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Thursday, July 14, 2022
Facebook Live Video from 2022/07/14 - Frank About Health Lessons Learned Part 2

Facebook Live Video from 2022/07/14 - Frank About Health Lessons Learned Part 2


2022/07/14 - Frank About Health Lessons Learned Part 2

[NEW EPISODE] Frank About Health Lessons Learned Part 2

WHAT WILL THE AUDIENCE LEARN?This episode aims to highlight the moments of discussion that brought about key takeaways and lessons learned to fully grasp what is ahead for the rest of 2022 and beyond. The hour will be spent recapping these episodes, promoting the books written by some of the guests and providing insight into applying what was learned to live a healthier future.

The show will highlight upcoming episodes that will discuss hospitality, addiction and interventions, financial solutions for caregivers and other alternative healing methods. I will also discuss some of the most viewed shows in the Frank About Health catalog. 

EPISODE SUMMARY: In the past year Frank About Health has had open discussions about a myriad of topics bringing to light the importance of the Big Picture in understanding your healthcare needs.

Towards the end of 2021 we brought on a panel discussion on Caregiving, we saw Georgeann Dau's spiritual influence in understanding Mental Health, we touched on the Amygdala to understand Emotional Intelligence, we spoke on Meditation and Tai Chi, we learned the importance of Compassion in healthcare and we ended the year being Thankful for surviving challenges and educating people how to manage their Nutrition based on their Inflammation type to have a New Year with Health and Prosperity.

2022 started with a discussion on the Omicron Variant and we had returning guests to highlight the importance of Understanding Lifestyle Diseases while Looking at Mental Health issues to manage stress in a Post-COVID world. Eric Sarver and I had the chance to discuss the Great Resignation and other employment laws that needed to be revised due to the COVID 19 pandemic. 

Along with new co-host Phyllis Quinlan we have openly discussed the importance of Innovation, Resilience, NLP techniques and the benefits of personal coaching. The Sunshine Quotient and Reiki became new tools to use in Energy healing and Transformational Leadership. 

Our Conscious Consultant Sam Liebowitz gave insight into Double Diamond Wellness while Sally Kalksma discussed how to be a champion and to be both reflective and resilient.  We also learned the value that Caregivers have within families. The Social Justice Issues within healthcare came into discussion while paying tribute to influencers in their own right, especially Betty White.


Tune in for this healthy conversation at or watch the Facebook Livestream by Clicking Here.

Show Notes

Segment 1

Frank goes over how Danielle Swanson and he discussed topics such as Covid-19. Frank explains how during this time, he tried to make the show an important message for everyone. Around October 2021, Sam Liebowitz introduced Frank to Phyllis Quinlan, creating a bond between the two, later making her the co-host of the show. Cilantrica Lisotta has been a regular on Frank about Health, and by bringing her son onto an episode, a lesson is learned that whatever illness that you are carrying within your life, it is a challenge but one that can be worked on and overcome. This particular segment of the show and that part of Frank About Health was just the beginning, it was very insightful and taught him a few lessons himself. Frank About Health began May 25, 2021. There was a nice series of shows being audio streamed, then converted to live form, where there were many guests, creating the foundation for what was to become Frank About Health in 2022.

Segment 2

Reetha Grey and Frank did an episode discussing the Omicron variant, trying to send the message out that while it was overwhelming for all of us to deal with the understanding that we were being on lockdown again and determining whether we needed to do outdoor dining or just stay at home, it was a challenge that hopefully, with the vaccine or just with better quality of care management, we could live with the disorder instead of feeling like it was just going to be a forever ongoing pandemic. After that, they did a special tribute to Betty White, discussing her passing on New Year's Eve. This message represented how Betty was a legend in her own right, was an inspiration to many many people, and provided many people with the understanding that in your senior years, it is still possible to live your best life, but it is just a matter of how you manage it and who you surround yourself with. That then leads to the caregiving show, bringing the people in prior episodes of Frank About Health to the show. That 2-hour show was very informative to all different levels of caregivers such as the caregivers themself, the patient, the medical students, social workers, and other clinicians, the show grew. This also leads to many more discussions with new guests on the show. A lot of the shows Frank on pours at times are reminders of things to keep in mind as we are transitioning to shows that are going to be more relevant based on current healthcare information that is out there as well as the audience we are trying to reach. Frank also discusses how he is trying to introduce more alternative healing techniques to the platform. When looking at social justice issues that we're developing within the city, an episode showed that while healthcare is something we are all mindful of especially if we are living with a chronic illness, we have to understand society's impact on healthcare, and these things must be addressed to help people advocate for themselves and at the same time educate on how to perceive others who are undergoing health crises.

Segment 3

During the show with Sally Kalksma, Frank talks away how she takes a look at every obstacle as a means to think that she is in an athletic event, and to prepare for it, train for it, fight within it and be able to do all of the necessary regimens to fight that battle as she continues to move through her life. He goes over that during an episode with Dr. John, the idea is brought up that you can reverse type 2 diabetes by regulating your diet, and reducing your chances by reducing weight. Other takeaways from that interview left up for interpretation were that the mRNA vaccine could cure other diseases such as diabetes or cancer. He later talks about how when you integrate your mindset and your knowledge of whatever your healthcare issues are, and you bring your spirit into it, it creates a bigger picture and platform to work with. Being spiritual and looking at it from an awaking mentality doesn't have an athletic approach such as what Sally talked about earlier, but it still supports the idea of being open to possibilities and not looking at the illness or limitations it might impose, helping Frank realize that Covid as a disorder became more of a paradigm shift in how we all relate to each other.

Segment 4

Frank spends the last 10 minutes of the show giving shoutouts to the various guests that have left an impression on him.


00:00:56.370 --> 00:01:06.300 Frank R. Harrison: Welcome to this episode of frank about health today is a day of reflection, it is actually my first live broadcast by myself.

00:01:06.630 --> 00:01:12.360 Frank R. Harrison: I know I did one audio stream only That was a disaster and I swore i'd never do it again, but in this case.

00:01:12.780 --> 00:01:18.360 Frank R. Harrison: I think it pays tribute to the past year of frank about health and i'd like to first apologize for.

00:01:18.840 --> 00:01:26.310 Frank R. Harrison: Not having phyllis here today, we were planning on being together but due to scheduling conflicts and a medical conference she needed to attend.

00:01:26.730 --> 00:01:38.460 Frank R. Harrison: she's here in spirit, and we are going to highlight a lot of phyllis is previous guests and shows that we have discussed over the past year, so again she's very much here with us today.

00:01:38.970 --> 00:01:48.930 Frank R. Harrison: and out of courtesy for everyone, I just want to issue a disclaimer the issues talked about or reviewed on today's episode and have been reviewed on previous episodes.

00:01:49.290 --> 00:02:01.470 Frank R. Harrison: Do not represent the views of talk radio dot nyc or frank about health and are not meant to be taken as criticism, nor to advise you to cease working with your doctors and other medical advisors.

00:02:01.950 --> 00:02:21.240 Frank R. Harrison: They are food for thought for open discussion and to provide insight to incorporate into your health care plans and treatment needs if what is discuss applies to you, we are looking to provide meaningful conversation that all being said today is lessons learned, part two.

