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Friday, September 2, 2022
Facebook Live Video from 2022/09/02 - Shifting Perceptions through Performance

Facebook Live Video from 2022/09/02 - Shifting Perceptions through Performance


2022/09/02 - Shifting Perceptions through Performance

[NEW EPISODE] Shifting Perceptions through Performance


The audience will hear from a passionate dance professional whose routines explore human relationships, relevant social issues, cultural identity, communication patterns, unique partnering and dynamic movement based on architectural constructs, physicality and empowering imagery.


Arts programs are often seen as expendable when it comes to budgeting time.  That said, there is a need to see dance and arts programs as essential more than ever in today's world. In addition to teaching dance and all aspects of the dance world - culture, history, business side, advocacy – there can be a great connection with different communities and to offer collaborations that uplift all partners.  Our special guest believes that dance offers a way to understand the rest of the world, including the business landscape. We are joined by Adrienne Clancy, Founder & Artistic Director at ClancyWorks Dance Company.  The Washington Post has described Adrienne Clancy, Founder, as “wizard of invention” and her choreography as “a tour de force of unpredictable partnering.” Adrienne has dance at the center of all projects, but with the interest to ask and perhaps answer a few other social/philosophical questions. supporting interns and apprentices for performing, teaching and administrative skills.  In addition, she utilizes a set structure as a metaphor to delve deeper into the questions behind each routine.  Come listen to our dance on the airwaves!

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00:00:40.910 --> 00:01:10.089 Steven Frey (@AlwaysFreyDay @SMBGUY): Well, hello out there. Planet Earth. Happy Friday! I'm. Back from vacation. I'm loose. I'm relaxed It's Friday, and it's always writing with me. C. Fry your Smb. Guy, I see. Why am I, or in case you missed it? Smb. Stands for small and medium sized business. For the last twenty years I've been a consultant for Smbs, a voice and a sounding board for business leaders advocating on their behalf. Their employees, too, can't forget about employees, I believe very strongly in sharing stories, providing perspective

00:01:10.100 --> 00:01:37.260 Steven Frey (@AlwaysFreyDay @SMBGUY): and creating connection. So every single Friday you can find me right here on talk radio and Nyc. Doing just that lending what's left of my mind and my voice to this radio show where I interview Smb. Leaders as well as their trusted advisors. One thing that I've noticed over the years everyone some of the best thought leadership for Smb is business in general, but especially Sms. It actually happens on Friday, right about the time we feel the freedom of the weekend.

00:01:37.270 --> 00:02:05.310 Steven Frey (@AlwaysFreyDay @SMBGUY): However, we're also anxious to start the weekend. Our little mini vacation, these crucial pearls of wisdom They're often overlooked. They're pushed aside. They're forgotten in favor of our fun activities and our freedom from work here on the show. We take advantage of that freedom and clarity. We discussed popular topics that are on the minds of Smb leaders and their trusted advisors. The name of the show, not just to play on words. My last name means free and German. A little bit of quick method behind the madness here for everybody.

00:02:05.320 --> 00:02:34.140 Steven Frey (@AlwaysFreyDay @SMBGUY): Today's show is brought to you by Sd. A wealth strategies, A Greek financial services firm located in Hudson Valley, New York, offering personal wealth, management and comprehensive business solutions for clients. Sda stands for simplifying financial lives, designing financial strategies and advocating to implement that Sda offers a concierge experience for individuals and businesses like the firm's highest priority always their clients best interests, while empowering people to be consciously proactive and to thrive today, tomorrow and beyond

00:02:34.150 --> 00:02:48.549 Steven Frey (@AlwaysFreyDay @SMBGUY): to learn more visit. Sda. Well, strategies dot com So just a fresh back from Wildwood Crest Vacation with the family. My brother's family, my parents great to hang with the family great to have my daughter back from sleep away camp,

00:02:48.560 --> 00:03:07.709 Steven Frey (@AlwaysFreyDay @SMBGUY): although we're already in pretty much full swing of chauffeur, the girls back and forth to the dance school. I spend about four days, plus a week at the dance school. Sometimes it feels like six days a week, but I know my wallet feels that way, but at least four days a week at the dance school, chauffeering everybody back and forth.

00:03:07.720 --> 00:03:25.980 Steven Frey (@AlwaysFreyDay @SMBGUY): Labor Day weekend is here. We can feel that school is about to start again and get back to a regular schedule. Today we're going to talk a little bit about shifting perceptions through performance, a little bit of the dance school lens on things. So the need to see dance and arts is essential,

00:03:26.050 --> 00:03:27.320 Steven Frey (@AlwaysFreyDay @SMBGUY): because

00:03:27.330 --> 00:03:56.969 Steven Frey (@AlwaysFreyDay @SMBGUY): there are. They are. The arts is essential. You can't have science without art. You can't have art without science, so you know, really like. We want people to really get more aware around the world of the arts. Some schools, some locations around the country are a lot more into the arts than others, but it's it's kind of an essential part of life. So today we're going to hear from somebody who teaches dance in all aspects of the dance, world, culture, history, business side advocacy. There can be great connection

00:03:56.980 --> 00:04:22.880 Steven Frey (@AlwaysFreyDay @SMBGUY): with different communities and offer collaborations that really uplift all of the different types of partners out there. I know that my special guest would agree. But dance, and the arts always kind of offers a way to understand the world very story-based. So again, our special guest has dance at the center of all projects, but with the interest to ask and perhaps maybe answer a few other social and philosophical questions that will help in other pieces of life.

00:04:23.070 --> 00:04:52.469 Steven Frey (@AlwaysFreyDay @SMBGUY): In addition, there's also a set structure as far as a metaphor for a lot of the performances to delve a little bit deeper in these questions which I know we're going to talk about today. Talk is cheap. We're on talk radio and Nyc. We don't want this to just be talk. The goal here is, Let's use the insight on the business landscape and create some more impact on Monday morning. It is far too often in my travels Sms are focused on the product that's going to solve all of their problems. The shiny new Mouse trap, the magic wand.

00:04:52.480 --> 00:05:21.399 Steven Frey (@AlwaysFreyDay @SMBGUY): One consistent thing I see out there. These products change every day in everything that we do personal in business, doesn't matter. You've got to surround yourself with the right people. First focus on the process of execution that's going to get you where you want to go. The right products will be there when you need them. I promise you Everything begins and ends up. So you guys know I love people. I'm very excited for this conversation. I'm a little little giddy. Actually, it's somebody who can intimately identify with Ah, but all the time that I spend at the dance school,

00:05:21.410 --> 00:05:51.250 Steven Frey (@AlwaysFreyDay @SMBGUY): our special guest is none other than Adrian Clancy, Ph. D. Mfa. Founder and artistic director at Clancy Works Dance Company. Adrian has been proclaimed a wizard of invention by the Washington post a Maryland based dance artist as a toward a force of unpredictable partnering. Her work explores architecturally and for partnering, develop the most diverse arts about that today as well assured to be simultaneously dynamic, yet extremely human.

00:05:51.260 --> 00:06:19.099 Steven Frey (@AlwaysFreyDay @SMBGUY): The choreography exemplifies an environment of mutual respect, and creates both images that embrace diversity and community awareness. Over the past twenty years Adrian has choreographed and performed throughout the world. She was invited to perform at the first Suzanne Delay international World dance competition in Tel Aviv and the sole student choreographer to represent the United States in the International College Dance festival in Kobe, Japan, which toured to Tokyo and other Japanese cities.

