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Friday, June 24, 2022
Facebook Live Video from 2022/06/24 -  Helping The Community Through Our Programs

Facebook Live Video from 2022/06/24 -  Helping The Community Through Our Programs


2022/06/24 - Helping The Community Through Our Programs

[NEW EPISODE]  Helping The Community Through Our Programs

Insight on what we do, why we do it and how people can get involved!

At RISE Life Services we help the community around us with services for the developmentally disabled, mental health population, and individuals with special needs. Led by our dedicated Executive Director, Charles Evdos. Along with our 32 residences, we have an array of programs that include: The without Walls Day Program, Main Street Food Pantry, Huntington Cultural Center, Elevations Clinic, and Sensory Garden. All of our community-based programs focus on elevating lives and lending a helping hand to those who need it. 

About Charles Evdos:

Charles is the Executive Director of Rise Life Services, an Aid to the Developmentally Disabled company. Established in 1980, Rise has 32 residential facilities, 2 “Without Walls” day programs and ever-evolving programs that ensure our special neighbors can live productive and independent lives. Charles is a natural leader with the heart of a philanthropist. Having had an extensive background in journalism and business, he sought to renew his life’s work by helping others. “My career has been built on empowering others and making a difference in their own lives,” says Evdos.

Name of your organization: Rise Life Services 


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Show Notes

Segment 1

In this episode, Tommy’s guest is Charles Evdos. Tommy and Charles discuss what brought Charles to the gas station business and other ventures. They chat about Charles’ background and development. Charles shares his story and how he went from journalism to business to nonprofit. He tells a touching story about his niece that inspired him to sell his companies and work for a non-profit. Tommy clarifies that non-profit is equivalent to corporate on a small budget.

Segment 2

Tommy and Charles continue to discuss Charles’ journey into non-profit. Charles talks about organizations he joined. He joined Lake Grove School as their business manager. Before becoming Head Start’s deputy director, Charles worked for a drug treatment program, Apple. He managed to get the company out of bankruptcy and merged them with Phoenix House. Charles discusses his developmental role at Cerebral Palsy Nassau County. He explains how his business background helped him through his journey.

Segment 3

Tommy and Charles discuss how non-profits receive an imbalance of finance support from the government. Charles points out the efforts that are being made to change these positions since the pandemic. Charles tells Tommy how he got involved in Rise Life Services six years ago. He shares how there was a demand for support and resources and Rise was able to deliver. Charles speaks on the No Walls Program and their mission.

Segment 4

Charles tells Tommy about his TV show Elevating Lives. The show airs every two weeks and it focuses on helping individuals with disabilities. He shares the number to their 24/7 hotline and how they can be of service. Tommy asks Charles what is needed at Rise Life Services and how he can help. Charles says advocating for disabled people is extremely important. Tommy asks if Charles is looking to connect with any organization out in Long Island. Charles mentions his fundraiser event, Foodstock, that is being held September 17th at the East side Submarina. You can find more information at


00:00:48.420 --> 00:00:49.260 It is Friday.

00:00:50.550 --> 00:00:53.910 Tommy DiMisa: it's Friday, right now, when we're recording where we're doing the show live.

00:00:54.960 --> 00:01:03.360 Tommy DiMisa: I don't know what day it is when you're listening to this in the future, I don't know what time it is I don't know what century, it is because I think that the stories we tell here on philanthropy and focus.

00:01:04.080 --> 00:01:11.370 Tommy DiMisa: are forever because nonprofits change the world nonprofits make the impact nonprofits do the jobs.

00:01:11.820 --> 00:01:16.080 Tommy DiMisa: If it wasn't for the nonprofit sector, I tell you this every single week and I tell you this.

00:01:16.350 --> 00:01:26.430 Tommy DiMisa: Even I just tell people in my own world that if it wasn't for the nonprofits who does this work it doesn't get done that's just a matter of fact 74 episodes into this and bold enough to tell you that.

00:01:26.910 --> 00:01:32.790 Tommy DiMisa: a bunch of episodes back I might have said well you know, but who am I offending am I going to offend people know this is.

00:01:33.570 --> 00:01:39.570 Tommy DiMisa: This is the sector that changes the world, this is the sector that clothes, those who need clothes.

00:01:39.840 --> 00:01:49.530 Tommy DiMisa: This is a sector that feeds those who are food insecure, this is a sector that serve up those with intellectual developmental disabilities and provides health care to those who need it and have no other access.

00:01:49.830 --> 00:01:54.780 Tommy DiMisa: nonprofits change our world i'm your boy i'm fired up today, obviously, you can hear in my voice already.

00:01:55.020 --> 00:02:02.430 Tommy DiMisa: i'm fired up for nonprofits i'm fired up because I am the nonprofit sector connected, so what the heck Does that mean well, let me tell you all week long.

00:02:02.610 --> 00:02:10.680 Tommy DiMisa: i've been spending time with nonprofit leaders today with Charles of those from rise life services is a combination of that but, even after I leave here today.

00:02:10.860 --> 00:02:14.760 Tommy DiMisa: i'm going to have to scoop Italian ICES at the waterfront centered thanks to my dad.

00:02:14.970 --> 00:02:23.070 Tommy DiMisa: Rao sizes out in Huntington Charles we'll talk about that because we got somebody says out to riverhead we'll we'll get it we aren't getting enough ice cubes I don't know if coolers we're going to mount the river.

00:02:23.580 --> 00:02:29.700 Tommy DiMisa: But you know, yesterday I had one of the interviews with a semi finalists from the New York City imagine awards.

00:02:29.940 --> 00:02:40.650 Tommy DiMisa: The same on Wednesday and one later this afternoon, if 430 after I scoop the Italian ICES I tell you all of that, because it just reflects the passion, I have this sector.

00:02:41.220 --> 00:02:52.410 Tommy DiMisa: Where do we do this, show from well gotta tell that joke i'm in my attic I came up two flights from the kitchen and I forgot one of my water cups I had to go back down to flights to the kitchen and then come up to the attic again.

00:02:53.010 --> 00:03:00.630 Tommy DiMisa: But I caught my breath and i'm relaxed again and we're ready to get rolling so every week we do the show new in the show since January of 2021.

00:03:01.050 --> 00:03:06.090 Tommy DiMisa: And I give you this promise, as long as I am able to bring people on this program.

00:03:06.840 --> 00:03:14.970 Tommy DiMisa: To tell their story and help them amplify their message well then you'll get me here philanthropy and focus is the name of the show Tommy is the name of the guy.

00:03:15.660 --> 00:03:20.790 Tommy DiMisa: Every week we do this, Charles of those my friend we've hung out together i've been down in Atlantic city.

00:03:20.910 --> 00:03:28.980 Tommy DiMisa: I remember one time we had a whole bunch of seafood when we were down in Atlantic city one of those wine tastings and what I don't drink the wine, but I like to eat the seafood more down there.

00:03:29.640 --> 00:03:39.060 Tommy DiMisa: i'm glad to have you here, this is a special opportunity for you to come on the show to tell the story, I know I Oh, when we talked earlier this week I always tell folks.

00:03:40.590 --> 00:03:46.950 Tommy DiMisa: I want you to tell your story your background and then I want you to tell the programs that the organization is doing and the impact.

00:03:47.790 --> 00:03:58.860 Tommy DiMisa: But your story is is not one that started out in nonprofit right you don't come from like always being in the nonprofit sector you come from journalism business and there's a grander story there.

00:03:59.370 --> 00:04:07.890 Tommy DiMisa: And I want you to share with the folks today how we get from the business world and why what was the y that pulled you into.

00:04:08.130 --> 00:04:21.180 Tommy DiMisa: serving the nonprofit sector before we do that, I just want to read Charles have those is the Executive Director of rise life services, which is an aid to developmentally disabled company this organization was established in 1980 and has 32.

00:04:21.750 --> 00:04:32.430 Tommy DiMisa: residential facilities to without with without walls day programs for their participants and an ever evolving array of programs to serve not only.

00:04:32.670 --> 00:04:40.440 Tommy DiMisa: Their participants, but to serve the community at large out on the east end of long island Charles how are you welcome to my show, welcome to the attic what's up.

00:04:41.610 --> 00:04:43.890 Charles Evdos: Good morning Tommy glad to be on the show.

00:04:44.910 --> 00:04:55.320 Charles Evdos: I love your energy this field requires caring individuals like yourself and it's beautiful to see that and I really, thank you for being on the show, I want to get the message out there.

00:04:55.590 --> 00:04:58.620 Tommy DiMisa: Absolutely it's funny I just grabbed this cup of water and, ironically it's.

00:04:58.620 --> 00:04:59.820 Tommy DiMisa: A firm rise.