00:02:22.500 --> 00:02:38.550 Frank R. Harrison: My first guest on frank about health Danielle swanson was here with me to re enter talk radio dot nyc after a six year hiatus and we discussed epilepsy, and we discuss other kinds of topics that were relevant at that time, especially.

00:02:40.140 --> 00:02:50.940 Frank R. Harrison: If you recall, at the end of that series of shows, which was at the end of July or August we did a lessons learned show where we were highlighting.

00:02:52.740 --> 00:03:02.640 Frank R. Harrison: ptsd senior healthcare mental health issues, we were learning about affordable places to get your drugs in Canada and.

00:03:03.120 --> 00:03:14.580 Frank R. Harrison: We were just basically getting really our feet wet to develop frank about health into more of an advocacy platform and an educational platform that would.

00:03:15.330 --> 00:03:23.430 Frank R. Harrison: You know, embrace many different health care issues, not just epilepsy, there are alternative care issues that needed to be presented and discussed.

00:03:24.510 --> 00:03:32.190 Frank R. Harrison: There was an understanding that, as a community that was at that time and quarantine and locked down and not sure of what the new future would look like.

00:03:33.150 --> 00:03:41.670 Frank R. Harrison: We were trying to kind of hold your hand throughout each episode and tried to express that based on certain conditions that you were living with how you could adapt.

00:03:41.970 --> 00:03:50.490 Frank R. Harrison: To new treatment modalities, as well as understand who are the best people to work with, especially the caregiver more about that later.

00:03:51.060 --> 00:04:01.980 Frank R. Harrison: In particular, what I discovered during that first series of shows, or even when I had a chance to interview guests like Nathan crane who talked about an innovative way to treat cancer.

00:04:02.400 --> 00:04:09.450 Frank R. Harrison: or when I had a chance to talk with Dr john bonhoeffer who understood that there was empathy sorely lacking in the healthcare system.

00:04:09.870 --> 00:04:18.030 Frank R. Harrison: And then there was joshua Margolis who gave us exercise and TAI Chi and meditation, especially for a lot of his patients who happened to have been pregnant women.

00:04:18.810 --> 00:04:25.230 Frank R. Harrison: Then there was also the soul trainer and, if you remember Len glassman he even showed us some exercises of how just being.

00:04:25.530 --> 00:04:36.300 Frank R. Harrison: locked up in your room under quarantine you can still do the needed exercises to help revitalize your soul and your energy and your focus and still revitalize your overall health and wellness.

00:04:37.020 --> 00:04:44.310 Frank R. Harrison: And then, towards the end of that year, we had a chance to meet some new people a lot of them were referred by Sam leibowitz who.

00:04:44.760 --> 00:04:48.330 Frank R. Harrison: The conscious consultant, I obviously would not be here if it wasn't for him.

00:04:48.720 --> 00:05:01.380 Frank R. Harrison: But at the same time, he was understanding what I was trying to do to make the show much more of an important message for everyone, especially when we're still trying to understand where we fit as vaccines were being rolled out.

00:05:02.280 --> 00:05:07.890 Frank R. Harrison: I ended the year with Maggie berghof whose book eat right for your inflammation type.

00:05:08.220 --> 00:05:15.960 Frank R. Harrison: proved to be a best seller, as it was coming out right around the New Year her successful tick tock show promoting the book and not to mention.

00:05:16.200 --> 00:05:24.720 Frank R. Harrison: Everything having to do with understanding that it's not about the food that you eat, but if you understood what foods were actually creating inflammation reactions.

00:05:24.930 --> 00:05:39.810 Frank R. Harrison: You would be able to minimize the intake of those foods and then maximize the intake of those foods that would be more healthy for you now granted, I remember her saying on the show, if you want your piece of cake on new year's Eve have it, but only one piece.

00:05:40.920 --> 00:05:45.180 Frank R. Harrison: So you also would say, have your wine as well or your champagne and the clock struck 12.

00:05:45.630 --> 00:05:49.590 Frank R. Harrison: But she was very energetic and innovative in just the way of understanding.

00:05:49.920 --> 00:06:00.870 Frank R. Harrison: That it's just the mindset that you basically create when you're trying to really manage your nutrition, for various reasons, whether it's to prevent diabetes, or whether it is just to lose weight.

00:06:01.350 --> 00:06:16.740 Frank R. Harrison: But overall, whenever anybody is engaged in new mental and physical health treatments, they get a new sense of health and wellness psychologically and it's making everyone feel that they are adaptable to all the changes that we were all uncertainty of at that time.

00:06:18.390 --> 00:06:33.990 Frank R. Harrison: Well, I can say is about the lessons learned during the remaining element of 2021 the remaining year was that it was a show that I could not do by myself, we were involved in a lot of medical issues that were really cool know.

00:06:35.310 --> 00:06:45.750 Frank R. Harrison: pete creating quandary for people so thanks to Sam he introduced me to phyllis Quinlan who appeared on my show around October of that year.

00:06:46.170 --> 00:06:56.700 Frank R. Harrison: Of 2021 to pretty much give insight into what it was like to be a professional coach, especially for nurses and to give us an understanding of what nurses are in the healing space.

00:06:57.060 --> 00:07:13.980 Frank R. Harrison: And it was just a very exciting show that I decided that we would gather together for a two hour caregiving panel which included guests like Dr young bonhoeffer which included aretha Gray, which included obviously myself and phyllis as well as.

00:07:15.480 --> 00:07:24.150 Frank R. Harrison: The woman who runs the share the care organization sheila Warnock and here is her book as well, which we discussed at length during that show.

00:07:24.540 --> 00:07:30.360 Frank R. Harrison: It was an interesting panel discussion two hours at length We actually had interaction from our Facebook live listeners.

00:07:30.630 --> 00:07:38.520 Frank R. Harrison: And we were able to understand that when you are dealing with family members who are in need of long term care or even care because of a.

00:07:39.030 --> 00:07:45.150 Frank R. Harrison: chronic illness or an impediment that just makes them relatively a mobile for leaving the House as often as they like.

00:07:45.840 --> 00:07:56.340 Frank R. Harrison: You can use an organization like share the care as a way of mentoring you to develop a team of caregivers within the family or even friends of the family.

00:07:56.670 --> 00:08:02.160 Frank R. Harrison: That can kind of rotate and be able to help keep the health and wellness of your loved one intact.

00:08:03.000 --> 00:08:13.110 Frank R. Harrison: Overall, that was a very successful show for frank about health it led to discussions with nyu langone medical systems, as well as other hospitals in the city.

00:08:13.470 --> 00:08:17.880 Frank R. Harrison: to determine if it was possible to take frank about health into a webinar series.

00:08:18.420 --> 00:08:24.810 Frank R. Harrison: Now it's not something that I wanted to participate in right away because I was still getting my feet wet on talk radio dot nyc.

00:08:25.470 --> 00:08:35.040 Frank R. Harrison: and all I can say is that, in order for me to continue to develop the catalogue of shows that have been very inspirational and informational.

00:08:35.370 --> 00:08:43.200 Frank R. Harrison: I had to make phyllis my co host so later on in segment two, we will talk about those particular shows that she was very instrumental.

00:08:43.470 --> 00:08:51.510 Frank R. Harrison: In bringing on board to frank about health and we will also give highlights of the caregiving show which, as I said earlier, was very pivotal.

00:08:52.230 --> 00:09:00.750 Frank R. Harrison: If you remember, George and dal, who is also been a member of the talk radio nyc family with her show journey through to awareness.

