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Friday, June 17, 2022
Facebook Live Video from 2022/06/17 - The Journey Into the Song

Facebook Live Video from 2022/06/17 - The Journey Into the Song


2022/06/17 - The Journey Into the Song

[NEW EPISODE] The Journey Into the Song

The audience will hear from an author who defines the personal and professional attainments felt by people, through the power of song.

As a result of the pandemic, many SMB employers and employees had to make the best experience out of a bad situation. Society as a whole has been on a search for comfort and unity, during this time of uncertainty. In the words of Paul McCartney, people had to "take a sad song, and make it better."

Our special guest this week is an author who not only has a passion for music, but whose published works dive deeply into the origins, recording, visual presentation, impact, and eventual influence, of various songs and songwriters. 

We are joined by James Campion, author of the new book "Take a Sad Song - The Emotional Currency of Hey Jude." 

Take a Sad Song is a tribute to how a song can define, inspire, and affect us in ways we do not always fully comprehend, in both our personal and professional lives. James points out the insights of academic experts and professors in the field of musicology, sociology, philosophy, psychology, and history while emphasizing the song's lasting voice in our cultural and musical landscape.



Tune in for this sensible conversation at or watch the Facebook Livestream by Clicking Here.

Show Notes

Segment 1

Campion wishes Frey a Happy Birthday. Campion thanks his parents for keeping him open to growth and intellectual curiosity at the forefront of how he conducts his life. He also thanks his journalism teacher for giving him a consistent work ethic. He’s a life long free lancer and is always making and keeping up with contacts. Campion also praises the Beatles ability to influence people’s lives.

Segment 2

Rock & Roll Hall of Fame invited him to speak in October. The Aquarian has been a home to Campion’s work and got introduced to inside people in the music scene. He wrote the book in the first person and in the present tense to put people in the journey of the Beatles tragedies and climaxing moments. Hunter was a role model that Campion took his style and made his own craftsmanship as a writer. Everything happens organically and slowly. He wants it to be a new take on what is already out there about the Beatles. He also needs to make sure the publisher believes in him. The fun for him is the research, interview, and putting it in a palpable narrative. Campion tries to make sure he’s having a good time to ensure his readers also enjoy reading the work. The ultimate sign of success is that “uh huh moment” of the reader.

Segment 3

Being there to cover an event and anything that happens will be your time to observe. As a narrative you have the power of laying a flashlight on what you’ve observed. He did a YouTube series about “Sunshine Spotlight”, where he was able to discuss how scary the corona pandemic/lockdown was for the music industry. Music is a commodity because it comes in the forms of a product and/or service that the music writer, etc. behind the creation of it. Campion has chosen “Hey Jude” because it has so many layers and the 7 notes that open the book were what he sang as a kid to calm his nerves and that was his emotional currency.

Segment 4

“The movement you need is on your shoulder”. You need people’s support but it starts with following your bliss. What McCartney is a word of encouragement which is good for anyone to hear. He started writing during the pandemic and during a hard time writing about the triumphs of The Beatles was inspirational. Even if his work gets hate he still appreciates the influence and time put into his book. McCartney was very caring and it shows that people can use a comforting hand.


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00:02:45.630 --> 00:02:54.240 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Yes, it is my birthday today is number 42 i'm in a good mood the Yankees had a walk off win last night, and while we're on baseball for just a moment.

00:02:54.540 --> 00:02:59.490 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): I keep thinking of this as my Mariano Rivera or Jackie Robinson type of birthday.

00:02:59.970 --> 00:03:13.290 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): That said, multiple times this week people reminded me of the hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy by Douglas Adams allegedly 42 is the number from which all meaning the meaning of life universe, and everything could be derived.

00:03:13.650 --> 00:03:23.340 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): i'll let you guys know if i'm any closer to the meaning of life after my birthday here today, but today we're going to hear from a very special guest a different author about the journey into the song.

00:03:23.760 --> 00:03:32.850 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Many business employers and employees, they had to make the best experience, out of a bad situation as a result of the pandemic and the words of Paul McCartney.

00:03:33.180 --> 00:03:40.860 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): people had to take a sad song and make it better today we're going to hear from an author and journalist, not only about his passion for music.

00:03:41.700 --> 00:03:49.770 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): expressed in his most recent book, but also what he did when the pandemic hit and the journey of getting published and the power of building his community.

00:03:50.160 --> 00:04:01.590 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Talk is cheap, we know that we're on talk radio dot nyc we don't want this to just be talk the goal here is let's use the insight we get on the business landscape and create more impact on Monday morning.

00:04:01.860 --> 00:04:12.000 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): it's far too often where SMEs are focused on the product that's going to solve all of their problems, the shiny new mouse trap the magic wand one consistent thing I see out their.

00:04:12.810 --> 00:04:17.490 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Products change every single day and everything that we do it doesn't matter business or personal.

00:04:17.850 --> 00:04:25.140 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): there's no substitute for surrounding yourself with the right people first and keeping a focus on the process that will help you achieve your goals.

00:04:25.440 --> 00:04:30.870 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): You do that the right products will be there when you need them everything begins and ends with people in relationships.

00:04:31.200 --> 00:04:43.650 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): So, in the spirit of surrounding yourself with the right people i'm very excited to have this discussion here today we're going to be talking with James campion founder of inspiring media and author of the new book.

00:04:44.130 --> 00:04:52.890 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Take a sad song the emotional currency of hey jude James has worked in all forms of media from journalism radio and television since 1982.

00:04:53.250 --> 00:04:58.920 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): He has hosted or co host in multiple TV and radio shows was executive producer for some of them as well.

00:04:59.160 --> 00:05:08.580 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): he's the Managing editor of the reality check news and information desk which produces weekly syndicated columns covering politics, society at large, entertainment and sports in.

00:05:09.570 --> 00:05:17.070 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): James launched finsbury media as a complete media production facility offering a wide range of development and creative production options.

00:05:17.340 --> 00:05:26.760 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): For corporations, SMEs and even personal projects using state of the art high def video production for advertising training and marketing for the Web TV and radio.

00:05:27.060 --> 00:05:35.160 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): James and his team are proficient in script writing storyboards pre production and all post production duties editing after effects music production.

00:05:35.430 --> 00:05:44.400 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): And voiceovers James is the author of eight published books that dive deeply into the origins recording visual presentation impact and eventual influence.

00:05:44.700 --> 00:05:54.870 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): of various songs and songwriters he has published books on the likes of Warren zevon kiss and amplifies personal and professional attainments felt by people through the power of song.

00:05:55.470 --> 00:06:00.750 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Earlier this month, James released his latest book again take a sad song the emotional currency of a dude.

00:06:01.050 --> 00:06:11.280 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): diving deep into the songs origins, as he does his journey include into the song includes the insights of experts in the field of musicology sociology philosophy psychology and history.

00:06:11.520 --> 00:06:17.580 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): it's a tribute to how a song can define inspire and affect us in ways we don't always fully comprehend.

00:06:17.910 --> 00:06:28.140 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): As well as a celebration of truly amazing track in the Beatles catalog it reveals one band genius and underscores it's lasting voice in our cultural and musical landscape.

00:06:28.530 --> 00:06:33.930 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): God I love music lovers James is the absolute best person to chat with about how expressive a song can be.

00:06:34.200 --> 00:06:40.020 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): As always we'll discuss my favorite questions who's your favorite movie or TV show character what's your favorite movie or TV show.

00:06:40.260 --> 00:06:50.610 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): what's your favorite musical instrument, who is the artist you'd like to hear play it here, he is live from New Jersey, to help me celebrate my birthday, with all of you, James welcome to his Friday brother great to see you here.

