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Monday, June 20, 2022
Facebook Live Video from 2022/06/20 - What You Fear is Your Superpower: The Real Edge with Precious Williams

Facebook Live Video from 2022/06/20 - What You Fear is Your Superpower: The Real Edge with Precious Williams


2022/06/20 - What You Fear is Your Superpower: The Real Edge with Precious Williams

[NEW EPISODE] What You Fear is Your Superpower: The Real Edge with Precious Williams

I am joined by Precious L. Williams aka the #KillerPitchMaster, who is a 13-time national elevator pitch champion. She has also been featured on Shark Tank, CNN, Wall Street Journal, Forbes Magazine, Black Enterprise Magazine, Essence Magazine, and the movie LEAP. Her current clients include Microsoft, LinkedIn, Google, NBCUniversal, Federal Reserve Bank, Intuit Quickbooks, Yelp, Harvard University, and more. Precious is a dynamic international professional speaker, effective corporate trainer, and 4X #1 bestselling author.

I am completely enamored by Precious and her extraordinary willingness to be completely raw, real, and transparent about the trials and tribulations she has faced in her life and used as a springboard to her success.

Tune in for this edgy conversation at or watch the Facebook Livestream by Clicking Here.

Show Notes

Segment 1

Sandra welcomes everyone to the 32nd episode and starts by explaining the purpose behind The Edge of Everyday, which is to explore our rough edges. She then introduces her guest, Precious L. Williams. Precious is a 13-time national elevator pitch champion and author with big-name clients such as Google and Microsoft who has been featured by media outlets such as Shark Tank and Wall Street Journal. Precious talks about her experience speaking at and judging a pitching contest at a Juneteenth event. Sandra then gives the history of Juneteenth which is the day that honors the emancipation of enslaved Africans. Precious describes pitching which is a way of introducing yourself and your brand or idea to an interested party. She talks about the importance of giving people the first important and intriguing part to keep them coming back for more rather than giving the whole story or idea at once.

Segment 2

Sandra talks about being introduced to Precious through a mutual friend. Precious talks about starting her speaking career at the age of 16 and doing well despite being unprepared because of her natural talent. The mayor offered her an opportunity on a task force because of that speech which led to her speaking on bigger stages. Precious talks about the impact that losing the love of her life had on her and how it shifted her priorities and led to her being more raw and real publicly. She then talks about her ability to change her speeches at any minute to adjust to her audience or situation.

Segment 3

Precious talks about writing her first book which is about the psychology of pitching. It talks about the seven branding personas and allows readers to decide which ones they are. She talks about the overwhelming success of the book and the workbook that she wrote based on it. She also talks about her third book, Pitching for Profit, which is a playbook for converting conversations into currency. She then talks more about her own life experiences and growth as a person and pitcher. Precious brings up her upcoming book called The Pitch Queen, which is going to tell stories about her life.

Segment 4

Precious talks about the poetry she started writing while in the psych ward. When she started writing it all just flowed out of her and it was about heartache, the art of fighting, love, losing love, and more. She considers her ability to write a gift. She talks about the importance of finding your own voice as a speaker. She then talks about upcoming changes with her business as it becomes more of an agency. She also mentions that she is taking a step back from social media and allowing others on her team to handle more of it. She talks about the growth she wants for her company in the coming years. Precious can be found at


00:00:16.920 --> 00:00:24.240 Welcome everyone i'm Sandra barge a few years ago I wrote and performed a solo show called the edge of every day.

00:00:24.750 --> 00:00:30.330 which was an exploration of the rough edges and contradictions, we all face and grapple with.

00:00:31.260 --> 00:00:39.630 The show hit a nerve and the relevance of the topic would only grow over time, more than I could have foreseen So here we are.

00:00:40.440 --> 00:00:52.020 Real talk with real people sharing stories and perspectives that spark pocket invitations to leap out of what's safe on the edge of everything down thanks for listening.

00:00:53.460 --> 00:00:54.210 You know.

00:00:55.740 --> 00:00:59.850 Sandra Bargman: Hello everyone, we are live in the hive.

00:01:00.360 --> 00:01:08.910 Sandra Bargman: Thank you for joining me on this, the 32nd episode of the edge of every day here on talk radio dot nyc.

00:01:09.750 --> 00:01:19.680 Sandra Bargman: For those of you who are tuning in for the first time and for those of you who don't know me yet I encourage you to check out my bio and talk radio dot nyc.

00:01:19.980 --> 00:01:30.690 Sandra Bargman: Or, of course, you can visit me at my website Sander barge men calm and please tune into any of my previous episodes with my inspiring guests.

00:01:31.350 --> 00:01:39.870 Sandra Bargman: As all of my loyal listeners know this show is about celebrating triumphs pushing boundaries and exploring rough edges.

00:01:40.230 --> 00:01:48.180 Sandra Bargman: Through conversations and shared stories with friends and colleagues it's my hope that we can begin to understand our edges.

00:01:48.810 --> 00:02:01.020 Sandra Bargman: And what I mean by edges is those places where we are fearful those places where we are resistant to change those places where paradoxes and contradictions live.

00:02:01.320 --> 00:02:10.170 Sandra Bargman: In our beliefs and understandings both about ourselves and the world around us those places where we don't want to look.

00:02:10.920 --> 00:02:18.210 Sandra Bargman: Listen, we live in turbulent times and we are coming to understand that life simply isn't black or white.

00:02:18.840 --> 00:02:41.430 Sandra Bargman: It must be an embrace of both, and the more we recognize our own edges and get real about them, the more we can help others to do the same, and that I fully believe can help change the world so thanks for tuning in and without further ado, it is time to introduce our guest this evening.

00:02:42.630 --> 00:02:53.220 Sandra Bargman: Precious l Williams affectionately known as hashtag killer pitch master is a 13 time national elevator pitch champion.

00:02:53.850 --> 00:03:06.240 Sandra Bargman: She has also been featured on shark tank CNN Wall Street Journal forbes magazine black enterprise magazine essence magazine, and the coaching movie leap.

00:03:06.930 --> 00:03:14.220 Sandra Bargman: With over 25 years of experience in creating unique speaking and public speaking techniques.

00:03:14.580 --> 00:03:36.150 Sandra Bargman: Williams is respected for the innovative training program she delivers to fortune 100 companies that include Google, Microsoft linkedin eBay NBC universal Federal Reserve Bank intuit quickbooks yelp Harvard University and more since her.

00:03:37.350 --> 00:03:52.320 Sandra Bargman: Number one best selling book bad bitches with power pitches for women entrepreneurs and speakers only Williams, has been featured on time square billboards top podcasts and stages around the world.

00:03:52.920 --> 00:04:06.240 Sandra Bargman: Her second book bad pitches and power pitches workbook and her third pitching for profit, the bad bitches playbook to convert conversations into currency are also number one bestsellers.

00:04:06.840 --> 00:04:25.380 Sandra Bargman: Her fourth and next book the pitch queen a woman's journey from poverty to purpose and profits is available for pre order on Amazon Williams, is a graduate of spelman college and rutgers school of law, she currently lives in brooklyn New York.

00:04:25.740 --> 00:04:26.130 Sandra Bargman: to learn.

00:04:26.280 --> 00:04:26.550 More.

00:04:27.960 --> 00:04:40.050 Sandra Bargman: to learn more about perfect pitches by precious llc please visit perfect pitches by hello, and welcome precious oh.

00:04:40.140 --> 00:04:41.100 Williams.

00:04:42.660 --> 00:04:44.280 Precious L. Williams: get it let's get it let's get it.

00:04:44.940 --> 00:04:46.800 Sandra Bargman: Oh yeah oh yeah I am.

00:04:46.890 --> 00:04:49.350 Precious L. Williams: always interested by was random like.

00:04:49.410 --> 00:04:50.700 Precious L. Williams: Again, like that.

00:04:52.380 --> 00:05:01.950 Precious L. Williams: I remember when I was younger and in and you go to events and anyone read people's bios and then you become the one at the read the bio but it's like.

00:05:03.060 --> 00:05:05.550 Precious L. Williams: wow come full circle.

