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Monday, June 27, 2022
Facebook Live Video from 2022/06/27 - The Rough Edges of Your Life Brand with Irina Soriano

Facebook Live Video from 2022/06/27 - The Rough Edges of Your Life Brand with Irina Soriano


2022/06/27 - The Rough Edges of Your Life Brand with Irina Soriano

[NEW EPISODE] The Rough Edges of Your Life Brand with Irina Soriano

Irina Soriano is a TEDx speaker and the author of Generation Brand, a modern playbook for cultivating our life brand. She currently serves as Vice President at a technology company and is a pioneer in her professional field. Irina has built a strong life brand around her passion to make a significant contribution to closing the gender gap in the workplace by enabling the current and next generation to drive a cultural paradigm shift toward gender equality in business and beyond. 

We will be talking about the difference between a Life Brand and a personal brand - and the significant edges of Social media, both professionally and personally, why the next generation is more impacted by social media, and the risk of ruining their life brands. While her book focuses on the under-30 crowd, she shares nuggets helpful to ALL ages both to build a strong brand while protecting against the pitfalls of cancel culture and cyber-bullying.

Tune in for this edgy conversation at or watch the Facebook Livestream by Clicking Here.

Show Notes

Segment 1

Sandra starts by explaining the purpose of The Edge of Everyday, which is to explore our rough edges. She then introduces her guest, Irina Soriano, who is a TEDx speaker and the author of Generation Brand, a modern playbook for cultivating our life brand. Sandra shares that she officiated Irina’s wedding. She then acknowledges the overturning of Roe v. Wade that took place recently in the United States. Irina talks about her decision to voice her opinion on the ruling, especially because of her work surrounding gender equality. She argues that social media platforms, including LinkedIn, are the place for discussions about this. Sandra shares that you can text “fight back” to 826-23 to receive information from the ACLU on how to get involved in things like marches. She also encourages people to make a difference by having conversations. Irina speaks about this court case as a step back for gender inequality and Sandra talks about how this decision will cause everyone to suffer.

Segment 2

Irina defines personal branding as branding for the individual and life brand as your digital footprint which includes the things you put out intentionally and the things you put out unintentionally. She mentions that this includes the content of you that exists on other people’s devices. She tells the story of someone’s life being derailed by a photo of them going viral. Irina then talks about the driver behind cancel culture. She also talks about the idea of Generation Brand as the first generation who has a life brand from the start of their life because their parents are creating a digital footprint for them. She then tells her story of leaving the company she had worked at for 10 years and having to rebuild her personal brand.

Segment 3

Irina talks about building your life brand around your identity, what you stand for, and your purpose and being sure to post things that don't misrepresent them. She talks about getting involved in gender equality after learning about the gender confidence gap. She became interested in how younger generations are influenced by social media, specifically in regard to how it affects their confidence. She talks about the spark for her book which came from COVID and from writing her TEDx Talk. Irina says that the biggest hurdle for women moving forward in their careers is that there aren't that many female examples.

Segment 4

Irina says that leaving her career in her early 30s and needing to reinvent herself has been one of her biggest challenges. She talks about being vulnerable as a way to teach the next generation. Irina talks about what she is doing now with her job and her speaking career. She has also started to write a second TEDx Talk. Sandra talks about the workbook section of Irina’s book. Irina can be found at Irina Soriano on LinkedIn and @irina.soriano on Instagram. Her newsletter is called The Confidence Kitchen and her website is which is where you can find her book. Irina stresses the importance of being aware of your life brand and controlling your presence on social media because of the impact it has on your confidence and your career.


00:00:16.109 --> 00:00:23.430 Welcome everyone i'm Sandra bartman a few years ago I wrote and performed a solo show called the edge of every day.

00:00:23.970 --> 00:00:29.520 which was an exploration of the rough edges and contradictions, we all face and grapple with.

00:00:30.450 --> 00:00:38.820 The show hit a nerve and the relevance of the topic would only grow over time, more than I could have foreseen So here we are.

00:00:39.630 --> 00:00:51.210 Real talk with real people sharing stories and perspectives that spark pocket of invitations to leap out of what's safe on the edge of everything thanks for listening.

00:00:53.490 --> 00:01:05.760 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: Hello everyone, we are live in the hive, thank you for joining me on this, the 33rd episode of the edge of every day here on talk radio dot nyc.

00:01:06.630 --> 00:01:12.090 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: For those of you who are tuning in for the first time and for those of you who don't know me yet.

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00:01:20.970 --> 00:01:28.980 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: And please tune into any of my previous episodes with my inspiring guests, as all my loyal listeners know.

00:01:29.610 --> 00:01:40.320 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: This show is about celebrating triumphs pushing boundaries and exploring rough edges through conversations and shared stories with friends and colleagues.

00:01:40.740 --> 00:01:53.820 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: it's my hope that we can begin to understand our edges and what I mean by edges is those places where we are fearful those places where we are resistant to change.

00:01:54.420 --> 00:02:05.730 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: those places where paradoxes and contradictions live in our beliefs and understandings both about ourselves, and about the world around us those places we don't want to look.

00:02:06.840 --> 00:02:09.180 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: Listen, we live in turbulent times.

00:02:10.320 --> 00:02:22.230 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: And we are coming to understand that life simply isn't black or white, it must be an embrace of both, and the more we recognize our own edges and get real about them.

00:02:22.680 --> 00:02:32.490 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: The more we can help others to do the same, and that I fully believe can help to change the world so thanks again for tuning in.

00:02:33.780 --> 00:02:39.030 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: And without further ado, it is time to introduce our guest this evening.

00:02:40.410 --> 00:02:52.020 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: I rena soriano is a tedx and keynote speaker and the author of generation brand a modern playbook for cultivating our life brand.

00:02:52.710 --> 00:02:59.280 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: She is currently serving as Vice President enablement and process excellence at seismic.

00:02:59.940 --> 00:03:12.690 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: The recognized leader in marketing and sales enablement leading a global team of enablement professionals to drive revenue and growth for size mix go to market teams.

00:03:13.320 --> 00:03:24.450 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: She also runs the nyc chapter for wise women in sales enablement she is a forbes author and Business Development Council member.

00:03:24.930 --> 00:03:31.950 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: And was named a top 20 sales enablement influencer by sales enablement collective.

00:03:32.910 --> 00:03:47.880 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: As a leader, she has consistently pioneered new enablement learning sales and operational initiatives worldwide build positive employment cultures and coached top performers.

00:03:48.540 --> 00:03:54.720 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: She has held senior positions across em EA Asia Pacific and the US.

00:03:55.410 --> 00:04:07.020 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: This experience has exposure to working with and mentoring, an extremely diverse group of men and women across multiple industries in different parts of the world.

00:04:07.860 --> 00:04:17.460 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: I rena has built a strong life brand around her passion to make a significant contribution to closing the gender gap in the workplace.

00:04:17.730 --> 00:04:40.500 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: by enabling the current and next generation to drive a cultural paradigm shift toward gender equality in business and beyond, she holds a bachelor of arts and a master of arts in international business from ren school of business in run Brittany hello, and welcome I rena.

00:04:41.310 --> 00:04:45.570 IS | Speaking: hi Sandra thanks for having me on today very excited to be here.

00:04:45.690 --> 00:04:54.570 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: Oh, thank you for joining me, I am very excited to have you on as well i've been waiting and waiting for the perfect time to have you on.

