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Thursday, July 21, 2022
Facebook Live Video from 2022/07/21 - Create Your Amazing Life

Facebook Live Video from 2022/07/21 - Create Your Amazing Life


2022/07/21 - Create Your Amazing Life

[NEW EPISODE] Create Your Amazing Life


Tune in as Sam and his special guest give you a fresh perspective on creating an amazing life full of adventure and accomplishment.


This week, on The Conscious Consultant Hour, Sam welcomes Motivational Speaker, International Human Resource Executive, and Log-Rolling Champion, Kristine Ochu

Kristine is the author of “Campfire Confessions,” an International Amazon Best-Seller and her Northwoods infamous children’s book, “No Pooping on the Dock! The Owl and the Looney, Whacky, Crazy and Naughty Ducks.”

She is an International Speaker and Founder of “The Night of a Woman’s Soul- Creating Your Amazing Life” workshops that empowers women to live their best lives. She was a 2022 Global Woman of the Year Finalist for the Global Woman’s organization for the empowering messages in her novel, “Campfire Confessions,” and her contributions to creating positive change in the world, building community and sharing her skills to help other people through her UNICEF campaign for the children of Ukraine, and various charities including the Woman’s Ovarian Cancer Symptom Awareness, the Winged Freedom Raptor Hospital, the Northwoods Humane Society and various Library Foundations.  

Tune in for this enlightening conversation at or watch the Facebook Livestream by Clicking Here.

Show Notes

Segment  1

Sam reads a section from his book Everyday Awakening titled Our Relationship to the Relationship is More Important Than We Realize. Sam breaks down the components of a relationship. He says there’s you, your partner, and the relationship. When we can look at the relationship as another entity, then we can ask more objective questions. Sam says it’s not about how you interact with your partner but how you interact with the relationship. If you want to know more about handling relationships you can find a copy of Everyday Awakening at Before the first break, Sam welcomes his guest Kristine Ochu. Kristine is a motivational speaker and an International Human Resource Executive. She is the author of Campfire Confessions, an international amazon best seller.

Segment 2

Kristine tells Sam about her home in Wisconsin; she enjoys its nature and the scenery. Sam asks Kristine how she got into logrolling and how she became a champion. Kristine talks about her career as a log roller. Kristine recently got back into the sport teaching young children and enjoying it in her free time in her backyard. She says the sport taught her focus, balance, and faith. Sam and Kristine talk about perseverance and how you learn the most from your mistakes. Sam also talks about deep inner work and how it helps us move on from tough situations from the past.

Segment 3

Sam and Kristine discuss Kristine’s children’s book No Pooping on the Dock. The idea derived from when her grandchildren asked why there was a statue of an owl on the dock. She made up a story right then and there and that's how No Pooping on the Dock originated. Kristine donotated all the proceeds to charity. You can find a copy on or at her website Sam asks Kristine how she went from a children’s book to Campfire Confessions. Kristine tells Sam how she worked as a screenwriter before getting inspired to write Campfire Confessions.

Segment 4

Kristine gives advice for the people who are feeling overwhelmed and unsupported. She starts off by saying your energy attracts what you are putting out, for example if you are happy and positive, people might respond more positively to you. She encourages Sam’s listeners to get into a positive state of mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual high vibrations. Kristine offers some tools that can enhance your frequencies and keep you in a positive state. She says that another way to raise your energy is by praising yourself and acknowledging your accomplishments, big or small. If you would like to learn more about Kristine you can find her at


00:00:38.820 --> 00:00:50.940 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: Good afternoon, my conscious co creators, welcome to another edition of the conscious consultant our awakening humanity, I am very, very pleased that you're all here with me today.

00:00:51.810 --> 00:01:00.480 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: I hope you enjoyed the replay we did last week with my dear friend Jennifer huff talking all about her book unstuck the physics of.

00:01:01.380 --> 00:01:15.780 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: Thriving in your life it she's a wonderful woman, I hope you check out her website, the wide awakening calm really loved her so I just thought you know she'd make the best person to do a rerun I couldn't really.

00:01:17.160 --> 00:01:23.760 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: Do a live show last week we're kind of in transition for those of you who've been sort of following my adventures on Facebook.

00:01:24.900 --> 00:01:32.970 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: Not New York City this summer kind of working remotely remotely and no longer working remotely from home so.

00:01:33.630 --> 00:01:43.290 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: The studio is picked up and we're we're been in California, for the last five six weeks and continuing our West Coast tour for the summer and actually will be out.

00:01:43.830 --> 00:01:55.380 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: Out of New York City until September so it's interesting adventure, so I have a wonderful guest i'm very, very pleased the stepped in at the last minute was my.

00:01:55.830 --> 00:02:02.340 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: original guest, who is booked unfortunately got covert and i'm wishing him all the best and we'll get him on the show in the future.

00:02:03.720 --> 00:02:11.700 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: But first, before we get the show started we'll start off with a little section from my book, everyday awakening.

00:02:12.060 --> 00:02:26.250 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: As you all know, I love to share a little section in this section I think it's rather apropos section again from yesterday and this section is entitled our relationship to the relationship is more important than we realize.

00:02:27.960 --> 00:02:37.980 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: relationships are tricky things we often find ourselves in relationships that aren't working, sometimes we have no idea why.

00:02:39.180 --> 00:02:48.390 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: Is it all about the other person isn't all about ourselves, is it about both of us, or is it about something else.

00:02:49.740 --> 00:02:57.330 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: Perhaps there is a different perspective, we can take a different way of looking at relationships that can help us be better.

00:02:58.500 --> 00:03:02.700 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: What about our relationship to the relationship.

00:03:04.050 --> 00:03:11.160 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: We often forget that when two people come together, something more is created the relationship.

00:03:12.900 --> 00:03:21.300 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: What is our relationship to this actual relationship are we being in service to the other person or the relationship.

00:03:22.650 --> 00:03:28.560 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: Are we paying attention to just the other person or do we pay attention to the relationship itself.

00:03:29.640 --> 00:03:36.480 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: How do we feel about the relationship or we joyful are we sad, or we tired, or we irritated.

00:03:38.100 --> 00:03:42.600 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: Not the other person, but to the relationship itself.

00:03:43.860 --> 00:03:49.230 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: Can we be more playful with the relationship could we cherish and adore the relationship.

00:03:50.340 --> 00:04:06.540 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: it's not just about the other person it's not just about ourselves it's about everyone involved in their individual relationship to the relationship, whether it is a business relationship a family relationship or an intimate relationship.

00:04:07.860 --> 00:04:15.570 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: When we consider how we relate to the relationship we are in, we see things differently from a from a slightly different perspective.

00:04:16.470 --> 00:04:37.260 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: When we look at it differently, we can create something different, a more vibrant relationship a healthier relationship, a more joyful relationship, maybe even a more fun relationship, not a relationship to or with the other person, but with the relationship itself.

00:04:38.280 --> 00:04:48.690 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: So how are you feeling about your relationships so i'm this action, a road man not too long ago a little while ago, before I published the book.

00:04:50.460 --> 00:04:56.940 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: And and actually This is something Jennifer sort of reminded me of but but it's something that i've been aware of for many years.

