are so many other ones. We just had a comedy night Imperial cleaning here on Long Island and a comedy night for us on some of the specimen

00:42:09.000 --> 00:42:10.609 night. It was wonderful,

00:42:10.720 --> 00:42:19.520 Leslie Bellissimo: but there are schools and organizations around Long Island that really put together many community events for us throughout the year.

00:42:19.530 --> 00:42:45.789 Leslie Bellissimo: Of course we have major events as well. We have uh two events on Long Island that really help drive the revenue for for the the organization. One is our we call it our always gold gala. It's held every march. I I don't know if you notice, but Judy and I are wearing more rivers. I do see that, and and you know, because i'm so crazy right away I go. What kind of gold jacket could I get for that event?

00:42:45.800 --> 00:43:01.689 Leslie Bellissimo: That's what I just thought of like right away, because Yolanda's checking, and she helps me with the forty. It was their ruby fortieth anniversary which explains why I had the red belder jacket on. I want to tell you if it wasn't there, Ruby fortieth. It's a good chance. I would have the red velvet jacket on either white, because I but so

00:43:01.700 --> 00:43:17.389 Leslie Bellissimo: our gala is a It's called the always gold gallon. And we those children a gold ribbon symbolizes um childhood, cancer, awareness, these childhood cancer awareness. Month um! And so we go roll among the um September,

00:43:17.400 --> 00:43:42.690 Leslie Bellissimo: so our always go gallop. We used to be called a long hour ago, and I said, I want to make it a little bit more memorable. So we don't we always gold gala. Listen! Gold is a precious metal, and our children are precious. That's the most precious thing in our lives, right, so we wanted to give it a branding, and we branded it. We always both gala. So every year I I eventually envisioned people saying, Hey, i'm going to the always, both gala. So every year I I eventually envisioned people saying, Hey, i'm going to the always. Both gal and people will automatically know

00:43:42.700 --> 00:43:54.989 Tommy D: I love that I know you have another event you want to tell me about. So let's let's hold for a sec on that when we come back we'll talk about the second event, and we'll go into kind of the future of the organization and what you need. If you have a date for the old school galley, and I know he's

00:43:55.000 --> 00:43:55.689 Leslie Bellissimo: much

00:43:55.700 --> 00:43:56.899 Leslie Bellissimo: nice.

00:43:57.030 --> 00:43:59.909 Leslie Bellissimo: It is at the Heritage Club at Beth Page,

00:43:59.920 --> 00:44:03.160 Leslie Bellissimo: and we don't have a theme. It's an evening in Emerald City. So if you go,

00:44:03.170 --> 00:44:11.279 Leslie Bellissimo: my God, you know you don't know. I'm gonna tell you I was the Tin man in the sixth grade

00:44:11.320 --> 00:44:24.790 Tommy D: um disability aware of Washington Street School, Franklin Square, you know Representative Franklin Square today, but I was the Tin man, and I will do. This was how I I had audition for the for the opportunity. And I said this was it

00:44:24.800 --> 00:44:26.519 Leslie Bellissimo: Laura Kern?

00:44:26.530 --> 00:44:54.560 Tommy D: See, I still got it. Actually It's the only it's the only performance I've ever done, although most of my day is a performance. But it's the only thing I've ever done like on stage like that. So the Emerald City. Oh, my God! How cool to this! The costumes and the whole thing! All right. Welcome! We'll come back. I will march! March Ninth. It's in the books. Yolanda. You want to go me to that. You want to go me to the the oldest gold gala. Put it in the books March ninth of ah! Two thousand and twenty three right?

00:44:54.570 --> 00:45:05.589 Leslie Bellissimo: That's strange to say. All right, we'll be right back, and we're gonna talk about the future of the organization. The other big event. You have friends of Karen and your Judy factor, Leslie. One more time,

00:45:05.600 --> 00:45:08.110 Leslie Bellissimo: Betty Simo we'll be right back

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00:46:53.160 --> 00:46:54.830 That's just

00:46:59.710 --> 00:47:01.429 on the and his

00:47:02.940 --> 00:47:04.199 All right, folks,

00:47:04.660 --> 00:47:15.760 you sing, but everybody today is dancing on the show. So we appreciate that dancing Queen all right. So from an organization out of the vision of one person's

00:47:16.050 --> 00:47:31.800 Tommy D: imagination and mind to support another family in need that that raised thirty eight thousand dollars forty four years ago to support a family both emotionally and financially in their needs, so they could have the opportunity and ability to give love to their daughter

00:47:31.810 --> 00:47:41.189 Tommy D: to an organization that has grown vastly, and hundreds of five to six hundred families are supported on. I think you said duty just on Long Island. Five to six hundred and fifty

00:47:41.200 --> 00:47:50.639 Judith Factor: a year. No, about about twenty five percent, maybe about one hundred, one hundred and twenty a year from Long Island. So five to six hundred families are supported a year.