00:04:56.610 --> 00:04:57.810 IS | Speaking: tried, we tried a bit.

00:04:57.840 --> 00:04:58.470 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: With rob we.

00:04:58.560 --> 00:04:59.670 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: got a few times yeah.

00:04:59.970 --> 00:05:01.800 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: But the time is arrived.

00:05:02.160 --> 00:05:12.450 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: yeah, and so I like to start out with sharing how I know my guests, with my audience and this particular connection is pretty awesome.

00:05:12.930 --> 00:05:26.940 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: So those of you tuning in I know Irene and her husband, because I married them, I was the wedding efficient for and I created their wedding ceremony, how many years ago, is it now eight.

00:05:28.320 --> 00:05:32.250 IS | Speaking: Now we're getting there we're about six in coming up or so.

00:05:32.550 --> 00:05:33.660 IS | Speaking: Okay, and you get.

00:05:33.930 --> 00:05:36.660 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: With coven you know, like you, can't keep track of.

00:05:36.660 --> 00:05:36.990 Time.

00:05:38.700 --> 00:05:57.270 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: Oh, my goodness, and what a glorious celebration and reading your CV and understanding your work life, it completely played out in your glorious wedding I mean it was just people from around the globe, it was such a joy for both my husband and I to attend.

00:05:58.410 --> 00:06:07.680 IS | Speaking: yeah it was a very special moment and, obviously, because we know you and I see you all the time that brings back the memories right every time I talk.

00:06:08.130 --> 00:06:11.940 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: Clearly, everyone listening and that was not the last time I saw her.

00:06:13.200 --> 00:06:28.170 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: We have remained good friends, so it again it's a joy to have you on and to celebrate your incredible accomplishments you have worked tirelessly tirelessly for gender parity gender equality.

00:06:29.670 --> 00:06:44.160 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: And I would be very remiss without I can't start the show without talking acknowledging what has occurred in our world in the United States, the Supreme Court has overruled roe V Wade.

00:06:45.750 --> 00:07:06.060 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: Three days ago holding that the Constitution does not confer a right to abortion and the authority to regulate abortion is returned to the people and their elected representatives, the ruling was five to four to overturn roe and six to three to uphold the Mississippi law.

00:07:08.610 --> 00:07:09.930 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: So i'm.

00:07:11.430 --> 00:07:13.590 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: Not that we need to go down this rabbit hole.

00:07:14.640 --> 00:07:27.000 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: intensely, but I am curious to I was very pleased to see that you made a post on linkedin about this on the business APP and I have read a few other.

00:07:29.670 --> 00:07:47.220 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: Detailed postings on linkedin where they have received some dramatic pushback that it is not the correct place to be talking about this and I would argue that it's business, the world of business is absolutely the place to be talking about this.

00:07:47.370 --> 00:07:47.580 Now.

00:07:48.930 --> 00:08:02.940 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: What have you noticed, if you can talk about this in your office with your colleagues and the women that you mentor what what are some of the observations that you have seen.

00:08:04.110 --> 00:08:12.180 IS | Speaking: yeah so you know Friday was a tough day I think you know, not just for me, for many, many women out there.

00:08:13.290 --> 00:08:32.700 IS | Speaking: You know, a day of a lot of emotion and also you know for me i'm i'm in the leadership position like you said you know I do mentor a lot of women, I have majority of women on my team, in fact, you know 90% of my team of women right now.

00:08:33.960 --> 00:08:53.250 IS | Speaking: and obviously the the work that I do outside of my day to day, and you know at my company is is very centered around driving you know, gender equality and and and all those pieces, you know at work and beyond, so when Friday happened.

00:08:54.120 --> 00:09:00.810 IS | Speaking: You know, for me it was pretty straightforward that and yeah I was voicing my opinion and my feelings on this.

00:09:01.650 --> 00:09:09.030 IS | Speaking: But I think as a leader, if it was an interesting way to decide how you're going to do that right, because obviously like you said.

00:09:09.630 --> 00:09:16.560 IS | Speaking: You know that there are audiences out there that are supporting this decisions and there they are many others that are not supporting it.

00:09:16.890 --> 00:09:33.570 IS | Speaking: And I was happy to take either side on my social media posts in that particular case because I felt it was very important to you know voice which side i'm on here and that i'm supporting you know the not just the women in my community, but the women in.

00:09:33.930 --> 00:09:36.090 IS | Speaking: General women in general right.

00:09:36.330 --> 00:09:37.200 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: We don't have freedom.

00:09:38.010 --> 00:09:41.010 IS | Speaking: Exactly, so you know I thought this is very important i've.

00:09:41.550 --> 00:09:48.900 IS | Speaking: addressed my team, you know in writing about it, you know as you saw many companies have done posts on social media about an opening up about.

00:09:49.200 --> 00:10:02.040 IS | Speaking: That policies so that you know folks can get the health care that they need open up you know location, so that folks can work anywhere, where they need to be a want to relocate my my employer was part of that as well.

00:10:02.910 --> 00:10:10.200 IS | Speaking: You know, although it's obviously it's a sensitive topic for me it was just a no brainer to you know to voice my opinion on it and.

00:10:10.470 --> 00:10:27.360 IS | Speaking: Quite frankly, it's it's i've seen it, I read all I was on social media all day i've read all the comments i've seen what some folks commented on other women's post as well, and I do think it was the place to voice that and, quite frankly, you know it's silence in these situations that.

00:10:27.840 --> 00:10:28.320 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: are over.

00:10:29.100 --> 00:10:35.640 IS | Speaking: And quite frankly it's and we're going to get into that everything i'm saying in my book is about.

00:10:35.940 --> 00:10:47.190 IS | Speaking: Who, you are, how you want to be perceived and the life friend you're building and social media is the vehicle if we want this or not, and yes linkedin is a business platform I.

00:10:47.790 --> 00:10:56.670 IS | Speaking: don't disagree with that, but if you have spent time on linkedin in the last two years, the tone has very much changed it has.

00:10:57.120 --> 00:11:09.090 IS | Speaking: shifted it's become very personal you know folks post about their families, their lives, their challenges it has gotten very vocal in those areas, it has gotten what political.

00:11:09.120 --> 00:11:10.620 IS | Speaking: You know, in a way.

00:11:11.670 --> 00:11:12.420 IS | Speaking: You know that's.

00:11:12.450 --> 00:11:14.940 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: part of what drives business immediate.

00:11:14.970 --> 00:11:18.030 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: The data those separations are over.

00:11:19.410 --> 00:11:24.900 IS | Speaking: I agree it's it drives business, but in the end will also all human.

00:11:24.960 --> 00:11:33.570 IS | Speaking: Human and we all live in these platforms and, yes, we all work for corporations and we're all supporting growth, and you know what to do well, and all of those things.

00:11:33.870 --> 00:11:50.640 IS | Speaking: But in the end we're all in this together, no matter what happens and social media is the vehicle to connect us, so I think to say this platform is for this, and this platform is for that that has gotten very tough word yeah you know it's getting very hard so.

00:11:51.630 --> 00:11:52.290 IS | Speaking: That, I agree.

00:11:52.860 --> 00:11:58.260 IS | Speaking: I felt a little spot it felt it was the spot to to mention it, and so did many, many.