00:06:19.110 --> 00:06:49.050 Steven Frey (@AlwaysFreyDay @SMBGUY): Adrian completed A. Ph. D. And dance from Texas Woman University, in addition, holds an Mfa. In dance from T. Wu at an Ma. And dance with an emphasis in history and criticism from the University of New Mexico. Don't. Mess. With Adrian on Dance Knowledge. She will school in two thousand and one. Adrian founded the Clancy Work Stance Company, a greater Dc. Area based nonprofit company, consisting of highly qualified local and national artists. Adrian is also the founding director of the Dance Educators Training Institute,

00:06:49.060 --> 00:07:17.370 Steven Frey (@AlwaysFreyDay @SMBGUY): two Eti. A professional development workshop for artists and educators. That's been in existence since two thousand and seven, through the clever motto, shifting perceptions through performance. Clancy works uses the arts as a vehicle to develop mutual understanding, advanced positive social action and develop emerging artists and educators. Fancy works has been included in the catalog for philanthropy, and Greater Washington as one of the best community based nonprofit organizations in the region.

00:07:17.380 --> 00:07:30.030 Steven Frey (@AlwaysFreyDay @SMBGUY): Clancy pinned the forward for reminiscences of the reminiscences of it, touching that three times fast reminiscences of a dancing man, a book written by Bill Evans, or someone else she has collaborated with

00:07:30.040 --> 00:07:49.740 Steven Frey (@AlwaysFreyDay @SMBGUY): and published by the National Dance Association in two thousand and six. She's been on the faculty for numerous university dance programs around the country. She is honoured to receive awards for her teaching and choreography, and is presented at the Tedx Mid Atlanta Conference, also invited as the keynote speaker for the an Arundel Ounce Arts Council.

00:07:49.750 --> 00:08:08.430 Steven Frey (@AlwaysFreyDay @SMBGUY): Adrian's a dance machine. She's the perfect person to chat about with this topic. As always. We will discuss my favorite questions around movies Tv and music joining me from the scene of the recent Fry family vacation in Wildwood Crest this morning. Adrian, Welcome to always Friday, a pleasure to see you here in my virtual world.

00:08:08.440 --> 00:08:25.569 Adrienne Clancy: Oh, great Stephen, and thank you so so so much for inviting me! And oh, my goodness, I just have to also highlight that all of those accomplishments are only made with my team. Right? It's really with the company, and with all the partner, with all the dancers and all the people who have collaborated with me that make everything possible.

00:08:25.740 --> 00:08:41.499 Steven Frey (@AlwaysFreyDay @SMBGUY): Absolutely. It's all about the people you surround yourself with. I think about my dance team as my daughters these days. But I love the work that you're doing. We're going to get into this. I love a great combination of science and art, and you really have it. But let's get a little bit of the founders journey. Tell us how you got where you are today.

00:08:41.510 --> 00:09:11.409 Adrienne Clancy: Well, I love your stories about your daughter's dancing, because literally, you know, that's where it began with me, was this idea of Ah, you know I started dancing when I was younger, and i'm the youngest of a family of six. I should say that first, and my mom was like, okay. Everybody could do one thing, but one thing. I only because, as you said, it's not only the funding and the fees, but the transportation right to be able to get from place to place. Um. And so, basically you know, I loved dance. I took pants, and it was like, oh, I needed to do more than just jazz what I want to take,

00:09:11.420 --> 00:09:30.390 Adrienne Clancy: and then it was like, Oh, I want to take tap. I would do all these other things but my mom, the rule It was right. One thing, so i'd say I started learning about business from my sisters, who started a babysitting business. I'm the youngest. So by the time I was ten eleven. They already had the whole neighborhood mapped out on who had the best food, Who gave the best tips right? Who had cable? We didn't have cable

00:09:30.400 --> 00:09:37.490 Adrienne Clancy: very important. Yeah. So I mean that. Come on. Now, I'm telling you that's what's really important. And all of you people who are looking for babysitters. That's what's going to bring them in,

00:09:37.500 --> 00:09:38.850 Adrienne Clancy: and so

00:09:38.860 --> 00:10:01.730 Adrienne Clancy: true right through that. So basically, um, you know. So I had the data sitting, but it wasn't a for dance. So I started. I had a newspaper out, and I remember, you know, being the newspaper route. It was first the joke on the block like Oh, here's a newspaper boy. Oh, the girl! Oh, yeah, here she is. But then, when I delivered those papers on Sunday morning five A. M. Anybody had the hairs right Then it was like, Oh, who's the superwoman newspaper girl? Come in right?

00:10:01.740 --> 00:10:25.340 Adrienne Clancy: And they started to realize. So I think, from a young age I realized a You got to work for stuff me. You got to change the system from within, because literally those newspapers routes paid for my dance classes, and graciously. I had parents, my friends, I have to just say the friends of my um. The moms of my friends helped carpool me because my dad was like I could do long time, and that's it. So I just say that in terms of how that started my whole life of dance was.

00:10:25.350 --> 00:10:55.209 Adrienne Clancy: I realized how much of local studio dancing is based on money. As you said, it's great. I mean his arts are essential, and he's really clear about that. And I also am going to talk a little bit about how to be intentional, because I don't think we all need to be paying out of our pockets. I think we pay enough in taxes, and there's enough money in taxes for cultural development that as our taxes are going for, you know, to change streets and also to figure out different programs that as we continue to put tax money towards the arts, we're developing

00:10:55.220 --> 00:11:05.790 Adrienne Clancy: the next generation to be creative, to figure out how you get out of a pandemic. What do you do during the pandemic to make something that turned it into an opportunity, because that's what we did at glances. He works for sure.

00:11:05.800 --> 00:11:23.039 Adrienne Clancy: Yeah, that's the essential part. And then I would say to you, it's a You know the safety that your daughter's feeling in that local dance studio. You know, when I was in the local dance studio we didn't have the Internet? I didn't have social media. I just had like. You know. I just had to show up at school the next day and hear things in person Right? Twenty, four, seven.

00:11:23.050 --> 00:11:53.040 Adrienne Clancy: But it was a safe space, a such a safe space. And I say this because what I realized then it was about management and leadership. We talked a little bit about that, and in the in the studios, when I had really good teachers, they always affirmed me right and the critical the critical aspect to help me get better? Was the question right? So, rather than like telling me what to do, and telling me what was right well, it was wrong. It was really like asking like, How does this make you feel when you stretch in a way that's proper like when you're doing a proper stretch and the proper it's just that it's not hurting your body

00:11:53.050 --> 00:12:04.490 Adrienne Clancy: right? But everyone's you can have really use these ideas of what a proper stretch is proper stretches. Is Is it not heard in your body? Is it regenerating your body? Is it making you feel better? And is it building your body as opposed to breaking it down,

00:12:04.500 --> 00:12:22.850 Adrienne Clancy: and it's a proper stretch. But you know how do you find that inside of yourself when you're ten years old and you're thinking that you're hearing right, no pain, no gain. And you're kind of these clicking ideas. So I say that in terms of I connected always business in my life. Questions philosophical to dance. So right there you have a lesson in leadership right there, Right? What's different

00:12:22.860 --> 00:12:49.489 Adrienne Clancy: between management and leadership? How can you lead a leader to me? Brings people with you around you up, and if they're with you, because if you're a real, be a leader, you're learning just as much as you are, you know, trying to help people out. Actually, I think people help me out more when i'm in the leader position my my company helps me much more than I think i'm done with them as much as I try to try to try to constantly figure out how to help them and figure out um, and how do I help them? I figure out what is what they? What is it that they want? What are they asking for

00:12:49.500 --> 00:12:50.890 Adrienne Clancy: beyond the job?

