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Monday, May 23, 2022
Facebook Live Video from 2022/05/23 - Walking the Leading Edge with Dr. Judi Neal

Facebook Live Video from 2022/05/23 - Walking the Leading Edge with Dr. Judi Neal


2022/05/23 - Walking the Leading Edge with Dr. Judi Neal

[NEW EPISODE]  Walking the Leading Edge with Dr. Judi Neal

What is Edgewalking? What are the qualities of the innovators and change-makers in our world today? How is leadership in business changing in these challenging times?

Dr. Judi Neal is an author, scholar, speaker, and consultant. Her primary focus has been on workplace spirituality, transformation, and global consciousness. 

After receiving her Ph.D. in organizational behavior from Yale University, she served as an internal consultant to Honeywell for eight years. Judi then taught management at the University of New Haven for 17 years. Her research was on business leaders who have a strong commitment to their spirituality, and she researched the ways in which they bridged the invisible world of spirituality and the material world of business. 

Judi now serves as the Executive Director of the Global Consciousness Institute. Judi is the author of eight books on workplace spirituality and transformation and is the President of Edgewalkers International, a workplace spirituality community.

Tune in for this edgy conversation at or watch the Facebook Livestream by Clicking Here.

Show Notes

Segment 1

Sandra starts by explaining the purpose of The Edge of Everyday, which is to explore our rough edges. She then introduces her guest, Judi Neal, who is an author, scholar, speaker, and consultant that focuses on workplace spirituality, transformation, and global consciousness. Sandra tells the story of finding Judi through searching about being on the edge of different communities. After reading through Sandra reached out to Judi. Judi gives an overview of Edgewalkers and defines them as people that walk between worlds and build bridges between them. Specifically, she talks about the edge between the material world and the spiritual world. She explains that edge walkers get bored easily and want to explore. Judi talks about having mystical experiences as a child. Then tells the story of how Edgewalker evolved. She talks about the stereotype that spiritual people are not successful or academic and tells stories of people who disprove that.

Segment 2

Judi talks about a leadership group she ran in her house where people would bring business issues and the others would support them energetically and with practical guidance. She then talks about an article she read about how change happens on the edge of systems and how that, along with realizing that she thrives on the edges of systems, led her to come up with the term Edgewalkers. She then talks about being a whistleblower at Honeywell and how her spirituality factored into that. She also mentions that she eventually sued Honeywell in federal court and used the money she won to create the Center for Spirit at Work.

Segment 3

Judi gives a history of the trends surrounding the workplace and the spirituality which started in the 90s. In the 2000s, lawsuits around discrimination based on spirituality came to the forefront. Now, there is a trend around mindfulness at work. Judi then talks about finding community within the academic and professional world through spirituality. Sandra and Judi discuss the different ways they have built communities of like-minded people. Listeners can find Judi’s books, podcasts, information about Edgewalker cafes, and more on

Segment 4

Judi talks about her current leading edge, which is exploring the idea of global consciousness. She speaks about finding hope for humanity and the world. She also gives the details of a study that focused on our ability to impact the world with our thoughts. She plans to co-write a book about global consciousness in the future. Sandra then shifts the conversation to Judi’s all-women band called She’s Us. The band can be found at Judi encourages listeners to have courage and push the boundaries.


00:00:13.620 --> 00:00:20.940 Welcome everyone i'm Sandra bars, a few years ago I wrote and performed a solo show called the edge of every day.

00:00:21.480 --> 00:00:27.030 which was an exploration of the rough edges and contradictions, we all face and grapple with.

00:00:27.990 --> 00:00:36.330 The show hit a nerve and the relevance of the topic would only grow over time, more than I could have foreseen So here we are.

00:00:37.140 --> 00:00:48.720 Real talk with real people sharing stories and perspectives that spark pocket of invitations to leap out of what's safe on the edge of everything thanks for listening.

00:00:51.330 --> 00:01:04.020 Sandra Bargman: Hello everyone, we are live in the hive, thank you for joining me on this, the 28th episode of the edge of every day here on talk radio dot nyc.

00:01:04.920 --> 00:01:17.970 Sandra Bargman: For those of you who are tuning in for the first time and for those of you who don't know me yet I encourage you to check out my bio and talk radio dot nyc or, of course, you can visit my website Sandra bars men calm.

00:01:18.540 --> 00:01:23.790 Sandra Bargman: And please tune into any of my previous episodes with my inspiring guests.

00:01:24.960 --> 00:01:32.880 Sandra Bargman: In a nutshell, this show is about celebrating triumphs pushing boundaries and exploring rough edges.

00:01:33.450 --> 00:01:41.670 Sandra Bargman: Through conversations and shared stories with friends and colleagues it's my hope that we can begin to understand our edges.

00:01:42.240 --> 00:02:02.820 Sandra Bargman: And what I mean by edges is those places where we are fearful those places where we're resistant to change those places where paradoxes and contradictions live in our beliefs in our understandings both about ourselves, and about the world around us those places we don't want to look.

00:02:04.470 --> 00:02:20.340 Sandra Bargman: We live in turbulent times and we are coming to understand that life isn't simply black or white, it must be an embrace of both, and the more we recognize our own edges and get real about them.

00:02:20.820 --> 00:02:29.700 Sandra Bargman: The more we can help others to do the same, and that I fully believe can help to change the world so thanks for tuning in.

00:02:31.350 --> 00:02:36.330 Sandra Bargman: And without further ado, it is time to introduce our guest this evening.

00:02:37.830 --> 00:02:50.670 Sandra Bargman: Judy Neil is an author scholar speaker and consultant her primary focus has been on workplace spirituality transformation and global consciousness.

00:02:51.390 --> 00:03:01.620 Sandra Bargman: after receiving her PhD in organizational behavior from Yale university she served as an internal consultant to Honeywell for eight years.

00:03:02.310 --> 00:03:23.040 Sandra Bargman: Judy then taught management at the University of new haven for 17 years her research was on business leaders who have a strong commitment to their spirituality and she researched the ways in which they bridged the invisible world of spirituality and the material world of business.

00:03:24.120 --> 00:03:33.420 Sandra Bargman: Judy was Judy was founding director of the Tyson Center for faith and spirituality in the workplace at the University of Arkansas.

00:03:34.950 --> 00:03:41.790 Sandra Bargman: She was a Co founder and former Chair of the management spirituality and religion interest group.

00:03:42.450 --> 00:03:48.060 Sandra Bargman: As one of the founding editors of the journal of management spirituality and religion.

