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Thursday, August 18, 2022
Facebook Live Video from 2022/08/18 - COURAGE TO CLIMB TO THE FINISH (PART 1)

Facebook Live Video from 2022/08/18 - COURAGE TO CLIMB TO THE FINISH (PART 1)





The Audience will be provided with an overview of three books that provide both physical and emotional training modalities to accomplish life's goals using an athletic mindset.


This special 2-hour show discusses the works of 3 Best Selling Authors each of whom have triumphed from their own Personal Health Issues and have been able to express through their writings their triumph and ability to help advocate from a Sports and Training Mindset. 

Sally Kalksma's Book: Life Gets In The Way covers the challenges of recovering from Multiple Myeloma and using her running to keep her momentum going as she continues to Champion her way through life.

Christine Conti's Book: Split Second Courage covers the way to look at life's challenges through shifting your mindset by diving into your fears to reach your goals and dreams. 

Angelo Gingerelli's Book: Finish Strong covers resistance training for endurance athletes and provides training tips and practical advice to Runners, Swimmers, Cyclists, and Triathletes.

Sally Kalksma:

Christine Conti:

Angelo Gingerelli:


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Show Notes

Segment 1

Frank has a special two hour episode today, with his Co-Host Phyllis Quinlan and guests Angelo, Christine and Sally. Sally talks about her book and her story with cancer, speaking on topics such as her bone marrow transplant.

Segment 2

Christine talks about her book Split Second Courage. She shares the meaning of it before sharing her backstory. Christine grew up and was a big time athlete, playing volleyball in college in Europe, which was a very big part of her life and thought it defined her. She was always taught that fitness and sports is just a hobby, not a full-time career. So she did what she thought was right and ended up being an investment banker in NY, knowing early on that it wasn’t her thing. So, she decided to be a fitness coach as a side hustle, but she still never felt fulfilled. At the age of 30, she was diagnosed with a very advanced form of an autoimmune disease. She saw what it did to her grandmother who also had the disease and died when Christine was only 10, and said if it came to being dependent, she wouldn’t want to live. It took 8 months of being very sick for her to realize she couldn’t use what happened to her as a crutch. That’s when she got out there and started advocating for chronic diseases, eventually getting to the place she is now.

Segment 3

Christine then continues with her journey and all of the hardships she had to go through. Phyllis then jumps in to ask Sally some questions about her husband's disease and his own journey.

Segment 4

Angelo talks about his book Finish Strong. He talks about how the book is kind of its own resistance training for beginners. It helps people who are going to the gym for the first time to get the ball rolling. The purpose of the book is to help people get healthier and live a more productive life as you get older. Where he comes in is when he was a young adult he never had any serious health issues, but his fitness journey stemmed back to the mid 2000’s. His mom was a lifetime smoker and died of lung cancer when she was 55 and he was in his early 30s. He was active and working in sports medicine. Right around after his mom died, he started writing monthly columns for a magazine called Fitton, New Jersey, and at the end of the year the whole company ran a 10 mile race; something Angelo had never done in his entire life. He really jumped into the endurance community, which led to him writing a book 10 years later. Phyllis then talks about the mental mindset Angelo and the book talks about, and how it gives off the desire to be just a little healthier tomorrow than you are today.


00:00:57.000 --> 00:01:08.880 Frank R Harrison: hello, and welcome to a very special two hour episode of frank about health this episode is to also engage our audience out there, especially those watching on Facebook live.

00:01:10.230 --> 00:01:25.980 Frank R Harrison: Today, with my co host phyllis Quinlan we are going to be talking about basically the courage to get to the finish line actually the correct title is courage to climb to the finish.

00:01:27.000 --> 00:01:37.770 Frank R Harrison: Essentially, that is where you've also seen previously on frank about health Sally cokes my has been here in the past, talking about how she has champion life through cancer.

00:01:38.220 --> 00:01:48.480 Frank R Harrison: and has had to overcome a lot of things, both physically and emotionally, but with the spirit in her to continue racing up those stairs at the empire state building.

00:01:48.780 --> 00:01:52.770 Frank R Harrison: Or to run through stadiums, which is the latest event that she's now involved in.

00:01:53.340 --> 00:02:05.490 Frank R Harrison: She also has her book life gets in the way which we're going to go into detail again about it, but this is added value in in the dealings of other individuals that she's met.

00:02:05.940 --> 00:02:12.690 Frank R Harrison: While reading the book and they are Christine conti who will also talk about her book split second courage.

00:02:13.230 --> 00:02:30.300 Frank R Harrison: And also learn about christine's healthcare story that was the impetus for the book and then Angelo gingerly will join us as well and talk about his book, which is called finished strong now, before I go forward with the show i'd like to issue my weekly disclaimer.

00:02:31.590 --> 00:02:40.890 Frank R Harrison: This particular episode of frank about health is going to be a lot of information shared that is of truth and reflection of the individuals who wrote the books.

00:02:41.220 --> 00:02:46.740 Frank R Harrison: Including their healthcare stories and issues and challenges that they have been able to overcome.

00:02:47.130 --> 00:03:02.640 Frank R Harrison: But they are not the views of frank about health or talk radio dot nyc and are not meant to be inferred as what you should do with your therapist or your practitioner or your medical treatment, we are not looking to do anything but.

00:03:03.060 --> 00:03:08.550 Frank R Harrison: provide food for thought and create a spirited lively and engaging conversation with all of you.

00:03:09.360 --> 00:03:24.210 Frank R Harrison: That are being said, I want to welcome Sally counselor back to frank about health and also welcome phyllis back after our month long hiatus we've had we've missed, you and I just want i'm very glad that we're going to really.

00:03:25.500 --> 00:03:35.520 Frank R Harrison: Share again like we did, about a year ago ended up in our other two episode two hour episode that we did so that all being said, welcome to frank about health Sally welcome back.

00:03:37.980 --> 00:03:49.410 Sally: much for having me on again this is this is great and i'm turning into a regular beer and I just love chatting with you and, hopefully, helping others.

00:03:49.560 --> 00:04:01.380 Sally: Getting you know getting it out there, you know and helping people in it, I really Thank you and, of course, if you're doing such a good job, promoting my book life gets in the way and we.

00:04:01.380 --> 00:04:02.370 Sally: really appreciate.

00:04:02.430 --> 00:04:03.270 Sally: That so.

00:04:04.800 --> 00:04:10.590 Sally: So, for those of you who are tuning in for the first time, thank you and welcome.

00:04:11.040 --> 00:04:12.870 Sally: I am the author of.

00:04:13.020 --> 00:04:17.970 Sally: Life gets in the way powering through adversity and grace.

00:04:18.390 --> 00:04:24.120 Sally: And i've been on the show before talking about my story now.

00:04:24.180 --> 00:04:36.060 Sally: Everybody everybody goes through something everybody has something going on in their life I don't think i'm any buddy special, but what I did was I wrote about it.

00:04:36.240 --> 00:04:42.690 Sally: And I wrote about it because I wanted to help people I wanted people to know that cancer.

00:04:42.750 --> 00:04:43.470 Angelo Gingerelli : Is not.

