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Thursday, November 17, 2022
Facebook Live Video from 2022/11/17 - Replacement Child Forum on Forgiveness

Facebook Live Video from 2022/11/17 - Replacement Child Forum on Forgiveness


2022/11/17 - Replacement Child Forum on Forgiveness

[NEW EPISODE] Replacement Child Forum on Forgiveness

Thursdays 5:00pm - 6:00pm (EDT)


If there are members of the audience who are replacement children, they will have a resource to turn to especially if mental health issues are triggered by their experience as a replacement child like Judy wrote about in her book Replacement Child.



Frank About Health will have a discussion with Judy Mandel and 2 other founding members of the Replacement Child Forum Kristina Schellinski and Rita Battat to follow up on the discussion that we had with Judy Mandel on understanding the forum's mission on helping survivors of Replacement Child Syndrome and to start a discussion on the path to self-forgiveness and forgiveness of others who within the family made them feel "Less Than". 

Our last 2 shows with Judy on White Flag and Replacement Child just proved to be an instrumental platform for understanding, mental health, addiction, identity issues and trying to come up with a way of acceptance and forgiveness.

The Replacement Child Forum will be explored throughout the hour to determine other possible solutions for mental health awareness.

Tune in for this healthy conversation at

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00:00:44.590 --> 00:01:13.880 Frank R. Harrison: hey, everybody, and welcome to the season finale of this week's episode of Frank about health. I say season finale, because we are all going on Thanksgiving, and then there's Christmas, and there's Ramadan and there's Hanukkah, and there's New Years. But either way it'll be an opportunity for all of us to celebrate the successful year that Frank about health has had with talk, radio and Yc. And not to mention, of course, the successful show that we had with this Week's guest and group,

00:01:13.950 --> 00:01:42.419 Frank R. Harrison: Judy Mandel, Christina Shalinski, and Rita Butat. If you all remember, Judy Mandel was on this show before talking about addiction with her book white flag. And then we talked about what was the impetus for that book, the initial one where she had thrown up thinking she was a replacement child. And now we have the members of the replacement child Forum that we had discussed with my co-host, Phyllis, who unfortunately can't be with us today,

00:01:42.430 --> 00:02:04.330 Frank R. Harrison: but we will definitely be having her back to discuss with the replacement child Forum in the New Year about the topic of forgiveness which was going to be the main theme of this show. But of course, in order to understand the main theme, you need to understand the group in which the theme is being communicated. So that's what we will devote this episode of Frank about health to today.

00:02:04.700 --> 00:02:07.570 Frank R. Harrison: I would like to first issue my disclaimer

00:02:07.580 --> 00:02:36.789 Frank R. Harrison: this episode of Frank about health, as all of the others are for medical and information purposes as well as educational purposes only. They are not the means to dissuade you from your ongoing treatment with your current provider, or with your medication, regime, or any other kind of service practices you are doing to take care of certain health concerns. However, I hope that within the next hour that Frank about health will be able to give you some insight into some of the things

00:02:36.800 --> 00:03:06.790 Frank R. Harrison: that this show or this episode may have with you involved with you. It is a mental health issue, replacement, child syndrome. So on that note. We don't want you to do anything unless you consult a physician at the end of the show. Other than that. Just understand these about the views of talk radio, Nyc or Frank about health, but they are the views of the replacement, child Forum, that all being said. First of all, I want to give a shout out to Switzerland: That's where Christina

00:03:06.800 --> 00:03:16.509 Frank R. Harrison: currently. I believe it is eleven P. M. Over there. Yes, it is okay. And then, of course,

00:03:16.580 --> 00:03:25.640 Frank R. Harrison: you're You're very welcome. And, Rita, you're here in New York, and I guess, Judy, you are here. You are in Connecticut. Right? Yes, right. Okay.

00:03:25.650 --> 00:03:55.640 Frank R. Harrison: So either way. Um what i'm going to do that's different. Unlike what I've done on previous shows is i'm actually going to share the screen and introduce each of you based on what your website says, because each of you are definitely not only just replacement children, but you came collectively together to really create an educational platform for a lot of individuals that really will not not only understand your story, but will understand exactly what the Forum is trying to generate in terms of better mental

00:03:55.650 --> 00:04:12.339 Frank R. Harrison: and wellness. So i'm going to share the screen for your bios, so that the listeners and viewers can get a real perspective on who each of you are. I don't want to misrepresent or mispronounce your name, or or give other information out, so let me do that right now as we speak.

00:04:13.270 --> 00:04:16.920 Frank R. Harrison: I'm going to share the screen,

00:04:18.790 --> 00:04:29.049 Frank R. Harrison: and I go to there. So, ladies and gentlemen, these are the members of the replacement, child Forum. Actually,

00:04:29.320 --> 00:04:30.820 Frank R. Harrison: can you all see it

00:04:36.680 --> 00:05:04.619 Frank R. Harrison: first. As I mentioned earlier, Christina Shalinski, Master of Arts, is the director of Programs and Training for the Forum. She's the author of Individuation for adult replacement, children, ways of coming into being. She is supervisor and teaching, analyst and private practice in Geneva, and with the Cg. Young Institute. I believe That's Carl Young. Am I correct? Yes,

00:05:04.630 --> 00:05:12.920 Frank R. Harrison: excellent. And the International School of analytic psychology in Zurich, Switzerland, and there is her website, Christina Hyphen Shalinski. Com

00:05:13.120 --> 00:05:17.940 Frank R. Harrison: Now I'm: going to let you tell your replacement, child story as we go through the hour.

00:05:17.950 --> 00:05:39.170 Frank R. Harrison: But at the same time we'd like to now introduce Rita Batat Communications director for the Forum, the co-author of the independent publishers award-winning book replacement children the unconscious script, delving into the similarities of thoughts feelings and challenges for individuals whose family is suffering after the loss of a child or pregnancy, and living with sibling,

00:05:39.180 --> 00:06:05.859 Frank R. Harrison: facing difficult challenges. Loss of a twin. Wow! That is definitely a traumatic aspect that I I look forward to discussing with you on this episode. Um. Rita holds a Ba. In psychology from Texas, Wesleyan University, and has been interviewed about her work on Podcasts radio, the Huffington Post, Bella Magazine, as well as guest appearances on Tv shows, such as talking Live with Dr. Robbie Ludwig and the joy of living with Dr. Joy, Ohio.

