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Thursday, June 16, 2022
Facebook Live Video from 2022/06/16 - Frank About Reiki with Constance Korol

Facebook Live Video from 2022/06/16 - Frank About Reiki with Constance Korol


2022/06/16 - Frank About Reiki with Constance Korol

[NEW EPISODE] Frank About Reiki with Constance Korol

They will learn about Reiki, its value in Eastern Medicine and they will also learn how to reach out to Connie if they would like to work with her in their own healing practices.

Connie Korol is CEO of Meta180 a Healing, Health, and Wellness company. She is also a Reiki Master and will spend the hour discussing Reiki as a form of Energy Healing and the techniques involved in understanding the impact it has on Healing and developing an overall sense of well-being. 

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Show Notes

Segment 1

Frank starts by welcoming his guest, Constance “Connie” Korol, who is a Reiki Master. Phyllis gives more background on Connie and shares that she is the CEO of Meta 180 which is a healing center in Oyster Bay. Connie is also a certified yoga, barre, indoor cycling, and fitness instructor. Connie talks about layering different modalities, one of which is Reiki. She then talks about her journey with Reiki and gives a brief overview of what it is. She says that at its core, Reiki is using yourself as a vessel for the greater good. Frank talks about his own understanding of using energy.

Segment 2

Phyllis mentions that Reiki is an ancient oral tradition from Japan and that it involves putting yourself in a mind where higher powers can work through you. She also says that the energy becomes stronger and more focused with practice. Connie then talks about Reiki 2, where she learned how to use it on others and about the symbols. She then talks about Reiki 3, which is the mystery teachings. This level is where it becomes more personalized. Phyllis says that the third level is when someone becomes a part of the oral heritage of Reiki. She also mentions that while Reiki can be spiritual, it is not a religious practice. Connie talks about the various reasons clients will come to her which can be physical health issues, mental health, and more. The goal is to get people on a healing journey.

Segment 3

Connie says that Reiki is a holistic therapy and is often complemented by other approaches. Phyllis says that the client return rate alone is enough to show that Reiki has real benefits. Connie talks about the difference between high vibrational and low vibrational energy. She then talks about the tools she uses, such as essential oils and crystals, to raise vibrations. Phyllis talks about clients coming up with their own ideas for how to use Reiki. Connie then talks about the importance of feeling before healing.

Segment 4

Connie talks about her company, Meta 180, which brings all health and wellness together. She talks about the stigma around mental illness and the different ways to treat it. Connie is located in Oyster Bay at 127 South street. She can be found at and on Instagram @metaoneeighty. She is also on TikTok @constancekorol. Connie also does virtual yoga which can be found on her website and has a children's book coming out in the future.


00:00:55.980 --> 00:01:08.340 Frank R Harrison: Hello there and welcome to new episode of frank about health today we're going to be frank about reiki, we have to reiki masters with us my usual co host phyllis Quinlan but today.

00:01:09.150 --> 00:01:27.330 Frank R Harrison: very special guests that she referred you to Connie coral or conference call robot we call you cockney throughout the show if that's fine and basically we want to learn a lot about what reiki is in the area of energy healing but before we go into that I have to issue my disclaimer.

00:01:28.620 --> 00:01:34.710 Frank R Harrison: Welcome to this episode of frank about health, before we begin, I first want to say, the information shared.

00:01:34.980 --> 00:01:45.900 Frank R Harrison: During the next hour does not represent the views of frank about help or talk radio dot nyc our purpose and intention is to raise awareness and create a safe space for conversation.

00:01:46.260 --> 00:01:58.980 Frank R Harrison: We are not recommending or advising on any health related issues opinions expressed are food for thought and not meant to influence or persuade personal health related decisions, we are committed to a respectful conversation.

00:01:59.610 --> 00:02:07.140 Frank R Harrison: That all being said, welcome to frank about health Connie and phyllis by all means, please share her background because i'm.

00:02:07.590 --> 00:02:15.720 Phyllis Quinlan: Well Connie is not going to disappoint here frank and first of all welcome Connie it's wonderful to have you we've been trying to do this for a while.

00:02:16.380 --> 00:02:19.470 Constance Korol Meta 180: Thank you so much, thank you, frank and fellas for inviting me.

00:02:19.650 --> 00:02:28.170 Phyllis Quinlan: you're most welcome want to talk a little bit about Connie frank and again I have brought you a multi dimensional practitioner here okay so.

00:02:28.650 --> 00:02:38.370 Phyllis Quinlan: Connie is the CEO of Meta one at which is a healing Center in oyster Bay, I had the honor of being at her ribbon cutting ceremony not too long ago.

00:02:38.790 --> 00:02:46.110 Phyllis Quinlan: She really if the company focuses on healing health and just really creating wellness and positive energy.

00:02:46.530 --> 00:02:57.690 Phyllis Quinlan: She is a graduate of hofstra university she graduated with her baccalaureate degree in health, education and then went on to to get a Masters degree from nyu in nutrition.

00:02:58.470 --> 00:03:01.590 Phyllis Quinlan: She practices for many years as a clinical nutrition and.

00:03:02.460 --> 00:03:19.650 Phyllis Quinlan: Nutrition consultant at the Tony sperber new image camp, she was also at the peninsula Spar and hotel here in New York and she also practice as a as a dietitian at the St St Francis hospital, which is a well known cardiac Center here on long island.

00:03:20.760 --> 00:03:32.280 Phyllis Quinlan: So what else does Connie do well, first of all, she is a reiki master she is a teacher i've known i've recommended several people to her training and they all come back glowing.

00:03:32.970 --> 00:03:46.500 Phyllis Quinlan: She is a certified yoga instructor she is a certified indoor cycling instructor and she's a certified bar instructor as well as a fitness instructor i'm not sure you know about the bar instructor piece, but that's really.

00:03:47.760 --> 00:03:53.100 Phyllis Quinlan: Based a little bit on ballet so it has a lot to do with dancing and music and physical fitness.

00:03:53.460 --> 00:04:14.610 Phyllis Quinlan: There you can find her in her oyster Bay healing studio which again or her home studio in South Huntington and she also works at one of our local hospitals serving the professional caregivers at that hospital as a reiki practitioner, which is just lovely all right and.

00:04:16.800 --> 00:04:34.350 Phyllis Quinlan: Last but not least, do you remember how Catherine was a third degree black belt in karate yes week well you don't want to mess with Connie either she is a two time iron woman and assure with many running hiking and multi sports accomplishments so.

00:04:35.070 --> 00:04:36.630 Phyllis Quinlan: Oh boy, where do we begin.

00:04:37.740 --> 00:04:44.790 Frank R Harrison: Well, I mean it's like basically it appears that energy healers definitely know how to master the use of their physical.

00:04:46.230 --> 00:04:58.890 Frank R Harrison: Not only spiritually and psychologically and healing practices, but just being able to you know fight that moment that motion that boundary that that tries to prevent them from reaching their full potential.

00:04:59.160 --> 00:05:07.950 Phyllis Quinlan: Well, I think it's where the term holistic comes from frank, you know it's it's it's it's there's just no one path to a sense of well being or connectedness.