00:11:58.290 --> 00:12:03.090 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: Thousands thousands of other and I loved it I just loved it I love the pushback that women were like yeah.

00:12:03.690 --> 00:12:24.840 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: It is absolutely the platform for you know we're not going back into the home and out of the business world so get used to it, but before I dive in that's a great segue into social media and your work, but I do want to before I get off of this is is I was reading that.

00:12:25.860 --> 00:12:35.190 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: On acl us website, a way that people, people can take action is one of the ways, one of the millions of ways, but.

00:12:36.870 --> 00:12:47.550 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: You can text fight back to eight to six dash two, three and the aclu will just provide constant.

00:12:47.910 --> 00:12:53.460 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: texting of where you can join marches where you your voice can be heard.

00:12:53.730 --> 00:13:01.620 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: You know all the different ways that you can be taking action and another way that we can be taking action is by having the kinds of conversations.

00:13:01.830 --> 00:13:08.040 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: That you and I are having right now that you are having in your office these create these courageous conversations.

00:13:08.370 --> 00:13:18.840 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: Over something that's very difficult and very triggering for a lot of people, however, the time has come, we cannot shy away, we have to lean in and have these courageous conversations.

00:13:19.260 --> 00:13:28.860 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: And, in some cases, share our personal story as to why access to abortion has been essential in our lives, for instance, I had an abortion.

00:13:29.670 --> 00:13:38.700 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: I don't go round in the world and share that i've never felt like I needed to do that because I never thought that I would see in my lifetime, that this would happen.

00:13:39.990 --> 00:13:40.590 IS | Speaking: right but.

00:13:40.830 --> 00:13:57.720 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: But I think, women are really stepping forward with their personal stories in a way to empower the younger people and to remind them that there's been a lot of fight to get to this point and to have this happen needs some new engagement.

00:13:59.550 --> 00:14:10.560 IS | Speaking: I agree it's a you know, like I I discussed, obviously with folks over the weekend, as well, so and and with my husband it's you know, obviously been a topic for for the both of us to.

00:14:10.980 --> 00:14:16.230 IS | Speaking: You know it felt like the club's four to 50 years back when we woke up the next day.

00:14:16.680 --> 00:14:23.520 IS | Speaking: And you know I say this, all the time, like when we think about just the steps forward, we have made when it comes to.

00:14:23.760 --> 00:14:35.880 IS | Speaking: Driving gender equality, and you know getting more women and CEO positions and and pay gap, but you pick any topic that you want obviously you know, looking back on the last years, you know, we made a.

00:14:36.120 --> 00:14:47.850 IS | Speaking: huge step forward in all of those departments, but if things like this happen, they just throw us back immensely in any other area as well, because they all just connected.

00:14:47.880 --> 00:14:49.260 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: With one an absolute now.

00:14:49.890 --> 00:15:01.770 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: i'm choices are completely and utterly connected to this educational choices health choices and it's not just the women and the pregnant women that are going to suffer it's going to be everyone that is going to suffer from this.

00:15:03.120 --> 00:15:19.080 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: Oh, Lord well okay it's time for us to take a break, and we are, when we come back, we will set this aside and dive in beautifully into all of your incredible work and how you are stepping forward and sharing your voice.

00:15:19.620 --> 00:15:26.700 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: Particularly with with this younger community, as we were just speaking of but it's and your incredible book.

00:15:27.720 --> 00:15:40.650 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: Gender brand we're going to start off with i've got a signed copy here from arena and we're going to dive in when we come back with arena soriano on the edge of every day stay tuned.

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00:17:52.350 --> 00:17:53.580 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: On the edge.

00:17:54.180 --> 00:18:09.060 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: Every day, and we are back with I rena soriano and war we're going to dive in and talk about her book generation brand so you are pioneering a new and larger understanding of what.

00:18:09.510 --> 00:18:26.610 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: brand is your book is not about creating a brand it's so much bigger than that so so let's understand what is the difference between a life brand and a personal brand or brand in general.

00:18:27.570 --> 00:18:36.570 IS | Speaking: that's a great question so if we say brand you know if if we're speaking in marketing terms right and bernice and holly branding.

00:18:37.320 --> 00:18:47.910 IS | Speaking: that's like you know how how that's the value that with that was showing right, what does the company stand for what's the secret sauce like what's the company connected to and how is it representing itself.

00:18:48.390 --> 00:19:02.250 IS | Speaking: In the marketplace so when you say personal branding it's pretty much the same thing, just for the individual so it's my intentional effort that i'm doing out there in the world and, mainly, these days, this is going to be on social media for most of the people.

00:19:02.640 --> 00:19:16.740 IS | Speaking: To you know, be an expert an expert in my field to you know build credibility to drive my career to drive visibility, but all those efforts are intentional so i'm putting them out there with a purpose.

00:19:17.160 --> 00:19:25.770 IS | Speaking: Now, when we think about life brand and, for me, and we can talk about that a little bit that came to life through an experience that I had to go.

00:19:25.770 --> 00:19:27.270 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: With God that's.

00:19:28.770 --> 00:19:30.450 IS | Speaking: The story behind this topic.

00:19:30.660 --> 00:19:39.120 IS | Speaking: And life friend is your digital footprint meaning everything you have ever put out there.

00:19:39.510 --> 00:19:55.560 IS | Speaking: Any like any love any comment any post any photo any video Okay, and that could be on any type of platform where we're spending our time and that means the the things you put out intentionally but also the things you put out unintentional.

00:19:56.610 --> 00:20:08.760 IS | Speaking: that's one part of the story, and you know many folks might go, I know that there's not much out there, like I don't spend a lot of time out there and that's especially you know the later generations right so.

00:20:10.200 --> 00:20:15.120 IS | Speaking: Your generation like you know my husband like you know he's very lucky that there was no social media.

00:20:15.120 --> 00:20:15.870 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: Oh totally.

00:20:15.930 --> 00:20:17.460 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: I mean How often do I say.

00:20:18.300 --> 00:20:29.790 IS | Speaking: ties and said, for me, thank God, I got into Facebook in my 20s for the first time, you know that was the first proper platform and so so that's one bucket right.

00:20:29.850 --> 00:20:39.960 IS | Speaking: Then the second bucket is Those are all the photos and the videos everything that's on here now on my devices, but also on everyone.

00:20:39.990 --> 00:20:41.220 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: else's devices.

00:20:41.400 --> 00:20:41.940 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: That race.

00:20:42.000 --> 00:20:44.490 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: No sterling like oh that's right.

00:20:45.390 --> 00:20:46.470 IS | Speaking: So you know me.

00:20:47.700 --> 00:20:56.790 IS | Speaking: Right think back, I mean we know TV teenagers we go to the party, you know we have a couple of too many we're not quite sure what happened, the rest of the night we go home.

00:20:57.000 --> 00:21:03.540 IS | Speaking: It classic but now we everybody has a recording device, this is a much different situation so.

00:21:03.870 --> 00:21:12.990 IS | Speaking: Anything that's recorded off you by anybody, and you know more than half of the population in the world has a smartphone right now that's just what it is.

00:21:13.350 --> 00:21:17.340 IS | Speaking: That is also part of your life, right now, will this ever see the light of day.