00:05:05.640 --> 00:05:07.500 Sandra Bargman: It does it's so deep and so.

00:05:07.530 --> 00:05:10.920 Precious L. Williams: And it's really bro yeah.

00:05:11.880 --> 00:05:22.170 Sandra Bargman: yeah amen and it's really true, and we are really, really, really happy that it's true that you are here on this show so thanks for coming.

00:05:22.170 --> 00:05:22.830 Precious L. Williams: on me.

00:05:23.010 --> 00:05:36.360 Sandra Bargman: yeah yeah and happy juneteenth I think I heard that one of the many things that I listened to of yours in doing my research on you that you were speaking at a juneteenth event yesterday.

00:05:36.690 --> 00:05:37.170 Precious L. Williams: That was.

00:05:38.280 --> 00:05:39.540 Sandra Bargman: fabulous how was that.

00:05:40.140 --> 00:05:47.040 Precious L. Williams: When I tell you it was amazing so you walk in and they were the mall was taken, it still had his regular.

00:05:47.640 --> 00:06:00.600 Precious L. Williams: stores, but also out the mall where black owned businesses with everything from books and and unique art work it's always amazing they had a gentleman's corner that it kids.

00:06:01.470 --> 00:06:13.230 Precious L. Williams: They had the main stage and that's where I was a head panels that included represents from MasterCard Goldman Sachs 10,000 small businesses have been watching just black entrepreneurs and yc.

00:06:13.830 --> 00:06:26.160 Precious L. Williams: They just had these amazing things going on, so that we can see the depth and breadth of what's happening in the black Community how we're celebrating juneteenth and reclaiming it as something to be very, very proud of.

00:06:26.490 --> 00:06:28.380 Precious L. Williams: And I know i'm talking about the commercialization.

00:06:28.530 --> 00:06:36.300 Precious L. Williams: that's not what I felt I felt when I saw the families coming in, when I saw it, they were actually young people listening to me speak at a fireside chat at 530.

00:06:37.020 --> 00:06:41.070 Precious L. Williams: And so we were listening to me speak and then at six there became the pitch competition.

00:06:41.430 --> 00:06:51.540 Precious L. Williams: And so I was on I was one of the judges on the panel with Michelle who owns dust spot nyc which, which was hosting the juneteenth and Venice city point and.

00:06:52.290 --> 00:07:02.670 Precious L. Williams: He was over 10 Goldman Sachs 10,000 small businesses New York and so again, people were pitching for the first time, and I know when I pitch it looks real slick.

00:07:05.070 --> 00:07:17.820 Precious L. Williams: funny is we were telling you how to do something new, every day, and when, and when these I think was four or five it was, for it was for businesses that pitched and just going back in time, like.

00:07:19.380 --> 00:07:28.500 Precious L. Williams: And there were some people there was a me we we don't we you know kind of not wanting to say how much they've made and i'm like pick your head up.

00:07:31.440 --> 00:07:44.100 Precious L. Williams: You don't get people waiting for me $2 and 30 cents, you went from 50 to 60 to 70 or maybe you were presented yesterday at maybe you just started you make 20 maybe you just started like two months ago and you're in the red okay.

00:07:44.460 --> 00:07:53.370 Precious L. Williams: that's reality of entrepreneurship, I say you're going to hold your head up I don't let these people on social media make you think that everybody's popping off I said i'm a 10 year overnight success can we keep.

00:07:53.370 --> 00:07:53.580 That.

00:07:54.720 --> 00:08:01.920 Precious L. Williams: Can we keep that a book, I was a pitch master from 2011 2013 that's when I stopped pitching.

00:08:02.310 --> 00:08:14.700 Precious L. Williams: hmm and then going into teaching with perfect pitches by precious, but let me be clear, though, the pitch master I was back then, is nothing compared to who I am today there's so many lessons that you learned in business.

00:08:15.840 --> 00:08:19.920 Precious L. Williams: And speaking the speaker I was a 16 is very different from the speaker at 43.

00:08:20.190 --> 00:08:22.170 Sandra Bargman: And who you're going to be in 20 years.

00:08:23.040 --> 00:08:30.180 Sandra Bargman: And that how that voice and life experiences just going to deepen your truth and getting it out extraordinary.

00:08:30.510 --> 00:08:35.730 Sandra Bargman: Oh, my wish I could have seen that and I want to talk to you about what pitch means to you, but I do want to.

00:08:36.060 --> 00:08:48.000 Sandra Bargman: do want to come back to juneteenth because I need to make this point because it's the second year for being a federal holiday yep and I know, like many, many people.

00:08:48.540 --> 00:08:59.370 Sandra Bargman: i'll speak for white people I I didn't really know about juneteenth until a couple years ago and and I understand that many black people also didn't really know until recently.

00:08:59.760 --> 00:09:08.880 Sandra Bargman: About least with the research that i've been doing and are learning and embracing and understanding the history of it, and for those of you listening and.

00:09:09.840 --> 00:09:21.300 Sandra Bargman: It is the day that honors the emancipation of enslaved African Americans but remember it was after the emancipation proclamation was signed by Abraham Lincoln.

00:09:21.840 --> 00:09:37.290 Sandra Bargman: In 1862 three years later, not every enslaved person knew that they were free so on June 19 general granger went down to galveston Texas, and let the last of the enslaved people know that they were free.

00:09:38.730 --> 00:10:01.080 Sandra Bargman: So if you want to learn more and need to learn more about juneteenth here's a great place to start PBS has some fantastic information and documentaries on the history and the meaning of juneteenth how to celebrate and how juneteenth speaks to our current moment in history.

00:10:02.670 --> 00:10:26.460 Sandra Bargman: And the education of today's in today's moment in history, so I urge everyone to go go to backslash learn about and celebrate juneteenth so absolutely i'm so i'm pitch what's your I love your description of pitch what, what is your description of pitch.

00:10:27.360 --> 00:10:34.890 Precious L. Williams: So pitching in and of itself is it's just a short briefly introducing you your brand your book your product your service, a new great idea.

00:10:35.490 --> 00:10:47.820 Precious L. Williams: To whom you hope is the interested party who will eventually buy or refer or hire or book you or put you on something right So when I think about pitching and I am a curvy girl, so I was trying to bring it back to food.

00:10:51.660 --> 00:10:55.440 Precious L. Williams: At the end of the day, so i'm until you difference between the plate, and the fork.

00:10:56.370 --> 00:11:10.050 Precious L. Williams: So you're going to it's the holidays, whatever holidays, it is, whatever the big holidays your culture your nation, whatever biggest holiday, you know you can go to somebody's house, because you know you're not cooking and even if you are.

00:11:11.490 --> 00:11:17.310 Precious L. Williams: you're going over somebody's House you go in food smelling good good chopping it up with your family your friends your loved ones.

00:11:17.910 --> 00:11:25.770 Precious L. Williams: We were waiting to hear dinner, you heard the word data, so you go over and you start putting things on your plate your favorite things is the first place, you know you send it off.

00:11:28.170 --> 00:11:28.800 Your plate like.

00:11:30.090 --> 00:11:32.940 Precious L. Williams: And now you all are sitting down before you say grace.

00:11:34.200 --> 00:11:40.650 Precious L. Williams: Look at that plate and i'm telling y'all think about this in terms of yeah like that good food, even if you post secondary in that area.

00:11:42.630 --> 00:11:43.080 Precious L. Williams: So.

00:11:44.130 --> 00:12:03.180 Precious L. Williams: Look at that plate that plate represents the things that you love it was you and your business your products your services you represent your skill set your abilities your talents it represents your network your prospects close deals open is all these sort of things.

00:12:04.740 --> 00:12:06.240 Precious L. Williams: And now that you said grace.

00:12:07.620 --> 00:12:09.210 Precious L. Williams: pick up that first fork or spoon.

00:12:10.260 --> 00:12:12.900 Precious L. Williams: what's, the first thing you have sync your fork or spoon into.

00:12:14.070 --> 00:12:14.670 Precious L. Williams: Just think about it.

