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Monday, March 21, 2022
Facebook Live Video from 2022/03/21 - The Edge of Feminism, Faith, & Activism with Dr. Sharon Leder

Facebook Live Video from 2022/03/21 - The Edge of Feminism, Faith, & Activism with Dr. Sharon Leder


2022/03/21 - The Edge of Feminism, Faith, & Activism with Dr. Sharon Leder

[New Episode] The Edge of Feminism, Faith, & Activism with Dr. Sharon Leder

Dr. Sharon was fortunate to come of age during the time of the people’s movements, so she witnessed social change firsthand with Civil Rights, women’s and gay rights. She was fortunate, too, to see her own Jewish culture become reshaped by feminism. Jewish women’s voices were being re-discovered. Be inspired in today's time of challenge and social unrest to find your own voice, rising up on the shoulders of those who came before us.

Dr. Sharon Leder is Professor Emerita of English, Women’s Studies, and Jewish Studies at SUNY-Nassau Community College. She is an award-winning author of The Fix: A Father’s Secrets, A Daughter’s Search, Silver Winner Benjamin Franklin IBPA Award, Best New Voice in Fiction (2018), co-editor with Milton Teichman of Truth and Lamentation: Stories and Poems on the Holocaust, nominated for the National Jewish Book Award (1994), and author or editor of fiction and books on women writers, literature of the Holocaust, women in academia, and family dynamics. 

We will be discussing her latest book: 3 Groundbreaking Jewish Feminists Pursuing Social Justice, and the edges of faith, activism, and finding your voice! Sharon Leder taught English, women’s studies, and Jewish studies on several campuses of the State University of New York before beginning the second half of her life as a fiction writer and poet.

Tune in for this edgy conversation at or watch the Facebook Livestream by Clicking Here.

Show Notes

Segment 1

Sandra tells her audience her vision behind The Edge of Everyday. She says it a show about celebrating triumphs, pushing boundaries, and exploring our rough edges. Sandra introduces her guest Dr. Sharon Leder. Dr. Sharon is Professor Emerita of English, Women’s Studies, and Jewish Studies at SUNY-Nassau Community College. Sandra shares some of Dr. Sharon's accolades before asking about her workshop. Dr. Sharon tells Sandra her mission behind her workshop, Awe, Freedom, and Responsibility. Before the break, Sandra mentions Dr. Sharon's book The Fix.

Segment 2

Sandra asks about Dr. Sharon's time as a teacher in women's studies. She shares that Dr. Sharon is one of the early teachers who ushered in this field of study. They discuss Dr. Sharon’s first book The Fix and how it was originally supposed to be a memoir. Dr. Sharon tells Sandra about her fathers demons and the secret she was forced to live with as a child. Dr. Sharon talks about the writing process and how it was a therapeutic experience for her. It was a way of getting to the root of her trauma. Before the break, Sharon explains how in a way her parents led her to the work of social activism.

Segment 3

Sandra and Dr. Sharon discuss Dr. Sharon’s current book Three Groundbreaking Jewish Feminists: Pursuing Social Justice. Dr. Sharon shares why she decided to write about the women in the book and the impact they’ve made in their communities. She tells Sandra how she was inspired by how they responded to crisis around the world. Dr. Sharon explains that these are stories that need to be told and how it can empower a generation of women. Before the break, Sandra says the things we are afraid to reveal can be the source of our greatest strength.

Segment 4

In the segment, Sandra and Dr. Sharon discuss some of Dr. Sharon's edges that she’s had to acknowledge. Dr. Sharon says that she intentionally found poetry as a way to write about her trauma. She spontaneously began fiction writing which helped her come to terms with her fathers secrets. She says fiction requires you to look at the good and the bad and distance yourself from the story. You can find more information on Dr. Sharon's books and workshops at her website You can also purchase her books on amazon or your local bookstore. Find more on Sandra at and listen to previous episodes at TalkRadio.NYC


00:00:14.309 --> 00:00:21.660 Welcome everyone i'm Sandra bartman a few years ago I wrote and performed a solo show called the edge of every day.

00:00:22.170 --> 00:00:27.780 which was an exploration of the rough edges and contradictions, we all face and grapple with.

00:00:28.680 --> 00:00:37.050 The show hit a nerve and the relevance of the topic would only grow over time, more than I could have foreseen So here we are.

00:00:37.830 --> 00:00:49.410 Real talk with real people sharing stories and perspectives that spark pocket of invitations to leap out of what's safe on the edge of everything thanks for listening.

00:00:52.830 --> 00:01:06.000 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: Hello everyone, we are live in the hive, thank you for joining me on this, the 19th episode of the edge of every day here on talk radio dot nyc.

00:01:07.320 --> 00:01:12.660 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: For those of you who are tuning in for the first time and for those of you who don't know me yet.

00:01:13.050 --> 00:01:24.150 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: I encourage you to check out my bio on talk radio dot nyc or, of course, you can visit my website Sandra parchment COM or tune into any of my previous episodes.

00:01:24.900 --> 00:01:32.580 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: In a nutshell, this show is about celebrating triumphs pushing boundaries and exploring rough edges.

00:01:33.240 --> 00:01:41.430 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: Through conversations and shared stories with friends and colleagues it's my hope that we can begin to understand our edges.

00:01:42.270 --> 00:02:03.840 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: And what I mean by edges is those places where we are fearful those places where we are resistant to change those places where paradoxes and contradictions live in our beliefs and our understandings both about ourselves and the world around us those places we don't want to look.

00:02:05.010 --> 00:02:16.770 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: Listen, we live in turbulent times and we are coming to understand that life isn't black or white, it must be an embrace of both, and the more we recognize our own edges.

00:02:17.100 --> 00:02:28.080 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: and get real about them, the more we can help others to do the same, and that I fully believe can help to change the world so thanks again for tuning in.

00:02:29.340 --> 00:02:34.200 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: And without further ado it's time to introduce our guest this evening.

00:02:35.790 --> 00:03:01.290 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: Dr Sharon leader is Professor emeritus of English women's studies and Jewish studies at suny Nassau Community college, she is the author of the novel the fix a father secrets a daughter search, which won the silver winner Benjamin Franklin I bpa award best new voice and fiction in.