00:04:58.200 --> 00:05:10.470 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: That you know when people come together in particular when when two individuals come together or or or could be more you know, in a very close intimate relationship.

00:05:12.390 --> 00:05:22.800 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: That there's this third entity that's kind of born, which is the relationship and and it could be, with a group to a spiritual teacher, I used to study with called it, the aggro Guan.

00:05:23.910 --> 00:05:29.550 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: Hope i'm pronouncing that right which is sort of like the energy or like.

00:05:31.230 --> 00:05:40.350 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: kind of like this form of something that that gets formed that encompasses everyone involved.

00:05:42.810 --> 00:05:52.440 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: And so oftentimes when we're in relationships we think about oh this other person irritates me oh i'm so tired of this, you know what is going on.

00:05:53.490 --> 00:05:57.900 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: And we kind of make it all about the other person we make it about ourselves.

00:05:59.070 --> 00:06:05.970 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: And, and sometimes we kind of get to that point where it's like don't even want to continue with this person.

00:06:08.580 --> 00:06:16.980 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: And it's not really whether you want to continue with the person it's about do you want to continue with the relationship.

00:06:19.260 --> 00:06:23.070 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: And if we think of the relationship is sort of like this other entity.

00:06:24.690 --> 00:06:35.760 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: Then we can ask ourselves more objective questions like are we feeding the relationship or we are we taking from the relationship.

00:06:36.780 --> 00:06:40.500 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: Is the other person feeding the relationship or taking from the relationship.

00:06:43.080 --> 00:06:49.500 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: And sometimes I mean look we're all human beings, nobody is perfect everyone gets on other people's nerves once in a while.

00:06:50.910 --> 00:06:59.610 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: And so you know, sometimes we get to that point where it's like I don't know if I want to stay with this person.

00:07:00.960 --> 00:07:11.940 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: But sometimes the relationship itself is a good relationship so it's not about staying with the other person or not it's about staying with the relationship.

00:07:14.460 --> 00:07:22.350 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: And I know it may sound like i'm just playing with words and and it may be a little hard to land on this.

00:07:24.390 --> 00:07:26.400 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: But those of you who are listening.

00:07:27.690 --> 00:07:40.020 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: Who are in relationships who've been in many relationships, I think, if you reflect back on it, you can see, like every relationship has its own flavor it has its own quality it.

00:07:40.890 --> 00:07:49.560 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: In some relationships are fun and playful others are serious summer or filled with pressure, others are filled are very light.

00:07:52.410 --> 00:07:58.680 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: And so don't just think about how am I interacting with the other person or how are they interacting with me.

00:08:01.170 --> 00:08:04.770 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: it's how are we interacting with the relationship.

00:08:05.850 --> 00:08:12.690 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: How do we feel about the relationship look almost put the other person aside for a moment.

00:08:14.850 --> 00:08:20.250 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: And just ask yourself how do I feel about the relationship on it.

00:08:23.130 --> 00:08:40.920 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: And so, by looking at the relationship is sort of this this third entity this other thing it helps to give us a little bit of a distance and give us a slightly different perspective and look at things, maybe in a way that we can see things a little more clearly.

00:08:42.030 --> 00:08:49.410 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: So i'm just offering that up for you this week relationships is such a big topic, these days, and actually I think it's a.

00:08:50.580 --> 00:08:55.800 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: fairly good thing to kind of kick us off for today's show so.

00:08:56.610 --> 00:09:02.820 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: Thank you, that again that section of the book is called our relationship to the relationship is more important than we realize.

00:09:03.210 --> 00:09:11.070 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: And that's from my book, everyday awakening, which of course you can find at www dot every day awakening

00:09:11.640 --> 00:09:20.940 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: And we're in all the major booksellers Amazon and do all those places so alright, so now it is my extreme pleasure to welcome to the show.

00:09:21.360 --> 00:09:30.270 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: motivational speaker international human resource executive and log rolling champion can ask a lot about back Christine osu.

00:09:30.990 --> 00:09:37.080 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: Christina is the author of campfire confessions and international Amazon bestseller and her North woods.

00:09:37.650 --> 00:09:44.550 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: infamous children's book no pooping on the dock the owl in the loony wacky crazy and naughty ducks.

00:09:45.000 --> 00:10:02.130 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: she's an international speaker and founder of the night of a woman, so creating your amazing creating your amazed the night, let me say that again the night of a woman, so creating your amazing life workshops that empower women to live their best lives, she was a.

00:10:03.510 --> 00:10:15.240 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: Global woman of the year finalist for the global women's organization for empowering messages in her novel campfire confessions and her contributions to creating positive change in the world.

00:10:15.540 --> 00:10:27.390 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: Building community and sharing her skills to help other people through her UNICEF campaign for the children of Ukraine and various charities, including the women's ovarian cancer symptom awareness.

00:10:28.020 --> 00:10:37.680 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: The winged freedom raptor hospital the north woods humane society and various library foundations, welcome to the conscious consultant our Christine.

00:10:38.760 --> 00:10:45.030 Kristine Ochu: Thank you so much, Sam I really am honored to be here with you i'm going to buy your book the minute we're done here.

00:10:45.450 --> 00:10:46.740 Kristine Ochu: I just absolutely.

00:10:47.640 --> 00:10:58.800 Kristine Ochu: adored you know just really took in that relationship message and it's fascinating because it's something that i've talked about in my workshops and it's also a really big part of my book.

00:10:59.100 --> 00:11:15.600 Kristine Ochu: campfire confessions and you know so there's just a whole bunch of material, we can hit off right with that, but I just had to quickly share that what's interesting about your message, and I think this happens to a lot of people is that sometimes you hear what you need.

00:11:16.110 --> 00:11:24.270 Kristine Ochu: yeah when you tune in well time out right you listen to somebody like yourself and I had three conversations over the last three days.

00:11:24.660 --> 00:11:35.070 Kristine Ochu: of different women saying what's going on, you know all these people around me are are kind of like losing their minds are there crabby or i'm crabby or you know and.

00:11:35.910 --> 00:11:50.670 Kristine Ochu: That one one director of Lager only and somebody was saying, cheese, you know I just don't understand and I we just kind of had a chuckle and I said, well, I think, more than one person's having his kind of reactions to relationships lately.

00:11:52.170 --> 00:11:55.260 Kristine Ochu: So i'm going to be really sharing your message forward today.

00:11:55.830 --> 00:12:00.060 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: Thank you, thank you Kristen well you know was just a full moon.

00:12:02.640 --> 00:12:04.890 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: was a Tuesday or Wednesday, so no.

00:12:05.850 --> 00:12:07.770 Kristine Ochu: One was the former chief I believe.

00:12:07.950 --> 00:12:08.880 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: Right, the 13th.

00:12:09.180 --> 00:12:25.950 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: Last week, Wednesday so so you know, whenever there's a full moon there's always a lot going on, when it comes to relationships and people awesome so we just got a couple of minutes before break, I just want to ask um you know you've kind of gotten into this whole.

00:12:28.110 --> 00:12:38.160 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: motivational speaking like personal development, spiritual development stuff was this something that was always a part of your life or Is this something that developed more recently, for you.

