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Thursday, May 26, 2022
Facebook Live Video from 2022/05/26 - Mental Fitness and The Sunshine Quotient with Catherine Chadwick

Facebook Live Video from 2022/05/26 - Mental Fitness and The Sunshine Quotient with Catherine Chadwick


2022/05/26 - Mental Fitness and The Sunshine Quotient with Catherine Chadwick

[NEW EPISODE] Mental Fitness and The Sunshine Quotient with Catherine Chadwick

The audience will learn some new techniques to help create more energy in their lives and they will learn about her views on mental fitness training. As an RN she will also show the power that nurses have especially as we close out Nursing Appreciation Month. 

Catherine Chadwick appears on the anniversary episode of Frank About Health to also provide an overview of techniques on how to create a more mindful and energy-filled life when dealing with life's challenges. She discusses her Sunshine Quotient in how each of us can create a healthy habit of keeping ourselves in a high-level frequency in our mental fitness.

Tune in for this healthy conversation at or watch the Facebook Livestream by Clicking Here.

Show Notes

Segment 1

Today marks the one-year anniversary since Frank About Health came back to Talk Radio.NYC. Frank introduces a friend of Phyllis and the guest of the show Catherine Chadwick. Phyllis shares some of Catherine's background as a registered nurse. Frank says this is a show that should be used as a resource so we can help listeners to advocate for themselves. Phyllis asks Catharine to share some insight on her entrepreneur mindset and the product she offers as a mental fitness trainer. Catherine says she’s always been a person that looks for the solution to things. Part of being an entrepreneur is finding a solution and sharing it with others. Phyllis asks about the concept of mental fitness. Catherine shares similarities between mental fitness and physical fitness. Phyllis points out that resilience is something that we should lean into and work at. 

Segment 2

Catherine talks more about mental fitness and what she offers her clients. Catherine describes the concept as visual and visceral. She tells the listeners how she found this concept through research. She explains that we all have our unique level of radiance, and we also interpret other people’s radiance. Catherine believes it’s a reflection of our level of vibration. She found ways to use this as a mindfulness tool. She tells the listeners about the exercise and how it’s meant to develop mindfulness. You reach a point where your mind is quiet, and you’re able to self-reflect. Catherine suggests doing this four times a day.

Segment 3

Catherine shares her thoughts on manifestation and attracting the life we want. She also talks about polarity and the laws of attraction. Catherine says when you desire something, that is a positive charge. The expectation is the negative charge. There needs to be a balance of the two to see your want come to fruition. You can find a free download at Catherine's website which introduces laws of attraction and vibrations. Catherine shares some advice on how to increase your vibrations and place your intentions for those who are feeling stuck. 

Segment 4

Frank and Phyllis give their listeners some resources to help improve their lifestyle. Phyllis says there’s a stigma around having a mental challenge. We can have self-compassion for ourselves, and it’s ok not to be okay. Mental Health America is a non-profit organization that can be found on social media. They offer resources for mental health and articles to help you recognize the symptoms. Phyllis mentions that there will be a new phone number, 988, for people facing mental health crises. It should be active this July. Instead of talking to a 911 operator, you will be connected to trained mental health counselors. You can find more information on Catherine Chadwick at her website You can also find her on social media at Catherine Chadwick Consultant. 


00:00:55.980 --> 00:01:09.060 Frank R Harrison: hey everybody and welcome to a new episode of frank about health, this is a special episode in many different ways, first of all, it is the one year anniversary with frank about health came back to talk radio dot nyc, so this is both.

00:01:09.330 --> 00:01:20.760 Frank R Harrison: An anniversary show and a show that's going to conclude our series of shows we've done this month on mental health awareness, in addition, it is also the end of nursing appreciation month.

00:01:21.210 --> 00:01:31.770 Frank R Harrison: So our special guest today is definitely going to encompass a lot of the aspects of attributing to mental health issues attributing to nursing care and caregiving.

00:01:32.070 --> 00:01:45.300 Frank R Harrison: And attributing to other kinds of issues that we're going to discuss, within the hour, but first i'm going to do something now that I haven't done in a long time, but that will be a regular structure of this show, and that is the official disclaimer.

00:01:46.860 --> 00:01:59.820 Frank R Harrison: Basically what you're going to hear in this episode of frank about health are going to be views that are not representing frank about health or talk radio dot nyc.

00:02:00.390 --> 00:02:06.630 Frank R Harrison: Our purpose and intention is to raise awareness and create a safe space for conversation.

00:02:07.140 --> 00:02:22.050 Frank R Harrison: We are not recommending or advising on any health related issues opinions that are expressed our food for thought and not meant to influence or persuade personal health related decisions, we are committed to a respectful conversation.

00:02:22.980 --> 00:02:33.270 Frank R Harrison: That all being said, I want to welcome Catherine chadwick, who is a very dear friend of both my co host villas Quinlan and our conscious consultants family.

00:02:33.270 --> 00:02:33.660 Phyllis Quinlan: boys.

00:02:33.990 --> 00:02:39.870 Frank R Harrison: And phyllis i'd like you to take it away in terms of showing us our beloved guest today.

00:02:40.530 --> 00:02:45.960 Phyllis Quinlan: Thank Thank you frank and and welcome Catherine i've been looking forward to this episode, for a long time.

00:02:46.380 --> 00:02:53.580 Phyllis Quinlan: So frank, as usual, when I bring on nursing colleagues, these are not just one dimensional nursing colleagues so.

00:02:53.970 --> 00:03:01.230 Phyllis Quinlan: Let me share with you that this is Catherine chadwick RN she received her baccalaureate degree from Alfred university here in New York.

00:03:01.500 --> 00:03:07.410 Phyllis Quinlan: And she and I are both graduates of the 70s, so kathryn and I are greatest hits of the 70s, when it comes to nursing.

00:03:08.010 --> 00:03:14.430 Phyllis Quinlan: She holds his equivocated applied positive psychology and that's where I met Catherine several years ago.

00:03:15.300 --> 00:03:28.860 Phyllis Quinlan: When we were both studying that specialty she also has a certificate as a life mastery consultant, and she is she's also certified as a legal nurse consultant so on many ways, you can see kathryn and I are extremely like minded.

00:03:29.670 --> 00:03:40.170 Phyllis Quinlan: Catherine is an entrepreneur she's an actress she's a writer producer and commercial print model and don't get in her way frank, because she holds a third degree black belt in karate.

00:03:41.220 --> 00:03:42.870 Phyllis Quinlan: So i'm really.

00:03:44.130 --> 00:03:56.550 Phyllis Quinlan: i'm really just very excited to share with our listeners, you know and and you know everything that Catherine can bring it with dimensions about wellness and dimensions about feeling resilient and capable of.

00:03:56.970 --> 00:04:10.500 Phyllis Quinlan: navigating your life, you know bravely and with a sense of confidence and resilience and I also you know, want to celebrate the Multi dimensions of nursing, as we close out nurse recognition month of May.

00:04:10.920 --> 00:04:17.280 Phyllis Quinlan: So, first of all, Catherine welcome welcome welcome, as I said, i've been looking forward to this for a long time.

