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Monday, May 9, 2022
Facebook Live Video from 2022/05/09 - Exploring the Edges of Health, Nutrition and Inflammation

Facebook Live Video from 2022/05/09 - Exploring the Edges of Health, Nutrition and Inflammation


2022/05/09 - Exploring the Edges of Health, Nutrition and Inflammation

[NEW EPISODE]  Exploring the Edges of Health, Nutrition and Inflammation

"There is no such thing as healthy food. There is only healthy food for YOU!" - Lyn-Genet Recitas

Lyn-Genet Recitas , CEO, Sports Nutritionist, NMT, Holistic Health Practitioner + RYT, is the NY Times and International Bestselling author of The Plan and The Metabolism Plan, a groundbreaking anti-inflammatory nutritional protocol which has been published in over 15 countries.

She’s been featured on Dr. Oz, Huffington Post, CBS, NBC, Fox News, Women’s Running, Fitness, Marie Claire, Elle, and Prevention. **Lyn-Genet and I will be talking about the edges of health, nutrition, fitness, self-care and mental health - and, of course, aging.

Tune in for this edgy conversation at or watch the Facebook Livestream by Clicking Here.

Show Notes

Segment 1

Sandra starts by explaining the purpose of The Edge of Everday, which is to explore our rough edges. She then introduces her guest, Lyn-Genet Recitas, who is a CEO, Sports Nutritionist, NMT, Holistic Health Practitioner + RYT, and the NY Times and International Bestselling Author of The Plan and The Metabolism Plan. Sandra then talks about the national days coming up that are dedicated to various foods and other things. Lyn-Genet explains that NMT is neuromuscular therapy. She then talks about how she blends physical health, mental health, and emotional health at her holistic health center. She then explains that the inflammatory process exists to help heal your body but chronic low-grade inflammation can cause disease. She got into her work inflammation through studying Chinese medicine. She then talks about discovering that inflammation causes diseases rather than the other way around.

Segment 2

Lyn-Genet talks about developing her protocol based on the first couple hundred people she worked with. She noticed that foods that didn’t work for people’s bodies would cause them to gain weight and other issues. She worked on creating a universal template for the type of work she did with her clients and put it into her book. She then talks about how heightened levels of cortisol can affect your health and weight and how to mitigate some of it.

Segment 3

Lyn-Genet talks about how foods that are not right for your body can cause you to produce histamine which leads to inflammation. Participants of her plan are expected to lose 0.4 to 0.6 pounds per day but foods that do not agree with someone’s body can cause them to gain up to four pounds. She also talks about how your chemistry changes throughout the years which will affect which foods cause inflammation. Lyn-Genet speaks about the gut-health aspect of her plan. She also stresses the importance of rotating your foods. She then talks about the myths surrounding the health of bread and gluten.

Segment 4

Listeners can find Lyn-Genet at Lyn-Genet talks about an inflammation and depression series she has started called Tame the Flame. She goes into detail about how hormones affect your mood, metabolism, gut function, and more. She also talks about the link between food and mood. Lyn-Genet believes that supplements have health benefits but should be rotated. She then talks about what MSM, how it works, and what the benefits of it are. She says not to take probiotics on a daily basis because gut diversity is extremely important and touches on the harms of prebiotics. She ends by telling listeners to do what works for them and to only take her advice if they are looking for a solution to certain problems.


00:00:04.080 --> 00:00:11.400 Welcome everyone i'm Sander bards been a few years ago I wrote and performed a solo show called the edge of every day.

00:00:11.910 --> 00:00:17.550 which was an exploration of the rough edges and contradictions, we all face and grapple with.

00:00:18.420 --> 00:00:26.760 The show hit a nerve and the relevance of the topic would only grow over time, more than I could have foreseen So here we are.

00:00:27.570 --> 00:00:39.000 Real talk with real people sharing stories and perspectives that spark pocket of invitations to leap out of what to say on the edge of everything thanks for listening.

00:00:41.340 --> 00:00:53.550 Sandra Bargman: Hello everyone, we are live in the hive, thank you for joining me on this, the 27th episode of the edge of every day here on talk radio dot nyc.

00:00:54.240 --> 00:00:58.950 Sandra Bargman: For those of you who are tuning in for the first time and for those of you who don't know me.

00:00:59.370 --> 00:01:14.130 Sandra Bargman: Yet I encourage you to check out my bio on talk radio dot nyc or, of course, you can visit my website Sandra bridgeman calm and please tune into any of my previous episodes with my inspiring guests.

00:01:15.150 --> 00:01:23.250 Sandra Bargman: In a nutshell, this show is about celebrating triumphs pushing boundaries and exploring rough edges.

00:01:23.670 --> 00:01:36.990 Sandra Bargman: Through conversations and shared stories with friends and colleagues it's my hope that we can begin to understand our edges and what I mean by edges is those places where we are fearful.

00:01:37.620 --> 00:01:53.610 Sandra Bargman: those places where we're resistant to change those places where paradoxes and contradictions live in our beliefs and our understandings both about ourselves, and about the world around us those places we don't want to look.

00:01:55.170 --> 00:02:08.130 Sandra Bargman: We live in turbulent times and we are coming to understand that life simply isn't black or white, it must be an embrace of both, and the more we recognize our own edges.

00:02:08.610 --> 00:02:19.470 Sandra Bargman: and get real about them, the more we can help others to do the same, and that I fully believe can help to change the world so thanks for tuning in.

00:02:20.880 --> 00:02:25.800 Sandra Bargman: And without further ado, it is time to introduce our guest this evening.

00:02:27.180 --> 00:02:34.290 Sandra Bargman: rick pressure is a Canadian author an in demand keynote speaker and a storyteller.

00:02:34.950 --> 00:02:44.940 Sandra Bargman: he's had a diverse career as a journalist a Roman Catholic priest an executive director of a national NGO in healing justice.

00:02:45.450 --> 00:02:54.060 Sandra Bargman: The Church Council on justice and corrections in Canada and political staff to three members of the Canadian Parliament.

00:02:54.630 --> 00:03:17.850 Sandra Bargman: He is a winner of the national RON we be restorative justice award prashar received a bachelor of journalism with honors at carleton University in Ottawa and a masters of divinity at the University of Western Ontario he also studied at San anselmo college in Rome.

00:03:18.960 --> 00:03:27.390 Sandra Bargman: his son Adam inspired him to be an advocate for transgendered human rights and organ donor ship.

00:03:27.960 --> 00:03:53.130 Sandra Bargman: His first memoir sore Adam sore is based on the life of his remarkable son, who tragically passed away in 2016 his latest and second book Father rick Roman Catholic of faith memoir was published by freezing press in February 2022 hello, and welcome rick.

00:03:53.970 --> 00:03:56.910 Rick Prashaw: I Sander it's so good to be here with you.

00:03:57.390 --> 00:04:04.350 Sandra Bargman: It is so good to be here with you, I am truly truly honored to have you on this show.

00:04:04.830 --> 00:04:22.830 Sandra Bargman: Those of you listening in in our pre talk just now I got a little teary eyed and I said oh let's get the let's get the the the tissues ready it's been a while, since I have been so moved by a book and by someone's personal story.

00:04:24.060 --> 00:04:28.950 Sandra Bargman: So here's the book we're just going to dive right in out of the gates here's the book.

