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Friday, June 24, 2022
Facebook Live Video from 2022/06/24 - Making Your Message Memorable

Facebook Live Video from 2022/06/24 - Making Your Message Memorable


2022/06/24 - Making Your Message Memorable

[NEW EPISODE] Making Your Message Memorable

The audience will hear from a veteran of the marketing industry, with over 20 years experience, who has worked with some of the most amazing international brands on seeing the business from the client's perspective.

The closer you are to something, the harder it can be to explain it to other people.  This is especially true in the SMB world.  The impact felt by your audience is not so much about what you say, but how you say it.


When trying to communicate what you do and how you do it, it is important to differentiate yourself from the masses and be memorable.


We are joined by Michael Verret, Principal at Verret & Associates.  Mike says the goal of your message is to get your audience to say, “TELL ME MORE!”  


The point of having an “Elevator Pitch” is not to explain what you do in 10 seconds or less.  It’s about HOW HIGH up in the elevator someone will ride with you to listen to your message.  Come take a ride with us this FreyDay! 

Tune in for this sensible conversation at or watch the Facebook Livestream by Clicking Here.

Show Notes

Segment 1

When he got laid off he appreciated it as he was able to help companies figure out what 5% of their company to present to their audience.

Segment 2

Verret sees a lot of the same approaches. But he’ll sometimes see people trying to stand out in a clownish way. He recalls seeing a man in a pilot skit and he went all the way to grab people’s attention. In comparison someone else only dressed up and didn’t present it in a fun way. Verret worked at Jurassic World Property when they were making the plastic toys and one of them was named the Diabolus Rex. When they look it up the only picture that pops up was the president of the Satan church, which would be an issue for protective parents. When changing it he chose indominus rex, meaning unconquerable, creating irony because the rex actually loses in the movie. He learned that he saved the company from a controversy that the company couldn’t predict since self reflection is hard. There’s no reason to spend time speaking about some things right away until it’s needed later in the conversation. People need to have the blurb experience to get excited to stick around.

Segment 3

Verret sees a lot of the same approaches. But he’ll sometimes see people trying to stand out in a clownish way. He recalls seeing a man in a pilot skit and he went all the way to grab people’s attention. In comparison someone else only dressed up and didn’t present it in a fun way. Verret worked at Jurassic World Property when they were making the plastic toys and one of them was named the Diabolus Rex. When they look it up the only picture that pops up was the president of the Satan church, which would be an issue for protective parents. When changing it he chose indominus rex, meaning unconquerable, creating irony because the rex actually loses in the movie. He learned that he saved the company from a controversy that the company couldn’t predict since self reflection is hard. There’s no reason to spend time speaking about some things right away until it’s needed later in the conversation. People need to have the blurb experience to get excited to stick around.

Segment 4

Trying to get people to a conversational stage in a theatrical way captures people’s attention. Using the right directions in order is key to give them structure and asking “what’s next?”. To project is key, personality is who you are (unchangeable) and youre attitude is malleable. Life is 10% what happens and 90% how you react.


00:00:42.180 --> 00:00:46.140 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Well Hello out there Planet Earth happy Friday it's officially summer baby.

00:00:46.620 --> 00:00:52.890 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): it's Friday and it's always Friday with me Stephen fry your SMB guy I see why am I, or in case you missed it.

00:00:53.160 --> 00:01:00.270 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): SMB stands for small and medium sized business for the last 20 years i've been a consultant for SMEs, a voice in a sounding board for leaders.

00:01:00.510 --> 00:01:07.500 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Advocating on their behalf, as well as their employees, I believe very strongly in sharing stories providing perspective.

00:01:07.830 --> 00:01:21.450 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): and creating connection so every single Friday, you could find me right here on talk radio dot nyc doing just that lending what's left of my mind in my voice to this radio show where I interview SMB leaders, as well as their trusted advisors.

00:01:21.870 --> 00:01:27.540 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): One thing that i've noticed over the years is that some of the best thought leadership for SMB is actually happens on Friday.

00:01:27.810 --> 00:01:31.980 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): right about that time we feel the freedom of the weekend coming, especially in the summertime.

00:01:32.280 --> 00:01:41.730 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): However, we're also anxious to start the weekend these crucial pearls of wisdom, they are often overlooked they're forgotten in favor of our fun weekend activities and our freedom from work.

00:01:41.970 --> 00:01:50.010 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): here on the show we take advantage of that weekend freedom in clarity we discuss popular topics that are on the minds of SMB leaders and their trusted advisors.

00:01:50.280 --> 00:01:58.320 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): The name of the show not just a play on words people my last name means free in German nice fun fact for you all a little bit of method behind my madness.

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00:02:31.020 --> 00:02:41.850 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): I had a great birthday, thanks to all of you out there who shared some time with me for number 42 last week, I spent some time at the beach with the family went to one of my favorite restaurants, with my wife and kids.

00:02:42.090 --> 00:02:49.050 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): big moment for my older daughter she's always wanted to come out with us to Angelica and seabright New Jersey awesome restaurant nationally renowned.

00:02:49.950 --> 00:02:56.820 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Especially before she leaves for sleepaway camp, which is happening on Sunday it's going to be the longest she's been away from us to date.

00:02:57.390 --> 00:03:04.800 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Before I get all misty eyed I just want to thank say thank you once again to my new friend James campion who joined me on the show for my birthday last week.

00:03:04.980 --> 00:03:13.590 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): The author of take a sad song the emotional currency of hey jude I thought of him last night, when my wife and I saw the Beatles cover band the weaklings quick shout out to them.

00:03:13.770 --> 00:03:22.110 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Some great thoughts and messaging for Mr campion and all the work that he does nice segue into today's show, which is all about making your message memorable.

00:03:22.410 --> 00:03:34.110 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): The closer you are to something, the harder it can be to explain it to other people, this is especially true in the SMB world the impact felt by your audience, not so much about what you say, but all about how you say it.

00:03:34.530 --> 00:03:40.920 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): when trying to communicate what you do and how you do it, you got to be able to differentiate yourself from the masses and be memorable.

00:03:41.250 --> 00:03:48.930 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): The goal of the message you got to get your audience to say tell me more the point of having the elevator pitch, so to speak, is not to.

00:03:49.170 --> 00:03:57.270 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): explain everything that you do in 10 seconds or less it's about how high up in the elevator someone will ride with you to listen to your message.

00:03:57.600 --> 00:04:07.620 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Today, we will hear from a veteran of the marketing industry, with over 20 years experience who's worked with some of the most amazing international brands, on seeing the business from the client's perspective.

00:04:07.920 --> 00:04:16.800 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Talk is cheap, we know that RON talk radio dot nyc we don't want it to just be talk the goal here people is let's use the insight we get on the business landscape.

00:04:17.010 --> 00:04:26.940 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): and create more impact on Monday morning it's far too often these days, where businesses are focused on the shiny new product that's going to solve all of their problems, the new APP the new tech.

00:04:27.180 --> 00:04:35.460 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): One consistent thing out there products change every single day and everything that we do there's no substitute for having the right people around you first.

