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Wednesday, May 11, 2022
Facebook Live Video from 2022/05/11 - The Dog Chick

Facebook Live Video from 2022/05/11 - The Dog Chick


2022/05/11 - The Dog Chick

[New Episode] The Dog Chick

This episode will most certainly peak your interest, raise your eyebrows, boil your blood and pull at your heartstrings. Buckle up for a very special hour!

Our guest Charlie Sorrentino has decades of experience and her level of expertise is extensive. From puppies to therapy dogs and many other forms of training and behavior evaluation, this professional is going to help us navigate the unregulated industry as well as the importance of positive reinforcement.

Charli was also passed over by the Town of Hempstead, NY where she could have brought her incredible qualifications and hands-on experience to the homeless shelter animals who desperately needed (and still need) top notch experts to help them modify their behaviors and become more adoptable. Sadly, the Town opted to hire the least qualified person at TOP DOLLAR and yes, we will discuss this grave disservice to the animals as well as the taxpayers.

Also joining us is Melissa S.W.A.P. (Seniors With Animals Project) as we delve into all of the great work that they've been doing to help both senior animals and senior people flourish.


Tune in for this heart-felt conversation at or watch the Facebook Livestream by Clicking Here.

Show Notes

Segment 1

Valerie gives an update on the anti-puppy mill bill and encourages listeners to call New York assembly members who have not sponsored the bill. If you want to join the next call night email voters4voiceless@gmail to get the zoom link. Tommy then introduces their guests, Charli and Melissa. Melissa is joining on behalf of the Pioneers for Animal Welfare Society (PAWS). Charli is a certified behavior specialist and trainer who promotes education. Valerie and Melissa stress the importance of choosing the right trainer. Charli talks about the issue of the dog training business being unregulated. Melissa brings up the difference between a behaviorist and a trainer.

Segment 2

PAWS can be found at and Charli can be found at Charli goes into depth on the difference between trainers, who teach behaviors, and behavior specialists, who do behavior modification. Tommy and Valerie then talk about the Michael Vick dog fighting story and how almost every dog rescued from there was adoptable. Melissa talks about the importance of placing animals in a proper home which is what PAWS always strives to do. Charli gives advice on finding a behavior specialist for your dog and stresses the importance on hiring someone who is certified. She also talks about the difference between reactivity and aggression which is the intent to cause harm or kill.

Segment 3

Charli talks about dog bites and the classification of them based on intent. Tommy tells a story about being nipped by a dog. Melissa corrects the usage of the term pet owner and tells people to say pet guardian instead because pets should not be treated as property. She also puts the owners on the guardian to know their pets personalities and not put them in situations that would cause them to be reactive. Valerie brings up that there need to be regulations put in place for animal rescues. Tommy mentions that things that seem like common sense to those in the know often are not for other people and it is important to allow space for people to learn.

Segment 4

Valerie brings up her concern over the number of municipal shelters that do not hire over merit. Melissa gives a rundown on PAWS and talks about the various programs they have which include a financial assistance program, an adoption program, a humane education program and more. To learn more about PAWS and get involved listeners can go to


00:00:55.200 --> 00:01:06.360 Tommy DiMisa: This is your professionals and animal lovers show all right, I gotta give a quick shout out to my African buffaloes the African elephant African forest elephants African lions after the penguins.

00:01:06.630 --> 00:01:15.720 Tommy DiMisa: We started with a today because I usually run out of species to call out add barks the addax the Adelaide penguin.

00:01:16.020 --> 00:01:16.980 Valerie Heffron: Man theaters.

00:01:17.340 --> 00:01:24.390 Tommy DiMisa: And that's Val, is there not it's alphabetical, I think, right here i'm going to skip ahead to the Alpine ibex.

00:01:24.720 --> 00:01:26.910 Tommy DiMisa: shout out to the Amazon river dolphin.

00:01:26.970 --> 00:01:36.570 Tommy DiMisa: Because i've never seen one of those pounds i'm being extra silly in the attic i'm talking to your friend the nonprofit sector connector my buddy my comrade.

00:01:36.780 --> 00:01:38.130 Tommy DiMisa: My mentor and, all things.

00:01:38.160 --> 00:01:38.820 Tommy DiMisa: out and ladders.

00:01:40.020 --> 00:01:40.800 Tommy DiMisa: advocacy.

00:01:41.100 --> 00:01:44.850 Tommy DiMisa: Well hey Pal Val what's up Valerie heffron.

00:01:45.600 --> 00:01:48.180 Tommy DiMisa: Like a cheetah shirt is what what's going on there kill.

00:01:48.240 --> 00:01:54.240 Valerie Heffron: me out yeah it's bad I don't know leopard i'm not sure, but um what is up is a.

00:01:54.270 --> 00:02:08.790 Valerie Heffron: huge victory right um so the Senate version of the anti puppy mill bill passed yesterday, now we just need to get it through the New York Assembly and.

00:02:08.820 --> 00:02:10.950 Valerie Heffron: onto the Assembly floor for a vote.

00:02:10.980 --> 00:02:13.440 Valerie Heffron: Because we believe we have more than enough.

00:02:13.920 --> 00:02:16.320 Valerie Heffron: Support to pass the anti puppy mill.

00:02:16.320 --> 00:02:34.320 Valerie Heffron: And kitten mills and rabid mill bill that's all, so this is a really big deal, this is a historic moment New York could become the sixth state, I believe, to pass this i'm putting an end to the cool puppy mill to New York store.

00:02:35.340 --> 00:02:52.230 Valerie Heffron: pipeline, and so we need everyone to call the New York assembly Members who have not spoken to the bill, we did a call nine two weeks ago, or three weeks ago Tommy and it worked Okay, we all we targeted, it was very strategic we targeted for.

00:02:53.220 --> 00:03:05.820 Valerie Heffron: assembly members in the codes committee news flash, it is now out of codes, it is in the Rules Committee Now this is where it died last year, the shell.

00:03:06.360 --> 00:03:16.110 Valerie Heffron: And if we can get it out of the Rules Committee Okay, we can get it to the Assembly floor and thank you to everyone who has been calling because guess what.

00:03:16.470 --> 00:03:24.180 Valerie Heffron: We did turn somebody or I should say we got someone to sponsor one of the Members that we call Vivian cook is now a sponsor of the bill.

00:03:26.940 --> 00:03:29.340 Tommy DiMisa: There we go I didn't know your POM poms.

00:03:29.370 --> 00:03:31.980 Tommy DiMisa: I did not know if you had your POM poms and I wanted.

00:03:32.670 --> 00:03:40.770 Tommy DiMisa: I wanted two things I wanted to see the pump pumps and the second thing is there's actually a quote I use on my show my other show that we do here on the network philanthropy focus last Friday morning.

00:03:41.040 --> 00:03:41.910 Tommy DiMisa: Never doubt.

00:03:42.150 --> 00:03:56.880 Tommy DiMisa: A small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world indeed it's, the only thing that ever has your vote matters your phone call matters efforts matter your activity matters, thank you, Margaret Mead for that inspirational.

00:03:58.500 --> 00:04:00.540 Tommy DiMisa: that's really you got to do it it's about action.

00:04:00.690 --> 00:04:15.150 Valerie Heffron: Being this close we're this close and I just want to say one less thing because it's really vital so if you want to participate okay with us um we're going to have another call night, this coming Monday may 16 at 7pm.

00:04:15.660 --> 00:04:22.500 Valerie Heffron: All you have to do is, let us know you can send an email to voters for that's the number for.

00:04:22.860 --> 00:04:31.620 Valerie Heffron: and we'll send you the zoom link and it's pretty cool because you get to see every will give you the script will give you the phone numbers will give you the names.

00:04:32.100 --> 00:04:51.060 Valerie Heffron: All you have to do is show up with your phone and it's a big zoom meeting you can see, everybody else who's participating, and you know it is, it is so so important this this session ends June 1 or second we will know, within the next couple of weeks if we're going to get this bill.

00:04:51.960 --> 00:05:04.740 Tommy DiMisa: that's that really brings out the three things we do on this show we're here to learn we're here to educate and we're here to advocate and that's it that is really you know in through all those three things we're creating this community of folks.

00:05:06.060 --> 00:05:12.990 Tommy DiMisa: I don't know if we're creating the Community the communities there were like a catalyst for this community and we're being in the middle and bringing it all together.

00:05:13.290 --> 00:05:19.710 Tommy DiMisa: So we believe that people who care about animals are passionate about animals and care about the welfare are.

00:05:20.610 --> 00:05:26.910 Tommy DiMisa: Are the common people that want to support each other in other aspects of their life like if you're an attorney who does work with the animals.

00:05:27.150 --> 00:05:31.680 Tommy DiMisa: While we want to work with you, instead of another attorney who might kick a puppy as he was walking down the street.

00:05:31.950 --> 00:05:39.630 Tommy DiMisa: I don't that's a terrible thing that might i'm sorry i'm trying to look a little comic relief valve I have to laugh a little bit of can all be serious Valerie i'm sorry.