00:21:17.910 --> 00:21:34.530 IS | Speaking: Maybe no maybe, yes, maybe not right now, maybe in 15 years from now, when you're you know, in an executive position and you don't remember that this is even out there if you've watched my tedx talk, you know, there was a courageous woman that has given you know.

00:21:34.560 --> 00:21:38.400 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: A testimony about tell that to just quickly touch on that.

00:21:39.180 --> 00:21:54.150 IS | Speaking: yeah it's a you know, it was a picture that was posted from years ago that was taken on photo and that on paper right right and that's that's the last category, so all your friends that have those codec photos in the boxes up and.

00:21:54.360 --> 00:21:56.370 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: All you have to do is grab it.

00:21:57.120 --> 00:22:01.650 IS | Speaking: Now they can take a picture of it and post it right so that's that's the other piece that's what happened to her.

00:22:02.310 --> 00:22:15.750 IS | Speaking: And and in advance viral within a very short period of time millions and millions of shares and comments and she received death threats, and so did her family and it's you know she lost a couple of.

00:22:16.770 --> 00:22:23.460 IS | Speaking: Jobs over that, and you know it's it's it's been really just a tragic story for her, but she decided to.

00:22:23.670 --> 00:22:38.220 IS | Speaking: You know, come forward and not mentioning her name for the tedx talk that I was doing and I read her story and I approached her and she said she wanted to give back to the you know, to bring the Community so that other people are not repeating her mistake.

00:22:39.510 --> 00:22:46.830 IS | Speaking: And maybe one day she may decide to mention that you know this was her but that's that's totally up to her so.

00:22:47.190 --> 00:22:57.420 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: it's an interesting edge of every day this whole counsel culture culture thing and and, on the one hand it's great that we can film everything I mean what have I George floyd death.

00:22:57.900 --> 00:23:14.490 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: And you know the the same God that we're able to film these policeman in these compromising and criminal stances, but you know, and so that cancel culture and the in the the consequences of bad bad bad behavior is a good thing, but.

00:23:14.880 --> 00:23:21.660 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: yeah so culture in the opposite direction is not so So how do you manage that.

00:23:23.100 --> 00:23:34.200 IS | Speaking: At listen i'm not going to give you the answer I address this in my book, how who decides you Bray what's okay was this young woman should she have been cancelled.

00:23:34.830 --> 00:23:44.430 IS | Speaking: or not like, who was the judge here, so what I will say on this, I think, when there is behaviors like you have just described.

00:23:45.240 --> 00:24:00.390 IS | Speaking: Angela cultures, we pick out, you know, a person on individual that has done a certain action and based on that we we drive that other folks are not showing that same kind of behavior by cancelling that individual.

00:24:00.840 --> 00:24:12.000 IS | Speaking: And, and in those cases, you know it that's a that's a good thing that's what should happen right so, and you know, and I agree, thank God, we have recording devices, these days, you know, this puts us in a position to.

00:24:12.330 --> 00:24:19.890 IS | Speaking: To point out in Parliament patients that's right, but if we think just next generation i'm more thinking about like.

00:24:20.850 --> 00:24:30.450 IS | Speaking: And I don't even want to say the stupid stuff because there's some examples I pointed out in the book as well, when you read it, you go oh that's so wrong, why would anybody say something like that.

00:24:31.800 --> 00:24:38.160 IS | Speaking: You know, but also there's 13 year olds that did certain things, and they just didn't really get.

00:24:38.280 --> 00:24:41.580 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: Right now, this is a great segue into what is generation brand.

00:24:42.750 --> 00:24:48.300 IS | Speaking: that's right so generation brand is the the following generation right so.

00:24:48.690 --> 00:24:49.470 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: you've named them.

00:24:49.920 --> 00:24:51.210 IS | Speaking: gen Z I have.

00:24:51.240 --> 00:24:51.450 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: 10.

00:24:51.840 --> 00:24:53.190 IS | Speaking: fingers cohort people.

00:24:53.370 --> 00:24:54.810 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: And they were just gonna stick.

00:24:55.620 --> 00:24:59.370 IS | Speaking: Right, so the do you know how generations a named actually.

00:24:59.400 --> 00:25:01.560 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: Because I did not tell us, I love this.

00:25:01.830 --> 00:25:02.730 IS | Speaking: I did not know.

00:25:02.790 --> 00:25:03.480 When I started.

00:25:04.800 --> 00:25:13.590 IS | Speaking: My research, you know how does this work and it's completely random so anybody can come up with the name.

00:25:14.310 --> 00:25:27.570 IS | Speaking: And that that doesn't even need to be a certain reason for it, and if the name sticks then that's eventually how the analysts will name the generation and and that's how it is, I didn't know that, so I wasn't aware of.

00:25:27.600 --> 00:25:35.400 IS | Speaking: That and the generation that have been named by offers that names, the generation in books and then it gets sticky and they they picked it up.

00:25:36.360 --> 00:25:45.000 IS | Speaking: So you know I I gave it a little staff here, and the reason for that was that life brand so what I just described.

00:25:45.330 --> 00:25:55.470 IS | Speaking: starts the second that first post that features you goes out there and now if you're a baby obviously not going to post yourself but that's your parents, right here.

00:25:56.010 --> 00:26:13.500 IS | Speaking: Are the steps that you're getting the tooth out and saying stupid things in the camera and all of those fun things feed into your life brand technically from way from day one, and this is the first generation that is exposed to social media from day one of their life.

00:26:13.560 --> 00:26:17.280 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: So 2012 on right correct.

00:26:17.310 --> 00:26:29.190 IS | Speaking: So, and you know, and I think that's that's a big deal because if we talk about the many mistakes, you can make out there and how long they can follow you and how much later, they can.

00:26:29.190 --> 00:26:33.330 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: surface or the family member has made on your behalf, or.

00:26:34.530 --> 00:26:38.490 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: Even owning having a phone put into your hand.

00:26:39.090 --> 00:26:43.260 IS | Speaking: that's right so it's it's the hope and I had this discussion with parents who would say.

00:26:43.620 --> 00:26:52.890 IS | Speaking: So you don't think I can post things about my children and i'm like well that's really not what i'm saying i'm just saying, be aware of what you're doing.

00:26:53.430 --> 00:27:00.690 IS | Speaking: You are building their life friend without them having given you consent to do so, and you know those might be harmless things which.

00:27:01.020 --> 00:27:10.530 IS | Speaking: means nothing and which are fine, but you know, there might be other things where if the you know kid is 1213 1415 1617 where they would go, you know what I don't.

00:27:10.920 --> 00:27:23.670 IS | Speaking: I don't really want that on social media about me and we've taken a little bit that that freedom away from them in that way, and I just don't think it's something that's top of mind to people every day, you know they don't think much about it really.

00:27:24.270 --> 00:27:34.710 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: So we breezed over this, I want to circle back you were starting to to to hint at some story that made you discover this connection with social media and life brand your personal story.

00:27:35.820 --> 00:27:36.360 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: That happened.

00:27:36.990 --> 00:27:47.550 IS | Speaking: My personal story so it's a few years ago, you know I decided to step out of a role, I had been in and for over 10 years.

00:27:47.940 --> 00:27:48.210 IS | Speaking: In the.

00:27:48.630 --> 00:27:57.000 IS | Speaking: same company global setup and a wonderful journey but circumstances led me to the point where within one day.

00:27:57.780 --> 00:28:02.310 IS | Speaking: The decision was made that I said okay that's this will be my last day here.

