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Monday, May 30, 2022
Facebook Live Video from 2022/05/30 - Go Through Something to Get Something with Earl B. Hunter Jr.

Facebook Live Video from 2022/05/30 - Go Through Something to Get Something with Earl B. Hunter Jr.


2022/05/30 - Go Through Something to Get Something with Earl B. Hunter Jr.

[NEW EPISODE] Go Through Something to Get Something with Earl B. Hunter Jr.

We are talking about - breaking down barriers to create more inclusive communities and stronger relationships, having difficult conversations and what the current industry and lifestylers can do to help create more unity. All this and so much more. 

Earl B. Hunter, Jr's story is powerful. After a high-flying career as an executive in global sales, Earl went camping for the first time in Western North Carolina and was suddenly “all in.” He took a cross-country camping trip with his son + after 20 states and 49 campgrounds, Earl was shocked (and a little appalled) at having encountered only ONE other black family camping. Black Folks Camp Too was launched on October 10th, 2019, on stage at the Outdoor Economy Conference in Asheville, North Carolina where Mr. Hunter was the event’s Master of Ceremonies. 

The mission of BLACK FOLKS CAMP TOO is to remove fear, add knowledge, and invite MORE Black families to the outdoors to build memories and strengthen family bonds. MORE folks in the outdoors mean more folks accessing greater health, both as consumers and participants of the outdoor lifestyle, AND, a growing community for land and water preservation. 

The creation of BFCT was not only to inspire more Black folks to get outside but to bring awareness to the reasons why more Black folks have not been participating in the outdoors. 

Tune in for this edgy conversation at or watch the Facebook Livestream by Clicking Here.

Show Notes

Segment 1

Sandra starts by explaining the purpose of The Edge of Everyday, which is to explore our rough edges. She then introduces her guest, Earl B. Hunter Jr., who is a business leader, keynote speaker, author, and mentor. He founded Black Folks Camp Too. Sandra also acknowledges Memorial Day and gives some history on it.

Segment 2

Earl talks about Black Folks Camp Too. He says that their job is to remove fear, add knowledge, and invite more Black people to camp and enjoy the outdoors. His goal is for Black folks to understand that they have the opportunity to enjoy the land in this country. Earl talks about his life before working in the RV industry and how he had never camped or had an interest in the outdoors. When he got into the industry, he was one of the only Black executives. He had a desire to diversify the industry and after taking a three-month camping trip with his son around the country, Earl realized how few Black people camped. This led to him starting Black Folks Camp Too.

Segment 3

Earl talks about gathering data to get to the why behind the lack of Black people camping. He attributes much of the lack of diversity in the camping space to generational fear and a lack of knowledge about the outdoors within the Black community. The camping and outdoors industry also never made an effort to include Black people in their consumer base. Black Folks Camp Too tries to communicate to Black people how amazing the outdoors is while educating people who are currently into camping and the outdoors on why Black people rarely camp and encouraging them to try to change that. Earl talks about how every partnership that Black Folks Camp Too has is founded on education.

Segment 4

Earl talks about the future of the industry and of his company. Black Folks Camp Too is working with state parks to create content for them. They just launched a campaign with South Carolina State Parks and have many more partnerships and launches coming up in the future. He talks about being strategic with their partnerships so that people can trust what they do. He also talks about the company being more of a legacy than a job for him and how the eventual goal is to go out of business because if they are successful there will not be a need for Black Folks Camp Too in the future. People can find Black Folks Camp Too at Earl talks about his personal experiences taking his kids on camping trips. Sandra brings up Earl’s book, The Chronicles of Dillion and Fuzzy, which is a children's book about bullying. Earl reiterates his main goal which is to remove fear, add knowledge, and encourage more Black folks to camp and enjoy the outdoors with everyone.


00:00:28.050 --> 00:00:35.370 Welcome everyone i'm Sandra bartman a few years ago I wrote and performed a solo show called the edge of every day.

00:00:35.910 --> 00:00:55.560 which was an exploration of the rough edges and contradictions, we all face grapple with the show hit a nerve relevant topic grow over time, more than I could have seen, so we are real talk with real people sharing stories and perspectives that.

00:00:57.150 --> 00:00:58.950 Petitions to say.

00:01:02.160 --> 00:01:03.150 Thanks for listening.

00:01:04.590 --> 00:01:05.340 You know.

00:01:06.390 --> 00:01:10.140 Hello everyone, we are live in the hive.

00:01:10.710 --> 00:01:13.230 Sandra Bargman: Thank you for joining me on this.

00:01:13.410 --> 00:01:27.060 Sandra Bargman: The 29th episode of the edge of every day here on talk radio dot nyc For those of you who are tuning in for the first time and for those of you who don't know me yet.

00:01:27.660 --> 00:01:40.320 Sandra Bargman: I encourage you to check out my bio on talk radio dot nyc or visit my website Sandra hartman calm and please tune into any of my previous episodes with my inspiring guests.

00:01:41.220 --> 00:01:58.710 Sandra Bargman: In a nutshell, this show is about celebrating triumphs pushing boundaries and exploring rough edges through conversations and shared stories with friends and colleagues it's my hope that we can begin to understand our edges.

00:02:02.040 --> 00:02:06.450 Sandra Bargman: And what I mean by edges is those places where we are fearful.

00:02:06.960 --> 00:02:19.800 Sandra Bargman: those places where we are resistant to change those places where paradoxes and contradictions live in our beliefs and in our understandings both about ourselves in the world around us.

00:02:20.280 --> 00:02:32.460 Sandra Bargman: those places where we don't want to look listen, we live in turbulent times and we are coming to understand that life simply isn't black or white, it must be an embrace of both.

00:02:32.790 --> 00:02:47.190 Sandra Bargman: And the more we recognize our own edges and get real about them, the more we can help others to do the same, and that I fully believe can help to change the world so thanks again for tuning in.

00:02:48.840 --> 00:02:56.280 Sandra Bargman: And without further ado it's time for me to introduce our guest this evening Hello irby hunter.

00:02:56.790 --> 00:02:58.020 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: Julia how are you.

00:02:58.200 --> 00:03:14.490 Sandra Bargman: going to read your glorious CV thanks for waiting patiently irby hunter jr is an experienced business leader across multiple industries, an in demand keynote speaker author and mentor.

00:03:15.600 --> 00:03:27.030 Sandra Bargman: Mr hunter is the founder and President of black folks camp to a marketing driven business, whose mission is to increase diversity in the outdoor industry.

00:03:27.390 --> 00:03:32.760 Sandra Bargman: By making it easier, more interesting and more fun for black folks to go camping.

00:03:33.660 --> 00:03:47.010 Sandra Bargman: Black folks camp two is a business that combines all of Mr hunters previous sales leadership roles, but especially his most recent position as Vice President of sales at Ceylon sport.

00:03:47.640 --> 00:04:04.980 Sandra Bargman: While it's sylvan sport, Mr hunter grew the business from 1 million to 17.5 million in sales in four years, primarily by going on the road to build a network of over 100 rv rv dealer locations.

00:04:05.850 --> 00:04:19.440 Sandra Bargman: Mr hunters discipline and competitive spirit were honed from a young age as a high school and college athlete being awarded full athletic scholarships for football to Georgia military college.

00:04:19.800 --> 00:04:31.890 Sandra Bargman: In milledgeville Georgia and to appalachian State University in boone North Carolina while working for sylvan sport, he took a cross country camping trip with his son.