00:05:08.850 --> 00:05:10.110 Phyllis Quinlan: You know that there are multiple.

00:05:10.110 --> 00:05:21.570 Phyllis Quinlan: paths Connie certainly practices and has mastered many of those paths and you know I have spoken to her clients i've spoken to her colleagues and everybody is glowing so.

00:05:22.170 --> 00:05:34.560 Phyllis Quinlan: Connie again welcome and give us an idea because frank knows very little about reiki so we're gonna we're going to do a little training with frank to this evening what would you like to share, about reiki with him to start.

00:05:35.250 --> 00:05:51.060 Constance Korol Meta 180: Great Thank you phyllis and thank you, frank i'm so excited to be here tonight in my oyster Bay studio and you know where do I start with all this well, first of all that is definitely a mouthful that phyllis said of of my history.

00:05:51.510 --> 00:05:53.370 Constance Korol Meta 180: And you know i'm only 20 years old.

00:05:53.370 --> 00:05:53.640 So.

00:06:00.870 --> 00:06:01.920 Constance Korol Meta 180: 20 years old.

00:06:06.330 --> 00:06:13.110 Constance Korol Meta 180: So you know not to get into the whole history of all of that, but one of the things that i've.

00:06:13.980 --> 00:06:22.200 Constance Korol Meta 180: noticed throughout the years is this boy in in suffering and I couldn't really put my finger on it.

00:06:22.620 --> 00:06:43.770 Constance Korol Meta 180: And I I I didn't really understand it, I didn't even know what the questions were you know what, what are the questions of understanding energy medicine and energy healing until I started layering a couple of different modalities a yoga instructor came and about.

00:06:45.660 --> 00:07:00.090 Constance Korol Meta 180: And then, with that opened up a whole world of different perspectives and modality is one being reiki and I went through a reiki one.

00:07:01.290 --> 00:07:18.090 Constance Korol Meta 180: Training and the instructor said that she found reiki as really one of the most impactful i'm therapies when she was in a car accident.

00:07:19.530 --> 00:07:34.350 Constance Korol Meta 180: And she shared her story about that and then she shared the history of reiki and I said wow Okay, I want to, I want to learn more about this, I want to understand this, I want it, I want to feel it can't feel energy.

00:07:35.340 --> 00:07:47.910 Constance Korol Meta 180: So how, how do I do this, how do I feel this and with reiki the training there's there there and we'll go through this later there's a couple of different.

00:07:48.000 --> 00:07:49.170 Constance Korol Meta 180: stages to at all.

00:07:49.980 --> 00:08:14.460 Constance Korol Meta 180: levels and so reiki one was really the history of it when we get a tune to the energy and then I started to understand Okay, I could get a tune to the energy and I can understand this a little bit more, this is a really nice tool in my toolbox of health wellness and the big word healing.

00:08:14.940 --> 00:08:16.770 Constance Korol Meta 180: Yes, so.

00:08:17.940 --> 00:08:29.610 Constance Korol Meta 180: What reiki it's a Japanese technique, and it has been passed on generation after generation, it has.

00:08:30.630 --> 00:08:42.180 Constance Korol Meta 180: People of me morphed it a little bit, so to speak, um but the basics of reiki is using yourself as a vessel.

00:08:43.050 --> 00:08:58.260 Constance Korol Meta 180: Calling in whoever you want to call in source spirit guides However, you want to call it right, you call in and you use your and we go through a whole precept.

00:08:58.920 --> 00:09:14.670 Constance Korol Meta 180: Of I am a vessel for today i'm not going to be angry i'm not going to worry i'm going to be grateful i'm going to be humble i'm going to be honest and all the work that I do and be kind to every living thing.

00:09:15.630 --> 00:09:22.080 Constance Korol Meta 180: And I want to be a vessel for the greater good and that's a big big piece right there.

00:09:22.650 --> 00:09:44.460 Constance Korol Meta 180: yeah whenever i'm working on someone it's it is exponential so if we raise one person which we'll get into in a moment to a higher vibrational level that person's energy will now go out into the communities and try to raise other people's energy level.

00:09:44.670 --> 00:09:50.490 Phyllis Quinlan: willingly wittingly or unwittingly, they may not realize it, but their vibration is up.

00:09:51.120 --> 00:09:52.380 And they radiate that.

00:09:53.820 --> 00:09:54.690 Constance Korol Meta 180: fiber.

00:09:56.970 --> 00:09:57.240 Constance Korol Meta 180: and

00:10:02.100 --> 00:10:05.280 Constance Korol Meta 180: understanding of energy medicine it's not only.

00:10:07.350 --> 00:10:07.800 Phyllis Quinlan: person.

00:10:10.500 --> 00:10:23.250 Constance Korol Meta 180: But it's also continuous in an exponential way of healing the planet and healing the universe and healing the galaxies and often so on and so on and so on.

00:10:23.910 --> 00:10:42.180 Constance Korol Meta 180: And it really just starts with just understanding, a little bit of how powerful this energy energy medicine can be and and taking it in so many different ways and so many different levels.

00:10:43.170 --> 00:10:52.620 Frank R Harrison: You know it's kind of funny when I have been through i've been I as we discussed initially when we first met, we have nyu in common, I gather, you went to steinhardt Am I correct.

00:10:53.700 --> 00:10:56.130 Frank R Harrison: steinhardt school of education.

00:10:56.310 --> 00:11:01.920 Constance Korol Meta 180: I was in the nursing, I was in for clinical nutrition, so I was in the nursing.

00:11:02.370 --> 00:11:04.320 Frank R Harrison: Oh, so you went to worry college of nursing.

00:11:04.650 --> 00:11:05.280 Constance Korol Meta 180: See now.

00:11:05.940 --> 00:11:08.880 Frank R Harrison: phoenix phoenix and then it became steinhardt and.

00:11:11.430 --> 00:11:12.780 Constance Korol Meta 180: Remember i'm 20 years.

00:11:12.780 --> 00:11:13.110 Old.

00:11:18.090 --> 00:11:18.480 Frank R Harrison: i'm sorry.

00:11:19.260 --> 00:11:23.160 Frank R Harrison: No, no, but going back to what I was gonna say when I went through the nyu system.

00:11:23.520 --> 00:11:32.730 Frank R Harrison: I was involved in psychology education neuropsychology, in particular, and I made a lot of presentations and sometimes I was told in the way that I made those presentations.

00:11:32.970 --> 00:11:41.850 Frank R Harrison: That they could feel the energy coming out of me, as I was discussing about the brain or even maybe was just my own passion of the knowledge that I was generating from my research.

00:11:42.090 --> 00:11:46.800 Frank R Harrison: And then being able to express it and educate the individual students and, of course, the professors.

00:11:47.070 --> 00:11:57.030 Frank R Harrison: As well now when I realized, then that back as a student that it was your own individual energy that can actually, as they say, move mountains.

00:11:57.270 --> 00:12:01.890 Frank R Harrison: Whether it's the way, like performers entertainers they move mountains, with their and as.

