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Thursday, May 12, 2022
Facebook Live Video from 2022/05/12 - Mental Health and Stress Management with Jessica Harrington

Facebook Live Video from 2022/05/12 - Mental Health and Stress Management with Jessica Harrington


2022/05/12 - Mental Health and Stress Management with Jessica Harrington

[NEW EPISODE] Mental Health and Stress Management with Jessica Harrington

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Show Notes

Segment 1

Introducing his guest Jessica Harrington. She is a stress management coach and has her Masters in Public Health. Jessica wanted to get involved in raising awareness about stress management. Frank asks her what was her focus when she first started her business. She says she met with parents and mothers and developed group helpful workshops. Jessica also offers one-on-one coaching. She talks about the importance of creating healthy habits. Before the break, Frank and Jessica discuss people’s relationship with stress and why it tends to be unhealthy.

Segment 2

Frank mentions his previous episodes and the topics he discussed, like PTSD and narcissism. He went on to ask Jessica about her podcast, Stress Less with Me Jess, her practice, and the services she offers. Jessica talked about her coaching program and how she helps others find different ways to manage stress. She said this season; she is focused on hobbies and assisting others in finding theirs. She spoke about the future of her show and what she plans on doing for the next season. Frank and Jessica discuss mental exercises and how it should be a daily practice. Jessica mentions meditation and how it’s considered scary for someone with anxiety, so she suggests other methods for beginners.

Segment 3

You can find out more about Jessica’s podcast and blog at her website, Frank shares his screen on Talk Radio Facebook live, which you can catch every Thursday at 5 PM on Jessica walks the viewers and listeners through her website and shares the various resources she offers. She also mentions an upcoming event, Self Love over Stress, on June 5th at 10 AM. Frank asks Jessica about her Podcast and how many episodes she offers a season. He also asks about her listeners and how they can reach her for more information. Frank and Jessica discuss how one gets involved in mental health and make it their passion.

Segment 4

Frank and Jessica talk about self-awareness and how avoidance can get in the way, for example, working too much or overeating. Jessica recommends some practices that can help with avoidance, like journaling. She also suggests other ways to check in with yourself to keep you present throughout the day. Frank and Jessica continue to talk about establishing boundaries and finding a balance that works for you. You can find more on Frank About Health on Vimeo at Frank R. Harrison.


00:00:56.190 --> 00:01:04.860 Frank R. Harrison: hey everybody and welcome to this episode of frank about health in honor of mental health awareness month, this is the second episode where i'm focusing on.

00:01:05.250 --> 00:01:14.910 Frank R. Harrison: Mental health, but in this particular episode is also going to look at the stress management issues that are available to us all if we choose to use them effectively.

00:01:15.210 --> 00:01:22.560 Frank R. Harrison: That all being said i'm sure those of you who listen to last week's episode, we had Sam leibowitz our conscious consultants speak with.

00:01:23.340 --> 00:01:33.360 Frank R. Harrison: Dr phyllis Quinlan who, by the way, is not here today to two nurses appreciation week, so we missed her, and we know she'll be here next week, but she's definitely here in spirit and.

00:01:33.870 --> 00:01:43.080 Frank R. Harrison: He also had a show today with another guest of mine from last November, Dr Dorothy and they were talking about transformational healing.

00:01:43.650 --> 00:01:54.720 Frank R. Harrison: And so today we're just trying to keep on the whole trend of mental health awareness learning to cope with whatever ails you emotionally or whatever triggers stress from various.

00:01:55.140 --> 00:02:03.660 Frank R. Harrison: Areas of your life, whether it's work related personal related health related, and of course we all be dealing with stress after COPA.

00:02:04.170 --> 00:02:10.530 Frank R. Harrison: So that all being said, I want to introduce our guest today JESSICA harrington no relation and.

00:02:11.130 --> 00:02:16.080 Frank R. Harrison: Either way she has a lot of exciting things to share and another introduction was made.

00:02:16.470 --> 00:02:29.640 Frank R. Harrison: where she and I were introduced by Sam so we're on the same trend and we're on the same wave of thought in terms of doing what we can to help advocate for each other's quality of life and maintain our stress levels to be functional.

00:02:30.120 --> 00:02:35.550 Frank R. Harrison: So That being said, JESSICA, welcome to frank about health and share some of your story.

00:02:36.300 --> 00:02:42.090 Jessica Harrington MPH: awesome well Thank you so much, frank, for having me I know this was super last minute so I do appreciate you being accommodating that's awesome.

00:02:42.510 --> 00:02:46.440 Jessica Harrington MPH: that's going with the flow, you know something that I teach so that's really awesome.

00:02:47.640 --> 00:02:47.940 Frank R. Harrison: yeah.

00:02:48.030 --> 00:02:50.580 Jessica Harrington MPH: not easy to do so, I do appreciate you.

00:02:52.170 --> 00:02:59.490 Jessica Harrington MPH: I am a stress management coach so I my masters in public health I started my career in the drug and alcohol field, and I really.

00:02:59.850 --> 00:03:13.200 Jessica Harrington MPH: A lot of factors was for a lot of my clients relapse into my patients relaxing was because of stress right so whether we were teaching them new tools or new habits and they were you know, putting them into the real world and they didn't know how to deal with it or.

00:03:13.710 --> 00:03:18.780 Jessica Harrington MPH: They started their addiction, because of the stress was life situation that happened to them so.

00:03:19.110 --> 00:03:26.970 Jessica Harrington MPH: my mind was there was something that had to do so, I went off and decided to get my masters in public health, and I really started taking this practice of.

00:03:27.270 --> 00:03:37.290 Jessica Harrington MPH: What is stress what are we doing on a daily basis and kind of just bringing into the new quote unquote normal day life of what we're doing and how we can really help take care of ourselves every day.

00:03:38.010 --> 00:03:48.630 Frank R. Harrison: Excellent I mean now do you have you therefore gotten involved and stress management as looking at it as an illness in itself or as symptoms of other illnesses other mental health illnesses.

00:03:49.320 --> 00:03:55.830 Jessica Harrington MPH: I would say it's you know it's separate but uh yeah definitely falls into a lot of other things right definitely correlates with a lot of things.

00:03:56.340 --> 00:04:08.220 Jessica Harrington MPH: I define it as a reaction to change, and so, meaning that is something that happens every single day is more of how we're perceiving that stress that's my biggest thing is helping you change your relationship with stress.

00:04:08.550 --> 00:04:16.260 Frank R. Harrison: awesome I mean I gather The thing is, is that we have all prior to coven 19 been living with stressful situations, whatever they may be.

00:04:16.620 --> 00:04:26.460 Frank R. Harrison: But I think if there was ever one time for any of us in our lifetime to really understand that stress indications as they were rising was actually the normal.

00:04:26.940 --> 00:04:29.790 Frank R. Harrison: I mean it becomes a pathology unto itself, I mean.

00:04:29.970 --> 00:04:42.240 Frank R. Harrison: I gather, it is a matter of public health, so I mean it's very fitting that that is where you choose to get your masters, but I gotta you were also looking at public health from a broad spectrum, not just stress itself correct.

00:04:43.290 --> 00:04:54.990 Jessica Harrington MPH: Well, and we built like i'll is very important to me, in general, but when I went to get my masters, it was the purpose of starting this business focusing on stress management and creating that awareness around it for sure awesome.

00:04:55.050 --> 00:05:09.240 Frank R. Harrison: awesome so at the time when you were pursuing your education and public health, were you thinking that you would you would work with stress management patients in a hospital or or in some kind of city agency or What was your focus at that time.

00:05:09.840 --> 00:05:21.930 Jessica Harrington MPH: I first started my business, I was mainly focusing with just bombs and parents and I was really just like going into doctors offices and really focusing on moms and creating group workshops for them in that way awesome.

00:05:21.960 --> 00:05:27.660 Frank R. Harrison: So workshops is that is that your core function each day, as you work through your techniques and your practice.

00:05:28.020 --> 00:05:34.440 Jessica Harrington MPH: So it's definitely evolved since then, so a lot, what I do now is I go to corporate offices and educate their employees or their employers.

00:05:34.620 --> 00:05:41.700 Jessica Harrington MPH: about stress management in a workshop setting, but I also do a lot of one on one coaching so I still work with a lot of moms and wives, in that sense.

00:05:42.240 --> 00:05:53.130 Jessica Harrington MPH: or I work with employees on that one on one coaching but yes it's mainly creating that awareness, but also really creating these habits that you can do every day because it's really big on I mean again like you said Kobe has really like.