00:05:40.200 --> 00:05:54.000 Tommy DiMisa: Alright, so in in our conversation about Adeline because i'm going to do a little more wordplay for you today, today, we got pals we got pause and we got the dog chick This is like this should be a radio show, like every week.

00:05:54.060 --> 00:05:55.560 Tommy DiMisa: How laws.

00:05:55.920 --> 00:06:08.160 Tommy DiMisa: And the dog chicks Charlie are in tino is here, Melissa is here on behalf of pause P aws which is pioneers for animal welfare society charlie's here.

00:06:08.520 --> 00:06:15.810 Tommy DiMisa: we're just jazz to have you both here, I know you collaborate together you work together, you do some really great stuff around animal behavior.

00:06:16.920 --> 00:06:24.450 Tommy DiMisa: i'm going to say this because I can't help myself, I might need you to come out here, I got four kids you don't have any pets with behavioral issues, sometimes you're a challenge.

00:06:24.660 --> 00:06:24.990 So.

00:06:28.410 --> 00:06:40.860 Tommy DiMisa: yeah right I don't know if I need the dog or I need the kid chick to come out here, and everybody who's listening I do both that that's her nickname, by the way, that is her business name i'm not just calling her chick randomly right Charlie.

00:06:42.120 --> 00:06:42.810 Charli: that's okay.

00:06:43.200 --> 00:06:43.740 Charli: The chick.

00:06:46.050 --> 00:06:49.920 Tommy DiMisa: Welcome to the show, welcome to my attic welcome welcome the past how you guys doing today.

00:06:50.820 --> 00:06:55.200 Charli: Good good Thank you so much for having us on We have lots to say.

00:06:55.410 --> 00:06:58.110 Tommy DiMisa: Well let's do it let's say some words let's start saying words.

00:06:58.440 --> 00:06:59.850 Valerie Heffron: jumping in I OK.

00:06:59.850 --> 00:07:03.930 Valerie Heffron: So now i'm super excited for this show okay Charlie what's up.

00:07:04.020 --> 00:07:04.830 talk to us.

00:07:06.000 --> 00:07:11.340 Charli: Okay talk to you Okay, I am a certified behavior specialist certified trainer.

00:07:12.090 --> 00:07:21.690 Charli: That years in the business probably older than a lot of people who are even listening here and my whole thing is to promote education.

00:07:22.140 --> 00:07:38.790 Charli: to let people know that there is a much better way to work with dogs kind humane loving way and they learned beautifully also to discuss a little bit about how does the average dog person.

00:07:39.840 --> 00:07:54.840 Charli: choose between a trainer or a behaviors what methods of training, do they want to use so of course I have my way, which I believe is the right way and so those are kind of some of the things that that I would like to address today.

00:07:55.680 --> 00:07:57.990 Valerie Heffron: Okay, I love that so much and.

00:07:58.410 --> 00:07:59.430 Charli: I just would like to.

00:07:59.430 --> 00:08:05.610 Valerie Heffron: share a quick personal experience um and how important it is really to choose the right.

00:08:05.610 --> 00:08:06.120 Valerie Heffron: trainer.

00:08:06.300 --> 00:08:08.790 Valerie Heffron: But so when josie say my dog.

00:08:09.090 --> 00:08:10.200 Valerie Heffron: was a puppy right.

00:08:10.380 --> 00:08:12.240 Valerie Heffron: And we decided yeah we should get him some.

00:08:12.240 --> 00:08:17.310 Valerie Heffron: Training, so this is mortifying it was a mortifying experience, as it turns out.

00:08:17.760 --> 00:08:19.350 Valerie Heffron: This guy who I I.

00:08:19.470 --> 00:08:26.040 Valerie Heffron: met when I was like 18 or 19 years old and we dated for two or three months, whatever um.

00:08:27.180 --> 00:08:40.500 Valerie Heffron: I we found each other or reconnected on Facebook and all of that, and he had a training company and he was like yeah i'd love to you know help you out and became two hours once we were there, the whole time.

00:08:41.520 --> 00:08:42.630 Valerie Heffron: But fast forward.

00:08:43.890 --> 00:08:54.450 Valerie Heffron: He only came to the House once we decided not to hire him, it was just a vibe thing he was on the news you guys probably remember this, he was on the news is like 10 years ago.

00:08:54.960 --> 00:09:03.540 Valerie Heffron: For someone filmed him like shoving a broomstick through a cage where a dog was because he did boarding also.

00:09:03.900 --> 00:09:18.330 Valerie Heffron: And there was this whole like animal cruelty thing that was exposed I believe he had to go to jail and port and I was like ooh like your heart just drops, you know I mean, how is it I know it's not that well, we made out a few times.

00:09:18.390 --> 00:09:18.600 Charli: When.

00:09:19.350 --> 00:09:20.280 Valerie Heffron: You know what I mean like.

00:09:22.830 --> 00:09:26.370 Tommy DiMisa: What happened here, this is about animal advocacy what.

00:09:26.850 --> 00:09:29.370 Valerie Heffron: It was like I didn't really know him, you know what I mean.

00:09:30.480 --> 00:09:48.150 Valerie Heffron: And here is coming into our home with and and you know with my most valuable precious thing in my life, and you know i'm just what can I say it's really important to know who your trainer is, and you know it's a huge element of trust.

00:09:48.420 --> 00:09:50.910 MG: yeah I want to jump in on that as well.

00:09:51.240 --> 00:09:53.880 MG: yeah yeah cuz so I one clause.

00:09:54.930 --> 00:10:05.310 MG: And I work with trolley for many, many years now, and I cannot tell you how many times when we come in and we take a dog from the shelter usually from the shelter.

00:10:06.420 --> 00:10:11.730 MG: But when that dog has been through a horrific training experience and people think Oh, I have a dog trainer.

00:10:12.150 --> 00:10:23.730 MG: know there are really, really bad trainers out there and they can destroy absolutely destroy a dog and and people then we'll think of this dog aggressive now the dogs not aggressive I mean.

00:10:24.420 --> 00:10:27.030 MG: i'm going to say most every job.

00:10:27.060 --> 00:10:39.900 MG: can be rehabbed on some dogs totally as Charlie can tell you will have a brain issue and a logical issue when that's not a behavioral issue that's a medical issue on most behavior can be worked through, but you.

00:10:40.950 --> 00:10:50.670 MG: You do less homework renewed brings them into your home or then you'll send that dog away to a board and train and it's insane what these people can do to you and also.

00:10:51.270 --> 00:10:59.280 MG: Oh, dangerous and your story right there Valerie is so true, we see that all the time when we talk to people on trial, and I will get in the fall.

00:10:59.700 --> 00:11:06.480 MG: she's on the board and train, what did they do do they eat all the jobs, you know how they treated the jobs, you know what they did to the dog, they have no idea.

00:11:07.290 --> 00:11:08.250 MG: At the end of the day, it's really.

00:11:08.430 --> 00:11:22.530 Tommy DiMisa: Dangerous I got into a really quick, because I have a rule on the show if somebody is around and they got to introduce themselves and I swear unless I just there's voices in my head, but I don't think that's birds chirping in my head, but somebody have a bird with hair for you guys.

00:11:24.540 --> 00:11:25.890 Charli: Well i'm sitting outside.

00:11:29.010 --> 00:11:34.020 Charli: And I purposely my headphones because they're supposed to be noise cancelling.

00:11:34.200 --> 00:11:36.480 Tommy DiMisa: yeah so then it's obvious canceling and i'm.

00:11:36.480 --> 00:11:36.660 Just.

00:11:37.770 --> 00:11:37.950 Tommy DiMisa: i'm.

00:11:39.540 --> 00:11:40.800 Tommy DiMisa: Good Thank you.

00:11:42.180 --> 00:11:44.910 Tommy DiMisa: Oh God I just my birds in my head all right go.

00:11:48.330 --> 00:11:51.270 Charli: Right right exactly exactly so Valerie.

00:11:51.540 --> 00:11:59.340 Charli: Yes to speak on what you were saying about this trainer um well I just call them abusers I don't call them trainers.

00:11:59.610 --> 00:12:00.030 yeah.

00:12:01.140 --> 00:12:04.830 Charli: This guy is out there working again he switched his company and.

00:12:04.830 --> 00:12:07.500 Charli: I know, and he is still out there.

00:12:07.770 --> 00:12:08.220 Valerie Heffron: I know.

00:12:08.280 --> 00:12:09.330 Charli: yeah yeah.

00:12:09.540 --> 00:12:18.000 Charli: So, and it is totally unfortunate, the problem is, we are in this is an unregulated business.

00:12:18.060 --> 00:12:19.950 Charli: there's no way anybody can.

00:12:20.700 --> 00:12:23.430 Tommy DiMisa: Surely there's no licensing licensing.

00:12:25.020 --> 00:12:25.530 Charli: Nothing.

00:12:27.690 --> 00:12:27.900 Tommy DiMisa: For.

00:12:27.930 --> 00:12:28.410 Anybody.

