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Friday, June 10, 2022
Facebook Live Video from 2022/06/10 -  Our Definition of Poverty

Facebook Live Video from 2022/06/10 -  Our Definition of Poverty


2022/06/10 - Our Definition of Poverty

[NEW EPISODE] Our Definition of Poverty

 Our definition of poverty and how we have the answer in our own personal experiences to solve our society's most wicked problems. What is getting in our way?

An ability to better see themselves and those with differences, to see the simple, yet complex ways we as a society can get to better at solving our wicked problems and how each of us can be part of the work that pains them most.

About Katie:

Katie Nzekwu has a Master of Social Work Administration degree from the University of Cincinnati and a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from MarshallUniversity. She is a licensed clinical social worker in the State of Ohio. Katie’s work at Found Village is informed by her personal experience of living in a detention center for a year as a teenager. Having been served by dozens of therapists and providers as a vulnerable youth, Katie has firsthand experience of the negative impacts of well-intentioned service providers, when the foundation of love, belonging, and safety has not been met. 

About Iloba:

Iloba has a Master of Science in Economics from Miami University and a Bachelor of Economics degree from Marshall University. Before joining Found Village full-time in 2019, Iloba worked as a business strategy consultant and data scientist for 11 years for home healthcare companies including Mercy Health and Care Center. Iloba’ s extensive business strategy experience in the healthcare field allows him to oversee Found Village’s finances and operations as well as create a vision and a plan for executing and measuring Found Village’s relationship-based model of care to serve system-involved young people in Cincinnati. Iloba brings his passion for the city, belief in young people, and business knowledge to his role.

Name: Found Village


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Instagram: Takes A Village

Tune in for this sensible conversation at or watch the Facebook Livestream by Clicking Here.

Show Notes

Segment 1

Tommy's guest, Katie Nzekwu of Found Village, tells listeners about Cincinnati, Ohio. Originally from West Virginia, Katie talks about how welcoming and generous Cincinnati can be. What stands out about her city is the family-oriented atmosphere. She talks about their strong sense of community followed by ubiquitous activities and restaurants. Tommy shares some of Katie's background and accolades before telling the listeners about her life in Cincinnati. Katie talks about commuting from Kentucky to Cincinnati. She dives into her upbringing and what led her to Found Village.

Segment 2

Katie, President, and co-founder of Found Village, continue to reflect on her life in West Virginia and compare her upbring to her parents. Katie was labeled as a problem child with rebellious tendencies. Her personality led her to colorful people with similar attitudes. Tommy and Katie discuss how powerful words can be and the impression it can make on a child. She says she found herself in those spaces because she didn't feel judged or accepted. Katie adds that to understand people and their stories, she must first accept her own. Tommy and Katie discuss core needs that need to be met in order to thrive and succeed. Katie reveals to Tommy and his listeners how her parents made the decision to put her in a detention center at the age of fifteen.

Segment 3

Katie continues to tell her experience in a detention center as a teenager. She talks about the difficulties of healing in a toxic environment. There were guidelines that were meant to be followed in order to be discharged from the program. The problem that Katie noticed was that the decision to be discharged came from staff members, which led to an inauthentic experience. Katie explains that her relationship with her parents was suffering before completing the program. When she finished the program, she met with a judge who gave her a unique opportunity. She was told to make the decision to live in Baltimore or either stay in West Virginia on one-year probation with strict guidelines; she chose to move to Baltimore. Katie shares her life in boarding school and how it changed her for the better. She graduated and took time off for two years before returning home and getting a job at a group home. Before the break, Katie shared what it was like to work in a family-owned group home.

Segment 4

Ten years into an organization and Katie was unfulfilled. She was growing depressed due to the failed attempt at healing children in the system. When she found herself a part of a leadership team, Katie decided to take a new approach. She created an afterschool program that gave lost children their basic needs and support. Katie's program built community and gave children an outlet to help them succeed. Katie continues to share with Tommy the birth of Found Village and the impact it's made on children classified as problematic. She talks about the improvement she found in the children within four months.


00:00:51.510 --> 00:00:59.310 Tommy DiMisa: Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls children of all ages it's your boy your Pal your buddy your comrade the nonprofit sector.

00:00:59.940 --> 00:01:04.590 Tommy DiMisa: connector I don't really know how much time i'm supposed to pause between sector.

00:01:05.310 --> 00:01:16.080 Tommy DiMisa: And connector, but I feel it's very dramatic when I do that so that's why I do it your boy Tommy D coming at you from the top of my house the top of the building where I live.

00:01:16.890 --> 00:01:22.140 Tommy DiMisa: I was in the kitchen before it takes me two flights to get up to where I operate from just below the roof.

00:01:22.710 --> 00:01:37.170 Tommy DiMisa: In my attic like that does become a thing, like, I saw people like I saw friends of mine yesterday and I like what are you doing out of the attic aren't you supposed to be in the attic like that was a joke that I started saying like I don't know march of 2020 when I was.

00:01:38.550 --> 00:01:48.870 Tommy DiMisa: sent i'll say sent to the attic I was like going to the attic Tommy did go to the attic is what they all told me the funny story behind that is before that happened in really February 2020 people.

00:01:49.140 --> 00:01:54.390 Tommy DiMisa: My wife actually called me Oh, by the way this show is called philanthropy and focus on time ED but my wife had said to me.

00:01:55.350 --> 00:01:58.650 Tommy DiMisa: Listen we're moving things around your office we're going to put your office up in the attic.

00:01:59.130 --> 00:02:06.450 Tommy DiMisa: And I had no idea how fortunate that was in February 2020 because i've been operating now from the attic home base here for like two and a half years, which was a.

00:02:07.320 --> 00:02:15.270 Tommy DiMisa: As many of us remember we're supposed to be two weeks, while I was supposed to be in the attic for two weeks, the whole world was only supposed to go on pause for a couple weeks, and you know I figured that it was Easter but.

00:02:15.630 --> 00:02:27.720 Tommy DiMisa: Obviously, the world has changed and evolved 72, this is the 72nd episode of a thing that was just an idea that I walked around telling people out or bow for a couple of years finally.

00:02:28.410 --> 00:02:38.730 Tommy DiMisa: January 8 2021 is really when I started the show here, but why doesn't like a couple versions of the show, I would call my friends were executive directors and say hey let's do this thing.

00:02:39.540 --> 00:02:45.450 Tommy DiMisa: Can you call on zoom with me, and let me interview you for for empathy and focus because before the show existed, it had a name.

00:02:45.870 --> 00:02:52.260 Tommy DiMisa: And it was spelled pH oC us because I like alliteration I grew up in an era when we used to say fat.

00:02:52.950 --> 00:03:02.550 Tommy DiMisa: And we didn't mean someone was obese it meant other things like cool and we use this fellow with a pH katie you remember that, like are you are my era to remember, we used to say fattal time.

00:03:02.820 --> 00:03:03.840 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: Oh absolutely.

00:03:05.550 --> 00:03:11.250 Tommy DiMisa: So that's that's our era that's where we came from, so I haven't kind of shout it out a little bit.

00:03:11.730 --> 00:03:24.300 Tommy DiMisa: So I put it in the name of the show all right look you guys know by now if you've been paying attention to the show, or if this is your first ever episode of checking in with me i'm passionate about this sector, I am incredibly passionate about nonprofits yesterday alone.

00:03:25.320 --> 00:03:38.010 Tommy DiMisa: I was in New York City with nyu and media with op con and I sat through eight hours of sessions learning about operations and finance and security and cyber security.

00:03:38.790 --> 00:03:47.970 Tommy DiMisa: Tell me, do you want an insurance agency and you sell employee benefits and why is that important well it's important because i'm a board member for a number of organizations.

00:03:48.510 --> 00:03:58.320 Tommy DiMisa: I see myself as a consultant for the nonprofit sector and I gave myself a title called the nonprofit sector connector so you kind of have to know what's going on in the world where you want to live.

00:03:59.100 --> 00:04:05.010 Tommy DiMisa: Quick shout out to my friend dahmer rosenbaum who made this introduction happen, I don't meet katie.

00:04:05.490 --> 00:04:14.850 Tommy DiMisa: And the team from found village i'm going to get kitty in the conversation i'm trying to get all the stuff that's in my head, or at least the appropriate stuff out of my head really quick, so we can get in and get katie into this conversation.

00:04:15.150 --> 00:04:22.200 Tommy DiMisa: But Dara made this connection she heeded the call I asked my friends the people i'm connected to if you are connected to a nonprofit.

00:04:23.100 --> 00:04:27.030 Tommy DiMisa: that you would like me to feature on the show and help them do two things, help them tell their story.