00:05:53.490 --> 00:05:58.380 Jessica Harrington MPH: Line does that stresses here it's you know it's an everyday basis, but what are you doing about it so.

00:05:58.740 --> 00:06:08.460 Jessica Harrington MPH: Ultimately, what I try to teach us what works, the best for you, because I can tell you what I do every day, but that might not resonate with you so find out what's the best for you as my purpose.

00:06:08.730 --> 00:06:12.240 Frank R. Harrison: Right and what we've also seen through the media, and all the various.

00:06:12.780 --> 00:06:20.250 Frank R. Harrison: realms of back and forth communication and confusion and misinformation, I mean that in itself was adding to the stress.

00:06:20.580 --> 00:06:33.060 Frank R. Harrison: So it's amazing how you were probably able to carve out a niche for yourself and actually start to drive a following that would be able to at least learn new techniques like you said to to relate, with it, rather than work against it.

00:06:33.810 --> 00:06:43.170 Jessica Harrington MPH: Exactly a new techniques to or just be trying, one that you haven't tried before you know, maybe push the side before and like seeing what it actually works for you or not awesome.

00:06:43.560 --> 00:06:50.130 Frank R. Harrison: Well, I understand from looking at your website, which by the way, is called.

00:06:51.270 --> 00:06:52.860 Jessica Harrington MPH: journey to

00:06:53.340 --> 00:06:55.200 Frank R. Harrison: yeah what's the journey to myself.

00:06:57.420 --> 00:06:59.280 Jessica Harrington MPH: Knowing yourself.

00:06:59.340 --> 00:07:02.400 Frank R. Harrison: Right, exactly, but you have a podcast there.

00:07:03.030 --> 00:07:03.780 Jessica Harrington MPH: I sure do.

00:07:03.900 --> 00:07:04.320 Jessica Harrington MPH: Yes.

00:07:04.590 --> 00:07:05.460 Frank R. Harrison: Tell us about it.

00:07:05.940 --> 00:07:09.060 Jessica Harrington MPH: So my podcast is called stress less with me just.

00:07:10.260 --> 00:07:13.020 Jessica Harrington MPH: I don't know if you ever seen this this show the new girl but.

00:07:14.430 --> 00:07:15.990 Frank R. Harrison: No, no, tell me about the new girl.

00:07:16.230 --> 00:07:23.850 Jessica Harrington MPH: it's it's a super cheesy so it's just one is kami sitcoms but during the pandemic, you know we all picked up a show that was mine.

00:07:23.880 --> 00:07:37.350 Jessica Harrington MPH: it's a roof on older show, but I watched it during the pandemic and so her intro is it's me jess, and so I took kind of like played off with that so stress less with me just that's kind of where that came from.

00:07:37.590 --> 00:07:40.710 Frank R. Harrison: Oh awesome that's cool, I guess, I guess, also when you're in.

00:07:40.770 --> 00:07:49.740 Frank R. Harrison: In conversation with people like whether they're your patients or clients or or anybody in the workplace, that you're helping reduce stress, you can say trust us with Jeff.

00:07:50.550 --> 00:07:54.030 Jessica Harrington MPH: yeah, sadly, one of the taglines you will give me for sure, yes.

00:07:54.690 --> 00:08:05.070 Frank R. Harrison: Oh no awesome I mean well essentially Sam knows that I predominantly started my show frank about health actually six years ago, but it was definitely about epilepsy.

00:08:05.790 --> 00:08:11.790 Frank R. Harrison: epilepsy advocacy and then I disappeared for five and a half years, because I was actually.

00:08:12.390 --> 00:08:25.530 Frank R. Harrison: Working out my epilepsy regimen trying to get tested for things like cannabis dealing also with Hilton hotels, that I was actually working for and trying to promote health and wellness and so forth, and so on, and then, when Kobe hit.

00:08:26.820 --> 00:08:37.350 Frank R. Harrison: It was almost like a calling, you know get Ahold of Sam and come back with frank about health and actually still keep with the advocacy but look more towards the whole broad spectrum of health care.

00:08:37.680 --> 00:08:54.780 Frank R. Harrison: From epilepsy to Kobe to mental health, to even other issues cancer, diabetes, you know things like that, but just like what you said, one of my motivations was I was binge watching on netflix grey's anatomy so grey's anatomy was my big thing you know.

00:08:55.110 --> 00:08:56.460 Jessica Harrington MPH: We all had one yeah.

00:08:57.090 --> 00:09:01.620 Frank R. Harrison: Exactly I will admit I started with mash but then I guess that was a natural transfer.

00:09:04.140 --> 00:09:09.780 Frank R. Harrison: Right, but what I did find was you know, considering that I was also dealing with.

00:09:10.410 --> 00:09:18.180 Frank R. Harrison: My father, who was recovering from prostate cancer and watching other people in my family go through needed assistance in their health care.

00:09:18.510 --> 00:09:30.240 Frank R. Harrison: I just I had it was like a mission of calling to do what I can to provide as much information as I can still realizing the fact that my my master's degree is ma Ms MBA.

00:09:30.780 --> 00:09:36.300 Frank R. Harrison: But I have a psychology background, but there's no actual application towards that, except in marketing and business.

00:09:36.690 --> 00:09:48.360 Frank R. Harrison: Yet thanks again to Sam I was able to bring in phyllis who is you know, a PhD and a professional nurse, and she works with various city hospital systems in the city.

00:09:48.720 --> 00:09:57.120 Frank R. Harrison: And I just thought you know I I joked with her and said she's my marriage is Gray so she she added the medical layer to the program which we have been able to expand a plus.

00:09:57.480 --> 00:10:04.980 Frank R. Harrison: And going forward, you know it's like welcoming members of my professional, family back into the fold to really do what we can to.

00:10:05.310 --> 00:10:10.200 Frank R. Harrison: Better help people just be in touch with their healthcare issues and do what they can to own them.

00:10:10.530 --> 00:10:17.430 Frank R. Harrison: And and find the right treatments because again what is not changed, unfortunately, is misinformation so.

00:10:17.730 --> 00:10:29.790 Frank R. Harrison: At least I think I can see clearly what you're doing with your business and your podcast it kind of mimics or mirrors what i'm doing it has its own direction and its own audience base.

00:10:30.060 --> 00:10:38.040 Frank R. Harrison: But I think together as Sam has always talked about on on his shows, and we all the other hosts and and I get together every month.

00:10:38.430 --> 00:10:54.840 Frank R. Harrison: We know that we're one we're one big family trying to do what we can to really get alternative broadcasting out there, you know just just not the information that is being fed on the various networks because it's it's selling advertising and doing whatever it's meant to do but.

00:10:56.070 --> 00:11:13.470 Frank R. Harrison: i'm just hoping that, especially now that you're my first guest that has a podcast as well that people will be able to listen to this show and possibly go to your show so i'm going to ask you if later in the hour to give us some insights into your website, as well as your podcast.

00:11:14.490 --> 00:11:24.000 Frank R. Harrison: so that people can learn how to reach you and actually learn how to develop a new relationship with stress, I think I was telling you before we went live on air.

00:11:24.300 --> 00:11:35.340 Frank R. Harrison: That I had to stressful moments today that I was almost at a point where maybe i'll just stare into space, while we're talking, you know, but the reality is is when i'm in the moment, as I am with you right now.

00:11:36.570 --> 00:11:38.280 Frank R. Harrison: I actually feel relaxed because.

00:11:38.790 --> 00:11:39.570 Frank R. Harrison: I feel like i'm.

00:11:39.840 --> 00:11:48.090 Frank R. Harrison: Managing the stress by doing something about it, communicating about it, expressing about it, and I would guess that that's kind of my next question.

00:11:48.900 --> 00:11:58.230 Frank R. Harrison: Would you say that a lot of people don't have a good relationship with stress, because they just don't know how to communicate or their own feelings for their own views of what they're going through.

00:11:59.010 --> 00:12:04.590 Jessica Harrington MPH: Communication is a huge piece when it comes to stress management for sure, and like you said there's two things to it.

00:12:04.800 --> 00:12:20.280 Jessica Harrington MPH: Whether communicating to yourself or communicating to others so it's definitely a two piece for sure and it's actually you know we talked about my workshops before it's definitely one tier and one module that I completely fully hard to focus on for them, because it's big.

00:12:21.030 --> 00:12:31.050 Frank R. Harrison: awesome now what would you say that, as you were starting to build your practice and your podcasts were the major stresses that most of the people were coming to you about.

00:12:31.710 --> 00:12:37.620 Frank R. Harrison: I would hope it's not cold, but even though that would be a primary one What would you say was the next one, the next primary everyone.