00:04:18.090 --> 00:04:24.420 Catherine Chadwick: No fellas Thank you so much, this is just delightful and i'm very pleased to meet you through all of this frank.

00:04:25.080 --> 00:04:34.950 Frank R Harrison: Oh same here I mean as phyllis was originally introduced by fam and was a guest on my show, and after being engaging conversation I had with her.

00:04:36.000 --> 00:04:38.160 Frank R Harrison: I just felt she needed to be my co host as well.

00:04:39.030 --> 00:04:48.990 Frank R Harrison: So I know that her integrity and her professionalism and the wake her gift of communicating the medical issues that I have been striving for the past year.

00:04:49.230 --> 00:04:52.320 Frank R Harrison: To really bring awareness, to the listeners and viewers, so that.

00:04:52.620 --> 00:05:00.180 Frank R Harrison: They can advocate for themselves, as well as work with the necessary practitioners that they have for whatever is ailing them.

00:05:00.420 --> 00:05:08.070 Frank R Harrison: And after having been through the pandemic, the last two years and for someone like myself who goes through a recurring.

00:05:08.400 --> 00:05:24.960 Frank R Harrison: neurological issue that i've been able to manage it only took my own self advocacy to help me manage it and that's what i'm looking to share with my listeners and having you to be such a person that does exactly that I am more than welcome, I am more than happy that you're here.

00:05:25.020 --> 00:05:26.700 Frank R Harrison: Especially on my anniversary.

00:05:28.080 --> 00:05:39.150 Phyllis Quinlan: So let's jump in because Catherine I don't know if we're going to have enough time to encompass everything I want you to be able to share with our listeners okay um you know we are both mindfulness and energy practitioners.

00:05:39.510 --> 00:05:55.680 Phyllis Quinlan: And we manifest that practice in various in different ways, but i'd love for you to first talk about your entrepreneur mindset and the the the branding and the product that you offer as a mental fitness trainer.

00:05:57.480 --> 00:06:01.410 Catherine Chadwick: Well it's it's very interesting because i've always been looking.

00:06:02.430 --> 00:06:14.040 Catherine Chadwick: and still do look for i'm solution oriented i'm always looking at how to improve things, how to explain things in a way that people can actually use the information more readily.

00:06:15.030 --> 00:06:28.470 Catherine Chadwick: My father was this fabulous he's a farmer and he was this fabulous rube goldberg kind of guy who could build or fix anything so perspective was always you know, in the mix of looking at anything and.

00:06:29.130 --> 00:06:42.330 Catherine Chadwick: You know, fortunately I have you know, been able to not only take advantage of the experience of spending time with him, but I have that kind of ability myself, so I love that part of it, as far as.

00:06:43.380 --> 00:06:57.450 Catherine Chadwick: You know, being an entrepreneur, I think that that's part of being part of the solution and and wanting to connect with people and wanting to share information with them and say hey when I found this, what do you think about that right.

00:06:57.780 --> 00:07:01.860 Phyllis Quinlan: I know when I think that's part of you know, the profession of nursing I.

00:07:02.160 --> 00:07:13.560 Phyllis Quinlan: i've often shared with people if you if you get a degree in nursing a baccalaureate degree in nursing and you practice, for you know, a substantial amount of time you pretty much can conquer anything there's you can.

00:07:14.100 --> 00:07:20.340 Phyllis Quinlan: Read repurpose and re translate your nursing education your mindset, the whole idea of.

00:07:22.260 --> 00:07:29.550 Phyllis Quinlan: Optimal well being in so many different directions, so please talk to us about your concept of mental fitness.

00:07:30.900 --> 00:07:51.360 Catherine Chadwick: i've always played a lot of sports, and so I understand that the physical aspect of it and the self discipline and that is required for being a successful athlete and I believe that there is a self discipline that's required in the mental fitness as well.

00:07:51.780 --> 00:08:02.160 Catherine Chadwick: You know, because the the mind is the mind the conscious mind and the body is actually the subconscious mind and so that mind diet, how you talk to yourself how you.

00:08:02.850 --> 00:08:17.970 Catherine Chadwick: instruct your yourself to operate is critical as to how successful you're going to be, and I think that that's why I thoroughly use the analogy of you know, being the third degree black belt.

00:08:18.330 --> 00:08:38.430 Catherine Chadwick: In karate because it takes a certain level of physical skill and discipline to get to one level and then you're going to bring that skill with you but it's also the fresh mind of starting another level of training and and on it goes you.

00:08:38.550 --> 00:08:38.790 Phyllis Quinlan: know.

00:08:39.330 --> 00:08:52.980 Catherine Chadwick: And I think I think life is very much like that to tell us what's useful for you and what serves you and what helps you serve others and the other things that don't work so well just leave those behind.

00:08:54.300 --> 00:08:55.020 Phyllis Quinlan: Exactly.

00:08:55.050 --> 00:08:58.590 Phyllis Quinlan: You know kind of you know peel it off, as it no longer serves you.

00:08:59.190 --> 00:09:05.280 Phyllis Quinlan: What I love about the whole concept of mental fitness and your analogy to sports and physical fitness.

00:09:05.610 --> 00:09:14.640 Phyllis Quinlan: Is that it shares with our listeners that resilience, is something that you have to lean into and work at it is not something you're going to get by osmosis or hanging around resilient people.

00:09:14.970 --> 00:09:29.430 Phyllis Quinlan: You know you have to make the decision to do the work or you know train, you know for the sport or train for being resilient and the next thing that comes in life, what are your thoughts about that.

00:09:30.990 --> 00:09:36.060 Catherine Chadwick: Well it's interesting because what i'm referred to as the mind diet.

00:09:37.560 --> 00:09:53.310 Catherine Chadwick: It I believe is very important, the self talk what you choose to allow in we have so much coming at us all the time, as far as information we're getting new information coming to us all the time, but we can't possibly.

00:09:54.690 --> 00:10:11.340 Catherine Chadwick: You know assimilate or use all of that information so discernment is is really a key point, as far as what am I going to allow in that's going to serve me and then help me serve others, it is definitely.

00:10:12.630 --> 00:10:15.510 Catherine Chadwick: You know you have to figure out that funnel for yourself.

00:10:15.600 --> 00:10:17.250 Phyllis Quinlan: Yes, yes.

00:10:17.640 --> 00:10:29.340 Frank R Harrison: You know that happening, but sure I was just gonna say what was the point in your life or career, or even, as you were developing out of college that you decided that.

00:10:29.730 --> 00:10:45.030 Frank R Harrison: This whole process of giving yourself the appropriate mind diet and really giving yourself a progression to move forward through all the challenges we all face what was that point for you, was it as you were studying psychology or was it after the fact.

00:10:46.440 --> 00:10:58.170 Catherine Chadwick: I think that the psychology study has very much supported me in being able to articulate it, I think that innately i've been doing it, since I was a kid.

00:10:59.370 --> 00:11:09.840 Catherine Chadwick: I grew up on a farm until I was eight I spend a tremendous amount of time outside very much in tune with nature and I have to say in in the.

00:11:10.950 --> 00:11:24.150 Catherine Chadwick: arena of resilience my mom was was a marvelous example of that, I mean within a five year stretch before I was born she lost both her parents her first husband her first daughter.