00:04:32.460 --> 00:04:42.630 Sandra Bargman: After 20 states to Canadian provinces and 49 campgrounds URL was shocked at having encountered only one other black family camping.

00:04:43.200 --> 00:05:02.910 Sandra Bargman: Black folks camp to was launched October 10 2019 onstage at the outdoor economy conference in asheville North Carolina where Mr hunter was the events master of ceremonies welcome and Hello Earl hunter jr.

00:05:03.210 --> 00:05:15.360 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: right on Thank you so much, listen i've had a lot of folks who introduced me and I got to tell you that was probably one of the best that i've heard, because it was very thoroughly and and and it was good, so thank you so much for for inviting me and.

00:05:15.600 --> 00:05:16.470 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: have this conversation.

00:05:16.740 --> 00:05:23.010 Sandra Bargman: A complete pleasure, well, I always like to give a really full bio because an hour goes by so fast, we can.

00:05:23.010 --> 00:05:39.180 Sandra Bargman: really get to everything, and you know, so I want to make sure that people get a feel right out of the gate and and then we can check into what we check into so I always like to start with how I came to know my guest.

00:05:40.230 --> 00:05:46.710 Sandra Bargman: And for our listeners I don't know irby hunter jr Personally, I was introduced to him and his work.

00:05:47.100 --> 00:05:56.370 Sandra Bargman: Through a link to one of his presentations that came through my husband my one of my husband's colleagues he works for the New York state parks system.

00:05:56.850 --> 00:06:19.260 Sandra Bargman: and received a link of a presentation that URL is giving and we were blown away by your work blown away by your mission blown away by you, your charisma your positivity your engaging personality, it was just extraordinary and of course I had glimmers of my I would love to have him on.

00:06:20.340 --> 00:06:28.590 Sandra Bargman: And then I purchased we're going to talk about this later in our conversation this gorgeous sticker this logo is fantastic.

00:06:28.920 --> 00:06:40.320 Sandra Bargman: And it really has an incredible history and meaning and we'll touch on that later, but I purchased those and you know what URL sent me I ordered to I got three with it, thank you note.

00:06:41.340 --> 00:06:57.450 Sandra Bargman: That blew me away that absolutely blew my mind and I wrote back and just said, I have to ask this person this generosity of spirit is so huge I need you on and he met with me via zoom and gloriously again.

00:06:57.450 --> 00:06:58.320 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: Here we are.

00:06:58.500 --> 00:06:59.250 Sandra Bargman: Any area.

00:06:59.790 --> 00:07:08.670 Sandra Bargman: Obviously agreed well I know you're in demand and i'm not a partner, and I know this is special i'm well aware and i'm grateful you.

00:07:08.940 --> 00:07:17.760 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: will give up, you know what if I tell folks you know the i've never had a bad day in my life number one right i've had some bad moments, but i've never really had any bad days and today.

00:07:18.690 --> 00:07:23.400 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: is going to be a better day because of this conversation, but also because.

00:07:24.030 --> 00:07:34.740 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: When you when you have an opportunity to share your work with other folks that may be in the same boat rowing to to to to get to the other side in regards to his work as well, I had to be very.

00:07:35.310 --> 00:07:42.870 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: Very common to the fact that you know I sit on the seat that i'm that i'm very proud of and i'm very proud of it because we're gonna change the world one can't find the time.

00:07:43.170 --> 00:07:44.670 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: And so i'm looking forward to this conversation.

00:07:44.670 --> 00:07:48.630 Sandra Bargman: Before amen amen right on well it holds responsibility.

00:07:49.440 --> 00:07:59.580 Sandra Bargman: For you, you are such a mentor and an inspiration and that holds responsibility, but before we dive in I do want to acknowledge it is Memorial Day.

00:07:59.790 --> 00:08:11.190 Sandra Bargman: And, and we it's a day for us to remember and to honor generations of Americans who have given their lives to protect our freedoms.

00:08:13.410 --> 00:08:16.050 Sandra Bargman: But I also want to acknowledge because it's relevant.

00:08:17.400 --> 00:08:19.140 Sandra Bargman: All the time in today's.

00:08:20.610 --> 00:08:21.810 Sandra Bargman: world of.

00:08:23.880 --> 00:08:35.160 Sandra Bargman: pushing things into the corners into the dark corners and we're really there in an extraordinary way nations are built on shared stories, but we struggled to have a shared story here.

00:08:35.790 --> 00:08:59.850 Sandra Bargman: In the United States, and so I want to say that Memorial Day started in 1865 first named decoration day then later dedication day when black residents of charleston South Carolina zoomed mass graves of Union soldiers gave them a proper burial and had a parade to celebrate them.

00:09:00.990 --> 00:09:09.660 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: You know, you know i'm glad you, you mentioned that because uh you know, on this day I think about a lot of that you know I think about you know you know how the military and how.

00:09:10.680 --> 00:09:18.720 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: Groups of folks you know who care for and taking care of it protected America as a country I think about folks my ancestors.

00:09:19.650 --> 00:09:28.470 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: folks who who died protecting this country as well, to make sure that this country was a better place for not only for me, but for my children, children, children.

00:09:28.770 --> 00:09:37.950 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: And i'm really excited about it to have this conversation today because the conversation regarding our company is so endearing and so special to this particular moment as well.

00:09:38.250 --> 00:09:39.960 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: That, I want to make sure that we.

00:09:40.710 --> 00:09:49.890 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: That we don't gloss over anything but we also do it in the delightful manner, and we do it very strategically, so that the folks that are listening to this will now walk away with an opportunity to.

00:09:50.370 --> 00:09:57.060 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: Not only to be to share, but to also to listen listen better so they can actually go do some work.

00:09:57.780 --> 00:10:13.140 Sandra Bargman: uh huh continue to learn continue to look into to lean into knowing being open to learning etc there's a great article in the Washington Post yesterday on the Memorial Day and the buffalo thunder the.

00:10:14.370 --> 00:10:28.020 Sandra Bargman: celebrating the buffalo soldiers and we're going to wrap up this and we're going to take a break, but it's a fantastic article go and read it there's two points from this article, to the point you just made.

00:10:29.070 --> 00:10:29.670 Sandra Bargman: URL that.

00:10:31.230 --> 00:10:51.000 Sandra Bargman: The gentleman that's the head of the division of black thunder in Maryland his name is Hugh Valentine he said something so poignant he's 91 years old and the picture of him in the article is exquisite this gorgeous smile and excitement, and he said, its lack of exposure to diversity.

00:10:51.360 --> 00:10:54.450 Sandra Bargman: Absolutely that's the problem that is the problem.

00:10:54.630 --> 00:10:56.130 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: That and lack of communication.

00:10:56.190 --> 00:11:13.740 Sandra Bargman: Lack of communication amen and you are doing extraordinary work to to solve that and with that we're going to take a break stay tuned when we come back with Earl be hunter jr when we dive in to all things black folks camp to.

00:11:14.160 --> 00:11:15.840 Sandra Bargman: Stay tuned on the edge of every day.

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00:13:30.390 --> 00:13:33.390 Sandra Bargman: And we are back with Earl be hunter jr.

00:13:33.660 --> 00:13:41.040 Sandra Bargman: And we're going to dive in to black folks camp too so tell us about it what's its mission how what's the story of its creation.

00:13:41.490 --> 00:13:47.880 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: So so first of all, black folks came to what I need folks to understand is that word to always throws folks off, you know hearing.

00:13:48.390 --> 00:13:54.510 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: What we found in America that a lot of folks can't read airway right, we found that folks didn't understand that.

