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Thursday, August 18, 2022
Facebook Live Video from 2022/08/18 - COURAGE TO CLIMB TO THE FINISH (PART 2)

Facebook Live Video from 2022/08/18 - COURAGE TO CLIMB TO THE FINISH (PART 2)





The Audience will be provided with an overview of three books that provide both physical and emotional training modalities to accomplish life's goals using an athletic mindset.


This special 2-hour show discusses the works of 3 Best Selling Authors each of whom have triumphed from their own Personal Health Issues and have been able to express through their writings their triumph and ability to help advocate from a Sports and Training Mindset. 

Sally Kalksma's Book: Life Gets In The Way covers the challenges of recovering from Multiple Myeloma and using her running to keep her momentum going as she continues to Champion her way through life.

Christine Conti's Book: Split Second Courage covers the way to look at life's challenges through shifting your mindset by diving into your fears to reach your goals and dreams. 

Angelo Gingerelli's Book: Finish Strong covers resistance training for endurance athletes and provides training tips and practical advice to Runners, Swimmers, Cyclists, and Triathletes.

Sally Kalksma:

Christine Conti:

Angelo Gingerelli:


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Show Notes

Segment 1

Angelo talks about where to find his book, before he talks about how he met Sally and Christine. Phyllis then talks about how she works a lot with the intergenerational groups, and talks about Gen Z and how they have such open mindsets. She then follows up on Christine’s story and mental health and the journey to get a good mindset.

Segment 2

Christine talks about how after she was diagnosed, she created a bucket list of things she wanted to do with different charities to raise awareness for chronic diseases. One of the first years she did this race, her son was younger and after the race on the car ride home, he said, “Mkm, did you win?” And she said “Win the race?” And he said “Yes Mom!” and she said “No sweetheart. I did not win the Boston Marathon and if I did, our lives would be a lot different.” Her son then calls her a loser, and she explained to him that losing isn’t always a bad thing, and that was where her quote of embracing your inner loser came from. The others then share stories relating to Christine’s.

Segment 3

Frank shares how he learned that most people, whether they are fortunate not to experience a debilitating illness, the misfortune is that they miss out on the learning opportunities which his podcast hopes to give to them. Angelo then talks about things that occurred because of Covid such as factories being shut down, supply chains being shut down, etc, but when looking at the bigger picture, we are all overcoming adversity and making the right changes to live a long and healthy lifestyle. He then speaks about the importance of self-talk. Phyllis then talks about the importance of trying to master your disease if diagnosed with one instead of trying to run away from it, in the sense of understanding and embracing it.

Segment 4

Angelo talks about High School, social media, and mental health. Christine talks about their collaboration and future together and how it’s all power in numbers and helping people together. It is the beginning of lots of events and speaking, whether it’s going to be Live in New Jersey, New York, this area, and beyond. The podcast is then closed out.


00:00:44.610 --> 00:00:50.070 Frank R Harrison: Welcome to the second hour of this episode of frank about health, this is now the question and answer round.

00:00:50.340 --> 00:00:55.860 Frank R Harrison: just looking right now on our Facebook live stream, there are four viewers that are currently watching this show.

00:00:56.190 --> 00:01:04.350 Frank R Harrison: I have also sent each of our guests, as well as phyllis the Facebook link that you can now send to your instagram or other socials.

00:01:04.620 --> 00:01:15.060 Frank R Harrison: linkedin or where you can get your viewers to actually start watching the show as it's live streaming and ask any questions if they are already listening that's even better, but at the same time.

00:01:15.330 --> 00:01:24.030 Frank R Harrison: It could also host other questions as the show ends at 7pm and then, therefore, if anybody has any questions after we go through the next hour.

00:01:24.330 --> 00:01:33.120 Frank R Harrison: Please send any emails to frank are Harrison one at gmail COM with those questions that I will answer as well as forward on to.

00:01:33.420 --> 00:01:43.140 Frank R Harrison: Both you know Sally calc SMA Christine conti and Angelo gingerly who will be glad to answer the questions that might be related to their healthcare story or their books.

00:01:43.440 --> 00:01:57.750 Frank R Harrison: Again Angelo just spent the last 15 minutes talking about basically the whole resistance training aspect of the book and how it has also probably been very helpful for both Sally and Christine and their own retrospective.

00:01:58.560 --> 00:02:07.350 Frank R Harrison: vigilance towards dealing with their challenges, but I gathered it, they are available on Am I right Angela you did say that.

00:02:10.230 --> 00:02:11.700 Phyllis Quinlan: you're on you're on mute Angelo.

00:02:12.750 --> 00:02:13.140 Frank R Harrison: Yes.

00:02:15.510 --> 00:02:18.960 Angelo Gingerelli : You would think after two and a half years of doing everything on zoom i'd be better at.

00:02:18.960 --> 00:02:20.190 Phyllis Quinlan: This okay.

00:02:21.570 --> 00:02:26.070 Angelo Gingerelli : yeah well we're in Barnes noble conference and running specialty stores.

00:02:26.310 --> 00:02:27.930 Angelo Gingerelli : All those are three best places to get.

00:02:28.680 --> 00:02:42.600 Frank R Harrison: Great awesome awesome and then either way and I know that one of the important aspects of the next hour is to also engage the audience the viewers, the listeners out there on where the three of you will be seen in the future together.

00:02:43.410 --> 00:02:58.800 Frank R Harrison: That kind of leads me to one of the questions I wanted to ask you Angelo in in doing the work that you have been doing writing your book is that how you met Sally and Christine or did they come to you how was that how did that develop develop.

00:02:59.520 --> 00:03:03.570 Angelo Gingerelli : interesting story that will tie in healthcare couple different ways, as you go through it.

00:03:03.900 --> 00:03:13.320 Angelo Gingerelli : i'm finished all was originally supposed to come out at the end of 2020 right so that's the publishers over in England and their idea was to get it out holiday 2020.

00:03:13.620 --> 00:03:22.650 Angelo Gingerelli : The pandemic push that back a full year right before I knew released every game push back I started pushing the book as hard as I could everywhere, I could.

00:03:23.280 --> 00:03:24.540 Angelo Gingerelli : Anyone is in writing a book.

00:03:25.020 --> 00:03:32.700 Angelo Gingerelli : Literally The worst thing you can do is go on a so produce press rolling with no product that anyone can possibly buy for a full year.

00:03:32.910 --> 00:03:38.100 Angelo Gingerelli : I really I wasted my time for a couple months and I thought I had one release date and getting pushed back a full 12 months.

00:03:38.490 --> 00:03:44.310 Angelo Gingerelli : But through the outcome of magic of the universe, I was put on to the show called to fit crazy and microphone is.

00:03:44.520 --> 00:03:53.370 Angelo Gingerelli : One of the best fitness podcast out there, so I Christine coffee and Brian Prendergast I listened to it, every week most podcast i'll keep it real with everybody.

00:03:53.580 --> 00:04:02.850 Angelo Gingerelli : I only listen to the episode where i'm a guest always there is evil, not against I don't my level of narcissism is absolute insanity to keep it real on.

00:04:03.330 --> 00:04:11.940 Angelo Gingerelli : What are they having me on I think what he was January 8 of 2021 and we just had a really good time we hit it off and a really good interview about about a product, no one could buy.

00:04:12.270 --> 00:04:17.310 Angelo Gingerelli : Over the course of the next year or Pepsi kept crossing I became Internet for friends Facebook friends.

00:04:18.060 --> 00:04:24.720 Angelo Gingerelli : And finally, in 2022 I think I think it's the biggest racing your Jersey, based on the number of people that do it.