00:03:03.480 --> 00:03:16.140 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: She is co editor with Milton tashman of truth and lamentation stories and poems on the Holocaust nominated for the national Jewish book award in 1994.

00:03:17.190 --> 00:03:30.720 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: In addition, she is a contributing editor can tribute editor and author in numerous journals of academic studies, as well as in tikkun lilith and oba writers magazine.

00:03:31.680 --> 00:03:45.510 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: In her most recent book three groundbreaking Jewish feminists pursuing social justice, Dr leader profiles, the lives of historian gerda learner artist Susana wild.

00:03:45.990 --> 00:03:58.950 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: and global Ambassador Ruth w messenger secular Jews who came to see the purpose of Jewish life to be alleviating inequality and the suffering of all people.

00:04:00.000 --> 00:04:11.040 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: Judaism social justice message captured Dr leader as a teenager and young adult growing up in the midst of the civil rights movement, the anti Viet.

00:04:11.520 --> 00:04:20.160 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: Nam war movement and the second wave women's movement a reminder this month is women's history month.

00:04:20.670 --> 00:04:35.640 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: This the theme of women's history month this year is providing healing promoting hope and i've chosen for women for my for Monday night conversations on the edge of every day this month that do just that.

00:04:36.330 --> 00:04:49.860 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: Provide healing and promote hope for women, committed to the upliftment and advancement of other women, and I am thrilled to welcome Dr Sharon leader.

00:04:51.300 --> 00:04:52.950 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: Hello Sharon.

00:04:53.430 --> 00:04:56.070 sharon leder: alone Sandra Thank you so much for inviting me.

00:04:56.370 --> 00:05:01.590 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: Well, thank you so much for coming on I am overjoyed over overjoyed to have you here.

00:05:02.670 --> 00:05:08.610 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: i've been so looking forward to this for our listeners, I met Sharon.

00:05:09.630 --> 00:05:19.530 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: Through the same networking group that last week's guest is a part of Dell Anderson it's our reset networking group.

00:05:20.160 --> 00:05:31.230 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: And Sharon had posted within the group that she was creating a workshop that sounded fascinating to me and I was really intrigued.

00:05:32.190 --> 00:05:53.520 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: Just simply from the title of your workshop share, and it was called all freedom and responsibility, the best I can be and underneath that she wrote, if I am not for myself, who will be for me if i'm not for others who am I, if not now, when from rabbi hillel.

00:05:54.810 --> 00:06:18.210 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: And she also included, where do I stand as a Jew, as a person of faith or one with a moral compass in this time of global ferment and change, how can I do my part without feeling powerless and overwhelmed and you had me so we had a conversation and we connected on this.

00:06:19.980 --> 00:06:24.180 sharon leder: yeah I appreciate it so much a response to the workshop title.

00:06:25.740 --> 00:06:33.690 sharon leder: The workshop was built around messages that I hoped my new book about the ground breaking Jewish feminist.

00:06:34.920 --> 00:06:48.150 sharon leder: would engage other people on a conversation that has to do with how do we not feel isolated and overwhelmed in, as you say, these turbulent times and.

00:06:49.920 --> 00:06:59.760 sharon leder: rabbi hillel was writing in the first century before the common era, as well as extending into the first century of the common era.

00:07:01.110 --> 00:07:25.110 sharon leder: He became the actual contemporary of Jesus so that his message really resounds throughout the centuries, and we have to ground ourselves in these turbulent times, I was very concerned with how mythic and biblical the turbulent times are today we have something analogous to what.

00:07:26.880 --> 00:07:30.420 sharon leder: We experienced during Moses time of the 10th place.

00:07:31.500 --> 00:07:48.270 sharon leder: We have a health pandemic globally, we have mass migrations of millions of people seeking asylum in the northern hemisphere, we have a climate crisis we have so many layers of warning sign.

00:07:49.380 --> 00:08:11.340 sharon leder: alert us to the problems that we face, and at the same time, people can tend to respond with a feeling of despair, a feeling of isolation absolute a feeling that there's very little that I can do as an individual and certainly in our culture where individualism is so primary.

00:08:12.750 --> 00:08:13.980 sharon leder: Our cell phones and our.

00:08:13.980 --> 00:08:15.450 Computers yeah.

00:08:16.830 --> 00:08:29.940 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: Yes, go ahead and I would say that it's really exacerbated during with coven I mean people feel as though the rug has been pulled out, and that you know.

00:08:32.160 --> 00:08:44.880 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: When is this going to end now, with another strain happening, I believe you know the isolation has really contributed to this sense of individualism that you just referenced yeah.

00:08:44.910 --> 00:08:52.050 sharon leder: Not to mention the rise in suicides and the rise of those addicted to opioids.

00:08:53.760 --> 00:09:00.480 sharon leder: So there is a tendency for what rabbi Michael learner calls and extinction sickness to.

00:09:03.660 --> 00:09:04.530 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: sickness.

00:09:04.800 --> 00:09:15.300 sharon leder: yeah there was a sense the animals have it already a sense that the end is coming, and so I thought it was necessary to create a workshop.

00:09:15.810 --> 00:09:29.730 sharon leder: That revive some of the senses that others have had in the past that allowed them to persist in times of trauma and the things that we could remember.

00:09:30.420 --> 00:09:42.840 sharon leder: Are encapsulated in these words of all freedom and responsibility, we need to remember the miracle of life itself, we have.

00:09:43.800 --> 00:10:00.210 sharon leder: And we need to reconnect with others and the natural world in order to understand what are places in the universe, we didn't create ourselves, we are part of a creative transformative power in the universe.

00:10:01.590 --> 00:10:09.390 sharon leder: If we have faith and we have hope we can see as benign it created us and it can sustain us.

00:10:09.570 --> 00:10:09.840 yeah.

00:10:10.920 --> 00:10:11.430 sharon leder: honestly.

00:10:12.330 --> 00:10:15.240 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: You don't have to you don't have to.