00:09:01.080 --> 00:09:12.810 Frank R. Harrison: We did a trilogy of episodes together starting around that time and then we just recently did a follow up but I remember she also did me a favor for a dear friend of mine psychological is ODA.

00:09:13.200 --> 00:09:20.700 Frank R. Harrison: whose husband was about to undergo major heart surgery, and she came in the last 15 minutes of that show to just give a prayer.

00:09:20.970 --> 00:09:31.140 Frank R. Harrison: and show her insight into how he was definitely going to overcome that crisis that was in his life today he's back at work and living living in very healthy life.

00:09:32.250 --> 00:09:34.290 Frank R. Harrison: So logical is ODA has been a regular.

00:09:35.670 --> 00:09:41.670 Frank R. Harrison: To get us to mind, as I mentioned, she talked about ptsd she brought her son on board to talk about autism.

00:09:41.970 --> 00:09:56.850 Frank R. Harrison: He is a fully functioning adult with autism living a successful life so again, the lesson learned there is that whatever illness that you're carrying in your life, it is a challenge, but it is a challenge that can be worked with and overcome.

00:09:57.870 --> 00:09:58.500 Frank R. Harrison: I think.

00:09:59.580 --> 00:10:03.990 Frank R. Harrison: Just reflecting on you know this particular segment of the show.

00:10:04.770 --> 00:10:18.420 Frank R. Harrison: That part of frank about health was just the beginning it was very instinctive and insightful and taught me a few lessons having to make sure that I was there for my cousin who had undergo three high surgeries during that timeframe.

00:10:18.810 --> 00:10:22.950 Frank R. Harrison: And then also continuing to help my father, who has been recovering from prostate cancer.

00:10:23.310 --> 00:10:34.740 Frank R. Harrison: But, not to mention my ongoing living with epilepsy, I am proud to say that it's been 15 years since I had a full blown seizure, but I take my medication every day, so that being said.

00:10:35.010 --> 00:10:46.410 Frank R. Harrison: If those of you out there are wondering if the medications that you weren't taking you should still continue taking I always say go to your medical provider and have a discussion with him or her, because.

00:10:46.830 --> 00:10:55.380 Frank R. Harrison: A disease like epilepsy is done it not a disease really it's a disorder a neurological disorder which time after time is proven it's something you can live with.

00:10:55.920 --> 00:11:01.920 Frank R. Harrison: And I take my medication just to prevent any of the side effects of partial reactions that could still occur for me.

00:11:02.370 --> 00:11:15.810 Frank R. Harrison: But i'm very proud to say that epilepsy, for me, has been both a blessing, as well as a little bit of a challenge to live with, but i've been able to advocate for others, both with epilepsy and with other disorders altogether.

00:11:16.680 --> 00:11:24.720 Frank R. Harrison: Well we're ready for our first break, but to summarize frank about health began on may 25 21.

00:11:25.140 --> 00:11:43.980 Frank R. Harrison: We had a nice series of shows their various they were audio stream they then went to live form or we had Nathan crane Dr Yun been heifer We obviously had a redo show with Danielle swanson we had psychological Arizona and her husband, Georgia and out came back Maggie berkoff came back.

00:11:45.120 --> 00:11:50.280 Frank R. Harrison: josh Margolis came back a friend of mine from high school came back named Alex yaroslavsky.

00:11:50.580 --> 00:12:07.770 Frank R. Harrison: who talked about the amygdala and its brain function power, especially in the workplace and it just created the foundation for what was to become frank about health and 2022 so more on that, when we return right here on talk radio dot nyc and Facebook live stay tuned.

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00:14:21.300 --> 00:14:34.920 Frank R. Harrison: Welcome back during the commercial break I showed you the headshots of those guests that appeared on the caregiving show, and also those guests that appeared, courtesy of phyllis Quinlan who became my co host and the beginning of 2022.

00:14:36.330 --> 00:14:41.370 Frank R. Harrison: For those of you who remember it was an interesting time we were dealing with the oma cron variant at that point.

00:14:41.760 --> 00:14:46.410 Frank R. Harrison: And so we did a show with wreath of great discussing all micron and trying to.

00:14:46.740 --> 00:14:53.400 Frank R. Harrison: send the message out there, that while it was overwhelming for all of us to deal with the understanding that there we were being unlocked down again.

00:14:53.760 --> 00:14:57.300 Frank R. Harrison: and determining whether or not we need to do outdoor dining or just stay at home.

00:14:58.110 --> 00:15:11.970 Frank R. Harrison: Rita and I were able to explain basically that it was a challenge that, hopefully with the vaccine or or just with better quality of care management that we could live with the disorder, instead of feel like it was just going to be.

00:15:13.200 --> 00:15:23.400 Frank R. Harrison: A pandemic that was forever ongoing or that would just end someday I mean as current data should suggest it is going to be as common as the common cold.

00:15:23.700 --> 00:15:33.360 Frank R. Harrison: But we are all still being aware of what our choices are in maintaining our life with coven after that we did a special tribute to Betty white, and that is when.

00:15:34.020 --> 00:15:38.460 Frank R. Harrison: phyllis to join me and read them, we were talking about her passing which happened on new year's Eve.

00:15:38.880 --> 00:15:47.400 Frank R. Harrison: And we were just discussing that from the video that if any of you had seen the episode that began with Rita and Betty toasting with big jugs of wine.

00:15:47.850 --> 00:15:55.680 Frank R. Harrison: Her famous quote is we're going to live forever, but at the same time, the message was is that someone like Betty white was it was a.

00:15:56.220 --> 00:16:02.490 Frank R. Harrison: legend in her own right, an inspiration to many people, especially the animals that she was very much concerned about.

00:16:02.940 --> 00:16:16.440 Frank R. Harrison: And just providing us and understanding that in your senior years you can live your best life it's just a matter of how you manage it, and what support systems, you have and just in general, how to reflect on your own strengths and your own.

00:16:17.460 --> 00:16:20.430 Frank R. Harrison: instincts and spirit to be able to live your best life.

00:16:21.690 --> 00:16:31.500 Frank R. Harrison: That then led to the caregiving show the caregiving show actually happened before the holidays, but it was a matter of bringing together those guests that were in.

00:16:31.980 --> 00:16:38.010 Frank R. Harrison: The episodes of frank about health prior to the show that would include wreath A grade myself and fill us, of course.

00:16:38.400 --> 00:16:43.770 Frank R. Harrison: lily tomlin said, who was known as patiently, as well as Dr jaan bonhoeffer and sheila Warnock.

00:16:44.400 --> 00:16:50.310 Frank R. Harrison: That to our show was very informative from many different levels you've got the caregiver who sell.

00:16:50.640 --> 00:16:58.740 Frank R. Harrison: him or herself that was watching the show you've got the patient, you also got medical students and social workers and other clinicians.

00:16:59.040 --> 00:17:11.880 Frank R. Harrison: That were giving a lot of feedback to us on Facebook, in fact, I think it had over 350 views so i'm very proud of that show and i'm letting you all know, right now, that will be an encore presentation in the coming weeks, but at the same time.

00:17:12.900 --> 00:17:23.700 Frank R. Harrison: He just spun off other kinds of advocates in the area of mindfulness and positive psychology so thanks to phyllis we had a chance to have.