00:04:43.590 --> 00:04:45.150 Angelo Gingerelli : a death sentence.

00:04:45.210 --> 00:04:45.810 Sally: Okay.

00:04:45.840 --> 00:04:49.950 Sally: Even when you're feeling your worst going through treatment.

00:04:50.430 --> 00:04:51.990 Sally: There, there is, I will.

00:04:52.290 --> 00:04:55.230 Sally: Say with my other Co host on here today, there is a.

00:04:55.230 --> 00:04:57.630 Sally: finish line Okay, you will get through the.

00:04:57.630 --> 00:05:00.660 Sally: Treatment right you just have to stay positive.

00:05:01.140 --> 00:05:03.840 Sally: You have to have the correct mindset.

00:05:04.230 --> 00:05:04.590 Angelo Gingerelli : Right.

00:05:04.650 --> 00:05:13.680 Sally: You can't be I hate, you know the word debbie downers but you cannot be a debbie downer, I feel that, when you're down your body.

00:05:14.130 --> 00:05:16.560 Sally: You know, tends to get down and.

00:05:16.770 --> 00:05:23.040 Sally: You can't fight unless you're mentally prepared, just like in a race, you have to beat up and.

00:05:23.340 --> 00:05:25.200 Sally: that's pretty much what my.

00:05:25.290 --> 00:05:36.960 Sally: Book talks about it talks about what I personally went through it's not just that I had cancer, when I was diagnosed with cancer my husband was.

00:05:36.960 --> 00:05:37.860 Sally: too and.

00:05:37.920 --> 00:05:47.190 Sally: Unfortunately I lost him within eight months, so I talked about how I persevered and.

00:05:47.730 --> 00:05:48.900 Sally: What I did.

00:05:49.440 --> 00:05:55.890 Sally: To stay positive and get myself through treatment and help my family and.

00:05:56.340 --> 00:06:00.450 Sally: The book just talks about how you have to put things.

00:06:00.450 --> 00:06:10.890 Sally: In perspective and you may have to give up a few things in your life to focus on what's what's at hand at that point, you could still go back to that.

00:06:11.790 --> 00:06:20.640 Sally: And also you, not only have to get your mind right, you have to get your body right and I heard the words you know you've got cancer.

00:06:21.630 --> 00:06:43.140 Sally: I got into the best shape of my life I was already working out but I knew to fight cancer, I had to be in really good shape physically and mentally and it did help when you go in for a transplant the you can be in there, up to three months recovering in the hospital.

00:06:43.560 --> 00:06:44.610 Sally: And I.

00:06:44.940 --> 00:06:56.940 Sally: was released in 17 days and my oncologist University of penn said I did so well because I went into the transplant I went into treatment in such good shape.

00:06:57.840 --> 00:06:58.890 Frank R Harrison: And I have been.

00:06:58.950 --> 00:06:59.790 Sally: Working out.

00:07:00.840 --> 00:07:15.180 Sally: retrieval they they weren't anything to write home about like to brag about it on Facebook, but the workouts really weren't anything to brag about, but it was important to keep moving mentally and physically.

00:07:16.560 --> 00:07:17.010 Frank R Harrison: So.

00:07:18.660 --> 00:07:23.790 Sally: Thank you again for sharing my story and i'm sure they'll be questions.

00:07:25.260 --> 00:07:30.900 Frank R Harrison: Oh yeah absolutely I guess what's what's unique about the show in this in this particular instance is that.

00:07:31.740 --> 00:07:38.100 Frank R Harrison: As we're letting the audience know you will be having an actual Q amp a book signing at some point in the near future.

00:07:38.520 --> 00:07:46.650 Frank R Harrison: And when you were on the show last and we were talking about your blog we had touched upon how this was an opportunity, especially post coven.

00:07:46.980 --> 00:07:59.160 Frank R Harrison: To get back in engaging with the audience out there, especially those that have been following podcasts mainly through zoom and through other digital platforms, but there's the missing element of actually.

00:07:59.460 --> 00:08:12.540 Frank R Harrison: Seeing you and telling you face to face if they've been helped by your book or, at the same time, since you mentioned that that's one of your intentions when you write a book about your experience you really want to help people.

00:08:12.900 --> 00:08:20.940 Frank R Harrison: And therefore we all know that when you're in the same room with the very people that you are communicating advice and advocacy for.

00:08:21.240 --> 00:08:30.300 Frank R Harrison: Just the in person energy that you receive i'm sure it's even more healing in its own way and not to mention more motivating to continue doing.

00:08:30.750 --> 00:08:39.900 Frank R Harrison: What you're doing so, I thought it was perfect to bring on both Christina and Angelo to do exactly what you've already done on frank about health but also.

00:08:40.200 --> 00:08:51.900 Frank R Harrison: Because they're coming from different walks of life, but the common thread between you and them is being able to overcome adversity and some what appears to be sports minded way.

00:08:52.980 --> 00:08:56.850 Frank R Harrison: So that's something that i'm looking forward to learn from because i'm.

00:08:57.600 --> 00:09:02.310 Frank R Harrison: phyllis knows that i've had to deal with cancer issues related to to my father and.

00:09:02.670 --> 00:09:08.910 Frank R Harrison: More recently there's been some shake up on the level, but I thanks to our conversations, both you and meet phyllis as well as.

00:09:09.270 --> 00:09:19.530 Frank R Harrison: you and me Sally i've been able to communicate to him in that sports minded positive way and i'm noticing his mood is doing better than I could have anticipated so.

00:09:19.890 --> 00:09:30.570 Frank R Harrison: You know this, this whole two hour session is going to be with lots of questions and answers and engaging conversation but it's also going to be therapeutic, to say the least.

00:09:30.630 --> 00:09:37.410 Phyllis Quinlan: Tony I just want to jump in for a second to clarify for the listeners, when you say when you received your transplant you're talking about a bone marrow transplant.

00:09:38.070 --> 00:09:39.270 Sally: A stem cell trans.

00:09:39.330 --> 00:09:51.180 Phyllis Quinlan: Am cell transplant okay Okay, because most people think of chemotherapy and surgery around cancer and not everybody understands about bone marrow and stem cell so i'm so glad that that.

00:09:52.200 --> 00:09:55.920 Phyllis Quinlan: That therapy was available for you and that you could take advantage of it it's great.

00:09:56.370 --> 00:09:58.800 Sally: Yes, well when you have a blood cancer.

00:10:01.080 --> 00:10:04.050 Sally: don't treat it the way you would, if you had a.

00:10:04.050 --> 00:10:04.590 Sally: Solid.

00:10:04.800 --> 00:10:09.450 Sally: Or you can take the tumor out and do radiation.

00:10:09.630 --> 00:10:12.210 Phyllis Quinlan: No, I understand that I just wanted to clarify for.

00:10:13.290 --> 00:10:14.970 Sally: The listeners know that.

00:10:16.410 --> 00:10:37.020 Sally: A stem cell transplant you either use your own or a donor and you have to wipe out all the cells bad cells in your body which takes about six months of heavy treatment and then you go into the hospital and get this transplant of.

00:10:37.140 --> 00:10:49.800 Sally: New cell body and that your body accepts the new cells and if they do accept themselves if they're able to keep suppressing the bad cells.