00:13:55.410 --> 00:14:06.240 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: To means also in as well, we found a lot of folks Dr the word to means only are we thought that a lot of folks who saw the word to MIT by ourselves, and so there was a lot of.

00:14:07.320 --> 00:14:15.720 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: missed education and regards are named by the very same folks we're reading our company is black folks can't to to means also in as well.

00:14:16.050 --> 00:14:24.960 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: Our job is to remove fear and knowledge and invite more black folks to camp and enjoy the outdoor lifestyle with any and everyone.

00:14:25.470 --> 00:14:40.620 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: We don't care about your race your age your gender we just want to see more black folks in the outdoors enjoying the 640 million acres of public land that we all pay for we want to see more black folks enjoying our being backpacking kayaking canoeing.

00:14:42.300 --> 00:14:50.280 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: rock climbing car campaign whatever in the outdoors in regards to this space fishing hunting all those things we as a company.

00:14:50.640 --> 00:15:04.620 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: We were started, we were created to make sure that we started to toenail of the elephant to to do that and and we believe that, while we're doing this work this work is very important, particularly on a day like Memorial Day right.

00:15:05.010 --> 00:15:07.020 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: day like Memorial Day, where folks.

00:15:07.020 --> 00:15:20.610 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: Have have fought to make sure that these lands are amazing make sure that folks were good folks have died, making sure that you know we have a safe place to be in this country, and we want to make sure that black folks.

00:15:21.090 --> 00:15:30.660 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: The folks who look like me who have no matter what their their their classes, they understand that they have an opportunity to go enjoy.

00:15:31.170 --> 00:15:34.620 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: This beautiful land, just like any and everyone but there's reasons why we don't.

00:15:34.980 --> 00:15:42.390 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: Right and we can get into those reasons, but there's and we can talk about those things but we're going to talk about those things but there's reasons why we don't and our company.

00:15:42.810 --> 00:15:57.510 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: is here to not only just to remove fear from black folks but our company is here to remove fear from the industry, which is about 98% white and our industry is also to remove that fear and that and knowledge and invite invitation.

00:15:58.920 --> 00:16:12.840 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: To the current lifestyle, those who are possibly about 95% white are Java, to share that with them, so that we all can jump in the boat and we all can start to roll, and we can get to the other side, so this issue of.

00:16:13.980 --> 00:16:19.350 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: folks who look like me who are now just because here's the thing if you love the outdoors and you've been out there.

00:16:19.890 --> 00:16:28.620 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: And even enjoy the outdoors all your life, you know you hadn't seen many of us right you just probably don't know why you haven't seen it, but you know you haven't seen many of us.

00:16:29.460 --> 00:16:37.380 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: And what's great about our company name, though Sandra is that uh you know it says black folks can too, so we know black holes, can we know that right.

00:16:37.680 --> 00:16:48.780 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: Now we know they will can we know there were some more Our job is to get more and we have a strategic plan and how to do that and we're going to do it in a very delightful man beautiful so.

00:16:49.830 --> 00:17:07.950 Sandra Bargman: You got into all this through our viewing so I want to i'm going to jump back just a little to get into the, how is that I mean getting into the well, you said you afraid of the outdoor the get rid of the fear were you afraid to jump into I can't imagine you're afraid of anything.

00:17:08.400 --> 00:17:08.850 Sandra Bargman: That i'm.

00:17:10.380 --> 00:17:11.640 Sandra Bargman: into the jail.

00:17:11.700 --> 00:17:12.960 Sandra Bargman: So Corporation.

00:17:13.350 --> 00:17:21.960 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: But kind of give you a little background my background, you know I always tell folks I was a Gucci living song wearing sports car driving private plane flying executive.

00:17:23.220 --> 00:17:30.150 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: Before I got into the outdoor industry, I was in the international sourcing industry doing a lot of work in different countries things of that nature bridging the gap between.

00:17:30.570 --> 00:17:45.930 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: Manufacturers in the US manufacturing other countries, Asia, South America, Central Asia, all those places right, and then I had an opportunity to get into the rv industry right and and get into the rv industry was which was funny to me because I had never been camping the day.

00:17:46.470 --> 00:17:46.950 Sandra Bargman: it's like.

00:17:48.240 --> 00:17:53.190 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: yeah yeah i've never been camping today my life, the outdoors for me wasn't something that I wanted to go to.

00:17:53.490 --> 00:18:01.080 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: It was something that was um it's verified it wasn't even in my mind it wasn't something that I enjoyed it wasn't something that was talked about in my household.

00:18:01.380 --> 00:18:10.710 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: It wasn't something that my family ever talked about right ever and but, but the things that my family members, particularly my great grandmother said about the outdoors.

00:18:11.040 --> 00:18:21.780 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: And said why we shouldn't go in the outdoors is the thing that really truly want wanted me to really drive this narrative you know to to change this.

00:18:22.410 --> 00:18:29.400 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: When I got into this industry, I was one of the only black executives in this industry i'm talking about from an executive perspective walk and make some decisions.

00:18:29.910 --> 00:18:38.970 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: regards to adding workforce talent or making a decision on products, making decisions on who we deal with customer from a C suite perspective.

00:18:39.330 --> 00:18:47.370 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: And again, that was an issue for me, you know, I was really tired of going to all the rv shows all the outdoor show of being one of the only black executives.

00:18:48.630 --> 00:18:53.010 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: And I felt like we could change that to with this company with our company and we're doing it right.

00:18:53.340 --> 00:18:53.700 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: And we're doing.

00:18:54.360 --> 00:19:11.340 Sandra Bargman: Well, I mean I just get full body chills thinking about how how the universe needed you to step forward and that was your next right step at that time to get into our being so, what was the thing that what was the experience that sparked this your next company.

00:19:11.700 --> 00:19:16.440 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: yeah so you know i'd already had the notion in the feeling of wanting to.

00:19:16.950 --> 00:19:25.650 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: not be the only person who looked like me in the room right, I had already been this person to say how do we get more folks in this space, so this industry can be more diverse.

00:19:25.950 --> 00:19:32.640 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: Because if you know you know there's the most folks should know this when when when when companies and when all things are diverse things are better.

00:19:32.850 --> 00:19:33.390 Sandra Bargman: Right better.

00:19:33.420 --> 00:19:39.570 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: You have different ideas different thought process and different experiences shared experience and knowledge sharing experiences.

00:19:39.810 --> 00:19:50.460 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: So this idea of black folks can tune came about i'm really i'm before my son and I took this amazing trip, but the trip that we took around the country.

00:19:50.880 --> 00:19:58.590 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: Right my son and I took this three month trip around the country we were going for we traveled over 14,000 miles, we had been.

00:19:59.220 --> 00:20:09.510 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: We had been to Camp ground of a campground started from North Carolina to going all the way to BC and Dr in the campaign and experience.

00:20:09.990 --> 00:20:22.050 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: In New Mexico when we saw our first black family had it had a lot majorly to do, why black folks came to restart it right it because, to go to all those States.

00:20:22.590 --> 00:20:32.400 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: To see all those campgrounds to go to all these spaces and see see thousands of people I can't rounds, I only see one black family on this entire trip was very.

00:20:33.450 --> 00:20:34.440 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: It was um.

00:20:35.670 --> 00:20:51.840 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: It was annoying to me that the industry had not done enough to change this perspective from a social perspective and economically this thing that bothered me right, and so, when we wouldn't my son and I count this family I tell folks.