00:11:24.690 --> 00:11:39.900 Catherine Chadwick: And I you know something like that could really decimate a person, but Rachel was just fabulous and it's not like she ever forgot any of it, but she just chose to not keep reliving the tragedy.

00:11:40.500 --> 00:12:02.100 Catherine Chadwick: And, and so that was you know those things were talked about but they weren't no nobody was dwelling on that or and I thought that I think that is very much a part of why my my mindset my mental diet is disciplined the way it is.

00:12:02.940 --> 00:12:03.210 Phyllis Quinlan: Is.

00:12:03.900 --> 00:12:13.260 Phyllis Quinlan: It correctly Catherine you're really saying that the way we talk to one another truly influences our energy level and can truly influence our resilience.

00:12:13.710 --> 00:12:27.540 Catherine Chadwick: Oh no question because well we're energy beings everything is energy and words have energy feelings have energy and actually you know the thoughts are the language of the mind.

00:12:28.380 --> 00:12:43.890 Catherine Chadwick: And the feelings are the language of the body and everything has an energetic level and, obviously, the the more positive the the the word or the emotion is the higher vibrational value it has.

00:12:44.490 --> 00:12:56.610 Catherine Chadwick: And so it does make a difference, as far as what chemical cocktail your body is manufacturing each time you have an emotion in response to that emotion right.

00:12:56.670 --> 00:13:03.480 Frank R Harrison: It seems as though, what you were saying, also in the case of your mother is that while a lot of people sometimes have to go through.

00:13:03.720 --> 00:13:10.770 Frank R Harrison: A traumatic event or traumatic losses before they get themselves right on the direction that will help them become resilient.

00:13:11.130 --> 00:13:21.330 Frank R Harrison: You actually benefited from the traumas that your mother had faced and she, in essence, as you were born was pretty much the kind of role model you needed to kind of really get ahead.

00:13:21.810 --> 00:13:27.450 Frank R Harrison: Of the path and a lot of people, probably to this day are still you know, trying to find their way mm hmm.

00:13:29.430 --> 00:13:40.410 Catherine Chadwick: I don't disagree with you on that, and I also I hadn't actually thought of it that particular way so that's that's another you know another different perspective right.

00:13:40.440 --> 00:13:41.100 Catherine Chadwick: Because I think.

00:13:41.310 --> 00:13:47.430 Catherine Chadwick: I think perspective is fabulous to change perspective and say well you know what could I do differently here.

00:13:48.180 --> 00:13:59.400 Phyllis Quinlan: Well, you know all all respect to your mom and how she navigated her life, you know, regardless of the obstacles, but you had to make a conscious choice to do that your mom could role model it.

00:13:59.820 --> 00:14:18.030 Phyllis Quinlan: But again resilience and a positive mindset, or you know mental fitness is not something that you're going to get passively, you have to definitely work on that and I know we're coming to a break soon frank, so can we pick this up when we come back from commercial.

00:14:18.540 --> 00:14:25.320 Frank R Harrison: Absolutely, because what I was about to say is when we get back we're going to learn about the sunshine quotient, which is something that Catherine.

00:14:25.620 --> 00:14:37.650 Frank R Harrison: has been working on and we will be right here on talk radio dot nyc and Facebook live and return with our ongoing conversation on mental fitness right here, frank about health stay tuned.

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00:16:50.310 --> 00:17:00.930 Frank R Harrison: Welcome back to frank about health right here we're talking with our guests Catherine chadwick who has already given us a preview of the kinds of understanding that she's developed over.

00:17:01.320 --> 00:17:17.010 Frank R Harrison: Over career mental fitness but there's something that we had a chance to discuss, you know offline prior to today's show, which is all about the sunshine and quotient and i'm interested in Catherine, and you elaborating a little bit about, for example, breathing in the sunlight.

00:17:18.870 --> 00:17:23.220 Catherine Chadwick: Well, thanks for asking me this frank because it's one of my favorite things to talk about.

00:17:27.750 --> 00:17:36.570 Phyllis Quinlan: So, Catherine, please share that with us, I know this is a trademarked concept that you have and we know that you're a mindfulness and energy practitioner.

00:17:36.930 --> 00:17:44.820 Phyllis Quinlan: For many, many years and you're very good at it and i'd love to hear more about this concept and and what it is that you offer your clients.

00:17:45.690 --> 00:17:53.340 Catherine Chadwick: Well, the beauty of it is that this is a visual and it's visceral and which makes it an easy concept to grasp.

00:17:53.490 --> 00:18:05.310 Catherine Chadwick: So how it came about to me was people were asking me at one point is like oh my gosh you're so bright all the time, what are you doing, and I say Oh, I have a high sunshine quotient.

00:18:05.820 --> 00:18:09.630 Catherine Chadwick: i'm like well what am I talking about, I feel it, how do I articulate this.

00:18:10.170 --> 00:18:20.100 Catherine Chadwick: And so, in the research brought me to really find that the term refers to lighting gradients and photography and radiology and i'm like.

00:18:20.520 --> 00:18:27.150 Catherine Chadwick: I so get this because, when you look around at different people We each have our own unique level of radiance.

00:18:27.690 --> 00:18:38.700 Catherine Chadwick: And, and we also perceive other people's radiance you know coming to us, and I believe it's a direct reflection of a person's level of vibration.

00:18:39.210 --> 00:18:52.410 Catherine Chadwick: And so i'm like oh my gosh I can use this as a tool, because what I started doing was using it as a mindfulness tool myself when I was recovering from lyme disease.

00:18:52.890 --> 00:19:08.640 Catherine Chadwick: and fortunately I was treated properly, and you know, I have no residual effects of that, but that was a long stint and I use this tool effectively with myself, because I and i'll invite you to do this with me.

00:19:08.910 --> 00:19:11.520 Catherine Chadwick: You want to breathe in through your nose and.

00:19:11.790 --> 00:19:16.110 Catherine Chadwick: Really visualize and imagine that you're breathing in the sunlight.

00:19:16.620 --> 00:19:28.050 Catherine Chadwick: And it's just filling you up every little crease and crevice of view is filling up with the sunlight and your heart is getting bigger it's glowing and you starting to glow from the inside out.

00:19:28.440 --> 00:19:39.690 Catherine Chadwick: And you can actually feel the warmth of the sunlight on your skin and then, if you exhale is it's just as if you're very gently blowing out a candle flame out through the mouth.

00:19:40.500 --> 00:19:46.770 Catherine Chadwick: And when you breathe in the light breathe in it stimulates your Vegas nerve.

00:19:47.370 --> 00:20:04.320 Catherine Chadwick: which, in turn, stimulates the parasympathetic side of your nervous system, which is the calming side of your nervous system, so it's not only the visualization but there's actually a physiologic response that serves you, and so this this.

00:20:05.400 --> 00:20:14.010 Catherine Chadwick: You know exercise this activity of developing the mindfulness it actually brings you to a point where.

00:20:15.090 --> 00:20:28.560 Catherine Chadwick: your mind quiets and gives you an opportunity for some self discovery some self exploration, if you would and that's why I really promote this to clients.

00:20:29.280 --> 00:20:42.870 Catherine Chadwick: I teach everybody that I work with about this and i'm happy to share it with anybody, because I think it's such a simple simple exercise to do, and if you do this, three or four times at a time.

