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Friday, September 9, 2022
Facebook Live Video from 2022/09/09- Walk 4 Valor - Run 4 Life

Facebook Live Video from 2022/09/09- Walk 4 Valor - Run 4 Life


2022/09/09- Walk 4 Valor - Run 4 Life

[NEW EPISODE] Walk 4 Valor - Run 4 Life


Hopefully, the audience will be able to: 

1- Recognize and Honor those who Support our Country 

2- Support the Education of Military, Veterans, and their Families 

3- Support Veteran Causes 

4- Educate the next generation using the Bob Feller Story


The mission of the Bob Feller Act of Valor Foundation is to recognize and honor our service members and those who support them; to provide support to military families and veteran causes; and to educate on the lessons of citizenship, sacrifice, and service to one’s country.






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00:00:48.940 --> 00:00:50.430 Tommy DiMisa: What a world

00:00:50.550 --> 00:00:52.040 Tommy DiMisa: it's your boy,

00:00:52.560 --> 00:01:01.710 Tommy DiMisa: the non-profit sector Connector. It's your boy time d coming at you. Listen! A couple flights up from the kitchen just below, like the peak of the roof

00:01:01.720 --> 00:01:13.069 Tommy DiMisa: in my attic. I was talking to my guests a couple minutes ago, and he's like. Where do you mean? Where are you? You're talking about leaving the lights on over the weekend like, Where are you? I go. I'm in the anic baby. This is philanthropy and focus in every

00:01:13.170 --> 00:01:18.569 Tommy DiMisa: single Friday morning, even if it's a holiday. I still do this show because it's that important to me.

00:01:19.730 --> 00:01:22.889 Tommy DiMisa: Non-profits change our world each and every day,

00:01:22.900 --> 00:01:30.510 Tommy DiMisa: and it's my focus to do a couple of things. It's my focus to make more friends in the nonprofit sector. It's my focus to bring a guest on each week

00:01:30.560 --> 00:01:49.839 Tommy DiMisa: to help them tell their story and amplify their message. Nonprofits on the front lines. Nonprofits are all about social services making an impact recognition which is a lot of what we're going to talk about impact and recognition, which I think is a lot of what we're going to talk about today. I used to do this show with a shirt and tie

00:01:49.930 --> 00:02:03.209 Tommy DiMisa: and a pair of shorts, but you know what on a day like today, especially when the Metseys are a mets. I know what. If you're looking, if you're watching us on Facebook, you see, my friend, he's got a big picture Yankee stadium behind him.

00:02:03.310 --> 00:02:15.490 Tommy DiMisa: I root for a team in Queens, so it's all good. It's all love. But the Mentees are looking real good, and I I don't even. It's tough to say, you know. So I did a video to promote today's show.

00:02:15.600 --> 00:02:21.699 Tommy DiMisa: I did sing. I sing a little bit of the meet, the met song, and it's, you know. I will say,

00:02:21.730 --> 00:02:26.989 Tommy DiMisa: to rave reviews. I'm getting rave reviews about that video. You know

00:02:27.000 --> 00:02:28.190 Tommy DiMisa: I sound like somebody else

00:02:28.200 --> 00:02:44.419 Tommy DiMisa: huge. It was huge success, a huge video. So look, i'm excited to have Peter Fertin here, who is the founder and Ceo of the Bob, feller, act of Valer Award. I'm happy to have Peter here. We go back. We were trying to figure it out the other day I started working for a

00:02:44.640 --> 00:03:14.390 Tommy DiMisa: When I got my first real job after being a bartender for many years. So I twenty four years old. When I grew up I got a job at adp automatic data processing small payroll processing company in May or may not occur very tight. I think they take one in five people, the whole planet or something like that, right? I think it was one in six, but I see the stock price going up. It's got to be one at five at this point right? So Peter and I go back to two thousand and three when I started working at a Dp. Which feels like a hundred years ago. But sometimes I still feel like i'm that twenty four

00:03:14.400 --> 00:03:17.090 Tommy DiMisa: year old kid, and i'm not i'm forty, four,

00:03:17.100 --> 00:03:18.150 Tommy DiMisa: so

00:03:18.340 --> 00:03:28.059 Tommy DiMisa: i'm watching what what's going on with Peter and his organization, and I get these emails, and and being a baseball fan growing up a met fan, you know, although I will tell you as a bartender

00:03:28.610 --> 00:03:30.570 Tommy DiMisa: in the Ninetys

00:03:30.580 --> 00:03:35.849 Tommy DiMisa: was good, the root for the Yankees because it was good for business, you know. It was a good, you know our team.

00:03:35.860 --> 00:04:03.489 Peter Fertig: Not as much, but it was. It was important. So I will tell you. I was in Yankee standing, Peter, first of all. Good morning! Welcome to the show. Welcome, my attic, brother. This is so lucky I can't wait to see you in real life like, cause we we've now been talking the last few weeks. But ah, yeah, I want to be on one of your events. We're gonna do some fun stuff together. Um, But I I had my kid, my older son. Ah! Out of the two boys two girls. But I had my older son, who was a He's a diehard

00:04:03.500 --> 00:04:28.589 Peter Fertig: like he's a fanatic like fled just like the word means. He is a phenomenon. So we went up to the cathedral up in the Bronx a couple weeks ago, and watched our team not win, and so but it's. You know that series is two two. Maybe we meet again in October. Dare to dream right. Dare to do that. Remember that man I mean two thousand. Seems like a long time ago, only because it wasn't

00:04:28.600 --> 00:04:36.640 Peter Fertig: it was twenty. It was twenty two years ago. Man, that's a long time around. Yeah, it does. Yeah. And we we came up on a losing end of that one the next day. But that's okay.

00:04:36.680 --> 00:04:41.120 Peter Fertig: You ran into a Jurgen that it was that. Well, that's what it is. I mean when you have,

00:04:41.130 --> 00:04:48.590 Peter Fertig: we haven't been that good in a long time. So we're we're getting better, but we're taking a backseat to the boys, and

00:04:48.600 --> 00:05:01.169 Tommy DiMisa: I tell you, and you know what's funny about the whole thing, and it's like Ah, yankees look great the beginning of the season. And now i'll tell you a story. I don't always talk too much family. Stuff. But I will tell you This my mother-in-law is a big Yankee fan

00:05:01.550 --> 00:05:24.770 Peter Fertig: so early that'd be tough at Christmas time. Well, it's not so. Here's the thing about it. It's tough because she's a wise guy. And so what she tried to do is she tried to turn my older son into a Yankee fan because she's a Yankee fan, and because she thought it would be a real good way to you know. Kind of put the screws, I think. Yes, grandma, you would try to put the screws a little bit. So

00:05:24.780 --> 00:05:42.689 Tommy DiMisa: I said that that's not really going to work. I mean, this is like this is how we do it, you know, like. Ah, we are met fans, and that's the deal, and that's all. So main along short, i'll try to, And a friend of mine was actually like saying, How many do you even know how to make a long story short, like? Do you like his out of things? So I don't think I do So that's why we never run out of

00:05:42.700 --> 00:05:49.089 Tommy DiMisa: words on this program. We just run out of time to get them in, and I promise you will have eighty percent of them as soon as I get through the

00:05:49.100 --> 00:05:52.040 Peter Fertig: get. Good at it, man. Good. Good. So you,

00:05:52.620 --> 00:06:09.600 Tommy DiMisa: I take my son, actually my Buddy Josh, and he had tickets up for a Friday night game. Pete, Alonso and I. I had a deal with something. I made a promise to somebody that they could rent out a borrow a conference room. I had access to Long story. I don't get to see Feel till nine o'clock that night.

00:06:09.610 --> 00:06:23.590 Tommy DiMisa: It was all good because I had some friends up in a suite show at the Queen's Chamber of Commerce. Excuse me, guys from the Queen's chamber. I have a suite. So they sit to. Id once, you know the boys come up. So it came up, but a lot of them went tied to record that night. Don't run record. You know the the one where you, the rookie racket beat, Judge,

00:06:24.200 --> 00:06:43.889 Tommy DiMisa: and then I i'm back there Saturday night with a crew when my my older daughter of mine. I'm on the same son we're talking about here, my guy and ah, they he beats the record, and that sort of sealed it for us, for for at least for my son. That was it. You know we we love Alonso. He does that thing. He's in the stadium for both of those homeless. It was over.