00:20:51.870 --> 00:20:55.140 Sandra Bargman: Can I quickly interrupt how old is your son at that time my son.

00:20:55.140 --> 00:20:56.010 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: was seven years old.

00:20:57.090 --> 00:21:10.800 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: And the reason why we took the trip Sanchez because I had been away from my family so long building the business over it, so one sport that I wasn't around very much so my son he he basically said look that you say you're taking a mount rushmore and.

00:21:11.370 --> 00:21:26.850 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: You know, you told me that you always tell me to talk that talk and walk that walk well it's time you start walking at wall, and so you know it was during the summer 2017 we got on the role and we started, we started out and we kept the whole entire way and it was amazing you know.

00:21:27.000 --> 00:21:28.110 Sandra Bargman: My Lord well.

00:21:28.170 --> 00:21:28.710 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: you're in there.

00:21:29.100 --> 00:21:30.210 Sandra Bargman: So so.

00:21:31.710 --> 00:21:38.520 Sandra Bargman: I mean you know he just must have been overwhelmed what how are you received on this trip, but what was what was that experience like.

00:21:38.820 --> 00:21:52.620 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: Well, we you know, one of the things is is that when you're an anomaly right when you're not when you don't see folsom Of course you get those stairs but I didn't get stairs or being afraid I got there for folks that almost like what y'all doing out here.

00:21:52.860 --> 00:21:53.220 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: You know.

00:21:53.610 --> 00:21:59.970 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: or or or i've never seen you boy i've never seen anybody look like you before and we've heard people say that to set that to us right.

00:22:00.300 --> 00:22:14.550 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: And so it wasn't a it for me, it was an opportunity for us to to to to enhance and improve the narrow right and I wanted to really educate folks on why folks who look like me, have not been out there.

00:22:14.760 --> 00:22:15.360 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: Not being a.

00:22:15.810 --> 00:22:24.300 Sandra Bargman: Mere sight of you and your incredible personality just wake them up to Oh, this is the thing that needs to be handled.

00:22:24.600 --> 00:22:28.500 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: Oh Look, we have great communication, we had a great conversation, and you know.

00:22:28.590 --> 00:22:30.900 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: Next up we're going to talk about this later, of course.

00:22:31.170 --> 00:22:35.100 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: Is the thing that brought us together right in every instance and all that kind of good stuff.

00:22:35.370 --> 00:22:36.540 Sandra Bargman: let's Oh yes, well.

00:22:36.600 --> 00:22:38.010 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: I never hold back.

00:22:38.220 --> 00:22:48.180 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: The conversation around the campfire because the conversation around a campfire and literally and figuratively, it has no walls and you can you can you can take all of that.

00:22:49.110 --> 00:22:55.590 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: thought process and put her in a conversation around the campfire and as a total different conversation, you have in your House oh totally different.

00:22:56.070 --> 00:22:59.730 Sandra Bargman: yeah that fire that's symbolic G that.

00:22:59.790 --> 00:23:06.840 Sandra Bargman: Absolutely ancient it's absolutely ancient sitting around that fire and sharing intimate conversation it's.

00:23:06.840 --> 00:23:08.550 Sandra Bargman: Great as well we've got to take a.

00:23:09.720 --> 00:23:18.090 Sandra Bargman: Take a break, and when we come back we're going to talk more about sitting around that fire and the unity blaze and we're going to get into also.

00:23:18.720 --> 00:23:34.020 Sandra Bargman: Some of the partnerships that you have created etc and speak more about some of the the business strategies that you've been implementing when we come back with Earl be hundred jr on the edge of every day stay tuned folks.

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00:25:35.460 --> 00:25:47.820 Sandra Bargman: on the edge of every day with Earl be hunter jr we are back and we're going to pick it up where we left off with the unity blaze and intimate courageous conversations around the campfire.

00:25:47.970 --> 00:25:51.030 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: yeah so you know you know Sandra i'm very uh.

00:25:52.350 --> 00:25:56.970 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: Before you can you before you can solve a problem you have to know the why right.

00:25:57.420 --> 00:26:02.040 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: And you know i've been in this industry for almost seven years now, in this particular industry.

00:26:02.370 --> 00:26:09.240 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: and understanding that the industry itself in the current lifestyle and particularly some black folks who've never been in the space.

00:26:09.660 --> 00:26:15.990 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: Really don't know why that we are here, where we are today and, by the way, there's some folks well before urban hundred Julian.

00:26:16.350 --> 00:26:30.330 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: Who has been in the space fighting to make sure the outdoors more equitable the outdoors is more exciting for folks who look like me to enjoy the outdoors where necessary we're not the first company or the first group and by the way, we're not a group and we're not a clue.

00:26:30.600 --> 00:26:31.770 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: yeah we're we don't.

00:26:31.920 --> 00:26:33.750 Sandra Bargman: You cannot profit yeah.

00:26:33.840 --> 00:26:42.540 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: Without a non profit you can't sign up for us to take you out in the outdoors that's not our what our job is we may look like that, because what we did we had to get to the y.

00:26:42.810 --> 00:26:57.450 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: Right once you get to the once you get to the why you can get to the what when, where and how and that's in business or anything and so as a company what we did last year, the last two years, we took out over 400 folks and we got a lot of data right.

00:26:57.600 --> 00:27:03.660 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: We got a lot of data from folks who were from different classes, teachers, doctors, lawyers.

00:27:04.800 --> 00:27:17.070 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: folks tradesmen blue collar white collar folks who are in the military from 18 to 69 we took folks out backpacking kayaking canoeing are being we did all these things we can get data right.

00:27:17.580 --> 00:27:24.690 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: I had to make sure that that data aligned in those conversations align what my great grandmother told me.

00:27:25.380 --> 00:27:30.630 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: in regards to the outdoors and I had to make sure that was aligned with all my friends and what they had said.

00:27:30.810 --> 00:27:39.030 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: in regards to the outdoors so the things that most functional understanding the number one reason why folks to look like me particularly black folks have not really.

00:27:39.330 --> 00:27:46.440 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: entered into the outdoor space and lifestyle because of generational fear my great grandmother would tell my grandma.

00:27:46.860 --> 00:27:58.020 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: will tell my mother, who told me don't go into movies, you don't belong in the woods those was probably one of the most heinous places in the world, be because of all the lynching because all the.

00:27:58.770 --> 00:28:08.070 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: The flags and other the Cross burnings all the things that made the simile the symbols that may folks to look like me afraid to go in those woods right.

00:28:08.340 --> 00:28:13.860 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: So the woods, for most black folks for many of us and not a place for rest and relaxation.

00:28:14.310 --> 00:28:21.660 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: it's a place for recklessness or play some thought of that right so to change that mindset is not going to be an overnight fix.

00:28:22.080 --> 00:28:28.800 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: Right, because when you have that fear that means you get to the second thing that we know right, we have no knowledge.

00:28:29.490 --> 00:28:35.730 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: You know, many of us have you know you'd have knowledge what we found in 98% of the folks that we took out don't even know what poison Ivy.

00:28:36.030 --> 00:28:45.210 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: Right, so when you're inviting folks to go on the trail and you're inviting folks to go on these mountains, you have folks who don't really know what a trailhead is.

00:28:45.450 --> 00:28:50.670 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: They don't know what a trail blazers are what to do when they see an animal what to do when they see.

00:28:51.600 --> 00:29:00.000 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: Anything other than what they've seen before right, and I say to folks you know you can this is very evident in regards to our society, you know you see.