00:03:48.660 --> 00:04:07.920 Sandra Bargman: She is on the journals editorial board and is also on the board of the journal journals parent Organization, the International Association of management spirituality and religion Judy now serves as the Executive Director of the global consciousness Institute.

00:04:09.120 --> 00:04:22.230 Sandra Bargman: Judy was the founder of the international Center for spirit at work and the international spirit at work awards and is the President of edge walker's international.

00:04:22.800 --> 00:04:30.960 Sandra Bargman: A workplace spirituality Community Judy is the author of eight books on workplace spirituality and transformation.

00:04:31.440 --> 00:04:39.090 Sandra Bargman: Including edge walkers people in organizations that take risks, build bridges and break new ground.

00:04:39.690 --> 00:04:49.080 Sandra Bargman: her recent books are integrating change the art the craft and the science of transforming organizations published September 2021.

00:04:49.530 --> 00:05:08.010 Sandra Bargman: And workplace spirituality making a difference, published in January 22 in her spare time she writes songs and plays guitar and electric bass in an all woman band called she's us welcome Judy.

00:05:08.400 --> 00:05:10.380 Judi Neal: Thank you Sandra thank.

00:05:10.380 --> 00:05:15.690 Sandra Bargman: You, thank you for that introduction Oh, my goodness, a complete pleasure, I mean you know that.

00:05:16.440 --> 00:05:31.530 Sandra Bargman: I could go on and on her bio could go on and on just incredible prolific amount of writing and service to the world, this is such an honor to have you on my show Thank you it's really an honor to be.

00:05:31.530 --> 00:05:39.630 Judi Neal: Here, because you and I are in the same conversation we care about the same thing so i'm so excited about this time we've got together.

00:05:40.050 --> 00:05:54.930 Sandra Bargman: Truly truly truly well I always like to start out with a way that I get have my guests on the show, and I just love the story so much, I have to tell it, so I was invited by a girlfriend of mine Leslie michaels who.

00:05:56.040 --> 00:06:17.100 Sandra Bargman: wrote a book called on the shoulders of mighty women it's coming out in June, and she asked me to contribute a chapter to it and i'm going to have Leslie on on June 6 so listeners take note anyway, I came up with a while I was writing it I came up with the title reluctant leader.

00:06:18.840 --> 00:06:27.870 Sandra Bargman: And I started thinking about the phrase that I walk along the edges of so many different communities and I don't find myself in always in the Center of them.

00:06:28.290 --> 00:06:35.370 Sandra Bargman: And I don't know what inspired me one day I just literally just googled it edge walking and walking the edges of communities.

00:06:36.090 --> 00:06:51.480 Sandra Bargman: An edge walker's dot org springs up on my computer and it's a thing it's a thing, and on this website is a profile about edge walkers talking about the qualities that they have.

00:06:51.930 --> 00:07:03.000 Sandra Bargman: The profile the skills that they have, as people as leaders and in your focus, of course, is on on the workplace and so we're going to dive completely into that.

00:07:03.630 --> 00:07:15.390 Sandra Bargman: But I just and I loved what I read and I took the profile and I reached out directly to Judy who responded immediately and we've had two zoom conversations and I just.

00:07:16.050 --> 00:07:32.880 Sandra Bargman: feel such a kinship and like i've known you forever and it's just such a joy to have discovered, you and your profound work so let's dive in what's edge walkers and tell us who and what is an edge Walker Judy Neil.

00:07:33.300 --> 00:07:38.550 Judi Neal: yeah you've already described so much of it and and you live it so.

00:07:38.730 --> 00:07:41.430 Sandra Bargman: Do and did it it's.

00:07:41.460 --> 00:07:56.280 Judi Neal: An edge Walker someone who walks between worlds, and you can define that in lots of different ways I define it primarily between the material world and the spiritual world or you might say, the visible and the invisible world.

00:07:57.270 --> 00:08:16.230 Judi Neal: That that we know there's something more than just what meets the eye, but it could also be defined as walking between cultures are walking between different functions in an organization, being a bridge builder being a translator being someone who pushes the edges.

00:08:17.250 --> 00:08:22.110 Sandra Bargman: edge walker's get bored very easily very easily it's.

00:08:22.470 --> 00:08:34.710 Judi Neal: I want to know what's next what's new what's emerging just a tremendous curiosity and a hunger, to know more about the world and to expand our own edges and boundaries.

00:08:36.060 --> 00:08:47.760 Sandra Bargman: that's the primary definition someone who walks between worlds and build bridges between those worlds and hybrids connects dot connects them yeah where you tell me where you somebody.

00:08:49.440 --> 00:09:00.000 Sandra Bargman: we're going to get back to the edge edge walkers but I were you aware that you are aware, as a young person were you aware that you were going between worlds.

00:09:00.990 --> 00:09:02.550 Judi Neal: yeah I really was.

00:09:02.610 --> 00:09:06.990 Sandra Bargman: I was I yeah yeah yeah i'm probably a lot of your listeners are too.

00:09:07.980 --> 00:09:14.190 Judi Neal: yeah I mean I had mystical experiences as a child and I knew enough not to talk about them.

00:09:16.650 --> 00:09:21.540 Judi Neal: You know, because people would think I was crazy I was afraid that's what they would think.

00:09:21.930 --> 00:09:39.990 Judi Neal: And, and I didn't feel like I was crazy I would felt like those mystical experience of a beautiful they were comforting they provided wonderful information, and so I counted on them as an another way of knowing what reality is absolutely.

00:09:41.130 --> 00:09:48.660 Sandra Bargman: yeah I always talk about people like you and I, this is how I described myself, I was the kid with the antenna.

00:09:50.190 --> 00:10:03.720 Sandra Bargman: In the corner of the room that could could go jump between the energies and really understand that the energy that was at play and where those edges were.

00:10:06.450 --> 00:10:26.310 Sandra Bargman: So your your understanding of going between being an edge Walker was something that you walked with your whole life, so how did you what spurred the understanding of edge Walker I mean tell us the story of how edge Walker evolved.

00:10:28.080 --> 00:10:32.100 Judi Neal: yeah it's a it's a confluence of different things which ensure as.

00:10:32.310 --> 00:10:33.360 Sandra Bargman: confluence of edges.

00:10:35.310 --> 00:10:55.560 Judi Neal: Absolutely, I had been interested in spirituality and spirituality applied to the workplace, because of some of my own experiences of living my spirituality at work and seeing what a difference, it made and, personally, when I was in the corporate world, and when I was in the university.