00:20:43.890 --> 00:20:54.060 Catherine Chadwick: And really get in tune with it and I encourage people to put it on their on their calendar, you know, on their phone to do this, four times a day.

00:20:54.600 --> 00:21:03.300 Catherine Chadwick: To get right in tune with it to get accustomed to doing it, and then, when somebody starts getting a little anxious or feeling a little undone.

00:21:03.630 --> 00:21:16.170 Catherine Chadwick: You know it's just like oh Oh, you know remember the breath right right and that will bring you right back to yourself and the present moment because the present moment is all we really have, at a time.

00:21:16.680 --> 00:21:24.780 Catherine Chadwick: Right, and so a lot of these yesterday's that people drag along with them from day to day because that's how the mind typically works.

00:21:25.170 --> 00:21:34.560 Catherine Chadwick: We think about what 70,000 thoughts in one day and over 90% of those thoughts are the same as the day before, and the day before that, and the day before that.

00:21:35.070 --> 00:21:53.850 Catherine Chadwick: And so you've got this little window to work with, as far as having an opportunity to quiet your mind and explore what it is you want and give you the opportunity to make the choice to make those changes, you would want to do the other thing.

00:21:54.030 --> 00:21:54.480 Phyllis Quinlan: I just.

00:21:55.080 --> 00:21:57.570 Phyllis Quinlan: i'm sorry I didn't mean to interrupt Please go ahead, the other part.

00:21:57.840 --> 00:22:05.190 Catherine Chadwick: The other interesting part of this is over 90% of physical ailments and conditions are lifestyle induced.

00:22:05.910 --> 00:22:17.340 Catherine Chadwick: So we have so much more control over our health and well being, then we may have been led to believe, and you know because of old programming and it's not you know.

00:22:17.880 --> 00:22:31.110 Catherine Chadwick: No one's at fault, because people do what they know and so right, so you know when I was growing up, no one was talking to me about any of this because it wasn't in their level of awareness.

00:22:32.430 --> 00:22:33.960 Phyllis Quinlan: Thanks very, very.

00:22:34.890 --> 00:22:50.190 Frank R Harrison: This breathing technique is predominantly for just keeping focus of the now and reducing stress, or do you actually find it is helpful for people that have ongoing illnesses let's say and can be actually used in support of any treatment that they might be going through.

00:22:50.700 --> 00:22:52.560 Catherine Chadwick: Oh absolutely you could do that.

00:22:53.820 --> 00:23:00.420 Catherine Chadwick: The other thing I really love about it is when you are breathing in the light and coming to the present moment.

00:23:01.110 --> 00:23:15.390 Catherine Chadwick: Your vibration, is actually rising right and your radiance is your calling card in this life, I mean you know you, you can in your memory bank, you have you have that picture of the storm cloud coming down the street at you.

00:23:17.820 --> 00:23:30.600 Catherine Chadwick: or the people that are looking bright and fun and use it oh my gosh i'd love to meet them, and so it does make a difference and, I believe, by raising your vibration and raising your radians.

00:23:31.410 --> 00:23:39.690 Catherine Chadwick: It actually helps you influence as to what you choose to have your mind diet, be very nice very nice.

00:23:39.930 --> 00:23:42.210 Phyllis Quinlan: So pardon me I love.

00:23:42.600 --> 00:23:48.450 Phyllis Quinlan: complicity of the scattergun excuse me, I love the simplicity of this, the ease of it.

00:23:49.470 --> 00:23:52.290 Catherine Chadwick: Well that's and that's the beauty of it as well because.

00:23:53.340 --> 00:23:57.420 Catherine Chadwick: I mean let's face it, we all have a tendency to overcomplicate a lot of things.

00:23:58.770 --> 00:24:06.600 Catherine Chadwick: And, and I, I do believe that things many things can be much simpler than then we contrive.

00:24:06.900 --> 00:24:07.380 Catherine Chadwick: Right.

00:24:07.770 --> 00:24:15.540 Phyllis Quinlan: And I think you and I both know as nurses many times, you know in our patients mindset if their problem is looming large.

00:24:15.900 --> 00:24:27.660 Phyllis Quinlan: You said there's there's almost an assumption that the answer is has to be large as well that the you know, the fact that we say well let's just breathe a little bit they almost look at you like you know.

00:24:28.110 --> 00:24:33.450 Phyllis Quinlan: When you know what you can do if you're breathing because you know you obviously don't get how much you know stress i'm in.

00:24:34.020 --> 00:24:40.560 Phyllis Quinlan: For you don't appreciate the moment, and if you kind of just nudge them along and have them insistent do some breathing with them, I think.

00:24:40.980 --> 00:24:56.970 Phyllis Quinlan: You know i'm sure you have experienced that they are you know just so surprised that something as simple as three sets of Nice easy breathing with visualization could have such a positive effect.

00:24:57.840 --> 00:24:58.140 Phyllis Quinlan: Although.

00:24:58.350 --> 00:25:01.080 Phyllis Quinlan: Not every answer has to be so complicated.

00:25:01.620 --> 00:25:07.320 Catherine Chadwick: Oh exactly well the vibration, of the problem and the vibration, of the solution are totally different right.

00:25:07.710 --> 00:25:08.550 Phyllis Quinlan: very different.

00:25:08.910 --> 00:25:12.690 Catherine Chadwick: And that's where the breathing is going to raise the vibration.

00:25:13.740 --> 00:25:16.470 Catherine Chadwick: And also, I, I think that.

00:25:18.810 --> 00:25:22.470 Catherine Chadwick: Just the exercise of them realizing that.

00:25:23.580 --> 00:25:25.770 Catherine Chadwick: Has a lasting effect yeah.

00:25:26.190 --> 00:25:32.370 Phyllis Quinlan: I love the fact that you do it for yourself, because you feel better it is such a large piece of self care.

00:25:33.480 --> 00:25:46.170 Phyllis Quinlan: You know I love the fact that it's positive I love the fact that it's easy because we're neuro biologically wired to think negatively, and this is kind of giving yourself a bolus of positivity.

00:25:46.860 --> 00:26:02.310 Phyllis Quinlan: To kind of you know, put that neurobiological wiring and some sort of box, so it doesn't dominate the way we are you know you know created I just love the simplicity of it, the beauty of it, the imagery of it, I just think it's fabulous.

00:26:03.180 --> 00:26:13.140 Frank R Harrison: I think, at the same time, like you mentioned it's it's like a it's like a mind diet, so people should be thinking of this breathing exercise with every meal.

00:26:13.170 --> 00:26:14.670 Frank R Harrison: For example, we have three meals a.

00:26:14.670 --> 00:26:22.260 Frank R Harrison: day they breathe with their meal or before after but at the same time, it becomes routine and when it becomes routine or automatic.

00:26:22.680 --> 00:26:31.290 Frank R Harrison: It becomes instinctive and therefore there isn't that much of the stress, all we must remember to breathe deeply I mean a lot of people as i'm sure you've seen.

00:26:31.650 --> 00:26:41.430 Frank R Harrison: Our stress for various host of reasons and they just don't think about that, just a simple breath in itself can get away at least half distress that the currently feeling.