00:06:44.020 --> 00:07:08.020 Tommy DiMisa: Kind of that, was it that sealed the deal, and you know, until a month and a half ago, when we were at Yankee Stadium because of non-profit friends, but shout out to I am a thighs they hook you up, they said to me, We got these sweet tickets and the Yankees won like fourteen to two that night, and I watched my guy looking out of the stadium, and I have this picture, Peter, looking out at the view. You're like behind you looking out at the stadium, and I go. Oh, my God! I might have lost them again

00:07:08.030 --> 00:07:36.660 Tommy DiMisa: like just you know you know the award being in that place, and and the history, and and and it's the Yankees, and it it is what it is, man right? So It's funny. My, what he meant. College is texting me. He's trying to find out where to find us or we on Facebook. Are we on Youtube? He is a huge Yankee fan, and I hope he's found that somewhere, because ah, because this is like kind of a a shout out a little Ah! To him as well, because he's he's actually named after the mek. So Mick Collins named after Vicki man. I I have to hook you up with him, anyway, because,

00:07:36.670 --> 00:07:41.229 Tommy DiMisa: but the siren being a big Yankee fan, he runs a company called uh

00:07:41.240 --> 00:08:00.260 Tommy DiMisa: Pay it forward processing and their immersion processing company that gives back their net proceeds to nonprofits. So, Peter, you need to meet him. Other folks listening need to meet Mc Collins either way. But I wanted to just kind of give that whole upfront thing about the baseball. Why are we talking so much about baseball and this nonprofit show? Well,

00:08:00.870 --> 00:08:03.800 Tommy DiMisa: my friend Peter Ferti

00:08:04.020 --> 00:08:25.699 Tommy DiMisa: found his passion, you know a dream, saw something and and wanted to make something better, wanted to add some recognition. So when I did a video the other day, I talked a bit about Bob, feller, but I don't think i'm going to do it the justice that you will. So, without further ado, Peter Verteek, founder ceo of this special organization. Bob feller, active ballot foundation

00:08:25.710 --> 00:08:28.190 Tommy DiMisa: uh active award foundation.

00:08:28.200 --> 00:08:39.339 Tommy DiMisa: Peter. I hope you're wealth. Welcome to the show again. Welcome to my attic. What's up, Brother, tell me, let's start the story. What drew you your business, Guy? We're in business. What draws you to this type of work?

00:08:39.470 --> 00:08:53.790 Peter Fertig: Thank you, Tommy. Let me just begin by saying I'm a real appreciative of being on your show, even though it's up in your attic. It's it's it's a great opportunity to catch up with an old friend and just a little history. I used to be a mets fan.

00:08:53.800 --> 00:09:03.529 Peter Fertig: Exactly. Yes, what happened was our friends at the mets. So I live out on the east end of Long Island. They didn't want to have,

00:09:03.560 --> 00:09:23.390 Peter Fertig: you know, a minor League ballpark at here, which I got very upset about. I'm sure you remember that right? You tell me the story. Bring me back. So you know I was big mets fan early eighty s you know, since I was a kid growing up, and I shouldn't say that was a New York fan, but more lean towards the mess, because,

00:09:23.400 --> 00:09:29.889 Peter Fertig: you know, I I grew up in Huntington. Um, when you know it was easier to go to Queens than it was to go to.

00:09:29.900 --> 00:09:38.209 Peter Fertig: Yeah, and the mets are pretty good in the Eightys right like, you know. They They were a lot of fun to watch, and it was exciting time back in the day,

00:09:38.290 --> 00:09:46.089 Peter Fertig: that being said that you know the the Mets killed. The idea of having a minor League team within all around that it

00:09:46.100 --> 00:09:59.789 Peter Fertig: the ducks were born out of it, which are great. But at the time I was very upset and very passionate, I said, You know what. Let me turn my allegiance to the Yankees early nineties when the deal got killed, and i'm like, you know, I look back at the best move I ever made.

00:09:59.800 --> 00:10:01.490 Tommy DiMisa: Okay,

00:10:02.550 --> 00:10:21.140 Peter Fertig: the reality is, I I enjoy baseball. I'm not a fanatic. I am more of hockey fan. I love the game of hockey that's my passion, if you want to call it that. But I enjoy sports immensely. Wrote a children's book a long time ago. You might know great men

00:10:21.150 --> 00:10:32.289 Peter Fertig: by the name of Tom Sieber, and at times Tom siever was kind enough to do the forward of the book. When we did the forward we sent it over to Bob Feller. I did not know who Bob feller was

00:10:32.300 --> 00:10:33.590 Peter Fertig: okay. Now again,

00:10:33.600 --> 00:10:47.390 Peter Fertig: all right. So that's good. So that's good to set that up. Because again, this this is your organization, and we're going to do some education on it, but not like. You are all aware of what he had done, and and the service that he had done, and things like that.

00:10:47.400 --> 00:10:51.870 Peter Fertig: Nothing. I had no knowledge of who he was, what he stood for in mind you, this is

00:10:52.960 --> 00:11:07.989 Peter Fertig: late nineties when I wrote the Children's Book, and I spent about fifteen years on a fifteen-minute read. How about that? But i'm very happy about it because it was a you know we've got Tom siever, Bob Feller and the cow Rip, and actually did the final thoughts.

00:11:08.000 --> 00:11:14.479 Peter Fertig: I was pretty happy with it. I thought I was done, and then I read Bob Fellas introduction of the book, and i'm like well wait a second.

00:11:14.570 --> 00:11:18.290 Peter Fertig: Here's a kid. Now, mind you, he was a phenomenal, too,

00:11:18.300 --> 00:11:19.790 Peter Fertig: in that

00:11:19.800 --> 00:11:26.659 Peter Fertig: one of the great things about baseball, is It's timeless, right? You saw the movie field of dreams

00:11:26.680 --> 00:11:31.889 Peter Fertig: walls by like an army of steam rollers gets erased, and it's always baseball that stands out,

00:11:31.900 --> 00:11:34.689 Peter Fertig: and that'll be true forever, as far as i'm concerned.

00:11:34.700 --> 00:11:35.390 Tommy DiMisa: Yes,

00:11:35.400 --> 00:11:45.090 Peter Fertig: so Bob fella right. The transition was coming. He was a sixteen years old. I want you to picture. I don't know how old your son is. My son is seventeen, my youngest, my oldest guy, is eleven.

00:11:45.100 --> 00:11:50.149 Peter Fertig: Yeah. So picture him five years from now, pitching in the Big League,

00:11:50.160 --> 00:11:53.689 Peter Fertig: you know. He was an eleventh grade kid He

00:11:53.840 --> 00:11:55.960 Peter Fertig: he got signed by the

00:11:56.280 --> 00:12:01.009 Peter Fertig: the Indians at the time they're now they're the guardians. But at the time they were the Indians

00:12:01.450 --> 00:12:02.680 Peter Fertig: signed up

00:12:02.920 --> 00:12:08.339 Peter Fertig: came in, struck out fifteen. His first game, seventeen a second game,

00:12:08.460 --> 00:12:23.810 Peter Fertig: hopped on a school bus to finish up his senior year of high school, who is broadcast from Iowa, mind you. So when they say, feel the dreams. That's where everything came together. Right Incredible story, right? Just that alone,

00:12:24.910 --> 00:12:34.690 Peter Fertig: you know. They actually had, because they didn't have radar guns back in the day. They didn't know. They said he was throwing fast. Right? You'd have a kid like Hank Green. But I say, well, i'm a kid.

00:12:34.700 --> 00:12:39.670 Peter Fertig: Could Hank Greenberg when he was playing against us. If that sounded low right like

00:12:39.680 --> 00:12:54.900 Peter Fertig: sounded he didn't see it. That sounded. It sounded low. That's that. It's coming at us. Wow! So you know you have. You have that component of it, and he's about ready to,

00:12:55.050 --> 00:13:00.069 Peter Fertig: you know. Be the next babe Roo. So it's the That's the transition. Lou Gary

00:13:00.430 --> 00:13:11.229 Peter Fertig: Babe, Ruth Bobfeller. Right, Let's pause for one second because you got it. I want to. I don't want it to be lost on anybody where you're talking about. This is a sixteen year old, kid.