00:28:03.240 --> 00:28:12.990 IS | Speaking: And, and I woke up and I was already living in you know in New Jersey at the time, now I live in New York, but you know i've been here like two three years few years in and.

00:28:13.440 --> 00:28:18.630 IS | Speaking: And I woke up the next morning and I usually make decisions, I decided at night.

00:28:18.990 --> 00:28:20.550 IS | Speaking: And when I wake up in the morning.

00:28:20.820 --> 00:28:37.710 IS | Speaking: You know I see how I feel, and then I go ahead in this case I could do that, so I made it on the day and then walked out and woke up the next morning my husband was at work, my stepkids would in school, so I was all alone, the first time ever, not having to go to a job.

00:28:38.550 --> 00:28:43.590 IS | Speaking: So I went downstairs I made myself a coffee and like I said in my house and was just like.

00:28:44.430 --> 00:29:02.160 IS | Speaking: Now what and the That was the moment where just the realization came that I had spent 10 years to build my personal brand so my intentional efforts within the organization, I had left 24 hours ago, so so that brand was gone.

00:29:02.310 --> 00:29:03.540 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: Gone wow.

00:29:04.230 --> 00:29:22.020 IS | Speaking: I will living within the four walls of the organization, where I had massive impact, but now I was sitting in my kitchen not having a job and going okay now what now that also came with the fact that i've built a global network professional network mainly within that organization.

00:29:22.350 --> 00:29:33.900 IS | Speaking: hmm so now finding yourself having to go and nobody knows you, you have to start over from scratch, you have to find yourself a job I didn't know anybody in New York City, other than like two people.

00:29:34.290 --> 00:29:46.410 IS | Speaking: And and and that was it and that hit me right, in the face that morning, and it was not a pretty awakening when I said, you know what I wasted 10 years if I had used those 10 years.

00:29:46.830 --> 00:29:56.820 IS | Speaking: To own my life brand build it use it to contribute to the Community, make sure people know me and really stand behind for what my life friend is for like my purpose.

00:29:57.780 --> 00:30:08.460 IS | Speaking: I would have been in a bit likely even a much better situation than I was in at that point in time already, you know so big realization for me that day oh.

00:30:08.670 --> 00:30:19.920 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: Absolutely, and the idea of we're gonna have to take a break the idea of connecting your life brand to social media.

00:30:20.520 --> 00:30:36.870 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: And to gender parity I love the confluence of that the the edge of that so when we come back with I rena soriano author of generation brand we're going to dive into those edges and we're going to talk about.

00:30:38.100 --> 00:30:48.030 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: Women in particular women's confidence as it relates to the confluence of those three things when we come back on the edge of every day stay tuned everyone.

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00:32:49.830 --> 00:32:53.310 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: On the end of every day, and we are back with.

00:32:53.370 --> 00:33:13.230 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: arena soriano so let's pick it up there, how did you from this turning point in your life connect life brand and social media and gender parity and then how did that lead to the spark of creating your tedx talk and the book.

00:33:14.370 --> 00:33:15.540 IS | Speaking: that's a big question i'm going to.

00:33:16.770 --> 00:33:18.270 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: remind you of all those pieces.

00:33:19.980 --> 00:33:28.770 IS | Speaking: So, so I explained the concept of life right obviously right and the it comes to life through social media because that's where we have the biggest reach right.

00:33:29.040 --> 00:33:40.560 IS | Speaking: And as you build your life friend, you know how I highlighted in the book it's a give a whole launch kit in there, so that people understand how to actually do it because it seems quite overwhelming when you don't know where to start.

00:33:40.950 --> 00:33:48.120 IS | Speaking: And it's really around picking what's your identity and what you stand for and what's your purpose and i'm not talking.

00:33:48.600 --> 00:33:59.880 IS | Speaking: purpose curing a you know, a disease or that's not what i'm speaking, but it could be some very simple like a little idea of passion, maybe your profession right what you do your expertise.

00:34:00.180 --> 00:34:07.140 IS | Speaking: So, and as you every time you post or anytime when you build your digital footprint.

00:34:07.470 --> 00:34:14.610 IS | Speaking: You are intentional with what you're doing because you're focused on your purpose and your identity and you make sure it's not misrepresenting either of them.

00:34:14.730 --> 00:34:22.350 IS | Speaking: But doesn't mean you have to post within that realm but you want to make sure it's not misrepresenting that protects you from hurting your life right and making mistakes right.

00:34:22.680 --> 00:34:36.750 IS | Speaking: On you know social media that might follow you for the coming years, so that's how life friend and social media hang together now how I got into the whole gender piece, as I started to build out, you know my research and really dug into this whole thing.

00:34:37.710 --> 00:34:43.380 IS | Speaking: You know i've very quickly i'm aware of it, but I also stumbled over a lot of research on the confidence gap.

00:34:43.590 --> 00:34:44.670 IS | Speaking: between men and women.

00:34:44.820 --> 00:34:52.020 IS | Speaking: Right and that's you know that there's books out there and there's this studies and research, this is not something I came up with.

00:34:52.350 --> 00:35:03.420 IS | Speaking: That you know women shy away from self promotion right, women are more afraid to speak about their accomplishments women take less risk it's and the list goes on and on and on.

00:35:03.720 --> 00:35:19.800 IS | Speaking: And that includes women like myself, so when I compare you know to male leaders that are at my level or slightly above, I sometimes do see behaviors that differ from them, and that is likely related you know to my gender.

00:35:20.820 --> 00:35:27.570 IS | Speaking: And I think it's you know it's a big discussion is this DNA is this ingrained in our brain I come from.

00:35:27.720 --> 00:35:31.170 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: analyzed I believe we've been utterly socialized and.

00:35:31.260 --> 00:35:32.850 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: Yes, I do believe it's cellular.

00:35:33.180 --> 00:35:37.590 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: because so many women behind us have believed that right.

00:35:37.740 --> 00:35:45.660 IS | Speaking: And, and I come from a family that has fostered my confidence from you know, a very early age, and I even have.

00:35:45.690 --> 00:35:51.690 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: Those are totally missing with me i'm as outspoken and bold as can be, and you too.

00:35:51.900 --> 00:35:53.160 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: I have my places.

00:35:53.670 --> 00:35:58.530 IS | Speaking: Totally imposter syndrome, you know it's I feel these things, all the time.

00:35:58.980 --> 00:36:07.320 IS | Speaking: And you know, and so do other executives, you know that are openly speaking about this men and women, but obviously we know this is a bigger thing for women so.

00:36:07.560 --> 00:36:16.290 IS | Speaking: My whole point was when I got into the research on you know what's happening with the next generation like how do they get influenced by social media, you know with.

00:36:16.860 --> 00:36:21.900 IS | Speaking: Now teenagers, you know they get less driver's license which is pretty interesting.

00:36:22.170 --> 00:36:36.720 IS | Speaking: That you know the Depression and anxiety rates are significantly up right within that next generation so talking gen Z not really generation brand but, especially, like the folks that are in the teenage years into you know college like 30 that that.

00:36:36.750 --> 00:36:51.930 IS | Speaking: That gen Z many factors to that exactly so you know and the influences on social media it's the just the i'm not gonna say the faintness because I don't think that's that's the right way of putting it but they is a lot out there that's.