00:06:06.540 --> 00:06:22.289 Frank R. Harrison: Now Judy Mandel, returning to Frank about health for the third time managing editor for the managing editor for the Forum is the author of the New York Times bestseller Replacement Child, and her new book is White Flag, which we have both discussed here on Frank about health

00:06:22.300 --> 00:06:41.079 Frank R. Harrison: Her essays, articles, and short stories have appeared in Vellar, Dot, Com. Thirty fourth Parallel The Tishman Review Connecticut Life as Ja. Monthly. Complete, Well-being Magazine Connecticut authors and Publishers Magazine, The Southampton Review, American Writers Review, and other publications.

00:06:41.090 --> 00:06:56.840 Frank R. Harrison: Okay, let me you all see your faces again, all three impressive and of course, as a reminder to everyone. Ah, Judy has been here with both these books and the irony, and as I was talking earlier with everyone,

00:06:56.850 --> 00:07:09.649 Frank R. Harrison: we were only looking to do a show on addiction, and we came up with much more awareness on multiple issues, especially the area of mental health. So welcome to all of you.

00:07:09.660 --> 00:07:27.639 Frank R. Harrison: I I just figure um, Judy. Why, Don't, why don't you start the conversation about the Forum and explain what brings us here today? Again again, everyone. We were going to be focused on forgiveness, which is one of the things that you all do, and we definitely will devote an entire show on that

00:07:27.650 --> 00:07:41.410 Judy Mandel: pretty much when we return in January. But, Judy, go ahead to explain. Well, the three of us the three of us got together. Ah found each other really is what what's happened? Um. As replacement children.

00:07:41.420 --> 00:07:56.440 Judy Mandel: And then we realize that there are other replacement children out there that are possibly unaware of the fact that they are a replacement children. I would love for Christina to give us kind of a definition of

00:07:56.450 --> 00:08:11.850 Judy Mandel: what replacement, child condition, I think, is what we're saying. Condition is um because it it is kind of um misunderstood in many in many ways. So Christina, would you mind

00:08:11.900 --> 00:08:17.610 Kristina Schellinski, Co-Founder RCF: a replacement? Child is a child, classically speaking,

00:08:17.750 --> 00:08:28.580 Kristina Schellinski, Co-Founder RCF: conceived and born to replace a missing sibling, to replace a sibling who has died. So that was a classical definition.

00:08:28.700 --> 00:08:35.400 Kristina Schellinski, Co-Founder RCF: But but it can be also a child that

00:08:35.850 --> 00:08:41.479 Kristina Schellinski, Co-Founder RCF: not that has been living, and a sibling has been lost,

00:08:41.860 --> 00:08:58.599 Kristina Schellinski, Co-Founder RCF: and the purpose of a replacement child is to undo a death to undo a loss. So it may be a subsequent child, but it may not necessarily be just the next child,

00:08:58.990 --> 00:09:02.489 Kristina Schellinski, Co-Founder RCF: but it could even be a living, a surviving

00:09:02.520 --> 00:09:11.239 Kristina Schellinski, Co-Founder RCF: sibling who has the role to replace a person who is no longer there, and that's an impossible task.

00:09:11.250 --> 00:09:31.119 Rita Battat, Co-Founder RCF: That's a lot of burden also for the replacement, Child, may I add something? Um, I think I just want to clarify that a child born or adopted after a death or a miscarriage pregnancy laws is not automatically a replacement child. A replacement refers to a trauma response within an individual,

00:09:31.130 --> 00:09:50.670 Rita Battat, Co-Founder RCF: and I think, after uh the born Matte said it very well when you said trauma, it's not what happens to you. It's what happens inside of you. As a result of what has happened to you. I just want to clarify that it's not something that happens automatically. I think I think you're very right to return,

00:09:50.680 --> 00:10:01.209 Kristina Schellinski, Co-Founder RCF: and I do the same disclaimer every time, and I think the replacement is is really in two different directions to be looked at.

00:10:14.820 --> 00:10:22.750 Kristina Schellinski, Co-Founder RCF: But not only that you are right on another account, because it could also be a self-identification.

00:10:22.870 --> 00:10:38.480 Kristina Schellinski, Co-Founder RCF: If I've lost a member of my family, and I can't deal with that loss and I want to become that person. Then also i'm in that replacement situation. So it's. It's very good what you said,

00:10:38.500 --> 00:10:58.130 Judy Mandel: and um I I would add that you know you touched on this Christina, but um! It can also be when there's a sibling who, for whatever reason, whether they're challenged in a physical way or a mental way, and the sibling is not fulfilling certain um roles in the family that

00:10:58.150 --> 00:11:14.849 Judy Mandel: you can be a replacement child for that sibling um in many ways. I I've always felt that I was sort of a replacement, a double replacement child in that way replacement for my sister, who was killed, but also in a way for my sister, who

00:11:14.860 --> 00:11:27.829 Judy Mandel: was challenged, and physically and emotionally challenged um to fulfill some of those hopes that the family had. It's Um! It's an interesting. It's an interesting thing.

00:11:27.840 --> 00:11:42.169 Frank R. Harrison: You know, I would think that anyone who goes through whatever associated, as you called it, on our previous show Transgenerational trauma probably goes through, especially when they are dealing with it, whether symptomatically or through some

00:11:42.180 --> 00:11:48.810 Frank R. Harrison: gut feeling that something doesn't feel right or something feels overwhelming, or there is a distance from the relative

00:11:48.820 --> 00:12:08.939 Frank R. Harrison: you kind of have to go through not only talk therapy and other kinds of treatments that probably a lot of people can work with their their doctors to obtain. But it almost sounds like to realize that you were a quote unquote replacement. There's almost like a Gestalt type of treatment that has to to start taking place. Am I correct in that?

00:12:09.360 --> 00:12:20.850 Kristina Schellinski, Co-Founder RCF: Yeah, yeah, I like. So I mean, I would think that the awareness is is the first key, because, like Judy said. Many people don't realize that that is what's been going on in them one hundred

00:12:21.290 --> 00:12:29.109 Judy Mandel: and and so they don't. Don't understand themselves as they could. Yeah, you don't understand that there's an obligation on you.

00:12:30.190 --> 00:12:49.920 Judy Mandel: You don't understand the issues that you're having with identity and knowing, you know, always wondering, you know do I fit in that? Who am I in one of my what is my role in life? If you're feeling internally, and maybe even subconsciously, that you're fulfilling someone else's.