00:12:31.290 --> 00:12:34.800 Valerie Heffron: And, and this is something we're going to get into but the point is that.

00:12:34.830 --> 00:12:41.190 Valerie Heffron: You don't have to have them and no different ways I was blown away because I heard recently about this.

00:12:41.820 --> 00:12:51.060 Valerie Heffron: certificate certifying company whatever it's like $399 but everything's online everything's taught online, which to me right.

00:12:51.960 --> 00:13:06.450 Valerie Heffron: I don't know how you can put a lot of weight, you know dog training dogs are human breathing I mean human heart, I just said, given their breathing living dissenting intelligent Fries if you.

00:13:07.800 --> 00:13:08.340 Valerie Heffron: anyways.

00:13:09.360 --> 00:13:09.780 Valerie Heffron: and

00:13:09.840 --> 00:13:10.710 Charli: And look.

00:13:10.800 --> 00:13:14.190 Valerie Heffron: You know hands on this, a hands on.

00:13:14.220 --> 00:13:15.210 Valerie Heffron: thing you know if.

00:13:15.930 --> 00:13:18.360 Valerie Heffron: I don't have that even exists.

00:13:18.420 --> 00:13:22.650 Valerie Heffron: I think marketing they'll say oh i'm a certified dog training.

00:13:23.010 --> 00:13:24.780 Valerie Heffron: And people go oh that's great right.

00:13:25.110 --> 00:13:29.700 MG: But training is not behave and that's the distinction trolleys a behaviorist anyone.

00:13:31.470 --> 00:13:46.920 MG: to lay down to have a treat a behavior is can look at a dog understand the body language what's going on with them how they posture themselves, that is a whole different realm and so when when my group adapt said it, although we work with dogs we do.

00:13:46.920 --> 00:13:59.400 MG: surrenders will always asked me to come in, or another colleague who a we know their methods will be a behaviorist because it's not teaching the dog how to act it's reading a dog's body language just a living breathing souls.

00:13:59.700 --> 00:14:01.260 MG: And you can take every animal and put them in.

00:14:01.890 --> 00:14:07.710 Tommy DiMisa: But let's take a break let's do this, Melissa because I want to hear about the behaviors distinction, because I think it's critical I wrote it in my notes.

00:14:07.710 --> 00:14:11.490 Tommy DiMisa: As a question but we're gonna take a break in a second here, but before we do.

00:14:11.850 --> 00:14:16.980 Tommy DiMisa: One thing I want to say you know and in listening to you all I almost want to take out the fact that.

00:14:17.280 --> 00:14:26.700 Tommy DiMisa: What these people are professionally but there should be some sort of background screening, there should be some kind of psychological like i'm not even being silly about this like if i'm going to take.

00:14:26.940 --> 00:14:33.960 Tommy DiMisa: I wouldn't leave my children, yes, somebody I didn't know why would I leave my first baby right if I had one in there, so I think it's got to be that.

00:14:33.990 --> 00:14:35.610 Tommy DiMisa: As much as it could be the one.

00:14:36.540 --> 00:14:44.880 Tommy DiMisa: I need to know where the mental health of this person is to whatever extent there's the capacity to do that I don't have a solution for that, but that's one of the things we're trying to do on the show is.

00:14:44.880 --> 00:14:46.110 Tommy DiMisa: find solutions for these things.

00:14:46.410 --> 00:14:52.710 Tommy DiMisa: When we come back with a quick break when we come back we'll talk about that further around that but Hebrews think it's.

00:14:53.370 --> 00:14:54.690 Tommy DiMisa: Critical distinction, I want to hear.

00:14:54.690 --> 00:14:57.810 Tommy DiMisa: more about it, this is professionals, an animal lover show will be right back.

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00:17:11.100 --> 00:17:12.240 Tommy DiMisa: And we're back this is pals.

00:17:12.240 --> 00:17:14.040 Tommy DiMisa: professionals and animal lover show every week.

00:17:14.640 --> 00:17:22.260 Tommy DiMisa: We go live 2pm to 3pm Eastern time and then you'll find is every where you find your podcasts or you find us on Facebook talking alternative broadcasting.

00:17:22.770 --> 00:17:32.340 Tommy DiMisa: or here on talk radio dot nyc look I just shared the information for pause Li so it's Paul is dash I sent that out there on Facebook.

00:17:32.760 --> 00:17:41.580 Tommy DiMisa: that's a that's melissa's organization pioneers for animal welfare society, and I also put the job, the dog on Facebook so check that out.

00:17:41.760 --> 00:17:52.560 Tommy DiMisa: that's where you can find stuff that Charlie is working on and Val do me a favor call out the email address one more time for voter voices, I want to get it on Facebook for people who want to be involved with the call night we're doing upcoming.

00:17:53.850 --> 00:18:02.880 Valerie Heffron: Voters plural, so the O te RS the number for voice less at gmail.

00:18:03.090 --> 00:18:09.180 Tommy DiMisa: or share that out there for you all on Facebook as well they'll get us back in this conversation we talking about behavior ISM.

00:18:09.360 --> 00:18:26.130 Valerie Heffron: The difference let's just yeah, so this is an important distinction it's actually a massively important distinction and again the average person who bought a puppy or just stopped it an animal is not maybe aware that this is a really important.

00:18:27.300 --> 00:18:33.930 Valerie Heffron: distinction between a dog trainer and a behaviorist so let's just talk about that what is the difference.

00:18:37.170 --> 00:18:38.550 Charli: Oh, where i'm okay well.

00:18:38.910 --> 00:18:40.020 Trained house teach.

00:18:42.360 --> 00:18:44.400 Tommy DiMisa: What happened I Charlie we're good take it away.

00:18:44.580 --> 00:18:49.980 Charli: Oh, we are we good okay so we're trainer and train is a wonderful i'm a certified trainer.

00:18:51.300 --> 00:18:53.970 Charli: So trainers teach new behaviors.

00:18:55.110 --> 00:19:07.500 Charli: behaviors deal with existing most of the time unwanted behaviors trainers, generally speaking, should not step into.

00:19:07.800 --> 00:19:16.860 Charli: behavior situations unless they're minor like a dog is digging or jumping but they really need to stay away from the more important things.

00:19:17.610 --> 00:19:23.250 Charli: to him so resource guard dogs, who are fear reactive dog to dog aggressive.

00:19:24.090 --> 00:19:40.830 Charli: job to human aggression biting dogs only because they if they don't have the knowledge than what generally winds up happening is they'll tell the client that there's nothing that can be done with the dog sometimes that results in giving the dog away.

00:19:42.210 --> 00:19:52.500 Charli: sending it to a shelter or having them euthanized so there really has to be very clear distinctions so that's, the first thing I asked people what what's going on.

00:19:53.550 --> 00:19:58.440 Charli: Well, my dog needs training Okay, what is the dog doing well, he is bitten.

00:19:59.730 --> 00:20:03.690 Charli: Say well okay now he doesn't need training for.

00:20:03.690 --> 00:20:05.580 Charli: say he needs behavior.

00:20:05.790 --> 00:20:06.750 Valerie Heffron: modification.

00:20:07.020 --> 00:20:20.280 Charli: And then we get into why is the dog biting what experiences did he have with a trainer was there negative reinforcement was a child prom or shock collars and so there's so much a.

00:20:21.510 --> 00:20:26.940 Charli: A phone intake conversation because I need to determine how can I help these people.

00:20:27.150 --> 00:20:28.740 Valerie Heffron: yeah no I.

00:20:29.100 --> 00:20:35.820 Valerie Heffron: want to start oh Sorry, I just want to emphasize that you know, one of the most fascinating and probably most prominent.

00:20:37.560 --> 00:20:45.090 Valerie Heffron: Events right in the world of animal advocacy and was the Michael vick dogs the which anyway.

00:20:46.200 --> 00:20:58.860 Valerie Heffron: There were 48 dogs that were pulled from that hellhole there's no other way to put it on and one of them had to be immediately euthanize so now it's 47 they call the victory dogs right.

00:20:59.400 --> 00:21:09.810 Valerie Heffron: Out of those 47 only one dog over time was not adoptable was never placed into a home and they were able to let it live in the sanctuary.

00:21:10.110 --> 00:21:10.530 Valerie Heffron: So.

00:21:10.590 --> 00:21:18.240 Tommy DiMisa: How about let's yeah let's just kind of again that's it that's an important story, but it also is it's a historical story, but it's been you know.

00:21:18.450 --> 00:21:31.770 Tommy DiMisa: Not everybody might be familiar with that story, although it got national coverage so Michael vick you know former nfl football star had a dog fighting, which was something culturally that went on in where he grew up and whatnot.

00:21:32.040 --> 00:21:34.680 Valerie Heffron: And it was so much of a cultural thing, I think.

00:21:35.700 --> 00:21:38.610 Valerie Heffron: he's a scumbag okay all right, well, let me.

00:21:39.690 --> 00:21:40.740 Tommy DiMisa: Let me just make a point let.

00:21:40.740 --> 00:21:40.830 me.