00:36:51.960 --> 00:36:54.150 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: Not real positiveness.

00:36:55.170 --> 00:36:55.530 IS | Speaking: So.

00:36:56.640 --> 00:37:05.490 IS | Speaking: You know, and we, and especially at a young age we get those influences and you know if this is, you know i've mentioned a girl in the book who.

00:37:06.390 --> 00:37:18.060 IS | Speaking: was a lifeguard down at the shore and she's like I put my first tick tock out and then so many people told me i'm fat and ugly and now I didn't want to be a lifeguard anymore, because I never wanted to wear a bathing suit again.

00:37:18.330 --> 00:37:25.710 IS | Speaking: And she put something up where she was wearing a bathing suit but she's gorgeous young woman, so that stuff is going to stick with her.

00:37:26.190 --> 00:37:29.490 IS | Speaking: You may be forever for a really long time and.

00:37:29.760 --> 00:37:34.500 IS | Speaking: You know that's what happens on social media when this no seat belt, so my whole point is if.

00:37:34.590 --> 00:37:49.620 IS | Speaking: I already have a lack of confidence and I didn't grow up a social media I come out of a family that has pushed my confidence like to the edge and i'm going to working environment where you know me and my gender and my background is cherished and support it.

00:37:49.860 --> 00:37:59.850 IS | Speaking: Now, imagine somebody who doesn't have all of these things and grows up with social media getting their teeth kicked in for years and years and years, and yet how are they going to maneuver.

00:37:59.910 --> 00:38:01.470 IS | Speaking: When they get to my level.

00:38:02.010 --> 00:38:02.220 I mean.

00:38:03.360 --> 00:38:21.420 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: Do you do, you find I mean it seems like it makes sense that there are more women on social media, I mean the things that we're seeing and the influencers I mean maybe it's just what my feed comes up way more with women and way more men making comments about women.

00:38:22.500 --> 00:38:24.120 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: Is that true in your research.

00:38:24.330 --> 00:38:30.720 IS | Speaking: I mean, I can comment on the men making comments about women because I because it's women also comment today.

00:38:30.990 --> 00:38:32.220 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: Also on absolutely.

00:38:32.370 --> 00:38:35.670 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: yeah right competition is nasty nasty that's.

00:38:37.080 --> 00:38:49.290 IS | Speaking: That whole piece, you know I wouldn't comment on that, like I you know I can't give you a percentage, but as a slightly higher percentage of depending on which platform we're talking about that women frequent versus.

00:38:49.290 --> 00:38:50.460 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: Man I would think that young.

00:38:50.490 --> 00:38:52.710 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: People it's in stuff you know that there.

00:38:52.770 --> 00:38:54.030 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: that's really weird there.

00:38:54.240 --> 00:39:02.400 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: And it's so picture oriented it's not you know they're not writing epistles and stories and lovely blog posts that sort of thing.

00:39:02.730 --> 00:39:09.480 IS | Speaking: Right it's the the content that women versus men posts that Facebook has has.

00:39:09.780 --> 00:39:23.610 IS | Speaking: Published studies on that that are available that women have a tendency to talk more personal things and also personal challenges more interpersonal stuff and man hang more on the you know the business the sports that these type topics so.

00:39:24.390 --> 00:39:37.080 IS | Speaking: So there are numbers around that top of my head I couldn't quote you exactly what the percentages, but when it comes to the the hay and the Trolls and all of that, I think it's both.

00:39:37.170 --> 00:39:51.240 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: You know, and I think you're right I think you're and and women are you know I I had literally michaels on my show, and you know her book is coming out it's all about that and competition, I have a chapter in her book, by the way, um.

00:39:52.320 --> 00:40:05.520 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: yeah she was gloriously inviting people in other authors and but, but this is it, I mean this is what why this is why she left corporate was this kind of catty infighting.

00:40:05.940 --> 00:40:17.430 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: That we're we are seeing on social media we're between women, but I digress I want to well not really, but I want to focus now on, so what was the spark.

00:40:18.600 --> 00:40:19.290 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: For your.

00:40:19.710 --> 00:40:20.760 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: nose had X.

00:40:20.760 --> 00:40:21.390 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: And you know.

00:40:21.420 --> 00:40:24.270 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: Now that you put all these pieces together boom.

00:40:25.800 --> 00:40:35.580 IS | Speaking: Right, so the the spark happens, you know, the idea was born a few years ago, so I headed at the back of my head, but I never really.

00:40:36.480 --> 00:40:46.140 IS | Speaking: Put it together, you know how it is when you write this one sentence and you're like ah that's it that hadn't happened yet, like it was there, but I couldn't you know.

00:40:46.470 --> 00:40:57.960 IS | Speaking: tie it all together yeah that I think that was kind of the thing and just before the pandemic and I attended, like a weekend of a life seminar.

00:40:58.320 --> 00:41:12.600 IS | Speaking: and was very apprehensive to participate in this whole thing by I eventually did and as part of that I stepped in front of 100 people, and I said in the microphone i'm going to do a tedx talk, which is a lifelong dream of mine.

00:41:13.860 --> 00:41:19.890 IS | Speaking: Was the purpose of their whole thing was hey if you don't say the things out loud they're not going to come to you right so.

00:41:20.280 --> 00:41:29.310 IS | Speaking: And somebody who's you know, one of my best friends as well, she was in the in the audience she had met me she she randomly came up to me and said i'm going to help you get your tedx talk.

00:41:29.970 --> 00:41:33.780 IS | Speaking: And I was like okay that's amazing and she introduced me to somebody.

00:41:34.500 --> 00:41:44.670 IS | Speaking: You know who was a coach who kind of helped me get the whole thing off the ground and then, as I started writing I produced so much content that then the idea came up a women pandemic.

00:41:44.940 --> 00:41:52.770 IS | Speaking: Saving some commute time things are shut down on the weekend, I was gonna write a book that was not the plan so that was a very.

00:41:52.800 --> 00:41:54.630 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: wow and that was born out of comforts.

00:41:55.260 --> 00:41:56.130 IS | Speaking: That that was.

00:41:56.490 --> 00:41:57.270 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: A portion of it.

00:41:57.750 --> 00:42:06.810 IS | Speaking: That was both so and then I wrote the book and it was short maybe for mom so so I work with an amazing.

00:42:07.560 --> 00:42:15.750 IS | Speaking: editor on it, and then you know everything designed and out and then, as the book was ready, then I got the notification that New York City.

00:42:16.350 --> 00:42:26.220 IS | Speaking: accepted me for the the Ted stage as well at water street last year and then the book came out like the same week as I was doing the tedx talk so it's so you know it all.

00:42:26.520 --> 00:42:34.110 IS | Speaking: nicely came together and it's been really an amazing ride since being able to talk about it and do keynotes and be able to influence.

00:42:34.140 --> 00:42:40.050 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: Oh yeah yeah yeah wonderful yes good good that we've mentioned the keynotes so i'm.

00:42:42.750 --> 00:42:44.040 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: i'm hesitant to dive in.

00:42:45.690 --> 00:42:52.350 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: Can I ask my glorious tech dylan how much time do we have left in this in this section.

00:42:54.210 --> 00:42:57.810 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: four minutes, we can do it so um.

00:43:00.210 --> 00:43:09.690 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: I this I am blown away by the concepts that are puts forth in this book and.