00:26:41.850 --> 00:26:42.810 Frank R Harrison: nice way to.

00:26:42.840 --> 00:26:48.810 Phyllis Quinlan: Catherine Catherine brings up such an important point that there's a physiological basis for this, you know.

00:26:49.230 --> 00:26:53.760 Phyllis Quinlan: You know it's it's an old hippie saying you know what you need to do is get grounded and.

00:26:54.120 --> 00:27:08.100 Phyllis Quinlan: You know, really, what that's really saying is you know we're get centered might be another term you know you need to Center yourself and that's as Catherine eloquently explained it's it's it's activating the Vegas nerve that runs through the Center of you.

00:27:08.820 --> 00:27:15.000 Phyllis Quinlan: So that the calming side of your nervous system can be activated.

00:27:16.170 --> 00:27:31.290 Frank R Harrison: I remember hosting a mindfulness show right here on frank about health back in October, and we were talking about the limbic system now how would the Vegas nerve with respect to the sunshine quotient differ or compare to the limbic system when it comes to mind.

00:27:34.320 --> 00:27:34.560 Catherine Chadwick: well.

00:27:35.100 --> 00:27:39.540 Phyllis Quinlan: system are you saying limbic system frank limbic system.

00:27:39.600 --> 00:27:44.520 Frank R Harrison: And, but that's within the brain right the Vegas nervous like you said, with the whole body within the whole nervous system.

00:27:46.170 --> 00:27:50.460 Phyllis Quinlan: Well, if you think of your limbic system being where some of your emotions live.

00:27:51.690 --> 00:28:02.940 Phyllis Quinlan: You know, then, of course, when you are feeling that much more comfortable in your skin, you can you can be less triggered by your emotions, so you can kind of peel away the emotion behind things that are.

00:28:03.330 --> 00:28:12.270 Phyllis Quinlan: triggering you so neuro biologically your stimulated with something you you, you have a fight or flight response.

00:28:12.630 --> 00:28:19.890 Phyllis Quinlan: What goes through your limbic system first and then it goes to the front of your brain where you make your cognitive decisions so.

00:28:20.160 --> 00:28:32.130 Phyllis Quinlan: A lot of people will say, well, I feel it and then I say something well they're actually telling you how the brain works, I do feel it and then you say something often that something is something you're going to regret in a few minutes.

00:28:34.590 --> 00:28:40.410 Phyllis Quinlan: Because you went through your limbic system before you went through your discernment or your thinking judgment part of your brain.

00:28:40.770 --> 00:28:54.660 Phyllis Quinlan: And I think catherine's you know sunshine quotient and the ease of how she's developed this and the brilliance of putting it on your calendar, so it pops up on your phone as a reminder.

00:28:55.800 --> 00:29:03.810 Phyllis Quinlan: You know that you can really just give yourself if you think of it little doses of sunshine every day multiple times a day.

00:29:04.620 --> 00:29:19.350 Phyllis Quinlan: And that, like working out or training just makes you that much more resilient it works that resilience muscle in a very positive easy simple way, which takes how long Catherine 45 seconds, maybe.

00:29:19.620 --> 00:29:21.690 Phyllis Quinlan: Maybe maybe yeah.

00:29:22.110 --> 00:29:23.820 Frank R Harrison: Right well right now.

00:29:23.880 --> 00:29:30.870 Frank R Harrison: we're about to take our second break so that being said, let's let's during the commercial break breathe in that ray of sunshine as.

00:29:35.400 --> 00:29:43.470 Frank R Harrison: Well, and then we'll come back and learn much more about what Catherine has been doing it as a nurse, as well as a practitioner, and we even understand you have.

00:29:44.280 --> 00:29:55.020 Frank R Harrison: Another side career as an actor and producer so we'll learn more about that, right here on frank about health on talk radio dot nyc and streaming now on Facebook live stay tuned.

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00:31:58.110 --> 00:32:05.490 Frank R Harrison: Welcome back as we're here talking with Catherine chadwick about mental fitness and the sunshine quotient and.

00:32:06.120 --> 00:32:10.830 Frank R Harrison: learned a lot about different breathing techniques that I can honestly tell you, Catherine, even before this show.

00:32:11.160 --> 00:32:19.980 Frank R Harrison: I was using the techniques pretty much all day long because, with all the changes i've dealt with my technology, as well as doing the disclaimer.

00:32:20.220 --> 00:32:32.340 Frank R Harrison: and dealing with understanding that we're going to be giving some the viewers, a little treat at the end of the show, I was worried about all the logistics and I said, you know what breathing and son in law Hello.

00:32:34.260 --> 00:32:34.710 Phyllis Quinlan: I love it.

00:32:36.330 --> 00:32:36.900 Phyllis Quinlan: I love it.

00:32:37.920 --> 00:32:38.610 I think.

00:32:39.750 --> 00:32:46.500 Frank R Harrison: it's it's going to be something that i'm going to make a mantra i'm not going to do is show until I breathe at least or ways of sunlight per day.

00:32:47.370 --> 00:32:48.120 Phyllis Quinlan: There you go.

00:32:48.420 --> 00:32:50.760 Phyllis Quinlan: So, Catherine wow I know it's an energy.

00:32:50.760 --> 00:32:56.310 Phyllis Quinlan: practitioner, as a fellow energy practitioner that a lot of the things that we have studied habits basis.

00:32:56.730 --> 00:33:12.090 Phyllis Quinlan: In ancient understandings of quantum physics and when you are referring to vibration, you know again a lot of the energy modalities and even things like function way and other things that you and I have both studied.

00:33:12.990 --> 00:33:24.990 Phyllis Quinlan: It really is an ancient understanding of string theory and vibrations of strings and how you're attracted to someone because your vibration is similar or you are immediately are an alert about some increase your.

00:33:25.260 --> 00:33:37.920 Phyllis Quinlan: vibration, is very different and i'd love for you to talk about that a little bit more, and also talk about manifestation because I love the way you, you know your thoughts about how we attract the life we want.

00:33:41.370 --> 00:33:56.010 Catherine Chadwick: As far as vibration, it is fascinating so I want to I made myself a couple of notes, because I want to um I want to make sure I share a little bit about polarity because.

00:33:57.690 --> 00:34:08.970 Catherine Chadwick: In the vibrational realm that we're all a part of an end there's a there is a polarity to it there's a positive and a negative and it works as if it's like a battery.

00:34:09.450 --> 00:34:15.870 Catherine Chadwick: The positive is not necessarily you know it's not good and bad positive and negative, it is it works like a battery.

00:34:16.530 --> 00:34:28.650 Catherine Chadwick: And many people understand or have read or heard about the law of attraction, which is what you had alluded to that's actually a secondary law to the law of vibration.

00:34:29.250 --> 00:34:37.290 Catherine Chadwick: And because everything is always in motion, and you know and the strings that you refer to it they're all vibrating and so.

00:34:38.400 --> 00:34:46.050 Catherine Chadwick: As far as the law of attraction when when you want something that your desire of something that has a positive charge.

00:34:47.190 --> 00:35:01.920 Catherine Chadwick: You have to have a negative charge for that desire to to have anything happened with it, so you have to have the expectation, which is the negative charge, you have to have that at an equal.