00:12:50.900 --> 00:13:08.889 Adrienne Clancy: Okay, this is beyond the job because of everybody knows a job it's going to be. You have one foot in the door. You have one foot out because everyone's thinking about. What are they going to do after that job? Where is that job going to lead them? So for me? It's like um, and i'll i'm just going to say this. I talk a lot in tangents and a lot in circuit.

00:13:08.900 --> 00:13:10.689 Adrienne Clancy: By the end of this hour they're all going to connect.

00:13:10.700 --> 00:13:26.300 Adrienne Clancy: They're all going to come and connect. So Don't, you work. But yeah, I would just say just to bringing this back to a circle, these local studios, the early times of dancing are essential because they teach our kids how to be creative. But if you have a good teacher, and I say a good teacher is one who affirms it also asks you questions,

00:13:26.310 --> 00:13:32.640 Adrienne Clancy: So you push yourself. It's not the teacher pushing you. They're getting you to push it yourself because you have to be internally motivated.

00:13:36.900 --> 00:13:49.330 Steven Frey (@AlwaysFreyDay @SMBGUY): I'm going to ask you to hold some of those thoughts because they're extremely pertinent for where we're going in just a minute. When we come back from this break with Adrian Clancy, founder and artistic director at Clancy Works Dance Company. Stay with us.

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00:16:04.900 --> 00:16:34.879 Steven Frey (@AlwaysFreyDay @SMBGUY): Welcome back everybody. It's Friday. It's always Friday, and it's me. Steve Brier Smb guy we are with Adrian Clancy, founder and artistic director at Fancy Work Stance Company before we get into the method behind the madness in Adrienne's world. I just wanted to sit out by the fire pit briefly, which are lighting up later this evening in a beautiful evening. Ah! But Adrian was talking just now about some of the the life lessons and some of the

00:16:34.890 --> 00:16:40.010 leadership skills and training versus management things that can come out of

00:16:40.060 --> 00:17:10.049 Steven Frey (@AlwaysFreyDay @SMBGUY): the artistic type of world. And you know, most folks here know that I like a good blend of science and art, and this is really doing it with style. If you look at the mission of Clancy Works Dance Company, increase the public appetite for an understanding of the arts by presenting high quality, dance performance and educational programs, expanding the relevance of dance and people's lives demonstrating that creative movement can be used for many other things and nurturing the leadership skills and and artistic excellence in emerging artists. So you talk about educational programs and high

00:17:10.060 --> 00:17:14.109 Steven Frey (@AlwaysFreyDay @SMBGUY): quality dance performance. Some schools concentrate on it. Some don't

00:17:14.270 --> 00:17:24.289 Steven Frey (@AlwaysFreyDay @SMBGUY): increased tangible impact and creative movement, solving conflicts, community connections, academic civic responsibilities. These are all things that most schools and most

00:17:24.630 --> 00:17:45.329 Steven Frey (@AlwaysFreyDay @SMBGUY): people in general. They want to promote, but many don't grasp that it can really be fostered well in the world of the creative arts which brings us to the last part. You know, leadership, skills, and artistic excellence. Leadership versus management is something that Adrian and I were chatting about, and then I've chatted with a whole bunch of other folks about along the way to do a whole other show just about that,

00:17:45.340 --> 00:18:02.339 Steven Frey (@AlwaysFreyDay @SMBGUY): but having a foundation in the world of creative arts, can really foster some of the skills needed to be an effective leader. Why? Because, as Adrian was saying before, and very similar to the mantras of talk radio that Nyc, being an effective leader, means you can uplift, educate and empower those around you

00:18:02.480 --> 00:18:21.410 Steven Frey (@AlwaysFreyDay @SMBGUY): period. There's not much more complication to it than that I love, quotes Adrian, so i'm going to kick this off also the scale, like every time I talk to you. This quote kept resonating with me. I like a lot of Mark Twain quotes dance like nobody's watching love like you've never been hurt. Sing like nobody's listening. I know you like saying it, and live like It's heaven on earth!

00:18:21.500 --> 00:18:33.189 Steven Frey (@AlwaysFreyDay @SMBGUY): So, Adrian, this is the method part of the show the science behind what you do, what you do, how you do it, how you go to market for it. So lay it on us. Talk to us a little bit about the world of clinical workstation dance works.

00:18:33.200 --> 00:18:51.340 Adrienne Clancy: Excellent. Yeah. Yeah. So I you know, I know when people hear that they're probably like, Oh, yeah, yeah, how does dance? Do that? And i'll just give you something very, very concrete and simple. I know you want me to talk about science with this, but I do just because I want to call upon it. I think it's really important to highlight what dance can do. So here's an example. I

00:18:51.350 --> 00:19:21.230 Adrienne Clancy: teach a lot in Baltimore, uh county public schools, and well, to many of the schools that I go into are um. Maybe I would say eighty percent African, American or black in um, you know, fifteen percent white um, you know. And then five percent um mixed, you know. And so basically and then I go in and I want to partner. And I say, okay, they find a partner, and immediately what you see is all the black kids go back. It's not. It's something where for me, I just realized twenty years ago starting a class. It's like this:

00:19:21.240 --> 00:19:51.179 Adrienne Clancy: this has to change um. It hasn't changed yet in the twenty years. But I would say, what happens in the change that I see is over the course of a Residency. By the end of the Residency. People are partnering with diverse friends people with whom they have never thought would be their friends. Um, because that is the power of when you bring people together nonverbally and making our focusing on the art. And then when you're focusing on the art and getting people connected, then we can also then have the difficult conversations, and actually talk about race, and we talk about race all the time in my class.

00:19:51.190 --> 00:19:57.659 Adrienne Clancy: It will come up. Whatever I see will come forward, and I would say in terms of what's the science behind what we do?

00:19:57.740 --> 00:20:16.649 Adrienne Clancy: Ah, from the very beginning, right? I always said, as I said to you before I've figured out the way. I could understand the world was through dance, whether that was my body, dancing or creating, and choreographically, by asking questions and seeing how other people would answer those questions creatively.

00:20:16.670 --> 00:20:28.690 Adrienne Clancy: We're watching me in the classroom, all right, as you see, when you know, I would always say I love working with K. Through twelve, because middle schoolers and high schoolers will let you know immediately if you are not giving a quality performance.

00:20:28.700 --> 00:20:29.770 Steven Frey (@AlwaysFreyDay @SMBGUY): I agree with you

00:20:29.780 --> 00:20:30.960 Adrienne Clancy: tough critics,

00:20:30.970 --> 00:21:00.159 Adrienne Clancy: cuff critics. Right So before we ever go on stage right for a formal public review, i'm like we got to make it past the middle schoolers and the high scores. Um! And I say to I do believe in Disney. I really think Walt Disney knew the science, which was, How do you create quality work? So everybody in the audience can get something from it. So artwork has to talk to your seniors. It has to talk to your you know your person, who is just, you know, hanging out. Um, I mean

00:21:00.170 --> 00:21:26.949 Adrienne Clancy: I've got to talk to everybody if it's really going to be a relevant, and then be in a long time right ability to go to the market. But for me, even beyond the market, it's really that sense of Can you create work that does say something for everybody. So it might be just like the physicality might be amazing in our work, right for someone who's super young. Maybe Pre. K. Right. They can be engaged with just that and just kind of looking at that. But I always have multiple layers of questions, because when we make the dance we're asking multiple questions.