00:12:02.280 --> 00:12:10.860 Frank R Harrison: dancers, I was in the music industry i've seen people do the same thing and so that's why I think I lean naturally towards understanding the concept like reiki.

00:12:11.190 --> 00:12:20.250 Frank R Harrison: it's like mastering your energy in itself, not only for self healing but for healing the people around you it's it becomes almost like a.

00:12:20.610 --> 00:12:32.070 Frank R Harrison: I wouldn't want to use the word altruistic but it almost becomes like a strategy to not only heal yourself but heal the people around you to create a much more brighter world, as they say.

00:12:33.510 --> 00:12:43.770 Constance Korol Meta 180: And that's really our mantra, so to speak, it, this is, this is about raising the vibration, for the greater good, and when we say our precepts.

00:12:44.310 --> 00:13:04.290 Constance Korol Meta 180: For me, every morning I wake up and I go through my routine and ritual and my mantra this is to raise the vibration, for the greater good, this is all for the greater good for for this planet to have more people on a healing journey which is really, really desperately walking.

00:13:04.950 --> 00:13:09.480 Frank R Harrison: Oh absolutely I kind of answered the question which I was going to ask you, which is why reiki but.

00:13:09.840 --> 00:13:15.000 Frank R Harrison: The reason is not only to heal ourselves, but to help create the greater good and.

00:13:15.300 --> 00:13:21.630 Frank R Harrison: we're now headed for our first break so we're going to create some greater good for talk radio dot nyc as we promote some of the other shows on the network.

00:13:21.900 --> 00:13:30.240 Frank R Harrison: And then, when we return everybody we're going to learn more about connie's business metal one at and how reiki is going to help create the greater good.

00:13:30.540 --> 00:13:38.190 Frank R Harrison: For the various groups that she works with, so please stay tuned as we're being frank about reiki right here on talk radio dot nyc on Facebook live.

00:13:38.430 --> 00:13:51.420 Frank R Harrison: And anyone on Facebook, right now, if you have any questions for Connie phyllis or myself, by all means just put them in the chat room or email us at frank R Harrison one at gmail COM we'll be back in a few.

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00:16:04.470 --> 00:16:11.760 Frank R Harrison: hey everybody and welcome back as we're being frank about reiki and right now I think phyllis you have some things to chime in.

00:16:13.470 --> 00:16:19.830 Phyllis Quinlan: You know it's just some of the the the background stuff that Connie is talking about so as she shared this comes from Japan.

00:16:20.250 --> 00:16:32.490 Phyllis Quinlan: it's a fairly ancient, as they say, this is not something that's new wave or anything along those lines and it's an oral tradition predominantly so that's why it gets a little personalized.

00:16:33.750 --> 00:16:44.910 Phyllis Quinlan: along the lines and it gets added to it has the the people who practice reiki are encouraged to really use their intuition.

00:16:45.960 --> 00:17:02.040 Phyllis Quinlan: And, and to really you know offer that guidance, but when as cat as Connie says we are vessels, so we kind of put ourselves with our mantras and our daily the prayer that we that all reiki practitioners say before they practice.

00:17:03.390 --> 00:17:08.220 Phyllis Quinlan: And we put ourselves in a mind where the the higher powers, the universe, if you will.

00:17:09.090 --> 00:17:20.730 Phyllis Quinlan: can work through us so many people will feel they'll say well you know connie's very has really strong reiki energy or and and energy is good but it's not as.

00:17:21.120 --> 00:17:30.240 Phyllis Quinlan: Good as connie's it's not as strong as counties that comes with practice that comes because there's no energy coming out of Connie junior that's connie's.

00:17:30.540 --> 00:17:40.080 Phyllis Quinlan: All right, it's energy that we're doing, and as you refine your practice and you practice longer you're able to be that much more focused and attuned.

00:17:40.470 --> 00:17:54.960 Phyllis Quinlan: To what's what's going on, so Connie very quickly you started with reiki one and for our listeners that's the that's the introduction piece, and where you can offer reiki to yourself right So do you want to talk a little bit about the other levels reiki to.

00:17:55.830 --> 00:18:15.780 Constance Korol Meta 180: Sure sure thanks fellas so uh so I went through reiki one and I wanted to learn more so, a couple of months later, I went through reiki to so that level we learn more about how to use it on.

00:18:17.100 --> 00:18:17.850 Constance Korol Meta 180: Our pets.

00:18:19.110 --> 00:18:20.550 Constance Korol Meta 180: I I practiced on my.

00:18:20.550 --> 00:18:21.420 Phyllis Quinlan: husband.

00:18:21.690 --> 00:18:36.960 Constance Korol Meta 180: I practiced on other people at that point and we learn symbols to use their Japanese characters and we their sacred their sacred characters that we learn.

00:18:38.340 --> 00:18:43.380 Constance Korol Meta 180: And they were passed on in in the education.

00:18:43.920 --> 00:18:58.410 Constance Korol Meta 180: And we use these symbols, not to get caught up in okay i'm going to draw a character and i'm going to place the power there or i'm going to place the light there or now all of a sudden we're going to get the mind and body here.

00:18:58.800 --> 00:19:09.690 Constance Korol Meta 180: it's really just sort of this it's this reminder of how powerful that energy can be and how we're a vessel and how okay well now.

00:19:09.960 --> 00:19:24.360 Constance Korol Meta 180: I want to make sure that this person is going to be centered here and I want to bring back some personal power, so we just draw a little symbol over mayberry their solar plexus area which is their personal power.

00:19:24.810 --> 00:19:32.610 Constance Korol Meta 180: This is their cheesy their product and it's right above that belly button and we we use that nice little symbol there.

00:19:33.690 --> 00:19:53.640 Constance Korol Meta 180: Which is called choke array and again, and when I teach this I tell my students just don't get caught up on how you're drawing that symbol it's really just a reminder of how powerful this work can be and how powerful this modality can be.

00:19:54.360 --> 00:20:03.330 Constance Korol Meta 180: So so reiki to we get attuned to the symbols and we can pass those symbols and use those symbols in our work.

00:20:04.380 --> 00:20:06.120 Constance Korol Meta 180: reiki three.

00:20:07.320 --> 00:20:10.020 Constance Korol Meta 180: which sometimes it's called reiki master.

00:20:11.940 --> 00:20:20.580 Constance Korol Meta 180: In the Japanese tradition there isn't a reiki master they just save you know you're at your third level and it's actually.

00:20:21.690 --> 00:20:24.930 Constance Korol Meta 180: it's the mystery teaching is what they call it.

00:20:26.040 --> 00:20:26.760 Constance Korol Meta 180: And it's.

00:20:27.990 --> 00:20:37.320 Constance Korol Meta 180: And I love that because you're really passing on you're getting in tuned to one symbol, that is, the power of light.

00:20:38.910 --> 00:20:59.250 Constance Korol Meta 180: But with this, you really are now given the opportunity to make this your own and really understand this and channel in whoever you are close to and really just make this your own ritual your own practice your own style.

00:21:00.270 --> 00:21:01.560 Constance Korol Meta 180: it's the mystery teaching.