00:04:27.390 --> 00:04:37.980 Tommy DiMisa: And amplify their message do me a favor hook me up make that connection, bring those people into my world bring me into their world and we'll do this, I expect that I get to do the show for another 50 years.

00:04:39.000 --> 00:04:44.280 Tommy DiMisa: If I only do it once a week it's like 2500 episodes or something like that, if.

00:04:44.700 --> 00:04:51.600 Tommy DiMisa: When I get to my real goal, I want to do the show every day of the week, Monday through Friday because there's so many nonprofits to highlight and so we have great stories to tell.

00:04:51.930 --> 00:05:01.110 Tommy DiMisa: So katie before I read your bio and some background and an introduction, I would just like to say good morning, welcome to the show and welcome to my attic how are you.

00:05:01.470 --> 00:05:07.380 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: Thank you Tommy I am doing well today coming from Cincinnati Ohio and it is sunny outside.

00:05:07.470 --> 00:05:12.090 Tommy DiMisa: it's nice here in New York to so Tony and since it sorry in cincy I like that.

00:05:12.420 --> 00:05:13.290 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: That in cincy.

00:05:13.380 --> 00:05:21.420 Tommy DiMisa: i'm in the Columbus but I, I have not been to Cincinnati and I, you know my my one one of my boys, I have two boys and two girls and my oldest son.

00:05:21.900 --> 00:05:32.520 Tommy DiMisa: Is big into baseball we're big fans, so I think you know it makes sense to see all these cities, and you know, certainly, to get out and see the reds and things like that, I mean tell me a little bit of Cincinnati before we jump in.

00:05:33.540 --> 00:05:40.920 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: Oh man, so I actually live actually live in Kentucky because I say Cincinnati is my home because we have like the tri state.

00:05:41.340 --> 00:05:47.760 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: And I think that's what I love about it is that you know I get all the benefits of Kentucky and I get Cincinnati Ohio.

00:05:48.090 --> 00:05:56.520 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: And we just can cross borders and get to other states and feel like we have the larger Community I just love that I think I love this city so much because.

00:05:57.210 --> 00:06:05.490 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: You know, we have just so it's a family town it's great for my kids there's so much to do here there's just you know just great restaurants great people.

00:06:06.090 --> 00:06:13.110 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: Just great Community a lot a long history and Cincinnati of just really generosity i'm not from here i'm from West Virginia.

00:06:13.530 --> 00:06:25.650 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: And i've just been so surprised just the welcoming of people into the Community and then just the generous spirit that Cincinnati has particularly around philanthropy and just elevated others around them yeah.

00:06:25.740 --> 00:06:33.150 Tommy DiMisa: I didn't know that so generosity and philanthropy things that Cincinnati is known for that is getting that I did not know it's funny where I live.

00:06:33.660 --> 00:06:44.460 Tommy DiMisa: So I live on long island, which is part of New York, although some people say it's going to be the 51st state I don't know I don't really think I have time to advocate, on behalf of that I love the things we're doing but.

00:06:45.360 --> 00:06:55.890 Tommy DiMisa: we're right near Connecticut New Jersey Pennsylvania, so I get you know where you can be in and out of states like that pretty pretty quickly, and I think that's cool you know I think that's.

00:06:56.250 --> 00:07:03.750 Tommy DiMisa: there's so much of this country that personally I haven't seen that I want to see, and I apologize I got the i'm fighting the allergies.

00:07:04.200 --> 00:07:11.430 Tommy DiMisa: But there's so much of that out there and so much connection to make, so I think that special, so thank you for bringing part of the.

00:07:12.090 --> 00:07:20.700 Tommy DiMisa: Other parts of the country into into my attic I appreciate it, so what I want to do as we do, always on the show, and you and i've talked about this is.

00:07:21.690 --> 00:07:29.280 Tommy DiMisa: I want to hear your story, I always feel that the executive leaders of nonprofits who I get to meet with.

00:07:30.120 --> 00:07:38.040 Tommy DiMisa: there's something that drew them to the nonprofit work there's something that drew them to this work, this is it, whether it's you know something that happened in their lives or.

00:07:38.490 --> 00:07:52.920 Tommy DiMisa: their parents were very influential or some folks were you know exposed to service work at the College level there's always I feel something there and it could be as simple as all my parents were very involved and they always give back at the Church, or they did this driver that truck.

00:07:54.330 --> 00:08:05.700 Tommy DiMisa: it's it's always, I think the best place to start the story and then we'll go into like we do every week here on the show talk about the organization, the name of the organization is found village katie.

00:08:06.120 --> 00:08:15.360 Tommy DiMisa: And i'm gonna i'm gonna Look how I wrote it and zoo crew right, I can check your I was close to what I practice, so I actually looked at my notes and I didn't right exactly.

00:08:15.570 --> 00:08:21.270 Tommy DiMisa: So I want to say get his name correctly kitty and zach who, who is one of the founders of found village.

00:08:21.630 --> 00:08:38.940 Tommy DiMisa: i'm going to read a little bit about katie's background and we're going to dive right in masters msw master social work from the University of Cincinnati before that a bachelor's degree in psychology from Marshall university licensed clinical social worker in the State of Ohio and.

00:08:40.530 --> 00:08:50.760 Tommy DiMisa: her experience and her knowledge of found village, I did my notes here say where's informed by her own growing up and and some of the some of what she saw from.

00:08:51.270 --> 00:09:02.520 Tommy DiMisa: Some service providers, although well intentioned we're not really bringing the love and the belonging and the safety that is really required for these young people you experienced some of that firsthand.

00:09:02.910 --> 00:09:09.660 Tommy DiMisa: And that's what the organization, this is what i'm reading this right off of the organization website, we believe that every young person.

00:09:10.110 --> 00:09:20.910 Tommy DiMisa: Has what they need inside of them to thrive that and that our role is to provide the right foundation support information and the opportunity, so they can meet their potential so.

00:09:21.870 --> 00:09:27.780 Tommy DiMisa: Second episode ever of philanthropy and focus my friend, Dr Larry gubler who runs transitional services for.

00:09:27.780 --> 00:09:29.700 Tommy DiMisa: New York, which is a mental health agency.

00:09:30.030 --> 00:09:39.900 Tommy DiMisa: That serves 4000 New York City individuals, each year, told me, you know Tommy we all need i've said this 1000 times, but I probably said this 60 times on the show already.

00:09:40.140 --> 00:09:47.220 Tommy DiMisa: We all need support at sometimes sometimes katie right it's a different level of support, sometimes it's more support, sometimes it's.

00:09:48.270 --> 00:09:52.890 Tommy DiMisa: Just you know even yesterday being at this this icon.

00:09:53.670 --> 00:10:07.050 Tommy DiMisa: There was a lot of organizations that were there, and there were on these panels speaking about the foster care system and organizations that are taking care of these children so support is critical katie I want to be quiet, I want to be the listener take it away.

00:10:07.110 --> 00:10:07.560 Tommy DiMisa: Tell me your.

00:10:07.680 --> 00:10:18.690 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: Full please thanks Tommy hi everyone is a great to to be here today, and just to share a little bit about my story and how my story has really evolved into the work and found village.

00:10:19.920 --> 00:10:25.740 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: So I think, where do I start, let me just share I why I live in northern Kentucky for Thomas Kentucky.

00:10:26.100 --> 00:10:38.250 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: I work go to church do a lot of life in Cincinnati Ohio so like I feel like both of those places are home but i'm from Huntington West Virginia, which is actually only about two and a half hours from Cincinnati so it's a lot of.

00:10:38.250 --> 00:10:40.170 Tommy DiMisa: You guys I gotta look at a map i'm going to pull it.

00:10:40.410 --> 00:10:42.720 Tommy DiMisa: up, so I can see where all this is because i'm a little.

00:10:44.190 --> 00:10:45.150 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: Really connected.

00:10:45.960 --> 00:10:50.190 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: So yeah so I grew up in Huntington West Virginia that's where my family is from my dad.

00:10:50.580 --> 00:11:01.980 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: runs a small business a family owned business that's he's been running for generations and my mother is a nurse so definitely come from a line of entrepreneurs and nurses and educators and.

00:11:02.610 --> 00:11:10.380 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: i've got two siblings I am the oldest child and i'll just kind of start with my story, and you know I have great loving parents.

00:11:11.280 --> 00:11:20.250 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: And the privilege of a middle class family in West Virginia, I did get to grow up and an amazing Community where we had a lot of diversity, so.

00:11:20.520 --> 00:11:26.730 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: You know we all were there was one high school there was one elementary school, so I got to be around people with different classes different races.

00:11:27.210 --> 00:11:33.720 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: You know, which really I think just kind of shaped you know my view in my culture competency, and my friendships of people just.