00:10:51.000 --> 00:11:03.600 Sally: But the heavy chemo for six months prior they pretty much wiped everything out of your system, you have no white counts you'll read countering.

00:11:03.630 --> 00:11:04.710 isolation.

00:11:06.480 --> 00:11:08.190 Sally: Just in the hospital.

00:11:08.280 --> 00:11:11.340 Sally: After the transplant just trying to be being strength.

00:11:12.570 --> 00:11:15.990 Sally: Levels back up so that some.

00:11:17.670 --> 00:11:26.100 Sally: People here have stem cell treatment now for into this and it's it's not the same, who sees.

00:11:26.280 --> 00:11:26.940 Complete.

00:11:28.200 --> 00:11:28.560 Frank R Harrison: Taking.

00:11:28.620 --> 00:11:30.180 Sally: Everything out of the body and.

00:11:32.430 --> 00:11:34.380 Phyllis Quinlan: Okay, thank you for clarifying that Thank you.

00:11:35.190 --> 00:11:47.400 Frank R Harrison: amazing but I mean, I can only imagine again and I know we've already talked about it on the show you must have had such a reaction when you were told you have cancer, I can only imagine but but you've overcome that.

00:11:47.430 --> 00:11:48.330 Frank R Harrison: But the way you live.

00:11:51.600 --> 00:11:53.310 Sally: it's it's something to hear.

00:11:53.340 --> 00:12:04.110 Sally: That hurts, you know, and I always tell people, they should bring someone else along when they're going to the doctor to get any type of results.

00:12:04.470 --> 00:12:22.890 Sally: Because you're going to get fixated on something the doctor says and you're not going to listen, they say you have also in your mind is just a cancer cancer and you're not listening to them say we're going to do this is your option this this, and this, you need somebody there.

00:12:22.950 --> 00:12:24.090 Angelo Gingerelli : Your caregiver.

00:12:24.570 --> 00:12:28.830 Sally: To take those notes, because your mind at that point is just.

00:12:29.220 --> 00:12:29.700 Sally: It just.

00:12:29.760 --> 00:12:33.390 Sally: turns black hole and you're just like I can't forget her.

00:12:34.470 --> 00:12:34.770 Sally: yeah.

00:12:35.700 --> 00:12:45.810 Frank R Harrison: Well, that all being said, we have one minute till break, but I want all of you out there, well, I mean you Sally Christine Angelo and phyllis that.

00:12:46.410 --> 00:12:58.650 Frank R Harrison: The Facebook link where this is now streaming was sent to you in the chat box, so please feel free to share that with all your followers through email or text or however you're able to help them come in on the show as we move forward.

00:12:59.040 --> 00:13:06.390 Frank R Harrison: And when we return right here on frank about health, we are going to meet Christine conti and we're going to learn about her book.

00:13:06.690 --> 00:13:16.110 Frank R Harrison: split second courage, as well as her healthcare story which I really am interested to learn about I don't even have any insight into what it is, but.

00:13:16.650 --> 00:13:25.440 Frank R Harrison: You did say Sally that when people hear the word cancer, it does freezes their brain I sent it something different, but it's still i'm sure had its own.

00:13:25.860 --> 00:13:39.840 Frank R Harrison: reactions and she obviously will discuss about how she champions her life through that, so please everyone stay tuned right here on frank about health and on talk radio nyc and Facebook live and we'll be back in a few.

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00:15:53.370 --> 00:16:00.630 Frank R Harrison: Welcome back to this episode of frank about health, the courage to climb to the finish with respect to sally's book.

00:16:01.470 --> 00:16:17.580 Frank R Harrison: It is available on Amazon COM and on her website Sally calc again, it is, it is basically must read and we're now going to see another must read from our second guest Christine conti on split second courage.

00:16:19.020 --> 00:16:25.920 Frank R Harrison: i'm looking forward to hearing everything about your story like my first question would be, what do you mean by split second courage.

00:16:27.630 --> 00:16:37.650 Christine Conti: Well, for some people, it takes a split second to make a decision in life and for others it takes a lifetime.

00:16:39.360 --> 00:16:49.170 Christine Conti: What does it mean and what does it take to have the courage to make decisions, why does it seem like it's so easy for some people.

00:16:49.590 --> 00:17:13.530 Christine Conti: To make a decision that may lead them to happiness that may lead them to fulfill their dreams and accomplish their goals and for others, they hesitate, and my question to all of us that hesitation out there are it's what's the cost of your hesitation.

00:17:14.790 --> 00:17:25.080 Christine Conti: And for some of us, it could be money, it could be taking that job it could be quitting that job it could be time.

00:17:26.130 --> 00:17:37.020 Christine Conti: And for others cost of your hesitation could be your happiness could be your relationships and it can be your health.

00:17:38.100 --> 00:17:57.840 Christine Conti: So something I think is very important is the idea of split second courage and that each and every one of us has what I refer to a split second courage but not every one of us realizes it.

00:17:58.830 --> 00:18:12.210 Frank R Harrison: Right right, so what would you say, has been the challenge in terms of people making those decisions, whether within a split second or.

00:18:12.600 --> 00:18:25.680 Frank R Harrison: In the longer term hasn't been predominantly due to emotional trauma or was it due to a specific physical diagnosis that limits people from taking the initiative that they may need to take.

00:18:26.730 --> 00:18:27.210 Christine Conti: sphere.

00:18:28.440 --> 00:18:36.480 Christine Conti: sphere period the end and the you know my name of my book is split second courage but right underneath that it said what if.

00:18:38.040 --> 00:18:40.650 Christine Conti: Your fears were the keys to your dream.

00:18:41.940 --> 00:18:42.480 Christine Conti: and

00:18:42.810 --> 00:18:59.490 Christine Conti: When we realize that fear is normal fear is what something is something all of us have we all, we all fear, something is it failure is it death is it embarrassment.

00:19:00.690 --> 00:19:02.130 Christine Conti: Do we fear success.

00:19:03.360 --> 00:19:10.500 Christine Conti: Because we're not sure what that is going to be like, and if we could handle being successful and then.

00:19:12.120 --> 00:19:22.920 Christine Conti: Oh, my gosh now, I have to be responsible and there's so much that goes along with this and we trip over ourselves in fear.

00:19:23.970 --> 00:19:33.660 Christine Conti: And that is something that holds us back, and when you talk about disease or you talk about you know anything that's either positive or negative.

00:19:34.260 --> 00:19:42.900 Christine Conti: there's fear associated with it and it's how we deal with it and how we choose to overcome and face it.

00:19:43.740 --> 00:19:55.470 Christine Conti: Which is what builds our strength it builds our character and it builds your reality, and if you want to reality of happiness then that's something we all need to face in different ways.

00:19:56.340 --> 00:20:05.070 Frank R Harrison: Absolutely so was there a pivotal moment in your life, you were faced with a diagnosis similar to sally's experience that.

00:20:06.090 --> 00:20:15.870 Frank R Harrison: made you challenge or provoked you into really seeing how you're going to respond and and and what and what efficacy like within within that split second or over a period of time.