00:21:43.590 --> 00:21:48.120 Tommy DiMisa: Know i'm not defending him i'm not at all I just what i'm where i'm trying to go with this.

00:21:48.720 --> 00:22:03.390 Tommy DiMisa: is to underscore your point that you're saying 47 of these dogs were supposedly to violence, violent from what the way they had been been behaving or had been trained to behave or how their behavior had been modified by.

00:22:03.750 --> 00:22:09.240 Tommy DiMisa: 47 of those dogs ended up being adoptable that's the big piece that I wanted to say there.

00:22:09.300 --> 00:22:10.530 Valerie Heffron: Is notated yeah it.

00:22:10.530 --> 00:22:26.460 Tommy DiMisa: was able, so the point is, you know that you're not stuck so any this goes back to conversations you and I have about the shelters both locally and other other places, all this is a bad dog Well, no, it isn't a bad dog, it might be a dog that has some bad behavior or bad habits, Charlie.

00:22:26.580 --> 00:22:29.010 Tommy DiMisa: Melissa that can be resolved correct.

00:22:29.790 --> 00:22:32.430 MG: Absolutely and that's what I was saying earlier, is that.

00:22:32.490 --> 00:22:36.360 MG: Most most behavioral issues as long as someone who.

00:22:36.360 --> 00:22:41.460 MG: comes in and evaluate the dog that can properly identify what the issue.

00:22:41.460 --> 00:22:41.790 Charli: Is.

00:22:42.210 --> 00:22:46.380 MG: Then they can go ahead and work with the dog at the charlie's point it's not a training issue.

00:22:46.410 --> 00:22:56.010 MG: It is behavioral there's so many times, it will take and dogs and there's like an aggressive dog no it's not aggressive, you need to understand what the dog is telling you, you know and and where to.

00:22:56.010 --> 00:23:05.670 MG: place that you have the proper environment, the place that dog and so with Michael vick stolen again to my point, yes, those dogs all the rehabs most likely and I.

00:23:05.670 --> 00:23:06.180 MG: don't know.

00:23:06.270 --> 00:23:12.300 MG: I haven't statistically looked at them the most likely they were probably not place to probably placed in only dollar homes.

00:23:12.600 --> 00:23:14.280 Charli: Because when you're training dogs to kill.

00:23:14.280 --> 00:23:14.730 MG: each other.

00:23:15.270 --> 00:23:16.740 MG: that's really hard to train.

00:23:16.830 --> 00:23:19.560 MG: Out of it right, you can work a lot.

00:23:20.040 --> 00:23:21.930 MG: With an animal to to.

00:23:23.010 --> 00:23:27.630 MG: train them not to be fearful to train them to have more confidence with you know who they are.

00:23:27.900 --> 00:23:29.160 MG: To give him some of their fears.

00:23:29.190 --> 00:23:31.860 MG: Some of their behaviors usually it's hard to train out.

00:23:31.920 --> 00:23:37.830 MG: You know when they've been trained to kill the dog so, but the point is those those dogs are rarely ever.

00:23:37.860 --> 00:23:38.700 MG: People aggressive.

00:23:39.630 --> 00:23:41.730 MG: aggressive so to that point, you know.

00:23:41.760 --> 00:23:42.120 But that's.

00:23:43.980 --> 00:23:45.180 Tommy DiMisa: Solid solid for you going.

00:23:45.180 --> 00:23:51.090 Tommy DiMisa: Well, they got to be the Alpha in that home they got there they got to be the only in the home right and then.

00:23:51.300 --> 00:23:52.350 Tommy DiMisa: And that's the answer.

00:23:52.470 --> 00:23:56.640 Tommy DiMisa: versus youth innovations, yes, if I said, the word right.

00:23:56.910 --> 00:23:57.960 MG: yeah its proper.

00:23:57.990 --> 00:23:59.580 MG: Its proper placement and.

00:24:00.330 --> 00:24:06.000 MG: yeah and that's a huge issues, what we see as well, is that if you have a certain dog that's always going to come in and.

00:24:06.360 --> 00:24:08.670 MG: going to identify and having this behavioral issue.

00:24:08.940 --> 00:24:10.440 Charli: We can work with the animals.

00:24:10.500 --> 00:24:19.710 MG: Then, just as important as placing animal in the proper environment because you can't set an animal it's a home where they're going to fail, you know you know every every home situations.

00:24:19.710 --> 00:24:21.300 Tommy DiMisa: That watch so Melissa is that.

00:24:21.450 --> 00:24:33.540 Tommy DiMisa: More of So how are you all collaborate, you know your organization is more on the placement side like after Charlie or somebody else from her profession comes in, and does the behind.

00:24:33.540 --> 00:24:43.260 MG: We work together sounds good my challenge our together, so if we're going to take a dog from the shelter sometimes depending on what the issue is all see a trolley and one of our colleagues.

00:24:43.710 --> 00:24:54.240 MG: can go in and do an event on the job and we have an owner surrender they'll tell us what's going on, but we always have to say hey Charlie can you kind of do Eva, what do you see going on with this job.

00:24:54.570 --> 00:25:00.090 MG: And they will work with the dog and the dog to foster or place them somewhere where we can monitor the dog as well.

00:25:00.480 --> 00:25:08.370 MG: Because in animals to behavior takes a little bit to show up and then, when we place the dog will have an idea Okay, no kids under 13.

00:25:09.120 --> 00:25:17.430 MG: No, no small animals doesn't get along with other dogs small dogs big dogs is a jumper you know we needed a 10 foot high fence.

00:25:17.880 --> 00:25:29.850 MG: Everything is to each his own, but it needs to be really careful because I always say the animals don't ask us to get involved in their lives, but we are and it's a huge responsibility in rescue, you cannot take it lightly.

00:25:30.540 --> 00:25:35.820 MG: Animals always always suffer the consequences of human stupidity and human cruelty.

00:25:36.060 --> 00:25:39.360 MG: and human greed animals are exploited every day.

00:25:39.540 --> 00:25:43.290 Valerie Heffron: yep hundred percent I like this girl Melissa um.

00:25:44.850 --> 00:25:50.790 Valerie Heffron: I want to ask you guys like is there let's say a top flight like me pretend i'm not.

00:25:51.930 --> 00:26:02.100 Valerie Heffron: Local well i'm not so So is there, like a top five like let's say I was going to recommend to my friends like you guys, you know, this is a true story to.

00:26:02.640 --> 00:26:07.710 Valerie Heffron: Your dog is showing you know major signs of aggression towards other dogs and.

00:26:08.400 --> 00:26:21.180 Valerie Heffron: You know it's it's it's sad because they obviously love their dog, they want to take him everywhere, they go and you know if there's another dog around he'll he'll lunge and he's grabbing and barking you know so.

00:26:21.870 --> 00:26:32.940 Valerie Heffron: What do I tell them like these are the five things that you should be asking or when you're on the hunt for someone who can help modify your dog's behavior what are, what are we looking for okay.

00:26:34.020 --> 00:26:51.240 Charli: So the first thing is certified behavior specialist and you want to know where are they certified front what teaching organization and the other thing is what type of.

00:26:51.930 --> 00:27:12.960 Charli: Modification do they use, you know I mean like you said words now, you said major aggressive dog aggressive dog, the first thing I hear in my head when a client says that to me is fear reactivity so these words that have been thrown around.

00:27:13.170 --> 00:27:17.670 Charli: In the job world aggressive dominant alpha.

00:27:18.030 --> 00:27:19.020 Valerie Heffron: Pack leader.

00:27:20.490 --> 00:27:30.450 Charli: I cringe I cringe So what we want to find out, so that the next question I would ask is does your dog have a bike history has he didn't have the dog.

00:27:31.470 --> 00:27:42.270 Charli: Or is he just leash reactive some dogs are great with other dogs on off leash but, once you put them on the leash they realize they have no escape.

00:27:42.600 --> 00:27:53.130 Charli: So now, what do they do the best thing then they can do for ground lunch because what's happened in the past that owner with another dog has walked away.

00:27:53.460 --> 00:28:07.740 Charli: So now that's that becomes self reinforcing to a dog I act like this because i'm afraid and ah that other dog left so it's not always most of the time we see more reactivity.

00:28:08.010 --> 00:28:08.910 Charli: than true.

00:28:09.120 --> 00:28:17.250 Charli: aggression and aggression is the intent to cause harm or chill so that's one of the first things that I I determine if somebody says.

00:28:17.430 --> 00:28:18.660 Tommy DiMisa: I have an aggressive job.

00:28:18.930 --> 00:28:19.950 Charli: Charlie I saw that.

00:28:21.150 --> 00:28:28.590 Tommy DiMisa: Charlie I need to call that out really quick, did you say it's more over okay activity versus aggressiveness is that what the word with.

00:28:31.290 --> 00:28:32.160 Valerie Heffron: Maria reacting.

00:28:32.460 --> 00:28:34.980 Valerie Heffron: Reacting okay got it.

00:28:35.460 --> 00:28:37.950 Charli: So don't react to a situation.