00:12:38.100 --> 00:12:50.640 Jessica Harrington MPH: I would say two things so kind of piggyback off the communication, but relationships with others well there's there's significant other maybe their child could have been a boss i've had a lot of those it's usually outside factors.

00:12:50.970 --> 00:12:53.670 Jessica Harrington MPH: But as we kind of dive in they start doing more of the.

00:12:53.670 --> 00:12:58.440 Jessica Harrington MPH: coaching program we start to realize more of that relationship with themselves.

00:12:58.980 --> 00:13:11.670 Frank R. Harrison: hmm that brings up a lot of memories from shows i've already done on issues with relationship with oneself, but I see we're headed for a commercial break so that being said, when we come into the next segment.

00:13:12.330 --> 00:13:19.530 Frank R. Harrison: i'll probably recap, some of those episodes so, then you can go towards really learning more about your podcast and.

00:13:20.250 --> 00:13:32.820 Frank R. Harrison: Just overall stress management so, ladies and gentlemen, please stay tuned as Jessica and I are here to talk about mental health and stress management, right here on frank about health, both on talk radio dot nyc and Facebook live so stay tuned.

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00:15:44.970 --> 00:15:46.290 Frank R. Harrison: hey everybody and welcome back.

00:15:46.290 --> 00:15:57.210 Frank R. Harrison: To frank about health i'm here with Jessica and we were talking just in the last 15 minutes or so about her new podcast while it's actually been around for a while, but it's new to me it's.

00:15:59.070 --> 00:15:59.640 Frank R. Harrison: say it again.

00:15:59.700 --> 00:16:02.670 Jessica Harrington MPH: Yes, yes, less with me just.

00:16:02.940 --> 00:16:09.570 Frank R. Harrison: awesome awesome so as, as many of my listeners and viewers have watched over the past six months or so.

00:16:10.440 --> 00:16:21.030 Frank R. Harrison: I have mainly talked about personality disorders, like narcissism and ptsd I mean coven wasn't itself a traumatic time for all of us, and we all dealt the differently.

00:16:21.420 --> 00:16:31.860 Frank R. Harrison: But we do know, as you have discussed that a lot of stress is either within oneself or your relationship to significant others or ways of trying to improve on it, especially.

00:16:32.700 --> 00:16:37.710 Frank R. Harrison: The dysfunction within the relationship is adding to their stress or creating stress so.

00:16:38.310 --> 00:16:45.840 Frank R. Harrison: While I have talked about those on my show the only thing that I was able to succeed in doing was bringing awareness to it.

00:16:46.380 --> 00:16:55.860 Frank R. Harrison: Now, my dear friend Solange pillars ODA had spoken about ptsd last July, and then I had a victim of narcissism speak on two episodes.

00:16:56.310 --> 00:17:07.620 Frank R. Harrison: When she was anonymous and the other one she came back with another case of a person who used to create a poetry and and lyric writing to be able to go ahead and and just.

00:17:07.980 --> 00:17:12.750 Frank R. Harrison: Reduce her stress over what she was basically the target of a bully.

00:17:13.080 --> 00:17:24.240 Frank R. Harrison: So, yet while that had been constructive way, all I could do was showing examples of how one can try to help reduce their stress, but they had to have the mindfulness to do that.

00:17:24.600 --> 00:17:29.250 Frank R. Harrison: And I think you were probably best suited to actually bring that more to the forefront.

00:17:29.700 --> 00:17:35.160 Frank R. Harrison: of various people and their attention, especially when they're going through stress that maybe don't even understand it.

00:17:35.610 --> 00:17:48.960 Frank R. Harrison: So That being said, why don't you give me a little overview about your website your podcast your practice and and and tell my listeners and viewers out there, what kind of services that you can offer to help people reduce their stress.

00:17:49.860 --> 00:17:58.350 Jessica Harrington MPH: yeah, of course, so on my website, you can it's called journey to yourself, and so it has the use of resources on there, so I write blogs, to try to do a monthly.

00:17:58.710 --> 00:18:06.180 Jessica Harrington MPH: I have other resources on there, such as do that I vouch for that I feel like if I can't benefit us or somebody else that benefits you.

00:18:06.810 --> 00:18:16.200 Jessica Harrington MPH: Also, like you said, my podcast so let's go stress less with me just the first season and really talk about all little tips and tools that you can do, which I can get into in just a moment.

00:18:16.590 --> 00:18:23.970 Jessica Harrington MPH: The second season i'm really focused on hobbies I feel like a lot of us do not have hobbies but they're very important when when it comes to handling shots.

00:18:24.300 --> 00:18:29.310 Jessica Harrington MPH: And my third season that i'm working on right now is interviewing business owners and entrepreneurs.

00:18:30.300 --> 00:18:39.390 Jessica Harrington MPH: Talking about how their business helps others relieve stress, so you know you just be something as simple as your podcast greater, and you know what are you doing to educate others so it's.

00:18:39.780 --> 00:18:53.010 Jessica Harrington MPH: it's you know it all revolves around stressors definitely different ways to manage stress and so that's basically, what I do with my coaching program like I said I go into the corporate offices and I educate employees or I work with you on that one on one basis so.

00:18:53.280 --> 00:18:53.700 Jessica Harrington MPH: Like I was.

00:18:53.760 --> 00:19:07.110 Jessica Harrington MPH: saying earlier there's that relationship so a lot of my clients are coming in, because of outside factors such as that relationship with others, and so I really tried to bring it back to them, because I biggest thing I try to teach is we can't control others right.

00:19:07.320 --> 00:19:21.000 Jessica Harrington MPH: If I do this I can't control the outcome, a lot of us want to say when I say this or want to do this action, this will be the outcome and that's not how it works I wish I wish I could live with you so great.

00:19:21.120 --> 00:19:35.460 Jessica Harrington MPH: Right now, how it works, and so what I can do is work on myself and work on the boundaries that I set for myself, I can work on the communication I set for myself the standards rate the hobbies the practice that I do for myself every day.

00:19:35.880 --> 00:19:49.890 Jessica Harrington MPH: Right and how that then helps relationships outside of you is if I show myself this much respect you then meeting either there or above right So if I set myself real low you're gonna be like well that's easy i'm going to go right here.

00:19:50.070 --> 00:19:55.410 Jessica Harrington MPH: All right, well, most of us and we usually use you set the bar pretty low when it comes to personal respect so.

00:19:55.650 --> 00:20:05.370 Jessica Harrington MPH: right that bar a little bit higher so basically How does that go hand in hand with stress self love self care communication is because that's for stress comes from what we're perceiving it as.

00:20:05.610 --> 00:20:21.150 Jessica Harrington MPH: A writer called me or wrote me an email or wrote me that text message, how many times have you reread it going oh she's yelling at me she's screaming at me she doesn't like me oh she's mad she's totally mad she's about to scream at you know we paint this picture in our head.

00:20:21.600 --> 00:20:31.620 Jessica Harrington MPH: Right, but when I have that certain self respect lab at certain boundaries for myself that certain confidence for myself i'm going to be able to read that a little bit differently right.

00:20:32.190 --> 00:20:32.640 Jessica Harrington MPH: So that's.

00:20:32.670 --> 00:20:36.990 Jessica Harrington MPH: kind of where and you know I know it's a small example of that kind of work builds off from.

00:20:37.290 --> 00:20:48.570 Jessica Harrington MPH: And so I really do focus on those small examples, because those are the small ones that are every single day, we can list all the time he was in our life right, I know you mentioned some big was in your life but there's a lot of time he was right.

00:20:48.720 --> 00:20:55.920 Jessica Harrington MPH: And so, learn the healthy ways on how to handle this tiny rose it'll be a lot easier to focus on the big ones.

00:20:56.310 --> 00:21:03.990 Frank R. Harrison: Well, I guess, on that note it's like the one thing that you probably do in your practice is make everyone become more in tune with themselves.

00:21:04.290 --> 00:21:12.600 Frank R. Harrison: And their perceptions and how to grab hold of whenever there is a society provoked response probably due to their thinking.

00:21:12.990 --> 00:21:28.320 Frank R. Harrison: that's like some point where they grab hold of it and change their thinking so that they can therefore react to the stress test it, for, if it's a real strength issue or if it's something that can be managed that must take I don't know weeks or.

00:21:28.590 --> 00:21:31.590 Jessica Harrington MPH: Oh for sure it's definitely a practice right it's.

00:21:32.190 --> 00:21:38.520 Jessica Harrington MPH: This thing you say there's a timeline on but there's not it's something you have to do every day and that's where the frustration comes from right.