00:20:17.340 --> 00:20:33.840 Christine Conti: So, to take you back just a little bit of backstory is that I I grew up and was a big time athlete I played volleyball and that was in college and I played in Europe, and that was a movement was a big part of my life.

00:20:34.230 --> 00:20:43.110 Christine Conti: was a big part of what I thought defined me, but I was always told that fitness and sports it's just a hobby that's not a full time.

00:20:43.500 --> 00:21:02.250 Christine Conti: career, you need to go do something, so I always did what I thought was writing so I went and I went to college I majored in business and English and I was an investment banker in New York, and you know I lived in astor place, by the way, which is, you know very familiar with nyu.

00:21:02.910 --> 00:21:03.720 Yes.

00:21:05.400 --> 00:21:13.740 Christine Conti: And I knew that investment banking wasn't my thing early on, but I still knew I needed a career right, you need your pension, you need your.

00:21:14.130 --> 00:21:29.490 Christine Conti: Retirement so I said, well, at least if I could I could teach, then I can coach and I could do all these fitness hobbies that I love and you know get certified and all this and that was my side hustle so that's what I did got my masters, so I can.

00:21:29.760 --> 00:21:32.160 Christine Conti: You know, lead and curriculum but.

00:21:33.210 --> 00:21:41.520 Christine Conti: I never felt fulfilled, I felt like there was something bigger out there and I didn't know what it was, but I felt it.

00:21:42.510 --> 00:22:00.630 Christine Conti: And many people feel this and they don't listen to it well, I was lucky, because at the age of 30 I was diagnosed with a very advanced form of an autoimmune disease, the same disease that left my grandmother a quadriplegic.

00:22:01.890 --> 00:22:23.670 Christine Conti: who passed away when I was 10 never saw her walk my mother was her main caretaker I saw what that did to families to being dependent to being almost a burden and I thought to myself, if that is my fate I don't want to live, if I can't use my legs my arms whatever is going to happen.

00:22:24.840 --> 00:22:26.580 Christine Conti: that's immediately what I thought of.

00:22:27.330 --> 00:22:29.400 Christine Conti: And it took me.

00:22:30.660 --> 00:22:40.560 Christine Conti: a really great amount of I would say, eight months and being really sick I spent a decade on and off chemo really being an experiment of one of saying.

00:22:41.970 --> 00:22:56.490 Christine Conti: First, that depression that darkness that almost grieving of your former life what's what's this going to be like I sat back and I said to myself, Christine you've got two choices in life, this is wonder woman my favorite.

00:22:57.210 --> 00:22:59.730 Christine Conti: wonder woman says you've got two choices in life.

00:23:00.810 --> 00:23:13.980 Christine Conti: Do something or do nothing always choose something and I sat back and i'm like i'm feeling bad for myself, and you know my father passes away and it's like all this, you know kind of.

00:23:15.690 --> 00:23:26.550 Christine Conti: Wake up and I sat to myself and said, I will not use this as a crutch I if this is going to take me down and I can't use my legs or this or that we don't know what's going to happen.

00:23:27.060 --> 00:23:39.810 Christine Conti: i'm going down swinging and that was it I had kids I didn't want to be the poster child of I can't I won't have this I don't feel good no, you know what.

00:23:40.620 --> 00:23:51.990 Christine Conti: I was in this fitness world and I knew I had people around me like really great exercise scientists and doctors and nutritionists, and so we spent a decade, being an experimental one.

00:23:52.620 --> 00:24:01.380 Christine Conti: and saying well you know what, if I can run today great if I can't run them on a walk I can't walk i'm going to crawl but you know what.

00:24:02.190 --> 00:24:07.350 Christine Conti: i'm going to keep going, and if something's going to take me down today is not that day.

00:24:07.920 --> 00:24:21.000 Christine Conti: And that's when I started getting out there and advocating for chronic diseases and making a bucket list and saying well guess what i'm going to run that marathon and do that iron man, I mean things got a little crazy off the wall, but.

00:24:21.540 --> 00:24:32.100 Christine Conti: But that's very some money let's do some good if this is my diagnosis well guess what here's what I get to do it has been the biggest gift of my life.

00:24:32.640 --> 00:24:40.770 Christine Conti: Because it has allowed me to have the empathy to see in others what they have not yet been able to see for themselves.

00:24:41.310 --> 00:24:48.210 Christine Conti: That everything that you've been through or get diagnosed with when I was younger I went through some trauma.

00:24:49.170 --> 00:25:06.420 Christine Conti: And I never dealt with it, I thought it was like my fault and me, and this is so terrible I realized that that terrible stuff made me the strong person that I was so I could deal with this and we see things like that.

00:25:07.530 --> 00:25:07.860 Frank R Harrison: Yes.

00:25:08.460 --> 00:25:29.100 Christine Conti: That is kind of with my story, and also the stories of all these other amazing human beings i've gotten to interview as a podcaster in the last five years, my job now is that conduit that person who has the ability to shine the light on how strong, we really are.

00:25:29.700 --> 00:25:46.110 Christine Conti: And here's what other people have done, I won't tell you what to do, but I sure as heck i'm going to sing about all the other ways people in this world, have been able to overcome and that's really what split second courage is all about.

00:25:47.580 --> 00:25:56.940 Frank R Harrison: amazing you know and just hearing your story right now, it seems as though that I guess if it took you eight months to do all your questioning.

00:25:57.270 --> 00:26:05.400 Frank R Harrison: That could be seen as a fear response, but apparently your your vigilance and your and your courage was.

00:26:05.970 --> 00:26:23.520 Frank R Harrison: Going right through you from your former life into your current LIFE I don't know, do you really can you really say that you've experienced those fearful feelings when being given a diagnosis, or is that something you were able to already work with rather than let it defeat you.

00:26:24.180 --> 00:26:37.830 Christine Conti: So this is this is kind of funny but there's a little story in my in in the book and it's one of the one of the techniques that has allowed me to get through some of this stuff.

00:26:38.250 --> 00:26:45.240 Christine Conti: And I know that all of us have this stuff in life, and many of us think all these things happen to us to be very them.

00:26:45.810 --> 00:26:53.310 Christine Conti: No one wants to feel bad, no one wants to feel shame and feel pain, but in order to move on in life.

00:26:53.730 --> 00:27:02.490 Christine Conti: You have to feel it, you have to go through it in order to I mean think about the grieving process right one of them is acceptance, you have to accept it, you have to feel it.

00:27:03.030 --> 00:27:18.690 Christine Conti: And for me, I used to watch this show called last do you do remember that show loss, and if you don't plane crashes on a deserted island it's very William golding you know lord of the flies and, as a former English teacher Professor it's.

00:27:19.200 --> 00:27:32.550 Christine Conti: Right up my alley anyway there's this there's this doctor and his name is jack and he's helping all these people that you know are on this beach and they're all you know gory and whatnot and he takes a break.

00:27:32.910 --> 00:27:40.440 Christine Conti: With this woman, Kate for a moment off to the side and she says jack you're so calm I don't understand how you do it, you don't seem like you're afraid.

00:27:40.950 --> 00:27:49.620 Christine Conti: And he said that's the secret, I am afraid, but I learned back when I was younger that you have to let the fear in.