00:04:25.020 --> 00:04:33.210 Angelo Gingerelli : Is a spring like five it's a five mile race when the best time that the Jersey shore, it was tangible in 2024 kroger cancer again in 2012 for Congress.

00:04:33.420 --> 00:04:38.130 Angelo Gingerelli : We finally got back and did it, I think that, like maybe five or 7000 people in a pretty small beach town.

00:04:38.490 --> 00:04:44.040 Angelo Gingerelli : And what it ain't it's chaos to do people ever it looks like a like a music festival type five when it aims.

00:04:44.370 --> 00:04:49.800 Angelo Gingerelli : And I couldn't find my friends and family and the only person I saw that I knew was Christine but I didn't really.

00:04:50.250 --> 00:04:54.150 Angelo Gingerelli : know each other we're going to podcast together and we know it shows Facebook and instagram.

00:04:54.540 --> 00:05:00.480 Angelo Gingerelli : But they got it got it dangerously close to weird when you meet a person in real life that you've never really met, except for the Internet.

00:05:00.900 --> 00:05:09.420 Angelo Gingerelli : So when she's talking to her husband, but I feel like I know where because i'm such a fan of their social media and the show, so I come up and I all sweaty shield and go for a humbling.

00:05:09.600 --> 00:05:16.110 Angelo Gingerelli : Christine what's going on it's kind of like wait, who I know you from somewhere, again we just go together a year ago, this and that.

00:05:16.530 --> 00:05:23.490 Angelo Gingerelli : And then we can associate the book come out a couple months before that I bought it and I like what she does, and then we got to be exchanged numbers.

00:05:23.760 --> 00:05:30.330 Angelo Gingerelli : And ran through Memorial Day to kick off summer I mean we both have books out there you're relatively close topics right.

00:05:30.600 --> 00:05:39.030 Angelo Gingerelli : What if we try to group them together in a couple capacities and then she knew Sally I never met Sally for sure, my friend Sally wrote a book that's kind of like the the.

00:05:39.300 --> 00:05:46.320 Angelo Gingerelli : The missing piece of this puzzle right we kind of looked at it as Sally wrote a book on overcoming adversity have kind of a more high end.

00:05:46.560 --> 00:05:59.070 Angelo Gingerelli : 30,000 feared spiritual foot spiritual view on Christine wrote a book about decision making and kind of the mental decision to make a have courage and make real decisions and I kind of wrote more of a cookbook.

00:05:59.340 --> 00:06:08.400 Angelo Gingerelli : will have how to put once you decide, you want to be physically active and get healthier how to put the pieces together, so the three headed monster kind of work and it came together.

00:06:08.670 --> 00:06:14.460 Angelo Gingerelli : And in the summer 20 20th and we've had a bunch of kind of started stops, to be honest with you guys on a couple of live events, he.

00:06:14.820 --> 00:06:22.590 Angelo Gingerelli : didn't work out one facility in a coven scare on healthy give you a ground do things in summer, but hopefully is a sort of a good thing we do some stuff together and.

00:06:22.770 --> 00:06:31.950 Angelo Gingerelli : And do some signings ISM talking and more stuff like this, but this is the first event we've actually pulled off succession so to thank you phyllis and frank for wellness do that.

00:06:32.760 --> 00:06:34.560 Frank R Harrison: Oh, and thank you all, I mean.

00:06:35.550 --> 00:06:36.450 Frank R Harrison: I don't do that.

00:06:36.510 --> 00:06:45.990 Phyllis Quinlan: yeah I don't believe in, you know in haphazard stuff or coincidences I think this was a match made you know by a higher power because you know you're coming at.

00:06:47.640 --> 00:06:49.230 Phyllis Quinlan: resilience and.

00:06:49.290 --> 00:06:51.630 Phyllis Quinlan: Having a sense of well being and purpose.

00:06:52.230 --> 00:06:55.590 Phyllis Quinlan: from three different viewpoints that when put together.

00:06:55.620 --> 00:06:57.120 Angelo Gingerelli : is a wonderful collective.

00:06:57.150 --> 00:07:05.100 Phyllis Quinlan: It truly truly is and and i'm just so glad you guys were able to make that connection, that would have been a real loss had you not been able to.

00:07:05.100 --> 00:07:05.610 Phyllis Quinlan: do that.

00:07:06.120 --> 00:07:08.160 Phyllis Quinlan: I want to follow up with Christine for a second.

00:07:08.280 --> 00:07:11.790 Phyllis Quinlan: Because I didn't have a chance to to follow up after she spoke.

00:07:12.840 --> 00:07:16.950 Phyllis Quinlan: You know, one of the things I work a lot with the Inter professional groups.

00:07:18.300 --> 00:07:26.280 Phyllis Quinlan: And you know I I get a or into intergenerational groups rather and I get a big kick out of the jen's ease.

00:07:27.420 --> 00:07:40.860 Phyllis Quinlan: And it, you know the jen's ease or like the generation of young adults, that the hippies from the 60s like myself away have been waiting for dinner, I mean they're they're born with an open mindset they didn't have to acquire it they.

00:07:41.310 --> 00:07:45.120 Phyllis Quinlan: was like written on their DNA and one of the things that's that's.

00:07:47.130 --> 00:07:48.990 Phyllis Quinlan: Common to someone in that.

00:07:48.990 --> 00:07:55.500 Phyllis Quinlan: Particular aged or that generation is they have a concern that they will not find a career that matches their.

00:07:55.500 --> 00:07:56.370 personality.

00:07:57.570 --> 00:07:58.140 Phyllis Quinlan: And I.

00:07:58.170 --> 00:08:01.470 Phyllis Quinlan: think that is such the basis of mental health.

00:08:01.500 --> 00:08:04.920 Phyllis Quinlan: isn't funny because listening to your story Christine.

00:08:05.310 --> 00:08:07.800 Phyllis Quinlan: And I you know, and I certainly.

00:08:08.340 --> 00:08:10.590 Phyllis Quinlan: don't have a story that uncommon.

00:08:10.650 --> 00:08:14.400 Phyllis Quinlan: I actually did what I wanted to do from the get go, but I.

00:08:14.910 --> 00:08:29.610 Phyllis Quinlan: Because of a learning disability, I had to kind of like find the back door or find a way to get confidence in order to do what i'm doing, but you, you know you you listen to the love of your family you listen to the to the guidance of people who.

00:08:30.060 --> 00:08:40.410 Phyllis Quinlan: You know, care for you and are well meaning and you did all the right things, and yet it didn't give you joy and I just think to have that revelation.

00:08:41.040 --> 00:08:51.150 Phyllis Quinlan: That wait here just a minute, and whether it was something that was a distant bell in the back of your head or was it your diagnosis that made you think wait.

00:08:51.150 --> 00:09:03.720 Phyllis Quinlan: Now you know I really the time for hesitation has is now over the time for leaning in is now here and and I need to be able to not just to be.

00:09:03.990 --> 00:09:15.900 Phyllis Quinlan: Safe and happy, but I need to make a split second you know decision based on my courage and faith in myself to do what's going to give me joy.

00:09:15.990 --> 00:09:17.640 Phyllis Quinlan: And I just think that's incredible.

00:09:18.990 --> 00:09:21.030 Frank R Harrison: Yes, I agree, I agree.

00:09:21.930 --> 00:09:37.650 Christine Conti: I think that some of that, though, first of all I need to go back to what Angelo said when he didn't tell you at the end of the race and there's really 10,000 people there is that I was wearing like my wonder woman like themed outfit as well, so that's always fun when.

00:09:37.710 --> 00:09:41.040 Christine Conti: You know, people are like like yeah he's a.

00:09:41.370 --> 00:09:41.940 Christine Conti: baker yeah I.