00:28:39.090 --> 00:28:47.460 MG: tour quick about the intent to buy it because that's true, we will see it a lot when my dog bit me and it's a team scratch, as compared to a true right so when you take a check second.

00:28:47.460 --> 00:28:56.790 Tommy DiMisa: row what let's let's hold on let's look at one of the teasing Melissa we do a little tease we're gonna come back and we're going to talk about fighting in the first segment valerie's talking about making out in this segment.

00:28:58.080 --> 00:28:59.340 Tommy DiMisa: we're gonna be talking about fighting.

00:28:59.430 --> 00:29:03.450 Tommy DiMisa: Welcome to the professionals and animal lovers show we'll be right back.

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00:31:06.630 --> 00:31:11.460 Tommy DiMisa: Alright, and we are back this is past professions and animal lover shot, you know I hope you're taking notes at home.

00:31:11.880 --> 00:31:18.120 Tommy DiMisa: i'm taking notes here here's what I want to call out proper placement so make sure I know you got your notes after I see it.

00:31:18.390 --> 00:31:30.780 Tommy DiMisa: Proper placement, so when we're placing it all we want to make sure, based on their behavior that we're placing them properly it's not training it's behavior modification jot that one down and then there's conversation around.

00:31:32.160 --> 00:31:36.120 Tommy DiMisa: aggressiveness versus reacting right or reactive nervous if i'm.

00:31:36.300 --> 00:31:37.320 Charli: If i'm getting that correct.

00:31:37.860 --> 00:31:48.120 Tommy DiMisa: So Charlie here the dog check Charlie sorrentino Melissa is here from the organization pioneers for animal welfare society let's dive back in.

00:31:48.480 --> 00:32:02.910 Tommy DiMisa: i'm intrigued we were going to talk about biting right before we went away so like and most I loved how you said it, because you know what I might think is a bite is a Nick whereas you know, a real bite by dog professionals is something totally different so let's talk about that.

00:32:06.420 --> 00:32:17.610 Charli: Well, yes, any behaviors is generally going to follow an official bite scale that was created by a Dr Ian Dunbar probably about 20 years ago.

00:32:17.940 --> 00:32:29.490 Charli: And it gives you from Stage one to stage six gives us a general idea, by looking at a photo or actually viewing a bite physically like there.

00:32:30.240 --> 00:32:40.470 Charli: gives us an idea of the intent so majority of dogs and the majority of bites are wanting fine so that can be anything from.

00:32:41.040 --> 00:32:48.420 Charli: Just a mark or to scrape or a slight one or two puncture but then you know they go to.

00:32:49.380 --> 00:33:02.580 Charli: A doctor or urgent care they don't always specify and and many times, we need these in court, I do go into court as an expert witness on bite cases so and and I have to be impartial.

00:33:02.940 --> 00:33:10.050 Charli: I have to read the bite you know find out what the story was how many bites was it blah blah blah medical attention.

00:33:10.620 --> 00:33:24.420 Charli: All this, and then I have to determine and it's sometimes quite upsetting because i'm generally on the side of dogs, but you know, we do have a whole human population out there, most especially.

00:33:24.450 --> 00:33:26.280 Charli: Children and.

00:33:27.000 --> 00:33:31.170 Charli: So that's where i'm at if an adult tells me they got bit and i'm like all right i'll wash it.

00:33:33.360 --> 00:33:33.720 Tommy DiMisa: off.

00:33:33.810 --> 00:33:35.100 Charli: Right walking on.

00:33:35.130 --> 00:33:48.750 Charli: Exactly but children are a little closer to home, but again, we also have to we try to encourage parents to teach proper behavior from the children.

00:33:49.650 --> 00:33:50.040 Right.

00:33:51.630 --> 00:33:52.230 Charli: We see.

00:33:53.250 --> 00:34:05.190 Charli: A lot of bites with that and again thankfully they're not all serious some are but, so we do follow guidelines on assessing a bite and that generally tells us.

00:34:05.490 --> 00:34:18.480 Charli: The intent it gets a little nip okay that's a warning if they bite down to the gums that's real, serious yeah so, then I kind of would know alright so placing this dog somewhere else or working with.

00:34:18.780 --> 00:34:30.930 Charli: This dog now now, I have a better understanding of what i'm dealing with can this dog be rehabilitated is he great with this family if he is then was in a work on.

00:34:32.040 --> 00:34:32.880 Charli: monitoring.

00:34:33.360 --> 00:34:35.040 Charli: I got this job.

00:34:35.220 --> 00:34:44.280 Tommy DiMisa: I gotta tell you a story like about three or four weeks ago, right here at the local American legion in my neighborhood they had a cornhole tournament you know, like the beanbags you throw.

00:34:44.850 --> 00:34:50.700 Tommy DiMisa: Yes, it is, it is inside the American legion and somebody brought this dog that he just rescued now.

00:34:50.790 --> 00:34:54.060 Tommy DiMisa: I don't know what that meant to him, but he's just got this from Alabama.

00:34:54.330 --> 00:35:03.990 Tommy DiMisa: and new calling the dog Allah or alley or something like that right, and you know the dog was super wild and like jumped up like out my face.

00:35:04.440 --> 00:35:05.730 Tommy DiMisa: And sort of like I felt.

00:35:05.790 --> 00:35:08.310 Tommy DiMisa: I felt like I felt like a nip on my lip.

00:35:08.820 --> 00:35:09.780 Tommy DiMisa: And i'm like whoa.

00:35:11.160 --> 00:35:11.820 Tommy DiMisa: So I.

00:35:11.880 --> 00:35:12.660 Tommy DiMisa: Think it's like.

00:35:13.650 --> 00:35:18.540 Tommy DiMisa: it's it's an awareness and i'm fine it didn't break skate it was nothing there's no big deal but but.

00:35:18.600 --> 00:35:19.200 Tommy DiMisa: I mean had to.

00:35:20.070 --> 00:35:24.570 Tommy DiMisa: call me better you know would have caught my lip or whatever my point is.

00:35:25.920 --> 00:35:31.020 Tommy DiMisa: it's so important, and I will give a shout out to my friend Regina Mendoza who is our buddies.

00:35:31.410 --> 00:35:36.600 Tommy DiMisa: On the first ever episode of this show having gone out I don't know if you saw today Valerie or anybody else on Facebook.

00:35:36.660 --> 00:35:37.860 Charli: But she's got the pool out.

00:35:38.070 --> 00:35:44.430 Tommy DiMisa: And she's got all the cameras out in the pool like it's starting to be summertime here in New York so she's had to campus swimming Regina does.

00:35:45.030 --> 00:35:47.640 Valerie Heffron: He know runs rescue skills.

00:35:47.700 --> 00:35:49.290 Tommy DiMisa: can have a sales camp.

00:35:49.290 --> 00:35:52.920 Tommy DiMisa: Happy tail nyc over in Queens and I remember.

00:35:52.950 --> 00:35:55.470 Tommy DiMisa: going through the process with her, and when we were considering adopting.

00:35:55.620 --> 00:35:57.840 Tommy DiMisa: Our campers over there, it was such.

00:35:57.900 --> 00:36:06.450 Tommy DiMisa: Such stringent process and then she was checking us out and I, and you know she had so much to say about explaining the doors so again.

00:36:07.020 --> 00:36:12.240 Tommy DiMisa: I don't know the situation was his dog that I kind of tried to buy me whatever and I don't even know it was totally just excited.

00:36:12.480 --> 00:36:24.930 Tommy DiMisa: I was like wow he looks like a cool guy actually jump up and see him right it probably was, but the point is right, as the owner of the animal, as the first dad for mom we have a certain responsibility to know what the heck.

00:36:24.930 --> 00:36:28.800 Tommy DiMisa: The personality of their own personalities, is that, like.

00:36:28.950 --> 00:36:30.810 Charli: Am I, being a species, but what the.

00:36:33.210 --> 00:36:41.820 Tommy DiMisa: All of the animal is right and the temperament and that's like if I did, if I adopt that dog I got to know right like that's my deal right.

00:36:42.150 --> 00:36:43.620 MG: yeah so i'm going to jump in getting.

00:36:44.880 --> 00:36:47.640 MG: A don't say pet owner say guardian.

00:36:48.060 --> 00:36:56.850 MG: guardian yeah so owner, because we own furniture, we ought to call us animals, yes plenty and all all animals are sentient beings.

00:36:57.750 --> 00:37:11.220 MG: The term sentience means that they're capable of fear pain and suffering every animal is, including snails and the shellfish and and every animals, because if you sent him so we so add a New York.

00:37:11.730 --> 00:37:19.440 MG: In many states animals are considered property and our laws will never change with animals when we continue to get treat them as property so that's why.

00:37:20.010 --> 00:37:27.960 MG: it's a huge issue when you have criminal laws, because it's hard to get anyone for for certain penalty levels.

00:37:28.470 --> 00:37:34.770 MG: That are continuing to shoot this property, so I always say guardian That being said in your case right there and your story.

00:37:35.580 --> 00:37:41.880 MG: Absolutely it's the human so and it's the rescue group there are a lot of rescue groups out there now that don't do the right thing.