00:11:34.320 --> 00:11:36.240 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: Had multiple differences than me.

00:11:36.840 --> 00:11:44.400 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: And so you know i'll just fast forward, and I can actually tell my story now with a lot more perspective than I could have told my story, then so.

00:11:44.640 --> 00:11:53.100 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: Just know, as I tell my story, the most of these things are things that I did not understand about myself or my story, but now I can reflect and just really understand.

00:11:53.550 --> 00:12:06.300 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: You know my parents, you know and their circumstances, coupled with who I am and who I was, as a young child and how I ended up in the journey that has led me to found village, so I just like to kind of caveat.

00:12:06.690 --> 00:12:14.880 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: That this is a perspective sharing and you know and i'll just start with you know when I have always been a strong willed person and a strong real child.

00:12:15.240 --> 00:12:22.200 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: I had parents that were really, really busy they went through the loss of family members, the loss of parents just a lot of really hard things when.

00:12:22.590 --> 00:12:34.950 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: me and my brother were younger and I realized the level of trying to maintain their lifestyle and their work that just led to me not getting my needs met and a sense of connection and being seen and heard within my family.

00:12:36.330 --> 00:12:50.340 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: And you know my mom let me my mom always talk about the reality that you know she was the first generation of working on right her mom didn't work like I didn't have anybody to talk to or figure out how to do this, I was working full time so is your dad.

00:12:50.430 --> 00:13:00.120 Tommy DiMisa: I was the thing like in that generation like both my parents worked growing when we were growing up, I mean I remember my mom had probably a couple different gigs going on, you know, and it was like that was.

00:13:01.710 --> 00:13:06.810 Tommy DiMisa: very interesting because, from a societal perspective I don't think we talked about that enough, but that was the thing where.

00:13:07.710 --> 00:13:14.850 Tommy DiMisa: In this country at least you needed two incomes or more than two and that was like you know you know before that i'm you know that.

00:13:15.150 --> 00:13:28.560 Tommy DiMisa: Just this was the way it was there's not, this is not me being judgmental or sexist but the dad would you know get the lunch pail and go to work and do the job right and mom would do stuff at home and and that worked out, but financially that just didn't work anymore right.

00:13:28.890 --> 00:13:32.610 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: And my mom always said, like what we're women thinking with the women's rights movement, we should have got like.

00:13:32.640 --> 00:13:33.150 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: paid.

00:13:33.180 --> 00:13:38.430 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: To still do the mother and duties right and there was nobody to talk to you about how to do it well right so.

00:13:38.700 --> 00:13:52.050 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: I think a lot of generation that generation was struggling, how do we care and childcare for our kids and how do we also work outside the home, and you know, and I think, as a result, you know we have a really interesting generation right.

00:13:52.080 --> 00:13:52.500 Tommy DiMisa: or down.

00:13:52.530 --> 00:14:03.270 Tommy DiMisa: yeah yeah like I remember the days like like summer was kind of looking back, I mean I remember being now i'm 44 so i'm going back 30 years literally I remember 14.

00:14:03.750 --> 00:14:07.770 Tommy DiMisa: You know my sister seven years younger than me my brother about just under four.

00:14:08.550 --> 00:14:18.750 Tommy DiMisa: But I remember, like those kind of times and we we were sort of on our own little bit my mom would leave she didn't work far from the home, she would teach you how to go and we sort of did what we did, which.

00:14:19.170 --> 00:14:27.720 Tommy DiMisa: was all good, but it was you know it was different, I think, then, you know this what's coming up for me like remember beaver cleaver.

00:14:27.960 --> 00:14:29.940 Tommy DiMisa: Remember, like we need to be very like you know.

00:14:30.090 --> 00:14:35.730 Tommy DiMisa: pull award and this kind of stuff I actually had a friend of mine who, when he said to me, he was tired he the first time i've ever met you.

00:14:35.970 --> 00:14:39.480 Tommy DiMisa: I thought you were like eddie haskell I don't know if you remember that any haskell character.

00:14:39.660 --> 00:14:48.390 Tommy DiMisa: But eddie house goes like this sweet guy that was like always like Yes, Mrs cleaver know Mrs cleaver behind the back, he was getting like wally and the Bead like involved in some like.

00:14:48.810 --> 00:14:53.880 Tommy DiMisa: In the shenanigans and the mischief and stuff like that, but, but I just remember like.

00:14:54.360 --> 00:15:06.630 Tommy DiMisa: You know, both my parents had to go do the thing you have they had to go work and and katie I don't know about you, but it wasn't like and we weren't wealthy because they went to like dad was like that was sort of like to get by right yeah yeah.

00:15:06.720 --> 00:15:06.930 yeah.

00:15:08.310 --> 00:15:12.420 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: yeah and I think it's just so it's great because I used to have this perspective, like.

00:15:12.840 --> 00:15:23.880 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: there's no there's no good and bad like we all just show up doing our best right, and so I like to talk about my family and that contacts that like I have great family they're great people and they were showing up doing their best and yet.

00:15:24.390 --> 00:15:27.780 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: I still had a lot of struggles within that family content we're.

00:15:27.780 --> 00:15:30.150 Tommy DiMisa: going to hear about that so that's a perfect thing that's I call it.

00:15:30.150 --> 00:15:36.840 Tommy DiMisa: cliffhanger so there was we set everybody up now they're stuck with us, even though we're going to break they gotta come back because they want to hear the rest of story.

00:15:37.860 --> 00:15:44.340 Tommy DiMisa: katie is here from found village your boy, he is here, obviously, because you know it's my show will be right back let's go to a break.

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00:17:51.600 --> 00:17:51.990 Tommy.

00:17:55.950 --> 00:17:56.970 Tommy DiMisa: that's right, I asked you to do.

00:17:57.780 --> 00:18:05.190 Tommy DiMisa: push that static either way cut through the static join me in the attic i'm up here man took me two flights of stairs to get up here so i'm up here all right so look.

00:18:05.760 --> 00:18:12.300 Tommy DiMisa: This is really have to be focused every week, two things tell stories amplify message katie President co founder.

00:18:12.720 --> 00:18:21.390 Tommy DiMisa: Of found village, which had another name in the past to katie right but we're not we're not even there to that part of the story we're talking about you know you had.

00:18:21.780 --> 00:18:29.940 Tommy DiMisa: A good family great family who looked out for you, but they had to go do the thing that had to go work so sometimes there was this loss in connection right that's where we sort of left off.

00:18:30.360 --> 00:18:30.600 yeah.

00:18:31.980 --> 00:18:32.160 Tommy DiMisa: But.

00:18:32.670 --> 00:18:40.410 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: There was this so yeah so just talking about just the reality of to working homes, and you know middle class families and.

00:18:40.830 --> 00:18:46.830 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: You know, and I think honestly like also a breakdown within the village right like the Community around you when I think about that, like.

00:18:47.280 --> 00:18:54.720 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: You know, we had some neighborhoods but not like I hear my parents tell stories about how their neighbors were their families right, so I also think there was also a breakdown.

00:18:55.080 --> 00:19:02.640 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: When you have both parents that go into the workforce with the reality of your neighborhoods and your communities, you know being that village.

00:19:04.170 --> 00:19:15.390 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: So just kind of drawing the contacts, you know around those pieces, for me, and you know, and I think what happened was I ended up trying to find my sense of belonging outside of my household right and there's some normalcy around that being a.

00:19:15.390 --> 00:19:27.360 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: teenager you know, and for me as well, I was always really strong willed kind of stubborn and not an easy kid and so you know kind of got labeled as bad right walking around thinking like what's wrong with you.

00:19:27.390 --> 00:19:30.180 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: Right always define you always want to do things your way.

00:19:30.180 --> 00:19:36.270 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: Why don't you just listen right like my grandmother's would argue about who is going to keep me for a long weekend right like.

00:19:36.270 --> 00:19:38.640 Tommy DiMisa: Always, not because they wanted you.

00:19:41.580 --> 00:19:47.010 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: know my my I God bless their I was just out in Oklahoma last two weeks with our hadn't been since I was.

00:19:47.010 --> 00:19:52.950 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: 14 and I realized I used to know mommy's to find out there by myself that like 1213.

00:19:52.950 --> 00:19:54.720 Tommy DiMisa: Years I used to I used to be a thing.

00:19:54.750 --> 00:19:58.620 Tommy DiMisa: I remember that my my cousin vinny, just like the movie my cousin vinny.

00:19:58.920 --> 00:20:02.670 Tommy DiMisa: I remember, he would go visit in fact we have family out in Columbus and he would go out.