00:21:38.790 --> 00:21:49.380 Jessica Harrington MPH: You don't just learn this technique and then you put in your pocket it's done it's something you have to practice every day right your mental exercise is just as important as your physical exercise you're eating.

00:21:49.650 --> 00:21:54.360 Jessica Harrington MPH: Exercise right just because I went to the gym once this month i'm not going to have my ABS for the summer right.

00:21:54.570 --> 00:21:57.180 Jessica Harrington MPH: it's something I have to probably not gonna have access or it's fine.

00:21:59.040 --> 00:22:10.170 Jessica Harrington MPH: it's fine but it's something you have to do every single day for me to be healthy internally it's meat eating healthy every day right so it's the same thing when it comes to mental practice is.

00:22:10.380 --> 00:22:18.780 Jessica Harrington MPH: And that's where, again, where a lot of the frustration comes from is Oh, why did the journaling Oh, I did the meditation or I created this hobby or I did this right, I communicate this way.

00:22:19.260 --> 00:22:19.620 Frank R. Harrison: right but.

00:22:19.770 --> 00:22:29.070 Jessica Harrington MPH: issue really alive, when we don't continue that practice and so that's where the issues come from you definitely said something that we get into when he started talking was.

00:22:29.640 --> 00:22:39.870 Jessica Harrington MPH: I created in my head right, we all have that story in our head that inner dialogue, who was just talking to us all for the days are you talking to you as you're listening to this right now right it's just talking to you right.

00:22:40.230 --> 00:22:47.700 Jessica Harrington MPH: But kind of again I like the text message you know spirits, I feel like we've all been it been there when we read that text message and we perceive.

00:22:48.000 --> 00:22:55.200 Jessica Harrington MPH: That they are mad at us, so now we're going to find that evidence so we're going to think about all the previous conversations from like months ago.

00:22:56.430 --> 00:23:04.560 Jessica Harrington MPH: Well that's it, they must be mad because six months ago she made that one I switch so I know she's still mad about that and it's like.

00:23:05.280 --> 00:23:14.580 Jessica Harrington MPH: No, no, she just texted really quick and that was you went back to her debt right so it's you know when we change that mind thinking of oh i'm awesome i'm smart.

00:23:15.750 --> 00:23:23.490 Jessica Harrington MPH: i'm talented I can succeed i'm good at this right we're going to start to learn to find all of those reasons and evidence to prove that.

00:23:23.850 --> 00:23:30.840 Frank R. Harrison: Right right, I mean it's very interesting because, like i've said on my show with ptsd it could be a traumatic event that just.

00:23:31.350 --> 00:23:42.090 Frank R. Harrison: Not stunted your thinking patterns, but limited them so that you go through this automatic recycling of the past, when you're in the current situation that you're not even looking at.

00:23:42.480 --> 00:23:51.030 Frank R. Harrison: And that creates a split that doesn't allow the individual to actually take a look at a text like in that example and actually question.

00:23:51.510 --> 00:23:56.430 Frank R. Harrison: Where it's coming from rather than reverting to the default that's where it came from.

00:23:56.910 --> 00:24:07.650 Frank R. Harrison: So it's like it almost it's almost like technology was not only a revolution that we all had to deal with during the pandemic, but it became a revolution, how to change your own thinking style.

00:24:08.250 --> 00:24:14.430 Frank R. Harrison: You know now On one level that could be a prosperous thing, especially if you're in the school years and still learning.

00:24:14.730 --> 00:24:25.830 Frank R. Harrison: Technology, you know before you get to college before you get your first job because everyone is everyone's mind is like a sponge at that point so learning to change and your thought process and whenever it's pretty quick.

00:24:26.310 --> 00:24:31.980 Frank R. Harrison: You know, unfortunately, though technology is also made things very extreme so you lose the human component.

00:24:32.550 --> 00:24:43.800 Frank R. Harrison: So I think that is an issue where maybe your your workshop your your practice is able to bring people into a centered sense of the moment and let the past.

00:24:44.340 --> 00:24:52.380 Frank R. Harrison: Be where it is or as a resource not something to rely upon and build the future as it's also building on its own.

00:24:52.830 --> 00:25:04.110 Frank R. Harrison: Because you can't control the future, the future is going to happen is that it would surprise me that quote john Lennon once said, life is what happens, while you're making another plan so if you're on this journey.

00:25:05.040 --> 00:25:12.060 Frank R. Harrison: All you really have is the present you know you're coming from the past, while you're going towards the future.

00:25:12.660 --> 00:25:18.990 Frank R. Harrison: But while people have been trained, probably because of the media society their upbringing, whatever the circumstances may be.

00:25:19.650 --> 00:25:27.810 Frank R. Harrison: They basically already assume the future is going to happen, the way they think it's going to happen and if they're already primed to think negatively then it's a dark future.

00:25:28.200 --> 00:25:47.610 Frank R. Harrison: You know so to allow the moment to be your temperature gauge, to be able to even adjust at each second a different way to look at the stressful event or at the positive situation and be able to own your own outcome, I think that is the secret sauce in all of this correct.

00:25:48.150 --> 00:25:51.990 Jessica Harrington MPH: Oh for sure any again, you said so much good stuff you know you said a lot of.

00:25:52.740 --> 00:26:03.510 Jessica Harrington MPH: about bringing out the ptsd but you also mentioned that we all have some type of trauma right we all went through something growing up, you know and so without saying, who is worse, I always say pain is pain right so.

00:26:04.020 --> 00:26:12.030 Jessica Harrington MPH: Whether I stab you in the shoulder I savvy on this side of the shoulder it's still going to hurt right, so you might get to stabs I have one step it still hurts.

00:26:12.060 --> 00:26:20.880 Jessica Harrington MPH: Right that's the biggest thing because a lot of times when people go through these traumatic events, it they go Oh well, they had it worse.

00:26:21.240 --> 00:26:30.930 Jessica Harrington MPH: So i'm just not going to talk about it i'm just going to push it down right and so i'm just going to live with this anxiety and it's really not fair to that person because.

00:26:31.230 --> 00:26:41.730 Jessica Harrington MPH: It still hurts you're still on the bathroom floor crying you're still looking not to feel numb anymore you're still looking to feel loved right so you're still looking for the same things that.

00:26:42.030 --> 00:26:51.450 Jessica Harrington MPH: Maybe that person quote unquote had it worse than you right so it's not about comparing it's literally about yourself is like the biggest point there.

00:26:51.780 --> 00:26:58.980 Jessica Harrington MPH: But you talked a lot about you know, bringing yourself to the here and now moment and that's really hard for a lot of us, especially in the beginning, right.

00:26:59.220 --> 00:27:13.110 Jessica Harrington MPH: A lot of us really think about meditation which is like the go to right, but when you are going through anxiety and you have experienced but attention before the thought of sitting in silence is freaking scary.

00:27:13.920 --> 00:27:31.380 Jessica Harrington MPH: Exactly so as much as I believe in meditation as much as I love it I think in the beginning there's a couple other things you can do and so that's rough where I really focus on one of my clients is that what can you do to get from A to B.

00:27:31.800 --> 00:27:44.430 Jessica Harrington MPH: Right think meditation or even yoga sometimes it can be more of a V, because it is a lot of awareness, it is a lot of trust it's a lot of not thinking about other people going on there, I think i'm weird.

00:27:45.060 --> 00:27:53.070 Frank R. Harrison: What if that's kind of interesting that you just said that, though, because a lot of people who are probably primed to not being in the moment are highly dependent.

00:27:53.370 --> 00:28:02.460 Frank R. Harrison: On the outside forces and outside people to kind of spearhead their focus and that's that's just like that dependent it's not.

00:28:02.760 --> 00:28:12.210 Frank R. Harrison: going to really help, no matter what you do unless they have a way of being able to know, like the old adage you come first, before anyone else, when it comes to your health.

00:28:12.630 --> 00:28:23.070 Frank R. Harrison: yeah know how it is it's unfortunate that I guess, we came from a sick society or a system of upbringing, or whatever it might be that just.

00:28:23.430 --> 00:28:39.450 Frank R. Harrison: helped us learn to be dependent or helped us to depend on the process rather than to own the process that whole mindset shift well technology is forcing it but The thing is, is that it's like must at this point in my opinion, you know.

00:28:39.840 --> 00:28:49.260 Jessica Harrington MPH: Now for sure for sure it's definitely it's definitely a huge is definitely needed because, like you said we look for a lot of outsource reinforcement right i'm doing a good job, oh.

00:28:49.530 --> 00:29:03.630 Jessica Harrington MPH: My boss, to see that i'm doing a great job I want my husband and see that I, you know I cooked and clean, I did all this stuff today, but what we really forget is that everybody has their own inner dialogue we forget that someone else's you know spinning around as well.

