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Wednesday, June 15, 2022
Facebook Live Video from 2022/06/15 - Bark at the Park

Facebook Live Video from 2022/06/15 - Bark at the Park


2022/06/15 - Bark at the Park

[New Episode] Bark at the Park

Tune in for this heart-felt conversation at or watch the Facebook Livestream by Clicking Here.

Show Notes

Segment 1

Tommy starts by explaining the purpose of the show, which is to learn, educate, and advocate. He then promotes a duck derby that is raising money for the Veterans Yoga Project. Valerie talks more about the premise of the show which is to build a community of animal lovers. She also talks about supporting companies that share your values. Valerie then welcomes their guests from the Long Island Dog Owners Group (LI-DOG), Peggy Heijmen and Virginia Munger Kahn. Virginia talks about the origins of LI-DOG which was when a group of dog owners came together to create an official off-leash area at a park. They later became a formal organization and expanded their mission to creating dog parks throughout Suffolk County and Nassau County. Peggy talks about the origin of the laws around where dogs can go and where they can be off-leash and the issue of the lack of places that allow dogs.

Segment 2

Peggy talks about an incident with a park ranger in Suffolk County which led to the creation of new dog parks. Peggy then talks about Eisenhower dog park which was about a five year process working with officials. Virginia talks about the potential for profit from the dog parks and Valerie brings up how a business approach can be helpful when trying to persuade officials. Peggy says that in this instance, the social impact of creating a dog park has more pull than the potential for profit when it comes to government officials. Valerie brings up that dog friendly areas can help boost small businesses. Virginia talks about their campaign to get access to New York State beaches on Long Island.

Segment 3

Tommy shares LI-DOG’s website which is Virginia says that they are asking for access to less popular beaches during the whole year and to some ocean beaches during the off season for dogs to be off-leash. Peggy says that they are working with the park departments on this proposal which can give constituents less pull. Peggy talks about the increase of dogs on people’s radars and in mainstream media. Valerie mentions that the owners of animals vote which should cause elected officials to prioritize animal welfare. Valerie proposes doing a call night for LI-DOG’s campaign. Peggy mentions that change happens slowly but there is a shift in the culture surrounding dogs.

Segment 4

Tommy brings attention to the dog park resources on The website gives important information about the parks that can help keep dogs safe. Peggy mentions that LI-DOG is a volunteer organization and stresses the importance of getting involved. Virginia explains that pack walks are guided group on-leash walks and that they do them once a month on Long Island. The next pack walk is on Sunday, June 26th at Sands Point Preserve. Virginia encourages people to support LI-DOG by going to the join tab on their website or by joining their Facebook and meetup groups. There is also a volunteer meeting on June 23rd. Valerie plugs her upcoming event which is called the Compassion Awards and will be on October 11th at the Refuge at 5:30 pm.


00:00:54.840 --> 00:01:02.640 Tommy D: Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls salamanders komodo dragons ducks chickens wells all types of mammals.

00:01:03.090 --> 00:01:17.940 Tommy D: what's up world it's the pals the pals yes, the professionals and animal lover show pals your show our show our community that we are building together, who is speaking well it's your boy.

00:01:18.420 --> 00:01:32.850 Tommy D: The nonprofit sector connector Tony D coming at you from the top of my house in my attic and my sergeant at arms all things advocacy my Pal Val what is up Valerie what's up Ted.

00:01:33.750 --> 00:01:34.500 wow.

00:01:36.840 --> 00:01:37.350 Valerie Heffron: I.

00:01:38.460 --> 00:01:52.140 Valerie Heffron: I love our music so much I love our introductory song, you know, the one that just plays right before the show starts and it's like very soothing very compassionate very us.

00:01:52.800 --> 00:01:53.760 Tommy D: that's why i'm so calm.

00:01:54.090 --> 00:01:55.380 Tommy D: it's from that song that got me.

00:01:55.590 --> 00:02:06.090 Tommy D: It got me so mellowed out like you got to see me before that song everybody, I was very high strong maybe I drink too much coffee I don't think so because it's more on my desk to be drunk or drama.

00:02:06.510 --> 00:02:06.840 Tommy D: I don't.

00:02:08.400 --> 00:02:09.030 Valerie Heffron: To water.

00:02:10.740 --> 00:02:18.150 Tommy D: Water also every week on this show we we do three things we learned we educated about what's the third we.

00:02:18.210 --> 00:02:27.540 Tommy D: advocate you do advocate, and we are advocates and I used to be a junior advocate, but now whole groans up look at me i'm a big boy advocate but know that the.

00:02:27.930 --> 00:02:35.460 Tommy D: Well, yes, but here's the thing it's about learning together it's about bringing people on this show that are going to teach us and teach you all.

00:02:35.820 --> 00:02:42.960 Tommy D: And then it's about getting out there, I will tell you, last night I happened to be on a nonprofit event for the sky beagle foundation memorial foundation.

00:02:43.440 --> 00:02:54.480 Tommy D: Linda beagle showman Michael showman so great, to meet you both last night and being at that event i'm article Valerie at like 11 o'clock last night I only found hobnobbing with all these politicians and back in the day.

00:02:55.020 --> 00:02:59.460 Tommy D: I didn't really know why I wouldn't meet politicians or why would be connecting with politicians.

00:02:59.760 --> 00:03:06.030 Tommy D: But now I know because i'm an advocate and i'm learning and i'm learning about how to make an impact in this regard i've always.

00:03:06.420 --> 00:03:12.540 Tommy D: said Tony how are you going to add value, how you gonna make an impact Well, this is certainly part of that, so this show has been a real eye opener.

00:03:12.690 --> 00:03:19.950 Tommy D: For me, I keep learning every week, we have two exciting guests here today, before we get into this conversation I got to give one more shout out.

00:03:20.280 --> 00:03:28.920 Tommy D: To my friend Dev Jeanette who came on the other, show I do here on the network or philanthropy and focus and why is this relevant well because she's having a duck Derby.

00:03:29.490 --> 00:03:41.280 Tommy D: Okay duck Derby now john D Leonardo I love you my brother now not real ducks a little like the rubber ducky and they're gonna like it's i'm going to read it in Argyle park on Babylon.

00:03:41.670 --> 00:03:45.810 Tommy D: Is June 25 that's out here on long island June 25 I will be out there with my crew.

00:03:46.230 --> 00:03:50.940 Tommy D: And you can adopt the docs again there rubber docs you can adopt the ducks and it's to raise money.

00:03:51.270 --> 00:04:00.570 Tommy D: For the veterans yoga project, which is a really special organization and on my other program deb came on flights being focused and whole month of July on that show we're going to be talking about veterans.

00:04:00.960 --> 00:04:07.920 Tommy D: Five six actually six different veteran nonprofits so that it will go, can we cross promote because i'm on both shows.

00:04:09.930 --> 00:04:21.240 Valerie Heffron: Also, a doctor be in greenville South Carolina Okay, and it is it's it's incredible the high, by the way my cat needs to say hello.

00:04:21.300 --> 00:04:40.770 Valerie Heffron: Hello hi so um yeah it's a great fun way to you know raise money for great causes, as long as everyone picks their ducks up in the end, but also Tommy I want to mention just briefly what this show is all about.

00:04:41.310 --> 00:04:43.830 Tommy D: This is episode four pounds all together.

00:04:44.130 --> 00:04:45.330 Valerie Heffron: Now, all together, because.

00:04:45.420 --> 00:04:59.040 Valerie Heffron: I think it's important, for if we have any new listeners the premise is very simple and it's that animal lovers pretty much instantly love other animal lovers, and if you've ever seen us at a party or you know at.

00:05:00.150 --> 00:05:07.470 Valerie Heffron: Even a networking event when someone starts talking about their paths or their their volunteerism or whatever.

00:05:08.400 --> 00:05:13.050 Valerie Heffron: they're gone that's that's the conversation for like the entire night, you know what I mean and.

00:05:13.740 --> 00:05:30.930 Valerie Heffron: What what we're doing here is we're building a community, so that we can all learn about how to support each other, and that includes in business, because all things being equal, if I want pizza and I know a pizzeria owner who has supported.

00:05:31.620 --> 00:05:39.150 Valerie Heffron: Anti puppy mill build legislation and puts flyers of adoptable dogs on his pizza boxes i'm going to that guy i'm going.

00:05:39.210 --> 00:05:40.380 Tommy D: out to Reno.