00:06:52.080 --> 00:07:00.210 campionj: Happy Birthday Steve Thank you so much that was some introduction I feel like just retiring now and going to some island in the Caribbean thanks.

00:07:01.890 --> 00:07:04.620 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): I appreciate that i'll take a quick breath here but.

00:07:04.830 --> 00:07:09.120 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): You found you found so much deep meaning and music through all the work that you do and.

00:07:09.480 --> 00:07:14.160 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): i'm so happy to have you here on my meaning of life and universe birthday here today.

00:07:14.490 --> 00:07:19.440 campionj: Nice job I like that Douglas Adams reference right off the BAT right yes drop.

00:07:19.470 --> 00:07:24.540 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): drop it like it's not real quick but let's hear about your journey man tell us about how you got where you are today.

00:07:25.140 --> 00:07:35.760 campionj: Oh wow uh you know lots of support from people, and I did want to send a shout out to to one of your sponsors and our mutual friend of ours Scott Cooper Smith.

00:07:36.360 --> 00:07:47.730 campionj: Who, you know, is a great supporter of my work and always has been, and I don't I don't say that lightly i've gotten such great support by my mentor and my hero my dad who passed away in 2019.

00:07:48.600 --> 00:07:59.340 campionj: that's where it comes from James Vincent campion and phyllis Mary campion my mom and my dad who are great influences on me and not only because of what they did for me.

00:07:59.970 --> 00:08:08.790 campionj: which naturally what parents do for you, but because they were such free thinkers in the way we were always allowed my brother, and I for john and I.

00:08:09.090 --> 00:08:11.790 campionj: were always allowed to have things come through our transom.

00:08:12.180 --> 00:08:21.480 campionj: And and use it to influence us, we were never told we can't watch on the family, we can't listen to George carlin we can't listen to certain kinds of music week.

00:08:21.810 --> 00:08:29.910 campionj: So all these people who made me what I am today my parents were able to help facilitate and never kept me from doing it sure they were disciplinarians and all that stuff.

00:08:30.240 --> 00:08:36.900 campionj: But I give them a lot of credit and then all the people i've met through the through the years great professors, I had in college and teachers, when I was a kid.

00:08:37.140 --> 00:08:42.030 campionj: People who told me, Mrs Williams my journalism teacher who told me just keep writing keep working.

00:08:42.660 --> 00:08:52.740 campionj: You know that you have to put efforts in discipline is the most important thing, and any effort that you put in sure it's art but it's a craft, I never say i'm an artist i'm a craftsman.

00:08:53.160 --> 00:08:55.770 campionj: When it comes to writing and when it comes to making videos and.

00:08:56.070 --> 00:09:06.660 campionj: And it takes a group of people and i'm very lucky to have such talented people the gentleman who designed my cover Roberto tatties is a wonderful colleague of mine and.

00:09:06.930 --> 00:09:16.320 campionj: Like a brother and so again very, very lucky to have met all these people and facilitated these things i'm almost a lifelong freelancer.

00:09:17.010 --> 00:09:26.040 campionj: And in that sense there's no way you do that, alone, you constantly have to have contact you constantly have to trust other people and hope they come through for you and more times than not for me.

00:09:26.340 --> 00:09:32.160 campionj: Those people did and and and always surround people surround yourself with people who challenge you.

00:09:32.550 --> 00:09:42.900 campionj: don't surround yes people or people who are not as good as you always better than you, you know my niece Sydney carlson is a wonderful singer songwriter I tried to have play chords when she was 11 and 12.

00:09:43.260 --> 00:09:50.700 campionj: she's way better than me now and i'm and i'm so happy to see that you always want the people around you to be better make you better so.

00:09:51.300 --> 00:10:02.160 campionj: I noticed that when you directly, asked me Steve, but I think I can't go on without mentioning all the support and the amazing influences i've gotten throughout my life i'm very lucky that way.

00:10:02.730 --> 00:10:11.790 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): And I was so happy to hear you drop the George carlin reference there real quick i'm getting my daughter ready to go to sleep away camp for the first time she's leaving on Sunday next weekend and.

00:10:12.660 --> 00:10:26.340 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): that's where I remember listening to George carlin for the first time and oh my God forever changed my existence blew my mind just in almost any situation like that's my go to philosophy is what would George carlin say about this.

00:10:27.030 --> 00:10:39.000 campionj: And you know they're there is there is so many parents that we have in the world, so many people who do set us on our paths and and give us moral structure and design and and question.

00:10:39.600 --> 00:10:51.780 campionj: Things that everybody kind of accepts or you keep intellectual curiosity at the front of the way we conduct our lives so yeah I mean George was right up there with me i'm a huge fan of lenny Bruce and his work.

00:10:52.080 --> 00:11:05.580 campionj: And even even when I put into this book Steve take a sad song is what artists musical artists can do for you to to continue and that's why I use the the the phrase emotional currency.

00:11:06.510 --> 00:11:08.760 campionj: What we're talking about here is intellectual currency.

00:11:09.180 --> 00:11:23.520 campionj: we're talking about the influences that show us the best way to be the best people, we can be the best writer, you can be the best videographer you can be the best friend, you can be the best parent, you can be, and so I learned a lot of that to people that i've never met.

00:11:24.990 --> 00:11:32.910 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): yeah and and you know what it's you were you were saying i'm not sure it's exactly what you asked, but in some ways it's exactly what I have because.

00:11:33.360 --> 00:11:40.500 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): You know, being a freelancer for most of your life, a lot of people, you know and making the distinction between an artist and a craftsman.

00:11:41.040 --> 00:11:48.870 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): It is something where you still need to surround yourself with the right people that's how you make you can make yourself really successful and scalable as a freelancer yeah.

00:11:49.080 --> 00:11:53.070 campionj: And as a writer, I always say this, and I have this argument my wife Erin he's a wonderful artist in our own right.

00:11:53.880 --> 00:12:01.860 campionj: she's you know we have this argument about what is his art just something you make, and you could put it in the basement and it's art or is that creation.

00:12:02.250 --> 00:12:06.270 campionj: I feel like art is a two way street and anytime you're working with editors they tell you.

00:12:06.540 --> 00:12:14.760 campionj: Who this paragraphs not quite there, or you should make the sentence clear, so your reader gets what you're saying is this what you're trying to say so, I always write to be read and I feel that art.

00:12:14.970 --> 00:12:18.720 campionj: Whether it's painting poetry writing if you want to call it an art.

00:12:19.110 --> 00:12:27.300 campionj: or anything in life is the audience getting what you're putting out whether you're trying to scare them whether you're trying to seduce them whether you're trying to.

00:12:27.540 --> 00:12:34.110 campionj: Give them joy, or whatever, and I feel that studying Paul McCartney as an artist and as a craftsman and as a wonderful songwriter.

00:12:34.500 --> 00:12:46.140 campionj: The Beatles as a thing, and also song affects us really does tell that story to me beyond just loving music it's what these things can do to move us along in life.

00:12:46.710 --> 00:12:53.250 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): it's just amazing when you hear your Beatles Paul McCartney some of the first thoughts that you have, and you know me being.

00:12:53.820 --> 00:13:00.270 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Today, like my my father big Beatles fan and still didn't me pretty early, but a guitar player and anytime it's brought up by.

00:13:00.750 --> 00:13:04.110 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): I just think about him playing the guitar at night before we would go to bed and.

00:13:04.500 --> 00:13:14.520 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): You know a lot of times, it would be Beatles tunes so I can't wait to to unfold, the rest of this conversation with you my brother, we are going to take a quick break but we'll be right back with James can't be in.