00:05:00.120 --> 00:05:12.600 Tommy DiMisa: rise in spirit which we will talk about rise life services, plus the spirit of Huntington we'll talk about that we will get into that so tell me your story Charles I want to know your background what brings you to this, I know I have questions about.

00:05:13.170 --> 00:05:23.430 Tommy DiMisa: Development, because I know from a legacy perspective and having people leave money in their wills to organizations i've seen you have those conversations so but tell me how this all started for you.

00:05:24.420 --> 00:05:28.470 Charles Evdos: Well i've been in business in business for over 50 years.

00:05:29.580 --> 00:05:36.480 Charles Evdos: I started off at the Daily News as a copy boy going through college and to my surprise.

00:05:37.680 --> 00:05:39.630 Charles Evdos: I knew very little bit about journalism.

00:05:40.740 --> 00:05:48.690 Charles Evdos: My writing skills weren't that great, but I met this individual cold chilly alum he was he had one to form arm and he was.

00:05:49.110 --> 00:05:55.260 Charles Evdos: He would always curse at the editors reporters and stuff but we became friends and he taught me journalism.

00:05:56.250 --> 00:06:04.020 Charles Evdos: And, before I became a copy desk clerk I became an editorial assistant when I got my CPA from paste college.

00:06:04.560 --> 00:06:13.590 Charles Evdos: They promoted me to well, I was reported them they promoted me to a financial analyst and then a budget manager so i've worked my way up to the up the daily news.

00:06:14.550 --> 00:06:23.010 Charles Evdos: And it was a lot of fun and what happened with the Daily News unfortunately back in 1980 when the tribune company was trying to sell the paper.

00:06:23.790 --> 00:06:30.390 Charles Evdos: They came back and said hey look if we can't sell the paper going to close, I went to the publishing Bob hunt at the time it's a Bob.

00:06:31.050 --> 00:06:39.360 Charles Evdos: You know what this 4 million circulation, they will you nuts, you can just throw that away, and I said Would you mind if I seek out of.

00:06:39.810 --> 00:06:47.190 Charles Evdos: investors to start my own newspaper, he said sure no problem never thinking that I would get background now getting people to back me up.

00:06:47.970 --> 00:07:05.310 Charles Evdos: But to a surprise, with what I was able to do is do tax returns, with a K God della Jimmy breslin and Sullivan, and I went to all the top reporters that look if the if the news can't sell it they're going to close i'm going to give you a 10 year contract pay the same amount of money.

00:07:06.360 --> 00:07:17.100 Charles Evdos: But i'd like you to work for me, I took those contracts, I met with Donald trump Tom Carvel Bob Abul nap from his father invented the aerosol spray can President Nixon and a few others.

00:07:17.790 --> 00:07:25.920 Charles Evdos: and got $200 million, with the backing contingent upon the news closing I invested quite a bit of money also to this project.

00:07:26.610 --> 00:07:44.340 Charles Evdos: But what happened was unfortunate the Daily News Bob hunt that came to me to Charlie why don't you buy the paper, and I said Bob you have 5000 employees the unions are killing the paper, I can produce the same paper 300 employees, why would I in my right mind by the paper.

00:07:44.460 --> 00:07:44.760 Tommy DiMisa: Right.

00:07:44.820 --> 00:08:00.630 Charles Evdos: I said, if you're gonna if you're going to not be able to sell it and close it i'm going to start the paper and had everything in place ready to go the daily news came back and said, Charlie you have to stop what you're doing a quick I said I guess i'm gonna have to quit and.

00:08:01.680 --> 00:08:10.500 Charles Evdos: Unfortunate what happened, the daily is sold their property in to 20 42nd street and sold for like 320 million and kept the paper.

00:08:10.770 --> 00:08:12.390 Tommy DiMisa: They were able to keep going because they.

00:08:12.780 --> 00:08:13.500 Tommy DiMisa: needed yeah.

00:08:13.560 --> 00:08:15.360 Charles Evdos: But it was it was a great experience.

00:08:15.420 --> 00:08:16.350 Tommy DiMisa: wow it.

00:08:17.340 --> 00:08:19.260 Charles Evdos: really got my brain business brain going.

00:08:19.410 --> 00:08:27.210 Tommy DiMisa: So does that that's like I had you done anything similar that in the past or this was like this cuz that's a big growth experience there.

00:08:27.660 --> 00:08:38.010 Charles Evdos: No, I never did I guess make being paid college, which really touch about business really helped me grow no question.

00:08:38.520 --> 00:08:45.450 Tommy DiMisa: that's incredible Tom Carvel I mean listen I love you know wednesday's a Carvel if you're not on long island and you don't know what that means.

00:08:45.870 --> 00:08:50.220 Tommy DiMisa: It means that you get two Sundays for the price of one which, when you have four kids is is a good thing.

00:08:50.850 --> 00:09:00.960 Tommy DiMisa: To be able to do and I will tell you Charlie and and if anybody else hears this I will I guess i'll have to admit that to happen, but I caught myself out of Carvel all by myself on a Wednesday.

00:09:01.440 --> 00:09:05.490 Tommy DiMisa: And you know you get to when you gotta you know I say, can you hang on to one.

00:09:05.820 --> 00:09:16.320 Tommy DiMisa: Let me eat this one in the car i'll come back in about 1520 minutes and i'll eat the second Sunday but that's a whole nother problem for another show another day but soft ice cream from carnival is is a good thing, so.

00:09:16.980 --> 00:09:25.920 Tommy DiMisa: yeah so that doesn't happen that doesn't go through, but you'll learn so much, which obviously is carried you through in so many other aspects of your life so tell me about that well.

00:09:26.040 --> 00:09:28.740 Charles Evdos: Being at the I was at the Daily News for about 13 years.

00:09:30.600 --> 00:09:32.460 Charles Evdos: During when I was at the daily news.

00:09:33.900 --> 00:09:38.910 Charles Evdos: I got involved with gas stations and what happened was my brother in law, George.

00:09:39.930 --> 00:09:45.900 Charles Evdos: got in trouble with sales tax healed $750,000, and this is back in.

00:09:46.230 --> 00:09:46.470 Tommy DiMisa: I think.

00:09:46.560 --> 00:09:47.310 Charles Evdos: 72 so.

00:09:47.400 --> 00:09:51.720 Tommy DiMisa: that's a lot of money now if i'm not mistaken and i'm not a CPA but I grew up working at adp.

00:09:52.020 --> 00:09:56.190 Tommy DiMisa: That and payroll tax that's not your money they don't want to hear that you don't have that.

00:09:56.520 --> 00:10:07.620 Tommy DiMisa: you're you're collecting that money that is not yours right they don't like the trustee tax is that how they change right like you're just gathering the dough I don't What do you mean you don't have my $750,000 and.

00:10:07.830 --> 00:10:08.130 Tommy DiMisa: Then.

00:10:08.310 --> 00:10:09.870 Charles Evdos: They actually had a gambling problem.

00:10:11.010 --> 00:10:23.250 Charles Evdos: And he spent the money and get Charlie can you look into the case for me, I said, George I looked into it already you're counting yourself did nothing over that period of time with sales stack you Nord them.

00:10:25.020 --> 00:10:40.770 Charles Evdos: Technically i'm barely out, but let me see what I can do, and fortunately my Daily News experience I knew state Senator Warren Anderson who was in charge of Finance Committee, I said Warren can you open this case for me again and he did, and we settled for 50,000.

00:10:40.980 --> 00:10:42.330 Tommy DiMisa: wow whoa.

00:10:42.450 --> 00:10:42.840 and

00:10:43.950 --> 00:10:50.910 Charles Evdos: Unfortunately, George did not have the money, I gave him the money to get them out, out of a disaster.

00:10:52.050 --> 00:11:05.010 Charles Evdos: And so I got it to the gas station business and all of a sudden, we had the gas shortage I made my money back within but basically three to four week period, so I said, this is a great business i'm gonna open up some more gas stations and they did.

00:11:05.250 --> 00:11:06.510 Tommy DiMisa: You did how many did you get to.

00:11:06.840 --> 00:11:08.100 Charles Evdos: I had five old together.

00:11:08.280 --> 00:11:08.670 Tommy DiMisa: wow.

00:11:08.760 --> 00:11:09.570 Tommy DiMisa: we're about in.

00:11:09.660 --> 00:11:10.800 Tommy DiMisa: Your city or in long island.

00:11:11.070 --> 00:11:14.460 Charles Evdos: Well, maybe in Huntington ahead and all the synopsis on hunting.

00:11:14.640 --> 00:11:16.470 Charles Evdos: mom Okay, and one in the story.

00:11:16.860 --> 00:11:17.130 Tommy DiMisa: Okay.

00:11:17.160 --> 00:11:18.090 Charles Evdos: You know, being great.

00:11:18.330 --> 00:11:23.100 Tommy DiMisa: Well, you if you didn't have some kind of business in the story up being Greek I don't know what you know we.