00:27:50.280 --> 00:28:06.000 Christine Conti: In order to overcome it and what he does is he does a 10 count and he let all the fields all of it all the bad all the scary but only for 10 seconds and after the 10 seconds he realizes he can move on.

00:28:07.290 --> 00:28:12.930 Frank R Harrison: Well, speaking about moving on and it only 10 seconds we're about to take our second break so it's kind of.

00:28:13.200 --> 00:28:19.170 Frank R Harrison: it's kind of a coincidence that you've just said that, but I do have some questions from that point so, ladies and gentlemen.

00:28:19.470 --> 00:28:27.810 Frank R Harrison: Stay tuned right here on frank about health as Christine has just enlighten me as i'm sure all of you fill us up i'm looking at your face you probably had some of your own.

00:28:28.170 --> 00:28:37.620 Frank R Harrison: Aware moments which i'm going to start questioning on return and Sally you're with the right people i'm looking forward to even meet with you Angela so Angela oh sorry.

00:28:38.160 --> 00:28:47.010 Frank R Harrison: That all being said stay tuned right here on frank about health as we return about the courage to get to the finish right here on talk radio dot nyc and Facebook live.

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00:30:51.660 --> 00:31:06.060 Frank R Harrison: Welcome back so Christine it's funny i'm listening to your analogy of lost as being a motivator for you to reflect upon how you dealt with your eight months, while being dealing with your diagnosis and now questioning.

00:31:06.450 --> 00:31:21.960 Frank R Harrison: What your new life was going to look like I I can't say that I can identify directly with that, but yet I do identify with the impact of media today and how it can also create the impetus for this show frank about health for me that's grey's anatomy.

00:31:23.310 --> 00:31:29.280 Frank R Harrison: But the thing is, is that of course the way that those writers tell those stories like i'm lost or grey's.

00:31:29.670 --> 00:31:38.010 Frank R Harrison: it's very inspirational it gets you to think and get you to really look at reflect on yourself as to how it is you can overcome your challenges and, more importantly, like you've just.

00:31:38.430 --> 00:31:57.300 Frank R Harrison: mentioned them less segment deal with your fear as an ingredient to your direction, rather than your roadblock so would you say that within the book you bring out other examples of mindsets that create fear or produce resistance to being able to have the courage and overcoming challenges.

00:31:58.170 --> 00:32:03.840 Christine Conti: Yes, but the one thing I do want to say feel very, very strongly about is that.

00:32:04.890 --> 00:32:15.960 Christine Conti: I am not here to tell you what to think I am here to give you examples of how to how to change your thinking.

00:32:16.500 --> 00:32:23.190 Christine Conti: So that we stopped tripping over ourselves so that we're not seeing that you know.

00:32:23.970 --> 00:32:42.840 Christine Conti: That divorce or that you know that relationship we think we have to stay with or that cancer diagnosis, or you know the job you got fired from as this negative thing that we have to carry around but as something that liberates you and.

00:32:43.980 --> 00:32:44.580 Christine Conti: Seeing.

00:32:45.210 --> 00:32:52.110 Christine Conti: Like walking through that fear and realizing you're going to get through this I mean how many times have all of us, you know, maybe been.

00:32:52.620 --> 00:33:05.730 Christine Conti: broken up with in a relationship and you're like that's it my life's over i'm never going to you know again i'm never going to be happy, or this or that where is one of the one of the taglines I like to say when I when I.

00:33:06.060 --> 00:33:07.530 Christine Conti: Speak to people is.

00:33:08.760 --> 00:33:14.520 Christine Conti: Go ahead and quit embrace your inner loser and be an imposter.

00:33:15.810 --> 00:33:27.780 Christine Conti: I see this all the time and people like what are you talking about I said well if you can embrace the fact that all of us are losers in some way right your loser all right, you.

00:33:28.230 --> 00:33:36.900 Christine Conti: You got a diagnosis you lost it that health game oh you you're a loser you you didn't get the job promotion it you're lost at that or.

00:33:37.350 --> 00:33:43.140 Christine Conti: it's okay well, are you a loser, because you entered yourself into a race and you didn't win.

00:33:43.920 --> 00:33:56.340 Christine Conti: Or you a loser, because maybe you tried something new and stepped out of your comfort zone but you didn't quote unquote when like society says, we have to do well.

00:33:57.240 --> 00:34:13.680 Christine Conti: i'm sorry being a part of this whole game of life is what it's about I mean I think about how many times you've lost it something today have you made all the traffic lights that you were driving did you hit some runs did did you win the lottery like.

00:34:14.310 --> 00:34:22.830 Christine Conti: You know I mean did you wait on line like it, these are little things you don't think of, but these tiny little things are little examples of.

00:34:23.700 --> 00:34:33.690 Christine Conti: Coping of who you are did you make the red light and then freak out and say my life is over, no, no, you didn't you waited you took a deep breath okay fine.

00:34:34.680 --> 00:34:47.790 Christine Conti: But these are little things we don't think about and being an imposter people say oh it's so negative you don't want to copy, yes, you do, who are the people in your life that you want to be like the WHO what success look like, for you, what are those people do.

00:34:48.870 --> 00:34:59.640 Christine Conti: You not impersonating them you're taking on their characteristics, they can be great they can be determined, they can they can be people that value time and value relationships and.

00:35:00.900 --> 00:35:08.430 Christine Conti: Go ahead and quit is something huge because people think oh my gosh What if I What if I what you know what.

00:35:09.510 --> 00:35:20.760 Christine Conti: Think about quitting in a positive way, what if you quit a toxic relationship, what if, and I did it for myself, I was unhappy in my job because I knew there was something bigger.

00:35:21.360 --> 00:35:44.010 Christine Conti: And I was so afraid of quitting this successful job that I was supposed to love and my mother, my mother Carol from brooklyn Christine What do you do in your pension you throw it away your life all your retirement, you have the medical and i'm like but i'm not happy.

00:35:45.330 --> 00:35:58.950 Christine Conti: Because i'm doing this job that i'm supposed to do i'm taking it out of my family i'm you know i'm drinking more than I should i'm not sleeping right and I quit, but I also quit.

00:36:01.290 --> 00:36:07.920 Christine Conti: Being a bad wife and not a great mother and not the best friend and.

00:36:09.150 --> 00:36:16.890 Christine Conti: there's so many things that people tell you and and you're afraid of, but as soon as you kind of let that go.

00:36:19.080 --> 00:36:26.430 Christine Conti: it's like you wake up and you're okay you're going to be okay, you will get paid we'll figure it out.

00:36:29.130 --> 00:36:34.380 Frank R Harrison: Yes, phyllis, what is your take on all of this i'm i'm i'm i'm floored but in a good way.

00:36:36.720 --> 00:36:38.370 Frank R Harrison: Oh, and you can you.

00:36:40.200 --> 00:36:40.650 Frank R Harrison: Sir.

00:36:40.980 --> 00:36:54.780 Phyllis Quinlan: i'm really struck by both their stories so far and i'm really looking forward to hearing Angeles as well, but um you know I I just out of curiosity Sally did you know your husband's disease was so advanced.