00:43:11.130 --> 00:43:21.900 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: How it is directed towards young people, but the nuggets and the understanding is apropos to people of all ages.

00:43:22.350 --> 00:43:30.300 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: And that was really my huge takeaway from reading it and, and you know telling every young woman that I knew about the book.

00:43:30.750 --> 00:43:48.750 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: But so so what, what do you think is the biggest hurdle for women at this time with with I mean not to go back into the roe V Wade, what do you think is the biggest hurdle for women at this time in terms of of moving forward and leadership and moving forward in their careers.

00:43:49.410 --> 00:43:56.190 IS | Speaking: So I think, especially for the next generation, one of the big things is there aren't that many female example.

00:43:56.730 --> 00:44:13.350 IS | Speaking: And you know, we have, and that was the same for me when I grew you know grew up in my corporate career on the top level, maybe one woman if lucky maybe two and not really women, I would have access to so.

00:44:13.890 --> 00:44:27.120 IS | Speaking: Who am I going to learn from talk to somebody with the same challenges as me overall right, so I had many, many amazing male mentors throughout my career absolutely outstanding and i'm very grateful for that.

00:44:27.420 --> 00:44:35.850 IS | Speaking: But you know I thought that one, then, if I had a female mentor or a female sponsor and I think that is the big challenge for women, these days.

00:44:36.180 --> 00:44:41.820 IS | Speaking: They don't have they can learn from from other women that are in top position and leadership positions and it's.

00:44:42.210 --> 00:44:50.040 IS | Speaking: Everything I put on social media is i'm vulnerable about the things that I learned the mistakes, I made so the next generation can learn from me.

00:44:50.430 --> 00:45:03.750 IS | Speaking: But the whole point is if we will all to do that and I sent him my life brand around that but if, as I women in my position and above will be doing the same thing we wouldn't have this problem anymore, because we're educating that.

00:45:03.780 --> 00:45:05.790 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: next generation of human culture.

00:45:06.570 --> 00:45:07.320 IS | Speaking: it's changing.

00:45:07.350 --> 00:45:18.360 IS | Speaking: General exactly it's and it's also showing that hey women are stepping up women are more courageous women are you know vulnerable when i'm taking risks with other women I doing this to.

00:45:18.780 --> 00:45:26.550 IS | Speaking: That is just driving more motivation for that next wave of women that is growing up and men, because this is not just a woman.

00:45:26.550 --> 00:45:28.050 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: Bingo right exactly.

00:45:28.170 --> 00:45:31.470 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: Oh, I need a new way of sharing.

00:45:31.530 --> 00:45:36.720 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: The way of sharing in a business atmosphere changing the culture across the board.

00:45:38.220 --> 00:45:49.410 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: Interesting okay well we're going to have to take a break, and when we come back with Irene soriano we're going to hear from her about her leading edge.

00:45:49.950 --> 00:45:59.490 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: What she's going to be doing in the near future, all of the great content and things that you can learn about in addition to purchasing the book.

00:46:01.260 --> 00:46:11.490 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: How how she's mentoring through her online blogs and articles, etc, etc, when we come back with Irina soriano on the edge of every day stay tuned.

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00:48:01.110 --> 00:48:01.950 Day.

00:48:11.160 --> 00:48:21.810 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: And we are back with arena soriano on the edge of every day, so I rena what has been your biggest personal obstacle.

00:48:23.250 --> 00:48:35.550 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: in getting to this place in your career and how do you use your understanding of that obstacle in support of yourself, now and in your mentorship of young women.

00:48:37.530 --> 00:48:49.830 IS | Speaking: I think I probably partly answered that already with the challenge that I described to you, I think that was the being in my early 30s being in a career like that, and all of a sudden going.

00:48:51.300 --> 00:49:00.870 IS | Speaking: Like where's this going to go down there's nothing there anymore, to keep going right because I had to completely reinvent myself, I had.

00:49:01.290 --> 00:49:12.720 IS | Speaking: No name out there, nobody knew me no connections and you know really in the US like I said, other than the the company, I worked for so I really had zero.

00:49:12.780 --> 00:49:14.520 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: it's really connected right to your.

00:49:16.470 --> 00:49:29.400 IS | Speaking: You know, and if I look back you know that's like five years ago, you know if I see the past I have come and that's all through actively controlling my life right that's it that's all i'm doing.

00:49:29.880 --> 00:49:36.210 IS | Speaking: um you know just the the Community that i've built the projects i'm working on, yes, the test and the book like.

00:49:36.210 --> 00:49:40.050 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: that's, not even the risk taking in the speaking up for yourself, I mean and.

00:49:40.590 --> 00:49:49.530 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: Some of these may be more personal challenges and obstacles that i'm asking about you know internal but you're pretty bold in that category so.

00:49:49.920 --> 00:49:55.740 IS | Speaking: yeah I mean it's the you know, the thing for me is the vulnerability piece like for any leader.

00:49:56.280 --> 00:50:03.330 IS | Speaking: yeah we all want to look good, and you know talk about the things that don't go well, and how we feel and the doubts and.

00:50:03.780 --> 00:50:15.510 IS | Speaking: yeah that's a financial yeah that's I get that you know, but I use the vehicles that I have, be it, you know, through my newsletter or posting on social media or making real on instagram or you know, whatever it might be.

00:50:16.800 --> 00:50:27.300 IS | Speaking: To show that vulnerability that you know i'm comfortable to talk about these things, because if we don't, how is the next generation going to learn right.

00:50:27.360 --> 00:50:28.440 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: it's powerful.

00:50:29.070 --> 00:50:29.490 IS | Speaking: it's.

00:50:29.550 --> 00:50:32.700 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: It is powerful and our ability is the number one most.

00:50:32.910 --> 00:50:33.780 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: Powerful thing.

00:50:33.990 --> 00:50:42.870 IS | Speaking: yeah I mean look, you know print a brown like that that's the big piece and everybody is applauding it, but yet not so many people are doing.

00:50:42.870 --> 00:50:46.320 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: It well and it's hard at listen I get it it's hard and.

00:50:46.380 --> 00:50:52.740 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: in business, I mean that that's an atmosphere that can't be up to speed in the same like in the spiritual community.

00:50:52.950 --> 00:51:00.270 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: You know where, when I was a dean of first year students, you know that was sort of the the bread and butter of it all is that you're going to get vulnerable and.

00:51:00.630 --> 00:51:10.800 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: And the power of learning to be vulnerable is is just going to change lives and when people would give presentations the vulnerable portions were the ones that people.

00:51:11.190 --> 00:51:20.520 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: Really leaned into and paid attention to, but I get that it did it's a community and this goes back to more women.

00:51:21.060 --> 00:51:31.200 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: in positions of power and bringing more of that understanding to the culture in general, both men and women yeah I get it so what's next for you, I rena.

00:51:31.710 --> 00:51:44.370 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: Are you are you just enjoying the the the flow and the continued upliftment and the tendrils going out with this fantastic book or do you have your next one, like written already.

00:51:44.850 --> 00:51:45.870 IS | Speaking: I mean you.

00:51:45.900 --> 00:51:52.680 IS | Speaking: know me a little bit fat trust you know sitting on the fruit of my Labor is probably not.

00:51:53.130 --> 00:51:53.820 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: Your thing.