00:13:14.820 --> 00:13:19.440 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): The author of take a sad song the emotional currency page you stay with us.

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00:15:35.670 --> 00:15:40.380 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Welcome back everybody it's Friday it's always Friday it's my birthday.

00:15:40.800 --> 00:15:50.760 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): me Stephen fry the SMB guy we are chatting with James campy and founder of insanity media and author of the new book take a sad song the emotional currency of hey jude.

00:15:51.030 --> 00:16:01.050 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Most some other stories that we're going to talk about here today, before we get into the method behind james's madness just allow me to sit out here by my fire pit for a moment and just give a quick perspective.

00:16:01.680 --> 00:16:07.830 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): This is this is so much fun, for me, because it's like a waterfall of sharing stories I love music that tells a story.

00:16:08.040 --> 00:16:16.140 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): stories that bring us all together, we referenced George carlin in the last segment, you know those little universal moments that we all kind of share separately, always a big deal.

00:16:16.440 --> 00:16:21.150 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): But big story from last night, especially if you're a Jersey boy and somewhat related to our discussion today.

00:16:21.420 --> 00:16:33.450 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Paul McCartney played met life stadium last night and was joined by Bruce springsteen for a few songs and then Jon bon jovi came out for the encore to lead the crowd in a happy birthday for Paul, as it is his 80th birthday tomorrow.

00:16:33.930 --> 00:16:43.380 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): So James his work dives really deep into all of these types of stories there's there's a quick blurb from the book, I know you guys got to go out and get the book it's awesome.

00:16:43.650 --> 00:16:54.300 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): But the there's a quick blurb that talks about seven notes comprising a single musical phrase, everyone knows it consider that for just a moment everyone all over the planet.

00:16:55.290 --> 00:17:10.200 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): anthemic a mantra for over half a century it's been a communal celebration of song, with no language barrier infectious commanding unforgettable and its simplicity and of course we're talking about na na na na na na.

00:17:10.800 --> 00:17:18.120 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Just just amazing something that everybody can identify with from publishing books to writing for the aquarian weekly for the past 25 years.

00:17:18.330 --> 00:17:24.750 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): You know your work again diving real deep into the meanings behind all of this and you're still writing for the for the aquarian weekly.

00:17:25.110 --> 00:17:37.320 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Publication that's been around since 1969 really catering, to the music community, and now there were folks writing stories about you writing about stories so it's amazing to see something like that happen How does that make you feel.

00:17:40.710 --> 00:17:43.170 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): You have to unmute those studies show I can't hear you if you're on mute.

00:17:44.520 --> 00:17:51.660 campionj: It makes you feel great Thank you very much Steve, of course, the aquarium's been a great friend another example of support.

00:17:52.260 --> 00:18:02.070 campionj: There wasn't a time you know we're in the rock and roll theme we're in the archives of the Rock hall of fame and the rock hall of fame has actually invited me to speak in in October.

00:18:03.330 --> 00:18:08.430 campionj: And it's weird because my writing about the rock and roll hall of fame has not been kind.

00:18:09.480 --> 00:18:10.350 campionj: Over the years.

00:18:10.470 --> 00:18:12.030 campionj: So, but I still take that as a great.

00:18:13.200 --> 00:18:28.920 campionj: compliment but yeah the aquarian has been a great home for my my work they have never denied anything i've written in any subject they introduced to me through dozens and dozens very talented musicians and songwriters and producers and everything music business over the years and.

00:18:29.970 --> 00:18:41.490 campionj: I know that that's that's a hill I will die on anytime and they are great support and deprecate schaefer who is my newest managing editor she's young she's talented she wrote this wonderful piece.

00:18:41.790 --> 00:18:51.360 campionj: about my book, she came here to my home to interview me for video series that we're sort of the publisher is sort of putting out and what a smart kid and it's so great.

00:18:51.840 --> 00:19:03.720 campionj: To see a new generation of people loving the Beatles and understanding how important song is not just hate you, but any song and music is in our lives so yeah that's a long way of saying Steve it's feels really good.

00:19:04.800 --> 00:19:08.730 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): And, and even if you're not kind sometimes it's while your columns called reality check right.

00:19:10.950 --> 00:19:19.020 campionj: yeah and the one you showed there I just yesterday, what a week right yesterday was the 50th anniversary on the 16th of ziggy stardust and the.

00:19:19.410 --> 00:19:25.740 campionj: And the spiders from Mars, and a good friend of mine and great writer for approx magazine who's written several wonderful books about music.

00:19:26.100 --> 00:19:33.810 campionj: Stephen Haydn I had a quote in one of his books and it really stuck with me about how much that record is not just a record about.

00:19:34.620 --> 00:19:42.720 campionj: All the things that rock and roll is great about like alienation and and weirdness and being outside and trying to you know find your tribe.

00:19:43.080 --> 00:19:53.100 campionj: But it's about being young and that's okay it's okay to go through these things and I thought you know I really should touch upon that and take a different angle that's what I try to do with radio.

00:19:53.370 --> 00:20:01.740 campionj: reality check I don't really try to write about a specific moment in history or current events, whether whether whatever it might be.

00:20:02.100 --> 00:20:12.450 campionj: Without kind of coming in from the side and I get that from George carlin and Mark Twain and I get that from David Bowie and, in many ways, Paul McCartney look at something.

00:20:12.900 --> 00:20:21.090 campionj: and put your spin on it, and maybe someone will get something different, out of it and that's how i've always approached anything i've i've done anything.

00:20:21.480 --> 00:20:29.070 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): yeah it's it's not really what you say it's how you say it, but since this is the method part of our show where we talk about the science behind what you do.

00:20:29.370 --> 00:20:35.250 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): You know what what you do and how you do it has has been related to the idea of gonzo journalism.

00:20:35.520 --> 00:20:43.950 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): That style of journalism, where the authors, the protagonist like experiencing and reporting on the story from the firsthand point of view, where they really become part of their story.

00:20:44.220 --> 00:20:52.320 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): And relating it through their experience and you know we talked a little bit about how you feel there's only one real gonzo journalist out there and I love.

00:20:52.830 --> 00:21:06.180 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): hundred opposite as well if you're low the Las Vegas is something that's always hit home with me but it's being looked at this way like this is what do you feel like this is an accurate representation of your type of spin on things.

00:21:06.390 --> 00:21:13.680 campionj: i'm not particularly only because i'm going to be really you know geeky about this and say yes hunter s Thompson is the only gonzo journalist.

00:21:14.040 --> 00:21:18.480 campionj: I do think no there's no question about it he's he's one of the most influential writers.

00:21:19.260 --> 00:21:24.510 campionj: For me, and I was lucky enough to meet and talk writing with hunter a few times before his death in 2005.

00:21:24.930 --> 00:21:28.920 campionj: and actually spent my fifth speaking of birthdays and spent my 50th birthday at our creek.

00:21:29.250 --> 00:21:38.040 campionj: And I met a lot of the people within the gonzo society and they're all great friends still to this day and it's a very tight knit group and we still carry on that torch but.

00:21:38.370 --> 00:21:46.560 campionj: Again there's only one guy who could do it, and that was hunter and he took it with him, but I think i'm gonna i'm gonna try to tie it to the book for you.

00:21:47.580 --> 00:21:52.260 campionj: that one of the things I discussed, and it was a real battle and I had the best copy editors on on take a sad song.

00:21:52.680 --> 00:22:02.880 campionj: But one of the things that was the big battle is totally understood is that some of the chapters have read the book, I wrote in the first person, and I also wrote it in in in the.