00:29:03.930 --> 00:29:12.750 Frank R. Harrison: Exactly well speaking about inner dialogues we're about to have another break so we're going to hear some dialogues of other shows on the network, and then the next two minutes we'll come back.

00:29:12.990 --> 00:29:21.900 Frank R. Harrison: And i'm going to share the screen and show your website, and you can, as I go through it, you can discuss the features of it and how people get Ahold of you and and learn more about.

00:29:22.800 --> 00:29:30.630 Frank R. Harrison: Your overall stress management workshop and practice, ladies and gentlemen, stay tuned with me and Jessica right here on frank about health and we'll be back in a few.

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00:31:33.570 --> 00:31:36.480 Frank R. Harrison: Everybody and I don't know if you can see us.

00:31:36.480 --> 00:31:46.980 Frank R. Harrison: But that's okay we're here to show you journey to which is jessica's website, which outlines pretty much how we all can begin our journey to.

00:31:47.310 --> 00:31:53.940 Frank R. Harrison: Reduce stress man and have a whole managed process in making sure that we can live with the stress triggers in our life.

00:31:54.270 --> 00:32:02.820 Frank R. Harrison: While not having all the massive anxiety that a lot of people are currently engaged in In addition we see links to her blog and podcast and other.

00:32:03.090 --> 00:32:13.920 Frank R. Harrison: testimonials, so I think JESSICA at this point, why don't you walk me through your site and i'll just take the little cursor and go to the various pages that you want me to show the listeners and viewers.

00:32:14.610 --> 00:32:21.900 Jessica Harrington MPH: yeah, of course, so we on the front page, so, if you like, right there, it says download my free time my management guide so basically that's just.

00:32:22.860 --> 00:32:28.170 Jessica Harrington MPH: A little preview on, you know how even fit yourself into your schedule so it's you know.

00:32:28.590 --> 00:32:41.580 Jessica Harrington MPH: i'm telling you to fit yourself into your schedule, but how they have to even do it right, so that will be there, put your name email bing bang boom, you can get a free pamphlet on how the heck to even get started so that's my biggest thing if you want to.

00:32:41.940 --> 00:32:43.260 Frank R. Harrison: shorten should go back.

00:32:44.310 --> 00:32:49.500 Frank R. Harrison: And then the next thing is, is that we basically learn more about you and the company.

00:32:49.740 --> 00:32:50.280 Jessica Harrington MPH: Or, so our.

00:32:50.520 --> 00:33:04.200 Frank R. Harrison: Individuals business and speakers that can begin the journey with you yeah events, I gather, this is where you're speaking and other kinds of conferences that you do so, I these predominantly corporate events or they also individual events.

00:33:04.710 --> 00:33:14.700 Jessica Harrington MPH: Those are events that people can join so they're not my corporate events are the ones that like so this one's on in June i'm going to be speaking at women's mental health conference that me speaking it.

00:33:15.030 --> 00:33:26.550 Frank R. Harrison: very nice very self love overstressed it's like this is an example of really having a relationship with it and working through it, I like this and then of course there's the podcast.

00:33:28.410 --> 00:33:37.200 Frank R. Harrison: As it says here stress less with me just and wow yes, I see you have season three how many episodes of the season for you.

00:33:38.550 --> 00:33:50.400 Jessica Harrington MPH: As well it's very i'm on a new one, this one's tire really taken off, so this one's definitely my largest season, by far, I think my first two seasons are probably about 20 each so.

00:33:50.640 --> 00:33:58.230 Jessica Harrington MPH: Nothing yeah but this one's definitely i'm booked out to about here for the fall, so it was definitely take it off.

00:33:59.130 --> 00:34:06.030 Frank R. Harrison: Well awesome idea how many followers do you have, at this point, after three seasons, I actually don't know how to tell that so I.

00:34:06.030 --> 00:34:06.660 Jessica Harrington MPH: don't know.

00:34:07.500 --> 00:34:09.450 Frank R. Harrison: Do you get a lot of feedback, I mean people.

00:34:09.450 --> 00:34:11.700 Jessica Harrington MPH: email oh sure yeah it gets.

00:34:11.700 --> 00:34:15.780 Jessica Harrington MPH: sent out every week, so I definitely get emails on a weekly basis about it so which is nice.

00:34:16.230 --> 00:34:22.290 Frank R. Harrison: So if I wanted to go on to your podcast I would just go through your website, or what I actually go to any of the services, I see.

00:34:22.650 --> 00:34:26.520 Jessica Harrington MPH: Yes, all of these services, so I have to do is search stress less with me.

00:34:26.520 --> 00:34:31.020 Jessica Harrington MPH: justin i'm on anchor apple podcast, which is the one that usually just comes with the iPhone.

00:34:32.460 --> 00:34:33.930 Jessica Harrington MPH: spotify album so yeah.

00:34:34.560 --> 00:34:36.180 Frank R. Harrison: Are you have plans to go into tick tock.

00:34:37.170 --> 00:34:38.460 Jessica Harrington MPH: tick tock as well, yes.

00:34:38.700 --> 00:34:41.670 Frank R. Harrison: awesome what you are, you are my second guest.

00:34:42.720 --> 00:34:51.900 Frank R. Harrison: That has come from tick tock Maggie berkoff who came around Christmas time she was a nutrition advisor and she wrote a book New Year new you.

00:34:52.530 --> 00:34:57.660 Frank R. Harrison: That was the that was able to you know just have the have the chocolate cake and have all the.

00:34:57.930 --> 00:35:04.650 Frank R. Harrison: The champagne during new year's Eve and stuff like that, but just remember why you're having and consuming the product, whether it's to escape.

00:35:04.980 --> 00:35:09.540 Frank R. Harrison: or whether it is to just enjoy it, you know and again, another aspect of.

00:35:10.170 --> 00:35:20.760 Frank R. Harrison: Understanding your relationship, I guess, first with yourself, but then at that point with those substances are those issues that are either there to relax you or to.

00:35:21.240 --> 00:35:34.680 Frank R. Harrison: Well, in your case to you know those issues that are stressing you how to relate to it better, so that you can reduce the stress and then I guess your blog is where you also summarize, a lot of the stuff that you're working on correct yes time management.

00:35:36.030 --> 00:35:49.620 Frank R. Harrison: Oh time management is definitely a stress trigger for me, but you know it's coming together all right, speaking about coming together i'm going to stop the share and come back so just kind of curious because i'm not actually looking at the Facebook.

00:35:50.820 --> 00:35:52.620 Frank R. Harrison: Right now, as we are streaming.

00:35:53.730 --> 00:36:08.250 Frank R. Harrison: was when when you saw me share the screen, was it just your website, or were you able to see our faces on the corner because i'm trying to understand how the viewers that are watching this episode would best engage with you to the site.

00:36:09.150 --> 00:36:13.770 Jessica Harrington MPH: yeah so we saw the share screen and then we're up on the right hand corner.

00:36:14.400 --> 00:36:17.310 Frank R. Harrison: Oh okay all right good so, at least, we were not just.

00:36:17.850 --> 00:36:18.360 disappeared.

00:36:20.610 --> 00:36:32.430 Frank R. Harrison: Exactly good so know either way The thing is, is that i'm very interested in how you set this whole thing up i'm kind of curious, are you on your podcast on a weekly basis, or is it like daily.

00:36:33.240 --> 00:36:34.950 Jessica Harrington MPH: weekly it's weekly yes.

00:36:35.040 --> 00:36:39.090 Frank R. Harrison: Okay, so it's a scheduled day or it could be just once it's done.

00:36:39.690 --> 00:36:46.920 Jessica Harrington MPH: Every so for the couple episodes up till now was every other Tuesday, but starting in May it's been every Tuesday.

00:36:47.490 --> 00:36:48.240 Frank R. Harrison: very nice.

00:36:48.450 --> 00:36:57.420 Frank R. Harrison: So you've heard it right here on talk radio done nyc on Tuesday you stress less with justin on Thursday, you get frank about health with me and Dr phyllis.

00:36:58.260 --> 00:36:58.890 Jessica Harrington MPH: I love it.

00:36:59.370 --> 00:37:03.300 Frank R. Harrison: Exactly and hands hands, which we've already spoken about so it's the him to the audience.

00:37:04.710 --> 00:37:13.530 Frank R. Harrison: i'm probably going to expand frank about health in the coming months to include a seminar series with jess who will probably show us some stress management techniques, but.

00:37:14.100 --> 00:37:18.090 Frank R. Harrison: Nothing plan just yet just anticipated in the near future and.