00:21:02.850 --> 00:21:07.800 Constance Korol Meta 180: And that's reiki three or reiki master so we say in the US.

00:21:09.000 --> 00:21:20.070 Constance Korol Meta 180: For me, when I do a teaching I also combine this with reiki master teacher and now at that level you're actually passing on.

00:21:20.700 --> 00:21:31.470 Constance Korol Meta 180: The technique and the education of how to give a tune minutes to others and to train them in reiki one reiki two and reiki three.

00:21:32.040 --> 00:21:49.200 Constance Korol Meta 180: Right so with that there's there's a lot to digest reiki one and reiki to I was I did it in a couple of months time um it's really important to practice this I always say with my reiki one students take.

00:21:49.860 --> 00:21:56.250 Constance Korol Meta 180: 21 days to create that habit of your morning ritual of how you're going to use this.

00:21:57.270 --> 00:22:06.360 Constance Korol Meta 180: or evening, however, you want to do it and then later on more education, the reiki three master level took me two years.

00:22:07.350 --> 00:22:20.160 Constance Korol Meta 180: You know this this I wanted to really understand, and when I thought to that mystery teaching level, I wanted to make it my own, and I wanted to be prepared for that so that's how I suggest.

00:22:20.910 --> 00:22:27.990 Constance Korol Meta 180: The timeframe, so to speak, with learning more about reiki as well, I hope that answers your question phyllis.

00:22:28.170 --> 00:22:38.970 Phyllis Quinlan: No, it does and very eloquently Thank you so you know when you're doing reiki one in reiki to the first, the first level allows you to offer reiki to yourself.

00:22:39.420 --> 00:22:51.600 Phyllis Quinlan: Okay, that second level allows you to offer reiki to others also D and b's Okay, and then as Connie so eloquently put it that third or you know mastery and teacher level.

00:22:52.080 --> 00:23:00.150 Phyllis Quinlan: is an invitation to become part of the lineage it's an invitation to now become part of the oral heritage of this.

00:23:00.600 --> 00:23:12.630 Phyllis Quinlan: And if there's a lot of language that I i'm hoping, is it off putting to the to our listeners because it almost sounds like a religious practice, and I really want to share that it's so not that.

00:23:12.990 --> 00:23:17.550 Phyllis Quinlan: It is it a spiritual practice, it can be it depends on the practitioner.

00:23:18.330 --> 00:23:31.230 Phyllis Quinlan: Sometimes it's just very matter of fact, other practitioners are a little bit more spiritual with their practice but we use the language and some of the language that comes from the teaching remember comes from eastern philosophies that.

00:23:31.710 --> 00:23:41.910 Phyllis Quinlan: The practices are embedded in their cultures, so the language is cultural not religious and you know, so that there is a binocular around it, but.

00:23:43.590 --> 00:23:55.110 Phyllis Quinlan: I just think you know what's what's the typical patient or a patient it's really a client, what is the typical client come for seeking when they come to you or they've been referred to you.

00:23:55.980 --> 00:24:12.600 Constance Korol Meta 180: For so it really is so wide spectrum someone can come to me with a physical pain someone can come to me with anxiety and panic attacks and.

00:24:13.320 --> 00:24:25.560 Constance Korol Meta 180: they're not so sure what else to do so, they want to try this um I have, I have clients, where I give reiki treatments to those that are suffering with long coded.

00:24:26.160 --> 00:24:41.940 Constance Korol Meta 180: And they just and I work with them with breathing techniques, you know there's again there's there's it, it depends on what someone's coming with, and then I tweak that practice.

00:24:41.970 --> 00:24:55.200 Constance Korol Meta 180: So i'll do reiki and then okay let's stimulate that Vegas nerve let's go through some breathing techniques together to try to either calm you down or to.

00:24:55.710 --> 00:25:05.430 Constance Korol Meta 180: Get that parasympathetic nervous system to work get a little adrenaline back off or they really just don't trust their bodies anymore.

00:25:05.940 --> 00:25:18.810 Constance Korol Meta 180: So you know get them to trust their body, you know the big thing is i'm not a healer and there are healed people on this planet for healed beings on this planet.

00:25:19.440 --> 00:25:39.990 Constance Korol Meta 180: But getting people on healing journey that's that's the goal right i'm on a healing journey I learned something every new something new, every day, and so someone will come in and they'll say Okay, I was referred to you I don't really know what this is, but I have X, Y and Z go to it.

00:25:40.800 --> 00:25:42.060 Phyllis Quinlan: I have a gift certificate.

00:25:42.420 --> 00:25:44.040 Phyllis Quinlan: I don't know what it is, I have a.

00:25:44.250 --> 00:25:48.690 Phyllis Quinlan: Ticket I get that a lot of gift certificate okay yeah.

00:25:48.990 --> 00:26:00.390 Constance Korol Meta 180: yeah but you know, luckily I have a really nice Community here I work well with the local acupuncturist too, and we do a little tag team.

00:26:00.900 --> 00:26:05.490 Constance Korol Meta 180: One week someone will come in for acupuncture one week someone will come in for a reiki session.

00:26:06.000 --> 00:26:25.650 Constance Korol Meta 180: um you know the yoga Community um and then you know, and I have a lot of you know, thank goodness, I have a lot of people that refer me, and so, at least, they have a little bit of a background Oh, I know Connie really well she's in the Community, maybe she can help you a little bit more.

00:26:26.070 --> 00:26:37.620 Phyllis Quinlan: Try it and that that is essentially the invitation try it and as as a you know, want to share is if you've gotten a massage you probably haven't gotten the same massage twice, you know because.

00:26:37.980 --> 00:26:44.970 Phyllis Quinlan: Not only are the techniques from massage therapists different, but when a massage therapist puts their hands on they're trained to.

00:26:45.270 --> 00:26:51.600 Phyllis Quinlan: Perhaps notice a different part of your body needs more attention than another part of your body, again based on vibration.

00:26:52.020 --> 00:27:05.460 Phyllis Quinlan: So you know, there are you know again a variety of of reiki practitioners and and you, you you, you may want to try a couple and then settle on the one person.

00:27:06.300 --> 00:27:16.050 Phyllis Quinlan: partner who you know seems the most aligned with you, or you feel the most relaxed with but, as I shared with you Connie and I.

00:27:16.920 --> 00:27:27.300 Phyllis Quinlan: work at a local hospital and while i'm the our internal coach and I am not part of the holistic nursing team or the holistic team, I am the director of that team and.

00:27:28.140 --> 00:27:36.810 Phyllis Quinlan: And and a reiki master so when we do big events you know I will participate in that, but it's it's really amazing the.

00:27:37.560 --> 00:27:49.080 Phyllis Quinlan: Pardon me the variety of clinical practitioners that will come in and say, do you have any time and Connie and I participated in something for nurse recognition week a couple of weeks back.

00:27:50.310 --> 00:27:57.840 Phyllis Quinlan: And one of the other things that I do with reiki it's also tuning forks that I have been trained to do what a shocker realignments with.

00:27:58.410 --> 00:28:01.140 Phyllis Quinlan: And we had a young.