00:04:35.700 --> 00:04:44.640 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): keep a focus on a good process that will help you achieve your goals you do, that the right products will be there when you need them everything begins and ends with the people.

00:04:44.970 --> 00:04:50.730 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): So, in the spirit of surrounding myself with the right people I can't tell you how excited I am to hang out with Mike here today.

00:04:51.090 --> 00:05:03.840 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Our very special guest none other than Mike verite principal at veritas associates so mike's career began at a marketing promotions company working in the world of client services and strategy.

00:05:04.230 --> 00:05:12.720 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Imagine that you're an account executive managing events and promotions for clients and hasbro a huge toy and game company lands in your lap.

00:05:13.110 --> 00:05:22.260 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Well giant companies come with huge budgets and even higher expectations, they want big ideas big events big results So how do you really deliver what they need and want.

00:05:22.710 --> 00:05:30.390 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Well, you have to understand the expectations, you need to see what they see you need to know the audience if you know what they desire, you can deliver the right message.

00:05:30.660 --> 00:05:39.690 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): And you need to demonstrate your process for reaching the results if they understand the full experience they will trust your services more imagine that process focused.

00:05:39.990 --> 00:05:47.700 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): It was here that Mike learn some of the big lessons that he embodies today, the value of understanding, your audience the right language, the right image, the right connection.

00:05:47.970 --> 00:05:55.290 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): means you can go further, even if you have a smaller budget and mike's next role he had the opportunity to connect his clients heads to customers hearts.

00:05:55.590 --> 00:06:01.860 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Once again, working on behalf of hasbro had an amazing opportunity to turn transformers into a movie franchise.

00:06:02.160 --> 00:06:10.410 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): So Mike knew what he want what they wanted, because he was their audience he grew up with optimus prime and auto bosses all the heroes so did I.

00:06:10.860 --> 00:06:17.880 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): He made the audience care about the vehicles that turned into robots forced them to see the importance of the film The story by bringing them into it.

00:06:18.120 --> 00:06:28.290 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): made a lot of money selling vehicles that turned into robots well, it seems that fade had a plan for Mike because after 10 years of having them as a client hasbro actually hired him directly to be the face of hasbro games.

00:06:28.680 --> 00:06:39.030 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): So Mike was more interested in playing with the toys and the whole corporate game, making children's dreams a reality, Nice and impactful but in 2018 Mike started his own firm veritas associates.

00:06:39.390 --> 00:06:47.940 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): To help businesses who struggle with the impact of their message on clients and prospects, no matter how good your solution is you can't get an audience to perceive it right away.

00:06:48.630 --> 00:06:56.220 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): 100% of what you do is important to you as a business, but only 5% matters matters to the audience, so you have to be able to find that 5%.

00:06:56.550 --> 00:07:05.250 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): And this is something that SMEs will very often miss you need the outside perspective, a way to see what your audience sees you need to be different and Mike can help.

00:07:05.520 --> 00:07:09.570 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Mike is the best person to chat with about sharpening your message for the appropriate impact.

00:07:09.840 --> 00:07:19.050 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): we're always going to discuss my favorite questions, who is your favorite movie or TV show character what's your favorite movie or TV show what's your favorite musical instrument who's the artist you'd like to hear play it.

00:07:19.350 --> 00:07:25.140 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): coming to us this morning from the biggest little state in the Union Mike welcome to the show brother great to see you.

00:07:25.620 --> 00:07:27.150 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: hey it's Friday.

00:07:27.390 --> 00:07:28.020 Friday.

00:07:29.460 --> 00:07:36.090 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): damn straight, it is Mike you've been an instrumental for us and helping businesses figure out the positioning and to really think about.

00:07:36.330 --> 00:07:43.050 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): What the hell they're doing with their brand what's the best way to connect with people, how do you take advantage of what you have right at the table, but.

00:07:43.440 --> 00:07:53.250 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): I think what's what's really important about what you do is helping people get back to their why that's what people tend to connect with so let's hear a little bit about your journey and your wife tell us how you got where you are today.

00:07:54.120 --> 00:08:07.440 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: yeah I I believe it's Simon Simon has become famous for asking what is your why um it's it's amazing to me how blind, you can be to your why, when you're in the thick of it.

00:08:16.290 --> 00:08:16.740 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): We lose you.

00:08:22.380 --> 00:08:23.160 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Mike you there.

00:08:25.110 --> 00:08:28.470 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Come on, back to us Mike we're just in the thick of it.

00:08:33.750 --> 00:08:46.530 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Here apparently mike's having some technical difficulties in his bunker in Rhode island up there, by the way, I know mike's a Rhode island guy and New England guy I couldn't I couldn't help wearing my Yankees Jersey after the walk off win last night and hoping it doesn't.

00:08:49.080 --> 00:08:52.800 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): hoping it doesn't make him angry apparently it's making his his Internet connection angry.

00:08:57.600 --> 00:08:58.320 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Like you, there man.

00:09:00.840 --> 00:09:09.780 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Oh looks like Mike got booted out, but he will be back in just a moment, but when you're in the thick of things is, where he was it was going with some of his sentiments and.

00:09:10.050 --> 00:09:18.660 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Definitely brings brings me to the idea of working on the business versus in the business, which is something that's a big topic of discussion around the SMB world for sure.

00:09:19.200 --> 00:09:23.760 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): When SMEs, especially they end up working in their businesses when you make the dream a reality.

00:09:24.240 --> 00:09:35.730 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): It actually slips through your fingers a little bit it's not just about your idea anymore it's about the accounting invoicing marketing sales and all the other things that make a business run areas he's back.

00:09:36.720 --> 00:09:38.820 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: how's that how's that first start I.

00:09:38.820 --> 00:09:43.500 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: Immediately connection and everything goes flat so.

00:09:43.650 --> 00:09:48.090 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): hey man i've had i've had two shows where the Internet straight up went out to my studio here so.

00:09:48.720 --> 00:09:51.600 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: Thanks for carrying the weight of the water for me there Steve.

00:09:51.630 --> 00:09:57.510 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): You were talking about getting, especially when you're immersed in the business how hard it is to see you know the outside perspective.

00:09:57.540 --> 00:10:07.200 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: Yes, and we left off on sort of my journey, so I spent about 17 years in the Agency world marketing advertising promotions.

00:10:07.710 --> 00:10:15.720 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: And I had a reef of clients hasbro kept sort of popping back up on occasion, so it became sort of a consistent.

00:10:16.710 --> 00:10:28.110 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: specter in my life, for some reason, but I went through those years, and it was you know from age 24 and until I was around 38 that's what I was doing you know, I was it was my job and I.

00:10:28.440 --> 00:10:31.740 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: woke up went to work in home did whatever went to bed.

00:10:32.310 --> 00:10:43.830 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: And then I was hired by hasbro like you mentioned, and my life changed considerably because I realized that it wasn't you know from the Agency side, we saw just making kids dreams come true.

00:10:44.250 --> 00:11:01.080 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: But on the inside, it was just a dog eat dog MBA grads trying to get to the top really political was how I felt everything was and I just didn't feel right there, but over those seven years, what I can say I took away from it was a business degree.