00:13:11.240 --> 00:13:27.890 Peter Fertig: Yes, pitching against men right? There might have been some other younger guys in there, but pitching against men and striking out sixteen seventeen dollars right in a in a time when the pitcher would pitch the whole game and maybe pitches. I mean right. We know the history, and

00:13:28.430 --> 00:13:30.390 Peter Fertig: so just amazing right.

00:13:30.400 --> 00:13:42.269 Peter Fertig: And he did this for five years. So he caught Babe at the end of his career and pitched against Garrick, and the transition was there, and then

00:13:42.430 --> 00:13:46.989 Peter Fertig: they did a stunt. I know we have a quick

00:13:47.000 --> 00:13:48.060 Tommy DiMisa: Yeah, we're good,

00:13:48.130 --> 00:13:56.250 Peter Fertig: but they did a stunt right because they didn't have radar guns back in the day, and they pitched Bob Feller against a cop. You can Youtube, that it's actually on Youtube?

00:13:56.260 --> 00:14:12.539 Peter Fertig: Bob fell against the cup, and I guess the police officer was going about, you know. Eighty seven point something, and he caught him on, you know, twelve feet, and they clocked it at, and they did the arithmetic. I can't do the math, but about one hundred and four hundred and five miles an hour is what he was

00:14:12.550 --> 00:14:20.330 Peter Fertig: just incredible. Right? So here's this kid that that's off the form of Iowa right signs with the Cleveland Indians. The

00:14:20.450 --> 00:14:28.690 Peter Fertig: gets involved in the game, and then the next thing you know, he's winning twenty, twenty, five games a year.

00:14:28.700 --> 00:14:39.890 Peter Fertig: Incredible stuff! And again So i'm looking here a teenage phenomenon, one thousand nine hundred and thirty, six to one thousand nine hundred and forty one, you know. He was signed by a guy called Psi Slap.

00:14:39.900 --> 00:14:50.190 Peter Fertig: Yeah, it was a Scalford at the time, as you say, the Indians now the guardians and and then There's this this transition in his life, and we'll get into it when we do come back from the brain.

00:14:50.200 --> 00:15:08.580 Tommy DiMisa: You know where he he played eighteen seasons, but there was a there was a ah, a blip or or a break, so to speak, in those eighteen seasons for for four years, and we're going to talk about that. We come back. Peter. Fertig is here. Tommy D is here. We're talking about the heater from Van Meter.

00:15:08.590 --> 00:15:38.110 Tommy DiMisa: Um feller, because that's going to transition us into what this organization is all about the work the organization is doing, and the acknowledgment those who have serve this country. Because again we're bringing it back. It's going to be baseball. Yes, it'll always be here, Peter, but it's a past time, right? It's a sorry everybody, but it's a bit of a distraction. There is real things that go on this real life that goes on, and we're going to talk about that real stuff. We come back! Shout out Mick. I see you. I see you, Mick Collins, You've found your way to Facebook. I hope you he calls me.

00:15:38.120 --> 00:15:53.090 Tommy DiMisa: He puts in that hashtag tangent, Tommy, you know what i'm all about bringing you a whole story, baby. That's what it's all about. Maybe I live in the tangent. I don't actually live right here. I live somewhere out here, and right now I'm living in the attic, Peter, we will be right back. This is going to have to be a focus.

00:15:53.100 --> 00:15:54.170 Peter Fertig: We'll get him.

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00:17:53.270 --> 00:17:54.490 that your

00:17:57.100 --> 00:17:58.190 to come to

00:17:59.900 --> 00:18:01.070 on top of it.

00:18:03.700 --> 00:18:07.090 Tommy DiMisa: Did you know that was coming? Did you know that was coming? Did you know

00:18:07.240 --> 00:18:12.590 Tommy DiMisa: that my theme song? Shouts out the part of my house? Just below the roof! The

00:18:12.600 --> 00:18:18.900 Peter Fertig: shout-out attic. I love you, baby. I love you, too, Tommy Dick. Very cool. He's speaking to his attic. Now. Wow, right,

00:18:18.910 --> 00:18:33.899 Peter Fertig: and nothing's changed in twenty years time. Congratulations! I love it so, Brian, give me a red game, buddy that has changed, You know. I haven't I have not had a drink. Everybody. Actually, in a couple of days it will be twelve years. I've not had it. Congratulations! Problem. I you, brother, appreciate that It's a big day.

00:18:33.910 --> 00:18:47.860 Tommy DiMisa: Yeah. And I say that I don't bring it up all the time. But I do bring it up because I think it's it might be relevant to somebody who's listening out there, you know. Uh, and I did it by just not having a drink and going to bed that first night, and then that turned into. I don't know whatever uh

00:18:48.140 --> 00:19:01.009 Tommy DiMisa: twelve years times three hundred and sixty-five is a lot of nights so all right so let's get into this. I was sharing a website while we want to wait a break. We talk about the background of this young man, but then let's let you know. Let's kind of

00:19:01.020 --> 00:19:18.560 Peter Fertig: Let's stop with the teasing. There's something here there's he got called to service. He got called to serve in his country. So let's talk about that, Peter. Thanks, Tommy, so right he's. Ah, he's a phenom high school. He's pitching pitching for five years. Right, nineteen, thirty, six, nineteen, forty, one

00:19:19.990 --> 00:19:21.390 Peter Fertig: Pearl Harbor comes

00:19:21.400 --> 00:19:24.330 Peter Fertig: Now he's already. He's averaging

00:19:24.700 --> 00:19:30.390 Peter Fertig: uh in one thousand nine hundred and forty. He's averaging between twenty and four to twenty, six wins per season.

00:19:30.400 --> 00:19:36.329 Peter Fertig: Did they still have two hundred and sixty two back, Then Is it kind of the same idea? It was? Uh, I think it was.

00:19:37.220 --> 00:19:41.539 Peter Fertig: It was a hundred, and you know what? That's a good question. I think it was one hundred. And

00:19:42.110 --> 00:19:43.090 Peter Fertig: I remember

00:19:43.100 --> 00:19:51.790 Peter Fertig: me, Collins, that's out to you, Mick. That's a shout out, How many games did they play back in the early? The mid thirtys and forty was one

00:19:51.810 --> 00:19:53.240 Peter Fertig: fifteen.

00:19:53.300 --> 00:20:13.190 Peter Fertig: Whatever what he's winning a big percentage of the team's games. He's doing a great job as a young man under tremendous pressure and doing very well. Think about it. We want to put your kid. He's on the he's seventeen years old, Graduates High School as he's eighteen. He's on a cover of Time Magazine.

00:20:13.200 --> 00:20:20.070 Peter Fertig: He's eighteen now back in the day. They didn't have the Internet all the good stuff. So time was it?

00:20:20.080 --> 00:20:44.250 Peter Fertig: Here's this kid his When he did his graduation. It was broadcast from see to shining. See, the governor was there. It was just a big deal. So this is a kid that understands his place in history. He's going to ah sign his largest contract in Chicago, one thousand nine hundred and forty one, and on comes um, you know. I think it was Sunday, December seventh, one thousand nine hundred and forty. One

00:20:44.260 --> 00:21:00.460 Peter Fertig: he hears that the Japanese bomb Pearl Harbor. He turns his car around, goes right to Chicago. I think it was Gene Tony who was the one of the heavyweight Champs at the time was a, you know, swarm in,

00:21:00.470 --> 00:21:13.789 Peter Fertig: and two days later he was sworn into the United States name didn't hesitate. He didn't waver our generation Right? What affected me and probably affected you with September eleventh, which is this Sunday?

00:21:13.800 --> 00:21:32.490 Peter Fertig: It's right today. Yeah. Yeah. So it affected it Not just New York. It affected the whole country back then. We didn't even Hawaii wasn't part of the you know it wasn't part of the Union right it was was we were the Continental forty, eight, and Hawaii and Alaska Weren't part of it. But we had our ships there

00:21:34.110 --> 00:21:36.999 Peter Fertig: when we got hit we were at sleepy.