00:12:17.010 --> 00:12:20.880 Precious L. Williams: And now you take that for can bring it up to your lives look at it.

00:12:22.140 --> 00:12:38.760 Precious L. Williams: That is what a pity is so from the plate everybody wants to give the whole plate of everything about everything about a company that books ever know it's the fork is your pitches a juicy morsel a taste of more to come and you to get people fight after fight.

00:12:38.820 --> 00:12:47.550 Precious L. Williams: room I, because if you wrote for me bite by bite captivating titillating given a juicy taste, they don't keep coming back for more.

00:12:47.850 --> 00:12:54.450 Precious L. Williams: So even everything on that plate was appointed, first of all confused mine came back, and you will confuse people.

00:12:54.570 --> 00:12:55.050 Precious L. Williams: So in the.

00:12:55.140 --> 00:13:02.850 Precious L. Williams: end, that is what pitching is don't give them the plate gives them the first worker to see more so than to keep them coming back for more so that is what if he is.

00:13:03.870 --> 00:13:10.620 Sandra Bargman: love that well that's a great segue now that we all clear on what a pitches that's a great segue we're going to.

00:13:12.030 --> 00:13:12.600 Sandra Bargman: Pardon me.

00:13:12.840 --> 00:13:14.640 Precious L. Williams: As a given that take that first fork.

00:13:14.910 --> 00:13:15.870 Precious L. Williams: That freely.

00:13:16.230 --> 00:13:22.650 Sandra Bargman: yeah well I love it, you also said, you know that every moment there's an opportunity for pitch in.

00:13:22.710 --> 00:13:25.770 Sandra Bargman: every moment like boom, like every moment is the edge of every.

00:13:25.770 --> 00:13:37.920 Precious L. Williams: Day we're talking about no good man or a woman in your life no good job you love or hate and opportunities come, you are the focal point of attention and you keep it someone focused on you, as you all go through it together but you're still the focal point of attention.

00:13:38.100 --> 00:13:40.620 Precious L. Williams: amen we get everybody needs to pitch.

00:13:40.710 --> 00:13:40.980 well.

00:13:42.180 --> 00:13:50.730 Sandra Bargman: So when we come back we're going to hear from precious both she and I are sniffling because we're both a little under the weather, but we're having fun nonetheless.

00:13:50.790 --> 00:13:51.990 Precious L. Williams: Oh yeah we you're.

00:13:52.530 --> 00:14:06.420 Sandra Bargman: you're gonna hear how she and I came to meet and we're going to hear about her first speaking gig when we come back with precious Williams stay tuned on the edge of every day.

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00:16:20.490 --> 00:16:23.910 Sandra Bargman: And we are back with precious Williams.

00:16:24.270 --> 00:16:32.250 Sandra Bargman: And so I want to pick it up with with a shout out to our dear friend who introduced us the lovely Leslie michaels.

00:16:33.810 --> 00:16:44.700 Sandra Bargman: Who has her own podcast we've got now that we've mentioned here, we have to plug her podcast women, we should know which you have gloriously been a guest on and.

00:16:45.810 --> 00:16:46.800 Sandra Bargman: As have I.

00:16:47.850 --> 00:16:49.320 Sandra Bargman: Leslie also has a book.

00:16:49.680 --> 00:16:53.880 Sandra Bargman: on the shoulders of mighty women coming out in mere moments.

00:16:54.000 --> 00:17:09.300 Sandra Bargman: Yes, and I had Leslie on a couple of weeks ago to plug her book and so and just to let my listeners know I also have a chapter Leslie invited me in, and I have a chapter within that book so.

00:17:09.600 --> 00:17:12.000 Sandra Bargman: Stay tuned and I will let you all know, the moment it's.

00:17:12.000 --> 00:17:21.390 Sandra Bargman: out but Leslie was glorious enough to introduce me to you and you gloriously agreed to come on, so thank you Leslie so.

00:17:21.570 --> 00:17:30.570 Sandra Bargman: Thank you, thank you so let's dive into what tell us about your first gig as a speaker to um how did you get there.

00:17:31.050 --> 00:17:34.350 Precious L. Williams: So my first gig is a speakers, when I was 16 years old.

00:17:36.360 --> 00:17:48.060 Precious L. Williams: School Mr floyd Cruz, he came to me, one day, and he said look for you speak at this event, and again i'm 16 I mean I don't even know how it would have been afraid I wasn't.

00:17:48.930 --> 00:18:05.040 Precious L. Williams: But I know how to write a speech so either my English teacher miss me Jackson or miss Ruth he'll wrote my speech K tell you what it was about Okay, I mean i'm 43 now burble my drop my grandmother drove me to the place, because you know she was coming in with me.

00:18:05.610 --> 00:18:07.320 Precious L. Williams: It was all these politicians there.

00:18:10.620 --> 00:18:11.820 Precious L. Williams: I hadn't rehearse.

00:18:13.020 --> 00:18:17.910 Precious L. Williams: date so when you were given my my little cool bio for high school student.

00:18:19.320 --> 00:18:20.310 Precious L. Williams: You know I stood up.

00:18:21.390 --> 00:18:25.380 Precious L. Williams: opened up, because he has I had to stay to the podium because you know I wouldn't I wouldn't who I am today.

00:18:26.700 --> 00:18:36.510 Precious L. Williams: And I sort of speak it is funny I can see the words and know exactly what the cadence should be like when to stop it was the weirdest thing it's like I had the talent at such a young age.

00:18:36.930 --> 00:18:38.790 Precious L. Williams: And so, when I was speaking it wasn't.

00:18:39.270 --> 00:18:45.870 Precious L. Williams: All like it was just literally measured for maximum impact, even though i'd never seen this before.

00:18:46.950 --> 00:19:02.700 Precious L. Williams: And when I tell you standing ovation I mean the mayor city St Louis Missouri here afterwards, you know I mean to get politicians to give you a standing ovation I was 16 I thought I look back, like man, I was a young, Barack Obama, you know.

00:19:03.900 --> 00:19:10.140 Precious L. Williams: So the the the mayor mayor Friedman bosley came to me and say yes i'd love to have you in our St Louis public schools Task Force.

00:19:11.580 --> 00:19:12.150 Precious L. Williams: Okay.

00:19:12.540 --> 00:19:12.900 Sandra Bargman: Oh yeah.

00:19:13.230 --> 00:19:17.430 Precious L. Williams: Sure next speaking engagements for the governor Missouri you know it.

00:19:17.670 --> 00:19:20.040 Precious L. Williams: was speaking at different events.

00:19:20.100 --> 00:19:22.320 Precious L. Williams: 10 innovations and everything, and I remember.

00:19:23.430 --> 00:19:26.700 Precious L. Williams: Last time I spoke before the governor was a different government was or was in.

00:19:26.700 --> 00:19:29.880 Precious L. Williams: 2000 2008 and.

00:19:31.350 --> 00:19:33.240 Precious L. Williams: I it was governed by holding.

00:19:34.440 --> 00:19:45.090 Precious L. Williams: And I hadn't missed to be just got better I got better and better, but Mr Mr floyd cruise gave me the opportunity, my grandmother told me to give the speech she told me that.

00:19:46.230 --> 00:19:53.340 Precious L. Williams: She told me that when I speak its name just by having a base in my voice I think i've always had a different type of energy.

00:19:53.760 --> 00:20:01.650 Precious L. Williams: hmm and she's so it's such a young age, but no one else could i'm named after her precious precious to Lewis ways and precious.

00:20:01.770 --> 00:20:03.210 Sandra Bargman: tonya Williams and so.

00:20:03.840 --> 00:20:19.050 Precious L. Williams: I just think that there was always a connection between us, and so what was she always when I spoke right like this, I always look out at her cuz she always knew where to stay in this case, I had a moment i'm looking over her and she like you know what time, it is good to give it to.

00:20:20.100 --> 00:20:21.360 Precious L. Williams: My given a business grandma.

00:20:22.740 --> 00:20:25.890 Precious L. Williams: Today, always look like, as if she's still there.