00:12:49.930 --> 00:12:51.060 Well,

00:12:51.930 --> 00:12:58.029 Kristina Schellinski, Co-Founder RCF: actually, I Yeah, if I can add to that, I have identified four core areas

00:12:58.150 --> 00:13:15.169 Kristina Schellinski, Co-Founder RCF: that that are at play in an individual in such a situation, and the the first one is really what you said. Identity? Okay, there is an issue of identity. Am I me myself, or am I the other person i'm supposed to replace and

00:13:15.540 --> 00:13:18.839 Kristina Schellinski, Co-Founder RCF: do as if it hasn't happened that they disappeared.

00:13:19.460 --> 00:13:26.869 Kristina Schellinski, Co-Founder RCF: Second, one is, there is usually initially an issue with attachment with bonding.

00:13:27.480 --> 00:13:29.689 Kristina Schellinski, Co-Founder RCF: You know Maria call us

00:13:29.800 --> 00:13:42.019 Kristina Schellinski, Co-Founder RCF: a girl instead of the boy she lost, and in the hospital she says, take her away. That's Maria Colly's mother. So it

00:13:42.370 --> 00:13:53.490 Kristina Schellinski, Co-Founder RCF: It was a long way to make herself be seen and heard. You can see that right? So bonding is a huge issue, and then what's really very strong

00:13:54.650 --> 00:14:02.219 Kristina Schellinski, Co-Founder RCF: grief brief, that has not happened so. The replacement child carries the grief,

00:14:02.520 --> 00:14:10.530 Kristina Schellinski, Co-Founder RCF: you know even the grief for your challenged sister Judy, who was burned in that terrible accident

00:14:10.960 --> 00:14:23.069 Kristina Schellinski, Co-Founder RCF: and guilt the guilt that you are alive. It's a survivors guilt. We know that. I wonder if we should share. I mean, We've shared my story before. But oh, sorry!

00:14:23.080 --> 00:14:51.690 Frank R. Harrison: No, no! Actually, this is a perfect Segue, because we have to take our first break. But the thing is is that that's how we ended up doing a show like this, because you started to touch upon that grief and other stuff which led to the whole understanding that it is a complex lifestyle that you have have had to endure, and at the same time, well, when we get back, ladies and gentlemen, we are going to learn more about the replacement child Forum, and all of these interesting stories that i'm sitting here observing and

00:14:51.700 --> 00:15:05.229 Frank R. Harrison: and and seeing how I can empathize and understand the different areas and mental health that this affects. So please stay tuned in this episode on Frank about health right here on our Youtube channel and on talk radio. We'll be back in a few.

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00:16:59.680 --> 00:17:00.570 You

00:17:18.079 --> 00:17:33.619 Frank R. Harrison: welcome back. We're all in sync with each other tonight, Judy, You were about to mention your story again that we covered on both well, actually more on the replacement, child episode of Frank about health. But it would also segue right into learning more about Christina and Rita's story as well

00:17:35.600 --> 00:17:52.359 Judy Mandel: Unmute unmute myself There I am. Okay. Um, i'll do my quickly because you've heard it before. Um. And my My book replacement, child, is about my family, and it's about a um. My family recovering from a plane crash,

00:17:52.370 --> 00:18:09.120 Judy Mandel: and also how my my sister, one of my sisters was killed in that crash. The other sister was very badly burned. Um and replacement, child. The The book was really my discovering that I was the replacement for that daughter that was killed.

00:18:09.130 --> 00:18:18.639 Judy Mandel: Um! And the ramifications of that, and how I understood how it affected my life, and really how it helped me, you know, understand that

00:18:18.650 --> 00:18:33.420 Judy Mandel: some of my behaviors were kind of ingrained, and because of that situation. So so i'll hand it off to Rita to tell her story. Well, I I was born

00:18:33.430 --> 00:18:43.719 Rita Battat, Co-Founder RCF: right after. Well, my eighteen months after my fourteen year old brother died from a heart. Ah, problem! That's easy to fix now, but they couldn't do anything about it then,

00:18:43.790 --> 00:19:02.850 Rita Battat, Co-Founder RCF: and my mother was in deep grief, and always was very critical, like he was the perfect child. He was the angel child, and I never really understood what the deal was. I was supposed to be the boy that was dead in a way, but I was also supposed to be the perfect girl,

00:19:02.860 --> 00:19:20.080 Rita Battat, Co-Founder RCF: and none of these people existed for me. So we really locked horns a lot, because I didn't understand why she was always so critical, and yet telling people like all my accomplishments, and you know, to say, mother, and we don't. I never call my mother, you know. So there was a lot of

00:19:20.090 --> 00:19:38.620 Rita Battat, Co-Founder RCF: stuff that I really did not understand until I really understood what a replacement child was the status that I had because of what happened with my brother, and then I started discovering other people were sort of in the same boat, very different circumstances,

00:19:38.630 --> 00:19:47.849 Rita Battat, Co-Founder RCF: but very similar feelings, thoughts and issues that were coming up. Basically because of what happened from when we took our first breath. One

00:19:48.080 --> 00:19:50.129 Rita Battat, Co-Founder RCF: right. That's how I got into it.

00:19:50.730 --> 00:20:08.690 Rita Battat, Co-Founder RCF: Wow. And And I guess you also wrote the book based on that. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I wrote that. And my book is also full of other people's firsthand stories along with famous replacement children like Vincent Van Gogh, Princess Diana, Salvador, Dolly Elvis Presley, you know. So there's

00:20:08.710 --> 00:20:11.319 Rita Battat, Co-Founder RCF: and one thing just led to another

00:20:11.350 --> 00:20:15.660 Frank R. Harrison: amazing. And how about you, Christina?

00:20:15.960 --> 00:20:27.630 Kristina Schellinski, Co-Founder RCF: I am born three months after my brother, baby brother, two years old, died of an undiagnosed appendicitis.

00:20:27.750 --> 00:20:41.620 Kristina Schellinski, Co-Founder RCF: So for me it started even a little earlier. It started in the belly of my mother because she was pregnant with me six months, so i'm i'm born straight into into the grief,

00:20:42.310 --> 00:20:54.010 Kristina Schellinski, Co-Founder RCF: and of course I'm also a girl, and I think there were expectations, of course, that I would make everybody happy. I have a sister and a brother,

00:20:54.100 --> 00:21:09.369 Kristina Schellinski, Co-Founder RCF: and my mother never really recovered from her grief. She was, she was depressed, she was sick. My parents built their house in front of the cemetery imagine that I grew up right across from the grave,

00:21:09.460 --> 00:21:15.999 Kristina Schellinski, Co-Founder RCF: and that grave still exists sixty some years later, which is very unusual,

00:21:16.340 --> 00:21:25.740 Kristina Schellinski, Co-Founder RCF: but I understood that i'm a replacement child. I knew it. It was told to me it was not a secret which it is for many others,

00:21:25.940 --> 00:21:45.350 Kristina Schellinski, Co-Founder RCF: but I understood that This meant something to me when in mid-life I started to train to become a psychoanalyst, and I understood that my feeling guilty or my wanting to be perfect, and always do everything I could possibly to please

00:21:45.360 --> 00:21:47.820 like retail in here, too, we talked about it.