00:05:41.670 --> 00:05:43.620 Tommy D: Reno she's talking about you Reno de Maria.

00:05:43.620 --> 00:05:54.750 Tommy D: You know, and for me, and now I gotta cut you off because in 43 years I turned 44 in January and in 43 years i've eaten a lot of pizza I live on long island gang.

00:05:55.260 --> 00:06:08.280 Tommy D: I people say oh you're Italian Right I go i'm from Franklin square like i've never been to Italy, yet right, so I don't know right i'm not not that i'm not claiming Italy but I never been there, so like actually people moved here from Italy, I moved here from Franklin Square.

00:06:08.580 --> 00:06:12.030 Tommy D: So the thing i'm saying is i've been a lot of pizza.

00:06:12.510 --> 00:06:26.430 Tommy D: I have never until my 44th year because my co host my buddy my Pal sent me a pickle pizza from reno's joanne's gourmet pizza and I will tell you it sounds like something you might not like, but it was delicious and, in fact.

00:06:26.940 --> 00:06:33.690 Tommy D: um I think I gotta send one town to Dr V well half, because I know he liked he was all jealous because Valerie sent me the pie.

00:06:34.020 --> 00:06:35.190 Valerie Heffron: You know.

00:06:35.790 --> 00:06:40.530 Tommy D: He was so jealous but i've told you this before funny thing about it is you didn't just send me that file you sent me a regular pie.

00:06:41.130 --> 00:06:53.490 Tommy D: And I don't want to get into the thing that we call it pie, and my friend don't I wanted it apple pie, because you from Massachusetts know the story, but you sent me a regular pie that day, and since then I tell you the truth, I mean that was January, six months ago.

00:06:54.570 --> 00:07:02.520 Tommy D: If we've ordered one we wanted 50 pies from Reno because my kids my wife like that pie and it's it's close to my house.

00:07:02.820 --> 00:07:07.020 Tommy D: But 15 pizzerias between my house and reno's, but we are quite a lot.

00:07:08.040 --> 00:07:10.560 Tommy D: I can tell you want to move on, I know I know how this goes.

00:07:10.680 --> 00:07:11.460 Peggy Heijmen: it's just.

00:07:11.730 --> 00:07:18.840 Valerie Heffron: I just want to wrap up the point, because this is a time where more and more people.

00:07:19.410 --> 00:07:31.140 Valerie Heffron: Are and i'm grateful for it are paying attention to what their consumer dollars are supporting people want to know the person behind the company, they want to know that you know.

00:07:31.560 --> 00:07:39.000 Valerie Heffron: If you're an environmentalist maybe that's your cause whatever you're calling is but for us, this is obviously for the animals.

00:07:39.240 --> 00:07:51.180 Valerie Heffron: And if if all you know if I need a lawyer it's a real estate lawyer and I know that that this lawyer is also joined us on call nights, for you know, to try to make a difference for the animals.

00:07:51.630 --> 00:08:00.270 Valerie Heffron: i'm going with that lawyer so anyway, I encourage all I encourage you all to do the same and to get to know our Community.

00:08:00.450 --> 00:08:03.120 Valerie Heffron: And so, here we go so excited we have.

00:08:03.120 --> 00:08:09.030 Valerie Heffron: two great guests and animal advocates yeah hold on yeah.

00:08:11.550 --> 00:08:11.850 Tommy D: hey.

00:08:13.260 --> 00:08:16.560 Tommy D: what's up everybody, welcome to the show, welcome to the show.

00:08:16.890 --> 00:08:18.390 Valerie Heffron: From long island dog.

00:08:18.450 --> 00:08:24.810 Valerie Heffron: Owners group i'm Li dog, with the best acronym like ever um and.

00:08:24.900 --> 00:08:25.380 Virginia Munger Kahn: Thank you.

00:08:25.770 --> 00:08:28.680 Valerie Heffron: yeah yeah so welcome welcome hi.

00:08:29.640 --> 00:08:31.380 Peggy Heijmen: Thank you, thank you.

00:08:31.860 --> 00:08:32.610 Virginia Munger Kahn: Good to be here.

00:08:34.320 --> 00:08:45.810 Valerie Heffron: So let's jump in I mean tell us a little bit about long island dog, and I mean you guys have been around a long time since 1998 How did this come about.

00:08:46.950 --> 00:08:55.320 Virginia Munger Kahn: yeah so yeah we were it came about, with a group of dog owners at pointer hall up in Huntington.

00:08:56.340 --> 00:08:57.330 Virginia Munger Kahn: At the time.

00:08:59.040 --> 00:09:08.070 Virginia Munger Kahn: You know the park Rangers were coming there all the time to give out tickets for having their dogs off leash and.

00:09:09.240 --> 00:09:20.910 Virginia Munger Kahn: dog owners got together to try to work with Suffolk county which manages the park to create an off leash an official off leash area there so that they can be there legally, you know.

00:09:21.570 --> 00:09:24.570 Valerie Heffron: without having to deal with being ticketed.

00:09:24.930 --> 00:09:34.980 Virginia Munger Kahn: And I joined the Group in 2002 because I was taking my dog to ponder hall all the time and again, you know the park Rangers were a constant.

00:09:36.990 --> 00:09:52.770 Virginia Munger Kahn: concern that they'd be there and be handing out tickets, I went to my first meeting, then in 2002 and at that meeting met all these other people who are passionate about dogs, as I was, and I knew i'd found my group.

00:09:53.280 --> 00:09:54.060 Tommy D: So let me.

00:09:55.080 --> 00:09:58.260 Tommy D: Let me just jump in real quick Jenny because I want to understand like.

00:09:58.950 --> 00:10:14.610 Tommy D: This wasn't really this was just a bunch of folks hanging out initially right and and sort of found each other and it wasn't necessarily like a nonprofit or an association or anything, it was just like I got dogs you got dogs, we should be friends right is that how it happened.

00:10:15.240 --> 00:10:18.960 Virginia Munger Kahn: That is how it happened, you know finally in about.

00:10:21.240 --> 00:10:36.360 Virginia Munger Kahn: We realized that we needed to be a formal organization and we formed friends of log on a dog parks in 2004 kind of be the main organization to deal with Suffolk county you know, on this part and.

00:10:36.840 --> 00:10:50.160 Virginia Munger Kahn: And then you know, two years later, we got approval from the irs is a 501 C three and nonprofit so that's how we became a formal organization and when we became a formal organization.

00:10:50.700 --> 00:11:06.720 Virginia Munger Kahn: We expanded our mission to go beyond just that one park and and to you know, try to create dog parks throughout Suffolk county and then Nassau county because we realized that just one part was just not enough.

00:11:07.380 --> 00:11:26.130 Valerie Heffron: yeah I mean I lived in long beach, for I don't know how many years God I love that apartment um anyway, I remember back then that there was an effort now, this was dealing with the city of long beach they have their own.

00:11:27.270 --> 00:11:40.050 Valerie Heffron: board and legislators and I I could have sworn though that they thought they were going to get one block one beach block, I think it was grand.

00:11:40.590 --> 00:11:52.050 Valerie Heffron: And everybody was, like all excited I mean the truth is people they're going to kind of you know sneak on if you don't give them the access because.

00:11:52.650 --> 00:12:05.880 Valerie Heffron: They want their dogs to be able to enjoy the beach, you know many dogs love the beach they love water and I just don't understand but what's the push or what do they say to you, what are the what's the reason.

00:12:08.250 --> 00:12:09.540 Peggy Heijmen: Well there's there's many.

00:12:09.570 --> 00:12:17.310 Peggy Heijmen: there's many reasons and we've actually tried to go back and say you know when two things, was what you know where does the law come from.

00:12:17.670 --> 00:12:29.370 Peggy Heijmen: And it was almost an impossibility actually to find a law or when it when it happened, I I almost think it was like it just always was kinda like the earth, you know it's just always been a year.

00:12:30.030 --> 00:12:39.750 Peggy Heijmen: um but once upon a time thongs ran loose all over the place right, I mean when I was a kid you know the dogs were they were all loops you know these to run around hang out, they did anything.

00:12:40.200 --> 00:12:53.640 Peggy Heijmen: I think it became much more strict as people, you know as as those rules were really enforced, you know dogs have to be you know leash they have to be in the yard, they have to be that you know when all of that started to become.