00:36:55.830 --> 00:37:01.020 Phyllis Quinlan: Did you expect his life expectancy, even before you got your diagnosis, to be less than a year.

00:37:04.980 --> 00:37:18.540 Sally: However, I know that he did have a genetic disorder that he was predisposed to different cancers and in his lifetime.

00:37:19.740 --> 00:37:26.160 Sally: I met him when I was 18 and he was 20 and from then on, he had seven different types of cancers.

00:37:28.320 --> 00:37:35.490 Phyllis Quinlan: Just kill cancer cancer became somewhat of a constant in your life exactly and you build resilience around that.

00:37:35.850 --> 00:37:48.390 Sally: Yes, and he was very strong and every cancer, he had he overcame and we thought that, on this one would be the same.

00:37:48.630 --> 00:37:50.130 Phyllis Quinlan: Of course, you have the reason not to.

00:37:50.490 --> 00:37:50.730 Yes.

00:37:53.430 --> 00:38:09.630 Sally: I remember my daughter i'm asking me one night when he's in the hospital she's like mom what's taking so long, he always gets over this and that's what I had to do the hardest thing I ever did in my life was my children down I wasn't.

00:38:09.630 --> 00:38:09.960 Phyllis Quinlan: ready to.

00:38:10.110 --> 00:38:15.960 Sally: call them and say that he wasn't going to this time yeah that was very difficult.

00:38:16.470 --> 00:38:22.710 Phyllis Quinlan: She knows so i've been i've been dealing with so much in the last two and a half years with professional and family caregivers.

00:38:23.070 --> 00:38:32.670 Phyllis Quinlan: You know, talking about just you know the experience around the pandemic and will be the collateral stuff that goes on around it, and I think the common thing that has come out.

00:38:33.870 --> 00:38:38.160 Phyllis Quinlan: Is that people have found that they are stronger than they ever thought they could be that.

00:38:39.270 --> 00:38:47.490 Phyllis Quinlan: You know people describe themselves as afraid of their own shadow and don't know where they found the strength to do what they needed to do and.

00:38:48.000 --> 00:39:00.780 Phyllis Quinlan: You know I listened to your story, and here you are clearly you know navigating a life and a full life with the constant the constancy of cancer possibility flare up you know.

00:39:01.830 --> 00:39:15.030 Phyllis Quinlan: To to happen menu, you know you're you get your own diagnosis, you have to find the strength to be able to deal with that and then you realize your husband is, at the end of his journey.

00:39:16.140 --> 00:39:29.550 Phyllis Quinlan: You know it's incredible to me how people breathe in and out and I I just admire the fact that, from what i'm hearing you have a one day at a time we deal with the issue that's in front of us.

00:39:29.880 --> 00:39:43.500 Phyllis Quinlan: We don't catastrophizing we know blow it out of proportion, we don't do anything we're fully aware that this is a problem and he's denying the fact but we're going to find the will and the ability.

00:39:44.760 --> 00:39:53.370 Phyllis Quinlan: To to navigate this and and still be a family and still enjoy as much as the life that we have together, and I think that it's just.

00:39:54.300 --> 00:40:05.970 Phyllis Quinlan: Just so such a very powerful message for our listeners because we're all fighting a battle we all have a constant something or other, that we are every now and then you think you're.

00:40:06.600 --> 00:40:21.090 Phyllis Quinlan: You know you're past it or you hope it's behind you in the next thing you know it's in front of you, once again, and I think the resilience, which I call optimal coping that's my definition is is is really just incredible because for me.

00:40:22.230 --> 00:40:30.630 Phyllis Quinlan: Being able to lean into an experience not avoid it, but just lean into it and say what am I, what is this teaching me what am I going to learn for it from it.

00:40:31.050 --> 00:40:41.010 Phyllis Quinlan: So that I am just that much more prepared for what life has next is the definition of resilience and optimal coping and to me joy.

00:40:41.850 --> 00:40:58.410 Phyllis Quinlan: Because you're not letting reality as difficult and undeniable as reality and harshest reality could be interfere or eat up the available joy that you have, and I just think that story is incredible.

00:41:00.120 --> 00:41:20.070 Sally: So you use the word battle and it's very important with cancer or any illness that you have to realize it's it's a war, the the ultimate goal is to win the war but to win the war, you have a lot of little or large bad.

00:41:21.150 --> 00:41:24.390 Sally: we're not going to win every battle.

00:41:24.720 --> 00:41:28.680 Sally: Right, you are going to fight really hard every battle.

00:41:29.010 --> 00:41:35.310 Phyllis Quinlan: I can only imagine not I don't want to speak for you, but as as a woman and and and you know.

00:41:37.170 --> 00:41:47.670 Phyllis Quinlan: Knowing you had children and like you say you had the worst or the most difficult conversation of your life with your kids when your husband wasn't going to rally like he typically did.

00:41:49.710 --> 00:41:55.140 Phyllis Quinlan: You know the just just the ability to say you know.

00:41:57.540 --> 00:42:06.450 Phyllis Quinlan: How can I put this, I want to put this you know, in a way that you, it was almost like a gave you and infused you with increased determination to live.

00:42:06.900 --> 00:42:07.350 Sally: Oh, I.

00:42:07.890 --> 00:42:13.800 Phyllis Quinlan: knew, you were going to be a single parent and the last thing you were going to do is have your children lose both parents to cancer.

00:42:14.130 --> 00:42:26.550 Phyllis Quinlan: So almost that that tragedy gave your willpower a a probably not a needed boost, but a much deserved boost and sound like you're very strong willed to begin with.

00:42:26.940 --> 00:42:27.090 But.

00:42:28.380 --> 00:42:41.430 Phyllis Quinlan: yeah more to be able to say Okay, you know we lost this war but you're not i'm not losing this battle, and to go right back and give it all, you had to incredible.

00:42:42.870 --> 00:42:54.000 Frank R Harrison: Right well as I just see where we have a mental break, but what what we've uncovered here in the last 45 minutes is two scenarios Sally and Christine.

00:42:54.480 --> 00:43:03.510 Frank R Harrison: Where life got in the way and there was that moment of split second courage, where you had to figure out how you were going to deal with your next chapter.

00:43:03.930 --> 00:43:11.940 Frank R Harrison: And I think it's very insightful inspirational very mindful and it's all educating that each of us.

00:43:12.270 --> 00:43:25.260 Frank R Harrison: have to own our like you say battles, but own them as indirectly opportunities through creating more positive outlook and things like that, when we return we're going to take angelo's take on all of this, especially.

00:43:25.650 --> 00:43:40.410 Frank R Harrison: From what we understand about him and being a trainer at Seton hall university there's definitely the fifth element, and all these challenges which will learn more about right here on talk radio dot nyc and Facebook live on frank about health, so please stay tuned.

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00:45:39.690 --> 00:45:53.580 Frank R Harrison: Welcome back we've been here for less 45 minutes meeting with Sally and Christine about their respective books, I know they're both available on but Christine can they also obtain a copy of your book on your own personal website or through some other means.

00:45:54.630 --> 00:46:18.090 Christine Conti: You can just Google it and find it wherever your heart desires, you can go to my website, whether it's Christine calm calm calm to it all goes to the same place or, of course, go right to Amazon, for your paperback hard copy or downloadable version of split second courage.