00:10:56.670 --> 00:11:08.280 Judi Neal: And you know, like I would pray before I walked into a meeting or or into the classroom and just asked for guidance to be my highest self and bring love into the room.

00:11:08.700 --> 00:11:16.740 Judi Neal: And magic would happen, and so I knew for me personally, that it was making a difference and for those I touched.

00:11:17.220 --> 00:11:31.020 Judi Neal: And so I got curious and wanted to study that more than I would run into people in conferences, who were doing the same thing, so I knew I wasn't alone and that's really important because, when we're on the edge.

00:11:31.590 --> 00:11:38.670 Judi Neal: The edge actually means not being in the Center not being in the mainstream, and that can be on the margin.

00:11:39.330 --> 00:11:47.460 Judi Neal: To be marginalized which is lonely which you know we're tribal animals, and we want to be a part of things and yet.

00:11:48.330 --> 00:12:00.990 Judi Neal: We don't want to be restricted by the middle by the Center and so it's a interesting edgy place to be, and so I began interviewing leaders that I ran into.

00:12:01.770 --> 00:12:22.860 Judi Neal: That or I heard about who had a strong spiritual life and we're very effective, because this was back in the early 90s, and the common wisdom was if your spiritual you're not practical if you're you're flaky yeah oh yeah if your spiritual your new agey, and that means.

00:12:23.160 --> 00:12:27.870 Sandra Bargman: fluffy and yeah you're not intellectual you're not certainly not an academic.

00:12:28.590 --> 00:12:29.430 Judi Neal: Certainly not.

00:12:31.680 --> 00:12:33.930 Sandra Bargman: questionable on on all the edges.

00:12:34.170 --> 00:12:46.020 Judi Neal: yeah absolutely but I was finding these wonderful leaders, I mean the the Vice President for at amp T Vice President, international he ran at amp T for Canada.

00:12:46.710 --> 00:12:59.070 Judi Neal: And he his name is Michael Stevens, and he was raised Catholic and went to mass every day when he could, which was most of the time, but he traveled internationally and then he studied.

00:13:00.000 --> 00:13:11.520 Judi Neal: meditation and he would meditate for 20 minutes a day, and he really got so centered that he felt that his effectiveness was because he was a more loving being.

00:13:11.910 --> 00:13:21.840 Judi Neal: wherever he was and his policies became loving he really cared about the human beings who worked for the company and so he created loving policies.

00:13:22.230 --> 00:13:28.020 Judi Neal: And i'd meet people like him, and it was so encouraging and I could tell his story, and that would encourage other people.

00:13:28.620 --> 00:13:40.530 Judi Neal: And so I was doing that research on what these leaders were doing, who are very effective and very spiritual many different traditions, some no religious tradition whatsoever, but.

00:13:40.980 --> 00:13:52.950 Judi Neal: very committed to some kind of spiritual practice and, at the same time, I was running a leadership group, where the group met in my house once a month, and they would they would bring.

00:13:54.120 --> 00:13:56.250 Judi Neal: A business issue and.

00:13:56.550 --> 00:14:00.390 Sandra Bargman: Okay i'm gonna interrupt you real quickly here because we've gotta go to break.

00:14:00.510 --> 00:14:09.810 Sandra Bargman: Oh great moment, so that business group we're going to hear about the business group in your home when we come back from break and then we're going to move.

00:14:10.680 --> 00:14:22.410 Sandra Bargman: into workplace spirituality and all of the books that Judy has written when we come back on the edge of every day with Dr Judy neal stay tuned.

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00:16:34.050 --> 00:16:34.470 Sandra Bargman: On the.

00:16:34.530 --> 00:16:35.160 edge.

00:16:35.520 --> 00:16:43.050 Sandra Bargman: of every day, and we are back with Dr Judy Neil so let's dive back into that story in your living room.

00:16:44.790 --> 00:16:50.520 Judi Neal: So the leaders met once a month that would bring a business problem, and then we would.

00:16:51.000 --> 00:17:02.250 Judi Neal: All support that person energetically as well as with practical guidance and then during the month we would hold that person in prayer or in the light.

00:17:02.610 --> 00:17:11.040 Judi Neal: or whatever each person's spiritual practice was so that they felt supported during that whole month and then they would come back and report.

00:17:11.460 --> 00:17:23.430 Judi Neal: What happened and miracles would happen over and over again, oh my God, and so it was this wonderful practical and spiritual integration and at the same time, I read an article.

00:17:23.940 --> 00:17:35.880 Judi Neal: In fast company magazine, which had just come out and it talked about how change happens on the edge of systems and I went Oh, my goodness, when I.

00:17:38.550 --> 00:17:48.870 Judi Neal: Think about all my work and organizational change, you know it's the mainstream is for stability, the edges are for transformation.

00:17:49.290 --> 00:17:56.430 Judi Neal: And I always felt on the edge of a system, and then I realized well that's where I like being and I want to help support change.

00:17:56.790 --> 00:18:02.970 Judi Neal: that's home, even though it's lonely sometimes and uncomfortable and, as you say rough it's a rough edge.

00:18:03.750 --> 00:18:16.080 Judi Neal: yeah, and so I was reading that and I was talking about how they told the group about this article, and I said, you know they they're like edge walkers I just sort of made the word up because.

00:18:17.400 --> 00:18:26.970 Judi Neal: One of the things the article said was it's holographic people who are on the edge of systems, who are change agents tend to live on the edge of town tend to be.

00:18:27.390 --> 00:18:36.270 Judi Neal: They just want to be on the edge of systems all the times their edge walkers and the group when we are edge walkers and they just.

00:18:36.930 --> 00:18:44.100 Judi Neal: You know, felt so attracted to that term, and then I started sharing that I do with other people and they really got it.

00:18:44.520 --> 00:18:58.080 Judi Neal: and begin asking me questions that I couldn't answer about edge walkers so I had to you know interview more people and and write about it and figure out what this thing is so juicy yeah.

00:18:58.110 --> 00:19:03.300 Sandra Bargman: Very juicy real quick, the reason up my show is called the edge of every day is.

00:19:04.260 --> 00:19:21.750 Sandra Bargman: My husband and I were out driving and and he there was a skeleton of a restaurant in the catskills that we pretended What would we call it if we bought that and and turned it into something and I said the edge and he said right and he said.

00:19:23.700 --> 00:19:31.530 Sandra Bargman: How about the edge of fact so did you know that that's a scientific term he's a scientist, I said no tell me all about the edge of fact and.

00:19:32.340 --> 00:19:42.900 Sandra Bargman: He said it's a were two different ecosystems come together that edge, is where you find the most diversity, the most creativity, the most.