00:37:18.570 --> 00:37:27.810 Frank R. Harrison: Overall, what I have been mainly trying to do over the past six months in particular is take my my platform which has been predominantly during Cobra times and.

00:37:28.170 --> 00:37:37.260 Frank R. Harrison: And during rehashing a lot of the epilepsy issues and as and you know doing what I can to advocate for people dealing with oma cron and.

00:37:37.650 --> 00:37:48.000 Frank R. Harrison: other kinds of things i'm now trying to make it more of a webinar platform a possible medical platform for caregivers nurses MED students and.

00:37:48.570 --> 00:37:53.400 Frank R. Harrison: If everything works out for me in the coming weeks, because of a pending negotiation, I have.

00:37:54.240 --> 00:38:01.230 Frank R. Harrison: we're going to be able to really take this program as well as any of the people like yourself, who have been on the Program.

00:38:01.500 --> 00:38:08.430 Frank R. Harrison: and expand our audience for others, so we can really do our best advocacy management or even healthcare provision.

00:38:08.730 --> 00:38:15.510 Frank R. Harrison: You know I kind of find myself in the in the middle, somehow, because not being a doctor it's not like I can practice the treatments.

00:38:15.870 --> 00:38:24.300 Frank R. Harrison: But i'm just hoping to do best what talk radio nyc always talks about which is to help advocate educate and inspire people.

00:38:24.720 --> 00:38:32.730 Frank R. Harrison: To do what they can to really take ownership over the current health issues, because we know just like Cobra isn't going away we're learning to live with that.

00:38:33.450 --> 00:38:47.490 Frank R. Harrison: Stress is going to continue to fluctuate, especially when we hear news about things like the war in Ukraine or inflation or crime in the city, I mean it's like sometimes I just change the Channel and go right to grace.

00:38:50.040 --> 00:38:52.320 Frank R. Harrison: Because, at least I know there's treatment going on now.

00:38:53.340 --> 00:39:04.620 Frank R. Harrison: But I think the thing is, is that it must also take an individual, such as yourself to have gone through critical moments in your life to really start pursuing it as a profession.

00:39:05.160 --> 00:39:13.740 Frank R. Harrison: Did you or I know you went for an education and public health, but did you share what was the main stress in your life that led you to this point.

00:39:14.790 --> 00:39:21.000 Jessica Harrington MPH: I would say the biggest one like I said when I started working in the drug and alcohol field, and I saw that the main factors was you know.

00:39:21.390 --> 00:39:28.200 Jessica Harrington MPH: Everyone was coming for stress, whether it was us teaching them new habits and then they were going into the real world and learning that they needed stress.

00:39:28.470 --> 00:39:28.890 Jessica Harrington MPH: are like.

00:39:28.920 --> 00:39:39.000 Jessica Harrington MPH: Learning that they were relaxing because of the new stressors in life or the reason why he was started the addiction, the first place was because of stressors in life, well, I will say you know I did start.

00:39:39.810 --> 00:39:51.570 Jessica Harrington MPH: I went to the the addiction field, because I grew up in addiction household, so I will say that's kind of where a lot of this did stem from in the sense of the self love self care movement in that sense, because.

00:39:51.810 --> 00:39:58.470 Jessica Harrington MPH: You know, and not be able to control the outside factors, I will say I did learn that a young age and wanting to teach others, you know.

00:39:58.890 --> 00:40:07.170 Jessica Harrington MPH: Even though I grew up in that household and grew up in you know, not a privileged household at all, you know, I was definitely wearing my brother's clothes.

00:40:07.650 --> 00:40:17.790 Jessica Harrington MPH: Hand me down clothes, you know, so you know it's not I wasn't given that soon, but I still didn't go through the diction round, and so I wanted to figure out why so.

00:40:18.600 --> 00:40:27.540 Frank R. Harrison: it's very interesting you kind of bring up a good thought i've always had this theory that people who become whether it's advocates or vigilant about trying to resolve.

00:40:27.990 --> 00:40:35.250 Frank R. Harrison: All the confusion that's out there, or even trying to be a caregiver if they can or or actually become doctors, you know.

00:40:35.940 --> 00:40:48.600 Frank R. Harrison: there definitely is some individual trauma or or event that comes into one's life to make that you're calling, I guess, I guess it just depends on how deep it resonates with you so.

00:40:48.990 --> 00:40:59.430 Frank R. Harrison: If there's anyone who really learns how to get in touch with themselves sooner, I believe, is probably those that are big advocates and people in the health field.

00:41:00.420 --> 00:41:15.840 Jessica Harrington MPH: For sure yeah I mean, I would say, definitely I mean we all again going back to which i'm i'm getting we all have some type of pain experienced trauma in some way or some form, no one just lived some sunshine 75 life like it's not it's not a thing right, you know you mean and so.

00:41:16.050 --> 00:41:26.730 Jessica Harrington MPH: i'm like I said, you know I wasn't given all the tools, but I definitely learned because of my environment in different ways, and you know you mentioned, you know, like my brother and he's in it so.

00:41:27.510 --> 00:41:34.620 Jessica Harrington MPH: he's helping people in a different way, I guess, but I, you know what you mean so we all have our part is basically what i'm saying.

00:41:34.920 --> 00:41:40.260 Frank R. Harrison: Correct correct and then sort of like even what I heard in Sam show this afternoon.

00:41:41.070 --> 00:41:50.220 Frank R. Harrison: His guests, Dr Dorothy Martin level had indicated that there's just a fractured sense of community out there, and when you have people with various skill sets and.

00:41:50.520 --> 00:41:54.840 Frank R. Harrison: and career pathways like your brother in it, or my sister who's an attorney.

00:41:55.080 --> 00:42:03.720 Frank R. Harrison: or even just in general, myself, who has been all over the place from the entertainment industry to the hospitality business, all of a sudden now becoming a healthcare advocate.

00:42:04.080 --> 00:42:09.990 Frank R. Harrison: it's like we all should learn to build a Community together that even if health care.

00:42:10.350 --> 00:42:25.680 Frank R. Harrison: or advocacy is not your strength at least what you do can help support the cause if collectively the mission is the same to really to really improve people's lifestyles or or relationship distress or even just their overall quality of life.

00:42:26.700 --> 00:42:32.130 Jessica Harrington MPH: know for sure it's definitely an environment factor, you know again going back to like one of the things I teach we talked about communication.

00:42:32.370 --> 00:42:43.890 Jessica Harrington MPH: Another module is definitely environment and again that's know who you hang out with but also like in the organization, but it's a lot of who is in your life, you know so who's your support system, who you leaning on.

00:42:44.310 --> 00:42:55.560 Jessica Harrington MPH: Obviously I talked about you know leaning on yourself and things like that, but you know it's not a one person show so again going back to my upbringing it's because of why people in my life for sure.

00:42:56.130 --> 00:43:05.190 Frank R. Harrison: You just you made an interesting quote, that I don't know if any of the listeners got out there it's not about yourself, so therefore your narcissists out there you're in the wrong show.

00:43:05.670 --> 00:43:13.200 Frank R. Harrison: Unless you're able to cook somehow come down to earth and relate to each and every one of us okay we're we're headed for another break.

00:43:13.680 --> 00:43:18.900 Frank R. Harrison: guess it's my this is this interview has been pretty quick, I really enjoyed speaking with you so far.

00:43:19.680 --> 00:43:30.870 Frank R. Harrison: definitely going to highlight what's for the future of your practice and the future of frank about health and the next segment So, ladies and gentlemen, stay tuned right here on talk radio dot nyc and Facebook live and we'll be back.

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00:43:35.250 --> 00:43:43.800 Its cami D, the nonprofit sector can actually coming at you from my attic each week here on talk radio dot nyc I host the program will advocate for.

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00:44:04.800 --> 00:44:10.800 Are you looking to live a healthier lifestyle, do you have a desire to learn more about mental health and enhance your quality of life.

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00:45:28.980 --> 00:45:39.000 Frank R. Harrison: hey everybody and welcome back Jessica and I are here to talk about the future of frank about health and journey to yourself right.

00:45:39.360 --> 00:45:40.170 Jessica Harrington MPH: Yes, you did it.

00:45:40.230 --> 00:45:52.710 Frank R. Harrison: Already day or maybe me i'm kidding that all being said, one question I did have for you based before we went into break was do you find, especially since you said you came from a family.

00:45:53.160 --> 00:46:05.970 Frank R. Harrison: With addiction, that there were genetic reasonings for that experience, or at least genetics within you that learned or taught you that this is not where you want it to be that you wanted to actually manage these issues.

