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Friday, August 5, 2022
Facebook Live Video from 2022/08/05 - Mental Health in Children

Facebook Live Video from 2022/08/05 - Mental Health in Children


2022/08/05 - Mental Health in Children

[NEW EPISODE] Mental Health in Children


EPISODE SUMMARY: The Little Saint Nick Foundation (LSNF) was founded in 2004 by Raymond Mohler, Jr. at age six. Ray suffered from Legg-Calve-Perthes Disease (LCPD) a rare childhood hip disorder found mostly in children between the ages of four to six years old that is initiated by the temporary disruption of blood flow to the femur. Feeling fortunate that he did not have a life-threatening nor permanent disease, but rather one that is treatable and fully recoverable, Ray decided he needed to give back to the kids whom he left behind at the hospital who were not as fortunate as he was. Ray’s mission – even at his young age – was to help relieve the fear, anxiety, and isolation experienced by children related to the child hospital visit and recovery. Over the past 18 years, Ray has become a well-respected youth philanthropist. Ray and LSNF have developed many anxiety-relief programs in conjunction with pediatric hospitals and have successfully changed how kids experience their hospital visits, serving over two-million kids.




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EPISODE QUOTE: “Not only did this one kid help thousands of kids but he inspired these hundreds of kids give back.”

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Show Notes

Segment 1

About 20 years in late July he started feeling pain in his stomach and hips. Later on he ended up going to Cohen Medical Center, as he grew up in Lynbrook. He recalls being scared as he was rushed into hospital. He found out that he had a rare hip disorder, that’s caused by lack of blood flow to the hip left unaddressed. Luckily, he was able to recover through rehab and avoided hip surgeries. Being able to go home made him think of the other kids not able to do so. He made a birthday wish to drop off gifts for those kids. Feeling productive he ended up seeking more toys and money from family and friends to keep on brightening the other kids’ visit.

Segment 2

It’s a natural instinct for him to protect the other kids from the horrid feeling of being stuck in a hospital. The toy drive became highly complex as he started setting up kids and sports stars with meet and greets. The gift bags provide positive distractions. It’s a long term relationship where it's well planned through checking how many patients they’re expecting to see to ensure no one is left out. If the hospitals are running low they can call the non-profit organization to replenish. Through the The Halo effect he prepared a 12 year old in Missouri to do toy drives.

Segment 3

The hard work of that 12 year old inspired him to expand. He went back to the University of Tampa, he set up a meeting with his business professor. It was a god-send meeting as he was an expert willing to help him. Simplifying it was a goal to make sure as many people/kids are involved. He set up an event through Student Government. 300 students ended up showing up in the first hour. During covid his business model became essential as visitations became limited.

Segment 4

The Luau event was started in 2017, it was a big hit in Island Park. The food and venue was donated. Children are able to get involved through volunteering and gudining other children that are guests using gift cards. The adults get involved through fundraising.


00:00:00.000 --> 00:00:11.070 Tommy D: Give us the lead time to talk about that event and to promote that event as well, so super excited rate Molar good morning my brother, how are you what's going on kid.

00:00:11.309 --> 00:00:15.450 Ray Mohler: i'm doing great Tommy happy to be here thanks for having me on this is awesome.

00:00:15.660 --> 00:00:19.830 Tommy D: Right amen thrilled to have you here so like I said you like we've talked leading up to this.

00:00:20.940 --> 00:00:29.610 Tommy D: This is this show is about you and your organization today it's about you telling the story, you know why some some you know six year old kid.

00:00:30.540 --> 00:00:39.570 Tommy D: says, I need to change the world, I need to help all their children, what was the catalyst, I mean I you know the story, I know the story, the people listening don't know the story.

00:00:39.930 --> 00:00:49.920 Tommy D: So, founder of the little secret foundation re Molar, why does this even happen, and what is the impact, I mean I know i'll actually tell you some let's let's just say this.

00:00:50.370 --> 00:00:54.180 Tommy D: My cameraman for the video I did earlier this week my son.

00:00:54.810 --> 00:01:06.480 Tommy D: When I said, the number of children and families that this organization has impacted his mouth literally dropped open like he was gonna catch flies he dropped it like I go dude you gotta close them out you gotta catch flies.

00:01:07.440 --> 00:01:12.990 Tommy D: Because I will not say that number, right now, but in 15 years right, it was that we're talking about 15 years.

00:01:13.500 --> 00:01:15.210 Ray Mohler: And we've been 18 years yeah.

00:01:15.330 --> 00:01:16.680 Ray Mohler: there's 2004.

00:01:16.890 --> 00:01:29.880 Tommy D: So we'll hold on we're going to tease it when i'm going to tell everybody that number of how many you've impacted yet, but tell me the story, I mean this disease is called leg cab part this disease, which is a rare childhood hip disorder right.

00:01:30.060 --> 00:01:36.780 Tommy D: You told me the story you get diagnosed with this, or what what what did we would pain, how is it even kind of even find out about this.

00:01:37.290 --> 00:01:38.820 Ray Mohler: yeah so it was.

00:01:40.380 --> 00:01:48.630 Ray Mohler: 20 years ago almost to the date, it was late July, and I was actually at my niece's my niece my cousin's.

00:01:49.020 --> 00:01:56.550 Ray Mohler: birthday party, the day before running around totally fine and overnight that night I started to feel pain in my.

00:01:57.060 --> 00:02:05.250 Ray Mohler: stomach and my hips and it was starting to intensify and then next thing you know I woke up but I couldn't walk so my dad carried me down the stairs and.

00:02:05.910 --> 00:02:20.040 Ray Mohler: You know, we knew that something was really wrong, so he took me to the doctor and the doctor said you gotta go to the hospital so i'm born and raised online island and in lynbrook and we went up to what's now Cohen, some of the medical Center the.

00:02:21.210 --> 00:02:26.850 Tommy D: cow well actually two of my children born, so I didn't know I don't think I knew, you were from lynbrook I grew up in Franklin square so.

00:02:27.300 --> 00:02:34.590 Ray Mohler: yeah neighbors right here yeah yeah so um you know went there and not knowing what was wrong with me, it was very traumatic no idea.

00:02:35.700 --> 00:02:44.280 Ray Mohler: what was going on and nothing to do you know, back then, there was no cell phones and you know we were just rushed to the hospital we weren't thinking about bringing things to keep me occupied and then.

00:02:44.490 --> 00:02:59.760 Ray Mohler: On top of that, you have all the other kids on occupied screaming and crying and ordering on their own so dramatic luckily at the end of that one day I found that I have like khafre themes which is very rare childhood hip disorder that's.

00:03:00.780 --> 00:03:09.330 Ray Mohler: Only common and Caucasian boys between four to eight years old, so it's extremely rare, but essentially what happens it's the lack of blood flow.

00:03:09.960 --> 00:03:19.500 Ray Mohler: To the head and you don't stabilize the hip, then the blood flow can't get going and the hip joint can regenerate it starts to deteriorate at that point.

00:03:19.860 --> 00:03:33.720 Tommy D: So, had it not been addressed right not not that you know I know what the organization does is more about helping children who are going through other things, but you know just to shed a little more light on it had this not been addressed this is, this is a real bad situation.

00:03:33.930 --> 00:03:43.680 Ray Mohler: yeah I mean back then, and we were blessed with a great doctor who said, for two years, you can only walk swim and I had to wear a brace on my legs like this for 12 hours that.

00:03:44.130 --> 00:03:56.940 Ray Mohler: But I made a full recovery no surgeries no more time back in the hospital, I meant to other people in my life, who have had this same disease and they there were advised to take advil and and brush it off and they've had.

00:03:57.600 --> 00:04:04.200 Ray Mohler: Over eight hip surgeries or probably have to get hip replacements, by the time they're 40 so I was blessed to.

00:04:04.770 --> 00:04:16.230 Ray Mohler: You know, be able to have the guidance, I had funny enough, the two other people I met or within two years of my age, both from South shore NASA county long island and both went to the same college is either.

00:04:16.530 --> 00:04:16.920 yeah.

00:04:18.060 --> 00:04:22.650 Ray Mohler: that's random with Rio and both of them unfortunately didn't go to the same doctor.