00:19:43.110 --> 00:19:54.330 Sandra Bargman: I mean so it's exactly the same thing and the ecosystems it's that's where the vibrancy is where the change making happens where the hybrids and the interweaving happens.

00:19:56.100 --> 00:19:56.520 Judi Neal: that's.

00:19:57.180 --> 00:19:57.930 fascinating.

00:19:59.640 --> 00:20:00.960 Sandra Bargman: So um.

00:20:02.250 --> 00:20:14.280 Sandra Bargman: So then you've just been developing that that really became this you you you firm firmly planted in the edge Walker understanding and flesh that out.

00:20:14.760 --> 00:20:31.590 Sandra Bargman: And, but you continued and we're going to get in this into this in the next section some other archetypes but the edge Walker is edge For those of you who are listening, who want to jump on that website in our next commercial break.

00:20:33.150 --> 00:20:45.630 Sandra Bargman: So I want to back up a little to your to your an intro more into your workplace spirituality what was the spark that got you into doing those two.

00:20:46.110 --> 00:21:03.090 Sandra Bargman: Combining spirituality was it literally like you just you noticed that you liked who you were better when you were actively bringing that into your workplace or was it a confluence of other things, it was other things.

00:21:03.720 --> 00:21:10.500 Judi Neal: Because I thought that I should never ever talk about my own spirituality or be open about it, yes, can.

00:21:10.530 --> 00:21:12.420 Sandra Bargman: You stay in that closet yep.

00:21:12.450 --> 00:21:29.730 Judi Neal: stay in the closet and there was a real precipitating event I was working for Honeywell at an ammunition plant and I was in charge of organizational development, I found out Honeywell was making faulty ammunition knowingly and I blew the whistle.

00:21:31.290 --> 00:21:39.360 Judi Neal: And that was the most terrifying moment of my life, because I, there was a movie out right at that time called Karen silkwood.

00:21:40.800 --> 00:21:41.130 Sandra Bargman: Right.

00:21:41.460 --> 00:21:44.460 movie Karen gets killed for blowing the whistle.

00:21:45.540 --> 00:22:01.350 Judi Neal: And, and so I was really terrified but I was also terrified of not speaking out because I felt like I could never live with myself if I didn't do something about this, because our own service men could die.

00:22:02.130 --> 00:22:09.660 Judi Neal: From because this was ammunition for the army and the navy and the air force, and it was not functional and could kill our own servicemen.

00:22:10.620 --> 00:22:21.210 Judi Neal: So I blew the whistle and it had been my private internal practice to read something spiritual before I go to sleep every night.

00:22:21.690 --> 00:22:33.030 Judi Neal: And right the day I blew the whistle I that night and i'm like really feeling like it's difficult to go to sleep what's going to happen next, what are they going to do to me.

00:22:33.870 --> 00:22:44.160 Judi Neal: My husband got out his rifle and put by the bed is you just you know it was like really scary scary times and that night I read.

00:22:45.390 --> 00:22:49.500 Judi Neal: And shakti dwayne a chapter, called the universe, is a mirror.

00:22:50.760 --> 00:23:03.780 Judi Neal: And it says we attract to us that which we need to learn from and that the universe will mirror us what we need, what we draw to us what we need to love know and.

00:23:04.980 --> 00:23:13.590 Judi Neal: So I went, what is it that I need to learn from this experience, because it's just it was so shocking to me and.

00:23:14.670 --> 00:23:25.320 Judi Neal: I realized if I put it into one word, the company lacked integrity, so if I say out there is a lack of integrity and turn it around and make that a mirror.

00:23:25.770 --> 00:23:38.580 Judi Neal: I have to say, where do I lack integrity and that was painful but enlightening to see how I told people what they wanted to hear, because I was that Nice lady from human resources.

00:23:39.060 --> 00:23:57.480 Judi Neal: was a people pleaser I didn't speak out much at all, it was just and I had to have courage and I had to change everything about who I wasn't how I lived and all of a sudden those spiritual principles became how I had to live on the edge of every day.

00:23:58.590 --> 00:24:00.360 It had to be every day.

00:24:01.710 --> 00:24:06.390 In every moment in every in every choice in every breath.

00:24:08.700 --> 00:24:20.610 Sandra Bargman: An extraordinary story, thank you for for what what did any what was the what what was the outcome from that well, first of all, they threaten my life and I had to disappear for a while.

00:24:21.870 --> 00:24:25.410 Sandra Bargman: Oh, my I was told by corporate.

00:24:25.860 --> 00:24:28.140 Judi Neal: To get out of town, for my own safety.

00:24:29.370 --> 00:24:44.370 Judi Neal: So it was it was pretty scary and I had been a high talent highly promotable person in HR future incredible future well I knew that was over that was completely over so I had to say.

00:24:45.480 --> 00:24:57.300 Judi Neal: Okay universe, what is it you want from me now, and all I got as an answer was trust it'll be okay, and so I just began this.

00:24:57.840 --> 00:25:15.090 Judi Neal: Time that I still live in called trusting the universe, and that i'll always be shown what's next and what was next was to leave Honeywell and go into teaching and to be able to try to have a more positive impact on future leaders.

00:25:16.320 --> 00:25:23.040 Judi Neal: and to have them be able to lead with more integrity, with a sense of their own spirituality with their own values.

00:25:23.700 --> 00:25:36.390 Judi Neal: So that's why I taught for 17 years at the University of new haven, and I was open about my spirituality and I started doing research as an academic and you know that led to the books and to edge walkers and.

00:25:37.380 --> 00:25:48.330 Judi Neal: founding the Center for spirit at work and founding edge walker's international what happened at Honeywell was I ended up bringing a lawsuit against them, because they fired me.

00:25:50.220 --> 00:26:01.200 Judi Neal: and basically what they did was they took away all my job duties when I was there locked me in a room that I couldn't leave and put the people I blew the whistle on right in a.

00:26:01.560 --> 00:26:13.140 Judi Neal: In a meeting or right outside my window, I mean right outside my door, and so I had to walk by them every day and would hear things like that whistleblowers dead meat now listen blower was supposed to be anonymous.

00:26:13.980 --> 00:26:22.650 Judi Neal: But I clearly wasn't, and so I ended up several years later, basically suing Honeywell and winning and Federal Court.

00:26:24.210 --> 00:26:42.870 Judi Neal: So you can look up Neil versus Honeywell is a federal lawsuit and I won and and the lawyers took most of the money they worked hard, I have to give them that and what I had leftover allowed me to create the Center for spirit work, I know I call it honey wells Karma.