00:47:50.810 --> 00:48:09.580 Leslie Bellissimo: Yeah. And in incredible organization, incredible world, incredible visions. Let's talk about the second event. You were going to tell me about Leslie locally, and then how can we help? Who do you need? You know the obvious. We need. You know we need dollars, but relationships bring dollars. So we can talk more about that for you both in a second. Okay, Lesley, take it away.

00:48:09.590 --> 00:48:24.269 Leslie Bellissimo: So the second thing that we do is another large event that we hold. We actually have a walk team, or, I should say, an annual run team that participates in the Jovia Long Island Marathon each year at Eisenhower Park

00:48:24.280 --> 00:48:41.299 Leslie Bellissimo: It is part of Nasa county's, one of Alaska county's largest events. It's a three-day event. But sixteen years ago one of the moms of our families that we were supporting, launched this team to give back and thanked friends of town for the support she received when her son was diagnosed with Leukaemia.

00:48:41.310 --> 00:48:48.750 Leslie Bellissimo: The team, sixteen years later, is now part of all three days of the events that take place during the Marathon weekend.

00:48:48.760 --> 00:49:12.010 Leslie Bellissimo: It is grown to include families and friends and businesses who want to pay it forward. What we do is we charge a flat registration fee to join to participate in the three days of of the events. But we also ask our participants to then create a fundraising page, and to raise awareness and funds for the organization. We get sponsorships from corporations throughout Long Island. We put there

00:49:12.240 --> 00:49:41.540 Leslie Bellissimo: Logos on the back of a very bright yellow, singlet or t-shirt that we give every participant and it really is. And ah, a wonderful! It gives me a wonderful feeling when when each of the events start the five K. The ten K. Half mass on the full. Marathon starts when you see a sea of people in our bright yellow jersey. So it really is. Um! A wonderful way for families, communities, and businesses across Wales to get involved with friends at Karen and get back.

00:49:41.870 --> 00:49:44.490 We also have a corporate challenge that

00:49:44.500 --> 00:50:00.690 Leslie Bellissimo: we don't have the dates for next year yet it's usually the last week in April or the first week in May. I think it's may six, six, and seven, but I am not sure. At least we know time of year. It's not coming up this year. It'll be in the

00:50:00.700 --> 00:50:06.010 Leslie Bellissimo: Actually, we're still getting funds in from this past. You know this past April, which is wonderful.

00:50:06.020 --> 00:50:30.490 Leslie Bellissimo: Um! But what I wanted to say is, we also have corporate challenge. So what we do is we get corporations involved. They don't form their own team, but they get groups of their employees to come and participate in our team and the group that the business that gets the largest amount of participants and raises the most money wins a four and a half foot trophy that's half my size, and it's it's. It's a traveling trophy. So each year

00:50:30.500 --> 00:50:35.729 Leslie Bellissimo: it goes like It's like the Stanley cough like once like they put something on it, and then they keep it moving.

00:50:35.740 --> 00:51:04.229 Leslie Bellissimo: We keep it moving. So this year Imperial cleaning one of these things supporters want it. They work the biggest team and raise the most money. They have it prominently displayed in their their lobby when they walk in the building, but I've seen it in, you know President's offices and conference rooms a little bit of bragging rights, you know that's always fun. It's good to show that corporate social responsibility, and what how that alliance between business and not for profit, you know. I mean just yesterday uh Kenserini

00:51:04.240 --> 00:51:23.889 Tommy D: um Matt Burke from three, and associates interviewed Kenserini and I Lee minogue from the book ferries on a Webinar Reach out to me to tell me if you want to get i'll hook you up with that. You haven't seen it, but really talking about something I talk about often what we're doing, the alliances between the for profit sector and the nonprofit as well. Judy, did you have something you wanted to know

00:51:23.900 --> 00:51:29.790 Judith Factor: that I just want to say There are things that are coming up right away that people can get involved,

00:51:29.800 --> 00:51:35.720 Judith Factor: and you know, we work across the New York tri-state area. So

00:51:35.730 --> 00:52:04.929 Judith Factor: besides individual kids getting involved through, you know, goals, gold awards for girls, Scouts, Boy Scouts. We can get set up individual things for people to get involved. But we just finished our back to school program, where we provide a backpacks and new school supplies for this year. We sent it to about seven hundred and fifty children, but we have our holiday adopted family program, which is a very popular um way to get involved to give back