00:09:42.030 --> 00:09:43.110 Christine Conti: love that girl.

00:09:43.680 --> 00:09:44.790 Christine Conti: You know, always do something.

00:09:45.930 --> 00:09:54.960 Christine Conti: But to you know to what you said, I think that it's so important to.

00:09:55.740 --> 00:10:03.510 Christine Conti: Think about what you know who are you is whatever you're doing bring you joy you don't have to see rainbows and butterflies every day.

00:10:03.960 --> 00:10:16.410 Christine Conti: But you know, are you are you happy, are you happy with your friends, you know your career what you're going through um I called waking up and what's interesting is that.

00:10:17.490 --> 00:10:25.440 Christine Conti: Like I said about split second courage some you know, some people takes a lifetime to make a decision, well, I think I was lucky because I woke up.

00:10:26.190 --> 00:10:36.840 Christine Conti: And I and it's interesting because I can tell other people in this world who are awake and who are the movers and the shakers and I have a good friend, he says.

00:10:38.010 --> 00:10:44.220 Christine Conti: there's you know many people in life, you could be a king, or you could be a kingmaker and.

00:10:45.180 --> 00:11:01.110 Christine Conti: I have a friend who says, you know i'm a kingmaker I help people that I advise them but I never am one who's going to actually act on it and and really put myself out there and a big compliment is that she's like you are a king.

00:11:02.310 --> 00:11:17.070 Christine Conti: So is Angelo so Sally were people that put ourselves out there to make things happen and it's scary it's frightening I mean you put a book out you're immediately judged nah that book oh.

00:11:18.300 --> 00:11:25.620 Christine Conti: it's frightening to put yourself out there and I think some of you know some of this going through things.

00:11:26.040 --> 00:11:35.100 Christine Conti: What allowed me to do it, and again I wrote there's a little parts of the book it's not all about me but I went through some abuse and addiction, when I was younger.

00:11:35.670 --> 00:11:45.090 Christine Conti: And you know what I never spoke up for myself so go, you know fast forward hiding things never speaking up doing what you're told.

00:11:46.050 --> 00:11:52.410 Christine Conti: That wears on you and I think there's certain points in your life, where you're like you know what.

00:11:53.340 --> 00:12:02.700 Christine Conti: damn it i'm so jealous of that person because they always spoke up or they got in trouble for speaking their mind, but I was jealous because I never did.

00:12:03.570 --> 00:12:11.010 Christine Conti: And you're afraid right you're afraid of what's going to happen and you're being judged, but you know what's great is that once you speak up.

00:12:11.400 --> 00:12:18.210 Christine Conti: The people that are in line with you will find you and you're going to create this community of positivity of.

00:12:18.960 --> 00:12:29.040 Christine Conti: hey you know what I don't care if you're older younger black white red Brown, whatever your religion are you a good person, do you have energy, do you want to help people do you want to live longer.

00:12:29.640 --> 00:12:37.290 Christine Conti: Do you want to be healthier and follow some of what Angela is doing in the mindset of Sally yeah all right, then you're my tribe you're my people.

00:12:39.690 --> 00:12:48.210 Frank R Harrison: Oh amazing you know what I just got another clue we're in for another break one minute, actually, but when we return, I want you to answer the question.

00:12:49.320 --> 00:12:58.500 Frank R Harrison: Christine based on what you just said, which is you also talked about the loser mindset I basically want you to explain further when we return.

00:12:58.800 --> 00:13:05.850 Frank R Harrison: About that loser mindset if it actually is what embellishes the fear or if it's something that you have to.

00:13:06.510 --> 00:13:14.010 Frank R Harrison: You know, or it suppresses of the or put you in the mindset, where you weren't even sure why you were not having joy, so when we return.

00:13:14.640 --> 00:13:20.880 Frank R Harrison: Over the next two minutes when you hear all the different shows that are on the air think about what kind of response you would have for that.

00:13:21.060 --> 00:13:30.600 Frank R Harrison: This would be sort of the question I would ask if I was one of the viewers typing it into the Facebook live right now, so, ladies and gentlemen, please stay tuned right here on this very special two hour episode of frank about health.

00:13:31.680 --> 00:13:35.370 Frank R Harrison: right here on talk radio that nyc and Facebook live we'll be back in a few.

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00:15:49.140 --> 00:15:58.530 Frank R Harrison: Okay welcome back everybody Christine I just asked you a question I wanted you to answer about with your inner loser, and then I know phyllis you wanted to SLE question.

00:16:00.930 --> 00:16:08.010 Christine Conti: So one of the things we talked about before was I like to tell people to embrace your inner loser.

00:16:08.490 --> 00:16:15.030 Christine Conti: And they look at me like I have eight heads and I said, none enough wait for it just think about this for a second.

00:16:15.600 --> 00:16:32.490 Christine Conti: So I started this whole idea of you know, after I was diagnosed and I came up with a bucket list of things that I wanted to do and I run the Boston marathon every year, with different charities to raise awareness, for chronic diseases, and I do that one with all times association so.

00:16:32.550 --> 00:16:35.730 Christine Conti: The one of the first years that I did this race.

00:16:36.750 --> 00:16:43.320 Christine Conti: My son was younger and after the race we're in the car on the way home and he said mom.

00:16:44.640 --> 00:17:04.380 Christine Conti: Did you win and I said we'll win the race yes mom did you win and I said sweetheart that did I win the Boston marathon he's like yeah did you win and I said well no sweetheart I did not win the Boston marathon and if I did our lives would be a lot different.

00:17:04.560 --> 00:17:04.830 Phyllis Quinlan: Like.

00:17:05.340 --> 00:17:13.380 Christine Conti: You know so anyway, he said, well mom so you lost, and I said yes, he said so you're a loser.

00:17:13.560 --> 00:17:14.010 Christine Conti: And i'm like.

00:17:16.080 --> 00:17:27.600 Christine Conti: Oh wow Okay, I never thought about it like that, before, but I mean, I guess, yes i'm a loser I didn't win, however, you know, a mouth of the kid there.

00:17:27.750 --> 00:17:29.370 Christine Conti: You didn't win your loser right.

00:17:29.730 --> 00:17:30.090 Christine Conti: So.

00:17:30.120 --> 00:17:40.080 Christine Conti: I said sweetheart but losing is not always a bad thing I said I still had the guts to show up get on that start line and run that race.

00:17:40.470 --> 00:17:53.220 Christine Conti: And you know, be able to be out there and be healthy enough to do it, I said honestly i'll lose every day in my life, if I can have great experiences and the healthy enough to be a part of it.

00:17:53.970 --> 00:18:03.000 Christine Conti: And that led me on this whole like domino got kicked over of you know what exactly does losing me.

00:18:03.510 --> 00:18:19.080 Christine Conti: Like what does it mean to lose have we all lost games before have we all lost in job, have we all lost people in our life loved ones, have we all failed a test that's kind of losing right you didn't win that score that says.

00:18:19.560 --> 00:18:31.890 Christine Conti: And what is, what does that do to you, does it give you motivation to pass a test you study harder does it give you motivation to work out more because it makes you feel good is that training.

00:18:33.390 --> 00:18:38.670 Christine Conti: Does it motivate you to learn something that you're not really good at right now, maybe it's a weakness.

00:18:39.270 --> 00:18:59.400 Christine Conti: Or does it simply does losing simply just teach you that you need to keep competing and being a part of something that is bigger than yourself So for me, when we talk about embrace your loser I embrace the fact that I lose things all the time.

00:18:59.910 --> 00:19:13.530 Christine Conti: Because it you're still a part of it, and now you have to decide well what's The next step what's your coping mechanism what's your character is your character to give up or is your character to say all right.

00:19:14.850 --> 00:19:15.360 Christine Conti: Now what.