00:21:26.960 --> 00:21:39.030 Adrienne Clancy: So in terms of you know that the science is really um, I would say, this is the really big science. When I was younger, I remember thinking, Oh, everyone says you're going to, you know we want to make a million dollars. But I said to myself. Why

00:21:39.040 --> 00:21:47.789 Adrienne Clancy: would I want to make a million dollars if I had a million dollars? What would I use it for? I remember that song If I had a million dollars

00:21:47.800 --> 00:21:49.220 Adrienne Clancy: all right. I digress

00:21:49.820 --> 00:22:18.920 Adrienne Clancy: because it's always if people think it's the money, but it's for me. It was like, Well, if I was going to. What would I do? I would travel, and I was like, you know what I could dance and travel the world because dancers perform, and I travel the world. So basically you know, it was like asking that question. Maybe not be afraid of going into a dance career, Because what's the biggest fear of everyone's dance career that you're not going to make money. But i'm going to tell you you may not. You may not be the richest person in the world. But internally you will be, and you can sustain yourself, because for me it's not valuable

00:22:18.930 --> 00:22:48.900 Adrienne Clancy: extreme wealth it's about being sustainable. So you think, what do you need to sustain yourself in a in a healthy, happy lifestyle? And what is it that you most want to do to make that happen? And I would say that you know that's really the key, right? It's fear that stops us from everything. When I see people who didn't realize their dance treatments, They stopped there for the first two or three years, because they didn't get to the company or into the part or whatever, but it's also like it. It's not going to happen in the first two or three years who builds their business in two or three years, and then, you know they're immediately able to survive on their new business at the adult Right?

00:22:48.910 --> 00:22:58.350 Adrienne Clancy: Right? But yet there's a lot of people out there looking for instant gratification, especially if you're looking in the small medium-sized business world. But a lot of what you're talking about, Adrian is the exact

00:22:58.360 --> 00:23:10.269 Steven Frey (@AlwaysFreyDay @SMBGUY): the type of science that I like to to talk about with people, and you know what I brought it up before, architecturally informed partnering work, and you mentioned it just now, you know. Give everybody a little bit of quick education behind that.

00:23:10.280 --> 00:23:39.810 Steven Frey (@AlwaysFreyDay @SMBGUY): That that very concept is a unique way of bringing people together within dance, not only as an aesthetic statement, which is what a lot of times people are focused on, about how everything looks and how it makes it feel. But just as a as a source of powerful images that embrace diversity and exemplify trust. Kind of like You're walking into the Baltimore schools and seeing seeing it immediately flock to light colors like That's That's crazy to see that way, because it should. It should be seen that way. But it's, you know, you say, in some of your commentary here, you're passionate about your efforts

00:23:39.820 --> 00:23:44.389 Steven Frey (@AlwaysFreyDay @SMBGUY): to combine physically demanding and powerful movement with the sensitive portrayal of

00:23:44.400 --> 00:23:53.050 Steven Frey (@AlwaysFreyDay @SMBGUY): portrayal of cultural nuances and personal emotions. That's not an easy fee. So talk to us a little bit about overcoming some of that through your methodology.

00:23:53.060 --> 00:24:21.619 Adrienne Clancy: Yeah. Well, I'd say it starts with how I just talked with the Baltimore schools, and as you see, we're very. We've been very intentional, so i'll also give you a little bit of personal background, which is my mother, is from Diana, South America, and my father's from England, and if you know anything about like Caribbean Western me culture, my mom and Guyana very, very, very close, right so personal space is normalized, right? So always tugging, you know. Six kids always tugging close together in a car.

00:24:21.630 --> 00:24:25.789 Adrienne Clancy: Not a big deal. Now, my dad's from England. Right? Everything's at arms distance

00:24:25.800 --> 00:24:26.590 Steven Frey (@AlwaysFreyDay @SMBGUY): like a

00:24:26.600 --> 00:24:32.089 Adrienne Clancy: So even before words, there was something in me that was like, There's something weird happening here,

00:24:32.100 --> 00:24:54.269 Adrienne Clancy: I mean, between the two. My dad loved me. He would hold me all the time, and he he literally said, i'm working on hard so hard to be an American, and to really get beyond my English boundaries and and fears of boundaries. And and he was very verbal and very clear about that. So he would always say to me if i'm not hugging you not, please let me know he was. He was aware of that. But when that happens at a young level it made me realize there's something about connection, partnering and all.

00:24:54.280 --> 00:25:24.270 Adrienne Clancy: So how you, partner and I would say this, this is the architectural partner, and thank you for picking up on that, Stephen, because with Baltimore right when you start to bring different races together, as you see always, our company is always diverse. Um! And you have to have them literally build upon their bodies and on structures. Right then, you're architecturally creating a new generation, a new society. That's what we're trying to do you visually through the visual metaphor. And we know how important visual images are and kinetic images. So basically, that is, from the empowering images.

00:25:24.280 --> 00:25:41.539 Adrienne Clancy: They're so important. And as you see in this picture here, the girl's on top right. She's holding her own weight on that structure also. Do you know what I mean. It's like in terms of That's their bench's piece, so i'll just give you a quick. I can tell philosophically that the very simple science to what we do,

00:25:41.550 --> 00:25:45.630 Adrienne Clancy: I think about what bothers me what's bothering me at any time

00:25:45.640 --> 00:26:14.670 Adrienne Clancy: in life and um, and literally it's like it gets inside me, and that's why I think I dance. It's like I gotta hit it out. Gotta get it out right. But then, you know, you start to say, Huh! If it's inside of me as this inside of other people. So I try to figure it out. You know I start to ask a question, and I start to interview a lot of people, and it helps me to figure out a some of the answers. But also if this is a charged question for them, because if it is a charged question for them of all different ages, of all the different levels we teach,

00:26:14.680 --> 00:26:39.690 Adrienne Clancy: and I know we're on to something that's going to be a hit, and that actually is relevant, and that's going to engage the company to make the dance piece, but also the audience, because That's the biggest thing I would say to modern dancers often has a struggle to find an audience, and I think the the struggle is because oftentimes we're not so relevant. Sometimes maybe we're making dances that are over people's heads, and who everyone's smart. Nobody wants to go some place to say, I don't get it right. Why are you going to pay money to go some ways to do this?

00:26:39.700 --> 00:26:45.830 Adrienne Clancy: To feel stupid? Right? Exactly, you know. Right? So it's like, How do you create work? That is,

00:26:45.840 --> 00:27:15.800 Adrienne Clancy: you know, relevant, but also people can decode it. And how you decode that for the audience. So that's been something that's been fascinating for me. That actually leads to a lot of quality performances, because it's also like what happens before the dance in the concert that you can help the audience understand the dance. How can you enter the audience into the world so they can start to understand the piece before the p-seven starts? Is that a pre-show we can do a pre-show conversation. Right it could be, if that's fine. A little boring. But could you also do that as a performance. Could you, you know? Could you create a small little a piece a minute long piece?