00:04:22.680 --> 00:04:32.130 Ray Mohler: Like well yeah both of them had to have you know all these surgeries growing up as kids I was lucky and, at the time of my diagnosis, all I cared about was, I was able to go home.

00:04:32.730 --> 00:04:40.260 Ray Mohler: And I asked my parents on the way home, you know what about those other kids they got home today to and they say, well, no sometimes that to stay there for.

00:04:40.890 --> 00:04:50.610 Ray Mohler: days or months or years and I couldn't believe that after eight hours, so I kept asking what can I do, how can I give back to these kids and with my birthday being Christmas Eve.

00:04:50.910 --> 00:04:55.620 Ray Mohler: I eventually had the idea to give my birthday and Christmas gifts back when I was turning five.

00:04:56.340 --> 00:05:06.930 Ray Mohler: So I asked my parents if we could do that, of course, and I went back to the hospital right after my birthday I just dropped off the gifts in the lobby and took a picture, and it was such a great feeling.

00:05:07.590 --> 00:05:15.660 Ray Mohler: I want to keep doing more so the following year I you know I didn't want to just give my toys, I want to give more so, I asked friends and family.

00:05:15.870 --> 00:05:27.270 Ray Mohler: If they would be willing to donate toys or money, so we can go buy more toys and right after I turned six on top of giving my own toys, I gave about three times the amount from just the Community support.

00:05:27.870 --> 00:05:33.420 Ray Mohler: And it was at that point where my parents said, if you want to keep doing this will help you.

00:05:33.990 --> 00:05:43.980 Ray Mohler: But we gotta start a nonprofit and you know now we're starting to like donations and money, and so I said Okay, you know to me i'm just a kid thinking of what other kids.

00:05:44.400 --> 00:05:55.380 Ray Mohler: In the hospital or in my similar situation would want and my parents, you know, took on the brunt of of starting the nonprofit while also running their own air conditioning and heating business.

00:05:57.540 --> 00:06:09.720 Tommy D: Like I usually ask like you know what was your background in nonprofit did you I mean this is a four year old boy right who would that on his fifth birthday 1224 my birthday is January six so it's actually a.

00:06:09.750 --> 00:06:20.010 Tommy D: Little Christmas, you know which is they say historically that's when the Wise Men came to visit the baby Jesus I don't know, I was, I was more 1978 so I don't know what happened, you know 1900 and 70.

00:06:21.390 --> 00:06:30.750 Tommy D: I wasn't there for that, but I do know that that time of year, obviously, is a festive time of year, you know, whether it be the secular holiday that people are celebrating or.

00:06:31.050 --> 00:06:43.350 Tommy D: Or the you know, the Christian holiday, you know I mean I I say it that way, because I think people celebrate Christmas Warren always celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ, and I, you know my my grandfather my pop my mom's father.

00:06:43.770 --> 00:06:51.810 Tommy D: actually had written a poem about that you know just as that focus how that there is that, like I say secular or consumer piece of of the holiday.

00:06:52.170 --> 00:07:04.260 Tommy D: So I want to talk about this, though, so four year old turns five all these gifts that are starting to be giving away your parents have not I don't really have to but you've said we got I want to keep doing this and they're the.

00:07:04.680 --> 00:07:13.920 Tommy D: Best move structurally or business wise was the former nonprofit organization did either of them have any background in nonprofit already that.

00:07:14.340 --> 00:07:23.250 Ray Mohler: Now now my parents started their existing heating company, but 30 years ago because they had my brother and sister to support and they had to come up with some way to.

00:07:23.790 --> 00:07:30.360 Ray Mohler: You know, raise a family so that's that's kind of how that started to you know just grassroots entrepreneurs and.

00:07:30.630 --> 00:07:39.390 Ray Mohler: You know when they decided to we decided to make this something that I wanted to keep doing and make it a nonprofit so we can collect toys and money and everything.

00:07:40.230 --> 00:07:52.230 Ray Mohler: We know it today me and after my second toy drop off a long island, I think, was lie on Harold did an article on me and they title that little Saint Nick gives back.

00:07:52.710 --> 00:07:58.290 Ray Mohler: And my mom was on the phone with the accountant, and they were like you had a name that somebody's going to call it, some sick I don't know what to call it.

00:07:58.830 --> 00:08:07.950 Ray Mohler: And she had that newspaper on her desk and she said let's just call it little Saint Nick and that's how the name came to be and we snowballed from there.

00:08:08.190 --> 00:08:08.580 Who.

00:08:09.720 --> 00:08:18.030 Tommy D: Words have meanings I like wordplay you said snowball that's fun, for me, because i'm thinking Christmas, it is so hot in the attic I actually have an air conditioner going up here so.

00:08:18.240 --> 00:08:22.230 Tommy D: You know when you're listening, is it might be wintertime gang but right now, it is August.

00:08:22.950 --> 00:08:33.960 Tommy D: You know, on the hot long island August day I want to ask one question before we go to break who did the graphics these two cute little people, children holding hands with gifts, did you draw that didn't want to your.

00:08:33.960 --> 00:08:34.710 Ray Mohler: brother now.

00:08:34.860 --> 00:08:39.060 Ray Mohler: For that, who do is done in a long time and we used to be just a Santa hat our logo.

00:08:39.390 --> 00:08:54.120 Ray Mohler: And then, about a year or two after we someone designed this I don't know Maybe it was ar ar ar T or T shirt company or we get our T shirts from one of our donors sunset printing and lynbrook he donates a bunch of T shirts to us he might have.

00:08:55.110 --> 00:08:55.590 Ray Mohler: Enough but.

00:08:55.800 --> 00:08:57.420 Tommy D: Well it's not like complicated it's.

00:08:57.900 --> 00:08:58.440 Ray Mohler: cute yeah.

00:08:58.710 --> 00:09:00.090 Tommy D: I love it man it's also about.

00:09:00.090 --> 00:09:03.870 Ray Mohler: yeah yeah we've we've kept it all these years, because everyone kind of gravitate storage.

00:09:04.230 --> 00:09:13.170 Tommy D: No doubt, I think I need I always say I hate to even say this as hot, as it is right now, I think I need a hoodie I think I need it, we got to get me I don't do you make hoodies can I.

00:09:13.230 --> 00:09:15.750 Ray Mohler: can make we make nice zip up jackets I got to give you one.

00:09:15.840 --> 00:09:19.260 Tommy D: Right Well, no, I don't want to give a while i'll give you a check you give me one i'll give you a check for.

00:09:19.530 --> 00:09:27.150 Tommy D: So let's do this let's go to a quick break when we come back let's talk more about kind of the evolution of the organization, I want to know what it feels like to.

00:09:27.630 --> 00:09:34.290 Tommy D: Because it's really it's it's kids helping kids right it's not it's not just big corporations writing a check for five grand.

00:09:34.590 --> 00:09:41.850 Tommy D: And a bunch of gifts, although I know you like those real like those big checks, but it's actually the Act, and I know this from having my own children, four of them.

00:09:42.330 --> 00:09:51.090 Tommy D: That when they get involved with a charity when they get involved with the nonprofit they feel themselves doing it it's game changing it changes your soul it changes your heart so.

00:09:51.300 --> 00:10:02.160 Tommy D: I want to talk about that experience for these other children who are doing the gift giving this show is philanthropy and focus, we are on track right now remodelers here, founder of little Saint a foundation we'll be right back.

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00:12:00.930 --> 00:12:01.680 nonprofit.

00:12:12.300 --> 00:12:14.940 Tommy D: So cut through all those static.

00:12:16.170 --> 00:12:26.340 Tommy D: Going Tommy in his attic I don't care what Brendan levy, I think I sing that song better than you do baby i'm not a singer but I did have part in writing that song Ray Molar I.

00:12:26.910 --> 00:12:32.880 Tommy D: It was, I say on the show, sometimes it was like a Lennon and McCartney thing, those are the guys from the Beatles just I know you're young feller I when I.

00:12:32.880 --> 00:12:33.600 Ray Mohler: know I know.