00:11:23.130 --> 00:11:23.310 Had.

00:11:24.390 --> 00:11:25.230 Charles Evdos: A diner at.

00:11:28.050 --> 00:11:31.230 Charles Evdos: My nickname when I had to guess they used to call me Charlie sunoco.

00:11:31.500 --> 00:11:32.310 Charles Evdos: Charlie oh.

00:11:33.000 --> 00:11:48.270 Charles Evdos: Because I owned all the sunoco stations in Huntington, but it was a good experience I also opened up other businesses and I sold everything and then decided, you know what the something I have to do what should I do, I decided to go into the not for profit field.

00:11:48.780 --> 00:11:58.950 Tommy DiMisa: Why what what I mean you're a successful businessman, and I understand I think I understand why somebody does it, but like you know what was it that drew you Charlie tell me that.

00:11:59.340 --> 00:12:02.250 Charles Evdos: There were two things when I was at the daily news.

00:12:03.630 --> 00:12:05.160 Charles Evdos: what's his name now I forgot his name.

00:12:06.960 --> 00:12:13.080 Charles Evdos: geraldo Rivera excuse me, I did a story on geraldo Rivera about willowbrook.

00:12:13.200 --> 00:12:14.280 Tommy DiMisa: yeah we're vicki now.

00:12:14.340 --> 00:12:15.360 Charles Evdos: And so you obviously.

00:12:15.360 --> 00:12:16.950 Charles Evdos: First seed that was planted in my head.

00:12:17.100 --> 00:12:24.210 Tommy DiMisa: that's so so that story which we should probably get into a few if you can do some details on it, but that's vicki schnapps and I know vicki for many, many years of.

00:12:24.210 --> 00:12:31.230 Tommy DiMisa: My career my days in bayside Queens with adp and whatnot but you know that's goes back is that 40 years he knows more than.

00:12:32.400 --> 00:12:34.680 Tommy DiMisa: 50 years ago right or 45 years.

00:12:35.310 --> 00:12:36.060 Charles Evdos: 50 years ago.

00:12:36.540 --> 00:12:37.170 Tommy DiMisa: Is that true.

00:12:37.260 --> 00:12:40.170 Charles Evdos: yeah but he was the first.

00:12:41.460 --> 00:12:50.670 Charles Evdos: reason why I got into it, the second, I have a niece who has cerebral palsy and cheese no mobility and no communication skills.

00:12:51.510 --> 00:13:07.770 Charles Evdos: She comes in thanksgiving dinner, she was about eight years old, at the time hits a button that says happy thanksgiving everybody I love well when I heard that I said, this is what I want to do, and I just told me and that's when I decided to get that enough for profit field and.

00:13:07.980 --> 00:13:10.350 Charles Evdos: that's one of my businesses and.

00:13:11.880 --> 00:13:16.560 Charles Evdos: took a couple times took a year off and then focused on the not for profits.

00:13:16.620 --> 00:13:18.750 Tommy DiMisa: You know I love about, that is, is.

00:13:20.070 --> 00:13:29.580 Tommy DiMisa: And I had, I had the fortunate opportunity yesterday to have a meeting with a man who who runs as a CEO of a nonprofit organization which are you he'll be on this program for sure.

00:13:30.000 --> 00:13:40.230 Tommy DiMisa: But their business men running a nonprofit, and that is, you know we know you and I know this and many listening know nonprofits our businesses, you know it shouldn't be.

00:13:40.470 --> 00:13:51.360 Tommy DiMisa: This Hatton hand look we operate at such a small amount of our budget, you know and we don't we we utilize such little money to take care of our employees, which i'm going to ask a lot of questions about you know that just.

00:13:51.780 --> 00:13:56.550 Tommy DiMisa: recruiting and attracting and retaining and recruiting people, I want to get into that so I know.

00:13:56.850 --> 00:14:01.470 Tommy DiMisa: You know your staff is incredibly important to you and your organization, so at some point we'll talk about that.

00:14:01.740 --> 00:14:09.330 Tommy DiMisa: But I love the fact that somebody who has had such success in business, you know air quotes business corporate right not not for profit.

00:14:09.900 --> 00:14:17.970 Tommy DiMisa: brings that knowledge and that expertise and those disciplines to this space, not to say that no one does that in in the nonprofit sector, but I feel like.

00:14:18.420 --> 00:14:30.570 Tommy DiMisa: Sometimes it's a badge of honor that we don't spend any money, and I think there's some of us that need to sort of change that, but what we could talk about that we come back, so this is a perfect break so you're nice comes in.

00:14:31.140 --> 00:14:39.210 Tommy DiMisa: that's the super inspiration you sell these businesses and you're about you take some time off and you're going to embark into nonprofit the nonprofit sector.

00:14:39.870 --> 00:14:47.280 Tommy DiMisa: we're going to take a quick break when we come back we're gonna find out in the next episode of what happened with Charles have those in nonprofit will be right back philanthropy focus.

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00:16:46.110 --> 00:16:46.410 Now.

00:16:58.020 --> 00:16:58.590 Each week.

00:16:59.010 --> 00:17:04.140 Tommy DiMisa: On this program we do we do a lot of things, but specifically there's two things we focus on.

00:17:04.680 --> 00:17:07.980 Tommy DiMisa: I bring a leader of a nonprofit on to help them tell their story.

00:17:08.280 --> 00:17:13.830 Tommy DiMisa: And amplify the message of that organization amplify the importance of the work they're doing the impact they're making.

00:17:14.040 --> 00:17:21.750 Tommy DiMisa: The programs and then always towards the end of our program what do they need who they want to connect with, and how can you all and me together help them Charles.

00:17:22.200 --> 00:17:31.530 Tommy DiMisa: You have this i'll call it an Epiphany and I like to say Epiphany because it's that you know January six a little Christmas that's my birthday, so I like to say that word Epiphany plus it's a fun word.

00:17:31.890 --> 00:17:44.130 Tommy DiMisa: So you have this Epiphany it's it's a total life change you're going to go in a different direction tell us about that, where do you go when you first make that foray into nonprofit well.

00:17:44.940 --> 00:17:51.150 Charles Evdos: My specialty was restructuring reorganizations and I joined late growth school.

00:17:52.260 --> 00:17:53.640 Charles Evdos: As their business manager.

00:17:55.260 --> 00:17:58.470 Charles Evdos: Help them grow and got them to the level that needed to be.

00:18:00.180 --> 00:18:17.160 Charles Evdos: I didn't join apple with which was a drug treatment program and they weren't bankruptcy and I was able to help them get out of bankruptcy and got them to merge with phoenix house which enable them to really meet the demand of the substance abuse, you know period.

00:18:18.180 --> 00:18:31.380 Charles Evdos: And it's a shame, what happened there when apple was started they used to have a person was in treatment for a year and then New York state to save money, cut it back to 90 days, which was a stupid mistake I knew.

00:18:32.730 --> 00:18:41.310 Charles Evdos: And I think that's what leads to a lot of problems today with a lot of these kids taking the different drugs out there and dying, it said it really is.

00:18:41.730 --> 00:18:46.560 Charles Evdos: yeah and then I went on to headstart became the deputy director.

00:18:48.990 --> 00:18:56.190 Charles Evdos: My next big step was a several palsy national county yep was supposed to stay for five years state 14.

00:18:56.970 --> 00:19:03.960 Tommy DiMisa: And then at CP now so that you were there 14 years so that's sort of when I became aware of you, because you know.

00:19:04.440 --> 00:19:16.050 Tommy DiMisa: My business partner event close friend at probs is on the was only it was originally just on the foundation board is now on the foundation Board and the board, so you know, and you had developed a relationship.

00:19:18.690 --> 00:19:24.660 Tommy DiMisa: At CP you were in a development role, mainly right is that is that accurate or not.

00:19:24.660 --> 00:19:30.270 Charles Evdos: Always that's correct when I went for the interview Bob mcgwire, who is the executive director it doesn't.

00:19:30.600 --> 00:19:31.800 Charles Evdos: See lovato.

00:19:31.920 --> 00:19:42.660 Charles Evdos: yeah he wanted me to be their CFO and I said no, I don't want to do that, I want to do fundraising develop this is being the CFO you have to be the bad guy all the time, I want to be the good guy for.

00:19:44.340 --> 00:19:59.520 Charles Evdos: And I took the job and we did great over that 14 year period, we started an endowment we built it up, we were doing about 11 to 12 events, a year, and it was a lot of fun and it was a good experience for me for fundraising.

00:20:00.930 --> 00:20:10.470 Charles Evdos: And again my business background really helped me generate the funds that CP natural needed to grow and to cover a lot of their expenses yeah.