00:35:03.180 --> 00:35:16.230 Catherine Chadwick: You know connection, so to speak, equal charge level for that desire to actually come to fruition, if you don't have the expectation that the desire is going to be actually coming to you.

00:35:17.040 --> 00:35:27.570 Catherine Chadwick: Then it's just like you know it's like a wish you know wishful thinking, so to speak, right and those often don't come to fruition, because.

00:35:28.110 --> 00:35:40.530 Catherine Chadwick: Without there's no expectation that it's going to come, and so there are so many universal laws out there, besides the law of attraction and and the law of gravity we all learned about gravity very quickly.

00:35:41.790 --> 00:35:56.730 Catherine Chadwick: As their their other you know universal laws out there that are always in play, and so one of my projects now is to i'm actually putting a class together.

00:35:57.120 --> 00:36:09.090 Catherine Chadwick: On energy, principles and universal laws and I actually have a free download on my website that you can get without even putting it I, you may have to put in your email for it i'm not sure.

00:36:09.870 --> 00:36:27.030 Catherine Chadwick: But you know it's just an intro to get to get some people talk, you know thinking about how these things are actually working that at the end they're always in the background or within us and we don't really have an awareness of them, and so one of my.

00:36:29.070 --> 00:36:32.310 Frank R Harrison: yeah what is the website, you can tell the listeners where they can go.

00:36:32.790 --> 00:36:37.800 Catherine Chadwick: Oh, my website is the art of self

00:36:38.970 --> 00:36:44.040 Catherine Chadwick: or what's even easier and what's been incorporated into that is sunshine

00:36:46.410 --> 00:36:47.730 Catherine Chadwick: that's even easier.

00:36:47.880 --> 00:36:48.330 Right.

00:36:49.440 --> 00:36:55.470 Phyllis Quinlan: You know, I think, though, Catherine your whole idea of what you're expressing about the difference between wishful thinking.

00:36:56.160 --> 00:37:03.000 Phyllis Quinlan: and actually living your life with intent or having an expectation of something positive happening.

00:37:03.570 --> 00:37:12.390 Phyllis Quinlan: You know, is really the fun is one of the foundations for mental health, there has to be a sense of optimism around us and a sense of purpose admission.

00:37:13.230 --> 00:37:25.290 Phyllis Quinlan: You know, because if you're just you know kind of wishing upon a star and not being actively involved in your life will then disappointment, as you say, will certainly follow, could you talk a little bit about more more about that.

00:37:26.970 --> 00:37:29.640 Catherine Chadwick: intention is the word that really is.

00:37:31.050 --> 00:37:37.260 Catherine Chadwick: I think the hinge pin there because intention is something that.

00:37:38.310 --> 00:37:40.110 Catherine Chadwick: will help you.

00:37:41.910 --> 00:37:43.950 Catherine Chadwick: stay on track, so to speak.

00:37:46.770 --> 00:37:58.230 Catherine Chadwick: And will actually help you develop your purpose, I believe one thing I really feel strongly about is it's important for people to take the time.

00:37:58.620 --> 00:38:09.810 Catherine Chadwick: To do a self assessment and and and make some decisions as to what it is they actually want and what they want to accomplish and to have it's much like.

00:38:10.290 --> 00:38:18.570 Catherine Chadwick: it's actually much like planning a vacation you know where you want to go on the vacation and there are steps that you have to take to get there.

00:38:19.140 --> 00:38:33.180 Catherine Chadwick: And so all right, so when you get up in the morning it's very useful and productive to actually make a list of intentions of as to how you want to be that day.

00:38:34.080 --> 00:38:43.230 Catherine Chadwick: You know, for instance, this morning you know i'm always in gratitude, but, but my intention, this morning, one of them was to maintain my sense of humor.

00:38:43.770 --> 00:38:51.030 Catherine Chadwick: Right so because I think you were perspective, are very important, but when you have a purpose.

00:38:51.510 --> 00:39:04.380 Catherine Chadwick: And you make a point of using these intentions, then it makes it very easy to stick to your decisions that you make during the day, because you want to make decisions and take the actions.

00:39:04.860 --> 00:39:13.560 Catherine Chadwick: and taking the actions is critical to moving forward you can't just think about it you're not going to get to your vacation if you don't get up off the couch and go anywhere.

00:39:14.100 --> 00:39:27.270 Catherine Chadwick: And so it's very much the same as to how your life is moving forward the actions have to be taken and so being discerning as to what actions you take and keeping on track.

00:39:27.660 --> 00:39:43.110 Catherine Chadwick: So, to speak to to maintain those intentions and that purpose really gives people the direction and the energy, I believe, to keep moving I mean everything is always in motion and things are always moving.

00:39:43.590 --> 00:39:50.520 Catherine Chadwick: And it's almost as if the train is always leaving the station, and if you don't get on the left behind.

00:39:51.270 --> 00:39:53.250 Phyllis Quinlan: I love the way you.

00:39:53.280 --> 00:39:59.520 Phyllis Quinlan: The way you share this because it's it's it's it's a lot of sugar, with the medicine, you know.

00:40:00.420 --> 00:40:06.540 Phyllis Quinlan: Of you have to take ownership of your life, and you know you have to take ownership of your mindset.

00:40:06.990 --> 00:40:20.670 Phyllis Quinlan: And there are things that you can do to improve both that you can you know and living with intent is probably one of the best ways to develop a mindfulness practice practice on a daily basis and really take in.

00:40:21.030 --> 00:40:31.050 Phyllis Quinlan: All of your life which, of course, then helps you know to be able to lighten your mindset infuse it with sunshine and really get out of this.

00:40:31.380 --> 00:40:44.340 Phyllis Quinlan: Post pandemic blog that we're in you know this group that we're all kind of feeling stuck in we know we want better it's just cheese, you know, like you're like your foot is stuck in the mud, how do we get there.

00:40:46.770 --> 00:40:56.910 Frank R Harrison: kind of echoing and also adding to what phyllis just said, Catherine, is that I guess, a lot of people who have a negative vibration, or a low vibration.

00:40:57.330 --> 00:41:06.750 Frank R Harrison: Or have a negative mindset have pretty much never really had the grasp of what their intentions work or they probably maybe did.

00:41:06.990 --> 00:41:20.430 Frank R Harrison: But lost sight of it like, especially during the pandemic, when we were all living in a bubble I guess what would you say to the listeners and viewers out there that are struggling to find their intention again and, therefore, be able to increase their vibration.

00:41:22.050 --> 00:41:38.550 Catherine Chadwick: If well for people that are feeling a bit stuck I would encourage people to sign up for a new class make sure you take a walk every day get out in nature and listen to the birds and and really get some stimulation from.

00:41:39.930 --> 00:41:45.900 Catherine Chadwick: You know another environment because quite often I think people that are stuck they kind of.

00:41:47.430 --> 00:41:55.020 Catherine Chadwick: I think it's a made up word it might be a real word but they kind of scratch around in the in the same you know arena that they're used to.

00:41:55.470 --> 00:42:09.090 Catherine Chadwick: And it's like wearing that same House code for years right so it's it, you need change we're meant to be stimulated we're meant to be changed we're meant to be creative all of us are creative one way or another.