00:04:30.060 --> 00:04:35.610 Sandra Bargman: Can we see it, Roman I hate these things I hate my there it is Roman Catholic.

00:04:36.840 --> 00:04:46.110 Sandra Bargman: Roman Catholic spelled R a m I and not not your regular Roman Catholic how did you come up with that title rick.

00:04:47.070 --> 00:04:50.070 Rick Prashaw: You know Sandra I forget.

00:04:51.420 --> 00:04:52.080 Sandra Bargman: Good answer.

00:04:52.440 --> 00:04:58.380 Rick Prashaw: The likely Aha moment, like all great brilliant moments in my life, probably was a dog walk.

00:04:59.640 --> 00:05:03.600 Rick Prashaw: Inevitably it's a dog walk with my Dallas who's listening in here.

00:05:03.990 --> 00:05:05.550 Rick Prashaw: At my team and.

00:05:06.780 --> 00:05:18.270 Rick Prashaw: All the great things in my life come when I just sort of forget everything else love Dallas go for a walk and probably that's when it jumped into my head and I smiled because it's so.

00:05:19.020 --> 00:05:22.290 Rick Prashaw: Was manon and it was so the book yeah.

00:05:22.380 --> 00:05:26.760 Sandra Bargman: Totally well my my former Catholic husband really appreciated it.

00:05:28.920 --> 00:05:36.270 Sandra Bargman: I have to read something for everyone it's from the preface and it just really sums this book up perfectly.

00:05:37.500 --> 00:05:49.380 Sandra Bargman: But why tell the story at all on the surface, it is intriguing Father rick a Catholic priest marriage, a new vocation his father to add them.

00:05:49.920 --> 00:06:00.060 Sandra Bargman: A cruel tragedy and a permanent grief that has discovered a surprising life saving gratitude in the choices, I could still make.

00:06:00.870 --> 00:06:15.720 Sandra Bargman: dig deeper and then the convoluted chapters of my life, there is a story that endured a faith in my God the gods in the divine energies and significantly a faith in myself.

00:06:17.550 --> 00:06:23.790 Sandra Bargman: And I can't think of a better way of describing one's life and personal faith journey.

00:06:26.760 --> 00:06:27.090 Sandra Bargman: So.

00:06:27.840 --> 00:06:40.920 Rick Prashaw: It was always this struggle, the entire life adult life and especially after the calling the dramatic calling that experience to be a priest, how could I be faithful to this God, you seem to want me.

00:06:41.610 --> 00:06:56.220 Rick Prashaw: In service and how I could be faithful to rick because I did not see that contradiction, I thought that the more I could be one I could be the other but that as many stories revealed was the constant could not move.

00:06:56.850 --> 00:07:10.650 Sandra Bargman: I totally get that and as a minister myself I an interfaith minister and and and experiencing the call to service to step out more into that role, but but to still have.

00:07:11.700 --> 00:07:21.660 Sandra Bargman: A sense of one's life, and what that means I really can relate to it that's, of course, so much of why I think I really related to your story is that it's so.

00:07:22.560 --> 00:07:29.070 Sandra Bargman: And for those of you who are listening you're going to hear way more about it, but his writing style is what is so kick ass.

00:07:29.730 --> 00:07:46.530 Sandra Bargman: just turn on a dime fun witty smart poignant it spirals it's not linear it's it's really breathtaking Okay, so you can tell, I love the story the book so it's many, many stories all one story, though, so let's dive in.

00:07:48.900 --> 00:08:03.450 Sandra Bargman: You say that storytelling obviously is at the heart of all that you do and I don't know where I read this in my research, but you said somebody asked you about becoming an author and you started out with a story about being a.

00:08:04.950 --> 00:08:05.580 Sandra Bargman: Paper boy.

00:08:07.590 --> 00:08:07.800 Rick Prashaw: yeah.

00:08:08.070 --> 00:08:09.870 Sandra Bargman: I was a paper boy to actually.

00:08:10.080 --> 00:08:10.890 pay for girl.

00:08:12.150 --> 00:08:13.560 Sandra Bargman: Yes, at 14.

00:08:13.920 --> 00:08:15.900 Rick Prashaw: So that's funny because.

00:08:16.200 --> 00:08:22.860 Rick Prashaw: It is so true i'd sit on the bundle of my North Bay nuggets and I would read the paper front to back.

00:08:23.250 --> 00:08:32.910 Rick Prashaw: And all the people who are my customers would be driving by wanting their paper and seeing this curly haired red haired freckle faced kid.

00:08:33.420 --> 00:08:46.080 Rick Prashaw: devouring the paper, and I put a poker face on it, one guy john Doyle, who I said john I need to know what i'm selling here so it's important that I read first and he's just he just shook his head.

00:08:48.270 --> 00:09:01.200 Sandra Bargman: So that led you that was the spark I mean or which came first, the chicken or the egg but you know that news and storytelling and what the LIFE events that led you into journalism yes.

00:09:01.860 --> 00:09:12.930 Rick Prashaw: I love stories I love hearing them and then I started to discover the joy of telling them and the audience that one could have and and how you could change your story.

00:09:13.380 --> 00:09:22.860 Rick Prashaw: Later on, I was going to meet this Father john shea in Chicago at this liturgical conference and he always said don't tell the Jesus stories Drake.

00:09:23.190 --> 00:09:32.880 Rick Prashaw: retell them and make them your story and and it's the same thing same thing which you're saying there, you know that you know you put yourself.

00:09:33.360 --> 00:09:42.870 Rick Prashaw: into the story you don't have to remember it and the beauty that everybody tells the story just a little bit different and puts himself into it absolutely.

00:09:43.680 --> 00:09:51.450 Sandra Bargman: So you did ultimately go into journalism tell us about you, you you, you called yourself.

00:09:53.700 --> 00:10:08.670 Sandra Bargman: Your childhood childhood Catholic cuckoo's nest which I love I love, because I can only met you know it's just i've heard the stories my husband has told I just love that, so please tell us about that.

00:10:08.970 --> 00:10:15.810 Rick Prashaw: So many of your listeners either know this story personally or through their parents or ancestor.

00:10:15.840 --> 00:10:26.880 Rick Prashaw: yeah and I had to catch myself in the writing because I would tell these insane stories of you know, the nine first Fridays just would get you into heaven fasting and.

00:10:27.270 --> 00:10:38.940 Rick Prashaw: prayer is a holy water processions when I was mortified as an altar boy walking through the neighborhood and seeing my Protestant friends, you know follow me other bicycle and I just wanted to die on the spot.

00:10:39.300 --> 00:10:46.740 Rick Prashaw: But once all of that was told I realized that I don't want people to think that i'm mocking that because it wasn't mocking it.

00:10:47.010 --> 00:10:57.240 Rick Prashaw: It was normal it was natural it was it was the time and that's why I think a lot of your your viewers will get that you know they'll get them to remember it so.

00:10:57.810 --> 00:11:02.850 Rick Prashaw: I went back and I I just remembered it as the best school of my life, you know.

00:11:03.210 --> 00:11:09.270 Rick Prashaw: With especially my father and my mother is sort of the the lead characters and producers, you know of the show.