00:10:16.260 --> 00:10:30.870 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: This This is also, this is not all Jewish understanding, certainly, this is not an only an interfaith understanding which is, of course, how I came was attracted to it, it is, as you said, a secular.

00:10:31.680 --> 00:10:39.600 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: understanding as well that we are part of something greater and even you don't have to even have off for an all encompassing.

00:10:40.830 --> 00:10:48.750 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: Over overarching understanding of spirit like you and I may have to plug into this wisdom and.

00:10:51.060 --> 00:11:09.360 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: So that that is my quote my next question is it important to identify oneself as Jewish according with with the work of this workshop to engage in tikkun olam the repair of the world.

00:11:10.020 --> 00:11:11.490 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: yeah elaborate on that.

00:11:11.520 --> 00:11:27.090 sharon leder: Obvious yeah well what you describe the repair of the world tikkun olam is one of the values that I have taken from the Jewish tradition that I call universal values, one doesn't have to be Jewish.

00:11:27.810 --> 00:11:49.830 sharon leder: In fact, these universal values beautifully are within all faith tradition, indeed, and they are in all ethical systems, which is why they so tried and true because the universal and my goal in the workshop in the book is to say let's give prominence to these universal values want.

00:11:49.890 --> 00:12:00.390 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: to interrupt you there because you're bringing in the book, and this is great we're going to get to the book in a little bit of time, but absolutely reference it, this is.

00:12:02.880 --> 00:12:11.580 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: sable Harris crash is checking in and says, good evening Hello sable Harris crash and adele Anderson says Hello.

00:12:12.750 --> 00:12:15.510 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: I love it Hello thanks for listening.

00:12:16.950 --> 00:12:24.870 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: And I also i'm going to stop and not ask that next question because i've received it's time for a break.

00:12:25.320 --> 00:12:34.200 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: So we're going to hold that thought, when we come back from our break we're going to be back with Dr Sharon leader we're going to talk about.

00:12:34.680 --> 00:12:47.760 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: we're going to save information on her book till we get to it a little later we're going to come back and speak with her about a different book, one that I want to touch on that deals with her early life.

00:12:48.270 --> 00:13:00.480 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: And I believe really sets a great tone for the work that she has done her entire career so when we come back with Dr Sharon leader on the edge of every day stay tuned.

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00:15:13.560 --> 00:15:22.770 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: of every day, and we are back with Dr Sharon leader so before we dive into your book I did want to mention.

00:15:24.750 --> 00:15:29.430 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: And we didn't get to it in our last session session that you.

00:15:30.870 --> 00:15:33.570 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: were a teacher for.

00:15:35.190 --> 00:15:45.630 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: The first half of your career before you would always wanted to be a writer and you became, in addition, you also became a teacher and you are in the fledgling.

00:15:46.560 --> 00:16:01.230 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: Study of field of study women's studies which I loved that you that's what those were your words, the fledgling field of study I love the alliteration of that too, and that you ushered in you're one of the early.

00:16:02.580 --> 00:16:08.850 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: teachers who ushered in this this whole field of study, and that leads beautifully into.

00:16:11.400 --> 00:16:28.200 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: Your book your first book, so you had been you can weave this into your storytelling after I asked the question you had had been a teacher and had written academic writing and and then you made the decision.

00:16:29.730 --> 00:16:43.680 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: To move into creative writing with your first novel the fix Father secrets a daughter search, but this first started out as a memoir.

00:16:44.340 --> 00:16:56.790 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: Telling your childhood story of being the oldest of three siblings with a father who had a secret tell us that story, and you can weave in your teaching, as you see fit.

00:16:57.960 --> 00:17:02.730 sharon leder: yeah Thank you so much for bringing in this past her story, shall I call it.

00:17:02.880 --> 00:17:11.940 sharon leder: I love it was my attempt to understand something that I felt was holding me back during my teaching career.

00:17:13.320 --> 00:17:14.580 sharon leder: on the back burner.

00:17:15.420 --> 00:17:28.860 sharon leder: There were certain doubts, I had about myself a certain insecurities that resulted from living in a childhood, with a great deal of trauma.

00:17:29.400 --> 00:17:43.560 sharon leder: My father was suffering from an over 30 year sickness, which we know of as addiction, but he was not fortunate enough to live in enlightened times like today.

00:17:44.130 --> 00:17:59.490 sharon leder: Which calls addiction to heroin substance use disorder we didn't have brain science at that time yeah so in my community, which was a secular Jewish community not observant but secular.

00:18:00.420 --> 00:18:19.110 sharon leder: We still had certain folks sayings one was shaker is to go that is Jewish people are not addicts Jewish people are not alcoholics they have no problems like that those are the problems of other people right and so.

00:18:20.160 --> 00:18:36.900 sharon leder: The secret that had to be kept and that I kept being a beautiful daughter was that my father suffered from this illness which was heroin addiction, right at the time when he got home, which was the late 1930s right before the outbreak of World War Two.

00:18:38.040 --> 00:19:05.100 sharon leder: his illness was really viewed as a moral failing as a lack of will, a week willpower and eventually in the 50s and 60s, it was criminalized yes, we know that people who, as my father if they had marks on their arms they'd be arrested and oftentimes in prison so.

00:19:05.190 --> 00:19:06.360 If I may interrupt.

00:19:07.380 --> 00:19:09.030 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: So you your.

00:19:10.110 --> 00:19:18.600 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: your mother when did she find out about this, and when did she tell you when did she share this with you.

00:19:20.070 --> 00:19:27.780 sharon leder: Well, she inadvertently shared it with me when I was eight years old, because she answered the telephone call, which was from.

00:19:29.160 --> 00:19:38.490 sharon leder: the wife of a partner, my father, who was also an addict and they had both been apprehended.

00:19:39.900 --> 00:19:41.010 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: and your mother did not know.

00:19:42.090 --> 00:19:45.780 sharon leder: She did not know about my father's addiction.

00:19:46.860 --> 00:19:49.320 sharon leder: After the war, she thought he had given up.

00:19:50.520 --> 00:19:51.780 sharon leder: What was called.

00:19:52.890 --> 00:19:53.430 sharon leder: stuff.