00:20:11.580 --> 00:20:21.090 Tommy DiMisa: yeah you know I love the fact that you know you go over there were you did you were you interviewing for the CFO role or you went over there, as the fundraising.

00:20:21.120 --> 00:20:23.610 Charles Evdos: In your mind I went over there for the Director of development.

00:20:23.700 --> 00:20:25.110 Tommy DiMisa: Your that's why you were there okay.

00:20:25.140 --> 00:20:26.430 Charles Evdos: yeah and Bob why I want to meet.

00:20:27.030 --> 00:20:28.470 Charles Evdos: him for the CFO I said.

00:20:28.740 --> 00:20:30.300 Charles Evdos: Yes, me one more time leaving.

00:20:31.530 --> 00:20:33.870 Charles Evdos: I really wanted to do the director of development.

00:20:34.380 --> 00:20:36.150 Charles Evdos: You know the money wasn't the issue for me.

00:20:36.360 --> 00:20:39.270 Charles Evdos: Right, I really wanted to get experience doing that.

00:20:39.570 --> 00:20:49.290 Tommy DiMisa: I want to, I want to talk about you know where i've heard you talk about this before and i've been at events with you and I joke, a little bit about the Atlantic city event which you do a really nice event down there for.

00:20:49.680 --> 00:20:59.850 Tommy DiMisa: For the donor population and even some of your staff that i've met over the years that it comes on that trip, but I remember you have like a brochure or a flyer something to talk about.

00:21:00.180 --> 00:21:10.830 Tommy DiMisa: You know, having people leave money in their will, or you know in their in their state i'd love for you to spend some time on that because I know it's something you're passionate about and I think it's something really.

00:21:11.160 --> 00:21:16.950 Tommy DiMisa: A learning opportunity for other leaders, whether it be development leaders or you know CEO executive director.

00:21:17.430 --> 00:21:17.940 sure.

00:21:19.980 --> 00:21:25.530 Charles Evdos: 70% of the attorneys out there in the online that but I know, do not have wills.

00:21:26.100 --> 00:21:28.350 Tommy DiMisa: 7070 attorneys that you know.

00:21:28.380 --> 00:21:36.180 Charles Evdos: it's amazing I couldn't believe the figure and the problem is, if you don't have a will then New York state gets involved in federal government.

00:21:37.020 --> 00:21:44.430 Charles Evdos: And instead of your state or family getting the money that they deserve the government could take 65% of it.

00:21:45.360 --> 00:21:54.360 Charles Evdos: and makes no sense not to do a either a special needs trust or have the basic will where you can designate who gets the money.

00:21:55.110 --> 00:22:08.340 Charles Evdos: Now what's important is there are ways to establish trust, and you will we can not only give it to a charity and to your family and the irs gets pretty much zero and the New York state so.

00:22:08.460 --> 00:22:12.240 Tommy DiMisa: So let me, let me pause you for a second because that's this is critical.

00:22:12.420 --> 00:22:19.860 Tommy DiMisa: So as a CPA, you said you graduated from pace, they gave you great background in business, so you have that mindset of.

00:22:20.310 --> 00:22:33.690 Tommy DiMisa: of finding way there's nothing wrong with having the irs get nothing if it's structured correctly, this is just if the money is going to disappear to the irs, why not have it go to a better cause I think right yeah.

00:22:33.720 --> 00:22:42.600 Charles Evdos: Right me and honestly the irs and that's why they created that chattel deduction so people can help organizations like right.

00:22:42.750 --> 00:22:52.680 Charles Evdos: yeah it's so important, it really is, and if you said it, you know does insurance policy, you can set up there's probably 100 different vehicles, the end of each everybody's situation is different.

00:22:53.940 --> 00:23:06.660 Charles Evdos: You know, depending on your tax just attacks level and your state, you know, maybe just a will is good enough, but if you go over a certain $6 million, and you have a biggest state you don't want the government taking.

00:23:06.660 --> 00:23:08.190 Tommy DiMisa: Most so.

00:23:08.490 --> 00:23:19.980 Tommy DiMisa: You know that's great that that's such a such a good opportunity for organizations to learn about Charles I want you to tell me about this organization you've been there, six years already, so you said.

00:23:20.610 --> 00:23:21.510 Charles Evdos: i'm sorry repeat.

00:23:21.870 --> 00:23:24.060 Tommy DiMisa: Right you're at right now for six years already.

00:23:24.540 --> 00:23:25.770 Charles Evdos: about six years correct.

00:23:25.920 --> 00:23:29.280 Tommy DiMisa: I went fast I apologize, I have the long island railroad maybe that's why.

00:23:29.910 --> 00:23:37.710 Tommy DiMisa: The railroad and you know living here on long island it basically wherever you live you're going to hear the railroad because it's it's sort of everywhere, but where I.

00:23:37.890 --> 00:23:45.300 Tommy DiMisa: The attic is right next to the train station and some folks give me a hard time and they think the attic is at the train station, but it's pretty close it's it's close, but if.

00:23:45.600 --> 00:23:46.800 Charles Evdos: You had a horn in your office.

00:23:48.300 --> 00:23:56.040 Tommy DiMisa: And they've been doing some signal I don't know signal work they up and down like around one o'clock in the afternoon even testing this thing out it's got worse than ever.

00:23:56.490 --> 00:24:07.080 Tommy DiMisa: I remember i'll tell you one quick anecdote I man john who sold this to house here I looked over and I go wow that the railroads right there that's pretty close you know it's about a block block and a half from from my home.

00:24:08.910 --> 00:24:21.150 Tommy DiMisa: i'm a salesman Charlie I would I would bring you into the tribe of sales people as well, because you know, and I say I love sales people I think we're great and he goes now Tommy you'll never hear that train and I.

00:24:22.320 --> 00:24:30.960 Tommy DiMisa: And I never did because I was never home and then a pandemic happen, and now I always hear the train, so he must have known the how hard it was to get me out here, to look at the House, you know i'd never be around.

00:24:31.380 --> 00:24:43.560 Tommy DiMisa: But I always hear the train now anyway let's let's go back to this six years I at rise, I want to know what are the programs that and the impact of the organizations, making, but I want to hear it.

00:24:44.550 --> 00:24:53.700 Tommy DiMisa: When you see the faces of the individuals that you work with and and as as you met you and I may have talked about my cousin Linda passed away about nine years ago and Linda had.

00:24:54.750 --> 00:24:58.140 Tommy DiMisa: Intellectual developmental disabilities special needs, as we used to say and.

00:24:59.640 --> 00:25:11.010 Tommy DiMisa: And there's a foundation in my cousin memory, the lindy Lou foundation and my aunt my cousins put this foundation together and I serve as the big mouth who helps hand out some of the money that's kind of my role on the board of that organization.

00:25:12.780 --> 00:25:16.860 Tommy DiMisa: I feel that, over the years, you know you talk about willowbrook and.

00:25:17.910 --> 00:25:24.960 Tommy DiMisa: And sort of the tragic way that individuals with either mental health issues or or intellectual developmental disabilities.

00:25:26.430 --> 00:25:27.930 Tommy DiMisa: were treated or.

00:25:28.980 --> 00:25:34.620 Tommy DiMisa: were provided or not provided services that were necessary, I feel, in a lot of ways, as we sit here.

00:25:36.300 --> 00:25:43.860 Tommy DiMisa: That we've evolved and we've become more mindful of doing what is appropriate and what how we should serve these individuals.

00:25:44.310 --> 00:25:56.010 Tommy DiMisa: Your organization does an incredible job of taking care of folks, whether it be on the residential side or the day have side without wall side tell me about that and tell me about the impact of the organization makes.

00:25:57.060 --> 00:26:15.960 Charles Evdos: Well, if you think back to the willowbrook days when New York State decided to disband those psychiatric centers they were supposed to do take those dollars saved from those institutions and reinvest it in facilities like rice throughout New York state.

00:26:16.980 --> 00:26:20.790 Charles Evdos: It was great the first 10 years 15 years, whatever it was.

00:26:22.170 --> 00:26:37.320 Charles Evdos: They were investing the dollars that needed to be running the operations unfortunately what happened was when governor Cuomo got it into became Governor of New York state the our agencies received no color no increase.

00:26:37.440 --> 00:26:38.580 Charles Evdos: On 12 years.

00:26:38.670 --> 00:26:50.580 Charles Evdos: wow now over that period of time IT agency started hurting and I believe comas goal was to close agencies are at the merge, there was no.

00:26:51.930 --> 00:26:55.320 Charles Evdos: Add on additional housing people were aging out.

00:26:56.580 --> 00:26:59.070 Charles Evdos: It was just a shame, the way things were done.

00:27:00.180 --> 00:27:09.030 Charles Evdos: I think the pandemic really opened up people's eyes, because our our employees our direct care workers are essential employees.