00:12:33.690 --> 00:12:46.800 Tommy D: All right, I know you do i'm being cute i'm being funny what you shout out to those checking in on Facebook if you're listening in checking on Facebook and then you can watch rain, I have this conversation what better than watching two men talk what better than that I don't know.

00:12:48.030 --> 00:12:59.790 Tommy D: listening and watching I guess all right, we help and inspire 300 people in communities and hospitals every day of the year, spreading our movement of kids inspiring and helping kids.

00:13:00.240 --> 00:13:14.700 Tommy D: kids helping kids you have a four year old kid who gets diagnosed with this with this disease that he can recover from first of all right, I don't want to get too out there, but and I, you told me this before, but the fact that 12 hours in this brace what your legs like.

00:13:15.900 --> 00:13:16.680 i'm sleeping.

00:13:18.090 --> 00:13:30.600 Tommy D: sleeping yeah or trying to sleep, I guess, I mean we're not talking about small feat, I know you weren't in the hospital or anything like that, but Danny Danny and easy right, I mean don't do that and that come in for how long a year or two years.

00:13:31.050 --> 00:13:36.270 Ray Mohler: Two years yeah only walking swimming, which is good for the hips and.

00:13:37.290 --> 00:13:39.480 Ray Mohler: A brace so by the time I.

00:13:39.780 --> 00:13:45.720 Tommy D: Most five year old boys don't want to run around anyway, they just wanted to sit still and maybe going the pool right come on.

00:13:45.750 --> 00:13:49.260 Ray Mohler: that's done i'ma my mom always jokes about how in the park she.

00:13:49.260 --> 00:13:59.280 Ray Mohler: She would see me start to you know run or jog and play with the kids and she was telling me not to run and all the other moms looked at her like ISIS what's wrong with this one, why should not let their kids play, but yes, I can.

00:14:00.450 --> 00:14:05.730 Tommy D: hey you know what though shout out to your mom and dad shout out to you know your parents, because i'm.

00:14:06.840 --> 00:14:15.990 Tommy D: running a business and then running a nonprofit and still maintaining what they needed to do for you and your care through those early years you know that that's.

00:14:16.440 --> 00:14:22.440 Tommy D: that's not little I mean again I have children, it is a challenge to have children and to raise them so.

00:14:22.950 --> 00:14:28.410 Tommy D: Certainly, when a child has some different needs and we have to focus on those things so that's that's great so.

00:14:28.740 --> 00:14:40.260 Tommy D: um I just I envision you like see you sitting there with your legs like that i'm like this is like you use again when you say it it's matter of fact, but I just want to point out that the commitment that you made in your.

00:14:40.410 --> 00:14:44.970 Ray Mohler: Family made is yeah wasn't just notice in my office and show you the brace we still have it.

00:14:45.150 --> 00:14:45.510 Okay.

00:14:46.830 --> 00:14:47.160 Ray Mohler: well.

00:14:47.520 --> 00:14:49.620 Tommy D: we'll be in your office at one point to come for a visit.

00:14:49.650 --> 00:14:50.700 Ray Mohler: You know yeah sure.

00:14:50.790 --> 00:14:55.050 Tommy D: Whatever we could do you know whether it be helping coxon gifts let's talk about these gifts because it's it's every.

00:14:56.100 --> 00:15:08.670 Tommy D: Every $10 packs an Anti anxiety gift pack or gift bag for one kid in a hospital so let's let's give me what this feels like for you, I mean right, I consider myself.

00:15:09.120 --> 00:15:13.620 Tommy D: You know, a philanthropist I consider myself someone of service who's trying to give back.

00:15:14.100 --> 00:15:27.840 Tommy D: You only know that since you're five years old that's all you know, is doing this thing, so I see you smile when I see you because why wouldn't you you're changing people's day all the time, I mean you know it's I feel like it's um.

00:15:28.920 --> 00:15:42.780 Tommy D: You know I don't I just said this recently and I don't know if I said it on a show, or if I just said in life, but I, you know, the end of Willy Wonka movie it says, I you know, he says, you know, Charlie you know, Willy Wonka since Charlie what happened to.

00:15:44.250 --> 00:15:48.930 Tommy D: To the boy who got everything he ever wanted, and he says he lived you know he lived this.

00:15:49.620 --> 00:16:00.000 Tommy D: happy life or you know, he was everything was great it was a sweet life, something I actually I butchered the line, but I know my college is looking at Facebook so Michael probably Google it give it a Willy Wonka line.

00:16:00.480 --> 00:16:11.490 Tommy D: um but my point is what you're doing every day as sure as it's difficult you're changing your brightening children's day man what's better than what you're doing tell me about it tell me the experience.

00:16:11.580 --> 00:16:14.580 Ray Mohler: Well, you know this was just a natural instinct you know it wasn't.

00:16:15.330 --> 00:16:22.380 Ray Mohler: You know, like, I thought about it or was influenced by anything, it was just naturally thinking to myself, I will not want any other kid.

00:16:22.680 --> 00:16:30.840 Ray Mohler: to feel the way I didn't hospital, so it was all right, what can I do, from what I know as a kid turning five all right, I have gifts, let me give them.

00:16:31.200 --> 00:16:35.970 Ray Mohler: yeah and once I did that twice, then we say all right let's try to take it a step further was always.

00:16:36.600 --> 00:16:42.510 Ray Mohler: You know my vision as a kid thinking of what other kids would want with my parents helping carriers will just.

00:16:42.900 --> 00:16:47.130 Ray Mohler: Then we said all right, you know the next year let's do a toy drive and let's collect a bunch of toys.

00:16:47.700 --> 00:16:54.120 Ray Mohler: And let's actually go and visit the kids bedsides, then we would donate you know say 1000 toys that we collect locally.

00:16:54.510 --> 00:17:02.610 Ray Mohler: Go to a hospital asked the nurses to get the feedback from the patients on what they like, and we try to pick out the toys and we wouldn't go with a.

00:17:02.880 --> 00:17:08.340 Ray Mohler: Sports star we went one a few times I on their players jet players Nick players ranger players.

00:17:08.820 --> 00:17:19.020 Ray Mohler: To the hospital and actually enhance it alright we're going any toys for the unit to have are visiting the kids bedside now they're also meeting the sports star that will give them an autograph and.

00:17:19.710 --> 00:17:25.620 Ray Mohler: then went to our gift bag program which you know, is really back to the whole.

00:17:26.520 --> 00:17:36.000 Ray Mohler: Beginning of things where it's that immediate relief of anxiety, the toys, you know we were doing these big events and giving out these toys bedside after.

00:17:36.300 --> 00:17:49.020 Ray Mohler: These kids went through that initial shock of being in the hospital getting admitted and now they're getting treatment and taking care of you know they're already a day or two when to be in there, you know, for me, I was only there for eight hours that initial shock is what it's about.

00:17:49.350 --> 00:18:00.150 Tommy D: So, so it sounds like again and we've talked offline you know when you came through an event we did recently at the racetrack you know we talked about St mary's hospital i've been to St mary's hospital in bayside Queens.

00:18:00.510 --> 00:18:05.400 Tommy D: When we're together was the base I business association outing the track.

00:18:07.260 --> 00:18:13.560 Tommy D: You know i've been in some of these settings where you know you just We just have to find great gratitude and.

00:18:13.950 --> 00:18:14.250 Ray Mohler: yeah.

00:18:14.490 --> 00:18:29.220 Tommy D: So appreciative of what we have and how we have it, because some people are are in very, very difficult situation, some of these children are going to be in the in the hospital for years, so what you're addressing for me is it's that initial piece i'm in the hospital now.

00:18:30.420 --> 00:18:40.830 Tommy D: And then it's it but it's more long term it's it's getting involved, I mean I don't know, I think we probably did talk about a moment of magic, which is an organization, my friend kylie and green founded.

00:18:41.190 --> 00:18:53.400 Tommy D: And for the last seven or eight years, this organization they they go into hospitals dress this Princesses and superheroes it's a really, really special tyler's been on the show you need to meet her because I see.

00:18:53.940 --> 00:18:57.810 Tommy D: What you're doing in fact I did some work with her we put some bravery bags together.