00:19:55.320 --> 00:20:05.340 sharon leder: Before the war Okay, and it was a condition of their getting married that he had become clean and she thought that was the case.

00:20:07.500 --> 00:20:19.350 sharon leder: And so, he kept his own secret to from the family and I overheard this conversation she knew I overheard it and from then on, I became her confidence.

00:20:20.580 --> 00:20:25.050 sharon leder: And my father became when he needed his faith.

00:20:26.130 --> 00:20:29.280 sharon leder: Like a monster, to me, someone who was really.

00:20:32.460 --> 00:20:38.670 sharon leder: An unrecognizable in terms of his need it wasn't the person I knew as my dad.

00:20:39.300 --> 00:20:52.290 sharon leder: And I was like this, my mother would be frightened my siblings would be frightened I would be frightened and in order to adjust to this situation, I thought of myself as having to Father.

00:20:54.450 --> 00:21:00.510 sharon leder: kind and gentle man, who I knew, and then a kind of monster.

00:21:00.870 --> 00:21:02.190 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: Yes, so.

00:21:03.240 --> 00:21:04.320 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: Let me interrupt because i'm.

00:21:04.320 --> 00:21:09.540 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: Hearing feedback and I just put my my headset in I hope that's helping a little bit.

00:21:11.130 --> 00:21:18.810 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: so fast forward, you have decided to you've carried this trauma.

00:21:19.980 --> 00:21:31.260 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: And you've realized that it's time to to address it, so you move into writing a memoir How did this memoir turn into a novel.

00:21:33.600 --> 00:21:42.990 sharon leder: I realized after I had left full time teaching paid work and wanted to devote myself to writing.

00:21:44.220 --> 00:21:52.560 sharon leder: That the memoir was serving a certain type of therapeutic function to trace my life steps and understand.

00:21:53.100 --> 00:22:16.980 sharon leder: What was holding me back on an emotional level, yes, but all around me and opioid crisis was flooding the news, and I felt that I needed to finish this work soon, because I felt my story could be helpful to other people, I was living in an area that was seen as a Center of opioid addiction.

00:22:16.980 --> 00:22:17.310 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: And where.

00:22:18.180 --> 00:22:27.270 sharon leder: This was in Cape cod Massachusetts which might be known as a lovely place, but when it's not during the tourist season it's like a wasteland for young people.

00:22:28.110 --> 00:22:46.920 sharon leder: Because there are hardly any areas of public transportation, there are just few schools that have centralized many towns separated from one another and there are fewer people are two thirds you were people on the Cape during non tourist season so young people.

00:22:47.970 --> 00:22:50.400 sharon leder: who have anxiety and yeah.

00:22:50.730 --> 00:22:52.470 sharon leder: I have, I have that problem here in.

00:22:52.470 --> 00:22:53.700 sharon leder: The catskill mountains as.

00:22:53.700 --> 00:22:57.960 sharon leder: Well yeah so at any rate, I felt I needed to finish this book.

00:22:59.160 --> 00:23:17.520 sharon leder: Not for myself, but for other people, and I was a teacher of literature, I felt that I could make it more easily into a novel if I developed a protagonist based on myself, and I could follow the principles of creative writing I could have.

00:23:19.710 --> 00:23:30.540 sharon leder: built up to a climax, and I could, I have a denouement and consequences I knew how to structure, a novel and so that's what I did, and I decided.

00:23:30.870 --> 00:23:42.090 sharon leder: I could get to the essence of the truth, without sticking to the facts of the truth So yes, I was able to do with that way, but the point that i'd like to get at in in.

00:23:43.080 --> 00:23:50.700 sharon leder: collaborating on my past is that both my father and my mother catapulted me into being a social activist.

00:23:51.270 --> 00:23:57.330 sharon leder: I think came a person who felt I pick repair the world, first of all because I felt as young.

00:23:57.780 --> 00:24:05.550 sharon leder: As most young people do when they have families have problems they think it's Therefore we internalize the emotional problems.

00:24:05.940 --> 00:24:20.970 sharon leder: And so therefore I felt compelled to do something about it, I wanted to do something about the anxieties that my father felt living in a competitive world we had to make it big it was a kosher butcher, believe it or not.

00:24:21.270 --> 00:24:22.380 sharon leder: Yes.

00:24:22.710 --> 00:24:30.120 sharon leder: A kosher butcher at a time when supermarkets will taking over the kosher meat business and he felt highly stressed.

00:24:31.290 --> 00:24:32.400 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: May I interrupt for a.

00:24:32.400 --> 00:24:46.980 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: brief moment do you have a headset that you can put on Sharon because we're still getting okay we're still getting a bit of the feedback, maybe, if you sit back a little tiny bit from your yeah that may be helpful.

00:24:47.190 --> 00:24:48.090 I think that's gonna.

00:24:51.030 --> 00:24:52.320 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: hmm, I believe, yes.

00:24:53.820 --> 00:24:57.150 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: Well we're going to forge ahead and forge ahead with this.

00:24:57.870 --> 00:25:00.990 sharon leder: Okay, at any rate, I wanted to.

00:25:02.040 --> 00:25:20.460 sharon leder: work towards a kinder gentler workplace who people so that they weren't so stressed at least then at that time most men are the breadwinners of families in the 40s when women will push back into the domestic sphere I wanted to be able to.

00:25:21.990 --> 00:25:23.490 sharon leder: create less stress.

00:25:23.880 --> 00:25:28.230 sharon leder: You know a bit of marketplace, a kind of marketplace.

00:25:28.350 --> 00:25:30.630 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: I get I understand I i'm also.

00:25:30.660 --> 00:25:49.890 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: interested in the theme of the secrets, the theme of the spiritual theme of secrets and because this is also a theme in the book that we're that you're present book and the the were the three women that you profile so beautifully.

00:25:51.360 --> 00:26:13.620 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: I wouldn't say keep the secret but don't reveal their jewishness and the the theme of your mother and your family not wanting to share this and and the time finally coming where you felt empowered and found your voice in service to the world by sharing your voice.

00:26:14.820 --> 00:26:17.310 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: I think, by sharing your secret yeah.