00:11:03.240 --> 00:11:14.700 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: The seven year plan, but I learned a ton while I was there, so when I left hasbro and follow the team, this is important, the story, I was part of just a workforce reduction layoff.

00:11:15.390 --> 00:11:22.230 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: And the reason they were having it is because the stock was down I had seen it happen before that in the building for 13 years at that point.

00:11:22.770 --> 00:11:33.660 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: And one of my name was called I hugged the VP I was ecstatic I felt like I was being left out of prison, but what it really gave me was they gave me severance and gave me time to think.

00:11:33.990 --> 00:11:44.700 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: about those 25 years that have gone by, and what I realized is i've done everything on the marketing spectrum, from concept to a new product to acting writing and acting in the commercial i've had to do it.

00:11:45.210 --> 00:11:49.200 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: With the one consistency was always my understanding of an audience.

00:11:49.680 --> 00:12:04.830 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: And that's what I really focused on was I can communicate effectively and get a point across and get a decision made with any kind of audience so that's what I decided to really focus on when I set out on creating what per episode see it.

00:12:06.840 --> 00:12:08.520 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: says become it's.

00:12:10.290 --> 00:12:10.590 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: About.

00:12:10.620 --> 00:12:24.120 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: understanding of the audience, this is think 100% about their business audiences only think about 5% of that business so, how does the business figure out which of the 5% out of 100 they're supposed to focus on.

00:12:24.750 --> 00:12:30.780 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: And that's what I that's where I found my niche so that's where i'm that's where i've been having fun, for the past few years.

00:12:31.620 --> 00:12:37.590 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): I love it and it's something that's so important, and I know we're going to get into the method behind your madness and just a moment here but.

00:12:37.830 --> 00:12:42.150 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): The whole idea of the the elevator pitch and the elevator pitch repair course that you have.

00:12:42.510 --> 00:12:51.420 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Again, not about cramming as much as you could possibly tell somebody about what you do and how you do it into 10 seconds, or one minute, or even three minutes just.

00:12:51.720 --> 00:13:04.230 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Really, about how long they'll stay on the elevator with you to listen to what your messages and what the impact is actually going to be so we're going to take a quick break, but we will be right back with Mike verite principal at American associates stay with us.

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00:15:20.670 --> 00:15:29.490 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Welcome back everybody it's Friday it's always Friday and it's me Stephen fry your SMB guy we're chatting with Mike farris principal at veritas associates.

00:15:30.030 --> 00:15:38.070 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Talking a little bit about my journey corporate America fun company hasbro toys and games, but going off and starting his own journey.

00:15:38.730 --> 00:15:47.760 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): just give a little bit of a quick story by the fire pit as we ease into mike's method behind this madness, you know getting folks back to the core of why they started the business.

00:15:48.240 --> 00:15:53.280 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): It unlocks a lot of the message that tends to have attraction to clients brings more clients your way.

00:15:53.640 --> 00:16:00.690 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Like Mike was alluding to before whether you're in corporate America or you're an entrepreneur everyone wants to get to the top.

00:16:01.230 --> 00:16:12.420 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): In this pursuit Mike talks all about this, it all of his content, you could be the first the best or different being different is something that you can master.

00:16:13.050 --> 00:16:23.190 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): A little bit easier than the other two, but if you can master it a lot easier with someone like myself, especially with his deep dive and focus on things like the elevator pitch so Mike.

00:16:23.550 --> 00:16:36.210 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): This is the method part of the show the science behind what you do what you do, how you do it, how you go to market for it again I love your your whole discussion about the elevator pitch so lay it on everybody give give everyone some method behind your madness.

00:16:36.660 --> 00:16:41.130 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: yeah you have so you have two conflicting forces, you have business and audience.

00:16:41.700 --> 00:16:49.740 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: And like I said, the business thinks about everything every detail is important, the audience doesn't think that way, certainly not yet.

00:16:50.100 --> 00:16:58.080 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: When they're first engaging with you, and you can liken it to Stephen King famous author writes a book 400 pages long.

00:16:58.920 --> 00:17:07.230 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: And now it comes time to write the three paragraphs that go on the inside flap that the audience is going to read to determine if they want to buy the book The blurb.

00:17:07.770 --> 00:17:15.900 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: it's on the back cover whatever, but those paragraphs are written to sell the book entry people get them to want to buy it.

00:17:16.500 --> 00:17:30.030 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: Stephen King doesn't have the capacity to write those three paragraphs, simply because he knows everything he knows the temperature of the air and see you know is what every emotional state of every character is he hears scary music when you.

00:17:30.840 --> 00:17:35.580 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: How is he supposed to digest 400 pages into three paragraphs he knows everything.

00:17:36.300 --> 00:17:46.200 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: So, the solution is he gives the book to someone else to read, they read it, and they are effectively recapping it is those three sales paragraphs, as the blurb.

00:17:46.830 --> 00:17:53.880 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: There are people who do this for a living for authors, because the issue arises, they know too much they know everything.

00:17:54.150 --> 00:18:02.280 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: and trying to find that little sliver of what's going to catch the attention of the audience get them engaged and want to buy the book is what the blurb is for.

00:18:02.640 --> 00:18:10.470 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: So there are actually two separate practices writing the book and writing the blurb that's more or less what the challenges for businesses, you said it yourself.

00:18:10.980 --> 00:18:20.100 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: My first principle is that an audience remembers one of three things you got to be first faster different and like you said first investor hard to come by, by definition, are tough.

00:18:20.610 --> 00:18:28.650 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: But different is easy to do when you understand how your audience things now let's talk about the other side of this coin.

00:18:29.490 --> 00:18:39.360 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: The business, the business thinks in terms of business, meaning there is no business without show business, no matter what role we're in we're playing a role.

00:18:40.200 --> 00:18:47.760 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: There scripts there's directors their sets there's prompts all of that exists and scripts most importantly.

00:18:48.150 --> 00:18:58.410 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: Think about the language of business versus how we talk as human beings and think as human beings words like ideas and synergies are not common terms that we use in conversation.

00:18:58.920 --> 00:19:07.650 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: KPI is my favorite what are your kpis if you and i'm just passing through your neck of the woods and we go out and grab a beer or coffee or whatever.

00:19:08.070 --> 00:19:16.050 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: good to see you man I gotta get home i've got a baseball game with my son tomorrow, so what are your kpis this weekend like that's something I would never.

00:19:16.050 --> 00:19:17.070 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: ever say to you.

00:19:17.550 --> 00:19:28.200 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: But that's how businesses think and talk and even the term SAS software as a service, the acronym that is simply an abbreviation for email within the company.

00:19:28.770 --> 00:19:38.460 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: Nobody has typed software as a service if everybody knows what SAS means so imagine when I see that in the marketing message, where a SAS agency or a SAS company.

00:19:39.180 --> 00:19:45.450 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: What if I don't know what fast means, but I know I need a technology solution to manage my business better.

00:19:46.230 --> 00:19:53.190 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: you're missing an opportunity because you're thinking, like the business, so what it boils down to is how people think.

00:19:53.550 --> 00:20:02.070 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: How human beings think when they're digesting information and imagine them as a bunch of five year olds on the reading rocket the library on a Monday, Tuesday morning.