00:17:23.940 --> 00:17:33.570 Frank R. Harrison: Discussions not only with sheila or not, but also with Dorothy Martin level, who was also a friend of Sam leibowitz the conscious consultant and Catherine chadwick.

00:17:33.930 --> 00:17:37.170 Frank R. Harrison: who had been able to discuss with us about the sunshine quotient.

00:17:37.620 --> 00:17:44.610 Frank R. Harrison: And for those of you who missed that show the sunshine quotient was a construct that she developed, based on a breathing technique.

00:17:44.940 --> 00:17:49.350 Frank R. Harrison: which was, as you close your eyes and you imagine that you're breathing in the sunlight.

00:17:49.800 --> 00:17:55.470 Frank R. Harrison: Just the act of slowly in taking air and breathing in the sunlight visualizing it.

00:17:55.830 --> 00:18:01.740 Frank R. Harrison: And then slowly breathing it out, it would have an interaction on your Vegas nerve, which would help you relax.

00:18:02.010 --> 00:18:18.180 Frank R. Harrison: meditate focus reflect so it was in a very interesting show with Catherine, as we were talking about how mindfulness and positive psychology can be used as techniques in order for you to maintain calm, especially in the middle of a crisis.

00:18:18.690 --> 00:18:27.180 Frank R. Harrison: That also led to allison petty allison petty came in and talked about nlp as a verbal technique of your choice of words and how you.

00:18:27.510 --> 00:18:36.420 Frank R. Harrison: Be are able to communicate to those your loved ones friends colleagues and that, based on those words you're actually creating.

00:18:36.840 --> 00:18:46.140 Frank R. Harrison: Transition or or transformation of the neural pathways in both parties yourself included, so that it helps to create much more transformational healing.

00:18:46.530 --> 00:18:56.070 Frank R. Harrison: And coaching at the same time allison's story is kind of unique because she was actually wheelchair bound before she engaged in that kind of transformational coaching.

00:18:56.370 --> 00:19:08.610 Frank R. Harrison: And nlp technique which then led her to rock climbing and getting out of the wheelchair and out of the bed and becoming more she's based out of London but becoming more of an advocate for those that were in need.

00:19:08.880 --> 00:19:19.170 Frank R. Harrison: of a new way of thinking and communicating in order to get them out of their their rut when they thought that all all was kind of lost, and she was advocating that it was not.

00:19:21.000 --> 00:19:33.300 Frank R. Harrison: Another person that came on the show thanks to fill this was Peggy pelo sorry, where we were able to see her talents, not only as an advocate for patients at in particular children with diabetes Type one the disease that she.

00:19:33.720 --> 00:19:42.900 Frank R. Harrison: Was was growing up with, but she also showed at the end of that show her belly dancing techniques, because she was still always wanting to be a performer.

00:19:43.140 --> 00:19:47.820 Frank R. Harrison: When her mother had advised her as if you recall what she mentioned her mother had said no.

00:19:48.120 --> 00:19:58.890 Frank R. Harrison: You need to have a secure job for your insurance benefits and everything else that would help you take care of your life with diabetes Type one but she's still kept that creative part of herself alive.

00:19:59.730 --> 00:20:12.090 Frank R. Harrison: In order to keep herself going, but she has become a fighter and an advocate for those living with diabetes Type one, and I can tell you right now that is the most watched show on frank about health and over 450 views.

00:20:12.690 --> 00:20:18.240 Frank R. Harrison: Now, a lot of the shows that I encore at times are basically little nuggets of.

00:20:18.810 --> 00:20:27.210 Frank R. Harrison: Not only food for thought, but reminders of things to keep in mind of as we are transitioning to other shows that are going to be more relevant in nature.

00:20:27.510 --> 00:20:37.620 Frank R. Harrison: based on current healthcare information that's out there, as well as the audience that we are trying to reach again we have an organic audience right here at talk radio dot nyc.

00:20:38.040 --> 00:20:47.250 Frank R. Harrison: But we are also engaging with medical students and practitioners, as well as even people in the hospitality industry more on that later.

00:20:48.840 --> 00:21:00.180 Frank R. Harrison: Another person that we had a chance to meet with was Constance coral or Connie a friend of physicists who was discussing reiki techniques as used in energy healing.

00:21:00.840 --> 00:21:10.080 Frank R. Harrison: was very inspirational and, in fact, she is due to come back on frank about health in the coming weeks to actually go through a reiki session we thought that would be abuse and practice.

00:21:10.470 --> 00:21:21.360 Frank R. Harrison: Now reiki is a form of alternative healing as there is meditation TAI Chi, as I mentioned earlier, and then there's also acupuncture and other kinds of techniques that.

00:21:21.750 --> 00:21:29.640 Frank R. Harrison: A lot of people are interested in but don't have enough information on so one of the aspects of that reiki show was to also make sure.

00:21:30.660 --> 00:21:32.910 Frank R. Harrison: That frank about health becomes.

00:21:34.080 --> 00:21:46.020 Frank R. Harrison: A forum or a platform for alternative healing techniques, and so we will definitely be repositioning the show to include some of those kinds of guests, as well as returning guests that have been on the show.

00:21:47.610 --> 00:21:54.600 Frank R. Harrison: Overall, in the whole caregiving mindset, I have found it to be very instrumental for myself so definitely.

00:21:55.170 --> 00:22:03.570 Frank R. Harrison: It resonated with me I learned a lot from those caregiving shows, and the nlp shows, and the sunshine quotient because.

00:22:03.840 --> 00:22:09.930 Frank R. Harrison: I was able to apply it, both in my personal and professional life, especially as I mentioned earlier, in dealing with.

00:22:10.260 --> 00:22:17.880 Frank R. Harrison: taking care of my cousin and my father, there have been very stressful times in doing the show, but not because of the show this show is actually been.

00:22:18.180 --> 00:22:24.330 Frank R. Harrison: A motive reflection and kind of therapy talk therapy for myself and the guests, that I work with especially phyllis.

00:22:24.720 --> 00:22:40.860 Frank R. Harrison: But when I leave the show very relaxed and very focused i'm able to apply those techniques that i've learned, as well as apply them where they're relevant in my case, with my loved ones and friends and I even learn more that I know it's just.

00:22:41.850 --> 00:22:51.570 Frank R. Harrison: Very important to get out there and communicate as effectively as possible, so on that note anytime that you've noticed the show with a technical difficulty someone muting.

00:22:51.840 --> 00:23:09.600 Frank R. Harrison: or something, all of a sudden, you know being cancelled out or someone coming in or out that sometimes concerns me, but at least that's part of what we're doing here we're creating an organic platform to learn from and change with the times when needed, and when asked for.

00:23:11.010 --> 00:23:21.150 Frank R. Harrison: Overall, working on frank about health and 2022 has been pivotal it, as I said it began with the whole discussion of oma Kron.

00:23:21.510 --> 00:23:29.430 Frank R. Harrison: But then we were also looking at a lot of social justice issues that we're developing within the city, as well as within the country.

00:23:29.820 --> 00:23:38.850 Frank R. Harrison: And so, if you remember, I had a special one hour show with the honorable tanya are Kennedy and David Lee and wreath a great was involved in that as well.

00:23:39.120 --> 00:23:46.620 Frank R. Harrison: And we were looking at that well healthcare is something that we are all mindful of, especially if we are living with chronic illness.