00:28:01.320 --> 00:28:08.400 Phyllis Quinlan: Medical assistant come in and looked me right in the eye and he goes i've been told, I have to come in for Chakra alignment.

00:28:10.470 --> 00:28:10.860 Constance Korol Meta 180: yeah.

00:28:11.010 --> 00:28:20.520 Phyllis Quinlan: And i'm like we'll sit down, you know and and you said to him, do you know what a shocker is no but i've been told, I have to come in and get my chakras realign.

00:28:21.060 --> 00:28:35.220 Phyllis Quinlan: So I know we're going to commercial soon, but sometimes the introduction to energy healing or energy the complimentary energies and what they can do for you are, at the insistence of very good friends and colleagues.

00:28:36.240 --> 00:28:36.780 Frank R Harrison: And yes, you.

00:28:36.960 --> 00:28:38.340 Phyllis Quinlan: need to try this.

00:28:38.790 --> 00:28:52.050 Frank R Harrison: So before we go to break What would you say is the is the majority of type of clients mainly mainly dealing with emotional and mental and spiritual Hanks or is it a combination 5050 physical ailments and.

00:28:52.890 --> 00:28:56.220 Constance Korol Meta 180: yeah you know what frank, I i'll leave.

00:28:57.240 --> 00:28:59.430 Constance Korol Meta 180: Before we go to the break with this kind of.

00:28:59.910 --> 00:29:17.610 Constance Korol Meta 180: Understanding think of your iPhone or your computer and all sudden it's bogging down it's clogged it's there's too many images is too much stuff and it's not even working anymore restore to factory settings get it all out and then you start downloading stuff from the cloud.

00:29:17.820 --> 00:29:18.240 Why.

00:29:19.260 --> 00:29:20.970 Constance Korol Meta 180: not start putting it back in.

00:29:22.500 --> 00:29:23.520 Constance Korol Meta 180: Most of us.

00:29:25.590 --> 00:29:25.980 Constance Korol Meta 180: Most.

00:29:27.150 --> 00:29:29.160 Constance Korol Meta 180: restore to factory settings.

00:29:29.220 --> 00:29:30.930 Frank R Harrison: That is perfect way.

00:29:32.970 --> 00:29:35.250 Frank R Harrison: To restore our second half of the show.

00:29:37.350 --> 00:29:40.500 Frank R Harrison: So stay tuned as are being frank about reiki right here on.

00:29:40.500 --> 00:29:42.030 Frank R Harrison: Talk radio dot nyc.

00:29:43.980 --> 00:29:44.220 Frank R Harrison: reboot.

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00:31:47.160 --> 00:31:54.840 Frank R Harrison: Welcome back as we're being frank about reiki so before I know phil this you wanted to finish up something.

00:31:55.050 --> 00:31:55.770 Frank R Harrison: yeah but.

00:31:55.830 --> 00:32:03.690 Frank R Harrison: But beforehand, I want, I wanted to get some clarity on one particular thing I can see that, while you had made reference to working with an acupuncturist.

00:32:04.080 --> 00:32:18.750 Frank R Harrison: That I gather that also is known as a form of Eastern medicine, would you say that practicing reiki is an integrative and team treatment modality, that is used in that form of energy healing for clients.

00:32:20.730 --> 00:32:27.660 Constance Korol Meta 180: yeah I would say it's it's really it's holistic medicine right so or hope or a holistic.

00:32:32.040 --> 00:32:35.130 Constance Korol Meta 180: therapy if we complimentary.

00:32:36.450 --> 00:32:43.200 Constance Korol Meta 180: Right, so if someone is going before if someone is coming in and with whatever issue it is.

00:32:44.370 --> 00:32:57.930 Constance Korol Meta 180: They will they will find certain benefits from acupuncture and we work really am meridian channel energy Chi prasanna but just semantics, but it's all energy at the end of the day.

00:32:59.340 --> 00:33:00.240 Constance Korol Meta 180: And then.

00:33:01.470 --> 00:33:15.510 Constance Korol Meta 180: You know you couple that with with a reiki treatment, it just it just opens everything up and and before we went on the break I know we all had a good laugh about all this, but think about.

00:33:15.900 --> 00:33:27.120 Constance Korol Meta 180: How we're all really bogged down there's fatigue everybody is suffering from fatigue everybody and whether they realize it or not.

00:33:28.260 --> 00:33:46.860 Constance Korol Meta 180: And if you're running on adrenaline you might not know, but you know, sometimes I see some people that don't even know how to turn on their parasympathetic nervous system and relax and release some serotonin and get into a really good state that just always on on the go.

00:33:48.360 --> 00:33:54.240 Constance Korol Meta 180: So you know it's really it's it's really super um.

00:33:56.040 --> 00:34:10.950 Constance Korol Meta 180: Powerful when you when you go to when you add all these different therapies and you see what actually is happening and and, quite honestly, how you are really suffering.

00:34:11.280 --> 00:34:12.390 Frank R Harrison: Right yeah right.

00:34:13.050 --> 00:34:23.970 Phyllis Quinlan: I think the proof is in the in the pudding a lot of people want to know you know we're seeing empirical data, you know and we're just the research around it and and and the research is coming it's coming slowly but surely, but it's coming.

00:34:25.290 --> 00:34:31.410 Phyllis Quinlan: You know if if the fact that people come back weekly or bi weekly or monthly.

00:34:31.860 --> 00:34:38.880 Phyllis Quinlan: doesn't speak for itself i'm not really sure why because people don't come back to stuff that doesn't work, especially here in New York, you know.

00:34:39.180 --> 00:34:53.250 Phyllis Quinlan: If you know they want, they may someplace else they may give it one or two three tries, but in New York, you better you gotta you know produce something rather quickly or moving on and and it's just amazing you get someone who.

00:34:54.330 --> 00:35:08.910 Phyllis Quinlan: Is leery you know, again, I have this coupon or somebody told me I needed to come in and then they sit and then afterwards, you know you're you're offering them a cup of tea or your finger on a glass of water and they're like what just happened.

00:35:09.960 --> 00:35:23.460 Phyllis Quinlan: You know and and and you just have to remind them that you're relaxed and that's what is funky you don't as as as Connie said you don't know the difference between on and.

00:35:24.330 --> 00:35:27.900 Phyllis Quinlan: You know and calm down gina, and I mean or on, and you know.

00:35:28.860 --> 00:35:42.900 Phyllis Quinlan: Be more relaxed and it's an odd sensation to people that they're like wait a minute, what did you do we didn't do anything you actually relaxed a little bit and, and that is such an uncommon sensation for you that's part of what i'm feeling.

00:35:43.800 --> 00:35:57.060 Phyllis Quinlan: Now Connie I know that you have put in other modalities into your practices, you know I you know, aside from your fitness training and all of that could you talk about some of the aromatherapy and I know we both use crystals.

00:35:58.170 --> 00:36:11.940 Phyllis Quinlan: I just happened to have you know all my crystal or my crystal friends here with me so you know, can you just speak a little bit about how you use them for applet amplification or how you use them for relaxation.