00:18:57.990 --> 00:19:10.830 Tommy D: Right St mary's hospital, so I there's certainly overlap here, I see the way i'm about you know me man i'm the nonprofit sector connector right So how do we get together and do things that are bigger and better as a Community.

00:19:11.070 --> 00:19:15.270 Tommy D: Right, because it does it takes a village and i'll tell you it takes a village, because now i'm.

00:19:15.900 --> 00:19:29.280 Tommy D: Here in the chat box our producer dylan is giving me the answer that I botched here on Facebook, my friend Maggie Collins is giving me the answer that I bought so here's what it is Mr Walker says don't forget what happened to the man.

00:19:29.610 --> 00:19:39.900 Tommy D: who suddenly got everything he wanted and Charlie buckets responses, what happened and Mr Walker says he lived happily ever after and I love that that's yes it's a cute movie it's a.

00:19:40.680 --> 00:19:46.350 Tommy D: Look, the gene wilder one was great if you saw the Johnny Depp I love Johnny Depp That was all it was like two different movies.

00:19:46.380 --> 00:19:49.290 Tommy D: First of all, I don't know if you saw the two you know.

00:19:49.710 --> 00:19:57.780 Tommy D: Willy Wonka and I love Johnny Depp, but it was a bit of a darker movie, but it was well it's Johnny Depp and and TIM Burton So what do you expect but.

00:19:58.830 --> 00:20:05.550 Tommy D: it's that man it's about making impact you're changing the day of not only these children are you changing the day of their families right.

00:20:07.260 --> 00:20:16.860 Ray Mohler: yeah I mean it's it's a you know with our gift bag, the beauty of it is that has such a massive and we call it a simple gift bag, with a big impact and.

00:20:17.220 --> 00:20:22.410 Ray Mohler: You know, we didn't really know what we were getting into when we started, we just had the idea all right let's try to.

00:20:22.770 --> 00:20:38.670 Ray Mohler: Get the quickest point of contact from when a child in their family enter hospital let's have that immediate relief of anxiety, so when that happens, they get this bag, now the patient is feeling come for a feeling that someone else cares about them and they have a positive traction.

00:20:39.090 --> 00:20:39.390 Ray Mohler: Or the.

00:20:39.840 --> 00:20:47.220 Tommy D: So you must be working sorry to interrupt for a second, you must be working directly with nurses right, I mean we know who, who is engaging.

00:20:47.940 --> 00:20:55.590 Tommy D: You know, with these children early on, and I mean having had four children and been in the hospitals for different things.

00:20:56.070 --> 00:21:03.870 Tommy D: I know the nurses frontlines shout out to our nurses, yes shout out to our other professionals and health care, but we know this is many nurses in the family.

00:21:04.740 --> 00:21:16.800 Tommy D: So we love our nurses, we love our first responders what what is are the bags in the hospital already or is it like a you going with some level of regularity to these different hospital systems tell me about that.

00:21:17.280 --> 00:21:30.930 Ray Mohler: yeah so it's you know it's a long term partnership we want to make sure that every single kid who enters their hospital the standard is they receive this gift bag, not one kid has it five kids don't and they're kind of looking at and say how come that kid.

00:21:31.230 --> 00:21:37.140 Ray Mohler: got it so we plan it out say all right let's see, on average, how many patients they expect to see this upcoming month.

00:21:37.380 --> 00:21:43.650 Ray Mohler: We make sure they have enough gift bags for that given unit whatever unit, we agree on most the time it's admissions or emergency department.

00:21:44.040 --> 00:21:51.690 Ray Mohler: units and then you know if they're getting low and they're seeing more kids great they'll call us and we make sure that they have enough so.

00:21:51.960 --> 00:21:55.260 Ray Mohler: it's always about that consistency and that's what's cool about it.

00:21:55.620 --> 00:22:06.060 Ray Mohler: You know, went from just delivering toys, maybe around the holiday times, or a couple times a year to now having this everyday impact and this kind of Christmas and giving all year long.

00:22:06.480 --> 00:22:15.840 Ray Mohler: So that's that's how we got to that 300 kids every day number because we're giving a gift bags here in New York down in Tampa.

00:22:16.050 --> 00:22:18.930 Tommy D: I didn't Tampa Florida How does that happen because I wanted to get to that.

00:22:19.020 --> 00:22:19.500 Ray Mohler: yeah.

00:22:19.590 --> 00:22:20.490 Tommy D: Actually down in Tampa.

00:22:21.060 --> 00:22:29.190 Ray Mohler: So you know, going back to this forever, it was just doing what we can and then I decided to go to the University of Tampa in 2016.

00:22:30.030 --> 00:22:39.510 Ray Mohler: With not really knowing what I wanted to do with my life, and you know my my mom maybe visit the school and I fell in love with it, and that was it, I decided, I wanted to go there, but.

00:22:40.170 --> 00:22:47.970 Ray Mohler: You know, we were still having one fundraising event in New York, having one big toy drive and we did what we could.

00:22:48.510 --> 00:22:55.800 Ray Mohler: So I didn't know if I want to keep doing this, or just do when I come home and right before I went to college, I was on a nickelodeon documentary.

00:22:56.220 --> 00:23:01.230 Ray Mohler: called the HALO effect and it highlighted 10 kids across the country doing community service work.

00:23:01.980 --> 00:23:17.850 Ray Mohler: And a boy in St Louis Missouri reached out to us and said I saw your show when I was in the hospital with a broken leg, and I want to do what you do it on the show we did a toy drive the pack the bags see what's possible be about the bags had a toy party actually at St mary's.

00:23:19.080 --> 00:23:26.580 Ray Mohler: And they said all right do a fundraiser or something I said no, no, I want to do all these things physically here in St Louis.

00:23:26.640 --> 00:23:27.330 Tommy D: I will busy.

00:23:27.390 --> 00:23:29.100 Tommy D: At the time, this is 12 or.

00:23:29.460 --> 00:23:42.480 Ray Mohler: So and i'm like all right, you know i'm just trying to learn how to be a college student, but the next scene Oh, my first semester college was spent trying to prepare a 12 year old to run a backpacking event conducted toy drive and.

00:23:42.780 --> 00:23:43.830 Ray Mohler: Also rain.

00:23:44.010 --> 00:23:47.700 Tommy D: He wasn't on long island and he wasn't in Tampa so yeah.

00:23:48.150 --> 00:23:58.770 Ray Mohler: yeah with the with a single mom with a high profile jobs and she was really busy, and you know it was a lot of it was on this 12 year old to execute it, you know because i've never been to St Louis before.

00:23:59.430 --> 00:24:02.910 Ray Mohler: So we go out to St Louis for my thanksgiving break.

00:24:03.420 --> 00:24:10.860 Ray Mohler: And we didn't know what to expect, but this 12 year old boy got 100 honor society kids to come to a library space that he reserved.

00:24:11.160 --> 00:24:20.730 Ray Mohler: packed our gift bags and about thousand gift bags may get well cards, he did a toy drive before we got there, I mean we got about 500 toys and organize all the logistics, with the hospitals.

00:24:21.180 --> 00:24:30.960 Ray Mohler: And that's when we said wow you know, not only did this one kid help thousands of kids but he inspiring these hundred kids to give back just by giving them an outlet.

00:24:31.440 --> 00:24:31.770 Tommy D: Let me.

00:24:32.490 --> 00:24:50.160 Tommy D: pause for a second, but like ripple effect what is that I don't if you are listening right now and you're 32 or 42 or 52 and you're like hey man, you know i'm I can do that when i'm older or whatever, once you do it now like why don't you just start now and if you're.

00:24:52.170 --> 00:25:02.100 Tommy D: Why don't you do it now like what you know we're guaranteed zero we don't know I know I that Ray and I are going to continue this conversation past that I don't know what happens after this meeting so.

00:25:02.460 --> 00:25:14.280 Tommy D: Get out there i'm staring at you right into the little eyeball on my camera get out there, make an impact do something now because of a 12 year old can do it, then you certainly can do it at 22 or 30 or 42 and.