00:22:04.500 --> 00:22:11.790 campionj: In the present tense, as opposed to the past tense and I was bouncing back and forth, and the reason why I wanted to do, that is, I wanted to take people.

00:22:12.090 --> 00:22:19.650 campionj: into Paul McCartney sitting in his in his apartment there in London and writing the song, I wanted to put them on that journey when he goes out to comfort.

00:22:20.040 --> 00:22:25.740 campionj: Young Julian his his songwriter and best friend john Lennon son when john's leaving his family for yoko Ono.

00:22:25.950 --> 00:22:36.390 campionj: I wanted to put you in the studio within the real time with the Beatles I wanted to get you into 1968 and all the troubles, and all the strife and then assassinations war that this song.

00:22:36.660 --> 00:22:48.690 campionj: came out of and comforted a great amount of people, and so it was this battle of okay Is this what we do grammatically as hunter always told me, and he always did it in his work, forget that stuff.

00:22:49.020 --> 00:23:03.810 campionj: Make the reader feels something and that's the greatest gift that hunter ever gave me whether it was telling me this or writing it through his work and I think a little scintilla I mean there was a point Steve or I just tried to be hunter I think we've all been there.

00:23:04.980 --> 00:23:12.360 campionj: You know, because Paul McCartney tried to be a little Richard and Elvis Presley and then he finally found the voice of Paul McCartney and thank goodness for that So yes.

00:23:12.690 --> 00:23:19.470 campionj: Eventually, you steal from the best and then you let those people go and then you move on, you know, there was a great quote, if I may talk about method.

00:23:20.130 --> 00:23:33.930 campionj: From the Buddha which he says why don't people continue to carry things into their lives, you take something, and you make what you can have it think that that that experience and then move on, he uses the metaphor of a boat.

00:23:34.260 --> 00:23:35.370 campionj: You don't take a boat.

00:23:35.790 --> 00:23:47.010 campionj: go across the river and then strap the boat to the back to your back and keep walking on terra firma you know you use those things that go forward, so I use the influence of the wonderful craftsmanship.

00:23:47.490 --> 00:23:52.620 campionj: Of gonzo journalism and hunter s Thompson to really understand what I was trying to do as a writer.

00:23:54.060 --> 00:23:59.730 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): it's a the idea of 10% is what happens to you 90% is what you do with it definitely kind of resonates there.

00:24:00.090 --> 00:24:04.350 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): But it's I always you know you'd asked me at some point have you ever thought of writing a book and I.

00:24:04.680 --> 00:24:13.860 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): And I always have and it's I always have that stereotypical picture of Chapter one with nothing under it just like sitting there trying to think of how to articulate everything and then just.

00:24:14.100 --> 00:24:25.590 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): You know the way that that you try to attack it, whether you whether you call it official gonzo journalism or not just from your type of point of view, like you said it just now past tense present tense you're trying to make them feel something.

00:24:26.070 --> 00:24:35.640 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): And it just it seems like it flows so naturally for you at this point i'm kind of jealous and a lot of ways, but is that is that how it is at this point where you sit down just crank it out.

00:24:36.480 --> 00:24:42.540 campionj: Never it's discipline it's hard work it's sometimes you're staring at what you're talking about is blank page fever.

00:24:43.350 --> 00:24:50.400 campionj: or nowadays flashing cursor fever, we have to fill the pages, but everything happens organically and slowly you come up with an idea.

00:24:50.670 --> 00:25:00.120 campionj: I just came up with an idea that i'm doing for my next book project and and you, you you gather how you could tell this story is it a story worthy to be read getting back to right to be read.

00:25:00.510 --> 00:25:08.100 campionj: Is this something someone's going to get anything out of it is it a new take like with hey jude is a new take on the long history of being of what.

00:25:08.400 --> 00:25:16.980 campionj: People have done to write about the Beatles and I had a lot of beetle biographers and authors and you know scholars come in and their voices are in this book but.

00:25:17.460 --> 00:25:22.710 campionj: So you do that, and then you make notes and then you try to convince yourself first is this good.

00:25:23.040 --> 00:25:29.430 campionj: So you write a treatment or a basic outline, then you try to convince your publisher if this is something they want to buy and, eventually, people will read.

00:25:29.760 --> 00:25:38.040 campionj: And that's another level, excuse me, and then it's the actual getting down to work and for me the rubber hits the road, the greatest joy is the research.

00:25:38.730 --> 00:25:50.910 campionj: The interviews for a nonfiction writer and the and then putting it into a palatable readable fun narrative and don't ever leave the fun as hunter would tell us out of the work.

00:25:51.330 --> 00:26:04.680 campionj: Because you can tell if you're just droning on or or just put they could tell if you're having a good time they're going to have a good time they're going to learn something if and the one thing I tried to do is I try to be excited about whatever i'm doing.

00:26:05.070 --> 00:26:14.220 campionj: I don't get guys who spend years writing about a subject that you know either they're doing it just for the money or the subject they're working with if they're ghostwriting I couldn't do it, I mean.

00:26:14.460 --> 00:26:26.640 campionj: God bless them if they can, but I can't I have to be because it's so difficult so isolating there's so many pratfalls it's so you know challenging you better love the hell out of it that's why I see.

00:26:27.480 --> 00:26:35.310 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): So when i'm going to drop a couple of little tidbits from reviews that I see out there, but you know straight up, it says you'll never hear the song the same again and I.

00:26:35.550 --> 00:26:48.300 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): I do, I believe that coming coming coming from you, where you run through this book and i'll go back and listen to the song a whole bunch of times and i'm going to hear an infinite infinite amount more after after reading the book and setting the stage for it.

00:26:48.330 --> 00:26:51.600 campionj: that's the hope Steve you know, and when I wrote my book about Warren zevon.

00:26:52.950 --> 00:27:02.730 campionj: You know that's what I was trying to do, not a lot of people know how brilliant I think Warren is and so writing a series of essays about songs to put together.

00:27:03.360 --> 00:27:11.790 campionj: A linear story of his life without being a biography using the essays using the songs because the people closest to him, told me.

00:27:12.780 --> 00:27:19.020 campionj: James the his fans know more about him than we do, because you put it all in song you want to know about morn.

00:27:19.740 --> 00:27:25.560 campionj: You got to go to the songs so it was really a Labor of love for me to go hey everybody I love this music.

00:27:26.550 --> 00:27:39.960 campionj: You know check it out, you know, see the story see what I find exciting So yes, I think that the best thing to do is to have people listening to the music either for the first time, or something people have heard a billion times like hey jude and going.

00:27:40.530 --> 00:27:46.260 campionj: I never thought of that that's the joy that's the ultimate success, I think of the of what I do.

00:27:46.830 --> 00:27:49.110 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): It was those little Aha moments make all the difference.

00:27:49.710 --> 00:27:55.380 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): yeah well I know we're gonna have plenty to talk about in the next segment, as we dive a little bit deeper into the madness.

00:27:55.770 --> 00:28:05.610 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): That makes up your world but we're gonna take a quick break we'll be right back with James campion author of the new book take a sad song the emotional currency of hey jude stay with us.

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00:30:11.730 --> 00:30:22.950 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Welcome back to always Friday with me the birthday boy Stephen fry the SMB guy we're chatting with James campion founder of in sorry media and author of the new book take a sad song the emotional currency.

00:30:23.250 --> 00:30:36.150 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Of hey jude some great pearls of wisdom from James campion thus far we're going to get a little bit into the madness here, James you sent me some pictures this morning that look like nothing but fun madness and you would also referenced.