00:37:42.180 --> 00:37:49.890 MG: they've jumped in I think this is a good way to make money so let's just go take a bunch of dogs in the south, which they're getting killed all day long, seven days a week.

00:37:50.280 --> 00:37:53.160 MG: Because you see so many because spay and neuters another big thing down there.

00:37:53.520 --> 00:38:01.410 MG: i'm almost safety song let's bring them up here let's further exploit them let's not do any background checks any objects any bad checks.

00:38:01.650 --> 00:38:12.420 MG: What you've done with the family, some of them don't even sterilize them anymore let's give them no background the dog was not doing evil let's not understand the Chapman test and then just you know, good luck.

00:38:12.600 --> 00:38:17.490 MG: So once again the animals exploited so i'm not saying that to happen with Europe with this time.

00:38:17.730 --> 00:38:24.360 MG: But I do know that, depending on when this dog was rescued you don't put a dog and that type of.

00:38:24.360 --> 00:38:25.920 Valerie Heffron: Situation exactly.

00:38:25.980 --> 00:38:27.750 Valerie Heffron: yeah I know exactly what i'm thinking.

00:38:27.840 --> 00:38:42.240 MG: We don't know who knows it could have been a month before too much could have been a happy dog I don't know the situation but 99.99% of the times it's the human it's not the animal the dog didn't didn't really do a makeup.

00:38:43.560 --> 00:38:57.060 MG: guardian know the animal and what environment they're placing them in so usually so any case, thank you, it was the dog jumps up, I cannot tell you how much time people will just think that's a great idea what Sue so now we've.

00:38:57.510 --> 00:39:04.770 MG: got the dog that's going to end, depending on what town, it is it's an issue Charlie and I worked in these cases before and.

00:39:05.670 --> 00:39:11.700 MG: it's not fair i'm not going to go into huge discussion on it, but dangerous dog hearings are serious.

00:39:12.390 --> 00:39:22.800 MG: They happen way too frequently, a lot of times it's it doesn't work out well for the dog and the easiest thing to do is to cleanse and the danger so i've got the good, they have a second bite that's just not a big deal.

00:39:23.280 --> 00:39:34.170 MG: Then they've got marks on them, many people Sue and they don't realize the repercussions of what that means for that job, and then the Guardian the family, they can't afford a lawyer or Chinese what are they.

00:39:34.650 --> 00:39:38.130 MG: Using the username to go under their brand through shelter, what does the dog do wrong.

00:39:38.250 --> 00:39:40.530 MG: yeah no i'm excited he jumped on you.

00:39:41.070 --> 00:39:41.730 You soon.

00:39:42.810 --> 00:39:48.600 MG: Tell it's the animal always suffers i'll leave it at the humans are the ones that really tend to make.

00:39:48.630 --> 00:39:59.280 Tommy DiMisa: A mistake it's organization it's organizations it's like organizations like yours, Melissa as organizations like Regina is professionals like Charlie and advocates like Valerie I that are pointing these things out to see.

00:39:59.310 --> 00:40:01.020 Tommy DiMisa: This is what we need to be aware of.

00:40:01.380 --> 00:40:02.400 Valerie Heffron: it's not a wrong.

00:40:02.550 --> 00:40:03.840 Tommy DiMisa: You know, to go get a dog at.

00:40:04.590 --> 00:40:10.710 Tommy DiMisa: One of these distribution centers for puppy mills i'm not even you know our friend Brian told me that when i'm calling them pet stores.

00:40:10.890 --> 00:40:21.420 Tommy DiMisa: But they go get a dog that one of those places, or even a rescue that that you've not you as the the pet guardian, have not been properly vetted it's it's it's a recipe for for problems right out of the gate.

00:40:21.540 --> 00:40:22.020 Tommy DiMisa: So it's.

00:40:22.080 --> 00:40:22.440 Tommy DiMisa: worse.

00:40:22.500 --> 00:40:23.550 MG: Right so it's organized.

00:40:23.880 --> 00:40:25.680 Tommy DiMisa: This is what we're trying to do now i'm pissed off.

00:40:27.270 --> 00:40:29.100 Tommy DiMisa: About this, I need to jump in on this.

00:40:29.100 --> 00:40:30.180 Valerie Heffron: conversation because.

00:40:30.180 --> 00:40:30.600 Tommy DiMisa: it's very.

00:40:30.630 --> 00:40:32.220 Valerie Heffron: Timely and.

00:40:32.520 --> 00:40:47.070 Valerie Heffron: One of the things that I want to bring out is and and it's funny because the people who run reputable rescues they always say this and it's very true, there needs to be regulation for the rescues you know right now.

00:40:47.760 --> 00:40:58.920 Valerie Heffron: I can start a rescue tomorrow I needed to final and see I don't have to do home visits I don't have to do what Regina does and make you give a virtual tour of your home where she's telling you you.

00:40:58.920 --> 00:41:00.360 Charli: need to buy a backyard.

00:41:00.570 --> 00:41:11.490 Valerie Heffron: You know what i'm saying like they don't there's no standards and the good news is that I actually just got a message earlier today from this gentleman who's running for Congress.

00:41:11.970 --> 00:41:21.330 Valerie Heffron: In long island he's running for one of the seats and he messaged me and said, you know I want to sit down and understand what I can propose If I win.

00:41:21.750 --> 00:41:37.770 Valerie Heffron: And what we can do for the animals, so this is exciting stuff to me, because it shows that if you go where the Horn and you do everything you can to get these messages out there, you know, over time, things do change look at what just happened in New York with the property.

00:41:39.030 --> 00:41:44.550 Valerie Heffron: Melissa you mentioned how animals are treated like property in the State of New York, they just recently changed.

00:41:45.390 --> 00:41:56.370 Valerie Heffron: The divorce, the way that they handle pets and animals through divorce proceeding and no longer treated like properties that's a big deal to treating them more like children as.

00:41:57.030 --> 00:41:59.430 MG: A child standard is what they're doing now.

00:41:59.460 --> 00:42:00.510 Valerie Heffron: yeah I mean that's.

00:42:01.140 --> 00:42:05.190 Valerie Heffron: A huge win and they used to just be like either figure it out or we're going to show your dog.

00:42:06.180 --> 00:42:07.770 Valerie Heffron: And you guys can split the money I.

00:42:08.850 --> 00:42:10.560 Tommy DiMisa: don't but what do you compare it.

00:42:10.620 --> 00:42:13.320 Tommy DiMisa: to people who might not you will either have human children.

00:42:13.350 --> 00:42:13.980 Tommy DiMisa: or don't.

00:42:14.370 --> 00:42:20.640 Tommy DiMisa: You know, like people who are pet guardians that's part of your family that is not a cow guess.

00:42:20.670 --> 00:42:21.750 Tommy DiMisa: we're not going to knock it off.

00:42:21.780 --> 00:42:23.010 Charli: Like sell the couch for sort.

00:42:23.010 --> 00:42:24.510 Tommy DiMisa: Of box and walk up the money that's.

00:42:24.900 --> 00:42:26.010 Part of the family.

00:42:29.340 --> 00:42:30.630 MG: Daniels is common sense.

00:42:30.630 --> 00:42:32.070 MG: So when it comes down to what.

00:42:32.100 --> 00:42:33.600 Charli: we're talking to Charlie imagine.

00:42:34.020 --> 00:42:36.090 MG: The Board and saying like you've made a.

00:42:36.150 --> 00:42:37.440 MG: ton of before, when you send your.

00:42:37.440 --> 00:42:38.640 MG: Child someplace else.

00:42:41.070 --> 00:42:43.590 MG: So it's common sense, common sense, with.

00:42:44.070 --> 00:42:48.780 MG: You know, when you do rescue a dog looking see you know what kind of group, it is, what can I track record they have.

00:42:49.740 --> 00:43:00.540 MG: We see it all the time and our rescue group, you know people that are saying oh I just adopted a dog and can I have a low cost spay neuter certificate well first thing I say where's your job to dogs from that they give you enough sterilized.

00:43:01.260 --> 00:43:08.340 Valerie Heffron: Right, you know what Melissa Unfortunately I realized over time that common sense is really not that common.

00:43:08.430 --> 00:43:09.570 MG: it's not really.

00:43:10.560 --> 00:43:10.710 I.

00:43:12.210 --> 00:43:17.580 MG: mean I always say wait out and i've always said, we need to have a you just mentioned.

00:43:18.780 --> 00:43:25.890 MG: entity and organization that's going to be on top of these pressures to adhere to certain standards.

00:43:26.580 --> 00:43:28.890 MG: Even with and Kobe really had a lot.

00:43:28.920 --> 00:43:33.600 MG: Because a lot of people jump into another fantastic way to exploit animals and.

00:43:33.660 --> 00:43:34.650 MG: it's bad.

00:43:34.710 --> 00:43:41.220 MG: And there's some groups know the bad groups that are out there, but again, people like Dr dawn really.

00:43:42.180 --> 00:43:43.890 MG: warm and check it's not sterile.