00:20:02.790 --> 00:20:07.110 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: The storyteller is there to tell them that story the right way and in the right order.

00:20:07.590 --> 00:20:12.990 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: And they turn the book around because the kids are fine, they need to see the pictures, but the purpose of it is the same.

00:20:13.560 --> 00:20:25.770 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: They need to understand what's on page three and you need to know they understand it before you go to page four you can't start on page four they won't know what's going on, even if you do, because you wrote the book or you read the book.

00:20:26.880 --> 00:20:31.080 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: So it's about that order of information, so what i've created for my system is simple.

00:20:31.710 --> 00:20:42.570 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: everyone's heard of an elevator pitch or networking page is a great way to think about it, where it's your turn to say what you do talk about what you do and the standard 90% of the time you're going to hear.

00:20:43.320 --> 00:20:57.390 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: here's what I do like my title here's specifically what our business does here's our services here's who were looking for 90% the other 10% you'll hear the I help, and I call this.

00:20:58.410 --> 00:21:08.220 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: Excuse me, I call this story brand mad libs where they took the idea that story brand sets out and just filled in the blanks and didn't really apply the spirit and philosophy behind it.

00:21:08.670 --> 00:21:17.220 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: I help business a going to problem be achieved goal see by providing service, the that'll give them benefit he to reach goal F.

00:21:18.300 --> 00:21:28.020 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: that's 10 seconds somebody saying every single thing they do, and you can't latch on to it, but the way an audience is thinking is very different, they need a connection.

00:21:28.770 --> 00:21:30.150 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: Because they have all the control.

00:21:30.840 --> 00:21:39.450 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: they're going through things very quickly looking for something on Google let's say i'll give you a great example if you're looking for anybody looking for a plumber.

00:21:39.750 --> 00:21:45.750 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: They go on Google and search plumber let's say the first three listings are all the aware, a plumber, and the phone number.

00:21:46.200 --> 00:21:57.060 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: But the fourth listing speaks likeness stop if water is outside the system, it should be in that do not wait click your we will be there in 10 minutes.

00:21:57.720 --> 00:22:05.850 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: That one seems completely different to the audience, simply because they're speaking to the idea that water doesn't wait.

00:22:06.510 --> 00:22:15.840 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: If there's a leak in your House it doesn't wait if it's a light bulb if it's fixing a fence that can be done on the weekend that's not urgent but water you drop everything.

00:22:16.620 --> 00:22:26.880 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: That plumber knows it and, in that time searching looks different to that audience and it's based on an order of information, but starts with a point of connection.

00:22:27.450 --> 00:22:37.530 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: we're operating five second increments when we're looking for stuff whether it's reading resumes the average time spent is five to seven seconds or looking for a service on Google we're going like this.

00:22:38.880 --> 00:22:47.430 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: Down that's that doesn't interest me Oh, this is interesting, then we read below applied to resume your website it's the same effect.

00:22:48.930 --> 00:22:58.110 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: And that's how people think, initially, they need that connection to know they're in the right place, so my elevator starts with connection first floor.

00:22:58.770 --> 00:23:09.150 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: How do you get their attention and simply my goal is to get them to say tell me more and that's it I don't have to be cryptic about it, I just need to get them to the second floor.

00:23:09.870 --> 00:23:15.690 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: And that's about freedom that intrigue so i'll give you a great example for this a PR firm.

00:23:16.470 --> 00:23:22.680 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: If I say I own a PR firm or I work in a PR firm that's all you're going to remember about me you'll remember that bit.

00:23:23.280 --> 00:23:34.170 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: But if I say I make news when it matters you're left with not enough information you're intrigued do you want to know if i'm a reporter if i'm a celebrity in the gossip column you don't know enough to.

00:23:34.800 --> 00:23:43.320 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: Tell me more that's interesting What do you mean is the effect gets me to my second floor that becomes my audience in what they're going through.

00:23:43.980 --> 00:23:53.550 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: Businesses can't write about themselves try writing about yourself and flowing terms, moreover, they know everything, not the language of the customer what it creates is writer's block.

00:23:54.750 --> 00:23:59.580 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: ooh that's what they're going through okay So how do you help them third floor solution.

00:24:00.660 --> 00:24:05.250 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: I find the words they can't to make sure their news at the impact that means that.

00:24:06.360 --> 00:24:25.200 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: done one sentence solution, just to get them ask the next question, how does it work now were you thinking services my fourth floors process three steps, how do we work together beginning to end, discover the news, you need to tell design the right way to tell it deploy and measure results.

00:24:26.340 --> 00:24:33.180 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: That captures everything that would happen, working with a PR firm So what do I get from that is my services on the fifth floor.

00:24:33.780 --> 00:24:44.550 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: Now I explained my services, not as a menu of options, but under those three steps it's almost like what they'll experience compared to a mcdonald's menu versus a three course meal.

00:24:45.240 --> 00:24:50.730 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: i'll have this this and this versus tonight there'll be having this for your appetizer this for dinner this for dessert.

00:24:51.390 --> 00:25:02.550 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: it's more appetizing to them, because they see the process sixth floor, how does it help me how am I better off benefits seventh floor, can you prove it works social proof testimonials case studies.

00:25:03.660 --> 00:25:06.030 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: Eight for what do you want me to do next call to action.

00:25:07.170 --> 00:25:09.930 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: Take the survey click here to schedule a meeting whatever.

00:25:10.980 --> 00:25:21.960 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: that's the eight floors of my elevator because when you invert and go first floor 284 top to bottom that's the way human beings would ask questions to elicit information.

00:25:22.800 --> 00:25:29.880 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: So what do you do oh that's interesting tell me more well how do you help them, how does it work, what are they getting that were they doing.

00:25:30.510 --> 00:25:39.450 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: Can you what are they How are they better off like what are the benefits, working with you can you prove it works, do you have case studies right referrals that I could speak to.

00:25:39.960 --> 00:25:45.030 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: You know what let's schedule a meeting i've gotten all the information I need to get in the order I need to get it.

00:25:45.900 --> 00:25:56.850 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: And it's very different than businesses coming out talking services and benefits services and benefits, because guess what all those SAS companies are talking about where a SAS company here's our service they all look the same.

00:25:57.690 --> 00:26:11.820 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: And therein lies the secret to how the audience thinks they need something to stop them, they need to see that they're in the right basically need to see a solution quickly and that's what my philosophy, if you will, is meant to do.

00:26:12.300 --> 00:26:17.700 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): I love how simple and fluid you make all this it's definitely seems like it's it's second nature to you, and yet.

00:26:17.970 --> 00:26:25.470 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): it's like the single biggest problem I see out there with talking with businesses being able to articulate everything that you just did which.

00:26:25.920 --> 00:26:34.500 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Obviously, the term software as a service i'm more than familiar with it, but I think of SAS when people are throwing it around i'm like yeah I know all about SAS I have two daughters i'd experienced it all day long.

00:26:35.100 --> 00:26:36.390 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: it's a different.

00:26:38.670 --> 00:26:49.170 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Absolutely, but it's what you're what you're describing is a very you know people centric human type of condition like this is, you know what you say versus how you say it.