00:26:45.060 --> 00:26:47.790 Sandra Bargman: Integrity integrity, no.

00:26:49.230 --> 00:26:52.380 Sandra Bargman: universe rose up my what a story.

00:26:53.520 --> 00:26:54.990 Sandra Bargman: wow and I can.

00:26:56.850 --> 00:27:04.530 Sandra Bargman: i'm just going to segue into your teaching I can so imagine that you are a breathtaking teacher just I love teaching.

00:27:05.190 --> 00:27:05.880 Judi Neal: And I still do.

00:27:06.690 --> 00:27:19.140 Sandra Bargman: That well and you still do you still art for all intents and purposes as a consultant you're a teacher, and I mean it's it weaves through all of your work through your books everything, of course, yeah and I just talked to.

00:27:19.230 --> 00:27:25.320 Judi Neal: Todd a doctoral class on leadership at George Washington university, so I really literally was a teacher.

00:27:25.800 --> 00:27:32.490 Sandra Bargman: Oh so you're you're still actively teaching I didn't realize that I thought for some times when the right thing comes up.

00:27:33.630 --> 00:27:54.480 Sandra Bargman: yeah when the right thing comes up when you are needed, as we need you well, we, this is a perfect moment to take our next break and when we come back Judy we're going to talk about her books and continue talking about her work and workplace spirituality.

00:27:56.700 --> 00:27:57.210 Sandra Bargman: and

00:28:00.060 --> 00:28:11.370 Sandra Bargman: And then we'll figure it out when we talk, when we talk further what the rest of that section is going to be when you come back on the edge of every day with Dr Judy neal stay tuned.

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00:30:15.840 --> 00:30:18.450 Sandra Bargman: And we are back with Dr Judy Neil.

00:30:19.560 --> 00:30:28.770 Sandra Bargman: So in this portion I want to start off with your most recent book workplace spirituality and and.

00:30:30.540 --> 00:30:40.920 Sandra Bargman: leap forward to what are the trends that you're seeing in today's business place with combining I mean because you've seen this movement from its inception.

00:30:42.150 --> 00:30:57.540 Sandra Bargman: And and have contributed to it enormously, so what trends are you, and do you talk about that in workplace your most recent book what the trends are right now okay share a little bit about what they are with our listeners, well, I think.

00:30:57.690 --> 00:31:02.850 Judi Neal: It helps to go back to around the early 1990s, when.

00:31:03.930 --> 00:31:17.640 Judi Neal: I don't kind of out of nowhere this they're all of a sudden, was a lot of publications about workplace spirituality being the next new thing yeah fortune magazine and US news and world report and.

00:31:19.080 --> 00:31:28.710 Judi Neal: All just all these different magazines and newspapers and some TV shows, and so on, and it was this wonderful expansion.

00:31:29.520 --> 00:31:39.210 Judi Neal: I had just started the Center for spirit at work and we had maybe 25 members and when the US news and world report interviewed me.

00:31:39.540 --> 00:31:49.440 Judi Neal: The next week I had 200 members and then was not long before I had 1000 Members that, because of word was just getting out in those hunger.

00:31:49.770 --> 00:32:01.020 Judi Neal: For people to talk about their spirituality and how its applied at work and to make it more acceptable to be more of a whole person and then, when we hit the 2000s.

00:32:02.670 --> 00:32:15.210 Judi Neal: There started to be religious lawsuits for religious harassment and all of a sudden, there was this real pull back from the corporate world like Oh, we can't talk about this because.

00:32:15.630 --> 00:32:25.770 Judi Neal: We might get sued and that was one of the fastest growing areas of lawsuits so the language really had to change, but the practices didn't and the people's hunger.

00:32:26.190 --> 00:32:36.060 Judi Neal: For being there full sales and work didn't change, but what happened and is really the major trend now is mindfulness at work.

00:32:37.230 --> 00:32:49.980 Judi Neal: And i'd love the story of how that began began at aetna and the health, health insurance company and a woman in HR and aetna had her own mindfulness practice and found.

00:32:50.370 --> 00:32:56.520 Judi Neal: That it was so useful to her that she thought she'd offer a class to a few for co workers.

00:32:56.970 --> 00:33:02.460 Judi Neal: And they found it very useful so, then they decided to talk to Duke university and get into some research.

00:33:02.820 --> 00:33:09.720 Judi Neal: And I offered it to I think it was something like 200 employees over maybe six months, where they went through a mindfulness Program.

00:33:10.140 --> 00:33:22.740 Judi Neal: And they found out that people's absenteeism went way down their stress levels went way down their creativity went up their sense of leadership and compassion and connection went way up.

00:33:23.160 --> 00:33:38.010 Judi Neal: And they found out that they saved something like two or $3 million and health care costs with that particular group because people just weren't getting a sick or missing as days, so there was a bottom line.

00:33:39.000 --> 00:33:45.450 Judi Neal: results and then Google heard about it and Google took off like crazy and when anything Google does is cool.

00:33:45.750 --> 00:33:47.340 Sandra Bargman: Yes, is that right.

00:33:48.090 --> 00:33:49.710 Sandra Bargman: Right, they are on the cutting edge.

00:33:50.040 --> 00:33:59.460 Sandra Bargman: yeah oh my well, I mean you know you really touch on that this is this sense of being a part of something bigger and the interconnectedness of life.

00:33:59.730 --> 00:34:12.540 Sandra Bargman: No, we don't need to proselytize about our particular religion, religion, but we can all understand the interconnectedness of life, I mean we wouldn't be in a spiritual or an environmental crisis if.

00:34:13.890 --> 00:34:23.640 Sandra Bargman: We had woven our sense of interconnectedness into every aspect of who we are, I have this I got this off of one of your papers that I read today this.

00:34:23.940 --> 00:34:32.490 Sandra Bargman: i'm going to read business the motor of our society has the opportunity to be a new creative force on the planet.

00:34:32.880 --> 00:34:42.420 Sandra Bargman: A force which could contribute to the well being of many for that to occur, we must all substantially increase our commitment.

00:34:42.840 --> 00:34:59.910 Sandra Bargman: And in to, integrity and accountability and courageously make a quantum leap in consciousness beyond conventional solutions beyond opposing forces beyond fear and hope.

00:35:02.430 --> 00:35:08.520 Sandra Bargman: So perfect, but you know it, we need to to it really is the work place.

00:35:09.570 --> 00:35:13.530 Sandra Bargman: Is the heart of it it's really where this needs to show up because.