00:19:17.070 --> 00:19:25.170 Frank R Harrison: At the same time, whatever you're losing your actually winning something that hasn't come to you, yet, but it wouldn't have come to you if you actually won at the thing that you lost.

00:19:25.740 --> 00:19:27.030 Christine Conti: And an experience.

00:19:27.270 --> 00:19:37.920 Christine Conti: Maybe you lost something, but now you've got the experience of what that's like, and I mean I have not won a marathon yet or any of the crazy stuff i've done but.

00:19:38.550 --> 00:19:56.160 Christine Conti: damn it i've got some experience and some stories and living, and that is the most important thing, and just maybe what all of us are doing are inspiring other people to say oh my gosh if they did it maybe I can do it too.

00:19:57.780 --> 00:20:02.820 Frank R Harrison: Yes, yes awesome know what was your question you wanted to pass on.

00:20:03.540 --> 00:20:14.130 Phyllis Quinlan: So Sally you're on mute I just want to give you the heads up on the you know i'm a nurse i've been a nurse, for many, many years, and you know I am a professional caregiver by definition.

00:20:14.280 --> 00:20:17.460 Phyllis Quinlan: You know, of being a nurse, and I have worked with.

00:20:18.840 --> 00:20:29.100 Phyllis Quinlan: Countless family members who then you know, not everybody goes home hop skipping and jumping they they need to then provide that family caregiving support.

00:20:30.390 --> 00:20:48.390 Phyllis Quinlan: And sometimes it's not just a matter of taking a weekend off or doing something, this is really a lifestyle change that you are now shifting putting maybe your would you would consider your life on hold because you're going to make the intentional choice to.

00:20:49.710 --> 00:20:58.650 Phyllis Quinlan: to step up to what the universe has now put in front of you as far as a commitment to another person whether that's a spouse or a child or a parent.

00:21:00.420 --> 00:21:08.970 Phyllis Quinlan: And then you find yourself yourself as a patient What did you find harder was caregiving harder or being a patient harder.

00:21:09.630 --> 00:21:16.590 Sally: they're both very, very difficult and I don't wish either upon anybody.

00:21:17.970 --> 00:21:28.050 Sally: caregiving is very difficult in the fact that you're seeing somebody you love suffer and at times you feel helpless.

00:21:29.100 --> 00:21:42.180 Sally: I do feel that caregiving is a little bit more difficult because when it comes to being a patient you, you have that fight within yourself and you.

00:21:42.720 --> 00:21:57.240 Sally: it's like Christine said, you can be a loser, or you can be a winner and you're going to step up and fight for what you want, as a caregiver you're fighting for that other person.

00:21:57.750 --> 00:22:08.670 Sally: But you still see them suffer now as a patient you, you want to take what you have and turn it around.

00:22:09.270 --> 00:22:26.160 Sally: And that's pretty much what I did with multiple myeloma Someone once said to me multiple myeloma is the best thing that ever happened to you and I said no, no, no it's not but I made the best of a bad situation.

00:22:27.030 --> 00:22:34.740 Sally: And what I did was, I decided I would get in the best shape of my life I would use.

00:22:35.460 --> 00:22:44.190 Sally: What I had athletically to bring awareness when they asked me if I wanted to run up the empire state building.

00:22:44.520 --> 00:22:55.290 Sally: To raise funds and awareness and I said I would do it, which brought me to my whole scare climbing career, you may say, where you know I started.

00:22:55.890 --> 00:23:10.470 Sally: The campaign, where I won't stop climbing until there's a cure, and I do races all over the world to raise money and awareness not only for the multiple myeloma Research Foundation, but other cancer organizations.

00:23:11.790 --> 00:23:33.060 Sally: But so you have to you have to when you have a diagnosis like that you have to dig deep and what I found to get me through, it was my racing and my training and helping others, yes, that of just you know feeling sorry for myself becoming a loser.

00:23:33.540 --> 00:23:46.140 Sally: yeah what you have to do what I found with caregiving you still have to take care of yourself, so in my book, I talk about boxes, some people make a pie chart I make boxes.

00:23:47.010 --> 00:23:52.140 Sally: and taking care of myself was still going to be a major box.

00:23:52.620 --> 00:24:04.740 Sally: It may have shrunk a little bit because my caregiving got bigger but I wasn't going to make that one small, you have to give up certain things, whether it be certain things in your social life.

00:24:05.700 --> 00:24:28.500 Sally: Obviously you can't give up your job, do you have to shift these boxes and working out still remained very large but I wasn't racing I you know I couldn't go away on the weekends when somebody else in my family is sick, so the racing became.

00:24:30.330 --> 00:24:35.880 Phyllis Quinlan: So, you know as a as a professional coach who who who deals a tremendous amount with.

00:24:36.840 --> 00:24:38.700 Phyllis Quinlan: professional and family caregivers.

00:24:39.900 --> 00:24:41.970 Phyllis Quinlan: The you know I I guess.

00:24:43.110 --> 00:24:50.580 Phyllis Quinlan: i'm hearing a little bit of it, but one of the things that family caregivers and professional caregivers struggle with is the.

00:24:50.970 --> 00:25:00.960 Phyllis Quinlan: ability to allow themselves to be cared for it's it's the antithesis of you know what you see yourself, or how you see yourself in the caregiving role.

00:25:01.560 --> 00:25:06.420 Phyllis Quinlan: You know a lot of people, a lot of my coaching clients or my professional colleagues will say to me.

00:25:06.990 --> 00:25:12.660 Phyllis Quinlan: I know you don't believe in balance phyllis but have you know what's what, how can you have work life, integration and out.

00:25:13.140 --> 00:25:19.290 Phyllis Quinlan: I say to them, you know well, first of all, if you're a professional caregiver, the only way to counterbalance.

00:25:19.830 --> 00:25:27.480 Phyllis Quinlan: Constantly caring is to allow yourself to be cared for, so I guess, my question is, I hear you doing a lot for yourself.

00:25:27.870 --> 00:25:39.030 Phyllis Quinlan: I hear you digging deep and finding the grid I hear you running and and doing all sorts of wonderful things to support charities or the initiative and you would stop until there's a cure.

00:25:40.440 --> 00:25:51.210 Phyllis Quinlan: How difficult was it for you to allow yourself to be cared for and how did you let how did you finally acquiesced to that without feeling as though you were losing.

00:25:52.110 --> 00:25:55.770 Sally: Well, no one, no one wants to ask for help.

00:25:56.160 --> 00:25:56.460 Phyllis Quinlan: Then.

00:25:56.550 --> 00:26:08.070 Sally: They feel like they're they're losing if they ask for help, as a caregiver I like to tell people don't don't ask somebody, what can I do for you.

00:26:08.520 --> 00:26:20.250 Sally: Just do it just go out and buy that bag of dog food for them go out and rake the leaves don't take can I rake the leaves they're going to say no just go do that.

00:26:21.330 --> 00:26:34.080 Sally: don't ask it will be very much appreciated as a patient I didn't want to ask I I still i'm on chemo still I take maintenance therapy, I take chemo every other night.

00:26:34.740 --> 00:26:40.920 Sally: I don't want to ask anybody for help when i'm not feeling well and it gets to me, thank goodness.

00:26:41.550 --> 00:26:59.130 Sally: My best friend stepped up to the plate I didn't ask her, she decided on her own she was going to drive because my husband passed away my three children are in college she decided, she would drive from New York City to.

00:26:59.340 --> 00:27:15.180 Sally: The Jersey shore to pick me up and drive me to Philadelphia for all my office visits for my heavy duty treatment, I could never asked her to do that, I would never ask anybody to do that she took it upon herself.