00:27:09.960 --> 00:27:25.950 Charles Evdos: And it was made very clear when they you know, with some somebody in one of our sites got the coronavirus we had to shut down that operation and the people don't staff would have to stay there for a week to two weeks, taking care of those individuals.

00:27:27.450 --> 00:27:32.340 Charles Evdos: The problem is, in this field, the direct care worker makes 15 to $16.

00:27:32.370 --> 00:27:33.240 Tommy DiMisa: yeah yeah.

00:27:33.300 --> 00:27:38.400 Tommy DiMisa: let's talk let's talk about it let's talk about that Charlie cuz I gotta be honest i'm kind of pissed off about.

00:27:38.580 --> 00:27:45.420 Tommy DiMisa: That that's actually a fact of life, because this something is and you and I are on the same side of this argument but let's let's talk about this because.

00:27:46.170 --> 00:27:53.460 Tommy DiMisa: How is that Okay, and I was at an event for an organization, I will mention your organization by name, but I was in an event earlier this week big big.

00:27:55.410 --> 00:28:02.550 Tommy DiMisa: organization here in long island that you and I are aware of that serves the same population that you serve thousands of employees and.

00:28:03.570 --> 00:28:10.830 Tommy DiMisa: The person who was who's speaking at this particular event was referencing that $15 an hour now $15 an hour.

00:28:11.610 --> 00:28:19.350 Tommy DiMisa: Direct care workers and i've had conversations with people who have been physically hurt by the participants they're serving.

00:28:19.830 --> 00:28:32.040 Tommy DiMisa: At a $15 an hour rate on a Tuesday and Wednesday morning they're right back at the residential home helping these people now i'm not judging the participants who are going through their their.

00:28:32.760 --> 00:28:39.150 Tommy DiMisa: Intellectual developmental disabilities or the mental health challenges what i'm judging is the fact that, how are we allowing people to get.

00:28:39.360 --> 00:28:52.500 Tommy DiMisa: 15 bucks an hour, you know work you'll leave their your leave rise or these other organizations to go work at mcdonald's to get but different benefits package or something like that, so we are going to go to break, but I want to drag this out a minute or two before we go to break.

00:28:53.640 --> 00:28:56.580 Tommy DiMisa: walk talk to me about this because it's not right it's wrong.

00:28:57.120 --> 00:29:04.380 Charles Evdos: Absolutely like you said Tommy they can go our direct care workers go to McDonalds make 18 $19 an hour.

00:29:05.160 --> 00:29:11.220 Charles Evdos: The direct can't work is required to get skipped training certified in cpr they have to go through a whole process.

00:29:11.790 --> 00:29:30.300 Charles Evdos: And the individual that come to this program is a caring individual because they love this field and it's and again going back to what governor Cuomo did for 10 to 12 years with no Paul cola that was disgusting I mean you know living on long island, first of all, is not.

00:29:30.360 --> 00:29:36.540 Charles Evdos: easy and the direct care workers that we have and other agents have work three jobs, just to.

00:29:36.540 --> 00:29:36.900 Charles Evdos: Make sure.

00:29:37.620 --> 00:29:42.390 Tommy DiMisa: They have to work multiple jobs to be able to take care and provide for their family, you know if.

00:29:42.960 --> 00:29:49.200 Tommy DiMisa: there's if there's too much wrong with it, and if we when we come back and if we can stay on this topic, a little bit because I.

00:29:49.560 --> 00:30:02.580 Tommy DiMisa: I want to drive home the point of I want to get your perspective on how this gets resolved, I mean it obviously is going to take lobbying it's obviously we got to go to the Governor, we got to have these conversations right it that's that's part of it right.

00:30:03.330 --> 00:30:04.290 Charles Evdos: Yes, absolutely.

00:30:04.650 --> 00:30:04.950 Tommy DiMisa: All right.

00:30:05.160 --> 00:30:05.760 Charles Evdos: we'll talk about.

00:30:05.820 --> 00:30:09.960 Tommy DiMisa: That let's do that let's say you do you do a TV show, so you know what i'm doing here so you're.

00:30:09.960 --> 00:30:17.730 Tommy DiMisa: Like me, take the break, you said you were going to take we're going to take a break down and take a break, we come back Charles have those Tommy D in the attic philanthropy and focus right back.

00:30:18.270 --> 00:30:18.510 Charles Evdos: Thank you.

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00:32:06.660 --> 00:32:07.380 nonprofit.

00:32:18.390 --> 00:32:18.690 Tommy DiMisa: and

00:32:18.840 --> 00:32:27.270 Tommy DiMisa: We are back alright Charles we're both disappointed in the way that the dollars are allocated for.

00:32:27.660 --> 00:32:36.690 Tommy DiMisa: staff in an organization like yours, but it's not it goes across the nonprofit sector, but it does, certainly in the direct care workers, whether it be mental health or in idd.

00:32:37.050 --> 00:32:52.620 Tommy DiMisa: And I always try to fill out the acronyms for people intellectual and developmental disabilities so let's talk about that Charles it from as an organization of the size of yours and the coalition's and the alliance's what does that look like to try and improve these situations.

00:32:53.160 --> 00:32:56.700 Charles Evdos: Well, Tom what really annoys me with New York state.

00:32:58.080 --> 00:33:14.370 Charles Evdos: Is that they're same type of facility, the direct care worker makes anywhere from 20 to $25 an hour they get full hospitalization they get a pension plan and we can do a cheaper and better and to me it's discriminatory.

00:33:14.610 --> 00:33:21.510 Tommy DiMisa: So let me let's let me get clarity on that, so you mean if New York State employees who are doing similar work okay.

00:33:22.020 --> 00:33:30.180 Charles Evdos: Yes, absolutely and it's not right and really we do alliances that have gotten together are fighting the state.

00:33:30.810 --> 00:33:36.570 Charles Evdos: And I think the pandemic made New York state realize, you know what we have to do something, these are essential points.

00:33:37.050 --> 00:33:45.930 Charles Evdos: I know, Governor hopeful has made progress in giving the giving us a 5.4 cola that trying to increase the salary of the direct care worker.

00:33:46.320 --> 00:33:55.470 Charles Evdos: And that's all going to help I know question it and I think they have to make the investment in this field, they really do and make up for those 12 years.

00:33:55.650 --> 00:33:59.700 Tommy DiMisa: yeah yeah well and that's the thing I mean it's like one of those situations like.

00:34:01.170 --> 00:34:12.060 Tommy DiMisa: I you know it's like I don't know it well that's great Thank you, but what is a cumulative damage to that income over all those dozens of years, like he can't.

00:34:12.690 --> 00:34:17.820 Tommy DiMisa: Can you give me 100% now to make up for it and that's not realistic we're not gonna get that right, so it's.

00:34:18.150 --> 00:34:23.490 Tommy DiMisa: You know I remember what this used to happen with the city of New York and I don't know enough about it, to speak like in the specifics, but.

00:34:23.730 --> 00:34:27.990 Tommy DiMisa: I remember when the COPs and firemen wouldn't get a new contract for a bunch of years and then they would get.

00:34:28.500 --> 00:34:36.720 Tommy DiMisa: And then they would help them and then to get the retro pay and things like that, but i'm not sure it ever made them whole from the beat and they took over those years when they weren't getting.

00:34:37.080 --> 00:34:39.450 Tommy DiMisa: You know when they weren't getting those those increases so.

00:34:40.230 --> 00:34:46.320 Tommy DiMisa: I want to go into because we want to have another whole conversation with you one day, maybe we'll do a show about it, maybe you know, to talk about.

00:34:46.560 --> 00:34:51.060 Tommy DiMisa: Addressing what we just spoke about, but I want to get into the work that rise does whether.

00:34:51.420 --> 00:35:04.500 Tommy DiMisa: You know the new pantry the new elevations clinic treatment Center for mental health, I mean tell me what a day in the life of the the executive director, the CEO of this organization, you have so many programs, I want to learn about that, and I want people to hear about it.

00:35:04.980 --> 00:35:11.490 Charles Evdos: Sure, when I came on board about six years ago rights was strictly in residential facility.

00:35:13.080 --> 00:35:26.670 Charles Evdos: That that model what doesn't work anymore, you have to diversify and if we would have stayed as a residential facility, we would have closed or we're going to have to merge with another agency, so I began looking at where can we.

00:35:28.050 --> 00:35:38.010 Charles Evdos: Make the diversification work and we looked at a no walls which was an adult program we opened that up the demand was unbelievable before.

00:35:39.330 --> 00:35:51.840 Charles Evdos: So we decided to open up another one with then we find that the food we open up to food pantries because the need for the homeless and people starving on the line and had gone up 300%.

00:35:52.320 --> 00:35:53.280 Tommy DiMisa: It during the pandemic.

00:35:54.060 --> 00:35:56.760 Charles Evdos: Over that during the pandemic and it's still bad.