00:20:02.910 --> 00:20:17.850 Tommy DiMisa: To Ohio, but this was like my unknown zone having to move around the country like a business guy so he was like in like wichita and then he was in Columbus and he was like around the country, so my cousin would like I remember my and normally put them on a plane and like as a kid.

00:20:18.000 --> 00:20:29.220 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: Like 1011 calories in a room by myself, was like that's one of my memory, then as i'm out and Oklahoma you know, for the first time as an adult you know, like a couple weeks ago.

00:20:29.700 --> 00:20:37.290 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: As we were talking, I remember, we were driving by all the houses my honor live data and the period I was out there, my aunt was separated from my uncle at the time.

00:20:37.530 --> 00:20:44.460 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: And they had four children, I was like God, I must have been really bad that you would send me to my it was going through a separation.

00:20:45.150 --> 00:20:49.350 Tommy DiMisa: and trying to get their stuff together, I knew like as a kid out there, they can't go.

00:20:50.220 --> 00:20:56.460 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: Out there so just kind of laughing, just like the perspective sharing of like you know just the times that we were entering that so.

00:20:57.030 --> 00:21:06.000 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: So I would say you're just thinking about the labels and I would just say the lies around like who I was that we're just kind of spoken over me and how they just like rooted those belief systems and.

00:21:06.510 --> 00:21:18.090 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: And I also think, because of that, like, I found inclusion and acceptance and places and with people that other people would question I always had lots of colorful friends right so like big kids who were getting in trouble like that's where I felt.

00:21:18.240 --> 00:21:23.010 Tommy DiMisa: it's almost like started like your precinct but it's almost as if, and I think this is where you're going that.

00:21:24.210 --> 00:21:35.370 Tommy DiMisa: was like a self fulfilling prophecy right if she's a bad kid right and they're telling you this as a very impressionable youth Well then, I gotta go hang out with the other bad kids right like is that almost like what it was like.

00:21:35.670 --> 00:21:44.250 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: I mean kinda yeah I mean I don't think it was subconscious, but I think it was it was it was almost of you know, when people speaks things over your about you.

00:21:44.640 --> 00:21:51.030 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: You know it's hard to not reflect until you have a deep sense of self identity to not believe that about yourself so you're looking.

00:21:51.300 --> 00:22:00.060 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: For other places of acceptance and, for me the places of acceptance were with kids who also had labels, because they didn't judge me and feel judged.

00:22:00.360 --> 00:22:09.000 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: In those spaces with those people, and that was the place, I felt I could be free to be myself, you know and not be judged, I guess, as the probably the best way to share that.

00:22:09.060 --> 00:22:09.630 Tommy DiMisa: as well.

00:22:10.050 --> 00:22:10.740 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: And so.

00:22:10.800 --> 00:22:18.930 Tommy DiMisa: Thank you for sharing it, by the way, I want to acknowledge the sharing, because this is this is this is critically important and i'm sure and we'll get into it, but i'm sure that.

00:22:21.090 --> 00:22:30.030 Tommy DiMisa: Your openness and candor and vulnerability is what also connects you to these people that your organization serves right yeah.

00:22:30.090 --> 00:22:34.620 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: Absolutely, well, I think the thing that i've learned is like we're all so similar and.

00:22:35.130 --> 00:22:42.870 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: I can't I have to be able to see myself in my story to be able to see, like the humanists and the similarities at the core of who we are and other people's story because.

00:22:43.320 --> 00:22:53.820 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: The difference is is like at our core we need very similar things right like and so if we believe that it's not what's wrong with people that's what's happened to people.

00:22:54.450 --> 00:23:05.550 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: Whereas the unmet needs that's leading to these behaviors that are trying to get needs met it just changes the way that you look at you know people and challenges and problems.

00:23:06.600 --> 00:23:11.670 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: And so you know it took me a long time to give myself that grace and see myself in that way.

00:23:12.120 --> 00:23:16.530 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: And you know and as i've been able to i'm able to now reflect that back to the people that I work with and even.

00:23:16.860 --> 00:23:23.430 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: You know, as I think about my parents, you know, for a long time, I was angry at my parents, because i'll fast forward a little bit and just share with you, you know.

00:23:23.850 --> 00:23:31.800 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: That you know picking friends, and no one improves off and hanging out, and you know stay I would I would stay on it 14 years old, for nights.

00:23:32.010 --> 00:23:39.120 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: Remember school alone and drinking vodka and orange juice, I like 13 years old, eating mangoes like it was normal.

00:23:41.130 --> 00:23:50.160 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: You know I just look back, like wow you are really searching for something and some nami and and things like that, and I see now my grandma always drag bucket and when she.

00:23:53.250 --> 00:23:57.270 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: tried to emulate what I saw with her on one random school day morning.

00:23:57.690 --> 00:24:08.550 Tommy DiMisa: And we're searching and so I want to touch on a couple things you said you know it's not what's wrong with people it's what happened to people and you want to see that in in people and I, you know, a couple things um.

00:24:10.140 --> 00:24:17.340 Tommy DiMisa: there's this quote, that I like to use a lot from Robin Williams and it's I say it a lot, so let me just get it it's um.

00:24:18.480 --> 00:24:31.800 Tommy DiMisa: Everyone you meet is fighting a battle, you know nothing about so be kind always and I think that's so like for me, I try to remind myself of that, like all the time because.

00:24:32.370 --> 00:24:41.100 Tommy DiMisa: We don't know we don't know somebody else's world we don't know their deal we don't know what happened and to your point there, even with the.

00:24:41.910 --> 00:24:47.820 Tommy DiMisa: screwdrivers and and eggo waffles yell and again look I I i'm 44 years old now.

00:24:48.420 --> 00:24:59.280 Tommy DiMisa: September will be 12 years I haven't had a drink, but I will tell you from and I hold some of this back because I do have children that might listen to the show one day but it's probably a good information anyway.

00:24:59.670 --> 00:25:07.320 Tommy DiMisa: For the time I was 1415 you know drinking on the streets, that the time I was 32 when I quit drinking that's like a lifetime of drinking and.

00:25:07.530 --> 00:25:13.620 Tommy DiMisa: You use the word searching, yes, I was searching you use the word numbing you know you said that, I think that some of.

00:25:14.130 --> 00:25:25.440 Tommy DiMisa: we're just we want the connection isn't that where a lot of this comes from we want some level of connection we want that either physical hug or just to know that we have that support.

00:25:26.070 --> 00:25:30.270 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: Oh absolutely I mean I think it's you know I love maslow's hierarchy of needs.

00:25:30.270 --> 00:25:37.020 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: And I think a lot of people actually have the research wrong because they look at it like it's a graph and it's actually more like a sailboat.

00:25:37.560 --> 00:25:46.080 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: You know, and the reality that you don't make it there right like you start with your safety needs, you know you move on to like your belonging.

00:25:46.320 --> 00:25:55.830 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: Your connection needs, and then you move on to your self esteem means that's the bottom of the boat that has to be full to then be able to move up to relationships and exploration and thriving.

00:25:56.280 --> 00:26:00.810 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: And our whole life has a constant battle of like keeping the bottom of our bow to flow.

00:26:01.410 --> 00:26:10.410 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: So that we can meet our higher level needs right, and so, when I can look back now and, like realize this really fantastic research just about humanists.

00:26:10.800 --> 00:26:21.120 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: And the need that we all have to be saved at the core to even be able to experience a level of fulfillment, we have to have safety, we have to have connection, we have to have self esteem.

00:26:21.420 --> 00:26:33.660 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: And we're looking for those things, so if we don't find them in our homes or within our Community is you know we were going to find and we have to have them to be filled, to be full there's nothing wrong with us for searching for them and finding them.

00:26:33.720 --> 00:26:37.980 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: Right it just happens to be sometimes we find them in the wrong places or with the wrong things.

00:26:38.040 --> 00:26:47.340 Tommy DiMisa: Well, and we see that a lot right when we talk about this word wherever it means inner city, but let you know oftentimes in in communities of color or or not, you know.

00:26:47.370 --> 00:26:48.690 Tommy DiMisa: When researching.

00:26:48.990 --> 00:26:51.360 Tommy DiMisa: They end up joining a gang.

00:26:51.420 --> 00:26:59.010 Tommy DiMisa: or like you know, as you said, you know that not to put words in your mouth, the bad kids relic whenever that bad kid thing means right.

00:26:59.400 --> 00:27:13.890 Tommy DiMisa: But you're searching for the people who will take you in and give you that Community and and it's what we need so it's a human thing you said you said humanists I mean this is like basic basic stuff like if i'm not going to get it over here I gotta go get it over there right.

00:27:14.370 --> 00:27:15.180 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: yeah and I think.