00:30:36.720 --> 00:30:51.690 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): The aquarium being a great supporter and great networking source for you and I gotta drop a quote, that I saw her regarding your your deep tank Jersey book, it says we don't we do not recommend attempting anything written in deep tank Jersey, but it sure is a foundry.

00:30:52.440 --> 00:30:55.890 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): So we got to hear about the madness, so you talk about.

00:30:56.070 --> 00:31:05.670 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Your art I like a good combination of science and art, we talked a little bit about the method, this is the madness, the artistic observational view stories that you have from the field, you know.

00:31:06.000 --> 00:31:11.970 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): It all looks like fun i'm sure there's been some trials and tribulations to tell us a little bit about the madness in your world.

00:31:13.200 --> 00:31:22.860 campionj: Well there's the poor man's gonzo journalism right there i'm actually I was totally ripping off kerouac in that book, for the first three chapters and you could see where I started to get my own voice that's my first published work.

00:31:23.520 --> 00:31:31.860 campionj: and talk about support once again the band dog voices they didn't have to let me drawing them for an entire summer in the Jersey shore and all around the club what I call club land.

00:31:32.220 --> 00:31:39.300 campionj: My friend Peter blast vic who is in all of my music books, because he's classically trained jazz cat rock and roll guy.

00:31:39.750 --> 00:31:54.300 campionj: He was in a band with me in the 80s, he was in this band called dog voices they all accepted me in as part of the tribe, and I rolled with them for the whole summer of 1995 this was this was a heady times this was when you could do anything and clubs, and I mean anything and.

00:31:55.590 --> 00:32:04.140 campionj: and none of it, I mean that that's a history book now I mean that's like a whole other planet that we were on in 1995 came out in 96.

00:32:04.650 --> 00:32:18.180 campionj: And again, I had such great support for that um the madness really for me always is you quoted the 90 10% thing I love that quote mine is woody allen's 80% of success is showing up.

00:32:19.290 --> 00:32:19.590 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Right.

00:32:19.950 --> 00:32:28.050 campionj: And that's always worked for me be there, I tell everybody I work with just if you have to cover an event be there and.

00:32:29.640 --> 00:32:37.350 campionj: Anything that happens that's your time it's going to be over there's a window of opportunity when you are a nonfiction writer or a journalist and I studied journalism.

00:32:37.890 --> 00:32:46.320 campionj: In school and and and it's always just be there and observe and you know that that book is a I got a lot of.

00:32:46.890 --> 00:32:52.560 campionj: backlash from that's all wheel and people would say well i'm not an angry person or I wasn't that drunk or whatever that.

00:32:53.040 --> 00:33:03.540 campionj: But the point is when you are a writer like that in the first person, you have a flashlight I liken it to putting it in a dark basement and you only see what your flashlight it could be a giant monster behind you.

00:33:03.780 --> 00:33:06.330 campionj: But you'll never see that you only see what my flashlights.

00:33:06.600 --> 00:33:12.000 campionj: And, and whether that's fair or not I mean that's not that book is get is is partly a work of journalism but it's also.

00:33:12.270 --> 00:33:20.010 campionj: A work of observing throwing yourself, you know, a fish out of water, you know to do it and i've tried to use the lessons that I learned.

00:33:20.730 --> 00:33:26.100 campionj: writing that book and everything that I do anything I throw myself into even my only work of fiction why.

00:33:26.610 --> 00:33:33.330 campionj: Which is sort of the tale of my freelance ears blown up in sort of Alison Wonderland style so.

00:33:33.930 --> 00:33:44.760 campionj: yeah the madness really is just putting yourself in the middle of something and not being afraid my family always jokes with me that I tend to be the guy who always gets lost or quote unquote kidnapped.

00:33:46.200 --> 00:34:00.780 campionj: A quote unquote a arrested or whatever it is, I get myself into um I think there's a story there, and if I don't go through with it, I feel like i'm kind of missing out on on life and life is just a reflection of writing and vice versa.

00:34:01.740 --> 00:34:10.080 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): When I was doing some reading about you like, I was immediately drawn to the the deep tank Jersey book yeah it's and the and the review that I saw it, it says.

00:34:10.290 --> 00:34:17.280 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): A first person romp through the subculture of nightlife on the Jersey shore club circuit with one of its premiere bands dog voices that you talked about.

00:34:17.580 --> 00:34:23.370 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): It says it's an inside look at life in the fast lane with hardworking musicians and the twisted people who surround them nightly.

00:34:23.730 --> 00:34:31.260 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Many other top nj bands there roadies groupies management and agents are studied the owners bouncers and employees of some of the popular spots.

00:34:31.500 --> 00:34:45.270 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): They tell wild and sometimes moving stories of success and failure in a doggy dog business that changes on the fly you know for somebody who does a show like this on a weekly basis and talks with with business owners there's no more.

00:34:45.750 --> 00:34:53.340 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): changes that have happened, like in the last couple of years, like it's been yeah the business landscape has changed every other day, it seems like.

00:34:53.610 --> 00:35:04.740 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): And then there's also says it's also it's also a story of loneliness and passion in a world where the thrill a minute philosophy can blur lines and create a bizarre reality, a strange and terrible place to make a living.

00:35:05.040 --> 00:35:08.280 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): And you'll kind of like the fun madness that can surround your world.

00:35:08.490 --> 00:35:17.670 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): A lot of people don't see like the crazy and trying times, just like a lot of entrepreneurs and business owners people think it's great to be your own business owner and to be an entrepreneur.

00:35:17.910 --> 00:35:27.990 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): But a lot of times they don't see the not being able to sleep at night and worrying about your employees it's like this it's a it's an interesting perspective that I feel like it's somewhat connected to the business world.

00:35:28.050 --> 00:35:32.490 campionj: yeah well done Steve and also, if I may, you know I did this series on YouTube based on.

00:35:32.880 --> 00:35:37.320 campionj: A podcast I did with Adam dorrance from counting crows for many years, called underwater sunshine.

00:35:37.560 --> 00:35:43.260 campionj: We had the underwater sunshine fest in New York City and, of course, the last couple of years with the club's being closed and anything with pervaded.

00:35:43.560 --> 00:35:50.460 campionj: You know people with masks and then the vaccine who's an accident who's not vaccinated there's Adam and I I love him like a brother and.

00:35:51.360 --> 00:35:58.800 campionj: You know all all those things really crushed the music business, these people are all freelancers to, and not only that people own clubs.

00:35:58.920 --> 00:36:07.290 campionj: People who are roadies people who were you know bartenders people you know all these things were affected, so I had this show called sunshine spotlight where i'd have these musicians on.

00:36:07.650 --> 00:36:18.810 campionj: And we would do we would talk about how hard it was how they're getting through this creatively emotionally financially and it was a really rough time and it's it's so glorious to see.

00:36:19.170 --> 00:36:27.450 campionj: It coming out now and people going to see shows, and these friends of mine that i've gotten to know through the podcast and through the festival are getting to back to work again but yeah.

00:36:27.750 --> 00:36:35.760 campionj: It was a scary time for all of us and you know, the way that people have navigated through it, it makes me proud of the idea that.

00:36:36.570 --> 00:36:49.590 campionj: It can be done that, even in our darkest times these things do have a light at the end of the tunnel and I learned so much from these people not only Steve from their creativity and their their artistic merit and all those things.

00:36:50.040 --> 00:36:54.300 campionj: But as business people, and you know, I was interviewed by my good friend brick briscoe has a.

00:36:54.930 --> 00:37:00.900 campionj: songs is a PBS show, and he did this thing called music is dead, which sounds very nihilistic I know but.