00:29:00.300 --> 00:29:13.230 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: Most black folks we're pretty much the most athletic people in the world right you don't see us do many things athletically in the outdoors you don't necessarily see us in winter games in the Olympics you don't necessarily see us in the.

00:29:14.940 --> 00:29:21.480 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: X games and things of that nature or even the area where I live, one of the most beautiful places in the world, you don't see us trail running.

00:29:21.960 --> 00:29:28.470 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: middle schools mountain biking anything that has to do with the outdoors in that particular space we're limited right.

00:29:28.800 --> 00:29:36.930 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: Well, most folks will say well you know well, I see black folks fishing and I see black holes hunting I tell folks that's always going to be a part of us because.

00:29:37.200 --> 00:29:45.930 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: that's for survival right and everybody's doing it because it's my where you have to eat, but in regards to enjoy the waterfall or trading up a mountain.

00:29:46.140 --> 00:29:46.740 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: That is for.

00:29:46.770 --> 00:29:55.650 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: emotional therapy right that's what getting you're getting your bearings but that's something that we haven't been a part of because of that generation of fear, but the third thing is is very.

00:29:56.130 --> 00:30:07.410 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: potent it to me is that the industry, which I served in right industry in which I took I took a company from a million to 17 and a half million in four years, an industry that's 880 billion dollars.

00:30:08.250 --> 00:30:17.100 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: The industry really never invited us or ask us for our dollars in the space and to me that is a problem.

00:30:17.640 --> 00:30:31.260 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: Is this a problem that there's a group of folks out there that had the means the ways and the opportunity to enjoy this beautiful land by using the products that make their experience better, yet no one is really ask them for their money.

00:30:31.800 --> 00:30:38.160 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: And the reason why they never asked them is because they didn't understand why we didn't go in the first place right.

00:30:38.700 --> 00:30:43.170 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: And so, one of the greatest things I tell folks if you don't pander something.

00:30:43.620 --> 00:30:56.790 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: If you're going to you're going to drive something what we should be driving is how amazing the outdoors is how amazing the outdoors is because the outdoors is served by all of us are nonpartisan place to be.

00:30:57.210 --> 00:31:05.790 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: But there are some folks who look like me, have no clue how amazing the outdoors is and our job as a company we're going to make sure that they do.

00:31:06.420 --> 00:31:08.040 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: we're going to make sure that they do.

00:31:08.220 --> 00:31:10.110 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: And they do in a way that is delightful.

00:31:11.040 --> 00:31:12.810 Sandra Bargman: Right What are those strategies.

00:31:12.960 --> 00:31:16.320 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: Well, our strategy is very simple well you know if.

00:31:16.890 --> 00:31:30.300 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: We want to do is get the very same folks who love the outdoors the most which are 95% white folks that understand that it's not just going to be black folks just to go get black folks to take them in the outdoors there's not enough of us to know.

00:31:30.810 --> 00:31:33.510 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: Well, and know how amazing the outdoors is.

00:31:33.510 --> 00:31:38.970 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: Right our strategy is to let folks know that let the folks who love the outdoors most that.

00:31:39.930 --> 00:31:47.730 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: Maybe they didn't go in the outdoors or maybe their family members didn't go in the outdoors and i'm speaking to pretty much 95% white folks who love the outdoors the most is that yes.

00:31:48.120 --> 00:31:56.400 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: They may have gone in the outdoors because of fears and lack of knowledge, lack of invitation to However, there are national and state parks that were segregated.

00:31:57.780 --> 00:32:07.620 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: For years until 1964 so even in my great great grandmother wanted to go on the outdoors and wanted to experience the state park or national park she could not write.

00:32:08.160 --> 00:32:15.480 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: Our job is get those very same folks the conservancy's the land, trust and all these folks who have spent tons of money.

00:32:16.230 --> 00:32:26.460 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: and preserve and is beautiful and to understand the why we don't go into now find them smarter they look like me and invite us to go in a way that is very sincere.

00:32:27.000 --> 00:32:35.220 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: is very meaningful very measured and sustainable and with That being said, we are creating our own spaces by.

00:32:35.730 --> 00:32:51.120 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: Our own space of education, because what we do as a company create we create education we call the D ID stands for digital education initiative right, we also partner with different companies like oboe right there boot company out of Montana bozeman Montana.

00:32:51.150 --> 00:32:52.770 Sandra Bargman: I just bought a pair yeah.

00:32:52.980 --> 00:32:55.620 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: We partner with them, you know with with their.

00:32:55.650 --> 00:32:58.140 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: insole unity blades right.

00:32:58.200 --> 00:32:59.760 Sandra Bargman: Oh, I saw that on your merge.

00:32:59.790 --> 00:33:11.760 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: yeah we have our unity blades on the inside, and what that partnership does it allows us to partner with a company who series about teaching people how to take care of their feet.

00:33:12.210 --> 00:33:19.470 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: Their footwear, so they can actually now be on the trails everything we do every partnership it's about education.

00:33:19.800 --> 00:33:25.140 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: The second thing we have partnership with a company called tincture te n tr are.

00:33:25.410 --> 00:33:40.890 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: This is a company that has ready made like vr Bo tight tents in areas all over the country so that we take barriers away from folks who may not have the equipment to go in the outdoors they can now just show up and they can't play.

00:33:41.040 --> 00:33:53.220 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: Right, you know it's the same thing with us teaching all of our before the all these folks come on board Sandra they have to go through this thorough process of learning why folks like me having been in the outdoors.

00:33:53.340 --> 00:33:54.240 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: So we can move forward.

00:33:54.270 --> 00:33:59.850 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: The same thing with go rv rv I know we were working with the dealer's rv dealers.

00:34:00.450 --> 00:34:07.740 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: To understand why we haven't been in their dealerships before we start sending folks in their dealerships right we're very strategic in this.

00:34:08.070 --> 00:34:13.410 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: What I found the feet socks right, we have a we have a project with farm the feet, where we have.

00:34:14.010 --> 00:34:31.440 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: Our unity blaze on songs right and the dollars that we make from this when we create more digital education right and streamlining, this is very important for us because our company is so delightful because the unity bleeds.

00:34:32.550 --> 00:34:41.640 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: It is the campfire and the Center of our logo and it means treat everyone everywhere equally it didn't matter your race your age your gender.

00:34:42.240 --> 00:34:49.530 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: And no matter who you are your class we want you around that can't file to start having a conversation and the beautiful thing about that.

00:34:50.100 --> 00:35:02.100 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: We can't have beautiful conversation we cannot have beautiful conversation unless the very same folks who are afraid to go in the outdoors who have no knowledge.

00:35:03.180 --> 00:35:16.890 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: And who have never really been invited, but also they had laws to keep them out of the outdoors these folks need to be educated on why they need to be there and the very same folks around them need to be educated on why we haven't been in the first place, so we are.

00:35:18.930 --> 00:35:27.750 Sandra Bargman: Well, and you're also is you know your education it's, not just for the people coming in it's also for the clients that you work for its.

00:35:27.750 --> 00:35:38.730 Sandra Bargman: With with the whole industry teaching the industry, you know just educating them on how they can, and you know that all the taxpayers every color.

00:35:38.880 --> 00:35:45.390 Sandra Bargman: pair this land and they can also make more money they.

00:35:45.540 --> 00:35:49.350 Sandra Bargman: know they can lead in a sustainable way making more money.

00:35:49.650 --> 00:35:50.790 Sandra Bargman: Bringing everyone in.