00:26:49.440 --> 00:26:55.140 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): You know, really getting into the mind of the audience, which is again something that I see people falling down on all the.

00:26:55.140 --> 00:26:55.500 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Time.

00:26:55.530 --> 00:26:56.760 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Getting pulled over the audience.

00:26:56.790 --> 00:27:04.230 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): is like the most important thing here, so I know we're going to talk about the madness that is your world when we when we come back from the next break but.

00:27:04.470 --> 00:27:16.980 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): You know, give give us a little bit of a of a teaser with this, because you know I again, I see this every single day with businesses of all different sizes even ones that are large and established out there, like that should have this down.

00:27:17.250 --> 00:27:21.750 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Like just they don't it's gonna be still becomes about services and features and benefits.

00:27:22.770 --> 00:27:29.880 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: it's what they want to talk about, because what that's what they built they start with what problem, do I solve for my customer i'm going to build that solution.

00:27:30.330 --> 00:27:37.710 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: Of course, I want to tell you about that solution the killer feature whatever is in it that's going to make their life better that's because you know the whole story.

00:27:38.220 --> 00:27:47.250 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: They don't they don't understand that yet and that's where the challenges we want to tell people about the solution because we built it for so we're going to go out and tell them.

00:27:49.020 --> 00:27:54.900 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): So you have an a number of different great testimonials and i'm gonna throw one out here for everybody, before we take a break.

00:27:55.200 --> 00:28:11.790 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): What Mike did, for me, was encapsulate my essence into a 45 seconds sequence of words he did for me in 30 minutes what others tried to do for me in a decade, he understands brand communication better than anyone i've ever met I love it big testimonial.

00:28:11.970 --> 00:28:13.500 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): we're going to talk battery yeah.

00:28:14.580 --> 00:28:23.700 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): it's impactful man we're gonna take a quick break but we'll be right back with the madness of mike's world with Mike varun principal at veritas associate stay with us.

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00:30:29.940 --> 00:30:37.830 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Welcome back to always Friday with me Stephen fry or SMB guy we're chatting with Mike Brett principal at Breton associates.

00:30:38.250 --> 00:30:46.470 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Mike great stuff thus far love your methodology very impactful something that that businesses really need to take to heart of all sizes small to mega.

00:30:47.100 --> 00:30:54.600 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): This is the madness part of the show where we look at the artistic observational part of what you do stories, you have from the field, and I know you have a ton of them.

00:30:54.870 --> 00:30:59.730 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): i'm going to throw out there, another testimonial real quick to you, which is kind of blends right into this nicely.

00:31:00.210 --> 00:31:08.850 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): mike's the good kind of crazy you sit down chat for 30 minutes and by the end you know more about your audience and your business, then when you go on a course.

00:31:09.120 --> 00:31:21.270 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): He shows you the problem you need to address then tells you how to fix your message it's triage mike's the top surgeon, the one you go to when you realize that you can't operate on yourself.

00:31:21.690 --> 00:31:26.310 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): every penny well spent, you walk away with a strong message and everything that you need to spread it.

00:31:27.060 --> 00:31:39.750 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): And it very, very powerful discussion there, as I know, you've been to a number of networking events, etc, where you hear people just show up and throw up features benefits and kind of puts you to sleep doesn't really have the impact that you want.

00:31:40.590 --> 00:31:41.940 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: That was opposed picture.

00:31:43.950 --> 00:31:44.670 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): I know, but I could.

00:31:45.780 --> 00:31:46.080 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: Call.

00:31:46.500 --> 00:31:55.830 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): I know I couldn't help myself, though this is how sometimes how you feel inside with uh with what you're listening to so give us give us a little bit of the madness that you see out there.

00:31:57.210 --> 00:32:09.030 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: Well, I I am I see a lot like we talked about in networking, a lot of people are approaching it the same way, this is me my job, my company what we do and who we're looking for and.

00:32:09.450 --> 00:32:16.080 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: That gets really redundant, but then sometimes you're going to run into people that want to stand out as different.

00:32:16.680 --> 00:32:23.700 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: But they take the approach of like the clown dancing on a street corner holding a sign look at me i'm different.

00:32:24.330 --> 00:32:31.980 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: And it stands out as as funny to me, for the reasons that I remember these people, so I was in a networking group, a few months ago.

00:32:32.610 --> 00:32:37.290 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: And, as you know, winter let's say or even before Christmas around that time.

00:32:37.710 --> 00:32:51.720 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: And there's probably 60 people in this room, you know grids, I have to swipe to see how many people are there, but I kept looking at this one guy who's dressed as a full on airline pilot his background is a cock that are clearly an airplane airplane and.

00:32:52.770 --> 00:32:53.190 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: Excuse me.

00:32:54.330 --> 00:33:08.580 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: And he's sitting there and i'm just waiting for him to talk and he it's his turn to talk about what he does, and he takes out like a noise changer to make him sounds like the pilot giving the talk like, ladies and gentlemen.

00:33:10.560 --> 00:33:18.600 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: And goes through does and i'll be damned I had to go and look up but I had to go back and look at what he did he's a website developer.

00:33:19.590 --> 00:33:23.640 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: But he put on this one minute skit and that's what I remember about.

00:33:24.420 --> 00:33:40.050 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: The website developers not what's leading through that's an example of someone trying to stand out a guy on the same call is dressed as like a construction crew and his background made it look like he's sitting on a steamroller heavy equipment and his whole thing was about seo.

00:33:41.610 --> 00:33:45.570 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: But there was no connection to it, it was more he was dressing up to look different.

00:33:47.310 --> 00:33:55.620 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: Unfortunately that's not the way to go about it, it has to be something that's going to get your audience's attention for what you do not what you look like or how you're acting.

00:33:57.090 --> 00:34:00.390 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: And that becomes a challenge for a lot of people to figure out.

00:34:01.740 --> 00:34:07.740 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): yeah, especially when they when they fight the idea of the outside perspective, which I know is very big for you and.

00:34:08.100 --> 00:34:11.880 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): I can totally relate to you know consulting with business owners, where they feel like.

00:34:12.180 --> 00:34:20.280 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): That it has to be them or has to be somebody intimately familiar with every nuance of the business to be able to relay the message of everything that they do.

00:34:20.790 --> 00:34:27.240 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): And you know, while it might be important to do some field research with those types of folks like you, you want the outside perspective that's.

00:34:27.450 --> 00:34:31.230 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): that's what's going to give you the real insight if people are getting the message or not.

00:34:31.590 --> 00:34:40.320 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: Everything else is happening internally you're using research to figure out what to build let's say or an insight to figure out what you're creating and then you create it and then you go tell people.

00:34:41.670 --> 00:34:51.600 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: that's how every business works, but once you figure out what is my customer need it becomes a very internal conversation about just building it and that's where the warped perspective comes in.

00:34:51.960 --> 00:34:59.280 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: Where I can look at a business and understand the 5% they're trying to convey pulling it out of the hundred percent of what they're explaining.

00:35:00.060 --> 00:35:07.920 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: that's what I look for with my clients and you never know when something's going to pop up or come across as.

