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Thursday, July 7, 2022
Facebook Live Video from 2022/07/07 - Silver Linings and Silver Hairs with Sally Kalksma

Facebook Live Video from 2022/07/07 - Silver Linings and Silver Hairs with Sally Kalksma


2022/07/07 - Silver Linings and Silver Hairs with Sally Kalksma

[NEW EPISODE] Silver Linings and Silver Hairs with Sally Kalksma


The audience will gain a new perspective on Aging from a positive and informative point of view.

As a direct quote from her blog this is what Sally wants the Audience to get from listening to this episode:

"We all should take part in this act of self-love and appreciation. Gratitude is one of the best preventative medicines. In fact, I now have age on my side. In a race I am now the youngster in my new age group. There is a silver lining to getting older. Though, you may just have to comb through a few silver hairs to find it!" - Sally Kalksma


Sally Kalksma returns to Frank About Health to talk about her progress since her most recent book Life Gets In The Way was released and talks about recent progress since turning 60 and looking at life much differently and more positively. She will discuss her blog called Silver Linings and Silver Hairs and provide insights into the concept of Aging as a means towards understanding your limitations while living your best life. 


Tune in for this healthy conversation at or watch the Facebook Livestream by Clicking Here.

Show Notes

Segment 1

Kalksma at her 60th time around the sun is reflecting her success and goals in life. She received reassurance from her daughter to look at her previous accomplishments and she is making her blog about the good in everything. She is happy with her accomplishments but she is not stuck in her errors; she is making changes as time goes by to ensure she is still active. Kalksma doesn’t take criticism too hard but rather as food for thought.

Segment 2

She is grateful to have survived cancer and covid because she has a shot at life to tackle her goals. She finds joy in obstacles as she gets to overcome them. She advises dissecting obstacles in order to overcome them. She started racing at the age of 7 and also fought with her husband who had a tumor. It became instinctual to keep fighting. She became a widow at 47 which brought up more issues but she was equipped to fight for herself but also help her children who had the same genetic disadvantage.

Segment 3

A good attitude is going to push you forward as a patient but also as a caregiver. Kalksma relates aging as a time to try something new rather than boxing or scaring yourself from being older. She states that she is glad to have reached her 60th and looks forward to her 70th and even 80th as life was not guaranteed for her due to the lack of drugs for cancer treatment.

Segment 4

She is very excited to join two other bestseller authors in a Q&A seminar on July 27th in Long Branch in New Jersey. More information is available on her website. Her book has given her many opportunities stating that people are looking for a part 2 already. The best part of being an author according to her is hearing how it has helped others. She aspires to leave “good footprints”. She is grateful to have been on talk shows and podcasts to create a greater outreach.


00:00:54.930 --> 00:01:01.680 Frank R. Harrison: Hello everybody and welcome to a new episode of frank about health, before we begin i'd like to issue a formal disclaimer.

00:01:02.370 --> 00:01:12.480 Frank R. Harrison: i'm want to say that the information that will be heard and listened and view during the next hour are not the direct opinions of talk radio dot nyc.

00:01:12.750 --> 00:01:26.280 Frank R. Harrison: myself or selling calc SMA rather they are an opportunity for us to to engage in sincere conversation about health related issues that are not meant to lead or dispel any kind of.

00:01:26.730 --> 00:01:35.010 Frank R. Harrison: referential information that is meant to stop working with your caregiver or stop working with your medicines that you were taking.

00:01:35.340 --> 00:01:43.380 Frank R. Harrison: In general, we are just providing a food for thought discussion that hopefully those opinions will be taken.

00:01:44.340 --> 00:01:57.390 Frank R. Harrison: As they are meant to be interpreted and if, unfortunately, there is a concern, all I can say is be mindful that we are just having a very straightforward frank conversation right here on frank about health.

00:01:58.290 --> 00:02:11.040 Frank R. Harrison: That all being said i'd like to welcome my returning guests le calc SMA who has been on this show, first, I think, at the end of the year December, then there was February or early March.

00:02:11.100 --> 00:02:12.870 Sally: Around that time during the spring.

00:02:12.900 --> 00:02:14.610 Frank R. Harrison: Yes, thank you very is.

00:02:14.670 --> 00:02:18.870 Sally: finding the best again I enjoy it so my as.

00:02:20.220 --> 00:02:27.360 Sally: Long as your your audience out there, I hope they enjoy listening as much as I enjoyed being on your show.

00:02:27.990 --> 00:02:39.630 Frank R. Harrison: Exactly Emily episode is entitled silver linings and silver hairs, which is based on your blog and it is about your your how you feel about life over the past 16.

00:02:39.660 --> 00:02:45.360 Sally: years, this was your 60th birthday Okay, I know I already put it out there.

00:02:45.810 --> 00:02:54.630 Frank R. Harrison: Yes, but you said it was your your your 62nd time around the sun, as per your blog so I thought that was very creative.

00:02:55.110 --> 00:03:01.260 Sally: When you say 60 times around the sun it doesn't sound as old as 60 years does it it just you.

00:03:01.260 --> 00:03:13.320 Sally: know other day, but it's like wow 60 yeah but you know the cliche it's just a number this one, it first hit me hard.

00:03:14.340 --> 00:03:21.810 Sally: You know all the others didn't and all sudden i'm like 60 and it wasn't The fact of age.

00:03:22.290 --> 00:03:39.660 Sally: It was did I accomplish everything I wanted to get done at this point in my life it's not about being old because I don't feel old hopefully I don't look old but who knows what looking and feeling old to supposed to be like now you have.

00:03:40.560 --> 00:03:50.820 Sally: 8090 year old people in stair climb races and then unfortunately you have 8090 year old people in wheelchairs, so the age is different for everyone.

00:03:51.180 --> 00:03:51.720 Sally: Whether it's.

00:03:51.840 --> 00:04:02.220 Sally: physical or mental you know how they look and how they feel, but when I you know was coming upon might 60 a time around the sun, I was like.

00:04:02.760 --> 00:04:12.270 Sally: Being a minute have I done everything I want to accomplish up to this point, and what more do I want to do and when when daughter was like.

00:04:12.900 --> 00:04:24.420 Sally: Paula she says mom it's okay look back at everything you have done don't worry about the number and i'm like you're right, but there is so much more.

00:04:25.500 --> 00:04:32.730 Sally: To do that's why I get very upset with people who are are you know there's debbie downers i'm like mom.