00:11:09.510 --> 00:11:20.280 Rick Prashaw: But it was so Catholic and it was just such a traditional type of life, and yet it was normal we were insane we were crazy as many stories I tell from that.

00:11:21.120 --> 00:11:32.220 Rick Prashaw: cuckoo's nest back in the 60s, as some of your viewers remember earlier and even later with some of the reforms that happened with the second Vatican Council yeah.

00:11:32.250 --> 00:11:42.030 Sandra Bargman: Very different time very open timing with music and you know the the events of that time we're calling people forward in very different ways very exciting ways.

00:11:44.190 --> 00:11:47.310 Sandra Bargman: So so tell me, you know.

00:11:49.200 --> 00:11:53.280 Sandra Bargman: in choosing to get into to answering the call.

00:11:56.070 --> 00:12:12.660 Sandra Bargman: dig was your connection to God and spirit and your Catholic faith was there, an element of even as a child sort of feeling a call a knowingness of a calling or were you just attracted potentially and not just.

00:12:13.740 --> 00:12:29.220 Sandra Bargman: In addition, attracted to the rituals, and the storytelling of and the iconography and the way that I was, as a young person in the Christian faith that I was raised, and I was really into all of that stuff.

00:12:30.060 --> 00:12:41.220 Rick Prashaw: Well, listen I tell this story that I got strapped twice, you know grade to buy a man a wayward sister I redeem the sisters, with many good stories in my book.

00:12:41.520 --> 00:12:54.180 Rick Prashaw: But she strapped me twice for not knowing why God made me and I guess she thought that she hit me on the right hand once that I would suddenly remember, but I didn't remember know, I was morning to girls pearls and.

00:12:55.080 --> 00:13:05.010 Rick Prashaw: I love the heavenly knave upon the ceilings and the angels, and the swords and so, you know as a young boy that's all fantastic, but I was one of those rare.

00:13:05.280 --> 00:13:16.170 Rick Prashaw: People according to friends and what I see then and now I 12 years old sitting in that bundle of newspapers I knew I was going to be a journalist, I skipped career days I I had it I had.

00:13:17.160 --> 00:13:31.290 Rick Prashaw: No idea, no interest in the priesthood I was going to church and it was part of my faith now in terms of a calling that takes place and dramatically intervenes and got a guest said.

00:13:31.620 --> 00:13:44.250 Rick Prashaw: run other patients with me and finally decided to be a bit of a saw on the road to Damascus story no I don't think that was murdering anybody was having a very good 1970s rock and roll along air.

00:13:44.460 --> 00:13:45.180 Rick Prashaw: Music and.

00:13:45.240 --> 00:13:47.250 Rick Prashaw: Smoking some interesting substances.

00:13:47.370 --> 00:13:48.240 Sandra Bargman: Act, the lead.

00:13:48.630 --> 00:13:52.380 Rick Prashaw: And here we are the 70s, that I get this dramatic call.

00:13:52.410 --> 00:14:00.600 Sandra Bargman: Okay now this story has to wait we've got to go to break i'm like not one more word, this is going to keep everyone on their seat to hear all about your.

00:14:00.840 --> 00:14:14.130 Sandra Bargman: Your big moment all right stay tuned everyone when we come back we're going to hear rick's big call the big moment the smashing moment to call to ministry, when we come back on the edge of every day stay tuned.

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00:16:28.560 --> 00:16:37.860 Sandra Bargman: And we are back with Father rick prashar, so now we have to hear this incredible story, the call to Ministry.

00:16:39.030 --> 00:16:43.530 Sandra Bargman: Well, we want to back up just a tiny bit and redo that since I had to interrupt you.

00:16:47.820 --> 00:16:48.270 Rick Prashaw: sure.

00:16:50.520 --> 00:16:51.600 Sandra Bargman: Well, no, no i'm just.

00:16:51.600 --> 00:16:56.070 Sandra Bargman: kidding it was you were leading leading up to it so brilliantly and I had to interrupt.

00:16:56.070 --> 00:16:57.510 Sandra Bargman: Your nurse will break.

00:16:58.230 --> 00:17:14.970 Rick Prashaw: No, no problem I had an usher when set the back of the Church, I was going on so long, he started waving his watch and then, when I still didn't stop he took a calendar that you were selling at the end of the year and started flipping the months, you know just to get needed to shut up.

00:17:16.620 --> 00:17:17.820 Sandra Bargman: i'll do a little drumroll.

00:17:19.830 --> 00:17:31.020 Rick Prashaw: So i'm a journalist happy thinking, this is my lifelong career and one day I tell just a little white lie to my editor who.

00:17:32.550 --> 00:17:39.450 Rick Prashaw: great man grew SMILEY and, and I say you know Bruce not feeling that well and I think i'm going to take tomorrow off well Chris, the real reason.

00:17:39.720 --> 00:17:49.350 Rick Prashaw: That I wanted to take the next day off was a cousin was going down to a mutual cousin of ours, who happened to be a Catholic priest in the Seattle diocese and.

00:17:50.070 --> 00:17:53.790 Rick Prashaw: My first cousin Tony was just getting some wedding advice and so.

00:17:54.210 --> 00:18:05.430 Rick Prashaw: I just went along for the ride for the great day and told this white lie that wasn't feeling well well God use that meeting with that priest, and my cousin in the rectory to zach me.

00:18:05.730 --> 00:18:12.840 Rick Prashaw: I was actually going to leave and just go for a walk and father Barry the other cousin puts me in the corner, for me, is fudge.

00:18:13.110 --> 00:18:21.990 Rick Prashaw: And says listen, you might be able to use it someday when you're going to get married so but God had other plans and in the chorus as I described it.

00:18:22.320 --> 00:18:30.870 Rick Prashaw: And they don't do it justice with words, because it really is something that stayed with me all my life, no matter what was to happen afterwards, no matter the curves that were to come.

00:18:31.200 --> 00:18:47.250 Rick Prashaw: I was so convinced of that authentic calling and God just revealed to me I don't know voice just mood energy vibes that this is who you are rick, this is why you live.

00:18:47.760 --> 00:18:55.320 Rick Prashaw: doing what this priest is doing in this room, and I did what every red blooded Canadian boy would do I.

00:18:55.620 --> 00:19:08.460 Rick Prashaw: I ran the opposite direction for about three months, I was it good played denial continue the drinking and the priorities and the plan, but it just can that moment that blast in that rectory in like.

00:19:08.940 --> 00:19:22.500 Rick Prashaw: One one conversation that dramatically changed my life and I went back to it and then go back to your earlier questions, then those things from childhood and growing up in the catalyst city of white light.

00:19:22.740 --> 00:19:30.420 Rick Prashaw: It all fit them the saints, that the prayers you know it all sort of propped up this dramatic calling.

00:19:31.470 --> 00:19:33.360 Sandra Bargman: Interesting so so.

00:19:34.680 --> 00:19:53.280 Sandra Bargman: So you move, how do you move into that do you do you take your three you take your three months, and you settle into this understanding of service and you and you, of course, you, you know that you want to become a Catholic priest, have you by that time started to.

00:19:54.360 --> 00:20:03.420 Sandra Bargman: Consider or or explore other spiritual traditions in were you curious about other as well that came later for you.

00:20:03.900 --> 00:20:14.040 Rick Prashaw: That came later accepted in the seminary was one of the most interesting courses, I took I love the Bible I love the Old Testament the Judeo.