00:12:39.360 --> 00:12:49.260 Kristine Ochu: I think it really started out when I was like 1415 and I was competing in La growing and I picked up the power of positive thinking by Norman appeal because.

00:12:49.500 --> 00:13:03.060 Kristine Ochu: Work and I just fell in love with it, and then I became a lifelong student i've got my BA in psychology and masters in human resources, so let's begin to personal development, organizational development.

00:13:04.470 --> 00:13:14.130 Kristine Ochu: And yeah if I can get my hands on something quantum physics neuroscience spirituality meditation and i'm just like you know a little bit addicted to.

00:13:14.610 --> 00:13:23.850 Kristine Ochu: The field, because it's just so rich with so many beautiful messages so and, yes, I started down and I.

00:13:24.420 --> 00:13:36.420 Kristine Ochu: took those lessons learned and i've tried to apply them throughout my life and I always turn back to them and during times when things aren't going so well you know and listen to and things are going good to get even you know.

00:13:36.690 --> 00:13:38.730 Kristine Ochu: Very there at the joy ladder.

00:13:39.840 --> 00:13:46.560 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: Right, you know people often think Oh well, that's tough to do when you're having a hard time, no, no, no, no, like listen stuff you can do.

00:13:46.890 --> 00:14:03.090 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: Like doing that personal inner work when when things are going well, you can actually make things even better i'm a totally believe in that that you know it's like we don't have to wait for things to be difficult and challenging.

00:14:04.170 --> 00:14:13.890 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: To look at ourselves and to see what's going on internally that there's always a very rich were internal world.

00:14:14.970 --> 00:14:23.250 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: That often is very much reflected in the outer world for us to dive into even when things are going smoothly so totally with you there.

00:14:24.510 --> 00:14:35.640 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: Okay, so let's take a break, when we come back, I want to ask you about this log rolling champion because, being a kid from the bronx in New York growing up in New York City log rolling was not something that we were around a lot.

00:14:36.210 --> 00:14:41.940 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: So i'd love to hear more about that and then i'd love to hear more kind of how you.

00:14:43.110 --> 00:14:51.390 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: came to write this book campfire confessions and and actually your your kids book sounds really fun to know pooping on the dock so.

00:14:52.590 --> 00:15:01.140 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: we'll get into that as well, we got the whole hour together we're going to have some fun, I see loyal listener patty checking in from Washington state who awesome patty you're.

00:15:01.590 --> 00:15:07.050 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: you're you're in my role model patty because every week you check in your life from a different location somewhere so.

00:15:08.160 --> 00:15:19.020 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: i'm trying to catch up to you, so everyone, please stay tuned you're listening to the conscious consultant our awakening humanity, we do this every Thursday 12 noon to 1pm Eastern time.

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00:17:46.170 --> 00:17:53.250 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: and welcome back to the conscious consultant our awakening humanity we're speaking this hour with Kristen osu.

00:17:54.480 --> 00:17:59.700 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: all the way from the north woods of Wisconsin how far north, do you like, close to the Canadian border.

00:18:00.990 --> 00:18:07.080 Kristine Ochu: we're not too far we're about an hour and a half from lake superior on the coast like I think in the world.

00:18:08.310 --> 00:18:15.480 Kristine Ochu: And yeah so we're surrounded in in a forest with lakes and all kinds of wonderful animals and birds and.

00:18:15.990 --> 00:18:17.610 Kristine Ochu: yeah it's nice to have enough here.

00:18:18.510 --> 00:18:24.180 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: yeah I bet I bet what's the temperature like up there, I heard in New York City it's like hot and sticky and awful.

00:18:25.530 --> 00:18:38.400 Kristine Ochu: it's gorgeous today I think about like newbie at i'm guessing and by June we had our little share of that heat wave but and such you know it's Wisconsin the land of also big mosquitoes and.

00:18:39.840 --> 00:18:41.580 Kristine Ochu: flies and everything else but.

00:18:42.060 --> 00:18:43.200 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: there's always a trade off.

00:18:43.200 --> 00:18:48.510 Kristine Ochu: Right there's a little trade off yeah exactly so that is wonderful out here, yes.

00:18:48.810 --> 00:18:49.410 Kristine Ochu: So so.

00:18:50.250 --> 00:18:51.660 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: You grew up in Wisconsin.

00:18:52.740 --> 00:18:58.800 Kristine Ochu: I grew up in hayward Wisconsin which is home to the world lumberjack championships.

00:18:59.280 --> 00:19:10.620 Kristine Ochu: And that's the law growing part of me, and also, it is home to the world musky capital of the world which musky is a big fish and and it also hosts the.

00:19:11.130 --> 00:19:23.670 Kristine Ochu: Real birkin binary cross country ski race so it's it's a small town with a lot of local pride and big dreams and a lot of really fun interesting people it's a great great community.

00:19:24.720 --> 00:19:34.650 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: yeah so I have to ask you like, I see it, I guess it's from the environment, but how you get into log rolling and how did you become the log rolling champion that's what I wanted now.

00:19:36.450 --> 00:19:44.820 Kristine Ochu: I have to tell you either some what eight or nine when we moved to hayward Wisconsin my grandfather bought a home on Lake when to go outside of hayward.

00:19:45.360 --> 00:19:54.390 Kristine Ochu: And so, his summer escaped for us as kids and then my father bought it for my grandfather, and my husband I ended up buying it for my parents so we're.

00:19:54.810 --> 00:20:05.190 Kristine Ochu: About three generations and now and and luckily the grandkids love it too, and when I was about nine years old, instead of going to the beach to go swimming.

00:20:05.610 --> 00:20:12.990 Kristine Ochu: My parents have dropped us off at the lag rolling in downtown hey where there's little area outside of downtown hayward with the world.

00:20:13.500 --> 00:20:25.410 Kristine Ochu: championships are held, and so we would spend all day long as kids a lot growly plane analogs you would pack a lunch and my dad with because we asked before working pick me up after work.

00:20:25.950 --> 00:20:35.550 Kristine Ochu: and maintains my younger sister was with me, but it was just so much fun and I just fell in love with the sport and trained, really, really hard.

00:20:36.030 --> 00:20:55.080 Kristine Ochu: And in 1975 I won the world senior amateur log rolling and championship, and then I went on to win like place second semi professional and forth professionally in the world, before I started really jumping into my college career work, but I do have a picture of myself.

00:20:55.500 --> 00:21:14.670 Kristine Ochu: And i'm in the blue shirt there, and my opponent, there is Denise marquardt from here to Wisconsin to we're actually on the number four log so when you log on there's four different sizes of locks they're all 12 feet long so it's the differences is that diameter so number one log is.

00:21:16.110 --> 00:21:30.690 Kristine Ochu: 15 inches at three is 14 excuse me to is 14 at number three lag is 13 and this 12 this for log is 12 inches in diameter so it's really fast matches don't last long.

00:21:31.170 --> 00:21:45.630 Kristine Ochu: And it's three out of five false now and the championship is happening next weekend and last year I was really lucky that I get invited to volunteer coach so now i'm back in the log and like rolling for fun.

00:21:46.230 --> 00:21:47.610 Kristine Ochu: and actually had.