00:21:47.930 --> 00:21:49.380 Kristina Schellinski, Co-Founder RCF: Um!

00:21:49.590 --> 00:21:54.590 Kristina Schellinski, Co-Founder RCF: That that really came from that difficult start

00:21:54.600 --> 00:22:18.870 Kristina Schellinski, Co-Founder RCF: in life. It gave me a lot. It made me discover a lot. I mean it's not only suffering it's a it's a deepening. It's even a spiritual awakening, and it's certainly set me on the path to become a psychoanalyst and help others. Yes, yes, you know It's very interesting, as I've observed the three of your stories, especially you duty when you were talking about it on the second show that we did.

00:22:18.880 --> 00:22:35.659 Frank R. Harrison: Um. I I realize that each of you have become successful at your various chosen professors. You, Judy, you became a successful writer, even though you were already involved in writing for different newspapers and and doing other marketing. Ah, setups that we discussed. But

00:22:35.670 --> 00:22:48.540 Frank R. Harrison: the thing is is, I guess, when you're really getting those five triggers that you mentioned in the first segment, Christina, or even growing up with the information you're receiving, or even the information you might be

00:22:48.550 --> 00:23:02.319 Frank R. Harrison: receiving from your own Dna, especially if you were in utero at the time of the event. It's amazing how I guess it's safe to say that when replacement children,

00:23:02.460 --> 00:23:10.959 Frank R. Harrison: if they discover that they are replacement children, that Sometimes they already knew that before they actually get the first comment from a family

00:23:11.570 --> 00:23:24.179 Kristina Schellinski, Co-Founder RCF: it's almost like an instinctive reaction. I guess the thing is they didn't know how to name it. I have had so many patients who who've spent years years

00:23:24.190 --> 00:23:39.649 Kristina Schellinski, Co-Founder RCF: before they found out the word replacement, child. Some one of my patients googled. Am I a substitution, and i'm a substitute? And And then that's why the three of us created the replacement child Forum?

00:23:39.940 --> 00:23:42.050 Kristina Schellinski, Co-Founder RCF: Because it's such a relief

00:23:42.130 --> 00:24:09.570 Judy Mandel: for people to find that knowledge. We hear that all right. Every time somebody discovers that they are a replacement child by talking to us or writing to us. They it! There is that relief that Oh, my gosh, it's! This is the thing! It's a thing. When I heard that we all thought it's it's a thing. And then, when we met each other, the three of us, and we realized we had so many things in common, it was almost like we were related,

00:24:09.580 --> 00:24:18.559 Judy Mandel: and it really was. It was like a relief. And this was this was the binding piece between us. This was the threat.

00:24:18.570 --> 00:24:37.049 Rita Battat, Co-Founder RCF: Yeah, I'm: sorry I I just wanted to say the term replacement child is used because it's actually a psychiatrist. Ah term that was established in the nineteen sixty S. And the terminology lots of times produced as a very big reaction, especially for parents who think that they're being guilty, which it's, not

00:24:37.060 --> 00:24:40.959 Rita Battat, Co-Founder RCF: what it's been to be, it's really totally misunderstood,

00:24:40.970 --> 00:25:08.889 Judy Mandel: and that's the other thing that we have to totally clarify each time. But when you are a replacement, child, it just fits, you know, and I I like you saying, Rita. I remember when I named my book, um replacement, child, I remember thinking that my mother would hate that. My mother would, too. She wasn't around to, you know, complain. But of course I kind of heard her complaining. Anyway, in my head.

00:25:08.900 --> 00:25:17.750 Frank R. Harrison: Is there a sense of anger that you discover when you discovered that you were a replacement child. And you sort of

00:25:17.760 --> 00:25:46.260 Frank R. Harrison: I I wouldn't say that you wrote the book out of spite. I don't even really think that up. But, like you just said you, you you had that title, and you know it would anger your mother if she had been alive to see it. Do you think that in some way there's that sense that once you discover that you may have been a replacement, child, that is almost like a a hidden anger against I had. I have anger, um, I think, towards my father when I realized um some of the some of the reasons that I had.

00:25:46.280 --> 00:26:03.000 Judy Mandel: I had my own issues, especially with relationships. Um! And so I was angry with him for about a year while I was writing the book took me four years to write that book, and as I looked into it and discovered more about it, I was angry with him for about a year

00:26:03.010 --> 00:26:22.020 Judy Mandel: after that, though, after writing more about what he went through with the accident, and losing his daughter and and everything, and the grief that he went through. I'm. I really that's where the forgiveness came for me. It was cathartic, and you were able to release it and convert into something more

00:26:22.030 --> 00:26:35.520 Frank R. Harrison: mit ctl. And appropriate, or by or bondable with your own father. The anger dissipated. After that I have to say right in the literature, the the defining moment. The first defining moment is really grief. One hundred and fifty

00:26:35.860 --> 00:26:46.750 Kristina Schellinski, Co-Founder RCF: and and i'd like to make to speak to parents who are listening to us, or have had a loss of a child. Right? Yes, it is

00:26:46.840 --> 00:26:49.489 Kristina Schellinski, Co-Founder RCF: a pain that is

00:26:50.250 --> 00:27:08.099 Kristina Schellinski, Co-Founder RCF: unbelievably big, hard to fathom. It will never go away, so we have compassion for the parents who have lost a child, and who may not be able to to really loosen the bond, to let go,

00:27:08.170 --> 00:27:20.579 Kristina Schellinski, Co-Founder RCF: to, to grieve to the extent that this child is definitely gone. Remember, the replacement is to undo that somebody has disappeared.

00:27:20.630 --> 00:27:24.489 Kristina Schellinski, Co-Founder RCF: But I really have that compassion for the grieving person,

00:27:24.500 --> 00:27:42.209 Judy Mandel: and and that's why. Sometimes, when the grieving Isn't done the replacement child still will carry the grief. But it's really and the three of us. The three of us really had mothers who were grieving when they had us. I mean, you know mine mine as well when you know she was grieving for her daughter,

00:27:42.220 --> 00:28:00.379 Judy Mandel: and we all have that that we have. You know the mothers in grief which I think affects you from um your level,

00:28:00.390 --> 00:28:08.550 Frank R. Harrison: and they and I, Obviously, under the first five years of life. You feel everything as you're finding your way through life, so it's almost as if

00:28:08.700 --> 00:28:26.700 Rita Battat, Co-Founder RCF: being born into that situation allows you to really get all the direct truth through the grieving process with all the communication you're receiving internally, right? Right? Well, you know, you never really get the truth. That's the thing I would think we were talking once about. It Feels like you started off in the middle of a book.