00:25:14.970 --> 00:25:20.070 Tommy D: you're probably going to be around for a long time, but you might not so make your impact, while you know you're going to be here.

00:25:20.340 --> 00:25:29.580 Tommy D: Right, I want to talk more about that story with that young man, we come back how that and that's obviously going to take us back to Tampa and what you're what has been done or what's going on since you're back on the islands.

00:25:30.000 --> 00:25:33.870 Tommy D: And we have events that you just had an event, we have an event coming up, we talked about golf.

00:25:35.100 --> 00:25:43.380 Tommy D: And then I want to talk about connections, I want you to give shout out to those who have supported you over the years, if you could, and then I also want you to tell me tell me, do you know who would be great it'd be great to meet.

00:25:43.560 --> 00:25:53.520 Tommy D: This organization or these people or that company or whatever that may be that's when we play connector at the end of the show this is fine 2pm focus that's right i'm Tommy we'll be right back.

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00:27:42.330 --> 00:27:43.080 non profit.

00:27:54.300 --> 00:27:54.660 Tommy D: We.

00:27:55.710 --> 00:27:57.090 Tommy D: Are we're back we're back.

00:27:58.110 --> 00:28:08.220 Tommy D: we're back we're back in the attic you know when I hear Tampa i'm going to get myself in trouble with a lot of people right now, because you know I I grew up here on long island and.

00:28:09.150 --> 00:28:21.300 Tommy D: You know, I was never a jets fan and, if anything, I was more of a giants fan right because my dad like the giants, but I just love nfl football my my oldest son loves it too, so we like that.

00:28:21.840 --> 00:28:30.390 Tommy D: But that kid Tom Brady about Tampa I just love that guy man and like I probably just lost a whole bunch of friends just by putting.

00:28:30.390 --> 00:28:30.720 out.

00:28:32.730 --> 00:28:41.970 Tommy D: I just I mean, I do not like a kid like and he's not a kid he's he's a year older than I am, I mean his birthday is actually I think it's parties yesterday's get to see him birthdays my dad or.

00:28:42.420 --> 00:28:57.780 Tommy D: August 3 if i'm not mistaken, so you born 77 so he's 45 which Ray to guys 45 years old playing at the top of the game in the nfl like did you did you catch any I mean when you're down there you went down there and 16 so you down there when he showed up.

00:28:57.990 --> 00:29:00.990 Ray Mohler: So I graduated right when he showed up in the article.

00:29:02.910 --> 00:29:06.750 Ray Mohler: So I went to a few games on it was James swenson and.

00:29:06.990 --> 00:29:15.690 Ray Mohler: Other quarterbacks in the bookstore and good, so my goal this year is to say, you know what we'll spend the money will go cuz you know might be his last year, and it will be.

00:29:15.690 --> 00:29:19.800 Tommy D: World probably not not with this guy but I tell you I was down there in.

00:29:21.390 --> 00:29:33.480 Tommy D: March and it's just you know this giant posters like outside the stadium, and it was cool again nothing going on, but it was just you know just seen it seen him he's a champion these gold man, what are you gonna say.

00:29:33.780 --> 00:29:37.680 Tommy D: let's talk let's talk to him, because I know that's what we were talking about the chat we want to talk to him.

00:29:37.710 --> 00:29:44.220 Ray Mohler: So yeah yeah so you know, right after that St Louis experience, where we saw this one book I.

00:29:44.670 --> 00:29:55.860 Ray Mohler: Just helped thousands of kids who inspire these hundred kids we said what if we not only help kids in need, but also inspire kids of all ages to give back because I was a kid of all ages, giving back.

00:29:56.100 --> 00:30:03.780 Ray Mohler: And it was always really focused around for a Molar junior given back not little Saint Nick foundation, you know that was just kind of.

00:30:04.110 --> 00:30:08.070 Tommy D: Interesting even up until recently, like 2016 it was sort of like.

00:30:08.250 --> 00:30:11.400 Ray Mohler: Really always it was always myself, I was going to the.

00:30:11.400 --> 00:30:19.560 Ray Mohler: Hospitals I was pretty much Pack in the gift bag solo with a couple other people doing the drop offs and starting the toy drives everything was on.

00:30:19.560 --> 00:30:20.700 Tommy D: Myself, you know.

00:30:20.790 --> 00:30:25.290 Tommy D: And I noticed, I was looking at my notes here you have a bachelor's degree in entrepreneurship, you know that's not scalable.

00:30:25.650 --> 00:30:32.550 Tommy D: Right, you know re doing the thing starting the machine, you know that's not, how do we, how do we get out and.

00:30:32.910 --> 00:30:36.300 Tommy D: yeah more more little raise more little Saint next run.

00:30:36.480 --> 00:30:40.620 Ray Mohler: Once you're doing this right so, then you know we said all right let's do this and then it was the holiday time and.

00:30:41.040 --> 00:30:47.280 Ray Mohler: We said all right, you know we We talked to someone has been on some nonprofit board just need to form a larger Board of people that can help.

00:30:47.760 --> 00:30:53.280 Ray Mohler: You to write a business plan and you get an actual office, where we can do these volunteer events and store stuff.

00:30:53.790 --> 00:30:58.890 Ray Mohler: So it's all right, so I will go back to the University of Tampa starting my second semester, so I am.

00:30:59.370 --> 00:31:06.840 Ray Mohler: I got an idea of started business by my dad's business plan was knocking on doors, because you need money, and you know, a successful businessman we ever have a business plan.

00:31:07.440 --> 00:31:12.840 Ray Mohler: And this is, I was, I was at the time and sports management major thinking, I wanted to do something that.

00:31:13.590 --> 00:31:24.840 Ray Mohler: And the first day of sports management class I walk in and say all right part of this class you got to do a bunch of community service hours, and it has to be through these certain avenues like I do all the communion service in the world.

00:31:26.640 --> 00:31:32.100 Ray Mohler: just call me that i'm like I don't see this benefiting me and so let's just take a general business class that's it okay.

00:31:32.580 --> 00:31:44.040 Ray Mohler: So I found like the last available general business class and this guy is up there, talking to Professor and he said sound smart on all these stories traveled all over the world, so let me just set up a meeting with them.

00:31:44.730 --> 00:31:49.950 Ray Mohler: She have an email i'm in your class let's meet I meet with them, I talked to him to all my store and he starts crying.

00:31:50.880 --> 00:32:07.410 Ray Mohler: And he says i'm from i've traveled all over the world, my wife lives in Washington DC and I came down here to teach this year in the university to happen, I don't know why I just picked it randomly I got a condo down here and I wanted to teach to give back and so Now I know why this.

00:32:08.040 --> 00:32:09.390 Tommy D: Right you killing me man.

00:32:09.900 --> 00:32:11.190 Tommy D: This is the stuff, this is what.

00:32:11.910 --> 00:32:16.110 Tommy D: I don't even know why he's down there and, and this is the connection that gets me.

00:32:16.320 --> 00:32:24.510 Ray Mohler: So he says to me says, you know i'm here to help you and and what can I do so well, people say we need a business plan and he's I am an.

00:32:24.870 --> 00:32:35.790 Ray Mohler: expert in writing business plans, so we spent the Semester writing a business plan, I came on my spring break through to the board of directors of people who all you know supported us over the years that you know.

00:32:36.240 --> 00:32:48.210 Ray Mohler: We stayed in touch with etc, we got an office space and by June of 2017 all had our grand opening at our office, our first real board meeting with more people than just me and my parents.

00:32:49.980 --> 00:32:52.320 Ray Mohler: You know, he said, all right let's let's scale this and.

00:32:52.530 --> 00:32:59.430 Tommy D: Let let me stop you for a second before this whole transition all kidding aside, it was just you and your parents or was there any other.

00:32:59.700 --> 00:33:02.400 Ray Mohler: People on the board, and we had you know, a committee we can do.

00:33:02.430 --> 00:33:12.690 Ray Mohler: That golf outing for this will be your 16 so we had a committee that would help with event planning, but yeah it was just my my vision and my parents, making it happen so.

00:33:13.680 --> 00:33:23.640 Tommy D: that's so that's incredible but, again, elevating our game, you know going what got us here is going to give us to that next step right, it was that sort of understanding now you have a business plan.