00:23:47.190 --> 00:23:52.320 Frank R. Harrison: We have to understand society's impact on health care whether its financial in nature.

00:23:52.620 --> 00:24:04.290 Frank R. Harrison: or, in some ways, whether there are challenges that we face, whether it's because of your your income level your lot in life as tanya said during the show, or if it's probably because of.

00:24:04.770 --> 00:24:11.040 Frank R. Harrison: other kinds of you know, issues that i'd really like to reserve for ones interpretation.

00:24:11.970 --> 00:24:20.400 Frank R. Harrison: We just have to be mindful that health care can be a hot topic for those of you who watch the view, and it is something that has to be balanced.

00:24:20.790 --> 00:24:30.360 Frank R. Harrison: Through shows like frank about health that can help advocate for yourself, while at the same time, educate on how to perceive others who are undergoing health crises.

00:24:31.650 --> 00:24:36.000 Frank R. Harrison: We had a chance, also to do stress management techniques with.

00:24:36.630 --> 00:24:47.280 Frank R. Harrison: JESSICA harrington and she has a podcast called stress less with jess so take take a look at that show i've taken a look a few episodes and I found it to be very helpful.

00:24:47.610 --> 00:24:57.360 Frank R. Harrison: Especially when myself undergoing stressful times lately, and then there was the crossover episode that I did with Eric server right here on talk radio dot nyc.

00:24:57.780 --> 00:25:10.620 Frank R. Harrison: brad appeared on his show employment law today and we crossed over on the my show with phyllis where we were talking about the great resignation and coven 19th impact on the employment laws so wow that was also very.

00:25:12.240 --> 00:25:24.810 Frank R. Harrison: Good a big takeaway because you know employers are still trying to figure out whether they're going to be fully virtual or whether they're going to be hybrid or, if you have certain companies that demand you get back to work.

00:25:25.410 --> 00:25:38.760 Frank R. Harrison: It does have an impact on people's mental health and then the ability of being able to understand how is it that we can go back to the way life was after a two year and a half year pandemic, so the laws have been.

00:25:39.300 --> 00:25:49.380 Frank R. Harrison: advocating for change to reflect the kinds of new benefits to be able to adjust to working again whether it's three out of five days a week or whatever so.

00:25:49.800 --> 00:26:09.690 Frank R. Harrison: While I can say about that show it was very it was very instrumental to understand that when living life in a post coven world has its health and medical challenges, it also has its social challenges that overall we must all try to work through and best represent ourselves when necessary.

00:26:11.370 --> 00:26:19.650 Frank R. Harrison: we're headed for our next break when we return i'm going to talk about some other special guests that have been on the show, especially over the last few months.

00:26:20.040 --> 00:26:28.890 Frank R. Harrison: That are really now setting the tone for the direction that frank about health will be going into in the fall or by the time the fall comes.

00:26:29.910 --> 00:26:37.920 Frank R. Harrison: Right, here we are discussing lessons learned, part two, on frank about health, both on talk radio dot nyc and Facebook live.

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00:28:41.340 --> 00:28:49.110 Frank R. Harrison: Welcome back in turns out, I guess i'm ahead of myself, I talked about some of the people already that you've just seen the last commercial break.

00:28:49.440 --> 00:28:58.500 Frank R. Harrison: I spoke about allison petty I spoke about tonya Kennedy in addition to David Lee and of course phyllis and Eric sarver.

00:28:59.190 --> 00:29:10.020 Frank R. Harrison: What I did not talk about was Sally Kalma now Sally calc SMA is a unique person on many levels, again, thank you, Sam for introducing me to her back in January.

00:29:10.740 --> 00:29:21.120 Frank R. Harrison: This is a woman who has you know lived her life her married life and then her life is a widow, while recovering from multiple myeloma.

00:29:21.600 --> 00:29:28.620 Frank R. Harrison: She has been advocating, with the with the multiple myeloma foundation and and it describing how.

00:29:29.070 --> 00:29:38.130 Frank R. Harrison: That to go through everything from blood transfusions and still understand that her children were genetically linked to the kind of cancer that killed her husband.

00:29:38.640 --> 00:29:50.460 Frank R. Harrison: And how to have the mindset to battle that while still running up and down towers, like the empire state building and lately even start running through stadiums.

00:29:51.510 --> 00:30:06.690 Frank R. Harrison: it's definitely a vigilance that has helped with her longevity and with her ability to be resilient and to have a good headspace and a mindset, to help many people living with disorders, other than cancer.

00:30:07.830 --> 00:30:12.510 Frank R. Harrison: She had appeared on three episodes one was called championing life through cancer.

00:30:13.560 --> 00:30:23.310 Frank R. Harrison: Another One was about mindfulness and the third one was only last week, where we were just talking about her life on her 60th birthday and her time of reflection.

00:30:23.670 --> 00:30:30.660 Frank R. Harrison: To show that she was looking forward to the next 40 years of her life and that basically trying to inspire many people.

00:30:31.050 --> 00:30:35.970 Frank R. Harrison: To get her book life gets in the way and at the same time to read her blog.

00:30:36.300 --> 00:30:48.840 Frank R. Harrison: about how anytime you reach a milestone in your life in this case it's age, but whether it has to do with a work milestone, or you win a medal or a lottery, or you win a prize, or you get a promotion.

00:30:49.110 --> 00:30:58.080 Frank R. Harrison: Or you recover from cancer or some other disorder reflect on it, I think the biggest quote the takeaway that I got from that show.

00:30:58.410 --> 00:31:15.780 Frank R. Harrison: was where she said she takes a look at every obstacle as a means to think that she's an athletic event prepare for it trained for it fight within it, and be able to do all of the necessary regimens to fight that battle as she continues to move through her life's vision.

00:31:16.980 --> 00:31:27.990 Frank R. Harrison: Sally Cosmo will be back on this show again as a matter of fact, on June 25 sorry July 25 she will be in long branch New Jersey at a conference with two other authors.

00:31:28.410 --> 00:31:37.710 Frank R. Harrison: And she had mentioned on the show that one has a health challenge as well, a young woman and the other guy is actually a trainer at Seton hall university.

00:31:38.100 --> 00:31:43.140 Frank R. Harrison: But the show that they will be on together here on frank about health is slated.

00:31:43.650 --> 00:31:53.190 Frank R. Harrison: Potentially to be a two hour show as well, they will probably promote their books, as well as promote their healthcare causes challenges and opportunities learning opportunities.

00:31:53.580 --> 00:31:58.350 Frank R. Harrison: For us to all take away from again frank about health started again.

00:31:58.830 --> 00:32:12.060 Frank R. Harrison: Actually, in 2016 but, when it started in May 2021 it was to focus predominantly on life with the coven as well as understanding, some of the things that I touched upon when I was first here talk radio nyc.

00:32:12.540 --> 00:32:21.810 Frank R. Harrison: But thanks to the work with Sam and phyllis and guests like Sally and guests like Dorothy Martin level and Catherine chadwick and.

00:32:22.890 --> 00:32:33.780 Frank R. Harrison: it's just become a much better ecosystem of ways to be able to provide advocacy information that is meant to be taken as food for thought, but at the same time.

00:32:34.350 --> 00:32:50.340 Frank R. Harrison: Other suggestions or ideas that have not yet been considered, so, if anything, one of the lessons learned about this show is that frank about health is here to be that an advocate and an information source and by having someone.