00:21:38.030 --> 00:21:40.790 Peter Fertig: It was an emotional day, but he

00:21:40.800 --> 00:21:43.989 Peter Fertig: I think about that because I was thirty four at the time

00:21:44.000 --> 00:21:45.190 Tommy DiMisa: September

00:21:45.200 --> 00:21:47.380 Peter Fertig: right. He was twenty-three.

00:21:47.720 --> 00:21:49.489 Peter Fertig: He didn't hesitate.

00:21:49.500 --> 00:21:58.590 Peter Fertig: He didn't think about baseball. He's the sole supporter for his family on the farm. His dad is dying of cancer. Right? Think about that.

00:21:58.600 --> 00:22:02.609 Peter Fertig: I I i'm trying to picture my kid and I got

00:22:03.000 --> 00:22:10.239 Peter Fertig: four children. Three of them are all there. I can't imagine three of them just walking away, any of them just walking away.

00:22:10.730 --> 00:22:15.190 Peter Fertig: He didn't hesitate, he said, Dad, this is more important. My country's more important.

00:22:15.200 --> 00:22:19.589 Peter Fertig: Right, and that's where i'm reading this, and i'm going away the second i'm the

00:22:19.600 --> 00:22:36.010 Peter Fertig: looking up online and looking at the Hall of Fame. I'm going. Nobody's telling a story. How How is it out there? It's you You how did so? You came across it because you did the book, and then and and through the Tommy's right. So his introduction in the book tells me about his story.

00:22:36.630 --> 00:22:54.790 Peter Fertig: It's a nice thing, you know. Talks about how his dad actually built him a field of dreams prior to then he talks about going into World War Ii. And getting into him like, How come this doesn't resonate with me as a you know as a student in high school, right? How does this not bounce off the pages of history?

00:22:54.800 --> 00:22:57.819 Peter Fertig: Bob Feller Wasn't alone.

00:22:57.830 --> 00:23:06.279 Peter Fertig: There were ten Yankees right Yoki Berra was a d-day. Phil Dickie Joe Dimaggio

00:23:06.440 --> 00:23:09.749 Peter Fertig: Leon Larry Mcfle. They were owners

00:23:09.890 --> 00:23:23.290 Peter Fertig: owners. All these guys we represent now thirty nine guys that served during World War Ii. Warren Spawn was at the battle of the bulge the greatest left-handed pitcher of all time. Right

00:23:23.300 --> 00:23:31.879 Peter Fertig: uh Gil Hodges right and Buck O'neal who were just elected to the Hall of Fame this year, or we used to have thirty seven. Now these two were elected

00:23:36.800 --> 00:23:43.269 Peter Fertig: right, and he won. I believe it's a bronze star. We're doing more research on him because we have banners that we put up. But we,

00:23:44.340 --> 00:23:53.690 Peter Fertig: The history of what these guys did is incredible. People love them for their baseball exploits. I love them for their military experts.

00:23:53.700 --> 00:24:03.380 Peter Fertig: Here they are in an uncertain time. We know the outcome. Eighty years later we did not know the outcome. December the seventh, one thousand nine hundred and forty one,

00:24:03.390 --> 00:24:12.230 Peter Fertig: and here Bob feller didn't hesitate. He didn't wa her. He went out there and he just served Yogi Barra was a d-day. He

00:24:12.240 --> 00:24:25.679 Peter Fertig: let me say that again. He was a d-day. Yes, he's got ten world championships but as a nineteen year old, kid. He didn't hesitate he went into the navy, and then served his country.

00:24:25.920 --> 00:24:31.030 Peter Fertig: A rocket boat, Captain, if you go to our website, there's a

00:24:31.770 --> 00:24:43.669 Peter Fertig: channel. Eleven or picks did. They were at our what we have our educational display unit that talks about these thirty nine guys, and they were there. And you can. You can get an understanding of what they did.

00:24:43.900 --> 00:24:48.590 Peter Fertig: Our veteran community really needs to get,

00:24:48.710 --> 00:25:01.590 Peter Fertig: you know, not just behind this, but understand the value what our last professional athlete that we've encountered, we probably know, is Pat Tillman, who was killed in Afghanistan.

00:25:01.600 --> 00:25:03.590 Peter Fertig: Um. The unfortunately that

00:25:03.600 --> 00:25:17.490 Tommy DiMisa: while you're speaking through this, i'm going to share folks on Facebook. I want to share some of the stuff right on your website. So the website is at Valer award dot org, and i'm just gonna go through some stuff. Why, just be it going. I just want to let you know what i'm doing over here.

00:25:17.500 --> 00:25:25.759 Peter Fertig: Yeah, no, that's fine, and I appreciate it. Look, if you go there and you talk about our mission, our mission really is. You

00:25:26.110 --> 00:25:39.579 Peter Fertig: recognize and honor those who support our service men and women, and to provide support for the military families and veteran causes. That's our goal right.

00:25:39.590 --> 00:25:46.690 Peter Fertig: We also want to educate on the lessons of citizenship, sacrifice, service, and the legacy of the left behind. So that's our

00:25:46.700 --> 00:25:54.010 Peter Fertig: four pillars that we honor. It took us ten years to figure all this out, I I mean. I've got a book in me

00:25:54.390 --> 00:25:59.289 Peter Fertig: that talks about the first year, how I borrowed on my four hundred and onek. I never told my wife that,

00:25:59.300 --> 00:26:10.389 Peter Fertig: but I mean to to pay for these busts, because before we had the bus, I mean, the first year alone was just a whirlwind trying to get like we had support when we started the foundation in six weeks

00:26:10.900 --> 00:26:18.009 Peter Fertig: I woke up one day, and i'm like Well, why don't I? I reached out to Mrs. Speller and fellow, and I said i'd like to honor your husband,

00:26:18.670 --> 00:26:22.849 Peter Fertig: you know, for his service to our country, she said. Sure,

00:26:23.390 --> 00:26:35.289 Peter Fertig: everybody thought I was off the wall. That crazy. Who would think you were crazy? Because, like, why? What are they telling you? Why, you wasting your time? Why, you invest in this?

00:26:35.300 --> 00:26:45.369 Peter Fertig: Think about it from think about it from a Cleveland Indians perspective. Here's a guy from New York, a Yankee fit he's taking the legacy of their greatest player that's ever played the game.

00:26:45.410 --> 00:26:51.080 Peter Fertig: I'm going to take that, and I'm going to go ahead and create. What? What am I planning on doing?

00:26:51.090 --> 00:26:58.390 Peter Fertig: The first year was just What's the angle? Right? What's this guy Tread right? That's always What's this guy? How's he going to make money off this thing? Right?

00:26:58.400 --> 00:27:02.720 Peter Fertig: Yeah. And just to let you know we're all volunteers. Now, one of us makes a nick.

00:27:02.730 --> 00:27:10.890 Peter Fertig: We've done this because we believe in what the mission is, and we support our service members based on what they do for our country.

00:27:10.900 --> 00:27:12.060 Peter Fertig: There it

00:27:12.070 --> 00:27:21.570 Peter Fertig: If we don't have our service members, you can't have. You know, this podcast, these conversations because of what they do for our country.

00:27:21.690 --> 00:27:24.629 Peter Fertig: So we

00:27:24.720 --> 00:27:31.589 Peter Fertig: we continued to just build upon the first year, and in six weeks, at the support of the National baseball Hole of Fan, the

00:27:31.600 --> 00:27:34.420 Peter Fertig: Major League baseball,

00:27:34.440 --> 00:27:42.300 Peter Fertig: the Uss. Alabama, where Bob Fella served as a navy chief petty officer, and he,

00:27:43.120 --> 00:27:44.970 Peter Fertig: I think there was a

00:27:45.570 --> 00:28:03.790 Peter Fertig: well, obviously the Cleveland Indians at the time. Right? So we had them, you know. Kind of figured out. We had no connection to the United States navy. How do you create a crossover award? It's never been done before. So I went to my local councilman or a letter.