00:35:08.580 --> 00:35:12.180 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: wrong for the audience and i'm doing give you my favorite example okay.

00:35:12.840 --> 00:35:24.540 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: I worked on at hasbro I worked on the Jurassic world property, and this is when it released in 2015 set the stage it's you know 26 years after.

00:35:24.870 --> 00:35:30.780 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: The discovery of the creation of the dinosaurs now the park is open that's the whole idea of it.

00:35:31.680 --> 00:35:40.980 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: And we're making the plastic toys to put on the shelf at walmart with a license the toy licensee for universal studios whose present creating the film.

00:35:41.490 --> 00:35:55.800 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: And there are other licensees are like toothbrushes backpacks T shirts whatever what have you but that's how those big budget films make monies on licensees so imagine this we get a call at say 10 o'clock in the morning.

00:35:56.850 --> 00:36:06.090 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: From our PR department saying you need to look up what they named the new dinosaur that they're introducing her film they named it Dr wallace REX.

00:36:07.170 --> 00:36:15.120 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: And this is the big white dinosaur in the film that wreaks havoc breaks loose it's like a dinosaur that they designed with DNA.

00:36:15.540 --> 00:36:31.680 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: Yes, there, there is in dominance REX right there they designed it it's like a designer crazy creature that was going to be the new attraction they made that Diablo lists rx which on its face makes all the sense in the world that demon kane is a scary name and this thing's terrifying.

00:36:31.980 --> 00:36:32.940 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: I could see why.

00:36:33.120 --> 00:36:43.170 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: Some makers would name it that we look it up, and the only image that comes up is a picture of this gentleman who is the outgoing President I think of the Church of Satan.

00:36:43.830 --> 00:36:55.650 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: And this guy has like Horn implants and a big beard he looks like what you draw to do drew on a devil worshiper a demonic cult but, whatever it was unbelief it looks like a cartoon character, but.

00:36:56.370 --> 00:37:02.790 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: If a four year old or their mom see that it becomes a problem for people who are selling stuff to four year olds in their mom's.

00:37:03.450 --> 00:37:04.860 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: Natural that's the big issue.

00:37:04.890 --> 00:37:14.790 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: So we call universal so you can name it you just can't this is what's going to happen and their responses all right let's repeat in four hours, but you guys need to come up with a new name.

00:37:15.390 --> 00:37:20.850 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: which I immediately read as first of all challenge accepted, and second, of all I have to sell them on you.

00:37:22.020 --> 00:37:24.180 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: have to sell them because they're not going to change it, if I know.

00:37:25.170 --> 00:37:32.580 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: So I write 20 words on the whiteboard next directs in Latin that look cool and I go back into find them and I land on the word in darkness.

00:37:33.150 --> 00:37:39.630 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: In dominance comes to me unconquerable or indomitable Okay, and I hate to break it to people but.

00:37:40.260 --> 00:37:43.620 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: This dinosaurs the bad guy in the film The bad guy doesn't quite make it.

00:37:44.070 --> 00:38:00.540 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: So I put together this idea of in dominance REX is foreshadowing and and irony, and really speaking to what's going to happen and it's a really you know APP main for how it's going to go down, so I put together an eight page deck to present to universal at 4pm.

00:38:01.740 --> 00:38:14.790 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: And i'm nervous but turning it into ready to sell to present to convince them to change it so i'm all fired up they get on the phone as a VP of marketing script writer people from license and there's like four people.

00:38:16.260 --> 00:38:28.050 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: And I am like showtime they say all right we're here, what do you got sounds like I gotta sell them first slide the name, we recommend is in dominance REX they go off.

00:38:28.530 --> 00:38:34.320 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: That sounds great you send that over will get running with it Thank you so much, we gotta go That was the whole.

00:38:34.860 --> 00:38:42.270 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: interaction, but in the process, I got the name of dinosaur in the movie which was pretty damn cool I got the name and dominance REX.

00:38:42.630 --> 00:38:57.150 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: But what we were able to show them as the importance of that perception of their audience and what they're going to see versus what they think they're going to see from their perspective, they needed that perspective shift to save what could have been a serious marketing issue.

00:38:58.920 --> 00:39:00.030 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Unbelievable story.

00:39:01.200 --> 00:39:13.860 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): And you know I want it, I want to hit this before, but before we get too far ahead of ourselves, like the the butterfly logo that you have has some relevance to the to the perspective as well, when people get too wrapped up in.

00:39:14.460 --> 00:39:20.730 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): In things themselves, you still again really need the outside perspective give give give us a little how you arrived at this.

00:39:21.030 --> 00:39:36.060 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: Well, imagine a bunch of caterpillars are born and want to become butterflies they're born say the grass or a Bush and what they need to do is get to a tree climbing leaves create a cocoon become a butterfly, the problem is they're all sitting there on the grass.

00:39:37.140 --> 00:39:49.350 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: If they have a perspective of where to go to get the basket leaves the safest tree to make their cocoon they can effectively become a butterfly faster without having to sort through where to go what to get it.

00:39:49.800 --> 00:39:59.310 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: that's the effect that businesses experience what do I do next, especially small, medium sized businesses, they don't have a C suite to worry about things they are the CC.

00:39:59.820 --> 00:40:02.910 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: They have to worry about everything and it generates a 24 seven.

00:40:03.120 --> 00:40:15.660 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: To do list which completely shadows any or fog any sort of perspective that they can have their in the weeds, the idea is to be able to get outside of it, and when it's yours it's just really hard to get.

00:40:16.740 --> 00:40:33.000 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): And you mentioned, I definitely agree, you mentioned the idea before of bringing up words that we don't necessarily use a normal communication which i've always been a big George carlin fan I can't help myself I think about his advertising biz like zesty in tangy are not real words.

00:40:33.000 --> 00:40:42.540 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): No, but, but the kpis thing it's like I started to chuckle for a second because i've totally seen people like having drinks and out and about, and they are having discussions like that nowadays it's like.

00:40:42.750 --> 00:40:52.260 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): kind of bleeding over and trying to bleed over into normal life and it's still it's not the way that that people tend to think of things it's like it has to has to be more impactful than that.

00:40:52.710 --> 00:41:03.960 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): So how do you like, how do you help these beat like you've your approach on things seems to sync up really nicely with when I talk about people being so product focused first instead of people in the process.

00:41:04.380 --> 00:41:17.070 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Products change every single day, and they think of features and benefits and what they can throw at the wall and make stick but it's it's really the other way around, like the exact way that you talked about the elevator pitch So how do you get people to shift their mindset for this.

00:41:18.660 --> 00:41:26.280 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: it's a question of understanding the difference between attracting someone's attention by talking about the right things.

00:41:26.700 --> 00:41:36.900 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: versus getting bogged down, and what I would call in service information, meaning there's no reason to explain every single thing that they're going to encounter.

00:41:37.860 --> 00:41:49.380 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: In your business, but you want to because that's the part that you're selling so you're prone to get into details that would actually not even come up until a certain point in conversation.

00:41:50.910 --> 00:41:58.230 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: So if you're spending all that time talking about stuff that won't have relevance to someone until they're working with you then that's a missed opportunity.