00:42:09.510 --> 00:42:16.980 Catherine Chadwick: And whether it's something that you get paid to do or it's something that you, you.

00:42:17.610 --> 00:42:30.270 Catherine Chadwick: take up painting take up drawing it doesn't matter whether you're good at it it's an exercise of creating new neural pathways and and i'm always a big proponent of physical activity.

00:42:30.870 --> 00:42:34.920 Catherine Chadwick: and take a dance class, you know start working out and.

00:42:35.340 --> 00:42:50.970 Catherine Chadwick: get some exercise bands, if you want to do that at home do whatever you can physically to get change, you know, change your state, because that actually helps change your mindset, because that itself raises your vibration and one one feeds the other.

00:42:51.420 --> 00:42:51.690 Phyllis Quinlan: and

00:42:51.780 --> 00:43:13.590 Catherine Chadwick: And so, and it's almost I also like to give people the visual of you know, the old fashioned balance scale right and when when when you have pardon me a very negative mindset, you know that that's like a lead weight down there.

00:43:14.790 --> 00:43:24.090 Catherine Chadwick: you've got to keep putting things over on the positive side, you know to raise up this negative part is not going to come up on its own right right.

00:43:24.210 --> 00:43:25.830 Frank R Harrison: You have to balance the scale.

00:43:26.250 --> 00:43:31.290 Frank R Harrison: Yes, we're about to take another break, but this is actually a good segue I guess.

00:43:32.280 --> 00:43:38.730 Frank R Harrison: I know phyllis you have information to provide to the listeners and viewers out there have resources that they can obtain.

00:43:39.090 --> 00:43:42.780 Frank R Harrison: who look for a better quality of life or mental health resources that they.

00:43:43.110 --> 00:43:50.850 Frank R Harrison: are in need of right now, one of them is what Catherine just said, which is learn to just take a class or get out there and change your mindset.

00:43:51.090 --> 00:43:58.470 Frank R Harrison: But I know we do have the tangible resources that everyone must be aware of, so when we return right here on this episode of frank about health.

00:43:59.310 --> 00:44:06.120 Frank R Harrison: phyllis will go ahead and provide to all of you available resources to be on the lookout for to help and improve your quality of life.

00:44:06.540 --> 00:44:19.680 Frank R Harrison: And then we will get ready to close out the show and pay tribute to a lot of things that myself phyllis as well as Catherine has been involved in this past year, and what we will be involved in in the near future so stay tuned okay.

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00:46:16.980 --> 00:46:23.160 Frank R Harrison: hey everybody and welcome back, as I said earlier, when we at the top of the show this is the one year mark for frank about health.

00:46:23.520 --> 00:46:34.260 Frank R Harrison: And i'm glad to say that it has been a journey, where it started with the whole topic of epilepsy what i'm most known for all the way to the various social personal mental health.

00:46:34.980 --> 00:46:45.600 Frank R Harrison: caregiving cancer, diabetes, cannabis, I mean we run the gambit, but I think that this has been the best and upsets of them all, because we are looking.

00:46:45.810 --> 00:46:54.240 Frank R Harrison: at how, when we are all striving for a better quality of life and better mental health, we have an alignment of resources, whether they are.

00:46:54.630 --> 00:47:07.590 Frank R Harrison: directions, where we can go doctors, nurses, that we work with and at the same time, the quality of the guests, that I brought on and thanks to you phyllis for bringing on Catherine and Peggy and.

00:47:07.620 --> 00:47:08.880 Phyllis Quinlan: Some of the others we've had.

00:47:09.180 --> 00:47:18.180 Frank R Harrison: But we want to be able to pay tribute to one year of frank about health, the end of mental health awareness month as well as nursing appreciation month.

00:47:18.630 --> 00:47:31.830 Frank R Harrison: By providing you with some resources, where you can all after this show is is over, you can all go looking for some answers to help improve whatever is ailing you at this point in time so fill this why don't you start.

00:47:32.250 --> 00:47:40.500 Phyllis Quinlan: with sugar, so you know in in memory again of the factor honoring the fact that mid may is our you know mental health awareness.

00:47:41.520 --> 00:47:50.790 Phyllis Quinlan: And of course it is nurse recognition, you know we we want to share a few things and I think the most important thing we want to share is that it's Okay, not to be okay.

00:47:51.990 --> 00:48:07.140 Phyllis Quinlan: And there's such a stigma around having a an emotional issue of a mental challenge, a feeling of so you can't get out of your own way feeling so you're down in a dark pit as often people do with with depression describe that.

00:48:07.590 --> 00:48:14.760 Phyllis Quinlan: And we just want to know that if there was a sunny side or a silver lining to any of the pandemic challenges we've all navigated.

00:48:15.090 --> 00:48:25.560 Phyllis Quinlan: it's that we've come to the realization that we can have self compassion for ourselves, and that we realize that we're all struggling, this is one thing that we all had in common.

00:48:25.800 --> 00:48:35.460 Phyllis Quinlan: So it's Okay, not to be okay it's not Okay, not to get help, so I do want to share one of the best resources that I know of and that's mental health America.

00:48:35.880 --> 00:48:47.040 Phyllis Quinlan: Okay, so mental health America is obviously a not for profit company, and you can follow mental health America the initials R m ha, you can follow them on Facebook, you can follow them on Twitter.

00:48:47.760 --> 00:48:56.130 Phyllis Quinlan: You can follow them on YouTube you can follow them on instagram and they have a wealth of resources and a wealth of information.

00:48:56.970 --> 00:49:03.780 Phyllis Quinlan: Just to get you starting to think about mental health, some of the other things would be how to.

00:49:04.680 --> 00:49:09.570 Phyllis Quinlan: You know what are some of the elements that we would need to practice in order to have good mental health.

00:49:09.900 --> 00:49:20.910 Phyllis Quinlan: And then also you know they have nice easy to read, publications about what you need to to recognize some of the signs and symptoms that you may be manifesting either in yourself.

00:49:21.360 --> 00:49:29.400 Phyllis Quinlan: or in a loved one that you know suddenly you realize Well, this is more than just the blues This is something that needs a professional.

00:49:29.700 --> 00:49:39.810 Phyllis Quinlan: Mental health professional to help untie that not and get that person back to a place of wellness, but I think the most important thing, and the most encouraging thing that that has come out.

00:49:40.440 --> 00:49:47.280 Phyllis Quinlan: And again, this is for mental health America, it was a Bulletin that they sent out recently, and of course i'm on their mailing list.

00:49:47.550 --> 00:49:57.420 Phyllis Quinlan: And it talks about the new phone number, it is a new phone number to call for people facing mental health crisis and the number is going to be 988.

00:49:57.750 --> 00:50:05.820 Phyllis Quinlan: So 988 is going to be the new line, no longer call 911 if you're having a mental health crisis.

00:50:06.120 --> 00:50:24.690 Phyllis Quinlan: In July of this year 988 should become activated and instead of talking to a 911 dispatcher you're going to be talking to trained crisis counselors and I think this is just an extraordinary initiative and I really hope people take advantage of it.

00:50:26.070 --> 00:50:27.540 Phyllis Quinlan: What are your thoughts on that frank.