00:28:03.800 --> 00:28:10.760 Peter Fertig: Believe it or not, Linkedin is a beautiful tool if you use it right. I met Admiral Michael Javely, who kind of

00:28:10.930 --> 00:28:19.589 Peter Fertig: help me navigate how to get through the waters of creating it to be an actual naval award.

00:28:19.600 --> 00:28:33.990 Peter Fertig: I like how you I like to to get through the waters that was not lost on me when we're talking about the name here, right? I'll just say i'll say that i'm wet. Maybe i'm ready for that. So good move. But so you, the Admiral, helped you navigate. I'll even. I'll play to help you get this. Yeah,

00:28:34.000 --> 00:28:34.490 but yes,

00:28:34.500 --> 00:28:38.189 Peter Fertig: So I I want to pause you there One second I have those.

00:28:38.200 --> 00:28:44.370 Tommy DiMisa: Now we're gonna take a break. But but but you I want folks to understand.

00:28:44.520 --> 00:28:48.009 Tommy DiMisa: Peter didn't have these connections already.

00:28:48.020 --> 00:29:18.009 Peter Fertig: Peter created this. Peter manifested this, and and I know he's going to say. Well, tell me it's not about me. It's about the religion. Well, guess what, Peter, it is. It's what you did. You saw this. You had a vision, and you created it with, of course, the help of others, because nobody does anything alone. It's about within that right. It's a team effort, and you have a full volunteer team. And now, and aside from the acknowledgment and the awards, you're making an impact for people who are still with us, and who need different services.

00:29:18.020 --> 00:29:31.439 Tommy DiMisa: I know we're going to talk about twenty two a day, which is a tragic situation which you know. Those of us who are aware of it know that unfortunately because of mental health challenges and Ptsd and lack of another way out,

00:29:31.460 --> 00:29:47.159 Tommy DiMisa: twenty two veterans, on average, take their lives every day, and that's a tragedy. And you know, if you were here in July we did six, five episodes, five to six different organizations for July talking about veterans and services for better, and so we will talk about that when we come back. Talk about a team, though.

00:29:47.170 --> 00:30:02.389 Tommy DiMisa: We'll talk. We're going to come back. We'll talk about the connection with the navy, and and that will stop, or we'll continue where we stop. And I got to shout out, make college, because talk about a team. I send out a questionnaire right into the ether one hundred and forty eight games they used to play. There's an answer One hundred and forty eight.

00:30:02.400 --> 00:30:18.489 Peter Fertig: Thank you, Mick. So he won twenty, four, twenty, five out of one hundred and forty eight, and then he says the Al went to one hundred and sixty, two gave the nineteen sixty, one, the Nl. In one thousand nine hundred and sixty two. This is talk about teamwork. Yogi has three more as a cold. She's telling me so three,

00:30:18.500 --> 00:30:21.889 Tommy DiMisa: you know, and then two in the Bronx, and one in queens.

00:30:21.900 --> 00:30:25.259 Peter Fertig: Yes, so we will last one another one.

00:30:25.270 --> 00:30:26.190 Peter Fertig: I was on straight,

00:30:26.200 --> 00:30:38.690 Peter Fertig: you know I was something the other yes, you know I want something the other night, and I didn't know. I don't know her name. It was like late night Tv was after the met game I was flipping around. But Yogi's granddaughter does. Ah, Lindsey is on.

00:30:38.700 --> 00:30:44.089 Peter Fertig: Yeah. So she does a show with the guy. I think they're out of New Jersey or something like that.

00:30:44.100 --> 00:30:55.889 Peter Fertig: I have not planned in Jerusalem. But is that his name and that I don't know. But I do know Lindsay Well, we do a lot of work with the Yogi Baron Museum to honor him on D-day every year we'll continue to do so.

00:30:55.900 --> 00:31:07.150 Tommy DiMisa: All right. Well, let's talk about Yogi and things like that, too, because when we come back we'll talk about the programs, the impact your main case, as you and I discussed before the show. This is philanthropy and focus on Tommy D. That's Peter Furte. We'll be right back.

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00:32:51.710 --> 00:32:52.930 Not from me

00:32:53.570 --> 00:32:54.750 that you

00:32:58.110 --> 00:32:59.679 do. I understand it

00:33:00.240 --> 00:33:01.370 to me?

00:33:06.350 --> 00:33:07.660 Tommy DiMisa: All right, So

00:33:07.700 --> 00:33:19.640 Tommy DiMisa: let's talk about the creation of this, because I I I did give you a You know the the kudos and the shout out there because you created this. Yes, with a team. But it it all starts, and you look around wherever you are listening to me. Right now.

00:33:19.990 --> 00:33:33.359 Tommy DiMisa: Everything you look at around that room around that boss terminal wherever you are, which created first in someone's mind before it came out in the real world, here or in the actual tangible world.

00:33:33.750 --> 00:33:43.149 Tommy DiMisa: So same with this, Peter. So you you're making these connections, you you meet the admiral, you you you kind of said Linkedin, was a support for you with that. Talk to me a little bit about that piece.

00:33:43.160 --> 00:33:45.340 Peter Fertig: So what ah like? I said

00:33:45.350 --> 00:33:56.439 Peter Fertig: no connections at all to Cleveland. Uh met Bob d biasio. He kind of helped me navigate through the baseball side of things, although we have their support.

00:33:56.480 --> 00:34:12.660 Peter Fertig: You know the finances are on me. So i'm okay with it. You know i'm all in. I'd never got a chance to serve my country. This gives me the opportunity to do so and recognize those. The importance of what they do for our country.

00:34:12.670 --> 00:34:17.689 Peter Fertig: So I'm. Thrilled with the opportunity of what's before me, but I have no idea the connections

00:34:17.699 --> 00:34:29.589 Peter Fertig: on how to do it. So Admiral Javeli, navigating through everything, gets to the Cnn. Now again, all these acronyms they mean something, but to me it's just you know. Gobbly good,

00:34:29.600 --> 00:34:45.650 Peter Fertig: you know. So the Cnn is the chief of naval operations, and the Admiral goes to him goes, You know we have an opportunity to to merge baseball with the navy. Are you interested? He says. Absolutely. He gets behind it, and by Memorial Day two thousand and thirteen

00:34:45.659 --> 00:34:50.190 Peter Fertig: We're looking to create an official naval award.

00:34:50.199 --> 00:35:05.869 Peter Fertig: How long had that taken to get to that point to But Memorial Day of thirteenth? So it We were talking in late November, creating this whole entity for a lack of a better term started in maybe

00:35:06.170 --> 00:35:11.690 Peter Fertig: January, February. It starts coming together with the Navy. So about four or five months.

00:35:11.700 --> 00:35:16.890 Peter Fertig: Yeah, that's fast for a thing that they very fast, right? And you didn't know how to do it. But you figured it out.

00:35:16.900 --> 00:35:18.589 Peter Fertig: Yeah, think about it, though, Tommy,

00:35:18.600 --> 00:35:38.260 Peter Fertig: they don't know again. They don't know me from a home. Right here we are created an entity with the United States Navy attached to it to get Major League baseball and the National baseball. This is the United States Navy. It's a naval award. My head was still spinning because he gave me the information on Memorial Day,

00:35:38.270 --> 00:35:39.290 Peter Fertig: two thousand and thirteen.

00:35:39.300 --> 00:35:42.750 Peter Fertig: I mind you, I have no bust and no award,

00:35:42.820 --> 00:35:56.580 Peter Fertig: and the direction is, we're still going to hand these out. I contact the gentleman in Kentucky, probably March or April. This is even before we have anything going on, and I say i'd like to create three awards.

00:35:57.270 --> 00:35:58.889 Peter Fertig: Not know what I'm looking for,

00:35:58.900 --> 00:36:03.279 Peter Fertig: meaning. I want to honor the three components of Bob Fellow's life. The

00:36:03.290 --> 00:36:09.989 Peter Fertig: He was a major League baseball player, a Navy chief petty officer, and a national baseball hall of

00:36:10.000 --> 00:36:12.779 Peter Fertig: He's like great. It's going to cost you about ten grand.