00:12:54.810 --> 00:13:10.950 Peggy Heijmen: Much more prevalent across the island The others were there, so now Now people are starting to look for places to go and have fun with your dog there are so it's just this weird thing we were never really able to pinpoint you know, this is a date, and this is what a law went on the books.

00:13:11.160 --> 00:13:14.580 Tommy D: But there is no but if I get interrupted Peggy because I don't have a dog.

00:13:14.760 --> 00:13:16.980 Tommy D: So I don't i've never been up against walking into a.

00:13:16.980 --> 00:13:30.750 Tommy D: parking going and getting turned away so I want to set enough people who have not experienced that so the experience if i'm hearing correctly is like as Jenny was talking about, you know condrey fallout in in Huntington give being ticketed so.

00:13:31.140 --> 00:13:44.700 Tommy D: like this is so, if i'm a dog owner I get to the park and i'm not i'm not welcome or i'm welcome my dog just isn't welcome right then i'm turned away and and we're what i'm hearing is the problem was there was nowhere to go.

00:13:44.730 --> 00:13:45.600 Peggy Heijmen: It wasn't like.

00:13:45.690 --> 00:13:49.770 Tommy D: You just can't go here we go across the street there's nowhere for you wow.

00:13:50.310 --> 00:13:54.300 Peggy Heijmen: factory right and what happened was we had some people actually one of them, as a member of our board.

00:13:55.290 --> 00:14:02.460 Peggy Heijmen: But when I first joined Elijah you know, many years ago, at this point my husband I adopted a dog no I never gave it any thought I never even.

00:14:02.730 --> 00:14:09.930 Peggy Heijmen: Our grandkids were around like let's go to the park barks you know five minutes down the road let's go to the park will take the dog wants everybody to go to the park.

00:14:11.100 --> 00:14:15.750 Peggy Heijmen: Go to the park, because the dog was as like Oh, I never I never noticed that fun.

00:14:16.440 --> 00:14:16.920 Tommy D: Oh, my God.

00:14:17.310 --> 00:14:22.980 Tommy D: It was relevant if it's not relevant to us that's what i'm trying to just sit point like if you don't know you don't know.

00:14:23.310 --> 00:14:32.310 Peggy Heijmen: Exactly don't realize, you said well you know what there's a playground over here in the school let's go over there and then you see that big sign that says, nobody allowed on the field, no dogs allowed no I was like.

00:14:32.850 --> 00:14:37.020 Peggy Heijmen: Okay i'm sure i've seen people walked off before where where the heck are we supposed to go.

00:14:37.980 --> 00:14:38.250 Peggy Heijmen: yeah.

00:14:38.520 --> 00:14:50.850 Peggy Heijmen: It was a strange thing, and so what the town or you know around here would say, well, I guess you can walk in the street and and i'm like well i'm not walking and getting run over every morning there has to be a solution, a little bit.

00:14:50.970 --> 00:14:54.630 Tommy D: A little so we do have to take a break, which is, I love cliffhangers.

00:14:55.020 --> 00:14:59.070 Tommy D: So, ladies and gentlemen, we will be back next no i'm just kidding we will be back.

00:14:59.190 --> 00:15:05.880 Tommy D: we'll be back next week, but we'll be back in 90 seconds to answer that because we've established that there's a big challenge, or there was a challenge is a problem.

00:15:06.240 --> 00:15:16.380 Tommy D: And it's a team like yours right Margaret Mead never underestimate the fact that a small group of committed citizens can change the world, in fact, is the only thing that ever has right so here's another small group.

00:15:16.650 --> 00:15:23.370 Tommy D: Of committed citizens changing the world, and when we get back from commercial break we're gonna find out how they changed the world, this is house right.

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00:15:28.770 --> 00:15:29.070 Valerie Heffron: owner.

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00:17:02.100 --> 00:17:06.750 you're listening to talk radio nyc uplift educate empower.

00:17:36.180 --> 00:17:45.030 Tommy D: We are back this is pals and professionals, an animal lover Shell wow radio guy voice I love, what I do radio guys all right so listen this lie dog.

00:17:45.540 --> 00:17:53.700 Tommy D: Okay works to create dog parks increase access and public parkland and beaches for long island dog owners and their dogs people.

00:17:54.060 --> 00:17:56.910 Tommy D: With dogs, I learned that earlier in the green room, we were talking about that.

00:17:57.390 --> 00:18:07.050 Tommy D: This organization was formed are founded in 1998 and it was founded, because you know what it's great when we have ideas and we want to go talk to politicians, but when we have an entity.

00:18:07.470 --> 00:18:13.680 Tommy D: it's a lot easier when we have structure, when we have people when we have Community right and we have business cards even we get to we get.

00:18:14.010 --> 00:18:22.860 Tommy D: We get there, a little more right they're paying attention to what we're saying, because we're representing a group of their constituents now what's another word for constituents.

00:18:23.430 --> 00:18:27.660 Tommy D: Taxpayers and vote for you, yes, exactly yes.

00:18:28.560 --> 00:18:40.500 Tommy D: phase and people who can help you stay in office, if you are a politician so um we have Jenny and Peggy here from the organization, creating hunt i'm creating trails and.

00:18:41.550 --> 00:18:48.180 Tommy D: 100 parks working to create almost 100 parks for on leash dogs right is that is that part of the goal.

00:18:49.290 --> 00:18:49.890 Virginia Munger Kahn: Okay.

00:18:51.030 --> 00:18:56.040 Tommy D: What did I read here I hold on more recently I worked with Huntington trails Committee and the town apartment.

00:18:56.310 --> 00:19:07.110 Tommy D: To open the town's almost 100 park so we're working working on that I, I sometimes I summarize my notes, and I only have half the story that but I just wanted to set it up right before we went to a break.

00:19:07.710 --> 00:19:19.620 Tommy D: We set up the problem Okay, there was a lack of space lack of access, so what happened next you started to do this, you create this entity what tell us that story, please Peggy whoever wants to take it.

00:19:19.920 --> 00:19:30.450 Virginia Munger Kahn: Let me start because we started in Suffolk county, which is where I live, and what really got things rolling was a particularly bad incident with a park ranger.

00:19:31.620 --> 00:19:47.610 Virginia Munger Kahn: Back in 2006 and we ended up writing a letter to the county executive Suffolk county executive and told him that the situation was intolerable and that there needed to be an attitude change on the part of Suffolk county towards dogs and parks.

00:19:48.780 --> 00:20:01.440 Virginia Munger Kahn: couple months after we sent that letter we started working with a Suffolk county legislator Steve stern at the time, and he had just come back from a trip to California, where he had seen.

00:20:01.890 --> 00:20:09.210 Virginia Munger Kahn: How wonderful those off leash areas are and he was very interested in trying to do the same for Suffolk county.

00:20:09.870 --> 00:20:18.810 Virginia Munger Kahn: And so we started working with him on legislation to direct the parks department to create new dog parks in Suffolk county and what really.

00:20:19.350 --> 00:20:29.820 Virginia Munger Kahn: kind of was the kicker that got things really going was that the county executive, the following April 2017 through his support behind the legislation.

00:20:30.120 --> 00:20:39.660 Virginia Munger Kahn: And passed unanimously and the Suffolk county legislature and the legislation specifically directed the parks department to create at least five new dog parks in Suffolk county and.

00:20:41.220 --> 00:20:42.330 Tommy D: where's your POM poms what it.

00:20:42.540 --> 00:20:42.990 Is yeah.

00:20:46.080 --> 00:20:51.480 Tommy D: So I want to ask about your question, I just want just one quick question I swear i'm gonna ask another question the whole day.

00:20:52.110 --> 00:20:59.760 Tommy D: that's not true they're like is it like there i've been in some parks that are really, really massive like I don't know Eisenhower park right here and now, so again.

00:21:00.090 --> 00:21:16.020 Tommy D: Like when you're not asking for a ton of space here right you're asking for some some area for these animals to run around right talk to me about what the ask is because I, because it seems like again I use eisenhower's an example or Christopher morally or something.

00:21:16.260 --> 00:21:23.010 Tommy D: i'm not as familiar with the Suffolk county parks, but there's a ton of space out there, so what exactly were you asking for.

00:21:24.810 --> 00:21:26.670 Peggy Heijmen: The world and we get a little tiny bits.

00:21:28.770 --> 00:21:40.530 Virginia Munger Kahn: In Suffolk county we specifically asked for two acre parks and that it was much bigger than Nassau county had created a bunch of four or five very small dog parks already back like in 2000.