00:35:57.000 --> 00:36:03.840 Tommy DiMisa: Let me ask you that we want to talk about the hunger and homelessness, but I wanted to go back for a second because I don't think enough people realize.

00:36:04.770 --> 00:36:15.720 Tommy DiMisa: The demand you say for the without walls, is because of the aging out that the the scenario of aging out, can you speak to that a little little bit so people know what that means, what I mean by aging out.

00:36:16.890 --> 00:36:19.440 Charles Evdos: Basically anybody turning 21 and over.

00:36:21.240 --> 00:36:31.350 Charles Evdos: ages out and what happens New York state's encouraging families to have their child or guardian, whatever it may be stay at home.

00:36:32.460 --> 00:36:41.550 Charles Evdos: Now a picture of a child that's 21 years old sitting in front of a TV all day I mean, first of all, the quality life stinks yeah.

00:36:42.060 --> 00:36:47.370 Charles Evdos: And the purpose of the no walls program is to get the individual out into the Community.

00:36:48.270 --> 00:36:57.690 Charles Evdos: and offering offering services that they can go to and improve their quality that's why the to me the no walls program was a no brainer because we can provide that.

00:36:58.230 --> 00:37:08.460 Charles Evdos: Those services that were desperately needed for these individuals, the other part, that stinks is that when somebody turns 21 Okay, the father, mother can take care of the child.

00:37:09.150 --> 00:37:14.910 Charles Evdos: But when they get to be old and when a pet you know parents get to be 7080 they can't take care of that child anymore.

00:37:15.450 --> 00:37:23.640 Charles Evdos: And the promise new upstate that we were talking about those reinvestment dollars, they stopped reinvesting dollars in adding more beds.

00:37:24.120 --> 00:37:41.820 Charles Evdos: On alignment and New York state and people there was a waiting list to get to find housing it's not right again exchanging, thank goodness, but that was part of the problem and what we found with the no walls problem was so popular, we had the opportunity, when we opened up.

00:37:42.840 --> 00:37:45.360 Charles Evdos: This with spirit of Huntington we did a collaboration.

00:37:45.570 --> 00:37:58.470 Tommy DiMisa: yeah let's tell tell me about that, and I do have a coffee mug shout out to Michael dukakis and our price and the team over at and diane and everybody i'm on the board of spirit of Huntington I got I feel like i'm on cnbc full disclosure i'm on the board of the organization.

00:37:59.820 --> 00:38:03.270 Tommy DiMisa: So so tell me what that opportunity, how did that happen.

00:38:03.630 --> 00:38:12.450 Charles Evdos: Well, Michael contact is who's the Executive Director of spirit of plastic then approached me and said, Charles, would you be interested in doing a program together come down and let's talk.

00:38:13.140 --> 00:38:18.930 Charles Evdos: Soon, as they showed the building my luck in the light bulbs went off in my head and I said wow this would be great no well.

00:38:18.930 --> 00:38:26.670 Tommy DiMisa: I probably wasn't so Charles have those probably wasn't there Charlie sunoco so like when he got it up, no, they saw opportunity right.

00:38:26.970 --> 00:38:32.610 Charles Evdos: Absolutely, and I saw this building, I said I said, Michael is a small agency.

00:38:32.850 --> 00:38:45.660 Charles Evdos: yeah so he couldn't afford to do what we had a partner to do and I said Mike let's do it it's a no brainer I said under one roof you're going to have a cultural Center.

00:38:46.200 --> 00:38:54.360 Charles Evdos: That features art music dance, you have a job program we can then provide a no walls program outpatient clinic food pantry.

00:38:55.560 --> 00:39:04.260 Charles Evdos: veterans program and really it's all under one roof and there's nothing like it that I know of in New York state and the country.

00:39:04.680 --> 00:39:20.490 Charles Evdos: And my hope is to build up a model that we can then franchise it out to various parts of the country because it's a no brainer it improves the lives of the individuals and serve it also helps veterans so we cover the gamut with this with this that's great.

00:39:20.790 --> 00:39:27.300 Tommy DiMisa: yeah I love a shout out veterans, by the way, because I was going to say it later in the show but next week is July 1.

00:39:27.690 --> 00:39:36.150 Tommy DiMisa: And i've decided which i'm not sure if I told you this yet Charlie but the entire month of July here on philanthropy and focus will be nonprofit organization serving veterans.

00:39:36.450 --> 00:39:44.760 Tommy DiMisa: Starting with next week homes for the brave my friend, Vincent tilly out of bridgeport Connecticut will be kicking it off, and then the rest of the remaining.

00:39:45.240 --> 00:39:53.820 Tommy DiMisa: Four weeks of July, for friday's in July will feature five organizations one week we'll have to organization, so it will be six for the whole.

00:39:54.720 --> 00:40:02.100 Tommy DiMisa: The whole series those all our long island based organizations that are serving that are serving veterans so I.

00:40:02.730 --> 00:40:13.800 Tommy DiMisa: You know spirit of Huntington goes, you know the history, there is, you know they serve veterans from from really from you know many, many years ago, almost from the inception of what the work they do their spirit.

00:40:14.400 --> 00:40:25.920 Charles Evdos: Now we're definitely work with Suffolk county to develop that program what what I found amazing there's over 7000 homeless veterans i'm alive and that that should never have.

00:40:27.090 --> 00:40:31.440 Tommy DiMisa: This is taking on Charlie I get pissed off and get them keep gerson but I get pissed off that anybody should be.

00:40:31.860 --> 00:40:41.820 Tommy DiMisa: living on the street, you know that you know how, how can a country or even to put the country aside this island that you and I live on has such wealth.

00:40:42.390 --> 00:40:52.590 Tommy DiMisa: And next is such wealth, you have people that are food insecure and they're sleeping in train stations there's no excuse for this it's it's wrong, it is an appropriate right.

00:40:53.010 --> 00:41:04.440 Charles Evdos: I think they need some Tommy I think there needs to be a coordination of mental health getting these many the services are there if the problem is getting that individual to take the services.

00:41:04.470 --> 00:41:05.970 Charles Evdos: I mean they have the right to say no.

00:41:06.030 --> 00:41:12.870 Charles Evdos: horse, but I think if you show them that hey look your House is going to be great the quality of service is going to be great.

00:41:13.650 --> 00:41:24.870 Charles Evdos: it's a no brainer for you to go into this program and we're going to train you to get a job, so you can earn an income down the line that you're we can get off the street and have a normal life again.

00:41:25.200 --> 00:41:25.440 Tommy DiMisa: yeah.

00:41:25.500 --> 00:41:27.120 Charles Evdos: it's it's it's sad.

00:41:27.360 --> 00:41:44.070 Tommy DiMisa: yeah I want to, I want to hear about this pantry because I know it wasn't it it wasn't really a plan it was I remember you telling me about it, and it was like a reaction to you know what was going on what you saw in the Community, specifically and now there's more than one pantry.

00:41:44.970 --> 00:41:45.780 And it's 100%.

00:41:47.010 --> 00:41:57.600 Charles Evdos: What we found in a on the east end of long island and had gone up 300% so we opened up a food pantry in riverhead and also wanted Hampton bays.

00:41:58.140 --> 00:42:06.660 Charles Evdos: Because the need was there, we also purchased a trump to deliver food to the elderly and individuals who cannot come to the site.

00:42:07.440 --> 00:42:18.000 Charles Evdos: We also partner with want and cares and low and harvest shop right panera bread and other companies that really help us the the local farmers are so generous.

00:42:18.660 --> 00:42:28.380 Charles Evdos: That they give us fresh vegetables, every year, and which is wonderful, and the other big thing that we're doing is at our century garden in North bill we're building a.

00:42:29.280 --> 00:42:47.130 Charles Evdos: No was another building for the no walls program and on that century garden there's a got a greenhouse and we plan to grow our own food and which will help and have our individuals grow the food and also provide food for their sites and for the Community.

00:42:47.490 --> 00:43:00.030 Tommy DiMisa: So that's also but that also becomes a an opportunity for vocation out of that as well right you're working on the farm learning different everybody has different abilities everyone Charlie and I have different abilities right it's not.

00:43:01.140 --> 00:43:10.740 Tommy DiMisa: Some people need support in different ways, different things, but, but we all have, and I think again going to talk about evolution of a society like I was saying earlier, how I think we're more.

00:43:12.090 --> 00:43:16.830 Tommy DiMisa: compassionate towards this conversation around people with different abilities.

00:43:17.760 --> 00:43:25.770 Tommy DiMisa: You know I have this friend of ours that we network with who goes in and speaks about neuro diversity in in inside of corporations, because.

00:43:26.130 --> 00:43:33.510 Tommy DiMisa: And again shout out the spirit of Huntington i'm all over the place here but shout out because they're vocational program artworks program is really what drew me.