00:35:50.850 --> 00:35:56.130 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: Listen, I tell folks all the time, but we were all about unity, we want unity in the outdoors.

00:35:56.310 --> 00:35:58.320 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: I mean i've been in sales for a long time.

00:35:58.530 --> 00:36:11.820 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: Right and I tell folks it wouldn't be nothing on this earth, that I want to get up in the morning to the end, to make sure that unity in the outdoors is the biggest byproduct of our company I wouldn't want anything else.

00:36:12.180 --> 00:36:20.730 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: Right, because the thing about the unity blazes this you know you're the you're the unity or you're just the opposite of you one of your be that's fine right.

00:36:21.180 --> 00:36:27.750 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: But belongs, I know you're we can you know we can have a conversation, but I also I do know this from a unity perspective to Sanders this.

00:36:28.650 --> 00:36:39.540 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: folks who don't know anything really about the outdoors I was taught by folks that don't look like me about the outdoors right it took me a minute to trust these folks.

00:36:39.960 --> 00:36:48.390 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: Right, I had to trust these folks because of what I was told and what was shared with me by some very real acts that happen right.

00:36:48.750 --> 00:36:52.800 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: And so I had to trust the folks and they did some things they put some things in place.

00:36:53.400 --> 00:37:04.740 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: To to to help me trust them, it was so beautiful and what they did, and these are the things we want to teach other folks to do to get folks to look like me to enjoy the outdoors listen.

00:37:05.400 --> 00:37:15.630 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: We we don't mind we don't care that black folks like to go camping with black folks or white folks like to go camping with white folks and agent folks and so on, so on Latino and.

00:37:15.960 --> 00:37:27.360 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: native American Indian and all the folks that make up America we don't care they like to go camping with one another, we just want to make sure that folks are not afraid to go camping and enjoy the outdoors with each other.

00:37:27.420 --> 00:37:29.820 Sandra Bargman: With everyone everyone feel safe.

00:37:30.270 --> 00:37:31.170 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: and feel safe about it.

00:37:31.830 --> 00:37:38.940 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: Right, and you know, and we can we tell folks all the time, you know we get this question but typically a lot of life flows man, I want to go try URL.

00:37:39.210 --> 00:37:45.270 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: I want to go do this, but how you gonna keep me safe and I, and I tell them all the time we can't keep you safe.

00:37:45.870 --> 00:37:57.720 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: But what we can do is share this knowledge of unity and we can get phone rockin is unity blades so they can let everyone know that they treat everyone everyone equally when they see that patch on them or that.

00:37:58.080 --> 00:37:58.980 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: girl or car.

00:37:59.160 --> 00:38:05.640 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: or those products on these products, and they were any product they're letting you know they're signaling to you, but I treat everyone everywhere equally.

00:38:06.660 --> 00:38:07.050 period.

00:38:10.080 --> 00:38:10.560 Sandra Bargman: amen.

00:38:11.340 --> 00:38:11.820 Sandra Bargman: it's time.

00:38:12.060 --> 00:38:13.110 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: To change the world one.

00:38:13.620 --> 00:38:27.750 Sandra Bargman: giant totally and you got it down you got that story down unbelievable you are such an inspiration i'm it's time for a break URL yeah and when we come back, I want to.

00:38:28.860 --> 00:38:47.610 Sandra Bargman: speak about you know what you see for the future for yourself, for your company and what's your leading edge and then we're going to talk about how people can connect with you that want to be involved with you, when we come back folks with irby hundred jr.

00:38:48.690 --> 00:38:50.820 Sandra Bargman: on the edge of every day stay tuned.

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00:40:51.270 --> 00:41:02.730 Sandra Bargman: And we are back with Earl be hunter jr so we're going to pick it up with what's what's your leading edge what's the future of the outdoor economy what's significant.

00:41:03.150 --> 00:41:08.670 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: Well, I think you know you know the last few years, the outdoor economy has been booming right, you know, particularly the rv industry has been.

00:41:09.090 --> 00:41:12.150 Sandra Bargman: You know this thing yeah the pandemic has just been.

00:41:12.600 --> 00:41:14.370 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: However, however, I always tell.

00:41:14.370 --> 00:41:19.680 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: The rv industry this and I tell everybody is, we have the cast our net wider right i'm a part of the industry, so I want to see the industry.

00:41:19.890 --> 00:41:25.440 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: do well, we have to cast out nets wider and not just feel like we can put folks like myself on billboards.

00:41:25.710 --> 00:41:29.250 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: And all these things thinking ever going to come into this, we have to understand the why.

00:41:29.490 --> 00:41:37.470 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: And once we understand why we can get to the what when, where and how so as a company, you know some of the things we have coming down the pipeline is that you know we're working with a lot of state parks.

00:41:38.310 --> 00:41:50.580 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: To create more content for them, and all of the State parks were very strategic and what we do I wish I can tell you, everything that we're doing, but then we will be a strategic company and and and so.

00:41:50.730 --> 00:41:51.030 Sandra Bargman: yeah I.

00:41:51.660 --> 00:41:57.510 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: will tell you this, though we just launched an amazing we just launched an amazing.

00:41:59.010 --> 00:42:04.110 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: campaign with South Carolina state parks and, by the way, i'm from Columbia South Carolina so let me just tell you this.

00:42:04.470 --> 00:42:08.010 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: I love soccer out of state parks and here's why because they came to us.

00:42:08.310 --> 00:42:16.470 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: When they didn't really know what to do and how to actually tackle this issue and I said to them we're going to do this together, we can do it very methodical and very strategically together.

00:42:16.710 --> 00:42:20.760 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: And so we have a huge campaign that's going on with South Carolina state parks.

00:42:21.240 --> 00:42:36.720 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: With a campaign with coach Pew nodes and coach Pew Pew is, if you don't know he's the head football coach at South Carolina State University, which is the hbc you, which is historically black college University in South Carolina and I took him camping he was my high school coach.

00:42:37.080 --> 00:42:38.400 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: I took him champion.

00:42:38.820 --> 00:42:48.060 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: For the first time in his life, two years ago yeah two years ago, and he loved it, and so I said to him listen why don't we you know go again and we'll film it.

00:42:48.360 --> 00:42:57.840 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: and will do amazing campaign for sacramento state parks and we did right and so we're also working with North Carolina state parks more, but all lot of the state policy around the country.

00:42:58.140 --> 00:43:09.870 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: and talk about how do we create more digital education, the second thing is, is that we're very strategic and not just to have conversation with just black folks Our job is to have a conversation where everyone.

00:43:09.870 --> 00:43:21.510 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: Everyone about the space, because if we all going to enjoy this space we all need to be enjoying the space together, so we can learn together, so we can make sure that we're taking folks out in the outdoors to be very strategic in this space.

00:43:21.960 --> 00:43:26.100 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: Every, as I said, alluded to earlier every partnership that we partner with.

00:43:26.640 --> 00:43:39.480 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: It has done for strategic reason you can't just call us up and send us a check and say hey Earl thanks for the kumbaya we're not that type company, we will package your check back up and send it back to you.

00:43:39.780 --> 00:43:48.300 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: we're not that type company everything we do is very, very strategically done so that when folks recognize this unity blaze.

00:43:48.510 --> 00:43:59.250 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: They know it has strategic meaning, for instance, our partnership with tincture T amp T are again the ready to go camping space they they're there.

00:43:59.940 --> 00:44:05.160 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: can't host they have a player and that player is true everyone everywhere equally.