00:21:41.280 --> 00:21:51.780 Virginia Munger Kahn: Suffolk county there was a very small one third of an acre dog run in West hills county park and again we felt, these were they were totally overused totally you know overrun.

00:21:52.050 --> 00:22:00.180 Virginia Munger Kahn: And so we were asking for two acre parks and stuff I county and we got one and a half acres in many cases, three acres in one case.

00:22:00.840 --> 00:22:13.080 Virginia Munger Kahn: The parks dog parks in NASA kind of a little smaller because smaller area to work with Peggy can talk to those efforts as well, you can talk about the Eisenhower dog park in fact you know.

00:22:13.560 --> 00:22:14.010 yeah.

00:22:15.930 --> 00:22:16.350 Peggy Heijmen: Sorry.

00:22:16.590 --> 00:22:21.000 Peggy Heijmen: I don't know dog park was about a five year process of working with county officials.

00:22:21.990 --> 00:22:27.600 Peggy Heijmen: I think some of the problem on long island is you know you were talking about long beach is, it is a city.

00:22:27.990 --> 00:22:41.040 Peggy Heijmen: And the town of oyster bay and then within the town of oyster Bay, you have the village of so, and so, and then you have the village at this and then you have to so you often don't really know who you're working with when you see a park you say Oh, this would be perfect.

00:22:41.370 --> 00:22:54.030 Peggy Heijmen: And then you read that part is really not a Nassau county Park, it might be a village far might be state park and might be at this part of that part, so you have to there's a is it a lot of layers to get to where you really need to get you.

00:22:55.170 --> 00:22:57.840 Valerie Heffron: saying is there's too many layers and government.

00:23:04.200 --> 00:23:06.450 Tommy D: she's trying to trick you Peggy don't let her do that.

00:23:08.130 --> 00:23:09.960 Valerie Heffron: i'll say I will I will.

00:23:11.100 --> 00:23:12.090 Valerie Heffron: stand by that.

00:23:12.150 --> 00:23:12.540 Valerie Heffron: But.

00:23:12.930 --> 00:23:13.380 I did.

00:23:14.730 --> 00:23:19.050 Peggy Heijmen: Because we'll have people at some of our meetings and they say well you know such and such a partner like.

00:23:19.530 --> 00:23:30.930 Peggy Heijmen: That you know this meeting is about you know I don't know yes account specific and that particular park is not part of it it's a village, so you can take the same message, then you can work, the same way you.

00:23:31.290 --> 00:23:44.370 Peggy Heijmen: Work with different people so it's it's a huge networking event, you know process to try to connect to the right people and then people are voted in their voted out they leave it, you know and then be.

00:23:44.820 --> 00:23:49.500 Peggy Heijmen: Starting over again, sometimes from scratch and you're always looking for somebody who likes dogs.

00:23:50.550 --> 00:23:51.600 Valerie Heffron: I don't have a few.

00:23:51.600 --> 00:24:01.590 Valerie Heffron: Questions absolutely and and that's what I have, I think you guys might know, an advocacy group is registered with the New York state Board of elections we're not a 501.

00:24:02.790 --> 00:24:09.180 Valerie Heffron: Because I wanted the ability to support endorse candidates or.

00:24:10.200 --> 00:24:21.870 Valerie Heffron: incumbents based on if they do anything for the animals right so sample of course it was the anti puppy mill bill that just passed, we need those people to be compassionate leaders.

00:24:22.890 --> 00:24:24.720 Valerie Heffron: But on your.

00:24:26.460 --> 00:24:32.730 Valerie Heffron: own with your conversations with legislators i'm just curious, because I know you know money, money, money right.

00:24:34.560 --> 00:24:48.810 Valerie Heffron: Do they understand or do you part of your presentation is the part where you say something about potential revenue for for what recreational parks can do for revenue for dogs.

00:24:49.770 --> 00:25:00.420 Virginia Munger Kahn: Well, when we're i'll tell you I mean when it comes to dog parks, we have talked to elected officials about the possibility of you know.

00:25:01.590 --> 00:25:09.240 Virginia Munger Kahn: loving a fee, you know, to use the dog park or whatever, but you know what it costs money to put those systems in.

00:25:09.840 --> 00:25:19.890 Virginia Munger Kahn: You know the key card system or whatever, so they end up kind of really not not doing it, and then, when we're looking to create access to a park like a country or even to a beach.

00:25:21.840 --> 00:25:25.410 Virginia Munger Kahn: That that doesn't cost anything to it doesn't cost you like.

00:25:25.440 --> 00:25:26.070 Valerie Heffron: That right.

00:25:26.400 --> 00:25:27.540 Peggy Heijmen: Right any money.

00:25:27.840 --> 00:25:45.930 Virginia Munger Kahn: So yes, you know we certainly can talk about bringing more people into the park, certainly, you know we do pack walks at sams point preserving old westbury garden sees you know beautiful, yes, is there charge money we bring people in you know yeah.

00:25:46.020 --> 00:25:48.210 Valerie Heffron: To go to those events I love.

00:25:48.240 --> 00:26:02.610 Valerie Heffron: I love this because I try to take a business approach when also advocating so that it makes extra sense to the elected officials, they love being able to point to something and say hey this is going to help us make money and whatever.

00:26:03.060 --> 00:26:03.210 But.

00:26:04.440 --> 00:26:05.220 Peggy Heijmen: Let me find.

00:26:05.280 --> 00:26:19.560 Peggy Heijmen: me when we were when we we you know, like Judy said, we talked about a case that we did talk about ways, but in a few of the parks, that I was involved in they didn't really want to do that because you're almost charging a double fee then right, I mean.

00:26:20.580 --> 00:26:20.940 Valerie Heffron: What what.

00:26:20.970 --> 00:26:37.560 Peggy Heijmen: here's the thing to come in and then i'm paying for parking and it was more that the the town's officials what preferred the goodwill, I mean it was they are offering an amenity that this beautiful park is offering to our residents and that really more pull.

00:26:37.860 --> 00:26:52.620 Valerie Heffron: than a man I, I understand, however, they they could like example there's an event coming up, I believe this week I just saw it it's a stand up paddleboarding event with your dog it's $40.

00:26:53.880 --> 00:27:06.150 Valerie Heffron: In East quad Okay, so they could take like if i'm running an event and it's a pet friendly event at a Park, I will probably have to pay a fee to rent that space, you know what I mean.

00:27:07.020 --> 00:27:31.200 Valerie Heffron: But but additionally, and this to me is more important point so bear with me on this one rough draft, but the reason that all of these laws exist, you know, keeping your dog on a leash etc is because unfortunately sometimes when dogs get out, you know they there have been injuries.

00:27:32.460 --> 00:27:44.490 Valerie Heffron: So the irony is that dog parks are provide a very important benefit, which is the socialization of dogs.

00:27:44.670 --> 00:27:54.240 Valerie Heffron: Right, because that will help reduce personal injuries attacks attacks dog on dog attacks, whatever so this.

00:27:54.420 --> 00:27:55.980 Virginia Munger Kahn: I believe you make that case.

00:27:56.040 --> 00:27:57.630 Valerie Heffron: yeah okay good yeah.

00:27:57.720 --> 00:27:58.530 Peggy Heijmen: yeah I mean.

00:27:58.620 --> 00:28:04.500 Peggy Heijmen: We make that always and social exercise exercise exercise so great.

00:28:04.920 --> 00:28:05.550 Peggy Heijmen: But you know.

00:28:05.580 --> 00:28:11.880 Peggy Heijmen: there's there are responsibilities to using the dog park correctly as well, so you need to be careful, you know I mean.

00:28:12.630 --> 00:28:23.220 Peggy Heijmen: it's not it's not a one fit for everybody, just like a soccer field is not a one fit for somebody who wants to play basketball, so a dog park is not it's why they're wonderful.

00:28:23.760 --> 00:28:35.820 Peggy Heijmen: um there are other ways to enjoy a park with your dog and that's why we got so involved in in on leash walking you know we'll keep our dog by our side, but we'd love to have a nice, you know enjoy a nice try ya.

00:28:36.330 --> 00:28:37.560 Peggy Heijmen: know so.

00:28:40.140 --> 00:28:43.410 Peggy Heijmen: Like I said they're not they're not a one fix for everyone.

00:28:43.830 --> 00:28:44.310 Valerie Heffron: And then.