00:41:59.610 --> 00:42:08.820 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: The idea is to get them connected to does this sound like you and what you're going through and here's the solution before they even have to scroll.

00:42:09.240 --> 00:42:19.710 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: You want to align on their terms to what they're going through and i'll give you a very quick example imagine you sell beach umbrellas what's going to be more powerful.

00:42:21.000 --> 00:42:26.910 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: I sell beach umbrellas for when you go to the beach and it keeps you shaded or think of a beach.

00:42:27.600 --> 00:42:35.730 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: Where now i'm getting you to think about being at a beach and you're going to call senses from that who you were with music you're listening to temperature in the water.

00:42:36.180 --> 00:42:43.410 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: All of that comes rushing back because you've experienced the beach if the next thing I say is remember that time you got sunburned and.

00:42:44.190 --> 00:42:51.990 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: Now you're thinking of an exact time that happened to you that you got sunburned if the next thing I say, is the right shade word stop that from happening.

00:42:52.920 --> 00:43:00.210 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: here's my beach umbrellas now i've gotten thinking exactly the right order that I want you to think about and now you're ready to understand my future.

00:43:01.260 --> 00:43:04.890 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: And that's, the key to it, is that order of information that's.

00:43:05.280 --> 00:43:10.890 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): awesome and I love how he made the analogy before of the book versus the blurb it's the same ideas.

00:43:11.100 --> 00:43:17.160 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Yes, but you skip a few chapters in the beginning there's a disconnect whether you're talking about a relationship or a book that you're reading.

00:43:17.400 --> 00:43:27.870 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): it's like the whole thing is that introductory blurb that's written from an outside perspective that gets people excited to say tell me more even if it's 1000 pages, written by Stephen King who's phenomenal, by the way.

00:43:29.520 --> 00:43:38.190 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): But yeah I love it it's so it's so important that people recognize how others are digesting the information and in what order and how it, how it really makes an impact for them.

00:43:38.490 --> 00:43:45.540 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): So great stuff my man we're going to take a quick break but we'll be right back with Mike Perrette principal at Breton associates stay with us.

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00:45:21.060 --> 00:45:21.810 broadcasting.

00:45:47.310 --> 00:45:53.820 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Welcome back to always Friday with me Stephen fry your SMB guy we're chatting with Mike for read principal at retina associates.

00:45:54.270 --> 00:46:02.100 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): awesome discussion with Mike here today really getting people to hone in on on making an impact with their audience getting to know the audience, not so much being.

00:46:02.490 --> 00:46:06.510 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): features and benefits show up and throw up type of personality love it.

00:46:06.990 --> 00:46:12.960 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): This is the message part of the show Mike the whole idea from weekend insight to Monday impact you've given us some.

00:46:13.290 --> 00:46:17.280 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Real gold here some pearls of wisdom, as far as what people need to be focused on.

00:46:17.580 --> 00:46:22.590 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): yeah I think of a couple things that the whole idea of don't forget why you went into business in the first place.

00:46:22.860 --> 00:46:32.370 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): it'll help you unlock you know a lot of the proper messaging as opposed to the features and benefits you've come to to work with with your clients, but the big part about the outside perspective.

00:46:33.030 --> 00:46:43.170 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Especially when it's your business man you're just you're just too close to it it's like it's not about every single nook and cranny it's about what's going to get people motivated to engage you further that tell me more concept I love it.

00:46:43.890 --> 00:46:48.780 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): So give give us some other other little sound bites here as we bring things to a close here today.

00:46:49.320 --> 00:47:08.250 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: yeah I think I usually focus on three ideas or three words that people can sort of take away from it the first one is connect and how important connection is on getting someone's attention or getting them to say tell me more is.

00:47:09.690 --> 00:47:18.240 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: Excuse me, getting them to say tell me more is no different than if you're speaking to an audience presenting to a room full of people.

00:47:19.380 --> 00:47:27.510 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: You want to make a connection with those people and get them to like a conversational state, you know and that's why people I mean we do it all the time.

00:47:27.810 --> 00:47:39.510 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: Trying to look for connection oh crazy weather we're having hmm or my favorite if you find out that somebody goes to say or went to a college and you knew people who went there you play the name game right.

00:47:39.870 --> 00:47:49.170 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: Oh, did you know this person, did you know this person that's just us as a social forum of trying to make a connection, so we could get the conversation it's like an icebreaker almost but.

00:47:49.650 --> 00:47:57.270 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: That connection is what opens them up and catches their entry that gets them intrigued with what you're talking about, or what you have to say.

00:47:58.050 --> 00:48:06.240 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: And from there, it becomes that order of information, you need to direct them so you've got connects the next word is direct.

00:48:06.810 --> 00:48:17.550 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: it's about using the right order of information to keep them reading the book in the right order of pages you wrote the book, you know it's on page 22 they don't.

00:48:18.150 --> 00:48:28.230 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: They need to read pages one through 21 in order to be up to speed so directing them through that information, the right way, is what that elevator processor.

00:48:29.130 --> 00:48:36.180 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: structure is built upon is always keeping the sentiment, the right information, so the audience always feels like and then what and then what.

00:48:36.570 --> 00:48:52.470 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: And then, what happens it's on their terms and they're following along the way they should the third piece, and possibly the most important is projecting projection direct connect direct project, and what I mean by that is.

00:48:53.670 --> 00:48:59.910 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: Every business has two assets of personality and an attitude okay.

00:49:00.300 --> 00:49:01.530 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: And one is a constant.

00:49:02.280 --> 00:49:10.500 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: Think about personality types there's studies on them for dates your personality is who you are you're stuck with it.

00:49:11.190 --> 00:49:24.060 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: You are who you off right your business can't be any different than the personality of the business isn't going to change let's use the example of a bungee jumping company like off of a bridge into a castle right.

00:49:25.290 --> 00:49:36.780 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: You are in the adrenaline business, you are in the exhilaration action sports jumping off a bridge business, you can invite for ladies to come for a tea party attached.

00:49:37.440 --> 00:49:46.560 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: To them, push them off the bridge there's an expectation, based on what you represent your personality is that you can avoid it.

00:49:47.220 --> 00:49:59.400 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: But your attitude is your variable and there's a simple way to think about this attitude is the only thing we have control over life is 10% what happens and 90% how we choose to react to it.

00:49:59.910 --> 00:50:20.640 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: So we can project, an attitude that is if that makes sense, you know, there are three areas of attitude even that you are feeling that you can get people latched onto through attitude like exhilaration get the heart pumping right empathy I feel for you humor always a great entrance.

00:50:20.760 --> 00:50:22.020 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: What woman, have you met.

00:50:23.040 --> 00:50:28.950 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: Who doesn't start with he's got a great sense of humor not he's good looking or this or that humor always plays a part.

00:50:30.270 --> 00:50:40.590 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: So, though, having the attitude layer to your personality becomes extremely important go back to that bungee jumper I could come at you and say.

00:50:41.250 --> 00:50:53.070 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: hey team leader, this is the trust fall on adrenaline, this is the ultimate team bonding experience, if you want to bring your team closer together and open them up get them thinking as a team.