00:28:26.780 --> 00:28:36.890 Rita Battat, Co-Founder RCF: You know you don't have anything from what came first. And so you're operating on like, you know, not having all the information.

00:28:39.560 --> 00:29:08.380 Frank R. Harrison: Okay? Well, we're about to take our second break. But I actually have a lot of questions that generated from all three of your stories, which will also enable us to also talk about the replacement, child Forum, and what you guys are looking to do with the Forum and the community of replacement children that have joined it, and other kinds of special events, or videos, or books, or other things that people can learn from. So when we return we'll talk more about the replacement child Forum with the founders,

00:29:08.390 --> 00:29:16.069 Frank R. Harrison: Christina, Judy, and Rita. We'll be back right here in a few right here on talk radio and Nyc. And on our Youtube Channel. Stay tuned.

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00:31:02.090 --> 00:31:04.590 you

00:31:14.860 --> 00:31:34.070 Frank R. Harrison: welcome back. So this has been a very interesting Ah, true story. Session, I guess, is the right way to call it. I know there are a lot of psychological implications for anyone who who finds out or who's born into a replacement child condition. As I know, we've agreed to communicate that fact.

00:31:34.080 --> 00:31:36.180 Frank R. Harrison: Um, I actually have

00:31:36.190 --> 00:32:00.779 Frank R. Harrison: in terms of what we see in a lot of mental health communities, I mean people who were raised by narcissistic parents, let's say, or people who have issues of sibling rivalry, or maybe issues of the loss of a parent rather than the loss of a child. These things went through my mind to try to understand if there is any possible relationship between the replacement child condition

00:32:00.920 --> 00:32:15.120 Frank R. Harrison: and the behavior that they see in those three other circumstances, because maybe those are circumstances that are going on when they don't know if they are in fact, part of the replacement. Child condition. Maybe it's a different reaction they're receiving.

00:32:15.130 --> 00:32:27.540 Frank R. Harrison: But I was wondering what your thoughts have been from your experience, your research, your writings, everything else. But are there any correlations between those other pathologies as well as living with the replacement? Child condition,

00:32:27.740 --> 00:32:34.019 Rita Battat, Co-Founder RCF: maybe a good one for Christina? Yeah, I'll. I'll have a go at it.

00:32:34.050 --> 00:32:46.710 Kristina Schellinski, Co-Founder RCF: I would think that definitely, whether or not it's a replacement child depends also on the factors that affect the parents. So If the parent

00:32:46.740 --> 00:32:53.459 Kristina Schellinski, Co-Founder RCF: has an issue like you mentioned, there might be a personality

00:32:53.870 --> 00:33:09.780 Kristina Schellinski, Co-Founder RCF: structural issue, or there might be a previous trauma and loss which makes this loss more difficult to to grieve for. That may definitely have an impact on

00:33:10.150 --> 00:33:18.900 Kristina Schellinski, Co-Founder RCF: a replacement child becoming a replacement child, or a subsequent child, or a surviving child to become a replacement child. I think that that's definitely a factor.

00:33:18.960 --> 00:33:23.800 Kristina Schellinski, Co-Founder RCF: What would you say for your parents? Also Return, Judy, what you,

00:33:24.210 --> 00:33:41.440 Kristina Schellinski, Co-Founder RCF: I would think in my in in the case of my mother she was definitely affected by the Second World War already, and couldn't cope with this and maybe there were self-value issues there already. That impacted me, too.

00:33:41.630 --> 00:33:42.670 Frank R. Harrison: Hmm.

00:33:42.980 --> 00:33:46.719 Rita Battat, Co-Founder RCF: I think that's a whole other.

00:33:50.430 --> 00:34:01.820 Judy Mandel: There, I I was going to say that it you know It's it's not in isolation. This you know condition. So there can be, you know, any of these other

00:34:02.040 --> 00:34:17.600 Judy Mandel: situations that impact it, I mean. And then and you've got a combination of things going on right. It's when a child has its extra burden. I mean, I think, that in an alcoholic family lots of times you will see a child who does everything

00:34:17.610 --> 00:34:28.899 Rita Battat, Co-Founder RCF: because they had to do it when they were little as an adult. They're kind of very controlling, or everything has to be perfect, because it wasn't, and they took care of the parent, and they became the parent.

00:34:29.239 --> 00:34:32.650 Rita Battat, Co-Founder RCF: So again they have an obligation that

00:34:37.650 --> 00:34:41.340 Frank R. Harrison: well, I have um

00:34:42.040 --> 00:34:44.350 Kristina Schellinski, Co-Founder RCF: one thought there.

00:34:44.659 --> 00:34:56.989 Kristina Schellinski, Co-Founder RCF: I gave a conference for for professionals, because we are also trained professionals in in this condition, and they were afraid that we would make the definition too large,

00:34:57.120 --> 00:35:01.880 Kristina Schellinski, Co-Founder RCF: and I myself would like to make the definition as large as possible,

00:35:02.860 --> 00:35:05.300 Kristina Schellinski, Co-Founder RCF: to the effect that

00:35:05.460 --> 00:35:06.960 Kristina Schellinski, Co-Founder RCF: a person

00:35:07.130 --> 00:35:17.289 Kristina Schellinski, Co-Founder RCF: who knows what is involved in this, and they can find it on the replacement. Child Form Could self-identify whether it applies to them.

00:35:17.300 --> 00:35:32.399 Kristina Schellinski, Co-Founder RCF: Okay, so if I know. Oh, I feel guilty a lot, or I don't. I can't decide. I don't know who I am. What I want in life, et cetera. I have a self-esteem problem or I have repetitive relational troubles.

00:35:32.720 --> 00:35:53.959 Kristina Schellinski, Co-Founder RCF: Ah, maybe that is related to that. Then they can self-identify it's not a pathological label we would like to right. I I didn't want to use the wrong term. But I know that here's, for example, is a is a personality disorder. So I want to. Yes, to you. No, No, no, that's true. And I think then the nice thing with the condition is, you know you have a health condition

00:35:54.130 --> 00:36:07.829 Kristina Schellinski, Co-Founder RCF: and this replacement, child status may condition your life for all very long time into adult life, but it can improve a condition, can improve a health condition like that can improve when you become aware.