00:28:44.430 --> 00:28:46.200 Peggy Heijmen: yeah we got a lot of fun.

00:28:47.160 --> 00:28:53.160 Valerie Heffron: yeah hundred percent and and i'll tell you I think it's also good for local businesses.

00:28:54.570 --> 00:29:03.060 Valerie Heffron: I mean, I went to what the heck said famous place in not princeton princeton provincetown.

00:29:03.840 --> 00:29:09.900 Valerie Heffron: Right anyway massive dog town you can't go anywhere dog.

00:29:10.350 --> 00:29:10.890 Valerie Heffron: walking.

00:29:11.010 --> 00:29:17.790 Valerie Heffron: You walk into an art gallery there was an art gallery with dog art, like everything was like a painting of a dog.

00:29:18.690 --> 00:29:35.280 Valerie Heffron: Anyway, but I mean you you're walking in and out of restaurants, with dogs and there's just dogs everywhere that city, there is booming their downtown district, and everything their their restaurants their stores, I mean it is a tremendous draw.

00:29:35.880 --> 00:29:42.750 Peggy Heijmen: huh yes absolutely I believe that we have to make some more businesses in this area, aware of that.

00:29:43.350 --> 00:29:44.670 Peggy Heijmen: We did actually have in.

00:29:45.060 --> 00:29:54.750 Peggy Heijmen: There was a Park, which now exists, but there are two locations to ideas and they actually moved it a little bit further away from the business district, I always thought that was a mistake for the businesses.

00:29:54.870 --> 00:29:57.030 Valerie Heffron: yeah maybe don't realize.

00:29:57.090 --> 00:30:04.110 Peggy Heijmen: What what kind of revenue that that street could have brought into to you know ice cream followers and arcades stuff like that.

00:30:04.230 --> 00:30:06.120 Peggy Heijmen: Absolutely, you know.

00:30:06.540 --> 00:30:09.630 Valerie Heffron: People love to do everything with their dogs and in California.

00:30:11.220 --> 00:30:12.750 Valerie Heffron: surfing competitions and.

00:30:16.350 --> 00:30:21.840 Valerie Heffron: One of my favorite things to watch the bulldogs on on a surfboard i'm amazing.

00:30:21.960 --> 00:30:22.350 Valerie Heffron: well.

00:30:22.410 --> 00:30:31.110 Virginia Munger Kahn: I have to tell you, you know when you look at California or Florida or North Carolina or South county you see all these dogs on beaches.

00:30:32.160 --> 00:30:40.320 Virginia Munger Kahn: And so it drives us crazy yeah other than the on the east end of long island we can't take our dogs to any beaches, you know.

00:30:40.380 --> 00:30:51.210 Tommy D: I guess it's a again you look at that and you try to figure out what the history of of this was but I mean the most obvious thing is I don't want to step in anything.

00:30:51.630 --> 00:30:52.110 Tommy D: That I.

00:30:52.770 --> 00:30:55.980 Tommy D: That I didn't expect to step in when I take my flip flops off like I.

00:30:56.340 --> 00:30:57.570 Valerie Heffron: Go to the beach Tommy.

00:30:57.660 --> 00:30:58.290 Tommy D: that's not fair.

00:30:59.310 --> 00:31:10.020 Tommy D: that's not fair, I don't think that's exactly how it is, I mean you know children they like children to go to the beach, but the children don't leave a dirty diaper that I might step in is what i'm trying to say anyway we're getting gross I didn't want to go.

00:31:11.280 --> 00:31:12.330 Tommy D: anywhere, do you think tell me.

00:31:12.360 --> 00:31:25.740 Virginia Munger Kahn: yeah so let me be very specific so in January of 2000 and while we launched our campaign to get access to New York state beaches on long island New York state managers.

00:31:25.770 --> 00:31:26.640 Peggy Heijmen: New York City.

00:31:28.590 --> 00:31:40.080 Virginia Munger Kahn: They manage 24,000 acres of parkland on long island a more than half of which have shoreline access and dogs are banned completely from all those all those beaches and.

00:31:40.440 --> 00:31:40.800 Valerie Heffron: Right.

00:31:40.860 --> 00:31:46.590 Virginia Munger Kahn: You know we're taxpayers, we support these beaches, with our taxpayer money and we're not allowed to.

00:31:47.850 --> 00:31:50.040 Virginia Munger Kahn: enjoy access to them at all.

00:31:50.220 --> 00:32:00.150 Tommy D: I think Jenny you know I gotta interrupt because we do we're over for a break, so we got to take a little break, but I, I think this just all this calls for is the way you and I met and you and Valerie I think you're already known each other but.

00:32:00.510 --> 00:32:07.020 Tommy D: The way through a call night and i'm, seeing as somebody who can see part of the future like not the whole future, but I can see.

00:32:07.650 --> 00:32:20.610 Tommy D: It and I see us doing a call night and speaking to some of my new friends my new political friends and and making these connections and saying hey, we need to look at this I don't know if this is the right answer letting dogs run wild not wild but runner.

00:32:22.500 --> 00:32:24.510 Tommy D: No, no, I know I know I know I know i'm sorry.

00:32:26.160 --> 00:32:27.000 Tommy D: we're going to go to a break.

00:32:27.030 --> 00:32:27.810 Valerie Heffron: i'm already in trouble.

00:32:28.080 --> 00:32:30.630 Tommy D: I am so in trouble I should probably come back on you look.

00:32:31.200 --> 00:32:36.420 Tommy D: But no, I think it's a conversation that we need to start having more and with a little bit of influence that Valerie and I have here.

00:32:36.660 --> 00:32:45.600 Tommy D: You know I think it's it's great to have you on this because we're creating this platform to have these conversations and really expand and even activate other people in.

00:32:45.990 --> 00:32:49.800 Tommy D: Pulling these conversations forward talk about pulling conversations forward.

00:32:50.220 --> 00:33:01.020 Tommy D: We are way over time in a break let's take a quick break, we will be right back professionals animal lover show during the break i'm going to share the website, which is Li so i'll share that and we'll check that out by.

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00:35:04.170 --> 00:35:09.570 Tommy D: Your pals and back alright, this is pals and i'm sharing so For those of you who are listening in listen only mode.

00:35:10.380 --> 00:35:14.580 Tommy D: baldwin park dog run massive Pico a dog park a park.

00:35:14.940 --> 00:35:25.380 Tommy D: down in East rockaway I saw Eisenhower on here so Glen cove up in my neck of the woods nickerson down by Lido beach so there's a ton NASA county when we come back from the next break i'll talk to you.

00:35:25.620 --> 00:35:43.050 Tommy D: about some self accountability if you're only listening, or if you're watching you can go to Li dog dot O rg Li dog dot O rg and we are back with Peggy jeannie Valerie and Tommy and I, and I apologize I don't mean we want dogs to one.

00:35:44.370 --> 00:35:47.490 Tommy D: run wild I took the words I want them all together on that one.

00:35:48.360 --> 00:36:02.220 Tommy D: This is a responsible situation, but what my point before was just that we can do this together, and the more we educate people, the more they can go out and advocate right so that's important so let's get back right back into the conversation about what's going on and how this.

00:36:02.910 --> 00:36:03.510 Tommy D: question.

00:36:03.720 --> 00:36:04.980 Tommy D: You can ask a question sure.

00:36:06.480 --> 00:36:10.650 Valerie Heffron: I would like to know, again I think of long beach because that's where I live.

00:36:12.150 --> 00:36:16.500 Valerie Heffron: But there's also a lot of bayside.

00:36:17.940 --> 00:36:31.650 Valerie Heffron: Water right so not the beach, but still water why can't they do that, like kind of I think that's a really fair compromise i'm not saying that you know they shouldn't do a beach somewhere too.

00:36:32.280 --> 00:36:32.490 But.

00:36:35.820 --> 00:36:37.200 Peggy Heijmen: I said take it away Jimmy.

00:36:38.760 --> 00:36:44.310 Virginia Munger Kahn: Okay yeah so we've proposed you know, to the office apart New York state office apart.

00:36:45.180 --> 00:37:00.030 Virginia Munger Kahn: That they we've been very clear from from the very beginning that we are not asking for access to Jones beach, you know we're not asking for access to Robert Moses, or any of the big beaches were you know that was the people show up during the summer.

00:37:00.270 --> 00:37:01.890 Peggy Heijmen: ocean product cards and everything.

00:37:02.250 --> 00:37:04.140 Virginia Munger Kahn: That would not work for anybody.