00:36:13.170 --> 00:36:14.489 Peter Fertig: I'm all in.

00:36:14.500 --> 00:36:21.860 Peter Fertig: There's no going back at this point. I'm sure the good Lord will help us along the way. And of course he did. But it was just a whirlwind,

00:36:21.950 --> 00:36:31.950 Peter Fertig: because now that it's an official naval award. Guess what that bust in Kentucky, that artist that's sculpted by the name of Wyatt Greg, Who's I love him to death

00:36:31.960 --> 00:36:49.219 Peter Fertig: right. He's he's the best of the best he's creating. This. The United States Naval Historical Society has to go in and make sure that that boss is navy material, meaning it has to be adhered to. Whatever the chief petty officer had, was

00:36:54.400 --> 00:37:01.949 Peter Fertig: very, very meticulous. That to your point, saying, Hey, how do you get a naval award done in five months. You usually don't

00:37:02.120 --> 00:37:12.500 Peter Fertig: right. So, Admiral Javel, I give him a lot of credit. He put his reputation on the line for a guy that he's known maybe seven or eight months at the time, and he's like, Look, we're all in.

00:37:12.510 --> 00:37:37.549 Tommy DiMisa: But you know, let me let me just interrupt you for a second, because that's about you. Let's be real. That's about your passion that's about your integrity, because you nobody's going to put themselves out there without that trust factor and that connection in that relationship. It's just true, right? So you you know you're in that in your presentation I hate the word pitch. But in your presentation and your explanation and your passion for what this project was and meant to you,

00:37:37.560 --> 00:37:45.889 Tommy DiMisa: it It came across to him. It had to. All right. I mean, that's the only way that you know. You go out and quote unquote. Take a chance on someone right?

00:37:45.900 --> 00:37:49.709 Peter Fertig: You're right, a hundred percent, one hundred percent right time you look

00:37:50.150 --> 00:37:54.489 Peter Fertig: when you get an opportunity to find your purpose in life, whatever that purpose is

00:37:54.500 --> 00:38:04.990 Peter Fertig: right. And and it just so happened again. This wasn't about money. It wasn't about fame. It wasn't about it's an opportunity. It was an opportunity to serve my country, because at the time I was forty five. But you are now

00:38:05.000 --> 00:38:06.690 Peter Fertig: right. About forty-four, forty-five

00:38:06.700 --> 00:38:23.189 Peter Fertig: right? I found my purpose It took me all this time getting there right, and I had to learn how to write. You should have seen the letters that I would send to the Secretary of the Navy, and how I mean it was a bloodbath. They took it. They beat it. You can't use a comma

00:38:23.200 --> 00:38:31.139 Peter Fertig: every word. Every punctuation meticulous. Can't do this. Can't do that, and I didn't have, you know i'm

00:38:31.520 --> 00:38:50.220 Peter Fertig: go red dragons. I'm a Portland State bread the right so i'm sitting here dealing with guys from a Naval Academy talking about Guys four-star admirals, two-star admirals. I i'm way out of my league way out of my League. These guys are navigate navigating me through here do this do that, and

00:38:50.230 --> 00:38:53.390 Peter Fertig: how we got the support. Got it through. And

00:38:53.400 --> 00:39:09.890 Peter Fertig: now we're in the summer of two thousand and thirteen Still, Don't have the busts made. And yet we're. We have a date of Veterans day of two thousand and thirteen to give out the awards, because Ann fella is getting old and older, right? And I want her to see this before she passes.

00:39:09.900 --> 00:39:23.819 Peter Fertig: So that's arts. You got a timeline, right? Okay? So we got a We have a date. It's Veterans day. That's where we're gonna go. And where was it going to happen? Where was the Originally we wanted to doing it?

00:39:24.920 --> 00:39:30.210 Peter Fertig: Well, it end up at the United States Navy Memorial. But at the time I was thinking

00:39:30.370 --> 00:39:31.769 Peter Fertig: Where um

00:39:32.160 --> 00:39:41.290 Peter Fertig: come on, Ferdin, get it together. Come back to not Annapolis. Is that. So? The United States Navy Memorials on Pennsylvania.

00:39:41.300 --> 00:39:49.330 Peter Fertig: Okay, and it's. It holds about two hundred and fifty people. It's a beautiful beautiful facility. Again. I know nothing about Dc. At this point.

00:39:49.340 --> 00:39:50.789 Peter Fertig: Everything is all virtual

00:39:50.800 --> 00:40:00.790 Peter Fertig: right. All the conversations that we're having here all the the back and forth with the the artists, all the back and forth with the navy and baseball. All this is going on simultaneously.

00:40:00.800 --> 00:40:11.590 Peter Fertig: We haven't even done the nomination process. Yet what does that look like how you create a board. What does that mean by laws? All these things that I was totally ignorant to?

00:40:11.600 --> 00:40:16.489 Peter Fertig: I'm learning on the fly. Oh, by the way like you said I still got a job to do an adp

00:40:16.500 --> 00:40:31.589 Peter Fertig: course, and the jobs we do come on a quota. It's not like a bunch of o'clock. You actually own something you're gonna hustle for. There's no gray area. So

00:40:31.600 --> 00:40:43.589 Peter Fertig: to build a team that understands the value of what we're doing. We want to recognize and educate those three components. So we get, you know we do our on field ceremonies.

00:40:43.600 --> 00:41:03.250 Peter Fertig: Okay, So what does that mean? So Ah, who gives back to our military. So we had Nick Swisher from Cleveland when we had Justin Berlander from Ah, at the time the Detroit tigers. Ah! And there was a couple of others Ah! From one was from Kansas City, and there was another gentleman, I think, from San Diego.

00:41:03.260 --> 00:41:18.779 Peter Fertig: So we had about four our first season, and we didn't know what the heck we were doing. What does this look like? How do we know about them? You know what's going on. So all right. The The Navy is going to take care of right. The Navy is going to take care of that side. The

00:41:18.790 --> 00:41:31.770 Peter Fertig: The baseball. Bobby d will help me with the baseball component. We do an On-field ceremony, and then the Board voted on justin Berlander for that. And then we're like okay, Well, who's our whole of famer again.

00:41:32.040 --> 00:41:43.270 Peter Fertig: We didn't know it ended up being yogi. Once we found out because Yogi obviously it was an education process. He did work at d-day. So

00:41:43.620 --> 00:41:47.570 Peter Fertig: we're we're we're hustling. We're figuring out all these details

00:41:47.600 --> 00:41:57.130 Peter Fertig: then the government shut down. People don't remember this right two thousand and thirteen. Now, when the government shuts down, the navy shuts down.

00:41:57.210 --> 00:42:11.399 Peter Fertig: All this is going on in the first year. I don't even want. I'm not being on negativity, but at certain points I imagine that things certain thoughts creep in and go. The hell am I doing?

00:42:11.410 --> 00:42:27.390 Peter Fertig: Should I keep doing this this? Should I keep doing this thing. It's all right. Dogs are welcome on the show, Peter. No big deal man. I do another show here in the Now we're professionals, and out of a lovely show. We're all about out. It's okay, All good. But hello there, dog!

00:42:27.400 --> 00:42:28.589 Peter Fertig: What is it to be?

00:42:28.600 --> 00:42:29.819 Tommy DiMisa: Was it Colby

00:42:29.830 --> 00:42:33.289 Peter Fertig: Kobe? Oh, Toby. What's up Toby? I'm Tommy d nice to meet you,

00:42:33.300 --> 00:42:40.389 Tommy DiMisa: um, you know. Look it's it's, you know. Doubt sometimes does try to find its way in and creep in. So there's

00:42:40.400 --> 00:43:00.339 Peter Fertig: you have no idea. But there's nothing like failing right, you Oh, man, we're hitting a brick wall Here, Well, let's go around the wall that's freaking for. Get a hammer. Let's knock the wall down. Whatever. Get a bulldozer I don't know. Figure it right. It It just it was insane Right? You're bringing people into an environment that I

00:43:01.400 --> 00:43:12.089 Peter Fertig: I have no knowledge of. I have no knowledge of Dc. I've never been there for. Ah, for you know, other than as a guest to to visit around and do things.