00:36:08.100 --> 00:36:16.089 Rita Battat, Co-Founder RCF: Right? Right? Exactly. It's like you know. It's a scale. It's not like this, is it? For everybody

00:36:16.100 --> 00:36:45.630 Frank R. Harrison: and spectrum right? Right? No, no, I totally understand I was. I was about to say that you know I've been living with epilepsy since I was sixteen, and the thing is is that, aside from the fact that epilepsy has a history of being a stigma. It is a basic neurological disorder that continues to have research and understanding and genetic aspects as well as even in post-traumatic aspects, in case maybe the individual got, you know, was unconscious or in a coal mine, and all of a sudden,

00:36:45.640 --> 00:37:15.600 Frank R. Harrison: years later they develop seizures. Now that being said, it becomes an understanding that it's either a debilitating issue or it's something you learn to live with and use it to your advantage personally, professionally, or in whatever other means. And that's what I notice you, Judy, have done definitely with understanding your history, going back to those accidents and learning about what your role was, especially when you were taking care of your niece and white flag. So you became a best-selling author through that. And and you, Christina, by being.

00:37:15.610 --> 00:37:30.730 Judy Mandel: It's like a a psychoanalyst, a lot of a lot of psychoanalysts that are replacing children. A lot of lot of famous ones like that. We have a whole list of famous replacement children in the book.

00:37:30.740 --> 00:37:51.400 Judy Mandel: So it's a it's a creative aspect. It's a psychology aspect. You know. People find that it actually helps them to. You know It's a motivating factor. Yeah, yes, exactly. Because tool to to use for the good, the greater good

00:37:51.410 --> 00:37:59.570 Kristina Schellinski, Co-Founder RCF: it's true. Freud was a replacement child. He He replaced his brother Julius, and Jung was a replacement child, replacing three

00:37:59.580 --> 00:38:12.469 Kristina Schellinski, Co-Founder RCF: erez Agmoni, three dead children, and uh phosphorus doll to and Biniccott, and a lot of psychoanalysts or psychiatrists or psychotherapists. But the thing is that I really would like to say one hundred and fifty.

00:38:12.630 --> 00:38:20.430 Kristina Schellinski, Co-Founder RCF: It's not a pathology. It's a much under diagnosed, unrecognized, existential

00:38:20.980 --> 00:38:39.459 Kristina Schellinski, Co-Founder RCF: erez agmoni existential condition, because it has it has an experience of life and death, too early, and it's. I think that is what we don't realize how existential it is, how many people are affected by it. If they really really look over one hundred

00:38:39.470 --> 00:38:54.320 Kristina Schellinski, Co-Founder RCF: if it's not themselves. Maybe their parents or their grandparents were, and that still has impacted on them. But it's existential, and and those people can also look very, very, very deep into

00:38:54.420 --> 00:39:10.559 Kristina Schellinski, Co-Founder RCF: the foundation of existence. And that's why I, I think, for me, has this silver lining, and maybe why so many Pes are in this. In this,

00:39:10.570 --> 00:39:19.949 Rita Battat, Co-Founder RCF: you know we all come out the other side with something positive that you've learned, and you become conscious of, and you can do better,

00:39:20.280 --> 00:39:42.070 Frank R. Harrison: Right? Right? And and I mean, based on all of this. This is like, Well, we definitely will be devoting another show together. Once Phyllis comes back about the whole aspect of forgiveness. But when your start out on grief mode, and you go to using it to more empathy, mode, and healing and working, that is all in the process of forgiveness. Correct? Yes, yes, yes,

00:39:42.080 --> 00:40:00.949 Judy Mandel: a big role of compassion, and I think that's why we we got when we got together we developed the Forum. The replacement shell forum is because it's so under recognized, and Christine is doing a mammoth job in training people to understand the conditions so that they can treat people worldwide

00:40:00.960 --> 00:40:19.339 Judy Mandel: so they can treat people when they come across it and recognize it. I mean, I know Personally, I would. I had been in therapy with several different therapists who never ever touched on this. They never identified it. They never at really asked me the right questions.

00:40:19.350 --> 00:40:40.999 Rita Battat, Co-Founder RCF: Um! There was just an un unawareness. Is that is that a word? And here's what it's so obvious, you know, plane crash. But most times you go to a therapist, or most people go to a therapist, and they don't start with that. It's okay. Why are you angry at this? Not what was happening when you were born. What was happening in your family right? And we'll try to bring that awareness also.

00:40:41.080 --> 00:40:54.579 Judy Mandel: So that's that's our purpose. And And and putting this together is that people could come across it and read about it, and have resources for free, you know, to to find really find themselves there.

00:40:54.960 --> 00:41:18.780 Frank R. Harrison: So So, Rita, as the Communications director for the Forum, are you Basically, using this? The stories, the books, the the the the analysis that Christina does, and really putting out as much content as you can throughout the community, whether it's on social media or traditional media or other platforms. No, we're trying. But what happened is When I wrote I wrote the book with the co-author, who's a psychiatrist,

00:41:18.790 --> 00:41:29.670 Rita Battat, Co-Founder RCF: and she had never heard of it. She wasn't a replacement child, and and she said, Well, let me look into this. And she said, Oh, my God, this is really a thing I want to do this with you. And so

00:41:29.680 --> 00:41:45.870 Rita Battat, Co-Founder RCF: our book is basically You know, we have all these stories of people that are firsthand, and I didn't know how I was going to go about getting them, and I was just like it came pouring in. One person would say, Oh, my God, I know somebody just like this. You need their story,

00:41:46.050 --> 00:42:01.850 Rita Battat, Co-Founder RCF: and I was in famous replacement children like Vincent Bingo, Princess Diana, Salvador Valley, Elvis I mean It's just, you know. It's everywhere. It's everywhere. And so under explored, and that's what we're trying to do. We're trying to bring it in the forefront.

00:42:02.050 --> 00:42:27.279 Rita Battat, Co-Founder RCF: How many, how many stories are in your in your book of different, you know. I'm not sure at this point, because I have so many that we're in the book, and I have so many that I have, that I go into the book because the book would have been five thousand page. It's more than twenty isn't it more than yeah. Yeah, it's a lot right, but it you know it's about people who um have names that they were named after somebody, and the name is very heavy for them, and

00:42:27.290 --> 00:42:33.459 Rita Battat, Co-Founder RCF: you know by Peter Sellers. He was born Richard Henry Sellers, but called Peter after his dead brother.