00:43:44.760 --> 00:43:48.120 MG: Know off of a truck and move a block a lot what were you thinking.

00:43:48.270 --> 00:43:57.840 Tommy DiMisa: I want to we're going to go to break in a second here, but I want to just make one point, because you guys, the three of you are all in the know and i'm starting to become in the know, but I will tell you as.

00:43:57.900 --> 00:43:59.280 Tommy DiMisa: As some of our listeners, who are.

00:43:59.280 --> 00:43:59.640 Tommy DiMisa: Not.

00:43:59.670 --> 00:44:07.140 Tommy DiMisa: In the know or just coming into this world I always from the beginning i've played this sort of role and position in our conversation that.

00:44:07.530 --> 00:44:15.720 Tommy DiMisa: I don't get it, I want to learn that whole thing which i'm still playing, I want to tell you, even in my experience shout out again to Regina in that process that we went through.

00:44:16.170 --> 00:44:19.260 Tommy DiMisa: I didn't know that you know, a dog has to be spayed.

00:44:19.920 --> 00:44:27.570 Tommy DiMisa: or neutered before you take it off the not had to but should be I didn't know that they should be chipped you know so they can be found if they go missing so.

00:44:27.840 --> 00:44:38.190 Tommy DiMisa: I again, you know what it is sometimes in a paradigm like you look around, and you know everything like there's a lot of because you're in it and I don't mean no judgment it's more so just me recognizing that.

00:44:38.490 --> 00:44:45.540 Tommy DiMisa: I didn't know this stuff and i'm learning about it, so I think value when you call it, common sense I don't know that it is necessarily for regular folks we're not like.

00:44:45.630 --> 00:44:46.260 Valerie Heffron: Oh no what.

00:44:46.890 --> 00:44:47.100 Charli: What.

00:44:48.030 --> 00:44:57.030 Valerie Heffron: What she was referencing was we, I mean especially especially animals, they don't have a voice so of course I would never I don't boards my dog to go on.

00:44:57.030 --> 00:44:57.750 Tommy DiMisa: vacation by.

00:44:58.590 --> 00:44:59.190 MG: doing that.

00:45:00.570 --> 00:45:02.550 Valerie Heffron: that's what she was referencing with common sense that.

00:45:02.550 --> 00:45:03.690 Valerie Heffron: Your point Tommy.

00:45:04.050 --> 00:45:16.080 Valerie Heffron: 100%, this is the issue for this it let's say, and these are good hearted people, you have to realize, we can manage adoption yes we're huge you know proponents of adopt don't shop right so.

00:45:16.500 --> 00:45:28.500 Valerie Heffron: When someone says, you know what I want to rescue, I want to adopt an animal and you can't hold them if if they don't know but they might Google like rescues near me or something like that.

00:45:29.100 --> 00:45:38.490 Valerie Heffron: And then, if you think about how Google works, the person who's paying the most can get highest ranking and the next thing you know you're on their website and you fall in love and.

00:45:38.820 --> 00:45:48.660 Valerie Heffron: You fall in love with an animal and then you then that's it and you don't know how the standards are of the rescue it's a problem right we're working on it.

00:45:48.720 --> 00:45:55.920 Tommy DiMisa: We do we do need to go to a quick break when we come back Melissa I want you to share a little bit about the organization.

00:45:56.280 --> 00:46:05.370 Tommy DiMisa: pause and what you really like what how people can help help people get involved let's talk about that, when come back, I do have to make a shout out to one of our dear friends he's checking in on Facebook.

00:46:06.480 --> 00:46:08.220 Tommy DiMisa: tanya diebold arrives at Bible.

00:46:09.780 --> 00:46:12.870 Tommy DiMisa: going for so thank you for your friendship thanks for being a guest in the.

00:46:12.870 --> 00:46:13.380 Valerie Heffron: past.

00:46:13.470 --> 00:46:18.360 Tommy DiMisa: Like thanks always check well and we will be right back we'll take a quick break we come back we'll talk more about pause.

00:46:18.990 --> 00:46:21.060 Charli: Definitely it's.

00:46:22.110 --> 00:46:22.710 A buddy.

00:46:22.890 --> 00:46:24.660 Tommy key the nonprofit sector.

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00:48:17.460 --> 00:48:23.190 Tommy DiMisa: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to power is in the House, we got the radio, they have to say.

00:48:23.340 --> 00:48:24.450 Tommy DiMisa: The radio check.

00:48:24.540 --> 00:48:30.240 Tommy DiMisa: The radio check us to be a radio show, and I was thinking of that coming up this dance before Charlie.

00:48:30.510 --> 00:48:31.680 Tommy DiMisa: In the House, we got.

00:48:32.220 --> 00:48:33.360 Tommy DiMisa: That Tommy how your brain works.

00:48:34.440 --> 00:48:40.350 Tommy DiMisa: The dog chick and we got pause and the show is called pals how funny is that what I said.

00:48:40.950 --> 00:48:50.940 Tommy DiMisa: Alright, so let's get right back into it, but before we hear about pause which is pioneers for animal welfare society and a great program which they have over there, that I really want to ask, Melissa about.

00:48:51.420 --> 00:48:58.920 Tommy DiMisa: I got a text from my partner in this particular endeavor who said I need to read something when we get back from break and that happens to be Valerie so Valerie.

00:49:00.570 --> 00:49:01.500 Valerie Heffron: Okay, so.

00:49:02.520 --> 00:49:08.850 Valerie Heffron: So I want to make this additional point um because you're talking about that that guy who.

00:49:09.420 --> 00:49:16.230 Valerie Heffron: adopted a dog invited to the American legion and adoptions are definitely on the rise, that's a good thing.

00:49:16.590 --> 00:49:28.140 Valerie Heffron: But one of the things that I also have a major concern over and Charlie and I have talked about this is that there's a lot of shelters municipal shelters taxpayer funded shelters.

00:49:28.380 --> 00:49:42.570 Valerie Heffron: Who don't hire these on merit okay and it's horrible because what happens the animals don't get what you deserve and the taxpayers suffer because they're paying for it and things like.

00:49:42.630 --> 00:49:44.640 Valerie Heffron: bite cases and surrender is.

00:49:44.700 --> 00:49:50.760 Valerie Heffron: Our our increase and everyone loses so Charlie was.

00:49:50.820 --> 00:50:01.500 Valerie Heffron: an applicant for a mystical shelter to be Tom one of their much needed behavior consultant I believe was the title of it and.

00:50:02.880 --> 00:50:09.870 Valerie Heffron: She was it was someone professional how it, this is tammy said how they handled it she didn't even give her the courtesy.

00:50:10.140 --> 00:50:23.280 Valerie Heffron: of calling or emailing her to let her know that she in fact was passed over now, aside from that she found out from a Facebook post, but she wrote this letter which was read into record at the.

00:50:23.310 --> 00:50:24.630 Charli: town of Hempstead me.

00:50:25.020 --> 00:50:42.930 Valerie Heffron: And I just want to read a quick blurb from it the person, the person who was chosen i'll leave the name out of it this person received her CP the tk a title just in time for the applications to be submitted, you cannot compare.

00:50:43.290 --> 00:50:45.060 Valerie Heffron: Her 300 hours of.

00:50:45.240 --> 00:50:54.780 Valerie Heffron: requires hands on experience in order to sit for the exams to my fourth third season 30 years of actual working.

00:50:54.780 --> 00:50:57.270 Valerie Heffron: Experience and my 24 hours of.

00:50:57.270 --> 00:50:59.190 Valerie Heffron: Schooling as we continue.

00:50:59.370 --> 00:51:07.140 Valerie Heffron: In order to remain educated on the most current and up to date scientific findings regarding behavior and training.

00:51:07.410 --> 00:51:13.860 Valerie Heffron: For dogs what I cannot understand is how there was even a choice to be made.

00:51:14.100 --> 00:51:16.650 Valerie Heffron: I am a 30 year veteran and adores world.

00:51:16.680 --> 00:51:20.250 Valerie Heffron: I hold several of the most prestigious certifications.

00:51:20.340 --> 00:51:21.300 Valerie Heffron: I have worked with.

00:51:21.660 --> 00:51:37.140 Valerie Heffron: Many of the rescue organizations located right here on long island and throughout the country i'm certified and experience in all aspects of short training and, most importantly, in behavior and behavior modification, I want to make this clear.

00:51:38.280 --> 00:51:47.640 Valerie Heffron: Five years later, we are cells feeling this the loss and and the effects of this horrific hiring decision.

00:51:48.060 --> 00:51:56.850 Valerie Heffron: And I for 1am still serious about it and the worst part about it as if you don't care about animals but you're a taxpayer, you should care about this okay.

00:51:57.570 --> 00:52:13.260 Valerie Heffron: Charlie sorrentino his bid was for $40 an hour they awarded the least qualified inexperienced person for $60 an hour you tell me where that happens, and how that makes sense well.