00:04:34.230 --> 00:04:40.170 Sally: Time passes by you know let's let's chop chop let's make the most of it.

00:04:40.710 --> 00:04:54.000 Sally: But that's what my blog this month was about was silver linings and silver hairs because there's always a silver lining you have you have to that's how I am so optimistic.

00:04:54.330 --> 00:05:17.190 Sally: You have to look for the good in everything and this gave me an opportunity to look at wow 60 years isn't bad at all, I have done a lot, and you know some good some bad, but I have done a lot and I am happy with where I am and i'm happy with what i've accomplished.

00:05:18.360 --> 00:05:44.100 Sally: And I am happy with the plan i've set to do as I go forward, which is very important, you can't stay stuck in an eater in an error, because time evolves and make changes with it correct, but he knows you know i'm a big time stair climber, but with coven.

00:05:45.120 --> 00:05:46.920 Sally: And my health.

00:05:47.970 --> 00:05:54.390 Sally: I had to make some changes, you know with my 60th birthday buildings are slowly opening up.

00:05:55.080 --> 00:06:06.780 Sally: But we keep seeing more types of Kobe and more cases and me being on maintenance chemotherapy it's just not smart for me to be in a stairwell.

00:06:07.290 --> 00:06:16.470 Sally: Correct so I said all right, I gonna have to find something else, and I love stair climbing so I switched to stadium clients.

00:06:16.890 --> 00:06:29.790 Sally: So there's just these little things that you can do to change and still love what you're doing and adapt and change, and if it doesn't work well it doesn't work, you can always find something new right.

00:06:30.450 --> 00:06:38.310 Frank R. Harrison: Correct I mean, if anything, what what the basis of your 60th time around the sun is basically a time of reflection.

00:06:38.610 --> 00:06:43.800 Frank R. Harrison: And, especially when you're reaching a decade milestone that's usually the best time for all of us.

00:06:44.220 --> 00:07:00.510 Frank R. Harrison: Do what kind of reflection that is going to suit whether it's our personal goals are professional goals or just our goals in life, and like what your blog indicates sometimes you have to reposition or retool what your plan was because life gets in the way.

00:07:00.540 --> 00:07:19.050 Frank R. Harrison: Like the title of your book and so that adaptability and that resiliency while people may may think that the whole concept of aging or getting older, is a time of being fixed in your old patterns, no, no, no, no, no things may be a little quote unquote slower but.

00:07:19.080 --> 00:07:27.690 Frank R. Harrison: You still do what you can with all of your mindfulness in your mind and your will and your and your energy to.

00:07:27.990 --> 00:07:40.530 Frank R. Harrison: Do what you can to really maximize what that age means going forward rather than reflecting on what didn't die achieve or whatever, I mean like you said, there are debbie downers in the world.

00:07:40.770 --> 00:07:49.440 Frank R. Harrison: But it's just an issue of how the individual looks at their milestone birthday and how to use it for the good for the folder.

00:07:49.590 --> 00:07:50.430 Sally: that's and that's.

00:07:50.460 --> 00:08:06.810 Sally: Exactly what I did, because I, you know it did it hit me and when my daughter was like come on mom you know that's not you you're an optimistic person like you know you're right, so I just got out my good old pen and paper and.

00:08:07.230 --> 00:08:18.120 Sally: I love to write down pros and cons list, I have to make any major decision in my life or do anything major I always have like a pros and cons.

00:08:18.480 --> 00:08:37.950 Sally: And list you know turning 60 wasn't so much pros and cons it's like Okay, this is what i've done, and this is what I want to keep doing or try something new right hey i'm you know, obviously i'm not gonna try something that that's not age appropriate.

00:08:39.450 --> 00:08:46.650 Sally: We have this saying, are some of my female coworkers and I just because you can doesn't mean you should.

00:08:47.700 --> 00:08:57.030 Sally: We do that when it comes to clothing, you know just because you can wear that doesn't mean you should wear that at the age of 60.

00:08:59.760 --> 00:09:07.650 Frank R. Harrison: Everything everything is about well like we're saying Upon reflection on what are what is going to be the right choice for the moment.

00:09:07.800 --> 00:09:08.490 Sally: yeah but.

00:09:08.580 --> 00:09:17.400 Frank R. Harrison: But, if anything, what what your blog indicates, and even from the experience that you've had we had our first episode was called championing life through cancer.

00:09:17.610 --> 00:09:26.520 Frank R. Harrison: And you definitely demonstrated that, so in this case you're taking the success from that and from result you know dealing with all of the.

00:09:26.820 --> 00:09:38.550 Frank R. Harrison: The coven pneumonia that you had the cancer chemotherapy treatments that were resolved for you and you were getting the best specialist taken care of you so those are hard earned lessons.

00:09:38.640 --> 00:09:40.380 Frank R. Harrison: That you're now in a position to.

00:09:40.380 --> 00:09:48.630 Frank R. Harrison: Provide to those that are looking for inspiration and guidance and a way of reflection, if they're not already primed for it.

00:09:48.660 --> 00:10:02.760 Frank R. Harrison: So exactly i'm sure that's what your book has done over the last six months, so this episode you coming on frank about health for the third time is a reflection of how your book has probably influenced many, many of your followers.

00:10:02.820 --> 00:10:18.990 Sally: I hope so, I said when I published the book I don't care how many people dislike it if it helps one person then i've done my job, and fortunately it has helped and inspired a lot of people so that makes me really happy, of course.

00:10:19.530 --> 00:10:29.820 Sally: Our in prior conversations we've had you can't please everybody it's nothing can please everybody, you know, not everybody is chocolate, not everybody likes to develop right.

00:10:31.260 --> 00:10:46.260 Sally: Yet, so you know you got it you can't take the criticism to hoard you know, and if that goes with anything, whether it's writing you know, a book or anything you do in life, you just know you can learn from it.

00:10:47.040 --> 00:10:55.980 Sally: But you just you can't you know take it to I don't want to say personally, because you don't know what's going through the other person's mind.

00:10:56.520 --> 00:10:58.710 Frank R. Harrison: Correct yeah right, and I think.

00:10:59.370 --> 00:11:03.270 Sally: i'm sorry I just made it know what was going through my mind when I wrote the book.

00:11:03.600 --> 00:11:05.340 Sally: I try to always.

00:11:05.550 --> 00:11:19.830 Sally: Clear as possible with my writing but they don't know they didn't you know proverbial walk in my shoes and I didn't walk in there, but I just hope that you know they got something out of it, whether they wrecked or not mm hmm.