00:26:18.510 --> 00:26:28.140 sharon leder: As a very interesting parallelism that you're bringing sondra I never actually thought of it this way, but I think it's very important that.

00:26:29.430 --> 00:26:37.950 sharon leder: I at the time, you see, in people don't often think about this when they think about the time of World War Two when the Nazi period.

00:26:39.090 --> 00:26:46.500 sharon leder: But there was in the United States, a great deal of seeping anti Semitism which my parents were.

00:26:47.850 --> 00:26:50.460 sharon leder: Well aware of and.

00:26:51.660 --> 00:26:55.830 sharon leder: Being Jewish, of course, was a part of the.

00:26:57.510 --> 00:27:02.070 sharon leder: Immigrant situation to the West my parents lived in.

00:27:03.270 --> 00:27:13.860 sharon leder: Self selecting Jewish neighborhoods but nevertheless they were aware that Father cochran on the radio was blaming the Jews for the war in Europe.

00:27:14.430 --> 00:27:26.070 sharon leder: And so being Jewish has always to one degree or another as a minority living in a majority culture it's been a liability, or it can be a liability.

00:27:26.700 --> 00:27:38.640 sharon leder: and still have you know, some people assimilated but, as I became active in the women's movement mainly to try to save women like my mother from abuse and.

00:27:39.780 --> 00:27:54.270 sharon leder: second class status as citizens, I became aware that many of those second wave feminists or in fact Jewish, but they were not putting in the foreground their jewishness.

00:27:54.900 --> 00:28:05.100 sharon leder: mainly because I mean when you think of Gloria steinem who created Ms magazine when you observe who such a leader in New York politics.

00:28:06.240 --> 00:28:17.190 sharon leder: Of Judy Chicago great artists, when you think of Susan widening snyder who started lilith magazine all of the names that I rattle off in there are many more.

00:28:17.550 --> 00:28:30.000 sharon leder: They were all secular Jews, but they were not putting out there in the public sphere, their jewishness because, just like to have the Holocaust survivors in my book, my recent book.

00:28:30.810 --> 00:28:31.980 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: This is a great place.

00:28:32.370 --> 00:28:39.150 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: we're going to hold because we have to go to break this is a perfect place to take a break keep that thought.

00:28:40.020 --> 00:28:54.450 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: The three women we're going to talk about the three groundbreaking Jewish feminists that Dr Sharon leader has profiled in her fantastic book when we come back on the edge of every day stay tuned.

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00:30:57.480 --> 00:31:07.020 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: of every day, and we are back with Sharon leader and we're gonna pick it up where we left off these powerful well known.

00:31:08.310 --> 00:31:19.320 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: Culturally instrumental women that that we're making great strides great changes in our social structure and fabric that we're not stepping forward with.

00:31:20.220 --> 00:31:32.580 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: are coming out with their jewishness, and so we move into this book this incredible book i'm i'm not quite finished with a chair and i'm three quarters of the way through it it's fantastic.

00:31:33.930 --> 00:31:47.760 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: You have profiled three women gerda gerda learner she's The co creator of women's history and black women's history and she wrote creation of patriarchy which I just bought Sharon.

00:31:48.390 --> 00:31:49.800 it's just arrived from Amazon.

00:31:52.320 --> 00:31:59.220 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: To Sana Walt surrealist artist and although she's also written she's done so many things.

00:32:01.680 --> 00:32:02.130 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: and

00:32:03.600 --> 00:32:11.550 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: Ruth messenger nyc native and currently the global ambassador for American Jewish service World Service so.

00:32:11.580 --> 00:32:26.820 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: Why these three women, why did you how did you did you know any of them, I think you knew messenger, why did you choose these three women, what was the spark to well, you did speak a bit about the spark but what made you want to write a book about it.

00:32:28.590 --> 00:32:32.550 sharon leder: I needed to write the book, because these women.

00:32:34.260 --> 00:32:42.150 sharon leder: became known in their field and responded to crises around the world.

00:32:43.980 --> 00:32:45.930 sharon leder: in ways that I could relate to.

00:32:47.700 --> 00:32:56.280 sharon leder: And yet they were responding out of these universal values that came from their Jewish upbringing.

00:32:57.420 --> 00:33:12.600 sharon leder: But, for various reasons that were political and psychological at different moments in time they didn't feel safe or appropriate to be putting their jewishness in the public sphere, and so on how.

00:33:13.830 --> 00:33:14.460 sharon leder: The.

00:33:15.720 --> 00:33:28.560 sharon leder: Three women had different points of emergence into the public world as Jews and I related to that because it was my jewishness.

00:33:29.670 --> 00:33:32.550 sharon leder: That came from my activism.

00:33:34.410 --> 00:33:46.140 sharon leder: You know, as a young girl, I was second seat to my brother who got his Hebrew education it wasn't important for women in my family.

00:33:46.650 --> 00:33:59.520 sharon leder: To get that education, so I felt left out likewise these women had difficulties with the patriarchal aspects of Judaism, they wanted women to be in the forefront as well.

00:34:00.210 --> 00:34:22.920 sharon leder: And when Jewish women experienced the second wave women's movement they started reshaping Judaism and they started looking into the important roles of women, they looked into the goddess tradition, on which the original Judaism and information succeeded and.

00:34:24.000 --> 00:34:46.170 sharon leder: Lord many of the figures and elevated women to positions of prominence, so that the women rabbis that we know today come from the second wave women's movement when Jewish women banded together and said let's let's do the same thing let's reshape our lives, according to.

00:34:47.430 --> 00:34:56.760 sharon leder: The contributions that we really did make, and so a girdle learner was raised in an Orthodox tradition in Vienna.

00:34:57.900 --> 00:35:04.800 sharon leder: But when she was able, as a refugee to emigrate to the United States.

00:35:05.940 --> 00:35:15.810 sharon leder: She felt that there was a need for her to hide her jewishness as an emigrated from.

00:35:17.160 --> 00:35:19.290 sharon leder: Australia, with the German passport.