00:20:14.340 --> 00:20:33.870 Rick Prashaw: traditions, I loved the world religions class I just ate that up, so there was a sense that, even then, what was really going to emerge later was his ecumenical rick just interfaith read this rick that wants to exchange pulpits that some Catholics were cool with had some Catholics.

00:20:34.050 --> 00:20:34.260 Were.

00:20:35.340 --> 00:20:36.930 Sandra Bargman: cool with it all day.

00:20:38.220 --> 00:20:47.340 Rick Prashaw: To this day, and just a sense of this big God that was starting to emerge but but it in the seminary it was pretty much Catholic.

00:20:47.880 --> 00:20:59.880 Rick Prashaw: world, and I was beginning to figure wonder about the celibacy and how I was going to live it and the huge struggle in the seminary and it was to emerge later.

00:21:00.660 --> 00:21:10.770 Rick Prashaw: was giving up the thought of being a dad and not being a father, you know even before the notion of romance and love it all goes with that.

00:21:11.070 --> 00:21:19.770 Rick Prashaw: What is this idea of being a dad not being father to all and father to man, but how can I work this out in my life and I.

00:21:20.040 --> 00:21:28.740 Rick Prashaw: I often would use humor I just said okay God you want me here you better just take care of all of this, because I, you know I just didn't have it all figured out how that was going to play out.

00:21:29.940 --> 00:21:40.980 Sandra Bargman: Well, and the trust in the life is is just beautiful and I can't wait for us to get into that portion but before we do I did want to ask you about.

00:21:41.760 --> 00:21:54.510 Sandra Bargman: Because it's so in alignment with the edge of every day and we talked about this, the other day, the mentor law and the understanding about shadow that you encountered.

00:21:56.520 --> 00:21:59.340 Sandra Bargman: In in your work, I believe it was at the correctional.

00:21:59.580 --> 00:22:01.980 Rick Prashaw: Institute, this was after I left.

00:22:02.340 --> 00:22:03.900 Rick Prashaw: For love to mayor and.

00:22:04.290 --> 00:22:05.100 Sandra Bargman: I thought it was still.

00:22:05.130 --> 00:22:05.940 Sandra Bargman: It was still yeah.

00:22:06.030 --> 00:22:19.410 Rick Prashaw: Okay, it would be in my NGO days, where I discovered this concept of men Dora lelay is is Italian word for sliver the allman sliver and it's when two worlds, the red and the blue states the victim is in the offenders.

00:22:19.410 --> 00:22:19.890 Rick Prashaw: Yes, and.

00:22:19.920 --> 00:22:21.900 Sandra Bargman: Then the male and the female the light in.

00:22:21.900 --> 00:22:24.750 Sandra Bargman: The jar email, the Christian every day.

00:22:25.110 --> 00:22:38.850 Rick Prashaw: At that little sliver where you can stand and find some overlap oh yeah we all get up the same in the morning, we all had to the bathroom we we if we're fortunate we get a cup of coffee on we worry about our loved ones we've logged in.

00:22:39.180 --> 00:22:54.090 Rick Prashaw: If we have a job and and yet not long after those worlds call us and pull us apart and polarize and so yeah so the man door left, I did a lot of work with some people down in Nova Scotia in Canada and there were some African.

00:22:55.740 --> 00:23:01.980 Rick Prashaw: Can I Canadians that were actually 200 years in the country and we're at the Baptist tradition.

00:23:02.280 --> 00:23:18.270 Rick Prashaw: And it was just interesting to get Catholics and Baptist together white and blacks and they were dealing with the racism in the high schools and they seem to be an opposite ends that they, we found that men darla That said, you know seniors caring about.

00:23:19.110 --> 00:23:26.520 Rick Prashaw: their grandchildren fears for their grandchildren and they started talking and they broke out of that you know sort of racial world.

00:23:26.940 --> 00:23:36.510 Sandra Bargman: Yes, the dualism and the polarization well well and it's an image it's two circles it's like a venn diagram but only two circles and it's again.

00:23:37.050 --> 00:23:57.630 Sandra Bargman: To the edge of every day and the understanding of bringing the two we we as human beings must find this sliver that sliver over and over and over we're called to find that sliver and so well let's circle back now, thank you for that let's circle back to your ministry and the moment.

00:23:58.710 --> 00:24:07.320 Sandra Bargman: Where things started to shift where you started to choose another spiritual or add on another spiritual path the path of.

00:24:07.890 --> 00:24:19.890 Sandra Bargman: You know I always tell the story with my former students from seminary my my number one spiritual path, other than all the other things that I look into is my marriage right.

00:24:20.160 --> 00:24:22.680 Rick Prashaw: Right, well, it happens with that.

00:24:22.740 --> 00:24:26.850 Rick Prashaw: The whole second part of the book is just crammed full of stories.

00:24:27.540 --> 00:24:40.410 Rick Prashaw: Pre stories serious stories fun stories crazy story social justice stories helping at arm's distance as smuggling of to El Salvador jamborees of were completely lost to get them home to mama.

00:24:41.190 --> 00:24:48.540 Rick Prashaw: The boat people the whole Vietnamese at story of becoming a parish of many parishes of different phase did.

00:24:49.710 --> 00:25:01.920 Rick Prashaw: Just the the everyday social justice stuff the the the notions that I didn't want to fight wars in faith and so you know people wanted to say who's worthy.

00:25:02.640 --> 00:25:08.100 Rick Prashaw: When nobody is worthy to receive you know Jesus in the in the in the in the host.

00:25:08.970 --> 00:25:15.180 Rick Prashaw: I love the line of communion that everybody fell into a male female or or night, none of the above.

00:25:15.420 --> 00:25:31.770 Rick Prashaw: And you know old and young and rich and poor and well dressed in church Sunday go to church binary and jeans and I just love that image that every one of us so even at the beginning, I was reluctant to play defender of the faith I figured I could take care of this.

00:25:32.130 --> 00:25:32.910 Rick Prashaw: Was big.

00:25:33.060 --> 00:25:34.740 Rick Prashaw: i'm not going to be a lawyer.

00:25:34.890 --> 00:25:39.210 Sandra Bargman: You know we're at the heart of it, you are at the heart of what it is for everyone.

00:25:39.360 --> 00:25:52.800 Rick Prashaw: that's right so not everyone applauded but anyway, it was good, it was good, and it was a it was a good time in my life and wonderful time and I guess I had some arrogance, because priests would leave, and I would say.

00:25:53.490 --> 00:26:03.840 Rick Prashaw: Not me, you know I would never judge them, but I would say I don't see that happening ever so this whole love with this woman Suzanne it just slowly.

00:26:04.080 --> 00:26:16.260 Rick Prashaw: creeps up at the end of the second part of my of my story and with just this discovery this awakening not only the obvious physical and the flesh, but the.

00:26:16.860 --> 00:26:26.010 Rick Prashaw: The the the seed again started to come with the notion that I could be a dad I could be Father rick and I could be father.

00:26:26.760 --> 00:26:40.230 Rick Prashaw: Has as rick and and for me as it's happened to not all but enough celebrate priests, who have just found that you know they wanted this this mix of these these two callings and so.