00:11:20.280 --> 00:11:29.850 Frank R. Harrison: Right and sort of like um you know I called it in the disclaimer right, I said at the top of the show it's food for thought so you're sharing your meal.

00:11:29.910 --> 00:11:37.560 Frank R. Harrison: Which is your experience and depending upon how it's received people will pick and choose what works.

00:11:37.620 --> 00:11:41.490 Frank R. Harrison: Well, people will discard what doesn't fit and.

00:11:41.520 --> 00:11:47.220 Frank R. Harrison: that's more of a healthy way of looking at circumstances, especially in healthcare.

00:11:47.490 --> 00:11:47.940 Frank R. Harrison: and

00:11:48.390 --> 00:11:50.670 Frank R. Harrison: I just got the two minute break warning but.

00:11:50.760 --> 00:11:55.200 Frank R. Harrison: Like overall when we when we return, I want to discuss over the next segment.

00:11:56.280 --> 00:11:58.020 Frank R. Harrison: What successful.

00:11:59.670 --> 00:12:18.330 Frank R. Harrison: attributes from just your book and it going out there and the feedback you've received and what other lessons can you share, about your experience of watching your life, not only reach at 60 in time around the sun, but how you were able to adapt as life did get in the way.

00:12:18.360 --> 00:12:18.840 So.

00:12:20.550 --> 00:12:29.850 Frank R. Harrison: So that's what we're gonna do right here on frank about health, both on talk radio dot nyc and Facebook live so stay tuned with by special guest selling Council will be back.

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00:14:41.880 --> 00:14:52.140 Frank R. Harrison: Welcome back we're here with Sally counts now we're talking about silver linings and silver hairs the whole focus on how aging can be a time of reflection.

00:14:52.530 --> 00:14:58.290 Frank R. Harrison: And a time of looking forward to new opportunities or retooling the ones who've already been working on.

00:14:58.710 --> 00:15:12.090 Frank R. Harrison: And what I want an hour devote time with Sally on this segment of the this episode is basically what the last six months has been If you recall, when she first came on we heard about her.

00:15:12.690 --> 00:15:19.410 Frank R. Harrison: her experience with multiple myeloma and the challenges that she was faced and becoming a widow when she turned 40 and.

00:15:19.770 --> 00:15:30.600 Frank R. Harrison: All the kinds of chemotherapy that she had to go through with the blood transfusions and the stair climbing that was still one of her ways of being able to break through the restriction she felt.

00:15:30.960 --> 00:15:37.650 Frank R. Harrison: And then, when she came on the second time we were talking about how to look at life from a positive point of view.

00:15:37.980 --> 00:15:43.380 Frank R. Harrison: We even joked throughout our technological mishap that we had on the first episode, but yet.

00:15:43.710 --> 00:15:59.580 Frank R. Harrison: It proved that it was best to have that mishap so we can actually talk again, and here we are third time to not only discuss how successful her book has been since it was released last January, but also where she is now in her.

00:16:00.090 --> 00:16:13.230 Frank R. Harrison: In her time of reflection with the blog that she's just written as well as how just in the last six months, things have progressed even further so Sally by all means just share the progress that I know you have gone through.

00:16:16.440 --> 00:16:16.770 You.

00:16:24.720 --> 00:16:26.280 Sally: Okay, can you hear me OK.

00:16:26.310 --> 00:16:26.940 Frank R. Harrison: Now I can hear you.

00:16:27.720 --> 00:16:42.630 Sally: I can sum it up in one word but, unfortunately, if I do that we need more filler but the one word, the one word would be gratitude, I am so.

00:16:44.250 --> 00:17:08.100 Sally: I you know i'm so happy and blessed and to be where I am i'm one to get through cancer and get through covert pneumonia and even if there are side effects, I am just so happy that I made it out alive.

00:17:09.450 --> 00:17:16.800 Sally: So many people who don't and so many people have worse side effects than myself, and so, when I look back.

00:17:17.490 --> 00:17:27.210 Sally: Everything that I have accomplished and then i'm still able to do since going through you know transplants and blood transfusions and.

00:17:27.720 --> 00:17:39.630 Sally: i'm five different type of chemotherapy is I am so blessed and happy and i've so much gratitude for that and that I could just keep moving on.

00:17:40.470 --> 00:17:50.100 Sally: And I could keep pushing myself physically and mentally I don't want to get stale and I don't ever want to take any of this for granted.

00:17:50.610 --> 00:18:02.370 Sally: Right so that's that's something really like big like when my book became a best seller I didn't want to take that for granted, you don't want it to go to your head, I wanted to use it.

00:18:03.390 --> 00:18:13.290 Sally: still keep helping other cancer patients, like, I still want to get on these shows, and I still want to get out there to tell people there's more to life than.

00:18:14.010 --> 00:18:33.810 Sally: Having cancer you don't want to be a cancer patient, you know I wanted to be that stair climber, I wanted to be that author, yes, I had cancer, yes I coburn pneumonia yes someone widow, but there's there's more to me all of those things, make me, I am not just a cancer patient.

00:18:34.020 --> 00:18:34.950 Frank R. Harrison: there's more today.

00:18:35.370 --> 00:18:36.510 Frank R. Harrison: letting it define you.

00:18:36.570 --> 00:18:41.100 Sally: Know know exactly I mean, if anything, it has helped me.

00:18:41.730 --> 00:18:51.600 Sally: Yes, somebody once said, cancer is the best thing that ever happened to you, almost like well I wouldn't put it that way, but I made the best of it.

00:18:52.110 --> 00:19:07.740 Sally: You know I tricked bad situation and I turned it around it's like what I said I might not have told you this, I find joy and obstacles, you know because I like to come there.

00:19:09.240 --> 00:19:13.110 Sally: Overcoming an obstacle is feels really good.

00:19:13.860 --> 00:19:17.310 Frank R. Harrison: yeah so you, you must have some kind of.

00:19:18.870 --> 00:19:35.310 Frank R. Harrison: perceptual ability to take an obstacle and for a lot of people that obstacle, whatever it is, may overwhelm them, but when you're faced with it, maybe from the experience you've had in overcoming by multiple myeloma you look at it, as how this is a new opportunity.

00:19:35.910 --> 00:19:36.270 Frank R. Harrison: So.

00:19:37.020 --> 00:19:44.130 Frank R. Harrison: Can you share with the listeners and viewers what goes through your mind when you see it as an opportunity and how maybe you could.