00:43:12.100 --> 00:43:15.799 Peter Fertig: And here we all we're bringing it the navy's taking care of their guy,

00:43:16.440 --> 00:43:28.350 Peter Fertig: and it was up to thank God for Admiral Javel. He reaches out to Justin Berlander's parents who live in Ah, Virginia. They pick up the phone and go. He's been nominated for the inaugural award.

00:43:28.360 --> 00:43:46.190 Peter Fertig: Bingo! He pivots his plants and comes to our event. So all of a sudden, now you got Justin Bolander You've got Yogi Barra, you've got, you know, and and Garth Sinclair class a chief. He was a senior chief in the United States. He wasn't a senior chief at the time he was a chief.

00:43:46.200 --> 00:43:51.489 Peter Fertig: So all these folks are coming together, and we got a party, and I still have no money

00:43:51.500 --> 00:43:59.950 Peter Fertig: right. All of this, you know you got it. You got to have you got to get alcohol. You got to get food. I don't know what i'm doing, and I got to get the venue.

00:44:00.780 --> 00:44:25.390 Peter Fertig: How does it all this come together, I mean. And so so, team-wise, who are the people you want to shut out with your original board. Who are the people that you know? The the Admiral obviously was talking about? But I hope you're well, man, I didn't know you guys that he was involved. He's a great

00:44:25.400 --> 00:44:30.579 Peter Fertig: bob is a great guy. He was in with us for our second year when, and i'll tell you about that in another time.

00:44:30.590 --> 00:44:35.590 Peter Fertig: Yeah, look, I know we're on a heartbreak, But that's all right. We're good. Keep going.

00:44:35.600 --> 00:44:51.990 Peter Fertig: Yeah, look. The The reality is is that We got through the first year, and we took a sigh of relief, and and things started to formulate the actual getting a nonprofit entity right? The five, one, one c. Three, because everybody that donated that time

00:44:52.460 --> 00:44:59.089 Peter Fertig: they just were kind out of their kind heart that they knew that I was gonna try to do the right thing. It wasn't about me. It was about what we were trying to

00:44:59.100 --> 00:45:04.190 Peter Fertig: right, so it was like Maybe you hadn't had everything in place, the infrastructure, the final infrastructure

00:45:04.200 --> 00:45:10.259 Peter Fertig: whole thing. Yeah, All right. So look, Let's do this because I I want to drive home

00:45:10.420 --> 00:45:33.909 Tommy DiMisa: what the organization, the impact of the organization is making. So when we come back we do have. Ah, we have what I like to kind of refer to as a lighting round. It's our last segment of the show. So we're going to pull it where and leave everything out on the field. We're going to leave it all out there. And um, I want you to talk to me about what the programs are, what it looks like, who we impacting. And then what do we need? What's coming off things like that, so we'll do it like kind of rapid fire.

00:45:33.920 --> 00:45:34.689 Peter Fertig: Thank you

00:45:34.700 --> 00:45:36.120 Tommy DiMisa: in focus,

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00:47:20.510 --> 00:47:22.240 That just to move.

00:47:22.520 --> 00:47:24.100 Who's your

00:47:25.190 --> 00:47:26.329 all this, daddy?

00:47:27.030 --> 00:47:28.240 You to me?

00:47:30.140 --> 00:47:31.580 Tommy DiMisa: All right. That's right.

00:47:31.590 --> 00:47:32.840 Tommy DiMisa: We're in the attic.

00:47:33.160 --> 00:47:34.640 Tommy DiMisa: What else what I mean.

00:47:35.140 --> 00:47:36.669 Tommy DiMisa: Two flights up

00:47:36.700 --> 00:47:39.090 Peter Fertig: from where I get my coffee in the kitchen.

00:47:39.100 --> 00:48:00.389 Peter Fertig: We're back. This is one to be focused. They see It's the lightning round. This is the lightning round, all right. I always want to be a game show, most, Peter. You probably didn't know that what you do now. So we're gonna go through it. It all started with this book. It all started. I think there's a whole. There's another book here. There's the the Casey book right? This. So if we have time on one, you tell them about the Casey book. You know the deal is on strike three times

00:48:00.400 --> 00:48:06.640 Peter Fertig: that. That's where it all started right. That's it took place after Case. He struck out from his eight-year-old son's perspective.

00:48:06.700 --> 00:48:18.490 Peter Fertig: Right It's a story of good and evil and right and wrong, and temptation and deception, and that's where Bob, Feller, Tom, Sieber and Calvin got involved. I then created because of the foundation.

00:48:18.500 --> 00:48:36.650 Peter Fertig: Another book called Ah, Walker, heroes! A profile of ballot, all the thirty, nine whole of famers that served during World War two. Ah, if you want to get a copy, just you know, ping me online, I'll be more than happy to send you copy whether electronically and I don't talk about it. So i'm going to share what you sent me, so they can see it.

00:48:36.660 --> 00:48:50.260 Peter Fertig: But how do you? How do they get in touch with you? Let's shout that out Quick! Sure it's so you can. You could reach me at P. Ferting at active valor award org, or Peter dot fer tig and adp com

00:48:50.700 --> 00:48:56.510 Peter Fertig: All right, cool! And the website again shout out the website, real quick shorts at the baller award dot org.

00:48:56.520 --> 00:49:24.210 Tommy DiMisa: So this is something you all can get from Peter, but this is where it all started. Yeah, Well, the uh you know the story. One Bill never knew, so I I love it from a different perspective. We we don't have too much time to go into that now, but it's from his son's perspective. Mighty Casey. Some, you know. So let's but let's not so. Let's go into what is the impact that the org's making? Now, aside from giving out and recognizing, giving the awards and and making a recognition piece, talking about what?

00:49:24.220 --> 00:49:52.140 Peter Fertig: So what's nice is we have we? We began our nomination process yesterday. We were in St. Louis uh the day before we're in uh Minnesota. We're going to be in Milwaukee, Mike Trout and Justin uh Turner in Los Angeles. So uh, and our friends in the Mets Carlos uh Carrasco, I believe he is still with the mets. If i'm not mistaken, Um! And he he's going to be nominated. So we have ten nominees this year,

00:49:52.150 --> 00:50:05.390 Peter Fertig: You know, gentlemen, Christian Yeelich from Milwaukee. Ah, you streamsky from San Francisco. So we got a lot of young petrol. Or is this virtual for you? Are you?

00:50:05.400 --> 00:50:22.689 Peter Fertig: Look, we have people that represent the foundation all over the country, and we get the Navy chiefs. That's part of our our outreach. Right is to honor the navy chiefs. They go on field. They get to me, Mike Trout, and they get to meet Christian Yellen, and that's pretty cool for them.

00:50:22.700 --> 00:50:30.389 Peter Fertig: So it's. It's a great experience, and then we get to honor these people that give back to our country. That's that's part of our nomination process.

00:50:30.400 --> 00:50:37.390 Peter Fertig: So moving on from that, That's that's real good. We're doing a you know. We're trying to raise money for military children.

00:50:37.400 --> 00:50:42.330 Peter Fertig: That's why we're having a walk in a run this weekend. We're going to be in Maine,

00:50:42.340 --> 00:51:10.989 Peter Fertig: the Pat Main, my friend, Command Sergeant Major Steve Curtis, uh Vice President of the foundation, Richard Smith, up there in uh Pat Maine. They're doing the run, so they're raising money for the foundation. All the money raised goes to military scholarships. So uh, if you're a spouse, if you are a a child of a military family member. We ask you that you write an essay on one of the Thirty nine. How that impacted your life.

00:51:11.000 --> 00:51:16.890 Peter Fertig: We go into a rubric, and then, you know, we had forty people last year. We awarded six scholarships.