00:27:15.450 --> 00:27:21.390 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: You know, and I think the more I evolve and understand it's like that's in our teenage that's what we're doing as teenagers but it's also what we're doing as adults.

00:27:21.690 --> 00:27:27.660 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: You know if we're not getting those needs met work sometimes using them to get too many men and work through a relationship right and like.

00:27:28.050 --> 00:27:31.710 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: causing those challenges right like because we have to get those matt and so.

00:27:32.160 --> 00:27:44.760 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: You know, and I think just thinking back to like the place of you know me trying to get my needs met and unhealthy spaces and just making risky decisions my parents tried to get help and lots of different traditional types of services, so I had lots of therapists.

00:27:45.030 --> 00:27:47.520 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: I have lots of assessments, tried to put me on medication.

00:27:48.480 --> 00:27:49.440 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: Lots of trips.

00:27:49.740 --> 00:27:49.890 Tommy DiMisa: and

00:27:50.010 --> 00:27:54.240 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: Things like that, and you know and and nothing helped me nothing fixed me right.

00:27:54.240 --> 00:27:57.510 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: And that was the problem like I wasn't broken I didn't need fix right.

00:27:57.720 --> 00:28:00.510 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: Right so that's why a lot of those things failed.

00:28:01.590 --> 00:28:01.860 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: yeah.

00:28:02.160 --> 00:28:06.630 Tommy DiMisa: So so where did this good really challenging for you, it got bad like.

00:28:06.660 --> 00:28:23.850 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: yeah so what ended up happening because a lot of these traditional systems and services were not working and fixing me that my parents thought I needed to go away to a detention Center and be punished because of my bad choices and the bill for that detention Center was over $50,000.

00:28:23.910 --> 00:28:34.530 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: wow they actually couldn't afford that and so they made the decision to actually put me in foster care and custody of the State, so that the state would pay for that service.

00:28:34.560 --> 00:28:39.120 Tommy DiMisa: Right, because then you're in the system now so it's no it's not they don't have to pay that fee.

00:28:39.240 --> 00:28:44.280 Tommy DiMisa: They don't have to pay that off what a decision that how would they had to do that to to.

00:28:44.610 --> 00:28:45.120 Tommy DiMisa: Look there.

00:28:45.150 --> 00:28:47.070 Tommy DiMisa: To give up their child like that you know yeah.

00:28:47.430 --> 00:28:56.370 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: That happened when I was 15, and so I spent my whole year from 15 to 16 and a detention Center in West Virginia.

00:28:56.640 --> 00:29:00.870 Tommy DiMisa: Oh, my God oh right oh wow all right well certainly.

00:29:01.830 --> 00:29:04.710 Tommy DiMisa: there's an there's other organizations that I talked to WHO.

00:29:04.980 --> 00:29:12.540 Tommy DiMisa: Have a connection to this type of work that you're talking about I have so many ideas I can't I, we need to go to commercial break but i'm sitting here going, how do I connect.

00:29:12.780 --> 00:29:22.080 Tommy DiMisa: To this one, or that one and because I think there's so much synergy, but we will get into that but wow all right, when we come back let's continue this story about your personal journey and take that into.

00:29:22.590 --> 00:29:35.790 Tommy DiMisa: You know how you know you use the word village, and I know that village was the original name of found village right and so there's just so much story there let's take a quick break when we come back let's just keep doing this, this is going great Thank you so much.

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00:32:25.500 --> 00:32:31.230 Tommy DiMisa: wow we left them another cliffhanger This is like we had to do this, show for like three hours, instead of just one out but.

00:32:32.130 --> 00:32:44.610 Tommy DiMisa: 1516 years old, your parents, they feel that you need to go to a detention Center to straighten out to stop being a bad girl I guess right like this kind of stuff tell us the story, please.

00:32:45.660 --> 00:32:51.900 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: yeah so you know I didn't think it was really going to happen, I remember, I remember going into the Court.

00:32:52.260 --> 00:33:00.420 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: And sitting in front of the judge and him being like your parents have turned over the rights they sign it signed it and quit and chords ability petition against you.

00:33:00.750 --> 00:33:10.110 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: they've got your backpack you'll be leaving today, and so I went in a transport that day left the courtroom and went to this detention Center and.

00:33:10.620 --> 00:33:22.410 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: i'll just say, well, I mean we could have a whole episode and I could tell you about this place but i'll just say this, it was one of the most unhealthy environment i've ever been in I mean I gained 20 pounds I ate like crap.

00:33:22.920 --> 00:33:27.660 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: I was around a girls and people who had just experienced like such terrible things.

00:33:27.690 --> 00:33:30.300 Tommy DiMisa: really do stuff like really like tragic.

00:33:30.930 --> 00:33:37.290 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: Tragic things within you know within their family contacts, you know harmed by their family members, by their community and.

00:33:37.470 --> 00:33:37.890 Tommy DiMisa: There they.

00:33:37.920 --> 00:33:45.180 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: Are alongside of me being punished for the choices of their grapes by their family members and no one in there.

00:33:45.690 --> 00:33:47.130 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: No one in their village.

00:33:47.130 --> 00:33:47.580 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: Willing and.

00:33:47.790 --> 00:33:49.950 Tommy DiMisa: able they end up these these girls.

00:33:50.040 --> 00:33:54.750 Tommy DiMisa: Have that tragic situation like you just said, and then they end up in a punishment Center.

00:33:55.590 --> 00:34:06.180 Tommy DiMisa: where's the where's the logic and where are you and I can't get into solving that problem, but like that's how this, this is our society there is structural stuff you and I know that if anybody's listening and.

00:34:06.450 --> 00:34:17.250 Tommy DiMisa: wants to have a battle about that there are structural things done in certain communities, I probably can't even have that battle with you, so I can't waste my time if you're not getting what's going what's gone on in this country katie so.

00:34:18.660 --> 00:34:18.810 Tommy DiMisa: You.

00:34:19.170 --> 00:34:27.690 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: do the same thing happens and what ends up happening, then you know you have these terrible things that happened to you, you know, luckily I did not write like I share with you my.

00:34:28.410 --> 00:34:38.100 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: You know kind of my origin story, but you know these girls have these terrible things that have been this harm done by the people that are supposed to care for them and then they end up acting out in some ways of not following the script of.

00:34:38.100 --> 00:34:39.780 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: Senior share because they're doing the things.

00:34:40.080 --> 00:34:51.960 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: And so they then get in juvenile court they get in trouble, and then they get put in this detention Center right, so I was able to see for the first time just who these girls were and understand their stories and.

00:34:52.590 --> 00:35:05.640 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: Just the reality of this setting it was supposed to be a treatment Center right like a detention centers treatments that are so we had to do treatment groups and see therapist and but you can't heal and an environment that is set up.

00:35:07.140 --> 00:35:11.160 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: In a way, that something is wrong with you, and like we're here to fix.

00:35:11.160 --> 00:35:22.890 Tommy DiMisa: You, so the approach the approach is wrong, especially when you're talking about these young women who didn't do anything wrong something was done to them and and based on their reaction, or whatever they end up in this setting.

00:35:23.190 --> 00:35:28.020 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: They end up in the Senate and then you have to earn your way out, so I was only supposed to be there for three months.

00:35:28.350 --> 00:35:32.040 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: They said, you have to follow this program if you get out, but the problem is the program is.

00:35:32.400 --> 00:35:38.670 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: it's based on the expectations of the staff members it's not about do I feel like i'm getting healthy, am I getting better i'm not the customer here.

00:35:39.060 --> 00:35:55.170 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: You know it's this ambiguous this this really you know unclear expectation about what you have to do to work your way out of there you have to follow the program so finally by like month nine i'm like I gotta get out of here I wasn't any healthier I hated my parents at this.

00:35:55.170 --> 00:35:56.010 Tommy DiMisa: Point of course.

00:35:56.190 --> 00:35:58.080 Tommy DiMisa: Of course they did this you right so.

00:35:58.590 --> 00:36:05.610 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: Now, like I lost all of my friendships in my Community so as a teenager to like lose your Community ties, I mean, I was in a bad place.

00:36:05.940 --> 00:36:13.170 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: But I was smart enough to say, like, I cannot go through my summer here, I was turning 16 my birthday was June 1 like i'm going to be out of here by my birthday.

00:36:13.410 --> 00:36:19.590 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: And so I did I work the program for three months and I got myself out of there, and when I got in front of the judge.

00:36:20.220 --> 00:36:27.510 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: At my release, to see if I was really going to be able to be released, if my parents were going to take custody back of me at that point, we had to go back in front of the judge.

00:36:27.960 --> 00:36:34.800 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: And the judge, said to me, you know i've got a really unique opportunity for you, he said, you know you've completed the Program.