00:43:33.810 --> 00:43:47.310 Tommy DiMisa: Through the linear new foundation to become a board member of the spirit of Huntington because the artworks program teaches digital arts at a college level curriculum to individuals with different neuro diverse individuals so.

00:43:48.540 --> 00:43:59.790 Tommy DiMisa: location wise, though, Charles that that whole farm program at century gardens that's a whole nother thing that that you you're able to give back, aside from activities and without walls learning skills.

00:44:00.420 --> 00:44:11.730 Charles Evdos: Absolutely and and it gives our individuals, the opportunity to get out of the House again work with the hands of the century garden has streams it's a beautiful piece of property.

00:44:11.880 --> 00:44:14.100 Charles Evdos: Where is that relaxing it's in northfield.

00:44:14.400 --> 00:44:16.260 Tommy DiMisa: Okay, I don't even know where norville is.

00:44:17.400 --> 00:44:20.220 Charles Evdos: It did you have in northfield tanks right near there.

00:44:20.340 --> 00:44:22.620 Tommy DiMisa: Okay, all right okay I love.

00:44:22.980 --> 00:44:24.450 Tommy DiMisa: Having I want to come from visit.

00:44:24.510 --> 00:44:26.520 Tommy DiMisa: I want to come back from the lovely yeah it's.

00:44:26.580 --> 00:44:29.040 Tommy DiMisa: it's actually been years since I came out to even to.

00:44:29.580 --> 00:44:30.360 Charles Evdos: read it.

00:44:30.420 --> 00:44:40.620 Charles Evdos: One thing that I have to compliment the neighbors you know when we first decided to do move the note walls program there you know, whenever a not for profit opens up a house or.

00:44:40.800 --> 00:44:43.200 Tommy DiMisa: All of a sudden Nimby right not in my backyard.

00:44:43.200 --> 00:44:48.300 Charles Evdos: And not not not in my neighborhood yeah but they we got the neighbors involved.

00:44:49.890 --> 00:45:00.660 Charles Evdos: They looked at the program and now what number number of them have joined a committee to help with the gardening and stuff like that, and they see that hey you know what it's not a bad thing.

00:45:00.900 --> 00:45:01.890 Tommy DiMisa: Right it's a good thing.

00:45:02.100 --> 00:45:12.630 Charles Evdos: it's helping people who have disabilities yeah and i'm very proud that these neighbors came to work with us and work as a team to make everybody's life.

00:45:12.630 --> 00:45:23.430 Tommy DiMisa: Better community and that's what we're trying to drive home and and I think a lot of the theme from today is that Community that you are supporting the Community with the pantry and the Community and then turn supports us you're talking about.

00:45:23.850 --> 00:45:34.830 Tommy DiMisa: You know I had john camp former co director of the viscosity schools biscardi Center alone or you know john over the years, and obviously biscardi and.

00:45:35.490 --> 00:45:44.790 Tommy DiMisa: You know, maybe it's my own native Italian but I didn't realize the majority of people with a disability we're not born with that disability, you know.

00:45:45.810 --> 00:45:50.730 Tommy DiMisa: I imagine, many of the folks that you serve you don't have a disability for from an early age or from birth.

00:45:51.150 --> 00:45:58.980 Tommy DiMisa: But you know people get disabled later points in their in their life and that's the and john told me that that's the far majority of people so.

00:45:59.370 --> 00:46:07.890 Tommy DiMisa: What does that mean there's a possibility that somebody might become disabled so where's that compassion to look out for each other that's what we need to have because.

00:46:08.280 --> 00:46:17.520 Tommy DiMisa: Nobody chose to be disabled nobody chose to have different challenges we're supposed to have these people and make each other feel better you know, whether it be a mental health issue and.

00:46:17.910 --> 00:46:25.740 Tommy DiMisa: i'll get on that soapbox and other week but but it'd be a health issue or or some other type of disability or neuro diversity.

00:46:26.040 --> 00:46:27.210 Charles Evdos: So you're right.

00:46:27.510 --> 00:46:33.600 Charles Evdos: yeah I mean we're all I know, every family has somebody it's either disabled had a stroke.

00:46:33.900 --> 00:46:38.250 Charles Evdos: Or you get older and you run into those issues if it's going to happen to all of us.

00:46:39.120 --> 00:46:40.620 Tommy DiMisa: If you stick around long enough yeah.

00:46:40.680 --> 00:46:41.070 yeah.

00:46:42.750 --> 00:46:48.900 Tommy DiMisa: yeah no question about it, so all right we're going to go to a quick break we come back it's the it's the final segment of the show.

00:46:49.170 --> 00:46:54.090 Tommy DiMisa: And it's where we're talking about Charles where I want it here talk to me about the future of the organization.

00:46:54.330 --> 00:47:01.320 Tommy DiMisa: talk to me about what do you need who do you want to connect with I know somebody like you who's out there in the Community you're meeting people you know people.

00:47:01.680 --> 00:47:09.900 Tommy DiMisa: You know you come with business strategy and all that savvy of making connections, but you know you talk about scenario talking about long island care as long island harvest.

00:47:10.530 --> 00:47:18.090 Tommy DiMisa: i'd like you to share with us where the organization is going and who may be through our networks, we can bring to support the organization how's that sound.

00:47:18.600 --> 00:47:19.320 Charles Evdos: sounds great.

00:47:19.500 --> 00:47:20.550 Tommy DiMisa: All right, we'll be right back.

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00:49:05.040 --> 00:49:05.610 Non stop.

00:49:16.860 --> 00:49:20.310 Tommy DiMisa: retro like I said, this is a final segment sort of like.

00:49:21.030 --> 00:49:25.860 Tommy DiMisa: The lightning round, I mean when I was a kid you know when they asked that question hey What did you want to be when you grow up.

00:49:27.300 --> 00:49:30.090 Tommy DiMisa: I always wanted to be a game show host so.

00:49:30.870 --> 00:49:39.570 Tommy DiMisa: So this is like the lightning round so before we get into that part where you're gonna tell me about the future of the organization, who, who we might be able to connect you with I want to ask you.

00:49:40.140 --> 00:49:46.590 Tommy DiMisa: This you just told me, the other day about this TV show that you have, can you please let's promote that tell tell people about it sure.

00:49:47.250 --> 00:49:50.970 Charles Evdos: it's a long island TV it's a cable station.

00:49:52.020 --> 00:50:00.570 Charles Evdos: On the East end of long it goes to both north, the north work in the south or the shows every about every two weeks there's about nine times.

00:50:01.200 --> 00:50:21.690 Charles Evdos: And I bring on individuals who talk about helping people who have disabilities, I mean the goal of this show is I get calls many times, Charles I have a son that has CP what do I do where do I go and that's what we talked about, we want to if we can help you we want to help you.

00:50:21.990 --> 00:50:43.590 Charles Evdos: And we create also a helpline 1855 rise life which you can call 24 seven, and you can also get somebody on the phone if we can help you we will direct you to the proper people and that and that incorporates not only the disabled population, but our veterans too.

00:50:43.920 --> 00:50:44.880 Charles Evdos: And I think you know.

00:50:45.090 --> 00:50:55.470 Charles Evdos: hey look i'm homeless, where do I get some food or housing or whatever we will help you find it and get you off the street and really provide services that you need.

00:50:56.160 --> 00:51:00.450 Tommy DiMisa: You know, a second ever guests in the show is a good friend of mine, Dr Larry gubler from.

00:51:01.050 --> 00:51:07.620 Tommy DiMisa: From transitional services for New York and Queens TSI and why they serve 4000 individuals with mental health issues.

00:51:08.220 --> 00:51:21.480 Tommy DiMisa: And Larry probably doesn't realize how many times I bring up is one particular comment from that program, but it was something as simple as Tommy we all need support at different times in our lives and that's what it's about you know I use the quote on the show last week and.

00:51:22.740 --> 00:51:36.600 Tommy DiMisa: From from Robin Williams and it goes everyone you meet is going through it rather everyone you meet is fighting a battle that you know nothing about be kind always and I love that quote and it reminds me not to be.

00:51:38.220 --> 00:51:47.100 Tommy DiMisa: Or rather, to be thoughtful and not to be a jerk and to be caring for people as much as I possibly can, I mean i'm no angel that's for sure, but we just try to do the best we can.

00:51:47.640 --> 00:51:51.000 Tommy DiMisa: And everybody needs support at different times and that's important to us so.

00:51:51.210 --> 00:52:02.580 Tommy DiMisa: Talking about support talk about this organization a guy who crushed it from a development perspective and what was going to be a five year stint returned in the 14 years over at CP NASA did great things built up a.

00:52:02.970 --> 00:52:08.130 Tommy DiMisa: an endowment and all those things tell me what we need, how can we help you at rice well.