00:32:51.150 --> 00:33:03.930 Frank R. Harrison: Has professionals phyllis Quinlan be a Co host it adds the layer of credibility of a medical professional who can validate that the information that is shared between myself and herself, as well as the guests, that we have.

00:33:04.560 --> 00:33:16.050 Frank R. Harrison: is measurable is is quantifiable verifiable and and can be applied if possible, you know so that's what we're also trying to create here on the show possibilities for a healthier future.

00:33:16.770 --> 00:33:28.500 Frank R. Harrison: Now, other than Sally calc SMA we also have Dr john puleo or he called himself Dr john but The thing is, is he had three major books on diabetes Type two.

00:33:28.830 --> 00:33:39.360 Frank R. Harrison: One called your health isn't risk another one called diabetes eight steps to reverse type two diabetes and eight weeks and then eat.

00:33:39.840 --> 00:33:49.470 Frank R. Harrison: to live, all of them available on Amazon COM, the main issue of his appearance on frank about health was to qualify.

00:33:49.800 --> 00:34:00.780 Frank R. Harrison: Diabetes Type two as a lifestyle disease, meaning that it's possible that we can reverse it just by the nature of our exercise and the type of foods that we eat.

00:34:01.440 --> 00:34:12.390 Frank R. Harrison: Type two diabetes in comparison to type one is much more of a pill that you take sometimes you have to take insulin as well, but those are, I presume, in extreme cases.

00:34:12.750 --> 00:34:21.060 Frank R. Harrison: Now, in terms of the majority of those that are living with medicines like metformin or possibly others that can also produce side effects.

00:34:21.450 --> 00:34:40.170 Frank R. Harrison: The idea of regular relic regulating your nutrition and your food intake by reducing three particular grains will be a row of manual a a row, to follow to how to be able, especially if you're living with it or you're pre diabetic.

00:34:41.640 --> 00:34:42.330 Frank R. Harrison: Excuse me.

00:34:43.410 --> 00:34:56.430 Frank R. Harrison: To be able to go ahead and do what you can to reduce those chances by losing weight, the three grains in particular that he said no longer to take or to minimize the intake of our wheat corn and rice.

00:34:58.680 --> 00:34:59.850 Frank R. Harrison: A little bit of a tea break.

00:35:03.510 --> 00:35:14.040 Frank R. Harrison: Okay The other thing that we had also learned during that show because he was on twice he first talked mainly about diabetes Type two being a lifestyle disease.

00:35:14.310 --> 00:35:29.190 Frank R. Harrison: But he came back at the end of March to talk, particularly about the specific plans that are looking at curing lifestyle diseases, possibly with things like Mr na vaccines, so there was some interpretation.

00:35:29.580 --> 00:35:38.880 Frank R. Harrison: That maybe coated is a contributor to diabetes or diabetes, could be a trigger for coven that hasn't been tested or proven.

00:35:39.450 --> 00:36:01.650 Frank R. Harrison: But, yet in that discussion, the takeaway learned was that the the value of the Mr na vaccine may have potential for diseases, other than covert in particular cancer HIV, AIDS and diabetes, but again, those were just takeaways left to be interpreted when the results come out in later days.

00:36:02.910 --> 00:36:11.580 Frank R. Harrison: We also had an opportunity to meet with our with Sam our conscious consultant both phyllis and I talked with him about the double diamond wellness group that he and his wife manage.

00:36:11.910 --> 00:36:20.280 Frank R. Harrison: And then we were able to understand the value of energy healing as well as the other kinds of alternative treatments that he has been involved in.

00:36:20.730 --> 00:36:28.110 Frank R. Harrison: For those of you who watch his show and also understand that he comes from a very good place in terms of our mental health and our awareness.

00:36:28.380 --> 00:36:34.710 Frank R. Harrison: He has his book every day awakenings I hear the show weekly and he always pulls a quote from the book and has a very special guests.

00:36:35.010 --> 00:36:40.770 Frank R. Harrison: To help emphasize some of the content that he's written about this book is also available on Amazon COM.

00:36:41.370 --> 00:36:52.350 Frank R. Harrison: What I find very interesting about working with the network, as well as working with some of the hosts that have been on the show whether they still have a podcast or if they have left from.

00:36:52.860 --> 00:37:05.250 Frank R. Harrison: Their previous time on the show is that it allows me to look at health care from various modes there's the advocacy mode there's the actual patient care mode we've talked about caregiving obviously.

00:37:05.610 --> 00:37:21.330 Frank R. Harrison: But there's also the spiritual mode that, for me, has always been elusive but thanks to having guests like Georgia and doubt and even talking with Sam and phyllis I get more in touch with that spiritual side, and all I could say is that.

00:37:23.040 --> 00:37:31.950 Frank R. Harrison: When you integrate your mindset and your knowledge of whatever your health care issue is physical or mental and you bring your spirit into it.

00:37:32.280 --> 00:37:37.830 Frank R. Harrison: Whether it's just you're feeling your instincts your interpretations your sense of connection.

00:37:38.760 --> 00:37:46.860 Frank R. Harrison: It creates a bigger picture and a bigger platform to work from and as Sally was saying, she had she thinks of it as.

00:37:47.670 --> 00:37:55.560 Frank R. Harrison: Working on an athletic event but being spiritual and looking at it from some awakening mentality.

00:37:56.130 --> 00:38:03.960 Frank R. Harrison: It doesn't have an athletic approach but it's still being open to possibilities and not looking at.

00:38:04.530 --> 00:38:08.220 Frank R. Harrison: The illness or the limitations that might impose including fear.

00:38:08.670 --> 00:38:18.300 Frank R. Harrison: But it allows you to be mindful as to what is the possible opportunity that you were faced with when living with whatever the disease that ails you.

00:38:18.690 --> 00:38:27.690 Frank R. Harrison: Now, in the coven world that was just something that we all would know would eventually go away or, in certain cases, not but.

00:38:28.080 --> 00:38:38.280 Frank R. Harrison: That was a way of all of us, learning how to relate to each other, so I would say coven as a disorder became more of a paradigm shift in how we all relate to each other.

00:38:38.760 --> 00:38:45.720 Frank R. Harrison: For example, this show is virtual but there was a time when I was in studio with Sam and television, I mean to tell.

00:38:46.590 --> 00:38:54.120 Frank R. Harrison: earphones and also telephones ringing to be able to have my guests talk about the particular illness, we were discussing.

00:38:54.720 --> 00:39:09.930 Frank R. Harrison: Now it's something that is in some ways the new normal, but I would hope to see at a later time whenever that is possible that we are back in the same room together again and that's what i'm hoping that I will be able to do with frank about health in the future.

00:39:11.610 --> 00:39:12.450 Frank R. Harrison: um.

00:39:13.920 --> 00:39:20.040 Frank R. Harrison: I think I basically covered the last series of shows that we had in 2022.

00:39:21.270 --> 00:39:36.840 Frank R. Harrison: I know that there were challenges in some of the guests being here, I remember when I was trying to get tanya Kennedy to be on the show it was actually slated for last November and she came in February, because it was contingent upon wreath of grey being of the show.

00:39:37.860 --> 00:39:44.370 Frank R. Harrison: frank about how this brought to me a little bit of a family and read the Gray, is definitely one of my family members at this point.