00:50:28.290 --> 00:50:45.750 Frank R Harrison: Oh, I totally agree, I mean 911 has a stigma to itself that's what everybody was dialing on 911 so I love the fact that a date has been created, because it will now be associated with better mental health or everyone knowing when they press those three digits they're seeking the.

00:50:45.810 --> 00:50:58.830 Phyllis Quinlan: Right and again that line will not be the the anticipated date is late July okay so, but it is something to understand and if you get on the mailing list or you start following mental health America today.

00:50:59.640 --> 00:51:06.600 Phyllis Quinlan: Then of course you're going to get more notifications about that, and you can post them, you know, in your places of work, your places.

00:51:06.900 --> 00:51:16.050 Phyllis Quinlan: holes or gathering areas in your place places of worship and spirituality and certainly any other places, because people need to be able to speak to someone.

00:51:16.380 --> 00:51:27.210 Phyllis Quinlan: in real time, and I think this is just such an important initiative coming out of this but i'd also like Catherine to share with the listeners, how we can get Ahold of her because she's so active on linkedin.

00:51:28.080 --> 00:51:45.840 Phyllis Quinlan: And you know I follow you all the time on linkedin and she's not just posting wonderful you know pieces she is making videos on linkedin that are so very, very insightful and joyful so Catherine, how can the listeners get Ahold of you, and also how can we follow you on social media.

00:51:47.370 --> 00:51:59.460 Catherine Chadwick: Well, thanks phyllis and thank you so much for that information about mental health America, because I think it's critical that people understand that and and know that you know that's available to them.

00:52:01.290 --> 00:52:10.020 Catherine Chadwick: it's my website is the artists of which includes sunshine and.

00:52:11.130 --> 00:52:20.670 Catherine Chadwick: It i'm very easy to get Ahold of you can find my email and just about anywhere it's the two letters CC at sunshine

00:52:21.240 --> 00:52:42.030 Catherine Chadwick: And my phone number is posted all over on my website and and, as far as linkedin and Facebook and instagram is Catherine chadwick consulting, which is the the legal entity umbrella for you know the sunshine quotient and the art of self craftsmanship.

00:52:42.480 --> 00:52:52.710 Phyllis Quinlan: And people can message you through linkedin they can connect you on your website, or they can directly message you through linkedin and certainly I would encourage all of you to follow Catherine on linkedin.

00:52:53.460 --> 00:53:06.420 Phyllis Quinlan: because she just you know it it's several times a month, she just comes out with the best videos with such insightful conversations and I just really think that that can be a real boost to your day.

00:53:07.110 --> 00:53:07.500 Yes.

00:53:09.090 --> 00:53:23.280 Frank R Harrison: Oh, oh you're so welcome but speaking about videos and knowing the fact that you are a nurse I have we have a surprise for you win for everyone else right there to celebrate nursing appreciation month so take it away dylan okay great.

00:53:34.230 --> 00:53:34.620 She can.

00:53:36.360 --> 00:53:36.780 She can.

00:53:39.660 --> 00:53:42.120 She can ruin your point.

00:53:45.030 --> 00:53:55.200 And she only SIP snapple where janko can see she's wise like a duck bushies ways to me.

00:53:57.630 --> 00:54:01.440 She can lead you to vax she can come he went to.

00:54:03.030 --> 00:54:04.860 can ask for MED listen.

00:54:08.250 --> 00:54:11.640 she's got a side hustle interesting.

00:54:13.260 --> 00:54:18.960 Still, your pen beef, but she's always to me.

00:54:29.430 --> 00:54:31.800 stuffing for mom.

00:54:33.360 --> 00:54:34.020 she's again.

00:54:41.400 --> 00:54:43.200 When she takes.

00:54:49.830 --> 00:54:51.360 She just changes.

00:54:54.810 --> 00:54:57.390 Patients one more than the God.

00:54:59.790 --> 00:55:06.870 And they still call him when he said he's nurse Stephen steely brings out the best.

00:55:08.070 --> 00:55:09.600 can be.

00:55:11.250 --> 00:55:15.360 yourself and nursing no ways, a woman, you see.

00:55:34.170 --> 00:55:35.520 it's a camera.

00:55:38.340 --> 00:55:39.480 Despite one.

00:55:55.560 --> 00:55:56.040 me know.

00:56:06.120 --> 00:56:07.350 When you suddenly.

00:56:09.240 --> 00:56:11.640 He can smile and steak you.

00:56:15.180 --> 00:56:16.200 Like that when.

00:56:19.830 --> 00:56:27.570 You love what you do all praises of view we are always a hero to me.

00:56:50.310 --> 00:56:53.160 Phyllis Quinlan: awesome frank, thank you, thank you so much.

00:56:53.400 --> 00:57:03.960 Frank R Harrison: row, thank you, I mean it's kind of interesting I mean obviously prior to the show i've had a chance to look at it, but when when when it's there lie in real time when.

00:57:04.350 --> 00:57:11.340 Frank R Harrison: You know, a certain number of people looking at it, especially when i'm doing what I can to pay tribute to the nurses out there.

00:57:13.080 --> 00:57:14.250 Frank R Harrison: and almost had me in tears.

00:57:16.830 --> 00:57:22.980 Phyllis Quinlan: on behalf of the two nurses who collectively have about 80 plus years of practice under their belt on my show today.

00:57:25.230 --> 00:57:29.850 Phyllis Quinlan: We just want to thank you for that recognition and thank you for allowing me to say thank you to my own.

00:57:29.850 --> 00:57:36.450 Phyllis Quinlan: profession and to bring on such a great colleague and practitioner blessings Catherine keep doing what you're doing.

00:57:36.930 --> 00:57:43.560 Catherine Chadwick: Well, thank you fellas and oh my gosh what an honor to be here with you and with you, frank Thank you so much, this has really been fun.

00:57:44.130 --> 00:57:54.060 Frank R Harrison: Yes, it has been and for anyone out there who's a grey's anatomy fan i'm going to do another tribute of 400 episode season finales evening.

00:57:55.470 --> 00:58:01.260 Frank R Harrison: It is for where I came from in terms of bringing frank about health to talk radio dot nyc.

00:58:01.560 --> 00:58:14.040 Frank R Harrison: And it is just something that I want to also pay tribute to you because I know you're an actress as well and i'm telling everyone who is the casting director to get Katherine chadwick prominent oh next year.

00:58:16.380 --> 00:58:17.040 Frank R Harrison: But in.

00:58:18.090 --> 00:58:28.950 Frank R Harrison: Promoting squawk radio dot nyc stay tuned for our Friday black shows tomorrow always Friday philanthropy and focus and wise content creates wealth and stay tuned next week.

00:58:29.310 --> 00:58:38.280 Frank R Harrison: For another episode of frank about health and we're signing off now goodbye Catherine goodbye phyllis will be definitely in touch soon, and I thank you, Sam.

00:58:38.340 --> 00:58:39.120 Phyllis Quinlan: Always for the.

00:58:39.870 --> 00:58:41.130 Phyllis Quinlan: right here on Thank you Catherine.

00:58:41.580 --> 00:58:44.310 Catherine Chadwick: Thank you phyllis Thank you frank take care.

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