00:27:15.750 --> 00:27:27.870 Sally: To do that, so it's very important when you when you know somebody needs helpers going through a tough time don't ask just do very that's.

00:27:29.370 --> 00:27:46.800 Phyllis Quinlan: I think that's great advice I think it's acknowledging, you know the the drive that we all have to be self sufficient and self determining and and like I think has been said here, we never want to view ourselves as being troublesome or a burden.

00:27:47.220 --> 00:27:47.580 On.

00:27:48.720 --> 00:27:53.730 Phyllis Quinlan: You know, so you know I don't know if you know about the Program.

00:27:54.900 --> 00:28:05.880 Phyllis Quinlan: share the and it is a program that is put together by sheila warnecke of share the she's written a care model that encourages.

00:28:06.450 --> 00:28:16.020 Phyllis Quinlan: friends and families to come together and I don't want to say take control but let's just say collaborate in caregiving and they for care groups around a person.

00:28:16.290 --> 00:28:29.460 Phyllis Quinlan: Not everybody can do the physical work, but some people can do the online banking, as you say, feed the dog to the driving and everything, so you know, I just want to throw that out there, frank for our listeners.

00:28:29.460 --> 00:28:44.940 Phyllis Quinlan: Because Sally is far from alone and wondering okay how am I going to navigate this without you know, giving up my my sense of autonomy and my sense of dignity, but if you answered my question you allowed your friend to love you Sally.

00:28:46.020 --> 00:28:48.090 Phyllis Quinlan: Probably the best gift you ever gave her.

00:28:48.840 --> 00:28:56.010 Frank R Harrison: exacting now, I have to allow the sponsors to have their moment so we're going to take another break, but when we return.

00:28:56.520 --> 00:29:06.660 Frank R Harrison: we're going to have one final segment where we can ask more questions amongst each other and anything that comes from our virtual audience out there, so please stay tuned right here.

00:29:06.960 --> 00:29:14.040 Frank R Harrison: On frank about health over the next two minutes, both on talk radio dot nyc and Facebook life see in a few.

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00:31:16.440 --> 00:31:22.650 Frank R Harrison: Welcome back of this episode of frank about health remember it's called courage to climb to the finish in the last segment.

00:31:22.980 --> 00:31:32.220 Frank R Harrison: phyllis and Sally were talking about the share the care organization and that Sally was giving her best friend the gift of allowing herself to to care for her and I totally.

00:31:32.670 --> 00:31:42.090 Frank R Harrison: ECHO that 100% phyllis I mean a lot of what motivates any of us in your profession this show as far as what i've been delivering for the past year.

00:31:42.360 --> 00:31:52.050 Frank R Harrison: As well as the three of you and the books that you've written is all about our desire to share our experience, because of the lesson that we learned and how we understand that most people.

00:31:52.470 --> 00:32:02.280 Frank R Harrison: Whether they're fortunate to not experience a debilitating illness, the misfortune, is that they missed out on the learning opportunity which we're hoping we can provide to them.

00:32:02.700 --> 00:32:08.130 Frank R Harrison: without them having to go through a misfortune, so I think all of us are allowing each other to.

00:32:08.670 --> 00:32:23.010 Frank R Harrison: To just take care of each other and that's why I thought this to our panel would be perfect for that it kind of lends the question to you Angelo because I mean you mentioned earlier about how you met Christine by being on her show, and then you were at.

00:32:23.400 --> 00:32:28.500 Frank R Harrison: an actual event, where you met her in her wonder woman costume and then i'm just thinking.

00:32:28.860 --> 00:32:36.480 Frank R Harrison: that the three of you are going to be speaking at an event in the near future indirectly from each of your circumstances.

00:32:37.050 --> 00:32:52.170 Frank R Harrison: Would you say you're helping each other out, I mean I would presume Sally and Christine you probably read each other's books and probably were able to get inspiration at the same time i'll give each other inspiration, what would that be fair assessment.

00:32:56.520 --> 00:33:02.730 Angelo Gingerelli : How many times and I forget how to use zoom on what episode of your show, I really apologize for that, but I do.

00:33:03.270 --> 00:33:10.560 Angelo Gingerelli : absolutely fair to say we're we came together with three guy will grow authors and put books out and about the same.

00:33:10.770 --> 00:33:17.160 Angelo Gingerelli : 12 month period right so kind of had experienced in the publishing industry at about the same time, during a very challenging time during covidien.

00:33:17.460 --> 00:33:26.010 Angelo Gingerelli : Factors being shut down and distribution change being shut down supply chain issues stuff like that, but anything about growing bigger picture we both we all kind of.

00:33:26.310 --> 00:33:33.420 Angelo Gingerelli : You here for our interviews we all kind of like a of overcoming adversity and making right changes trying to live a long healthy life right.

00:33:33.630 --> 00:33:41.250 Angelo Gingerelli : But I think you can also tell for interviews our backgrounds are somewhat similar but different, the way we look at the world are somewhat similar.

00:33:41.550 --> 00:33:48.840 Angelo Gingerelli : But different and that's kind of where Christine got here early before finding your tribe right whether that's your family with your professional life.

00:33:49.080 --> 00:33:56.550 Angelo Gingerelli : And what I always say when Christine said, you know I embrace being a loser I openly knowledge I don't want to any of the races I enter myself in.

00:33:57.000 --> 00:34:01.830 Angelo Gingerelli : On I always say that the heart of the people that think they can do everything.

00:34:02.340 --> 00:34:11.100 Angelo Gingerelli : tend to do nothing right if you've never run a marathon you're like well why did it take to three hours to be faster than that right or what how many books, did you sell well.

00:34:11.370 --> 00:34:16.980 Angelo Gingerelli : Once you've decided they're doing things and putting yourself out there and taking like of swinging for the fences.

00:34:17.250 --> 00:34:21.780 Angelo Gingerelli : You guys start surrounding yourself with other people that you the world the same way right.

00:34:22.080 --> 00:34:33.660 Angelo Gingerelli : And the one of the biggest thing I have a seven year old daughter Now I know, Christine Sally both have kids that are a little bit older the cliche that I think is true is that show me the five people you spend most your time with and I show you your future right and.

00:34:35.340 --> 00:34:44.250 Angelo Gingerelli : And I think that that goes to health and the way we live and dietary choices and drug and alcohol choice and stuff like that, but I think it also hinges on.

00:34:44.550 --> 00:34:53.070 Angelo Gingerelli : If i'm going to write a book label myself around other people that have written books right order to be healthy and unhealthy it's unhealthy people, and I think.

00:34:53.610 --> 00:35:01.080 Angelo Gingerelli : You guys, if you want to get the idea, I can tell from an inner do commercials from the on the podcast if you wouldn't be around people that are preaching.

00:35:01.320 --> 00:35:08.850 Angelo Gingerelli : The good parts of healthcare and how to make the system work and how to make work in the bigger picture is not just you and your doctor junior doctors and.

00:35:09.330 --> 00:35:15.600 Angelo Gingerelli : The nurses, the specialists your family when you go home performances put yourself around people, I think the same way.

00:35:15.840 --> 00:35:25.590 Angelo Gingerelli : and meet you know, maybe frank they're good with with zoom and putting stuff like that maybe fill estates, the social media side of it whatever my been on doing the intern white through the backend stuff.

00:35:25.890 --> 00:35:33.600 Angelo Gingerelli : But the key is to put yourself around people at want to do what you want to do and see the world similar to you, but not exactly the same right.

00:35:33.780 --> 00:35:34.170 Angelo Gingerelli : Now that's.

00:35:34.410 --> 00:35:43.620 Angelo Gingerelli : really good to hear so much you know fitness and health and healthcare is internal right but it's also it takes a village to raise a healthy adult.