00:21:47.820 --> 00:21:57.270 Kristine Ochu: A girlfriend Julie sharkey who has a really wonderful thing actually gave me a log as I, as a gift a couple years ago.

00:21:57.930 --> 00:22:05.520 Kristine Ochu: They have a brand new law that I have in my backyard that I can roll on on the lake, but they also go into town and I teach 10 to 14 year olds.

00:22:06.150 --> 00:22:18.270 Kristine Ochu: And blogroll and I do some coaching that i've been coaching and some of the professionals behind the scenes and it's just it's just a wonderful fun healthy family sport.

00:22:18.960 --> 00:22:26.520 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: And so, for those people who don't know what log rolling is you're basically like standing on the log in the water and you're kind of.

00:22:27.510 --> 00:22:35.790 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: rolling it in the water people might say what's your cult about that why, why is it, why is this sport let's put it that way.

00:22:37.020 --> 00:22:42.450 Kristine Ochu: Well, you know what if you see us, here we are in the water, and you don't have a lot of place to put your feet.

00:22:42.930 --> 00:22:53.580 Kristine Ochu: And so you got to stay on top, the live the live moves very quickly and moves forward and was backwards, and you know you're wanting your opponent to fall in three times before you do so, the best of.

00:22:54.810 --> 00:22:57.180 Kristine Ochu: Three out of five files and.

00:22:58.260 --> 00:23:07.290 Kristine Ochu: So you have to really stay centered and I it's really the values that taught me was balanced focus and faith, because the one thing.

00:23:07.860 --> 00:23:14.550 Kristine Ochu: Is you have to stay balanced, so you have to keep your balance of the Center like you know when misstep you're in the water right.

00:23:15.300 --> 00:23:25.050 Kristine Ochu: And so balance that like in life, it took me five years to write my book campfire confessions and I often think of balance, how we do that because.

00:23:25.500 --> 00:23:32.670 Kristine Ochu: different priorities come up in life, like, I had a mother that was I became a caretaker for in her last years of life.

00:23:33.180 --> 00:23:42.390 Kristine Ochu: I lost some friends to cancer, I had grandchildren being born and just you know the sounds with the joys so balance was a big part of it.

00:23:43.050 --> 00:23:53.640 Kristine Ochu: The other part was focused, it can see here we're looking at each other's feet and the log so when you're logged girl, and you have to keep your focus on the other, person's feet, where are they analog.

00:23:54.120 --> 00:24:00.450 Kristine Ochu: gets a few take your eyes off the log and their feet you're going to fall in and you're going to get what and alyssa image.

00:24:00.810 --> 00:24:10.410 Kristine Ochu: So, just like in life when you're when you're working on something when you're in the moment, then, where we can stay focused right that whole mindfulness the power of mindfulness.

00:24:10.920 --> 00:24:19.710 Kristine Ochu: it's it's log rolling you have to stay focused and the other one is faith and so that's my third kind of evaluate trick to my life to live Holiness.

00:24:20.280 --> 00:24:31.440 Kristine Ochu: You have to believe in yourself, you have to believe you can do it, and no matter what, if you win or lose you're going to get wet because the whistle blows and will be, you know your pony fell in.

00:24:32.070 --> 00:24:37.170 Kristine Ochu: But you're going to have to get after logging to give back in the ice cold wet so just like in life.

00:24:37.650 --> 00:24:43.440 Kristine Ochu: You know, like go and you get out of the water you get on the dock you wipe off your face your fear what you did wrong get back in a lot.

00:24:43.890 --> 00:24:57.780 Kristine Ochu: So just like life and you fall down, you know wipe the dirt off your knees figure out what you did wrong and try to come up with a better plan and and go out there and try again just don't give up so that's that's kind of how I really feel about log rolling in life.

00:24:58.590 --> 00:25:08.580 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: yeah so it sounds like a lot about perseverance right it's it's and and it's you know we just learned from our mistakes and that's you know, one of the things I find people.

00:25:09.270 --> 00:25:21.120 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: tend to be very uptight about making a mistake, oh my God I got to do it perfect it's like no like mistakes, is how we learn mistakes, is how we grow and and they inform us so you know this this.

00:25:21.600 --> 00:25:27.390 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: kind of I think in society in general, this idea that mistakes are bad, but they're not are they.

00:25:28.710 --> 00:25:38.820 Kristine Ochu: Know they're not in fact I think the beauty of mistakes, is that the time is just so intense and it just feels like that sometimes your life is over, poor health has ended, or something.

00:25:39.390 --> 00:25:48.900 Kristine Ochu: And then you know if you're given enough time enough thought most the time they end up laughing about it right, I mean the manager can kind of start to regain your sense of humor.

00:25:49.530 --> 00:26:01.380 Kristine Ochu: And I always feel like, and this is a big part of the book too is you know i've got two different challenging times in my life, I went to a difficult divorce and my children my two daughters were three and five.

00:26:02.040 --> 00:26:10.950 Kristine Ochu: As a single mom for 10 years I was working in a very intense corporate career site HR executive and you're done writing mail and mistakes.

00:26:12.690 --> 00:26:23.040 Kristine Ochu: And one of my biggest challenges which I gave to one of my three characters and camper confessions was learning how to let go those mistakes.

00:26:23.460 --> 00:26:34.410 Kristine Ochu: Because I don't know about you, Sam but I found myself a few years ago, suddenly something would pop up that happened 15 years ago that still feel bad about it.

00:26:34.800 --> 00:26:45.180 Kristine Ochu: And I realized, I was carrying that energy around me instead of letting it go forgiving myself and moving on and to realize the humanists and this.

00:26:45.870 --> 00:27:01.140 Kristine Ochu: And so um those are a lot of lessons that I did try to pull into the boot camp their confessions as well, but I do encourage people my workshops today let's talk about this, you know you only get better states are like fertilizer right.

00:27:01.440 --> 00:27:04.410 Kristine Ochu: Right yeah they they make you richer stronger better.

00:27:05.070 --> 00:27:06.060 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: yeah yeah.

00:27:07.380 --> 00:27:10.410 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: You know it's so funny like just a little while ago about.

00:27:12.600 --> 00:27:20.190 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: Let me think oh was before I left so was probably beginning of June, remember, which mercury record retrograde and.

00:27:20.220 --> 00:27:27.930 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: And somebody send me an email an ex business partner had been in business with like more than 15 years ago.

00:27:28.680 --> 00:27:41.160 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: And he was asking me about this and that and I was like that's all long gone i'd like don't know what you're talking about and he's like still held on to like all of this bitterness and resentment.

00:27:41.610 --> 00:27:49.050 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: And I was pretty mad at him to you know, was very contentious the way things ended, but I was like look.

00:27:49.620 --> 00:27:57.300 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: You know, go off do what you want i've released all that anger and stuff it's like i'm past it like go do whatever you want.

00:27:57.660 --> 00:28:07.800 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: And he's like still oh you're not angry anymore, and he was like obviously still in the email there was so much anger and i'm like poor guy you know he's still so stuck in the past.

00:28:08.310 --> 00:28:14.460 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: And, and it just you know it's very liberating when we can realize when something comes up from our past.