00:39:44.970 --> 00:39:52.500 Frank R. Harrison: I mean we continue to have conversations offline on weekends and discuss many of the different issues that we've actually discussed on the show.

00:39:52.860 --> 00:40:05.520 Frank R. Harrison: But she is a person that is predominantly an actress but her advocacy work in healthcare is what has motivated her to do the kind of work that she has done.

00:40:05.850 --> 00:40:15.690 Frank R. Harrison: on TV and in commercials and, more recently, a tick tock series that is called retirement house and and now has 3.7 million viewers.

00:40:16.200 --> 00:40:28.650 Frank R. Harrison: And I believe it's in a possible state of being on mainstream television, but I do not know that for sure I just happen to know that she loves the job and.

00:40:28.980 --> 00:40:42.330 Frank R. Harrison: It gets her to make people laugh and part of making people laugh, for her is a motive healing so that's another reason why I love working with Rita and I anticipate you will be back on the show again as well.

00:40:44.400 --> 00:41:03.150 Frank R. Harrison: So just to review the books that are available on Amazon COM are our everyday awakenings or on his website eat to live Dr john who feel as well as your health is at risk, how to navigate information chaos, to prevent lifestyle diseases.

00:41:04.170 --> 00:41:16.080 Frank R. Harrison: Diabetes hate steps to reverse type two diabetes in eight weeks he'd ranked for your inflammation type by Maggie berghof and like I said earlier.

00:41:17.490 --> 00:41:23.190 Frank R. Harrison: share the care, written by the founder sheila Warnock and her co author cabbie Kappa sela.

00:41:24.570 --> 00:41:38.820 Frank R. Harrison: Alright, so i'm also there was another young woman around thanksgiving Lisa Wilson from Canada, whose book called heal is only available on which is Canadians Amazon site.

00:41:39.900 --> 00:41:48.630 Frank R. Harrison: She had very inspirational things to say it was the thanksgiving show that I had, but it was all about being thankful and mindful, given your, whatever your circumstances are.

00:41:49.140 --> 00:42:02.220 Frank R. Harrison: Okay we're headed for our final break and when we return, I will talk about the future of frank about health and also, I will read some key quotes from various shows that have aired since last year and.

00:42:03.240 --> 00:42:18.750 Frank R. Harrison: also wish you all a wonderful weekend and tell you what shows are next and so forth, and so on, so stay tuned right here, as we are having lessons learned on frank about health, part two, both on talk radio dot nyc and Facebook life will be paying a few.

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00:42:58.740 --> 00:43:07.950 Or do you just want to participate in self understanding and awareness i'm frank aren't Harrison host of frank about health any Thursday I will tackle these questions and work to enlighten you.

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00:44:18.000 --> 00:44:24.180 Frank R. Harrison: Welcome back as we close in on another episode of frank about health again this episode is lessons learned, part two.

00:44:24.720 --> 00:44:34.950 Frank R. Harrison: i've spent the last 45 minutes discussing about it's the beginning of frank about health we went into the caregiving special that we had, and then we also summarize, a lot of the books that have been.

00:44:35.580 --> 00:44:46.800 Frank R. Harrison: promoted on the show and some podcasts as well, and special guests that have definitely left me with with significant impression about what our health care needs are about from a bigger picture.

00:44:47.790 --> 00:44:58.050 Frank R. Harrison: I thought I would spend the last time, the last 10 or so minutes on the show giving some shout outs, to the various guests, since composed that they have left an impression on me.

00:44:58.470 --> 00:45:05.760 Frank R. Harrison: If you are actually taking notes right now on lessons learned these would be the key takeaways and lessons that I have had.

00:45:06.120 --> 00:45:22.350 Frank R. Harrison: and hopefully if they apply to you i'm happy to hear that, and if they don't or, if you have any questions about it, you can email me at frank R Harrison one at gmail COM and my website is www dot frank R Harrison calm.

00:45:23.910 --> 00:45:37.800 Frank R. Harrison: Well, if you remember when we had the show with Dr young bonhoeffer he indicated in his book dare to care that one of the things needed in the health care profession as a means to train empathy and compassion, is simply love.

00:45:39.180 --> 00:45:50.430 Frank R. Harrison: Dr john portfolio said to be mindful of the three grains to stay away from in order to adjust your lifestyle and minimize the risk of type two diabetes rice, corn and wheat.

00:45:51.690 --> 00:46:00.390 Frank R. Harrison: James swanson who appeared on the show twice was talking about his experience as an analyst in the healthcare space and his appearances on cnbc.

00:46:00.720 --> 00:46:12.960 Frank R. Harrison: And also talking about healthcare innovation, both with genetic testing, as well as understanding other kinds of diseases that actually have genetic solutions for or innovative solutions for.

00:46:14.400 --> 00:46:18.840 Frank R. Harrison: He understood that, while healthcare continues to fluctuate in our post coven world.

00:46:19.200 --> 00:46:28.680 Frank R. Harrison: Innovation is key and coming up with the understanding of our genetic predisposition for diseases as well as the new technologies that are out there to help with doing in.

00:46:29.100 --> 00:46:31.830 Frank R. Harrison: wouldn't dealing with home care, especially for seniors.

00:46:32.610 --> 00:46:39.090 Frank R. Harrison: I mentioned earlier that wreath Gray, has been an advocate of senior care she actually came on the show and talk about her experience.

00:46:39.390 --> 00:46:52.560 Frank R. Harrison: With a cardiac episode, while she was filming a commercial, but at this point, another woman who has been able to advocate and challenge her own health care issues while living her life as as successfully as possible.

00:46:52.980 --> 00:47:07.980 Frank R. Harrison: has led her to tick tock and, as I mentioned earlier retirement house is the show to watch Maggie berkoff also continues to show soundbites overnutrition techniques and discussions of her book about nutrition and your inflammation type.

00:47:09.270 --> 00:47:16.770 Frank R. Harrison: On tick tock tick tock is a very important platform for healthcare, but at the moment not really not that increasingly used.

00:47:18.270 --> 00:47:25.440 Frank R. Harrison: sheila Warnock and her organization share the care is an inspiration to families and caregivers I highly recommend the book.

00:47:25.680 --> 00:47:31.860 Frank R. Harrison: It also comes up with a survey and a whole understanding of the type of team that you would need for your.

00:47:32.130 --> 00:47:40.470 Frank R. Harrison: For your loved one who's in a particular need for whether it's long term care or a short term care, especially if they just recovered from an illness or surgery or something like that.

00:47:41.610 --> 00:47:52.530 Frank R. Harrison: Dorothy Martin level understands the value of positive psychology and transformational leadership in healing you can contact her at her website ask Dr Dorothy calm.

00:47:53.640 --> 00:48:04.380 Frank R. Harrison: Peggy pelo sorry prove that even while living with diabetes Type one she can be a strong advocate for children suffering from it, and still be a great performer, as we saw from her belly dancing.

00:48:05.790 --> 00:48:14.010 Frank R. Harrison: Lisa Wilson says in her book heal that I mentioned earlier, that you have the power through your mindfulness.

00:48:14.490 --> 00:48:26.250 Frank R. Harrison: Stress less with JESSICA harrington by watching her podcast stress less with just I realized some of these I already said, because they were that impactful to my understanding of where they were coming from with healthcare.

00:48:26.490 --> 00:48:30.510 Frank R. Harrison: That it has resonated and I have been applying some of those techniques for myself.