00:37:01.470 --> 00:37:06.960 campionj: And it was even before how music was sort of dying with spotify and all these things hard to make money with publishing and everything.

00:37:07.950 --> 00:37:16.860 campionj: But a lot of it had to do with you know what happened, they shut down with the pandemic and he asked a question to everyone, and I was one of the few people said he said his music a commodity.

00:37:17.400 --> 00:37:29.100 campionj: And I said you're damn right, it is it's a commodity, because these people want to work it for some reason somebody woke up somewhere in after Napster and said we're gonna have to pay for music anymore now.

00:37:29.460 --> 00:37:38.130 campionj: What we have to pay for pizza, we have to pay for if we want cement wrote you know to be put in the foundation of our House, we have to pay for our clothes.

00:37:38.280 --> 00:37:51.450 campionj: But music Now I want that for nothing so who gets affected the songwriters the musicians so yeah maybe things got a little expensive in the 80s and 90s, maybe a lot, a lot of you know people like Why am I paying $19 for a CD for one song but.

00:37:51.720 --> 00:37:59.190 campionj: It shifted too much man, and I believe that that these people deserve their their business people, just as much as any of your viewers or listeners.

00:37:59.820 --> 00:38:01.290 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): yeah 100%.

00:38:02.550 --> 00:38:07.770 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): I I can't help but think on my birthday here today, I was I turned 40 during the pandemic and.

00:38:08.010 --> 00:38:15.060 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Everything was pretty much shut down couldn't go anywhere tickets to concerts that I had were for for nothing couldn't couldn't go anywhere, everything was cancelled.

00:38:15.330 --> 00:38:24.750 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): So what am I wife do she tried to surprise me, I was kind of on to it, but she surprised me by by hiring a band a grateful dead and fish cover band and having them play in my backyard.

00:38:25.200 --> 00:38:31.320 campionj: That is so cool man hey you married the right woman see always marry up that's what I always say.

00:38:32.160 --> 00:38:33.270 campionj: That classic a.

00:38:33.270 --> 00:38:35.040 campionj: clarion while going all the way back.

00:38:35.400 --> 00:38:39.300 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): going on, but I could I couldn't help it because of that it had Jerry on the cover but uh.

00:38:39.360 --> 00:38:40.770 campionj: I ain't guys before my time.

00:38:42.900 --> 00:38:52.530 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): But but yeah it's you know you definitely allude to some of some of the madness that a lot of the business owners out there have experienced with changing landscape that the artists musicians like things that are.

00:38:53.190 --> 00:39:03.600 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): People who are looked at as fame and fortune and everything's comfortable and hunky dory they had all kinds of things they had to navigate and, in some cases, might still even be navigating from a going back a couple of years ago.

00:39:04.050 --> 00:39:11.940 campionj: yeah yeah I might, you mentioned the Yankees earlier and i'm not gonna say anything about this team, because I don't want to jinx it because it's a hell of a ride we're on right now, and I remember 98 which.

00:39:12.420 --> 00:39:16.080 campionj: I kept my mouth shut throughout that whole thing so i'm going to do the same thing, because you know I guess.

00:39:16.440 --> 00:39:23.280 campionj: i'm not superstitious generally, but with the Yankees I am but I will say this, my favorite sports team of all time is the 78 Yankees.

00:39:23.760 --> 00:39:28.440 campionj: And I always think back to how far they were out for two and a half in the middle of July.

00:39:29.010 --> 00:39:37.980 campionj: And how damn good that red SOx team was remember that was a red sock team that took the mighty reds to the seventh game and 75 and battle, the Yankees to the final week and 77.

00:39:38.370 --> 00:39:43.410 campionj: And the Yankees had already won a championship, so you figure, you know they're going to be it's so hard to repeat it, you know.

00:39:43.770 --> 00:39:53.940 campionj: And wow I mean I learned so much from that story in fact my first book project that never got published but eventually it was published about Roger calm the story.

00:39:54.360 --> 00:39:59.040 campionj: Who, I was a mentor to me talking about mentors who I used to be his research assistant.

00:39:59.400 --> 00:40:07.110 campionj: Back in the 90s, he put out a book called October man, but I was, I was researching the 78 Yankees and living in that because I want to learn, just like what hey jude.

00:40:07.380 --> 00:40:14.520 campionj: With a Paul McCartney like or Warren zevon how they make this greatness how we actually did that, how did they stay together against all odds.

00:40:14.760 --> 00:40:24.450 campionj: You know everything that happened to that team to make one of the greatest, if not the greatest comebacks in the history of sport and win the world series that year, so you can learn from other people's travails in fact.

00:40:24.780 --> 00:40:32.520 campionj: You absolutely do learn from other people surveillance and, yes, absolutely so it's been it's been a rough time but we made it through most of us.

00:40:32.910 --> 00:40:39.480 campionj: And we're still trying to make it through and now we've got this massive economic situation going on right now with.

00:40:40.200 --> 00:40:52.890 campionj: You know, with inflation and soon recession we hope not too badly but it's hard for the workforce to come back, but I know History tells us in this country that we could get through that we have great examples of that we have to hang our hat on.

00:40:53.640 --> 00:41:00.300 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): yeah absolutely that walk off home run last night, just like they did it for me, I was, I was screaming at the TV with the kids up all the good stuff.

00:41:00.780 --> 00:41:07.080 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): But yeah I actually started the practice this year of putting my age that I turned that you're on the back of my softball Jersey, so I could actually remember.

00:41:08.070 --> 00:41:18.450 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): What year was but yeah Mariano Rivera birthday, whatever, but you know, going back to some of the madness in your world you've written the book on lauren's Eva you written a book around kiss.

00:41:18.690 --> 00:41:22.320 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): And now it's like it's not just the artists, you know with with the Paul McCartney.

00:41:22.650 --> 00:41:29.100 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): idea here but going into the the depths of a single song, and I think about how many songs are in the Beatles catalog it's like.

00:41:29.310 --> 00:41:38.010 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): And how meaningful each one of them can be in the different story and the different impact that all the make you feel like you could just make a book out of every song in the catalog at this point yeah.

00:41:38.040 --> 00:41:45.930 campionj: what's one interview said you're going to do, why don't we do it in the road, which is the whole title of the song and every word in the song um no I mean hey jude.

00:41:46.320 --> 00:41:48.900 campionj: And thanks for mentioning that, because you know I.

00:41:49.470 --> 00:42:00.510 campionj: wrote a book about one album I wrote a book series of essays about an artist through his songs and now one song so again getting back to pick something you're really passionate about put 110% into it whatever and then.

00:42:00.720 --> 00:42:06.480 campionj: You know, try to convince other people or try to share the joy and the passion, you have for that subject but.

00:42:07.470 --> 00:42:14.310 campionj: He means something to me beyond I think it's one of the greatest songs ever written period, not only the greatest beatle song or best song paul's written.

00:42:14.790 --> 00:42:19.260 campionj: But it's a song that has so many layers and I discovered those layers by talking to very, very smart people.

00:42:19.710 --> 00:42:26.580 campionj: And, and also, you know, going back to those seven notes that you read and thank you for doing that that opened the book.

00:42:27.270 --> 00:42:36.180 campionj: about how I sign that as a kid as a five year old kid to help me get through a night when I had a nightmare, and that was dark and we're all involved in there and that song means something very, very.

00:42:36.630 --> 00:42:39.840 campionj: very deeply to me and there's there's the emotional currency for me.

00:42:40.200 --> 00:42:46.530 campionj: And so I tried to get to the bottom of Why do I feel this way about this song, and you can apply a lot of things that we talked about in this book.