00:20:27.180 --> 00:20:44.100 Precious L. Williams: But it was 16 I don't think I understood that I had a talent, it was cool to do was nice to be in the St Louis post dispatch it was nice to speak at all these great places a every chicken dinner steak dinner fish dinner, you know i've had them all had a nice food to eat now.

00:20:45.990 --> 00:20:53.010 Precious L. Williams: So you know into the shake hands with people down look back, like i've been preparing for this for so long.

00:20:53.430 --> 00:21:02.670 Precious L. Williams: But when you're young you don't know what's this book, when I was to spelman students spelman college yeah I you know became an attorney and everything like that, but my first one was when I was 16.

00:21:03.060 --> 00:21:04.080 Sandra Bargman: I don't know three.

00:21:05.460 --> 00:21:17.040 Sandra Bargman: Well amazing and and it sounds you're just like a natural actor and you're you feel at home on stage that heightened sense of presence of that you feel correct and real there.

00:21:17.460 --> 00:21:17.910 Precious L. Williams: I do.

00:21:18.270 --> 00:21:31.440 Sandra Bargman: And that comes shining through absolutely shining through so i'm i'm as I put in in all of my social media about you i'm just and what i've learned about you and your willingness to be so.

00:21:32.310 --> 00:21:54.270 Sandra Bargman: Raw and real and willing to share all of the dark places of your past has just been your vulnerabilities has just been breathtaking and and and I i've said you're the walking embodiment of the edge of every day, and my show the podcast is based on a one woman show and.

00:21:55.470 --> 00:22:08.490 Sandra Bargman: One of I explored what the edge meant within that show, and one of the ways that we discussed the edge of course leaping off the edge and taking risks, but one of the ways was.

00:22:08.970 --> 00:22:16.440 Sandra Bargman: The the light versus the dark and the willingness to go in the shadow work as as a Union analyst would call it the.

00:22:16.440 --> 00:22:18.900 Sandra Bargman: wrongness to speak about the shadows.

00:22:19.320 --> 00:22:21.930 Sandra Bargman: And you are extraordinary in that what what.

00:22:24.540 --> 00:22:35.910 Sandra Bargman: And here's a quote from that show that which you are most afraid to admit share or even see within yourself might just be your superpower.

00:22:36.900 --> 00:22:37.410 Precious L. Williams: I have no.

00:22:38.040 --> 00:22:39.060 Sandra Bargman: that's your platform.

00:22:39.630 --> 00:22:42.330 Precious L. Williams: I have to agree, but I have to be honest, I wasn't always like this.

00:22:43.200 --> 00:22:44.820 Sandra Bargman: You didn't pop out perfectly.

00:22:45.000 --> 00:22:45.690 Precious L. Williams: Oh no.

00:22:46.740 --> 00:22:55.770 Precious L. Williams: Thank you to you know, so in my 30s you know it was all about you know flexing and being on stage and being.

00:22:55.770 --> 00:22:56.820 Precious L. Williams: Point and.

00:22:57.060 --> 00:22:58.680 Precious L. Williams: always looking perfect and.

00:22:58.950 --> 00:22:59.520 Sandra Bargman: All my.

00:22:59.580 --> 00:23:00.480 Precious L. Williams: Things and so.

00:23:01.950 --> 00:23:07.380 Precious L. Williams: You know, when I lost the love of my life, you know I love when people asked me what his name is it doesn't even matter.

00:23:08.490 --> 00:23:15.840 Precious L. Williams: Does it really matter, yes, he was famous was this, but you would focus on him, instead of what came the beauty that remained from that darkness.

00:23:16.320 --> 00:23:25.950 Precious L. Williams: And so, when he died I just lost my mind became when I tell you some beer alcoholic i'm surprised i'm still stayed in a date that's how much alcohol I drink great.

00:23:26.760 --> 00:23:36.300 Precious L. Williams: became homeless try to take my life my precious life or my 30th birthday so to be a 43 five years later, clean sober.

00:23:36.840 --> 00:23:50.340 Precious L. Williams: Dealing with my emotions, but when I walked out of the battery mission women's Center, which is a Christ centered life transformation program in New York City I didn't stay in a shelter state and I Christ centered life transformation Program.

00:23:51.570 --> 00:23:57.300 Precious L. Williams: I have distractions any walk and run my company, which was curvy girls lingerie the one he inspired me to start.

00:23:58.410 --> 00:24:04.440 Precious L. Williams: And I got to really dig deep you know in my discipleship classes in volunteering in.

00:24:05.100 --> 00:24:13.500 Precious L. Williams: packing things for kids like there was so many things that I missed out on chasing the success right that everybody says that they want.

00:24:14.310 --> 00:24:28.950 Precious L. Williams: But let me tell you what success took me to being alone, because I was very transactional I couldn't do anything without talking about business because I was uncomfortable with my personal I was uncomfortable I never felt wanted there any of those sort of things.

00:24:29.970 --> 00:24:43.800 Precious L. Williams: But when I was able to walk out of homelessness on September 1 2018 I didn't realize that the comeback, so when my heavenly Father was choking out the fat lady so she couldn't sing so what no for me at least to be choked out.

00:24:45.090 --> 00:25:00.480 Precious L. Williams: My second act as far as speaking as far as helping women honestly see how to give birth to the next beautiful now but it had to happen with me, and so I had to take off every mass disclaimer take it off and just say.

00:25:01.650 --> 00:25:08.670 Precious L. Williams: People going to bring it up anyway, but let me tell you what it really was and, as you know, when you're growing up.

00:25:09.300 --> 00:25:17.250 Precious L. Williams: In certain communities was told keep keep everything in the House, well, I felt like if we don't bring it out, people will think if they didn't live the life they see on social media.

00:25:17.610 --> 00:25:21.870 Precious L. Williams: That if they didn't grow up like that they didn't have all and it can't happen, but yes, it can.

00:25:22.350 --> 00:25:32.340 Precious L. Williams: It can happen, which has to do things differently than the world will tell you, so what would say you put on the mask get a Brazilian butt lift six pack ABS, and all that i'm 43 years old, if I wanted it, yes I get it.

00:25:32.850 --> 00:25:39.300 Precious L. Williams: But there's something so comfortable about when I look at women and I look at us and I see us working hard, but we forgot, who we were.

00:25:40.230 --> 00:25:53.040 Precious L. Williams: And so, when I heard my belief others say give it to them raw first I had to first I had to show them what power looks like and i'm a powerful speaker and then I can show you my backstory because you're an average now.

00:25:54.270 --> 00:26:07.290 Precious L. Williams: But if you lead with darkness, people will still see you always in darkness yeah i'm very careful about even with pitching and speaking if, as a keynote that's one thing, but if you're training.

00:26:08.400 --> 00:26:20.190 Precious L. Williams: My homeless my homeless story my alcohol is my bit not being one of my parents me feeling like my family abandoned me me feel like nobody loves me and that's why I did all these crazy things.

00:26:21.030 --> 00:26:30.510 Precious L. Williams: that's a relevant to the audience of your friend, but if it's a keynote let's look at different aspects of my story, because it might relate, and the beautiful thing about me being the speaker that I am.

00:26:30.930 --> 00:26:38.820 Precious L. Williams: Is I can feel the energy, so I can change speeches on a dime In fact I did a speech before just a success for their annual.

00:26:39.720 --> 00:26:53.910 Precious L. Williams: event and I heard a woman say something I was going to say right before me, so I switched up everything and I wrote wrote out five bullet points because I didn't I don't regurgitate and I do not follow someone saying that because that's what to me as a speaker so I will.

00:26:55.710 --> 00:27:03.300 Precious L. Williams: Talk it and I don't know like there's no way that she's gonna say but that's appropriate for the moment, and so that's the that's the greatest thing that happens.

00:27:04.110 --> 00:27:20.430 Precious L. Williams: I know who, I am as a speaker and I know that when you're reading the room, the thing you think you're going to say it might have to just change, and you have to know that I don't need a podium only the podium I feel like beyonce give me, am I gonna like Am I gonna like I got you.

00:27:21.540 --> 00:27:33.210 Precious L. Williams: don't even have to have a way I could take this wig off makeup off and i'm like let's go and I think that's why people love when I speak is my energy but also take all this off i'm still that Queen.