00:46:18.960 --> 00:46:33.900 Frank R Harrison: awesome awesome and now we have our third author here Angelo gingerly who is listed here on the website as collegiate strength coach who talks about resistance training for endurance runners and I see you have a book as well.

00:46:35.460 --> 00:46:50.430 Frank R Harrison: which basically I guess it's not really related to a health issue that you endured it's more of a strain a strength and endurance training book that you created correct, or is there a healthcare story related.

00:46:53.310 --> 00:46:55.080 Frank R Harrison: Oh unmute.

00:46:56.970 --> 00:46:57.390 Frank R Harrison: Okay.

00:46:58.170 --> 00:46:58.920 Angelo Gingerelli : sorry about that.

00:46:59.640 --> 00:47:01.410 Angelo Gingerelli : Sorry that's okay i'll.

00:47:02.700 --> 00:47:10.620 Angelo Gingerelli : Finish strong resistance training from door jaffe drew myself and not the Oregon borders and it's available on Amazon and Barnes and noble on opposable.

00:47:11.070 --> 00:47:21.540 Angelo Gingerelli : loser accomplishing and the type back in the healthcare world it is taking me about healthy adults right or target reader is somebody who is already trained for endurance events, whether that be.

00:47:22.050 --> 00:47:30.870 Angelo Gingerelli : Running cycling swimming or triathlon, and this is the missing piece of their tree and keep them training and healthy longer into their career, because one thing I found.

00:47:31.140 --> 00:47:37.290 Angelo Gingerelli : I actually start running a competitor because my early 30s and you want a few sports to get better at as you get older right.

00:47:37.530 --> 00:47:45.900 Angelo Gingerelli : You get 3538 years old, your best days playing basketball, football baseball there behind right your best marathon girl might be in front of you.

00:47:46.230 --> 00:47:52.260 Angelo Gingerelli : As kind as I got older your grossest scratch that competitive edge and most people are working out with and training with.

00:47:52.470 --> 00:47:58.650 Angelo Gingerelli : They weren't doing the resistance side of things right, so I always say you're running 100 miles a week is great, for some people.

00:47:58.920 --> 00:48:05.010 Angelo Gingerelli : As you get older depending what your health condition, you might be dealing with as your body responds well i've even older.

00:48:05.250 --> 00:48:10.440 Angelo Gingerelli : doing some kind of resistance, training and staying strong and having good posture new structurally sound.

00:48:10.740 --> 00:48:14.340 Angelo Gingerelli : Your hope you have a better career, so the example I was getting my clients and athletes are.

00:48:14.580 --> 00:48:22.800 Angelo Gingerelli : To me, the body is the foundation of everything we're going to do in our life right and that foundation is shaky it's gonna be real hard to not just want to reach but.

00:48:23.040 --> 00:48:27.510 Angelo Gingerelli : play with their kids play with your grandkids pick up the mail go grocery shopping whenever might be.

00:48:27.810 --> 00:48:33.810 Angelo Gingerelli : I think one thing that's great about their stage right now is we're living longer, does this mean, people are living longer than ever before.

00:48:34.140 --> 00:48:42.360 Angelo Gingerelli : But a lot of older Americans that were walking up to 70 8090 years old we're not having super active super productive life at that point right.

00:48:42.570 --> 00:48:45.840 Angelo Gingerelli : But if we can maintain some muscle mass maintainer flexibility mobility.

00:48:46.050 --> 00:48:57.300 Angelo Gingerelli : and move as we get into our 70s 80s 90s, as we did in middle age or even know 3040 years old we're going to have a much better old age experience than we would otherwise any girl agree on that, I think.

00:48:57.540 --> 00:49:03.690 Angelo Gingerelli : My book it's kind of its own resistance training for beginners beach the ranges of view i've never really been a weight room before.

00:49:03.930 --> 00:49:12.000 Angelo Gingerelli : What do you when you walk into a retro fitness enters dumbbells over here kettle balls over their machines that look like you know alien spaceships over here.

00:49:12.240 --> 00:49:18.570 Angelo Gingerelli : What do you do what direction you're going and how do you get started and get that ball rolling hope we get healthier and live longer more productive life.

00:49:18.810 --> 00:49:24.720 Angelo Gingerelli : As you get older to tie kind of where the book comes in, from a healthcare perspective from my personal story.

00:49:25.500 --> 00:49:31.380 Angelo Gingerelli : i've been relatively healthy adult I really never had any serious health issue i've been blessed lucky whatever you want to call it.

00:49:31.680 --> 00:49:43.830 Angelo Gingerelli : But my fitness journey particular indoors world kind of stems back to the mid 2000s my mom was a lifetime smoker and died of lung cancer when she was 55 I was in my very early 30s 30 years old right.

00:49:44.220 --> 00:49:52.440 Angelo Gingerelli : And I was active I was working in sports medicine and we're you know I can provide the least active family or anybody on this show right now.

00:49:52.650 --> 00:49:58.140 Angelo Gingerelli : If I run a marathon I don't like cousins about it, they don't say congratulations, they say why would you ever do that.

00:49:58.620 --> 00:50:07.080 Angelo Gingerelli : Right, so I may I, for a background of villages don't get where I should go in my life, which is fine, I love them to death, I think they like the respect me.

00:50:07.590 --> 00:50:12.060 Angelo Gingerelli : But that's kind of where I put my background right, so my mom passed away from from cancer you're.

00:50:12.810 --> 00:50:16.620 Angelo Gingerelli : More or less attribute to a lifetime of smoking and a bunch of other risk factors she had going on.

00:50:17.040 --> 00:50:31.050 Angelo Gingerelli : And I kind of like a lot of people do lose somebody close to them, decided that my light my time on earth is absolutely fine right you're 2527 you're going to live forever I will I was hitting faced with i'm not going to live forever nobody's gonna live forever.

00:50:31.440 --> 00:50:40.920 Angelo Gingerelli : So one of the first things I did the year she passed away so China is a very beginning of social media right so trying to build a social media presence get some information out there and of writing.

00:50:41.130 --> 00:50:47.700 Angelo Gingerelli : Writing multi colleges magazine called fit in New Jersey just shortly magazine a really cool staff really cool concept.

00:50:48.030 --> 00:50:52.230 Angelo Gingerelli : And at the end of the first year, the whole staff ran a 10 mile race in Philadelphia.

00:50:52.470 --> 00:50:59.070 Angelo Gingerelli : And I never run 10 miles before my life, I always I like lifting I like playing sports I wasn't a runner and I did that race with the staff.

00:50:59.280 --> 00:51:04.860 Angelo Gingerelli : And I just caught the bug I was like this is really cool I could get better at this I made some good friends doing this.

00:51:05.070 --> 00:51:12.060 Angelo Gingerelli : On an extra hour and a half marathon you have to that ran a marathon and just really jumped headfirst in their endurance training community.

00:51:12.300 --> 00:51:17.310 Angelo Gingerelli : And that kind of led to writing a book about 10 years later, trying to kind of meld my two passions of.