00:19:44.730 --> 00:19:59.070 Frank R. Harrison: Provide insight to someone like even myself who couldn't look at something that is a perceived threat has an opportunity and try to reframe the mindset, so that you can feel positive about it, rather than overwhelmed oh.

00:19:59.280 --> 00:20:03.540 Sally: Yes, um I looked at it as an athletic event.

00:20:05.730 --> 00:20:12.030 Sally: very nice yes it's something that I have to train for in order to win.

00:20:13.350 --> 00:20:17.850 Sally: i'm just not going to take that obstacle and beat it just like that.

00:20:19.080 --> 00:20:20.790 Sally: You know it's like cancer.

00:20:21.810 --> 00:20:32.130 Sally: it's a lot of little battles that make up the war okay you some battles you win and lose, but the ultimate goal is to win the war.

00:20:32.700 --> 00:20:50.280 Sally: Right and that's what you have to do with these with an obstacle in your life, you know you're going to have to dissect it and you're going to have to be like, I have to do this, I have to do that I don't do this in order to overcome that obstacle it's like training for an event.

00:20:50.700 --> 00:21:00.720 Sally: You know I have this workout I have to eat this, I have to sleep then and it's the same mindset you look at that obstacle, and in order to overcome it.

00:21:01.740 --> 00:21:04.170 Sally: You have to sign the way to beat it.

00:21:05.280 --> 00:21:21.570 Sally: Okay, so you dissect it okay your game plan you look at that obstacles game plan it's kind of like an opponent, what does that opponent good to do to you well, I have to outsmart out, you know run that opponent and that's.

00:21:21.870 --> 00:21:29.700 Sally: What you do with that obstacle you just don't be like Oh, my goodness site, you know I have this big I have this big problem.

00:21:30.090 --> 00:21:40.260 Sally: i'm never going to get through it, I you know I need help, I need this, you know let's let's break it down Okay, though right yeah it's it may look big like the war.

00:21:40.800 --> 00:21:50.220 Sally: may look big but that's why you have little battles along the way, and you're not going to win every battle okay right.

00:21:51.060 --> 00:22:08.640 Sally: But you have to win the majority of them, and you have to win the important ones, but you're not going to win every time it's like racing and athletic you're not going to win every time, but you don't let those losses get to you, you learn from them.

00:22:09.900 --> 00:22:11.760 Sally: And then interesting yeah.

00:22:11.940 --> 00:22:27.960 Frank R. Harrison: What What would you say was the catalyst for you to learn how to look at it as a sports event was it your history of stair climbing and running marathons and stuff like that or was it just the the big challenges you face while battling multiple myeloma.

00:22:28.260 --> 00:22:29.220 Sally: Well, really.

00:22:29.490 --> 00:22:37.140 Sally: It it goes back for their way back I don't know what time around the sun, but it goes.

00:22:39.030 --> 00:22:49.620 Sally: i'm a very competitive person I started racing when I was seven years old, I met my late husband, when I was 18 and he already had his first tumor.

00:22:50.670 --> 00:23:05.910 Sally: And I just learned to fight with him as his caregiver you know for the next 30 you know 20 something years you know and.

00:23:07.080 --> 00:23:19.110 Sally: I just learned with him that we had so many small battles right, you know, and he fought these battles really hard and I was by his side, and I was fighting them to.

00:23:19.620 --> 00:23:35.610 Sally: And I think that it almost just became instinct and the learned manner to do this right and, unfortunately, he didn't lose the war, after a long, long lifelong fight with cancer.

00:23:36.450 --> 00:23:55.770 Sally: He had his entire life youth up until the age of 49 So when I was you know 47 and became a widow and other obstacles came up I just knew how to handle them, you know i'm.

00:23:56.220 --> 00:23:58.680 Frank R. Harrison: It wasn't because of you now.

00:23:58.770 --> 00:24:02.580 Sally: yeah I wasn't happy with these obstacles when I.

00:24:02.580 --> 00:24:07.980 Sally: learned my three children had the same genetic disorder, but I.

00:24:09.090 --> 00:24:16.260 Sally: I had a way of dealing with it, one took it out on the stairs that's how I became such a good stair climber, and.

00:24:17.220 --> 00:24:26.790 Sally: I knew how to go about helping them, you know I wasn't going to be like, oh no, you know, this is the worst thing ever it wasn't good.

00:24:27.390 --> 00:24:41.760 Sally: But you know, with the right doctors and the right plans we we can get over this and get through it and that's what you do you just you know you you come up with a game plan you know.

00:24:42.990 --> 00:24:43.500 Frank R. Harrison: You.

00:24:43.560 --> 00:24:44.220 you'll fight.

00:24:46.830 --> 00:24:48.720 Sally: And what feels good.

00:24:49.050 --> 00:24:49.260 it's.

00:24:51.060 --> 00:24:53.340 Sally: You know what a race, it feels good.

00:24:53.400 --> 00:24:54.330 Sally: You know, yes.

00:24:54.450 --> 00:25:04.770 Frank R. Harrison: Yes, yeah it's very interesting as you're describing it i'm trying to not put myself in your shoes, as you said earlier, but I see myself with similar challenges like.

00:25:05.670 --> 00:25:15.690 Frank R. Harrison: People have I think i've shared this with you my father had been battling prostate cancer and we're we're playing our little battle games and we're still winning as best as we can, right now, and that.

00:25:16.020 --> 00:25:24.540 Frank R. Harrison: i've had recent issues with my cousin who's been going through another type of situation, but still what i've noticed is that it trained me.

00:25:25.020 --> 00:25:35.820 Frank R. Harrison: to become an advocate and then like, for example, just being on this show and meeting guests, like you, with other guests that have other related topics of interest for people in the health space and.

00:25:36.570 --> 00:25:37.680 Frank R. Harrison: I find myself.

00:25:37.710 --> 00:25:43.830 Frank R. Harrison: Engaging not in a battle, but strategic thinking or strategic planning.

00:25:44.100 --> 00:25:48.990 Frank R. Harrison: Yes, point of care planning looking looking at it as a project.

00:25:49.440 --> 00:25:59.460 Frank R. Harrison: You can own and massage and coordinate and granted we're not all going to get through it without feelings of overwhelm or depression or sadness, or whatever.

00:25:59.850 --> 00:26:11.100 Frank R. Harrison: But I think that's that balance that I would hope, a lot of people learn, especially from yourself, where they can work with those emotions, as the fuel to be productive in the issue.