00:36:14.670 --> 00:36:33.210 Constance Korol Meta 180: Sure, so with that fellas I think it's, it is important to mention the difference between high vibrational energy and low vibrational energy um I get this all the time, someone comes off the table and they're like so was I really negative energy i'm like scared to death.

00:36:34.530 --> 00:36:44.010 Constance Korol Meta 180: And so it's I don't speak and positive and negative it's it's high vibrational and lower level lower energy.

00:36:45.180 --> 00:36:49.410 Constance Korol Meta 180: Low is anxiety panic fear worry.

00:36:50.460 --> 00:37:02.010 Constance Korol Meta 180: Shame guilt all the stuff that really you know it's so heavy it could it could drive you into this black hole or a rabbit hole, so to speak.

00:37:02.220 --> 00:37:08.970 Constance Korol Meta 180: Yes, high vibrational energy well it's really simple it's happy sad and joy.

00:37:10.080 --> 00:37:11.970 Constance Korol Meta 180: yeah and sad is a high vibrational.

00:37:11.970 --> 00:37:15.780 Constance Korol Meta 180: Energy, you know grieving is appropriate, when.

00:37:15.840 --> 00:37:19.620 Constance Korol Meta 180: Someone passes, or you or or or you're.

00:37:20.490 --> 00:37:22.770 Constance Korol Meta 180: moving into a different chapter of your life.

00:37:24.060 --> 00:37:42.330 Constance Korol Meta 180: So so happy sad joy, but all the other stuff is not even natural to our bodies it's not natural energy it's not what we should be doing and anxiety is really just a whole jambalaya of stuff that we're not processing so.

00:37:43.050 --> 00:37:52.020 Constance Korol Meta 180: So what what I do i'm in in my treatments is I have tools in my toolbox and.

00:37:53.070 --> 00:38:05.220 Constance Korol Meta 180: I use essential oils depending and, depending on what I you know what's going on what messages I receive, so to speak, that would be appropriate.

00:38:06.360 --> 00:38:19.410 Constance Korol Meta 180: I use essential oils to raise the vibration, to help me raise that vibration of someone's coming in i'm so worried i'm so scared I mean after the pandemic holy cow it's.

00:38:20.850 --> 00:38:35.220 Constance Korol Meta 180: So, and I see a lot of actually teams that come in with sports anxiety testings it, you name an anxiety, so I need a little help, so there.

00:38:36.030 --> 00:38:52.290 Constance Korol Meta 180: You know, essential oils like lavender lavender is pretty inexpensive way of getting someone to a high vibrational state rose is actually the highest pretty pricey though little bottle is like 200 and something dollars.

00:38:53.700 --> 00:38:57.780 Constance Korol Meta 180: So if you ever want to know what to give me for like my very special birthday.

00:39:02.550 --> 00:39:05.820 Constance Korol Meta 180: And then there's you know, and then I use sacred frankincense a.

00:39:05.820 --> 00:39:25.050 Constance Korol Meta 180: lot to really connect someone to reconnect them living disconnected is um is kind of a scary thing we want to get someone out of a scary and fearful state, so we connect them so essential oils is one way of.

00:39:26.460 --> 00:39:32.010 Constance Korol Meta 180: Trying of helping someone to get to a high vibrational state and then crystals.

00:39:32.310 --> 00:39:44.580 Constance Korol Meta 180: um you know I I use myself, and I want, and I have amethyst uh you know not to not to go into a whole big thing about crystals but.

00:39:45.750 --> 00:39:51.390 Constance Korol Meta 180: The energy from a crystal is I mean it's it's from the ground is from the earth.

00:39:51.450 --> 00:39:54.390 Phyllis Quinlan: Mother her lot its mother earth energy yeah yes.

00:39:54.450 --> 00:39:59.730 Constance Korol Meta 180: Mother Earth energy that's like sometimes ancient.

00:40:01.590 --> 00:40:23.100 Constance Korol Meta 180: And when you look at even the history of in Egypt, how they use lapis lazuli how they use some of these stones and their architecture and it's all about just raising that vibration staying staying high, so to speak now back on high.

00:40:23.340 --> 00:40:23.880 Constance Korol Meta 180: and saying.

00:40:24.810 --> 00:40:27.360 Constance Korol Meta 180: Saying hi Stan happy sad.

00:40:27.390 --> 00:40:39.750 Constance Korol Meta 180: joy and and it's tough it's really tough when 99.9999999% of the population is still struggling.

00:40:40.020 --> 00:40:41.550 Constance Korol Meta 180: To understand what that high.

00:40:41.550 --> 00:40:42.270 Is.

00:40:43.620 --> 00:40:49.590 Constance Korol Meta 180: You know, because of tradition culture ancestry that kind of thing.

00:40:51.390 --> 00:40:57.210 Constance Korol Meta 180: And then the last thing that i'll say is I use, you know I use some sage to clear.

00:40:58.410 --> 00:41:12.210 Constance Korol Meta 180: to clear the room, I sometimes go to houses to clear houses i'm i'm i'm actually doing an event, this weekend, where I clear and then we do a reiki circle.

00:41:12.390 --> 00:41:15.180 Constance Korol Meta 180: To bring the family into a high vibrational state.

00:41:16.770 --> 00:41:28.320 Constance Korol Meta 180: yeah so there's a lot of tools in the toolbox, and it depends on the reiki person what they want to have in their nice little pocket, but those are some of the things.

00:41:28.890 --> 00:41:29.730 Phyllis Quinlan: It sounds like.

00:41:29.790 --> 00:41:38.280 Frank R Harrison: To me, that we lived in as a social challenge with Kobe that put everybody on a low vibration and even just the struggle of getting out of it.

00:41:38.550 --> 00:41:50.220 Frank R Harrison: is really putting someone like yourself in high demand for the kind of treatment protocol or or methodology that can really help them get a hold of what is natural to them to keep that high.

00:41:50.490 --> 00:41:51.240 Phyllis Quinlan: yeah that's what you're.

00:41:51.330 --> 00:41:52.440 Frank R Harrison: educating them and doing.

00:41:52.800 --> 00:42:03.720 Phyllis Quinlan: So you know if I know we like to talk about you know Cobra is responsible for so much, but I I do want to say that we were not exactly in the best place on this planet before coven.

00:42:04.230 --> 00:42:04.950 Frank R Harrison: So.

00:42:05.070 --> 00:42:14.310 Phyllis Quinlan: You know, professional caregivers were tired and on the edges of burnout prior to coven Kovac just really you know hammered everybody.

00:42:15.150 --> 00:42:26.490 Phyllis Quinlan: country was has never been more divided, since the civil war before coven you know, so you know there's stuff that people are bringing forward and there was times, quite honestly, there was.

00:42:27.330 --> 00:42:44.160 Phyllis Quinlan: People sometimes use their lockdown time well they they they used it to be introspective they use to use to to get clarity, they used it to raise their own vibration as as part of their Defense mechanisms again or staying well.