00:52:08.580 --> 00:52:18.870 Charles Evdos: advocating for our consumers are individuals is so important, I mean we I bet I probably met with every state legislator in New York state.

00:52:19.320 --> 00:52:21.180 Charles Evdos: And i've met with governor hopefully twice.

00:52:22.260 --> 00:52:31.950 Charles Evdos: To say hey look, you need to do this, enough is enough for ready and hopefully it's working, but again, you know, an election year is happening next year.

00:52:33.000 --> 00:52:39.480 Charles Evdos: I think the money will definitely be in the pot, but my concern is what happens two years down the line yeah when.

00:52:39.960 --> 00:52:50.130 Charles Evdos: When the money is all spent and they look they look at it and go oh my God we can't give you a raise because we have a deficit of $2 billion, you know that's what's going to happen, I know it's going to happen.

00:52:51.150 --> 00:53:08.970 Charles Evdos: And then we're going to have to say Okay, we have to cut back services, again we can't let that happen that's got it, you know i'm sure new Yorkers would be happy to donate 1% of their taxes to taking care of these individuals, because if we don't do it it's terrible really is.

00:53:09.240 --> 00:53:14.250 Tommy DiMisa: It is it is are there, specific Thank you Charlie are there, specific connections businesses.

00:53:14.550 --> 00:53:24.750 Tommy DiMisa: You know, because you and I are long island guys, we know some people out here on the island is there anybody you trying to connect with that maybe the people listening here local can can get kind of influenced those relationships.

00:53:25.680 --> 00:53:33.120 Charles Evdos: Absolutely i'm being written we're very fortunate that the legislature legislators do support us no question.

00:53:34.410 --> 00:53:47.400 Charles Evdos: I think we were talking about endowments before our go we're trying to build up an endowment here, because the Agency, before I took an overhead know endowment know fundraising and they just coast, it was coasting along.

00:53:47.550 --> 00:53:50.190 Tommy DiMisa: There was no fundraising priority to you coming on board.

00:53:50.400 --> 00:53:52.290 Charles Evdos: very, very I should say very little.

00:53:53.040 --> 00:53:53.640 Tommy DiMisa: yeah yeah.

00:53:55.140 --> 00:54:10.740 Charles Evdos: And we definitely decided to do some events we started I started doing the plan giving piece, and right now we have about almost $2 million worth of whether earmark funds or will that people are insurance policies.

00:54:10.740 --> 00:54:18.630 Charles Evdos: Are people wanted to do the goal is to get it up to 5 million and then invest it correctly, and you know let's say make 8%.

00:54:18.720 --> 00:54:23.160 Charles Evdos: On a 5 million where you can take 400,000 a year thrown back into the Program.

00:54:23.430 --> 00:54:26.040 Charles Evdos: yeah that's the case, the state starts cutting it again.

00:54:26.250 --> 00:54:28.050 Charles Evdos: yeah we can cover our expenses in the future.

00:54:28.530 --> 00:54:38.220 Tommy DiMisa: yeah and, again, there has to be that you know that protection and that defensive mindset of of you know you run the organization your team runs this organization, you know.

00:54:38.820 --> 00:54:46.590 Tommy DiMisa: And, as I understand it, and you know state federal dollars, even when their promise, they can be slow to to actually be received.

00:54:47.010 --> 00:54:51.390 Charles Evdos: And and many times it's slow to be processed and it's cancelled the last minute.

00:54:51.420 --> 00:55:00.360 Charles Evdos: Even though we've been providing we had an incident a couple years back when we opened up a program did it and it states that oh we're giving you too much money we've taken back $2 million.

00:55:00.570 --> 00:55:00.840 Tommy DiMisa: Oh.

00:55:01.020 --> 00:55:02.730 Charles Evdos: I really hate everybody yeah right.

00:55:02.820 --> 00:55:04.710 Tommy DiMisa: that's crushing what are you supposed to do.

00:55:05.550 --> 00:55:06.570 Charles Evdos: That would never happen.

00:55:06.750 --> 00:55:07.380 Tommy DiMisa: No, no.

00:55:07.440 --> 00:55:08.340 Charles Evdos: that's what's things.

00:55:08.430 --> 00:55:16.380 Tommy DiMisa: yeah no it's it's terrible it's terrible work there's a lot of things that for profit businesses wouldn't stand for that that that unfortunately.

00:55:16.590 --> 00:55:21.750 Tommy DiMisa: You know, when I seen a lot I just recently completed some coursework with the Institute for nonprofit practice.

00:55:22.200 --> 00:55:30.450 Tommy DiMisa: And I see you know the mindset, a lot of my colleagues of what the philanthropy means how how the organizations have to like.

00:55:31.230 --> 00:55:41.340 Tommy DiMisa: You know perform and and and show and do all these dances to get the dollars from philanthropy not so much you know the whole government dollars a different scenario, but like.

00:55:41.850 --> 00:55:47.310 Tommy DiMisa: This this this angle and we're gonna run out of time, so I gotta stop, but the whole importance of of.

00:55:47.730 --> 00:55:54.120 Tommy DiMisa: What I learned a lot about this week from a from a gentleman I spoke to yesterday venture philanthropy but then this whole and answer to.

00:55:54.330 --> 00:56:02.820 Tommy DiMisa: Trust based philanthropy all topics I promise gang will get into going forward, and if you know folks that are specialists in those areas let's get them on the show reach out to me and connect with me.

00:56:02.850 --> 00:56:10.230 Tommy DiMisa: You know, actually, you know, Charles I think it's important that we continue to have these conversations I gotta bring the show to a close any last thing you want to say for a minute.

00:56:10.470 --> 00:56:16.380 Charles Evdos: Well, Tom one other area that's important for us is, we have a fundraising event called food stop.

00:56:17.670 --> 00:56:35.370 Charles Evdos: We had last year it was success those dollars go to help the food pantries because we get no donations doubt you know from New York state there's no funding from the Federal Government and we count on donations from individuals corporations to help us fund that so.

00:56:35.370 --> 00:56:36.210 Tommy DiMisa: When is that event.

00:56:36.300 --> 00:56:42.660 Charles Evdos: Tell us about Saturday September 17 at the East islip Marina Bay side clam bar there's going to be.

00:56:42.810 --> 00:56:44.310 Charles Evdos: A four or five key code and.

00:56:44.400 --> 00:56:47.550 Tommy DiMisa: I told you, it was a theme with you and made is going to be seafood is the base icon.

00:56:48.570 --> 00:56:49.680 Tommy DiMisa: hi there's gonna be bands.

00:56:51.600 --> 00:57:02.070 Charles Evdos: it's probably going to be a country Western theme, this year, last year we had a beach boy tribute band a Beatles tribute band and James Taylor tribute band, and we had over 1000 people attended was.

00:57:02.160 --> 00:57:03.420 Tommy DiMisa: Just on the website already.

00:57:04.440 --> 00:57:05.340 Charles Evdos: It will be shortly.

00:57:05.400 --> 00:57:12.210 Tommy DiMisa: Alright, so we'll make sure Charles you and i'll talk after show will get it out, thank you for being here, everybody thanks for listening thanks for tuning in.

00:57:12.420 --> 00:57:18.930 Tommy DiMisa: shout out to make college Robert rosner and tonya double checking in on Facebook and listening in texting me throughout the show.

00:57:19.230 --> 00:57:30.030 Tommy DiMisa: Next week, as I mentioned starts off veterans month here on philanthropy and focus vince Chantilly will be on the program representing homes for the brave.

00:57:30.360 --> 00:57:34.380 Tommy DiMisa: With their focus is, with an emphasis on veterans we provide the housing.

00:57:34.650 --> 00:57:40.170 Tommy DiMisa: and services, necessary to help individuals experiencing homeless, to return to a productive and meaningful life.

00:57:40.380 --> 00:57:45.330 Tommy DiMisa: Our veterans make the ultimate sacrifice and, at times, and those who do come home to us are still.

00:57:45.480 --> 00:57:53.370 Tommy DiMisa: in dire need of mental health support housing, food and things like that, and we need to address that and that's why for the whole month of July that's what we're going to be talking about in the show.

00:57:53.910 --> 00:57:57.480 Tommy DiMisa: Charles have a great day thanks for being here thanks for being my friend, I appreciate you.

00:57:57.990 --> 00:58:01.200 Charles Evdos: Tommy Thank you and your score to TV.

00:58:01.560 --> 00:58:02.760 Tommy DiMisa: I did he do.

00:58:03.180 --> 00:58:03.330 It.

00:58:04.350 --> 00:58:09.570 Tommy DiMisa: that's it that's it very cool thanks so much man, I see you soon, I appreciate everybody making a great day, have a great weekend.

00:58:09.630 --> 00:58:10.890 See you later bye.

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