00:35:43.890 --> 00:35:53.190 Angelo Gingerelli : And you got to put yourself around the right people in that village to stay healthy and then, once you establish that baseline health go out and establish go out and attack and accomplish goals together.

00:35:53.610 --> 00:36:04.500 Phyllis Quinlan: yeah Angela again what I when I hear you talking about and and I I love what you're saying what I hear you talking about is is not too much physical fitness, although I know that's the point.

00:36:06.030 --> 00:36:14.700 Phyllis Quinlan: But but you're talking about mental fitness in many ways, as are these ladies, but could you talk just a little bit to our speakers about the importance of good self, talk.

00:36:16.140 --> 00:36:17.610 Angelo Gingerelli : yeah I think it's.

00:36:18.150 --> 00:36:27.330 Angelo Gingerelli : A great question phyllis and I think, particularly if you're trying to in my world workout and be physical really being totally Center for years or decades right.

00:36:27.510 --> 00:36:36.150 Angelo Gingerelli : Or maybe you're calling back from an injury or a bad diagnosis and you haven't been medically able to to work out and be physical for months or years or however long it's been right.

00:36:36.570 --> 00:36:43.260 Angelo Gingerelli : I think one thing is a set small attainable goals and causing me telling so you can do it, you can do and eventually.

00:36:43.470 --> 00:36:49.350 Angelo Gingerelli : It also realize there's gonna be some bad days right that we just went through it, I know you have listeners all over the Northeast.

00:36:49.590 --> 00:36:57.390 Angelo Gingerelli : we're through a stretch for like 30 days or they're close to 100 degrees all right, Joe if your goal is walking or running or doing something outside.

00:36:57.690 --> 00:37:10.860 Angelo Gingerelli : You probably not going to bring any personal records on a day is 99 with high humidity right that's the ball universe through that you gotta hit it as best you can and that's one thing that sports and I think people who play sports when you're younger kind of realized.

00:37:10.860 --> 00:37:19.680 Angelo Gingerelli : that not every day's a when you strike out you miss shots you lose games, but the bigger picture of your career in your resume within the being really importantly.

00:37:19.920 --> 00:37:24.630 Angelo Gingerelli : i'm sure the five wasn't his interview have have have losses that we would rather not talk about, we have to acknowledge.

00:37:24.870 --> 00:37:32.070 Angelo Gingerelli : That I didn't get a workout in today I didn't want to have dessert but I chose add dessert I drank one I wanted to do that, like whatever it is.

00:37:32.310 --> 00:37:46.590 Angelo Gingerelli : But the goal is to kind of get back on the horse realize art, I took an l for that one little battle of my life is a war and i'm going to win out war over time because everybody uses battles to choose to keep your eyes on a bigger prize winning that war.

00:37:47.220 --> 00:37:50.880 Phyllis Quinlan: So Angela i'm just going to read you a question from one of our listeners.

00:37:50.910 --> 00:37:54.030 Phyllis Quinlan: joey Dennis asks Angelo how did you get into.

00:37:54.360 --> 00:37:58.920 Phyllis Quinlan: The mindset or encouragement to lose weight in order to avoid getting diabetes.

00:37:59.880 --> 00:38:08.850 Angelo Gingerelli : Okay that's actually a good good question oh i've been fruit lucky metabolism wise and work, otherwise full disclosure i've never been really overweight right.

00:38:09.150 --> 00:38:21.630 Angelo Gingerelli : But I always and I think part of that is having some people that don't diabetes in my life and my wife's mother actually passed away from diabetes related complications you got his own fairly close to my family for the next 10 years, or at least the last 10 years.

00:38:22.080 --> 00:38:27.060 Angelo Gingerelli : And I think it's it's very weird thing you have to think about life and health as long term.

00:38:27.540 --> 00:38:35.250 Angelo Gingerelli : Because I at 12 when you walk in the candy store and everything looks good because let's keep it really to eat good and we're meant to love sugar, salt, fat and calories.

00:38:35.490 --> 00:38:41.280 Angelo Gingerelli : and industry does a great job of push down on us, diabetes, etc, so what happens if super elderly people right.

00:38:41.520 --> 00:38:48.030 Angelo Gingerelli : But then you get to be 2025 30 so dealing with meet some people have dealt with it, maybe some elderly people pass with complications with it.

00:38:48.360 --> 00:38:59.880 Angelo Gingerelli : I think, as keep in mind number one play the long game right i'm not the guy to say never get ice cream never haven't beer, but doing it in a way that's reasonably intelligent and not ruining the rest of your life.

00:39:00.210 --> 00:39:12.870 Angelo Gingerelli : And then number to read up on be smart about it and realize that you know, maybe if you're predisposed for it, you got to make some changes earlier and deal with a small problem when you're saying 27 that have big problem when you're 47.

00:39:13.230 --> 00:39:17.460 Angelo Gingerelli : But if you think that might be something that's in your life genetically or whatever might be.

00:39:18.360 --> 00:39:28.920 Angelo Gingerelli : Go figure out what you're up against and make some changes as quick as you can, and then the other thing is don't be scared to go and see a doctor or specialist or getting the healthcare.

00:39:29.520 --> 00:39:41.340 Angelo Gingerelli : Industry, if you have to start seeing things go wrong let's keep it real most times either true small problem and a big problem right So if you see things going going left to right the ship as early as you can run that.

00:39:41.640 --> 00:39:47.820 Angelo Gingerelli : diet exercise medication early detection treating whatever might be and deal with his early, as you can.

00:39:49.650 --> 00:39:51.750 Phyllis Quinlan: hope that answers joey's question i'm sure it did.

00:39:52.590 --> 00:39:59.460 Frank R Harrison: Yes, yes I I also see something about the long game was that something that you were just talking about.

00:39:59.730 --> 00:40:04.290 Phyllis Quinlan: Christina made that comment you gotta be you gotta just make the long game yeah.

00:40:06.270 --> 00:40:07.530 Phyllis Quinlan: recommending yes.

00:40:08.010 --> 00:40:18.810 Frank R Harrison: awesome now i'm really glad to see that there is is bite on the social media side, as I mentioned to all of you earlier, before we had a chance to do the show this evening.

00:40:19.200 --> 00:40:29.310 Frank R Harrison: A lot of the viewers are going to get the message across, after the show has already aired it will be on Facebook sitting there to replay and then I gather all other questions that come in, because.

00:40:29.790 --> 00:40:38.490 Frank R Harrison: The we're about to end the show in about 20 minutes any other future questions we'll just go through my email frank R Harrison one at gmail COM and.

00:40:38.940 --> 00:40:45.750 Frank R Harrison: i'll forward them on to the appropriate person who will then respond and get back to all of you out there that are that are now listening to the show you.

00:40:45.840 --> 00:40:50.880 Phyllis Quinlan: want to follow up on something Angelo said, you know was you know get smart about something you know I mean if you.

00:40:51.180 --> 00:41:03.240 Phyllis Quinlan: If you have a debilitating you know autoimmune disease, if you have a cancer, if you have you know, a propensity for diabetes, or anything like that um.

00:41:03.540 --> 00:41:12.570 Phyllis Quinlan: You know, one of the one of the ways is you know, try to master it in the sense of understanding, understanding and fully embracing it not running from it, not hiding from it.

00:41:13.020 --> 00:41:19.830 Phyllis Quinlan: You know my brother is a person living with parkinson's disease, and if you want to know anything about parkinson's disease.

00:41:20.580 --> 00:41:32.040 Phyllis Quinlan: Talk to my brother, because he is a walking encyclopedia about the latest medications the latest treatments he's on a patient is a patient family Council in his local hospital.