00:42:33.470 --> 00:43:00.619 Judy Mandel: I think he was to say, I don't even know who know him. He had little joke here, but maybe his brother was the pink panther. He used to say. He said that if he wasn't playing a character, he didn't know how to behave. He didn't know who he was, had no idea. He even said, if I had to play myself, I wouldn't know how to do it. But that's really something we need to address

00:43:00.630 --> 00:43:15.429 Kristina Schellinski, Co-Founder RCF: Erez Agmoni that you can find the true self. This is the this is that fantastic discovery road, the individual possibility, the potential of the replacement child, because the real self is there. It's just covered one hundred and fifty,

00:43:15.650 --> 00:43:40.209 Frank R. Harrison: not seeing restricted until until the awake of the awakening or the awareness comes to you. You're one. It's a break. So before we go out into our next break. Can each of you hold the various books that you have written, so that I can promote it before we go into commercial, so that individuals out there can go into Amazon dot com right now, or on into the website replacement channel Forum dot com and get the books.

00:43:40.220 --> 00:44:09.630 Frank R. Harrison: Oh, and I won't do the honors for you, Judy. Remember, Frank, about health is also the platform where you can get the best mindfulness type of books out there, you know, and and for those out there. It based on our our common connection with Elizabeth, New Jersey. I also got Judy Bloom's book. Oh, you did. Okay, Yeah, we'll recognize my family in there the the Fosters.

00:44:09.640 --> 00:44:20.689 Frank R. Harrison: So, ladies and gentlemen, we will be back after these few messages; but, as you just seen in terms of all those books, they are available on Amazon Com. Right now.

00:44:20.700 --> 00:44:36.669 Frank R. Harrison: It could be a Christmas gift. It could be also for Thanksgiving. But most importantly, this show will air again during Thanksgiving. Be thankful for the family that you have, that you have, whether you are a replacement, child or not. Just be able to understand that there's a reason why you're here.

00:44:36.680 --> 00:44:54.549 Frank R. Harrison: Whatever the motivation was, at least you have a purpose, and we're all looking together with the replacement, child forum, to understand your purpose and leverage it out into your future. So stay tuned, and we'll go into our final segment right here on talk radio and Nyc. And on our Youtube channel right here on Frank about health.

00:44:54.630 --> 00:44:56.079 Go back with you,

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00:46:58.920 --> 00:47:19.649 Frank R. Harrison: Welcome back we We now that we did our book promotions. Let's let's talk about um. What other work or events, or ah things that you are planning to do, either during or after the holiday season. Each of you can start when you're ready. If you have anything to share. Also you can flip the screen and

00:47:19.660 --> 00:47:38.980 Judy Mandel: mit Ctl. And communicate what what you're working on. Well, I can. I can say some of the things that we have done. Um, We've had some webinars with some with certain themes, and we've had um people join us that are um either identify as replacement children or are questioning whether they're replacement children, one hundred and fifty.

00:47:38.990 --> 00:47:51.540 Judy Mandel: Um! We've had some wonderful discussions on those episodes, and they are on Youtube. As a matter of fact, we have a Youtube Channel replacement, child Forum Youtube Channel. So those those live on forever.

00:47:51.550 --> 00:48:10.859 Judy Mandel: Um! People can can watch those um we're planning to do some more um thematic um presentations and and webinars in the future. Um! And so you know we can look forward to doing that. Um, I don't know if you, Rita, do you want to add anything to that about our plans, or

00:48:10.920 --> 00:48:22.199 Rita Battat, Co-Founder RCF: well, we'd like to also contact groups, which is what we're doing now. The twin this twins, because that's a whole other thing, that what happens when you lose your other half.

00:48:22.890 --> 00:48:37.200 Rita Battat, Co-Founder RCF: So um, you know, and adoption, you know, adopted children who really may feel like they're in a family because they're trying to replace the families trying to replace somebody else,

00:48:37.670 --> 00:48:47.710 Rita Battat, Co-Founder RCF: and how difficult it is to find your own identity as an as an adopted child,

00:48:47.730 --> 00:49:07.270 Kristina Schellinski, Co-Founder RCF: when you are an adopted child, and you can feel replaced. If, then there is another natural child being born. You've seen cases like that. Yes, amazing. Yeah. And I can share with you a seminar for those who listen, and who would like to deepen, and would like to participate in a

00:49:07.280 --> 00:49:13.879 Kristina Schellinski, Co-Founder RCF: in a therapeutic seminar. Then I'm. Giving on the third of December,

00:49:13.960 --> 00:49:31.779 Kristina Schellinski, Co-Founder RCF: this seminar online with soul at play. Can you see that now? I think? Yes, this is coming. Interview perfect? Okay, It's a two-hour seminar. You can oppose your questions, I will introduce it.

00:49:31.790 --> 00:49:37.369 Kristina Schellinski, Co-Founder RCF: It can be really life-saving because my whole take

00:49:37.730 --> 00:49:47.629 Kristina Schellinski, Co-Founder RCF: is that you can discover the true self within yourself, and you can start living your own life

00:49:47.800 --> 00:50:04.289 Kristina Schellinski, Co-Founder RCF: read and on a much more deeper level. And that question I put up there, Do you love me or the other is what one of my patients asked me. After a long analysis she looked me into the eye and said, Do you love me, or do you love the other.

00:50:04.450 --> 00:50:09.670 Kristina Schellinski, Co-Founder RCF: And I said, I love you because that was her biggest start.

00:50:09.750 --> 00:50:28.350 Frank R. Harrison: Yes, it's very interesting. It looks as though that in the whole condition of replacement, child, or the replacement child condition rather. You You are dealing with the grief you are dealing with, trying to understand yourself better. But not only is there the forgiveness aspect of it. But

00:50:28.360 --> 00:50:46.380 Frank R. Harrison: it's like there's a part of you that was never really ah fully alive, so I can understand, like I mentioned earlier about how Gest thought Therapy is probably more of a catalytic event for bringing awareness out to those people. But i'm sure, Judy, when you wrote these books, you probably went through such

00:50:46.420 --> 00:51:04.639 Judy Mandel: awakening and such awareness that you probably never even imagined, because you were really writing about something else. And then you got more out of it right? That's absolutely true. I didn't even think it was with a replacement, child. Um, I didn't think I was writing my story because I couldn't put myself in the story.

00:51:04.650 --> 00:51:24.160 Judy Mandel: So it took. It took a a while for me to even admit that I was in that story which you know real. Now i'm realizing why that happened because I didn't identify as being important enough to be part of that story.