00:26:40.590 --> 00:26:47.130 Rick Prashaw: I very much talk of two qualities to my life, the calling to be Father rick and the calling to be father to Adam.

00:26:48.840 --> 00:26:58.410 Sandra Bargman: Just so beautiful well, so when you had to step when the calling came and you had to to extricate yourself from the Church, how was that.

00:26:59.070 --> 00:26:59.940 Rick Prashaw: oh dear.

00:27:00.150 --> 00:27:01.890 Sandra Bargman: yeah i'm sorry to tell you, we have.

00:27:01.920 --> 00:27:03.480 Sandra Bargman: Two minutes to break, so we can.

00:27:03.480 --> 00:27:03.690 Rick Prashaw: Get.

00:27:03.810 --> 00:27:05.070 Sandra Bargman: That didn't jive and.

00:27:05.280 --> 00:27:21.180 Rick Prashaw: To add it didn't go well, that didn't go too well and that's probably more interesting chapters in the book you didn't go out with my family when I broke the news to them, because I didn't understand that I was their father rip it was so embedded.

00:27:21.210 --> 00:27:23.400 Sandra Bargman: It was not allowed your identity there's.

00:27:23.640 --> 00:27:33.030 Rick Prashaw: You know, you know so nobody except, my dear mother who probably felt the greatest pain over the news that Capri sun with leaving.

00:27:33.480 --> 00:27:42.840 Rick Prashaw: She was the one that with her story Cape Breton Scottish ancestry just was the first person in my family to ask to see a picture of Suzanne.

00:27:43.230 --> 00:27:49.290 Rick Prashaw: And that was just this beautiful God like moment for me, you know that that of acceptance.

00:27:49.800 --> 00:28:00.870 Rick Prashaw: With all of her suffering that was created that come when she was going to hear it from the ladies Guild and all the other judgments and the story, so it was hard, I talked about a retreat and 40 nights to.

00:28:01.230 --> 00:28:04.710 Rick Prashaw: dark nights of the soul and yet to freedom came.

00:28:05.400 --> 00:28:13.920 Rick Prashaw: extricating myself to know that, if I can be rick somehow, I have to figure out how we can still minister how we can still believe.

00:28:14.190 --> 00:28:27.540 Rick Prashaw: How can I still fit this in and that's weird going back to the Catholic part of the story is people said won't become an Anglican priest becoming an editor's Minister, you know you can have both, and yet the Catholic DNA was.

00:28:27.570 --> 00:28:28.320 Sandra Bargman: Was issue.

00:28:28.350 --> 00:28:29.610 Rick Prashaw: Two rows there.

00:28:29.850 --> 00:28:37.080 Rick Prashaw: That I didn't see the bottom line was okay that's be a minister priests in another tradition, I knew my calling was to be.

00:28:38.190 --> 00:28:45.450 Rick Prashaw: has been to Suzanne and hopefully a family and we'll see where that goes, and that would be part three.

00:28:45.720 --> 00:28:47.790 Rick Prashaw: That is in the in the book.

00:28:47.910 --> 00:29:06.660 Sandra Bargman: And a perfect segue well and, as you well know, you once you say yes to service it doesn't matter what package it's in so when we come back with Father rick we're going to hear about his life as a father stay tuned on the edge of every day.

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00:31:11.670 --> 00:31:27.210 Sandra Bargman: And we are back with author Father rick pressure Roman Catholic and now we get to the point of your story, where you are father to Adam so start the story for us.

00:31:28.050 --> 00:31:28.470 sure.

00:31:29.880 --> 00:31:41.550 Rick Prashaw: I am instantly after the marriage step dad to three older kids have Suzanne and within a year's you Greg see glorious new is that we're expecting a child and.

00:31:42.000 --> 00:31:50.580 Rick Prashaw: She being a bit wiser in this I had baptized about 10,000 kids but I was clueless about the apparent at a dad.

00:31:51.090 --> 00:32:02.730 Rick Prashaw: Willing eager but clueless so what happens is she says it's a boy, and this is early in the pregnancy and I go oh ultrasound she goes no I just know.

00:32:03.390 --> 00:32:13.500 Rick Prashaw: it's very much david's pregnancy it's not lowering and Lindsay said okay OK, so the April 22 1993 outcomes is.

00:32:14.130 --> 00:32:26.460 Rick Prashaw: trial that the intern catches the kid I should have known that this was the prelude for the entire life in the fast lane for this kid says, you are the parents have a beautiful baby girl.

00:32:27.150 --> 00:32:35.340 Rick Prashaw: And moms boats up on the delivery room looking for were a kid that we had started in the womb, to call Adam.

00:32:35.820 --> 00:32:45.120 Rick Prashaw: And where's that i'm like, no, no, and so it began, and we, we lose smart parents with a smarter mom then smarter that.

00:32:45.630 --> 00:33:06.030 Rick Prashaw: Names the kid Rebecca Danielle Adam pressure, and of course it would take a long time into the teen years but this tomboy this scouting to kill a mockingbird of paper moon the pitcher tater money Oh, this is my kid you know in spades know dresses nothing like.

00:33:06.060 --> 00:33:07.170 Sandra Bargman: No jobs not.

00:33:07.170 --> 00:33:09.360 Rick Prashaw: All ago and so.

00:33:10.440 --> 00:33:21.240 Rick Prashaw: It will take a long journey that we tell mostly in store Adams sore about this gender journey home does the boy in the mirror that he could not see, but he knew and we knew.

00:33:21.900 --> 00:33:38.700 Rick Prashaw: He was and I just Sandra faster myself, like the seat belt the roller coaster of my life I grown up with my dad, who was a bit of a comic and a clown much like the sun, that my son that they didn't meet in this this life, he.

00:33:40.140 --> 00:33:43.770 Rick Prashaw: He just celebrated diversity as long as.

00:33:44.880 --> 00:33:52.290 Rick Prashaw: As long as anybody would accept his teasing which was 24 seven he didn't care, who you look like who your loved.

00:33:52.950 --> 00:34:00.480 Rick Prashaw: ones color of your skin, so I learned some things I didn't appreciate at the time, and so I didn't have any problem with this announcement my.

00:34:00.810 --> 00:34:13.110 Rick Prashaw: My thing was fear I just feared for my I knew the world out there, I knew the hate and do the discrimination and also we was badly epilepsy, so it was a lot on his plate, but he just wanted that.

00:34:13.650 --> 00:34:29.850 Rick Prashaw: life as a boy, to be the atom that he knew he was and so that's the 22 glory as yours parenting the sickness always going back to a sunny place in his life in that first bookstore Adams tour he's a Co author of posthumously.

00:34:30.990 --> 00:34:48.330 Rick Prashaw: Because I put in all the margins of the of the book his crazy Facebook posts and its social media and then, sometimes in the transgender journey when he got into the testosterone and as we approached surgery that we'd ever bought you because of the the tragedy that happened.

00:34:49.500 --> 00:34:55.590 Rick Prashaw: He tells the story way better than dad so I just let him take over he just took over, and he tells he tells that story.

00:34:56.190 --> 00:34:58.470 Unbelievable well apparently.

00:35:00.030 --> 00:35:02.070 Sandra Bargman: You told you on the pillow.

00:35:03.420 --> 00:35:04.470 Sandra Bargman: To use his words.