00:27:33.390 --> 00:27:55.710 Sandra Bargman: yeah well and you do we all have seen in you, but everywhere we go that power of vulnerability, the willingness to strip yourself open, is it it's breathtaking and and when you've got both the light and the dark pumped it's if you're the whole package.

00:27:56.010 --> 00:27:56.970 Precious L. Williams: Of those definitely.

00:27:57.180 --> 00:27:57.750 Sandra Bargman: Oh, my.

00:27:57.840 --> 00:27:58.080 Sandra Bargman: Well, I.

00:27:58.380 --> 00:28:02.940 Precious L. Williams: Think it's about embracing difference, too, I mean my hair is lavender today.

00:28:03.630 --> 00:28:04.500 Sandra Bargman: Which is glowing I.

00:28:04.770 --> 00:28:05.160 Think.

00:28:06.180 --> 00:28:06.690 Sandra Bargman: I love that.

00:28:06.780 --> 00:28:07.950 Precious L. Williams: And i'm still 43.

00:28:09.660 --> 00:28:13.560 Precious L. Williams: My evening, I want to be like Frank Sinatra oh brown as.

00:28:15.060 --> 00:28:17.610 Sandra Bargman: He did her way oh.

00:28:20.400 --> 00:28:23.490 Sandra Bargman: My God with that with this cold i'm like down in the gutter.

00:28:25.350 --> 00:28:34.110 Sandra Bargman: it's all good all good hi hi everyone all right, so it is time for a break we've got that little notice from our our glorious man tech man.

00:28:34.440 --> 00:28:36.060 Sandra Bargman: So when we come back.

00:28:36.420 --> 00:28:50.310 Sandra Bargman: With the wonderful precious Williams we're going to dive in with I think we're going to start out with your books and then move maybe into curvy girl lingerie possibly let's just play it by ear.

00:28:50.730 --> 00:28:53.280 Sandra Bargman: When we come back with precious Williams.

00:28:53.340 --> 00:28:55.710 Sandra Bargman: on the edge of every day stay tuned everyone.

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00:30:56.100 --> 00:31:14.940 Sandra Bargman: Along the edge of every day, and we are back with precious Williams so let's dive in let's let's go in with your hear about your books, how did writing your books turn your life your business and your career around.

00:31:16.020 --> 00:31:21.060 Precious L. Williams: Well, you know what when I came out of homelessness so from first 2018.

00:31:22.350 --> 00:31:34.080 Precious L. Williams: I never would have thought that a simple book would change my life, but having to be talking to a woman i'd known, who was a writer for CNN he wrote a story, I mean for June 25 entrepreneur of the month.

00:31:35.010 --> 00:31:46.920 Precious L. Williams: And we just were talking at you know pure out to people have reached out to me say hey we would love, if you want to publish a book and i'm looking at him like we can get credentials for me to write nothing truth is, I was afraid because I could never seen their right.

00:31:46.980 --> 00:31:52.350 Precious L. Williams: Of course, you know, but also credentials matter if they if they haven't really done much.

00:31:52.410 --> 00:31:56.460 Precious L. Williams: I don't need to be with you, but I trusted her and so she said where's the book.

00:31:58.320 --> 00:32:00.720 Precious L. Williams: She said what's the title, I said bad pitches pitches but.

00:32:03.690 --> 00:32:10.710 Precious L. Williams: I brought up the outline so sent it to her and she was like exactly what I thought this is three different books.

00:32:13.320 --> 00:32:16.950 Precious L. Williams: So she said, do I want to work with her, and I said actually I do because I like.

00:32:17.400 --> 00:32:24.180 Precious L. Williams: To stand up to me, actually like because most nothing most women won't but email she knew she get the best out of me.

00:32:24.750 --> 00:32:31.650 Precious L. Williams: Coming out of a dark place what's that I wanted to teach people, as I was going up this ladder I did it through pitching.

00:32:32.190 --> 00:32:39.660 Precious L. Williams: So revenue and write a book about prompts I really wanted to write a book about the psychology of pitching with the seven branding personas.

00:32:40.080 --> 00:32:50.970 Precious L. Williams: Right, so are you ruled by power are you unstoppable are you flawed, are you funny are you mysterious, so you robot numbers like these sort of questions that I want people to think about.

00:32:51.330 --> 00:32:52.530 Precious L. Williams: And I knew it was a unique way of.

00:32:52.530 --> 00:32:59.430 Precious L. Williams: approaching pitching so once you decide on who which one or two, you are, and yes there's a bad bitch manifesto haired girl.

00:33:00.930 --> 00:33:01.260 Sandra Bargman: yeah.

00:33:01.860 --> 00:33:09.090 Precious L. Williams: And I wrote that right so it's you know it's really about the unstoppable bitch to the power base to create a bitch to funny bit mysterious based.

00:33:09.270 --> 00:33:18.480 Precious L. Williams: On the numbers bitch and So yes, and this is a pitch, in itself, you see the title no me, no one would buy this you know it's not respectable.

00:33:19.290 --> 00:33:27.930 Precious L. Williams: But your best to make money make money, it was number one number one bestseller, and so what I had to do with okay so two and a half months you give you two and a half months I did write a chapter A week.

00:33:28.560 --> 00:33:39.900 Precious L. Williams: And when we were doing I couldn't believe it so we don't even have a marketing plan for it was just like put this out there and see what happened and then my business coach tiger what could she say your book is.

00:33:43.620 --> 00:33:45.090 Precious L. Williams: expected to people by you know.

00:33:47.040 --> 00:33:57.540 Precious L. Williams: And he stayed number one it was 1999 it was never 99 cents ever like we did everything they're supposed to be wrong right and then forbes magazine reached out.

00:33:58.230 --> 00:34:06.630 Precious L. Williams: And they said, we will review your book and they said we can't tell if it's gonna be good or bad i'm like it forces is trash they'll buy it anyway, because they want to know why would they review trash.

00:34:07.320 --> 00:34:16.140 Precious L. Williams: billboard in Times Square floor time booking a year finals in business sales and economics, I could not believe my first book it's, not even a big.

00:34:18.360 --> 00:34:19.440 Precious L. Williams: pitch mesas why.

00:34:19.950 --> 00:34:26.640 Precious L. Williams: So then, when it came to beverages impoverishes the workbook which you understand who you are now was trying to create different types of.

00:34:27.600 --> 00:34:38.610 Precious L. Williams: us so we all know, there's six different types of pitches there's the elevator for networking events, the media different types of media is what we're doing today we have the investor pitch I would have money reside.

00:34:40.740 --> 00:34:49.680 Precious L. Williams: speaker pitch cuz I don't know about you there's a lot of speakers when getting paid and frustrated, so I will show you how to get booked busy, and what face, you can be what perfect booked and blissful.

00:34:49.950 --> 00:34:50.250 Precious L. Williams: When you.

00:34:50.340 --> 00:34:58.260 Precious L. Williams: Have the interview pitch and don't forget, you have a sales pitch and then think about the different audiences, you have in front of companies corporations foundations nonprofit.

00:34:59.070 --> 00:35:08.370 Precious L. Williams: small entrepreneur like so this helps you to know who you are, and you know we've got to slice and dice now once you get that together.

00:35:08.940 --> 00:35:16.230 Precious L. Williams: Oh, the pitching for profit them babbage's playbook to convert conversations in the currency, the I noticed is the first book gassy with my face on the cover.

00:35:16.290 --> 00:35:17.010 Sandra Bargman: Oh yeah.

00:35:17.370 --> 00:35:19.080 Sandra Bargman: Well, look it up.

00:35:19.620 --> 00:35:37.680 Precious L. Williams: With my first two books, I was afraid that if I put my face on it, people would just assume oh it's just a black book and I was like I write business in everywhere, like what would you think that really, really go ask that question really but, but this time I was so confident in.

00:35:38.040 --> 00:35:38.820 Sandra Bargman: Who, you were.