00:27:15.810 --> 00:27:35.050 Adrienne Clancy: It's going to ask the questions. So we start to create performances that are kind of fun like that, but that are also very intentional, and our pieces here, as an example, I would say this: the Bench's piece came out, and that's one we didn't really talk about there on benchmarks was when Whitney Houston died. This was created vitamin on men. We thought to ourselves

00:27:35.060 --> 00:27:50.370 Adrienne Clancy: It's so horrible that someone has to die before we can acknowledge how much we love them, and how much we appreciate them. And I remember Oprah saying that if Whitney had just heard that from people, from the people she needed to hear it from, maybe she would not have had the same short life. Who knows right. We don't know,

00:27:50.380 --> 00:28:20.180 Adrienne Clancy: so that we were working on um a set about benches at that piece and benchmarks because Cordon sisters was a commission. Somebody had asked us to come in and actually create a So we we often like, start the pieces ourselves. Somebody condition doesn't ask us to create a space in their lobby. Amazing benches We're like, all right. Well, we'll be on benches, and I keep your hand that I can't just a piece of come in just asking about something. The benches. So we kept looking at them, and we thought, Oh, they kind of look like coffins and open costs, too, from the other side. So we really just ask that question with benchmarks like, You know. What are we doing? What are our marks like? Are we

00:28:20.190 --> 00:28:32.750 Adrienne Clancy: shading every day letting people know what it is that we appreciate, you know, while they're there, and not too late. Not when it's afterwards. And that created a lot of beautiful duets. And what we do is we ask those questions: Where do people appreciate?

00:28:32.760 --> 00:28:46.989 Adrienne Clancy: Who is someone that they would want to tell someone an appreciation letter to what would they write? And then we hear that, and we create a movement from those stories, and those stories come from the dancers or from our community workshops, from people, or from our schools from the students.

00:28:47.000 --> 00:29:02.659 Adrienne Clancy: So let's hold that thought right there, because the stories I want to come back to in the next segment, which we've got to take a quick break. But there is a lot of science behind what you do that I feel like a lot of people don't necessarily pick up on immediately, and with a lot just my experience dealing with my daughters and the dance

00:29:02.670 --> 00:29:32.569 Steven Frey (@AlwaysFreyDay @SMBGUY): that they do. But you know your your philosophy of the architecturally informed partnering. And then you also have an acronym here that I like aspire arts and education programs just to engage Everybody revolves around, acquire knowledge, solve conflicts, partner to accomplish greater goals which we're talking about, improve academic achievement, respect self, others, and the environment. And last but definitely not least embrace community and diversity, and a lot of times that comes through the storytelling,

00:29:32.580 --> 00:29:48.149 Steven Frey (@AlwaysFreyDay @SMBGUY): and that comes through the cool metaphors that you've used to describe some of your routines, but a lot of that falls into my world of madness, which i'm excited to talk a little bit further when we come back from this break with Adrienne Clancy, founder and artistic director at Clancy. Work, Stance cover you. Stay with us.

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00:31:50.320 --> 00:32:18.519 Steven Frey (@AlwaysFreyDay @SMBGUY): Welcome back to always. Friday with me, Stephen Pryor Smb. Guy. Not just me. We're chatting with my friend Adrian Clancy, founder and artistic director at Clancy works dance company some great tidbits from Adrian, thus far blending the world of science and art in one of the more creative lenses out there. So we're going to dive a little bit into the madness Here the artistic observational part of the show, the stories from the field no subject to taboo, Adrian. I think of a lot of the madness around the world

00:32:18.530 --> 00:32:47.800 Adrienne Clancy: world of ah dance and dance schools. I just think of how young my kids were when they started, and how old they are Now

00:32:47.810 --> 00:32:57.789 Steven Frey (@AlwaysFreyDay @SMBGUY): that really resonates, as far as good life lessons and good leadership lessons. But I know you got a whole bunch of stories to share with us as well, so give us a little bit of the madness of the world of dance.

00:32:57.800 --> 00:33:14.699 Adrienne Clancy: Got madness. Well, you know It's all mad. That's the key right there. You got to be a little crazy to go into the world of dance for a living, but you know i'd say not crazy. They used to be so. My mom used to say, optimistic. You have to be very obvious, right? And so.

00:33:14.710 --> 00:33:32.189 Adrienne Clancy: But you know I So I would say. The madness is that you've got to be mad enough to be able and willing to work probably eighteen hour days for a long time. But That's the key, right? If you love what you do, You're never working. So I put that I don't know how true that is, when you're really working those eighteen hour days, seven days a week.

00:33:32.330 --> 00:34:02.309 Adrienne Clancy: Ah, but you know it's as that. And then, you know, some nad stories, you know. Well, really, I would say this. Okay, i'm gonna tell you a story when I was young, and i'm telling all the parents now and watched out. Okay, So I went to a dance camp. I'm not going to say which dance camp it was just to give it some notoriety. And ah! I was supposed to stay in the dorm, and what happened was I realized that I could um save more money and pocket some of that money if I didn't. If I got my the door money that I that was put forth, and if I put it in um, if I just rented it from a room, it's a friend of mine.

00:34:02.320 --> 00:34:06.289 I was like I got a friend. Stay with my friend. I'm like that. It's going to be so much cheaper,

00:34:06.300 --> 00:34:08.330 Adrienne Clancy: and the door money?

00:34:08.340 --> 00:34:09.989 Adrienne Clancy: Well, all right. Oh,

00:34:10.000 --> 00:34:37.690 Adrienne Clancy: like, you know, day one is like cool. It all works out. It's got a lot of friends over, so i'm meeting a lot of friends day to you. There's like a lot of people and a lot of people different people every day. Keep coming, so i'm like hm! Now you know i'm in dance camp, so I I leave it mine. I don't come back till five. I work in the theater at night so but i'm noticing that, like you know there are lots of people coming in different people constantly. Then day three up, says he's got a friend who's gonna stay. He's gonna go off for a while he's got a friend who's gonna just take over his room.

00:34:37.699 --> 00:34:57.290 Adrienne Clancy: So don't worry. She's cool, you know. So I meet a friend, and and and it was not only her friend, but her friend and her partner. So both of them are living. So i'm like all right, all right, you know um, and then I start noticing day four day, five, all of a sudden. Everything's starting to be gone from the department right? Something to worry about.

00:34:57.300 --> 00:35:16.430 Adrienne Clancy: Right by week two. The couch has gone, I mean like everything, and and and the guy never came back. I never saw him again Right When he was gone to a three. I never saw him after that just the friend who stayed there. So luckily I did have a little lock on my door, so I would just kind of, you know. Close my eyes, walk in and go in with my eyes. Just my dance, camp and dance all day. Come back, i'm just we,

00:35:16.610 --> 00:35:30.789 Adrienne Clancy: and by day by week three, though the door knocks, and you know there's Dude and his his name is Slufa, and he's got a gun, and I can't make this up that That was his name Slupa, and he had a gun, and he was looking for the owner of the guy who had left, which I want to say his name. But I was like

00:35:30.800 --> 00:35:45.539 Adrienne Clancy: my dance friends after that and grab me. They're like you cannot stay there, but This is what I say. This is the greatest metaphor, for, like you know what I mean. You kind of just get to know that when you're throwing yourself in the fire or the dance world. It'll work out because you got

00:35:45.550 --> 00:35:53.740 Adrienne Clancy: it just made. You need a little bit more leather skin um. But I Just say that to your parents and for yourself, Stephen, like Make sure you know what your kids are doing with the door. Money?