00:46:07.380 --> 00:46:12.270 Jessica Harrington MPH: So, and the question is in acts are you saying like do I have an addiction or.

00:46:12.330 --> 00:46:19.770 Frank R. Harrison: No, no, no, no, I mean one has said that addiction, sometimes this genetic depending on what that addiction is but i'm just curious to know that.

00:46:20.130 --> 00:46:30.870 Frank R. Harrison: I guess maybe sometimes our DNA communicates to us in different ways, sometimes it's through the stress, but yet like I know that when I was witnessing a lot of stuff going on within.

00:46:31.620 --> 00:46:40.110 Frank R. Harrison: My family situation, not to mention I have genetic based epilepsy so that being said, I was always very hyper sensitive to sound and light.

00:46:40.500 --> 00:46:51.450 Frank R. Harrison: And even my own intuitive responses to stress so whether I was always concerned about that being a trigger for a seizure I converted it over to being a trigger to take action.

00:46:52.050 --> 00:47:03.150 Frank R. Harrison: And so what I was thinking is that when you were realizing what you were living with and coming through and trying to take ownership over keeping yourself with the proper boundaries from that background.

00:47:03.870 --> 00:47:07.740 Frank R. Harrison: Do you think that was genetically motivated I don't know from your.

00:47:08.400 --> 00:47:21.660 Frank R. Harrison: From your inspiration to pursue, public health or even just your your curiosity as maybe as a young, as a young child or a teenager that maybe you wanted to understand why this was happening and what we could do to change it.

00:47:22.680 --> 00:47:29.100 Jessica Harrington MPH: I would say the biggest piece of probably why I am where I am is because I was kind of pushed by outside people in my life.

00:47:29.370 --> 00:47:34.440 Jessica Harrington MPH: And they were trying to tell me that I had the choice on what road, I wanted to go down.

00:47:34.710 --> 00:47:44.610 Jessica Harrington MPH: And you know a lot of it was like if you don't like what you see you don't have to do that, so what can you do about it, so I that was putting my head at very young age and and kind of ran with it.

00:47:45.360 --> 00:47:48.030 Jessica Harrington MPH: So I will say that definitely helped me in this fruit.

00:47:48.690 --> 00:47:57.750 Jessica Harrington MPH: In this sense of the public health through like I said it's more of like what I saw when I was working with clients and, obviously, in my own personal life, he was from family and friends and.

00:47:58.230 --> 00:48:08.100 Jessica Harrington MPH: Things like that you know learning how to be in control and I think that's a lot to do with stress, because we like we talked to them to get me what if I do this it will control the outcome right so.

00:48:08.340 --> 00:48:08.580 Frank R. Harrison: Right I.

00:48:08.760 --> 00:48:16.470 Jessica Harrington MPH: mean how that actually works in real life and how you can use it to your benefit, I think, is really important, so that's what I really try to highlight.

00:48:17.850 --> 00:48:31.230 Jessica Harrington MPH: In the sense of genetics, I mean yeah definitely I think you know addiction can run through your family through genetics for sure, does it always have to be drug and alcohol, no, no, and I think that's where the bad REP comes from.

00:48:32.640 --> 00:48:39.510 Jessica Harrington MPH: I will say, like, for me, I am a huge reader so I or like i'm workaholic so i'm always working.

00:48:39.960 --> 00:48:46.200 Jessica Harrington MPH: Since i've started my practice i've definitely found my boundaries, but that was one of my things when I started my practice and started really.

00:48:46.530 --> 00:48:51.210 Jessica Harrington MPH: learning what I wanted to do was learning again that self awareness, for myself so.

00:48:52.020 --> 00:49:04.950 Jessica Harrington MPH: Working and reading was my out not thinking about what was going on right so some people binge watch some people eat right there's different ways for that addiction to form, but a lot of times we just think about the drinking and the drugs but.

00:49:05.520 --> 00:49:12.840 Jessica Harrington MPH: We can do it in different ways, it doesn't just have to be that So what does that look, I mean exercising too much right there's always too much right.

00:49:12.930 --> 00:49:24.000 Jessica Harrington MPH: Right So what does that look like, and that was for me, I will say it was definitely working more jobs than I needed and, if I wasn't working I was like Oh well, I just have to read something so yeah.

00:49:24.690 --> 00:49:32.820 Frank R. Harrison: that's interesting, but they were positive addictions in your case and again it seems as though and correct me if i'm wrong, but in listening to your story there.

00:49:33.390 --> 00:49:43.200 Frank R. Harrison: Anyone who was probably always exercising too much or working harder is still operating, not in the precedent thinking towards the future Am I correct.

00:49:43.410 --> 00:49:44.160 Jessica Harrington MPH: or avoidance.

00:49:44.190 --> 00:49:46.050 Frank R. Harrison: Right so think about what a different good one.

00:49:46.560 --> 00:49:51.360 Jessica Harrington MPH: Right so me I was working more so I didn't have to think about things that are going on at home.

00:49:51.570 --> 00:50:01.500 Jessica Harrington MPH: Right, so when you're in the gym maybe you're you know you're working towards some type of goal but you're avoiding something you're not dealing with something you might have be processing something and i'm saying this in a healthy right right.

00:50:01.560 --> 00:50:07.800 Jessica Harrington MPH: You should be wrapping up exercising but there's always that too much where there's you can eat too many carrots, you can eat too many apples right.

00:50:08.430 --> 00:50:13.710 Jessica Harrington MPH: June lunch right So what does that too much look like, for you, you may mean and.

00:50:14.400 --> 00:50:25.680 Jessica Harrington MPH: The key is that you know awareness comes in and wondering why i'm doing all of this right, so you know, keeping up with the joneses right we're avoiding things right so things like that you know we're doing that two months part.

00:50:26.670 --> 00:50:32.940 Frank R. Harrison: very interesting, I mean, I guess, if anything, if you would give advice to any of the listeners and viewers out there as to.

00:50:33.330 --> 00:50:45.570 Frank R. Harrison: Be more in touch with themselves before getting to the too much part or before being beaten down by stress what would you recommend people to start looking at on a daily basis within themselves.

00:50:46.020 --> 00:50:46.830 Frank R. Harrison: One thing.

00:50:47.220 --> 00:50:48.660 Jessica Harrington MPH: One thing yeah it's really hard right.

00:50:48.840 --> 00:50:59.220 Jessica Harrington MPH: I will say one to five minutes with literally just yourself and i'm not saying meditation i'm literally the same with your thoughts like so I always recommend journaling and i'm not saying like.

00:50:59.520 --> 00:51:08.760 Jessica Harrington MPH: oh dear journal, I was on a podcast with frank today saying that right, I am literally just saying like what is on your brain get it from here and now right so just literally this.

00:51:09.180 --> 00:51:15.480 Jessica Harrington MPH: You know, processing and I was on a podcast earlier today and that's what they're talking about like, how do you process so literally me saying.

00:51:15.900 --> 00:51:25.770 Jessica Harrington MPH: get an argument with your significant other couple hours later, I still feel it in my gut right, I was like wow they shouldn't have said this and maybe I should have said that right you replay the scenario and add.

00:51:26.190 --> 00:51:33.360 Jessica Harrington MPH: If I write it out i'm going to processes what what part of this makes me frustrated what what action step can I do right.

00:51:33.840 --> 00:51:34.470 Frank R. Harrison: In the sense.

00:51:34.560 --> 00:51:44.340 Jessica Harrington MPH: of working right, so I had a meeting this morning and the person just didn't show up well there was an indication, but the incident thought is Oh well, she doesn't want to meet with me.

00:51:44.850 --> 00:51:51.300 Jessica Harrington MPH: She you know she is just too busy she's careless right, you could have all these thoughts right, so it said it's going okay.

00:51:51.810 --> 00:52:01.590 Jessica Harrington MPH: Well, just what can I do let's have this process let's have this one to five minutes so checking in with yourself throughout the day a little like hey how you doing what's going on with you.

00:52:02.100 --> 00:52:10.980 Jessica Harrington MPH: Right having that check and there's so many ways to do it, I can sit here for another hour talking about how to check in with yourself but literally one to five minutes of just going.

00:52:11.280 --> 00:52:20.700 Jessica Harrington MPH: hey frank you good cool oh shoot I haven't eaten i've been running around I actually need to eat something or like you mean like so having that self check in is really important.

00:52:21.330 --> 00:52:29.550 Frank R. Harrison: So likely it's a perfect name for your pregnant journey through I mean essentially that everyone has to think of themselves as on a journey.