00:35:38.880 --> 00:35:46.560 Precious L. Williams: That, if you talk, you can talk a good game, maybe i'd have been in movies, documentaries that have been on TV i've been on shark tank seeing in Wall Street Journal all that kind of stuff.

00:35:46.950 --> 00:36:02.520 Precious L. Williams: And I was still black on both sides day hey you know what this book was teaching people how to build and rebuild their network, so that they can monetize and built a type of relationships, where people pitch you now so we're not pitching for revenue, we put your profit.

00:36:02.850 --> 00:36:05.730 Precious L. Williams: So if you've ever wanted to know how do you get the.

00:36:05.730 --> 00:36:15.480 Precious L. Williams: Right referrals how you align the right people around you to do the business development, you don't have time for anymore, because you're already out there, doing your business right.

00:36:15.930 --> 00:36:21.720 Precious L. Williams: And so, this book to me was such a game changer because people thought, why did you say cash I said because I want you to be like MBA young boy.

00:36:23.670 --> 00:36:31.230 Precious L. Williams: I don't have an all cash if he has a right relationship, you will never be broken, you will never run a written do.

00:36:33.270 --> 00:36:40.200 Precious L. Williams: And this also shows you one of the greatest techniques, so you put your VIP you should be sending my email every month every couple of months.

00:36:40.230 --> 00:36:54.900 Precious L. Williams: i'm letting them know the highlights, because, as you conditioned him to see us constantly moving forward, even in a pandemic economic downturn and social unrest, will you make your ass, that is, I know you've already demonstrated, but that takes vision.

00:36:55.920 --> 00:37:01.380 Precious L. Williams: And that's why, when people think of pitching they think it's just words i'm like oh no pitching is how you show.

00:37:01.470 --> 00:37:11.580 Precious L. Williams: up is what's in your social media posts pitching is what are people saying about you when you're not even there in fact an article from linkedin came out today queen I don't know if you saw it.

00:37:12.390 --> 00:37:20.790 Precious L. Williams: It was written by like Dean, and he has two professionals in pitching i'm one of them about how do you actually create the perfect pitch.

00:37:21.330 --> 00:37:28.200 Precious L. Williams: Now you get a company like that, and yes, I have a relationship with them, but that's not a guarantee that they will right right on me, there are a lot of great people can pitch.

00:37:28.710 --> 00:37:30.180 Precious L. Williams: On all six, though.

00:37:31.980 --> 00:37:45.150 Precious L. Williams: i'm good at all six and i'm a former attorney and i'm someone who's an award winning speaker so when I tell you that I speak all over the world, when I tell you I can do live trainings I can do virtual trainings and have them hype in the streets.

00:37:45.390 --> 00:37:55.830 Precious L. Williams: I can do, technical, scientific whatever is because I love, what I do and it started from 16 years old, being able to captivate politicians and not speaking as a child.

00:37:56.340 --> 00:38:07.890 Precious L. Williams: yeah being able to look up people have merit in the i'll come from the hood of St Louis i'm looking you in the eye like Oh, I belong here too, in fact I don't know if you knew this so.

00:38:08.970 --> 00:38:15.900 Precious L. Williams: Was it last month alone before last, we just shot, a new TV show for entrepreneurs, and it was originally brought in to the pitch trainer.

00:38:17.250 --> 00:38:27.870 Precious L. Williams: And I was sitting with the host one of the hosts and we were all introduce ourselves around the table, he see he want us all to introduce ourselves and I went last and you know I laid.

00:38:28.950 --> 00:38:33.600 Precious L. Williams: slay all competition, he looked at me, he said, oh no you're hosting with me, how do you.

00:38:35.010 --> 00:38:35.790 Precious L. Williams: juggle.

00:38:38.880 --> 00:38:43.770 Precious L. Williams: And it was so good, because i'm going to roll with billionaires multimillionaires people who've made more money than me.

00:38:44.880 --> 00:38:53.280 Precious L. Williams: You know because I literally just walked out of homelessness but i'm doing a big you know, making money but I never was at now.

00:38:54.540 --> 00:39:01.680 Precious L. Williams: My journey of homelessness alcohol addiction alcohol into vehicle addiction being unwanted abused been tortured.

00:39:02.280 --> 00:39:15.690 Precious L. Williams: i'm still here and i'm standing toe to toe with the best in the world, and they see me as an equal Do you know what that feels like as a speaker as an entrepreneur as a black woman as a woman as a full figured even a plus.

00:39:16.770 --> 00:39:28.770 Precious L. Williams: A woman who created a company they died soon after they run shark tank not because i'm not because of anything do a shark tank would because you, I had the wrong business partner.

00:39:29.220 --> 00:39:35.400 Precious L. Williams: And also grief is real, you do not know how to operate on grief, if you don't have a strong team and I didn't.

00:39:36.120 --> 00:39:45.630 Precious L. Williams: And so I can look back on that experience we talked about that that the edge of every day, but let me tell you the best part of my life started when I got when I started to live on the edge now on the street name.

00:39:45.750 --> 00:39:47.160 Sandra Bargman: amen amen.

00:39:47.490 --> 00:39:54.120 Precious L. Williams: Honest was i'ma kicked out of Jewish or university loss and i'm supposed to not have the life that I have, but there was always something in me to see it.

00:39:54.510 --> 00:40:08.850 Precious L. Williams: got you to break the mold you know fortune favors the bold and I said i'ma go out as bowl at 327 pounds with curvy girls there's no way we should be, we should have gotten to where we did, but this brought me back on the map, because when they started selling.

00:40:10.410 --> 00:40:16.560 Precious L. Williams: We started selling and then companies corporations foundations nonprofit and the Federal government's bought this book, are you serious now.

00:40:17.610 --> 00:40:18.270 Sandra Bargman: course that.

00:40:18.840 --> 00:40:28.680 Precious L. Williams: Back in, and so, when people you know might have thought my services which weren't to me expensive there was nothing they went to get the $20 version of me.

00:40:28.770 --> 00:40:33.660 Precious L. Williams: hmm and then he goes another $20 version and then here's a $30 version.

00:40:33.960 --> 00:40:36.570 Precious L. Williams: And then we created a triple threat pitch book bundle.

00:40:36.780 --> 00:40:38.790 Precious L. Williams: Yes, I know that on her website.

00:40:39.120 --> 00:40:46.020 Precious L. Williams: Oh yeah triple threat pitch book bundle but not only that there's still more in me, and so my next book is called the pitch Queen.

00:40:46.350 --> 00:40:52.980 Precious L. Williams: And so it's going to tell stories people would never believe about you know how I got here, because you know you might hear oh homeless, whatever.

00:40:53.550 --> 00:41:09.150 Precious L. Williams: Some stories in it uh huh you like and you're still here i'm like yeah but pitching is how I got out of it, you ever been in a dark situation and you had to talk your way out of it, they been in been in some really deep situations and Ola hey it was a gift speech.

00:41:10.230 --> 00:41:25.770 Sandra Bargman: Well, you are like shamanistic with your gift of speech and every it it's circling back to your books it cracks me up that that there was ever sort of a moment of well that's just really audacious calling it bad pitch.

00:41:26.160 --> 00:41:28.800 Sandra Bargman: Perfect pitches I mean and that's truly.

00:41:30.360 --> 00:41:43.320 Sandra Bargman: Your platform it's who you are and it's also what I love is what you teach other people to do is to get out of that box and to get take as you've said take those masks off get out of perfectionism.

00:41:43.710 --> 00:41:54.450 Sandra Bargman: You know, in a structures are breaking down the old doesn't work anymore, and you, of all people know that, and you, of all people teach that that way things are done is over.

00:41:55.920 --> 00:41:56.370 Sandra Bargman: yeah.

00:42:00.270 --> 00:42:03.210 Sandra Bargman: No, no, no, will read two minutes I mean.

00:42:06.180 --> 00:42:11.460 Sandra Bargman: That was, I mean it's it's so incredible how you know how shy you just were in that section.

00:42:13.050 --> 00:42:15.720 Precious L. Williams: You don't want to just make sure people know.

00:42:17.550 --> 00:42:23.880 Precious L. Williams: Our grandfathers great grandfathers and grandmothers and great grandmothers mothers fathers didn't have the opportunities that we have.