00:35:20.580 --> 00:35:34.110 sharon leder: She was seen as an enemy alien just because she was German, even though she was Jewish and non Jewish refugee she did not feel safe being publicly Jewish after experiencing the Holocaust.

00:35:34.350 --> 00:35:37.110 sharon leder: i'm sure this is on a wall as well.

00:35:37.500 --> 00:35:54.150 sharon leder: did not feel safe in fact she took on many different covers over her jewishness first she became Catholic then she became a surrealist which some people think is just an art form but it's not it's really a way of life in a philosophy and.

00:35:56.880 --> 00:35:58.320 sharon leder: The philosophy is.

00:35:59.670 --> 00:36:05.850 sharon leder: To understand that the world of the intellect and.

00:36:06.270 --> 00:36:08.100 sharon leder: the worlds of our rational.

00:36:08.610 --> 00:36:10.590 sharon leder: The rational world in.

00:36:11.070 --> 00:36:12.840 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: A patriarchal world.

00:36:13.140 --> 00:36:26.790 sharon leder: Yes, that was the world that created World War Two and World War one so isn't this something we're missing if we don't give freedom to the imagination.

00:36:27.630 --> 00:36:45.750 sharon leder: And the subconscious the livery pedal, how can we liberate ourselves to be full human being and some of says that awards writings on surrealism remind us of the words of rabbis that say we need to.

00:36:47.130 --> 00:36:54.480 sharon leder: recite blessings for all those wonderful things around us, like the sunshine.

00:36:55.500 --> 00:36:55.950 sharon leder: Like.

00:36:57.960 --> 00:37:11.640 sharon leder: Like our our sense of taste like our sense of wonder and amazement and so often we see strange things put together in surrealist paintings that don't seem to belong.

00:37:12.300 --> 00:37:24.810 sharon leder: As you saw in some lessons and his paintings and sitting in a chair on top of the table that catches our attention, but essentially what surrealist trying to do is to say.

00:37:25.950 --> 00:37:30.870 sharon leder: shake it up look at the real world and see how fantastic, it really is.

00:37:31.200 --> 00:37:33.000 sharon leder: Totally Convention.

00:37:33.450 --> 00:37:34.710 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: And so, our third.

00:37:35.880 --> 00:37:52.170 sharon leder: Arthur schlesinger Ruth messenger was a politician, she was the only Jewish person and a woman to run for Mayor of New York City against rudy Giuliani in his second term.

00:37:52.770 --> 00:38:01.260 sharon leder: And she could not living in the separation of church and state, the public as a Jewish person.

00:38:01.980 --> 00:38:13.290 sharon leder: But when she became the head of the hell of American Jewish girl surface she felt so real that she could put her public face forward as a Jew.

00:38:14.040 --> 00:38:30.900 sharon leder: and her motive in being Jewish and humanitarian was to promote the universal values of Judaism, she was a follower of the great rabbi Abraham joshua heschel, who was a teacher.

00:38:31.500 --> 00:38:32.670 sharon leder: wasn't her mother.

00:38:32.970 --> 00:38:34.170 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: Her mother work for him.

00:38:34.590 --> 00:38:46.470 sharon leder: She did at the Jewish theological seminary and the mother took home work edits that she needed to make, and she asked for Ruth to help her.

00:38:47.190 --> 00:39:03.810 sharon leder: You know, work with these items and Ruth learn all about specials philosophy which is bringing social justice, Judaism, to the world, and one of his hallmark quotes is in a free society where terrible things happen.

00:39:05.610 --> 00:39:14.070 sharon leder: Some of us are guilty, but all of us are responsible, and this is an adage that Ruth to greatly to heart.

00:39:14.730 --> 00:39:35.160 sharon leder: And believed that whenever there is a problem around the world there in Jewish girl service wants to go where the need is the greatest, and so one of her first assignments was helping victims of climate crises, she visited El Salvador, she.

00:39:36.300 --> 00:39:49.050 sharon leder: also wanted to say, never again, not only to the Holocaust, but other genocides she created the same the Dar for campaign when in the door for region of Sudan.

00:39:51.570 --> 00:40:02.070 sharon leder: tribes were being discriminated against and genocides will be created, she was a universalist do, and in fact I was so motivated.

00:40:02.730 --> 00:40:17.490 sharon leder: Because I did as a native new yorker myself, I was aware of her political work, but I wanted to follow her as the head of American Jewish World Service, and I know that she helped me understand some crucial.

00:40:18.390 --> 00:40:38.670 sharon leder: concepts in Judaism that have separated us from other peoples in the world, one is the concept of the chosen people, which often is interpreted as a superiority, but she had such a wonderful take on this concept, which was that are are.

00:40:39.870 --> 00:40:48.090 sharon leder: being chosen What that means is that we are chosen to identify with other people who are targets of discrimination.

00:40:48.720 --> 00:41:07.410 sharon leder: And we are obligated according to rabbi heschel we are all responsible, we are obligated to come forward to support others who are targets of discrimination, even if that makes us as Jews vulnerable ourselves, and so I think that.

00:41:09.390 --> 00:41:23.430 sharon leder: I was motivated to to write about these women because they made a difference in their fields now gerda learner is responsible for creating women's history month we're celebrating their.

00:41:25.140 --> 00:41:27.210 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: Yes, as as we discuss.

00:41:27.780 --> 00:41:36.360 sharon leder: She created the field of women's history with a force the support of others, but she was the main mover and shaker.

00:41:37.200 --> 00:41:50.550 sharon leder: And the work that I became most familiar with, when I was first teaching was black Women in White America, and she really proved to the field of history that there was a black women sister.

00:41:50.580 --> 00:41:51.540 sharon leder: Now you use that.

00:41:51.960 --> 00:41:59.640 sharon leder: In your teaching correct I did yeah I I use that book, when I was teaching many black and Latino six.

00:42:01.320 --> 00:42:09.600 sharon leder: adults who were workers in the field of health and they needed to get bachelor's degrees in order to continue.

00:42:11.190 --> 00:42:23.550 sharon leder: In their fields and that book black Women in White America empowered them, it made them feel like they were being recognized in your history and their history goes back way back.