00:28:14.790 --> 00:28:23.550 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: That that we're kind of beyond it, and passed it so you know, sometimes those things come up when I look at it and go hmm what's The lesson here from me why did this come up now.

00:28:24.390 --> 00:28:30.300 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: But sometimes they come up just to show you like hey Look how far you've progressed you've actually gotten past this.

00:28:31.650 --> 00:28:41.940 Kristine Ochu: I really like that I like that, because I would agree that sometimes people ask me questions, especially in my workshops and like someone said sounds like you've had a perfect life and like what.

00:28:44.310 --> 00:28:49.950 Kristine Ochu: came out, and I can share stories about things that were hard for me.

00:28:51.510 --> 00:29:00.540 Kristine Ochu: Like I had a father committed suicide, which was very difficult to imagine that and and, but I could talk about it, without always having to feel the emotion.

00:29:01.020 --> 00:29:01.920 Kristine Ochu: And so.

00:29:03.270 --> 00:29:06.930 Kristine Ochu: You know and that's when the beauty starts to really happen, you know.

00:29:07.980 --> 00:29:18.330 Kristine Ochu: We can look at different situations and be able to share, about and talk about it now that's good I can feel it no emotion, but the intensity shifts and changes.

00:29:18.630 --> 00:29:19.530 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: wrote down.

00:29:19.920 --> 00:29:32.370 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: yeah it kind of goes back to what we said before, like that's the beauty of doing the deep personal inner work is that when things like this come up we're able to express them and share these stories actually I was just.

00:29:33.360 --> 00:29:42.060 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: A couple weeks ago at a class called message mastery with with this wonderful teacher amanda guy and all about sharing your story and.

00:29:42.600 --> 00:29:49.200 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: it's like he did all these things at the beginning of the class to like get people very emotional so that they could let the emotion sort of.

00:29:49.590 --> 00:29:59.430 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: come through but there's really when we've done that deep inner work and then we're not ashamed and we can be vulnerable, and we can share the story, it can help so many people.

00:30:00.330 --> 00:30:08.610 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: That really it's like getting to that point it's it's so valuable, not just for ourselves, but for everyone else as well.

00:30:09.900 --> 00:30:11.250 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: Right right um.

00:30:11.370 --> 00:30:13.620 Kristine Ochu: I do think there's a lot to stay up to.

00:30:15.210 --> 00:30:15.360 Kristine Ochu: date.

00:30:16.710 --> 00:30:23.100 Kristine Ochu: And I think energy to that comes because raw made a vibrational energy, and I know you're very much into this as well.

00:30:23.610 --> 00:30:31.080 Kristine Ochu: And so you know when you're interacting with anybody, and you know you've got their energy field come into your energy field.

00:30:31.560 --> 00:30:41.100 Kristine Ochu: And sometimes it's just hard not to be affected by some that energy, and so there are good tools to to use such as cord cutting right and to realize.

00:30:41.490 --> 00:30:48.600 Kristine Ochu: i've got to clean that person's energy away from me and that's not maybe me feeling that way that's their energy that's still stuck by me.

00:30:49.020 --> 00:30:57.270 Kristine Ochu: And i'm sure you have some visualization techniques and I also do different you know exercises techniques to.

00:30:58.380 --> 00:31:12.930 Kristine Ochu: shake off energy whether it's teigen movements or yoga or just visualization or in franchise that type of thing, and they can also help kind of clear out some of that energy and cut some of those energy courts yeah.

00:31:13.080 --> 00:31:21.450 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: yeah yeah absolutely absolutely so many great energy techniques out there for doing and stuff like you say she gong it's been around for thousands of years, so.

00:31:22.170 --> 00:31:36.360 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: All right, let's take our next break, since you already started mentioned it campfire confessions when we come back let's talk about why did you write this book what's it all about and what the reader can get from the book okay kristin.

00:31:37.380 --> 00:31:38.430 Kristine Ochu: sounds great Thank you.

00:31:38.850 --> 00:31:50.190 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: awesome so everyone, please stay tuned you're listening to the conscious consultant our awakening humanity and we will be right back with Christine osu after these messages.

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00:33:57.240 --> 00:34:05.580 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: and welcome back to the conscious consultant our awakening humanity so Christine before we get to Camp fire confessions I just got to know no pooping on.

00:34:07.140 --> 00:34:08.040 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: Why did you write.

00:34:08.280 --> 00:34:11.520 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: A children's book about a bunch of birds pooping on the dock.

00:34:12.210 --> 00:34:21.120 Kristine Ochu: Okay, I do have that book here, this is some of the harder to see you know, put it in the Doc now olivia wacky crazy and naughty dogs.

00:34:21.810 --> 00:34:28.290 Kristine Ochu: And I actually wrote this book because I grew up in the Northwest we have a Doc out here, where the docs.

00:34:28.710 --> 00:34:34.950 Kristine Ochu: love to poop on the dock and anybody don't have to be in the Northwest if you're on water, and you have a Doc.

00:34:35.400 --> 00:34:39.540 Kristine Ochu: there's going to be y'all know there's ducks that are going to come on and poop on the dock.

00:34:40.020 --> 00:34:47.760 Kristine Ochu: So I had my two granddaughters here visiting and the summer and they missed their nap and they were having meltdowns and there.

00:34:48.420 --> 00:34:57.180 Kristine Ochu: We had this little statue of an hour on the dark and I said grammy why's that all on the dark, so I may have a story right then and there saying well.

00:34:57.960 --> 00:35:14.700 Kristine Ochu: This our becomes magical every morning and he's willing to share his stack with the docs he has one rule no pooping on a dark or one by one index does obey until they drive that i'll crazy me chases them away and.

00:35:15.750 --> 00:35:28.470 Kristine Ochu: So the kids loved it and I told them there you know the story a few times, and then they left to go back to their hometown and my dad called me a couple months later, say mom i'm really mad at you and i'm like what did I do.

00:35:29.820 --> 00:35:39.330 Kristine Ochu: And she said I can't tell the story that the way you do and the girls are getting so mad at me, so I need you to write down that story and send it to me.

00:35:39.870 --> 00:35:49.260 Kristine Ochu: So that became the impetus for writing my first children's book and put it on the deck I have actually written a number of other children's books, I have to admit they're indoors.

00:35:49.320 --> 00:35:59.340 Kristine Ochu: And they should come out see some light of day, but this one was one that I really had fun with and I had a girlfriend Robin Marcus is very talented.

00:35:59.760 --> 00:36:07.530 Kristine Ochu: And she showed me kind of how to draw these characters and so, by the time I had put it together for the kids I decided to self publish it.

00:36:07.890 --> 00:36:15.180 Kristine Ochu: And it really became a really big favorite and I basically donated the proceeds to charities because I just felt.

00:36:16.140 --> 00:36:23.940 Kristine Ochu: Mostly friends and family is available on and you can find on my website to Christine ocean calm, but.

00:36:24.900 --> 00:36:30.990 Kristine Ochu: It just it's been really become a favorite of kids and grandparents will send the email saying.

00:36:31.590 --> 00:36:45.450 Kristine Ochu: My kids love this book, you know and and thank you so much, and so it's been fun I helped them the Jones cancer hospital down in Florida, and then also the north woods humane society with this book, so a lot of fun.