00:42:24.930 --> 00:42:29.430 Precious L. Williams: So I will never disrespect her honor because they didn't have what we hate.

00:42:30.420 --> 00:42:31.020 Sandra Bargman: The lineage.

00:42:31.080 --> 00:42:40.590 Precious L. Williams: fighting for what is that I mean they had to walk and crawl so we could fly and I pray that we do stuff in the next generation and makes it easier right.

00:42:41.250 --> 00:42:46.710 Precious L. Williams: And so man my grandmother sufism me imagine if she mentioned, I never.

00:42:47.310 --> 00:42:48.090 Sandra Bargman: Just grandmother.

00:42:48.120 --> 00:42:54.690 Precious L. Williams: Would I be and that's why I think my name it goes, all the way in old age, you know it goes, all the way it.

00:42:54.930 --> 00:42:57.000 Sandra Bargman: Is it doesn't translate it.

00:42:57.840 --> 00:42:59.880 Sandra Bargman: Does age well, as they say.

00:43:00.240 --> 00:43:08.880 Precious L. Williams: my grandmother is was truly the most beautiful woman and she was in her 60s I just used to look at her like she fire fine you know fancy.

00:43:09.300 --> 00:43:16.170 Precious L. Williams: On their hair look it really looked like this, what it was like great oh so I look sometimes i'm like no, you will start and.

00:43:16.530 --> 00:43:20.340 Precious L. Williams: So anyway, we got to give credit to our prior generations, they didn't have what we had.

00:43:20.700 --> 00:43:34.260 Precious L. Williams: and thank God that books can change your life you never believe it until you do it and i'm in business, this is an autobiography, this is a memoir this isn't just know this is business and in business people, respect the gangster of who you are.

00:43:35.850 --> 00:43:36.300 Sandra Bargman: where you are.

00:43:36.630 --> 00:43:37.410 Precious L. Williams: Now let's go.

00:43:37.560 --> 00:43:43.080 Sandra Bargman: All right, Bam all right now we're ready Okay, when we come back after our glorious.

00:43:44.460 --> 00:43:57.150 Sandra Bargman: Commercial break I do want to touch on your poetry, I really do want to I am so intrigued by that when we come back with precious Williams for our last segment we're going to touch on her poetry and we're going to.

00:43:57.600 --> 00:44:05.760 Sandra Bargman: Talk about her leading edge and where she's going next when we come back on the edge of every day stay tuned.

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00:46:05.670 --> 00:46:09.540 Sandra Bargman: And we are back with precious Williams and I want to start in with.

00:46:09.990 --> 00:46:16.140 Sandra Bargman: Your poetry that you said you while you wrote, while you were in the psych Ward.

00:46:16.680 --> 00:46:18.870 Sandra Bargman: idea that's it it.

00:46:19.710 --> 00:46:20.730 Precious L. Williams: is so funny I.

00:46:20.730 --> 00:46:21.930 Sandra Bargman: Often journey.

00:46:22.380 --> 00:46:27.090 Precious L. Williams: I always knew that there was a poet in me and I was in and out of psych.

00:46:27.090 --> 00:46:33.990 Precious L. Williams: Ward like over two years in brooklyn years ago and I couldn't figure out why couldn't I just get it together right.

00:46:35.070 --> 00:46:49.110 Precious L. Williams: And when I was talking to this old gentleman who you know, I guess, he was a life or i'll call it that it was not prison but there was some prison like tendencies and he said to me just go in your room and just start writing and I was one of my my.

00:46:50.190 --> 00:46:55.470 Precious L. Williams: poems to Ryan right I knew I couldn't just start off doing a sonnet like Shakespeare or anything like that.

00:46:56.670 --> 00:47:06.420 Precious L. Williams: And I sat there, it was like the power of focus and I just started writing, and it was like coming out of me so fast and furious there was like.

00:47:07.620 --> 00:47:08.940 Precious L. Williams: sort of run up to like yo.

00:47:13.290 --> 00:47:32.820 Precious L. Williams: yo going it was so much me a lot of it was about heartache in the art of fighting and you know it was like it was like I don't know it almost felt like medieval with armory is it was crazy, it was reading about love and losing love and and.

00:47:34.290 --> 00:47:35.520 Precious L. Williams: It ran the gamut.

00:47:35.880 --> 00:47:45.570 Precious L. Williams: yeah and I fell in love with it as a craft and so when I write poetry like even like with my first book The bad pitch manifesto.

00:47:46.230 --> 00:47:52.980 Precious L. Williams: As I was writing it just came so it just came out of me, it was like I don't think about it.

00:47:53.370 --> 00:48:00.330 Precious L. Williams: i'll just go in and it just comes in, I said that's why it's a gift and you have to nurture any gift you to get the nurture.

00:48:00.600 --> 00:48:08.520 Precious L. Williams: or it will atrophy and that's why I say just like confidence, confidence is a muscle, you must FLEX you can't look at everybody else and say oh it's going to come.

00:48:08.910 --> 00:48:13.890 Precious L. Williams: Just like what pitching and just like with speaking your first speaker as great as you think you are.

00:48:14.430 --> 00:48:25.140 Precious L. Williams: come back to it to three years later, and look at it, you will be like Oh, I learned so much you learn a lot from watching other speakers and trying different tactics and techniques and before you build your own voice as a speaker.

00:48:25.590 --> 00:48:38.220 Precious L. Williams: I don't work with speakers who want to sound like me i'm like do you know, do you know when I really oh my voice when I started pitching everybody else to me was boring and pitching those like I gotta sound like that I just couldn't do it like like you.

00:48:39.480 --> 00:48:40.800 Sandra Bargman: ready very nice.

00:48:42.210 --> 00:48:45.330 Precious L. Williams: I feel like my leader i'm coming in, like a wrecking ball and.

00:48:46.080 --> 00:48:48.000 Precious L. Williams: And people are like oh.

00:48:50.700 --> 00:48:52.890 Precious L. Williams: she's she's she's not talk about cupcakes and.

00:48:53.250 --> 00:48:54.870 Sandra Bargman: I know she's herself.

00:48:55.560 --> 00:49:00.840 Precious L. Williams: i'm going to talk about you know I think yo man with some nice launch readiness 327 pounds, but you don't want to smoke.

00:49:02.490 --> 00:49:08.130 Precious L. Williams: And then it is growing even more and more no it's like.

00:49:08.910 --> 00:49:18.510 Precious L. Williams: My beef last everyone black toe full figured all these perceived i'm 43 graceless be out to draw know.

00:49:19.590 --> 00:49:26.730 Precious L. Williams: Your money, first of all, I think you know when I was younger, you know when you're young you think you know everything that you get to a certain as you like, I know nothing.

00:49:26.790 --> 00:49:27.150 Sandra Bargman: I don't know.

00:49:27.450 --> 00:49:28.470 Sandra Bargman: It just gets better.

00:49:28.530 --> 00:49:40.290 Precious L. Williams: No know make mistakes right so that's wasted and then, as you start to have experience you know i'm not gonna say there are some days i'm looking like my my Mattel needs to be real high.

00:49:42.330 --> 00:49:43.140 Precious L. Williams: was really cute.

00:49:43.680 --> 00:49:47.430 Precious L. Williams: He didn't even know it, but there's a gift in age.

00:49:49.740 --> 00:50:03.750 Precious L. Williams: For the people who didn't get here imagine if they knew that's how you know it's a gift, yes, it comes with the body, not being exactly the same that you remember you can follow you get bounced back up 95 give me give me give.

00:50:05.760 --> 00:50:05.910 Precious L. Williams: me.

00:50:05.970 --> 00:50:13.140 Sandra Bargman: i'm telling you yeah I can't wait to talk about you what what what's next for you what you're leading edges, but i'm feeling like stand up comedy is on its.

00:50:13.140 --> 00:50:14.130 Precious L. Williams: way, I mean yeah.

00:50:14.340 --> 00:50:18.960 Sandra Bargman: I took a train is coming so stand up comedy's come.