00:42:24.960 --> 00:42:35.010 sharon leder: Even into slavery times when you have hidden works that couldn't be brought out into the open, so we get into secrets again.

00:42:35.580 --> 00:42:50.160 sharon leder: Some of this literature was secretive and eager to learn a did the research to bring them forward and put them out in the public sphere, so I was motivated by all these women and I felt the stories needed to be told.

00:42:52.890 --> 00:43:05.760 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: And we need to go to break so i'm going to close the section out with again with this notion of the empowerment of you know it's understandable the secret keeping.

00:43:07.110 --> 00:43:14.310 Of course, for all of the potent reasons, but the the spiritual understanding of.

00:43:15.480 --> 00:43:16.350 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: unburdening.

00:43:18.720 --> 00:43:31.440 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: The secrets and that and in young in terms I think of it, of the shadow the places the secrets that we keep in the shadows that we don't want we don't want people to know, but the.

00:43:31.830 --> 00:43:43.680 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: But young's understanding that it's the most potent place those things that we don't want to share that we're afraid to reveal are the source of our greatest strength.

00:43:47.400 --> 00:43:48.030 sharon leder: So right.

00:43:48.960 --> 00:43:52.320 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: And on that note, you know I like to be right Sharon.

00:43:55.230 --> 00:44:07.800 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: On that note, we are going to take a break, and when we come back with Sharon she we're gonna dive into some other creative writing that she has done poetry and talk quickly about her.

00:44:09.060 --> 00:44:20.880 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: Potentially your her dissertation and how that weaves in with poetry and find out what she's doing next on the edge of every day with Sharon leader, when we come back stay tuned.

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00:46:21.000 --> 00:46:31.680 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: And we are back with Dr Sharon leader and so we're going to start this this section off your edge being Sharon your edge being.

00:46:34.320 --> 00:46:35.370 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: feminism.

00:46:36.510 --> 00:46:41.250 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: edges up with your jewishness with which edges up with your.

00:46:42.570 --> 00:46:47.220 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: Lifelong desire to share your voice in the world.

00:46:49.230 --> 00:46:57.570 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: So your creative writing do you feel that your creative writing has really empowered you more than your academic writing and just just briefly.

00:46:59.760 --> 00:47:14.550 sharon leder: i'm do because in the academic world, one needs to publish or perish, and so my field was literary criticism women writers and I pursued that.

00:47:15.810 --> 00:47:17.490 sharon leder: But the.

00:47:18.570 --> 00:47:27.960 sharon leder: women's studies which I was part of required more of a deep dive into how women overcoming their setbacks.

00:47:28.650 --> 00:47:37.530 sharon leder: And that needed to be accomplished with a mixture of biography as well as literary criticism, and so I needed to give the.

00:47:37.950 --> 00:47:50.250 sharon leder: Social historical conditions of the two women that I was writing about initially I was writing about a 19th century woman who often is not known in the United States her name is Christine rose.

00:47:51.630 --> 00:47:59.250 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: hang on hang on I mean in your own writing, not about the writing of the two poets your dissertation will get to the dissertation.

00:47:59.250 --> 00:48:00.330 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: But I mean in your own right.

00:48:01.830 --> 00:48:05.280 sharon leder: In my own writing yeah there were.

00:48:06.780 --> 00:48:25.890 sharon leder: anxieties and contradictions and unresolved Angers that I need to really work through and I found that the best way to do that actually was through poetry at first ah.

00:48:26.970 --> 00:48:30.600 sharon leder: fiction writing came later, but poetry was.

00:48:31.770 --> 00:48:35.550 sharon leder: The spontaneous overflow of powerful feeling.

00:48:36.660 --> 00:48:37.380 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: Excellent.

00:48:37.770 --> 00:48:41.880 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: that's perfect let's dive in let's dive into your home okay.

00:48:42.150 --> 00:48:44.670 sharon leder: that's a perfect intro okay.

00:48:45.900 --> 00:48:47.850 sharon leder: This is, in the context of.

00:48:48.900 --> 00:48:54.900 sharon leder: Being a child and witnessing one of the calamities or when a dad.

00:48:56.040 --> 00:49:15.000 sharon leder: is high on his substance and he's at home and mom is not around and our dad gets into a real big problem of the two dizzy to really take care of himself or his kids.

00:49:15.780 --> 00:49:30.240 sharon leder: So I am alone in our apartment with my younger brother and I witness, something that I shouldn't really have to see, and that is my dad having a terrible accident.

00:49:31.740 --> 00:49:45.450 sharon leder: In the apartment and he unfortunately loses the tip of his finger, as I watch and this poem is called a simple afternoon.

00:49:46.590 --> 00:49:49.860 sharon leder: And I attempt to put in poetry form.

00:49:52.230 --> 00:49:53.430 sharon leder: What i'm going through.

00:49:55.800 --> 00:50:03.960 sharon leder: mama told me to protect you she left us with Daddy in the faultless front room.

00:50:05.040 --> 00:50:20.340 sharon leder: There was the friendly chair the dining table and the swinging door the sun through the window the TV on your toy train running around and round its track.

00:50:21.630 --> 00:50:33.150 sharon leder: I had the sisters older eyes the sassy now the nodded fist with schoolyard bullies the wiser foot on shortcuts home.

00:50:34.440 --> 00:50:49.260 sharon leder: But such a storm took daddy's drug brain such a whirlwind of arms toppled table chair and train I was thrown and the door blown.

00:50:50.310 --> 00:51:01.050 sharon leder: not meant for kids to see the unhinged door that his fingers slice and sore while TV drone.

00:51:02.190 --> 00:51:05.670 sharon leder: Before our for the denies the Russia.

00:51:15.630 --> 00:51:16.410 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: Has your.

00:51:17.580 --> 00:51:18.960 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: Your creative writing.

00:51:20.010 --> 00:51:27.720 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: Your poetry, and your novel where you could tell your story through the eyes of.

00:51:30.990 --> 00:51:31.650 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: fiction.

00:51:32.850 --> 00:51:39.960 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: Do you feel that that's connected helped you through the years connect to forgiveness and compassion.