00:36:45.930 --> 00:36:54.120 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: Wonderful wonderful, so how did you go from a children's book to campfire confessions campfire conventions is not a children's book is it.

00:36:54.810 --> 00:37:11.460 Kristine Ochu: Not a judge Vegas and I would say it's you know, this is the book can't bear concessions, you have a banner behind me as well and it's a story about three best friends right, and so I was a screenwriter when I left the corporate world.

00:37:11.970 --> 00:37:13.320 Kristine Ochu: I wanted to write movie.

00:37:13.320 --> 00:37:23.520 Kristine Ochu: script screenplays, and so I ended up studying the art of screenwriting with the Harvard square script writers group out of Boston and that's where I was living at the time.

00:37:24.030 --> 00:37:36.120 Kristine Ochu: And I went out to La and beverly hills and conferences and workshops and different college courses out there and I really studied there to screenwriting and ended up writing screenplays.

00:37:36.750 --> 00:37:47.760 Kristine Ochu: For by myself into with Mr marine Lacey and but there was quite a few years ago, and before we had all the streaming services and everything else.

00:37:48.240 --> 00:37:56.340 Kristine Ochu: And it was tough, it was close to about 911 so that long ago when I had probably my strongest screenplay that I had.

00:37:56.910 --> 00:38:10.590 Kristine Ochu: had an option for number of times i've run a one some contest with a con nantucket or and you but course I never got to sell the big one, unfortunately, but it really strengthen my writing.

00:38:11.400 --> 00:38:18.030 Kristine Ochu: And when I got that itch to write again I thought you know i'm going to do this differently, because the world of books.

00:38:18.720 --> 00:38:28.920 Kristine Ochu: it's so much easier because we have choices, whether or not they can't get a traditional publisher you can try hype hybrid publisher or you can click publish.

00:38:29.850 --> 00:38:40.950 Kristine Ochu: And I wanted to get the message out and really what I wanted to do is to create this really fun uplifting story about three best friends.

00:38:41.940 --> 00:38:51.960 Kristine Ochu: That grew up here in the north woods, of a scan son, who have this wonderful childhood friendship with each other, you know but support each other to lot of lives.

00:38:52.530 --> 00:39:03.000 Kristine Ochu: twists and turns and they've gone their separate ways, but they each have really kind of messed up each have a big secret the three been best friends are three big secrets.

00:39:03.690 --> 00:39:17.910 Kristine Ochu: And when the small town minister's wife secret explodes right here in the north woods or two best friends drop what they're doing and they raised her side kind of determined to help and find out determined to rescue Annie the character.

00:39:18.960 --> 00:39:25.410 Kristine Ochu: So they escaped from this hilarious canoeing trip, it turns into this soul searching death defying adventure.

00:39:26.460 --> 00:39:32.100 Kristine Ochu: Where they were hoping to rescue anybody at the end rescues them and so yeah.

00:39:32.910 --> 00:39:44.520 Kristine Ochu: But it's so I took all these lessons that you know i'm tired of my workshops, creating your amazing life all the lessons I had learned from being human resource executive and dealing with.

00:39:45.150 --> 00:39:52.830 Kristine Ochu: You know just real life people I mean companies are people right, and they have their needs and their personalities and their stories.

00:39:54.090 --> 00:40:06.240 Kristine Ochu: So we have the highs and lows of you know K in our sales goals and being successful and quiet other companies and then i've been to sad times of managing layoffs or you know.

00:40:07.350 --> 00:40:15.330 Kristine Ochu: You know time helping apply get through a tough time or are these things, you know that my workshops, of course, women brought their own stories and as well.

00:40:16.050 --> 00:40:25.200 Kristine Ochu: And I think you know what I want to take all this together, and I want to create this fun uplifting story so want it to be fun to and full of Laughter

00:40:25.740 --> 00:40:38.190 Kristine Ochu: And the way it is like when you're together with your best friends and they know you and they know your secrets, and they know your mistakes and they love you anyways that unconditional love and acceptance right.

00:40:38.790 --> 00:40:59.250 Kristine Ochu: And and yeah, and so I wanted to really embrace that and then I also wanted it not to be a self help book, but I wanted to suddenly we these messages in our that unconditional love and acceptance of self love, so I have one character that's really struggling a little bit of self love.

00:40:59.850 --> 00:41:12.870 Kristine Ochu: And she's just kind of giving yourself away in bits and pieces in a small town minister's wife serving her Community why her name is Annie while Joe is for your sober and.

00:41:14.340 --> 00:41:22.920 Kristine Ochu: She has struggling whether or not to go forward with her divorce from her ojibwe husband and I grew up not far from the critter a.

00:41:23.490 --> 00:41:28.320 Kristine Ochu: The Indian reservation here, which is just an amazing amazing place for wonderful people.

00:41:29.310 --> 00:41:38.310 Kristine Ochu: and her thing is really self forgiveness, because she really screwed up a lot when she was drinking and so she's dealing with some forgiveness.

00:41:38.760 --> 00:41:46.710 Kristine Ochu: And also, then the third catcher sondra she's really screwed up made a pretty big mistake and so she's trying to let go of that and move on.

00:41:47.280 --> 00:42:00.720 Kristine Ochu: So kind of to their friendship in this adventure they each support each other and able to confront their inner struggles why they really tried overcome that obstacle that are happening during this trip in this journey on the river.

00:42:02.610 --> 00:42:03.900 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: Interesting interesting.

00:42:04.470 --> 00:42:06.570 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: yeah so when did you come out with the book.

00:42:08.070 --> 00:42:13.260 Kristine Ochu: I came out with it in March 2022 so it's just a few months old still yeah.

00:42:14.760 --> 00:42:26.220 Kristine Ochu: Yes, yes, still making its way out there in the world and and it's been pretty embraced cry well here and i'm looking forward to the fall season, where we can get a cab fare going.

00:42:27.840 --> 00:42:29.730 Kristine Ochu: and start sharing stories.

00:42:31.050 --> 00:42:35.250 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: So why above why book at this time I mean you, you do this.

00:42:37.050 --> 00:42:51.540 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: program night have a woman, so what, why did you like feel the impetus to like put the words down on paper, I mean I know you've you've obviously been written a few children's books, even if you only published one but but, but why put out a book.

00:42:53.340 --> 00:43:05.070 Kristine Ochu: Well, I just want is them I just really love the story in the story than in my soul, for a long time and i'm a good storyteller and I learned how to tell a story to screenwriting you know.

00:43:05.670 --> 00:43:15.390 Kristine Ochu: Beginning middle and end and I wanted something that could get into the hands of every woman in the world or and men to men have really resonated with this book.

00:43:16.050 --> 00:43:23.100 Kristine Ochu: i've had some really fun reviews from husband sometimes i'd say oh that's what happens in a girls trip near my eyes are open.

00:43:27.330 --> 00:43:31.830 Kristine Ochu: But yeah so just getting involved and I wanted to get into the inner thoughts of the characters.

00:43:32.520 --> 00:43:33.210 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: Which.

00:43:33.240 --> 00:43:35.850 Kristine Ochu: You know what's going on in their heads what's going on in their hearts.