00:26:11.550 --> 00:26:12.240 Sally: Exactly.

00:26:12.810 --> 00:26:21.660 Frank R. Harrison: And I think that's when you reach the point where you were able to actually tell that in your book to as like an instruction manual of sorts correct.

00:26:21.810 --> 00:26:34.950 Sally: yeah that that's what I hope it was for people that they could read my diary that goes back to when I started writing a running diary at the age of seven and they see that.

00:26:35.580 --> 00:26:48.360 Sally: How my life mirrored my running or my running mirrored my life, you could see that it will get that off to there are no something's popping up on you i'm that.

00:26:49.710 --> 00:26:51.450 Sally: I had a little icon i'm like.

00:26:51.480 --> 00:26:52.650 Sally: go a little icon.

00:26:54.300 --> 00:27:03.330 Sally: i'm in the diary my running reflected my life in my life reflected my running you can tell in my workouts.

00:27:03.600 --> 00:27:12.600 Sally: Like if something was going on in my life and how I ran harder to maybe at that point escape or take my frustrations out.

00:27:13.290 --> 00:27:14.130 Sally: Right and.

00:27:15.180 --> 00:27:20.280 Sally: And how I dealt with it once my mom at once the running help clear my mind.

00:27:21.360 --> 00:27:29.700 Sally: athletics and exercise is is so good for your mind I mean obviously it's good for your body.

00:27:30.120 --> 00:27:44.190 Sally: But, for your mind it just you know those endorphins and you know i'm not trained to speak about how that all works all's I know that it does release these positive endorphins and.

00:27:44.670 --> 00:27:57.060 Sally: You don't have to get a runner's high every time you work out, but just working out and finishing and you feel that that you accomplished something that it feels good.

00:27:58.140 --> 00:28:04.230 Sally: You don't have to put yourself through pain, or anything like that, but just to go out and do something and.

00:28:04.710 --> 00:28:27.270 Sally: You know your mind clears it's it's good, and in my book, I tried to show people that you know, a way of getting through things was you know personally was my running and then my stair climbing but people can get through it anything with the right attitude that.

00:28:27.300 --> 00:28:33.300 Frank R. Harrison: we're now headed where i'm sorry to interrupt point but we're ahead of our second break so.

00:28:34.590 --> 00:28:45.120 Frank R. Harrison: Okay, but I do want to talk about that attitude, because that's critical, especially when it comes to the whole concept of when you're not aging in a negative way but you're getting older and you're now reflecting.

00:28:45.390 --> 00:29:00.360 Frank R. Harrison: towards moving forward in a positive way, so stay tuned as we're being frank about silver linings and silver hair and silver and silver hair i'm sorry right here with selling on talk radio dot nyc and Facebook live say to.

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00:31:03.210 --> 00:31:09.150 Frank R. Harrison: Welcome back we're here with Sally couch much she just ended the last section talking about the right attitude.

00:31:09.540 --> 00:31:19.710 Frank R. Harrison: But at the same time, what you were talking about was looking at your obstacles as what you said, like a like a sports challenge like like like a sports event.

00:31:20.040 --> 00:31:27.090 Frank R. Harrison: But I can also see as you were explaining about the endorphins and what you feel after competing in a challenge and winning.

00:31:27.450 --> 00:31:39.990 Frank R. Harrison: That probably what you have become used to when you see an obstacle you actually are looking forward to the endorphins that you're going to experience when you get through it, you already have the foresight, from your experience.

00:31:40.920 --> 00:31:49.170 Frank R. Harrison: Well, and I guess, a lot of people I can't I can only speak for you know, a sample of the population, but.

00:31:49.620 --> 00:32:02.760 Frank R. Harrison: If a lot of people are not in the experience of having to continue to combat medical challenges, or whatever they probably don't have the experience of going through a challenge and then experiencing the endorphins after winning through the challenge.

00:32:02.940 --> 00:32:05.160 Frank R. Harrison: So it leaves a lot of people in the default.

00:32:05.250 --> 00:32:07.650 Frank R. Harrison: Which is how am I going to get through this.

00:32:08.070 --> 00:32:18.780 Frank R. Harrison: So I can see how your book is definitely influencing a lot of people that are looking to explore that part of themselves that they can really gain more access to.

00:32:19.950 --> 00:32:25.290 Frank R. Harrison: In terms of overcoming health challenges, especially, but even other kinds of challenges.

00:32:26.370 --> 00:32:38.220 Sally: I was just going to say that it doesn't have to be a health challenge it could be something personal going on in your life, whether it's a relationship or a job or financial.

00:32:38.880 --> 00:32:47.550 Sally: And everything can be especially in this time with the pandemic things are so overwhelming for people and.

00:32:48.300 --> 00:32:59.130 Sally: I think it's very important to break it down, and you know when you look at just the big picture, it makes it more overwhelming and you.

00:32:59.610 --> 00:33:12.120 Sally: have to break it down, and you know attack it, you know those battles see you know a little at a time, you know just don't think you're going to get over it in one.

00:33:12.600 --> 00:33:19.830 Sally: In one hurdle because that's not what was and then you'll you're going to set yourself up for disappointment, if you think so.

00:33:21.360 --> 00:33:34.260 Sally: You have to keep that that positive attitude to keep going in any situation, you know as soon as you get a you know, a bad attitude, then it's going to tumble down the wrong way.

00:33:34.890 --> 00:33:50.250 Sally: Well, good attitude is going to push you forward and that I will also wanted to mention a good attitude is so important for caregivers to where we keep talking about patience patience, patience and.

00:33:51.480 --> 00:34:00.570 Sally: i've been both the patient and the caregiver and a caregiver is not only an important job, as you know, but it's a difficult job.

00:34:01.080 --> 00:34:04.950 Sally: And life can get overwhelming for the caregiver as well.

00:34:05.580 --> 00:34:20.130 Sally: So it's they to have obstacles they're not only taking care of somebody else but they still have their own life and issues can be happening in their own life as well, so a caregiver.

00:34:21.000 --> 00:34:27.600 Sally: You know they they need that positive attitude they need to have learned to overcome obstacles to.

00:34:28.020 --> 00:34:35.100 Sally: Because a lot of times they're holding in their feelings and everything happening for the person they're taken care of then.

00:34:35.610 --> 00:34:47.340 Sally: You know that could be detrimental to their health, you know, there can be suffering there other aspects of their life can be suffering because they're giving all their time and energy.