00:51:17.520 --> 00:51:27.870 Angelo Gingerelli : Resistance training over here endurance racing over here and trying to help some people get that little missing piece of the puzzle that i've been walking off to kind of figure out of put together, but a lot of people haven't.

00:51:28.140 --> 00:51:40.080 Angelo Gingerelli : So my world it was kind of like a very bad diagnoses and unfortunate death by the word of the closest people in my life, let me get involved in boards running and what you have booked that that came at the end of 2021.

00:51:41.520 --> 00:51:43.860 Frank R Harrison: What advice, do you have for sedentary people in that.

00:51:43.860 --> 00:51:49.410 Angelo Gingerelli : case, I think it really it shouldn't get moving in some capacity right.

00:51:50.160 --> 00:51:59.610 Angelo Gingerelli : If you don't do anything physical at all the commercials you see all the gyms you drive by all the people that are ripped with their ABS out jogging down your street.

00:51:59.880 --> 00:52:09.120 Angelo Gingerelli : that's unattainable, and I understand the finishing is a very bad job because everyone wants to look like a profit model or an instagram influencer or be the biggest baddest guy in the gym.

00:52:10.110 --> 00:52:20.280 Angelo Gingerelli : My advice is don't look to them as role models look to the person that walks to wall is that drives every time right looking for and takes the steps, instead of the escalator every time.

00:52:20.580 --> 00:52:28.410 Angelo Gingerelli : And that the you've started looking up to that person, then you can move it a little bit maybe drop some body weight and your your your production gets a little bit better.

00:52:28.620 --> 00:52:33.090 Angelo Gingerelli : And now, instead of walking a while, while you can walk to the 711 further down the street right.

00:52:33.900 --> 00:52:41.430 Angelo Gingerelli : A cliche I always say to people who are first starting out is whether you want to run a renter block or around the world, it starts with one step.

00:52:41.820 --> 00:52:45.870 Angelo Gingerelli : You got to take that first step, a I think the first step, always listeners they.

00:52:46.170 --> 00:52:54.720 Angelo Gingerelli : let's figure out, for we want to go together but don't be scared to take the first step and i'm a big fan what Christine said earlier about we're so focused on i'm afraid to fail.

00:52:54.960 --> 00:53:01.650 Angelo Gingerelli : Right i'm afraid to go into a gym and look silly on a treadmill or have you pointed me when i'm walking on the street i'm overweight, whatever is.

00:53:01.950 --> 00:53:09.630 Angelo Gingerelli : In my opinion, if you show up to work out you already beat everybody else that they didn't show up so you are ready to top.

00:53:10.230 --> 00:53:19.590 Angelo Gingerelli : 10 15% of people on the planet if you're walking the gym right, and then you can worry about where you want to go from there, all the other example I always give people and it's a cliche but it's true.

00:53:19.830 --> 00:53:24.900 Angelo Gingerelli : The race easing against you and anybody else the races against you and where you were yesterday.

00:53:25.350 --> 00:53:31.860 Angelo Gingerelli : Right, I think we're talking about dealing with diagnosis dealing with chemotherapy dealing with just dropping body fat whatever we're talking about.

00:53:32.070 --> 00:53:35.220 Angelo Gingerelli : Think about what you've accomplished in the last couple years.

00:53:35.400 --> 00:53:42.930 Angelo Gingerelli : And how far you've come and we don't want people want to get pair you should always keep trying to get better keep keep raising your standards and you're golden and making improvements.

00:53:43.140 --> 00:53:53.970 Angelo Gingerelli : Or if you improve your health one or 2% a month, you know, a couple years you made a massive improvement and prime made a massive impact on the way you're open to live and deal with your family and your friends your kitchen your job, and everything else.

00:53:54.600 --> 00:54:03.510 Phyllis Quinlan: Angela when I hearing you talk about is is I hear the physical piece right and i'm smiling because you know I am a card carrying couch potato.

00:54:03.780 --> 00:54:14.670 Phyllis Quinlan: You know, I have no cerebellum I can't walk and chew gum I mean it's it's really sad i'm the person in the back of the aerobics class that's going the wrong way all the time, you know, because by the.

00:54:14.700 --> 00:54:17.100 Phyllis Quinlan: time I figure it out they've changed the move.

00:54:17.850 --> 00:54:35.610 Phyllis Quinlan: yeah I provide the comic relief when i'm in class or you know i'm in the gym but what i'm hearing you talk about is not is is more mental fitness than it is physical fitness what i'm hearing you talk about is mindset and can do and and and really finding.

00:54:35.880 --> 00:54:44.820 Phyllis Quinlan: Just the just the desire and plugging into that desire, just to be a little bit healthier tomorrow than you are today and am I hearing you right.

00:54:45.600 --> 00:54:55.050 Angelo Gingerelli : Yes, I think I think everything we do you can argue everything we do in our lives but definitely everything we do physically is incremental and fruit right nobody goes to bed.

00:54:55.620 --> 00:55:02.430 Angelo Gingerelli : overweight, hypertension, high blood pressure Type two diabetic and wakes up looking like a fitness model that doesn't no one's ever done that right.

00:55:02.790 --> 00:55:12.030 Angelo Gingerelli : Over time, can we make improvements and that's the biggest thing to wrap your mind around that even if you don't love training love being physical log sweating log eating healthy.

00:55:12.300 --> 00:55:23.820 Angelo Gingerelli : or couple good decisions, a day can really make an edit to a big improvement over time right, just like a call, unfortunately, a couple bad decisions, every day, can also lead to some very negative consequences.

00:55:24.060 --> 00:55:28.710 Angelo Gingerelli : So I think the biggie I think one thing i'm not know he pop culture, I love social media little podcast.

00:55:29.070 --> 00:55:35.910 Angelo Gingerelli : But I think we're always so focused on now what's going on right now, time is short, go down going on going out.

00:55:36.120 --> 00:55:46.650 Angelo Gingerelli : or read there's a place of that are definitely a place for split second curves like Christine talks about who's also place to make a split second decision every day that adds up to us a little, this is a Monday.

00:55:47.190 --> 00:55:53.610 Angelo Gingerelli : Tuesday, Wednesday, but by Friday it's a medium sized decision by the end of the month that adds up to a big decision.

00:55:53.910 --> 00:56:04.290 Angelo Gingerelli : So I think I kind of wrapping your mind around small incremental improvements for most of us is really the way to go, particularly people are starting a very baseline fitness level.

00:56:05.190 --> 00:56:05.790 Frank R Harrison: or below.

00:56:08.640 --> 00:56:25.950 Frank R Harrison: we're about to end the first half of frank about health and we have a couple minutes to route start setting up for our question and answer around for all of our listeners out there on Facebook live as well as on other social media that you are getting the link to the show right now.

00:56:27.180 --> 00:56:35.220 Frank R Harrison: I want to follow up with you on Angelo about where people can get your book and also go through a whole host of questions that we've all gathered together both phyllis and I.

00:56:35.550 --> 00:56:52.080 Frank R Harrison: will be able to have this engaging next hour of review of those three books and how pivotal they are going to be for lots of readers out there and so please stay tuned for the second half, for frank about health after these brief messages from talk radio dot nyc and Facebook live.

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