00:50:20.640 --> 00:50:25.980 Precious L. Williams: I was on a on a bus and this guy said, you know you make a great comedian that you make.

00:50:26.340 --> 00:50:32.880 Precious L. Williams: One you are better off the Dome and so yeah so what's you know next for me honestly.

00:50:34.200 --> 00:50:45.870 Precious L. Williams: Is we're changing my company is changing and becoming more of an agency, and with that I was having a conversation with my business coach today and.

00:50:47.370 --> 00:50:49.710 Precious L. Williams: they're growing pains to happen with issue of.

00:50:49.740 --> 00:50:51.990 Precious L. Williams: course you go into different levels.

00:50:53.280 --> 00:51:02.700 Precious L. Williams: And so, even with that I know it's time for me to not be so much on social media no I messaged me all day, every day, but I have so much to pose a so many successes.

00:51:03.450 --> 00:51:14.100 Precious L. Williams: But i'm really hearing in the spirit, let your team start doing that because you can take a step back, because the bigger and bigger opportunities you're not able to do that anymore.

00:51:14.850 --> 00:51:18.750 Precious L. Williams: And that's actually a good thing, because my audience has changed when I started.

00:51:19.530 --> 00:51:24.420 Precious L. Williams: luck with a new one of us when we started a company was like anybody who comes to the door is speakers trainers, or whatever.

00:51:25.110 --> 00:51:39.870 Precious L. Williams: But then it comes that you know my clientele has changed, and so they don't need me to hold their hand they're already successful what they need is to elevate into that next level, and so the hand holding that what they need.

00:51:40.890 --> 00:51:44.970 Precious L. Williams: Not what they need and spoke now that's changed my fourth book coming out.

00:51:45.930 --> 00:51:59.040 Precious L. Williams: New TV show coming out and wanting to build a new image, I want to build a media empire, I really want to be the number one I really want perfect pitches to be the number one speech communication solutions company in the world, and so.

00:51:59.400 --> 00:52:10.110 Precious L. Williams: That that that's PR that's communication that's pitching and really showing that it is possible to start with start with very little, and yes i've had a lot of help.

00:52:10.800 --> 00:52:28.410 Precious L. Williams: by demonstrating what i'm talented at and so people felt comfortable helping me, but I really want to transform the face of what speaking looks like it's not always someone who doesn't look like me it's not always grown up in this particular family is that all like.

00:52:30.330 --> 00:52:38.880 Precious L. Williams: communication can take you from last to first really, really quickly and I live in and we live in a day at a time when it's easier than ever been.

00:52:39.270 --> 00:52:45.480 Precious L. Williams: I am not a motivational speaker that that belongs in to other people, I am not i'm.

00:52:46.200 --> 00:52:52.680 Precious L. Williams: inspirational transformational I am the killer pitch semester, and I am the pitch we'd.

00:52:53.100 --> 00:53:01.320 Precious L. Williams: All I know how to do is show you how to slay all competition i've got the biggest the biggest and the baddest from the best schools in the world and sliced and diced like it was nothing.

00:53:01.800 --> 00:53:07.620 Precious L. Williams: Maybe because I came from very little and so to go back to those noodles best believe I can.

00:53:08.190 --> 00:53:13.860 Precious L. Williams: But i'ma come back better bigger, better stronger faster, and I was raised, like the phoenix and I and that's one of the things I.

00:53:14.430 --> 00:53:24.210 Precious L. Williams: Work with my clients on is not just mindset, but really truly seeing what's in front of you, having a vision that that.

00:53:24.690 --> 00:53:37.050 Precious L. Williams: That the news can't hold that your friends and family can't hold it seeing beyond all possibility all impossibility, because we serve a most high God.

00:53:37.470 --> 00:53:48.810 Precious L. Williams: That you know my purpose is being fulfilled every day, I thought i'd have been like everybody else baby when it's hot pink to Google with well blue week it was all currently.

00:53:50.010 --> 00:53:51.120 Precious L. Williams: I know, and I don't.

00:53:52.920 --> 00:53:55.080 Precious L. Williams: Know lydia but about the flat phone.

00:53:57.390 --> 00:53:58.890 Sandra Bargman: Okay, so.

00:54:00.120 --> 00:54:12.090 Sandra Bargman: All things can be found at perfect pitches my your website has so much content, there are ways of working with you.

00:54:12.930 --> 00:54:29.730 Sandra Bargman: You can work virtually with you, you can have one on ones, you can be in groups your your business can hire you there's just a plethora of ways, people can work with you all your books, you can get singles or this trio on your website.

00:54:30.990 --> 00:54:31.950 Sandra Bargman: said trio.

00:54:33.330 --> 00:54:34.680 Sandra Bargman: And you can get them signed.

00:54:35.280 --> 00:54:42.870 Precious L. Williams: Yes, if you buy them from my website, I will personally sign them and put them in the mail, but I, and I like to send you a when they call it playing the tracking.

00:54:43.260 --> 00:54:43.830 Sandra Bargman: And a lot of.

00:54:44.100 --> 00:54:45.720 Precious L. Williams: receipt and trying oh yeah cuz I don't play.

00:54:46.710 --> 00:54:47.130 Precious L. Williams: honored by.

00:54:47.160 --> 00:54:53.340 Precious L. Williams: Everyone who purchases from me, because I know that even in a time like this, it is a blessing for someone to see.

00:54:54.810 --> 00:54:59.280 Precious L. Williams: That I do and to, for you know for my clients when pitch competitions last week.

00:54:59.790 --> 00:55:01.320 Sandra Bargman: For congratulations.

00:55:01.350 --> 00:55:02.790 Precious L. Williams: Oh, my God, you must hate.

00:55:04.290 --> 00:55:04.920 Sandra Bargman: mama.

00:55:08.340 --> 00:55:24.270 Precious L. Williams: And to watch her take second place at the roadmap to billions from black women talk tech and to end to just see industry like she didn't even think it was coming and i'm like yeah So yes, working with companies corporations foundations nonprofits working with authors speakers.

00:55:25.380 --> 00:55:34.530 Precious L. Williams: and entrepreneurs has blessed me and that's why we're making that transition into the next the next version, if we are.

00:55:35.490 --> 00:55:51.180 Precious L. Williams: Taking the mask off and not and not being afraid of what was underneath so many only entire but many people don't even know how to really be because they've always had to be it's the one as box or social media says it's done about how it feels this way it looks like.

00:55:51.600 --> 00:56:08.040 Sandra Bargman: A male other, this is the perfect segue to what's what's your last tidbit that you want to say to young women who are coming up and wanting to follow in your footsteps what's your nugget of great truth to leave my show with.

00:56:09.000 --> 00:56:21.990 Precious L. Williams: fortune truly favors the bold as boldly go after it some of y'all want to tell people i've done both i've been quiet and i've been loud either way it's going get down.

00:56:22.830 --> 00:56:25.410 Precious L. Williams: and have a great thing is the people around you.

00:56:26.010 --> 00:56:32.850 Precious L. Williams: can dictate how you floss if you hang with people who ain't about nothing chances are you won't be about nothing so as you start to move.

00:56:33.660 --> 00:56:40.470 Precious L. Williams: pay to the people around you and be the flicker to somebody else's flame hang around those who are doing better in whatever way to you.

00:56:41.040 --> 00:56:49.200 Precious L. Williams: And they will pull you up and you're supposed to see life from a totally different perspective, you get there first class like that you never even knew existed.

00:56:50.040 --> 00:56:59.730 Sandra Bargman: amen beautiful Thank you precious Williams, for being on my show what a joy and a pleasure, you are just a rock star.

00:57:00.060 --> 00:57:01.410 Precious L. Williams: i've been trying i'm trying to be.

00:57:01.410 --> 00:57:02.160 Sandra Bargman: All right.

00:57:03.180 --> 00:57:08.010 Sandra Bargman: Well, and to all of those who are listening in Thank you so much.

00:57:08.850 --> 00:57:18.240 Sandra Bargman: for being with us, and remember you are always at the edge of the miraculous till next week, keep well.

00:57:29.640 --> 00:57:30.030 Our.

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