00:33:23.640 --> 00:33:31.860 Ray Mohler: Right, it was it was either do nothing do what we're doing when I come home or make it big and after that St Louis experience we said, make it big so.

00:33:32.850 --> 00:33:41.520 Ray Mohler: You know, we said all right, you know we got to do something if we want kids of all ages involved, we got to make this as simple as possible for not only people understand that for people to volunteer.

00:33:41.790 --> 00:33:46.530 Ray Mohler: And we would have these backpacking events are really all, it was with someone putting one item in a bag and passing.

00:33:46.530 --> 00:33:47.280 Ray Mohler: It down or.

00:33:48.450 --> 00:33:48.720 Tommy D: Right.

00:33:48.750 --> 00:33:53.130 Ray Mohler: Right and assembly line or kid coloring and get well card and adding it to the assembly line.

00:33:53.640 --> 00:34:01.110 Ray Mohler: So I said all right, you know we started doing to New York, we had a chapter leader hear him this family that's all other story of how they got involved and.

00:34:02.100 --> 00:34:10.140 Ray Mohler: They would run all the volunteer events they run the toy drives they bring the banks to hospitals and kind of like what me and my family didn't know this family was taking on here in New York.

00:34:10.560 --> 00:34:14.790 Ray Mohler: So all right, you know, this is a family they're really inspired and they're taking on a lot.

00:34:15.150 --> 00:34:24.720 Ray Mohler: I mean a lot hours a week, said let's do this let's since i'm at the University of Tampa let's try to put on one of these events on campus without knowing anyone let's just go to student government.

00:34:25.410 --> 00:34:36.090 Ray Mohler: and see what we can do so student government says we'll take care of everything will get funding will get shirts will get food and we'll get the people there you just show up on the middle of campus with all the items.

00:34:37.110 --> 00:34:42.540 Ray Mohler: Okay, and the morning of we don't the headcount we don't have nothing and i'm like.

00:34:43.740 --> 00:34:45.120 Ray Mohler: I said this off you.

00:34:45.750 --> 00:34:46.530 Ray Mohler: could just see.

00:34:46.620 --> 00:34:53.400 Ray Mohler: This could just be like back in the day with me my parents and a couple friends packing 1000 gift bags and the middle of the tempe and.

00:34:54.180 --> 00:34:57.210 Ray Mohler: We get there, and we had 300 students show up in the first hour.

00:34:57.780 --> 00:35:08.520 Ray Mohler: And the That was the moment I knew I said yeah this This is something that even if people don't know there's something pulling people to to want to get involved it's simple it's tangible.

00:35:08.760 --> 00:35:17.310 Ray Mohler: And people really love to be involved with it so then we just kept working on it duplicating one thing in New York was down in Tampa and that we were.

00:35:17.550 --> 00:35:25.830 Ray Mohler: Building up building out we partnered with a hospital in Tampa we started to get more people involved we're trying to have a couple of big fundraising events that boom coven hits.

00:35:27.240 --> 00:35:29.610 Ray Mohler: So then, it was all right.

00:35:30.000 --> 00:35:32.070 Tommy D: Right, it was no getting into the hospitals, at that point.

00:35:32.130 --> 00:35:46.470 Ray Mohler: Well that's The interesting thing we are we still haven't had our big hospital events we haven't gone bedside we haven't even donated really neat toys, but our gift bag program becomes so essential to the hospital it did never stopped once coven head.

00:35:46.710 --> 00:35:58.710 Tommy D: Okay, that makes sense, though, because it's you know getting into the hospitals, we all know whether it was New York or Florida at that matter of those States have different ways of doing things, but no one was really getting into the hospitals to the bedside, as you say.

00:35:58.860 --> 00:36:00.510 Ray Mohler: Right, but still not yeah.

00:36:00.540 --> 00:36:06.210 Tommy D: yeah we're still, but that was you said it use the word became essential to these hospitals.

00:36:06.690 --> 00:36:17.190 Tommy D: You know what's interesting to me right about this whole thing, obviously, the whole story is interesting and great, but that I even want to talk to kind of mcgrane over the moment of magic it kind of.

00:36:20.190 --> 00:36:28.680 Tommy D: It floors me sometimes that these things that an organization like yours had to come into play to make these things they sound not to.

00:36:29.100 --> 00:36:35.520 Tommy D: i'm going to use some words here and I don't mean them disrespectfully but basic and fundamental type stuff that you would think would just have been there.

00:36:35.850 --> 00:36:43.530 Tommy D: But that's really what I learned about you know in doing this, show is we're telling stories, because these organizations are filling in a gap that wasn't there.

00:36:43.590 --> 00:36:44.730 Tommy D: Right it wasn't there.

00:36:45.480 --> 00:36:49.290 Ray Mohler: yeah you know we take a lot of the stress and pressure off the hospital have.

00:36:49.590 --> 00:37:04.350 Ray Mohler: We had do the quality control the items we pack the bags, we put them in the right containers and we deliver them so that it's just grabbing go a nurse a child life specialist whomever can say all right, the benzer here, we got new patient I grab it, I give it over but anything.

00:37:05.070 --> 00:37:11.850 Ray Mohler: And that I think is is the real value in, and on top of you know you get the distraction for the patient.

00:37:12.330 --> 00:37:16.170 Ray Mohler: Now the families have one less thing to worry about now they're a little calmer.

00:37:16.560 --> 00:37:27.720 Ray Mohler: And then you see the doctors and nurses they're able to better interact the families and the patient even get some ice breakers in there, so that when they send in the medical team to do whatever the more harsher stuff for the patient.

00:37:28.140 --> 00:37:37.620 Ray Mohler: they're able to break the ice and it's a smoother process you walk around the emergency department of co and right now, you see it every kid coloring older the stuffed animal.

00:37:38.010 --> 00:37:47.610 Ray Mohler: May read the get well card and it's just it's it's weird because it's like a Zen environment for a place, you would think there'd be so chaotic and that's that's the beauty of.

00:37:48.060 --> 00:37:52.170 Tommy D: When we can I want to go out, I want to be with you on one of these, I want to be supportive I wanna.

00:37:52.260 --> 00:37:52.650 Tommy D: I wanna.

00:37:52.800 --> 00:38:03.750 Tommy D: Obviously, but I want to i'd love to see what you're talking about what seeing the kit we're going to break in a minute, but what exactly I don't think I asked you this yet what is so you know you get the child has given the kit what's in there.

00:38:03.780 --> 00:38:14.100 Ray Mohler: yeah coloring book crayons a stuffed animal and that handmade get well card recently we just add in a little pocket toys, because all the kids love those and then it easy to clean.

00:38:14.550 --> 00:38:17.910 Ray Mohler: We partner with South botox below it's a behavioral health hospital.

00:38:18.180 --> 00:38:30.330 Ray Mohler: amityville and those kids are sadly there for a much longer stays so we added and things like decks of cards or stress balls that they can kind of use more throughout their stay on have just different variety of options so.

00:38:31.290 --> 00:38:42.900 Ray Mohler: yeah the essentials car but crown stuffed animals puppets and that handmade get well card which makes that kid to kid relationship that you really can duplicate from a business to a kid or a pan or an adult.

00:38:43.290 --> 00:38:55.470 Ray Mohler: To a kid you know and they they have that great sense of comfort, knowing that someone else similar mindset similar age understands them and feels for them it's it's pretty powerful.

00:38:55.950 --> 00:38:57.300 Tommy D: it's incredibly special.

00:38:58.980 --> 00:39:04.110 Tommy D: We do have to take a break, but I can't hug it through the computer man work to La.

00:39:05.340 --> 00:39:09.930 Tommy D: Listen, thank you for being here we're gonna come back we're going to do the quick we're gonna I want to hear about the luau.

00:39:10.080 --> 00:39:10.380 Ray Mohler: yeah.

00:39:10.500 --> 00:39:19.110 Tommy D: you're about the upcoming golf outing i'm getting old sensitive man, I want to hear about what you need who can connect you to who can help, I want to talk about that so.