00:37:04.170 --> 00:37:09.660 Tommy D: Right that's too packed with people as it is let's be honest clouds you go to Jones beach in July, forget it, you know you know.

00:37:09.900 --> 00:37:12.180 Virginia Munger Kahn: it'd be bad for the dogs but.

00:37:12.240 --> 00:37:13.890 More importantly, Jones beach.

00:37:13.920 --> 00:37:32.160 Virginia Munger Kahn: State park is 2400 acres that's a really big part so even though we're not asking for access to the main be you know swimming beaches, or even to the wildlife conservation beaches on the West end of Jones beach state Park, there are a lot of other shoreline access there.

00:37:32.460 --> 00:37:44.040 Virginia Munger Kahn: Were people never swim they're not allowed to swim and where there are no wildlife concerns and and like you said Valerie the base side beaches, you know that these are not swimming beaches, the.

00:37:44.400 --> 00:38:01.590 Virginia Munger Kahn: beaches that front onto the great South Bay they have nice calm water people never swim there again they don't have the wildlife concerns that we have specifically pointed to those beaches and and said we think this would be appropriate for people to take their dogs, you know.

00:38:02.280 --> 00:38:04.200 Valerie Heffron: Without interfering now the park users.

00:38:04.440 --> 00:38:17.190 Virginia Munger Kahn: The other thing I would also say we're asking for is that there are portions of the ocean beaches, where people could walk their dogs during the off season and again not any place where anybody ever swims.

00:38:17.670 --> 00:38:25.260 Virginia Munger Kahn: But during the off season, where people could walk their dogs off leash like the fire island national seashore does that's the National Park service does.

00:38:25.980 --> 00:38:39.660 Virginia Munger Kahn: On on fire island national seashore and they do that every you know September to March and the piping clover situation are they're doing great and and it's working really well so.

00:38:39.690 --> 00:38:47.280 Valerie Heffron: yeah we can all you know, work together, but what did they say to what's the response to the base side access i'm.

00:38:47.730 --> 00:38:49.290 Virginia Munger Kahn: Just propose that so.

00:38:49.500 --> 00:38:53.400 Valerie Heffron: Oh love to see what what the responses are.

00:38:53.610 --> 00:38:58.080 Virginia Munger Kahn: I mean you know part of it is that we've never allowed it before so you know why.

00:38:58.470 --> 00:39:06.180 Tommy D: But I mean we know that's no good you know, like that's always like my answer to that is you ever have a slice of pizza and burn the roof of your mouth yeah yeah.

00:39:06.660 --> 00:39:12.510 Tommy D: You probably another slice of pizza right like that's not an answer, like, I might like well we've always done it this I don't care.

00:39:13.320 --> 00:39:14.430 Tommy D: it's like i'm not interested.

00:39:14.790 --> 00:39:24.810 Tommy D: But, like my I want to know who do we need to get out there, too, because that now Valerie is like a proud mama she's like oh my God look at them advocating they'll be like seriously like.

00:39:25.710 --> 00:39:30.390 Tommy D: Like who do we need to talk to you about this let's call it out, I mean you don't have to call them out by name.

00:39:30.840 --> 00:39:31.590 Tommy D: But are there, certain.

00:39:33.810 --> 00:39:34.260 Tommy D: Right.

00:39:35.280 --> 00:39:36.840 Peggy Heijmen: Okay, so.

00:39:37.320 --> 00:39:43.410 Peggy Heijmen: To me, you know when we work with some of the towns mean we can work directly with supervisors and elected officials.

00:39:44.070 --> 00:39:53.280 Peggy Heijmen: When you work with some of the park departments you're working with maybe somebody who maybe is more pointed they're not as concerned about a tax payer.

00:39:53.700 --> 00:40:06.390 Peggy Heijmen: somebody's going to hit a you know, a voting booth and vote for them so some of these to answer that and they it's just over the years it's just the way it's just the way it is some things have gotten a little bit more insular are protected and.

00:40:07.920 --> 00:40:14.280 Peggy Heijmen: dogs, maybe are not we're we're not high on the radar screen at the time right so.

00:40:15.540 --> 00:40:16.410 Peggy Heijmen: Huge.

00:40:16.770 --> 00:40:21.870 Peggy Heijmen: But I would say, within the past, even if I could go back as short as only five years.

00:40:22.890 --> 00:40:25.050 Peggy Heijmen: huge cultural change.

00:40:25.350 --> 00:40:29.700 Peggy Heijmen: yeah I mean you can't put on a TV commercial without seeing a dog, you know.

00:40:30.780 --> 00:40:46.140 Peggy Heijmen: movie you know advertisement in the paper they all now have dogs, you know real estate you don't sell a dog let's see you know you're gonna sell house and I still a dog and the window, I mean, but all of us, is there really recent changes.

00:40:46.560 --> 00:40:57.120 Peggy Heijmen: So, and like maybe evil i've only just gotten a dog and said hey right here they're fun to have around let's let's do this, you don't want to leave you know Rover at home once a month i'd rather stay at home, nobody cared.

00:40:57.690 --> 00:41:02.790 Peggy Heijmen: But it's been a huge change, it has been slow but it's but it's very obvious.

00:41:03.090 --> 00:41:05.010 Valerie Heffron: But also.

00:41:05.190 --> 00:41:13.620 Valerie Heffron: Peggy these people these elected officials also need to realize that you know animals don't vote.

00:41:13.890 --> 00:41:14.970 Peggy Heijmen: But they don't learn.

00:41:15.150 --> 00:41:16.050 Valerie Heffron: But people there.

00:41:16.350 --> 00:41:24.840 Valerie Heffron: But their owners do, and that was actually I remember in 2017 I was at a at a protest.

00:41:25.380 --> 00:41:26.910 Valerie Heffron: About cats.

00:41:27.300 --> 00:41:32.370 Valerie Heffron: And the signs a lot of them said, you know animals don't vote, but we do.

00:41:32.670 --> 00:41:32.940 Valerie Heffron: I.

00:41:33.000 --> 00:41:42.840 Valerie Heffron: will go which towns have you propose the the this the bay access proposal to if you don't mind me asking the.

00:41:43.230 --> 00:41:47.820 Virginia Munger Kahn: petition actually Valerie we have not gone to the town's at this point.

00:41:47.880 --> 00:41:51.630 Virginia Munger Kahn: Okay petition is directed at the New York governor.

00:41:52.650 --> 00:41:53.340 Valerie Heffron: Oh wow.

00:41:54.270 --> 00:41:55.110 wow.

00:41:56.250 --> 00:42:06.030 Peggy Heijmen: Very specific to New York state that that's why we talked a little bit beginning, you know the speeches on by that this is this, but this this petition is specific to New York state.

00:42:06.360 --> 00:42:12.390 Valerie Heffron: park yes okay okay good no i'm feeling this call my thing like a lot.

00:42:13.890 --> 00:42:21.480 Valerie Heffron: i'd love to help you any way I can and and we will we will absolutely will cross promote it, or, if you want us to.

00:42:21.960 --> 00:42:38.700 Valerie Heffron: create one you know will send out links, I mean you have you guys have an amazing email list, and I thank you so much Jenny because you joined our last call night and then you took the information and send it out to your email blast how many people are on your email list.

00:42:39.030 --> 00:42:42.090 Virginia Munger Kahn: We have about 3000 people on our email list and.

00:42:42.750 --> 00:42:53.010 Virginia Munger Kahn: Our Facebook group, which we also use to promote our campaigns and all of our efforts has more than 7500 people, in fact, it might even be closer to 8000 people now.

00:42:53.400 --> 00:42:57.120 Tommy D: Not fishing that petition since we're talking about that can be accessed right.

00:42:57.600 --> 00:42:59.250 Tommy D: psyche right so i'm looking at it.

00:42:59.460 --> 00:43:00.300 Tommy D: And i'll share it.

00:43:01.650 --> 00:43:11.010 Tommy D: on Facebook right now everyone, so you can check it out, but that petition can be accessed right right off Li dog dot orgy and if i'm not mistaken, it was right on the front page, I think.

00:43:11.010 --> 00:43:14.520 Tommy D: Lower front page so i'll share that please well.

00:43:15.120 --> 00:43:17.010 Peggy Heijmen: And, and we have that meeting.

00:43:17.160 --> 00:43:25.440 Peggy Heijmen: With New York state, so we have we are it's a slow process, you know, nobody should think that you know change happens overnight.