00:52:04.940 --> 00:52:33.070 Judith Factor: during the holidays, where we every frenzy, car and child sibling, and especially for each children that have lost assembling over the year. Provide a wish list for us, and we match them with a donor. Every Every child gets one hundred dollars, wish list, and we actually have volunteers and donors who get matched with a child or a family, and provide the holiday gifts for that particular family,

00:52:33.080 --> 00:52:34.340 Judith Factor: and we

00:52:34.350 --> 00:52:54.459 Judith Factor: often, i'm going to say We're probably planning on nine hundred and fifty children receiving their holiday wishes. In many cases it's their only gif that they're going to receive. We have a volunteer coordinator, Denise Treadwell, who does that many times Corporations

00:52:54.470 --> 00:53:24.219 Judith Factor: provide, adopt a number of families. We also have a Thanksgiving, a huge Thanksgiving program. We provide a holiday meal. Kpmg: The accounting firm is really spearheads. That. So? There's plenty of opportunities. If you want to do something very tangible that will go right into the hands of a family that's extremely grateful. If you go on our website There's information on all of that. Lesley can provide

00:53:24.230 --> 00:53:52.610 Judith Factor: the things to be delivered to our Long Island office. So there are things that you can do right this minute. In fact, this weekend we have our hot. We have a something called the Journey of the Heartbeat Tour, where we're going to. We have provider cyclists. We we ride, some of them do one hundred miles over the weekend and raise money for friends at Karen. After this I'm. Heading up upstate to

00:53:52.620 --> 00:54:04.380 Judith Factor: to spearhead that, and we do a lot during September, which is childhood cancer awareness month. What we say is, Leslie said. Always gold, because we're involved in this

00:54:04.390 --> 00:54:28.219 Leslie Bellissimo: twelve months a year, three hundred and six yeah, one hundred percent totally get it always gold. We do. We are out of time at this point, so I know. Tell me about it. I saw that face. I get it. It's it's the power of the show. We run out of time before we run out of words. You know that's just the way it is here. But Here's what we do. You can always be a returning guest. That's that's What's the fun of my show. So all right. Look,

00:54:28.310 --> 00:54:33.749 Tommy D: the organization's friends of Karen. The website is friends of Karen Org, the

00:54:33.760 --> 00:54:51.209 Tommy D: Judy. Thank you so much. Thank you for being my friend. I'm so glad you're on this show, Leslie, I appreciate you. I appreciate you being my friend. Text me later on, because I think you need to know. Do you know Tammy Severino? Well, Girl Scouts of Suffolk County. She's the executive director out there. He said something about scouts. Do you know her or not? Yet

00:54:51.220 --> 00:54:51.990 Leslie Bellissimo: I do not.

00:54:52.000 --> 00:54:59.359 Tommy D: Okay. We'll figure that out also my friend Paul Reuben Camp. Good morning, mo you are, and I and G. Do you know, Paul?

00:54:59.370 --> 00:55:05.290 Leslie Bellissimo: Yes, and we do have great connections with sunshine. Cam that can, so

00:55:05.300 --> 00:55:28.760 Leslie Bellissimo: I will get. So we got to talk about all that stuff offline, as they say in the business, Tim, you'll be on the show we're we're gonna have the details, but it looks like in two weeks from today, Tommy, said Reno from the girlscast of some of the county will be here. But let me tell you about next week, my friend Kolfo and Kolfo. I apologize by scrub your last name on aphilology from Ah, an organization back to the grant makers back to the funders in this one, because it's North Star Fund and

00:55:28.770 --> 00:55:36.780 Tommy D: North-star Fund is a Social Justice Fund that supports grassroots organizing led by communities of color building power in New York City and Hudson Valley. Look, we.

00:55:36.790 --> 00:56:06.240 Tommy D: I took a course with the institute for non-profit practice, as many of you are listening have known that I met incredibly special men and women in that work. That Kfo is one of those people who has become somebody that I learned from just my watching what she's involved with, and she's going to be on the show next week talking about how the North Start fund funds, other organizations that are doing work in that social justice conversation, Judy, have a great day, Leslie, make it a great day, have a great day as well. Look, Shout up to Mick Collins! Shout out to Jenka, pesa Yolanda! My buddy,

00:56:06.250 --> 00:56:10.860 Tommy D: I miss you. I'll see you on Monday, and everybody else make it a great weekend.

00:56:19.730 --> 00:56:20.750 You.

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