00:36:35.700 --> 00:36:45.030 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: i've actually met and talk to your parents, you have two choices your grandmother has stepped up and offered to pay for you to go to a boarding school in baltimore Maryland you would leave in August.

00:36:45.690 --> 00:36:52.710 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: Or if you choose to stay here and West Virginia you'll be on probation for a year, and if you break any of the recommendations, you will go to a higher.

00:36:52.710 --> 00:36:56.490 Tommy DiMisa: restrict oh God you're going to baltimore obviously.

00:36:56.520 --> 00:36:57.450 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: Right, I thought about.

00:36:58.800 --> 00:37:06.510 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: I was smart enough to know that, like, I have not changed, I hate my family at this point in time i'm so angry and bitter towards.

00:37:06.720 --> 00:37:08.220 Tommy DiMisa: You would have been real fast for you.

00:37:09.540 --> 00:37:17.610 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: I would have been perpetually in the system at that point, had I not had a grandmother who had well who cared about me who came in and here's the kicker.

00:37:18.270 --> 00:37:27.900 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: This boarding school was incredible the right environment people built into me I got to be around you know girls with privilege that whose families.

00:37:28.260 --> 00:37:33.000 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: These girls had some of the same things that happened to them, these girls had.

00:37:33.450 --> 00:37:43.050 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: Actually worst behavior, then the girls, that I was in detention centers with it, yet were given the privilege of a better environment to bring out the best of them and guess what.

00:37:43.350 --> 00:37:46.800 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: Like we began to flourish, are now, of course, I still got myself in trouble and.

00:37:47.310 --> 00:38:01.440 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: Had challenges there, but I love school I had confidence I got to play sports and find a sense of belonging, like so many good things and Bruce got planted for me and Tommy here's the kicker that boarding school cost $20,000 less than that detention Center.

00:38:03.990 --> 00:38:05.880 Tommy DiMisa: Talk about a little structural stuff gang.

00:38:06.720 --> 00:38:09.330 Tommy DiMisa: I mean how about that, but you know, like.

00:38:11.880 --> 00:38:18.330 Tommy DiMisa: there's so many things you're saying that is so critically important, I want to just pull little pieces out you they poured into you.

00:38:18.450 --> 00:38:30.270 Tommy DiMisa: yeah it gave you, you know you were treated, you know differently than where you were the problem and I don't just mean katie as an individual, but the young girls that were in this detention Center right there problem children.

00:38:30.630 --> 00:38:36.330 Tommy DiMisa: versus no they're not their children right and I want to go back to what you said earlier i'm.

00:38:37.560 --> 00:38:41.550 Tommy DiMisa: Looking for my notes like i'm in a business meeting, but this piece about you know.

00:38:41.580 --> 00:38:41.850 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: How much.

00:38:43.980 --> 00:38:53.280 Tommy DiMisa: it's not what's wrong with you the person that's what happened to you so structural racism societal situations, all of this stuff which, again, these are not you know.

00:38:53.730 --> 00:39:00.450 Tommy DiMisa: Not that what we have to go into today but it's critically important to be aware of these types of things, this is what goes on, so it's your life.

00:39:00.810 --> 00:39:14.250 Tommy DiMisa: What a story, though, you know, honestly, I mean when you think about it and i'm not gonna be like Oh, you should write a book, but you probably should, but like what like you know the dichotomy of this young girl ends up in detention Center and then the boogie boarding school.

00:39:14.430 --> 00:39:16.440 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: right here period.

00:39:16.500 --> 00:39:21.510 Tommy DiMisa: Right like that, like from 15 to 17 what's your world completely different right.

00:39:21.690 --> 00:39:31.860 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: yeah totally and I think the thing I think the interesting part of that is I always say like I am the girl in the detention Center am I, and I and and on the girl in the boarding school right like.

00:39:32.130 --> 00:39:49.260 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: Those two extremes are kind of wrapped up in you know kind of in my identity, I was like i'm comfortable with all people and all thankfully for those experiences that I had because what I realized was at the core were the same right like one group just had more.

00:39:49.260 --> 00:39:54.240 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: privilege right and more opportunity than the other group that was the only difference right.

00:39:54.300 --> 00:39:57.360 Tommy DiMisa: You have the same core fundamental human.

00:39:57.660 --> 00:40:06.150 Tommy DiMisa: Right yeah I I get i'm only i'm concerned because I want to make sure we hit on some of the programming and, yes, you know I want to just hear your story, but I know we gotta.

00:40:06.330 --> 00:40:12.960 Tommy DiMisa: We gotta sell found village, but I there was one comment, I want to make before we do that, I think, is this whole that katie can.

00:40:13.710 --> 00:40:19.230 Tommy DiMisa: I want to say it this way, but play in both worlds right and be in both worlds that have been in both worlds.

00:40:19.830 --> 00:40:30.900 Tommy DiMisa: I think that's critically important because i'm sure Community wise you got to speak to some major donors and some corporate types and some suits and whatnot and that's probably very good from a from a fundraising perspective.

00:40:31.170 --> 00:40:39.450 Tommy DiMisa: and obviously being able to serve the participants in the organization in who you serve having that background, as well, so not to just encapsulate it but.

00:40:39.510 --> 00:40:42.540 Tommy DiMisa: Unfortunately, we got limited time so I want to just say that and put that out there.

00:40:42.990 --> 00:40:51.210 Tommy DiMisa: I want to know what it looks like from somebody who finds found village, and if you want to tell me that the founding of found village i'm using all these words found village.

00:40:52.410 --> 00:40:54.030 Tommy DiMisa: let's talk about that really if we.

00:40:54.090 --> 00:41:01.500 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: start to yeah and i'm you know, and I think i'm just going to fast forward a little bit and just share, you know from that experience.

00:41:02.640 --> 00:41:10.230 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: I ended up moving back my senior year and graduating from high school and then just someone said I think you'd be really good working with young people.

00:41:10.710 --> 00:41:13.530 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: Have hard times I ended up at a group home in West Virginia.

00:41:14.640 --> 00:41:17.280 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: and working in the group home, and it was.

00:41:17.370 --> 00:41:20.790 Tommy DiMisa: A kid now you don't even in college you're talking, I know, I was in college at.

00:41:20.790 --> 00:41:28.170 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: This guy's I graduated high school actually went away for two years and then came back to my homeschool and that's when I got the job at the group home.

00:41:28.500 --> 00:41:36.390 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: And it was just this beautiful depiction of Karen concerned at this place, it was a family and group home, and that was really where I would say, I actually saw what.

00:41:36.660 --> 00:41:46.200 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: Work could look like, because you have these girls who were in foster care and this family owned business and they cared for the girls, I was a lot of bring them into my life.

00:41:46.590 --> 00:42:02.640 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: No like we'd go to church together we'd work out we shopped together like I rarely had any challenges and like they were flourishing in that place it was just very different so that was my first like experience around the possibilities of like how we need how we can show.

00:42:02.670 --> 00:42:14.490 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: up for young people on hard times and normalize experiences and just be in relationship with them as human beings right and so fast forward my husband got a job in Cincinnati Ohio and so that's what moved us here.

00:42:14.940 --> 00:42:28.470 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: And so I got a job at a really large nonprofit here and I thought I was going to find that and I did not find that I was so disturbed for like the first year of my work, I remember crying driving into work, as my heart was so broken.

00:42:28.500 --> 00:42:29.490 Tommy DiMisa: You just didn't see that it.

00:42:29.910 --> 00:42:31.800 Tommy DiMisa: Just wasn't making the impact that just wasn't.

00:42:32.160 --> 00:42:39.150 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: Making the impact is was just like we were failing the kids it was just like this constant crisis environment of these kids who were in such pain.

00:42:39.450 --> 00:42:41.370 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: And there was just such little ability.

00:42:41.580 --> 00:42:52.680 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: To help support and software them and we were doing what was done to me right, we were labeling them as bad we are restricting them, we were taking their privileges right like as a program and institution, so I went on a mission.

00:42:53.280 --> 00:43:00.450 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: You know, after I mourned the reality to say I don't know how to fix this, I have no clue how to make this better I need to figure it out.

00:43:00.570 --> 00:43:09.360 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: yeah so I went back and got my master's I enrolled in school, the following year went back to get my masters in social work and then just started growing within the organization and.

00:43:09.630 --> 00:43:10.260 Tommy DiMisa: You stayed.

00:43:10.290 --> 00:43:13.230 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: you end up staying and you said you know what look.

00:43:13.410 --> 00:43:20.190 Tommy DiMisa: it's better with me being here, maybe because I can make the impact because, if I walk away these kids are still they don't they don't have anything right that's.