00:35:05.010 --> 00:35:10.950 Rick Prashaw: Well, yes, and that, again, is a story after he died and that's part of my faith that is it you know and.

00:35:11.340 --> 00:35:18.960 Rick Prashaw: We can talk about that grief and is how paralyzing and I felt like I was in the water, with him, he he always had.

00:35:19.380 --> 00:35:33.720 Rick Prashaw: epilepsy, but only in the last five years, he had major seizures and they were life threatening seizures and we had a second surgery he went for it, he said dad of course i'm going to go for it it's a no brainer that I said well actually sign it is a great but they're going to.

00:35:34.200 --> 00:35:34.710 Sandra Bargman: Exactly.

00:35:34.950 --> 00:35:38.310 Rick Prashaw: Just to be clear this surgery was for the epilepsy on the brain.

00:35:38.340 --> 00:35:50.640 Rick Prashaw: For that's wrestling as right and he went twice for it, and it was reduce the severity the frequency, but it never we never got the miracle that we wanted, and the second one just months before they're drowning.

00:35:51.210 --> 00:35:58.560 Rick Prashaw: We got a blue light he had a second surgery everything was good, there was no traces of it so everything was good, he was in a hot tub with his friends one day.

00:35:58.800 --> 00:36:07.890 Rick Prashaw: And they went down to retrieve some things in the apartment and they found him underwater when he came back and that picture I don't know if the viewers can see.

00:36:07.950 --> 00:36:08.520 Sandra Bargman: You can see.

00:36:08.820 --> 00:36:17.880 Rick Prashaw: Is a picture, he snaps on instagram probably a minute before the drowning when he's in his happy place his shirt is off.

00:36:19.020 --> 00:36:31.050 Rick Prashaw: he's telling the world who he is he says, I am at him and his last words his last hashtag is transgender and it was just a crappy crappy picture that I said there's no way we're going to get this this.

00:36:31.860 --> 00:36:39.840 Rick Prashaw: On there, but that was one of the miracles that happened and then back to your question about the Facebook post is that I was going to paraphrase him and I soaked.

00:36:40.560 --> 00:36:53.370 Rick Prashaw: He texts me down the top of his head, sometimes it that's just the way he is he he just text me and it's so Adam I just so know it's him even though he's passed and he says dad use my words, not your words.

00:36:53.880 --> 00:37:00.270 Rick Prashaw: And I get Okay, so I had to think about congressmen to do that with a Facebook post my.

00:37:01.260 --> 00:37:02.160 Sandra Bargman: You know, one of the.

00:37:04.110 --> 00:37:12.540 Sandra Bargman: One of the great joys of doing a podcast is is deepening into someone's story, but trying to fit it all in an hour is very hard.

00:37:13.800 --> 00:37:15.720 Sandra Bargman: And too.

00:37:17.460 --> 00:37:19.320 Sandra Bargman: So at Adam does.

00:37:20.940 --> 00:37:31.860 Sandra Bargman: They keep him alive support he does not survive and let's move into I do want to hear about your grief and writing the book, but I also want to hear about organ donor ship.

00:37:32.190 --> 00:37:34.470 Rick Prashaw: Your listeners to hear those stories.

00:37:34.740 --> 00:37:41.790 Rick Prashaw: So on the organ donor side again he had 16 and a 10 second conversation with his mother.

00:37:42.780 --> 00:37:50.970 Rick Prashaw: opens up he's so keen to drive he's having sort of a break from the seizures so we can drive and he says what's this organ donor thing and.

00:37:51.210 --> 00:37:57.840 Rick Prashaw: mom says, well, if anything, bad happened to you and you work to live in an accident, you could save other people well, of course, I do that.

00:37:58.170 --> 00:38:08.040 Rick Prashaw: And that was it that was all he said about it, and by that moment, we knew what his wishes work so when we couldn't get the miracle that we desperately prayed for and what it.

00:38:08.310 --> 00:38:15.960 Rick Prashaw: Was the other miracle in the room, as a registered organ donor who's wishes we know he saved for lives, he saved a heart.

00:38:16.440 --> 00:38:26.010 Rick Prashaw: Patient that was in critical condition and two kidneys and his liver save and then the serendipity of Adam was live as only Adam would choreograph.

00:38:26.550 --> 00:38:39.840 Rick Prashaw: The rules in Ontario Canada most times, people do not know who receive your loved ones Oregon but the heart recipient, and it was so good for that it was a heart recipient, and it was so perfect that it was a man.

00:38:40.350 --> 00:38:46.320 Rick Prashaw: Was the other three were women because of his gender journey and this clever man sluice us.

00:38:46.950 --> 00:38:52.800 Rick Prashaw: meets us we're great friends, he decides to seize on his lifelong dream to be an actor.

00:38:53.130 --> 00:39:06.960 Rick Prashaw: And he becomes a narrator for my audio book of sore Adam sore So when I when I go to libraries and I pitched my story and a little bit of a loud voice, because, am I hearing impairment challenges, I was in the Ottawa Valley.

00:39:07.620 --> 00:39:18.720 Rick Prashaw: Recently, and i'm telling people to you know just the elevator elevator pitch you know and it's 30 seconds Catholic priests mary's father of a transgender son tragedy through the tragedy depth organ donor.

00:39:19.470 --> 00:39:24.690 Rick Prashaw: heart recipient the other library and who wasn't really paying attention looks up and says.

00:39:26.880 --> 00:39:27.870 Rick Prashaw: Is this fiction.

00:39:29.490 --> 00:39:44.850 Rick Prashaw: Like and and I la I like I said I only wish, I only wish it was fiction, I said you can't make it out, I said it's my story it's my life, you know, so the grieving.

00:39:45.330 --> 00:39:59.130 Rick Prashaw: I wrote that in the depth of my grief and it's a miracle really it's a Adam really supported me, you know I went through some moments of just wanting to give up, and then you know, let go.

00:40:01.260 --> 00:40:12.150 Rick Prashaw: My dad had remember his Gospel about choosing life will be not afraid you love the St Louis Jesuits him, he would always seem to be not afraid of the St Louis Jesuits and.

00:40:13.560 --> 00:40:23.910 Rick Prashaw: I had a dream one night, where I was in the water, it was like a ship disaster after Adam ground and the water was the perfect metaphor and Adams swift's over.

00:40:24.270 --> 00:40:35.880 Rick Prashaw: And I holy under this plank and he takes the play, and he whacks me over they had, and he says live dad lives and I woke up from that dream and I, my head.

00:40:36.420 --> 00:40:45.270 Rick Prashaw: really hurt like really, really hurt, so I knew there's something real about that, and so that was the only moment I thought I was just going to give up, I wrote the book.

00:40:45.510 --> 00:41:05.760 Rick Prashaw: I told the stories, I found life and that I have found life in the gratitude of organ donor work and transgender human rights work i'm in places that you, you said at the beginning that the conundrum and the the paradoxes like you know i'm there, and you know and.

00:41:06.780 --> 00:41:17.880 Rick Prashaw: john Paul started has this glorious thing phrase in one of his word writings about freedom is what we do with what is done to us.

00:41:18.540 --> 00:41:28.980 Rick Prashaw: You know, we don't get to choose enough times and wish more that we get to choose what happens to us, but we have freedom on what we do.