00:35:53.750 --> 00:36:16.899 Steven Frey (@AlwaysFreyDay @SMBGUY): Yeah, I Ah, well, i'm glad to see that you made it out of Sluf, as clutches are unscathed. That's a definitely good to be here. But some Ah, yeah, so definitely. You live in a world of metaphors, and I I always love metaphors. It goes a long way to telling a story. You know all the different dance routines that you know you you have to put together with the dance company. A lot of them they'll have like the the benchmarks one as an example. It'll actually have

00:36:16.910 --> 00:36:30.560 Steven Frey (@AlwaysFreyDay @SMBGUY): a bench as like the Prop. And dance routines going around it, telling a story, using the prop. I think that's also such an interesting process, and again using the metaphor a great way to tell a story.

00:36:30.570 --> 00:37:00.389 Adrienne Clancy: Yes. Well, I have to tell you a little bit more about that. There is a really clear scientific method to the creative process that we use. So, as I said, it starts with a question always. Then we do research always, and we interview. But what i'm listening for in the interview is that we're listening for What's a metaphor for a physical structure that we could use, because I know that our strength and uniqueness the Clancy works is that we not only partner with human bodies, we partner with structures because we also feel that we're going to learn more right? So I would say that a second.

00:37:00.400 --> 00:37:17.089 Adrienne Clancy: That's just the biggest singular to benches right. Those benches weren't quite even, and we would move them up down, change their perspective of much always, and there was a thing where every once in a while the bench would just fall right. But we know sign is right. A body at rest will remain at rest unless right disturbed.

00:37:17.100 --> 00:37:19.939 Adrienne Clancy: So it was always a thing of like, you know.

00:37:19.950 --> 00:37:32.020 Adrienne Clancy: The bench is just followed, but it was like somebody had to talk best like the bench is not just gonna fall. So it was. It became a thing of, you know. First blame right? And you start seeing everyone's like. So what are you gonna do, You're gonna blame the bench

00:37:32.260 --> 00:38:01.759 Adrienne Clancy: like After a while you said you have to realize, like I mean, this is a lesson that I think our politicians can run it. How many times can you? You know we partner with structures because it's like. If you're doing something, we have a ladder in one piece right? So if something happens with the one you're going to blame the ladder. No, honey, and you gotta take. You gotta start to look at yourself and realize who's responsible for the actions. So I love that in terms of just structures. That's something. And then the structures always have a metaphor. So we told you about um. The first piece we did was back to the wall was literally like when your back is against the wall, like

00:38:01.770 --> 00:38:10.990 Adrienne Clancy: the pandemic. What are the opportunities that can you find? And what we found? And I would say this, Stephen, We did this before matrix, which I think does to say how old I am. So

00:38:12.400 --> 00:38:14.089 Adrienne Clancy: I won't. Tell anybody. Don't worry.

00:38:14.100 --> 00:38:38.280 Adrienne Clancy: No, that's our new project is aging and dance right? I'm. Above fifty. And so that's our new process of learning how to do aging and dance. But the wall is literally, how do we be randomly partnered with partners to run the wall just like the matrix before the matrix? Now we had to use partners, because, You know, we weren't doing any Tv magic, but we figured out how to do that. And how do you do that? You have to have the foundation and the person who is on the shoulders has to carry their own weight. So the foundation can't care

00:38:38.290 --> 00:38:57.690 Adrienne Clancy: the way the person on the shoulders who's running the role of all has to be just as strong, wanting to run that wall just as much as anyone who's going to carry them up there. And that's really, you know, a big part about anything in business, and anything like that. People will help you. But you got to be willing to do it for yourself. You're not going to be yourself. You're not going to be independent. It's always going to be interdependent,

00:38:57.700 --> 00:39:02.489 Adrienne Clancy: but you have to be well. No one's going to do it for you. That's the immediate gratification that we were talking about.

00:39:02.500 --> 00:39:22.290 Steven Frey (@AlwaysFreyDay @SMBGUY): I love the analogy with the with with the with the ladders, too. It's like you told me that it's a well analogy metaphor. However, you want to put it it's actually right next to your logo on your website. The latter, and when you were speaking to me about the latter piece it's like you can look at it through a scientific, but it's like Well, I don't really only one way to stand up. Otherwise it's not really going to do anything to help you. You turn it upside down,

00:39:22.300 --> 00:39:38.119 Steven Frey (@AlwaysFreyDay @SMBGUY): not going to be able to climb up there and do the job that you got to do. But through an artistic lens, what you had said to me was, you know, having the latter upright is one thing, but putting the ladder in almost any other position is more amenable to doing a dance routine around it,

00:39:38.420 --> 00:39:41.630 Steven Frey (@AlwaysFreyDay @SMBGUY): which is an interesting lens to look at it through.

00:39:41.640 --> 00:40:11.229 Adrienne Clancy: Yeah, I mean, there were so many metaphors with the latter piece, because we had ladders of all different sizes, and the question we asked there was, How do we find the balance between your life and your work? Life? And then, um I kept hearing When I interviewed people the the metaphor that it just kept coming up, and at first we said, Oh, that's so obvious. It's the ladder. But then, because it came up so much. We were like, Okay, we have to use the ladder. And exactly as you said, the biggest ladders were the clunkiest and quite honestly right. You get up there. It's just this little tiny shelf up there, so it's like That's the one percent right. It was so scary

00:40:11.240 --> 00:40:40.730 Adrienne Clancy: for anybody to be on the top of that ladder. It was so. You know what I mean. It's like It's scary to be out there by yourself, and also there's no room for anybody out there with the one right. So if you're just trying to get to this one, it's like it was hard. It was heavy. Nobody wanted to rehearse. Nobody wanted to come up with like court. Then we should turn the outer sideways all of a sudden. There's all this space for people we could do headstands on it. We could do hands on it. We could show in and out, and then we flipped it upside down, and then it was like it was like the seesaw. We needed people to

00:40:40.740 --> 00:40:48.890 Adrienne Clancy: keep it upright. And then it was this amazing like, Can we turn the ladder into like a carousel. Can we turn it into a C stuff and then rehearsals just became fun Right? Because

00:40:48.900 --> 00:40:49.589 Adrienne Clancy: yes,

00:40:49.600 --> 00:41:10.500 Adrienne Clancy: no matter what you're doing. If it's not funny, nobody can do it right seriously. So you know. I mean that's that's our success with K. Through twelve, as we teach people how to dance. We're working right now in a financial literacy program for kids, We're going to have them dance the budgets and dance the dances as they understand it, because you know what's the big for dancers. I see the the biggest fear for dancers is finances and businesses like

00:41:10.510 --> 00:41:29.979 Adrienne Clancy: You're a natural business person. As an artist you just have to realize that they are. So.

00:41:30.800 --> 00:41:38.770 Adrienne Clancy: Yeah, that's the budget dance that you keep on dancing again throughout the subject.

00:41:39.070 --> 00:41:39.790 Steven Frey (@AlwaysFreyDay @SMBGUY): Oh,

00:41:39.800 --> 00:41:57.399 Steven Frey (@AlwaysFreyDay @SMBGUY): you know for sure, there's there's so much deeper meeting with all of this, and I mean when you're talking about having a like a twelve-foot lateralist call it with a tiny little platform at the top kind of representing one percent like. Think about how many dances you have that are willing to do an aerial off the top of the twelve.