00:44:05.460 --> 00:44:14.940 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: i'm sorry we have to hold folks to that type pledge we didn't create this problem, what we're doing is trying we're we're doing is is clearing up the issue because we.

00:44:15.480 --> 00:44:26.220 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: intentionally feel like look, this is a place where you can come and enjoy yourself, and you can be safe here and we're going to do everything we can, because we know why you haven't been in the outdoors black codes.

00:44:26.520 --> 00:44:35.370 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: We want to make sure that now we are doing our job to understand your why so we now, we can make sure you get to the what when, where and how.

00:44:36.480 --> 00:44:46.020 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: Again, everything you got to see in the next six months, because we have a ton of partnerships and launches that we're launching with different companies everything we do a strategic.

00:44:46.470 --> 00:45:00.090 Sandra Bargman: love this what what what is so amazing to me is the timing with pandemic and how people got back to understanding that that wow, we have to be connected to nurture everyone.

00:45:00.330 --> 00:45:01.200 Sandra Bargman: Everyone needs.

00:45:01.470 --> 00:45:14.760 Sandra Bargman: And we've been reminded of that, and so the coming back to nature, the reconnection for all of us to start doing the universal healing that we need to do for climate change.

00:45:15.210 --> 00:45:17.220 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: Well, you know it's funny you say that because humanity.

00:45:17.580 --> 00:45:27.540 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: I didn't really care much about climate change and things of that nature or I didn't care about the earth I didn't care about plastic I didn't care about any of that stuff before I got into the outgoing another.

00:45:27.570 --> 00:45:29.850 Sandra Bargman: that's another aspect of the importance of that.

00:45:30.180 --> 00:45:37.230 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: I never I never even thought about it in this stuff but I tell you this one thing because I love the outdoors and not just love to use it, because I love it.

00:45:37.620 --> 00:45:50.820 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: I want to make sure the very same folks who haven't been in the outdoors yet as much with the black folks understand why this is important for us to have these beautiful land, but we also need to make sure we're teaching and educating the very same folks who are out there now.

00:45:51.210 --> 00:46:00.240 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: Yes, how amazing the outdoors is and why they need to do better at it, because honestly they don't do a very good job, either because if they did we wouldn't be talking about all the.

00:46:00.720 --> 00:46:05.430 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: The folks following the leave no trace principle and, by the way we probably will leave no trace as well.

00:46:05.760 --> 00:46:12.930 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: Which is a company which is the group that actually is their job is to make sure that they are that folks are keeping the outdoor space beautiful.

00:46:13.200 --> 00:46:19.860 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: Let me, let me just share this one thing would you say in regards to Memorial Day and a half and I thought, as I thought about that, before this call you know.

00:46:20.430 --> 00:46:29.670 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: You know this company, for me, is not just a job, this is my legs, you know black folks came to our job is to be.

00:46:30.300 --> 00:46:39.240 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: Out of business as a company, because we go out of business right like first came to if our job if we do our job properly, will go out of business, and then we won't need.

00:46:39.660 --> 00:46:48.840 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: To be around that Muslim we didn't I didn't build this company to be here for years for years because about if that happened that means we had.

00:46:49.230 --> 00:46:50.340 Sandra Bargman: john successful.

00:46:50.640 --> 00:47:06.870 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: Successful and i'm being used on success i'm being on to get this right and get everyone in the group to do this, but I when I talk about Memorial Day, there are millions and millions and millions and millions of black folks who have died.

00:47:08.280 --> 00:47:19.350 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: who have died and i've never experienced how amazing the outdoors is and I tell folks folks will say this to their other races of folks that have died.

00:47:20.070 --> 00:47:25.860 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: That have never experienced the outdoors however here's The only difference between black folks and all the other race.

00:47:26.550 --> 00:47:34.470 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: there's no race in America that's ever had loans to keep them out of the outdoors keep them from state and national parks up for black folks.

00:47:34.920 --> 00:47:44.130 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: And That to me is the very reason why it's important for folks to look like me to experience the outdoors and delightful man.

00:47:44.550 --> 00:47:53.040 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: That is in a safe manner and a space a we can go and sit by waterfall and see the see the the beautiful colors.

00:47:53.580 --> 00:48:10.260 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: Of the Rainbow off that waterfall the sunset and sunrise and be in a space of healing emotionally mentally physically and all those spaces and that's our job as a company to make that happen and it's not something we're going to do it's something that we're.

00:48:10.290 --> 00:48:11.220 Sandra Bargman: Doing.

00:48:11.430 --> 00:48:17.670 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: we're doing it and we're going to do it in a in a way that everyone is doing it together and that's why the unity blaze is so important.

00:48:18.570 --> 00:48:20.160 Sandra Bargman: I have one on my car.

00:48:20.550 --> 00:48:21.390 Sandra Bargman: Absolute went on.

00:48:22.920 --> 00:48:28.650 Sandra Bargman: i'm getting a T shirt so that's a perfect segue into How can people be involved with you.

00:48:28.830 --> 00:48:29.610 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: First of all, you know.

00:48:31.110 --> 00:48:35.970 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: Go to my website black folks camp to calm and that spelled out to.

00:48:36.240 --> 00:48:37.530 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: Black folks camp.

00:48:37.920 --> 00:48:45.300 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: we you can read about us i'm intentionally done in the last few years, and as many.

00:48:46.800 --> 00:48:57.090 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: podcasts and many articles radio show we just don't CBS radio couple days ago we were just on CBS last year we were there constant.

00:48:59.220 --> 00:49:03.750 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: keynotes you know how we were very sustainable how we do things.

00:49:04.410 --> 00:49:16.740 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: I tell folks go to black folks camp to calm, you can read all about our company our staff, the people that work for us our partners we're very transparent we we don't move in silence, we are allowed, and what we do.

00:49:17.460 --> 00:49:24.750 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: we're not saying that other folks are what they're doing is not good we're just saying that what we do, nobody better than what we do.

00:49:25.080 --> 00:49:26.700 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: Because we have our own.

00:49:26.910 --> 00:49:39.420 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: Strategic milestones that we're reaching we're very cognizant of that we don't put groups down, we want to enhance group we want to make sure that those roots are sustainable, we are a brand.

00:49:39.930 --> 00:49:55.410 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: We are a company and we're very strategic and we love what we do, as a matter of fact, as a matter of fact, we got we're changing the world one camp or the time I have it, I feel it right.

00:49:55.530 --> 00:50:08.400 Sandra Bargman: Of course, I feel it yeah i'm everyone that's in your presence, feels it everyone that's listen to you and learn from you and been inspired by you feels it URL be hunter jr.

00:50:08.550 --> 00:50:14.580 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: Well, you know you know i've been key noting for the last couple years about this, and I say a lot of things a shock, a lot of folks right.

00:50:14.970 --> 00:50:16.650 Sandra Bargman: Well, they need to be shocked.

00:50:16.770 --> 00:50:21.960 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: But the bottom line is it's, just like the reason why I like backpack right because I like.

00:50:23.280 --> 00:50:25.800 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: I like going through something to get to some right.

00:50:26.070 --> 00:50:35.640 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: I know that cloak yes, I love that like you know I tell folks we don't in regards to this work, you know we don't twist arms which was hard.

00:50:36.150 --> 00:50:46.800 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: we're not my not my job, and not to beat up on people and the reason why black folks hadn't made any outdoors my our job as a company is to work it's been 20% of our time on the reason why we haven't been there.