00:43:20.340 --> 00:43:21.180 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: that's exactly.

00:43:21.390 --> 00:43:33.420 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: that's exactly what I thought about So how do I equip myself to be a change within this environment that i'm part of how do I use my influence how do I go over how do I show people a different way to get the work done actually stay there for 10 years.

00:43:33.540 --> 00:43:46.620 Tommy DiMisa: that's all see but I like what change, you made there and I don't know this because it's the first i'm hearing about, but the 10 years of impact and change that was because you have that catalyst that champion that change maker internally.

00:43:47.430 --> 00:43:57.060 Tommy DiMisa: gals everybody listening there's something to be taken away from a lot from everything katie saying, but specifically, from this point take away that the Environment you're in.

00:43:57.750 --> 00:44:04.080 Tommy DiMisa: Maybe you're the leader, maybe you're the one that's supposed to step forward and fix it and make the change, you know because.

00:44:04.500 --> 00:44:12.300 Tommy DiMisa: If you go those children will in this example, children, but it could be individuals with intellectual developmental disabilities, it could be homeless folks.

00:44:12.810 --> 00:44:20.070 Tommy DiMisa: If you're supposed to be the leader and supposed to be the changemaker stick around do this stuff get equipped I love, how you use that word to get equipped.

00:44:20.340 --> 00:44:34.230 Tommy DiMisa: You might not have all those abilities now but go freaking get them keep growing keep evolving and make that impact we are going to take another break when we come back let's let's go from there, because obviously you do leave you go out and create this and.

00:44:34.290 --> 00:44:35.580 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: i'm going to jump right on it.

00:44:36.990 --> 00:44:41.310 Tommy DiMisa: All right, I will do when we come back i'll go and begin and then you start all right we'll be right back.

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00:46:37.200 --> 00:46:37.950 Tommy DiMisa: For me in the attic.

00:46:38.820 --> 00:46:39.570 Tommy DiMisa: We are back.

00:46:41.430 --> 00:46:45.660 Tommy DiMisa: katie I said right before the break just keep going let's do it.

00:46:46.110 --> 00:46:51.660 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: All right, let's do it so you're 10 at this organization, I had just had my last two kids back to back.

00:46:52.050 --> 00:46:58.590 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: And I was feeling this empty hole like we had done everything we can do within this organization to serve these kids well.

00:46:58.800 --> 00:47:09.480 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: And I was really depressed because I was seeing kids that I knew as kindergarteners coming back at high as high schoolers who had cycled through all these systems and services that we thought we sent off well and we're coming back.

00:47:10.830 --> 00:47:17.880 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: back off and worse than they had been before we had kids that were committing crimes that were best students doing well within our environments kids.

00:47:18.210 --> 00:47:32.880 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: Several kids that had gotten murdered within my period of time, I mean just like I started to see the reality that even within this great organization that a program cannot change people's lives and transform their lives and I started to feel this deep sense of.

00:47:32.880 --> 00:47:35.070 Tommy DiMisa: dissatisfaction that we missing, what did you get.

00:47:35.730 --> 00:47:42.330 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: You know I didn't know and i'll tell you I didn't know and I landed in a meeting with a young man.

00:47:42.900 --> 00:47:51.630 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: Who was in foster care and he was 15 years old, he was separated from all his siblings he had eight siblings his mother was a domestic violence survivor.

00:47:52.590 --> 00:48:01.440 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: And at the age of three and and and out of foster care multiple different homes and just a really angry can because of all the things in the separation that had happened.

00:48:02.010 --> 00:48:18.090 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: And he's sitting in a room we're bringing him back from suspension, because he had got angry and tore up a classroom and He threw something that hit one of our assistant principals and I, and so we knew that if we didn't figure out a way to help keep this young man and school.

00:48:18.210 --> 00:48:24.900 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: He was going to lose his group home placement and go back to a detention Center here the three detention centers already at 15 years old.

00:48:25.170 --> 00:48:35.370 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: So we have about just imagine 10 people around this conference room table all they're trying to help him figure out what can we do to make sure that you can be successful in school.

00:48:35.940 --> 00:48:46.860 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: And I remember sitting in that room and looking at him across the table as everybody is talking and his head is just hanging low and I looked at him directly and I said hey look at me.

00:48:47.280 --> 00:48:54.540 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: And he looked up at me and I said, what do you need to be healthy, look at all of us here we're here for you help us help you.

00:48:55.080 --> 00:49:06.360 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: And he said to me, Miss katie I have no idea, and he dropped his head and in that moment, God literally whispered to me hey katie, what do you need to be healthy.

00:49:07.260 --> 00:49:17.460 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: And I sat down and I wrote all of these foundational things things like I should probably my job, I am not doing fulfillment or hope for the future, I should probably eat it's two o'clock.

00:49:18.030 --> 00:49:19.230 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: And I haven't had lunch yet.

00:49:19.290 --> 00:49:30.000 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: You know I should be working out and seeing my friends again and, like having Community like i'm so isolated since having my kids right like I just started going down this list of these basic things.

00:49:30.510 --> 00:49:37.650 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: And the very next day, I went around I had 10 kids in foster care all in my high school school and the high school school Program.

00:49:38.190 --> 00:49:41.790 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: And I pulled them from their classroom and I asked them all the same question.

00:49:42.420 --> 00:49:55.800 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: Tell me about your friendships tell me about what you do for fun tell me about your hope for your future tell me about your people and across the board, they all make comments, such as Miss katie don't have friends i'm going to behavior school the kids here bad.

00:49:57.780 --> 00:50:06.480 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: Food the food here makes my stomach hurts I had flaming hot for breakfast sleep, I live in a group home my stuff gets stolen my things get messed with I don't sleep well.

00:50:07.380 --> 00:50:13.500 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: extracurricular activities fun things like i've been in foster care in group homes and behavior schools my whole life i've never been on a sports team.

00:50:14.100 --> 00:50:31.050 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: Family Community like i'm in foster care hope for the future, like totally blank faces and I sat on this leadership team between our child welfare system and juvenile court and our legal aid and our local public school system and I brought back this research, this really fancy research.

00:50:32.250 --> 00:50:34.560 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: Coupled with the suspension data.

00:50:34.680 --> 00:50:36.510 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: And these are my these are frequent flyers.

00:50:36.690 --> 00:50:40.110 Tommy DiMisa: Well, when you see these fancy research you mean your spiral notebook and the questions you.

00:50:43.020 --> 00:50:43.860 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: have ever done is.

00:50:44.280 --> 00:50:44.700 Tommy DiMisa: Was.

00:50:44.790 --> 00:50:45.870 Probably was right.

00:50:47.040 --> 00:50:54.480 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: It took this fancy research back and said to them, you know look, why are we talking about behavior plans and medication.

00:50:55.140 --> 00:50:59.970 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: And more services these kids don't have these foundational things that they need.

00:51:00.330 --> 00:51:10.680 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: So why don't you give me a little bit of money, and let me figure out how to fill these gaps, give them development and three quadrants mind body spirit, let me.

00:51:11.010 --> 00:51:17.850 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: Let me build trinity with them, let me help them have healthy outlets physical fitness good food right.

00:51:18.810 --> 00:51:28.350 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: help me dream, let me help him dream, think about the future, think about their lives and just have a connected relationship of someone who cares about them outside of just the school day and connecting their environment.

00:51:28.710 --> 00:51:35.550 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: And they said yes and I started a pilot program it ran like an after school program because I was in as like a school like setting.

00:51:36.060 --> 00:51:49.710 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: And so, two days a week, we did life with these kids we learned how to do healthy habits, we change the food up at the school, so they would eat we gave them headphones so they would sleep at night, we took jobs to the local gym where the all the trainers became the mentors.

00:51:50.100 --> 00:51:55.290 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: And they train them, and you know different MMA styles and boxing and just built community.

00:51:55.470 --> 00:51:57.420 Tommy DiMisa: We had dinners but don't build community.

00:51:57.510 --> 00:52:04.110 Tommy DiMisa: wellness right there fantasizing now right the discipline that goes with the mixed martial arts and all that is critical right.

00:52:04.380 --> 00:52:11.040 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: All of those things Tommy, and so I saw more transformation and four months and I had seen in 10 years out of any kid.

00:52:11.370 --> 00:52:17.520 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: Or alternatively, whatever the core issue was that they were dealing with suspensions hospitalizations.

00:52:17.880 --> 00:52:30.780 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: You know, whatever the issue was we saw a dramatic decrease and that and then just the life that came alive in them right the the fullness the happiness that connection to friendships and belonging and so.

00:52:31.290 --> 00:52:37.980 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: Fast forward to the end of the pilot these incredible results three kids transition to regular school, for the first time in their lives.