00:41:57.410 --> 00:42:27.219 Adrienne Clancy: And I would say this before we leave. I know we have to go, but the smallest ladders were the most intriguing, and we used this for like conferences. Because people saw this about strategic planning. They asked us to do the dance for their strategic planning conferences because they saw the issue of power, but they realized that the big, clunky ladders, the people who hold on to power forever was the same that they they're the wastes in an organization. The small light ladders with the most creative and coffee eye which tells us right. The new fresh energy is something we want in our organizations. I know we have to take it.

00:42:27.320 --> 00:42:41.890 Steven Frey (@AlwaysFreyDay @SMBGUY): But but there's there's some interesting similarity here, you know. We've talked about leadership, training, and skill sets that you can gain by having a good blend of of science and art, and there's there's a lot to be a lot to be said. There. There's just

00:42:41.900 --> 00:42:55.840 Steven Frey (@AlwaysFreyDay @SMBGUY): there's a lot of different lenses that you can look at this through, especially if you take something like a ladder. I think of improv comedy right like that's. I've done improv classes as far as leadership training as being able to

00:42:55.850 --> 00:43:25.769 Steven Frey (@AlwaysFreyDay @SMBGUY): think on your feet and be like no, not just to make the audience feed their hands, which is always a good discussion, but you know, just as far as being able to think on your feet and being articulate and engaging everybody. And I think I think There's a lot of kind of similarity to you know, to some of what you just said. There it's There's a lot like you. Look at a tiny little step ladder. There's a change. Light bulbs with it. That's the scientific application for. But you look at it through the artistic lens. There's all kinds of things. I I know that, you know, and I hope everyone out there is hearing this. There's more than one way to look at at all these things,

00:43:25.780 --> 00:43:32.679 Steven Frey (@AlwaysFreyDay @SMBGUY): but we're going to take a quick break. We will be right back with Adrian Clancy, founder and artistic director at Clancy Work Stance Company and stay with us.

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00:45:33.630 --> 00:46:03.609 Steven Frey (@AlwaysFreyDay @SMBGUY): Welcome back Always Friday with me. Stephen Pryor, S. And B. Guy. We are chatting with Adrian Clancy, founder and artistic director at Clancy Works Dance Company, a non-profit organization based in montgomery County, Maryland, but making an impact all over the place, including right here on the airways. Talk radio that M. Ic: You've You've given us some great messaging, Adrian a lot of it straddling the world of science and art a lot of it trying to to bring some clarity and understanding to common everyday discussions that can be done,

00:46:03.620 --> 00:46:31.909 Steven Frey (@AlwaysFreyDay @SMBGUY): and through the creative lens I love it. A couple of thoughts that came to mind for me. You know I know you've been pursuing your passion. There's a lot of deeper meaning than other than just the surface level, just an entertaining type of performance. But yeah, also, you mentioned the idea of not necessarily being dependent, but interdependent, which again comes back to surrounding yourself with the right people. Right? Dance, troupe, the right dance instructor. However, you want to look at it. I just thinking of my daughter, and we have to take her to dance for later.

00:46:31.920 --> 00:46:41.920 Steven Frey (@AlwaysFreyDay @SMBGUY): But give us a little bit of of the sound base. The whole idea, from weekend insight to Monday impact, you know. Let's let's give everybody a couple of things they can remember over the weekend while they're enjoying the cocktails.

00:46:41.930 --> 00:47:11.910 Adrienne Clancy: All right. Well, while you're enjoying your cocktails, I would say first and foremost, Okay, we ah our taxes pay for the arts. So I would just say, Make sure that you, when you are voting, and you need to vote. But both vote whoever you're voting for, I would ask you to just ask what their take is on arts. And Ah Rs funding. Most people want to cut that first and foremost. But what I hope that you've heard from this conversation is that my success I actually should tell you. You know all of my degrees. I had full scholarship

00:47:11.920 --> 00:47:41.909 Adrienne Clancy: for to go to all of those degrees and all those programs. But even with full scholarships the cost to actually go right, and you have to live there. So I still do have a huge student loan which I am super excited. That will be well forgiven in a year because of the Um Psl, which is basically from having a nonprofit for so long and getting back. Um, So I tell people this this is why I want to, you know. Vote, vote, vote, and make sure that your Arts Council is supporting the arts. Doesn't matter if you're a Republican or a Democrat right arts or for ours for everybody. They are comment on what's going on in our

00:47:41.920 --> 00:48:10.029 Adrienne Clancy: and what we wanted to say, and who we are in our communities. So please just really um check in on all of your the any any official that you're voting for. Just ask what their platform is for the arts, because you know what we know. This is the neighborhoods, I would just tell you. Look at real estate. Look at but gentrification right. You find a neighborhood that is poor and suffering. You put an artist's community there. If in in ten years no one could buy you to that community because the artists made it hit. And now real estate, actually the artists can't even live there anymore. That's some that part of

00:48:10.040 --> 00:48:11.789 trying to figure out how to buy the real estate. That's something

00:48:11.800 --> 00:48:13.490 Adrienne Clancy: that's right. Right.

00:48:13.500 --> 00:48:39.240 Adrienne Clancy: That's what I said, just really make sure that you are supporting the arts as the simplest thing. And then I would say, too, is not to be afraid not to be afraid for statutiveness. So not to be afraid right? So you can go into the dance world. I own two houses right. I always have a new car. I i'm the first owner of every car. You know that I own I am always have money in my account. I go on vacations, you know i'm in Wilder right now, so it's like, you know you can totally live the life you want. So

00:48:39.250 --> 00:49:09.239 Adrienne Clancy: if you're not, but you do have to want to work, and that's the stick Tuitiveness! You have to know that. No means no, for just now Right? I've auditioned for people. Bell Lewitsky, who I danced for I asked her multiple years to see if I could audition for her again in the beginning, and she said, No, no, no, no! Finally, when it was the right timing, she said. Now is the time to audition, and I had a private audition, so no just means no for now. And I say that because all business and entrepreneurs, you need to realize that it's just It's just like, you know, something to learn. And then another thing that it means you just have to go out and

00:49:09.250 --> 00:49:10.960 different way, or a different time,

00:49:10.970 --> 00:49:23.289 Steven Frey (@AlwaysFreyDay @SMBGUY): I would agree. No means not right now. And a lot of times people Look at that just just through the lens of sales, and you'll hear he'll hear me say all the time that sales and business development are applicable to every single industry out there,

00:49:23.300 --> 00:49:38.459 Steven Frey (@AlwaysFreyDay @SMBGUY): even the non-profit community, as far as how to best sell your vision and best sell your mission and actually to get people to engage with it. So i'm a big believer in the arts. I did some theater when I was younger, a lot younger,

00:49:38.470 --> 00:49:55.749 Steven Frey (@AlwaysFreyDay @SMBGUY): but also had my own visual and performing art studio. That's where I started screwing around with a green screen many years ago, which is something that I I love to do. But it's It's just, you know a lot of it just comes back to the idea of. And this is again where science and art comes into play for me. It's not what you say. It's how you say it.

00:49:55.760 --> 00:49:59.040 Steven Frey (@AlwaysFreyDay @SMBGUY): It's like you Go! I have a I have a dance routine that evolves a ladder

00:49:59.350 --> 00:50:11.560 Adrienne Clancy: Great! That's a pretty cut and dry. But you know, you get the idea that this is everyday Props can be used in things like improv comedy and in dance routines.