00:50:54.990 --> 00:51:09.030 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: Still same personality you're jumping off a bridge for the rubber band attached to you, but i'm positioning it the attitude of it is team building or like you come out with mountain dew to the extreme bungee for life.

00:51:09.750 --> 00:51:10.860 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: And now i'm attracting a.

00:51:10.860 --> 00:51:14.580 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: Different audience and projecting that attitude with that intent.

00:51:15.810 --> 00:51:30.750 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: So your attitude becomes a weapon and it's, the only thing you have control so those three focal points of connect direct and project become the focus of how businesses need to think about how they're communicating.

00:51:32.520 --> 00:51:36.930 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): The humor piece definitely, especially when you have a face for radio, you know, but the.

00:51:37.620 --> 00:51:55.050 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: image actually Steve the humor piece, the best example you can get Ephesus brands think in terms of like brand essence brand archetypes What do we want to represent like are we, the hero, are we, the sage are we, the Creator, these are like mythical archetypes That brings us to define themselves.

00:51:55.500 --> 00:52:08.160 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: yep and let's apply that to the auto insurance business go back to the 90s, or whatever he had the good hands people and liberty mutual insurance, and it was starch banker callers in Windsor knots and.

00:52:08.910 --> 00:52:17.880 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: You know all state state farm all of these companies right and all of them, tried to have their own personality and they were all driving to that take care of what you need to take care of.

00:52:19.020 --> 00:52:31.590 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: Along comes geico so easy a caveman can do it 15 minutes or less and immediately does two things one commodity prices, the business 15 minutes or less became the standard across the business but to.

00:52:32.040 --> 00:52:41.970 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: They introduced humor they were playing the role of the gesture and people latched on to it when geico hit the market Everybody talks about geico commercials okay.

00:52:42.240 --> 00:52:43.860 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: yep fast forward to now.

00:52:45.420 --> 00:52:50.820 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: and try to think of one insurance company that is in kuma focused with their advertising.

00:52:52.500 --> 00:53:03.660 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: you've got progressive and flow obviously you still have geico plays a huge role with the gecko and everything, but now look at liberty mutual who we determined.

00:53:04.740 --> 00:53:11.100 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: Starch collars Windsor knocks right they're using the term liberty, liberty and they've got Lu Lu and.

00:53:12.180 --> 00:53:13.230 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: cervical Scott and.

00:53:14.910 --> 00:53:18.480 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: Everybody shifted because that's what the audience needed to hear.

00:53:19.890 --> 00:53:24.660 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: that's it guy go open the door everybody else realized our archetype so.

00:53:25.980 --> 00:53:32.940 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): yeah yeah that whole attitude piece, you know kind of relatable to the idea of first best in different like.

00:53:33.000 --> 00:53:40.170 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): yeah you're like geico was the one that kind of did it first like you're not going to change that, but you can be different than what the norm, has been.

00:53:40.590 --> 00:53:44.730 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): And a lot of you know what you described about something that activates the senses.

00:53:45.270 --> 00:53:59.160 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): You know that's that stuff that people can identify with just just as much as a good story is it's not really so much about the archetypes the you know the features and the benefits the products that are being done but here's what how people are drinking it in so.

00:53:59.640 --> 00:54:07.320 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): The right stuff men like veritas associates ve R et amd you know how to spell associate stock.

00:54:08.850 --> 00:54:17.640 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): So yeah definitely reach out to the MIC out there is information will be in the show notes and everything you guys need to hit me SMB guide texted 21,000.

00:54:18.240 --> 00:54:23.220 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Before we let you go here for the day and revisit the answers that you gave to my favorite questions.

00:54:23.460 --> 00:54:28.860 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Who is your favorite movie or TV show character what's your favorite movie or TV show what's your favorite musical instrument.

00:54:29.100 --> 00:54:40.680 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): And the artists you'd like to hear play it so your favorite TV show character was Tracy Jordan from 30 rock a character who's movie movie star personality and life events are taken from Tracy Morgan himself.

00:54:41.040 --> 00:54:47.730 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Actually, in 2010 the entertainment weekly ranked him as the 55th graders character of all the last.

00:54:47.760 --> 00:54:48.600 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): 20 years.

00:54:49.020 --> 00:54:57.900 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): And it just looking at this little commentary when i'm making my goofy pictures here is like malarkey banter I have no idea what you're saying this is like people's messages that you hear half the time.

00:54:59.070 --> 00:55:11.550 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: I just always loved i've been on a big Tracy Morgan fan I think his style is suitable to me like the quick can't one liner stuff but it actually dovetails into my favorite movie yeah.

00:55:11.730 --> 00:55:13.260 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Which is, which is airplanes.

00:55:14.730 --> 00:55:30.450 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: formative years I mean this is a movement from the 70s, but that brand of humor was like it just struck me perfectly and the way I see Tracy Tracy Jordan, the character and even the show 30 rock.

00:55:31.140 --> 00:55:40.950 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: Or the show brooklyn nine nine like those programs hit me exactly the same way that sense of humor has just always lived in my blood.

00:55:41.220 --> 00:55:45.600 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): I mean you think about the what versus the how and why it's like it's a man afraid.

00:55:45.930 --> 00:55:57.750 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): to fly, he must ensure that a plane land safely after everyone gets sick it's a huge comedy it's like everyone remembers the back and forth, can you can you fly this plane and land it surely you can't be serious, well, I am serious and don't call me.

00:55:58.260 --> 00:55:59.070 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: call me surely.

00:55:59.220 --> 00:56:00.360 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): everybody remembers it.

00:56:00.720 --> 00:56:05.640 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Your favorite your favorite instrument in the artist was the turntables with biz markie.

00:56:05.880 --> 00:56:14.400 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): rapper DJ record producer best known for the 1989 single just a friend, so when it comes to sharpening the message and making it more memorable.

00:56:14.760 --> 00:56:22.650 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Mike ver at is the friend, that you are looking for there is no question about it Mike thanks so much dude for joining me here today really love that are you on here.

00:56:23.100 --> 00:56:35.580 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: Steve I would I would be back in a heartbeat just shoot the breeze with you this is so much fun, I really appreciate my not my favorite thing in the world is a microphone on a stage, people are willing to live have beyond and.

00:56:36.180 --> 00:56:39.420 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: Allow me to share what I do I couldn't be more grateful so thanks man.

00:56:39.630 --> 00:56:41.640 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: Well, what you do here, this is an awesome Program.

00:56:42.030 --> 00:56:44.520 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Absolutely, making a stage, you could change the world baby.

00:56:45.870 --> 00:56:55.560 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Next week we're heading into the fourth of July weekend we'll see if we could put something together with a bang have more great discussion until then Thank you so much, everybody for joining us here on always Friday we hope you.

00:56:56.160 --> 00:57:05.370 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): got some weekend insight to make a Monday impact have a great weekend and we will see you next Friday 11am Eastern time, right after Tommy do philanthropy and focus bye bye everybody.

00:57:05.850 --> 00:57:06.300 Mike Verret, Verret & Associates: bye bye.

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