00:35:13.590 --> 00:35:14.160 Sandra Bargman: that's where the.

00:35:14.340 --> 00:35:16.320 Sandra Bargman: structure is yeah I mean how.

00:35:16.620 --> 00:35:30.780 Judi Neal: Much of our day do we spend at work well, these days, we spend it at work at home, but we're still interacting with colleagues as much, if not more now used to and so it's such an important part of our our life indeed.

00:35:31.950 --> 00:35:34.620 Sandra Bargman: This seems like a good place to jump to community.

00:35:36.030 --> 00:35:38.370 Sandra Bargman: And we, we may not get to your.

00:35:40.380 --> 00:35:41.610 Sandra Bargman: Agents your diagram.

00:35:43.140 --> 00:35:50.520 Sandra Bargman: But we may, in the next section have enough time for that I wanted to speak with you about edge walkers and building community and.

00:35:51.060 --> 00:35:58.110 Sandra Bargman: You and I had talked a little bit about this, how this I think everyone during coven has been pulled.

00:35:58.560 --> 00:36:09.810 Sandra Bargman: To a sense of community in a very organic and what feels like a brand new way, and what I would I would think of it more as an ancient.

00:36:10.230 --> 00:36:24.420 Sandra Bargman: Getting back to remembering who we were like remembering who we are, in in workplace spirituality when we remember are reminded of our truth, then we behave accordingly, but.

00:36:27.270 --> 00:36:28.770 Sandra Bargman: yeah so, can you speak to that.

00:36:29.970 --> 00:36:35.490 Judi Neal: Absolutely, when I first started doing research on workplace spirituality.

00:36:36.960 --> 00:36:38.640 Judi Neal: Especially in the academic world.

00:36:39.840 --> 00:36:52.020 Judi Neal: It felt completely risky for my academic career and at the same time I trusted the universe so it's like whatever i'm going to be, who I am and if you don't like it you'll fire me and the universe will take care of it.

00:36:52.950 --> 00:37:11.820 Judi Neal: it'll all be okay, but as soon as I started finding other people, then my courage increased, and I could push the edges even more yeah and instead of being rejected, I became embraced by my university I think they liked the fact that I was voted in fortune magazine.

00:37:14.160 --> 00:37:14.550 Sandra Bargman: Hello.

00:37:15.090 --> 00:37:26.910 Judi Neal: Judy Neil from the University of new haven, and I think that's good for business and yeah so that was that was wonderful, but I really felt like people needed.

00:37:27.780 --> 00:37:33.900 Judi Neal: When you feel so alone, and on the edge, you need other people who may be on different edges, a little bit.

00:37:34.410 --> 00:37:42.000 Judi Neal: But who see the life in the similar kind of way, yes, you know the willingness to take risk the willingness to push the edges.

00:37:42.930 --> 00:37:51.540 Judi Neal: And for the greater good, because there's certainly people who take risks and push edges for selfish reasons but we're talking about for the greater good.

00:37:52.050 --> 00:38:03.930 Judi Neal: And then we can encourage each other and inspire each other and collectively, we can make more of an impact so i've created community and everywhere i've gone and including in academia.

00:38:04.380 --> 00:38:10.080 Judi Neal: So, as you mentioned the the management spirituality and religion interest group at the Academy of management.

00:38:10.560 --> 00:38:17.670 Judi Neal: And the Academy of management is for management professors all over the world there's like 20,000 members.

00:38:18.300 --> 00:38:32.040 Judi Neal: And we created this interest group within the Academy i'm one of the founders, because not that many people were talking openly about leadership and spirituality or communication and spirituality.

00:38:32.610 --> 00:38:45.210 Judi Neal: or teamwork and spirituality and so there's people now hundreds and hundreds of people doing research and teaching there where they incorporate spirituality and faith and religion and consciousness.

00:38:45.600 --> 00:38:51.480 Judi Neal: into their work, and then they can learn from each other and expand, so I think it's essential.

00:38:52.830 --> 00:39:06.480 Sandra Bargman: Well into our post coven world, you know as we talked about this sense of and i'll just use myself as an example, this, you have a rich internal life and you're a loner and you're not a joiner generally speaking and.

00:39:07.230 --> 00:39:22.470 Sandra Bargman: As an edge Walker and you have this global community that you can connect with via zoom but this new poll for me that was enough, but since coven I have really felt this.

00:39:23.040 --> 00:39:36.150 Sandra Bargman: pull and you in our conversation had a lovely metaphor for this braiding of three types of Community the internal with with self the global and then around.

00:39:36.990 --> 00:39:49.110 Sandra Bargman: I feel it around the land that I live on my Community whom i'm going to see the most in my everyday and interact with in a in a deeper way every day.

00:39:50.100 --> 00:39:52.980 Judi Neal: And you've even built a building to draw community.

00:39:53.190 --> 00:40:06.870 Sandra Bargman: hahaha I did have this is a great plug the plum at Th to live on instagram please follow me, yes, a salon space in my Community where i'm.

00:40:07.560 --> 00:40:21.450 Sandra Bargman: Bringing trying to bring together we just had a phenomenal event on climate change and we wove in the spiritual aspect into the performance and we had speakers talk about.

00:40:22.740 --> 00:40:31.170 Sandra Bargman: The issues that we face here in the catskills as well as globally, but it was primarily focused on New York and the catskills and.

00:40:33.480 --> 00:40:46.470 Sandra Bargman: And it's all about building Community local community, which is the first poll, and I, and I wonder, I think about that as edge Walker the which was why I was so excited to find edge walker's dot org.

00:40:47.250 --> 00:40:59.460 Judi Neal: And what I had done in my own community wherever i've lived is to have edge Walker cafes when you yes colleagues invented that term, but it means that's the same thing as salon.

00:40:59.790 --> 00:41:19.770 Sandra Bargman: Where people would come to my living room, we would have some kind of topic a little bit of some spiritual practice and just be together with these crazy ideas and when code hit we took it online, and now we have people calling in from Japan and Africa out it's just incredible and.

00:41:19.830 --> 00:41:30.900 Judi Neal: So i'm i'm sort of missing the living room conversations and maybe we'll go back to that, but I will never let go of what's happened because of zoom.

00:41:31.260 --> 00:41:41.070 Judi Neal: and being able to be more internationally linked yeah definitely the growing wide Community now and that just feels so wonderful, it gives me hope for the future.

00:41:42.330 --> 00:41:44.520 Judi Neal: We need our edge walkers.

00:41:44.520 --> 00:41:48.960 Sandra Bargman: We need our edge walkers and we need that hope that's another.