00:48:31.530 --> 00:48:38.910 Frank R. Harrison: Catherine chadwick showed us the sunshine quotient to close your eyes breathe in the sunlight watch yourself relax and focus.

00:48:39.330 --> 00:48:45.240 Frank R. Harrison: Especially as the breathing helps your Vegas nerve relax when faced with challenges and stress reactions.

00:48:45.930 --> 00:48:59.220 Frank R. Harrison: Alex yarrow who I went to brooklyn technical high school with indicated the amygdala has value and understanding how to best use in negotiation in the workplace and basically has a consultant with.

00:49:00.720 --> 00:49:11.160 Frank R. Harrison: With his organization just say yes, basically has allowed him to have a psychological point of view in the corporate world.

00:49:12.930 --> 00:49:18.180 Frank R. Harrison: We all know phyllis the multifaceted individual who knows that there is power in energy healing.

00:49:18.930 --> 00:49:31.860 Frank R. Harrison: And she's also a reiki master her friend constants coral, as I mentioned Connie will be back in the near future to show us some of those techniques actually in one of our other shows where both myself and phyllis.

00:49:33.270 --> 00:49:40.260 Frank R. Harrison: were discussing about what we wanted to leave the audience with in terms of resources, especially when you're doing your own personal coaching.

00:49:41.250 --> 00:49:47.760 Frank R. Harrison: She had mentioned the new 988 number, which I know has gone live recently where you can find mental health support.

00:49:48.000 --> 00:50:03.180 Frank R. Harrison: So that is actually a quote of what she talked about but, more importantly, a promotion for you guys out there for ever finding yourself in a situation where you need mental health support again instead of 411 or 61123 digits is 988.

00:50:05.460 --> 00:50:11.430 Frank R. Harrison: Sally calc Smith said when faced with obstacles one way to overcome them is to look at it as an athletic event.

00:50:11.880 --> 00:50:20.700 Frank R. Harrison: And, to use your will and personal power to overcome them, you also may remember, we had a show together, where we were trying to recover from our technical difficulties on the first show.

00:50:21.000 --> 00:50:29.310 Frank R. Harrison: And she was just using humor and using how to look at this as a positive situation, she has been very much a coach for me on that level.

00:50:30.720 --> 00:50:39.840 Frank R. Harrison: The other thing is, is that philanthropy and focus always Friday and wise content creates wealth will be on tomorrow, Friday, but.

00:50:40.290 --> 00:50:49.350 Frank R. Harrison: i'd like you to know something a little bit about Tommy D he's a healthcare advocate in his own right, I take a look at his other show pals professional animal lover show.

00:50:49.740 --> 00:51:02.670 Frank R. Harrison: And he is someone that a lot of people gain inspiration from when it talks about health care and animals as well as animal rights, something that I know Betty white would have loved to have been involved with if she was still here.

00:51:03.180 --> 00:51:13.950 Frank R. Harrison: But what I can say is that, aside from promoting those shows on tomorrow's schedule, those are shows to continue watching, even if you're looking for healthcare direction.

00:51:15.480 --> 00:51:26.580 Frank R. Harrison: Speaking of shows on talk radio dot nyc continue to watch employment law today on Tuesdays at 5pm Eastern time as we continue to explore all the employment law changes that have occurred.

00:51:26.940 --> 00:51:38.370 Frank R. Harrison: Due to coven 19 there will be more regulations change, especially after some recent laws have been overturned and, as such, brings into question health issues.

00:51:39.570 --> 00:51:47.220 Frank R. Harrison: George and TAO has made it clear that the body mind and spirit work together to enhance your connection with family, friends and loved ones.

00:51:47.490 --> 00:51:54.060 Frank R. Harrison: And on this journey we all, together, have a relationship with God, regardless of what your spiritual viewpoints are.

00:51:54.510 --> 00:52:01.110 Frank R. Harrison: We all have a sense of what God is, and it could be interpreted in your way that fits your needs.

00:52:01.410 --> 00:52:10.980 Frank R. Harrison: But the point of that matter is is that when you have that sense of God within you it help invigorates your mind and your physical health as well.

00:52:11.370 --> 00:52:25.560 Frank R. Harrison: Not me there are different ways to reach that relationship, and if you hear back on the catalog of when we had an episode together called to have a relationship or not, it might be of use to you if it fits your description.

00:52:27.300 --> 00:52:28.020 Frank R. Harrison: And then.

00:52:29.520 --> 00:52:42.240 Frank R. Harrison: Sam leibowitz says in his book, you are more powerful than you know so continue to watch his show the conscious consultant every Thursday at 12 noon to get more quotes from his book everyday awakenings.

00:52:42.870 --> 00:52:52.260 Frank R. Harrison: The quote that stands out to me the most is the following intention and inflection are the foundation of all that we do.

00:52:53.010 --> 00:52:59.700 Frank R. Harrison: I have tried my best this past year with intention to provide the best amount of information possible.

00:53:00.030 --> 00:53:09.960 Frank R. Harrison: To help each of you out there, the listeners and viewers determine what is of use to you what can be referred to someone else within your family or colleagues or friends.

00:53:10.320 --> 00:53:22.260 Frank R. Harrison: But at the same time, what is a value in terms of how you can look at life with intention look at coping with health problems with intention.

00:53:23.040 --> 00:53:30.180 Frank R. Harrison: me doing this show, with the intention to advocate educate and inform each and every one of you.

00:53:30.750 --> 00:53:39.390 Frank R. Harrison: I have enjoyed doing this show for the past year, it will continue again after two or three week hiatus but I will also tell you that, coming up.

00:53:39.870 --> 00:53:52.590 Frank R. Harrison: In the future we will have a show on addiction and intervention, we will have a financial services professional show financial solutions for caregivers Sally Cox mo will return the special to our show.

00:53:53.100 --> 00:54:02.190 Frank R. Harrison: Georgia and Dell will return allison petty has called me just this past weekend to return alternative healing shows will be generated.

00:54:02.760 --> 00:54:18.240 Frank R. Harrison: And, as I mentioned, there will be three encore shows in my absence, but i'm still here to help show the viewers and listeners those impactful shows that definitely require much more research into.

00:54:19.560 --> 00:54:24.840 Frank R. Harrison: All right, we're basically two minutes out I think i've already promoted the shows for tomorrow.

00:54:26.460 --> 00:54:32.370 Frank R. Harrison: I will be gone for the next couple weeks, but there will be encore performances of frank about health so.

00:54:32.790 --> 00:54:43.980 Frank R. Harrison: look out for talk radio dot nyc as we schedule those shows and on Facebook live, I want to thank all of you out there for all of your support this past year, especially my new took.

00:54:44.490 --> 00:54:56.160 Frank R. Harrison: My new guests that are part of the frank about health, family, I want to thank phyllis I want to thank Sam I want to thank Rita I want to thank.

00:54:58.020 --> 00:55:11.580 Frank R. Harrison: A lot of other people that you know when when we sign off you'll see their faces, they have been very instrumental in making frank about health, the show that it has become today and will continue to evolve, I guess the best quote, that I can say.

00:55:12.120 --> 00:55:26.430 Frank R. Harrison: is to be frank about health with you is to shine a light on where we've been and where we are headed so stay tuned for the for next week of programming and i'll See you in August take care.

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