00:52:38.460 --> 00:52:51.540 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: And my organization was like Oh, this is great your little pet project, you can do this on the side, but you still have to do your big job, and so my husband being who he is and it's time you get your job let's do this.

00:52:51.600 --> 00:53:03.210 Tommy DiMisa: Well you've just done proof of concept right that's what they would say, like in the business world some tech guys would say that's proof of concept right it worked out so now go do the thing and I love it so so a little bit says your husband says here let's go.

00:53:03.570 --> 00:53:18.630 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: let's go to be dead, so we I quit my job that June and with nothing everybody was upset with me like, why did you take this program like who are you I was connected to this large organization that had all these resources right like that was my credibility was standing.

00:53:18.720 --> 00:53:19.290 Tommy DiMisa: But they wouldn't.

00:53:19.650 --> 00:53:23.040 Tommy DiMisa: You stood up, but then they weren't gonna let you just go one, the thing they want it or.

00:53:23.070 --> 00:53:23.370 Tommy DiMisa: Not.

00:53:23.430 --> 00:53:28.110 Tommy DiMisa: But it was gonna be a gig it was gonna be something cute that katie does on the side and I don't mean that disrespectfully.

00:53:28.140 --> 00:53:28.530 Tommy DiMisa: But that was.

00:53:28.920 --> 00:53:39.420 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: That was exactly the messaging that I got so and luckily i'll just tell you Tommy like God put his people around me and people came by my side I got to go through.

00:53:40.020 --> 00:53:51.840 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: Local incubator for nonprofits and learn about board development and everything and how to file and how to you know just all the business things that I needed to launch the nonprofit and I was doing a pitch.

00:53:52.320 --> 00:54:02.160 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: on a Friday, I had no kids no idea how I was going to get kids or how is going to get money, I was just moving forward in faith that if I build it like God will figure this out and the.

00:54:03.210 --> 00:54:15.180 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: week before my patch I got a call from a leader in our child welfare system, who said what are you doing, are you still around these kids and these workers are asking for you and this program we will pay when you take these kids back.

00:54:15.330 --> 00:54:17.460 Tommy DiMisa: On the original org where you are working.

00:54:17.670 --> 00:54:20.130 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: know that the system, the child welfare system.

00:54:21.240 --> 00:54:24.270 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: yeah called because we were I was working with all kids in foster care.

00:54:24.330 --> 00:54:27.000 Tommy DiMisa: So then, this I mean the dollars are going to come through somebody.

00:54:27.540 --> 00:54:34.260 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: So we got a contract and some dollars came through, and so I will just fast forward to you, we are now six years later.

00:54:34.620 --> 00:54:43.140 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: And that young man who sat across the table from me, is still with us he's graduated high school, he has completed his post secondary he has his own apartment.

00:54:43.590 --> 00:54:56.550 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: he's got a girlfriend and a healthy relationship he's got Community he comes into our space as he's mentoring and just just being a life for our younger people and tells me that we're going to be that we're going to hire him with his because.

00:54:56.850 --> 00:54:57.300 Tommy DiMisa: I love it.

00:54:58.320 --> 00:55:03.180 Tommy DiMisa: I love that is incredibly special and it was was it called village before it was called found village.

00:55:03.180 --> 00:55:11.490 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: Caught it was called village, and then we change it to film village, but the idea that you know not everybody's village is handed to them, sometimes you have to find yours yeah.

00:55:11.910 --> 00:55:18.870 Tommy DiMisa: Not everyone's village is handed to you have to go out and find yours and you're creating and have created an art creating.

00:55:20.130 --> 00:55:33.030 Tommy DiMisa: A supportive village of feed into these kids not not the alternative because you're looking for something we're all searching for something right, and if we don't find the right thing we're going to find the other thing right and.

00:55:33.060 --> 00:55:44.340 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: that's that's exactly it, and so the belief system for us really is how do we help strengthen your existing Community and your relationships and then, how do we help expand your community and your relationships.

00:55:44.670 --> 00:55:58.290 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: and become the second best option for a really large connected family or a really large connected kitty right because everybody needs to be surrounded by multitude of people relationships, because change happens through relationships right through our connections.

00:55:58.500 --> 00:55:59.130 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: Are healing.

00:55:59.340 --> 00:56:07.950 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: Our healing happens through relationships right so just that belief of every, we have to help kids create the opportunity to have a village around them.

00:56:08.490 --> 00:56:09.240 Tommy DiMisa: Look at.

00:56:10.380 --> 00:56:14.940 Tommy DiMisa: The the biggest challenges you just created for me is that Cincinnati is really far from long island and.

00:56:15.720 --> 00:56:24.870 Tommy DiMisa: I want to come visit so badly and be part of what you're doing and I will will make that happen, I do have wheels, and they have planes and all types of stuff, but I want to.

00:56:25.620 --> 00:56:30.870 Tommy DiMisa: I want to thank you so much for katie katie for what you've done for what you're continuing to do and.

00:56:31.260 --> 00:56:44.190 Tommy DiMisa: I I gotta shout out my friend, Dr rosenbaum because if it wasn't for Dara who introduced you and a little bit and me via email, none of this happens and you talk about it's about connections it's about relationships look it's about social capital everybody that's.

00:56:44.250 --> 00:56:53.700 Tommy DiMisa: All we have that's all we have is our people is our Community and is our village or villages and it's critically important that we stay connected to people.

00:56:54.120 --> 00:56:59.580 Tommy DiMisa: katie I would love to find a way to get you back on here, so we can talk again I think there's an opportunity, where I do a.

00:56:59.970 --> 00:57:02.220 Tommy DiMisa: monthly Roundtable for nonprofit leaders.

00:57:02.610 --> 00:57:09.510 Tommy DiMisa: You have such an incredible story, I think it would play so well to tell that story to some of my other executive director friends of organizations.

00:57:09.750 --> 00:57:17.490 Tommy DiMisa: We will talk about that offline shout out anybody, you need to and how they find you if if people want to i've been sharing it on Facebook during the show and making that up.

00:57:18.060 --> 00:57:19.830 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: yeah Thank you, I just want to shout out to my.

00:57:20.280 --> 00:57:22.410 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: Cincinnati Community all of our.

00:57:22.710 --> 00:57:32.130 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: Friends donors just Community Members are young people in our families who trust us to do this work like that's my biggest shout out for lioness in their lives Tommy for this platform.

00:57:32.550 --> 00:57:38.040 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: i'm just grateful for this conversation, this morning you know, and my husband who couldn't be here with us, who is.

00:57:38.400 --> 00:57:48.630 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: You know co lead this organization with me, it takes a village, we got it we got an amazing team of people that do this work within our Community and just grateful for the opportunity.

00:57:48.870 --> 00:57:54.120 Tommy DiMisa: got any events coming up, you want anybody to know about like a Gala or the The thing that raises the.

00:57:54.120 --> 00:57:56.430 Tommy DiMisa: Money you know you know, we are all about.

00:57:56.430 --> 00:57:59.760 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: small community connect intentional events not big Gala is.

00:57:59.880 --> 00:58:03.480 Tommy DiMisa: awesome I love it oh my God, I promise you, I promise you before.

00:58:04.320 --> 00:58:06.000 Tommy DiMisa: i'm coming out to Cincinnati we got to figure out.

00:58:06.000 --> 00:58:06.300 That.

00:58:08.460 --> 00:58:12.060 Tommy DiMisa: My son will go see a red game i'll see if the message were mets fans will see the message.

00:58:12.540 --> 00:58:19.860 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: there's plenty to do, and I would just say you know we are really working on how to how to create how to create change within the organization's and systems.

00:58:20.190 --> 00:58:26.640 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: And we're working on some large scale strategy right now about how do we better mobilize young people 18 to 25 years old.

00:58:27.150 --> 00:58:36.330 Katie Nzekwu-Found Village: Through a Community wide efforts if anybody has insight or interest around that area is a big priority area and a wicked problem that not many people have solved well for foster care yes.

00:58:36.420 --> 00:58:37.380 Tommy DiMisa: He got better.

00:58:37.650 --> 00:58:44.400 Tommy DiMisa: We got that's that's just an excuse you got to come back because that's a that's a social change thing we got to talk about that i'll leave it there katie I appreciate you.

00:58:44.640 --> 00:58:46.860 Tommy DiMisa: dylan thanks for doing the executive production thing.

00:58:47.100 --> 00:58:59.880 Tommy DiMisa: Joe salamone will be here ceremony will be here he's the Executive Director of the long island coalition against bullying talk Community talk village again we'll be doing that next week katie thanks again everybody make it a great day stay tuned Steve Fries next yes MB guy.

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