00:43:36.240 --> 00:43:44.040 Kristine Ochu: And can always do that in the screenplay have to show it in a book, I can you know tell it in a different manner so that was the impetus.

00:43:45.120 --> 00:43:50.550 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: yeah I just wonder if there's a screenplay in the future of this book or not.

00:43:51.840 --> 00:43:58.890 Kristine Ochu: I would love that's my goal my end goal is to see made into a movie I have to i'm happy to share that call with them.

00:43:59.850 --> 00:44:05.880 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: Wonderful wonderful all right time first take our our next break when we come back.

00:44:06.810 --> 00:44:13.350 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: let's talk a little bit about finding and fulfilling your life's purpose, and I know we don't have a lot of time left to do that, but i'd really like.

00:44:14.100 --> 00:44:27.870 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: to sort of gift our audience with with how can they find their life's purpose and and what tools or maybe things they can use while they may be struggling with things and in today's world to help them with that okay.

00:44:29.130 --> 00:44:35.430 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: All right, wonderful so everyone, please stay tuned you're listening to the conscious consultant our awakening humanity.

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00:46:57.570 --> 00:47:01.170 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: Welcome back to the conscious consultant our awakening humanity so Christine.

00:47:02.100 --> 00:47:13.710 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: part of what you talk about is finding and fulfilling your life's purpose, so I know we can't really take a whole big process and squish it down into a few minutes, but what can you give our audience.

00:47:15.180 --> 00:47:28.170 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: That can help them, at least if they're they're thinking of how i'm not sure I don't know what to do, these days, oh, the world is so crazy, things have changed so much like what do I do now, how do you.

00:47:29.400 --> 00:47:32.220 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: help people or support people, what can we give them in just a few.

00:47:32.220 --> 00:47:41.160 Kristine Ochu: minutes absolutely one of the thing is to understand the law of attraction and that's good called the power of positivity is to understand.

00:47:41.640 --> 00:47:49.920 Kristine Ochu: that the energy that you put out as energy you receive back and and we all know, this when you're around positive people.

00:47:50.280 --> 00:48:04.680 Kristine Ochu: I think people you feel better when you're around negative people you feel more negative, so you yourself need to take responsibility for getting yourself into a positive state of mental emotional physical and spiritual.

00:48:05.370 --> 00:48:13.080 Kristine Ochu: High vibration and there are certain ways we can do that, you may not feel like that i've been there, I fought, you know.

00:48:13.530 --> 00:48:24.120 Kristine Ochu: Depression for a short period of time and caught that are the bar the blues maybe, but we can do things such as tapping as a great exercise tool, you can easily go on and Google that.

00:48:24.690 --> 00:48:31.950 Kristine Ochu: And you can do breath work and simple counseling breathing and for for holding for six releasing for eight.

00:48:32.580 --> 00:48:43.920 Kristine Ochu: But i'm smiling in the mirror, you know consciously make a point when you wake up in the morning, when you look in that mirror first thing you're going to say yourself as I am amazing I am amazing.

00:48:44.520 --> 00:48:56.100 Kristine Ochu: And smile at yourself and also you can put a little post itself, you know put so fun music home so get yourself moving in a positive state of mind there's.

00:48:56.520 --> 00:49:07.800 Kristine Ochu: tons of tools, if you want to check out my website, I have a blog in there, we have some tools and also reach out to me send me email and i've got a list of 35 right in front of me.

00:49:08.700 --> 00:49:25.680 Kristine Ochu: That I can share with you and I am mantras or another good one so once you get yourself in high state, then I feel like you set an intention, what do you want, you know what do you want, do you want a better relationship with your partner, do you want to stop.

00:49:26.730 --> 00:49:34.230 Kristine Ochu: Eating junk food, I mean whatever it is, do you want to exercise more and So what do you want, and why do you want it.

00:49:34.860 --> 00:49:38.730 Kristine Ochu: Okay, so figure that out, what do you want to write on a piece of paper.

00:49:39.420 --> 00:49:49.560 Kristine Ochu: And then the next step is let's visualize it together, so if you're in my workshop we go through that process, and we would write down i'm going to visualize this.

00:49:49.980 --> 00:49:56.910 Kristine Ochu: i'm going to see it happening so i'm going to see myself having a wonderful conversation with a friend i've been estranged from let's say.

00:49:57.630 --> 00:50:07.230 Kristine Ochu: And i'm going to be battlements i've stayed at the kitchen table and the smell the coffee i'm going to see their face i'm going to feel the seat cushion beneath me.

00:50:07.740 --> 00:50:13.890 Kristine Ochu: i'm going to feel the positive energy, the law but i'm going to visualize us having this beautiful conversation.

00:50:14.340 --> 00:50:22.260 Kristine Ochu: You know i'm going to visualize that i'm going to set that intention and to know that's what the universe wants to have happen right.

00:50:22.890 --> 00:50:33.120 Kristine Ochu: So, now that I have that visualization set now I have come out of that visualization meditation, then the question is how to stay on track.

00:50:33.630 --> 00:50:47.340 Kristine Ochu: How do I put an action plan together so number one go, what are the first 123 action steps you're going to take turns making that happen, it might be sending the email a text or phone call and that situation right.

00:50:48.690 --> 00:50:57.600 Kristine Ochu: it's also helpful to say what obstacles, might I run up against you know, and so, and what can I do to get rid of those obstacles so.

00:50:58.680 --> 00:51:09.450 Kristine Ochu: You know, if you want to meet with a friend and that you've had a hard time with make sure you're in a quiet place make sure that you have probably maybe meditated ahead of time, maybe you've.

00:51:09.840 --> 00:51:17.070 Kristine Ochu: written out a letter to yourself, maybe for all played with somebody because you're afraid you're going to get nervous and trip up say the wrong thing.

00:51:17.460 --> 00:51:36.420 Kristine Ochu: So those are ways, you can prepare there's a lot of different ways we can prepare to be in the situation you know I don't put those we're all guilty of that sometimes, but then that how to stay on track is once again you go back to those energy tools and motivational tools.

00:51:38.460 --> 00:51:47.520 Kristine Ochu: Such, as you know, have yourself a daily mantra you know when you wake up in the morning wake up and say i'm going to have.

00:51:48.120 --> 00:51:55.200 Kristine Ochu: An amazing day something wonderful and amazing things can happen to me today and what is my intention for the day.

00:51:55.890 --> 00:52:05.190 Kristine Ochu: And soon as we can't think of an attention as simple to us to say my intention is to be aligned with my highest purpose, whatever that is.

00:52:05.970 --> 00:52:19.530 Kristine Ochu: And if you find yourself struggling with that and then what three things can be grateful for before my heat my feet hit the floor, so you know and then go out and think about those things um I do love.

00:52:21.390 --> 00:52:34.020 Kristine Ochu: Putting like a note on the refrigerator that every time you got to buy the refrigerator you say hey i'm going to praise myself for something today because I think the one thing we don't do is we don't praise herself enough.

00:52:34.500 --> 00:52:35.550 Kristine Ochu: Right, I was recently.

00:52:36.270 --> 00:52:43.080 Kristine Ochu: At the event and he said hey ladies when you woke up this morning did anybody praise himself one person rolls her hand out of 50.