00:43:26.520 --> 00:43:38.310 Peggy Heijmen: very slow and it takes up and people just you know they want to put their feet in the water, put their toe in the water and see how it works and a lot of a lot of officials have told us, you know we've never had so much positive.

00:43:40.080 --> 00:43:51.240 Peggy Heijmen: acknowledgement as when we open up a dog park or as when we open up unit interesting so it's again it's a culture change and it's them starting said that rather than getting all the angry phone calls.

00:43:51.780 --> 00:43:57.750 Peggy Heijmen: They had you know Thank you so much for you know opening things our lives, this man, this is great so.

00:43:58.860 --> 00:44:04.800 Peggy Heijmen: it's a learning experience for everybody, you know you have about learn and educate, well, it goes back and forth with it with the town as well.

00:44:06.120 --> 00:44:07.710 Tommy D: As a whole, have a dog.

00:44:08.520 --> 00:44:09.090 Peggy Heijmen: I don't know.

00:44:09.300 --> 00:44:13.680 Tommy D: You got to find that out definite governor governor I don't know you don't want to call you by your first name.

00:44:14.370 --> 00:44:15.420 Tommy D: was back governor.

00:44:15.870 --> 00:44:20.700 Tommy D: Kathy ogle do you have a dog, we want to know the people want to know why I want to know.

00:44:21.120 --> 00:44:32.670 Valerie Heffron: So even if she doesn't I mean I went a long period of time in my life, where I didn't have a dog, and it was because I love animals and I knew that I couldn't.

00:44:32.880 --> 00:44:50.160 Valerie Heffron: If you're not home, you know, I was working crazy hours that that's not the right thing for the dog, so if that doesn't you know preclude her from also have this issue, but I will say it's important that these elected officials also recognize that dogs are people to.

00:44:51.840 --> 00:44:55.740 Tommy D: Wait a minute wait a minute hold on hold on flag on the play.

00:44:57.150 --> 00:44:59.460 Tommy D: Because you convince me of stuff all the time.

00:45:00.450 --> 00:45:02.040 Tommy D: When I gotta call foul.

00:45:03.180 --> 00:45:05.820 Tommy D: Because dogs dogs are not people.

00:45:09.270 --> 00:45:10.020 Tommy D: we're gonna disagree.

00:45:10.980 --> 00:45:12.960 Tommy D: I hate this I hate this phrase.

00:45:12.960 --> 00:45:15.330 Tommy D: But I guess we'll have to agree to disagree on this one.

00:45:19.080 --> 00:45:27.000 Tommy D: We got to take a break, but when we take a break i'm going to share the Suffolk county dog park parks about that on on the Facebook, for you, when we go.

00:45:27.270 --> 00:45:31.470 Tommy D: And we'll be right back to to bring our show to a close and find out how you can.

00:45:31.500 --> 00:45:36.930 Tommy D: get involved with Li and how you can help be part of the change will be right back.

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00:47:35.520 --> 00:47:44.370 Tommy D: Your password back in the House in the attic everywhere alright Gardner park dog run want to tell you about that one South old dog park Isaac dog park.

00:47:44.610 --> 00:47:54.060 Tommy D: Which is out in calverton way out there, so look there's a lot out and stuff accounting to if you're not list or, if you are listening and not watching go to Li and that will walk you through parts.

00:47:54.360 --> 00:48:00.480 Tommy D: I do want to talk about Gardner park i'll stop sharing now, but I was out there and I was gonna bring it up, because I was out there with.

00:48:00.870 --> 00:48:18.930 Tommy D: an organization on Saturday morning operation vest which invest as an acronym for veterans ending suicide together and they had a run, but it was a dog tag run and on there and it's all the people well the real people, you know, like the human beings are running and then the dog people.

00:48:19.110 --> 00:48:20.640 Tommy D: Because generally dogs are people.

00:48:20.850 --> 00:48:23.460 Tommy D: Well i'll just call back you gotta listen, the last segment if you missed that one.

00:48:24.540 --> 00:48:31.530 Tommy D: Then the dogs are running and I take this video because my partner in crime here i'm like dude I gotta show Valerie this thing, so all these people with dogs.

00:48:31.800 --> 00:48:37.110 Tommy D: But it's the dog tag run really drawing awareness to this tragedy that you know veterans 22 veterans.

00:48:37.590 --> 00:48:42.630 Tommy D: take their own lives every day, which we need to we're addressing out on philanthropy and focusing on other channels, but.

00:48:42.960 --> 00:48:51.690 Tommy D: I just call our garden Park, because it was so many dogs and, as you all were talking about these parts i'm going, I was in the park Saturday morning, and it was dogs, like all over the place.

00:48:51.720 --> 00:48:58.380 Tommy D: So what I really want to just call out another piece of what you provide so much information it's not just a list of the parks.

00:48:58.740 --> 00:49:09.510 Tommy D: It saying, like this one more creek dog park caution this site was previously used for glass recycling and dredge material disposal broken glass has been found in the sand.

00:49:09.930 --> 00:49:23.160 Tommy D: be mindful right protect your human dogs your I can just give you the business about that now, but protect you protect your family member your animal and that's what a bunch of resources.

00:49:23.190 --> 00:49:34.230 Tommy D: You guys are providing right and I have to this must be you must have like 50 employees and like a much like a tremendous payroll and like huge budget right like right now.

00:49:34.800 --> 00:49:35.430 Oh yeah.

00:49:36.900 --> 00:49:40.410 Tommy D: But completely volunteer or a couple of employees, what what tell us about.

00:49:40.710 --> 00:50:01.770 Peggy Heijmen: The 100 100% volunteer organization and they're an album all of those 3000 here and 7500 there there's very few worker bees okay very, very few and something that I hear, often because you know i'll be out talking, you know with my dog and apart and he will say you know.

00:50:03.030 --> 00:50:11.400 Peggy Heijmen: Why doesn't somebody do this, why can't we go here, what is it all about and i'm like yeah you know I mean that's i'm working on that and I.

00:50:11.970 --> 00:50:21.480 Peggy Heijmen: were trying to get somebody about its people need to become involved, and you don't need it, if that does not mean that it takes up 100% of your time.

00:50:21.810 --> 00:50:22.260 Valerie Heffron: No, but it.

00:50:22.350 --> 00:50:30.960 Peggy Heijmen: does mean that you find out what's going on, and you know if it's for dogs if it's for something else, and you actually get involved, and so that, when.

00:50:31.260 --> 00:50:41.910 Peggy Heijmen: We do these wonderful great pack walks and you know meetups and we do things with people have fun with their dog it doesn't happen by you know clicking your fingers.

00:50:42.000 --> 00:50:55.920 Peggy Heijmen: Well, people put this together for other people to enjoy part of enjoying it is, is giving back, I mean we feel like we're giving back, we have so much fun doing it we love it and volunteering is a lot of fun.

00:50:56.940 --> 00:50:59.880 Peggy Heijmen: work, but when you're working with other people it's fun.

00:51:02.040 --> 00:51:11.490 Peggy Heijmen: On a cause so I like dogs and everybody has a dog, and you can go to events when there's $50 or hundred dogs and they all get along I mean.

00:51:11.790 --> 00:51:13.770 Valerie Heffron: Well, also has been proven.

00:51:13.800 --> 00:51:18.750 Valerie Heffron: it's been proven that pack walks increase adoption.

00:51:18.810 --> 00:51:21.390 Tommy D: So what ends up happening is I don't know so some other people.

00:51:21.660 --> 00:51:22.650 Valerie Heffron: hold on hold on just.

00:51:22.770 --> 00:51:25.440 Valerie Heffron: hang on just one second because I just wanted to mention this to.

00:51:25.470 --> 00:51:26.310 Valerie Heffron: We did the.

00:51:26.370 --> 00:51:34.980 Valerie Heffron: Anti puppy mill bill call nights the bill passed, we were all ecstatic This is something that a lot of people have been working on for a long time.

00:51:35.520 --> 00:51:51.150 Valerie Heffron: You know protest emails phone calls discussions with legislators, etc, I was so exhausted that night literally within an hour of announcing that it passed I started getting Comments like can you focus on this now.

00:51:51.270 --> 00:51:52.260 Valerie Heffron: Can you get right now.

00:51:52.290 --> 00:51:54.030 Valerie Heffron: And I was like oh my.