00:51:24.270 --> 00:51:31.540 Rita Battat, Co-Founder RCF: No other people that I was interviewing gave me the courage to look deeper into my story while I was writing the book.

00:51:31.820 --> 00:51:33.770 Frank R. Harrison: Yes, yes,

00:51:33.830 --> 00:51:57.080 Frank R. Harrison: well, I mean Ah, I I can't say that I've written a story, but I've done over sixty five episodes of Frank about health in the past year, and I have a feeling that I've been watching what began as a focus on epilepsy, as a focus on overall advocacy. And it's not a replacement child condition, but it's the whole aspect of taking action

00:51:57.090 --> 00:52:12.789 Frank R. Harrison: in discovery and making it more for not just for yourself, but you give by giving more to the others. You're getting more awareness of yourself. You know what i'm trying to say, so it'll work. It'll work. Basically yeah

00:52:12.800 --> 00:52:35.529 Frank R. Harrison: mit Ctl: and yes, exactly. You know um, ladies and gentlemen, I wanted all of you to know that the reason why we had this particular episode is our season. Finale is because in the New Year Phyllis and I are going to pivot the direction of Frank about health, to be more in line with live events, as well as bringing groups like the replacement child Forum,

00:52:35.540 --> 00:53:04.909 Frank R. Harrison: share the care, organization, and other organizations that we've had on the show over the past year, so that each of you out there can actually attend these events, live and communicate with various people and authors and podcasters and other people, and probably you'll eventually meet me in person. But but talk radio and Nyc. Has been a very instrumental force in providing all of you out there, not just with Frank about health, but his show. Sam Leibu was his show conscious consultant

00:53:04.950 --> 00:53:34.940 Frank R. Harrison: as well as um always. Friday with Stephen Fry. Um, you've had um philanthropy and focus with Tommy. D You've had employment law today? Ah, and so many other shows. All i'm trying to say is that the beauty of talk, radio debt and Nyc is. It's about building community amongst each other. Each of the shows work together. The hosts have sometimes appeared on their show as guests, and vice versa, which I was able to do with Eric Sarver Unemployment law today, and then, of course, as everyone

00:53:34.950 --> 00:54:04.680 Frank R. Harrison: one knows, Phyllis Quinlan, who i'm sorry she couldn't be here today, but she started out as a guest, and ended up being my co-host. She's a very renowned medical, professional and business coach, and she also has worked exclusively with the share the care organization, and we definitely will make sure that we have another show together with you guys at the Replacement Forum, so that she can really ask away all the questions about forgiveness. Because this is definitely, I guess not. Just a treatment plan or a spectrum that you have to work with,

00:54:04.780 --> 00:54:13.989 Frank R. Harrison: but it is the it is the trigger that helps you leverage the idea of being in this condition for the greater good, and that's something that I think

00:54:14.000 --> 00:54:37.579 Frank R. Harrison: definitely needs to be educated. Ah, ladies and gentlemen, I'm. Doing my due diligence by promoting another book. That also is done by our own Sam libel with, So bear with me as I show it, and by all means it's relevant for the show that we've done today, and it is called the Game Changers inspirational stories that changed lives. And if you look over here.

00:54:39.950 --> 00:54:43.739 Frank R. Harrison: That is Sam Leibowitz. Right there

00:54:43.940 --> 00:54:59.249 Frank R. Harrison: He is our conscious consultant, and this is definitely a must have for the Christmas holidays. All of the stories in the book are inspirational stories that has changed the lives of the various people that authored it and overall what you've heard today

00:54:59.260 --> 00:55:21.849 Frank R. Harrison: on on this episode of Frank about health are the inspirational stories of people who discovered they were replacement children, and as such created a forum, so that everybody like what talk radio and Nyc has done is form a community of people like minded with similar stories that they can share and learn from each other and advocate for each other, and of course educate all of you out there.

00:55:21.860 --> 00:55:35.430 Frank R. Harrison: Um! We're about two minutes to end, but I wanted to thank you again, Judy, for being an inspiration to the point when you had to get on the phone with my father recently. It was very, very helpful. Thank you for that, and it was.

00:55:35.440 --> 00:56:05.430 Frank R. Harrison: Oh, you're so welcome! And and Christina, it was a pleasure to meet with you, especially because I do have a history of studying psychology over at Nyu, but it was neuropsychology. I never really got into all the treatment methodologies and psychoanalytic training that I did have a desire for at one point I think my podcasting has done it for me. But at least I was glad to meet someone that I could also share my understanding of different types of treatment, modalities, and and then, Rita um! Are you being a communicator with

00:56:05.440 --> 00:56:35.389 Frank R. Harrison: what you do with a replacement for them? I know I have music, industry, experience, and just communicating on a podcast is almost like writing a script in the morning, and then getting ready for the one hour of processing time that, after all I mean, Judy, you just I. I can communicate with you organically. I I have an agenda here, but I don't think I read it. It's just an even flow. So, ladies and gentlemen, thank you so much for

00:56:35.400 --> 00:57:05.379 Frank R. Harrison: for having us. Thank you very, very wonderful. And Judy and and again, um, Phyllis feel better, and we look forward to having you here next year, and I want everyone to know that this show will air again during the Thanksgiving holiday, and Then there will be three select episodes that have been broadcast this past year that are mindful for the holiday season, and then, when we return in twenty, twenty, three. We're going to return with a new look, a new style, a new, a new venue, and all of that will be kept secret, and

00:57:05.390 --> 00:57:24.990 Frank R. Harrison: the New Year, so that all being said, I want to thank all of you out there, including you, Sam Leibowitz, and you, Dylan, right there for producing the show for the past sixty five episodes of Frank about health that went from epilepsy to Covid, to cancer, to diabetes, to Ptsd. Other mental health issues, and of course, the many

00:57:25.000 --> 00:57:54.939 Frank R. Harrison: instrumental people that are podcasters, authors also healthcare advocates, and a special shout out to Sally Kalksman, Trust me. What you've done for me recently will appear next year on Frank about health, and i'll tell you more about that in the coming weeks. All right. I guess it's time to sign off. But I want to thank all of you for being here, and I I think you'll be going to sleep soon. Kristy. Does everybody Happy Thanksgiving, and Thank you, Frank. That was fantastic. Yes, thank you so much. Thank you.

00:57:54.950 --> 00:58:13.069 Frank R. Harrison: Wonderful. Oh, you're all very well, all right, so you all have a good time and and stay tuned for our Friday block of shows, which are always Friday and philanthropy and focus and see you next year.

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