00:41:32.850 --> 00:41:48.870 Phyllis Quinlan: He educates the nurses about why parkinson's patients need priests, you know the exact precise administration of medication precisely on time and not just the the the medication administration terms that might be in a policy or procedure.

00:41:50.280 --> 00:41:57.510 Phyllis Quinlan: You know, when you when you make yourself smart and I think we heard this from Peggy tell a story about diabetes Type one.

00:41:58.050 --> 00:42:14.280 Phyllis Quinlan: think that was one of the phrases she uses, you need to make yourself smart about what you're dealing with so that have it and granted it has you in some way, but you are mastering it through understanding education and then empowerment around making good choices.

00:42:15.180 --> 00:42:25.380 Frank R Harrison: Yes, exactly, I totally relate to everything that's been said we're now two minutes towards break, but I want to remind everybody out there, that when we return to our final segment of this episode.

00:42:25.650 --> 00:42:38.220 Frank R Harrison: we're going to be talking about the future of every one of our guests today, as well as how you can reach out to them and and and just even further conversations with an upcoming event that they're going to be talking at but.

00:42:39.150 --> 00:42:56.760 Frank R Harrison: Remember again books are available on just to be specific, the titles are for Sally life gets in the way for Christine split second courage and for Angelo finish strong and I know.

00:42:57.900 --> 00:43:02.580 Frank R Harrison: I want to ask you something when we return you mentioned to me also prior to our discussion.

00:43:03.000 --> 00:43:17.580 Frank R Harrison: That you deal with a lot of children, young people that are dealing with mental health challenges is that what you already had touched upon in the book or is that something just in your day to day work experience that's something that I guess we'll explore after we return.

00:43:18.720 --> 00:43:29.790 Frank R Harrison: Oh okay well we're about to take a break, and then we will answer a question that Angelo head so stay tuned right here on frank about health and we'll be back in a couple minutes.

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00:45:28.770 --> 00:45:33.420 Frank R Harrison: Okay Angela back to what I was asking you, before the break I first of all, I think you had a comment.

00:45:34.860 --> 00:45:35.280 Frank R Harrison: unmute.

00:45:42.090 --> 00:45:43.560 Angelo Gingerelli : I apologize that there's no.

00:45:45.000 --> 00:45:47.310 Angelo Gingerelli : Time in to our show for that to happen so.

00:45:51.180 --> 00:45:54.000 Frank R Harrison: You can actually use it to instruct people how to use them better.

00:45:56.010 --> 00:45:57.150 Angelo Gingerelli : The next instagram post.

00:45:57.570 --> 00:46:02.760 Angelo Gingerelli : Oh, what about this age, I thought phil said it really well about educating yourself right.

00:46:03.120 --> 00:46:07.740 Angelo Gingerelli : And about 10 years ago I started being an adjunct professor and this time we're going to sports medicine.

00:46:08.220 --> 00:46:16.890 Angelo Gingerelli : And I was really shocked at how little the typical college student who we're going to go and think of like the top of the high school graduating class knows about the human body.

00:46:17.280 --> 00:46:25.170 Angelo Gingerelli : it's really incredible how little we're teaching kids by the time they graduate rather public or private high school we're talking 22 year olds I don't know.

00:46:25.500 --> 00:46:31.740 Angelo Gingerelli : What a calorie is where your quarter pulmonary system dollars what it really anything right, and then you look at.

00:46:32.130 --> 00:46:42.540 Angelo Gingerelli : What can you slightly predatory fitness is you're trying to sell them product after product development at the supplement this pair of sneakers whatever it might be every every minute or like on social media.

00:46:42.840 --> 00:46:48.750 Angelo Gingerelli : And then, when you look at it through that lens it's really not surprising, why we're where we are, as a country health wise.

00:46:49.140 --> 00:46:56.700 Angelo Gingerelli : That we're not it's literally if everybody drove a car, and nobody ever took a driving lesson and read the manual right there we.

00:46:57.150 --> 00:47:02.520 Angelo Gingerelli : agree on the demolition Derby on the parkway and that's almost where we are in the healthcare industry, I believe, because.

00:47:03.030 --> 00:47:09.900 Angelo Gingerelli : i'm not i'm not I don't know rose colored glasses, I know kids don't wisdom school and academics unfair I understand all that.

00:47:10.140 --> 00:47:14.130 Angelo Gingerelli : Was understand we're not even trying to make people understand the body.

00:47:14.370 --> 00:47:21.780 Angelo Gingerelli : In the school system by and i'm sure there's great teachers out there, I think I do a decent job my classes and i'm sure there's great health and physical teachers across the country.

00:47:22.080 --> 00:47:29.850 Angelo Gingerelli : But I think sweeping generalization wine on a curriculum level we're really dropping the ball about explaining how the body works right.

00:47:30.060 --> 00:47:44.760 Angelo Gingerelli : And now all of a sudden, we feel it say you get a diagnosis and now you got to spend hundreds of hours researching because you're now you're barely understand how the body works when it's working properly right almost nobody understands how the body works and things start to go.

00:47:44.760 --> 00:47:54.000 Angelo Gingerelli : Wrong no repetitions in incredibly enduring population, and I really think it said, as I get older because there's so much information out there.

00:47:54.300 --> 00:48:07.590 Angelo Gingerelli : But as a country, we are just so ignorant of how the body works, and then we get surprised, why it goes wrong so often I don't think we should be surprised anymore if we're not going to address that that education issue earlier in life.

00:48:08.640 --> 00:48:18.180 Frank R Harrison: Right right but I mean if anything it's the authors, like the three of you that are helping to provide that education but post experience and at the same time.

00:48:18.660 --> 00:48:26.220 Frank R Harrison: Who better than to advocate for change and learning opportunity to those that have like you said earlier, Christine those that have gone through it.

00:48:26.670 --> 00:48:35.760 Frank R Harrison: It became the acquired opportunity at the same time to not only deal with whatever the health challenge was, but at the same time, educate those that are just.

00:48:36.090 --> 00:48:40.230 Frank R Harrison: At the moment, whether it's because of a fragmented system when it comes to health care.

00:48:40.500 --> 00:48:52.590 Frank R Harrison: But be able to educate people on what's out and we have TV shows out there, like we talked about earlier that can also at least reflect what is out there in terms of being able to just share the story.

00:48:53.010 --> 00:49:05.310 Frank R Harrison: As we had talked about during the past almost two hours about sharing the care it's very clear to me, each of you as you fill us, I mean you remember you were a guest on my show, and then I said, you need to be my co host.

00:49:06.120 --> 00:49:10.530 Frank R Harrison: Because you have such a wealth of knowledge, especially in the caregiving spectrum that.

00:49:10.920 --> 00:49:21.000 Frank R Harrison: he's just been able to allow me to come and generate episodes of frank about health beyond the scope of just covert 19 or epilepsy and unable to focus on.

00:49:21.420 --> 00:49:30.060 Frank R Harrison: The wider picture the big picture, that all of us had to definitely recover from after something like coven 19 and then fill it Sally are.

00:49:30.540 --> 00:49:41.070 Frank R Harrison: Hard three episodes that we did together, and I mean don't feel so bad Angela we had a we had on our first episode together back in I think it was January of 10 minutes, where we couldn't hear each other.

00:49:43.260 --> 00:49:51.240 Frank R Harrison: We actually use that as an experience for her second come back episode and we learned about resiliency that begin with the show you know.

00:49:52.110 --> 00:50:04.230 Frank R Harrison: So I think that your audience that is here, I mean the panel, that is here with me and fill us today was organically created, and I think she's going to allow me to pivot the whole.

00:50:04.260 --> 00:50:09.540 Frank R Harrison: frank about health platform in that same vein, whatever episodes we have coming up.