00:39:19.800 --> 00:39:24.720 Tommy D: This is Tommy D, I could barely get through an episode without getting all mushy this is for heads up and focus will be right back.

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00:40:27.900 --> 00:40:28.560 got loaders.

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00:41:09.360 --> 00:41:09.750 Tommy.

00:41:17.580 --> 00:41:17.970 Tommy.

00:41:20.790 --> 00:41:21.540 Tommy D: Tommy.

00:41:22.410 --> 00:41:22.680 Very.

00:41:25.230 --> 00:41:25.680 Ray Mohler: catchy.

00:41:25.800 --> 00:41:35.040 Tommy D: lover I joined Tommy in his attic I my younger son he walks around the House singing that song at me and then he, like gives me the business he, like makes fun of it a little bit too because.

00:41:35.550 --> 00:41:47.490 Tommy D: at seven he's already got it you got it figured out how to get you know get on your skin alright so like let's do this, this is a call this the lightning round man, we got a little bit of time and a lot of stuff we want to get to so.

00:41:47.490 --> 00:41:47.970 Ray Mohler: let's talk.

00:41:48.270 --> 00:41:55.770 Tommy D: luau the turnout, I know you told me that's an incredible event every year people yeah put it on the calendar a year ahead of time because they want to be there.

00:41:56.220 --> 00:42:03.930 Tommy D: At the golf outing coming up, and I want to just I want you to put out there some shout outs of diabetes if you'd like to and then we've got to get you to where you got to meet.

00:42:04.380 --> 00:42:10.410 Ray Mohler: yeah well our luau event we started in 2017 someone else put it on for us and.

00:42:10.770 --> 00:42:22.950 Ray Mohler: It was such a big cake because it's a fun summer nights a low cost event free food we get the place donated to us and we did it over and free for and we moved its docs and island park and they're they're wonderful to work with.

00:42:23.550 --> 00:42:26.460 Ray Mohler: No one's been there check it out it's on the open Bay on long island.

00:42:26.640 --> 00:42:27.780 Tommy D: The hook you up with.

00:42:27.990 --> 00:42:31.290 Ray Mohler: just go back and donate all the food and the whole venue to us.

00:42:31.950 --> 00:42:32.580 Ray Mohler: Which is very.

00:42:33.150 --> 00:42:33.780 Ray Mohler: Good yes.

00:42:33.960 --> 00:42:34.950 Tommy D: Where are they what did they.

00:42:35.250 --> 00:42:37.440 Ray Mohler: catch an eye on fire yeah great people.

00:42:37.440 --> 00:42:44.790 Ray Mohler: Great spot to hang out great food and just really nice vibe so we did there last year.

00:42:45.180 --> 00:42:54.630 Ray Mohler: was still people being able, if you would cove and we had about 170 580 guests raise $20,000 which in the past few hours, we would only raised about 10.

00:42:55.050 --> 00:43:05.640 Ray Mohler: And this year with thanks to you know some lot of sponsors went from 10 sponsors to 28 to 42 this year and we raised over $30,000.

00:43:06.090 --> 00:43:15.960 Ray Mohler: At over 200 attendees and what was cool was we had a lot of people telling us, they want to bring their kids and you know that's something you have to think about if kids get a babysitter something like that.

00:43:16.290 --> 00:43:23.790 Ray Mohler: I said, you know what bring your kids and we'll have our other kid volunteers guide them and making get well cards and telling them what they're doing.

00:43:24.240 --> 00:43:33.360 Ray Mohler: So we had about 20 or so kids they're making get well cards and giving back, while you know their parents and the adults are fundraising so was a really cool.

00:43:34.620 --> 00:43:43.620 Ray Mohler: thing now we never did before, but we did it this event, so a lot of fun and you know it was a huge success and that was last last Thursday yeah.

00:43:44.370 --> 00:43:57.000 Tommy D: that's that's incredible and again I told you, I wasn't on the island, but I really I can't miss that next year, because that's something like first of all i'm trying to share and put some on Facebook for docs to give them a shout out and.

00:43:57.000 --> 00:43:57.570 Ray Mohler: So yeah.

00:43:57.720 --> 00:44:12.270 Tommy D: What they did for you that's incredible that's just that that Community based stuff like the nonprofit and for profit, getting together and for profits serving the nonprofit is so important, so, but I would love to have my kids out an event like that, because.

00:44:12.360 --> 00:44:12.750 Ray Mohler: yeah.

00:44:12.930 --> 00:44:15.450 Tommy D: And that's the real stuff to get into see it in motion.

00:44:15.720 --> 00:44:16.350 Ray Mohler: So you.

00:44:16.980 --> 00:44:17.880 Can we do about.

00:44:19.050 --> 00:44:31.230 Ray Mohler: One in New York, one in Tampa every month just a pure backpacking event where it's a youth group a school of business that comes together they collect the items for the gift bags I do a fundraiser and.

00:44:31.560 --> 00:44:41.220 Ray Mohler: they'll give us the money and we'll go out and buy the items and we do these backpacking events and get well card making events to be able to supply the hospital so every month.

00:44:41.490 --> 00:44:57.780 Ray Mohler: it's different local kids coming together to make the cards, not just pack the bags but they're collecting the items are fundraising for the items and then we're actually going and distributing we had a girl in December, who spent pretty much all last summer and Collins medical Center.

00:44:59.490 --> 00:45:07.980 Ray Mohler: made a full recovery from her illness but she said I wanna I want other kids to have this gift bag and she made these little tiny rubber dolls.

00:45:08.340 --> 00:45:22.920 Ray Mohler: And she sold them on $1 apiece she raised about $400 just took all the money bought all of our gift back supplies and showed up to her office, the day before my birthday and said here, you go home, you know, and we have our whole story on our website too so.

00:45:23.160 --> 00:45:26.130 Tommy D: That was the it was your birthday, it was that kind of set up that way to.

00:45:26.430 --> 00:45:43.890 Ray Mohler: know it was just hey we did this leading up to the holidays, can we drop it off on the 23rd I said perfect so you know it's really cool to see just kids of all ages lines, do you know the luau all we didn't have the bag packing it gets a little too much, so we just had to get well cards.

00:45:43.980 --> 00:45:44.850 Tommy D: you're doing the courts.

00:45:44.880 --> 00:45:54.210 Ray Mohler: Right and make the cards and all the kids are like can we factor bags out to like oh we're making these cards right here there's bags, you know just, but these kids you know they've never been involved before but.

00:45:54.210 --> 00:45:54.630 Tommy D: Just.

00:45:54.660 --> 00:45:56.130 Ray Mohler: Your your national poll of it.

00:45:56.430 --> 00:46:03.840 Tommy D: And i'm sure you get this at this point, but you're changing those children's lives like you're changing the trajectory like when.

00:46:03.840 --> 00:46:11.460 Tommy D: Mine I try so hard not to make this about me or my ego but like when my seven year old says hey Doug when we do in another day of service.

00:46:12.090 --> 00:46:15.210 Tommy D: Heavy he's asking when we're going to do a day of service for nonprofit.

00:46:16.500 --> 00:46:18.450 Tommy D: that's a big deal man like that kid is.

00:46:18.540 --> 00:46:25.620 Ray Mohler: Is FAB I have a perfect seven year olds introduce them to we have a feature dropping tonight with Tampa Bay news 10.

00:46:25.980 --> 00:46:34.740 Ray Mohler: A two minute feature on their news and the seven year old boy got together a group of his friends in a park in Tampa.

00:46:35.220 --> 00:46:42.810 Ray Mohler: His mom went out and bought all the items in fact about 100 bags and then he did a school project on it about how he gave back.

00:46:43.080 --> 00:46:52.710 Ray Mohler: And the funny thing was all the parents got there all the kids knew each other, but the parents had no idea what they were they were all introducing themselves, I know it's truly just put on by the kids.

00:46:52.740 --> 00:47:00.450 Tommy D: No kidding so reason you can't do something, your age doesn't matter if you're seven or 70 70,000 just freaking do it.

00:47:00.540 --> 00:47:01.170 Tommy D: Like just do it.