00:41:50.070 --> 00:41:54.420 Sandra Bargman: You know, I was talking with someone today that, in this the societal.

00:41:55.500 --> 00:42:00.330 Sandra Bargman: perfect storm of crises that we're seeing on the planet to not.

00:42:02.130 --> 00:42:11.490 Sandra Bargman: To not have hope means that you're not going to take any kind of action okay not going to be out in the world, serving right.

00:42:12.510 --> 00:42:25.830 Judi Neal: yeah so edge walkers give us hope because they can see further than others can see, we need to listen to our edge walkers and honor them indeed honor the edges honor the edge walkers.

00:42:26.460 --> 00:42:28.020 Sandra Bargman: Well, so we have.

00:42:29.190 --> 00:42:39.960 Sandra Bargman: just a minute to break and i'm going to do a little plugin about your website so it's edge and there is a bunch of resources.

00:42:41.130 --> 00:42:45.060 Sandra Bargman: On there there's papers that Judy has written there's interviews.

00:42:46.830 --> 00:43:03.840 Sandra Bargman: And when we come back from our break we're also going to talk with her about her leading edge, which you can also find on her website, but there's the help me here is what other resources can our listeners find on edge

00:43:04.860 --> 00:43:08.400 Sandra Bargman: All of your books, yes there's the except for.

00:43:08.550 --> 00:43:15.300 Judi Neal: My I have sold out of the edge Walker book, so you have to go to Amazon COM because i'm not going to distribute them anymore myself.

00:43:16.200 --> 00:43:29.640 Judi Neal: But all the other books are there and yeah a lot of podcasts and surveys and instruments, you can take and information about when our edge marker cafes are they're all recorded, so you can.

00:43:31.080 --> 00:43:32.280 Listen to those and.

00:43:34.200 --> 00:43:41.940 Judi Neal: yeah I think that's the key things it's fantastic and we're gonna put you on there this this program needs to be on our website.

00:43:42.630 --> 00:44:03.600 Sandra Bargman: Excellent that would be awesome that would be just awesome so now it's time for a break, and when we come back with Judy we are going to talk about what her next leading edge is and we're going to hear about her music when we come back on the edge of every day.

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00:45:49.020 --> 00:45:49.320 In.

00:45:50.760 --> 00:45:51.030 My.

00:45:53.280 --> 00:45:54.360 Day.

00:46:00.930 --> 00:46:01.410 Sandra Bargman: On the.

00:46:01.470 --> 00:46:02.040 Sandra Bargman: edge.

00:46:02.190 --> 00:46:03.240 of every day.

00:46:03.480 --> 00:46:09.900 Sandra Bargman: And we are back with Dr Judy neal So what is your leading edge Judy.

00:46:11.190 --> 00:46:33.540 Judi Neal: Well i'm just deeply committed to exploring this idea of global consciousness now and that's really a risen, out of all the workplace spirituality work because i've one of the things that that I ran across years ago was Dr Dr Dan and his work on the evolution of humanity yeah and.

00:46:35.400 --> 00:46:43.950 Judi Neal: You know, and if you read the news and you spend a lot of time, reading the news you feel like maybe humanity's going down the tubes it.

00:46:44.460 --> 00:46:47.310 Sandra Bargman: isn't right it's going backwards it's not evolving.

00:46:47.790 --> 00:46:51.600 Judi Neal: know, which is why it's so good to have positive media like what you're doing.

00:46:52.020 --> 00:47:01.800 Judi Neal: Because there you can just get a distorted view of the world truly not and I was starting to get that distorted view until I read try to show down.

00:47:02.190 --> 00:47:10.920 Judi Neal: And then began to see oh there's really hope for the human race and for the climate and for humanity and for Mother Earth.

00:47:11.520 --> 00:47:22.590 Judi Neal: And, and I, I saw business as being so essential to that because businesses as you the quote you read, which comes from john hormann that.

00:47:23.310 --> 00:47:37.290 Judi Neal: He said businesses the motor of change on the planet, and so, if business is conscious change is more likely to happen and it began to feel too slow, for me right.

00:47:37.800 --> 00:47:39.180 Sandra Bargman: All of it as too slow yeah.

00:47:39.870 --> 00:47:51.180 Judi Neal: or even going backwards and, and so I thought well as an edge Walker you know, like what's the next over the edge of business and spirituality and businesses, an edge what's beyond that.

00:47:51.480 --> 00:48:03.540 Judi Neal: Well it's like planetary spirituality or planetary consciousness and i've know that there's been some very interesting studies out of the princeton engineering anomalies research lab and.

00:48:04.440 --> 00:48:06.780 Sandra Bargman: say that again place princeton.

00:48:06.840 --> 00:48:13.950 Judi Neal: Engineering anomalies research lab it's called the pair P ar that our research.

00:48:15.030 --> 00:48:24.090 Judi Neal: That that really look to measure consciousness and to measure our consciousness over the material world how we can impact.

00:48:24.630 --> 00:48:38.820 Judi Neal: The physical world with our thoughts and so if we think positive, we can have a positive impact and they've now figured out ways to measure collective consciousness and so that is.

00:48:39.690 --> 00:48:48.840 Judi Neal: You know, like they've they got these I don't know enough about it that's why I want to learn more, but they have these instruments like all over the world that measure vibration.

00:48:49.200 --> 00:49:09.750 Judi Neal: And they can tell when a significant event happens there's actually an intuition beforehand, where the vibration starts to get stronger like right before 911 like the hour before the the the airplanes hit the twin towers those measurements started to increase and then they just went.

00:49:09.780 --> 00:49:14.790 Judi Neal: off the chart all over the planet when yeah so there's it's.

00:49:14.880 --> 00:49:17.610 Judi Neal: Engineering research it's not.

00:49:19.260 --> 00:49:20.850 Judi Neal: I don't want to put new age down because new.

00:49:20.880 --> 00:49:21.960 Sandra Bargman: We want to Newark.

00:49:22.500 --> 00:49:37.560 Sandra Bargman: Airport that's where a lot of people's break the relationship of science and spirit, this is one of you know yeah clearly me twice, of course, yeah particularly quantum physics yeah and the the idea of quantum leadership and so that's.

00:49:38.520 --> 00:49:48.480 Judi Neal: What i'm really wanting to learn more about and teach about and research about and and support a Community around it to and hold events and.

00:49:49.950 --> 00:49:55.950 Judi Neal: Working on getting some grants to further do that kind of research and convenience.