00:41:29.340 --> 00:41:35.580 Rick Prashaw: With what is done to us, and that I just hung on to that I just hung on to that that I had choices now.

00:41:35.850 --> 00:41:44.250 Rick Prashaw: As the father of Adam that that was going to be forever, the father of Adam, how could I continue this dad relationship with him, how could I.

00:41:44.550 --> 00:41:52.710 Rick Prashaw: continue this relationship with a God, who had as many questions as answers for and who you know so much of it was mystery.

00:41:53.250 --> 00:42:03.300 Rick Prashaw: Without me understanding and knowing everything that I just did not want bitterness, I did not want cynicism, I did not, that was not me it just wasn't me it wasn't.

00:42:03.690 --> 00:42:09.270 Rick Prashaw: I wasn't you know, like my father and it's just choices that he made in his life that he could have been better.

00:42:09.900 --> 00:42:19.290 Rick Prashaw: The dirty 30s depression Second World War, he was in an orphanage for six years, he had all kinds of reasons, as I found out later in life mm hmm the book.

00:42:19.920 --> 00:42:26.940 Rick Prashaw: To have a chip on his shoulder and he didn't have one and waste on adding didn't have one and I made choices about not having one myself.

00:42:28.110 --> 00:42:33.780 Sandra Bargman: Absolutely glorious I know I also heard we've got to go to break, but I also heard that.

00:42:35.130 --> 00:42:46.860 Sandra Bargman: In something that I read about your listen to that you have what's up next potentially as a as a story about your parents, yes, yes I.

00:42:46.980 --> 00:42:48.210 Rick Prashaw: can see that now we're.

00:42:48.720 --> 00:42:53.130 Sandra Bargman: yeah we just we can we can continue when we come back you know what let's just cut it short.

00:42:53.490 --> 00:43:04.050 Sandra Bargman: You know what Sam we're going to cut it short we're going to go to break a couple minutes early and when we come back, we will talk with Father rick about what's up next for him.

00:43:04.560 --> 00:43:15.390 Sandra Bargman: And we can find out where we can get this book and how you can further follow his work when we come back on the edge of every day.

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00:45:15.720 --> 00:45:21.060 Sandra Bargman: And we are back with author rick crash off and we'll pick it up with.

00:45:22.590 --> 00:45:35.850 Sandra Bargman: what's next for you, writing, you were I had overheard that you have some ideas for a few books and one of them being few more books, now that you are such a well received and glorious writer.

00:45:37.260 --> 00:45:38.070 Rick Prashaw: Tell us about your.

00:45:38.100 --> 00:45:39.870 Sandra Bargman: Your book about your parents.

00:45:40.170 --> 00:45:56.640 Rick Prashaw: Well, the first one i'm probably going to down and dirty one called Father Joel will be a fictional work, my first fictional work with chest is priest with a deep dark secret he and God have fallen on hard times and.

00:45:57.900 --> 00:45:58.200 Sandra Bargman: Leave.

00:45:58.470 --> 00:46:08.610 Rick Prashaw: And it's quite a comic flight from God quote unquote and father Joe takes in this book, but the fourth book that I better get to.

00:46:09.030 --> 00:46:21.330 Rick Prashaw: Whereas my parents will not be happy with probably could be my first book, but everything else happened in my life to delay it is that my father and my mother have an amazing World War Two love story.

00:46:21.540 --> 00:46:22.140 Sandra Bargman: To tell them and.

00:46:22.350 --> 00:46:32.340 Rick Prashaw: Tell that story, but it's going to be creative nonfiction because typical enough veterans my dad was just closed lip about you know ever really telling many stories about it.

00:46:32.610 --> 00:46:44.910 Rick Prashaw: So i'm going to time travel i'm going to be a character in the book and that's about all I say I need to go back and be in his platoon and i'm finally going to get for my father all those stories that's fantastic.

00:46:45.330 --> 00:46:47.610 Sandra Bargman: So did you so.

00:46:48.060 --> 00:47:01.440 Sandra Bargman: been author was that when you were a journalist is that ever something that you thought about doing back in the day when you were really writing well, maybe you were also writing your sermons and things did you obviously did you ever consider yourself.

00:47:01.830 --> 00:47:08.730 Sandra Bargman: Becoming an author and all of this, I mean I know you considered yourself a storyteller another ballgame to.

00:47:09.120 --> 00:47:09.420 Sandra Bargman: I.

00:47:09.960 --> 00:47:20.340 Rick Prashaw: find your writing style, I have a couple of books, with my name on it for the NGO days but they're there with co authors and they were really around.

00:47:21.150 --> 00:47:27.360 Rick Prashaw: restorative justice healing justice but, again, always telling stories and whether it was in politics or.

00:47:27.900 --> 00:47:38.280 Rick Prashaw: NGO or journalism or priesthood it was a storytelling I can honestly say that I had this conscious saying that i'm going to write a book, but I do know.

00:47:38.520 --> 00:47:49.440 Rick Prashaw: That when I die they retired they had some bills to pay and they knew I had stories that it just so became clear to me that I wanted to write books, I wanted to write for myself.

00:47:50.310 --> 00:47:51.030 Rick Prashaw: And for Adam.

00:47:51.810 --> 00:47:55.440 Sandra Bargman: yeah and for and that incredible journey that you're still on.

00:47:56.100 --> 00:48:05.100 Rick Prashaw: Well, I laughed and laughed by myself, I left the results with live actually have a laugh at myself sad do you keep on calling me Father written I know you're.

00:48:05.550 --> 00:48:06.450 Sandra Bargman: Still loving that.

00:48:06.630 --> 00:48:18.780 Rick Prashaw: I know that you're referring to the fact that it's like part of me, it must be the old Catholic me, I want to correct your it's a no, no, no, no i'm not Father rick rick now who's a who's a father, but of course I am.

00:48:19.680 --> 00:48:28.620 Rick Prashaw: I am father, this is the you talked about the use the word circle, but used another really good word and that seems.

00:48:29.160 --> 00:48:42.480 Rick Prashaw: To spiral the teaching your edge where this constant spiral that I went back i'm the guy that can't remember why I go to the kitchen now but i'm so back as a priest as Father read it's like yesterday today.

00:48:42.900 --> 00:48:51.570 Rick Prashaw: I carry I carry all the stories races to love the mercy that forgiveness of people said, your details, how did you remember the details and I said.

00:48:51.930 --> 00:49:07.530 Rick Prashaw: Oh that's good and sometimes it was a Facebook question I put to somebody but no I knew it all I knew every detail of every story, you know and, and so I just laugh at myself that I want to correct you that i'm not bothering rick Kenny.

00:49:08.400 --> 00:49:09.570 Rick Prashaw: But I am Father it.

00:49:09.630 --> 00:49:19.980 Sandra Bargman: I know well, as you have gathered I rest assured, my my my love for irreverence is big, which is why one of the many things I love about you.

00:49:21.180 --> 00:49:22.560 Sandra Bargman: So how has.

00:49:24.240 --> 00:49:37.320 Sandra Bargman: I can imagine that the book tour opening up post coven and and really the embrace of both of these books has really served you when you're grieving process and also your next steps tell us about.

00:49:37.500 --> 00:49:38.730 Sandra Bargman: How that been for you.