00:34:48.390 --> 00:34:56.010 Sally: The patient yeah and so it's it's important that we take care of the caregivers.

00:34:58.140 --> 00:34:58.830 Frank R. Harrison: Absolutely.

00:34:58.920 --> 00:34:59.670 Sally: You know they.

00:35:00.690 --> 00:35:12.330 Sally: they're going through a lot, you know not it's different like I say they're going through as much as the patient, but they're right there next to the patient and it's it's a lot for them.

00:35:13.380 --> 00:35:29.130 Sally: So that's that's a big job the caregiver and it could be a full time job to a lot of realize that you know it could be a full time job, especially as patients get older, you know as we talked about this segment, you know.

00:35:30.300 --> 00:35:43.500 Sally: I have a cousin who is an angel because she devotes her time all of her time to taking care of her mother, my aunt who is going to be 102.

00:35:44.340 --> 00:35:51.630 Sally: And amazing and her sister and my other aunt who is going to be 99.

00:35:52.860 --> 00:35:53.700 Frank R. Harrison: incredible.

00:35:53.790 --> 00:35:56.790 Sally: yeah live in her house with her.

00:35:57.780 --> 00:36:05.400 Sally: And they're just there they're real wonder woman's and super woman's I mean I.

00:36:06.660 --> 00:36:22.290 Sally: My heart goes out, you know to my cousin for doing this and i'm just my idols are my aunt Marion and my and headland because bless them 100 299.

00:36:23.730 --> 00:36:27.900 Sally: Living life in a hole in a regular house they're not home and.

00:36:28.590 --> 00:36:33.330 Sally: My one is he's getting through all these obstacles and i'm like what what.

00:36:38.820 --> 00:36:39.480 Sally: she's.

00:36:40.230 --> 00:36:46.140 Frank R. Harrison: she's a surprise, but it sounds like you've been able to overcome it and definitely it's in the genes.

00:36:47.910 --> 00:37:02.550 Sally: Oh, my gosh I have no idea to think that their brother who is 36 is you know still living in his own house with this life and i'm just like I hope I got some of those jeans I hope you.

00:37:03.810 --> 00:37:14.730 Frank R. Harrison: know, I was about to say, like the blog that you wrote obviously was a reflection of your milestone birthday, but is this one of many blogs you've already written or is it your first one is it.

00:37:14.760 --> 00:37:15.660 Frank R. Harrison: Oh they're gonna they're.

00:37:15.720 --> 00:37:33.210 Sally: rolling forward no I have written many blogs, and you can find them on my website Sally calc and try to blog monthly, however, the past six months have been a whirlwind and I opened up my blog by saying i'm sorry I haven't logged in six months.

00:37:33.540 --> 00:37:36.570 Sally: But, as my book says life gets in the way.

00:37:38.130 --> 00:37:46.320 Sally: So many times I got out my pen and paper and I started writing, but I just got distracted and it didn't flow.

00:37:46.830 --> 00:37:54.030 Sally: And when I write I really need to concentrate so it's you know over the place, and I just.

00:37:54.450 --> 00:38:03.780 Sally: When it came time for my 60th birthday i'm like okay i'm focusing on focusing on what I have to do, I can put it down on paper, and I can let my.

00:38:04.230 --> 00:38:22.290 Sally: My readers and my fans know that this is what's happening yeah correct correct i'm excited i'm excited you know so far 16 has been pretty good I celebrated my 16th birthday martha's vineyard in nantucket looking at houses and eating lobster rolls.

00:38:23.820 --> 00:38:25.530 Sally: My favorite things to do.

00:38:25.950 --> 00:38:37.200 Frank R. Harrison: Beautiful now so then would you say, especially in in tribute to your own birthday that you've decided to dedicate as a reflection of what you overcome, especially over the last six months.

00:38:37.590 --> 00:38:45.360 Frank R. Harrison: Not not on specifically aging or the senior population, but using that as a measure of.

00:38:45.810 --> 00:39:02.790 Frank R. Harrison: Education and how people can use what like your mindset and overcoming challenges, regardless of age, but in order to look at that, as they get older, not that the challenges get greater but the challenges can be more opportunities.

00:39:02.940 --> 00:39:10.440 Frank R. Harrison: So it's like an opportunity to pivot the mindset as looking at I hate the word aging and has so many derogatory.

00:39:11.640 --> 00:39:20.970 Sally: meanings behind else that you're going to be doing in life, I mean when you're in your 20s you're going to maybe secondary education and.

00:39:21.270 --> 00:39:31.230 Sally: You know there's always something else you're going to be doing in your life so when you hit 60 or seven year eight there's something else you're going to be doing in your life it doesn't have to be negative.

00:39:31.740 --> 00:39:36.360 Sally: Correct just what you're going to be doing now yeah so.

00:39:37.410 --> 00:39:50.610 Sally: Necessary necessarily have to be doing what you were doing in your 30s and 40s of course i'm still running but i'm thinking about other things you know it's time to not move on, but try something new and.

00:39:50.640 --> 00:39:59.850 Sally: it's okay to do that, you don't have to be like oh i'm you know I play a lot of people ball now someone was tcp oh that's her you know, old people are like.

00:40:01.140 --> 00:40:04.680 Sally: People played it, but you know what I don't care i've been.

00:40:05.850 --> 00:40:07.800 Sally: having fun play yeah.

00:40:07.890 --> 00:40:09.750 Frank R. Harrison: Exactly exactly.

00:40:10.110 --> 00:40:10.590 Frank R. Harrison: yeah so.

00:40:11.730 --> 00:40:26.460 Frank R. Harrison: In anything getting older, or aging the generic term forward, if you will, is really something that we should all aspire to, because it's an opportunity to reframe rethink reflect reinvigorate.

00:40:28.590 --> 00:40:45.060 Sally: Your aging because, like they say what's your alternative, you should i'm grateful that i'm 60 because I was diagnosed with cancer over 13 years ago and, at that point multiple myeloma multiple myeloma there weren't that many drugs for it.

00:40:45.570 --> 00:41:01.890 Sally: You know, and with the multiple myeloma Research Foundation they've brought more drugs to FDA approval, so I am happy i'm 60 and I look forward to 70 and 80 and 90 and 100 I don't know.

00:41:03.180 --> 00:41:06.240 Sally: Children are going to look forward to me being 100.

00:41:07.980 --> 00:41:10.530 Frank R. Harrison: But from what you told me about your answer you might end up there.