00:49:56.580 --> 00:50:06.690 Judi Neal: And then i'd like to i'm going to be co writing a book was show on Lee who's from fetzer Institute and he and I will be doing an edited book on global consciousness and.

00:50:07.230 --> 00:50:16.260 Judi Neal: reaching out to the best minds and religion and in science and in teaching and all these different domains art and so on.

00:50:17.430 --> 00:50:32.730 Judi Neal: To see what people are thinking really on the edge of this idea of global consciousness evolving yeah well and truly is evolving and I think climate change is really central to that we're all in it together.

00:50:33.540 --> 00:50:37.620 Sandra Bargman: And I think coven The pre show of coven really.

00:50:38.940 --> 00:50:42.540 Sandra Bargman: helped yank that into that understanding of.

00:50:43.830 --> 00:51:05.790 Sandra Bargman: interconnectedness of all of us and really outdid some people, you know that the some of the more baser instincts of a handful of humans on on and helping to remind people about service to humankind in the planet yeah and how did you set a handful because it's not the majority oh.

00:51:05.970 --> 00:51:08.520 Judi Neal: It was a news might make it look like that that is.

00:51:08.880 --> 00:51:22.500 Judi Neal: Most people want all of us to be healthy, all of us to flourish everyone to have enough food and good education and take care of the women, most people want that the majority of course.

00:51:23.160 --> 00:51:25.680 Sandra Bargman: They just have to go out and vote that's right.

00:51:26.700 --> 00:51:27.120 Sandra Bargman: Indeed.

00:51:28.320 --> 00:51:45.510 Sandra Bargman: Well, I want to spend our last time I want to talk to you about your band, and I listened to a couple of your tunes and I just love that you also have music in your life and you're a musician and so tell us about your band oh.

00:51:45.540 --> 00:51:54.270 Judi Neal: My band is an all woman band called she's us and our website is she's us music calm and she's a.

00:51:56.970 --> 00:52:01.590 Judi Neal: We get confused down here in the south, where I live in Arkansas and people go the Jesus band.

00:52:03.210 --> 00:52:05.130 Sandra Bargman: No, no man awesome planned.

00:52:07.680 --> 00:52:22.170 Judi Neal: No just women and and we have more fun we love each other we've been together, seven years and we each play at least one or two instruments and we each write songs.

00:52:22.590 --> 00:52:23.880 Sandra Bargman: And you play.

00:52:24.810 --> 00:52:27.240 Judi Neal: We all, we all play we all sing.

00:52:27.270 --> 00:52:29.400 Sandra Bargman: Oh, I mean your baby, do you play what instrument.

00:52:29.610 --> 00:52:31.140 Judi Neal: Oh, I play bass.

00:52:31.200 --> 00:52:31.710 Sandra Bargman: yeah I.

00:52:31.740 --> 00:52:32.880 Sandra Bargman: saw I was like.

00:52:33.240 --> 00:52:36.030 Sandra Bargman: Yes, I love that you go cool in the corner.

00:52:36.720 --> 00:52:48.570 Judi Neal: You know I grew up in folk music and I was like they called me Judy baez because my songs were Judy Collins and Joan baez and the sweet lilting soprano and.

00:52:49.080 --> 00:53:09.540 Judi Neal: Then I guess it's something about this time of life or something that you know, an edge for me is the more driving masculine edge of a base, and so it gives me a whole new voice and a whole new feel and I love to rock out on base I just love it i'm taking lessons and growing and it's.

00:53:10.650 --> 00:53:17.250 Sandra Bargman: You know, a whole new experience it's just delightful and I love your the one song that the.

00:53:19.110 --> 00:53:22.110 Sandra Bargman: Changing the world one floozy at a time.

00:53:25.110 --> 00:53:35.490 Judi Neal: susie was a floozy is the name of that song, and if you go to fayetteville public library that's where we did our concert and then videotaped high tech oh my God, they did a beautiful job.

00:53:35.910 --> 00:53:51.450 Judi Neal: And that song was written when we, the four of us were partying together and and we were talking about well what's the name, we use for women, who seemed to other people like they're having too much.

00:53:53.400 --> 00:53:57.000 Sandra Bargman: I either crazy but yeah they're.

00:53:57.030 --> 00:53:57.930 Sandra Bargman: edge walkers.

00:53:58.170 --> 00:54:00.510 Judi Neal: Where they were thinking more like tramp.

00:54:00.570 --> 00:54:01.140 Sandra Bargman: tramps.

00:54:01.170 --> 00:54:03.150 Judi Neal: yeah other words I might not say here.

00:54:05.100 --> 00:54:11.880 Judi Neal: And so, our keyboard player went home and she says, I gotta write this song and just because we decided floozy was our favorite word.

00:54:12.270 --> 00:54:18.420 Sandra Bargman: Oh, my goodness well i'm going to end up that I am going to become an official floozy fan.

00:54:18.540 --> 00:54:21.000 Judi Neal: let's create Community for floozies.

00:54:21.090 --> 00:54:23.070 Sandra Bargman: Yes, i'm down.

00:54:25.080 --> 00:54:31.380 Sandra Bargman: we'll come up with a fabulous floozy fluff fluff fluff into alliteration, as you can tell.

00:54:32.220 --> 00:54:33.510 Judi Neal: you'd be a good songwriter.

00:54:34.830 --> 00:54:50.460 Sandra Bargman: Well, thank you, I have written a couple of tunes Oh, I have to i'm i'm a fledgling songwriter but I, but I can say that I have written some some songs so that would be fun yeah it would be great fun, well, we are at the end of our hour.

00:54:52.200 --> 00:55:00.870 Sandra Bargman: Judy Neil, and I have just loved this conversation I am so grateful that you came on.

00:55:02.070 --> 00:55:17.100 Sandra Bargman: Again, its edge and another resource that I wanted to share with people was that I discovered is another place if people are wanting to think about.

00:55:18.900 --> 00:55:26.940 Sandra Bargman: spirituality in their workplace and and perusing the edge Walker website and using all of those incredible resources.

00:55:28.710 --> 00:55:32.010 Sandra Bargman: Any last words that you would like to share with our listeners.

00:55:33.150 --> 00:55:40.920 Judi Neal: Have courage stay on your edge push the boundaries and have fun, while you're doing it.

00:55:43.170 --> 00:56:04.530 Sandra Bargman: Absolutely have fun, well, I thank you all, all you listeners out there for spending an hour with Dr Judy Neil, and I remember you are always at the edge of the miraculous until we speak again next week take good care thanks again thanks Sandra Thank you.

00:56:12.420 --> 00:56:12.810 Our.

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