00:52:44.250 --> 00:52:57.090 Kristine Ochu: And I said I lunchtime did anybody praising staff, yet not one hand roles, so I said, if you read your time morning lunch dinner just kind of normal routines bedtime you know.

00:52:57.840 --> 00:53:05.340 Kristine Ochu: just have a visual reminder and say you know what I worked really hard today, I listened to somebody I gave somebody a smile.

00:53:06.000 --> 00:53:16.290 Kristine Ochu: You are going to start raising your energy emotionally physically spiritually the whole works just by that alone because you're creating healthy endorphins in your body right.

00:53:16.740 --> 00:53:18.150 Kristine Ochu: Without the chemicals because.

00:53:18.150 --> 00:53:24.180 Kristine Ochu: you're feeling good and usually end up smiling too because you're telling yourself something good.

00:53:25.710 --> 00:53:27.390 Kristine Ochu: And there's so many things we can do it.

00:53:27.390 --> 00:53:28.440 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: yeah yeah I mean.

00:53:28.830 --> 00:53:30.330 Kristine Ochu: hey yeah.

00:53:30.420 --> 00:53:34.530 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: That that self talk is so important, and the first is just to be conscious of it.

00:53:34.920 --> 00:53:47.430 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: So that we're aware of of of what we do, because so often our self talk is so negative and so down and so critical of ourselves so to kind of take that sort of positive approach and say.

00:53:47.910 --> 00:54:04.350 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: No, you know what let me, let me say something nice to myself, for a change, as opposed to something negative like like that is is is so important, so important, I just want to get in here before we close out the show loyal loyal listener patty asks.

00:54:05.490 --> 00:54:16.560 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: to write a book she has a zillion notebooks of conversations with people that you know how do you take that and turn that into a book or should she just start with a blank piece of paper and start from scratch again.

00:54:18.150 --> 00:54:21.270 Kristine Ochu: Oh she's got a bunch of stuff written down and notebooks.

00:54:21.540 --> 00:54:21.810 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: yeah.

00:54:21.840 --> 00:54:33.660 Kristine Ochu: I mean, I was just trying to take a few days and kind of reading through them and then just get the laptop out and just try some free flow writing you know if those stories are fresh to the mind.

00:54:35.220 --> 00:54:46.020 Kristine Ochu: Try to just kind of sketch out a beginning middle and end kind of how you want to begin kind of what are the obstacles, you want your characters to have and how do you want to see it ND.

00:54:46.500 --> 00:54:59.250 Kristine Ochu: And then I would just say start writing it you're filling in the blanks don't restrict yourself don't give yourself to me rules, you can come back later and clean up and organized but there's power getting things done on paper.

00:54:59.760 --> 00:55:00.330 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: I would say.

00:55:01.500 --> 00:55:02.940 Kristine Ochu: That would be my coaching on that.

00:55:03.540 --> 00:55:11.340 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: Wonderful Thank you Thank you so much, Christine anyway um it wonderful stuff Thank you so much, you know I see it's about.

00:55:11.700 --> 00:55:16.830 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: You know what you're trying to help people support people in is like getting their whole being involved.

00:55:17.100 --> 00:55:28.770 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: Like if you want to find your life's purpose if you want to manifest feel better feel good you know it's it's the visualization using the mind the writing out so you're doing something physical using the body.

00:55:29.100 --> 00:55:32.100 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: and moving it and you know being present to it.

00:55:32.970 --> 00:55:45.690 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: And, and I think and you probably agree with this and do you do, workshops and you work with people in groups, having Community having people around us, that will support us and that maybe we're on the same path or also going in the same direction right.

00:55:46.710 --> 00:55:56.190 Kristine Ochu: Absolutely and Sam I mean this from the bottom my heart and, yes, listening to podcast like yourself and the shows, they are game changers.

00:55:56.790 --> 00:56:13.350 Kristine Ochu: If you're going through a time in your life you're struggling listen turn on Sam you know, listen to these and other there's so much rich material out there, others other speakers i'm sure Sam that you love and appreciate as well, but.

00:56:14.610 --> 00:56:20.370 Kristine Ochu: You know you are inspirational and those are things that you start to fill your mind with.

00:56:21.600 --> 00:56:30.600 Kristine Ochu: And it's it's very, very powerful, so I am every Thursday boy i'm going to be turning my Facebook stream on and be watching you.

00:56:32.220 --> 00:56:43.050 Kristine Ochu: guys to do that because we are a big Community virtually or in person, and the more we can love each other and help each other, you know hash out a better way to live.

00:56:43.470 --> 00:56:51.480 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: Absolutely absolutely Thank you Thank you so much, Christine so if people want to find you get in touch with you how do they do that what's the best way for them to.

00:56:52.140 --> 00:56:58.830 Kristine Ochu: very easy Christine osu kr is ti n E O C HQ.

00:57:00.300 --> 00:57:08.550 Kristine Ochu: COM, I have all kinds of contact information right there that's a pretty simple am all over social media I just use my first and last name to.

00:57:08.880 --> 00:57:20.130 Kristine Ochu: Some basic kind of almost every platform, and I would love to help anybody out there is and and i'm very generous and giving and, if you want to book club meeting or you know.

00:57:21.840 --> 00:57:24.990 Kristine Ochu: Just reach out give me a call, we can see where we can work out together.

00:57:25.410 --> 00:57:35.610 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: Wonderful wonderful Oh, Christine Thank you so much, have been a pleasure meeting you and having you on the show, please, if you ever make it to New York City look me up like let me know and.

00:57:36.150 --> 00:57:40.350 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: i'll take you out for some great Chinese food or something I don't know we'll figure something out okay.

00:57:41.430 --> 00:57:44.520 Kristine Ochu: Fantastic you got to come up here and SMS gas and cheese curds.

00:57:45.210 --> 00:57:52.350 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: I would love to love to have you been in Wisconsin in years and I actually have friends who do a group in milwaukee so I definitely.

00:57:52.650 --> 00:57:59.280 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: got to get to milwaukee some time, so thank you, Christine but love to get up to the north, with Jennifer been there i'm sure it's amazing.

00:58:00.270 --> 00:58:07.080 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: So thank you and thank you, my loyal listeners for tuning in today patty being so active on the Facebook live stream today, thank you patty.

00:58:07.380 --> 00:58:16.230 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: I hope, loyal listeners tonight and William are tuning in as well, I didn't see you guys on live stream but we'll catch you next week, anyway, so thank you all for tuning in today.

00:58:16.590 --> 00:58:26.160 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: Coming up this evening at 5pm frank and his show frank about healthy doing a replay of his show with Dr Dorothy Martin Neville wonderful also dear friend of mine.

00:58:26.700 --> 00:58:34.890 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: Great show, and of course don't forget tomorrow, we have our Friday block of business shows philanthropy and focus and always Friday and then Monday evening.

00:58:35.400 --> 00:58:48.240 Sam Liebowitz | The Conscious Consultant: Sandra argument in your show the edge of every day, which by the way, Christina after connected with Sandra I think she would love you, you probably be a good guest for our show as well, so thank you all for tuning in we will talk to you next week.

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