00:42:44.640 --> 00:43:03.330 Phyllis Quinlan: You know and trying to stay positive in a time when Lord knows it wasn't so much on TV or the news or anything other than less a doctor, he was you know really saying you know stay cool become you know trust the science and in all we'll get through this.

00:43:04.590 --> 00:43:14.460 Phyllis Quinlan: So you know it's to connie's point people come in and they don't know what they they need, but what happens after a regular some regular treatments, is that they.

00:43:15.030 --> 00:43:20.940 Phyllis Quinlan: Stop they want to share what they're feeling, not just with others, but maybe with other parts of their life so.

00:43:21.330 --> 00:43:26.580 Phyllis Quinlan: They come in with ideas on their own i'm getting a new house, could we raise the vibration of that house.

00:43:27.030 --> 00:43:39.000 Phyllis Quinlan: You know we're adopting a child could we do something as a family unit, because we want to make a connection with that, so the clients themselves can come in at times with very creative ways to use reiki.

00:43:39.690 --> 00:43:51.570 Constance Korol Meta 180: to her and to fills this point, I teach yoga as well, and one of my really quick found bites in yoga is, you have to feel, then you deal.

00:43:51.930 --> 00:43:56.220 Constance Korol Meta 180: Let me heal so feeling is a big big.

00:43:57.060 --> 00:44:02.490 Frank R Harrison: exam and also allowing yourself to feel, which has been the challenge across the board.

00:44:02.550 --> 00:44:12.750 Frank R Harrison: But yes we're heading for our final break and when we return we're going to learn about how you all out there can get Ahold of Connie and to learn more about how you can become involved in reiki.

00:44:13.170 --> 00:44:24.960 Frank R Harrison: Who knows, maybe even as a practitioner themselves um that all being said stay tuned as are being frank about reiki right here on frank about health on both talk radio dot nyc and Facebook live we'll be back in a few.

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00:46:23.220 --> 00:46:28.650 Frank R Harrison: Welcome back and so Connie why don't you tell us both about Meta one at.

00:46:29.670 --> 00:46:30.210 Frank R Harrison: Your company.

00:46:30.240 --> 00:46:45.510 Constance Korol Meta 180: Yes, thank you, thank you, frank, so we spent most of the time just describing what reiki is because, again, the energetic body is the most misunderstood and ignored.

00:46:46.080 --> 00:47:07.800 Constance Korol Meta 180: But meadow and it was morphed and designed to bring all health and wellness together transform everything is my tagline bringing in physical health and wellness and you know I mean when we when we go to the doctor, what do we do we get a physical so.

00:47:08.910 --> 00:47:22.800 Constance Korol Meta 180: A lot of us, you know really we think of health and wellness in the physical sense or we're going to exercise or we're going to eat well or we're going to take care of our organs or systems all of our 11 systems.

00:47:24.510 --> 00:47:35.850 Constance Korol Meta 180: And then yoga you know I go through all of that, I thought let's let's you know, make sure that we're thinking about our cardiovascular system, our lymphatic system my digestive system so on so forth.

00:47:37.080 --> 00:47:51.270 Constance Korol Meta 180: And then there's emotional our mental health wellness and wellness well you know, a couple years back, there was a lot of shame and guilt that was associated with mental illness.

00:47:52.860 --> 00:48:12.750 Constance Korol Meta 180: And, coming from a history of mental health issues and my family, I was adopted my mother suffered from paranoid schizophrenia, my father succumb to suicide back in 1999 you know, I was just thrown into talk therapy.

00:48:13.950 --> 00:48:27.900 Constance Korol Meta 180: And uh you know well you know I turned out Okay, then turn out so bad, I certainly wanted to understand healing on a whole other level and so now with.

00:48:28.830 --> 00:48:44.700 Constance Korol Meta 180: With athletes and with even you know celebrities talking more about mental health issues, even on tick tock you see the whole the whole generation is talking about mental health in a very, very different way.

00:48:45.720 --> 00:49:03.270 Constance Korol Meta 180: You know, when my father is to come to suicide, I told people he died of a heart attack, I mean I just didn't talk about it and that sort of is, you know how it was so now we're raising the awareness of mental health issues and people are coming in and saying okay.

00:49:03.510 --> 00:49:05.310 Constance Korol Meta 180: I suffer from panic attacks.

00:49:05.370 --> 00:49:05.970 Constance Korol Meta 180: help me.

00:49:07.380 --> 00:49:22.590 Constance Korol Meta 180: And so, with reiki and what when someone comes to me I I usually put them on sort of a cadence of let's take care of you physically let's get out there on the trails let's do some exercise.

00:49:23.070 --> 00:49:33.210 Constance Korol Meta 180: let's do some yoga let's get you eating right emotionally Well, this is there's a lot of processing to that when someone comes out of a reiki session.

00:49:33.540 --> 00:49:42.630 Constance Korol Meta 180: we're going to start talking because we get them out of their subconscious it's like a rotor rooter I think about this rotor rooter right down that drain pipe.

00:49:42.990 --> 00:49:56.190 Constance Korol Meta 180: And now we're chiseling stuff out that we haven't thought about in ages so there's some processing here, I am not a social worker, I am not a psychologist or psychiatrist I don't play one on TV.

00:49:57.120 --> 00:50:05.880 Constance Korol Meta 180: I certainly work with professionals, that I refer to um, but there is there is some processing with the work.

00:50:06.420 --> 00:50:23.700 Constance Korol Meta 180: And then the energetic work and then someone will come in for reiki session, along with that, working on their energetic wellness so that's really Meta one at its its handling all all health and wellness and referring out to those that.

00:50:25.410 --> 00:50:26.910 Constance Korol Meta 180: yeah so inappropriate.

00:50:27.060 --> 00:50:38.610 Frank R Harrison: it's both a private practice of sorts, while at the same time, a network of other various health and wellness experts, whether it's the eastern or Western variety, that you collaborate with.

00:50:39.150 --> 00:50:46.890 Phyllis Quinlan: Yes, you can follow Meta one ad on Facebook Okay, and I think it's important because Connie is very good at posting.

00:50:48.030 --> 00:50:56.370 Phyllis Quinlan: Some of the programs that she does the circle said she does, and you know people might want to get involved that way where an oyster Bay, are you located county.

00:50:57.330 --> 00:51:03.390 Constance Korol Meta 180: yeah, so I am right in the heart of the town it's 127 South street.

00:51:04.800 --> 00:51:15.090 Constance Korol Meta 180: Which is parallel to Main Street tomorrow so by the water, so if you come on down and you want to take a little trip to the beach in the summertime you can do that as well.

00:51:15.630 --> 00:51:17.550 Phyllis Quinlan: And she's got parking which is huge.

00:51:19.260 --> 00:51:20.040 Constance Korol Meta 180: parking.

00:51:21.060 --> 00:51:25.410 Phyllis Quinlan: parking so um do you have like honey, yes.

00:51:25.470 --> 00:51:26.010 Constance Korol Meta 180: Yes.

00:51:26.160 --> 00:51:31.260 Constance Korol Meta 180: You do so my website is metal 180 dot com and that's the number.

00:51:33.570 --> 00:51:33.870 Constance Korol Meta 180: So.