00:52:30.030 --> 00:52:35.790 Frank R. Harrison: And therefore, to include the people around them in their lives, but after they've checked in with themselves.

00:52:36.030 --> 00:52:44.640 Frank R. Harrison: Because what can I can I can see very clearly that would stress anyone out is, if you wake up and you're groggy and all of a sudden, you get a barrage of phone calls and texts and.

00:52:44.880 --> 00:52:56.130 Frank R. Harrison: People knocking down your door hey I need this I want this whatever you haven't even had time to breathe nevermind even answer anyone's questions, but that seems to be the predominant way that everyone's relating to each other.

00:52:56.730 --> 00:53:00.090 Jessica Harrington MPH: Oh for sure for sure, and you mentioned technology earlier right.

00:53:00.330 --> 00:53:02.820 Jessica Harrington MPH: So everything's connected right just right now.

00:53:03.150 --> 00:53:07.710 Jessica Harrington MPH: I my cell phone on my second monitor I have my laptop I have everything's connected.

00:53:07.800 --> 00:53:20.370 Jessica Harrington MPH: So if I was a film called all three of these and people have like the apple watches everything's going to be connected it's connected to your car and so when someone doesn't answer, and you have all these forms a way to be contacted like well why is that person answering me.

00:53:22.710 --> 00:53:28.290 Jessica Harrington MPH: or anything like I if i'm in between meetings and I have to like take a break, I put my phone on silent.

00:53:28.710 --> 00:53:34.860 Jessica Harrington MPH: Right so i'll get the questions are you okay where's your phone on silent, because you can get like a notification saying that someone's on silent.

00:53:35.010 --> 00:53:38.370 Jessica Harrington MPH: yeah because i'm taking time for myself and it's going to be okay.

00:53:39.960 --> 00:53:40.620 Jessica Harrington MPH: Okay.

00:53:42.420 --> 00:53:46.710 Jessica Harrington MPH: that's the biggest thing I think with, especially with the technology and being on point you know.

00:53:47.160 --> 00:53:58.740 Jessica Harrington MPH: A lot is easier said than done, dependent on your job it's your parent if you're a caretaker right, so a lot of this is easier said than done, but where can we establish the boundaries that has realistic for you is what you really need to figure out.

00:53:59.010 --> 00:54:13.890 Frank R. Harrison: Correct I mean we live in a wired world that makes us wired and again and almost reinforces that you shouldn't be thinking of the now so every, but I would take your advice very wholeheartedly that every morning when you wake up you take five minutes 10 minutes for yourself.

00:54:14.250 --> 00:54:20.340 Frank R. Harrison: To start focusing on how you're going to connect with the world out there, including your own family and friends now.

00:54:21.150 --> 00:54:27.840 Frank R. Harrison: Speaking about connecting with everybody frank about health has been on the air a talk radio dot nyc for almost one year.

00:54:28.110 --> 00:54:41.520 Frank R. Harrison: On may 26 2022 it will be one year since i've returned from my five or six year hiatus depending on new US That being said, I want to introduce to everyone who has been watching the show for the last almost 52 weeks.

00:54:41.910 --> 00:54:48.600 Frank R. Harrison: My website, which I have officially launched, however, in order to do this correctly in the limited time we have left.

00:54:48.870 --> 00:54:59.910 Frank R. Harrison: I have to go there all right, that being said, everyone can now ask questions after the show is over, by contacting me on this email page, that is, on the sidebar.

00:55:00.150 --> 00:55:13.290 Frank R. Harrison: Of the website, which is frank are Harrison calm and then, if anyone wants to see previous episodes of frank about health here, they all are archived and yes JESSICA your show will be on this site about a week or two.

00:55:13.770 --> 00:55:23.910 Frank R. Harrison: And, as my website is slowly loading in the brief amount of time we have what I want to point out is that it is a Community that is slowly forming.

00:55:24.210 --> 00:55:34.290 Frank R. Harrison: Where i'm going to be able to have people have access to my vimeo link and download it for their own podcast platforms, that they have any and if.

00:55:34.740 --> 00:55:42.060 Frank R. Harrison: This continues to go smoothly, you would everyone can see that there have been episodes about oma cron as well as.

00:55:42.630 --> 00:55:50.880 Frank R. Harrison: there's Dr phyllis with co hosting with me on things like nlp as well as the healthcare sector and the innovations in the space.

00:55:51.240 --> 00:56:01.110 Frank R. Harrison: And then, of course I mentioned earlier about Maggie berkoff who has her own tick tock series, and my my dear friend wreath the Gray, who has been on the show multiple times work with Betty white.

00:56:01.440 --> 00:56:06.120 Frank R. Harrison: Those of you may have remembered that we had a tribute to Betty white when she passed last December.

00:56:06.480 --> 00:56:19.680 Frank R. Harrison: And if anyone wants to take a look at the the narcissist show i've got two of them there there's the Betty white show i've also got our caregiving show, which was a two hour series that proved to be one of the most watched shows on Facebook.

00:56:20.070 --> 00:56:24.930 Frank R. Harrison: there's Rita we've had the soul trainer we've talked about cancer we've talked about.

00:56:26.760 --> 00:56:35.100 Frank R. Harrison: daring to care we've talked about mindfulness we've talked about ptsd we've talked about autism cardiac illness social justice.

00:56:35.370 --> 00:56:41.070 Frank R. Harrison: We want everybody to know that talk radio dot nyc has been the host of the show for the past year.

00:56:41.310 --> 00:56:48.870 Frank R. Harrison: and will continue to be the host of the show, but we want everyone to know that they can reach us through various channels, such as linkedin.

00:56:49.170 --> 00:57:03.870 Frank R. Harrison: As well as the website frank are Harrison calm, as well as to ask questions beyond the Facebook links that we have every every week and it'll come to the email frank R Harrison one at gmail COM going forward now.

00:57:04.710 --> 00:57:14.160 Frank R. Harrison: i'm thinking we're about to sign off, but before I do I want to first remind everybody to contact JESSICA at her website say it again for us at all.

00:57:14.670 --> 00:57:19.020 Jessica Harrington MPH: journey to or my email is just a journey to yourself sign that.

00:57:19.230 --> 00:57:23.310 Frank R. Harrison: can stay tuned for next week with Dr Phillips returns and we will have.

00:57:23.550 --> 00:57:34.710 Frank R. Harrison: My neurologist Dr Daniel Luciana from nyu land guns comprehensive epilepsy Center where he's going to talk about various types of seizures some of them are not even epilepsy related.

00:57:35.010 --> 00:57:43.620 Frank R. Harrison: And that will be the first in a series of medically oriented shows that i'm proud to say frank about health will start hosting with the nyu language and health system.

00:57:43.860 --> 00:57:47.370 Frank R. Harrison: In addition, we will also talk about addiction on an upcoming show.

00:57:47.670 --> 00:58:03.810 Frank R. Harrison: and reap the Gray, will return, and more importantly i'm just grateful to everyone out there who continues to listen to the conscious consultant at 12 to frank about health at five listens to all our other health oriented shows on Thursdays and our business oriented shows on Friday.

00:58:04.890 --> 00:58:11.460 Frank R. Harrison: and talk radio dot nyc Facebook live and then talking alternative broadcasting has been definitely.

00:58:11.760 --> 00:58:22.410 Frank R. Harrison: A family for me this past year and coming out of the covert pandemic dealing with the treatments for my cousin and my father, but more importantly, being able to make new friends, such as you JESSICA.

00:58:22.710 --> 00:58:29.430 Frank R. Harrison: and doing what I can to continue to help people in advocating for their own health care, their mind their body their spirit.

00:58:29.820 --> 00:58:42.330 Frank R. Harrison: And just in general to be very mindful of yourself, because when you have yourself, you have everyone else that you need and all the resources that you may not be thinking you have they're actually in front of you.

00:58:42.990 --> 00:58:47.100 Frank R. Harrison: So that all being said is there any last comments before we sign off that you have just.

00:58:47.610 --> 00:58:50.760 Jessica Harrington MPH: No, thank you, I appreciate so much taking the time out say thank you.

00:58:51.060 --> 00:58:59.700 Frank R. Harrison: Oh, and thank you again, and I am going to start learning your techniques as soon as I can, especially as a resolve some of the issues that happened with me today but.

00:59:00.420 --> 00:59:08.700 Frank R. Harrison: i'm grateful to all of you listeners out there for staying tuned at six o'clock i'm not sure what's going to be on but it'll be an encore one of today's shows.

00:59:09.120 --> 00:59:17.400 Frank R. Harrison: And we'll be back right here on frank about health next week on talk radio dot nyc and Facebook live have a good night for signing off now take care.

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