00:49:39.180 --> 00:49:51.810 Rick Prashaw: i'm just fresh at my fresh from three live events that it was just like glorious to actually be in a room and many people begged off with last minute positive testing where other life stuff.

00:49:52.080 --> 00:49:57.000 Rick Prashaw: But to have 4045 in the room, three times and I feed off people.

00:49:57.300 --> 00:50:04.410 Rick Prashaw: You know, you know my personality is the extrovert so I feed off people, it was the questions in the first book tour.

00:50:04.620 --> 00:50:12.780 Rick Prashaw: Everybody wanted to know Okay, you were a priest, and now a father to transgender son, and so, how are you with this God thing and with church.

00:50:12.990 --> 00:50:18.570 Rick Prashaw: So I knew very much what my next book was going to be, and now I feel really comfortable head off into the.

00:50:18.780 --> 00:50:31.620 Rick Prashaw: The fiction world but, of course, obviously it'll still be fed by many nonfiction but it's that interchanges that relationship, you have with your readers I get these love notes that I might have mentioned that you know people.

00:50:32.100 --> 00:50:37.800 Rick Prashaw: Thought their Catholic faith was like a heirloom in the attic and a woman say you have disturbed me in the best.

00:50:37.920 --> 00:50:53.340 Rick Prashaw: possible way and I have work to do, i'm millennial mom said, you know i'm not religious but i'm deeply spiritual, but I understand that I have a lot more work to articulate my creed what it was, is a passing on to I said this is fantastic.

00:50:53.520 --> 00:50:54.690 Sandra Bargman: This is still industry.

00:50:54.960 --> 00:51:01.560 Rick Prashaw: You just lay it lay the story down and God and the graces of the divine energy takes over.

00:51:02.130 --> 00:51:05.640 Rick Prashaw: One that was, I think I said the priest who was happy that.

00:51:05.940 --> 00:51:16.170 Rick Prashaw: Anybody would say anything good about priests, these days, with the page one story and they tell a lot of good stories and that's the complicated part where i've always lived where I feel.

00:51:16.500 --> 00:51:25.260 Rick Prashaw: comfortable in sometimes the mystery the not answering the not knowing the answers, but the living it and so.

00:51:26.160 --> 00:51:34.320 Rick Prashaw: I had to report it this morning said well what would you event, if you had not believe, and I was just dumbfounded I didn't know what to say because.

00:51:34.770 --> 00:51:37.260 Rick Prashaw: I didn't I said, well, that would be fiction because.

00:51:37.740 --> 00:51:48.000 Rick Prashaw: I don't know that I just I would have to imagine not believing you know and it doesn't like got off the hook, because you know why, why do I have this strong faith.

00:51:48.240 --> 00:51:58.230 Rick Prashaw: With all this insanity that has happened, and yet others don't have it and and that these me just struggling and wondering, and you know questioning so.

00:51:58.440 --> 00:52:06.900 Rick Prashaw: You know that's why I just like the storytelling and not really the judging or no more, no more real preaching or proselytizing just just tell you these stories.

00:52:07.860 --> 00:52:17.130 Sandra Bargman: Well, I can't imagine that you ever proselytize but, but you just shared who you were and inviting people into the questions and.

00:52:17.910 --> 00:52:34.950 Sandra Bargman: So so you're working with a lot I would imagine many, many of the people that that are reading your book and are are are benefiting from it are people like that young woman who considers himself spiritual or non as we talked about none of the above.

00:52:36.450 --> 00:52:38.280 Sandra Bargman: And people who have left.

00:52:39.960 --> 00:52:58.830 Sandra Bargman: Potentially left their tradition of origin that are looking to find ways to come to terms with that it's completely a spiritual path without all of that and write your stories and your willingness to embrace that as well is in great service to that right.

00:52:58.920 --> 00:53:08.280 Rick Prashaw: Thank you, I I felt like a dinosaur reading the story going back so long ago, it just seemed like you know my my great nap for Cruz, who.

00:53:08.880 --> 00:53:16.470 Rick Prashaw: did think I had Jurassic Park pets, when I was when I was a kid but I had a breakthrough on Good Friday after.

00:53:16.860 --> 00:53:28.860 Rick Prashaw: The start of the call that I was isolating coming from a Mexican writing trip and I started telling my fake stories to my Nice and Good Friday eating chocolate Easter eggs, and it was all just perfect and.

00:53:29.040 --> 00:53:39.120 Rick Prashaw: she's she's a little irreverent that she's asking me questions like what's this Ash Wednesday thing and what's so important about Friday Good Friday at three o'clock anyway, and I would say Claire.

00:53:39.720 --> 00:53:45.750 Rick Prashaw: your father good Catholic families, though we were having this thing and I went for a dog walk.

00:53:46.140 --> 00:53:49.530 Rick Prashaw: And I said that's the story that's how i'm going to do this.

00:53:49.770 --> 00:53:57.960 Rick Prashaw: i'm going to tell the story 2022 Claire and she's going to interject with her irreverence with her fun with her umer.

00:53:58.140 --> 00:54:09.720 Rick Prashaw: Making me my man hat my Bourbon manhattan's and all of that stuff that happens, and so we bridge 70 years and we come into Biden and trump when we come into black lives matter and the pen demi.

00:54:09.900 --> 00:54:22.080 Rick Prashaw: And the polarized worlds and this God bless America heresy that I call it, which, if you're not truly invoking the divine but you're wrapping your head around a flag we're out of corporate agenda.

00:54:22.650 --> 00:54:38.460 Rick Prashaw: I talked about all of that, but it only happened because of its another dog walk but I said ah, I know how i'm not a dinosaur i'll make this a 2020 storytelling on Good Friday eating Easter eggs, with my with my niece Claire.

00:54:39.030 --> 00:54:50.010 Sandra Bargman: Well, this kind of compassion and this kind of kindness in this kind of curiosity and love for life is timeless absolutely timeless.

00:54:51.690 --> 00:54:54.600 Sandra Bargman: Well, we have come to the end of our show Father rick.

00:54:57.360 --> 00:55:00.210 Rick Prashaw: And I tell them where to get it bargain oh.

00:55:00.270 --> 00:55:00.990 Sandra Bargman: Yes, but.

00:55:01.890 --> 00:55:04.740 Rick Prashaw: On and all the gradient these stores you'll find it.

00:55:04.980 --> 00:55:06.030 Sandra Bargman: and your website.

00:55:06.600 --> 00:55:07.620 Rick Prashaw: And my website yeah.

00:55:08.460 --> 00:55:09.180 Sandra Bargman: Which is.

00:55:09.390 --> 00:55:11.130 Rick Prashaw: rick

00:55:11.760 --> 00:55:30.630 Sandra Bargman: Okay rick and you can also go to your local indie bookstore and ask them to get it for you and get a few extra copies that you can share with other people who are coming into that particular bookstore if they don't have it already.

00:55:31.770 --> 00:55:38.250 Sandra Bargman: rick Thank you so much for being on my show this is just been a delight, and an honor.

00:55:39.690 --> 00:55:40.530 Rick Prashaw: Thank you Sandra.

00:55:41.640 --> 00:55:55.410 Sandra Bargman: And to all of you who are listening in Thank you so much for spending this hour with us, and remember you are always on the edge of the miraculous till I see you next time take good care.

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