00:51:36.420 --> 00:51:45.960 Constance Korol Meta 180: i'm at a one is same thing medical one at the instagram I spell it out, I couldn't get the one at someone took it already.

00:51:46.980 --> 00:51:51.240 Constance Korol Meta 180: So instagram you would go to meadow and then spell out one an ad.

00:51:51.600 --> 00:51:57.060 Frank R Harrison: And you also mentioned tick tock do you have a little snippets that you can show people I picked up.

00:51:58.020 --> 00:52:13.770 Constance Korol Meta 180: yeah so I have my own account and Constance coral sometimes you'll see my two adorable jack russells and sometimes you'll see you know some some mentions of my healing work and my my work and the men have one ad space as well, I tried to be.

00:52:13.800 --> 00:52:25.740 Frank R Harrison: very nice very nice so when when people go on to your website, they can schedule an appointment with you, or maybe even a virtual interview or, at the same time, learn about your events that you might be hosting that they can.

00:52:26.970 --> 00:52:27.480 Frank R Harrison: Yes.

00:52:27.630 --> 00:52:28.050 Nice.

00:52:29.190 --> 00:52:36.090 Constance Korol Meta 180: Thank Thank you frank Thank you so much for mentioning that I do virtual yoga you can.

00:52:36.690 --> 00:52:43.590 Constance Korol Meta 180: You can see that link and join for a monthly membership, I do private sessions.

00:52:43.920 --> 00:52:53.430 Constance Korol Meta 180: And then, and then there are packages as well, and then I also have a section of viewpoints, where I believe this is recorded and we can share afterwards.

00:52:53.700 --> 00:53:09.600 Constance Korol Meta 180: folks so that'll be living in my viewpoint section it's a little blog, this is a little blog it's you know some podcasts that i've done in the past, so that if you're really you know you want to just see and find out a little bit more of what this is all about in my work.

00:53:09.840 --> 00:53:15.840 Frank R Harrison: And you mentioned blogs, do you have anything published, did you actually create a book or a pamphlet or something that you could distribute.

00:53:18.030 --> 00:53:23.940 Constance Korol Meta 180: Well, interesting that you say that frank my blogs live on my website, but I do have a children.

00:53:23.940 --> 00:53:25.020 Frank R Harrison: they're coming out.

00:53:28.680 --> 00:53:39.780 Constance Korol Meta 180: So stay tuned for that it's it's about Jackie my jack Russell who passed on she transitioned last June, and she teaches children.

00:53:39.840 --> 00:53:41.910 Frank R Harrison: How to men very nice that's beautiful.

00:53:42.120 --> 00:53:50.430 Phyllis Quinlan: So listeners if you follow Connie either on you know, on Facebook she'll she'll start to be putting stuff out about that book soon.

00:53:50.820 --> 00:54:01.260 Phyllis Quinlan: And, and I think there is, you know if there is such a need for high quality children's book, especially when it has to do with you know, keeping your sense of wellness and connectedness it's wonderful.

00:54:01.770 --> 00:54:12.360 Frank R Harrison: Exactly exactly so um well, I mean i'm just imagining like you literally coming here on another episode at some point in the future, I know phyllis you and I will discuss.

00:54:12.690 --> 00:54:19.470 Frank R Harrison: Different creative ideas, one is an actual reiki session I personally would love to have one right now, but I know we're running out of time.

00:54:20.490 --> 00:54:37.050 Frank R Harrison: But, but the thing is, is that I am a firm advocate of energy healing and non Western medicine and like I mentioned already, I proponent of acupuncture and i've had my experiences in and looking at.

00:54:37.620 --> 00:54:43.470 Frank R Harrison: Understanding herbs like green tea and i've had discussions about cannabis, but unrelated topic.

00:54:43.710 --> 00:54:52.980 Frank R Harrison: You know so that's that all being said i'm just thanking you Connie for being here on this episode of frank about health as you've probably seen where we're about to sign off, but.

00:54:53.460 --> 00:55:04.080 Frank R Harrison: I want everyone out there to know that again Connie coral is or Constance coral and one at I met a one at our important names to remember, because.

00:55:04.620 --> 00:55:19.410 Frank R Harrison: As phyllis was mentioning we are living in divided times, but even the pandemic was more of you know, a way of compressing every further, and we are now moving forward like like you and I have been saying phyllis the future is healthy.

00:55:19.440 --> 00:55:21.660 Frank R Harrison: behaviors yep and.

00:55:22.170 --> 00:55:30.540 Phyllis Quinlan: And we, you know we'll have Connie back at some point, just like will have Catherine back at some point, because we really do want to start providing our listeners with a variety of.

00:55:30.960 --> 00:55:41.400 Phyllis Quinlan: of programming that will just raise awareness about you know all of these complementary ways of you know, other than Western medicine these things complement Western medicine.

00:55:42.420 --> 00:55:48.690 Phyllis Quinlan: You know, to offer people, the greatest sense of what their individual definition of resilience and well being is.

00:55:49.140 --> 00:55:53.850 Phyllis Quinlan: So you know, the more we can put out there to use connie's words the.

00:55:53.880 --> 00:56:07.230 Phyllis Quinlan: The, the higher the vibration we're putting out to our our listeners and the higher vibration we're putting out to the Community so Connie, thank you for you know being with us and being so eloquent and explaining something that's near and dear to both of us.

00:56:08.100 --> 00:56:12.420 Constance Korol Meta 180: Thank you so much, thank you, frank and phyllis I really do appreciate the time.

00:56:12.660 --> 00:56:29.820 Constance Korol Meta 180: i'm so happy to share all this information it's really a simple request trying to get more people on a healing journey and and to understand you know really the benefits of of all of this that's really quite ignored in in a lot of aspects.

00:56:29.880 --> 00:56:33.120 Phyllis Quinlan: So the message to everybody is try it just.

00:56:33.150 --> 00:56:46.260 Frank R Harrison: Try and if I were to actually take my own name as a message or a sign off for the first time in history i'm being frank about health, so that you can be frank with yourself about your health going.

00:56:46.260 --> 00:56:46.620 forward.

00:56:47.940 --> 00:56:48.420 Frank R Harrison: Okay.

00:56:49.800 --> 00:56:50.280 Constance Korol Meta 180: that'll be.

00:56:51.030 --> 00:57:00.870 Frank R Harrison: Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for being on this episode of frank about health next week, we are going to have George and TAO who will be speaking about the spirituality in relationships.

00:57:01.230 --> 00:57:13.470 Frank R Harrison: And that all being said, I want you to stay tuned for talk radio dot nyc Fridays block of shoulders shows, starting with philanthropy and focus with Tommy D always Friday with Steve FRY.

00:57:13.830 --> 00:57:30.690 Frank R Harrison: And then ending at on Friday afternoon with wise content creates wealth with Joseph mcilroy that all being said thanks for staying tuned right here on talk radio dot nyc and for those of you on Facebook live we'll we'll see you next week, all right take care Connie.

00:57:31.230 --> 00:57:31.770 Phyllis Quinlan: Thank you.

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