00:47:01.290 --> 00:47:07.140 Tommy D: Like just lean in and do the thing i'm totally inspired and that's going to be on Tampa news tonight, or something like that.

00:47:07.200 --> 00:47:12.990 Ray Mohler: happening is 10 will share it on our should be a web link will be able to share, but you know it's it's.

00:47:13.320 --> 00:47:21.750 Ray Mohler: goes to show a seven year old get inspired wants to give back the moms actually a doctor, the hospital we're partnering with down in Tampa North bay and.

00:47:22.350 --> 00:47:35.520 Ray Mohler: You know it all just it's so easy for people to go out and collect these items or donate to us and were able to get these items easily it's easy events we keep it an hour and a half, two hours, where everyone's motivated.

00:47:35.760 --> 00:47:36.480 Tommy D: Heavy lift.

00:47:36.510 --> 00:47:41.850 Ray Mohler: It again, and you know we've had kids as young as two years old, helping on the assembly line so.

00:47:41.910 --> 00:47:43.710 Tommy D: You can you pick some up you put it in the bag.

00:47:43.740 --> 00:47:53.280 Ray Mohler: we're not yeah so the volunteer events and the initiatives are constants we get you know hundreds of kids a day and just making get well cards for us all over the country all over the world.

00:47:53.910 --> 00:47:57.870 Tommy D: let's shout that out, and then let's talk off like if somebody wants to get involved, how do they do this right.

00:47:57.960 --> 00:48:07.320 Ray Mohler: How do they go well, they can go on our website, we have a contact us submission anyone wants to make get well cards, we can tell them where to send them whether they want to send them to New York or Tampa.

00:48:07.770 --> 00:48:09.420 Tommy D: Standard thing, are they making their own.

00:48:09.450 --> 00:48:21.750 Ray Mohler: Get well, thank you made their card we just developed a couple months ago our own get well card which we can send them a file, they can print it out and it has our logo that someone can color in and write their name on it, who chairman and do whatever on the inside, so.

00:48:22.110 --> 00:48:23.910 Ray Mohler: we're keep kind of intimidating.

00:48:24.030 --> 00:48:34.590 Ray Mohler: That but yeah our websites are great our DNS on social media always open and we're always need a more cards because think about how quickly you can pack a bag.

00:48:34.830 --> 00:48:42.090 Ray Mohler: On the assembly line compared to one kid making one car, you know so we're always in need of a more than and we're blessed to have.

00:48:43.650 --> 00:48:44.610 Tommy D: what's the website right.

00:48:44.970 --> 00:48:49.650 Tommy D: Little St it's on Facebook or.

00:48:49.650 --> 00:48:57.810 Ray Mohler: St and yeah and on there to our events page, we have our our big event or golf outing and dinner coming up.

00:48:58.440 --> 00:48:59.850 Tommy D: Because we were talking about it earlier.

00:48:59.880 --> 00:49:01.170 Ray Mohler: offline yeah.

00:49:01.320 --> 00:49:14.220 Ray Mohler: October 10 at the woodside club and say assets it's going to be it's always been our biggest fundraiser I believe last year raised about $160,000 and you know we're expecting to be at capacity for golf and.

00:49:14.790 --> 00:49:21.540 Ray Mohler: Over 300 dinner guests it's a golf outing so I was telling you off Eric Tommy that now we really do.

00:49:22.140 --> 00:49:27.270 Ray Mohler: A good of a job, as we feel we can with our dinner presentation, because we really want everyone to feel.

00:49:27.630 --> 00:49:33.840 Ray Mohler: You know you're donating tonight and here's where it's going with videos and testimonials from board members who have.

00:49:34.050 --> 00:49:40.680 Ray Mohler: lost children at young ages in the hospital or who are still battling with their kids in the hospital but they're on our board because they want to help.

00:49:41.010 --> 00:49:49.530 Ray Mohler: us keep giving back because they know the value and importance of our programs, or you know we're going to have some of our little saints up there, we just granted a wish to.

00:49:50.070 --> 00:50:01.710 Ray Mohler: A 12 year old boy with leukemia and Huntington he's been battling leukemia for over a year, we went there with frank, or those grandson and our other New York chapter leader and we surprised them with a new pair of Jordans that you really wanted.

00:50:02.430 --> 00:50:16.800 Ray Mohler: And now, those kids are connecting with jaden the 12 year old boys now at the event we're going to honor jaden and we're going to have our little saints there, and you know, and we really want everyone to feel the magic of it and we call what we do, the power of St Nick.

00:50:16.860 --> 00:50:17.790 Ray Mohler: Because it just.

00:50:17.910 --> 00:50:31.860 Ray Mohler: Everyone kind of gravitates towards it, and it kind of all naturally flowed over the years that they've been forced or or push so October 10 if anyone, you know we're looking for dinner guests sponsors.

00:50:32.400 --> 00:50:42.750 Ray Mohler: You know it's a great event to to attend and really feel you know Okay, I know exactly where my money is going and how this organization helps other so.

00:50:43.080 --> 00:50:47.070 Tommy D: that's it's incredible I almost went to call your neck right since there because.

00:50:47.280 --> 00:50:47.850 Ray Mohler: People do.

00:50:47.910 --> 00:50:49.590 Tommy D: People did you do, why not it's.

00:50:49.890 --> 00:50:50.640 Ray Mohler: not right.

00:50:51.000 --> 00:50:57.420 Tommy D: We got we're gonna have to leave it there, so I would I love what you said, though, real quick about the golf outing is you know if you.

00:50:57.840 --> 00:51:11.190 Tommy D: I played in golf outing yesterday, and then I told you earlier, I shout out to another event on a long island last night, another nonprofit event wanted to shout them out to Grumman and also a long island coalition against bullying that's where I was yesterday but i'll say.

00:51:12.240 --> 00:51:19.950 Tommy D: You know the the dinner at the golf outing sometimes it's like a you know, an extra piece right like well, so people show up and they pay and it's not.

00:51:20.370 --> 00:51:23.220 Tommy D: You know it's more there as you and I were saying as like dinner and.

00:51:23.460 --> 00:51:34.350 Tommy D: For the guys and gals who would play it it's not worth it's what you explained to me, though, it's its own event where like if someone just shows up for the dinner because that's what's appropriate for them it's going to be an experience for them to the.

00:51:34.350 --> 00:51:37.920 Tommy D: Right program to going to learn about the little same thing you'll learn about the mission, the whole thing.

00:51:38.250 --> 00:51:44.010 Tommy D: yeah, thank you for what you're doing man thanks for i'm so glad shout out to you frank, or are you just said, frank.

00:51:44.400 --> 00:51:52.290 Tommy D: name if it wasn't for frank and you and me at the long island imagine awards that's how we met, and now I hope I hope we can be friends forever.

00:51:52.590 --> 00:52:00.180 Tommy D: And I certainly want my children to be involved with what you're doing thanks for being here man i'm going to shout out who's coming on next anything you got to say before I do that.

00:52:00.960 --> 00:52:11.850 Ray Mohler: Now just visit the website little St Nick that or looking for business sponsors any hospital that wants to partner with us we're open and ready and thanks for having me on this was awesome.

00:52:12.000 --> 00:52:20.580 Tommy D: We got it brother i'm glad you're here next week on this program my friend and colleague Jamila Bergen will be here she's from the opportunity network.

00:52:20.730 --> 00:52:27.840 Tommy D: which connects students from historically and systemically underrepresented communities to college access and success internships.

00:52:28.050 --> 00:52:36.570 Tommy D: career opportunities and personal, professional networks, I will tell you this game if it wasn't for me, taking the course work I did with the Institute for nonprofit practice.

00:52:36.930 --> 00:52:45.570 Tommy D: I don't meet Jamila I don't mean Michael part as we've been on this program before I don't meet my friend mckean clean will be on this show later this month I don't meet.

00:52:46.050 --> 00:52:54.360 Tommy D: I don't mean co for my other friend from the north star fun, these are people it's all about you networks it's all about playing connector it's all about bringing together so we're all better off.

00:52:54.840 --> 00:52:59.400 Tommy D: rate thanks for being here, thank you all for checking in make it a great day i'm your boy Tommy day i'll see you later.

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