00:52:13.260 --> 00:52:27.210 Tommy DiMisa: I live on this island and that's tragic and that's a terrible story, and those are dollars that are taken out of my dollars to for my family and to put at somebody who's inexperienced or does not have and i'm looking as you're reading that I.

00:52:27.210 --> 00:52:27.900 Tommy DiMisa: Have charlie's.

00:52:27.990 --> 00:52:29.100 Charli: resume right here.

00:52:29.310 --> 00:52:30.390 Charli: You know these years of.

00:52:30.420 --> 00:52:33.600 Tommy DiMisa: Certified Kanaan behaviorist certified professional dog.

00:52:33.630 --> 00:52:35.580 Tommy DiMisa: trainers diploma of canine behavior.

00:52:35.580 --> 00:52:36.930 Charli: Studies pop pop pop up.

00:52:36.930 --> 00:52:37.110 Tommy DiMisa: On.

00:52:37.140 --> 00:52:41.580 Tommy DiMisa: and on and on and on and on non that's an incredible loss and all i've been listening to.

00:52:41.640 --> 00:52:42.090 Tommy DiMisa: Not all.

00:52:42.120 --> 00:52:43.380 Tommy DiMisa: But a lot of what I looked into from.

00:52:43.380 --> 00:52:43.950 Tommy DiMisa: Valerie.

00:52:44.430 --> 00:52:46.260 Tommy DiMisa: And even coming up with the idea to do.

00:52:46.260 --> 00:52:48.660 Tommy DiMisa: The show was the tragedy.

00:52:48.840 --> 00:52:49.980 Tommy DiMisa: of how these animals.

00:52:49.980 --> 00:52:52.140 Tommy DiMisa: are treated in Africa can shelter here.

00:52:52.980 --> 00:53:04.380 Tommy DiMisa: counties so Charlie we're going to run out of time and I don't want to do that, I want to give them a list of shots that talk about swap and some of the other programs at her organization, but you have a quick response you want to talk about that what Valerie just read.

00:53:06.780 --> 00:53:17.340 Charli: Well, unfortunately that's not the only shelter it's pretty much all the municipal shelters and the fact that they even though they have the budget.

00:53:17.970 --> 00:53:29.760 Charli: You know and i've tried to express this to to several shelters have a behavior specialist have one or two trainers and then bring the volunteers, and this is how we're going to get the job done.

00:53:30.030 --> 00:53:49.080 Charli: With a team of people you can't leave it up to one person, you have to have one person in charge of it, but this is what with all the thousands and thousands of dollars, that the town gives these shelters to run they really need to have a specific behavior training Program.

00:53:49.140 --> 00:53:50.520 Charli: That I said just not in one.

00:53:51.180 --> 00:54:03.990 Valerie Heffron: fire and they should hire them based on merit it's a five and a half million dollar shelter 438 million goes to payroll they should hire the person at the top, and I agree with you it's not a one person job, it is a team.

00:54:04.290 --> 00:54:10.080 Valerie Heffron: right that said that person at the top needs to be hired based on their qualifications and marriage.

00:54:11.040 --> 00:54:18.840 MG: Well, the shelter she should hire it should never be anyone that works at the shelters should be hired because no qualification across the board.

00:54:19.950 --> 00:54:20.850 MG: 20th correct.

00:54:20.910 --> 00:54:28.500 MG: me shelter and that's just not hear that that's most places so at the end of the day, and it is a team and running a rescue group.

00:54:28.920 --> 00:54:37.230 MG: and Marco and Charlie we only do work together so whether it's trolley and I or it's Austin the veterinarians or us working together shelters.

00:54:37.530 --> 00:54:43.410 MG: Where we can do as a rescue group and we all do it for free, you know we're all not for profit we're all volunteers.

00:54:43.800 --> 00:54:58.590 MG: What we can do working collaboratively with our shelters, whether it's helping the dogs, the Community cash, which is a huge issue Community cats out in long island if we can work collaboratively it could make so much easier and then the win with it would be.

00:54:58.650 --> 00:54:59.640 Tommy DiMisa: The animals, you know.

00:55:00.120 --> 00:55:00.600 Tommy DiMisa: Valerie.

00:55:01.440 --> 00:55:13.770 Tommy DiMisa: I want you to jump in to listen to it again because I want you to tell us about the work, but I need to do it in 60 seconds, without the word coalition in my mind i'll talk to you about it later I have an idea I always have ideas, Melissa give me the skinny on the organization.

00:55:13.770 --> 00:55:21.150 MG: So cool yeah plus has been around for close to 15 years and one island is one of the, it is the oldest group or an animal welfare group, we have seven programs.

00:55:21.930 --> 00:55:26.160 MG: We have an adoption program at tn our program, which is a Community cats.

00:55:26.820 --> 00:55:42.720 MG: low cost spay neuter program the financial assistance program humane education program of public outreach program where we bring people in my trolley we do lectures a local libraries to educate people on basic issues animal related issues, and then we have a swath Program.

00:55:42.780 --> 00:55:48.690 MG: Which is eating an animal side and national we have CD citizens take care of their patch senior citizens.

00:55:48.900 --> 00:55:52.470 MG: And all they have is just pass on the vendor they need a little bit of help.

00:55:52.470 --> 00:55:54.750 MG: getting around it can no longer walk the dog at the.

00:55:54.750 --> 00:55:55.680 Charli: Animals to the batch.

00:55:56.040 --> 00:55:59.010 MG: Our our volunteers are all FBI background check.

00:55:59.100 --> 00:56:00.450 MG: You go into the homes, we.

00:56:00.450 --> 00:56:01.740 MG: do everything we can to.

00:56:01.740 --> 00:56:03.570 MG: Make sure that that stays with the senior so.

00:56:03.570 --> 00:56:03.840 Charli: We.

00:56:04.080 --> 00:56:16.890 MG: will start to change it later we bring them to the BAT we pay for the bills we buy the food we bring in Charlie to help work with the animal to see, and you can get the job out anymore well as Charlie come in and help teach the dog that he used to be really bad.

00:56:17.190 --> 00:56:18.900 MG: and good job now is ha.

00:56:19.080 --> 00:56:20.910 Tommy DiMisa: We need to talk about so I got it we gotta leave it.

00:56:20.910 --> 00:56:21.270 Tommy DiMisa: There, but.

00:56:21.570 --> 00:56:22.740 Charli: You want more information.

00:56:23.070 --> 00:56:30.690 Tommy DiMisa: you're going to go to pause hyphen i'm thinking you should probably come on my other show you and me, Melissa was talking about this stuff for an hour well so.

00:56:30.750 --> 00:56:31.830 Tommy DiMisa: we'll do that in the summertime.

00:56:32.610 --> 00:56:34.530 Tommy DiMisa: Another quick thing is you.

00:56:35.700 --> 00:56:38.520 Tommy DiMisa: How old to somebody has to be to work in that swap Program.

00:56:39.210 --> 00:56:43.500 MG: As long as you can drive and Lazarus will have mothers that was dry desert kids.

00:56:43.560 --> 00:56:45.420 Tommy DiMisa: i'm asking if I can bring one of my children's.

00:56:45.420 --> 00:56:49.320 Tommy DiMisa: is one of my one of my son's is crazy for dogs and i'd love to get them involved if that's.

00:56:49.320 --> 00:56:58.800 MG: Okay, absolutely we can talk, we always need volunteers, we also do see volunteers do animal transport food chance for picking up animals food dogs, we need admin help.

00:56:59.610 --> 00:57:01.770 MG: volunteer groups like running a cooperation we'll do.

00:57:01.830 --> 00:57:03.480 Tommy DiMisa: That right yeah I told again.

00:57:09.090 --> 00:57:15.240 Tommy DiMisa: Share more information will share on Facebook I shared all your guys information on Facebook, we do have to leave it here because we're at the end of.

00:57:16.440 --> 00:57:16.560 Tommy DiMisa: The.

00:57:17.520 --> 00:57:31.620 Valerie Heffron: month from today is our first annual our inaugural compassion awards event where we're going to be giving out awards to people in in this space and it's going to be awesome and awesome everybody should be there.

00:57:32.010 --> 00:57:34.350 Tommy DiMisa: October 11 2022 it is exactly.

00:57:34.350 --> 00:57:42.870 Tommy DiMisa: Five today, yes out on long island charlie's aren't you know the dog check thanks for being here, Melissa thanks for being here, we appreciate it all.

00:57:43.080 --> 00:57:51.480 Tommy DiMisa: I must leave you now with this last quote, and then we will just fade to black and see you next week, this is from Mahatma Gandhi, and it goes the greatness of a nation.

00:57:51.570 --> 00:57:52.800 Tommy DiMisa: and its moral progress.

00:57:53.100 --> 00:57:55.380 Tommy DiMisa: can be judged by the way.

00:57:55.650 --> 00:57:56.490 Charli: it's animals.

00:57:56.580 --> 00:57:59.760 Tommy DiMisa: are treated treat all the animals in your life, the human ones and the.

00:57:59.760 --> 00:58:00.300 Tommy DiMisa: Animal I.

00:58:01.200 --> 00:58:01.590 See you guys.

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