00:50:11.570 --> 00:50:36.110 Adrienne Clancy: Yeah, And I would say, you know, It's the tagline that goes with it. So we had to later on, as we said, that was like really trying to understand the life and work balance. Um! We did a piece called light Armor with plexiglass structures, and I love that because that was really about communication, and what's in the room that everybody knows is there. But we're just not the ignorant, all right. So, rather than putting an elephants, an elephant was a little too hard.

00:50:36.490 --> 00:50:43.790 Adrienne Clancy: Why, for right now see just for right now, See? Just for right now we can think about how we can work out

00:50:43.800 --> 00:50:44.890 Adrienne Clancy: Exactly. Exactly.

00:50:44.900 --> 00:51:05.150 Adrienne Clancy: Yeah, soon. But um. So we use plexiglass as like the the walls that are there that are invisible. They're clearly there. No one's acknowledging that because you can't see them, but we bump into them all the time, and we're there and then focus on that in relation to relationships. And what are the the walls that break down on communication in relationships. Whether that is your love,

00:51:05.160 --> 00:51:20.990 Adrienne Clancy: you know your artistic partner, your family, your business partner, politics joining in terms of like so those walls that start from a one on one. And this is a thing that I see anything that we investigate as a one-on-one. I would say all of my dancers are all about relationships and communication.

00:51:21.000 --> 00:51:33.170 Adrienne Clancy: It's it's It's just a bigger picture. But we're all trying to figure that out. How can we communicate better? How can we listen better? How can we hear points of view that are not ours, and still live with it and appreciate them

00:51:33.710 --> 00:52:01.109 Steven Frey (@AlwaysFreyDay @SMBGUY): absolutely so. The ah, the acronym bread also out there. I I want you to tell everybody what what that means, because when you talk about the elephant in the room and the plexiglass type of thing, you know. I I start going back to the idea of you going in and teaching in Baltimore county schools, and you know It's immediately like, Okay, let's pair off, and everybody flocks to light colors like it. Doesn't need to be that way. So talk to us a little bit about that bread acronyms. I believe that's applicable there. Isn't.

00:52:01.120 --> 00:52:28.389 Adrienne Clancy: Oh, absolutely. And I would say, you know I would say um, you know one of the strategies first for me, and i'm not sure if this is exactly right or not. But what I do with that partnering I get to is, and then you know, when you first see that right, we we first address it by not addressing it at first. Right, which is first, you know. Let's partner again, and some of you have a partner with again, and now you could do it in six counts. Find somebody else. I have to do four accounts. Now you find in two counts. So we partner, Elder Elder. So the focus is not. Who am I going to partner with? But I got to get an elbow doing it. I got to find an elbow, and i'll go. You two counts, look around the deal,

00:52:28.400 --> 00:52:29.810 Adrienne Clancy: and then we also talk about

00:52:29.830 --> 00:52:59.800 Adrienne Clancy: who didn't get their partner right, because that also connects with the middle school kids who are sitting at themselves at their lunch table by themselves. And It's like, you know. Participating is an active. It's action. Do I mean you can't just expect people to welcome you in all the time. Yes, you do need to be welcoming in your circle, but you also need to be an active participant. You have to want to go into the circle, so you know It's also helping students, and also seniors right with seniors. I do the same thing with seniors because they are reducing their social networks to help people understand how to maintain those social networks. Because

00:52:59.810 --> 00:53:01.390 Adrienne Clancy: what is, as you said, business, right?

00:53:01.400 --> 00:53:03.389 Adrienne Clancy: Business is everything, because when it's business

00:53:03.400 --> 00:53:04.740 Adrienne Clancy: relationships,

00:53:04.750 --> 00:53:09.349 Adrienne Clancy: it's all about relationships and people in helping people achieve what they want to achieve

00:53:09.500 --> 00:53:38.060 Steven Frey (@AlwaysFreyDay @SMBGUY): perfect blend of science and our perfect blend of people and business. Everything begins and ends with the people. You hear me say it at the beginning of every show to get in touch with Adrian directly She has a phone number three hundred and one, seven, one, seven, nine, two, seven, one. You can email info at Clancyworks org website, Clancy Works, C. L. A. N. C. Y. W. R. K. S. Dot O. Rg: You can look for her on Instagram and on Facebook. She's all over the place. She's got quite a history, as you guys

00:53:38.070 --> 00:53:50.310 Steven Frey (@AlwaysFreyDay @SMBGUY): so very cool to have had you here, Adrian, and we were introduced by Matthew Hegem, who was a returning guest just a couple of weeks back, a mutual buddy of ours, who you recently just went on the road with for a conference. Right?

00:53:50.320 --> 00:54:06.290 Adrienne Clancy: Yeah. And he is now Matthew Hegen is the you know he's the founder who have tenk creators, which his mission is to get ten thousand creative artists financially stable. And then, of course, once he hits that ten thousand, then it will be one hundred thousand creators and one million creators. Right? It's going to keep going.

00:54:06.300 --> 00:54:20.290 Adrienne Clancy: Yeah, he is the associate artistic director, and he's someone has been in the Clancyworks world, and has contributed to so many of our dances for eighteen years. He's amazing, and so yes, and he is leading the new bread program. So building, race,

00:54:20.300 --> 00:54:50.099 Adrienne Clancy: equity and the arts through dance is our new initiative. We started that um through through the pandemic. I couldn't sit still, and we do all public school teaching. So what happened to me was um. I was like. We got to start something new, and immediately seeing the riots and seeing what was taking place. We've always addressed diversity and inclusivity within our programming, but we didn't necessarily talk about um equity. And so that was really our focus. And so red. What we realized with a lot of the diversity of the inclusive training is, it gets very heavy, and people

00:54:50.110 --> 00:55:03.229 Adrienne Clancy: kind of leave those trainings. Maybe not so. The weight is heavier than they have the interest to action.

00:55:03.240 --> 00:55:32.659 Adrienne Clancy: National developments. We always dance. What we did to bread was focused on dance forms oppressed of a bypass people of oppressed communities. And if you focus on the dance, you understand what they're dancing, and why they're dancing and what it is that they are dealing with on a day to day basis, which is why it's coming out in the dance. And then, if you deals it, you can feel it you can empathize, and you could start to understand. Will you be able to learn their skins? No, this is the beginning of how we get people engaged conversations to dance, and then we can have some real conversations about what's happening in each of our.

00:55:32.670 --> 00:55:50.410 Adrienne Clancy: I like that. Actually, we got to wrap up the show here. But to give everyone the answers to my magical questions real quick. Your favorite characters from the world of movie and Tv are popeye, which I was not expecting, and Phoebe from friends which I can kind of see a little bit.

00:55:50.960 --> 00:56:20.950 Steven Frey (@AlwaysFreyDay @SMBGUY): So you favorite Tv shows you, said nine perfect strangers, which is a new one for me, too, and all that jazz, which is no surprise. It threw out a favorite musical as well sweet charity, which is also a movie from years ago with the same director. And you love to hear guitar music from Prince. Very apropos, considering we are about to jump into a weekend where everyone's going to party like It's one thousand nine hundred and ninety nine, but everybody have a fun and safe Labor day. Thank you much again for joining me here, Adrian. Sorry we didn't get to meet in person by the Jersey.

00:56:20.960 --> 00:56:35.210 Steven Frey (@AlwaysFreyDay @SMBGUY): That would have been awesome. But we will make it happen one of these days. Thank you. Everybody for joining us here on always. Friday. We hope you got some weekend insight to make a Monday impact. We will see you next week. Eleven A. M. Eastern time, right after Tommy D. On philanthropy and focus. Until then everybody.

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