00:50:47.160 --> 00:50:57.390 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: At 80% of our time on the solution to get us there because for us let's be blackfoot more blacks living in the outdoors is a solution for us, that is our solution that is our goal.

00:50:58.080 --> 00:51:04.770 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: And we are seeing it happen, we just want to make sure that the very same folks who enjoy the most.

00:51:05.130 --> 00:51:15.390 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: don't feel like they got to stand on the sideline and wait, while we're in the boat going to the other side to make sure that more folks who look like me in the outdoor space I want those folks in the book.

00:51:16.110 --> 00:51:27.870 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: Because I believe once we get around the campfire once we get around this unity blaze once we get around campfires all over the world, literally and physically we're gonna find out in America that we have more sane and differences.

00:51:28.350 --> 00:51:30.390 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: that's what we're gonna find out Chris.

00:51:30.990 --> 00:51:31.950 Sandra Bargman: And we're going to find that out.

00:51:31.980 --> 00:51:39.360 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: And i'm looking for for that happened in Santa because I have small children a nine year old a 12 year I want my children, children, children.

00:51:40.500 --> 00:51:50.040 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: To be excited to go on the outdoors with your children, children to and everybody else's children, children, children, so that we don't have this issue when i'm long Dong.

00:51:51.780 --> 00:51:54.150 Sandra Bargman: amen Have you taken your daughter on a trip.

00:51:54.780 --> 00:52:02.790 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: Absolutely my daughter, she was inspired by my son and I trip and she ended up wanting to go to a cross country trip herself.

00:52:03.240 --> 00:52:04.320 Sandra Bargman: So I love it.

00:52:04.680 --> 00:52:12.780 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: So what we did we went from Chicago to hershey PA and we can't that be at the hershey campground there in.

00:52:13.410 --> 00:52:30.810 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: In hershey PA and it was amazing because see again experiences a representation matters after my daughter saw that my son and I were going on a trip, she said that I don't know I wanna I don't want to go as far as you and dylan but her name is fuzzy and she said dad I.

00:52:31.830 --> 00:52:33.960 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: I do want to go on a camping trip, I want to experience it.

00:52:34.410 --> 00:52:45.450 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: I learned I learned some things about taking my daughter on a camping trip versus my son right differences but, again, there were more things than.

00:52:46.110 --> 00:52:57.240 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: I cry just as much on this one week and a half camping trip that I did on a three month camping trip my son I cried the entire time for the most part of joy.

00:52:58.050 --> 00:53:09.720 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: And I cried and I cried out to them, not cry and it really that crying really cried out to my soul to want to get me to do this work because i'm.

00:53:11.340 --> 00:53:12.060 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: When I die.

00:53:13.380 --> 00:53:18.420 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: When it's all over for urban hundred million numbers don't care about these houses cars, none of this.

00:53:18.810 --> 00:53:20.040 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: I want folks remember us.

00:53:20.040 --> 00:53:24.870 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: Remember me for being able to remove fear and knowledge and invite more black folks to camp.

00:53:25.950 --> 00:53:27.270 Sandra Bargman: and inspiring people.

00:53:27.300 --> 00:53:28.860 Sandra Bargman: and inspiring unity.

00:53:29.340 --> 00:53:31.350 Sandra Bargman: Unity people to get their.

00:53:31.410 --> 00:53:31.950 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: Books again.

00:53:32.400 --> 00:53:36.570 Sandra Bargman: So you have you authored a book about dylan and fuzzy right.

00:53:36.810 --> 00:53:48.000 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: yeah we uh it was it was before the it was while I was in the other spaces, you know we offer the books, called the chronicles of dylan and fuzzy the book is about about bullying and.

00:53:48.450 --> 00:53:57.150 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: we're parlaying that into a book about camping it's a children's book and it's pretty cool because I got a chance to see firsthand how a book.

00:53:57.540 --> 00:54:06.720 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: Can impact lives, just like the work that we're doing right now we're seeing folks alive impact i'm seeing folks contact us and send us emails.

00:54:07.050 --> 00:54:17.250 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: of a person, for instance, who was really good and love the outdoors they went out and found their friend, whether it be the one and only by friends or their family or friends that they contacted.

00:54:17.700 --> 00:54:26.370 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: And that person they're they're happy and gleeful that they ask you now to introduce that person is something that they love, this is not rocket science.

00:54:26.430 --> 00:54:34.710 Sandra Bargman: No, it is not, it is not so as we wrap up we've only got a couple more minutes I do want to say something about Memorial Day.

00:54:37.650 --> 00:54:38.430 Sandra Bargman: It was called.

00:54:39.630 --> 00:54:40.740 Sandra Bargman: dedication day.

00:54:41.910 --> 00:54:52.140 Sandra Bargman: And many people say, as you have said, want to change the world, you are changing the world, but many people say they want to, and yet they lack the courage.

00:54:52.590 --> 00:55:12.390 Sandra Bargman: To stand up and stand fully in their power and their authenticity, so today on dedication day on Memorial Day, what are you dedicated to what do you stand for and what our use so strongly willing to do anything to protect it.

00:55:13.980 --> 00:55:14.580 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: On this day.

00:55:16.350 --> 00:55:20.790 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: I stand on what we stand on our job my job as a man.

00:55:21.900 --> 00:55:33.780 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: As a black man is to remove fear add knowledge and invite more black folks to camp and enjoy the outdoor lifestyle with any and everyone.

00:55:34.110 --> 00:55:34.470 Sandra Bargman: It is.

00:55:34.500 --> 00:55:44.490 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: On my wrist it is on my hands to make sure the folks who looked like me, the ones who want you can it go experience something that I know.

00:55:44.940 --> 00:55:54.000 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: The reason why they haven't done it and what I put on the line is this, I put my money on the line I put my time on the line, and I put my my voice on the line.

00:55:54.570 --> 00:56:05.040 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: Something that was in this particular space, a lot of folks are afraid to do because they're they're afraid they're going to be a push or afraid to go and be in this space listen, this is my life.

00:56:05.970 --> 00:56:07.140 Sandra Bargman: And now is the time.

00:56:07.710 --> 00:56:08.460 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: It is the time.

00:56:08.850 --> 00:56:09.060 Sandra Bargman: You.

00:56:09.600 --> 00:56:15.180 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: know time in America open time in America right now we need you and i'm excited about.

00:56:15.510 --> 00:56:17.670 Sandra Bargman: amen amen.

00:56:18.330 --> 00:56:30.240 Sandra Bargman: Well, and and so and I asked all you listeners, I asked you the same what are you dedicated to I actually and what do you stand for that you're willing to do anything to protect it, you think about that listeners.

00:56:30.660 --> 00:56:38.280 Sandra Bargman: URL be hunter jr what a pleasure Thank you so much for being on the edge of every day.

00:56:38.340 --> 00:56:45.000 Sandra Bargman: right on sharing your story your soul full story and your inspiration i'm very grateful.

00:56:45.690 --> 00:56:57.120 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: Was there and I will tell you this to all your listeners out there and to you, thank you so much, but more than that, I hope that everyone on this call everyone on the sound of my voice, I hope you have the most amazing day of your life.

00:56:57.690 --> 00:56:59.280 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: More than that, I hope, tomorrow is.

00:56:59.280 --> 00:57:04.170 Earl B. Hunter, Jr: Better because of we have some extraordinary work to do and i'm excited to do.

00:57:04.560 --> 00:57:18.780 Sandra Bargman: amen and for all of you listeners, I thank you for spending your time with us remember you are always at the edge of the miraculous until we speak again next week take good care.

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