00:51:54.750 --> 00:52:04.830 IS | Speaking: No i'm you know, obviously, is ever a full time job right and I, you know i've many people I work with and a lot of responsibility so.

00:52:05.400 --> 00:52:17.340 IS | Speaking: Ultimately, you know that that's something that it has a lot of my attention but whenever I have free time you know, like I said, obviously the the speaking piece, for me, is important so speaking to.

00:52:17.340 --> 00:52:31.800 IS | Speaking: younger generation speak at schools at colleges right like those are the audiences, where I think, especially the LIFE right awareness piece really hits home and that you know that takes time to have you know, for me, as well put additional time on my plate.

00:52:32.700 --> 00:52:44.460 IS | Speaking: The other audiences just the business audience right so companies and coming in and educating on hey what's life brand hostess important for your employees and how was actually helping you building your company's value.

00:52:44.820 --> 00:52:57.480 IS | Speaking: Being building your business right so that's social presence and having your company's name everywhere, if you set this up the right way, that is something that's extremely powerful, not just for sales people, but for every.

00:52:57.540 --> 00:53:07.920 IS | Speaking: Everyone everyone in an organization so so I spent I spent a lot of time around that piece, ultimately, you know I started to write a second tedx talk.

00:53:09.300 --> 00:53:11.700 IS | Speaking: Yes, my shocked face hmm.

00:53:12.000 --> 00:53:13.110 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: here's my shocked face.

00:53:14.130 --> 00:53:14.520 IS | Speaking: Right.

00:53:15.000 --> 00:53:21.240 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: Well, wait i'm so thrilled that until you hear it, it might be, you might look a little more shocked and I can't wait.

00:53:21.270 --> 00:53:24.030 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: Well, and I loved your first one i've watched a few times.

00:53:24.330 --> 00:53:38.670 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: that's awesome and I encourage our listeners to listen to it it's fantastic absolutely fantastic, as is your book and I want to talk about that in on the back the you mentioned that your.

00:53:39.720 --> 00:53:41.130 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: Life friend launch kit.

00:53:42.180 --> 00:53:43.110 IS | Speaking: Yes, like the.

00:53:43.200 --> 00:53:49.800 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: Last fourth of the book is this fantastic like workbook.

00:53:51.600 --> 00:53:59.340 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: where you can go through, and really dig into what you what your understanding of life brand is.

00:53:59.820 --> 00:54:16.230 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: how you can be more intentional with it, how you can understand its impact and all of the connections that it makes it's just really that's a fantastic plus in this book so where can people find you.

00:54:18.060 --> 00:54:21.450 IS | Speaking: yeah so you can find me on social media, so you can be.

00:54:21.480 --> 00:54:22.710 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: All over social media.

00:54:22.800 --> 00:54:24.030 IS | Speaking: All of us well i'm.

00:54:24.720 --> 00:54:24.930 IS | Speaking: glad.

00:54:25.410 --> 00:54:29.850 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: they're both very, very, very, very it's wonderful Thank you my.

00:54:29.880 --> 00:54:44.430 IS | Speaking: Two channels linkedin obviously so just I arena soriano you find me right away there's not that many of them and then on instagram it's arena dog soriano so my instagram is really centered around.

00:54:45.450 --> 00:54:59.490 IS | Speaking: tips and tricks to instantly boost your career, you know and advance in life, overall, so a lot of the stuff i'm sharing is personal to me things i've done myself to drive my career forward things that you can implement quickly.

00:55:00.360 --> 00:55:07.350 IS | Speaking: So that's really the the the heart of it all, when it comes to that you can follow my newsletter.

00:55:07.380 --> 00:55:11.400 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: That that I think is fantastic and what's the name of it, I love the new.

00:55:11.430 --> 00:55:12.810 IS | Speaking: Confidence kitchen.

00:55:12.960 --> 00:55:14.310 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: it's fantastic.

00:55:15.030 --> 00:55:18.330 IS | Speaking: yeah it's a That was my husband's idea, he he can.

00:55:18.840 --> 00:55:19.050 Go.

00:55:22.320 --> 00:55:35.070 IS | Speaking: So that's a great place for again I share personal stories so share things i've learned like I tap into areas where people go like that might not be not always something everybody wants to talk about.

00:55:35.100 --> 00:55:35.880 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: And that's.

00:55:36.150 --> 00:55:38.730 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: Where we are courageous conversations and.

00:55:38.760 --> 00:55:53.610 IS | Speaking: that's right that's where we are, and this is also you know just to a place for people to you know exchange their opinions and they and sometimes they differ from mine and that's good you know, because that that encourages these conversation.

00:55:53.610 --> 00:56:07.050 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: Growth oh i'd encourage and and Lord knows we need it more than ever, right now, so also your website I rena soriano yeah calm and that's going to be, of course, in the show notes as well.

00:56:08.190 --> 00:56:13.350 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: And they can find links to your book there.

00:56:13.470 --> 00:56:16.560 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: it's also on Amazon.

00:56:18.090 --> 00:56:24.480 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: Is there any other place that i'm you know I always encourage people to go to their local bookshops and order it as well.

00:56:24.840 --> 00:56:25.050 yeah.

00:56:26.910 --> 00:56:35.760 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: Well, and another thing POPs to mind is mother's mother's all the mothers that are listening, this is something that i've shared with my friends who are mothers.

00:56:36.090 --> 00:56:53.070 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: That this is an excellent book for you to read as well to have these kinds of conversations with your daughters with your son's with the young people in your life I I can't I can't promote this any more.

00:56:54.450 --> 00:57:17.280 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: Any more confidently, this is just a fantastic book Thank you so you are most welcome my friend so so what, what is your before we we sign off what is your the last bit that you would share the last tidbit that you would share with our young people that are listening right now.

00:57:17.880 --> 00:57:26.100 IS | Speaking: yeah I think what I would say is the you know social media is not from Nicole away right it's here to stay.

00:57:26.550 --> 00:57:38.100 IS | Speaking: it's going to grow and it's impacting all of our lives, so the earlier, you can start controlling what you do on social media and being aware of your life friend.

00:57:38.430 --> 00:57:43.350 IS | Speaking: The earlier or the faster, you can build up your confidence, and again I explained that, in the book.

00:57:43.620 --> 00:57:51.210 IS | Speaking: This is going to be impacting your career, this is impact it's going to impact, how you show up in job interviews in front of your future potential boss.

00:57:51.870 --> 00:58:02.430 IS | Speaking: how you feel when you go, you know against your male peers, and I wish I had known this when I was in my you know teenage years I wish.

00:58:02.760 --> 00:58:13.530 IS | Speaking: So you know with with the hopes that we have in these conversations out to reach that that generation, so that they can start this journey much earlier than I could, I have to wait until my 30s.

00:58:14.730 --> 00:58:31.500 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: amen that's beautiful well I rena soriano Thank you so much for being on my show and for sharing your wisdom and your wit and your your beauty and your book and your understandings it's been a joy to have you on.

00:58:33.630 --> 00:58:48.240 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: Those of you who are listening in, thank you for spending an hour with me remember with us an hour with us remember you are always at the edge of the miraculous never lose sight of that.

00:58:48.870 --> 00:58:57.570 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: Next week is July 4, we will not be having a show, but please join us in two weeks till then take good care bye bye.

00:59:07.980 --> 00:59:08.370 ours.

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