00:51:54.240 --> 00:51:55.110 Valerie Heffron: God, can I have.

00:51:55.440 --> 00:51:58.410 Peggy Heijmen: One moment you know i'm like.

00:51:59.190 --> 00:51:59.610 Valerie Heffron: Can I.

00:52:00.000 --> 00:52:01.710 Can I have a glass of champagne.

00:52:03.870 --> 00:52:05.130 Peggy Heijmen: And I offered to help you.

00:52:05.130 --> 00:52:12.120 Peggy Heijmen: on something that that you really are you know i'll show you how we do it one take the reins and try to do a little bit on your own.

00:52:12.450 --> 00:52:15.660 Peggy Heijmen: yeah that's human nature, I understand that.

00:52:15.840 --> 00:52:22.380 Peggy Heijmen: But you need if you're enjoying something if you see something that you really enjoy, and you can see.

00:52:23.100 --> 00:52:32.940 Peggy Heijmen: The other thing is yes, it is very busy here right it's very crowded, you know, I understand that these parks are well used the beaches are well us there's lots of places that aren't so while us.

00:52:33.360 --> 00:52:45.480 Peggy Heijmen: But you really need to respect one another and respect boundaries for one another and it's very sad how one incident can ruin it for everybody.

00:52:45.630 --> 00:52:46.470 Peggy Heijmen: yeah yeah.

00:52:46.500 --> 00:52:48.180 Peggy Heijmen: If people don't pick up after.

00:52:48.180 --> 00:52:51.030 Peggy Heijmen: themselves with people let their dogs Sunday right.

00:52:51.240 --> 00:52:59.070 Valerie Heffron: After a while do the right thing all right Jimmy, can you tell Tommy and also everyone else who might not know what a potluck is.

00:52:59.130 --> 00:52:59.880 Virginia Munger Kahn: Yes, sir.

00:53:01.410 --> 00:53:16.740 Virginia Munger Kahn: Our pack walks or group on leash walks they're guided that we do in parks around long island once a month and our pack walks usually attract at least 30 or 40 people sometimes as many as 60.

00:53:17.910 --> 00:53:26.340 Virginia Munger Kahn: You know people with their on leash dogs and I think you know people love being with other dog owners who.

00:53:26.340 --> 00:53:39.840 Virginia Munger Kahn: really love their dogs they love seeing their dogs enjoying being out in nature, because our dogs are you know part of nature and they love it and also we you know we scope out the trails.

00:53:39.840 --> 00:53:45.960 Virginia Munger Kahn: Before we take people on these walks so we know where we're going, which is nice.

00:53:46.950 --> 00:53:48.000 Valerie Heffron: And how to get back.

00:53:51.030 --> 00:54:01.620 Virginia Munger Kahn: And it's it's just it's it's a lot of fun i'll tell you, because they're so popular you know they like, I said they attract 40 people regularly.

00:54:02.370 --> 00:54:22.560 Virginia Munger Kahn: It really kind of drives home to us how much people want access to parks and really drives home the importance of our mission to to get people access to these public parks, because frankly we it's the right thing to do.

00:54:23.760 --> 00:54:24.030 Valerie Heffron: yeah.

00:54:24.090 --> 00:54:30.210 Tommy D: Oh, I gotta just point something out because I just share this on Facebook, but the next pack walk now that I know what it is, is.

00:54:31.200 --> 00:54:33.150 Tommy D: Sunday June 26.

00:54:33.540 --> 00:54:37.050 Tommy D: sandpoint sands point preserved right that's accurate information that i'm reading.

00:54:37.050 --> 00:54:42.150 Tommy D: There Okay, so I know that area actually I don't sleep all that, far from that area.

00:54:43.140 --> 00:54:43.410 Tommy D: And I.

00:54:43.530 --> 00:54:52.380 Tommy D: Do I do not have a dog, but I do have one particular son, who likes dogs a lot, I might have to borrow a dog like my neighbor's.

00:54:53.580 --> 00:54:54.660 Tommy D: dog barney.

00:54:54.870 --> 00:55:01.410 Tommy D: who's named his name is leave his full name is Captain barnacle because their voters and it is where they call him barney which.

00:55:02.160 --> 00:55:11.730 Tommy D: is why called the animal, the name, you gave it because I named the dog make a lot of light and never call them that, so but that's another story that's my issue but um.

00:55:13.230 --> 00:55:19.950 Tommy D: But I think I want to be at that event and i'm assuming you know I can just come and be like a looky loo if I don't have a dog right, I need to bring it.

00:55:19.950 --> 00:55:20.190 All.

00:55:21.210 --> 00:55:22.170 Virginia Munger Kahn: You can come.

00:55:23.460 --> 00:55:24.210 Virginia Munger Kahn: make special.

00:55:24.240 --> 00:55:26.910 Tommy D: Because it's me or like anybody can come without a dog.

00:55:27.210 --> 00:55:30.000 Virginia Munger Kahn: You can come and say that they are.

00:55:30.090 --> 00:55:31.410 Virginia Munger Kahn: Here, with.

00:55:32.490 --> 00:55:32.790 Tommy D: All right.

00:55:32.970 --> 00:55:34.530 Tommy D: Well, we will, I think we can get.

00:55:34.530 --> 00:55:44.100 Tommy D: Get barney to go with us because my son would love to probably borrow him for the afternoon anyway we're running out of time in order kitty Peggy one last comment each you got like 10 seconds each.

00:55:44.790 --> 00:55:45.510 Tommy D: Do you go first.

00:55:45.900 --> 00:55:54.480 Virginia Munger Kahn: yeah okay i'll go first so if people want to support and my dog, I would ask them to go on our website and I click on the join tab.

00:55:54.930 --> 00:56:07.680 Virginia Munger Kahn: so that they can join our email list and the more we have on our email list the stronger we become and then also I would encourage people to join our Facebook and our meetup groups.

00:56:08.280 --> 00:56:19.890 Virginia Munger Kahn: they're a great way to become part of the long island dog owner community and the other thing I would say is that we're having a events meeting volunteer meeting next week.

00:56:20.340 --> 00:56:32.160 Virginia Munger Kahn: On Thursday, the 23rd if you want to volunteer and help Li dog you want to be a part of our organization and please feel free to come to the meeting we welcome all newcomers.

00:56:32.910 --> 00:56:35.790 Tommy D: awesome That was a long 10 seconds so Peggy you got anything.

00:56:38.370 --> 00:56:50.490 Peggy Heijmen: You know everything that you said, and I said just just to get back into your to you it's fun to volunteer it's fun to be part of organizations and really get you out of your Shell and it's a lot it's just a good thing to do.

00:56:50.760 --> 00:56:51.240 Peggy Heijmen: For you, when you.

00:56:51.870 --> 00:57:00.270 Tommy D: hundred percent totally agree, I love volunteering hashtag 60 days of service Val say some words because it's something i'm looking for really quick so talk.

00:57:00.270 --> 00:57:11.280 Tommy D: About in October, because I need to know I just shared your email just Valerie out hyphen show COM, we just put that on Facebook, but tell them what's going on in October, while I look what i'm looking for.

00:57:11.640 --> 00:57:22.410 Valerie Heffron: Okay, so Tommy and I have decided to book our very first event, we want to make it an annual event we're going to recognize through honoree where we have several honorees.

00:57:22.860 --> 00:57:38.730 Valerie Heffron: People in the animal rescue and advocacy space we're calling it the compassionate words which I love like I can't even emphasize how much I love the name and it's going to be October 11 at the refuge at 5:30pm and I hope everyone who's listening will be there.

00:57:39.360 --> 00:57:51.540 Tommy D: And for right now we're about to put the site up we're about to put a website up but for now contact Valerie at Pal dash or hyphen show calm and put it on Facebook, for you Jenny thanks for being here pay thanks for being here now.

00:57:51.630 --> 00:57:52.560 Valerie Heffron: Oh much.

00:57:52.620 --> 00:57:52.740 Peggy Heijmen: On.

00:57:53.280 --> 00:57:59.130 Tommy D: My plate cool so one last thing we enjoyed having you and we want to have you back so we leave you with this.

00:57:59.940 --> 00:58:12.090 Tommy D: And it's total commitment to non violence Gandhi always included the animal stating the greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way, it's animals are treated make a great day, everybody will see you next week.

00:58:12.120 --> 00:58:12.600 and

00:58:20.040 --> 00:58:20.400 Thank you.

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