00:42:46.800 --> 00:42:53.580 campionj: to your favorite song, I wrote a piece Steve a couple of years ago about over the Rainbow which I think is the greatest song ever written yeah and.

00:42:54.660 --> 00:43:02.070 campionj: I learned so much about what songs can do for us, I wanted to dedicate an entire book and I thought hey jude was a worthy subject and I turned out to be right, because.

00:43:02.370 --> 00:43:11.670 campionj: Everybody came to the table kicked butt and I think i'm very proud of this work and i'm very proud of everybody that spoke on behalf of that song for me in the book it's.

00:43:11.970 --> 00:43:20.310 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Unbelievable and I when I saw the the nano nano pieces, I would also made me think of na na na na hey.

00:43:20.700 --> 00:43:24.540 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): goodbye so again just how you say everything but on that happy note we're gonna take a quick.

00:43:24.540 --> 00:43:31.320 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): break not goodbye forever, we will be right back with James can't be an author of take a sad song the emotional currency of agents, they with us.

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00:45:32.880 --> 00:45:37.380 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Welcome back to always Friday with me birthday boy Stephen fry your SMB guy.

00:45:37.650 --> 00:45:45.480 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): we're chatting with James campion founder of inspiring media and author of the new book take a sad song the emotional currency of hey jude.

00:45:45.720 --> 00:45:50.730 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): We talked about some weird man is we talked about some fun madness, we talked about the idea that.

00:45:51.000 --> 00:45:58.920 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): books have been written around particular artists songwriters and now one of very few people whose honed in on one particular song.

00:45:59.160 --> 00:46:05.820 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): and completely picked it apart, with the help of all kinds of people, giving some perspective and putting it together in one kick ass story.

00:46:06.060 --> 00:46:14.820 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): I just like I gotta read just a little something here because we're in the message part of the show bring things home here the whole idea from weekend insight to Monday impact.

00:46:15.090 --> 00:46:21.300 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): And we talked about impact says, right here, the impact of hey jude from a song to an event is incalculable.

00:46:21.570 --> 00:46:31.020 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): By definition, or perhaps default this milestone and music has come to define the personal and professional attainments one feels, whether it be a comforting lyric and a time of morning.

00:46:31.320 --> 00:46:38.490 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): or a place that thousands of artists aspire to reach every time they compose or even if they just need help, going to sleep at night, as James spoke about.

00:46:39.000 --> 00:46:43.560 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): James has fashioned a unique testament to the power of one song.

00:46:44.010 --> 00:46:49.860 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): To countless individuals so James the message part of the show from weekend insight to Monday impact.

00:46:50.070 --> 00:46:58.830 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): We want to give everybody listening out there, a couple sound bites that they can remember over the weekend it's again it's my birthday weekend, so you can rest assured, there will be some cocktails but.

00:46:59.040 --> 00:47:03.990 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): What should everybody remember, so they can put it into action come Monday morning lay it on us.

00:47:04.950 --> 00:47:22.200 campionj: The movement, you need is on your shoulder the most enigmatic line in the song which is discussed ad nauseum in my book, the one that john Lennon love the most and told Paul leave it in there, even though it was a placeholder I think the big thing for me is.

00:47:24.240 --> 00:47:33.660 campionj: You can what Paul is saying in this song is not a grandiose statement and I love john's grandiose statements like imagine or give peace a chance, or all you need is love, but.

00:47:33.990 --> 00:47:41.700 campionj: Paul saying here is, you could do this hey jude you'll do you've got this and as many people say in my book, this is something that.

00:47:43.080 --> 00:47:52.050 campionj: is good to hear anytime when I wrote this book, it was my quarantine book I started in April of 2020 and I finished in April of 2021 so we know where we were in those months.

00:47:52.470 --> 00:47:58.830 campionj: So it's a tough time and the book really inspired me the song really inspired me to story story of Paul.

00:47:59.490 --> 00:48:06.180 campionj: who lost his mom when he was 14 and discovered music around the same time and enrolled beautiful songs right off the BAT and met this kid.

00:48:06.510 --> 00:48:14.850 campionj: With like minded dreams and they made this thing called the Beatles they dreamed it and it came became a reality, because they work their butts off.

00:48:15.300 --> 00:48:24.300 campionj: And they did everything we could to be the best band, they could be, and then you know I believe all of that is in hades you, you know I believe it's a story of the baby boom generation I think it's the story of.

00:48:24.750 --> 00:48:26.880 campionj: john meeting yoko against all odds and.

00:48:27.570 --> 00:48:40.530 campionj: All meeting Linda against all odds and these two men who lost their moms when they were young marrying these women that would complete them within seven days of each other and 1900 and 69, so I think what hey jude is telling us is don't don't don't give up.

00:48:42.060 --> 00:48:45.000 campionj: there's always a way to do something and that movement.

00:48:45.900 --> 00:48:53.040 campionj: Which i'm assuming Paul meant that you know, ultimately, is the head is on your shoulders, so the movement, you need is right there you could figure this out.

00:48:53.490 --> 00:49:00.840 campionj: And you could do it, you don't need some fancy aphorism and all due respect Steve you don't even need our advice you don't need.

00:49:01.290 --> 00:49:06.750 campionj: A general idea of course you do need friends and, as I started off the show we need that support.

00:49:07.200 --> 00:49:15.120 campionj: But it really starts with your accepting this is what i'd like to do and make that step towards fill in the blank success love.

00:49:16.020 --> 00:49:23.220 campionj: joy follow your bliss you know that kind of thing Joseph campbell's great quote, so I think if I leave.

00:49:23.700 --> 00:49:30.120 campionj: talking to your audience and yourself today take a sad song and make it better is just that and when Paul uses song as a metaphor.

00:49:30.540 --> 00:49:41.370 campionj: he's being as serious as you can be because Paul was saved by song, he is song he's written more popular songs than any human being, that has ever been on Planet Earth.

00:49:41.820 --> 00:49:56.610 campionj: And he knows what he's doing when he says, take a sad song and make that better so fill in the blank for you, what is your thing that you want to make better and and you could do it so that's what hey jude means to me, and I think that's really the underlying theme of my book.

00:49:57.840 --> 00:50:04.920 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): I think it's beautiful and the sentiments that you had you gotten from good old hundred Thompson back in the day before he passed away.

00:50:05.160 --> 00:50:12.060 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): yeah make people feel something don't worry about the dramatics and all that type of jazz just make make sure that they're feeling something and that they're engaged.

00:50:12.330 --> 00:50:18.270 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): You mentioned love, one of the reviews that on the book came back said it's a love letter to the iconic song, we know and love.

00:50:18.540 --> 00:50:29.130 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): takes a deep dive into the pool of its lyrics and the deep meaning you'll read insightful thoughts from professors historians experts other musicians and also obviously from you yourself.

00:50:29.490 --> 00:50:38.490 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): At song within a song a story within a story you'll listen and understand the song and a different way and it's better better better.

00:50:40.440 --> 00:50:43.680 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): What what other impact, did you want to leave with everybody kind of says it all.

00:50:43.800 --> 00:50:56.190 campionj: yeah I don't know how the hell wrote that but it's really good uh yeah I mean that's very nice I did I did not want to leave talking to use the, especially since this is really like about small businesses and everything like that, without mentioning.

00:50:58.410 --> 00:51:03.120 campionj: The good people at Roman and little field, and my my subsidiary my publisher back the books.

00:51:03.840 --> 00:51:19.110 campionj: They were such a great support system john cirillo who who bought my last three books, who who ushered me through this thing, and they were tough times you know getting the lyric rights, you know getting photograph rights getting you know quotation rights dealing with apple.