00:41:13.080 --> 00:41:13.320 Sally: So.

00:41:13.950 --> 00:41:15.480 Frank R. Harrison: You will end up there.

00:41:17.580 --> 00:41:27.150 Frank R. Harrison: No, no, I mean you are definitely very inspiring I You know, as I said, we all, all of us, because of the pandemic because of changes in general.

00:41:27.450 --> 00:41:43.830 Frank R. Harrison: We have all been overcoming many obstacles probably perception is part of the problem or a part of the solution, but the thing is constant communication and education and advocacy helps people see things in as much a focused way as possible.

00:41:44.220 --> 00:41:44.670 Sally: and

00:41:44.790 --> 00:41:52.410 Frank R. Harrison: that's why I was inspired by your blog and I was inspired that we get together to talk about aging from a constructive point of view.

00:41:53.820 --> 00:41:55.770 Sally: I like that a constructor pointed.

00:41:56.310 --> 00:42:03.720 Frank R. Harrison: yeah exactly that it should be looked at, like a kid's a milestone that you can work towards rather than.

00:42:04.740 --> 00:42:06.210 Frank R. Harrison: exam it's.

00:42:06.630 --> 00:42:07.200 Sally: not bad.

00:42:07.500 --> 00:42:11.310 Frank R. Harrison: it's bad, but speaking about little milestones we have another break coming.

00:42:12.480 --> 00:42:13.170 Sally: time slot.

00:42:13.860 --> 00:42:16.320 Frank R. Harrison: The time is flying but it always flies when we talk.

00:42:16.350 --> 00:42:20.940 Frank R. Harrison: Which is why I, like you, and I will definitely do another show together at some point but.

00:42:21.330 --> 00:42:36.840 Frank R. Harrison: As when we return, I want to hear about what projects you're working on, because you you shared with me that some things are on the horizon so stay tuned with me and selling House my right here on frank about health on both talk radio dot nyc and Facebook live we'll be back in a few.

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00:44:35.550 --> 00:44:44.640 Frank R. Harrison: hey everybody and welcome back, we are talking about silver linings and silver hairs with Sally couch spa we've had an interesting 45 minutes looking at.

00:44:45.390 --> 00:44:58.800 Frank R. Harrison: The last six months, really, and, as she has said in her blog her 16th time around the sun I just love the trick I just love the line it's got me thinking in general that we are all living in cycles, but it's how we use them.

00:45:00.300 --> 00:45:15.090 Frank R. Harrison: In moving forward, I understand that you know you've definitely had success with your book over the last six months, you obviously have a big following with your blogs, and on your website Is there something you want to share, about what you will be doing in the near future.

00:45:15.330 --> 00:45:31.890 Sally: Well i'm very, very excited and honored that I am going to join to other best selling authors at a question and answer seminar on July 26 in long branch New Jersey.

00:45:32.430 --> 00:45:42.480 Sally: People can go on my website Sally counseling COM to get the information I am going to be joining Christine conti and Angelo.

00:45:43.170 --> 00:45:51.960 Sally: he's i'm good I feel really bad if I butcher his name ginger rally i'm going to be joining those two their best selling authors.

00:45:52.770 --> 00:46:05.340 Sally: Christine has wrote a book split second marriage Angela has written finish strong their backgrounds are amazing Christine she works with.

00:46:06.060 --> 00:46:19.800 Sally: chronic illness she's a personal trainer working with chronic illness patients now Angelo is the strength and conditioning coach for Seton hall university.

00:46:20.160 --> 00:46:28.500 Sally: and his book is finished strong like I mentioned and we're going to get together and answer we're going to talk about.

00:46:28.920 --> 00:46:34.830 Sally: A bit about our past we're going to talk about our books and we're going to have an open question and answer.

00:46:35.490 --> 00:46:55.050 Sally: forum and I was very honored that they asked me to be part of their their group for this, and it should be a lot of fun and if you're interested in attending like I say go to my website Sally calc Smith calm and you can see where it's free but you do have to sign up.

00:46:56.370 --> 00:46:59.100 Frank R. Harrison: And is there also a chance to see it virtually.

00:46:59.850 --> 00:47:14.100 Sally: Now I don't believe so, but I am hoping that the three of us in the future can do some work together that people can watch either online or listen to so.

00:47:14.250 --> 00:47:20.250 Frank R. Harrison: Do you do you know if it that actual conference will be videotaped and available on YouTube or something like that.

00:47:20.340 --> 00:47:34.080 Sally: I will find that out for you, I will find that out, it was just confirmed last week, I was away on vacation I felt really bad I was missing a lot of emails because when I go on vacation I like to unplug.

00:47:34.680 --> 00:47:35.250 Sally: It is.

00:47:35.310 --> 00:47:40.920 Sally: really important to unplug especially you know with all technology.

00:47:42.360 --> 00:47:50.640 Sally: Just clear your mind, but you know, in the day and age we live in, we do have to mail simplex messages and whatnot.

00:47:51.720 --> 00:48:03.360 Sally: And so I was a little lag I was lagging in some of the emails going back and forth, and then, when I returned home over the weekend, I was, I was like wow i'm part of this.

00:48:04.950 --> 00:48:07.590 Frank R. Harrison: is like happy fourth of July.

00:48:09.060 --> 00:48:31.440 Sally: i've got home but i've tried to catch up on everything at home, and I was like so i'll get more details, but as of now, it is scheduled for July 26 and that should be pretty big because I have met Christine I she actually has a podcast to fit crazies and a microphone and.

00:48:32.850 --> 00:48:41.670 Sally: she's a crazy she has done this hundred mile races and everything else, along with her partner on the show and.

00:48:43.170 --> 00:48:58.050 Sally: So she she's fun she's a fun person, and I have not yet met Angelo but i've looked at his background and he has been the strength and conditioning coach at Seton hall university for over 16 years.

00:48:58.380 --> 00:48:58.950 Frank R. Harrison: So.

00:48:59.010 --> 00:49:03.420 Sally: That says something about it, because they have quite a great athletic program there.

00:49:04.470 --> 00:49:09.240 Frank R. Harrison: Well, definitely it's the sports mindset that you have that allows you to overcome all your challenges.

00:49:09.240 --> 00:49:18.270 Frank R. Harrison: So it should be a definitely great conference I wish I could attend, but like we've already talked about I think will be great if the three of you can come on an episode of frank about health.

00:49:18.540 --> 00:49:18.840 Sally: Probably.