00:50:09.960 --> 00:50:19.560 Frank R Harrison: are going to be in the engaging category of individuals that have an experience in the issue being discussed and that could educate people going forward and so.

00:50:20.040 --> 00:50:28.980 Frank R Harrison: i'm just glad to say that one of the things that i'm hoping this show does when when when the final copy is ready for your dissemination over the coming weeks.

00:50:29.760 --> 00:50:40.500 Frank R Harrison: Is that it really brings you a wider audience to your upcoming human a book signing that you're going to have I gather, you don't have a specific date as of yet Am I correct on that.

00:50:42.000 --> 00:50:52.770 Christine Conti: I think we keep talking to you keep talking about one event like this is we think here like this is not just one event, this is just you know there's, this is the beginning of.

00:50:53.490 --> 00:51:11.640 Christine Conti: A big collaboration and it's exciting that we can bring this to you, as this is just a start to our future together, because we all believe in power in numbers and it's about helping people together we don't you know we don't rise alone we rise together.

00:51:12.150 --> 00:51:24.210 Christine Conti: So this is really the beginning of you know a lot of events and a lot of speaking and a lot of things we're going to be doing, whether it's live in New Jersey New York this area and.

00:51:25.710 --> 00:51:26.010 Phyllis Quinlan: well.

00:51:27.960 --> 00:51:30.210 Phyllis Quinlan: As a healthcare professional i'm really.

00:51:30.540 --> 00:51:36.870 Phyllis Quinlan: very, very grateful that you are all leaning in the way you are so many people need to hear your stories.

00:51:37.590 --> 00:51:45.960 Phyllis Quinlan: Being able to tap into your courage they they need to be able to you know, listen to what you have to share in order to be able to reflect to.

00:51:46.830 --> 00:51:52.800 Phyllis Quinlan: You know, find their own sense of empowerment and you know healthcare professionals can talk and talk and talk and.

00:51:53.370 --> 00:52:01.890 Phyllis Quinlan: You know you have an RN and md or an ar T or RD after your name and people listen, but they don't listen, the same way as.

00:52:02.430 --> 00:52:17.700 Phyllis Quinlan: for lack of a better word civilians talking about their experience and how they found empowerment and how they found commitment and purpose and it's it's these are three amazing stories that need to be told to christine's point over and over again.

00:52:18.630 --> 00:52:27.840 Christine Conti: Yes, you know, we do have you know many the three of us here, we do have some letters behind our names and I think that at the end of the day.

00:52:28.230 --> 00:52:39.810 Christine Conti: what's more important is it the letters i'm not here telling you Oh, I have all these degrees i'm here, as someone who is here to inspire other people to show up.

00:52:40.410 --> 00:52:52.290 Christine Conti: that's what we do, we inspire other people to show up for themselves, because only then can they show up for the rest of the world and other people and Angelo Sally and myself.

00:52:52.680 --> 00:53:03.570 Christine Conti: Are jobs now, and you know for anyone listening we go to schools, we talk to schools, we talk to professor's We talked to students, we talked to fitness professionals.

00:53:03.930 --> 00:53:21.630 Christine Conti: We talked to healthcare, doctors, lawyers companies corporations, we talked to people that need a little bit more health and, yes, when we talk about health and fitness it starts with the mind without your mind you have nothing so.

00:53:21.660 --> 00:53:37.680 Christine Conti: Yes, frank, when you be frank about health we're going to be frank with you that it starts with mindset and if you're talking negatively to yourself that's your personal assistant and you need to start telling that personal assistant to write down positive things.

00:53:38.460 --> 00:53:41.670 Frank R Harrison: Right his name is Fred, by the way, so I don't really know him very well.

00:53:43.050 --> 00:53:53.700 Frank R Harrison: No, no, but literally I think you said it best Christine essentially when I started frank about health My big challenge, then was epilepsy was just nothing but a stigma.

00:53:54.060 --> 00:54:00.840 Frank R Harrison: And, of course, with advances in technology and genetics and medications and whatever it's now understood to be a neurological disorder.

00:54:01.110 --> 00:54:09.630 Frank R Harrison: But I was trying to combat challenges at that time, where I was saying, let me be frank, open, transparent, clear crisp.

00:54:09.960 --> 00:54:21.360 Frank R Harrison: Which is what this show the last two hours has been about our various issues, Chris what frank about cancer frank about autoimmune disease frank about resiliency training and, of course.

00:54:21.630 --> 00:54:30.630 Frank R Harrison: phyllis frank about caregiving so that all being said, I definitely invite all three of you that whatever conferences, you have coming up.

00:54:30.840 --> 00:54:45.240 Frank R Harrison: or podcast episode you're going to be on or whatever, let me know, and I will rebroadcast or or make this episode go viral to promote that event that's my offer to you free but, more importantly, to be frank.

00:54:46.500 --> 00:54:53.790 Frank R Harrison: You know, and I look forward to talking again Sally you and I are going to do another show together, I don't know what it's going to be about yet, but we have.

00:54:55.050 --> 00:55:00.780 Frank R Harrison: And then Angelo I want to hear more about what you're doing with your resiliency training, maybe.

00:55:01.410 --> 00:55:06.810 Frank R Harrison: When the show is over we're going to be actually when with the music goes out we're all going to be logged off.

00:55:07.050 --> 00:55:17.700 Frank R Harrison: So i'm going to send an email out to all of you tonight to thank you again, and maybe we'll have follow up discussions at some point during the during the upcoming weekend or the next week and then fill us, of course.

00:55:18.930 --> 00:55:33.510 Frank R Harrison: We were talking earlier about a potential show on addiction, which was actually mentioned briefly tonight so i'll get in touch with you tomorrow about those details but, ladies and gentlemen, please stay tuned for tomorrow, shows, which are always Friday with Tommy D and.

00:55:34.710 --> 00:55:38.460 Frank R Harrison: No i'm sorry with Steve fry and then philanthropy and focus with Tommy D.

00:55:38.760 --> 00:55:52.860 Frank R Harrison: And then we'll be back right here on frank about health for our normal our show next Thursday, but in the meantime remember to be on the lookout for the three books that have been covered today, and they are again each of you mentioned your mentioned your titles.

00:55:54.420 --> 00:55:55.170 Frank R Harrison: selling.

00:55:55.500 --> 00:55:56.940 Sally: Life gets in the way.

00:55:57.000 --> 00:56:00.720 Sally: powering through adversity with grit and grace.

00:56:01.740 --> 00:56:02.580 Frank R Harrison: Christine.

00:56:03.420 --> 00:56:09.240 Christine Conti: All right, we got split second courage, what if your fears were the key to your dream.

00:56:10.200 --> 00:56:10.980 Frank R Harrison: And Angela.

00:56:12.300 --> 00:56:14.790 Angelo Gingerelli : strong resistance training for endurance athletes.

00:56:16.020 --> 00:56:18.240 Frank R Harrison: And let's not forget phyllis share the care.

00:56:19.980 --> 00:56:26.520 Frank R Harrison: All right, for me, it's just frank about health and i'm glad and i'm thankful to all of you being here on today's special show.

00:56:26.820 --> 00:56:38.670 Frank R Harrison: We managed to get some good questions out there, and if there are any more i'll be forward being all to you and I will be in touch soon Thank you again for all the listeners right there on talk radio dot nyc and Facebook live.

00:56:39.630 --> 00:56:43.830 Frank R Harrison: Have a great evening we're all signing off right now, like the Brady bunch have a good night.

00:56:45.270 --> 00:56:46.230 Phyllis Quinlan: Thank you everyone.

00:56:46.950 --> 00:56:47.460 Yes.

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