00:51:20.340 --> 00:51:30.060 campionj: and helping with the formatting and all my great editors just just a wonderful group of people who really, really did help me, so I wanted to get that in.

00:51:30.720 --> 00:51:37.470 campionj: That that that leads me to be able to write the way I do and to get response for that and, as we said earlier that's what your goal is at least my goal.

00:51:37.860 --> 00:51:48.810 campionj: is to get a response, like that uh any kind of response even sometimes negative one, if it moves someone to actually sit down and go this guy is crazy they took the time to read it.

00:51:50.160 --> 00:51:54.960 campionj: that's fine with me but yeah that's very nice to hear, thank you for reading it.

00:51:56.760 --> 00:52:04.770 campionj: It was a lot of fun to be in the Paul McCartney shadow for as long as I had been and learn so much about him.

00:52:05.790 --> 00:52:13.650 campionj: A man who is achieved so much and it's still a joy a soul really good guy who comes across as someone who really cares.

00:52:14.250 --> 00:52:24.510 campionj: Somebody recently wrote this about him, I think it was pete Townsend and he said when I went to ruin john Lennon and not nothing against the late, great john Lennon but he was like it was about john john was doing the john thing.

00:52:24.780 --> 00:52:33.000 campionj: Right and I sat with Paul he was like talking to me as if he cared about me and he put me on his level and i'm like what the hell i'm talking to a beetle here.

00:52:34.110 --> 00:52:38.610 campionj: that's Nice and it's a good lesson to learn for those of us who are a top of the mountain whatever it is that you do.

00:52:38.940 --> 00:52:46.440 campionj: there's always someone there that could use a little helping hand a little advice and and that's kind of what the impetus of a dude was to write to go out and comfort.

00:52:46.860 --> 00:52:59.670 campionj: The son of his best friend and songwriting partner john Lennon to make him say to make him feel like less alone because his dad was leaving for another woman his family was breaking up that's just a sweet story that that I love to tell.

00:53:00.120 --> 00:53:07.830 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Now correct me if i'm wrong, but I read somewhere that you know, although you know, Paul mccartney's still still doing his thing out there you didn't.

00:53:08.130 --> 00:53:21.300 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): You didn't necessarily speak to him about about any of this so that he wasn't one of the folks that you talked to and gotten his take on it, would you love to hear what he has to say now, now that the books out and he can get his commentary on.

00:53:21.300 --> 00:53:28.170 campionj: is, of course, yes, I would have loved to talk to Paul McCartney I fellow author just emailed me this morning, in fact, and said that you know.

00:53:28.710 --> 00:53:35.430 campionj: What did you did you reach out to but I said no, first of all, is Paul McCartney so that's a tough guy I don't want it to hold it to one year, I had to write the book.

00:53:35.730 --> 00:53:45.360 campionj: But it's really not about I mean Obviously it is about Paul, but it was about a dissection a deconstruction and an understanding of song any song written by any other songwriter.

00:53:46.560 --> 00:53:50.340 campionj: Of course, you want Paul, but then Paul would be the story oh let's get this book Paul talk to James you know.

00:53:50.670 --> 00:53:55.110 campionj: And, and as much as yeah i'd love to sell more books or anything but that when you go into a project, you have to keep.

00:53:55.560 --> 00:54:02.310 campionj: This is the thesis, this is the theme and the theme was to find out how the song affects us Paul wrote it.

00:54:03.000 --> 00:54:12.630 campionj: And he put it in the song and i'm assuming that's what he was feeling at the time, and we all deconstruct yeah there's many things I would love to ask Paul about the song, and of course I would absolutely love for Paul to read the book.

00:54:12.870 --> 00:54:16.320 campionj: and love the book and talk to me about hey jude and other things, but.

00:54:17.010 --> 00:54:28.860 campionj: I do really do believe this, and this is not just me sort of backtracking and say, well, I can't get Paul McCartney so i'm gonna write this kind of book I did try to write a book about how songs affect us the listeners.

00:54:29.610 --> 00:54:34.920 campionj: That whether you're a professor, a songwriter from different genders or different generations.

00:54:35.250 --> 00:54:47.190 campionj: or scholars and writers, who spent time years and years, and thousands and thousands of words writing about this phenomenon, called the Beatles what he jude had done and how it worked, and I think I got to the bottom of it.

00:54:48.060 --> 00:54:59.040 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): that's awesome man I can't Thank you enough for joining me here today, James on my birthday talking about your work, your world your latest book great stuff Thank you so much man.

00:54:59.040 --> 00:55:11.370 campionj: Stephen I thank you you're a great guy i've you just met, and I feel like i've known you forever so go Yankees Happy Birthday to you and and all your listeners out there, this is a great show keep listening, because he knows what he's doing I.

00:55:11.640 --> 00:55:23.190 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): appreciate that very much before I let you go i'm going to share my my answers to the questions real quick your favorite movie or TV show character so movie TV and play you said, Oscar Madison from the odd couple.

00:55:23.850 --> 00:55:37.830 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): About to mismatch roommates neat and tidy Felix under unger and the slovenly easygoing Oscar radisson it on with me nicely I love it, you said, your favorite movie you said best movie of all time you said, the graph the graduate.

00:55:37.860 --> 00:55:38.520 campionj: Yes, sir.

00:55:38.640 --> 00:55:44.640 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): it's real hard to hear that, and for me and not think about the car and think about Simon garfunkel obviously I know you're a music guy.

00:55:44.760 --> 00:55:50.490 campionj: Oh yes, of course, and by the way, Mrs Robinson beat out hey jude for the grammy and 1969.

00:55:51.780 --> 00:55:52.170 campionj: How about that.

00:55:52.620 --> 00:55:55.320 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): about that and the aquarium was started in 1969.

00:55:55.980 --> 00:56:07.050 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): All kinds of common themes in your world you also drop the Simpsons which i'm a huge Simpsons fan like you would actually alluded to the first seven years of of the show being like Mark Twain which I thought was great.

00:56:07.080 --> 00:56:10.140 campionj: yeah so it says greatest thing television ever offered us.

00:56:10.740 --> 00:56:17.010 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): yeah absolutely and you know musical instrument in the artists like to hear play it kept thinking of Paul McCartney the whole time but.

00:56:17.190 --> 00:56:26.400 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): You had mentioned the drums and clients double field, the drummer who was working with James brown self taught musician influenced by the sound of the national rhythms natural rhythms around him.

00:56:26.640 --> 00:56:30.660 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): who's recordings they're considered to be some of the standards in the Funk world which is awesome.

00:56:30.960 --> 00:56:45.840 campionj: yeah the most the most copied or what do they call that thing when they take something i'd sort of the left my mind, but in all rap songs especially and everything a sample is the word I was looking for that, and one of the grant me the greatest drummer of all time.

00:56:46.350 --> 00:56:56.610 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): awesome James Thank you so much again James can't be he's all over the place, look him up out there coming up next week we're going to talk with Michael verite from Garrett and associates we're going to dive deep.

00:56:56.880 --> 00:57:03.060 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): into how to talk about your business sharpening your message, so you reach the right people imagine that a focus on people first.

00:57:03.300 --> 00:57:11.820 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Until then, thank you for joining us and always Friday we hope you gained some weekend insight to make a Monday impact have a great weekend we'll see you next week 11am Eastern time Friday.

00:57:12.030 --> 00:57:17.730 Steven Frey (SMB Guy): Right after Tommy D on philanthropy and focus on here on talk radio dot nyc Thank you James bye bye everybody.

00:57:18.210 --> 00:57:18.570 Thanks.

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