00:51:16.900 --> 00:51:22.689 Peter Fertig: So we do. We do these programs tribute events. We do we have

00:51:22.700 --> 00:51:23.490 Peter Fertig: up, and

00:51:23.500 --> 00:51:41.249 Peter Fertig: you know what I call them University Speaker Series. So we've gotten, you know. We want to educate the younger generation about the thirty-nine. We want to also educate them on. How to you know. What does the future like? Right, you're in college Now

00:51:41.260 --> 00:51:56.739 Peter Fertig: you know? What is you? What do you want to do pivoting away from it? So we have. You know we've done invented Ohio University where we and and well, this was Pre-covid actually had it at James Madison University, Emerson College, Dean College, where

00:51:56.750 --> 00:52:13.540 Peter Fertig: people can ask questions and find out how to interview and what's involved, and we bring sports people from all over. We bring military people all over. Sit down and you know, talk about what their careers are as we do. We have an internship program that

00:52:13.550 --> 00:52:27.890 Peter Fertig: we have where we mentor young people that go out there and and try to, you know, get better at what they're doing. So they're getting. You know better at social media. They they're educating us, the old dinosaurs on certain things that

00:52:27.900 --> 00:52:31.720 Peter Fertig: help us get better, and they and we in turn help them. Um,

00:52:31.730 --> 00:52:50.869 Peter Fertig: you know we we have an educational mobile unit. I talked about that. That was Don't. You know we raised fifteen thousand dollars that goes around the country. It's It's been in the Yogi Barra Museum. It's been in the United States Naval War College. It's been at the United States Navy Museum,

00:52:51.400 --> 00:53:02.170 Peter Fertig: but we've had it so that you know we can go and do those programs to educate them on the Thirty nine hall of famers that served during World War Ii:

00:53:02.180 --> 00:53:16.550 Tommy DiMisa: Yeah. I mean, thank you for all that. I mean, this is so special. And again, how many lives are now impacted aside from the acknowledgment and the right, but are impacted by the work that is now happening. The education and I love something that really stood out for me with what you just said there

00:53:16.560 --> 00:53:46.169 Peter Fertig: was, while the your work dinosaurs know certain things and can educate the younger folks. You know the the the digital natives, and you know I mean the digital native for all people at this point. Right? It's it's that next generation. But, like you know, there's so much knowledge at five at the time. The last time I heard it was five different generations of workforce, Maybe at this point, you know. And if you know this show is about community. I'm about community. And if there is a way where people can remember that that sixty, seventy, eighty year old

00:53:46.180 --> 00:53:48.620 Tommy DiMisa: man, woman, has a

00:53:48.630 --> 00:54:06.369 Peter Fertig: of wisdom and a ton of knowledge like they know a bunch of stuff like, and they a bunch of stories like, and they want to share, and vice versa. The young people have so much to share, too. I'm not. You know. I Maybe I'm being silly, and everybody's like, of course I mean. Well, of course, if it was, of course, Then this stuff would happen all the time. It's not, of course, right.

00:54:06.380 --> 00:54:13.330 Peter Fertig: It's constant movement, Tommy, and what you'll be surprised at is this constant moving in the marketplace because

00:54:13.340 --> 00:54:31.669 Peter Fertig: lot of the season of people I call myself season. I don't almost a whole, but I've been around enough with the younger people coming in. They just want to learn, and they want to be educated and taught the right way. And i'm talking about what I do at work for you to pay this right. You come in as a blank slate. You want to treat them with respect.

00:54:31.680 --> 00:54:37.890 Peter Fertig: They come in with the energy, and you just want to help them. If you help people get what they want. Guess what you get what you want.

00:54:37.900 --> 00:55:01.669 Peter Fertig: If you help enough people get what they want. You'll get everything you ever want, love. It loves it all that stuff. And listen to the old. Listen to Jim Rowan lately. Listen to. I listen to seven hours Last Saturday, while I was cleaning the attic, I listen to seven hours of thinking. Bro. Rich, Napoleon Hill I mean the class. This stuff is all out there. You know It's It's there for you if you want it. So all right. I want you to in the last moment or two weeks.

00:55:01.680 --> 00:55:22.289 Tommy DiMisa: Talk about? What do you need following? I know you said you need a volunteer, so I know one young eleven year old volunteer that my kids did this service because I've talked to. They do in service, you know, and I I know one eleven year old who is a baseball fanatic, a sports fanatic that will be, will certainly be volunteering some of the stuff you're doing. So What do you need? Talk to us about that?

00:55:22.300 --> 00:55:33.409 Peter Fertig: We're having our our run and our walk next week. So next week this week we're in Pat and Maine. So unless you plan on traveling eight hours to go up to pad, and I think we got that covered.

00:55:33.420 --> 00:56:03.139 Peter Fertig: Um. But i'm what i'm hopeful for is, you know we have an event which is our walk. It's a twenty, two mile warm, right the twenty two a day. We talked about that so they're walking. You can walk up to twenty, two miles. You can do one stretch of five miles, you know, and pay that, and whatever money. So far we've raised about five thousand, which is not enough, we need to raise, probably in the neighborhood of between fifteen twenty thousand. So we're not where we need to be just yet. I'm hoping that this show that you're doing with us, and we appreciate it.

00:56:03.150 --> 00:56:14.190 Peter Fertig: We'll reach enough people to say, Hey, look, hey, Donate to the cause Again, one hundred percent of the money goes towards military children and spouses. So that's what we're trying to.

00:56:14.200 --> 00:56:22.289 Peter Fertig: What shot out the deed on next week. And what? Where is that all happening? That's out of the Southhold. It's going from Southhold to Orient Point, back

00:56:22.300 --> 00:56:41.880 Peter Fertig: to the South Hold American Legion, then comes back to Ah Orient Point. They flip it around which is eleven miles, and again you don't have to walk all twenty two. You could just go to Greenport, which is five. Have a couple of beers. Park. Your car will drive you back. So we've got that covered, and then to run. The next day on Sunday, September eighteenth,

00:56:41.890 --> 00:56:52.089 Peter Fertig: at Vietnam Veterans Memorial Park, and waiting river. We would love for those that want to be a part of it. Love to have you, you know. Come and join us.

00:56:52.100 --> 00:57:02.989 Peter Fertig: Awesome. What do you? Um! How many people you expect to get out at that event right now? We only have between sixty and seventy. I would love to get, you know, between one hundred and fifty thousand two hundred. I'd love to make it like the microphone. Right?

00:57:03.000 --> 00:57:07.280 Peter Fertig: Michael Murphy gets about four to five thousand every year.

00:57:07.640 --> 00:57:12.390 Peter Fertig: Welcome the opportunity to just grow it to. You know five hundred to a thousand people.

00:57:12.400 --> 00:57:36.579 Peter Fertig: I want to be a part of that growth. I want to be a part of the impact you're making. I will put this out there. You don't have to say yes or no right now. But my dad knows the Ralph Sis is on in Huntington, on New York Avenue right next to the par. If it's appropriate, we'll come out. I'll scoop some Italian Isis that day during the walk. It's always like you. Look, if somebody's going to walk twenty-two miles I can at least go up on the nicest thing, you know up saying so. If you want it, it's there we'll talk about it.

00:57:36.590 --> 00:57:50.389 Tommy DiMisa: You're welcome. Um! I love doing that for my nonprofit friends. I want to shout out, everybody checking on all the social media. Nick want to shout you out. I appreciate you, my Buddy Mick Collins, who we spoke about several times. Peter is a veteran of an army veteran, so shout out,

00:57:50.400 --> 00:58:04.740 Peter Fertig: Fair service, your service, brother, We appreciate you. Um! I, too, did not serve. So this is my service. This is how I want to be here for those who have, sir. I put mixed information. I put his companies called, Pay it forward, processing

00:58:04.750 --> 00:58:22.490 Peter Fertig: wrong, Peter, but I put it on Facebook. So you've heard me talk about Mick. A whole bunch now, probably like, what's this guy all about? Well, he runs this merchant processing department of this company, and and they do special work. Give it back money to nonprofit. We'll talk about that in the future, Peter. I appreciate you. Thanks so much for being on this.

00:58:22.500 --> 00:58:24.890 Peter Fertig: Thanks for having us. Tommy much appreciate it,

00:58:24.900 --> 00:58:33.030 Peter Fertig: and I look forward to to work with everybody in the future. Thanks. Guys have a great day, man. We'll see you. Well, bye, guys,

00:58:47.990 --> 00:58:49.369 Peter Fertig: let's take a look.

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