00:51:41.220 --> 00:51:47.130 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: to your parents in the end the trauma that you went through as a young person that affected you for so long.

00:51:48.480 --> 00:51:56.010 sharon leder: Well, yes i'm glad you brought up that point, because the whole point is to be able to.

00:51:57.270 --> 00:52:00.000 sharon leder: Have compassion and love.

00:52:01.680 --> 00:52:07.590 sharon leder: which can come when you understand the conditions that other people are living through.

00:52:08.610 --> 00:52:14.010 sharon leder: As universalism yes, yes, I mean as a child.

00:52:15.510 --> 00:52:25.500 sharon leder: I was overwhelmed with anger at my dad yeah anger, for not being there for not loving us enough.

00:52:30.240 --> 00:52:30.510 sharon leder: and

00:52:30.600 --> 00:52:30.870 Not.

00:52:32.580 --> 00:52:45.720 sharon leder: Unfortunately here's a bit of truth, telling sondra you know when my dad was suffering from his addiction and he many times was not home in there with the family, my mom was there.

00:52:46.350 --> 00:53:05.880 sharon leder: And she was closest to us and as young on understanding kids we took it out on mom she was there, of course, our anger spilled out on her and she didn't deserve it, but that's part of the psychology I think of kids at any rate.

00:53:07.050 --> 00:53:19.410 sharon leder: If I only wrote a memoir I would be stuck on anger, but fiction requires a distance fiction requires you to see the good and the bad you know.

00:53:20.430 --> 00:53:35.940 sharon leder: i'm a victim, but I needed to develop the distance to be able to overcome that victimhood and say my life can be different, and I wish you know I wish my dad is living at a time where his life.

00:53:37.620 --> 00:53:38.610 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: amen to that.

00:53:40.470 --> 00:53:41.400 Well that's beautiful.

00:53:43.320 --> 00:53:54.240 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: So before we before we close out the an hour is never enough time Sharon, as we talked about many, many times, while we were preparing for this I want.

00:53:54.600 --> 00:54:03.180 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: hours and hours with you, I want to make sure that I get in before I asked one and give you the final final say I want to make sure that I get in.

00:54:04.860 --> 00:54:18.150 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: Your website Sharon leader l E D E and on there is there, information, where people can purchase your book, which I have sitting.

00:54:19.320 --> 00:54:21.660 right here and i'm gonna put it up.

00:54:27.720 --> 00:54:36.000 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: Can people order that on your website where can people get that other than their online other than their local bookstore can they get it on Amazon as well or.

00:54:36.030 --> 00:54:39.510 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: You know, for that shouldn't be going to Amazon, but they still do.

00:54:40.050 --> 00:54:41.820 sharon leder: yeah and Barnes and noble as.

00:54:41.970 --> 00:54:42.660 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: Barnes and noble.

00:54:43.890 --> 00:54:45.210 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: Excellent excellent.

00:54:49.680 --> 00:54:57.180 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: So well you my last question for you is what's Next, I know that you have a sequel coming up yes.

00:54:57.660 --> 00:55:04.740 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: yeah just to let you know you just have a minute to tell us about this before we sign on out so dive in.

00:55:05.130 --> 00:55:10.680 sharon leder: yeah I want to do due diligence and justice to my mom.

00:55:11.880 --> 00:55:14.940 sharon leder: My life with my mom after my father's.

00:55:16.050 --> 00:55:18.870 sharon leder: death from an overdose at age 42.

00:55:19.980 --> 00:55:37.320 sharon leder: We had a lot of time with my mom and my rocky road with my mom got to a really good place she was a wonderful loving and funny person and I made amends with her.

00:55:38.460 --> 00:55:53.460 sharon leder: And I follow my own ability to have her feel good about the women's movement into she trained me in her way to be a good wife.

00:55:54.420 --> 00:56:06.930 sharon leder: I never became a mother, but she would have liked that but she saw value in the women's movement by our sharing afterwards, and so my sequel is called repairing the cat.

00:56:07.680 --> 00:56:20.490 sharon leder: The cat since the fictional name I gave my family so we'll have the novel hopefully repairing the cats is my attempt to make amends, with my mom and.

00:56:21.870 --> 00:56:25.830 sharon leder: Hopefully, the research i've done in the goddess tradition, will help me there.

00:56:26.370 --> 00:56:29.010 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: I can't wait to speak with you about all of that, the goddess.

00:56:29.010 --> 00:56:33.300 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: Tradition so when when do you suspect this will be out.

00:56:34.110 --> 00:56:39.870 sharon leder: Well, you know I would say, you know, a year, a year worth of writing.

00:56:40.110 --> 00:56:40.500 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: got it.

00:56:40.860 --> 00:56:53.400 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: Excellent so those of you who are tuning in you can expect the the sequel to the fix repairing the katz's in a battle about maybe a year year and a half.

00:56:54.660 --> 00:57:06.690 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: Sharon, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for being on the show today, thank you from the moment that I spoke with you, I was really moved by your.

00:57:07.710 --> 00:57:14.760 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: tender heart and your wisdom and your kindness and compassion and.

00:57:15.870 --> 00:57:34.200 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: You set the tone for everything that you want your readers to understand about universalism about making a difference in these challenging times, so thank you for sharing you yourself your wisdom your beauty and your creativity today, thank you.

00:57:34.920 --> 00:57:36.240 sharon leder: Thank you so much sondra.

00:57:37.290 --> 00:57:37.770 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: And I wanted.

00:57:37.830 --> 00:57:39.180 sharon leder: To bring it out, you.

00:57:39.240 --> 00:57:39.780 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: Know yeah.

00:57:41.970 --> 00:57:49.410 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: that's my hope and my prayer and I want to thank all of you who are listening in go to Sharon

00:57:51.030 --> 00:58:06.150 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: Again, and you can go to Sandra bartman calm to order the edge of every day remember this, you are always at the edge of the miraculous so until next week take good care thanks again.

00:58:06.990 --> 00:58:07.440 sharon leder: bye bye.

00:58:08.190 --> 00:58:08.610 Sandra Bargman ~ The Edge of Everyday: bye bye.

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