00:49:18.900 --> 00:49:20.070 Frank R. Harrison: Towards the end of the summer.

00:49:20.640 --> 00:49:27.750 Frank R. Harrison: You know we'll talk more about that, but definitely especially i'd love to hear whatever health related issues that have motivated them.

00:49:28.110 --> 00:49:32.220 Frank R. Harrison: Not only in their careers, but in their books, as well as if there's anything that they feel.

00:49:32.490 --> 00:49:42.780 Frank R. Harrison: That would be helping to advocate things like what you've done with your blog recently, which is looking at aging as a as an opportunity, as a way of planning for your future you know.

00:49:43.200 --> 00:49:54.270 Frank R. Harrison: So when I wish it could be a fly on the wall for that conference, so I definitely figure that even you know, however, however, it results you'll you'll let me know and we'll plan our next steps together.

00:49:54.480 --> 00:50:06.540 Sally: i'll let you know and i'll mention the video streaming and they may love the idea, they may already have it planned but either way i'll get the Info to you okay.

00:50:07.650 --> 00:50:20.610 Sally: We are speaking for them, because I did mention it to them that i'd asked you, if we can be on and they're they're thrilled to be on your show, so I think a lot of fun I don't know if I want to share the microphone but.

00:50:22.230 --> 00:50:27.930 Sally: I gotta share the MIC with them on the 26 so it'll be good practice good learning experience.

00:50:27.930 --> 00:50:28.140 For.

00:50:31.020 --> 00:50:42.240 Sally: Christine talking and she's great so and for anybody who's is a strength and conditioning coach will get get your round up to.

00:50:44.940 --> 00:50:46.380 Sally: Hello get us riled up.

00:50:47.070 --> 00:51:02.550 Frank R. Harrison: So yeah would you would you like to share with the audience any other success stories that may have arisen out of your book like in terms of if anyone's life has been impacted by some of the things you discuss from your experience or any any things that you want made clear.

00:51:02.880 --> 00:51:15.150 Sally: Yes, yeah I mean the book has given me more opportunity like people have said Sally we want to, we want to read the second edition, part two it's like well it's a little soon for that.

00:51:15.390 --> 00:51:24.660 Sally: book was published, you know within the past, you know, two years, so you know, let me do a little more few more things and help some more people.

00:51:27.780 --> 00:51:42.720 Sally: Before I go on to part two, but the, the best thing that has come out of this book is when I hear from people and they tell me how it has helped them.

00:51:43.350 --> 00:51:54.510 Sally: That it doesn't get any better than that because that's that's what you want to do you want to you want to make this world a little bit better place, you want to leave this world a little better than.

00:51:55.020 --> 00:52:05.490 Sally: You know how you might have come in, you want to leave it better, you know, like a Park, you know if you take trash and you better bring the trash out and only Prince.

00:52:06.840 --> 00:52:18.360 Sally: What you want to leave good footprints you know and that's that's what I i'm happy when people tell me that the book help them or help somebody they knew.

00:52:18.840 --> 00:52:24.450 Sally: So that's what I mean it's great that I had been on talk shows.

00:52:24.840 --> 00:52:45.060 Sally: And podcasts and you know some some pretty reputable people have had me on as their guests and i'm so thankful for that and i'm grateful for that and it's got me to reach a larger audience and what what it comes down to is.

00:52:46.170 --> 00:52:48.210 Sally: As it helps somebody and.

00:52:48.300 --> 00:53:00.540 Sally: Is my here and has that that's what it's that's what it's all about you know I didn't write this book just to get things off my chest is there was nothing that I needed to vet.

00:53:00.960 --> 00:53:21.960 Sally: I read this book because I thought my experiences might might help somebody you know they learn from it, you know so or somebody they know so when I do hear back that you know it has, then yes i'm very, very happy about that which.

00:53:22.020 --> 00:53:24.690 Frank R. Harrison: Which social media platform has been your biggest.

00:53:26.730 --> 00:53:27.960 Frank R. Harrison: Feedback the.

00:53:28.020 --> 00:53:51.870 Sally: biggest feedback so far social media i'm going to say probably I don't know if you're, including the podcasts on there, or just TV, but when it comes to social media instagram you know, probably as surpassed Facebook, you know.

00:53:52.290 --> 00:53:52.950 Sally: At this.

00:53:53.310 --> 00:54:09.300 Sally: You know it's just a lot of people and and I, you know I didn't jump on the tick tock bandwagon and or you know I I was on Twitter for a while, but it's not like i'm going to tweet all day.

00:54:09.630 --> 00:54:15.630 Sally: about it, I don't know if people really want to hear about my workouts all day or my doctor's appointments.

00:54:15.990 --> 00:54:26.550 Sally: The ones that I think are worthwhile i'll put on an instagram you know and i'll i'll link them to Facebook, but it's great to be able to.

00:54:26.820 --> 00:54:34.560 Sally: tell people on instagram and Facebook hey there's a new blog hey i'm going to be on frank about health, you know.

00:54:34.830 --> 00:54:51.420 Sally: hey check out my website, or you know there's a link to where you can purchase the book or you know what i'm going to be doing next so yeah I mean the day you know what we live in, now the how we could just get information out is amazing.

00:54:52.110 --> 00:54:52.800 Exactly.

00:54:53.940 --> 00:55:05.460 Frank R. Harrison: We literally have one minute left, so I want to get a lot of information out but, ladies and gentlemen, remember Sally calc if you want to reach out to her read her blog get her book on

00:55:05.850 --> 00:55:14.010 Frank R. Harrison: At the same time, I like to point out, as a programming note for those of you who believe that today's show was going to be about addiction.

00:55:14.280 --> 00:55:24.180 Frank R. Harrison: And intervention that show will be next Thursday on frank about health, but at the same time, there was no way I could let this month begin without having Sally back.

00:55:25.320 --> 00:55:28.200 Frank R. Harrison: hi i'm inspired by her every time I see her.

00:55:28.800 --> 00:55:37.290 Frank R. Harrison: At the same time, stay tuned for our Friday block of shows which are philanthropy and focus always Friday and wise content creates well.

00:55:37.560 --> 00:55:51.750 Frank R. Harrison: And, ladies and gentlemen, just stay tuned for the rest of the day's programming right here on talk radio dot nyc both sound well, I will see you next week, but Sally will definitely be coming back soon thanks for listening to this episode, thank you.

00:55:53.010 --> 00:55:53.670 Frank R. Harrison: bye Sally.

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